National Premier League Players' Manual

National Premier League Players' Manual

National Premier League
    Players’ Manual

National Premier League Players' Manual
PLAYERS MANUAL                               2014 doc:NPLPCC



1        OVERVIEW
2.1      TRAINING
2.2      ON THE FIELD
2.3      OFF THE FIELD
3.1      TRAINING
3.2      ON THE FIELD
3.3      OFF THE FIELD
6        TEAM COACH
8.1      INJURIES
9.1.1    SELECTION
10       PLAYER FORMS 9
12.3.1   EQUITY
12.3.2   HARASMENT
12.3.4   BULLYING
13.1     WEATHER
13.2     FOOD

The Palm Beach Soccer Club acknowledges the work of Football Gold Coast Inc. North
Queensland Junior Soccer Association Inc. and Brisbane South in assembling the original manual
upon which this manual is based.

National Premier League Players' Manual
PLAYERS MANUAL                                   2014 doc:NPLPCC

1.      OVERVIEW


On behalf of the Board I offer our congratulations on your selection as National Premier League
Player in 2014

We are very excited about the upcoming year of the NPL. There are many exciting things ahead for
you as a player, as long as you put in the hard work, it’s up to you!

Being selected to play in the National Premier League is something you should feel very proud of
achieving, as many players have challenged for this position.

Your selection carries with it responsibility, when you are both on and off the field. It is now up to
you to be prepared to work to the best of your ability, not only for yourself, but also for your fellow
team players and your Coaches.

It is important you have a co-operative and positive attitude and approach both on and off the field
of play. Any poor behavior will have a bearing on your future selection. There is more on this matter
in parts 2 and 13.

The fun, excitement, and memories of your year as an NPL player will stay with you for many years
to come. Your NPL career will only be as rewarding as YOU make it, so always aim to give your best,
and enjoy yourself whilst achieving it.

This Players Manual has been prepared to assist you with information that you need to be aware of.
If you have any questions regarding this manual, please contact your Coach, for assistance.

Through this pathway your achievements can be recognised and you may receive an invitation to
further participate in a NPL Queensland Squad and possibly a National Team.

All the best to every Player in 2014

Peter Williamson
Palm Beach Soccer Club Limited.

National Premier League Players' Manual
PLAYERS MANUAL                                 2014 doc:NPLPCC

2.        Player Conduct and Behavior

As a APL player, your behavior on and off the field MUST be of a very high standard.

You and your parents should note that it is quite possible that the standards expected of you in the
squad/team context may be different from that which you experience at home. You will need to
understand and understand clearly, that it is the standards the Club sets that will apply whilst you
are in the care of the Club. While the Club volunteers are prepared to discuss the standards of
behavior and discipline, should any you or parent/s be unable to accept the standards and rules set
by the Club, the alternative is to remove yourself from the squad/team.

Remember that your actions will ALWAYS reflect an image that other people will remember you by.

Below are some important rules for you to follow at ALL times:

2.1       Training

      •   Foul or abusive language is NOT permitted.
      •   Pushing, shoving, or hitting other players (even in joke) is NOT permitted
      •   Always listen, and don’t talk when your Coach/Manager is speaking to the team

2.2       On the Field

      •   Never argue with any of the Match Officials.
      •   Never argue with your fellow team players.
      •   Never argue with opposition players.
      •   Never criticise your fellow team players.
      •   Never act on any advice from sideline spectators.
      •   Never use foul or abusive language (or gestures) towards another player.

      •   Always obey the referee’s decision.
      •   Always listen to the advice or instructions from your Coach or Team Captain.
      •   Always encourage and be supportive of your fellow team players efforts.
      •   Always shake hands with your opposition before and after the game.
      •   Always play the game in a fair and sporting manner.

2.3       Off the Field

      •   Never argue with or criticise other players from your team or other team.
      •   Never use foul or abusive language or gestures, even if you think no one is around.
      •   Never criticise or make fun of any other player, or person, when watching other games etc.

