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Directory of

This directory of international feature film sales agents provides a snapshot of companies representing Australian films around the world.

Included within are details of each seller’s acquisition policy, which markets they attend, at what stage they prefer to be approached and whether they pay
advances. There’s also a list of the Australian films that agents have handled.

The directory was compiled through contact with sellers and information derived from Screen Australia’s market reports, forums and other activities since

This directory of sales agents is in no way a recommendation or endorsement from Screen Australia. Producers should ask around before signing up with an
agent to be sure they have found the right sales partner and to check previous business dealings have gone smoothly for all parties before proceeding with
any deals. When appointing a sales agent, producers of commercially attractive titles are encouraged to negotiate for beneficial terms.

Screen Australia regularly updates this directory following key markets.

                 Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
In December 2014, the sales agents in this directory were canvassed for their top tips for producers. Here’s what they had to say:

    •   Be social. Attend networking events, functions, co-production markets and                   •   Limit the number of projects you pitch per meeting. Prioritise the project that
        producer labs to get to know the international sales agents before you formally                 best fits the sales agent – pitch only one or two projects from your slate.
        request meetings. At social events, don’t go into hard pitch mode. Just try to make         •   The elevator pitch works! Be succinct, you don’t need to explain every scene. With
        a good impression.                                                                              a good catch line and short synopsis you can grab attention and entice the agent
    •   Know your audience. For every film, you should have a good understanding of                     into reading the script. Know what is distinctive about your film. This could be the
        your target audience. This should inform every step of your development and                     concept, story, cast, director – your sales agent needs to see how and why the film
        marketing from inception to exhibition, including your pitch and pitch materials.               will find its target audience.
    •   Ensure your project is ready to finance before arranging meetings. Sales agents             •   Be on point when pitching. If you have a great pitch reel, lead with that. Bring
        cannot evaluate projects if they are pitched too early. Make sure your package is in            printed materials with strong visuals that display an understanding of your
        its best shape before introducing it to sales agents. A market-ready and developed              audience. Bring a pitch summary with short synopsis, cast and crew, and finance
        script, director, producer, realistic potential cast, budget, viable finance plan,              information. If you’re a first-time feature making team, award-winning short films
        timeline, target audience and hook should all be settled before you set up                      will help boost the sales agent’s confidence in your abilities. Create a standout first
        meetings.                                                                                       impression of your team’s work through high-quality materials – remember you
    •   Have a water-tight finance plan. Sales agents need to know that the business                    are competing on an international scale in a crowded market.
        points make sense before evaluating creative so make sure your budget is fully              •   Be passionate! It is infectious.
        prepared and you have a clearly presented finance plan. Understand your finance             •   When citing comparable titles, be realistic and clear. Are you citing the comps as
        plan especially in terms of realistic Gap vs Sales Agent Minimum Guarantee                      commercially successful examples or for creative reasons? Have an idea of the
        requests. If you’re unsure seek advice from more experienced industry                           commercial success of those films. If citing as an example of the returns your film
        professionals.                                                                                  might achieve, are the film budgets and level of cast and director a fair
    •   Be a market expert. Research companies before you set up meetings – check the                   comparison? When talking about potential cast, be realistic.
        trades from previous markets, find out their latest acquisitions and sales activity,        •   Be open to feedback and contribution. If the sales agent has creative or business
        and also watch their movies. Contact other producers who have had films with the                suggestions: be open to them. They should feel like it will be their movie too if they
        sales agents for advice and feedback on their experiences.                                      become involved.
    •   Know what you want from the meeting. Establish what you are looking for before              •   Strike while the iron is hot. Be timely and considerate with your follow up after
        you set up the meeting and be clear about the next steps for each party before                  the meeting. Don’t let weeks go by without contact. Polite persistence is
        leaving the meeting.                                                                            appreciated as are updates on developments on cast, finance and other
    •   Set up meetings well in advance. Reach out two or three weeks prior to major                    attachments of note. If you can, call instead of emailing, it is more personable. It
        markets to set up meetings with sales agents that suit your film.                               takes time to commit and contract the deal so be aware and ahead of your
    •   Show interest in their company. When you meet the sales agents display interest                 deadlines. If your situation changes and you find better synergy with another sales
        in their company and knowledge of their slate and recent activities. Be able to                 agent, inform those you have met and advise your reasons so lines of
        explain why that sales agent is right for your film and vice versa.                             communication are left open for future collaborations.

                     Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                CONTACT                                   ACQUISITION POLICY                             TITLES
Alliance Media Partners                    Director, Global Sales & Acquisitions     Genre: comedies; strong hook that can          I Met A Girl
18 Finsbury Square                         James Norrie                              travel; not too parochial; drama needs
London, EC2A1AH, UK                                      names; not too bleak
+44207 535 6714                                                                      Approach: debut producers only if solid work                                                                     Advances: yes, can assist with financing                                                                    Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,

Altitude Film Sales                        Managing Director, International Sales,                                                  Son of a Gun
34 Fouberts Place                          Mike Runagall                                                                            Wyrmwood
London, W1F 7PX, UK              
Tel: +44 207 612 0662

                  Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                CONTACT                                       ACQUISITION POLICY                              TITLES
Arclight Films, Darclight                  Head of Australian Operations and Worldwide   Genre: all, but rarely acquires documentaries   Arclight:
90/330 Wattle Street                       Acquisitions, Michelle Krumm                  or drama unless director or lead cast have      2:37; 33 Postcards; Around the Block;
Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia                         high international profiles                     Beast, Burning Man; Dinosaur Island;
Tel: +61 2 8353 2440                                                                     Budget: anything, but generally over $1M        A Few Best Men; A Few Less Men,                      Managing Director, Gary Hamilton (Aus/LA)     with majority in the $5–30M range               Goldstone, Hating Alison Ashley; A                                   Approach: with script and finance plan ready    Heartbeat Away; The Honourable
                                                                                         for discussion; director and lead actors        Wally Norman; Hotel Mumbai; The
                                           Chief Creative Officer, Mike Gabrawy (LA)     proposed for discussion; strong interest from   Jammed; Jungle; Kings of Mykonos:
                                                         an Australian distributor preferred             The Wog Boy 2; Kokoda; Macbeth;
                                                                                         Advances: yes, depending on script, director,   Mental; Mystery Road; Noise; Not
                                                                                         cast and level of advance sought. Can act as    Suitable for Children; Paper Planes;
                                                                                         EP or producer                                  Predestination; Red Hill; Romulus, My
                                                                                         Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,               Father; September; Storm Surfers 3D;
                                                                                         FILMART, Sundance, Toronto                      Three Summers; The Wedding Party

