FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress
2 – 5 October 2018,
Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India

Final Programme
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
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FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

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FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress


           Welcome Messages                                                                                         4

           FISITA 2018 Committees                                                                                   8

           Introducing FISITA and SAEINDIA                                                                         10

           Sponsors                                                                                                15

           FISITA Member Societies                                                                                 32

           FISITA Corporate Members                                                                                34

           FISITA Strategic Partners                                                                               36

           Programme Overview                                                                                      39

           Technical Programme                                                                                     41

           Leaders Forum                                                                                           68

           Educating the Mobility Engineers of Tomorrow                                                            69

           Student and Young Engineers Programme                                                                   70

           Exhibition Floor Plan                                                                                   78

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           Social Programme                                                                                        88

           Welcome to Chennai                                                                                      90

           General Information                                                                                     91

           The FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress is organised by SAEINDIA (the Society of Automotive
           Engineers India) and FISITA (the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies).

           The Final Programme is published by:
                                                              FISITA Chief Executive
           FISITA (UK) Limited
                                                              Chris Mason
           29 M11 Business Link
                                                              Copyright © 2018 FISITA (UK) Limited
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           United Kingdom

           Company Registered in England
           No. 03572997

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

Welcome Messages

Daniel E. Nicholson
FISITA President

                       On behalf of FISITA, it is my pleasure to welcome           automotive and mobility system sector. FISITA 2018 also offers educators
                       you, along with our members and global colleagues           and those involved in the recruitment or management of graduate
                       from industry and academia to FISITA 2018, our              engineers the opportunity to come together and discuss the future of
                       37th biennial World Automotive Congress.                    automotive and mobility systems engineering education in the dedicated
                                                                                   EMET session on Wednesday afternoon.
                  FISITA’s mission remains the same as it was when
                  our organisation was founded seventy years ago - to              In addition to the expert scientific and technical information, FISITA 2018
promote knowledge sharing among stakeholders in a way that positively              offers delegates the opportunity to make contacts and build relationships
contributes to the development of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility        with colleagues from all over the world. Alongside the technical sessions
solutions. By supporting engineers from different nations to work together,        and the international exhibition, SAEINDIA has prepared an attractive
FISITA helps guide the future direction of the global automotive and               programme of social events and cultural visits. The highlight of which will
mobility systems engineering profession.                                           be the spectacular Gala Dinner, which will provide an evening of fabulous
                                                                                   food and a spectacular entertainment from local performers.
FISITA 2018 is hosted by SAEINDIA in Chennai, India, one of the biggest
cultural, economic and educational centres in South India. Chennai                 SAEINDIA, with the support of FISITA has created an excellent programme
(formerly Madras) is India’s fifth largest city and features historic landmarks    for FISITA 2018 – we welcome your part in shaping the future of our
and temples, long sandy beaches, cultural and art centres and a variety of         exciting industry.
park space.                                                                        Engineers create solutions, FISITA continues to support them to do so.
The theme of this year’s Congress is ‘Disruptive Technologies for Affordable
and Sustainable Mobility’. For this, FISITA 2018 will cover significant research
and discoveries in subjects like powertrain and emissions, fuels and
lubricants and autonomous & connected vehicles. FISITA 2018 will serve
as the powerful motivator for the continued growth of the automotive
mobility industry and its contributors.
                                                                                   Daniel E. Nicholson
This year’s congress includes a number of programmes and initiatives
                                                                                   FISITA President
specially designed for students and young engineers: the Student
                                                                                   and Global Propulsion Systems Vice President, GM
Congress, Travelling Fellowship and Islands of Excellence. Engaging through
these initiatives, students will have the opportunity to connect with
OEMs, suppliers and technology companies, demonstrate their abilities
and support them to develop a future career within the international

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

Prof. Pawan Goenka
Patron FISITA 2018 Congress

                  Warm greetings from INDIA                                    The conference will feature international leaders and experts such as
                                                                               Prof. Helmut List, Mr. Dan Nicholson, Dr. Asim Eskandarian, Dr. Seshu
                  As Patron for the Steering Committee of FISITA World
                                                                               Bhagavathulu, Dr. Sumantran, Dr. Frank Zhao and Mr. Deepak Bagla, to
                  Automotive Congress 2018, it gives me immense
                                                                               name a few.
                  pleasure to welcome all of you to FISITA 2018 in Chennai.
                                                                               The FISITA 2018 team has ensured the dedicated participation from
                 The automotive industry globally is in a transformative
                                                                               global automotive community and other key stakeholders who will help
                 stage and is steadily getting aligned to disruptive
                                                                               in advancing the automotive industry, going through transformative
technologies to make them affordable and sustainable for the future.
Disruptive Technology is emerging as an important part of research &
                                                                               I whole heartedly welcome you to FISITA 2018 and being a part of this
development in the automotive industry, enhancing the value proposition
                                                                               joyous global automotive gathering!
to the end user. The mobility means are getting redefined and people are
moving from owning a vehicle to owning mobility.
The future of the automotive sector will make transportation more efficient,
electrified, connected & automated. This Congress will present, discuss and
find solutions to cope with emerging mobility challenges in the global
The theme of the conference will determine key highlights like electric        Prof. Pawan Goenka
mobility, connected vehicles, autonomous mobility and shared mobility          Patron FISITA 2018 Congress,
in the plenary sessions, Leader’s Forum & key note addresses in technical      Managing Director - Mahindra & Mahindra

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

Welcome Messages

Dr. K C Vora
Chairman, Scientific & Technical Committee, FISITA 2018, Sr Deputy Director, ARAI

