Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Daimler Buses at a Glance
Edition 2019
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures


Foreword                                3

The Divisional Board of Daimler Buses   4

Daimler Buses
» Key Figures                           5
» The Brands                            6
» Strategy                              7

Main Locations                          8

Product Range
» Mercedes-Benz                         10
» Mercedes-Benz Chassis                 11
» Setra                                 12
» BharatBenz                            13
» BharatBenz Chassis                    14

Media Contacts                          15
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Welcome to Daimler Buses!

“Daimler Buses. The leading provider of buses and mobility solutions” –
that is our slogan with regard to the shaping and further development
of bus mobility around the globe.

And in this regard we can look back on a successful 2018 business
year at Daimler Buses: with a significant increase in turnover com-
pared to the previous year, we have maintained our market leadership
in our most important core markets of Europe, Mexico, Brazil and
Argentina. And we have also grown considerably in new markets.
This shows that, thanks to the Mercedes-Benz, Setra and Bharat-
Benz brands as well as related services on offer, we are excellently
equipped for business the world over.

With the market launch of our fully electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro,
new digital services and the new minibus generation, we have also
made some important steps in the direction of the future. Since last
year, battery-driven vehicles have been complementing our mix of
drives for classic city bus operations. The first vehicles are already
on the road as part of local public transport operations and the
manufacture of the eCitaro is highly integrated in series production.
In order to facilitate the changeover to electric fleets for our cus-
tomers, we offer comprehensive support in the form of our eMobility

We have also set ourselves ambitious targets for the coming year
with a clear strategic focus. Firstly: strong core business and growth
in new markets. Secondly: we want to increase our technological
leadership whilst maintaining the efficiency, safety and comfort of
urban buses and touring coaches. In doing so, we are keeping new
technologies such as connectivity driving firmly in our sights. And
thirdly: business excellence with an efficient international production
network. Together with the right partners, we intend to generate
additional expertise.

That means that, in future too, we will continue with our clearly
defined aim to further develop and shape (bus) mobility: we will con-
tinue to supply our customers with the best possible comprehensive
offers – comprising vehicles, services, advice and mobility solutions.

Yours, Till Oberwörder
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

The Divisional Board of Daimler Buses

Daimler Bus Board
Global Responsibility

               Till Oberwörder                                                 Ulrich Bastert
               Head of the Division Daimler Buses & Chairman                   Head of Marketing, Sales &
               of the Management Board EvoBus GmbH                             Customer Services

               Claus Bässler                                                   Dr. Marcus Nicolai
               Head of Finance & Controlling                                   Head of Production

               Gustav Tuschen                                                  Lutz Wittig
               Head of Product Engineering                                     Head of Human Resources & Organization

Regional Responsibility

               Dr. Jan Hegner                                                  Süer Sülün
               Head of Daimler Buses Mexico                                    Head of Mercedes-Benz Türk

               Sérgio Magalhães                                                Thomas Fricke
               Head of Daimler Buses Latin America                             Head of Daimler Buses India
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Key Figures of Buses