      •   Always be polite and use good manners toward others.
      •   Always respect other people’s personal belongings or property at all times.
      •   Always listen to the advice or instructions from your Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager.

 Bad conduct or behavior may result in your removal from the APL Team. This may mean being
 sent home from Games and Training Camps at the extra expense of your parents. You are signing
 a Code of Conduct –make sure you stick to it!

National Premier League Players' Manual
PLAYERS MANUAL                                   2014 doc:NPLPCC

3.        Dress Regulations

All APL Club players are expected at all times to be dressed in a presentable manner, whether
at training or games. The following will give you a guide as to what dress standards are expected of

3.1       Training

•     All players are expected to be neat and tidy in appearance, with shirts tucked in at all times.
•     The training Kit should be worn at all training sessions.
•     Foot wear (not soccer boots) MUST be worn to and from training sessions.
•     Shin Pads MUST be worn at all times while you are training.

3.2       On the Field
      •   Playing shirts must be tucked in at all times.
      •   Socks must always be pulled up.
      •   Only Palm Beach playing strip is to be worn during games. (E.g. No other shorts/socks)
      •   Players MUST NOT remove or lift playing shirts after goals have been scored.
      •   Jewelry including watches is NOT to be worn.
      •   Shin Pads MUST be worn at all times.
3.3       Off the Field
•     When travelling to and from your games you are required to wear black dress pants (not
      jeans) and a Palm Beach polo , which must be tucked in, and black dress/school shoes.
•     The player must be of a tidy appearance.
•     Hats/caps must be worn correctly.
•     When in your APL gear, you must always wear appropriate footwear.

REMEMBER: - Always wear your Palm Beach APL Gear, and with pride wherever you go.

If you don’t understand something            ASK!
If you are unsure of something               ASK!
You are also responsible for your own well-being and development.

4.        Playing Time – How much time “On Field” Time Can I Expect to Play

4.1       Playing Time

What follows is not a perfect explanation or process. It is the best we can provide at this time to
assist you, the player, who is the individual we all care for, with the development and opportunities
available within our system at this level. Please ask questions if you are unsure of anything:
Starting teams will be picked on merit. All players are expected to train to their
optimum, playing time is not guaranteed although if all the squad perform to expectation both at
training and on the field the coaches will endeavour to give everybody adequate playing time subject
to performance, competition rules and medical advice if applicable.

Within reason, your Coach will provide the Club and State Technical Director with every
assistance and co-operation to view players.

National Premier League Players' Manual
PLAYERS MANUAL                                    2014 doc:NPLPCC

5.       Training and Playing Equipment

It is your responsibility to ensure your training/playing gear is in a ready to use condition prior to
training or games. Your training/game kit should include the following:

     •    Soccer boots
     •    Shin pads
     •    Water bottle
     •    Sunscreen
     •    Hat/cap
     •    Spare boot laces
     •    Roll of insulation tape
     •    Towel and soap
     •    Track suit
     •    A change of clothes is optional and recommended.

Things to remember

     •    Always arrive and depart training/games wearing casual footwear, as your soccer boots are
          only to be worn during training or games.
     •    Keep all of your gear together at training, and is to be clearly marked with your name.
     •    Bring enough water for yourself for the session.
     •    Keep your gear clean and ready to use, so after training/games, make the effort to clean
          the gear you have used.
     •    If you bring any valuables to training (money, watches etc.) it is YOUR responsibility to look
          after them. Keep them secured in your bag, or perhaps ask your Team Manager to hang on
          to them for you. You are however, ultimately responsible for your possessions and money.

6.       Team Coach

The Palm Beach Soccer Club Technical Director has appointed your Coach for the season who will
help the players achieve a level of game skill.

This is why your Coach will develop training sessions, based on the “National Football Curriculum”
and his/her knowledge of the game, to help you to achieve your potential.

