GROUP 6 CRL VB SENIOR COMPETITION 2018 HANDBOOK - Proudly Sponsored by - SportsTG

GROUP 6 CRL VB SENIOR COMPETITION 2018 HANDBOOK - Proudly Sponsored by - SportsTG
                 SENIOR COMPETITION 2018

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REV. 6/04/2018
GROUP 6 CRL VB SENIOR COMPETITION 2018 HANDBOOK - Proudly Sponsored by - SportsTG
      Senior Competition’s 2018 Playing Rules and Competition Guidelines
     1.Admission Charges

       For all matches, admission charges will be paid as cash unless alternative arrangements have been made with the
       host Club prior to the day.
       Adults:                     $8.00
       Players:                    $8.00
       Players Concession          $2.00 – for all Under 18 players on presentation of pass
       Support Staff               $2.00 – for the first five [5] support staff each grade on presentation of pass
       Concessions                 $2.00 - Aged Pensions                   Children under 16 Years of age Free
       Match fees *                $5.00 per signed on Players & $2.00 per Coaching Staff is to be collected by the Team
                                   Manager or Coach and given to the host clubs before the game, if applicable*.
       Semi Finals /Finals:
       Adults                      $10.00
       Players                     $10.00
       Player Concessions and Support Staff subject to the above concessions on presentation of passes
       Concessions                 $2.00 - Aged Pensions.                  Children Under 16 Years of age Free

     2.Age Groups
       1st Grade                   -        Open Age           2nd Division                -        Open Age
       Reserve Grade               -        Open Age           Under 18’s                  -        Under 18
       Ladies League Tag           -        Open Age

     3.Bench Location and Team Personnel

       •    Both the home and away team benches must be on the same side of the field within the boundary fence of the
            field itself

       •    Where the facility is, an oval used for other sports, then the provisions for the bench location is as follows:
               Sufficient chairs to be provided for the home and away teams and placed parallel to but as far removed from
               the touchline as possible

       •    Personnel on the bench can comprise only people directly related to the conduct of the game itself i.e. Reserves,
            Coaches, Team Manager, and Trainers.
            Under no circumstances will “barracking” or “abuse” from the bench is permitted. A League Official present has
            the power to request any person on the bench to leave the enclosed or “special” area and may name that person
            in the game report.

       •    No Smoking or alcohol permitted in or near the bench or dug out area

       •    All League Safes, Sports Trainers and Coaching staff are required to wear covered in footwear, the appropriate
            shirts and Lanyards whilst in the bench area. If not, they will be asked to be behind the fence and a breach

     4.Club Operations – Time Keeper and Time Clock

       1.        Time Clocks should be of an approved type showing second hand if analogue and indicating same if
                 It is important to have at least three-time pieces on hand at all times to allow for breakdowns etc.

       2.        Time Keeper/s – when a game is in progress it is important that playing time is kept correctly by the official
                 timekeeper/s. Time clocks should be visible to officials, players and where possible patrons

       3.        Visiting Club may nominate a member of their party to act as a witness to the timekeeping
                 OR accept the home Club’s official timekeeper/s.

       Note: If the option to provide someone to sit with the timekeeper is not acted on then any disputes over time will be


REV. 6/04/2018
Temporary Suspensions

       1.        Time keepers are to be provided with a timer with second indicators for temporary suspended players

       2.        Players sent from the field of play for a ten [10] minute temporary suspension must return to their BENCH

       4.        Time of the suspension only begins when the player has left the field and the Referee has indicated time on
                 or restarts play

       5.        If more than one player is temporarily suspended their ten [10] minutes are equal, and they will return to the
                 field together at the end of time

       6.        Once the time has expired the player/players may return to the field of play from an on-side position and
                 need not to report to a Touch Judge. The player may at this time be replaced by another player

       7.        The lapsed playing time for the purposes of temporarily suspended players does not include time off or half
                 time: the ten minutes is the actual time that the ball is in play

       Players DISMISSED

       Any player who has been ordered form the field of play by the Referee must IMMEDIATELY leave the playing area
       and resume his ordinary attire

       Time off as indicated by the Referee

       •    When a referee starts play he will blow his whistle and indicate with one arm above his head the order to kick off.

       •    If, for any reason, [e.g. a bad injury] the referee orders time off by indicating with both arms above his head,
            vertical to his body, timekeepers will immediately stop the time clock/ watches
            Note: Time off is applicable only to the last match of the day. There is ‘no time off’ for games played earlier in
            the day.

       •    When play is to recommence, the referee will indicate by waving one arm with a clenched fist over his head.
            Timekeepers will recommence time clocks immediately. This procedure is to be carried out throughout the
            Note If a Group 6 nominee notices that the referee forgets to order time on or time off, then he is to bring the
            matter to the notice of timekeepers immediately and at an appropriate time to the referee’s notice.

       •    At the completion of each half, the referee will indicate a cessation [after the hooter is blown] by blowing his
            whistle and waving both his arms across his body.

       •    Signals for time off and/or for injuries as signalled apply to the last game of the day only.

       Extended Stoppages in play in exceptional circumstances

       Exceptional circumstances can be considered to be:

                 [a]       a natural disaster [e.g. earthquake, flood, fire etc]

                 [b]       a situation where player/player’s safety is at risk [e.g. lightning etc] and

                 [c]       an injured player cannot be moved due to his injuries

       In any such occurrence arises, the procedure shall be as follows
               1. The League, in conjunction wit the referee and Club Management will make a decision on the
                    postponing of any scheduled game

                 2.    If a game is to be delayed due to severe weather conditions, a decision will be made on the length of
                       delay in consultation with the League representative or his/her appointee at the ground. If there is not a
                       League representative present, then the decision is to be made in consultation with the referee and
                       both team’s management

                 3.    Wherever possible a game, which cannot be played or completed on the same day, will be replayed.

REV. 6/04/2018
5. Duration of Matches
         First Grade                  -         40 minutes each half         Second Division -           35 minutes each half
         Reserve Grade                -         35 minutes each half         Under 18’s      -           35 minutes each half
         Ladies League Tag            -         25 minutes each half

              Maximum of ten [10] minutes for half time breaks

     6.Team numbers and Interchange players

          •    Maximum number of players on the field at any given time is 13

          •    Minimum number of players on the field at any given time is 9

          •    Number of players allowed to participate
                      1st grade including bench players is 17
                      Ladies League Tag including bench players is 18
                      all other grades including bench players is 20
                      unlimited interchange applies to all games except First Grade

          •    Starting team consists of 13 players with 4 or 7 interchange depending on the grade being played

          •    First Grade teams may use four fresh reserves.

