Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926

Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926

       Program Guide

 Putting People in Business Since 1926
Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
Program Overview
Locksmithing is a great way to do light work and make good money!
Every home, office and vehicle has at least one lock, that means there are hundreds
of millions of locks in the United States. And only a professional locksmith can
properly service and install locks,
deadbolts, and more advanced security
systems. That’s why locksmiths are so
in demand. And why they always will
be...regardless of economic conditions.

As a locksmith, you can work your
own hours. You can make it a full-
time career, or a part-time way to earn
extra money. It’s perfect for anybody,
including retirees or people who are
physically challenged.

You can start your own locksmithing        Get Started with SkillPak 1 for only $35!
business working from your home, a small shop or even a mobile shop. Or you
can work for a locksmithing company, a car dealership, a hospital or university, a
hardware store, a construction firm or a security firm.

And you can make an average of $48.00 or more an hour (see chart below)...
plus substantial markups on supplies. Imagine earning that kind of money and
having your services be almost constantly in demand!

Finally, locksmithing is a dignified profession, and locksmiths are respected and
trusted members of the community. You’ll provide a needed service—an important
service—and earn an excellent living doing it.
          SERVICE                     TIME TO COMPLETE        MONEY EARNED
         Car opening/lock out                 5 minutes         $40 + mileage
         Unlocking house                  10 minutes            $35 + mileage
         Changing safe combination             1 hour           $50 + mileage
         Re-keying business lock               1 hour                $38
         Cutting keys by code                  1 hour                $44
         Vault work                            1 hour                $90
                                                                   SOURCE: The National Locksmith
Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
 our Locksmith Program includes:
Y                                           You’ll learn:
• The Basic Locksmithing Course with        • Key identifica-
   six SkillPaks, each with five Skills and   tion and key
   all the materials, parts, and tools to     making
   help you master those skills.            • Lock picking

                                            • Residential lock
• The Advanced Locksmithing Course,          applications
   features additional instruction in high- • Commercial lock
   end applications like safe and vault       applications
   locks, safety deposit box locks.         • Master keying
                                            • Automotive lock     Each Additional
• The Bonus items, including the Model        mechanisms        SkillPak is only $55
   200 Key Machine, Lock Pick Gun,          • Security for             each!
   the Business Builder Guides, and the       homes and busi-
   Burglar/Fire Alarm Course.                 nesses
                                            • Automotive Code Cutting
• Catalogs from which you can order        • Safe & Vault Locks
   professional tools and supplies          • High Security Locks
   wholesale (so you can add a mark-up of
   50-100% or more!)                        Tools and Supplies
                                            are included!
• Lifetime access to Foley-Belsaw           You will receive
   technical assistance, to help you        everything you
   with your locksmithing skills or your    need to succeed

   locksmithing business.                   including valuable
                                            locksmithing tools
• Two diplomas, for Basic and             and shop supplies.
   Advanced Locksmithing.

How to Make Money
  as a Locksmith                     How to Make Money
                   How to Make Money as a Locksmith
 Volume 1, Getting Started
                      as a Locksmith    Volume 2, Business Basics

                       Volume 3, Accounting & Legal Issues

               © 2011, Foley-Belsaw Company

3 FREE How To Build Your
Locksmith Business Guides!
Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
When it comes to locksmith training, the Foley-Belsaw Institute gives you the best,
including a FREE Foley-Belsaw Model 200 professional key machine - a value of
$349.00! The Model 200 will become the workhorse of your
profitable key cutting services.  With the Foley-Belsaw In-
stitute you will receive the best training available along with
the professional-grade tools of the trade.

Career Outlook
Whether you choose to work for an established locksmith
or start your own business, your career outlook as a profes-
sional, trusted locksmith is excellent!
Families and businesses are more concerned about security than ever. It is no won-
der why professional locksmiths are in such high demand. Only a trusted lock-
smith can properly install locks, deadbolts and more advanced systems to safeguard
homes, businesses, vehicles and other property.

As a Foley-Belsaw graduate, your customers will also rely on you to make emer-
gency repairs, re-key locks, make duplicate keys, make new keys and respond to
emergency calls to open vehicles, homes and businesses.

You will receive TWO
Diplomas from Foley-Belsaw,
the most respected name in
Locksmith Training!

Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
Payment Plans                                                  SkillPak 6 includes the
                                                               FREE Lock Pick Gun!
                                                               A $60.00 Value!
PLAN A – Single Payment Plan – $769.00
Save over $140 compared to Plan C. You make a total in-
vestment of just $769 in one payment now. (L070C)

PLAN B – “Super Low” Payment Plan

Invest just $35 now and receive your first Skillpack of les-
sons. Your monthly payments are only $55 per month
- Total tuition investment $910 Tuition includes the entire
course including parts, tools, Key machine, Pick Gun, Busi-
ness Builder Guides and more! (L070)

                                                        SkillPak 8 includes the
                                                        FREE 3-in-1 Key Machine!
                                                        A $349.00 Value!

The Advanced Course,
SkillPak 7, is included
absolutely FREE!

                                        The Burglar/Fire Alarm and Security
                                        Systems Course is included as your
                                        BONUS for completing the course!

Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
                                                                                      Step 1: Read the materials enclosed.
 Please Print
                                                                                      Step 2: Complete this Enrollment Form.*
First Name                          M.I.           Last Name
                                                                                      Step 3: Return this Enrollment Form with your
Postal Address
                                                                                                  Tuition Discount Voucher and payment
City                                State              Zip                 +                      in the postage-paid envelope provided.
UPS Shipping Address                                                                              		                 or
(if different)                                                                                    use your credit card and call us from
                                                                                                  8am - 4:30pm CST at 1-800-821-3452*
City                                 State             Zip                 +
Telephone    (          )                                                                         enroll on-line at www.foley-belsaw.com
                                                                                        *All enrollments require a signed Enrollment Agreement to be
E-mail Address                                                                           kept on file.  If you enroll by phone or online via the web site,
                                                                                      please sign and date Section 1 , mark it as Enrollment Agreement
                                                                                           Only in Section 3, and mail it back to us as soon as possible.

                        PO Box 401                                                    Professional Locksmith
                        River Falls, WI 54022-0401
                                                                        COURSE ENROLLMENT FORM
                       Qualifying Resident Only:                 Tuition Discount Available:                                  Enrollment Period Ends:

                                                                                                                                       In 14 Days
                                                      (with voucher enclosed)

 SECTION 1                                          SECTION 2                                   SECTION 3
 Your enrollment agreement.                         Choose your payment plan.                   Choose your method of payment.

  I want to enroll in the Foley-Belsaw Institute      INSTALLMENT PLAN                          ‰‰ Check or money order enclosed (made
  Professional Locksmithing Course through           (L070)--Get started for only $35!              payable to Foley-Belsaw) for the pay-
  the Prosperity Program. Please send my             Send this form with just $35 to                ment plan checked at left.
  first lessons right away so I can begin            begin, then make low, interest-free
  increasing my income. I understand that
                                                                                                 ‰‰ Bill my credit card for payment plan
                                                     monthly payments of only $55.                  indicated at left
  I have a 30 day No-Risk Trial and Money            (Total Tuition is $910.00)                           q MasterCard®
  Back Agreement. I will receive my diploma                                                               q VISA®
  as soon as I have completed my tuition              SINGLE PAYMENT PLAN                                q Discover®
  payments and final examination.                    (L070C)--Return this form with
                                                     just $769.00 as payment in full--a          ‰‰ Enrollment Agreement Only. I enrolled
                                                     total savings of $141.00. And you              and paid by phone or internet earlier.
  Signature: _________________________
                                                     can still get all your money back           Card Number _______________________________
                                                     within 30 days if not satisfied!
  Phone:___________________________                                                              Exp. Date___________________________________
                                                     MN and WI residents -
                                                     All applicable sales tax apply              CVS# (last 3 digits on back of card)______________
  Date: ____________________________

                                                                                             OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                             Student Number              Order Number
        You may withdraw within 30 days of enrolling for a full refund.                      Amt. Rec’d.                  Ref. No.

Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
Our Instructors will take a deep personal interest in your lessons. Remember, if you have any questions about your lessons, you may
write your questions on one of the special “Quick Reply” letters that you will receive with your first set of lessons, or call the school at
1-800-821-3452, 8:00 – 4:30 CST, Monday through Friday.

