Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South

Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Cookie Guide

Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
important dates
                                                                                             January 2–April 30
                                                                                           GSUSA Cookie Pro Contest
                                                                                                     January 5
For 100 years, the Girl Scout Cookie Progam has taught girls five essential
life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills,       Girls take orders – GIRL SCOUT HONOR
and business ethics—aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to                             January 25
life.                                                                            Initial order due to Troop Cookie Manager
                                                                                   - Girls continue taking orders after their
Girl Scout Cookies started in the kitchens and ovens of our girl members,                  initial orders are turned in.
with moms volunteering as technical advisors, as a way to finance troop               - Girls & troops will have access to
activities. Today, the program still helps fund all of the fun girls have with       additional cookies after initial orders
Girl Scouts, like field trips, troop supplies and community service, as                             are received.
well as your local council, Girl Scouts Heart of the South. Funds from the                         January 26
cookie program provide volunteer training, council programs and events,           3rd Annual G.I.R.L. Event, Lander’s Center,
camp maintenance, and even new member recruitment.
                                                                                                   Southaven, MS
One thing that has changed since 1917 is the girl’s ability to sell Girl Scout                   February 15-21
Cookies online! Girls are able to sell cookies online through Digital Cookies,      Cookies are delivered to Service Units
developed by GSUSA and Little Brownie Bakers, and powered by Dell                - Make sure you know when and where to
and Visa Checkout. This safe and secure site will allow girls to connect                pick up your cookies from your
with family and friends to ask for their support by purchasing cookies.                      Troop Cookie Manager.
Customers have the ability to purchase cookies online to be shipped                       February 22 - March 17
(customer pays for shipping and handling) or delivered by the girl (with           Girls participate in direct sales through
your permission).                                                                      booth sales, door-to-door, cookie
                                                                                    walkabouts, etc. to meet personal and
The price of Girl Scout Cookies are still $4 per box , with two speciality                           troop goals.
cookies, the Girl Scout S’mores and the gluten free, Toffee-tastics at $5.
                                                                                                      March 1
The 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program officially starts on January 5, 2019.         Half payment of initial cookie order due to
                                                                                             Troop Cookie Manager
The Girl Scout Cookie Progam was always one of my favorite times when                                 March 2
I led my daughters’ troops, and I hope you enjoy participating with your                       Red Wagon Saturday
daughter as well. Thank you for supporting your girl and her troop. This                              March 7
program would not be possible without parent and volunteer involvement.              Digital Online Cookies “Girl Delivery”
                                                                                                     option ends
                                                                                                     March 18
                                                                                   Remaining cookie balance due to Troop
                                                                                                  Cookie Manager
CEO, Girl Scouts Heart of the South
                                                                                                        June 1
                                                                                  C.E.L.E.B. Event, Whispering Woods Hotel
                                                                                  and Conference Center, Olive Branch, MS
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Why participate
What are your hopes for your Girl Scout? Certainly, you want her to make
good decisions, know how to manage money. And how to set and reach
goals, like attending college.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps her succeed today and prepares
her for future success.

There’s a good reason it’s a beloved family tradition.

1. Goal Setting: Girls set cookie sales goals individually and with
their team, create a plan to reach them, and develop cooperation and
team-building skills all along the way!

2. Decision Making: Girls help decide how the team will
spend their cookie money, furthering their critical-thinking and prob-
lem-solving skills.

3. Money Management: Girls take cookie orders, handle
customers’ money and gain practical life skills in financial literacy.

4. People Skills: Girls learn how to talk to, listen to and work
with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These experiences help
them develop healthy relationship and conflict-resolution skills
they can use throughout their lives.

5. Business Ethics: Girls are honest and responsible at every
step of the cookie sale. Their business ethics here reinforce the positive
values they are developing as a Girl Scout.