                  It is my pleasure to welcome you all to FISITA 2018        from India and abroad. We have 11 Technical Sessions and 1 Student
                  World Automotive Congress – the 37th in the                Session running parallel every day. On an average, each Technical Session
                  series, for the first time in India. The Conference        will have 4 Technical Papers per each session with Keynote address by an
                  theme is aptly chosen as “Disruptive Technologies          eminent expert focusing on the current topic of interest for each session.
                  for Affordable and Sustainable Mobility” and will          The highlight of the Congress is the Panel Discussion chaired by Dr Pawan
                  focus on key technology issues relevant to mobility        Goenka himself, with participation from leaders encompassing the entire
                  engineering such as Powertrain & Emissions, Fuels          mobility industry & Government officials. The topic is rightly chosen as
& Lubricants, Noise & Vibration, Vehicle Dynamics, Active & Passive          Policy Framework for Disruptive Technology.
Safety, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Autonomous & Connected
Vehicles, Manufacturing & Materials, Vehicle Concepts, and                   I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Patron of this event:
Sustainability. More than 35 companies are sponsoring the event              Dr. Pawan Goenka, Chairman of the Steering Committee: Dr. Aravind
and 75 are expected to showcase their technology and products in             Bharadwaj, President of FISITA: Mr. Daniel Nicholson, President of SAEINDIA:
the Exposition.                                                              Dr. Bala Bhardwaj, Chairman of Organizing Committee: Mr N Bala, Editor: Mr
                                                                             S Raju and the members of the Steering & Organizing Committee for their
The Scientific & Technical Committee received close to 1200 abstracts on     guidance and constant support & encouragement, without which an event
over 10 topics which got converted into about 760 papers from multiple       of this magnitude would not have been possible.
countries around the world. Out of these, we have selected 310 papers
for publication & presentation spread across 75 Technical Sessions in        I hope all of you will enjoy the Technical deliberations and the Exposition
the Congress. I would like to commend the efforts of the Scientific &        and offer your continued support to SAEINDIA in the future.
Technical Committee under my guidance for processing these technical
contributions and selecting the papers for presentation after a rigorous
                                                                             Dr. K C Vora
review process with the help of 75 Reviewers, in line with the guidelines
                                                                             Chairman, Scientific & Technical Committee, FISITA 2018
established by FISITA & SAEINDIA. I congratulate the authors and believe
                                                                             Sr Deputy Director, ARAI.
that these accepted papers rightly deserve FISITA paper numbers that
would become part of FISITA technical literature database.
We have scheduled 4 Plenary Sessions touching upon wide gamut of
topics like Electric Mobility, Autonomous Mobility, Connected Mobility &
Shared Mobility that will be addressed by distinguished plenary speakers

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress 2 - 5 October 2018, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India - Final Programme - FISITA Congress
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

FISITA 2018 Committees

FISITA 2018 Organising Committee

Chairperson Organising Committee                   Chairperson Academia Interface                        Chairperson Event Marketing
Mr. N Balasubramanian                              Dr. G Nagarajan                                       Mr. Amar Variawa
VP - Prod.Engg., Renault Nissan Tech. & Business   Director Admissions, Anna University, India           Director Marketing & Public Affairs India and SE
Centre India Pvt. Ltd., India                      Co-Chair Academia Interface                           Asia, Vestas, India
Chairperson Industry Interface                     Mr. U D Bangale                                       Co-Chair Event Marketing
Mrs. Rashmi Urdhwareshe                            General Manager, ICAT, India                          Mr. M Dhananjayan
Director – ARAI, India                             Co-Chair Academia Interface                           Managing Director, Focus Engineering, India
Co-Chair Industry Interface                        Dr. Sudhir Gupte                                      Chairperson Event Management
Dr. Tapan Sahoo                                    Head, Automobile Engineering Department, A D          Mr. J N Harisharan
Sr. VP - Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India        Patel Institute of Technology, India                  Director, Prufen Systeme Private Ltd., India
Chairperson Exposition                             Chairperson Student Activities                        Co-Chair Event Management
Mr. C V Raman                                      Dr. S Thirumalini                                     Mr. Parvez Alam
Senior Executive Director - Maruti Suzuki India    Chairperson, Mechanical, School of Engineering,       CEO, Crescent Innovation & Incubation Centre
Limited, India                                     Amrita University, India                              (CIIC), India
Co-Chair Exposition                                Co-Chair Student Activities                           Co-Chair Event Management
Mr. Ramanathan                                     Dr. Kannan Rajendran                                  Mr. P Baskara Sethupathi
Managing Director, ATS India, India                Professor, PSNA College of Engineering, India         Asst. Prof. SRM University
Chairperson Technical                              Co-Chair Student Activities                           Co-Chair Event Management
Dr. K C Vora                                       Dr. Maji                                              Mr. K N Balaji
Sr. Deputy Director & Head, ARAI Academy, India    Professor, G B Pant Engineering College, India        Senior Automotive Advisor
Co-Chair Technical                                 Co-Chair Student Activities                           Chairperson Technology Theatre
Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram                             Dr. Kamalakannan                                      Mr. Deepak Sawkar
GM – Powertrain, Hinduja Tech, India               Professor, Hindustan Institute of Technology, India   Sr. Vice President, Eng. Research Design & Dev.,
Co-Chair Technical                                 Co-Chair Student Activities                           Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India
Dr. Anand Gurupatham                               Dr. C Lakshmikanthan                                  Co-Chair Technology Theatre
Senior Manager, Renault Nissan, India              Professor, Amrita University, India                   Mr. Munirathnam Javaji
Co-Chair Technical                                 Chairperson Media/Communications                      Founder CEO, Javaji M Consulting, India
Mr. Chandrasekaran Pradeep                         Mr Asit Barma                                         Chairperson Global Advisory Committee
General Manager, Force Motors Limited, India       Professor, IMT Ghaziabad, India                       Mr. Murli M Iyer
Chairperson Finance                                Co-Chair Media/Communications                         Executive Advisor, Global Affairs, SAE International,
Dr. N Saravanan                                    Prasad M P                                            India
General Manager, Ashok Leyland, India              Technology Planning, Renault Nissan, India
Co-Chair Finance                                   Co-Chair Media/Communications
Mr. N S Rao                                        Ms. Deepa Sasidharan
General Manager, Maruti Suzuki India Limited,      Corporate Communications, Continental
India                                              Automotive (India) Pvt Ltd, India

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

FISITA 2018 Steering Committee                                                                             FISITA 2018 Scientific & Technical Committee