All of the Instructors at Foley-Belsaw have years of technical home study instructional and industry experience. Our Instructors will
do their best to offer you individualized help on any lesson you may be having problems with… and this professional help is yours
at no extra charge by simply contacting the school. We also have a highly trained Customer/Student Service Staff that will assist you
with any other questions that you may have.
On acceptance of your Enrollment Application, Foley-Belsaw                                  THE PAY-AS-YOU-LEARN PLAN
will immediately rush you your first set of lessons and materials           This monthly payment plan is designed for students who wish to
(known as a SkillPak). You have thirty days from your enroll-               pay their tuition over time. Students who choose this plan may re-
ment date to review these materials without obligation. As you              ceive one SkillPak for each $55.00 payment received in advance.
proceed through your course and complete your lessons, you will             It is understood, that upon the student’s acceptance of this plan,
be instructed to periodically send in grading materials for evalua-         that the student agrees to make their minimum monthly payments
tion and grading by your Instructor. Your Instructor will carefully         in full and on time to remain in good standing.
review your work and return your grade along with any comments
and suggestions for improvement                                             The Pay-As-You-Learn Plan requires a minimum of one $55.00
                                                                            payment per month, regardless of the student’s progress in the
                        GRIEVANCE POLICY                                    course.
It is the Institute’s desire to assist our students whenever we can.
To that end, we encourage all students who have a concern to                Students not in good standing for a period of 90 days will have
contact the Institute and take advantage of the Student Services            their payment privileges revoked and their FULL remaining ac-
provided for their use. Students may contact the Institute via              count balance will become immediately due. The student’s ac-
the US Mail, Fax or by Telephone at the address/numbers listed              count may also be turned over for collection and their information
below. In order to assist students quickly and completely, it is            forwarded to their credit bureau. Students further agree that they
suggested that they follow the following procedure.                         will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred in the
                                                                            collection process. Students who pay their delinquent accounts in
1. Students should start out by contacting one of our Customer              full within two years of the original enrollment may be allowed to
Service Representatives. They are trained to provide you with               finish their course.
assistance in a variety of ways and can offer additional direction
when and if it is necessary. If a student feels that the representa-                        HOW YOU ARE EVALUATED
tive was not able to adequately address their concern, students             At the completion of a lesson or group of lessons (SkillPak), you will
may request to speak with their Instructor.                                 take an “open book” exam which is graded on the following scale:

2. If, after exploring their concern with their Instructor, they feel                Lesson Score        Letter Grade      Rating- Pass/Fail
that they need further assistance, students should feel free to con-
tact the Institute’s Director of Training or President.                              90% to 100%              A            Excellent/Passing
                  TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS                                                80% to 89%               B           Very Good/Passing
The school will provide a transcript to the student free of charge
at any time. Students may make such requests by contacting the                       70% to 79%               C            Good or Passing
school at 1-800-821-3452.
                                                                                     60% to 69%               D                Passing
Contact Information:
Foley-Belsaw Institute           Telephone (800) 821-3452                             Below 60%               F                 Failing
1173 Benson St                   Fax (715) 426-2198
PO Box 401          		                                                      An overall program average of 60% or above is required to gradu-
River Falls, WI 54022-0401                                                  ate and receive a diploma.

                                                                     Refund Policy
        1. Students who cancel within 30 days of their enrollment date and have not submitted any lessons for grading will receive a
           complete refund of all monies paid.
        2. Students who cancel 31to 60 days after their enrollment date OR have submitted not more than one set of lessons for grading will
           be charged 1/3 of their tuition.
        3. Students who cancel up to 90 days after their enrollment date OR have submitted not more than two sets of lessons for grading
           will be charged 2/3 of their tuition.
        4. Students who cancel after 90 days from their enrollment date OR have submitted more than two sets of lessons for grading will
           be charged their full tuition.
        5. Students wishing to cancel must contact Foley-Belsaw at 1-800-821-3452 for a returned goods authorization number and
           the correct address for returning their materials. Returning materials to an improper address or without a returned goods
           authorization number may cause you to incur an enrollment fee of $50.00. Foley-Belsaw is not responsible for any materials
           returned to an incorrect address or without proper authorization.
        6. Within one year of cancellation, any student wishing to resume their training may apply for permission to do so to the Institute
           and will incur a $50.00 re-enrollment fee. On acceptance, you will be given credit for any lessons completed and monies paid.