          •    Under 18’s Players should not play in the 2ND Division Competition unless prior approval of Group 6
               Management. This means U18’s players cannot backup in any 2 ND Division matches, without prior approval.

          •    U16’ Players may back up their U18’s Teams as long as they are already 16 years of age.


          •    Interchange may only occur during general play i.e. while the ball is in play – after any scoring has been
               completed, or if play has been temporarily suspended by the referee for injury or caution

          •    Interchange CANNOT be made after the referee has ordered a scrum, until the scrum has been completed.
               Interchanges will only be permitted at scrums resulting from a touch line stoppage (i.e. a kick finds touch, or a
               player is tackled into touch), provided that the interchange player is already with the interchange official waiting
               to go on when the ball or the player crosses the touch line. Trainers will still be responsible for getting the player
               being replaced off the field before the interchange player can go on. The referee will not call a time-out or delay
               the recommencement to allow the interchange to take place.

          •    A replaced player MUST cross the touchline or dead ball line prior to his replacement taking the field

          •    The interchange player / players must report to the touch judge

          Game Day Requirements

    6.1         Football and Ball Boys

                The home Club must supply three correctly inflated international synthetic footballs for matches. These are to
                be white in colour and kept at the official table. All balls are to be official CRL

                Home teams to supply two ball boys for home games and one for any game played in the final series

    6.2         Grounds

                A] It is recommended that all competition matches be played on an enclosed ground. If this is impossible,
                consultation should occur between the Club/Association and the Group 6 Management Committee

                B] ALL grounds MUST have ambulance access in cast of an emergency

                C] Ground markings must be in accordance with CRL guidelines

                D] All home grounds will be within the geographical boundaries of their Club

REV. 6/04/2018
6.3     Ground Managers

            Clubs are to supply ONE Ground Manager for all games both home and away throughout the season and must
            be present for all scheduled matches on the day. He/She must be readily available should their assistance be
            required. The referee is not to start the game unless the Ground Managers are present.

    6.4     Match Sheets

            a]    Match sheet with the starting 13 players and replacement players duly signed must be handed to the official
                  table fifteen [15] minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the match

            b]    Replacement players cannot take the field before signing the match sheet of the day

            c]    Clubs are responsible for ensuring that all players take the field in the jersey number recorded on the Match

            d]    Match sheets are to contain accurate records of all scorers for the day

    6.5     Match Results

            a]    Results for matches conducted in Group 6 must be phoned or emailed to the Executive Officer by 6.00pm
                  Sunday evening of the weekend round.

            b]    Match Sheets are the responsibility of the home club, the original sheets are delivered to the Group
                  Executive Officer by the following Thursday of the week, a $50 fine will apply to each late match sheet

            c]    Best and Fairest points are to be recorded on the bottom of the ORIGINAL sheet only by the Referee in
                  control of the match.

    6.6     Game Times - Scheduled days

            As a general rule, games will be played on Sundays, except where the Group 6 Management Committee agrees
            to change the day of the match and/or times following adequate notification [10 days prior] and subsequent
            endorsement by the Clubs in question.

             In general, terms the following times shall apply for games played on a Sunday:
   (3 Standard)                               U18’s - 11.30am Res        Res Grade -1.00pm              First Grade - 2.30pm
   (4 Grade)      Game 1 - 10:00am        Game 2 - 11:30pm                 Game 3 – 1:00pm                  Game 4 - 2:30pm
   (4 Standard) 2ND Div. - 10:00am             U18’s 11:30pm            Res Grade - 1:00pm              First Grade - 2.30pm
   (3 with LLT)    LLT - 10:30am              U18’s - 11:30am           Res Grade - 1:00pm              First Grade - 2:30pm
   (4 with LLT)   LLT – 9.00am       2ND Div. – 10.00am      U18’s -11:30pm       Res Grade - 1:00pm First Grade - 2:30pm

           Note:     It is essential that the Group 6 Management Committee is notified if the regular times are amended.
           Failure to comply may result in the Home Club being penalised or fined.

           Finishing time

           Regardless of the number of games on a given Sunday the last game of the day is to commence on time to
           achieve this time the second last game must be concluded 10 minutes before the last kick off time at the latest.

    6.7     Team Officials and Replacement players

            a]    Team officials are to be signed on the official match sheet 15 minutes prior to the start of the game

            b]    Replacement players in full football attire are to be seated on the bench – a maximum of seven for all
                  grades other than first grade who are to seat four

           c]     The ‘Blood Bin’ applies to all competitions. This is at the discretion of the officiating referee only.

REV. 6/04/2018
6.8        Kicking Tees

                    Kicking Tees are permitted and have been approved by the League but are restricted to official suppliers

                    Kicking Tees may be used for kicks at goal and to start or restart of play at the 50-metre line

                    If a kicking tee is used, after the kick has been taken the Tee will be removed by a trainer

               Note: The official suppliers that have been licensed are as follows:


               a]   Referees must not be approached by any person until 20 minutes after the last game and the referee must
                    first be approached by a Club Secretary or President before the coach is allowed to question the referee.

               b]   Referees and Touch Judges are appointed by the Group 6 Referees of Referees

               c]   Payment for referees appointed is the responsibility of the Home Club

          Referee Fees for the Season are attached as an appendix to this document

          Payment is to be made available at the conclusion of EACH game

          Payments are to be via cheque for each appointment and made available at the official table.

          All Clubs are encouraged to have receipts signed for amounts paid as proof of payment

     8.Uniforms / Sponsors / Videos of Matches

          •    It is the responsibility of the Clubs to provide uniform for all players

          •    It is recommended that Clubs video their games – and a copy made for future reference if required

          •    Sponsorship

               Please Note: No alcohol sponsorship is permitted for teams U/18 yrs of age. This includes apparel, support
               staff uniforms, signage and any other advertising or promotional material. Significant fines can be imposed for
               failure to adhere to this rule.