                                                          2018          2017       Employees1 by region
Revenue                                                   4,529        4,524¹                                                               2018         2017
EBIT                                                        265          281¹      Total                                                   18,770       18,292
Investment in property, plant and equipment                 144            94
Research and development expenditure                        199           194      Europa                                                  16,028       15,774
thereof capitalized development expenditure                  41            30      thereof Germany                                          8,545        8,462
Amounts in millions of EUR                                                         Turkey                                                   4,771        4,680
 These 2017 figures have been adjusted based on new IFRS 15 standards including
  cost of hedging (IFRS 9)
                                                                                   North America                                               518             490
                                                                                   thereof Mexico                                              515             486
Employees (December 31)                                   2018         2017
Total                                                    18,770       18,292       Latin America                                            1,644         1.474
                                                                                    Since 2014 the figure includes the workforce numbers previously reported
Germany                                                   8,545        8,462
                                                                                    under “Vehicle Sales”
United States                                                 3            4
Rest of world                                            10,222        9,826
                                                                                   Daimler Buses employees (December 31)
                                                                                   Mannheim                                                               3,436
Sales (units)                                             2018          2017
                                                                                   Neu-Ulm                                                                3,857
Total                                                    30,888       28,676
                                                                                   Dortmund                                                                 279
EU301                                                     9,284        8,687
                                                                                   Istanbul (Turkey)                                                      4,544
thereof Germany                                           2,902        3,057
                                                                                   Ligny-en-Barrois (France)                                                512
Latin America (excluding Mexico)                         13,681       12,740
                                                                                   São Bernardo do Campo (Brazil)                                         1,217
thereof Brazil                                            8,778        7,201
                                                                                   Holýsov (Czech Republic)                                                 491
Mexico                                                    3,236        3,440
                                                                                   Monterrey (Mexico)                                                       515
Asia                                                      3,172        2,348
                                                                                   Sámano (Spain)                                                           240
Other markets                                             1,515        1,461
                                                                                   Buenos Aires (Argentina)                                                 189
European Union, Switzerland, and Norway
                                                                                   Chennai (India)                                                          437

Sales of buses and coaches > 3.5 tons GVW by region
                                                                                   Major markets of Daimler Buses (units)
                                              2018                       2017
                                                                                                                                             2018          2017
Total                                      30,888                      28,676
                                                                                   1. Brazil                                                8,800         7,200
EU301                                        9,284                      8,687
                                                                                   2. Mexico                                                3,200         3,400
thereof Germany                              2,902                      3,057
                                                                                   3. Germany                                               2,900         3,100
Mexico                                       3,236                      3,440
                                                                                   4. Chile                                                 1,900         1,600
Latin America (excluding Mexico)           13,681                      12,740
                                                                                   5. India                                                 1,600           900
Asia                                         3,172                      2,348
                                                                                   6. France                                                1,500         1,500
Other markets                                1,515                      1,461
Values in units
                                                                                   7. Argentina                                             1,300         2,500
 European Union, Switzerland, and Norway                                           8. Italy                                                 1,000           500
                                                                                   9. Peru                                                    900           800
                                                                                   10. Spain                                                  800           700
Sales of minibuses
                                                           2018         2017
Total                                                       972         1,313
Values in units
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