Decisions may have to be made by the Coach at times that ensures the best opportunities for the
team as a whole; matters such as the starting team, positions, and substitutions/interchange for
each game.

PARENTS are encouraged to direct any concerns or problems in writing to the “The Technical Director
of Coaching” directly to Palm Beach Soccer Club Offices as early as possible via email – Any correspondence will be replied to within 48 of
receipt. Parents are asked to not approach the coach while he/she is working with the team, nor
immediately after games.

National Premier League Players' Manual
PLAYERS MANUAL                                   2014 doc:NPLPCC

7.       Team Manager

The manager’s (and above mentioned individual’s) role involves such things as:

•     Passing on information, between the Club and the team.
•     Passing on information, between Parents, Players, and the Team Coach.
•     Holding of First Aid equipment kit (provided by the Club).
•     Being aware of individual player injuries/illnesses.
•     Recording of new injuries sustained.

REMEMBER:           Your Manager and the above mentioned people are just as much part of the
                    Team, as the Players themselves. He/she may require you to do things from
                    time to time. It is your responsibility to do as you are asked promptly and
                    with courtesy.

8.       Injury and Illness

8.1 Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries may occur during the season. It is important to make your Team Coach,
physiotherapist, trainers and the Club aware of any injuries you may sustain during training or
games as soon as possible. Even if the injury seems only minor, it is best to let them know so
precautions can be taken to avoid making the injury worse.

We will complete a ‘ Player Injury Report form’ for any injuries sustained during training sessions,
and contact will be made with your parents informing them of the injury.

Your Coach has a duty of care for the team players, and may suggest you take no further part in
training or games due to the nature and extent of the injury. This duty of care extends to you as
well - meaning that you are required to look after yourself.

In some cases, a Doctor’s/Physiotherapist’s certificate of clearance may be requested before
allowing you to continue with your training sessions.

Parents are requested to inform the Coach and Manager, if their child sustains an injury elsewhere
that may hinder the player’s performance at training or games. (Eg: at work, home etc.)

8.2      Illness/Medical Problems

A form will be distributed to your parents, requesting details of any illnesses or medical problems
you may suffer from, that your parents feel the Club and your Coach should be aware of. We will
hold this form, for the duration of the Representative season.

Please alert us or your manager immediately should an illness or medical problem become evident
during any session.

PLAYERS MANUAL                                    2014 doc:NPLPCC

9.      Identification with the Australian Premier League

9.1     Identification, Selection

Identification is the stage when as a player, you have been seen by a Selector and asked to take part
in the Train and Play process of the APL so the final team can be selected.

9.1.1   Selection

Selection is when the Coach selector has asked you to be a member of the final Team. You should
understand that although you have been selected for a team, the coach may, for a variety of reason,
remove you from the team if the standard of you game means that you should be in a squad where
more development can be offered to you or your behavior is such that you are not able to be part of
the team. No matter what the reason, if this happens, you are entitled to comment on your
performance and you should ask the Coach about it.

10.     Player Forms

Upon your selection, you will be asked to supply and complete the following:

Forms that include sections on Medical details, Code of conduct and Player Acceptance.

Palm Beach Soccer Club will provide these forms; you must ensure that these get back to the Club as
soon as possible after they are given to you.

11.     National Premier League Player Fees

The Palm Beach Soccer Club will continually attempt to keep costs of player fees to a minimum,
many other NPL Clubs have fees that well exceed that of Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Soccer Club
heavily subsidises costs associated with the NPL in order to minimize fees.

Subject to remaining with the Club for the whole season, you will receive to keep , playing socks,
Team Polo Shirt ,Bag , Team Jacket..

Your fee’s also include but are not limited to referee’s fees , ground hire fee’s , coaches fee’s,
administration costs and more.

All fees must be paid to the Club in full by the 30th of January each year, player’s will be removed
from playing squads if all fees are not fully paid by this date.

12.     Child Protection Policies

12.1    Harassment, Bullying & Pranks

 It is a fact of life that what was acceptable in time past is not so today. So it is with the relationships
that evolve between players, parents, officials/coaches, bus drivers & billet families, game officials
and spectators.