                                                                                                                                         7 Guardians of the Tomb, Acolytes;
                                                                                                                                         Bad Girl; Bait 3D; Caught Inside;
                                                                                                                                         Crawlspace; Deck Dogz; Dying Breed;
                                                                                                                                         Fat Pizza; The Fear of Darkness, Lake
                                                                                                                                         Mungo; Like Minds; Long Weekend;
                                                                                                                                         The Loved Ones; Ned; Panic at Rock
                                                                                                                                         Island; Redd Inc.; Storm Warning;
                                                                                                                                         Subterano; Wolf Creek; Wolf Creek 2

                  Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                    ACQUISITION POLICY                               TITLES
Bankside Films                              Co MD, Phil Hunt                           Genre: flexible, though dramas require cast      Accidents Happen
Ashley House, 5th Flr                                 and top director                                 Backtrack
12 Great Portland St                                                                   Budget: up to $15M                               Blessed
London, W1W 8QN, UK                         Director, Stephen Kelliher                 Approach: Bankside Films is looking at           Bran Nue Dae
Tel: +44 207 636 6085                              material at an early stage and are               Cargo                                                                 developing/producing themselves too; early       Coffin Rock                                                               stage scripts without attachments as well as     High Ground
                                                                                       treatments where they can produce/co-            Lou
                                                                                       produce. Some finance in place and good          M4M
                                                                                       finance plan.                                    Patrick
                                                                                       Advances: yes
                                                                                       Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Beta Cinema                                 EVP – Acquisitions, Sales and Marketing,   Genre: all                                       Ali’s Wedding
Gruenwalder Weg 28D                         Thorsten Ritter                            Budget: all
Oberhaching,                                   Approach: with significant financing in place.
Munich, 82041                                                                          Advances: yes
Germany                                                                                Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Sundance,
Tel: +49 896 734 698 28                                                                Toronto, Venice, Ventana Sur

CAT&Docs                                    President, Catherine LeClef                Genre: Documentary                               Blush of Fruit
18 rue Quincampoix                                           Budget: any                                      Despite The Gods
Paris, F-75004, France                                                                 Approach: when there is something to show        Love Marriage in Kabul
Tel: +33 1 44 61 77 48                                                                 Advances: yes, but rarely                                                                       Markets: Cannes, EFM, Toronto

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                  CONTACT                                    ACQUISITION POLICY                              TITLES
Celluloid Dreams/Nightmares                  Founder and President, Hengameh Panahi     Celluloid Dreams has been involved in           Dreams:
2, rue Turgot                                                                           international sales, production and financing   1%
Paris, 75009, France                         Vice President, Charlotte Mickie           of quality independent films for more than      Babyteeth
Tel: +33 1 49 70 03 70                          35 years.                                       Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold                                                                Celluloid Nightmares was launched in 2010       Story of Cannon Films                                                               as its genre division to curate commercial,     Jindabyne
                                                                                        elevated genre films and discover talented      Lucky Miles
                                                                                        young directors.                                Machete
                                                                                        Markets: AFM, Berlin, Busan, Cannes,            Mao’s Last Dancer
                                                                                        Filmart, Locarno, Rome, San Sebastian,          Satellite Boy
                                                                                        Toronto, Venice, Ventana Sur                    Razzle Dazzle
                                                                                                                                        Red Obsession

                                                                                                                                        These Final Hours

Charades                                     Co-founder, Carole Baraton                 Genre: Animation, romantic comedy,              Buoyancy
4 Rue Manuel                                                comedy, drama, documentary, musical
Paris, 75009, France                                                                    documentary, war drama, court room thriller               Co-founder, Pierre Mazars                  Approach: Defy genre limitations and offer a                                           non-autocratic, fresh experience and energy
                                                                                        at the service of the film slate
                                             Co-founder, Yohann Comte

                                             Co-founder, Constantin Briest

Cinephil                                     Managing Director, Philippa Kowarsky       Genre: Documentary features / TV films          Gurrumul
18, Levontin St                                        Advances: No                                    Neon
Tel Aviv, 6511207, Israel                                                               Markets: Cannes, EFM, Toronto                   Ukraine is Not a Brothel
Tel: 972 3 566 4129                          Sales and Acquisitions, Olivier Tournaud                 

                    Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                      ACQUISITION POLICY                               TITLES
Content Media Corporation                   President , Film                             Genre: all                                       Balibo
225 Arizona Ave, Suite #250                 Jamie Carmichael                             Budget: $1M to $30M+                             The Book of Revelation
Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA               Approach: director attached and some             Frackman
Tel: +1 310 576 1059                                                                     equity (soft money excl.) in place. Depending    Jindabyne                                                                 on director’s experience and genre, known        Lantana
Head Office:                                                                             cast can increase the project’s chance.          Last Ride
Content Media Corporation                                                                Advances: yes, with the facility to bankroll     Sirens
19 Heddon St                                                                             pre-sales
W1B 4BG, London, UK                                                                      Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
Tel: +44 20 7851 6500                                                                    Toronto

Cornerstone Films                           Co President, Alison Thompson                Genre: Looking for all genres. First run,        Animals
12 Sunray Avenue                                                                         theatrical films which are pre-sellable in       Dirt Music
London, SE24 9PY, UK                        Co President, Mark Gooder                    several territories (based on script with        The Dry
Tel: +44 782 794 8675                                                                    director and cast).                              Judy and Punch                     Director of International Sales,             Budget: AUD$6M+                  Carla Quarto Di Palo                         Approach: with script and director and
                                                         preferably cast. Possibly interested in coming
                                                                                         on board earlier, but material would need to
                                                                                         have strong potential to attract high-level
                                                                                         director/cast. Occasionally look at finished
                                                                                         Advances: case by case
                                                                                         Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto, Venice
                                                                                         and others as and when required