Patron                                              Prof S Sadagopan                                       Chairman
Dr Pawan Goenka                                     Director, IIIT Bangalore, India                        Dr K C Vora,
Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, India       Mr Arvind Balaji                                       ARAI, India
Chairman                                            Joint Managing Director, Lucas TVS, India              Mr Meenakshi Sundaram,
Dr Aravind Bharadwaj                                Ms Carla J Bailo                                       Gates, India
Chief Technology Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra,      Assistant Vice President, The Ohio State University,   Dr Anand Gurupatham,
India                                               USA                                                    RNTBCI, India
Co-chairman                                         Dr David Schutt                                        Mr. S. Raju,
Dr R K Malhotra                                     SAE International, CEO, USA                            Consultant, India
Director General, Federation of Indian
                                                    Mr Akihito Tanke                                       Mr. C Pradeep,
Petroleum Industry, India
                                                    Executive Advisor to President, Toyota, Japan          Force Motors, India
                                                    Secretary & Co-ordinator                               Mr Arun Siva Subramanian,
Dr Bala Bharadvaj
Managing Director, Boeing India, India              Dr Arunkumar Sampath                                   Hero Moto Corp, India
                                                    General Manager at Mahindra & Mahindra, India          Vijai Gopalakrishnan,
                                                    FISITA President                                       GM, India
Prof Dr Uwe Dieter Grebe
Executive Vice President, AVL GmbH, India           Mr Dan Nicholson                                       Dr. Madhava Rao,
                                                    Vice President of Global Propulsion Systems,           ARAI, India
Mr. Jan-Oliver Roehrl
Director, Bosch India, India                        General Motors, USA                                    Mr. Mohammad Rafiq Agrewale,
                                                    Invitee, Chair FWC 2016                                ARAI, India
Dr Michael Wilhelm
Executive Vice President, FEV Asia GmbH, India      Mr Kwang Min Chun                                      Mr. Aatmesh Jain,
                                                    Professor, Yonsei University, Korea                    ARAI, India
Dr Paul A Mascarenas
Independent Director, ON Semiconductor, UK          Chair OC FISITA 2018                                   Mr S Venkatesh,
                                                    Mr N Balasubramanian                                   SAEINDIA, India
Dr -Ing. Karl Siebertz                              Dy.VP - Prod.Engg., Renault Nissan Tech. &
Head of External Alliances, Europe, Ford Research   Business Centre India Pvt. Ltd., India
& Advanced Engineering, Germany

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

Introducing FISITA and SAEINDIA

FISITA                                                                        SAEINDIA
FISITA is the international membership organisation that supports             SAEINDIA was started in 1994 by SAE INTERNATIONAL with
the automotive and mobility systems sector in its quest to advance            four independent sections and the Integration of Institute of
technological development. Having delivered against this mission              Automobile Engineers led to the formation of SAEINDIA in 2002.
for every generation of engineers since 1948, we are uniquely                 SAEINDIA is a premier professional society that serves the mobility
placed to promote excellence in mobility engineering and the                  engineering community engaged in the design, manufacture and service
development of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions.           of self-propelled vehicles and systems that move in land, air, space and
Since creation, FISITA has seen significant growth in influence and           sea. It has a glorious track record of 2 decades in service to the mobility
relevance. Today our network of Member Societies and Corporate                industry.
Members extend a reach to over 210,000 engineers in 37 countries,             SAEINDIA is an individual member driven society with an objective to
placing us at the heart of the industry and enabling members to connect       serve all the stake holders in mobility industry by providing opportunities
with each other, network, share technological advancements and                to add value to its members on a continuous basis. SAEINDIA is working
collaborate in a pre-competitive environment.                                 closely with Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Society of
FISITA facilitates dialogue between engineers and industry, governments,      Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and Automotive Component
academia, and environmental and standards organisations, across all           Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) for spreading knowledge
areas of automotive and mobility systems technology. Achieved through         and technical information to a wider cross section of the community. It
organising and delivering internationally-acclaimed technical events,         actively supports Indian Government initiatives like Make in India, Skill
including the World Automotive Congress, the World Automotive                 India Development Program and Digital Revolution.
Summit, FISITA PLUS conference and EuroBrake, the world’s largest             SAEINDIA’s Vision is to continuously Enrich Knowledge Base of
braking technology conference; as well as endorsing the significant           Practitioners in Mobility Industry and Institutions in the Service of
events run by our Member Societies.                                           Humanity.
The FISITA Roadmap to 2020 strategic engagement plans see our       
organisation’s continued investment in the next generation of engineers
through the ‘Your Future in Automotive’ initiative, the long-term ‘Engineer
2030’ project and ‘International Work Experience Programme’, while our
recently formed Industry Committee is pioneering our strategic tracking
of the evolving mobility sector through the FISITA Eco-System mapping
project – ensuring that our organisation continues to deliver leadership
and a relevant community to this and future generations of engineers.
Engineers create solutions, FISITA continues to support them to do so.

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress


SUBJECTIVE FEELINGS                                                                   AUTONOMOUS DRIVING
Fuel your passion for driving                                                    Free your mind to limitless possibilities

                                                Power towards a greener future

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress


 Title Sponsor

TVS Group

TVS Group is one of India's largest diversified industrial conglomerate          US$ 7.2 billion, is an automotive conglomerate company, specialised
with its principal headquarters located in Madurai and international             in manufacturing of two-wheeler, three-wheeler, auto-electricals
headquarters in Chennai. It has its presence across 129 countries with           components, hardware electronics, high tensile fasteners, die casting
73 holding group companies. The largest and most visible subsidiary is           products, dealership business, brakes, wheels, tyres, axles, seating systems,
TVS Motor Company, the third-largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler               corrosion management, fuel injection components, electronic and
manufacturers in India. TVS Group, with group revenue of more than               electrical components and many more.

