HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux




Crous de Bordeaux-Aquitaine    crous-bordeaux.fr
18 rue du Hamel - CS 11616
33080 Bordeaux Cedex, France
Tel. 05 56 33 92 00
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

                                          Contacts        p.3

                                         The Crous        p.4

         The Student Benefits Application                 p.5

                                     Scholarships         p.6

                                           Housing        p.7

                                     Food service         p.11

                                            Culture       p.17

                                   Social services        p.20

                                            Jobaviz       p.21

                                    The CVEC fee          p.22

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HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux
 A single phone number dedicated to
 student life:
 Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
 Two websites with resources:

 for more information about the CROUS,
 its missions, and its news.

 visit the section ‘Ma boite à questions’
 (My question box) in the messaging            Seven      student      representatives,
 service.                                      elected for two years, sit on the CROUS
                                               board of directors. Their role is, first
                                               and foremost, to be spokespeople for
                                               the student community. Within the
                                               CROUS, these students participate in
                                UPCOMING       the organisation of the agency: by
                                     2020      joining in on sessions:
                                               - of the board of directors;
                                               - of the various committees (cultural,
         Contact your                          food service, housing, student life,
                                               specific assistance);
        vice-president                         - of the working groups on
                                               construction and furnishing of halls of

  More info at www.crous-bordeaux.fr
  in the section ‘élections étudiantes’
           (student elections)

                                               CROUS DE
                             CLOUS             AQUITAINE
                            DE PAU             18 rue du Hamel
           7 rue Saint John Perse C.P. 1161    CS 11616
                 64011 Pau Cedex, France       33080 Bordeaux cedex, France
            Student life information desk      Student life information desk
                       Monday to Friday        Monday to Friday, 8:30am to
                        8:30am to 5:30pm       4:30pm
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux
The Crous

    WHAT IS THE CROUS?                               HOW MANY CROUS
    The    Centre     Régional   des   œuvres        ARE THERE?
    Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS -
    Regional Centre for University and School        There are 26 CROUS and 16 CLOUS
    Assistance) is a public agency overseen by       (Local Centres for University and School
    the French Ministry of Higher Education,         Assistance) in France, connected in a
    Research, and Innovation.                        network led by the CNOUS (National Centre
                                                     for University and School Assistance).

    The mission of the CROUS is to support
                                                     WHAT ARE THE
    student life.                                    SERVICES OFFERED
                                                     TO STUDENTS?
    WHO CAN RECEIVE                                  • Scholarships
    SERVICES FROM THE                                • Housing
                                                     • Food service
    CROUS?                                           • Social assistance
                                                     • Culture
    Any student enrolled at an institution of • International exchanges
    higher education, including open-enrolment • Jobs
    universities, ‘grandes écoles’ (selective
    universities), ‘IUT’ technical institutes, ‘BTS’
    technical training courses, and university
    entrance exam preparation classes.                               THE CROUS
                                                                   IN NUMBERS
    WORK?              132,000
                       students in 5 departments
    The General Manager of the CROUS directs
    the departments and implements policies           830
                                                      people employed
    set by the board of directors, presided over
    by the Chief Education Officer.                   36,000
                                                      scholarship students
    HOW IS THE BOARD                                  55
                                                      halls of residence
    CROUS COMPOSED?                                   10,500
                                                      housing spaces
    The board of directors is composed of
    student representatives (including the Vice-      36
    President), staff representatives, individuals    food service locations

    chosen for their skills, and presidents or
    directors of higher education institutions.
                                                      meals served per year

HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux
The Student Benefits Application

The Student Benefits Application (DSE, Dossier Social Etudiant) allows you to use a
single application to request a scholarship based on socio-economic criteria and housing
at a university hall of residence. The application must be completed every year from the
website www.etudiant.gouv.fr.

Note: Housing applications for new arrivals must be sent to the CROUS by 1 June.

Scholarships and/or housing are not automatically renewed.
Remember to reapply every year starting 15 January!

                 The student enters their

                                                              The student registers at

                 request on the website
                                                              a higher education insti-
                                                              tution and submits their
                 as soon as possible
                                                              notification to the school
                 starting 15 January, be-
                                                              enrolment department
                 fore they even receive
                                                              (service de la scolarité).
                 exam results.