Covert Media                                President, International, Elizabeth Schwan   Genre: any
9350 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400,                         Budget: $5-20M
Los Angeles, CA 90212, USA                                                               Approach: Script/before casting
Tel: +1 213 300-0517                        SVP International Sales, Jim Harvey          Advances: Open                                   Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                         ACQUISITION POLICY                               TITLES
Doc & Film International                    International Sales and Acquisitions Manager,   Genre: Documentary and Fiction Feature           Slam
13 rue Portefoin                            Clémence Lavigne                                Films
Paris, 75003, France                                      Budget: From Small to Medium, depending
Tel: +33 1 42 77 56 87                                                                      on the project                                                                          Approach: Any kind of film combining a                                                                        strong subject that matters and a unique
                                                                                            director’s vision
                                                                                            Advances: Depending on the project
                                                                                            Markets: Every major Film and TV market in
                                                                                            Americas, Europe and Asia

Dogwoof                                     Head of Sales, Ana Vicente                      Genre: documentaries                             The Family
Ground Floor 19-23 Ironmonger Row                                  Budget: any                                      Have You Seen The Listers?
London, EC1V 3QN, UK                                                                        Approach: development stage through to           The Last Impresario
Tel: 44 207 253 6244                                                                        rough cut                                        Mission Rubberman                                                                             Advances: handles each acquisition               Mountain                                                                            individually and will structure each deal        Only The Dead
                                                                                            Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,
                                                                                            FILMART, Toronto, Ventana Sur

Eclipse Pictures                            Partner, Daniel Diamond                         Genre: Cast and filmmaker driven pictures        Winchester
400 South Beverly Drive. Suite 210,                      suitable for wide theatrical release in the US
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA                                                                Budget: US$10-25M
Tel: +1 310 246 0655                        Partner, Benedict Carver
                                                                                            Approach: Script with preferably some
                                                                                            attachment (i.e. director and/or cast)
                                                                                            Advances: Minimum Guarantee, case by case
                                                                                            Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                            ACQUISITION POLICY                                TITLES
Elle Driver                                 Managing Director, Head of International Sales     Genre: all; if arthouse, needs to have festival   Samson & Delilah
66 rue Miromesnil                           & Acquisitions                                     potential; if genre, needs to be edgy, crazy,
Paris, 75008, France                        Adeline Fontan Tessaur                             very conceptual; if mainstream, needs
Tel: +33 1 56 43 48 76                                          established cast and director                                                                              Budget: up to $20M                                                                            Approach: when director and most of cast
                                                                                               are attached and 50% of financing secured
                                                                                               Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto,
                                                                                               Ventana Sur

Embankment                                  Partner, Tim Haslam                                Procures pre-sales, tax-credit facilities and     Breath
Westbourne Studios, WE 020                                     gap financing for quality and award-winning       Down Under
242 Acklam Road                                                                                projects with projects' targeted audiences in     The Dressmaker
London, W10 5JJ, UK                         Partner, Hugo Grumbar                              mind.                                             Ride Like A Girl
Tel: +44 207 183 4739                                          Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,                                                                        FILMART, Sundance, Toronto, Ventana Sur

Fandango srl                                Head of International Sales, Raffaella Di Giulio                                                     Bad Boy Bubby
Viale Gorizio, 19                                                                                        He Died With a Felafel in His Hand
Rome, 00198, Italy                                                                                                                               The King Is Dead!
Tel: +39 06 85 21 85                                                                                                                             The Quiet Room                                                                                                                                  The Tracker

Film Mode Entertainment                     President, Clay Epstein                            Genres: commercial                                Ballerina (aka Ella)
324 S. Beverly Dr., suite 313,                         Budget: up to $10M                                Occupation
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA                                                                   Approach: when packaged (director and /or
Tel 310 844 9174                                                                               cast, some finance in place) to completed                                                                  Advances: No                                                                 Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART, TIFF

The Film Sales Company                      President, Andrew Herwitz                          Genres: all                                       Gillian Armstrong’s Love
165 Madison Ave, Suite 601                           Approach: all types of material at various        Highly Strung
New York, NY10016, USA                                                                         stages                                            Lust and Lies
Tel: +1 212 481 5020                                                                                                                             A Donkey in Lahore                                                                                                                            For Every Jew a .22

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                CONTACT                            ACQUISITION POLICY                     TITLES
FilmNation Entertainment                   Glen Basner                                                               Life
150 West 22nd St, 9th Flr                                                       I Love You Too
New York, NY10011, USA                                                                                               The Nightingale
Tel: +1 917 484 8900                                                                                                 The Rover

Films Boutique                             Acquisitions, Gabor Greiner        Genre: no restrictions                 Last Cab to Darwin
Köpenicker Strasse 184                       Budget: flexible                       Top End Wedding
Berlin, 10997, Germany                                                        Approach: when director is attached
Tel: +49 30 69 53 78 50                                                       Advances: possible                                                         Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,                                                        Toronto, Ventana Sur

Films Distribution                         Partner, Francois Yon              Genre: drama, comedy, mostly foreign   Killing Ground
36 rue du Louvre                           language                               Scare Campaign
Paris, 75001, France                                                          Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,
Tel: +33 1 53 10 33 99                                                        FILMART, Toronto, Ventana Sur

Finecut                                    CEO, Youngjoo Suh                  Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,      Lucky Miles
Patio House #102,                             FILMART, Toronto, Ventana Sur
22-14 Bongeunsa-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, 135-907, Korea
T: +82 2 569 8777

Fortitude International                    VP International, Samantha Peel,   Advances: varies                       Angel on Mine
15260 Ventura Blvd.                        Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART
Suite 1040
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA
Tel: +1 424 204 9330

