Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure

Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Aneurin Leisure Adult Community Learning

Courses for Adults
                           2019 - 2020
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Welcome to the Aneurin Leisure Adult                                       Aneurin Leisure Adult Community Learning
    Community Learning Brochure 2019 - 2020                                    Providing a range of learning opportunities
    In this brochure you will be able to find information on Aneurin           throughout Blaenau Gwent:
    Leisure’s courses for 2019/20. We have courses to suit everyone –
    whether you wish to learn new skills or improve existing skills. There     Ceri Waters - Partnership,                        Abertillery Learning Action Centre
    are courses to help enhance your job prospects, as well as courses         Funding and Contracts Manager                     Alma Street, Abertillery, NP13 1YL
    for leisure and pleasure.                                                  t: 01495 355319                                   t: 01495 355 895
                                                                               e:              e:
    Aneurin Leisure are continuing to work as part of the Gwent Community      Karen Bennett - Adult                             Brynmawr Learning Action Centre
    Learning Partnership, to provide high quality courses for all learners.    Community Learning Manager                        Market Square, Brynmawr NP23 4AJ
                                                                               t: 01495 355301                                   t: 01495 355595

                                                                               e:            e:
                                           Aneurin Leisure is committed to                                       Abertillery     Ebbw Vale Learning Action Centre
                                           improving community life through                                                      James St, Ebbw Vale NP23 6JG
                                           learning, leisure and culture.                                                        t: 01495 355300
                                           Adult Community Learning is an                                                        e:
                                           integral part of this commitment,                                                     Tredegar Community Education @
                                           providing high quality learning                                                       Tredegar Library
                                           opportunities across Blaenau                                                          The Circle, Tredegar NP22 3PS
                                           Gwent.                                                                                t: 01495 355300
    We know the benefits of becoming involved in lifelong learning and
    understand that people engage with adult learning for a wide variety of
    reasons – to improve their employment prospects, to extend their social
    networks or to rediscover a passion for learning. Through our network      Contents
    of Learning Action Centres we provide a range of learning opportunities    Computer Courses/IT Qualifications            4   Level 2 - Support Work in Schools 14
    which can support you in achieving your aspirations.                       Essential Skills for IT/Work and Life Courses 5   Cake Decoration			15
                                                                               Digital Literacy Courses		                    5   Nuture, Equip, Thrive Project		   16
    If you would like further details of the learning opportunities in this    ECDL - British Computer Society               6   Groups & Clubs			                 16
                                                                               Improve your English and Maths                8   Learn Welsh			17
    brochure please contact any of our Learning Action Centres. We have
                                                                               GCSE English and Maths		                      9   Adult Community Learning		        18
    learning opportunities starting throughout the year, the details can be    Independent Living Skills		                  10   Room Hire			19
    found on our website or call us to find out more information.              ESOL				                                     10   General Information		             20

    Ceri Waters • Partnership, Funding and Contracts Manager
    We would like to wish you the best of luck on your learning journey.
                                                                               City & Guilds Photography
                                                                               Level 2 Counselling
                                                                               Level 3 Counselling
                                                                                                                                 Blaenau Gwent Libraries
                                                                                                                                 Bridges Into Work
                                                                                                                                 Working Skills for Adults 2
2                                                                                                                                                                           3
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Computer Courses IT Qualifications                                                      Essential Skills for IT Courses - 36 weeks
    Essential Skills for IT – there is no charge for these courses, apart from a £5         Starting at an entry level course covering the
    annual membership fee.                                                                  basics of using a computer
    The Essential Skills for Work and Life qualification allows learners to develop
    communication, numeracy and ICT Skills in a combination, and at a level, that
                                                                                            Essential Skills for IT /
    most accurately suits their needs. The qualifications are designed to encourage         Work and Life Courses - 36 weeks
    problem solving and application of communication, number and ICT so that
    learners are able to use these skills with confidence vocationally, educationally, as   Venue					Day		Time
    well as at home.
                                                                                             Abertillery LAC				Fri		10-12 noon
    These courses are offered at entry level 2 up to level 1.                                Brynmawr LAC				Wed		12-2pm
                                                                                             Brynmawr LAC				Thur		6-8pm
                                                                                             Cwm Library				Thur		10-12 noon
                                                                                             Ebbw Vale LAC				Mon		10-12 noon
                                                                                             Ebbw Vale LAC				Tues		1-3pm
                                                                                             Ebbw Vale LAC				Tues		6-8pm
                                                                                             Ebbw Vale LAC				Thur		10-12 noon
                                                                                             Tredegar Library				Mon		1-3pm
                                                                                             Tredegar Library				Fri		10-12 noon