                                                              If the student is receiv-
                 Within 48 hours, the

                                                              ing a scholarship, the in-
                 student receives a con-
                                                              stitution waives the uni-
                 firmation email contain-
                                                              versity and CVEC fees.
                 ing a summary report of
                                                              The student or their in-
                 the entry and indicates
                                                              stitution confirms to the
                 whether further formali-
                                                              CROUS the academic
                 ties are required.

                  The student sends


                  their application, along
                                                              The CROUS sends the
                  with documents of
                                                              student    a   definitive
                  proof, within the fol-
                                                              scholarship notification.
                  lowing 8 days to the
                  address indicated in
                  the instructions.

                                                              Starting on 30/08, the
                 The CROUS examines

                                                              CROUS will send the

                 the request and sends
                                                              first payment for all re-
                 the student, by email,
                                                              viewed and completed
                 a conditional notifica-
                                                              applications. The student
                 tion that a scholarship
                                                              receives their scholarship
                 has been granted or a
                                                              (payment over 10 months
                 notification of rejection.
                                                              from September to June).

                                                             STUDENT HANDBOOK              5
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

     Scholarships are financial aid granted according to socio-economic criteria. A
     scholarship request is made via the Student Benefits Application, which must be
     completed as soon as possible starting 15 January.
                                                                              Find more info at www.crous-bordeaux.fr/bourses

WHOM?                                                                                                         Have French citizenship or be a citizen of a Eu-
                                                                                                              ropean Union member state or be a foreigner
                                                                                                              residing in France for at least the past two years
                                                                                                              and with parents residing and working in France
                                                                                                              for at least the past two years.

                                                                                                              Be enrolled in the year of the request at a higher
                                                                                                              education institution to pursue a course of study
                                                                                                              authorised to receive scholarship students.

                                                                                                              Be under 28 years old at the time of the first
                                                                                                              request and not halt studies from that date

                           MUCH?                                                                               Other forms of financial
                                                                                                               aid may be given:
    For the 2018/2019 academic year, the annual
    amounts of scholarship levels were the following:

                                                            €5551                                                                   - Aide à la Mobilité Master
                                                                                                                                        (Master’s Programme Mobility
                                                                     €4778                                                              Assistance)
                                                                                  €4505                                             - Aide à la Mobilité Parcoursup
                                                                                                                                        (Parcoursup Programme
                                                                                                                                        Mobility Assistance)
                                                                                                     €3218                          - Specific assistance (annual or
                                                                                                                                      one-time assistance payments)

                                                                                                                 €2513              More information at

                                                                                                                                     Level 0b
                                                                                          Level 4
                                                                    Level 6
                                                        Level 7

                                                                                                                Level 2
                                                                                Level 5

                                                                                                    Level 3

                                                                                                                          Level 1

6                                         STUDENT HANDBOOK
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

The CROUS has furnished flats and rooms, with students on scholarship given priority
in assignments. A housing request is made via the Student Benefits Application, which
must be completed starting 15 January and before 1 June.
  Learn about the housing assignment process at www.crous-bordeaux.fr/logements

              Merignac                          Bordeaux
           2 halls of residence              12 halls of residence
                314 spots                         1514 spots
                                                                                        3 halls of residence
                                                                                             139 spots
     12 halls of residence
          4003 spots
          6 halls of residence
              1679 spots

        1 hall of residence                                                        Agen
            294 spots                                                        2 halls of residence
                                                                                  157 spots

        1 hall of residence
             80 spots
                                                            2 halls of residence
    Bayonne                                                      164 spots
 2 halls of residence
      293 spots
   3 halls of residence                                      Pau
        207 spots                                     9 halls of residence
                                                          1599 spots

              a total of 55 halls of residence and 10,443 spots

                        Some of our halls of residence offer disabled-accessible rooms or
                        studios, specially equipped for students with disabilities. To request
                        disabled-accessible housing, students must complete their Student
                        Benefits Application (see p. 6), download the disabled-accessible
                        housing application (Demande de logement adapté)—available at
                        www.crous-bordeaux.fr, ‘Logement’ (housing) tab, ‘Logements adaptés’
                        (disabled-accessible housing) section—and follow the steps given.

                                                                        STUDENT HANDBOOK                       7
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

                 The CROUS of Bordeaux-Aquitaine offers two types of housing available for
                 rent: ‘Cités Universitaires’ university housing campuses (giving students
                 access to the ALS housing benefit) and ‘Résidences Universitaires’ halls
                 of residence (giving students access to the APL housing benefit).