                  Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                             ACQUISITION POLICY                               TITLES
Fox Searchlight                                                                                                                  Bootmen
10201 W. Pico Blvd, Bldg 38, #214                                                                                                Garage Days
Century City, CA 90064, USA                                                                                                      Oscar & Lucinda
Tel: +1 310 369 1570
Fax: +1 310 969 1491

Galloping Films                             Managing Director, Carlos Alperin   Genre: any, though prefers international         Convict, Bad Bush, Force of Destiny,
9 Atthow Ave, Ashgrove                       cast, amazing concept                            Gene X, The Makeover, Monkey
Brisbane, QLD 4060, Australia                                                   Budget: appropriate for cast and concept         Puzzle, Nude Study, Ra Choi, The
Tel: +61 7 3040 2664                                                            Approach: when part of the finance in place,     Sunset Six, Tailgate, Words of the City                                                          ie Australian distribution and name cast
                                                                                Advances: no
                                                                                Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART

Gaumont                                     Head of International Operations,                                                    Adoration
30, Ave Charles de Gaulle                   Cecile Gaget
Neuilly Sur Seine, 92200, France  
Tel: +33 1 46 43 21 80

Guardian Entertainment                      President, Richard Guardian         Genre: all, including documentaries              The BBQ
6900 Castle Peak Drive,                           Budget: open
West Hills, CA 91307, USA                                                       Approach: preference is as developed as
Tel: +1 310 770 7472                                                            possible, but script stage is acceptable if                                                            there is a clear finance plan and there are at
                                                                                least some creative attachments
                                                                                Advances: yes, level is project dependent
                                                                                Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                          ACQUISITION POLICY                                TITLES
Global Screen                               Senior Sales & Acquisition Manager Theatrical,   Genre: all, particularly arthouse films with an   The Death and Life of Otto Bloom
Sonnenstraße 21                             Alice Buquoy                                     emotional core and a marketing hook, and          Oddball
Munich, D-80331, Germany                               rom coms                                          Van Diemen’s Land
Tel: +49 89 244 1295 500
                                                                                             Markets: AFM (sometimes), Cannes, EFM,                                                                         FILMART, Toronto, Ventana Sur

Goalpost Film                               Tristan Whalley                                  Genre: any                                        Holding the Man
54 Lynette Ave, Clapham South                              Budget: up to $12M                                Closed for Winter
London, SW4 9HD, UK                                                                          Approach: as early as possible                    Clubland
Tel: +44 207 585 3232                                                                        Advances: yes and can be involved as co-          The Sapphires                                                                         producer as well
                                                                                             Markets: Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Goldcrest Films International               Managing Director, Pascal Degove                 Genre: All                                        I Am You (aka In Her Skin)
1 Lexington Street                                                                           Budget: above $5M
London, WIF 9AF, UK                                                                          Approach: later development or when
                                                                                             director is attached (prefer pre-casting)
Tel: +44 207 437 8696
                                                                                             Advances: Yes, minimum guarantee, plus
                                                                                             various forms of other financing. The
                                                                                             company has post-production facilities in
                                                                                             both NY and London
                                                                                             Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Good Universe                               Co-Founder, Joe Drake                            Genre: All                                        2:22
9777 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #400                                                           Budget: Any
Beverly Hills, CA90212, USA                 Co-Founder, Nathan Kahane                        Approach: script, director and financing plan
Tel: +1 310 623 9840                                                                         in place                President of International, Helen Lee-Kim        Advances: for consideration
                                                                                             Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Filmart,
                                                                                             Sundance, Toronto

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                               CONTACT                                ACQUISITION POLICY                                TITLES
H2O Motion Pictures                       Partner, Mark Horowitz                 Genre: no restriction. Key is quality of script   Charlie & Boots
Third Fl., 23 Denmark St.                    and project’s ability to reach audience.          The Waiting City
London, WC2H 8NH, UK                                                             Budget: no restrictions
Tel: + 44 207 240 5656                                                           Approach: prefer good percentage of                                                        financing in place and some marketable                                                        elements attached if commitment required.
                                                                                 Can approach at earlier stage with just script.
                                                                                 Advances: no, but can do pre-sales or bring
                                                                                 co-production monies, and provide gap
                                                                                 funding based on estimates, if the elements
                                                                                 are right

HanWay                                    Head of Acquisitions, Matthew Baker    Genre: no restrictions                            The Boys Are Back
24 Hanway St                                     Budget: flexible                                  Dead Europe
London, W1T 1UH, UK                                                              Approach: when director is attached               Rabbit-Proof Fence
Tel: +44 207 290 0750                                                            Advances: no                                      Two Fists, One Heart                                                              Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,               Tracks                                                             Toronto, Ventana Sur

Indigo Entertainment                      Director, Emma Collin                  Genre: All as long as it has international        Last of the Great Apes
179 Wardour Street,                resonance. Ideally action, thriller and           MAMIL
London, W1F 8WY, UK                                                              romance. Not really comedy.                                                    Budget: Varied                                                   Approach: All stages but helps to have scripts
                                                                                 and lookbook
                                                                                 Markets: Cannes, EFM

                 Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                           ACQUISITION POLICY                             TITLES
IM Global                                   President, International Sales & Distribution,     Genre: commercial action, thriller, horror,   Hacksaw Ridge
The Beverly Quest Building                  Michael Rothstein                                  drama, comedy. IM Global has various
8201 Beverly Blvd, 5th Floor                                                                   distribution outlets: Opus – $15M + wide
Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA                  Creative Executive, JR Smith,                      release mainstream movies; Acclaim –
Tel: +1 310 777 3590                                        awards/review-driven films; Octane –                                                                           commercially viable genre; Anthem high-                       International Acquisitions & Sales, Samuel Hall    end foreign language; Apsara – rights for
                                                         territories in the South Asian and South
                                                                                               East Asian region.
                                            Senior Coordinator, Production                     Budget: all
                                            Joanne Lee                                         Approach: when script, director and
                                                          finance (at least 50%) is secured
                                                                                               Advance: depends on the package
                                                                                               Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
                                                                                               Sundance, Toronto, Ventana Sur