                                                                                            Digital Literacy Courses - 36 weeks
                                                                                            Venue					Day		Time

                                                                                             Abertillery LAC				Tues		10-12 noon
                                                                                             Brynmawr LAC				Wed		2.15-4.15pm
    Digital Literacy – an entry level course which will help you to work collaboratively     Ebbw Vale LAC				Mon 		1-3pm
    to download and use free apps effectively. Improve your Digital Literacy skills to       Tredegar Library				Mon		10-12 noon
    help you get into work, or improve your prospects in your current job.                   Tredegar Library				Wed		1-3pm
    Topics covered include:

     • Downloading and Using Free Apps

     • Send and Receive Email
     • Structuring Folders
     • Creativity Tools – using apps such as Coggle, WordCloud,
        Google Suite, Microsoft 2016 and much, much more!
4                                                                                                                                            5
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
ECDL - British Computer Society                                                          BCS IT User Award
                                                                                             Level 2
                                          ECDL BCS Levels 1, 2 & 3 are designed              This qualification requires 12 credits from the available units:
                                          specifically for those who wish to gain a                                      • Word Processing (4 credits)
                                          benchmark qualification in computing, to                                       • Spreadsheets (4 credits)
                                          enable them to develop their IT skills and                                     • Database (4 credits)
                                          enhance their career prospects. The European                                   • Presentations (4 credits)
                                          Computer Driving Licence® (ECDL) will be
                                          achieved on completion of the BCS Level 1          Alternatively, learners can be entered for individual units from level 1 up to level 2.
                                          and Level 2 Flexiquals.
                                                                                             ECDL Advanced Single Unit Accreditation
    BCS IT User Certificate                                                                  Level 3
    Level 1                                                                                  This qualification requires 6 credits. This progression course allows learners to
    This qualification requires 12 credits and a mandatory unit:                             develop advanced IT user knowledge and skills needed to work productively in a
    Improving Productivity Using IT (3 credits)                                              supervisory / managerial role. It is designed for learners who are looking to gain
    The selected units:                                                                      advances, understanding and capability in the use of IT applications.
                                • Word Processing (3 credits)                                Available Units:
                                • Spreadsheets (3 credits)                                                               • Word Processing Software (6 credits)
                                • Database (3 credits)                                                                   • Spreadsheet Software (6 credits)
                                • Presentations (3 credits)                                                              • Database Software (6 credits)
                                                                                                                         • Presentation Software (6 credits)
    BCS IT User Award
    Level 1                                                                                  ECDL Courses - 36 weeks
    This qualification requires 9 credits from the available units:
                                • Word Processing (3 credits)                                 Venue				Day		Time
                                • Spreadsheets (3 credits)
                                • Database (3 credits)                                        Abertillery LAC			Tues		1-3pm
                                • Presentations (3 credits)                                   Abertillery LAC			Wed		6.30-8.30pm
                                                                                              Brynmawr LAC			Wed		9.30-11.30am
    Level 2                                                                                   Brynmawr LAC			Tues		6.30-8.30pm
    This is a progression course from BCS Level 1, in which you can gain an BCS Level         Ebbw Vale LAC			   Tues		 10-12 noon
    2 Certificate (ECDL Extra) or the BCS Level 2 Certificate. This qualification requires    Ebbw Vale LAC			Wed		6.30-8.30pm
    at least 16 credits and at most 20 credits (at least 50% of the optional units must       Ebbw Vale LAC			Thur		1-3pm
    be at Level 2 or above)                                                                   Ebbw Vale LAC			Thur		6.30-8.30pm
    Mandatory Unit: Improving Productivity Using IT (4 credits)
                                                                                              Tredegar Library			Wed		10-12 noon
    Select units from:
                               • Word Processing (4 credits)
                               • Spreadsheets (4 credits)                                    The cost of ECDL courses is £2 per hour, an annual membership fee of £5, plus
                               • Database (4 credits)                                        exam fees. Concessions on course fees may apply to those on a low income, or
                               • Presentations (4 credits)                                   in receipt of certain mean tested benefits. Please contact your centre for more
6                                                                                                                                                                                      7
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Improve your English and Maths - 36 weeks                                                   Improve your English and Maths,
    Whether you would like to enhance your job prospects, or just improve and update            GCSE option - 32 weeks
    your skills, these courses are for you - suitable for all levels and abilities. There are   These courses are designed to prepare you for WJEC GCSE exams in
    no course fees, learners just need to pay a £5 annual membership fee. Courses               English and maths for the Summer 2020 exam series. Learners will also be
    begin week commencing 9th September 2019.                                                   required to gain an Agored Cymru qualification at level 1 or 2.