                                     Write us • Fax 1-715-426-2198 • Call 1-800-821-3452
 Your training is backed by The Foley-Belsaw Company, a major corporation with a record of satisfied customers throughout the
                                       United States and 50 foreign countries since 1926.                               L-12/12C
   We suggest that you make a copy of this enrollment form front and back for your records before mailing to the school.
Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I know your school's programs                 Q. Do I need any prior knowledge or expe-
are really all you say they are?                        rience to take your courses?

A. We guarantee it.                                     A. No.

Each of our programs comes with a 30-Day                Each of our courses begins with the funda-
No-Risk Free Trial and Money-Back Guaran-               mentals and takes you step-by-step through
tee. This allows you to receive your first les-         your training. Your lessons are broken down
son materials and review them at your leisure           into easy-to-understand fully illustrated mod-
for a full 30 days. If you are not satisfied, for       ules that allow you to learn at your own pace.
any reason simply return your materials for a           You'll learn hands-on the information you need
FULL REFUND. No questions asked.                        to know from top to bottom... and NO previ-
                                                        ous knowledge or experience is necessary or
Q. How long does it take to complete the                required.
Locksmith program?
                                                        Q. Is there any age requirement?
A. As little or as much time as you need up to
2 years.                                                A. No.

One of the wonderful things about the Foley-            Our students come from all age groups. Many
Belsaw Institute's self-paced training is that          are looking to start or change full-time careers
there is no set schedule that you must follow           while others want to supplement their existing
to complete your training. How long it takes            incomes or retirement by developing their own
is completely up to you. Each student has the           part-time business.
luxury of working at their own pace according
to their own particular needs, requirements and         Q. Is the Foley-Belsaw Institute accredited?
available time.
                                                        A. No.
Many finish in as little as six months or less
while others may require additional time. You The Foley-Belsaw Institute is not accredited,
are kept well supplied with lessons and materi- however we are accepted as training for most
als so you can proceed as quickly as you wish. of the states that require a state license. Foley-
                                                Belsaw has been providing locksmith training
Q. What is the maximum time allowed for         for over 50 years and is recognized as a bona
me to complete my course?                       fide locksmith school for individuals, insti-
                                                tutions, and government agencies. We have
A. You have up to 2 years. While most stu-      continuously been in business since 1926 and
dents complete their training in 6 - 9 months,  are proud to have trained many thousands of
you may take up to two years.                   students over the years who now have their
                                                own successful part or full-time businesses.
Locksmith Training Program Guide - Putting People in Business Since 1926
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What do I do if I have a question? Is help and have easy to fill out information request
available if I need it?                       forms for your convenience.

A. Yes.                                               Q. How are my lessons sent?

It's not uncommon for students and graduates          A. Parcel Post or UPS.
alike to have technical questions from time to
time. A very important and exclusive benefit          Under normal circumstances, your lessons are
that we provide for you and our graduates is          sent via Parcel Post or UPS. If you wish, spe-
the Foley-Belsaw institute Technical Support          cial arrangements can be made to ship by UPS
Center.                                               Next Day or Second Day Service for an addi-
                                                      tional fee.
Anytime you need assistance, during or after
your training, you can take advantage of our          Q. How much is shipping?
Student Assistance Hotline. Our staff of highly
trained instructors and advisory personnel is         A. FREE if you pay your tuition in full at time
available to answer your questions. Best of all       of enrollment. If you are making monthly
there is no charge for this special service!          payments the cost of shipping is built into the
                                                      total cost of the program. Either way there is
Q. What do my tuition fees include?                   no additional shipping charges added to your
                                                      course totals for shipments within the United
A. Everything.                                        States. Courses shipped outside of the U.S.
                                                      must be paid in full and will be charged the
Your tuition covers all of your lessons, exami-       actual shipping amount to a credit card.
nations, student services and tools that you
will need to complete your training. There            Q. How can I get started in one of your
are no additional costs or hidden charges of          courses?
any kind. The total costs for each program are
clearly listed on your Enrollment Agreement.          A. Enroll online, by phone or though the mail.