Parent tips!
Submit your signed Parent Permission and Responsibility Form
to allow your daughter to participate. Parents/Guardians are                 Be a hero. Volunteer!
responsible for all cookies ordered and the amount due.
                                                                             Not every superhero wears a cape. By going the
                                                                             extra mile and volunteering with your girl’s troop,
Collect payment upon delivery, not before. Be sure to turn over              you can be a cookie hero! It’s a fun job you’ll
all funds to your Troop Cookie Manager.                                      never forget. Some of the roles you could play
Remember that products cannot be returned to the troop or
council once signed for.                                                        • being a cookie volunteer or assistant
                                                                                • chaperoning at cookie booths
Check your email for log-in instructions for Digital Cookie and                 • picking up cookies from the
                                                                                  Cookie Cupboard
help your girl set up her online business page.
                                                                                • teaching the troop a skill that you have—
                                                                                  they’ll thank you for making their
                                                                                  experience that much more rewarding!
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Help her sell online
Hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA, Digital Cook-
ie enables girls to set up their own personal-
ized sales pages, take credit card payments
                                                     Can we sell cookies on the internet?       Yes and No
and ship cookies directly to their customers.
                                                     Through Digital Cookies, Girl Scouts are able sell cookies online in addition
                                                     to neighborhood and booth sales! With parent approval, girls will have
Encourage goal-setting                               fun using technology to increase their sales, and gain 21st Century
Goal-setting is an important life skill. She’ll go   entrepreneurial skills that they can use beyond the cookie business.
far if she knows how to set a high goal and          Girl Scout cookies MAY NOT be sold on websites such as eBay or Craigslist.
reach it.
                                                     Online sales link may only be shared via social media with family and
    • Ask about her group’s goals and help her       friends when the user’s profile is set to private and may never be shared or
      set personal goals.                            marketed on public facing online sites.
    • Help her complete the order card section
      that explains her group’s goal.                Did the price of cookies go up this year? No
    • Encourage her to share her goal with           Girl Scout Cookies are $4 per box, except for the S’mores and the gluten free
      customers. Customers want to help girls        Toffee-tastics which are $5 per box.
    • Guide her to set practical and useful          Can we accept checks from customers?             Maybe
      goals about what she wants to learn and        Cash is the preferred method of payment. However, it is at the Troop/
      earn.                                          Service Unit Cookie Manager/Leader’s discretion whether the troop will
                                                     accept personal checks or not.
Support her sales                                    Can we get more cookies after the initial order card is turned in? Yes
She needs you to be on her side as she devel-
                                                     Girls continue taking orders after their initial order card has been submitted
ops the confidence to ask people for orders.
                                                     to their Troop Cookie Manager. If you need additional cookies, ask your
    • Ask her questions and help her practice
                                                     Troop Cookie Manager, they may have extra cookies or will be able to pick
      her sales message.
                                                     up more from a cookie cupboard throughout the sale.
    • Help her take orders or arrange booth
      site sales at work, places of worship or
                                                     What happens if the family cannot sell the cookies that were ordered?
      other locations frequented by people
                                                     Each family is obligated to pay for all the cookies ordered by their Girl
      who love Girl Scout Cookies.
                                                     Scout(s) at the time designated by the Troop Cookie Manager. If for
    • Go with her to sell and deliver cookies.
                                                     some reason you are not able to sell the cookies as planned, you should
    • Help her network with family and friends,
                                                     immediately contact the Troop Cookie Manager to see if other girls in the
      but let her do the “ask” so she can learn
                                                     troop need extra cookies that might be replaced with yours. If this is not an
      important business skills. Share email
                                                     option, you must pay for the cookies you’ve received by the deadline to avoid
      addresses of family and friends for online
                                                     legal/collection procedures.
                                                     What are Passport Bucks?
Volunteer                                            Passport Bucks can pay for council-sponsored program activity fees, Girl
Her group needs help chaperoning booth sales,        Scout destination trips, and items in the council shop. Passport Bucks may
picking up cookies and more.                         not be used for online shop purchases.

                                                     Passport Bucks can pay for 2019 resident camp registration fees and
Practice safety                                      resident camp trading post purchases at Girl Scouts Heart of the South
Help your girl understand the Girl Scout safety
                                                     summer resident camps.
rules, found at

Girl Scouts Heart of the South:                      Little Brownie Cookie Locator:                       
Everything council related, dates, tips,             Find the nearest Girl Scout Cookie Booth by your zip code.
information, help and more!
                                                     Digital Cookies:
Little Brownie Public Website:                                       Online cookie portal to set goals, track sales and email customers.
The official baker of Girl Scout Cookies!
Full of information, fun and games for girls.
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South

        Do MORE with Your Cookie
              Sale than Ever Before
Set up your very own personalized Digital Cookie site today!
              your very own personalized Digital Cookie site today!
                  Set up
                  That’s right. The iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love has gone
                  beyond the booth, offering more ways to sell and more ways to learn as you earn.
                  It’s easy, safe, and full of FUN.

                  Sell at the booth, online, and via mobile app, too!