    Improve your English                                                                        Learners will be assessed prior to enrolment and directed onto the course most
                                                                                                suitable for them. Please contact Nicola Smith for more information on pre course
     Venue				Day		Time                                                                         assessment tel 01495 355287
     Abertillery LAC			Thurs		6-8pm
     Brynmawr LAC			Tues		6-8pm
     Brynmawr LAC			Fri		10.30-12.30pm                                                          In order to complete the course successfully, learners will need to attend a
     Ebbw Vale LAC			   Tues		 10-12 noon                                                       minimum of 80% of sessions and must be committed to spend at least a further
     Ebbw Vale LAC			Tues		11.30-1.30pm                                                         2 hours per week on independent study. Learners wishing to sit the GCSE exam
     Ebbw Vale LAC			   Fri 		 12-2pm                                                           must pay the exam entry fee. For more information please contact Ebbw Vale
     Tredegar Library			Mon 		9.30-11.30am                                                      Learning Action Centre 01495 355300 or Abertilllery Learning Action
                                                                                                Centre 01495 355585
    Improve your Maths
                                                                                                 Course Title			                   Venue          Day        Time
     Venue				Day		Time
                                                                                                 English GCSE			                   Abertillery LAC   Thurs   5.30-8.30pm
     Abertillery LAC			Weds		3.30-5.30pm                                                         English GCSE			                   Ebbw Vale LAC     Tues    5.30-8.30pm
     Ebbw Vale LAC			Tues		9.15-11.15am                                                          Maths GCSE - Foundation           Ebbw Vale LAC     Weds    6-9pm
     Ebbw Vale LAC			Fri		9.30-11.30am
     Ebbw Vale LAC			Fri		4-6pm                                                                  Maths GCSE - Intermediate         Abertillery LAC   Weds    5.30-8.30pm
     Tredegar Library			 Mon 		 12-2 pm                                                          Maths GCSE - Intermediate         Ebbw Vale LAC     Tues    6-9pm
                                                                                                 Maths GCSE - Higher 		            Ebbw Vale LAC     Thurs   6-9pm
    English/Communication Skills for Employability
    - 36 weeks
    These free 36 week courses are designed for those who need to improve their skills
    to enable them to move into employment, improve their prospects in their current
    job or to prepare for entry into vocational qualifications.