     9.Public Address System

          •    It is recommended that a public-address system be used at all venues

          •    Barracking will not be permitted over the PA system

          •    The PA announcer must not make comments regarding the game, any player or official over the PA
               Any breach of the above may lead to a fine or disciplinary action by Group 6 Management

          •    Any noise under the control of the Club must be controlled whilst the game is in progress

     10. Postponed Games

          1.    In the event of Fixtures being postponed due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances the Executive
                Officer must be informed immediately. Such abandoned games will be played as soon as possible.

          2.    No venue shall be changed without prior consultation with Group 6 Management Committee

          3.    If change to the original schedule is required, then the Home Club may nominate another alternative venue
                within Group 6. Should this venue not be deemed appropriate or suitable by Group 6 Management the “Away”
                club may be given the option to host the match provided this is approved by Group 6 Management

          4.    If a decision cannot be reached between the two Clubs, then the decision will be made by Group 6
REV. 6/04/2018
11. Registration of Players

       •    It is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that every player is registered and for that purpose he must:

                 1.   Have a clearance is required

                 2.   Be a member of your Rugby League Football Club

                 NB, It is accepted that every effort has been made to secure a clearance by the due date, but is has not
                 been made available. In such cases, the Group Executive Officer should be contacted regarding the
                 procedure to be adopted.

       •    Players new to the game or transferring from another Code do not require a clearance

       •    All Registrations close at the 30th June in any calendar year. Any alterations to the playing roster must be made
            in advance of this date.

       •    Players wishing to participate in the Under 18 Competition must meet the age requirement and produce proof of
            age to the Group’s Executive Officer before registration is complete.

            Proof of Age can be provided in any of the following forms: -
                         1. Drivers License
                         2. Learners Permit
                         3. Passport

       •    Registration Fees form part of this document as an appendix

       •    CRL will produce an invoice for all registered players based on numbers registered in the system

       Player Points

       Player Points system will apply to ALL teams entered in the Competition

       •    A Master Sheet is to be produced by each Club’s Secretary listing all players, their dates of birth, and the points
            the Club has allocated to them

       •    This Master Sheet is to be in the hands of the Executive Officer to the first game of the Season

       •    This Sheet can be updated at any time throughout the season until 30 th June deadline when registrations Close

       •    Player Points system for the current year is attached as an appendix

     12. Portability

       A]        As stipulated in the CRL/NSWRL Portability Guidelines Clubs who wish to enter into portability agreements
                 much have such agreements sanctioned by their State League

       B]        A clearance must be issued by the Club the player is contracted to i.e. NSW Cup for each player and
                 notification by email to the Executive Officer/ Management by 12.00Noon on the Friday prior to the match

       C]        The Management Committee has the sole right in regard to the number of players they authorise

       D]        A Club/team that seeks portability of players into the Group 6 Competition from the NSW Cup, Toyota Cup
                 or the Bundaberg Cup are limited to two [2] players per round and are included in the points system

REV. 6/04/2018
13. Qualifications

       Players have the right to move to a higher grade and back to their lower grade throughout the season with the
       exception of the Final Series when qualification will apply. In the case of Under 18 they must qualify by age to return
       to this grade.

       Unless approved by Group Management U16’s Players must qualify to play in U18’s Finals by playing in 3 of the last
       five (5) games in the season.

     14. Final Series Qualifications

       In respect of the Rules and Regulations of the CRL, the following interpretation of the rule for the Final Series in the
       Group 6 Competition is applicable: -

       “A player is eligible to play in the grade in which he played the majority of his matches throughout the
       The “Season “is defined as the current Group 6 Competition only.

       1.   For the purposes of the Semis, Finals, Grand Finals and any Play-offs a player will be eligible to participate in
            the competition he played the majority of his games in throughout the season.

            Note [a] this figure is determined by the first game a player plays in on any given competition round.

            Example: If a second-grade player has played 60% of his matches in first grade throughout the season in the
            starting line-up, he will be ineligible for any grade other than 1 st grade for the Final Series or play-offs. [Fresh
            reserves in first grade are counted as part of the original line-up]

       2.   The same rule applies to an under 18 player who has played the majority of his matches in a higher grade, then
            he would not be eligible to return to his grade for the Final Series
       3.   This rule does not apply to those players who play exclusively in first grade – these are deemed as first grade
       4.   When ALL CLUB teams are playing on the same weekend of the Final Series or Play-offs, then the
            Qualification rule does not apply. In this instance players can be selected in any grade/ grades.
       5.   If only one team is participating in the Final Series on any given weekend then qualification for that grade
       6.   Should a higher graded team of a Club, which has more than one team participating in the Final Series be
            eliminated from the Finals, then qualifications will apply for the immediate lower grade teams for the subsequent
            weeks of the Final Series
       7.   A player duly registered by the 30th June in any calendar year, but who has not played in any games is eligible
            to play in any grade as long as he meets any age requirements
       8.   The eligibility of any player to participate in any match in the Final Series is determined at the conclusion of the
            current playing season. Each Club is to submit to the League a list of players it deems eligible to play in that
            grade for ratification by the Qualifications Committee by Tuesday following the last competition game.

     15. Points Allocation / Determination of Club Championship

       1.   Competition Points are allocated as follows: -
               a. 2 points for a win                 1 point for a draw            0 points for a loss

       2.   For the purpose of the Club Championship, points are accumulated from all teams entered in the current
            competition and are worked out as follows: -
                        First Grade points earn    X3
                        Second Grade               X2
                        Under 18                   X1

       3.   The Club with the most points at the conclusion of competition games will be awarded the Group 6 Club

       4.   The Option to award a second-tier Club Champion shall be determined yearly by the Management Committee

REV. 6/04/2018
16. Biting, Eye Gouging and Racial Abuse

           When a player makes an allegation to the referee that he has been bitten, had his eye/eyes gouged or racially
           abused by another player the following action needs to be taken:

           A]      The referee will confer with his touch judges, the two [2] team captains and the player making the allegation
                   and the player against whom the allegation is made

           B]      Inform all parties that a complaint has been made and give a brief account of the complaint

           C]      Draw attention to any injury i.e. bite mark, cut or scratch or alleged works used etc.