                                     Share your cookie story.

                                     Access Cookie Business badges online.

                                     Track customer info, orders, and data.

                                                          Send cool, ready-to-use marketing emails.

                                                          Play games, watch videos, enjoy printable
                                                          activities, and take fun quizzes.

                                      Use the smart goal-setting calculator.

                                      Make it easy for friends and family near and
                                      far to get their favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

              Become a Digital Cookie rock star!
                 Ask your troop leader for more info today!

The GIRL SCOUTS® name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and DIGITAL COOKIE are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA.
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Eight easy-peasy steps
 to get started!
 Watch for your registration email* from the “Girl Scout Cookie Program” ( with the subject: “Ready.
 Set. Register for Digital Cookie.” You must be registered for the current membership year with an accurate email address on
 file in order to receive the Digital Cookie Registration email.

 Don’t see the email?
 Check your junk/spam/promotions inbox. If you have not received the email then go to and Click
 the “Forgot password/Need a registration” email link. Use the email address that you registered your girl with to request a new

 Need help? Call us at 800.624.4185.

 1. In the email is a green button to       2. Once you click the link you’ll be on       3. Use your new password to log in.
 take you to the Digital Order Card         the Digital Order Card 2.0 site. You’ll       Remember to use the same email
 registration site. Simply click that       need to create a password.                    address where you received your
 button!                                                                                  registration email-that’s the one your
                                                                                          Girl Scout Council has on file for you.


                                             5.                                           6.
4. When you first log in, you will have
the NEW “Safe Selling for Smart
Cookies” safety video pop-up to watch
and review with your Girl Scout(s). You
can’t proceed any further until the full
video has been viewed.                      5. Read and accept the Terms and              6. Next, the “Girl Scout Safety Pledge”
                                            Conditions agreement.                         will appear. Be sure to read it to/with
                                                                                          your Girl Scout(s). Then check the box
                                                                                          for “accept” and click “continue.”

                                             8.                                                 Once you have registered,
                                                                                                  watch your inbox for a
                                                                                             registration confirmation email
7.                                                                                             and save this email where
                                                                                              you can find it during cookie

7. You will then be taken to a screen
to register your girl or girls for the      8. After registering all your girls, you
Digital Cookie program. If the Girl Scout   will click the “Access Site” button to be
you are registering is over 13, you will    taken to the first girl’s home page.
enter her email address and she will
complete her own registration process.
If she is under 12, an email address is
not required for her.
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Girl Delivery Orders:
                                                                             • An email will go to the parent to approve or deny the
                                                                               “Girl Delivery” order.
Set up Girl Digital Cookie Page:                                             • The Parent has 10 days to approve or deny the order.
Once a parent has successfully logged into the DOC, they                       If the parent has not approved or denied the order
must accept the Terms and Conditions prior to completing                       within 10 days, the customer will be notified that their
the set-up process.                                                            secondary delivery option has been selected (donate
    • Girls 12 and under will be linked with the parent’s email                or cancel.)
      address.                                                               • If parent denies the “Girl Delivery” order then the
         • Parent and girl will setup the site together.                       customer will be notified that their secondary
    • Girls 13 and older will be required to access DOC through                delivery option has been selected.
      a separate email address than the parent.                              • If parent approves the order, then a transaction for
         • Parent will enter the girl’s email address, and the DOC             payment is automatically applied to the troop and to
           will send the girl a registration email.                            the girl on the Girl Order Tab in eBudde.
         • Girls will then log in to the system using the link in the        • No cookies are automatically placed towards the
           registration email.                                                 troop or girl in eBudde for DOC Girl Delivery Orders.
         • The girl sets up her site and submits to the parent for           • The “Girl Delivery” option will not be available for
           approval.                                                           orders placed after March 7, 2019.
         • Parent receives an email to approve the girl’s site.
         • All marketing emails will be sent through the girl’s         How do you get cookies for Girl Delivery?
           account.                                                        • Girl Delivery orders placed during the Initial Order
                                                                             phase (prior to January 25, 2019):
Ordering process:                                                              • All approved Girl Delivery orders from the DOC site
Girls send emails out to customers.                                              should be submitted along with her Initial Cookie
    • Customers follow the link (girl URL) in the email to the                   Order to the troop.
      girl’s online cookie site.                                               • These cookie orders WILL be included in the girl’s
    • Customers place orders for cookies, choose delivery                        initial order totals and calculate in with her Initial
      method (Ship, Donate, Girl Delivery) and enters payment                    Rewards.
      information.                                                         • Girl Delivery orders placed after the Initial Order
         • If “Girl Delivery” method is chosen, the customer                 phase (after January 25, 2019):
           must choose a secondary delivery method (Donate or                  • The girl will either use her inventory or obtain
           Cancel).                                                              additional cookies from the troop.
                                                                               • If the troop provides the girl with additional
Shipped Orders:                                                                  cookies, then the troop will transfer cookies to the
    • Shipping and handling charges apply to “Shipped” orders                    girl in eBudde.
      placed through the DOC.
    • Cookies are shipped from the bakery directly to the               Can the Girls Earn Any Rewards?
      customer.                                                         Yes! All sales through the Digital Cookie Program will count
    • A transaction is automatically entered applying payment           toward our girl reward lineup.
      (minus shipping and handling) and cookies towards the
      troop and the girl on the Girl Order Tab in eBudde.               Missed the email? Request Registration Email or Reset
    • These cookie orders WILL NOT be included in the girl’s            Password
      initial order totals, however they will calculate into the        Go to and click the
      Final Rewards at the end of the program.                          “Forgot password/Need a registration email” link. Enter the
Donated Orders:                                                         email address associated with your Girl Scout’s registra-
    • Donated orders are not designated as a specific variety.          tion.
    • A transaction is automatically entered applying payment
      and cookies towards the troop and the girl on the Girl
                                                                        You will be sent an email with the subject: “Your request
      Order Tab in eBudde.
                                                                        to change your Digital Cookie password” from “Girl Scout
    • Cookies will show in the T2T column for virtual cookies to
      be donated.                                                       Cookie Program” ( in about
    • These cookie orders WILL NOT be included in the girl’s            15 minutes. Check your junk/spam/promotions if you
      initial order totals, however they will calculate into the        don’t receive it by then and be sure to add email@email.
      Final Rewards at the end of the program.                 to your “safe sender” list. Click on the most
                                                                        recent email you received, if you have requested multiples.
                                                                        Click on the “Reset” link in the email.
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
Cookie selling tips.
There are so many ways to reach your goals with the Girl Scout Cookie
Program! Here are just a few ways that you can sell Girl Scout Cookies to
your family, friends, neighbors and more!