 Principal Sponsors

General Motors                                                                   Mahindra &
Technical Centre                                                                 Mahindra
General Motors is a global automotive company united by a single purpose:        The Mahindra Group is a USD 20.7 billion federation of companies that
To earn customers for life. We are committed to safety and quality. GM           enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural
employs the finest workforce in the automotive world. We are a richly            prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering
diverse and dedicated team of 180,000 employees spread over 5 continents,        communities. It enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, information
working around the clock to deliver millions of vehicles annually. Our           technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the
illustrious portfolio comprises Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac. As part of   world’s largest tractor company, by volume. It also enjoys a strong presence
GM, General Motors Technical Centre India is located in Bangalore, housing       in agribusiness, aerospace, commercial vehicles, components, defence,
a Design Studio and an Engineering centre. It is actively involved in design,    logistics, real estate, renewable energy, speedboats and steel, amongst other
analysis and development of vehicles and propulsion systems for all global       businesses. Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 2,40,000 people
markets, tirelessly contributing to GM’s vision of ZERO Crashes, ZERO            across 100 countries.
Emissions, ZERO Congestion consequently, moving humanity forward.                Learn more about Mahindra on / Twitter and
                                                                                 Facebook: @MahindraRise

AVL List                                                                         Tata Motors
Gmbh                                                                             Limited
AVL is the world’s largest independent company developing IC engine              Part of the USD100 billion Tata group founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868,
powertrains plus the associated instrumentation and test systems. AVL            Tata Motors is among the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles.
develops and improves all kinds of powertrain systems incl. alternative and      We believe in ‘Connecting aspirations’, by offering innovative mobility
hybrid systems and is a competent partner to the engine and automotive           solutions that are in line with customers' aspirations. We are India's largest
industry. In addition AVL develops and markets all simulation methods and        automobile manufacturer, and we continue to take the lead in shaping the
easy-to-use software tools which are necessary for the development work.         Indian commercial vehicle landscape, with the introduction of leading-edge
AVL’s unique power derives from the systematic netting of single simulation      powertrains and electric solutions packaged for power performances and
results to integrated, multidimensional simulation platforms on the basis        user comfort at the lowest life-cycle costs. Our new passenger cars and
of AVL’s deep engineering expertise. The products of the business area           utility vehicles are based on Impact Design and offer a superior blend of
‘Engine Instrumentation and Test Systems’ comprise all the instruments and       performance, driveability and connectivity.
systems required for engine and vehicle testing.                                 Our focus on connecting aspirations and our pipeline of tech-enabled products
                                                                                 keeps us at the forefront of the market. We have identified six key mobility
                                                                                 drivers that will lead us into the future – modular architecture, complexity
                                                                                 reduction in manufacturing, connected & autonomous vehicles, clean
                                                                                 drivelines, shared mobility, and low total cost of ownership. Our sub-brand
                                                                                 TAMO is an incubating centre of innovation that will spark new mobility
                                                                                 solutions through new technologies, business models and partnerships.
                                                                                 Our mission - across our globally dispersed organisation – is to be passionate
                                                                                 in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experiences that excite our
                                                                                 global customers.

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress


  Principal Sponsor

Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor                 Shift technology) to meet the changing lifestyle of its customers. With
Corporation, Japan, is India’s largest passenger car maker. India’s first        Hybridisation in focus, Maruti Suzuki successfully introduced SHVS mild-
Company to manufacture and sell more than a million cars in India in a           Hybrid technology in its popular Ciaz and Ertiga vehicles.
year, Maruti Suzuki is credited with having ushered in the automobile            Headquartered in New Delhi, Maruti Suzuki has two manufacturing
revolution in the country. The Company, formerly known as Maruti Udyog           facilities in Haryana - Gurgaon and Manesar. Both the facilities have a
Limited, was incorporated as a joint venture between the Government of           combined capability to produce over 1.5 million vehicles annually. Suzuki
India and Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan in February, 1981. Presently,          Motor Corporation has set up a vehicle manufacturing plant in Hansalpur,
Suzuki Motor Corporation owns equity of 56.2 per cent. The company               Gujarat. The vehicles manufactured at this Gujarat plant are being
stocks are traded at the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Mumbai            supplied exclusively to Maruti Suzuki and support Maruti Suzuki’s goal of
Stock exchange (BSE).                                                            reaching annual sales of two million cars in 2020.
Making a small beginning with the iconic Maruti 800 car, Maruti Suzuki           In 2013 the Company set-up its own state-of-the-art R&D center at
today has a vast portfolio of 16 car models with over 150 variants. Maruti       Rohtak, Haryana.
Suzuki’s product range extends from entry level small cars like Alto 800,
Alto K10 to the luxury sedan Ciaz. In recent times several of the new            The Company employs over 34,000 people (as on March 31st 2018). Its
vehicles introduced by Maruti Suzuki met with unprecedented success              sales and service network is the largest among car manufacturers in
with customers. These include India’s first premium crossover S-Cross,           India with over 2,430 sales outlets (includes over 310 Nexa outlets) across
world car Baleno, a compact SUV Vitara Brezza and the youthful Ignis. The        1,720 towns and cities and over 3,400 service centers (covering 1,659
premium hatchback Baleno became the first car to be exported to Japan.           towns and cities). Besides serving the Indian market, Maruti Suzuki also
Inspired by the needs of Indian customers, the Company launched a new            exports cars to several countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and
retail sales channel NEXA in 2015.                                               Oceania.

Maruti Suzuki has pioneered in offering new and innovative technologies          During the financial year 2017-18 Maruti Suzuki’s net sales was Rs 781,048
to its customers. It was the first company to offer a range of CNG cars,         million and the Profit After Tax was Rs 77,218 million.
launched Celerio (first entry compact car with contemporary Auto Gear            For more information about the company visit:

  Platinum Sponsors

Ansys Inc.                                                                       Bosch India
If you’ve ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car,         The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services.
used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge or put on             It employs roughly 402,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31,
wearable technology, chances are you’ve used a product where ANSYS               2017). The company generated sales of 78.1 billion euros in 2017. Its
software played a critical role in its creation. ANSYS is the global leader in   operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions,
engineering simulation. Through our strategy of Pervasive Engineering            Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building
Simulation, we help the world’s most innovative companies deliver                Technology. True to its slogan ‘Invented for life’, Bosch aims to improve the
radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and           quality of life worldwide with innovative products and services.
broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them              The Mobility Solutions business sector pursues a vision of mobility that is
solve the most complex design challenges and create products limited             accident-free, emissions-free, and stress-free, and combines the group’s
only by imagination. Founded in 1970, ANSYS is headquartered south of            expertise in the domains of automation, electrification, and connectivity.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.                                                 For its customers, the outcome is integrated mobility solutions.
Visit for more information.                                 The Bosch Group operates in India through twelve companies. In India,
                                                                                 Bosch set-up its manufacturing operation in 1951, which has grown over
                                                                                 the years to include 18 manufacturing sites, and seven development and
                                                                                 application centers. Bosch, in India, has the largest development center
                                                                                 outside Germany, for end-to-end engineering and technology solutions.

FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress

Bosch at
Driving the future of mobility
through cutting-edge innovations                                       Visit us at:
                                                                        Stall No.
                       October 2nd – 5th, 2018                            4010
                       Chennai Trade Centre

                        Mobility solutions from Bosch are transforming the
                        future of automotive sector, making transportation
                        more efficient, electrified, connected, and
                        automated. These pioneering solutions – customised
                        to the Indian market – will be featured at FISITA
                        2018 at the Bosch stall.

                        Come visit us, to know more.

 boschindia |
FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress


 Platinum Sponsors

Ashok Leyland
Ashok Leyland, the flagship of the Hinduja group, is the 2nd largest           logistics vehicles in the Indian Army. Launches include India’s first electric
manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India. Globally, 4th largest and        bus and a Euro-6 compliant truck in 2016 showcase Ashok Leyland’s
the 13th largest manufacturer of buses and trucks respectively. The            leadership and innovation.
Chennai-based $4.02 billion company has 9 manufacturing plants spread          Ranked as the 37th best brand in India, the company has been leading
across India, the UAE and the UK, and is present across 50 countries.          the commercial vehicle industry for decades and is the first truck/
It has a product range from 1T Gross Vehicle Weight to 49T Gross Trailer       bus manufacturer ex-Japan to win the Deming prize for its Pantnagar
Weight in trucks, 16-80-seater buses, vehicles for defence and special         plant in 2016 and Hosur Unit II in 2017 . People, Planet and Profit for all
applications, diesel engines for industrial, genset and marine applications.   stakeholders, including customers, are at the core of Ashok Leyland,
Everyday, over 70 million passengers use its buses while 7,00,000 trucks       which resonates with the ‘AAPKI JEET, HAMARI JEET’ philosophy.
keep the wheels of the economy moving. It has the largest fleet of

Adient                                                                         Accenture
Adient is the global leader in automotive seating. With 85,000 employees       Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing
operating 238 manufacturing/assembly plants in 34 countries worldwide,         a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital,
we produce and deliver automotive seating for all vehicle classes and all      technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and
major OEMs. From complete seating systems to individual components,            specialised skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions
our expertise spans every step of the automotive seat making process.          – underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network – Accenture works
Our integrated, in-house skills allow us to take our products from research    at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve
and design all the way to engineering and manufacturing – and into             their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.
more than 25 million vehicles every year. For more information on Adient,      With 449,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries,
please visit                                                       Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and
                                                                               lives. Visit us at

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Continental Automotive
Continental Automotive India was established in 2008 with headquarters           Continental Automotive Components India has a customer base
in Bangalore. Today, the company has manufacturing locations in                  spanning all major local and global OEMs in India. In its endeavour to
Bangalore, Gurgaon, Manesar and Pune, and presence in Chennai, located           provide best in class support to its customers, the company has invested
strategically in the automotive hubs of the country, with over 5000              in an in-house test & validation lab for its Engine Systems and Fuel Supply
employees.                                                                       business units in India.
With three automotive divisions, Interior, Powertrain and Chassis & Safety       Besides supplying to the domestic market, the company set up a highly
represented by several strong business units, each with an extensive             advanced engineering centre, Tech Centre India (TCI), in Bangalore in
product portfolio, Continental Automotive Components India develops              2009. TCI delivers high quality and cost effective support to Continental
and manufactures a wide range of electronic products in its Bangalore            globally. It works on a hybrid concept, combining the strengths of an in-
plant including engine management and power steering ECUs,                       house development centre, with offshore development centres operated
immobilizers, body control modules and instrument clusters for all vehicle       by partners.
segments. It also manufactures actuation ABS, airbags electronics, drum          Continental is committed to India and has focused on localizing its entire
brakes, calipers, Powertrain and Chassis sensors, fuel supply modules and        value chain in the country, starting from local business development to
fuel rail assemblies in its other locations in India. In addition, the company   engineering, from local purchasing to manufacturing.
supplies pumps, injectors and sensors to its customers in India from its
global plants.

Renault Nissan
                                                     RENAULT NISSAN
Technology & Business                                TECHNOLOGY &
                                                     BUSINESS CENTRE INDIA
Centre India (RNTBCI)                                                            ZF India
Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre India (RNTBCI) is a joint            ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active
venture company of the Renault Nissan Alliance established in 2007.              and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce
RNTBCI is located at the IT Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Mahindra              of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. In
World City, Chengalpet in Chennai. The company employs over 6,000                2017, ZF achieved sales of €36.4 billion and as such, is one of the largest
employees and caters to the localisation needs of the Alliance.                  automotive suppliers worldwide.
RNTBCI contributes to Renault Nissan operations in key areas of                  ZF enables vehicles to see, think and act. The company invests more
advanced research and development, advanced CAE (Computer-Aided                  than six percent of its sales in research and development annually – in
Engineering), product development, digital vehicle development,                  particular for the development of efficient and electric drivelines and also
information systems development and the localisation of components               in striving for a world without accidents. With its broad portfolio, ZF is
with Indian suppliers.                                                           advancing mobility and services for passenger cars, commercial vehicles
                                                                                 and industrial technology applications.
RNTBCI also supports Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited
– a joint venture formed under the Renault Nissan Alliance to operate
facilities for manufacturing passenger vehicles and other related items.

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Amrita University
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary               in Automotive Engineering. Another M.Tech program on Automotive
research academia that is accredited 'A' by NAAC and is ranked as one          Systems with a focus on Automotive Embedded Systems is being
of the best research institutions in India. Amrita is spread across five       planned.
campuses in three states of India - Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka,          The new Amrita Automotive Technology Center (AATC) is being led by
with the headquarters at Ettimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Amrita             Dr. Thirumalini, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. The
Vishwa Vidyapeetham continuously collaborates with top US universities         center will boost the research capabilities of our faculty and students
including Ivy league universities and top European universities for            working in the automotive domain and plans to develop prototypes
regular student exchange programs, and has emerged as one of the               for powertrains and also conduct research in hybrid vehicles. The AATC
fastest growing institutions of higher learning in India. The institution is   with state-of-the-art technology and equipment will be comparable
managed by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math.                                      to the best automotive R&D facilities in the country. Existing research
Amrita Automotive Technology Center (AATC) The center facilitates a            centers are all supported by industrial establishments; Amrita is the first
Collaborative Twinning Master’s Program in Automotive and Embedded             university to establish a research center in this domain. The center will
Systems. Participants will be earning an MS degree in Embedded Systems         also be supported by Prof. S. Raju who has four decades of automotive
from University at Buffalo and an M.Tech degree in Automotive Systems          experience. Prof. Raju retired as Senior Deputy Director of the Automotive
from Amrita University. The campus currently offers an M.Tech program          Research Association of India.

