EdLine Online Tools
(Online Portal for Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators)

 Rick Johnston, Director of Technology Services‐MCMS Principal
EdLine Parent/Student Data Access 2008

      1.     Improved Illinois state test scores through daily performance
      2.     Improved support for schools at home
      3.     Identifying needs of individual students
      4.     Improved attendance
      5.     Improved school discipline

B. Content Development

      For the past three years, District #348 has continually investigated the possibility of giving parents
      access to student data through the internet. Our current Student Information System (EADS) was
      made to be available through a browser internally at MCMS during the spring of 2008. Concerns over
      security were the biggest barriers to moving to a full web version with EADS. Housing data on our
      servers and allowing access to that data externally could not be totally secure. Therefore, being able
      to transfer that data from inhouse to an external server was the solution. After investigating schools
      in both Illinois and Indiana, as well as comparing software companies, EdLine was the choice for
      Wabash District #348. EdLine is a software company located in Chicago that provides service to over
      1000 schools at this time. Information from the company website reveals this overview:

           For decades, K-12 educators have known that parental involvement is one of the most powerful drivers
           of student achievement and school performance. What has changed significantly in the world of K-12
           education, however, is that new web-based technologies have made it possible for schools to increase
           parental involvement in ways that were simply impossible before – using cost-effective technology
           solutions that have broad, sweeping impact across all subject areas, all grade levels, and at all
           performance levels – truly transforming the learning community.

           At EdLine, our mission is to provide the world’s leading technology solutions that help schools improve
           student performance by harnessing the power of parental involvement, supporting teachers, and
           engaging the learning community.

           Our array of comprehensive and cost-effective K-12 technology solutions include web hosting, content
           management, information portals, and tools for classroom management, grade book, notification,
           analytics, virtual storage and related technologies—all of which can be deployed individually or
           together as part of an integrated and comprehensive Learning Community Management System.,
           EdLine's solutions are designed to grow with a school’s needs and technology plans.

      In order to improve daily student performance through increased support at home, we must add to
      the current communication tools for all our stakeholders. By adding this tool, teachers will be pleased
      to have an online gradebook which is assessible to them 24/7 and will allow them to become even
      more efficient in their day to day work. They will be required to maintain their grades in this
      electronic grade book (the majority already keep an electronic grade book now), post current grades
      each week at a minimum, and maintain their lesson plans through the web pages for each section of
      classes on their schedule. Since the learning curve from where our staff is right now is relatively small,
      they will be able to maintain these sites without learning html coding or web management software
      programs. This will be a matter of point and click.

      2     Rick Johnston‐Director of Technology Services
EdLine Parent/Student Data Access 2008
       Students will have the ability to log into their own data through this portal in order to help their own
       organizational skills. They will have access to posted grades in each class, any notes/handouts/
       presentations/study guides that the teacher has provided, and add to their calendar items that pertain
       to them. Each student has their own activation code which allows them to create their own log in

       Parents will have access to all their children’s data which includes posted grades, attendance,
       discipline reports, and the combined calendar. Each set of parents will have an activation code that is
       different than the student in order to see the pertinent information about their children. These codes
       were passed out at the Middle School during the Open House on September 9th while the high school
       will pass these codes out during the two home football games. Both schools will allow parents to pick
       these up during regular school hours.

       The activation codes will not be mailed to parents. We would not want students to access these codes
       and inhibit communication between the school and parents.

       This program will be implemented to run in cooperation with current Student Information System
       (EADS) in regard to teachers, classes, grades, and attendance. This will be done through export files
       created by Brian Smith of EADS. Rick Johnston (Director of Technology Services) and Kevin Smith
       (MCMS Building Technology Coordinator), with assistance from Tim Wachs (retired D348 teacher), are
       responsible for implementation, coordination, trainings and troubleshooting. Once implemented the
       “Live Link” function from EADS will be done twice per day by Jeannie Kennard at MCHS and Jeanna
       Hicks at MCMS as part of their normal move to the next day with EADS. Assistant principals in each
       building will periodically upload the database of all discipline reports

       Parents, staff, students and administrators will work cooperatively for systemic change in
       communication and work toward achiving these goals. To improve student achievement is the overall
       goal for this program by all stakeholders working together.

C. Budget/Resources

       Program Costs


                Grade Quick Program and EdLine online tools             MCHS and MCMS           $7874
                Site Reporter                                           MCHS and MCMS           $1800

       Manual Reproduction Costs       (Business Department)                                       $60

                                                                Total Implementation Cost:       $9734

       Staff Development ‐

       An EdLine trainer was onsite for two days at MCHS during the first two teacher institute days at the
       beginning of school on August 13 and 14. Kevin Smith organized the MCHS workshop on the two hour

      3   Rick Johnston‐Director of Technology Services
EdLine Parent/Student Data Access 2008
       early dismissal on September 5th with help from Julie Mann. Rick Johnston and Gene Gehret shared
       information about EdLine at MCMS during that same staff development session.

D. Staff Development

       1. August 13‐14, 2008

       All MCMS and MCHS teachers received instruction with the EdLine trainer in the MCHS library lab for 2
       ½ hours during these two days. The “Power Users” in each school received a two hour session in
       addition to the staff trainings on the afternoon of the second day. During this training, the staff is
       introduced to the grade book program called “GradeQuick” and the applications for the teacher. The
       EdLine portal is introduced and each teacher creates their log in with their personalized activation
       code. Manuals are given to team leaders and department heads for use during the first three weeks
       of the school year.