But before you begin, remember to review the cookie safety rules and
follow Safety Activity Checkpoints at all times.

 1.   DIGITAL COOKIES Girls supercharge their cookie
       sales by safely tapping the marketing power of the
                                                                     4.   DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES & COOKIE WALKABOUT
                                                                          Encourage girls to canvass their communities, leaving no
                                                                          doorbell untouched! Girls should take orders, door-to-
                                                                      door, at the beginning of the Cookie Program with their order
   Customers use an online order form to submit their orders          cards. Remember safety first!
   and pay for them online.
                                                                      After cookies arrive, sell door-to-door with cookies in hand.
   Customers can choose between having the girl deliver, with         Load up a wagon with cookies, make signs, and you are ready
   parents’ permission, or have them shipped. Shipping and            for a neighborhood walkabout! This is a great time to deliver
   handling charges will apply.                                       to customers and offer additional cookies.


      Review order cards from previous years and use them to               BOOTH SALES
      contact these customers again.                                       The Cookie Program is all about the girls and girls are
                                                                           what people want to see! Troops can schedule booth
   Once cookies have been delivered, girls may want to call           sales for your troop through the eBudde Booth Scheduler for
   customers, thank them for their orders and ask if they need        a time, date and location convenient for the troop.
   additional cookies.
                                                                      Booth scheduling starts on Tuesday, January 23 at
   Try a Text-a-thon! Older girls may want to text their friends, with sneak peek of time,
   and family to let them know “It’s Cookie Time,” and to collect     dates and locations starting on Thursday, January 18.
   their orders. (Be sure to get a parent’s permission first).
   Check out great text messages in your Cookie Entrepreneur          Troops can also schedule their own cookie booth sale
   Officer book.                                                      locations, by obtaining the manager’s approval at locations
                                                                      NOT listed in the eBudde Booth Scheduler.