           D]      Inform all parties that a complaint form will be completed after the match and forwarded to the Executive

                   To have this matter placed before the appropriate committee, the player of the Club official who made the
                   complaint will be expected to complete a written complaint and submit same to the Executive Officer before
          Tuesday following the incident

                   If the player concerned does not take that action, the complaint will not proceed unless the Group directs

                   After the game the referee will complete an official report [referees’ report] and process it through the
                   Referees’ Association to the Management Committee in the usual manner
                   The Management Committee may call any player or official to any hearing that has been arranged.

     17. Appeals

       Any player, official, person, group, team or club has the right of appeal against any decision made by the
       Management Committee. All appeal applications must be completed by the appellant. Clubs, coached and other
       officials cannot appeal or pay the appeal fee on behalf of members.

       The Group 6 Appeals Committee will adjudicate upon all appeals. For an appeal to be accepted by the Group 6
       Management Committee the following requirements must be observed: -

                   1.   An official Appeal Form should be used
                   2.   The prescribed appeal fee should be attached
                   3.   The appeal should be lodged with the Group’s Executive Officer within the limitation of time
                   4.   Fresh evidence must be available and fully set out in or attached to the Appeal Form. This is most
                        important. The success of the appeal will depend on the quality of fresh evidence submitted.

    17.1      Official Appeal Form
           Copies of the appeal form can be obtained from the Executive Officer. All sections of the form must be completed
           and if necessary additional documentation can be attached. The appeal could lose impact if insufficient information
           is provided

REV. 6/04/2018

        1.   An interchange is the replacement of one (1) player in a team for another during the match

        2.   Only thirteen (13) players from each team may be on the field of play at any one time

        3.   Each team must list four (4) players as Interchange players on the official team list

        4.   A limited interchange system is used in the Group 6 CRL First Grade Competition. Each team may use up to a
             maximum of ten (10) interchanges in ordinary time during a match

        5.   In matches that extend into extra time, an additional two (2) interchanges will be permitted for each team making
             a total of fourteen (14) interchanges in these matches. Any unused interchanges of the ten (10) permissible
             during ordinary time may also be utilised during extra time.

        6.   A replaced Player must have left the field of play prior to the interchange Player taking his place on the field

        7.   If a team elects to interchange a bleeding Player who leaves the field, this interchange will be included for the
             purposes of calculating the number of interchanges pursuant to 19.4

        8. Fouled Player
               (a) If a Player is fouled by an opponent who is in consequence Dismissed from the field, or penalised and
               the fouled Player is caused to leave the field as a direct result of an injury sustained in that incident, this
               interchange will not be included for the purposes of calculating the number of interchanges pursuant to 19.4
               provided that it is made without delay and, in any case, by the time the referee has acted on the incident

                 (b) Also, the subsequent interchange of the team of the fouled player will not be included for the purposes of
                 calculating the number of interchanges pursuant to 19.4

        9.   An Interchange Official will be appointed by the Group 6 CRL to manage the interchange process for each team,
             however he will not be responsible for ensuring Clubs comply with these provisions.

              In proceedings with respect to any breach by a club of these provisions, it will not be a defence to that breach to
              assert or maintain that the Interchange Official gave a particular direction or that he erred in some way

        10. Should an Interchange Official become aware of a breach of these Replacement / Interchange Provisions, he
            should inform the nearest touch judge and the Ground Manager at the first opportunity, and submit a written
            report to the Executive Officer by 9:00am on the first business day following the match

        11. Each Club will be responsible for ensuring compliance with these Replacement / Interchange Provisions at all

        12. Interchange Process
        a. Except for scrums (which are dealt with in b. below), Interchanges may occur during general play (i.e. whilst the
        ball is in motion), after any scoring has been completed or if play has been temporarily suspended by the referee
        (e.g. injury or caution).

        b. In the case of scrums:
                  i. Interchanges will only be permitted at scrums resulting from a touch line stoppage (i.e. a kick finds touch,
                  or a player is tackled into touch), provided that the interchange player is already with the interchange official
                  waiting to go on when the ball or the player crosses the touch line. Trainers will still be responsible for
                  getting the player being replaced off the field before the interchange player can go on. The referee will not
                  call a time-out or delay the recommencement to allow the interchange to take place.

              ii. Otherwise, Interchanges must not be made after the referee has ordered a scrum until after the scrum
              has been completed (the referee may use his discretion to allow a seriously injured or bleeding player to be
              interchanged). The Player leaving the field may do so at any time, but a Player cannot enter the field until
              the ball emerges from the scrum.
             c. At the start of the competition each club will be provided with a set of official interchange cards numbered
             1-12 (plus (2) free interchange cards, one red for fouled player and one green for subsequent free
             interchange) incorporating the team logo. Clubs are to hand the Green card to the interchange official prior
             to the commencement of the match

                 d. It will be the responsibility of each Club to have these cards available for use during all matches

                 e. Immediately before the commencement of the match an official from each team should remove the
                 interchange cards from the folder and retain the cards on the bench for use during the match. The empty

                 folder must be handed to the Interchange Official so the cards can be replaced in the folder as each
                 interchange is affected and returned to the League at the completion of the match

REV. 6/04/2018
f. As each interchange is to be made, the interchange player must report to the interchange official with an
                 interchange card in sequential ascending numerical order (i.e. 1st interchange will hand over No.1, 2nd
                 interchange will hand over No. 2, etc. The last interchange player will hand over No.12) for presentation to
                 the interchange official. If a ‘free’ interchange is permitted under Rule 19.8(a) the interchange player must
                 present, the red free interchange card to the interchange official. The interchange official will them provide a
                 green free interchange card to the fouled players bench for use by the next interchanged player.
                 In all cases, it is the interchange player who must personally present the card to the interchange official (i.e.
                 Trainers are not permitted to carry or present the card on behalf of a player)

                 g. The interchange Player must retain possession of the card until the Interchange Official approves his
                 entry onto the field of play by taking the card from him after the replaced player has left the field of play.
                 The acceptance by the interchange official of the card provides the only valid authorisation for the player to
                 take the field.
                 Unless and until the interchange official accepts the card, the interchange player will not have approval to
                 enter the field of play and must not attempt to do so.
                 Interchange players must not under any circumstances pressure the Interchange Official to take the card,
                 irrespective of whether the replaced player has already left the field of play.