     Venue				Day		Time

     Ebbw Vale LAC			Tues		4-6pm
     Ebbw Vale LAC			Tues		6.30-8.30pm

8                                                                                                                                                                                   9
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Independent Living Skills - 36 weeks                                                   English for Speakers of Other Languages
     Independent Living Skills (ILS) are a range of specialised courses, specifically       (ESOL) 36 weeks
     designed for learners with a learning disability or those experiencing problems with   These free 36 week courses are aimed at anyone whose first language is not
     their mental health. These courses start week beginning 9th September and cost         English, at a range of levels from complete beginners to improvers. All courses
     £7 per learner per year, plus a small charge for resources where applicable.           contain Citizenship materials, which may lead to a qualification that supports an
     For more information contact your local Centre.                                        application to the UK Border Agency for indefinite leave to remain in the UK or for
                                                                                            UK Citizenship. Learners must demonstrate a commitment to attend these courses
                                                                                            regularly and promptly – failure to do so may result in their place being given to
      Course Title			Venue		Day                                     Time
                                                                                            another learner. These courses are increasingly popular and, if courses are full,
      ILS Essential Skills		      Abertillery LAC          Mon      10.30-12.30pm           learners will be put onto a waiting list until a space becomes available. All learners
      ILS Office Skills			        Brynmawr LAC             Mon      10-12 noon              must pay a £5 annual membership fee.
      ILS iPads				Brynmawr LAC                            Mon      1-3pm
      ILS Art and Craft			        Ebbw Vale LAC            Mon      10-12 noon
      ILS Essential Skills		      Ebbw Vale LAC            Tues     12-2pm
      ILS Pottery			              Ebbw Vale LAC            Tues     1-3pm
      Dementia Friendly Pottery		 Ebbw Vale LAC            Tues     3.30-5.30pm
      ILS Health and Wellbeing		  Ebbw Vale LAC            Tues     2.15-4.15pm
      ILS Cookery for Health		    Abertillery LAC          Weds     2-4pm
      ILS Cookery for Health		    Abertillery LAC          Weds     4-6pm
      ILS Mixed Craft			          Ebbw Vale LAC            Weds     10-12 noon
      ILS Pottery			              Ebbw Vale LAC            Weds     1-3pm
      ILS iPads				               Brynmawr LAC             Thurs    10-12 noon
                                                                                             Venue				Day			Time
      ILS Computers			            Brynmawr LAC             Thurs    12.30-2.30pm
                                                                                             Abertillery LAC			Tuesday			10-12 noon
     British Sign Language – Agored Cymru                                                    Brynmawr LAC			Wednesday		1-3pm
                                                                                             Ebbw Vale LAC			Wednesday		6-8pm
     Accredited - 36 weeks                                                                   Ebbw Vale LAC			Thursday		6-8pm

      Venue				Day			Time
                                                                                            Photography for All - Level 2
      Ebbw Vale LAC			Wednesday		6-8pm
      Brynmawr LAC			Thursday		6-8pm                                                          Ebbw Vale LAC – Wed 7-9pm Course starts wc 9th Sept 2019

                                                                                            This 30 week course is designed for beginners and improvers and will introduce
     Course costs are £2 per hour, but concessions                                          learners to the basics of digital photography. Learners will gain Agored Cymru
     may be available to those on a low income or                                           accreditation on completion of photographic and written work. The cost of the
     in receipt of certain means-tested benefits, plus                                      course is £2 per hour and concessions apply for those on a low income, or in
     an annual membership fee of £5.                                                        receipt of certain means tested benefits.
10   Courses start week beginning 9th September                                             Please tel 01495 355000 for more information.                                            11
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Aim Awards Level 2 Counselling - 36 weeks                                                    Aim Awards Level 3 Counselling
     The AIM Awards Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills is designed to                      The AIM Awards Level 3 Certificate in Counselling enables you, the learner,
     provide you, the learner, with an introduction to basic counselling skills. You              to work towards becoming a reflective practitioner of counselling by
     will develop your knowledge of the counselling profession, looking at the                    considering theories of human development, self-awareness, supervision
     role of professional frameworks/codes of conduct and the core personal                       and issues of difference and diversity.
     qualities that enable competent counsellors.
                                                                                                  You will carry out a role-play, where you will demonstrate your ability to consciously
     You must pass a written examination, which will consist of questions that cover the          apply a relevant theoretical approach to a presenting situation/context. You
     roots of counselling theory and how theory underpins counselling skills. It examines         are trained and assessed in three roles (counsellor, client and observer). You will
     your rudimentary understanding of the three main areas of counselling theory and             then reflect on content learned in your teaching sessions and role plays with the
     how they can relate to counselling practice.                                                 aim of introducing reflective practice.