       2. September 5, 2008

           EdLine Trainings:
                          MCHS                                  MCMS
           (45 minutes) MCHS Library                      Media Center
                          Kevin Smith/Julie Mann          Gene Gehret/Rick Johnston
                          EdLine/Grade Quick Applications EdLine/Grade Quick Applications
           Remaining time: Teachers work with manual and handouts on their own at their work
           stations on EdLine

       3. MCMS parents received their activation codes at the open house on September 9th and those who
       did not attend can pick up their codes during school hours.

       4. MCMS students created their log in accounts during study halls the week of September 15th.
       During this time, the student took their individual activation code and enter the EdLine portal to
       access their personal data.

       5. MCHS students will get their activation codes while at school at the discretion of Principal Pat
       Cheesman. They will create their log in account on their personal time.

       6. MCHS parents will be able to pick up their codes in order to create their accounts at school
       functions at the discretion of Principal Cheesman or pick them up at the school’s main office during
       school hours.

       7. School administrators will have continuous updates and trainings at the district administrative
       team meetings each month. Mr. Cheesman, Mrs. Odom (MCHS Assistant Principal) and Mr. Seaton
       (MCMS Dean of Students) will get administrative log ins that are classified as “super user—read only”
       in order to be able to access all data.

      4   Rick Johnston‐Director of Technology Services
EdLine Parent/Student Data Access 2008
         8. Jeannie Kennard and Jeanna Hicks will be given instruction to the Live Link function once Brian
         Smith and Kevin Smith coordinate this configuration on our SIS system. EADS personnel have been
         very helpful in this process and have been eager in collaborating with our efforts.

         9. Superintendent Buss will also get a “super user—read only” account to be able to monitor teacher
         progress and efforts toward our goals for this project.

E. Implementation

Time Table for Implementation

July 8, 2008       Central Office signs contract with EdLine

August    early    EADS personnel create export files to be able to populate Grade Quick files for workshop
                   (Rick Johnston loads MCMS while Kevin Smith loads MCHS )
                   Workshops organized by Mr. Johnston for staffs at MCHS and MCMS

13/14              EdLine personnel holds workshops for staff

                   Staff has their information available for them to work on their own

                   Kevin Smith (with help from Tim Wachs and additional export files from EADS) works to
                   further update the Grade Quick files which include the schedule changes and new students.
                   Because of a gliche in the upload files created by EADS, there were major problems with files
                   that had to be edited by K. Smith at MCMS.

September 5
                   EdLine workshops presented by D348 personnel. Teachers share information, techniques and
                   questions concerning EdLine. They are then given time to work at their workstation. Every
                   employee is given a manual that was printed by the Business Department at MCHS. This
                   includes the maintenance of class websites where teachers supply lesson plans and calendar

                   Live Link is configured during early September to keep data current. Attendance is part of this
                   upload with daily statistics being posted twice a day—by 9:30 am and after school.

September 8        Press Release to local media outlets concerning release of authorization codes for parents.

September 9        Open House distribution of codes for parents at MCMS
                   Codes distributed to parents who visit the school during school hours

September 12 Codes distributed at a booth setup at the first high school football game.
             Codes distributed to parents who visit the school during school hours

September 22 Board Presentation on EdLine by Director of Tech Services‐ Rick Johnston
             *Display what the end user will see to the board. Real data will be used so privacy issues will

         5     Rick Johnston‐Director of Technology Services
EdLine Parent/Student Data Access 2008
                be addressed with prior approval by selected teachers who have students in the district. No
                grades will be shown in the public meeting. If board members wish to see a grade book, they
                may see this during closed session. Prior to this meeting, this program document will be
                distributed with the board packet for the week. In this manner board members will be able to
                asked informed questions concerning the program.

October         Kevin Smith works to complete the upload capabilities of discipline data from the Access
                database files kept in each building. Trainings for Mr. Seaton and Mrs. Odom will be done
                individually by Kevin Smith.

                Kevin Smith will develop reports available for all parents and students that will include the
                attendance and discipline data.

November 1st    Full Implementation of Grade Quick and EdLine.

F. Evaluation

        1. Improved ISAT and PSAE scores through daily performance
               a. Compare scores from the previous three years
               b. Trending
               c. ThinkLink testing program data analysis
        2. Improved support for schools at home
               a. Parental survey of students in program
               b. Student survey of participants
               c. Teacher staff surveys
               d. Parent contact numbers at open houses and throughout the year
        3. Identifying needs of individual students
               a. Montoring student individual grades by teachers, parents, and guidance counselors
               b. Parental survey of students in program
               c. Student survey of participants
               d. Teacher staff surveys
        4. Improved attendance
               a. Compare attendance data from previous five years
        5. Improved school discipline
               a. Compare discipline report data from previous five years

This will be an ongoing evaluation for the next three years with the same procedures being utilized for
comparable data. Data analysis will be shared in June ‘09 with the administrative team and board of
education. The results will be published on the district web pages, in school newsletters and the local media.

       6   Rick Johnston‐Director of Technology Services
EdLine Parent/Student Data Access 2008

                  Wabash District #348 School Board of Education
                        EdLine Implemention Support and Commitment
                                (Everything we do is based on what is best for kids)

G. Support and Approval (board signoff sheet)

           1. Board of Education

                   a. Neil Earnest (President)             _______________________

                   b. Mike Guisewite                       _______________________

                   c. Doug Kieffer                         _______________________

                   d. Kevin Raber                          _______________________

                   e. Janice Alka                          _______________________

                   f.   Cassandra Goldman                  _______________________

                   g. Terry Beckerman                      _______________________

           2. Superintendent:          Tim Buss            __________________________

       7   Rick Johnston‐Director of Technology Services
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