      CES U’

    From studio to 4-bedroom flats                Traditional rooms
    private bathrooms, private kitchens           shared bathrooms and kitchens
    Studio starting at €310 including taxes       starting at €149 including taxes (excl. ALS hous-
    (excl. APL housing benefit)                   ing benefit)
                                                  12 months of occupation, from Sept. to Aug.
    Shared flats starting at €330 per person
    including taxes (excl. APL housing            Renovated rooms and studios
    benefit)                                      private bathrooms, shared kitchens (rooms) or
    12 months of occupation, from Sept. to Aug.   private kitchens (studios)

                                                  rooms starting at €248 including taxes
                                                  (excl. ALS housing benefit)
                                                  studios starting at €352 including taxes
                                                  (excl. ALS housing benefit)
                                                  12 months of occupation, from Sept. to Aug.

                  Cité U is the housing assignment centre for the CROUS of Bordeaux-
                  Aquitaine. This housing assignment centre can be accessed at
                  www.crous-bordeaux.fr, ‘Logement’ (housing) tab, ‘Réservation et
                  paiement du loyer en ligne’ (Online reservation and rent payment)
                  section. This allows quick access to housing reservations and payment
                  of rent.
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

             CROUS residents receive SmartCampus services from SFR-Wifirst, as well
             as additional free services: unlimited phone calls to landline phones in
             continental France, HD television, a community platform for students, etc.

   Close to Crous

                                                          Close to
                                                         campuses            All inclusive:
                            Flats that give                                 water, electricity,
                        residents the right to                               Wi-Fi, heating
                         receive CAF benefit

 Laundry rooms:
                                                    Staff to assist you
                                                    and provide you
                          New halls of              with information
                       residence meeting
                           HQE or BBC

     Free repair
                                            psychological            No agency fees and
                                               support               exemption from the
                        Furnished                                    French housing tax

  More than 300
                                          In case of
free residence hall
 activities per year
                                       emergency, an                 Visit: www.apsytude.com
                                        available 24/7

                                                                STUDENT HANDBOOK                  9
HANDBOOK - STUDENT EN - Crous de Bordeaux

                                  The CROUS makes available, for f ree, person-to-
                                  person housing offers: rooms, studios, and flats,
                                  furnished or unfurnished. You can view these
                                  offers at the Lokaviz website after you sign up at
                                  www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.f r (you will need
                                  your INE [French national student ID number]).
                                                  Visit www.lokaviz.fr

                  TIP #1
                                                              TIP #3
        Insist on a lease and a con-
        dition report when you                         When becoming a ten-
        move into a room or flat.                      ant, caution is impor-
        Don’t forget to get insur-                     tant. Generally, a ten-
        ance for your room or flat:                    ant is someone residing
        it’s obligatory (multi-risk                    in France who has the
        guarantee - housing)!                          means to pay the rent
                                                       and who agrees to pay
                                                       it for one year. Howev-
                                                       er, if you do not have
                                                       a physical guarantor,
                                                       you can use the na-
                                                       tional VISALE system.

                  TIP #2
                                                       For more information,
       Your rent can be reduced                        visit the website www.
       if you receive a housing                        visale.fr
       benefit paid by the ‘Caisse
       d’Allocation Familiale’ (CAF -
       family benefits agency) for
       your place of residence. Con-
       tact the CAF for your depart-
       ment for more information!

Food service

The CROUS of Bordeaux-Aquitaine offers
many daily dining options. Their mission
is to always serve students better by
guaranteeing low prices and by adapting
to new consumption practices.
                                                      FOOD SERVICE
           More info at
  www.crous-bordeaux.fr/restauration                  OFFERINGS
                                                         CROUS RESTO U’
                                                          THE top student
                                                             food service
                                                          location. A full,
                                                          balanced meal
                                                           for only €3.30!

 A wide range of                                                         CROUS TRUCK’
café food to satisfy                                                       The CROUS

  your lunchtime                                                             offering

     cravings!                                                              closest to

                                                                           student life!

                                                        CROUS MARKET’
                                                      In a hurry? Pick what
                                                       you want and take
       Crous Break’                                     away your lunch!