Any form of harassment is not acceptable in the community & is not acceptable at all in the range of
activities undertaken under the governance of the Palm Beach Soccer Club. Harassment occurs quite

PLAYERS MANUAL                                    2014 doc:NPLPCC

often between players – it will not be tolerated. The standard set, is that there will be none of this
behavior tolerated between players.

The more obvious forms of bullying & invasion of any person’s privacy are not to be overlooked or
not reported. Any report will be treated confidentially. Should any incident require other
intervention, it will need to occur as promptly as possible, but only through the above contact.

Where any player displays a lack of discipline of any sort & fails to accept warnings to modify their
behavior, A recommendation to send them home should be made by the Manager to the Club
Football Committee who will make any arrangements necessary to remove the players from the
squad/team & advise the parents.

Pranks may seem harmless & high-spirited people including officials may well get drawn into what
seems like fun. However, any activity that results in the humiliation of another person in any way
is not acceptable – no matter that it was intended or not.

12.2    Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol

The Palm Beach Soccer Club has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on each of these issues for players.

Generally, players will be counselled as to the activity they have indulged and as a rule, they will be
removed from the squad/team and sent home at parent’s expense. This will often mean that
parents may collect the player from the team’s location or arrange tickets to have the player travel

Any player found to be indulging in drug taking will be dismissed immediately.

Similarly, any coach indulging in the above during their time at the fields with the team will be
dismissed immediately.

12.3    Equity & Harassment

The Palm Beach Soccer Club Limited subscribes to the principles of Harassment Free Sport in all
senses and forms. Generally Football Queensland and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA)
express these forms in the Australian Sports Commission’s guidelines and those guidelines, which
from time to time may be promoted.

12.3.1 Equity

Equity - there are many misconceptions about what constitutes equality. Generally and in terms of
the goals of football as a sport, we desire Substantive Equality of Outcome for all players at all levels.
This suggests that due to players being at differing levels of aptitude and competence in the game,
there will be occasions when “treating all players equally” will not deliver substantive equity of
outcome. The way in which players are managed on and off the park should be a reflection of the
differences between them rather than any common standard, which may be thought to apply – so
some players may in fact require additional attention to obtain the substantive equality of outcome.
This will more probably be the case during the identification and selection process in terms of game

The policy of the Palm Beach Soccer Club is that all involved in the code should be entitled to be
considered in the light of the what they bring to the code and where there may be differences in

PLAYERS MANUAL                                    2014 doc:NPLPCC

terms of what is participants [players, officials and other volunteers alike] bring those differences
must be managed and responded to with sensitivity to achieve substantially, an equitable outcome.

Differences between people may include [this list is not definitive]:
•       Race
•       Gender [soccer does operate under the provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 in
        terms of girls in sport]
•       Ethnic/cultural background
•       Age [generally players are grouped by age which is based on ASC Junior Sport Policy
•       Sexual orientation
•       Religion

In terms of the broader context of those involved in the code, the following aspects are also for
consideration [this list is not definitive]. Those who have:

    •   Disability
    •   Family responsibility
    •   Personality considerations
    •   Job function
    •   Education level
    •   Marital status

Naturally in all matters, the Palm Beach Soccer Club will undertake a Risk Management approach
when considering how a squad/team is to be supervised.

12.3.2 Harassment

Harassment – is often confused and limited to matters of a sexual nature. All need to note that
there are a number of circumstances, which will constitute harassment. A general definition is -

Any it is offensive, abusive, belittling or threatening behavior directed at an individual or group of
persons because of some real or perceived attribute or difference. This includes such activity
undertaken by players towards each other

Harassment may consist of behavior that is unwelcome, unsolicited, usually unreciprocated and
usually, but not always, repeated.

Harassment will be seen as making the code or association with code unpleasant, humiliating or
intimidating for the individual or group targeted.