With BMW, MINI and Motorrad, the BMW Group has its sight set firmly            BMW Motorrad officially started its operations as a part of the Indian
on the premium sector of the Indian automobile market. Along with              subsidiary of BMW Group in 2017. Presently, BMW Motorrad is in the
automobiles and motorcycles, the BMW Group's activities in India               process of setting up the team and dealer network in India. Till date, BMW
comprise of financial services for its premium clientele.                      Motorrad India has set up eight sales outlets in India.
BMW India is a 100% subsidiary of the BMW Group and is headquartered           The BMW G 310 R and the BMW G 310 GS have been developed in
in Gurgaon (National Capital Region). Till date, BMW Group has invested        Munich, Germany by BMW Motorrad and are locally-produced by
over INR 5.2 billion (€ 72 million) in BMW India. The wide range of            cooperation partner TVS Motor Company in Hosur, India. The range of
BMW activities in India include a manufacturing plant in Chennai, a            BMW Motorrad motorcycles available in India as completely built-up
parts warehouse in Mumbai, a training centre in Gurgaon NCR and                units (CBU) include: Sport – BMW S 1000 RR, BMW R 1200 RS, HP4 RACE;
development of a dealer organisation across metropolitan centres of the        Adventure – BMW R 1200 GS, BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, BMW S 1000 XR,
country. Currently, BMW India has 43 sales outlets in the Indian market.       BMW F 750 GS, BMW F 850 GS; Roadster – BMW S 1000 R, BMW R 1200 R;
The total number of employees at BMW Group India is 650.                       Heritage – BMW R nineT, BMW R nineT Scrambler, BMW R nineT Racer and
                                                                               Tour – BMW R 1200 RT, BMW K 1600 GTL, BMW K 1600 B.
The BMW Group Plant Chennai locally produces the BMW 3 Series, the
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, the BMW 5 Series, the BMW 6 Series Gran             BMW Financial Services India is a 100% subsidiary of the BMW Group.
Turismo, the BMW 7 Series, the BMW X1, the BMW X3, the BMW X5 and              Till date, BMW Group has invested INR 7.3 billion (€ 110.5 million) in BMW
the MINI Countryman. BMW dealerships also display the BMW X6, the              Financial Services India and operates with three business lines: Retail
BMW Z4, the BMW M3 Sedan, the BMW M4 Coupe, the BMW M5 Sedan,                  Finance, Commercial Finance and Insurance Solutions (as corporate
the BMW X5 M, the BMW X6 M and the BMW i8 which are available in the           agents). BMW Financial Services India also offers BMW Lease for
country as completely built-up units (CBU).                                    individuals and corporate customers.
MINI has successfully established itself as a premium small car brand in
India. Presently, the MINI model range in India includes the MINI 3-door,
MINI 5-door, MINI Convertible, MINI Countryman and the MINI Clubman.
MINI has established eight sales outlets in India.

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B.S.Abdur Rahman CRESCENT Institute of
Science and Technology
B.S.Abdur Rahman CRESCENT Institute of Science and Technology, a              16 + 04 (20) programmes NBA accredited under Tier-1 of the prestigious
Deemed to be University in Chennai is a 4-Star rated QS World University      Washington Accord. It is also the First & only University in India to have a
Rankings varsity with over 34 years of Academic Excellence. The institute     Foreign National as Vice Chancellor, with more than 100 full-time foreign
aspires to be a leader in Education, Training and Research in Engineering,    associates for academic upliftment. The University offers B.Tech. B.Arch.,
Science, Technology and Management, and play a vital role in the              B.Des. B.Pharm., B.Com.LLB, BBA.LLB, B.Sc., BCA, B.Com., BBA, BA, M.Tech.,
Socio-Economic progress of the Country. Crescent is the 4th varsity to be     MBA, MCA, M.Sc., MA and Ph.D. degree programmes.
awarded with QS 4-Star rating, and the only University in India to have

Dassault Systèmes
Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and            in 2011 in Waltham, Massachusetts, west of Boston (United States) and is
people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations.             called 3DS Boston Campus.
Dassault Systèmes (NYSE Euronext:DSY) is a subsidiary of the Dassault         Dassault Systèmes develops and markets PLM software and services
Group created in 1981 by Avions Marcel Dassault to develop a new              that support industrial processes by providing a 3D vision of the entire
generation of computer-aided design (CAD) software called CATIA. The          lifecycle of products from conception to maintenance. Dassault Systèmes
French government, a shareholder since 2001, sold a 15.74% stake in           customers are companies in the following industries: Aerospace &
the company for 601 million in 2003.[2] The Dassault Group in 2011 held       Defense, Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Consumer goods
42.2%[3] shares. Dassault Systèmes moved its corporate headquarters           - distribution, FMCG - Distribution, Energy, and processes, Finance and
from Suresnes to Velizy-Villacoublay in November 2008. This new               Corporate Services, High Technology, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences,
European headquarters, located in the south-western suburbs of Paris,         Marine & Offshore, Natural Resources, and Transport & mobility.
is commonly called 3DS Paris Campus. Another campus was established

ETAS                                                                          Faurecia
ETAS provides solutions, engineering services, consulting, training,          Founded in 1997, Faurecia has grown to become a leading automotive
and support for the development of these embedded systems in                  technology company. With 290 sites including 30 R&D centers,
automobiles. Additionally, along with our subsidiary ESCRYPT (www.            109000 employees in 34 countries, Faurecia is now a global leader in its we offer products for embedded security in cars.                 three areas of business: automotive seating, interior systems and clean
                                                                              mobility solutions. Faurecia has focused its technology strategy on
ETAS is represented with international subsidiaries and sales offices in 12
                                                                              providing solutions for smart life on board and sustainable mobility. In
countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Our automotive
                                                                              2017, the Group posted total sales of €20.2 billion and value-added sales
engineering roots are in Bosch and we are a 100 percent subsidiary.
                                                                              of €17.0 billion.
Established in 2007, ETAS India, is present in 4 locations – Bangalore
(headquarters), Pune, Chennai and Delhi.                                      In India Faurecia is headquartered in Pune and employs 3,500 people
                                                                              including 1,200 engineers within 10 manufacturing sites and 2 R&D
Our customers include OEMs, Tier-1’s and Engineering Service Providers
                                                                              centers. The company serves leading automobile companies in India like
who design, develop or integrate embedded controllers. Learn more at
                                                                              Ford, FCA, Renault-Nissan, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Volkswagen, Isuzu                                                                  and Cummins. Faurecia India is one of the select organizations to achieve
                                                                              the Top Employers India certification and the Great Indian Workplace
                                                                              Award in 2018.