  Need a little
  snack? Find                                              CONNECTED CABINETS
  our vending                                               A convenient and fast
  machines on              CROUS MOOVY MARKET’
                                                                snack service.
    campus.                  A new kind of mobile
                            grocery for options and

                                                            STUDENT HANDBOOK               11
Food service


                    n Le 98 - Crous Cafet’ + Crous Market’
                    98, quai des Chartrons.

                    n La Bastide - Crous Cafet’ + Crous Market’
                    15, avenue d’Abadie.
                    Pôle Universitaire des Sciences de Gestion.

                    n Le Capu - Resto U’
                    15, rue Jules Guesde.
                    Close to Les Capucins market.

                    n Le Mascaret - Resto U’ + Crous Market’
                    146, rue Léo Saignat.
                    Close to Université de Bordeaux, Carreire site.

                    n Le Musée - Crous Market’
                    Place de la Victoire.
                    Interior courtyard of Université de Bordeaux.

Crous Resto U’ le Mascaret
Food service


                  n Le Crous Moovy Market’
                    23, esplanade des Antilles.
               next to the Crous Cafet’ le Sirtaki.

n Le Forum - Crous Cafet’ + Crous Market’
                        2, avenue Léon Duguit.
                        Close to the universities.

                         n L’IEP - Crous Cafet’
                    11 allée Ausonne in Pessac.
               Inside the IEP building premises.

               n Resto U’ n°2 + Crous Market’
                       Avenue des Facultés.
   Close to the preventive medicine building.

n Le Sirtaki   - Crous Cafet’ + Crous Market’
                    23, esplanade des Antilles.
                        Close to the universities.

                 n Le Véracruz - Crous Cafet’
                      Avenue Maine de Biran.
                       Close to the universities.

               n Resto U’ n°1 + Crous Market’
                             Avenue Prévost.
Close to Université de Bordeaux - Talence site.            Find our menus and
                                                       hours on the Crous Mobile
            n La Soucoupe - Crous Market’                        app and at
                  351, cours de la Libération.           www.crous-bordeaux.fr
  Building A22 of the Université de Bordeaux           ‘Restauration’ (food service)
         undergraduate section, Talence site.              tab, ‘Nos restaurants’
                                                         (our restaurants) section
                 n Resto U’ n°3 + Crous Cafet’
      Avenue Camille Jullian in Gradignan.
                 Close to Villages 5 and 6.

                                                      STUDENT HANDBOOK           13
Food service


                                                      n La Péniche - Crous Cafet’
                                                      4, quai de Dunkerque.
                                                      Le Pin site.

                                                      n DUSA - Crous Market’
                                                      Avenue Michel Serres.

                                                      n Crous Truck’
                                                      Avenue Michel Serres.

                       ANGLET - BAYONNE

      n Pierre Bidart - Resto U’ + Crous Cafet’
                55, rue de Mirambeau, Anglet.
                            Montaury campus.

           n La Nive - Resto U’ + Crous Cafet’
                  79, rue Bourgneuf, Bayonne.
                              La Nive campus.

                  n Le Crous Moovy Market’
                             La Nive campus.
                    © vita marija murenaite on unsplash
Food service

                    Find our menus and hours on
                    the Crous Mobile app and at
                     ‘Restauration’ (food service)
                         tab, ‘Nos restaurants’
                       (our restaurants) section


          n L’Arlequin - Crous Cafet’
                   University campus.
On the Université de Droit (law school)

 n Cap Sud - Resto U’ + Crous Cafet’
                2, avenue Poplawski.

               n La Vague - Resto U’
            Avenue de l’Université.
     On campus between the science
           and humanities schools.


                            n L’Accro’pôle - Crous Cafet’
                            Rue du Doyen Lajugie.
                            Périgord campus - Suzanne Nöel roundabout.

                            n L’Entracte - Resto U’
                            47, rue Jean Secret.
                            Located close to Lycée Claveille.

                                                     STUDENT HANDBOOK    15
Food service

         Use your Izly card and each cent you spend at
         Restos U’, Crous Cafet’, Crous Market’, Crous
         Truck’ and Moovy Market’ locations earns
         you a point*.

             The first three rewards (up to 5000 points)
             can be unlocked directly at a till. After the
             first three, send an email to:
                              to get your rewards**.

          * Loyalty programme reserved for students. Loyalty accounts are reset to zero at
          the beginning of every university academic year. ** There may be a delay between
          your reward request and receipt of the reward.