Q. How can I get more information about           You can print a copy of the enrollment form
your courses?                                     and send it in with a payment. Or, if you like,
                                                  you can contact one of our Customer Ser-
A. By phone, mail, or online.                     vice Representatives via our toll-free number
                                                  1-800-821-3452 and they will assist you. The
If you would like more information on any of Customer Service Department is available
our programs, click on the subject area that in- from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Standard
terests you in the Course Listing tool bar at the Time, Monday through Friday.
top of this page. They are linked to individual
pages that will tell you more about the course
Business never stops for Foley-Belsaw           make. He enrolled on the spot and just
graduate Mike Rayburn, founder of               six months later, Mike graduated from the
Arklatex Locksmiths. In the 18 months           Foley-Belsaw Institute again, this time as
since opening his locksmith business,           a Professional Locksmith. “Taking the
he’s not only been in high-demand, he is        course was the best thing I’ve ever done.
a genuine lifesaver!                            I would encourage a lot more people to
                                                take the course,” he proudly says.
Mike’s success story is very special. He Today, Mike is the owner of Arklatex
started his first successful business  as       Locksmiths. His business is booming,
a graduate of the Foley-Belsaw Small            and the success keeps coming just
Engine Institute. For years Mike served like the calls he receives for help over
his community                                                    his special police
                          “The best part is feeling the
of Haynesville,                                                  radio. Local sheriff
Louisiana as the          satisfaction of helping someone out departments call on
city’s only small         – especially when there’s a baby       Mike frequently to assist
engine technician.                                               motorists who have
                          involved. There’s no other word
He made money                                                    locked themselves out of
quickly and had           for it than exhilarating!”             their vehicles.
more customers
than he could handle.                                           Mr. Rayburn recently
                                                                purchased a van that was
“The Foley-Belsaw Small Engine Course                           already outfitted with
definitely paid off,” Mike recalled.   “I                       racks and a cage and
made money right from the start. But                            quickly turned it into a
when my back began to ache, I wondered                          mobile money-maker.
if a different type of work might suit me                      Now equipped with a
better.” That’s when Mr. Rayburn ordered power converter, a key machine and
his free Foley-Belsaw Opportunity Kit in other tools of the trade, Mike provides
Locksmithing. He read what the course his services over a huge area covering
had to offer – the chance to learn at his the borders of Arkansas, Louisiana and
own pace and in the convenience of his Texas. It’s been a real business getter.
own home. He read about the demand for Recently a fellow motorist spotted
skilled locksmiths and the money they can Mike’s van at a stop sign. He asked
Mike where he could get keys made.            facility up to snuff when he re-keyed
“Right here!” Mike exclaimed. He              their entire building and repaired the
pulled over and made the keys on the          building’s emergency exits.
side of the road! He’s so busy, he has
to buy a second van to keep up with his       “The best part,” Mike said, “is feeling
business.                                     the satisfaction of helping someone
                                              out – especially when there’s a baby
And on two occasions, Mr. Rayburn’s           involved. There’s no other word for it
skills have even made him the hero!           than exhilarating!”

 “I got an emergency call one day that an     Mike Rayburn is one of thousands
18 month-old baby had been locked in          of successful students and graduates
her mother’s car. I arrived on the scene      who has built his skills through
and was able to unlock the vehicle fairly     Foley-Belsaw’s unique easy-to-learn
quickly - even before the sheriff arrived”    professional courses. If you’re a Foley-
he said with a modest smile.                  Belsaw success story, please contact
Mike has used his locksmithing skills         us. We want to tell your story. If you
to rescue babies, to help truckers locked     want to become a Foley-Belsaw success,
out of their big rigs, and recently helped    please contact us. We’re here to help
a Boys & Girls Club by bringing their         you succeed.

“My business is already so big I had to       But from my standpoint, the factor of
hire two extra men. The course paid for       greatest value was the personal interest
itself many times over with part-time         you took in my progress and in helping
work.”                                        me to be a success.”