      Girls can contact local business owners or managers to              COOKIE LOCATOR
      request permission to sell cookies at a workplace.             6.   This excellent tool allows customers to search online, or
                                                                          by the free smartphone app, for the closest cookie booth
   Girls can either make a quick “sales pitch” at a staff                 sale according to their zip code.
   meeting, or sell “office door-to-door” (or cubicle-to-cubicle),
   depending on the wishes of the business.                           The Cookie Locator pulls cookie booth sale dates, times and
                                                                      locations that have been scheduled through the council’s
   Once employee sales are completed, the business may allow          eBudde Booth Scheduler.
   girls to leave an order card in a visible spot.
                                                                      This is the website the council uses in all media and
   Leave a note from your troop outlining your goals and plans        advertising to the public so make sure your booth gets
   for the cookie proceeds. (Remember not to list the girls’ last     included!
   names or phone numbers on the order card or note).

   Girls should establish a date and time to pick up the order
   card and to deliver the cookies.
                                                                     7.  BUNDLING
                                                                         Customers buy more when girls suggest multiple
                                                                         boxes of cookies. Use eTool materials to support
                                                                      the bundling strategy at
Cookie Guide Family - Girl Scouts Heart Of The South
How the cookie crumbles...
                                                                              Ever wonder where
                                                                              the $4 per box of
                                                                              Girl Scout Cookies
                                       Cost to Little Brownie Baker,          goes?

   Proceeds to Council, $2.13

                                            Troop Proceeds, $0.59

                                                                       Service Unit Proceeds, $0.04

                                                        Recognitions/Awards, $0.11
                                                     Uncollectibles, $0.03

                                                  Miscellaneous Expenses,

See the council breakdown of the $2.13                           Fund Development, $0.17

                                Management/General, $0.14

                                                                                               Girl Program, $0.41


                                                                                                      Resident Camp, $0.17
                                                     Property Management, $0.23

                                                                                       Membership Support, $0.75

                                    Adult Training, $0.03
2019 Cookie Rewards
cookies = adventure

Samoas Camp Day                                        Magic Springs Getaway                                   Cookie Entrepreneurs Leaping
Enjoy all the fun the camp has to                      Join us for a weekend of thrilling                      Extreme Bounds (C.E.L.E.B.s) are girls
offer at the Samoas Camp Day! Girl                     rides and fantastic water slides! This                  who sell 800+ boxes and are invited
Scouts that sell 500 boxes or more can                 overnight trip gives girls two days in                  to attend an all-inclusive, and very
celebrate with archery, arts and crafts,               Magic Springs and Crystal Falls Water                   exclusive, C.E.L.E.B. event in recognition
canoeing and s’more fun.                               and Theme Park, plus transportation                     of their hard work and dedication!
                                                       and food for a fun weekend getaway for
Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies:                       our top cookie sellers!                                 These events are the highlight of the
May 4, Camp Tik-A-Witha                                                                                        cookie season with unique activities,
Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors                  Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and                        yummy treats and a day of celebrating
and Ambassadors: August 24, Kamp                       Ambassadors: July 26-27, 2019                           their success. The 2019 C.E.L.E.B. Event
Kiwani                                                                                                         will be June 1 at Whispering Woods
                                                       The council must have a minimum of 5 girls              Hotel and Conference Center, Olive
Girls who select this reward will be sent a special    selecting this reward for us to be able to offer this
                                                       trip. If this trip does not meet the minimum girls      Branch, MS.
email invitation with event details and registration
link.                                                  will be able to select an alternative reward from
                                                       this level.

Passport Bucks                                                                                Walking In Memphis: June 3-9, 2019
                                                                                              Come explore the 901! Girls will experience all that the
Funding your Girl Scout experience!                                                           “Home of the Blues and Birthplace of Rock-n-Roll” has
Want to head to camp, go on a trip, purchase Girl Scout gear?                                 to offer as they visit museums, local attractions, and
Passport Bucks let you earn “council credit” towards whatever Girl                            enjoy Memphis cuisine. Featuring the new Imagine
Scout adventure you are up for!                                                               Center!