Independent                                 MD, Film Sales, Andrew Orr                        Genre: drama, comedy
6 Hatton Place                                     Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
London, EC1N 8R, UK                                                                           Toronto
Tel: +44 207 257 8734

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution Ltd          Acquisitions & Development Manager, Michael       Genre: Documentary, Drama, Action, Thriller,
6th Floor, 16 Dufours Place                 Chapman                                           Horror, Comedy, Romance, Animation
London, W1F 7SP, UK                        Budget: $250K-$15M
Tel: +44 20 3397 4410                                                                         Advances: yes                                                          Approach: Script stage                                                        Markets: AFM, EFM, Cannes, TIFF

Kathy Morgan International                  President, Kathy Morgan                                                                          Infini
12250 Sky Lane                                                                                                   Storm Boy
Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA
Tel: +1 310 472 6300

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                CONTACT                                     ACQUISITION POLICY                            TITLES
Kew Media Distribution                     Manager, Non-Scripted TV & Feature          Genre: All                                    2067
151 Shaftesbury Avenue                     Acquisitions, Distribution, Nik Bars        Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto,           Own the Sky
London, WCH2H 8AL, UK                                   Sundance                                      Suzi Q
Tel +44 207 851 6500                           Manager, Global Scripted Series, Michelle                          Goldfine

Lakeshore Entertainment                    COO, Eric Reid                              Budget: $15–65M                               Bliss
9268 West Third St                                                                     Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,           Dead End Drive-In
Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA               VP International Sales, Jason Buckley       Toronto                                       I, Frankenstein
Tel: +1 310 867 8000

LevelK                                     CEO - Managing Director, Tine Klint         Genre: works selectively within its four      Backyard Ashes
Gl. Kongvej 137B, 3rd Flr                                labels: Future Classics, After Dark, TV       The Butterfly Tree
1850 Frederiksberg C, Denmark                                                          Series/Docs, Family & Children Film           Chasing Comets
Tel: +45 4844 3072                         Director of Sales, Lauren Valmadre          Budgets: up to US$15M                         Downriver                                                Advances: yes                                 The Little Death
                                                                                       Approach: script stage when partly financed   Lone Wolf
                                                                                       Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,           My Mistress
                                                                                       Toronto                                       The Rocket
                                                                                                                                     The Turning
                                                                                                                                     Wish You Were Here

Lightning Entertainment                    Head of Acquisitions, Bobby Rock            Genre: Action, Thriller, Comedy, Drama        Healing
11340 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 140                      Budgets: $1–15M                               The Jungle
Burbank, CA 91505, USA                                                                 Approach: at script stage with cast or        Now Add Honey                                                                  director attached                             The Reckoning                                                                 Advances: Yes, MG’s depending on the film.    The Reef
                                                                                       Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto            Until She Came Along

                  Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                            ACQUISITION POLICY                            TITLES
The Little Film Company                     Co-Founder, Ellen Little           Genre: all. In addition to acting as sales    Bad Blood
3940 Laurel Canyon Boulevard #807      agent, the company has executive produced     The Clinic
Studio City, CA 91604, USA                                                     many films working with the creative          The Eye of the Storm
Tel: +1 818 762 6999                                                           producer to locate equity and structure the                                                   finance, cast and production of the film.                                                  Budget: any
                                                                               Approach: preferably with director attached
                                                                               but also only with developed screenplay
                                                                               Advances: yes, but of course depending on
                                                                               the film and attachments
                                                                               Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Lionsgate                                   EVP, International Sales                                                         Daybreakers
2700 Colorado Ave, #200                     Wendy Reeds                                                                      The Railway Man
Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA
Tel: + 1 310 449 9200                       Coordinator, International Sales                           Ryan Bennett

The Match Factory                           Managing Director, Michael Weber   Genre: all; focus on originality, style
Balthasarstrasse 79–81                                                         Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
Cologne, 50670 Germany                                                         Toronto, Ventana Sur
Tel: +49 22 15 39 70 90

Media Luna New Films                        Managing Director, Ida Martins     Genre: arthouse and commercial from           Big Mamma’s Boy
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 38, 6th Floor            directors and producers with a unique         My Tehran for Sale
Cologne, 50672, Germany                                                        signature on their work                       Blind Company                                                              Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,                                                             FILMART, Toronto, Ventana Sur

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                CONTACT                                             ACQUISITION POLICY                                TITLES
Memento Films Intl                         President, Emilie Georges                           Genre: commercial and arthouse with               Berlin Syndrome
9 Cité Paradis                                                                                 commercial potential, renowned directors          Girl Asleep
Paris, 75010, France                       Head of International Sales & Acquisitions, Tanja   Approach: script and some package in place        The Darkside
Tel: +33 1 53 34 90 20                     Meissner                                            Advances: yes                                     Lore                                         Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,                 Sweet Country                                                                        FILMART, Toronto, Ventana Sur                     The Tree

Metro International Entertainment          Partner/CEO, Will Machin                            Genre: will consider most genres. Looking for     Goddess
16 Lincoln’s Inn Fields Holborn                                                                quality-driven, commercial projects with          Salvation Creek
London, WC2A 3ED, UK                       Partner/Head of Sales, Natalie Brenner              international appeal that will attract            That Sugar Film
Tel: +44 207 396 5301                                                                          significant cast. Will also look at strong                        Partner/Head of Production and Acquisitions,        arthouse with cross-over potential. Good                      Sam Parker                                          production and filmmaking credentials are
                                                                                               Budget: any up to around $25M
                                                                                               Advance: occasionally; Can provide co-
                                                                                               production support and financing depending
                                                                                               on requirements but essentially provide
                                                                                               presales, tax credit facilities and gap and may
                                                                                               consider providing other financing project
                                                                                               Approach: early, with script in good shape,
                                                                                               ideally with an idea of director and cast to be
                                                                                               Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
                                                                                               Sundance, Toronto