                Use Izly
                to pay at the till at your CROUS location.

                 Accumulate points
                 (one penny spent = one point).

                 View your points balance
                 at any time on your personal account from
                 the Izly app or on the website www.izly.fr

                 Win gifts
                 and unlock rewards with your points.

            Have a question about Izly? You can find
            answers at www.izly.fr in the 'aide et contact'
            (help and contact) tab or by sending an email to

                               Activate and manage
                               your account at Izly.fr

       The Izly app can be downloaded for free
         from the App Store, Google Play, or
                Windows Phone Store.


The CROUS of Bordeaux-Aquitaine is also committed to a number of cultural initiatives.
The culture department works year-round to offer you numerous events and give you
suggestions for projects.
                   Find more info at www.crous-bordeaux.fr/culture

                                                                                                                             UND E R

 A NETWORK                                                                            Mac 2

 OF CENTRES                                                                                                                 Dojo
                                                                                    theatre, lectures,

                                              Mac 1                                    rehearsals.                        Dance, martial
                                           cultural activities.                                                            arts, yoga.

                                                 + culture                                                                           N
                                                 office until
                                                Mac 3 opens

                    Mac 64
                                                                      Mac 3

                                                                                     RY 2 20!
                        (Pau)                                                                             Mac 4
                   cultural activities.                           Concert hall (future

                                                                                                         Club meetings,

                   OP         20                                       centre).
                     ENING IN


                                                                           G IN J


                                                                                                                                                       © François Dole
            LES CAMPULSATIONS                                                                              BULLES
                                                                                                This festival, organised in part-
    Les Campulsations is THE festival for the                                                   nership with different student
    start of the academic year. Concerts, theatre,                                              organisations, will take place
    dance, tours, workshops, and more. In total,                                                in late November. Concerts,
    10 days of cultural activities to start the year                                            dance, theatre, and gastrono-
    off right. For its 12th year, the festival will take                                        my set the tone for a week of
    place across the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region                                                  encounters between African
    from 26 September to 05 October 2019.                                                       and Western cultures.
    The festival is organised by the CROUS in                                                             www.facebook.com/
    partnership with student organisations, the                                                          festivalbullesdafrique
    culture departments of the universities, local
    governments, and cultural figures from the
    academic world.
                                                                                                  STUDENT HANDBOOK                                17

         CONTESTS                             Musiques de R.U. is a national student
                                              music contest established by the CROUS of
                                              Bordeaux-Aquitaine. After regional qualifiers
                                              at each CROUS, the final competition takes
                                              place every year in May on the Bordeaux
                                              campus. Registration closes 15 January 2020.
                                              National final: 14 & 15 May 2020.
Danse avec ton Crous is a national student
dance contest. Do you like to dance? Are
you a solo dancer? Have you started a
dance company or troop? This contest was                           CONTEST
made for you!
Registration closes 15 March 2020.
                                                          This student theatre contest gives
                                                          you the opportunity to show
                                                          off your talents, whether you’re
      SHORT STORY -                                       a solo actor or actress or a member
         PHOTO                                            of an acting group.
      COMICS - SHORT                                      Registration closes 15 March 2020.

4 contests, 1 common theme: Alchemy.
Enter and win up to €2000 and many rewards!
Registration closes 15 May 2020, except for short stories (March 15, 2020).

       Short story                Photo                 Comics                Short film
         contest                 contest                contest                contest

                     Information and rules at:

      The purpose of the Culture Actions programme is to support
      student initiatives (culture, sport, community service, etc.).
      Contact the CROUS culture department to learn the conditions
      of eligibility and receive advice.

                   SPECIAL DEALS FOR
                  CULTURAL ACTIVITIES
Enjoy a great night out at a special student price! Opéra
de Bordeaux, Rocher de Palmer, Théâtre National de
Bordeaux en Aquitaine, La Manufacture CDCN, and more.
The CROUS of Bordeaux-Aquitaine has built numerous
partnerships so that you can enjoy entertainment at a
reduced price all year long.

In 2020, the cultural department will move to the new multi-service centre on
the Pessac campus. This new 3500-m2 venue will be dedicated to student life:
food service, Etu'Recup campus resource centre, new areas for cultural, club
and student activities (meeting rooms, coworking spaces, art room, dance
hall, rehearsal studios) and the Mac 3, the new concert hall on campus!