Select Passport Bucks at your reward levels and start your planning!                          Attractions include: Pink Palace Museum, National
The council is organizing two awesome trips next year designed for                            Civil Rights Museum, The Memphis Zoo, Elvis Presley’s
Girl Scout Cadettes through Ambassadors. Let’s Explore: Walking In                            Graceland, Sun Studio, Gibson Guitar Factory, St.
Memphis trip is July, and the Girl Scouts Go: New York! New York!                             Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the council’s
is in June. Another great way to utilize Passport Bucks is to help pay                        Imagine Center and Possibility Place.
for Summer Camp! Check out our Summer Camp Sneak Peek on
the next page. We’ll release the complete summer camp session                                 Available to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and
schedule on December 3, and registration opens on Febraury 1, 2019.                           Ambassadors
You can save your spot with a $50 deposit and pay the remaining
balance when you’ve earned your Passport Bucks.                                               New York, New York! Trip: July 7-12, 2019
Remember, rewards are cumulative, so if you sell 400 boxes of Girl                            Travel to the Big Apple with Girl Scouts! We’ll explore
Scout Cookies you would earn $30 Passport Bucks along with all the                            the city and take in all the sights on this once-in-a-
other level rewards!                                                                          lifetime trip. Pack your bags and hail a cab - we’re
                                                                                              heading to the city, Girl Scouts!
Passport Bucks may be used to pay for:
   • Council Activities & Events                                                              Attractions include: Central Park, GSUSA
   • Council Travel Expenses                                                                  Headquarters, Times Square, Broadway show & tour,
   • Summer Camp                                                                              Grand Central Station, Washington Square Park,
   • In-store Council Shop Purchases                                                          Museum of Natural History, National September 11
   • Camp Trading Posts                                                                       Memorial & Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art,
                                                                                              Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge
Passport Bucks may not be cashed for “real money”; have no
value outside of Girl Scouts Heart of the South; expire on 9/13/19                            Available to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and
and must be presented at time of use. Passport Bucks cannot be                                Ambassadors
replaced or re-issued for any reason.
                              SAVE $10
  Save your spot               WHEN YOU
    with a $50                REGISTER
     deposit                  FEBRUARY
   and pay the balance
        with your
     Passport Bucks!

cookies = camp
  The Girl Scout Cookie Program
  helps fund girls’ summer camp                       SESSION SNEAK PEEK!
  dreams one delicious box at a                       Just Dance!                 Grades 2- 3      Camp Tik-A-Witha         $400
  time! Girls can select Passport                     Just dance...gonna be okay… da da doo da, just dance! Do you enjoy
  Bucks as their rewards to help                      performing to your favorite songs in the mirror at home? Always knew you
                                                      could hit it big on “America’s Got Talent?” Come and join us and give your
  pay for summer camp.                                dancing skills a try as you learn more about dancing during this session. If
                                                      you think you can dance, pack that leotard and your coolest dance moves
  Summer camp is an AWESOME place for girls to        and we’ll see you at camp! All participants will earn the Dancer Badge.
  spend their summer! And at our camps they’ll
  be learning, exploring, and having tons of FUN!     Mad Scientist               Grades 2 - 3     Kamp Kiwani              $400
                                                      It’s time for some science shenanigans! Experiment with slime, create a
  We live in a world of screens—smartphone!           soda geyser, paint with rockets, and more during this hands-on, interactive
  laptop! TV! tablet!—and sometimes you just          session. Draw inspiration and ideas from fellow campers as you explore
  want to get away from it all. We get it. That’s     the exciting wonder of science and enjoy traditional camp activities. Girls
  why you can focus your Girl Scout experience        attending this session will complete their Home Scientist Badge.
  on getting outdoors.
                                                      Namaste!                       Grades 4 - 5    Kamp Kiwani                 $400
  You’ll develop the kind of outdoor skills it’s      Do you love the feel of the great outdoors? Do you enjoy yoga in the
  hard to get anywhere else. Skills like building a   morning before breakfast and learning about new and exciting ways to
  campfire, pitching a tent, and canoeing across      stay fit? This session has been planned with you in mind! From zumba
  a lake.                                             to kayaking, you will be sure to find an activity at kamp that you love!
                                                      Girls will participate in all the fun kamp activities, while also earning their
  Hey, how about adding some horseback riding,        Staying Fit Badge.
  rock wall climbing, and archery to the mix?
  Round things out with a ropes course, some          Can You Dig It?             Grades 4 - 5    Camp Tik-A-Witha         $400
  whitewater rafting, and maybe a two week-long       One potato, two potato, three potato, FOUR! Have you looked at the
  equestrian session, and you’ll find out how         vegetables and fruit and wondered what it took to grow and harvest
  much fun it can be to unplug and explore the        them? Have you ever been interested in growing your own flower bed
  world around you.                                   or herb garden? Here’s your chance to not only learn about the entire
                                                      process, but also take home a garden of your own! Girls participating in
  Our all-inclusive overnight camps are designed      this session will also earn the Gardener Badge.
  with Girl Scouts in mind and offer a variety of
  activities that include aquatics and equestrian     Bike It, Hike It, Like It Grades 6 - 8       Kamp Kiwani                  $400
  programs, archery, culinary and creative arts,      Bring your bike and helmet, and take to the trail! You’ll cruise around
  high-adventure travel, and a whole lot of           kamp in style, making a few pit stops along the way for all the other kamp
  campfires, songs and s’mores. Plus, several of      activities. When you’re too tired for two wheels, take a leisurely stroll out
  our sessions will help her earn badges and          to one of the many hiking destinations found at Kamp Kiwani. **Bike and
  Girl Scout awards!                                  helmet are required**