The Brands

Mercedes-Benz                                                              best possible availability of the vehicles around the clock. Omniplus
As the inventor of the automobile, we have set standards from the          offers Europe’s largest service network for buses.
very start with visions, inquiring minds, and innovations. Mercedes-Benz
Buses is a professional business partner and offers a comprehensive        The Omniplus ServiceCards and the 24h Service mean that our
range of city buses, inter-city buses, touring coaches, minibuses,         customers can be sure of fast and competent help, even in the case
and chassis.                                                               of unplanned stops. Along with many other services, Omniplus
                                                                           offers the Fleetboard management system for Mercedes-Benz and
Every Mercedes-Benz bus comes with future-proof technologies and           Setra buses. The focus here is on the new Telediagnostics service,
a design that is characteristic of its brand. Our products are perfected   which optimizes the 24h Service and can substantially reduce the
and offer the proverbial Mercedes-Benz quality, reliability, and safety.   downtimes caused by breakdowns.
With our vehicles and their demonstrable overall cost-effectiveness,
we offer our customers the best preconditions for doing successful         In addition, our Omniplus service contracts ensure the maximum
business and living up to their responsibility to mankind and the          availability and serviceability of the vehicles. As a brand of the
environment.                                                               manufacturer, we know best about the various parts of the overall
                                                                           product. In this way, safety is enhanced by more than 130,000 tested
BharatBenz                                                                 Omniplus genuine parts, which are especially matched to the buses
The Indian truck and bus brand BharatBenz sells a comprehensive            from Mercedes-Benz and Setra. Moreover, our training courses are
range of fully equipped buses that offer the lowest total cost of owner-   tailored to the customers’ needs.
ship in their class, a high level of comfort, and unparalleled safety
standards. Its front-engine buses are equipped with extremely light        With regard to connectivity, we will bring all of our service activi-
bodies that use aluminum technology licensed from the British              ties together under the Omniplus On brand in 2018. Omniplus On
manufacturer Wrightbus. The buses are specifically tailored to the         integrates existing services such as Fleetboard and new offers such
needs of India’s volume market in the school, staff, and tourist bus       as Omniplus Uptime. Our Uptime service continually monitors and
segments.                                                                  checks for example the vehicle systems, and notifies of any required
                                                                           maintenance or repairs. The Driver’s App supports drivers and oper-
Setra                                                                      ators with the stipulated departure checks and with communication.
Setra is the fascinating bus brand for people with the highest demands.    Remote Bus makes key data available.
We have a passion for buses. As a leading supplier in the touring
coach segment we create vehicles that inspire customers with their         BusStore
design and comfort and in which the passengers feel comfortable.           BusStore is the leading European brand for preowned buses from
                                                                           Mercedes-Benz and Setra. The fact that both brands belong to the
Reliable Setra product quality and future-proof technologies are           highly reputable Daimler Group increases our business partners’
featured in every one of our buses. Setra knows the market and the         confidence in them — especially with respect to the competition
requirements of the customers like no other bus specialist. Trusting,      from independent commercial vehicle and bus dealers.
long-term customer relationships and the highest level of under-
standing, openness, and consulting expertise make us a reliable            As a known specialist for the purchase and sale of preowned buses,
partner for our customers. A wide range of product variants with a         we have more know-how and expertise at our disposal than any
variety of individual appointments offers our customers a selection        other supplier on the market. As a result, we are able to offer a large
of vehicles both appropriate to their requirements and customized.         selection of preowned buses with a wide product range and inspected
As a result, customers can implement their individual business             quality throughout Europe at our preowned vehicle locations. The
model to achieve economic success.                                         product listings are updated online every day. We have a Europe-wide
                                                                           network of preowned vehicle locations, ensuring that we are always
Omniplus                                                                   close to our customers.
Omniplus is the service brand for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses
and is always there for our customers. It fulfills the bus customers’
needs with passion and bus-specific expertise and so ensures the
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Daimler Buses at a glance – strategy

Buses have been an indispensable part of society throughout the
world for more than a century. And this is not about to change – on
the contrary: we assume that the importance of buses in the pas-
senger transportation sector will increase significantly in the coming                            Collabo-         Global Market
years, for both short and long-distance travel.                                                    ration
Firstly the backlog in demand in African countries, the Near and
Middle East, India and Latin America speaks in favor of this supposition.
A second factor is increasing urbanization combined with the growing
                                                                                                   Business         Technology
interest of people in sustainable mobility. And thirdly the huge advance-                          Excellence       Leadership
ment in technology – electric, connected and automated driving –
which affects the whole mobility industry also speaks in its favor.