     You will also begin to develop your practical skills in developing, maintaining and          You are also required to pass a written examination, which will consist of questions
     concluding a basic counselling session through role-play, providing you with the             that cover a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the three main
     skills, knowledge and understanding of practice within the boundaries of an ethical          approaches to counselling and the theorists that underpin most counselling
     framework.                                                                                   practice. It also enables you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of
                                                                                                  using various approaches to counselling.
     You are given the opportunity to acquire counselling skills in one of a choice of four
     contexts and are applicable to a wide variety of helping and supporting roles:               Is this qualification right for me?
     •   Introduction   to   Counselling in the Workplace                                         We recommend that you have achieved the AIM Awards Level 2 Certificate in
     •   Introduction   to   Working with Trauma                                                  Counselling Skills, prior to studying this qualification.
     •   Introduction   to   Working with Grief and Loss
     •   Introduction   to   Working with Children and Young People                                Venue			Day		Time		Start date

                                                                                                   EVLAC			                   Thursday          5.30-8.30pm       12th Sept 2019
     Is this qualification right for me?
     This qualification is suitable for you if you have little or no experience in the subject.
                                                                                                  The cost of all counselling courses is £2 per hour, but concessions apply for
     It has been designed as the first step in the ladder for professional development
                                                                                                  those on a low income, or in receipt of certain means tested benefits. All learners
     for aspiring and practising counsellors. This qualification does not lead
                                                                                                  will also also have to pay a £5 annual membership fee and an Aim registration
     directly to an employed role.
                                                                                                  fee of £85 for level 2 and £130 for level 3 (registration costs to be confirmed by
                                                                                                  awarding body)
         Venue			Day		Time		Start date

         EVLAC			Monday		10-12.30pm                                     9th Sept 2019
         EVLAC			Tuesday		6-8.30pm                                      Feb 2020

12                                                                                                                                                                                         13
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools                                            Cake Decoration Courses
     - 36 weeks                                                                          These courses are suitable for those who wish to gain new skills, but don’t
                                                                                         want to gain a qualification. They run for a maximum of 36 weeks – made
     These courses are accredited by City and Guilds and are suitable for                up of 6 x 6 week courses and are run subject to having a minimum of 8
     anyone who is interested in working as a teaching assistant, or for those           learners per class. The course fees are £2 per hour, payable in advance
     working in schools who wish to gain a formal qualification. There is an             at £24 per 6 week course, but concessions may apply for those on a low
     extremely high demand for these courses, so potential learners are advised          income or in receipt of certain means tested benefits. Participants are also
     to apply as soon as possible.                                                       required to pay a membership fee of £5 per year, which is used to purchase
                                                                                         resources for centre users.
     In order to be accepted onto the level 2 course for September 2019, learners
     will need to have a Level 2 qualification in English, Communication or Literacy
     – gained within the last 3 years. If you are unsure, please contact Nicola Smith
     whose details are given below. The cost of the course is £2 per hour, plus City &
     Guilds registration fee – concessions may apply.

     If you would like any further information on entry requirements, costs etc,
     or wish to apply for a place on this course, please contact Nicola Smith on
     01495 355287 or email

                                                                                         The course tutor is Emma Phillips, an extremely talented multi award winning local
                                                                                         businesswoman. Each 6 week course will allow learners to produce their own
                                                                                         masterpieces for family and friends.

                                                                                         Learners will be required to provide some of their own materials, but these will be
                                                                                         provided for the first session and participants will be told what they need to bring
      Venue			Day			Time
                                                                                         for the rest of the course.
      Brynmawr LAC		Weds			6-8.30pm
                                                                                          Venue				Day			Time

                                                                                          Ebbw Vale LAC			 Tuesday beginners 6.30-8.30pm
                                                                                          Ebbw Vale LAC			 Wednesday 		      10-12 noon
                                                                                          Ebbw Vale LAC			Thursday		6.30-8.30pm                                                 15
     Believe you can
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Nurture Equip Thrive Project
       The aim of the project is to support employed people with increasing their
       hours, to stay in work if they have a work limited health conditions or
       disability, return from sick leave or take on career development opportunities.