Mister Smith                               CEO, David Garrett                                  Genre: no specific genre, strong director         I am Mother
77 Dean St                                                                                     driven films                                      Song of Mumbai
London, W1D 3SH, UK                                                                            Budget: $5M - $100M+                              The Water Diviner
Tel: +44 207 494 1724                                                                          Approach: when script is ready, no                                                                         treatments                                                                        Advance: Yes
                                                                                               Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

                  Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                ACQUISITION POLICY                               TITLES
Mongrel International                                                              Genre: very open but cast, director,             The Daughter
1352 Dundas Street West                                                            provenance all important. If genre prefer        Jasper Jones
Toronto, M6J1Y2, Canada                                                            'elevated' genre.                                Undertow
Tel: 1 416 516 9775                                                                Budget: $1.2-20M                                                 Approach: script stage with director secured,                                                     unless writer/producer package is very
                                                                                   Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Sundance,
                                                                                   Toronto, Berlin and others as appropriate

Moviehouse Entertainment                    MD/Head of Sales, Gary Phillips        Genre: any commercial genres                     The Go-Betweens: Right Here
Black Hangar Studios, Lasham Airfield,        Budget: any                                      The Illustrated Family Doctor
Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5SG, UK                                                     Advance: occasionally                            The Magician
Tel: +44 207 836 5536                       MD/Head of Acquisitions, Mark Vennis   Approach: script stage so that they can assist   The Rage in Placid Lake                       with casting                                     Rough Stuff                                                             Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM                        Swerve

MultiVisionnaire Pictures                   Managing Partner, Sean Haley           Genre: No restriction. Both feature films and    Birth Of A Warrior
3080 W. Valley Blvd.                                                               series. Actively looking for sci-fi, family,     Dark Lurking
Ste B, Alhambra,                                                                   adventure, and series, but open to all big       Lone Wolves
CA 91803, USA                                                                      concepts, good material with international       One Less God
Tel: +1 626 737 8357                                                               appeal.                                          Sheborg                                                           Budget: No restriction, majority under $5m                                                  Advance: Case by case
                                                                                   Approach: From production stage (majority
                                                                                   financed, with confirmed talent and
                                                                                   production schedule) to completed
                                                                                   Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Filmart,
                                                                                   Toronto, Ventana Sur

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                         ACQUISITION POLICY                            TITLES
Myriad Pictures                             President & CEO, Kirk D’Aimco                   Genre: all; small budget dramas though,       Boys in the Trees
11845 West Olympic Blvd                                                                     need names, debut directors not a priority    Buen Camino
Suite 850W                                  SVP, Distribution & Acquisitions, Scott Bendo   Budget: above $5M                             The Chain Breakers
Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA                                                                  Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,           The Cup                                                                      Toronto                                       Death Defying Acts                                                                                                                   Little Fish
                                                                                                                                          Elephant Tales
                                                                                                                                          Red Dog
                                                                                                                                          RED DOG: True Blue
Odin’s Eye Entertainment                    CEO, Michael Favelle                            Genre: no specific genre. Strong concept,     Arrowhead, Brothers’ Nest, Cage Dive
Level 2, 85 The Grand Parade                               premise and cast-driven features with         (AKA Open Water 3), Canopy, Crush,
PO Box 173                                                                                  international appeal                          Fragment, The Heckler, The Legend of
Brighton Le Sands,                          Head of International Sales and Distribution,   Budget: low–high                              Ben Hall, Little Deaths, Needle, Three
NSW 2216, Australia                         Martin Gallery                                  Approach: when creative team in place and     Blind Mice
Tel: +61 295 672 294                                        script ready. Can get involved as producer                                                                         and matchmake with financiers                 Odin’s Eye Animation: Combat                        EVP Development, Acquisitions, Festivals,       Advances: modest but depending on project     Wombat, The Wishmas Tree
                                            Belinda Davis                                   Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,
                                                           FILMART, Toronto                              Doco features: Autoluminescent, In
                                                                                                                                          Bob We Trust, Salute
Paramount                                                                                   Genre: films that will work in the domestic   Tomorrow, When the War Began
5555 Melrose Avenue                                                                         US market
Hollywood, CA 90038, USA                                                                    Approach: when some elements in place
Tel: +1 323 956 5000                                                                        Advances: yes

Participant Media                           CEO, Jeffrey Skoll                              Genre: films that inspire social change
331 Foothill Road                                                                           Approach: no unsolicited materials; must go
3rd Floor                                   President of Narrative Film & Television,       through an agent
Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA                Jonathan King

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                       ACQUISITION POLICY                              TITLES
Pathé International                         Senior Vice President, International Sales,   Genre: eclectic but with an international       Better Than Sex
2 rue Lamennais                             Mayalen de Croisoeuil,                        focus; interested in low/medium-budget          Bright Star
Paris, 75008, France                                        projects where the concept is the star rather   The Square
Tel: +33 1 71 72 33 05                                                                    than cast; original or fresh interpretations                  Senior Vice President, International Sales,   Budget: flexible                Agathe Theodore,                              Approach: when director is attached
                                                       Advances: yes, but depends on project
                                                                                          Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment             Joint CEO, Michael Cowan                      Genre: action, scfi, thrillers, drama           Iron Sky
Suite 225, 91 Western Road,                          Budget: any, small or high                      The Riders
Brighton, BN1 2NW, UK                                                                     Approach: script stage with director forward    Watch The Sunset
Tel: 44 1273 329 200                        CEO – Producer, Robbie Mofatt                 Advances: varies from nothing to what                               makes sense                                                                  Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
                                            Head of Actions and Production                Toronto
                                            Emanuele Moretti
Protagonist Pictures                        CEO, Dave Bishop                              Genre: all, first features need body of work    Little Monsters
42-48 Great Portland St                             Budget: any                                     Partisan
London, W1W 7NB, UK                                                                       Approach: when director is attached,            Snowtown
Tel: +44 207 734 9000                                                                     possibly interested in coming on board          Save Your Legs!                                                               earlier                                                              Advances: yes
                                                                                          Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Pyramide International                      President, Eric Lagesse                       Markets: Busan, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,           Early Winter
5 rue du Chevalier de Saint-George                    Toronto, Ventana Sur
Paris, 75008, France
Tel: +33 1 42 96 02 20                      Head of Sales, Agathe Valentin             