Thus there are important megatrends where we can see definite
potential. We want to shape and use these opportunities. Not as an          As far as connected driving is concerned, we are sure: when com-
end in themselves, but because our customers and their customers            bined with the intelligent evaluation of real-time data, we will achieve
– the passengers – will profit from better products, services and           added value for everyone. We have been working towards this with
mobility solutions.                                                         our OMNIplus On brand. This includes services such as OMNIplus
                                                                            Uptime with which fleet operators can avoid downtimes and optimize
To do this we are focusing on the “three plus one” strategic fields of      workshop visits. Our app OMNIplus On drive supports bus drivers
action:                                                                     during the departure check and when reporting damage. We are also
                                                                            preparing helpful services for dispatchers and workshops.
First of all: our global market presence. In our traditional core
markets we are the market leader – in some cases for several decades.       With our third field of action, business excellence, we are creating
Here we will continue to grow or gain shares in the markets – by,           the prerequisites necessary to optimally implementing our strategy.
for example, continuing to expand our product portfolio as is currently     This includes bundling development and production competence –
the case with the new minibus generation. At the same time, we              Mannheim, for example, is our center of competence for series pro-
will grow in new markets, particularly in North Africa, the Near and        duction of electric vehicles. in order to achieve economies of scale,
Middle East, south-east Asia and India. We have everything that is          we will strengthen the interplay of our worldwide Daimler Buses
required of products geared to local requirements like our BharatBenz       production network as well as the interplay with Daimler colleagues
buses for the Indian market. At the same time we are looking at the         outside of the bus division.
possibility of further new products – derived from synergies between
Fuso and Daimler Buses, for example. Our global production network          A recurrent topic in all strategic fields of action is the strategic
and our regional centers with their proximity to customers are further      co-operation with partners. And for a good reason: with the proper
pillars providing us with an even broader base for future international     partners we are able to gain additional expertise in new technologies
activities.                                                                 and services; with them we can tailor our products as precisely as
                                                                            possible to the needs of new markets and customers and we can test
Our second strategic field of action, leadership in technology, is          innovations fast and comprehensively within the Group to then launch
both an aspiration and an obligation: as the inventor of buses, tradi-      them on the market with economies of scale. So there are many
tionally we stand for the safety, economy and comfort of urban buses        good reasons for partnerships. We at Daimler Buses don’t hesitate to
and touring coaches. We have repeatedly set standards for our in-           enter into partnerships wherever they make sense.
dustry, most recently with Sideguard Assist and Active Brake Assist.
With that same power of innovation we will advance topics of the            And as a general rule, the following applies: in the coming years,
future such as electric or connected driving for our customers. Thus        the megatrends and the market environment will offer much potential
the electric drive will become a standard element of our drive mix          for our whole industry – both technologically and economically.
for short and medium-range travel. It will complement our highly            We are convinced that we at Daimler Buses can use this potential
efficient and clean Euro VI diesel engines and our buses with natural       effectively: We will provide our customers with the best comprehen-
gas and hybrid drive. Furthermore we will assist our customers in           sive offer – with the best vehicles and the best package made up of
the change to electric fleets. This includes advising them in the           services, consultancy and mobility solutions. This is our under-
configuration of electric fleets and charging stations as well as the       standing of our task, that is our vision: Daimler Buses. The leading
IT connection of electric buses to operating management and much,           supplier of buses and mobility solutions around the globe.
much more.
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Main Locations in Europe

Neu-Ulm, Germany                                                               Sámano, Spain
                               Number of employees:3,857                                                         Number of employees:240
                               Plant founded:1991                                                                Plant founded:1998
                               Head office functions, sales, paint                                                Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis
                               shop, and assembly: touring coaches
                               and inter-city buses

Mannheim, Germany                                                              Holýšov, Czech Republic
                               Number of employees:3,436                                                         Number of employees:491
                               Plant founded:1908                                                                Plant founded:1998
                               Head office functions, sales                                                       Bodyshell assembly, components
                               Body shop, cathodic dip painting: city/                                            and cathodic dip painting of
                               inter-city buses and touring coaches;                                              Mercedes-Benz and Setra urban/
                               assembly of city and inter-city buses                                              interurban buses and touring coaches

Dortmund,** Germany                                                            Istanbul, Turkey
                               Number of employees:279                                                           Number of employees: 4,544

                               Plant founded:1998                                                                Plant founded:1995

                               Production of city/inter-city buses,                                               Body shop, cathodic dip painting,
                               touring coaches, and mobility buses                                                paint shop
                               based on Sprinter chassis and Sprinter                                             Assembly of Mercedes-Benz city/
                               panel vans                                                                         inter-city buses and touring coaches,
                                                                                                                  Setra inter-city buses
**Mercedes-Benz Minibus GmbH

Ligny-en-Barrois, France
                               Number of employees:512
                               Plant founded:1981
                               Assembly of city and inter-city buses
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures
DAIMLER BUSES | MAIN LOCATIONS IN EUROPE | AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2018                          9

Main Locations in Latin America

Buenos Aires,** Argentina                                                              Funza/Bogotá, Colombia
                                          Number of employees:             189                                                  Plant founded:2012
                                          Plant founded:                  1951                                                  (initially in Bogotá, since 2015 in Funza)
                                          Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis                                                     Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis

**Location produces for the entire Daimler group

São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil                                                          Monterrey, Mexico
                                          Number of employees:1,217                                                            Number of employees:                  515
                                          Plant founded:                  1956                                                  Plant founded:                      1994
                                          Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis                                                     Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis
                                                                                                                                Joint venture with body builder

Main Locations in Asia/Africa

Chennai,** India                                                                       East London,** South Africa
                                          Number of employees:             437                                                  Plant founded:                      1958
                                          Plant founded:                  2014                                                  Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis
                                          Headquarters of Daimler Buses India,
                                          Assembly of Mercedes-Benz and
                                          BharatBenz fully equipped buses and
**Location produces for the entire Daimler group                                       **Location produces for the entire Daimler group

Jakarta,** Indonesia
                                          Plant founded:                  1982
                                          Assembly of Mercedes-Benz chassis

**Location produces for the entire Daimler group
Daimler Buses at a Glance Edition 2019 - Daimler Facts and Figures

Product Range Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Touring Coaches                                         Mercedes-Benz Mobility-Minibuses
             Model                                   Length                          Model                                 Length
             Travego SHD                             12.3 m                          Sprinter Mobility 23 (LHD)            5.9 m
             Tourismo K                              10.3 m                          Sprinter Mobility 45 (LHD/RHD)        7.3 m
             Tourismo (LHD/RHD)1                     12.3 m                          LHD = left-hand drive / RHD = right-hand drive

             Tourismo RH                             12.1 m
             Tourismo RH M                           13.0 m
             Tourismo M/2 (LHD/RHD)1                 13.1 m           Mercedes-Benz Inter-city Minibuses
             Tourismo M (LHD/RHD)1                   13.1 m                          Model                                 Length
             Tourismo L (LHD/RHD)1                   14.0 m                          Sprinter Transfer 23 (RHD)1           5.9 m
             Intercity Luxury Coach (India)          12.0 m                          Sprinter Transfer 35 (LHD/RHD)        6.9 m
             SHD 2441 (India)                        14.9 m                          Sprinter Transfer 45 (LHD/RHD)        7.3 m
             Paradiso 1200 (Mexico)                  13.0/14.0 m                     LHD = left-hand drive / RHD = right-hand drive

             Paradiso 1350 (Mexico)                  14.0 m
             Paradiso 1800 (Mexico)                  14.0 m
             Viaggio 900 (Mexico)                    12.0 m
                                                                      Mercedes-Benz Travel Minibuses
             Viaggio 1050 (Mexico)                   13.0/14.0 m
                                                                                     Model                                 Length
             LHD = left-hand drive / RHD = right-hand drive
                                                                                     Sprinter Travel 45 (LHD)1             7.3 m
                                                                                     Sprinter Travel 75 (LHD)              8.4 m

Mercedes-Benz Inter-city Buses                                                       LHD = left-hand drive / RHD = right-hand drive

             Model                                   Length
             Citaro Ü                                12.1 m
                                                                      Mercedes-Benz City Minibuses
             Citaro LE Ü                             12.2 m
                                                                                     Model                                 Length
             Citaro LE MÜ                            13.2 m
                                                                                     Sprinter City 45 (LHD/RHD)1           7.3 m
             Citaro GÜ                               18.1 m
                                                                                     Sprinter City 75 (LHD)                8.4 m
             Intouro                                 12.1 m
                                                                                     LHD = left-hand drive / RHD = right-hand drive
             Intouro M                               12.6 m
             Intouro L                               13.3 m
             Alliado (Mexico)                        11.0/12.0 m