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FEV India, an ISO 9001-2008, ISO 17025 company, was founded in 2006             after treatment, vehicle & OBD calibration. We are now a team of more
in Delhi. In 2009 the company inaugurated its Technical Center in Pune          than 300 engineers and technical experts for counselling solutions with
with 7 state of the art engine test benches and a vehicle application           the help of latest technology and prevalent standards, thereby setting a
center. FEV India offers a complete range of powertrain and vehicle             benchmark in the industry.
engineering services, providing support to customers in design, analysis,       With the onset of 2018, FEV in India is all set to expand its capability and
prototyping, powertrain and transmission development, as well as                capacities to further cater to Indian OEM’s requirements with respect to
vehicle attributes, calibration and homologation for advanced internal          new emission compliances (i.e. BS6) and electrifications. FEV’s new facility
combustion gasoline-, diesel-, and alternative-fueled powertrains. FEV          includes additional eight new BS 6 test benches and NVH refinement
also designs, develops and prototypes advanced vehicle / powertrain             lab. FEV India is also setting up electric vehicle, battery test bench & HiL
electronic control systems and hybrid-electric engine concepts that             set-up for development of hybrid & electric vehicles. The “FEV Software
address future emission and fuel economy standards. The company has             and Testing Solutions” product portfolio complements these services with
expanded its engineering capabilities to include full vehicle systems and       cutting-edge test fields, measuring equipment and software solutions
now offers broad expertise in electronics, telematics and infotainment          that help make the development process more efficient.
system engineering, cyber security and ADAS. FEV India also specializes
in design & CAE, friction strip benchmarking, oil candidate evaluation,

Hanon Systems                                                                   Harman
Hanon Systems supplies a full line of products and systems for                  HARMAN ( designs and engineers connected products
automotive thermal applications including heating ventilation and air           and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide,
conditioning; powertrain cooling; compressors; fluid transport; and             including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise
thermal and emissions solutions for conventional, electric, hybrid, fuel cell   automation solutions; and services supporting the Internet of Things.
and autonomous vehicles.                                                        With leading brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®,
The company currently operates 40 manufacturing sites supported by              Lexicon®, Mark Levinson® and Revel®, HARMAN is admired by audiophiles,
18 global engineering centers in 20 countries and employs more than             musicians and the entertainment venues where they perform around the
16,500 people. Hanon Systems is listed on the Korea Stock Exchange and          world.
sales touched 5.6 trillion KRW in 2017.                                         More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with
Hanon Systems operates in India through its subsidiaries, Hanon                 HARMAN audio and connected car systems.
Automotive Systems India, which has plants at Chennai, Pune and                 Our software services power billions of mobile devices and systems that
Sanand and Hanon Climate Systems India, a joint venture with Maruti             are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms, from work
Suzuki, having manufacturing facility at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.                    and home to car and mobile. HARMAN has a workforce of approximately
                                                                                30,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
                                                                                In March 2017, HARMAN became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung

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Hindustan University
Hindustan College of Engineering, started in the year 1985, was                 Nigeria, Oman, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan,
conferred the "University Status" by University Grants Commission               U.A.E, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, USA, etc.
(UGC), Government of India, Under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956 from the            The university has accomplished its mission and its academic
academic year 2008-09 and under the name HITS (Hindustan Institute of           achievements are a testimony to the same. More than 80% of students
Technology and Science).                                                        secure first class with distinctions year after year. Over 950 students
Today, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science is one of the most         have been placed in leading companies in India and abroad in the last
sought after engineering Institutions in Tamil Nadu, reputed for its highly     3 years. The students of this reputed institution are receiving placement
qualified and experienced faculty and excellent infrastructural facilities      offers from leading companies in India and Abroad. The institution has
for curricular and extra curricular activities, the University has maintained   collaborative partnerships with leading universities in USA, Singapore,
an enviable academic excellence right from its inception. The student           Australia, etc. It has students and faculty exchange programs with leading
community comprises of students from all over India and Overseas. We            international universities. The university has also has received numerous
have students hailing from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China,              accolades and awards over the years.
Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Liberia, Libya, Mauritius,

Honda                                                                           Indian Oil
Honda Cars India Ltd., (HCIL) leading manufacturer of passenger cars in         IndianOil has a sprawling world-class R&D Centre that is perhaps Asia's
India was established in December 1995 with a commitment to provide             finest. This Centre is India's foremost commercial centre of research
Honda’s latest passenger car models and technologies, to the Indian             excellence in the areas of lubricants, refinery processes, pipeline
customers. HCIL has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at            transportation, alternative fuels fuel additives, engine testing, materials
Greater Noida, U.P and Tapukara, Distt. Alwar, Rajasthan.                       sciences and environmental sciences. IndianOil holds 554 active patents
                                                                                in India & Foreign countries.
The company’s product range includes Honda Brio, Honda Jazz, Honda
Amaze, Honda City, Honda WR-V, Honda BR-V and Honda CR-V –                      Located on a sprawling 65 acre campus in Faridabad on the outskirts of
which are manufactured in India. The Accord Hybrid is being sold as             the National Capital, IndianOil's R&D Centre plays a key role in supporting
a completely build unit imported from Thailand. Honda’s models are              the business interests of the Corporation by developing economical,
strongly associated with advanced design and technology, apart from             environmentally and socially responsible technology solutions. With over
its established qualities of durability, reliability and fuel-efficiency. The   4000 lubricant formulations, the SERVO® product line is the hallmark of
company has a strong sales and distribution network with 341 facilities in      the vibrant and ongoing research at the Centre. The alternative energy
231 cities across spread across the country.”                                   programs of IndianOil include Bioenergy, Solar Hydrogen / HCNG,
                                                                                Synthetic fuels and Shale oil. The Centre is also focused on cutting edge
                                                                                research in the areas of Nanotechnology, Petrochemicals and Polymers,
                                                                                Coal Gasification / Liquidation, and Gas to Liquid