         Contact the cultural department to find out how to use
             the rooms: service.culturel@crous-bordeaux.fr

                      Get news from the culture
                      department of the CROUS
                      of Bordeaux-Aquitaine
                         la M.A.C. du Crous
                         Weekly newsletter ‘Le Mac Fly’
                         subscribe at service.culturel@crous-bordeaux.fr

                                                  STUDENT HANDBOOK              19
Social services

     To support you throughout your studies, social workers from the CROUS of Bordeaux-
     Aquitaine are available to help you.
                        Find more info at www.crous-bordeaux.fr/social

                                                To listen to you and help you overcome
                                           …    personal difficulties while maintaining
                                                professional confidentiality.

                                                         To support you in finding
                                                         solutions to your problems.

                                                              To provide you with infor-
                                                              mation about aspects of
                                                              student life: budgeting, schol-
                                                              arships, housing, laws, etc.
        MISSIONS                                         To orient you towards the ser-
                                                         vices you need, help you navi-
                                                         gate university departments and
                                                         academic support services, and
                                                         connect you with outside organ-

                                               To help you complete various adminis-
                                               trative steps (info on CAF, scholarships,
                                               specific assistance).

         MAKE AN
       n at the universities  n in Périgueux
                                                     ‘action sociale-santé’
       n at the CROUS         n in Agen
         of Bordeaux                               (social-health action) tab
                              n in Bayonne
       n at the CLOUS of Pau                            Please select your area of study
       n at the SUMPPS of Pau


The CROUS of Bordeaux-Aquitaine makes available to you, for free, temporary job offers
for students in all business sectors, all year long.
                              More info at www.jobaviz.fr

     Help at home, babysitting, individual lessons, events,
     leisure activities, sport, administration, hotels, food             WHAT
     service, sales, distribution, etc. No matter the sector of
                                                                       JOBS ARE
     business, Jobaviz job offers are compatible with your
     studies.                                                         AVAILABLE?

   FOR                    Any student enrolled at a higher
  WHOM?                   education institution.

 Job offers can be accessed directly from the web-
 site www.jobaviz.fr. You can see employer con-                       HOW
 tact information after registering on the website
                                                                     DOES IT
 www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr (have your
 INE [French national student ID number]). Jobaviz
 is also accessible from the website of the CROUS
 of Bordeaux-Aquitaine.

                                 JOBS COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR STUDIES

                                                                     STUDENT HANDBOOK    21
The CVEC fee

     Starting in autumn 2018, depending on your situation, you must pay the CVEC
     (Contribution Vie étudiante et de Campus) fee to enrol at a higher education institution.
                        Find more info at www.crous-bordeaux.fr/CVEC

              IS IT?
                    The CVEC is the ‘Contribution           WHO DOES IT
                    Vie Étudiante et de Campus’              APPLY TO?
                    (Student Life and Campus
                    Fee), in the amount of €91
                    per student for 2019-2020. It is
                    used to offer services to help
                    with your daily life at your
                    institution and at CROUS
                    offices from your regional
                    education authority.

                          IS IT FOR?                      Any student enrolled in a formal
                                                          course of study at an institution of
                        To improve your access            higher education. To learn about
                        to care on campus and             the payment conditions, visit
                        renew the prevention              www.crous-bordeaux.f r/CVEC

                        To offer social support
                        To support your initia-
                        To support sports on
                                                            HOW DO YOU
                        To support arts and                 PAY FOR IT?
                        culture at higher ed-
                        ucation    institutions.
                        To improve student                   www.cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr
                        support services.

Need to rent
             Lokaviz is a free online
             platform that helps you to
             find a room, studio or flat,
             both private or shared.

Discover more at www.lokaviz.fr
Crous Mobile
                        Your CROUS at your fingertips

                                                                          Photo: ©le buzz on Unsplash - Design: communication department at Crous de Bordeaux-Aquitaine
                                    FRO ALL
                                   DOWM      YOU THE
                                   MO NLOA R             S
                                      BIL            CRO ERVICE
                                          E AP DING       U     S
                                              P FO THE S     B
                                                  R FR     C  Y
                                                       EE ROUS

Crous de Bordeaux-Aquitaine                           crous-bordeaux.fr
18 rue du Hamel - CS 11616
33080 Bordeaux cedex, France
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