                 An interchange for the purposes of these Rules will be taken to have occurred (and counted for the
                 purposes of calculating the Team’s total interchanges) once the card is accepted by the interchange official,
                 even if the interchange player’s Team then decides not to proceed with the interchange with the
                 consequence that the interchange player does not take the field of play.

                 h. If a player reports to the Interchange Official without a card, he will be sent back to the bench to obtain a
                 card before the interchange will be allowed to proceed.

                 i. The Interchange Official will retain all cards until the end of the match to indicate the number of
                 interchanges used by each team. Cards will then be returned to each Club.

                 j. Only official interchange cards issued by the Group may be used for the purposes of interchange. If a
                 team loses or damages their cards, the CRL Operations Manager (or his nominee) must be contacted and
                 requested to issue replacement cards.

                 k. An interchange Player must enter the field in an on-side position after reporting to the Interchange Official
                 and after receiving the approval of the Interchange Official to enter the field of play and after the replaced
                 player has left the field of play

                 l. A maximum of two (2) interchange Players can report to the Interchange Official at any one time. Other
                 players must remain on the bench until the two interchanges being managed by the Interchange Official
                 have been affected.

                 m. In matches that go into extra time, the Interchange Official must hand back the interchange cards
                 numbered 1 & 2 to each Team so that these cards can be used for the additional interchanges permitted
                 during extra time. Any unused cards from regular time must be used first before the 1 & 2 numbers are


REV. 6/04/2018

This Code for players and officials registered in the Group 6 Competition is to be used as a guide to the
acceptable and desired behaviour during the current Season.

       1. A player or official must not during the course of or after a match abuse or address a referee
          or touch judge in insulting terms or act in a provocative manner towards a touch judge or

       2. A player or official must not while engaged in a game use crude or abusive language or
          engage in any conduct detrimental to the spirit or image of the game.

       3. A player or official must at all times act, dress and behave in public in a professional

       4. A player or official in a team representing the Group 6 Competition must accept all
          reasonable directions of the team management and must not engage in any public acts of
          misconduct or unruly public behaviour while representing Group 6.

       5. A player or Club official shall not, at any time, make any comment in any publications,
          whether written, televised or broadcast, detrimental to the interests, welfare or image of the
          Group 6 Competition.

       6. It is expected that games at all times be played with a true spirit of sportsmanship, as
          instilled by all Club Officials associated with the Competition.

       7. When the Group 6 Management receives a report of an alleged breach of this Code of
          Behaviour the Management Committee of Group 6, may if the player or official is found
          guilty of a breach of this Code, after due investigation disqualify, suspend or otherwise deal
          with the player or official concerned

REV. 6/04/2018
No– Clubs are responsible for the conduct of them
       1. No person/s attending a match shall:

                 a. Use offensive or obscene language to any player, coach, referee, touch judge, official or other

                 b. Enter the Field of Play during the course of a match without the prior approval of the
                 Ground Manager appointed by the home club and/or league;

                 c. Dispute the decision of a referee or touch judge either during or after a match;

                 d. Assault or act with aggression to any person/s;

                 e. Behave in a way contrary to this Code of Conduct and/or the spirit of the game;

                 f. Behave in a way which disturbs the enjoyment of the match by any other person/s, or brings
                 discredit to the home club and/or league;

                 g. Act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any other

                 h. Refuse to accept the reasonable direction of the Ground Manager, official of the home club
                 and/or league, or official of the team/club which that person/s is supporting.

       2. Any person/s contravening Rule 1 may be reported by the Ground Manager to the Team Manager or
       other official of the team which that person/s is supporting. Where a team does not have a Team
       Manager present, a request or direction from the Ground Manager to any official of the team or the
       team’s club shall be regarded as a direction to the Team Manager for the purposes of this Code.

       3. The Ground Manager and/or Team Manager must advise the offending person/s of the relevant
       breach of the Code. The Ground Manager must note the details of their report to the Team Manager on
       the reverse of the team sheet.

       4. In the event that the inappropriate conduct continues, the Ground Manager and/or Team Manager
       may request the offender/s to immediately leave the ground. This should also be noted on the team

       5. In the event the person/s refuses to obey the direction of the Ground Manager and/or Team
       Manager, the Ground Manager may direct the referee to terminate the match. In the event that the
       match is so terminated, the club’s and/or league’s committee may, at its absolute discretion award the
       competition points to the non-offending team or declare that neither side shall be awarded competition
       points for that match.

       6. Clubs which do not exercise control over their players, parents/carers of players, coaches, officials, or
       spectators may be called upon by the league to accept responsibility for their actions and the following
       penalties may apply (in addition to penalties which may be imposed by the league’s judiciary):

       A fine, and/or loss of competition points, and/or suspension of the player from playing, and/or
       suspension of the offender/s from attending future matches.

       Suspension of the player, and/or team and/or club from the competition on a temporary basis.

       Suspension of the player and/or team and/or club either for the remainder of the season, or

REV. 6/04/2018

                        PENALTY POINTS TABLE


REV. 6/04/2018
*Serious - This level of penalty grading will be implemented for offences that are considered of
       such a serious nature that the charge may be referred directly to the Judiciary. Although no
       early plea will be entered into, a player charged under this category will still have access to any
       discounts earned and have the right to plead “guilty” at the Judicial hearing. The penalty points
       in this section are a minimum guide only, giving the Judiciary the right to impose a higher
       penalty is appropriate.

       Each 100 points received by a player will result in an immediate one competition game
       The suspension imposed will relate to games from the competition level linked to the send off
       [i.e. a reserve grade player with 75 points is sent off during a first-grade game. He receives a
       further 225 points [either by being found guilty at a Judicial hearing or by taking an Early Plea].
       His points now
       Total 300 and he would be suspended from all games until such a time as his club had played a
       further three first grade games. Any carry over points will remain “active” on the player’s

       After a send off and prior to a scheduled Judicial hearing, the Secretary of the player’s club will
       be advised of all details of the charges laid, including the points value for early pleas, any
       discounts for which the player is eligible, any further penalty points to be added and any carry
       over points to be taken into consideration.