  Girl Scout Heart of the South offers two            EXTREME Adventurer Grades 9 - 10               Camp Tik-A-Witha        $450
  resident camps, Camp Tik-A-Witha in Van             This high adventure, career exploration will help girls develop leadership
  Vleet, MS and Kamp Kiwani in Middleton, TN.         and collaboration skills! Highlights of this session are an overnight
  Both camps are American Camp Association            campout with a signature nighttime ropes course, and camping under the
  accredited.                                         stars! Girls can earn portions of the Senior Adventure Camper Badge.
Pile up cookies in your wagon and sell directly
   to customers on Red Wagon Saturday!
      Who can resist delicious Girl Scout Cookies when a Girl Scout is
      at their front door with their favorite cookies?!

      Door-to-door sales remains one of the most effective ways to sell
      cookies. In a recent national study, 78% of those customers who
      were not approached during a cookie sale stated they would have
      purchased 2-4 boxes, if asked.

      Red Wagon Saturday was designed to reach those customers and
      help girls achieve their cookie goals, all while getting outdoors
      and meeting neighbors.
                                                                                  MARCH 2, 2019

Let us know you’re particiaptng and you could be on tv or featured in
your local newspaper! Email us your plans at

 Earn a Patch!                                                            Girls need grown-ups! Make sure you have an
                                                                          adult with a Girl Scout while going door-to-door.
   Grab a wagon and have her decorate it! Make                            Wear your uniform! People love seeing girls
   sure to include a sign or banner with her cookie                       in uniforms, and seeing all the badges and
   goal! Next, map out your neighborhood and                              patches they’ve earned.
   load up on cookies for a Red Wagon Saturday
   cookie shop on wheels!                                                 Neighbor not home? Leave a Cookie Card on
                                                                          their door so they can order from your Digital
   Remember, safety first! Girls need a grown-up.                         Cookie page.
   You can do this with your girl or meet up as a
   troop.                                                                 Never give out a girl’s phone number or
                                                                          address. If a customer wants to place an order
   Take a picture of your girls with their wagons                         or has questions provide them with an adult’s
   and submit online at                                                   contact information. to earn this
   awesome Red Wagon Saturday patch. Deadline                             Map out neighborhoods for your Red Wagon
   to submit pictures and earn a patch is March                           Saturday and check them off as you walk them.
   25, 2019.
cookies = helping others
                                              Girl Scout Cookies not only taste good,
                                              but they can do good, too!
                                              Girl Scouts are able to receive monetary donations, as well as donations of pur-
                                              chased Girl Scout Cookies from customers to be donated to special causes. Girl
                                              Scouts Heart of the South has two ways that girls can collect cookie donations:
                                              Troop to Troops and Gift of Caring.

troop to troops
The Troop to Troops (T2T) program provides a perfect
opportunity to send cookies to our military men and women
who are protecting our freedom. Cookies are sent to our
brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who are
putting their lives on hold to protect the freedoms dear to us all.
This is a great way to grow your cookie sales and support our
military troops!

When girls take orders, they simply ask customers if they would
like to donate boxes of cookies to be sent overseas to our
military. If the customer wishes to purchase some, they indicate
this in the white column on the girl order form. Customers do
not specify flavors.

If a customer wants certain cookies sent to a specific soldier,
they need to purchase them and mail them to the soldier of
their choice. Girl Scouts Heart of the South does not have
control over where the cookies are sent once they are delivered
to the military.

                                           gift of caring
                                              The Gift of Caring program is a nationwide community service project where
                                              Girl Scout troops may decide on a charitable organization or service group –
                                              Hometown Heroes – they would like to support with cookie donations as a way to
                                              say thank you. These organizations range from shelters and food banks, to local
                                              firefighters or police departments.

                                                                              Through Gift of Caring, customers may purchase
                                                                              one or more boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and
                                                                              donate them to a special cause while supporting
                                                                              Girl Scouts!