E. L. Boyle                                   Roy A. Petet
Student #56247                                Student #02657

“Take the Foley-Belsaw course, it will        “I didn’t realize how easy it is to re-
be fun and you will learn a lot!”             pair locks. Thanks to the Foley-Belsaw
                                              classes, it’s simple. I graduated in just
Charles D. Wyatt, Jr. CML, CMS                6 months studying at home at night. I’d
President & CEO                               recommend the Foley-Belsaw Institute
A-Action Lock & Safe, Co.                     to anyone who wants to learn the profes-
“I checked other courses and chose Fol-
ey-Belsaw because you offered the Mi-         Tomas Castillo
crometer Key machine and Code Cutter.         Student #96634
SkillPak 1
                                      Skill Number
                                                                          1                                               Skill Number
                                            The Key Blank Catalog                                                                      Key Identification

                                       OBJECTIVE: To acquaint you with the key blank catalog
                                                                                                                                 OBJECTIVE: To learn the names of the parts for dif-
                                                  and the basic types of keys.
                                                                                                                                            ferent keys and how to match keys.

                                                                                                                                   SUPPLIES: 6 cylinder key blanks, 6 flat key
                                                                                                                                             blanks, 6 key rings

Skill Number
                               3                                                 Skill Number
                                                                                   How to Duplicate Cylinder
                                                                                                                    4                                                 Skill Number
How to Duplicate Flat Keys                                                                                                                                             Automobile Lock Servicing
                                                                                          & Bit Keys

                                                                                       OBJECTIVE: To learn the hand filing method of                                        OBJECTIVE: To learn the basic servicing proce-
  OBJECTIVE: To learn the hand filing method of                                                   duplicating cylinder and bit keys                                                    dures necessary on auto locks.
             duplicating flat steel keys

                                                                                     SkillPak 2
                                       Skill Number
                                                                          6                                               Skill Number
                                                                                                                           Making Keys By Impression
                                        Warded Lock Construction                                                              For Warded Locks

                                             OBJECTIVE: To learn the names of the basic parts                                    OBJECTIVE: To learn how to make a key for ward-
                                                        and the function they perform in                                                    ed lock without taking it apart and
                                                        warded locks                                                                        without duplicating from another key.

Skill Number
  Warded Bit Key Lock
                               8                                                 Skill Number
                                                                                          Resettable Padlock
                                                                                                                    9                                                 Skill Number
                                                                                                                                                                           Lever Tumbler Lock
     Construction                                                                           Construction                                                                  Construction, Picking, &
                                                                                                                                                                            Key Impressioning

  OBJECTIVE: To learn the names of the parts and                                       OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of the                                          OBJECTIVE: To learn the basic construction of the
             the functions they perform in the bit                                                resettable model padlock and how to                                                  lever tumbler lock, how to pick it open
             key lock                                                                             find a lost combination.                                                             and making keys by impression.

SkillPak 3
                                        Skill Number
                                                                            11                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                                                        Combination Locks
                                             Disc Tumbler Lock
                                           Construction and Picking

                                              OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of the disc
                                                         tumbler locks, how they work and how
                                                         to pick them.
                                                                                                                                    OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of combina-
                                                                                                                                               tion padlocks and how to open them
                                                SUPPLIES: 1 lock, 2 lock picks, & 1 tension wrench
                                                                                                                                               when the combination is not known.

                                                                                                                                        SUPPLIES: 1 combination padlock

Skill Number
   Side Bar Wafer Lock
                               13                                                    Skill Number
                                                                                                 Car Opening and
                                                                                                                        14                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                                                                                                 Automotive Lock and
       Construction                                                                                 Lock Outs                                                                     Cylinder Removal

  OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of the side                                         OBJECTIVE: To learn car opening techniques: how                                       OBJECTIVE: To learn how automotive locks are con-
             bar wafer lock                                                                           to open cars without keys through the                                                 tained in the car, how to remove, disas-
                                                                                                      use of specialized tools                                                              semble and reassemble them.

                                                                                              SUPPLIES: Detailed pages of car opening                                              SUPPLIES: Detailed drawings for typical installations.
                                                                                                                                                                        RETURNED WORK: Exam Answer Card

                                                                                      SkillPak 4
                                        Skill Number
                                                                            16                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                                                Picking Pin Tumbler Locks
                                            Pin Tumbler Lock
                                       Construction and Key Fitting

                                              OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of the pin
                                                                                                                                    OBJECTIVE: To learn the different methods of picking
                                                         tumbler lock and how to fit an original
                                                                                                                                               open pin tumbler locks and the purpose
                                                         key to it.
                                                                                                                                               of special pick resistant pins.
                                                SUPPLIES: 1 lock, 2 key blanks, extra pins and
                                                                                                                                        SUPPLIES: 1 pin tumbler lock, extra pins, & springs.
                                                          springs, 1 following tool, 1 pin mat, 3
                                                                                                                                                  These items are located in the Parts Sup-
                                                          pieces of shim stock, and a file.  These
                                                                                                                                                  ply Case you received with Skillpak 3.
                                                          items are located in the plastic case you
                                                          received with Skillpak 3.