REV. 6/04/2018

                                NOTICE OF A CHARGE

       To:                      Name of Player

       Club:                    Player’s Club

       Take notice that following an incident that occurred on [date of offence]
       during a match between your Club and [name of opposing Club] at
       [Venue where game was played]

       You are hereby charged with the following offence:
       Offence                                                        Grading of Offence

       Type of Offence as per “Penalties Table”                       Grade 1,2,3, or Serious

       Calculation of Penalty Points for this Charge: -
      Area                                         Number Calculation                             Points
      Base Penalty [from Penalty Points Table]

      Number of similar proven offences in                    50% loading to base penalty
      the last two seasons                                    for each proven offence
      Number of other proven offences in                      20% loading to base penalty
      last two seasons                                        for each proven offence
      Clean Record Discount                                   25% discount to base penalty
                                                              for Five seasons
                                                              50% discount to base penalty
                                                              for Ten seasons
      Total penalty points for this charge

       Player Options
                  Options                            Early Plea             Guilty at Judiciary
       Calculated points for this Charge
       Carry over Points from last twelve months
       Total penalty points possible

       Note: If the above grading is “serious” there is no option other than to appear before the
       Group 6 Judiciary.

       TAKE FURTHER NOTICE: You must forward a ‘Player’s Response to this Charge” to me
       by no later than 5pm on [date of required reply].
       Should you fail to comply with this requirement, and give no valid reason for the failure
       to comply, the charge will be referred to the Group 6 Judiciary for determination with
       any “early pleas” discounts being forfeited

       Match Review Co-ordinator                                   Date:

       Player’s Response to Charge” form is to be emailed back to

REV. 6/04/2018

              To:               The Chairman Group 6 Judiciary

              Facsimile:        [02] 4648 5474

              1,              [Name of Player]

              of the          [Club of Named Player]

              having received a Notice of Charge dated [date of Notice]

              alleging the offence of [Type of Offence as per “Notice of Charge”]

              with a grading of [Level of grading as per “Notice of Charge”]

              hereby give you notice that I elect to: [tick or shade the box next to the action

              you wish to take. Tick or shade one box only]

       [ ]         Plead GUILTY to the offence and grading level. I accept the penalty related to
                   Plea [points – suspended until date (competition Matches) with carry
                   over points]

       [ ]         Plead GUILTY to the offence and grading level. I accept the penalty related to
                   this Plea   [points – suspended until date (competition Matches) with
                   carry over points]

       [ ]         Plead GUILTY to the offence but dispute the grading. I understand I will be
                   required to appear before the Group 6 Judiciary. I wish to accept the grading of
                   Low – Moderate. [Please circle one]

      [ ]          Plead NOT GUILTY to the offence. I understand I will be required to appear
                   before the Group 6 Judiciary

              Signature of Player ______________________________date____________

              Signature of Club Official ________________________ date____________

              Note: This form MUST be emailed back to
     by the time stipulated in the Notice of

              Charge Sheet issued.

REV. 6/04/2018
           Player – the registered name of the player or official dismissed or cited i.e. the name that would
           appear on the Club’s team sheet in the case of a player, or the name supplied by the Club to the
           League in the case of an official.

           Club – the name of the Club the player was playing for, or in the case of an official the name of the
           Club the official was acting for when dismissed or cited

           Grade – the grade competition the player or official was involved with when dismissed or cited

           Charge – the charges reflect the subsections of Section 15 of the International Laws of the Game

           Grading - the three main levels of grading [see previous explanation of the “serious” grade] reflect
           the severity of actions within each charge. A Low level grading is the lightest and in general would
           apply to actions that were ‘careless’ in nature with little or minor impact on the recipient. A High
           level grading would, in general, apply to actions that were deliberate or intentional and either caused
           or had the potential to cause substantial injury to another person. The two main exceptions to this
           are “kicking’ and “dropping knees’. Both these categories are, by definition, deliberate acts and
           therefore are seen to attract higher penalties.

           Base Penalty – the scheduled points for the charge issued, taken from the Penalty Points Table

           Similar Offences – if a player has been convicted of a similar offence [i.e. an offence in the same
           Type of Category] in the two season period immediately preceding the incident, the player is liable to
           an increase equivalent to 50% of the base penalty for each previous offence

           Prior Send-offs – if a player has been convicted of any offence other than a similar offence [see
           above] in the two season period immediately preceding the incident, the player is liable to an
           increase equivalent to 20% of the base penalty for each pervious offence.

           Clean Record – if a player has played senior football [or junior football in the case of U18 players] in
           the Group 6 League for a minimum of five years and has not been convicted of an offence in the five
           seasons preceding a charge, a player is entitled to a reduction equivalent to 25% of the base
           penalty. A player who has not been convicted of an offence in the ten seasons preceding a charge
           and has played continuously in the Group 6 League over that time period is entitled to a reduction
           equivalent to 50% of the base penalty. It is the responsibility of the player and/or his Club to provide
           the League with appropriate information to substantiate a “Clean Record” claim.

           Carry-over Points – any points previously incurred by a player that have not totalled 100 will be
           added to the new penalty points to determine the final penalty to be served. Those points left over
           after the final penalty has been converted to weeks will form the player’s new carry-over points.

           Possible Penalty – the points a player will face taking into account his playing record [discounts and
           penalty loadings] and including accumulated carry-over points.

           Early Plea – a player who, after receiving the Charge Details, pleads ‘guilty” or “no contest” to an
           offence and accepts the grading determined by the League, is entitled to a 25% reduction of the
           total base and loading penalties. In accepting the determination of the League, a player waves his
           rights to a Judiciary Hearing and subsequent appeals.

           A player may prefer to have a charge heard by the Judiciary Panel by either entering a Not Guilty
           plea or Guilty Plea to the Charge but at a lesser grading. If, at the subsequent hearing, a player is
           found guilty to the original charge and grading, he will not be entitled to any reduction other than
           “Clean Record”. If, however, the player pleads guilty but disputes the grading of the charge and the
           Judicial Panel reduces the grading, the player will also receive the benefit of a 25% discount.