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MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing                 fundamental tools for research and development. They are also used
software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to         for modeling and simulation in increasingly technical fields, such as
accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development.               financial services and computational biology. MATLAB and Simulink
                                                                             enable the design and development of a wide range of advanced
MATLAB®, the language of technical computing, is a programming
                                                                             products, including automotive systems, aerospace flight control
environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualisation,
                                                                             and avionics, telecommunications and other electronics equipment,
and numeric computation. Simulink® is a graphical environment for
                                                                             industrial machinery, and medical devices. More than 5,000 colleges and
simulation and Model-Based Design of multidomain dynamic and
                                                                             universities around the world use MATLAB and Simulink for teaching and
embedded systems. The company produces nearly 100 additional
                                                                             research in a broad range of technical disciplines.
products for specialised tasks such as data analysis and image processing.
                                                                    Phone: +91 80 6632 6000
MATLAB and Simulink are used throughout the automotive, aerospace,
communications, electronics, and industrial automation industries as

Rane Group
Headquartered in Chennai, India, Rane Group is engaged primarily in          Rane Group partners with the global leader for access to world class
manufacturing auto components for well over five decades. Rane Group         technology. Its partners are:
is a preferred supplier to major OEMs in India and abroad. Through its       •   TRW Automotive, US LLC – Power Steering Systems and Occupant
group companies, it manufactures Steering and Suspension systems,                Safety Systems
Friction materials, Valve train components, Occupant safety systems, Die-
casting products and Connected Mobility Solutions.                           •   NSK, Japan – Energy Absorbing Steering Columns and Electric Power
Its products serve a variety of industry segments including Passenger
Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Farm Tractors, Two-wheelers, Railways and     •   Nisshinbo, Japan – Brake Linings, Disc Pads and Clutch Facings
Stationary Engines.                                                          Rane Group has 24 modern manufacturing facilities in India and USA.
The group companies are Rane (Madras) Ltd., Rane Brake Lining Ltd., Rane     Rane Group’s products are sold across 30+ countries. It possesses state-
Engine Valve Ltd., Rane TRW Steering Systems Pvt. Ltd., Rane NSK Steering    of-the-art product development and validation capabilities. Three of the
Systems Pvt. Ltd., Rane t4u Pvt. Ltd., and Rane Precision Die Casting Inc.   group companies have won Deming Grand Prize and four of the group
                                                                             companies have won Deming Prize.
                                                                             Rane Group is a long-term partner of choice to leading automotive
                                                                             companies and tier 1 suppliers, globally.

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KF Group started its operations in India, Kolkata in 1923 with its trading    About AB SKF:
arm and in 1961 expanded its footprint by incorporating SKF India             The SKF Group is globally certified to ISO 14001, the international
Limited as a listed entity. SKF in India today provides industry leading      standard for environmental management, and also OHSAS 18001, the
automotive and industrial engineered solutions through its five               health and safety management standard. Individual divisions have been
technology driven platforms - bearings and units, seals, mechatronics,        approved for quality certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and
lubrication and services. Over the years the company has evolved from         other customer specific requirements. With over 100 manufacturing
being a pioneer in self-aligning ball bearing manufacturing company to        sites worldwide and sales companies in 70 countries, SKF is a truly
a knowledge driven engineering company helping customers achieve              international corporation. In addition, our global distribution system with
sustainable and competitive business excellence.                              distributors and dealers in over 15,000 locations around the world and an
                                                                              e-business marketplace put SKF close to customers for the supply of both
At present, SKF in India has consolidated its operations in three different
                                                                              products and services. In essence, SKF solutions are available wherever
companies, namely SKF India Limited, SKF Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd
                                                                              and whenever customers need them. As the knowledge engineering
and Lincoln Helios India Ltd SKF’s industry leading solutions provide
                                                                              company, we stand ready to serve you with world-class product
integrated, sustainable solutions that offer breakthroughs in friction
                                                                              competencies, intellectual resources, and the vision to help you succeed.
reduction, energy efficiency, increased equipment life and reliability to
                                                                              SKF is represented in 130 countries with 108 manufacturing units and has
several industry segments across Automotive, Electrical, Industrial and
                                                                              around 17,000 distributor locations worldwide. Annual sales in 2016 were
Service verticals. With strong commitment to innovation in engineering
                                                                              SEK 72787 million and the number of employees 45000.
and customised solutions for its customers, SKF India today offers
customized value added solutions that integrates all the five technology
SKF in India has a pan India footprint comprising of six manufacturing
facilities, six offices, over 300 distributors and an employee base of over
2200 dedicated professionals.

Simpsons & Co
SIMPSONS pioneered road transportation in India in 1840 and became            SIMPSONS ever growing clientele includes the best known names in the
the first Indian company to indigenously manufacture diesel engines to        industry such as TAFE, NHI, TMTL, ITL, SDF, CAPTAIN, CUMMINS, ECEL, ACE,
be used as prime mover in surface transport vehicles in 1953.                 GODREJ, VOLTAS, SCHWING STETTER, JCB, TELCON, TEREX, VECTRA, ADOR,
                                                                              BRITANNIA, JESSOP, SPEEDCRAFT, WILSON .....
SIMPSONS today is one of India's largest independent water-cooled diesel
engine manufacturers offering a variety of models in the fast growing         SIMPSONS diesels are durable, reliable and have been performing
category of 10 – 100 hp catering to the agricultural, industrial, powergen    efficiently for over five decades. The efforts have resulted in accreditation
and marine segments. Each of the models carries the SIMPSONS hallmark         to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:
of quality workmanship. SIMPSONS has produced over 2.5 million engines        2015 for Environment Management Systems.
for a variety of over 200 applications.
SIMPSONS has also indigenously developed and introduced new
products for OEMs across North America, Europe, Latin America and
Africa with its SC, SJ, SJV and ST series engines.

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