Skill Number
      Chicago Ace Lock
                               18                                                 Skill Number
                                                                                                                      19                                                  Skill Number                          20
                                                                                                 Key-In -Knob                                                                 The Pin Tumbler Master
                                                                                                     Data                                                                           Key System

                                                                                                                                                                                OBJECTIVE: To learn the purpose of the master key
  OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of the                                                                                                                                              system and how to set up a system on
             Chicago Ace Lock, how to pick them                                          OBJECTIVE: To become familiar with the Key-in                                                     paper before working on the locks.
             and change the combination.                                                            -Knob locks. How to select the proper
                                                                                                    lock for your customer, exploded views to                           RETURNED WORK: Exam/Answer Card
                                                                                                    aid in servicing and installing them.

SkillPak 5
                                            Skill Number
                                                                                21                                               Skill Number
                                                                                                                                   Impression System For Pin
                                                      Master Keying Pin
                                                       Tumbler Locks                                                                    Tumbler Locks

                                                  OBJECTIVE: To master key a pin tumbler lock by
                                                             following the master key system learned                                      OBJECTIVE: To learn how to make original keys for
                                                             earlier.                                                                                pin tumbler locks without taking them
                                                                                                                                                     apart, and how to file the key blank us-
                                                    SUPPLIES: 1 master key, 1 change key, 1 plug holder,                                             ing the impression marks as a guide.
                                                              1 pin tumbler cylinder, 1 set of bottom
                                                              pins, 1 set of top pins, 1 set of master                                      SUPPLIES: 1 pin tumbler lock and 5 key blanks
                                                              pins, and spare pins and springs.

   Skill Number
        Schlage Wafer Lock:
                                     23                                                Skill Number
                                                                                        Servicing and Rekeying the
                                                                                                                          24                                                   Skill Number
                                                                                                                                                                                   Emhart Interlocking Pin
        Construction and Key                                                            Best Removable Core Lock                                                                     Tumbler Cylinder

       OBJECTIVE: To learn the mechanical function and                                       OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction and inter-
                  operation of the Schlage Wafer Lock                                                   workings of the Best Removable                                               OBJECTIVE: To learn the design and construction
                  Plug and how to fit keys to them.                                                     Core Lock                                                                               of the Emhart Interlocking Pin Tum-
                                                                                                                                                                                                bler Lock

                                                                                           SkillPak 6
                                            Skill Number
                                                                                26                                               Skill Number
                                                 High Security Padlocks                                                                      Safe Deposit Locks

                                                                                                                              • Use of Deposit Boxes             • Authorization to Open Deposit
                                                                                                                              • The Guard Key Function             Boxes
                                                                                                                              • Authorization for Opening        • When to Duplicate A Deposit
                                                                                                                                Deposit Boxes                      Box Key
                                                                                                                              • Types of Deposit Box Locks       • Reasons for Servicing Deposit
                                                                                                                              • Double Nose Locks                  Box Locks
                                                                                                                              • Single Nose Locks                • Disassembly of Double Nose
                                                                                                                              • Lever Lock Construction            Locks
                                                                                                                              • Basic Principle of Operation

 Skill Number
                                      28                                               Skill Number
                                                                                                                           29                                                  Skill Number
  Opening Safe Deposit Boxes                                                                  Making the First Key                                                                          Lock Pick Gun
                                                                                               and Door Repair

• Which Method to Use          • Deposit Box Nests
• Principles of Picking        • Saw Tooth Levers
• Poor Mechanical Conditions   • Factors that Aid Picking
• Drilling the Screws          • Transposing Measurements                           • Making the Throat Cut        • Making the Tumbler                                         OBJECTIVE: To acquaint you with the proper use of the
•                Drilling      • Measuring for Drilling                                                                                                                                    Lock Pick Gun
 Hinge Screws                    Template                                           • Disassembly of the Lock      • Decoding the Lever
• Cutting the Hinges           • Pulling the Nose
• Nose Pulling Tools           • Drilling for the Gate and                          • Cutting the Key by Number    • Methods of Plugging Holes                                    SUPPLIES: Lock Pick Gun
• Picking through Fence          Fence Window                                       • Plugging with Taper Pins     • Finishing the Door