           Guilty – the total points awarded, should a player be found guilty of the Charge and Grading by the

           Judiciary Panel. This total will take into consideration all discounts and loadings that apply to the
           player and cay carry-over points earned by the player at the time of the incident.

REV. 6/04/2018
(a) Where, during a Match, any conduct of a Player which may constitute an offence is observed or
otherwise comes to the attention of a Match Official who officiated in that Match, and where that conduct,
in the opinion of that Match Official, warrants consideration by the Match Review Committee, then:

(1) In the case of a Match Official other than the Referee, that Match Official shall, immediately after the
conclusion of the Match, complete a Match Official’s Incident Report specifying all of the particulars
required in that Report, and then provide that Report to the Referee; and

(2) In the case of the Referee, he shall complete a Match Official’s Incident Report specifying all of the
particulars required in that Report and then he shall forward that Report, together with any other Match
Official’s Incident Reports, to the Match Review Committee so that the Match Review Committee receives
those Reports no later than 12.00pm on the first business day after the Match.

(b) Further to Rule 1.7(a), where, in the opinion of a Club which played in a Match, conduct of a Player
during that Match warrants consideration by the Match Review Committee, the Club may forward a
written request for review to the Match Review Committee specifying all relevant particulars of the subject
conduct so as to enable the Match Review Committee to identify that conduct.

(c) Any such written request for review must be received by the Match Review Committee before 12.00pm
on the first business day after the Match and must be signed by the president of the Club making the

(d) By 7.00pm on the first business day after every Match, the Match Review Committee shall meet to
review the video footage of the Match as well as any other evidence and any Match Official’s Incident
Reports and / or requests for review made in accordance with Rule 1.7(b). Meetings of the match review
can be conducted via teleconference or video conference and email.

(g) In the event that the Match Review Committee is so authorised he/she shall cause a Notice of Charge to
be issued to the Player and copied to the Secretary by 12.00pm on the second business day after the

(h) The Notice of Charge shall include notice from the Match Review Committee, including time venue and
date of potential judiciary hearing, as authorised by the Match Review Committee as to the penalty which
he/she will recommend that the Judiciary impose should the Player be found guilty of the Charge
particularised in the Notice of Charge.

        (i) A Player issued with a Notice of Charge must within 24 hours from the time the notice
        is sent provide to the Secretary a Notice of Plea or Response to Charge.

REV. 6/04/2018
                 Category   A      40 points
                            •   NRL – ARL – NSW Cup – UK Super League
                                [Senior Competitions]
                            •   Super 15 Rugby Union

                 Category   B      25 points
                            •   Holden Cup – NYC Under 20’s
                            •   Queensland Cup
                            •   NZ Barter Cup
                            •   UK National 1
                            •   Shute Shield – Sydney Rugby Union

                 Category   C      20 points
                            •   Senior Country Rep
                            •   Senior Region Rep
                            •   NSW Junior League Rep [SG Ball only]
                            •   UK National 2
                            •   NSW Ron Massey Cup
                            •   French Domestic Competition
                            •   NZ Under 18 Representative
                            •   Sydney or Brisbane “A” Grade Representative Player

                 Category   D      15 points
                            •   Senior Group representative

                 Category   D/1 15 points
                            •   Any player transferring within Group 6

                 Category   D/2 10 points
                            •   Sydney Shield Player transferring to Group 6
                            •   Players playing under Group 6 portability system.

                 Category   E      25 points

                            •   Any first grade player having had 15 or more games

                                experience – transferring within Group 6
REV. 6/04/2018
Category        F        5 points
                                 •     Any player transferring into a Group 6 Club from another

                 Category        G        2 points
                                 •     A local junior player

                 Category        H        2 points
                                 •     Any player who remains with the same Group 6 Club for
                                       three [3] consecutive years
                                 •     Player points shall be determined from the player ‘records
                                       from the previous three [3] years
                 All Player points in all categories shall be determined from the player ‘records
                 from the previous three [3] years
                 Categories      “D/1” and “E” – 15 points
                 At the discretion of the Group 6 executive 15 may be reduced to 10
                 Category        “G”
                 A Player who completes the majority of his development career with a Club up
                 to the age of 16
                 If the years are equal – his junior Club will be determined as the Club with
                 whom he commenced his Rugby League career
                 Category        “H”
                 A player after completing three [3] consecutive years with a Club will have his
                 points reduced to two [2] points for the fourth playing year and beyond
                 If the player transfers to another Club within Group 6, other than his junior Club
                 then his point’s allocation reverts to the original

                 Under 18’s
                 All under18 players will be allocated the appropriate points as per the index
                 system, but only when used in a higher grade will they carry the designated
                 points with them.
                 The points index system will not apply to the under 18 Competition

REV. 6/04/2018
First and Reserve Grade Clubs
       A total of 320 points shall be allotted for each competition round.
       (In the 2015 season First Grade Clubs have been given an extra 40 points to field a nominated NRL
       Marquee Player, but clubs can choose to nominate a number of players to allocate to the extra 40 points,
       which may change each week, as long as their allocated points allow (i.e. one forty-point player, or two
       twenty point players etc. but not greater than the 40 extra points allowed). This will allow a maximum
       total in 2015 for First and Reserve teams of 360 points. This is to be reviewed at the 2015 Forum.)

       In the event of a Reserve Grade forfeit, the total number of points accessible to First
       Grade shall be 200.
       In the event of a First-Grade forfeit, the total number of points accessible to Reserve
       Grade shall be 140.
       In the event where a Standalone Reserve Grade team is participating in the Season
       Competition, a First-Grade Team cannot drop their first 13 players that played the
       round before to play the standalone Reserve Grade team, unless prior approval from
       Group Management.
       Any Club that fields a 2ND Division & a Reserve Grade team, in the same season before
       round 1 must submit a list to the EO, of 25 Reserve Grade Players that cannot drop
       back to 2ND Div. that season, without Group 6 Managements Prior Approval.