12.3.3 Bullying

What is bullying? This is of great concern to all levels of the code from the interaction of players with
each other as well as interaction between officials and players. “Officials” includes referees and all
off field officials

Bullying is the persistent ill treatment of an individual by one or more persons. The ill treatment is
continuous and directed against a particular person. Includes threats, sarcasm, ostracism, and
sabotage of a person’s efforts for example.

                                                                                            10 | P a g e
PLAYERS MANUAL                                  2014 doc:NPLPCC

In regard to Sexual Harassment and the appropriate Act - Sex Discrimination Act 1984 28A. (1) For
the purposes of this manual, a person sexually harasses another person (the ‘person harassed’) if:

a)        The person makes an unwelcome sexual advance, or an unwelcome request for sexual
          favours, to the person harassed; or
b)        Engages in other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature in relation to the person harassed:
          In circumstances in which a reasonable person, having regard to all the circumstances,
          would have anticipated that the person harassed would be offended, humiliated or

Discrimination is another issue, which is of concern. Discrimination may be;

      •   Direct and occurs when an individual or group, in similar circumstances, is treated less
          favourably, because of a characteristic or attribute which is irrelevant.
      •   Indirect and occurs when there is a requirement (rule, policy, practice) that is the same for
          everyone and;
      •   Proportionately, fewer people with a particular attribute (e.g. gender, disability, family
          responsibilities) can meet this requirement and
      •   The requirement is not reasonable

The matter of bullying can be an issue for coaches with the way they give instruction to players
– Albeit unintended, as a form outlined above and therefore unacceptable. It should be noted that it
is unacceptable to berate players on or off the park. Similarly, game officials may not be spoken to or
berated in any way that may be interpreted as bullying. This applies to all of the interactions
between players, game officials, team officials and spectators.

In terms of discrimination the matter is clear in as much as coaches are entitled to make choices
based on skills and ability when identifying players. The Club has a system of development which is
intended to and we believe does, provide the additional support to those players who may require
it. Soccer “is a game of options” which simply means that one individual’s opinion of a player’s
performance may well differ from another. We simply have to accept that based on reasons, this will
occur from time to time. As a player in any squad/team, you have the right to ask for comment and
feedback from your coach/s.

Should any issue arise that may be a matter to be considered in light of any of the above, that
matter should be referred to the Palm Beach Soccer Club Football Committee immediately. Any
report will be treated confidentially.

13.       Other Matters

There are a number of other matters you need to be aware of. We have listed them for you.

13.1      Weather

Events are now conducted at a variety of times during the year/season. You should be prepared for
changes in weather so that you are always available for training and games. Winter is the time when
it is very possible that you will suffer from colds and flu. It is important that you look after yourself
and behave sensibly to avoid exposure to colds.

The clothes you wear will be important. Make sure you have sufficient warm, dry clothing for each
day in your kit to allow you to be dry and warm.
                                                                                            11 | P a g e
PLAYERS MANUAL                                  2014 doc:NPLPCC

Remember that staying “hydrated” (drinking water all the time) is very important – even when the
weather is cool. Talk to your coach/s to find out more about this.

13.2    Food

There will be plenty of food on sale at the football grounds.

You should avoid any foods or snacks, which are not agreed to, by your coach or nutrition advisors.

13.3    Travelling with Parents

Players will mostly travel to games with their parents or “pooled” with other responsible parents.
The Palm Beach soccer Club will not be responsible for players travelling to and from games.

If in the event that the team travels by bus to a game all players must travel with the team unless
permission is given to travel with parent.

13.4    Complaints

If at ANY time you have any complaints or suggestions, could we please ask that you put this is
writing sign it and address it to Football Committee, Palm Beach Soccer Club Limited, where they will
consider the complaint and contact the parent accordingly.

                REMEMBER it is a great game – play it to enjoy it and have fun!!

                             If you have any questions at all – ASK.

                                                                                          12 | P a g e
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