SkillPak 7
                                                                                              Advanced Course
                                                Skill Number
                                                       Safe and Vault Locks
                                                                                   31                                                  Skill Number
                                                                                                                                                     Basic Operating

                                              Basic Methods of Opening, Nomencalture and Functions of the
                                              Following Parts:
                                              • Dial              • Bolt              • Auxiliary Parts                              • Single Wheel Operation      •   Mesh Combination Changes
                                              • Spindle           • Wheel Pack        • Installation                                 • Relationship of             •   Rotating Parts
                                              • Dial Ring         • Cover               Requirements                                   Combination                 •   Number with the Wheel
                                              • Tube              • Tension Washer • Lock and Safe
                                                                                                                                     • Lining Up the Gates         •   Working the Combination
                                              • Lock Case         • Wheel               Tools
                                              • Drive Cam         • Spacing Washer                                                   • Dialing Procedures          •   Basic Types of Combination
                                              • Spline Key        • Retaining Washer                                                 • Mesh Wheel Identification       Locks

    Skill Number
                Hole Type
                                        33                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                            Key Change
                                                                                                                                34                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                                                                                                    Combination Lock Theory
            Combination Change                                                                              Combination

                                                                                                                                                                               • Possible Combinations Drop-   • Determining the Possible
                                                                                       • Mounting Key Change Lock         New Combination                                        in Point                        Combinations
•   Types of Hole Change Locks   • Lock Disassembly                                                                                                                            • Combination Numbers not to    • Drive Cam Gating and
                                                                                         on Test Board                   • Disassembly of Lock
•   Wheel Identification         • Square Spindle Function                                                                                                                       use on the Last Combination     Location
                                                                                       • Mechanism of the Key Change     • Proper Use of the Change Key
•   Changing Combinations        • Selecting the New                                                                                                                           • Setting Combination Numbers   • Broken Spline Removal
                                                                                         Wheel                           • Changing the Combination
•   Dial Reading                   Combination                                                                                                                                   to One or Two Numbers         • Gear Driven Locks
                                                                                       • Dialing Procedure               • Function of the Changing
•   Finding the Alternate        • Alternate Method of                                                                                                                         • Relocking Devices and         • Theory of Manipulation
                                                                                       • Function of the Dialing Mark      Index Mark
    Combination Mathematically     Combination Changing                                                                                                                          their Uses                    • Reasons for Lock-Outs
                                                                                       •                Dialing to the

                                                                                              SkillPak 8
                                                                                          Key Machine Course
                                                Skill Number
                                                                                   36                                                  Skill Number
                                                                                                                                            Setting Up a Key Board
                                                The Model 200 Key Machine

                                                      OBJECTIVE: Adjustment and Operation Instructions for
                                                                 the Model 200 Key Machine                                                   OBJECTIVE: To learn how to set up a key board for a
                                                                                                                                                        Locksmith shop.
                                                        SUPPLIES: Model 200 Key Machine and Accessories

    Skill Number
 Fitting Keys by the Reading
                                        38                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                    Double Bitted Cam
                                                                                                                                39                                                Skill Number
                                                                                                                                                                                           Cutting Automotive
Method for Disc Tumbler Locks                                                                            Locks                                                                               Keys by Code

          OBJECTIVE: To learn how to make keys for disc tum-                                     OBJECTIVE: To learn the construction of double                                          OBJECTIVE: To learn how to cut automotive keys from
                     bler locks by reading the height of the                                                bitted locks, how they operate and                                                      code numbers supplied or found on locks
                     disc and making a key to fit the lock.                                                 how to duplicate an original key                                                        and how to select the proper key blank for
                                                                                                                                                                                                    automotive locks.
             SUPPLIES: 1 disc tumbler lock, 4 key blanks, 1                                        SUPPLIES: 1 double bitted lock, 2 key blanks, 1
                       reading tool, and a spacer key                                                        cut key to fit.                                                               SUPPLIES: 1 Spacer Key, 2 Key Blanks

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