       The support offered will:                 Eligibility Criteria
                                                                                                         Dysgwch Gymraeg gyda ni!
       • Give you the skills to become
          competent at completing job
                                                 • Live in Blaenau Gwent
                                                 • Are of working age
                                                                                                         Learn Welsh with us!
          applications writing and updating      • Employed 1 or more hours per
          CV’s and have good interview              week                                                 Whether you’re a complete      Os dych chi’n ddechreuwr
          techniques                             • Have the right to live and work in
       • Encourage you to actively take            the U.K
                                                                                                         beginner or continuing         pur neu’n parhau gyda’ch
          part in job search and any other                                                               to learn Welsh, courses        dysgu, mae cyrsiau ar gael ar
          activities that would benefit you to                                                           are available throughout       draws Blaenau Gwent mewn
          improve your health or job market                                                              Blaenau Gwent at various       lleoliadau gwahanol ac ar
       • Support you to improve and
                                                                                                         locations and convenient       amseroedd cyfleus.
          manage your health situation                                                                   times.
                                                                   Working Skills For Adults 2 is part                                  Dyn ni yma i helpu pob
                                                                 financed by European Social Fund
                                                                                                         We’re here to help all Welsh   dysgwr Cymraeg yn ardal
                  For more information please contact:
                                                                                                         learners in the Blaenau        Blaenau Gwent, beth bynnag
         Caroline, Michelle or Teresa on 01495 355257 / 355258
             Or email:
                                                                                                         Gwent area, whatever your      yw’ch lefel.
     Groups and Clubs                                                                                                                   Cysylltwch â ni am ragor o
                                                                                                         Contact us for more            fanylion, i sicrhau eich lle neu
     Aneurin Leisure hosts a wide variety of groups and clubs at Ebbw Vale, Abertillery
     and Brynmawr LACs, as well as at Tredegar Library. These groups include: Stained                    information, to secure your    dderbyn copi o’n Prosbectws
     Glass, Yoga, Art and Craft, sewing, knitting, decoupage, History Society,                           place on one of our courses    diweddaraf.
     gentle exercise and much more...                                                                    or to receive a copy of our
     For more information, contact your local Learning Action Centre or Library.
                                                                                                         latest Prospectus.
                                                                                                         How to get in touch. 
                                                                                                         Sut i gysylltu â ni.
                                                                                                                                        Call us
                                                                                                                                        01495 333710
16                                                                                                                                                                    17
                                                                                                                                        E-mail us
Courses for Adults 2019 2020 - Aneurin Leisure
Aneurin Leisure                                                         Room Hire at Learning Action Centres
       Adult and Community Learning                                                   There are rooms of various sizes, available for hire at Abertillery, Brynmawr
                                                                                      and Ebbw Vale Learning Action Centres. These rooms are well resourced,
                                                                                      light and airy and are suitable for courses, conferences and a wide range of
                                                                                      community events and activities.

                                                                                      • Free Wi-Fi
                  Training Programme                                                  • IT equipment
        Aneurin Leisure Adult and Community Learning Training                         • Tea and Coffee available
     Programme offers a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke training                   • Reasonable rates
     packages, designed to enable you to support your employees to
                continue their professional development