       Second Division
       A total of 180 points shall be allowed for each competition round Category “A” players
       will not be permitted to register in the Second Division Competition
       Players in the Second Division competition are not to receive match payments

       •   Players from Categories ‘A,B,C, D2, and E’ will receive ongoing discounts of 15% for three
           consecutive years with the same Club
       •   Players from Categories ‘D and D/1’ will receive ongoing discounts of 10% for three
           consecutive years with the same Club
       •   If a player transfers at any time during the three years his points allocation shall revert to
           the original allocation
       •   Any player who resides within the residential boundary of his registered Club will receive a
           20% discount [proof must be provided]
                 *      Points must be accurately presented on all “GAME DAY” sign-on sheets
                 *      Game Day sign-on sheets will be randomly checked each round. Clubs
                        registering incorrect numbers will be penalised
                 *      A full data entry of all registered players attached in Club lists will be placed on
                        the Group 6 Web site and updated each week until the 1st July, each season.
                 *      Clubs found in breach of the points index system will be penalised accordingly
                        and if necessary retrospectively

                 *      Penalties may include loss of competition points and/or a fine

REV. 6/04/2018
Group 6 Management Committee reserves the right to make determinations on the
       ‘Points Index System’ at their discretion as the sole arbiter of the System. They will
       resolve within the spirit of the intention to where possible provide equity for the
       NSWCRL Group 6 senior competition currently and into the future.

                                  2014      2015      2015       2017
                     Category     Year 1    Year 2    Year 3     Year 5 Category
                         A         40        34        28          2       H
                        B,E        25        22        18          2       H
                         C         20        17        14          2       H
                      D, D1        15        13        12          2       H
                        D2         10         8         6          2       H
                         F         10         5         5          2       H
                         G          2         2         2          2       G

                                Group 6 CRL Fines & Penalties
   1. Clubs who fail to send one of their three nominated Club Delegates to any scheduled Group
      meeting will be fined $200

   2. Clubs whose staff breaches the dugout rules and policies will be fined $50 for the first breach;
      fines will double for each offence during that game up to a maximum of $500.

                   i. Not displaying ID lanyards.

                  ii. Not wearing the correct trainer’s shirt.

                 iii. Non-accredited & non-registered staff in the dugout area.

                 iv. Non-participating players or people on the bench or in the dugout area.

                  v. Language or abuse coming from the dugout.

                 vi. A team without an active Ground Manager.

   4. Any club whose players or Coaching staff that enters the field of play during a melee will
      receive a $1000 fine, and the player or staff will face disciplinary action for beaches to on On-
      Field Policy.

   3. Any Club found paying their 2nd Division or U18’s players may be fined up to $5000.

   4. Late submission of Match Sheets after the required time will occur a $50 fine

   5. Group 6 CRL Management will attend all games to advise clubs and to monitor game day staff
      and may issue fines for breaches to the handbook rules.

   6. Group 6 Management reserves the right to issue fines for any breach that may not be listed in
      the Handbook or Competition rules as per the Group 6 CRL Constitution.

   7. Any team forfeiting a scheduled match will lose (4) four of their competition points.

REV. 6/04/2018
Referee Match Payments for Senior Games 2018

           First Grade:       Referee           $160.oo

                              Touch Judges      $ 50.oo Each

                              Interchange       $ 40.oo           Total $300.oo

           Reserve Grade      Referee           $110.oo

                              Touch Judges      $ 40.oo Each      Total $190.oo

           2ND Div. & U18-1   Referee           $ 100.oo

                              Touch Judges      $ 40.oo Each      Total $180.oo

           Under 18-2’s       Referee           $ 75.oo

                              Touch Judges      $ 35.oo Each      Total $145.oo

           League Tag         Referee           $75.oo

                              Tough Judge       $25.oo Each       Total $125.oo

           Clubs are responsible for all referees’ fees at all home games.

           Referees are to be paid on the day in accordance with rules previously

           Where some single isolated standalone Grade games are played, the
           First Grade Referee Fees (without the interchange) may apply if the
           Referees are disadvantaged by the single isolated standalone

           The Group 6 CRL EO will nominate which games will be classed as a
           Single Isolated Standalone Appointment and clubs will be required to
           pay the appointed referees the appropriate fees.

REV. 6/04/2018
Hilton Middleton Merit Award

       Hilton Middleton Merit Award is for a player’s outstanding service to a Group 6 CRL Club as a
       player and roles on Committees, Coaching, or Support Staff, where the club has benefited by
       such service. The Hilton Middleton Merit Award is a reward in recognition of untiring service
       involvement and support in the development of Group 6 CRL a player’s commitment to their
       Group 6 Club.

       To be eligible to be nominated for the Hilton Middleton Merit Award a person must to have
       proven a minimum ten years’ broken or non-broken service to their Group 6 Club as a player
       and in various support roles or positions.

       Doc Mclean Merit Award

       Doc Mclean Merit Award is for a person’s outstanding service a Group 6 CRL Club through roles
       on Committee, Coaching, or Support Staff, where the club has benefited by such service. The
       Doc McLean Merit Award is a reward for outstanding achievement to the sport of rugby league
       by the person’s commitment to their Group 6 Club.

       To be eligible to be nominated for a Doc McLean Merit Award a person must to have proven a
       minimum ten years’ broken or non-broken service to their Group 6 Club in various support
       roles and or positions.

       Group 6 CRL Life Membership

       Life membership is for outstanding service to Group 6 Country Rugby League Inc. through roles
       as Judiciary, Team Representative Staff, or Management where the Group has benefited by
       such service. Life membership is a reward for such commitment to the Group.

       To be eligible to be nominated as a life member a person must to have proven a minimum ten
       years’ service broken or non-broken to Group 6 in various roles and or positions.


       Benefits of the Hilton Middleton, Doc McLean Merit Awards, and Life Membership are
       invitations to Group 6 CRL season functions, and Season Passes.

       Life members are invited to all AGM, s but they cannot address the meeting, or vote on any
       motions or ballots held.


       Nominations are to be detailed in writing, supported by their club, and given to the Executive
       Officer no less than 28 Days before the AGM. The Management Committee will assess the
       nomination, if it meets the criteria notice will be given that it will be tabled at the next AGM for
       a ballot of the General Committee.

       Tabled nominations for the Doc McLean Merit Award, and Life Membership will require to be
       passed by the General Committee in a ballot of 60% or more in favour to be successful.

REV. 6/04/2018
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