Mercedes-Benz City Buses
             Model                                   Length
             CapaCity                                19.7 m
             CapaCity L                              21.0 m
             Citaro K (LHD/RHD)1,2                   10.6 m
             Citaro (LHD/RHD)2                       12.1 m
             Citaro Solo NGT2                        12.1 m
             Citaro LE2                              12.2 m
             Citaro G (LHD/RHD)                      18.1 m
             Citaro G NGT2                           18.1 m
             eCitaro                                 12.1 m
             Conecto                                 12.1 m
             Conecto NGT                             12.0 m
             Conecto G                               18.1 m
             Conecto G NGT                           18.0 m
             Torino (Mexico)                         10.0/11.0 m
             Boxer OF (Mexico)                       8.8/9.5 m
             Boxer (Mexico)                          8.5/9.4/10.2 m
             Gran Viale LE/RF (Mexico)               12.0 m
             Gran Viale G (Mexico)                   18.0 m
             OF 917 RF C school bus                  9.1 m
               LHD = left-hand drive / RHD = right-hand drive
               Also available as a hybrid variant (OM 936/M 936 G)

Product Range Mercedes-Benz Chassis

City and Inter-city Buses
              Rear-mounted-engine chassis
              OC 500 LE (CBC)1
              O 500 M (CBC RF)1
              O 500 MA (CBC RF articulated)1
              O 500 U (CBC LE)1
              O 500 UA (CBC LE articulated)1
              O 500 UDA (CBC LE high-capacity articulated)1
              O 500 MDA (CBC RF high-capacity articulated)1
              OH RF (XBC)3
              OH LE (XBC)3

              Front-mounted-engine chassis
              MBC-0 (Boxer OF)
              MBO (Boxer)
              BF 27/30 airport shuttle bus
              OF 914
              OF 917

Touring coaches
              Rear-mounted-engine chassis
              OC 500 RF (IBC)2
              O 500 RS/RSD/RSDD (IBC)2
              O 500 R (CBC)1
              OH 2441 (IBC – India)2
               CBC = City Bus Concept
                IBC = Intercity Bus Concept
                 XBC = Flexible Bus Concept

Product Range Setra

Setra Touring Coaches                   Setra Inter-city Buses
            Top Class 500      Length                 MultiClass 400                 Length
            S 515 HDH          12.5 m                 S 412 UL                       10.8 m
            S 516 HDH          13.3 m                 S 415 UL                       12.2 m
            S 517 HDH          14.2 m                 S 416 UL                       13.0 m
            S 531 DT           14.0 m                 S 417 UL                       14.1 m
                                                      S 419 UL                       15.0 m
            Top Class 400      Length                 S 415 UL business              12.2 m
            S 417 TC (USA)     13.7 m                 S 416 UL business              12.7 m
                                                      S 417 UL business              13.4 m
            ComfortClass 500   Length                 S 415 H                        12.2 m
            S 515 MD           12.3 m                 S 416 H                        13.0 m
            S 516 MD           13.1 m                 S 415 LE business              12.3 m
            S 511 HD           10.5 m                 S 416 LE business              13.0 m
            S 515 HD           12.3 m                 S 418 LE business              14.6 m
            S 516 HD/2         13.1 m
            S 516 HD           13.1 m
            S 517 HD           13.9 m
            S 519 HD           14.9 m

            ComfortClass 400   Length
            S 407 CC (USA)     14.0 m

Product Range BharatBenz

BharatBenz Buses
            Model            Length
            9 t Touristbus   9.8 m
            9 t Staffbus     9.8 m
            9 t Schoolbus    9.8 m

Product Range BharatBenz Chassis

BharatBenz Chassis
            OF 914
            OF 917
            OF 1623

Media Contacts of Daimler Buses

Global Communications

         Jörg Howe
         Head of Global Communications Daimler AG
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-41341
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-41369

Global Communications Commercial Vehicles

         Florian Martens
         Head of Global Communications Trucks & Buses
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-41525
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79085761

Content Management Daimler Buses

        Uta Leitner
        Head of Content Management                      Udo Sürig
        Mercedes-Benz Trucks & Daimler Buses            Setra Buses Product & Technology
        Phone: +49 (0)711 17-53058                      Phone: +49 (0)711 17-51186
        Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52030                        Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52030
        uta.leitner@daimler.com                         udo.suerig@daimler.com

        Nada Filipovic                                  Jens Arnold
        Mercedes-Benz Buses Product & Technology        Daimler Buses Corporate
        Phone: +49 (0)711 17-51091                      Phone: +49 (0)621 393-5965
        Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52030                        Mobil: +49 (0)176 30980951
        nada.filipovic@daimler.com                      jens.arnold@daimler.com