                      Courses Available
                          Food Safety, level 2
           Safeguarding Children and Young People, level 2
                       First Aid at Work, level 3
                       Manual Handling, level 2
                       Customer Service, level 2
                          Presentation Skills
                                                                                                    Contact: Abertillery LAC 01495 355895
                   Health and Safety at Work, level 2
               ICT Training – including Microsoft Office,
                          Office 365, Outlook
              Also bespoke ICT packages, up to Level 3
                      For more information please contact:
         Rebecca Phillips, tel 01495 355892
        Elizabeth Francis, tel 01495 354703
              Sian Evans, tel 01495 354705
                                                                                          Contact: Brynmawr LAC                  Contact: Ebbw Vale LAC
18                                                                                           01495 355595                           01495 355300                      19
General Information                                                                      Emergency Class Closure
                                                                                              In the event of a class being closed, due to bad weather or tutor illness, every
     Enrolment                                                                                effort will be made to inform students. Text message is our preferred method of
                                                                                              contacting learners, so please ensure that you put your mobile number onto your
     You will be able to enrol on September courses from Monday 5th August, at Ebbw
                                                                                              enrolment form. Also, please ensure that you keep the centre updated of any
     Vale and Brynmawr Learning Action Centres. You can enrol for courses at Tredegar
                                                                                              changes to your contact details as soon as possible.
     Library on Mon, Tues and Wed 10-1pm throughout August. Please
     contact Karen Bennett – Adult Community Learning Manager, 01495
     355301, for details of enrolment
     days at Abertillery.                                                                     Aneurin Leisure will process your personal data in accordance with Data Protection
                                                                                              Legislation. For more information and access to privacy notices outlining how we
     Courses                                                                                  handle your personal data, please go to the Privacy Policy section of the Aneurin
                                                                                              Leisure website at
     All course information is correct at the time of going to print, but may be subject to
     change. Progression routes advertised are subject to continued Welsh Government          Membership Fee
     funding. Short courses may be planned during the academic year, check out our
     website for up to date information. Aneurin                    All learners pay an annual Membership Fee of £5 for each centre that they attend.
     Leisure reserves the right to substitute a tutor if necessary.                           These funds are used to buy resources for centre users.

     Courses will run subject to a minimum number of learners enrolling. If this number
                                                                                              Aneurin Leisure:
     is not met:
                                                                                              • Reserve the right to refuse any learner and to dismiss any learner behaving in an
     • The course may be cancelled prior to the start and learners who have enrolled            improper manner
        will be given a full refund.                                                          .
                                                                                              • Do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of learners’ property.
     • The course may run for the first 3 weeks, to see if the target number can be             Learners must take reasonable care for any personal items, which they may bring
        reached. If not, learners will be offered a full refund or given the opportunity to      to class, arrange suitable insurance for any personal items and are advised not to
        transfer to an alternative course.                                                       leave belongings unattended.

     Learner Charter
     Aneurin Leisure Adult Community Learning is committed to ensuring that all
     learners receive the highest quality service. This includes the quality of teaching,
     the comfort and safety of students and the equipment provided. If you are unhappy
     with any aspect of the service provided to you, please contact Karen Bennett, Adult
     Community Learning Manager 01495 355301,

     Learner Support
     If you would like to improve your English or maths, or would like to develop your
     study skills, please contact Nicola Smith on 01495 355287
     Or email for details of the free help
20                                                                                                                                                                                    21
Blaenau Gwent Libraries Something for Everyone!                                                     Bridges into Work 2
     Blaenau Gwent Libraries are committed to services that support your                   The Bridges into Work 2 project provides
     learning. Whether you are taking up a new hobby, finding out about                    intensive training and mentoring to people
     computers, or gaining a formal qualification. We provide a range of                   in Blaenau Gwent who are over 25 years
     books and activities to help you achieve your ambitions. Our libraries are            of age and not working. The aim of the
     accessible community venues that are open to everyone.                                project is to support local people to gain the
     • Free to join                             • Free family history resources           skills, confidence and experience to help
     • Space to study in friendly, relaxed     • Free on-line resources                   them move towards employment.
        surroundings                            • Free request service (books available
     • Free computer use                           to order from all Welsh Libraries)        Voluntary Work Experience                Free Courses & Qualifications
     • Free eBook service, which includes a    • Signposting and partnership working
        range of 25,000 titles                  • Health and Wellbeing support               Improve skills, qualifications and CVs   • ECDL (MS Office 2016)
     • Free WI-FI                               • Wide range of Children’s services         with voluntary work experience and       • Computers Don’t Bite
                                                                                             gain an up-to-date reference.            • Computer Maintenance
     • Wi-Fi printing at Ebbw Vale Library         including Storytimes and Under 5’s
                                                                                                                                      • Confidence Building
     • Printing, scanning and photocopying        sessions                                  • Office Administration                  • Controlling Anxiety
        services                                • Reading Groups                             • Hospitality                            • Food Safety
     • Free help with your children’s          • Knit and Natter groups                     • Care                                   • Lift Truck Training
        homework                                • Local history support                      • Teaching Assistants                    • Health and Safety
     • Help with Job-searching and CVs          • Enquiries on all subjects                  • Leisure                                • Improve Your English and Maths
     • One to one basic computer support        • Home delivery service                      • Retail                                 • Paediatric First Aid
     • Adult Literacy help                                                                   • Hair and Beauty                        • First Aid
                                                                                             • Outdoor Work                           • SIA
                                                                                                                                      • CSCS
      New – Free E-books and E-Audio Service – “ BorrowBox”                                  Tailored employment packages                   …and much more