                                                                               For various reasons, some customers do not
                                                                               want to buy cookies for themselves. With
                                                                               Gift of Caring, they have the chance to give
                                                                               to others while supporting Girl Scouts at the
                                                                               same time.
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□       □
    □           □
    □           □
    □           □
    □           □
    □           □           □
    □       □           □       □
□               □                   □
    □               □                   □
        □                   □
Unleash your G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™
potential for a chance to win the...

Featuring the DC Super Hero
Girls™, plus an all-expenses-
paid trip to sunny California
for incredible behind-the-
scenes VIP adventures at
Warner Bros. Studio!

                                                                                                                                            PRIZE PROVIDED BY

                                                              Here’s how to enter:
                                                                     Highlight your
                                                                 unique cookie story by:
                                                           ★ Answering a set of questions
                                                              ★ Creating your very own
                                                                         mini graphic novel
                                                                      (it’s easy with our handy
                                                                                                                                                                                  a s atc h

                                                                                                                                                                               c h ve p


                                                                                                                                                                             xc r
                                                                                                                                                                 u n lo c k e a l pu
                                                                                                                                                                fo r o p tion

                                                        Find entry details, official rules, submission tips,
                                                       and downloadable mini-graphic novel templates at

 The GIRL SCOUTS® name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including the Trefoil Design, G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™, and Cookie Pro™ are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA.
                                                                                   DC SUPER HERO GIRLS and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics and
                                                                                   Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. DC LOGO: TM & © DC. WB SHIELD: TM & © WBEI. (s18)
                                                                                                        Our cookies have...
                                                                                                           • NO High-Fructose Corn Syrup
                                                                                                           • NO Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs)
                                                                                                           • NO Artificial Flavors in Toffee-tastics
                                                                                                           • Girl Scout S'mores and Do-si-dos are
                                                                                                             made with Natural Flavors
                                                                                                           • Zero Grams Trans Fat per Serving
                                                                                                           • 100% Real Cocoa
                                                                                                           • Hearty Whole Grain Oats in Do-si-dos
        $4                             $4                                                                  • Thin Mints are Vegan
      SAMOAS          ®
                                   TAGALONGS                       ®
                                                                                                           • Toffee-tastics are Gluten-Free
   Crisp cookies coated              Crispy cookies                                                        • RSPO Certified (Mass Balance) Palm Oil
   in caramel, sprinkled          layered with peanut
                                                                                                                      UCT E CO
   with toasted coconut         butter and covered with                                                             FR

                                                                                                          NO HIGH
   and striped with dark         a chocolaty coating

   chocolaty coating


        $4                                 $4                                                                                 $4
     DO-SI-DOS            ®
                                        TREFOILS               ®
                                                                                                                          THIN MINTS                 ®

    Crunchy oatmeal              Traditional shortbread                                                                  Crisp wafers covered
  sandwich cookies with             cookies that are                                                                     in chocolaty coating
     creamy peanut                 delightfully simple                                                                    made with natural
     butter filling                 and satisfying                                                                       oil of peppermint

         $4                                                                                                                             $5
                                     GIRL SCOUT
     SAVANNAH                         S'MORES                 ®

                                                                                                                         TOFFEE-TASTIC                   ®

       SMILES     ®

                                   Crunchy graham
                                                                                                                          Rich, buttery cookies
     Crisp, zesty lemon         sandwich cookies with
                                                                                                                          with sweet, crunchy
   wedge cookies dusted         creamy chocolate and
                                                                                                                              toffee bits
  with powdered sugar           marshmallowy filling

                              Product formulations can change at any time. We encourage you to check the ingredient statement on each package you purchase for the most up-to-date
                              information on the ingredients contained in the product in that package. For more details check with Little Brownie Bakers.

                              The GIRL SCOUTS® name and mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including GIRL SCOUT COOKIES®, THIN MINTS®, TREFOILS®,
                              GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SALE®, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE PROGRAM®, GIRL SCOUT S’MORES®, DIGITAL COOKIE® and the Trefoil Design, are owned by Girl Scouts
                              of the USA. Little Brownie Bakers is an official GSUSA licensee. SAMOAS, TAGALONGS, DO-SI-DOS, SAVANNAH SMILES and TOFFEE-TASTIC are registered
                              trademarks of Kellogg NA Co. Copyright ®, TM, © 2018-2019 Kellogg NA Co.
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