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                    ACQUISITION POLICY                             TITLES
Radiant Films International                 Acquisitions and Distribution Executive,                                                  Kill Me Three Times
655 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite 860               Mike Dougherty
Hollywood, CA 90028, USA          
Tel: +1 310 601 2726

Reel Suspects                               CEO, Matteo Lovadina                       Genre: Features only, with an edge, a twist,   Ruin
42 Rue René Boulanger                                                                  crossovers between genres. First features
Paris, 75010, France                                                                   are welcome. Cinematic photography
Tel: +33 1 58 51 42 95                                                                 essential.                                                                   Budget: $1–5M euros/dollars                                                                  Approach: when visual material is ready (eg
                                                                                       location photography, storyboards, other
                                                                                       pre-vis elements)
                                                                                       Advance: yes
                                                                                       Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,
                                                                                       FILMART, Sundance, Toronto, Ventana Sur

Rocket Science                              Managing Director, Thorsten Schumacher
5th Floor, 140 Wardour Street
London, W1F 8ZT, UK
Tel: +44 203 196 0048

Saboteur Media                              President of Distribution, Mark Lindsay    Genre: all                                     Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan
799 Washington Street                              Budget: any
New York, NY 10014, USA                                                                Approach: script stage
Tel: +1 (212) 897-3922                                                                 Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto,                                                                  Sundance

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                        ACQUISITION POLICY                                TITLES
SC Films International                      CEO, Simon Crowe                               Genre: commercial theatrical; looking for         Uninhabited
1st Flr, 56 Brewer Street                          films with an international hook – director,
London, W1F 9TJ, UK                                                                        cast or universal story of the script. Can help
Tel: +44 207 287 1900                                                                      with finance on very commercial projects                                                               Budget: $1–30M                                                              Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Seville International                       SVP, International Sales, Anick Poirier        Genre: theatrical features in all genres; focus   Animal Kingdom
455 St-Antoine West, Suite 300                            on larger more commercial films with strong       The Babadook
Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1J1, Canada                                                          cast and hotly sought-after filmmakers.           Beautiful
Tel: + 1 514 878 2282                                                                      Strong arthouse films possible with festival      Below                                                         and awards potential. Producer and                Cut Snake                                                      filmmaking team track records important.          Galore
                                                                                           Budget: minimum $3M, no maximum                   The Hunter
                                                                                           Approach: script and director in place, with      'I Used to be Normal': A Boyband
                                                                                           an idea of cast                                   Fangirl Story
                                                                                           Advances: when there is cast and package          Mad Bastards
                                                                                           pre-saleable                                      The Mule
                                                                                           Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM,                        Palm Beach
                                                                                           Sundance, Toronto, Ventana Sur                    Sleeping Beauty
                                                                                                                                             South Solitary
                                                                                                                                             Summer Coda
Sierra/Affinity                             Senior Vice President Business Development &   Genre: Theatrical release targeted feature        Nekrotronic
9378 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 210               Film Finance, Gavin Levinson                   films that have cast with an international
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA                            profile and subject matter that appeals to
Tel: +1 424 253 1060                                                                       international markets and US audiences.                                                                    Commercial and strong character driven                                                                   films. Action, drama, thriller, horror.
                                                                                           Budget: $5M+
                                                                                           Approach: Focus on pre-sales: script, director
                                                                                           and lead cast in place, but will look at
                                                                                           completed films as well.
                                                                                           Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Sundance, TIFF

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                       ACQUISITION POLICY                              TITLES
Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions        SVP, Acquisitions, Joe Matukewicz             Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto              Gabriel
10202 West Washington Blvd                                                                             Ladies in Black
Culver City, CA 90232, USA                                                                                                                Predestination
Tel: +1 (310) 244-4000                      Executive Vice President, Michael Helfand                                                     Spin Out

Starline Entertainment                      Director of Acquisitions, Piers Nightingale   Genre: all, but particularly family/children,   6 Plots
Studio 2.26, The Old Town Hall                                                            youth, thriller, horror, romantic comedy and    48 Shades
213 Haverstock Hill                                                                       crime drama, and also takes on docs             Aim High in Creation!
London, NW3 4QP, UK                                                                       Budget: $100K–$10M                              Blame
Tel: +44 (0)20 7998 6270                                                                  Approach: director, cast and ideally local      Cedar Boys                                                                   distributor attached and a finance plan         Drown                                                          Advances: yes, but depends on international     Last Dance
                                                                                          profile of director and cast                    Storage
                                                                                          Markets: Cannes, EFM, FILMART, Toronto

Stray Dogs                                  Founder, Nathan Fischer                       Genre: edgy, international, director-driven
15 rue Chevert                                             films with cult potential, Arthouse genre
Paris, 75007, France                                                                      Budget: up to US$4M
Tel: +33 1 71 27 48 53                                                                    Approach: Post-production, pre-production                                                                        Advances: depends on the project                                                                      Markets: Cannes, EFM, Toronto

Studio 100 Film                             Director Business Operations Production,      Genre: Animation, children’s and family         100% Wolf
Neumarkter Straße 18-20                     Thorsten Wegener                              movies                                          Blinky Bill - The Movie
Munich, 81673, Germany                             Budget: up to US$20M                            Maya the Bee – First Flight
Tel: +49 89 960 550                                                                       Approach: upon finished script and trailer      Maya the Bee – The Honey Games                                                                     Advances: to be negotiated                                                                    Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                        ACQUISITION POLICY                              TITLES
Studiocanal International                                                                  Studiocanal is particularly focusing on the
1, Place du Spectacle                                                                      acquisition of (1) films with a strong music
Issy Les Moulineaux, 92130, France                                                         component, (2) family titles, preferably with
Tel: 33 1 71 35 35 35                                                                      strong pre-existing brand awareness, and (3)                                                                        prestige titles from filmmaking teams with a
                                                                                           festival or critical pedigree.
                                                                                           Budget: All
                                                                                           Approach: Once a financing package is in
                                                                                           place, including director, cast and budget
                                                                                           Advances: Yes
                                                                                           Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