                                                                                             Universal Credit Hubs                    Who can receive support?
                                                                                             Help with UC accounts, CVs,              Eligibility rules:
                                                                                             applications, job search and digital
                                                                                             support.                                 25 or over
                                                                                                                                      Not working
                                                                                             Monday, 10–11am, Tredegar Library        Live in a non-Communities First area
                                                                                             Wednesday, 9.30–11.30am, Brynmawr
                                                                                             Library                                            Find us on FACEBOOK
                                                                                             Friday, 10–11am, Ebbw Vale Library

     For more information contact your local library                                          For more information contact Bridges into Work 2
     Tredegar        01495 357869              Blaina		        01495 290312

                                                                                                  01495 355299/356019 or 07398 546437
     Brynmawr        01495 357743              Abertillery     01495 355646
     Ebbw Vale       01495 355055              Cwm		           01495 370454
22                                                                                         Bridges into Work 2 is part                                                                    23
                                                                                           financed by European Social Fund
     Or email:                                                                                                              Pontydd i Waith
                                                                                                                                                                      Bridges into Work
Working Skills for Adults 2
     The Working Skills for Adults 2 project provides FREE qualifications and
     training, to people in Blaenau Gwent who are working.
     The aim of the project is to support local people to gain the skills to help
     them progress in a current job role or to support a career change.

                  FREE Courses & Qualifications
                  • First Aid
                  • Food Hygiene
                  • Health & Safety in A construction Environment (CSCS)
                  • Introduction to Teaching Assistant
                  • Introduction to care
                  • Safeguarding Children & Young People
                  • Customer Services
                  • Personal Licence (Alcohol)
                  • Health & Safety in The Workplace
                  • Manual Handling
                  • C.O.S.H.H (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

        Additional support available:                             Who can receive support?
        • CV Writing                                              Eligibility rules:
        • Interview skills
        • Job search                                              • Working more than 1hr per week
        • Job applications                                        • Living in Blaenau Gwent
                                                                  • Hold level 2 or below qualifications

             For more information contact Working Skills For
               Adults 2 on 01495 354703/01495 354705
                                              FACEBOOK– Working Skills For
                                              Adults 2 Blaenau Gwent
     Working Skills for Adults

24   Sgiliau Gwaith i Oedolion

                             Working Skills For Adults 2 is part financed by European Social Fund
Aneurin Leisure is an exciting venture which
delivers leisure, learning and cultural services
             across Blaenau Gwent.

                          As a community focussed
                          organisation, we are passionate
                          about making a positive impact
                          to people’s lives by not only
                          improving physical health and
                          wellbeing, but also their mental
                          and social wellbeing through
                          our diverse range of services
                          and facilities.
                          •A  chieve your goals with our
                             Sports Centres
                          • Explore your possibilities with
                             Libraries and Adult Community
                          • Discover a world of relaxation and
                             adventure with Parc Bryn Bach and
                             Bedwellty House & Park
                          • Experience the world of arts and
                             culture at The Met
                          Aneurin Leisure is a Not for Profit Distributing
                          Organisation, which means that every time
                          you use one of our venues or services, the
                          money you spend is reinvested back into
                          our organisation, helping us to continue
                          to provide a high standard of facilities and
                          services across Blaenau Gwent.
                          For more information visit
                 or find us on
                          facebook and twitter

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