        Sandra Idzenga
        Daimler Buses Connectivity and Services
        Phone: +49 (0)711 17-33505
        Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52030

Channels, Creation & Global Operations

                                                                         Isabel Eipper
         Susanne Lenz                                                    Global Operations Daimler Trucks North America,
         Head of Channels, Creation & Global Operations Trucks & Buses   Regional Centers & New Media
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-41526                                      Phone: +49 (0)711 17-35328
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79064237                                     Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52006
         susanne.k.lenz@daimler.com                                      isabel.eipper@daimler.com

         Jennifer Armbruster
         Audiovisual Communications and Influencer                       Taida Hasecic
         Relations Trucks & Buses                                        Social Media & Audiovisual Communications Trucks & Buses
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-46656                                      Phone: +49 (0)711 17-77101
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79081663                                     Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79039575
         jennifer.armbruster@daimler.com                                 taida.hasecic@daimler.com

         Beate Beck                                                      Maximilian Splittgerber
         Global Operations                                               Head of Global Operations Trucks & Buses & Corporate Topics
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-49787                                      Phone: +49 (0)711 17-31489
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-51607                                        Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52006
         beate.beck@daimler.com                                          maximilian.splittgerber@daimler.com

         Eva Beringer
         Head of Social Media Strategy, Management & Influencer
         Relations Trucks & Buses
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-84029                                      N.N.
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-52006                                        Global Operations Daimler Trucks Asia
         eva.beringer@daimler.com                                        Phone: +49 (0)711 17-83326

         Sabine Bremer
         Head of Planning, Audiovisual Communications & Owned Media
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-50397
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79050397

Projects, Processes & Strategy

         Thomas Curtius                                                  Fatma Sever
         Head of Projects, Processes & Strategy                          Tradeshows, Strategy & Processes
         Phone: +49 (0)711 17-40681                                      Phone: +49 (0)711 17-83796
         Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79075868                                     Fax: +49 (0)711 17-79034653
         thomas.curtius@daimler.com                                      fatma.sever@daimler.com

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil

         Luiz Carlos Moraes                                 Valter Oliveira
         Head of Communications and Institutional Affairs   Corporate and Commercial Vehicle Communications
         Mercedes-Benz do Brasil                            Mercedes-Benz do Brasil
         Phone: +55 11-4173-9446                            Phone: +55 11-4173-7324
         Fax: +55 11-4173-9449                              Fax: +55 11-4173-9449
         luiz.c.moraes@daimler.com                          valter_barbosa.oliveira@daimler.com

Daimler Trucks Asia
                                                            Charlene Ede
         Florian Laudan                                     Manager, Internal Communications & Events
         Leiter Kommunikation Daimler Trucks Asia           Corporate Communications Daimler Trucks Asia
         Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation          Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
         Phone: +81 44 330-7970                             Phone: +81 44 330 7815
         Fax: +81 44 330-5830                               Fax: +81 44 330 5817
         florian.laudan@daimler.com                         charlene.ede@daimler.com

         Humza Ahmad
         Manager, Domestic and International PR,            Sebastian Wahle
         Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation          Corporate Communications
         Phone: +81 44 330-7857                             Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.
         Fax: +81 44 330-5817                               Phone: +91 73 5879-2916
         humza.ahmad@daimler.com                            sebastian.wahle@daimler.com

Daimler Trucks North America

         Andrea Corso                                       Paige Kean
         Head of Communications                             Communications Manager
         Daimler Trucks North America                       Daimler Trucks North America
         Phone: +1 503 745-4373                             Phone: +1 503 745-8535
         andrea.corso@daimler.com                           paige.kean@daimler.com

         Tracy Darchini                                     Kim Jarmer
         Communications Manager                             Event Communications
         Daimler Trucks North America                       Daimler Trucks North America
         Phone: +1 503 891-8565                             Phone: +1 503 745-8066
         tracy.darchini@daimler.com                         kim.jarmer@daimler.com
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