TF1 International                           CEO, Benoit Louvet                             Advances: yes                                   Drift
6, Place Abel Gance,                                                                       Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto,             Muriel’s Wedding
Boulougne Billancourt, 92100, France        Deputy Head of Acquisitions, Colombe De Cerf   Ventana Sur                                     The Piano
Tel: +33 1 41 41 21 68            

Twentieth Century Fox Intl                                                                                                                 Australia
PO Box 900,                                                                                                                                The Flip Side
Beverly Hills, CA 90213, USA

Universal Pictures                                                                                                                         Sanctum
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608, USA

Urban Distribution International (U.D.I.)   Managing Director, Frederic Corvez             Genre: international arthouse films             Hearts and Bones
14 rue du 18 Août                                   Approach: either at script stage or when a      Hounds of Love
Montreuil, 93100, France                                                                   rough cut is available for viewing              Joe Cinque’s Consolation
Tel: +33 1 48 70 46 55                                                                     Advances: yes, depending on the project         Little Sparrows                                                                       Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, FILMART,                                                                   Toronto, Ventana Sur

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                 CONTACT                                           ACQUISITION POLICY                               TITLES
Visit Films                                 President, Ryan Kampe                             Genre: all, but essentially looking for movies   52 Tuesdays
173 Richardson St                                                  they like                                        Alice
Brooklyn, NY 10003, USA                                                                       Budget: typically under $5M                      Beneath Clouds
Tel: +1 718 312 8210                        Acquisitions, James Lickfield                     Approach: if director is well known, at script   Charlie’s Country                                                stage, otherwise some financing and cast in      Jirga                                                                           place is ideal                                   A Month of Sundays
                                                                                              Advances: yes, depends on the project            Sam Klemke’s Time Machine
                                                                                              Markets: Cannes, EFM, FILMART, Ventana           Toomelah
                                                                                              Sur                                              Tanna

Voltage Pictures                            VP of Acquisitions, Babacar Diene                 Genre: looking for elevated high concept
116 N Robertson Blvd., Suite 200                         thrillers, sci-fi, action; contained Genre,
Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA                                                                    Prestige Dramas; high concept Female
Tel: + 1 323 606 7630                                                                         Comedies                                                                       Budget: range from $500K to $60M                                                                     Approach: when producers have some
                                                                                              elements on board ie. director and cast as
                                                                                              well if possible
                                                                                              Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,
                                                                                              FILMART, Toronto

Warner Bros                                                                                                                                    Happy Feet
4000 Warner Blvd                                                                                                                               Happy Feet Two
Burbank, CA 91522, USA                                                                                                                         Mad Max franchise
Tel: +1 818 954 6000                                                                                                                           The Great Gatsby

WestEnd Films                               Head of Acquisitions and Development, Toby Hill   Genre: all genres, but must be quality,          Falling For Figaro
Shepherds Centrail                                             theatrical and pre-saleable                      Flammable Children/Swinging Safari
Charecroft Way,                                                                               Budget: any                                      Rams
London, W140EE, UK                          Director of Sales, Sofia Neves                    Approach: script stage, with director
Tel: +44 207 494 8300                                         attached                                                                          Advances: yes                                                                         Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto

                   Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                                CONTACT                                         ACQUISITION POLICY                                TITLES
Wide Management                            Head of Wide House (documentary sales), Anais   Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,               Being Venice
9, rue Bleue                               Clanet                                          Toronto, Ventana Sur
Paris, 75009, France             
Tel: +33 1 53 95 04 64                     Head of Fiction Sales, Loïc Magneron         

Wild Bunch                                 Head of Sales, Eva Diederix                     Genre: all                                        Alexandra’s Project
65 rue de Dunkergue                                                                        Budget: up to $15M                                Strangerland
Paris, 75009, France                       Head of Acquisitions, Marie-Pierre Valle        Approach: when director and cast in place         Ten Canoes
Tel: + 33 1 43 13 21 34                                                                    and a portion of the financing is in place                                                                          Advances: yes                                                                      Markets: Busan, Cannes, EFM, FILMART,
                                                                                           Toronto, Ventana Sur

The Works International                                                                    Genre: has to be theatrical feature, debut        Beautiful Kate
5th Flr, Fairgate House                                                                    directors more difficult                          A Man’s Gotta Do
78 New Oxford St                                                                           Advances: yes, but conditional on pre-selling     My Year Without Sex
London, WC1A 1HB, UK                                                                       Markets: AFM, Cannes, EFM, Toronto                The Proposition
Tel: +44 20 7612 1080                                                                                                                        100 Bloody Acres

XYZ Films                                  Partner Sales, Nate Bolotin                     Genre: Elevated genre. Crime, thriller, action,   Better Watch Out
3101-B, S. La Cienega Blvd                                      horror, sci-fi, black comedy.                     Infini
Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA                                                                 Budget: $1M–$20M                                  The Osiris Child
Tel: +1 310 956 1550                       Partner Acquisitions, Todd Brown
                                                                                           Approach: Director attached, cast attached.       Storm Surfers 3D                                                                                           Advances: yes, project-by-project                 Wyrmwood
                                           Australian Executive, Simon de Bruyn            Markets: AFM, Busan, Cannes, EFM,
                                                               FILMART, Sundance, Toronto

                  Directory of International Sales Agents March 2019
SALES AGENT                               CONTACT                                 ACQUISITION POLICY                            TITLES
The Yellow Affair                         CEO, Karoliina Dwyer                    Genre: Thriller, Drama, Suspense, Comedy,     Fell
Götgatan 9, 1tr                               Romance, Horror, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi,    unINDIAN
Stockholm, 11646, Sweden                                                          Family
Tel: + 46 86 451 212                      Head of Sales & Business Development,   Budget:
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