One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community

One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
One Glendale Plan
     A Vision for the Glendale Community

May 2021
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
Table of Contents
                               Executive Summary ............................................ 03
                               Project Team & Acknowledgements ................ 04
                               Purpose ................................................................ 05
                               Vision .................................................................... 07
                               One Glendale Plan Process ............................... 08
                               Background of Glendale ................................... 10
                               Community Snapshot ......................................... 17
                               Focus Areas ......................................................... 25
                                    Neighborhood Parks ................................... 26
                                    Raging Waters ............................................. 35
                                    Transportation .............................................. 43
                                    Environment & Sustainability ...................... 51
                                    Jordan River & Trail ...................................... 56
                                    Culture & Public Art .................................... 63
                               Looking Forward .................................................. 71

                               Appendices (Included in a separate component)
                                      A: Raging Waters Report - 2021
                                      B: OGP Survey Responses (English)
                                      C: OGP Survey Responses (Spanish)

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                        02
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
Executive Summary
Glendale is a community on the west side      In August 2020, the One Glendale Plan      Glendale seems to be at an inflection
of Salt Lake City, stretching from Inter-     steering committee met to kick off the     point currently, a result of the rapid
state 15 to the western city boundary.        process, and from there the project team   change occurring along the Wasatch
It is one of the largest neighborhoods        moved into information gathering. In       Front because of high population growth.
in terms of land area, although most of       fall 2020, the project team conducted      There is a significant desire to minimize
the land is zoned for industrial use.The      individual interviews with steering com-   displacement of long-time residents and
residential section of Glendale lies in the   mittee members and other community         preserve the neighborhood’s assets and
eastern portion of the neighborhood, and      stakeholders. Additional data was used     existing sense of community, while wel-
it is home to some of the most diverse        and analyzed to reinforce important        coming newcomers. The One Glendale
populations in Utah. The Glendale Com-        community-wide priorities. During the      Plan specifically aims to guide the com-
munity Council serves the Glendale com-       fall, a visioning exercise was also con-   munity as it responds to these conditions
munity and acts as a collective voice for     ducted to help reimagine the old Raging    and works to achieve these goals.
the neighborhood and its interests.           Waters site, a currently underutilized
                                              space in the community. The project        This document will act as a general guide
In summer 2020, the Glendale Com-             team also wrote and distributed a survey   for the community council over the next
munity Council partnered with students        in both English and Spanish, and got the   several years, regardless of any changes
from the University of Utah’s City and        word out to the neighborhood via social    in leadership that may occur. Although
Metropolitan Planning department to           media ads and distributed informational    the plan will not be officially adopted by
begin the process of creating the One         door hangers on every home in Glendale.    the City, the Glendale Community Coun-
Glendale Plan, a unified plan to guide the                                               cil can use this document to advocate for
community over the next several years.        Using all the feedback gathered from       the interests of Glendale residents in de-
The plan itself aims to be a proactive ap-    these various engagement activities, the   cisions at the city level that will affect the
proach to addressing some of the ongo-        One Glendale Plan was written and in-      neighborhood.
ing projects, initiatives, and issues with-   cludes the following focus areas:
in the community that have come to the        1.     Neighborhood Parks
community council’s attention. From the       2.     Raging Waters
beginning, feedback from the communi-         3.     Transportation
ty has informed the planning process and      4.     Environment and Sustainability
the many goals and recommendations            5.     Jordan River and Trail
included in this document.                    6.     Culture and Public Art

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                           03
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
Project Team
Project Team &                                were countless partners and stakehold-      •   Cody Egan - Housing Connect
                                              ers involved in the process, there were a   •   Danielle Susi-Dittmore - Salt Lake
Acknowledgements                              number of people who are important to           Community College
                                              acknowledge and give special thanks for     •   David Troester - Resident
The One Glendale Plan (OGP) was com-
                                              making this plan possible. Those people     •   Gina Hyatt - Resident
pleted by Brandon Siracuse and Lily Os-
                                              include the One Glendale Plan Steering      •   Ivis Garcia - University of Utah
wald under the supervision of communi-
                                              Committee, the Glendale Community           •   Jake Via - Resident
ty council chair Turner Bitton. Siracuse
                                              Council and Board, and other non-affil-     •   Jasmine Walton - Neighborworks
and Oswald are graduate students at the
                                              iated community members listed below.       •   Kate Rubalcava - Utah Nonprofits
University of Utah’s City and Metropoli-
tan Planning department and as part of
the requirement for degree completion,        One Glendale Project Team                   •   Katie Riser - National Ability Center
                                              •   Turner Bitton - Glendale Community      •   Kerri Hopkins - Glendale Communi-
partnered with a community member
                                                  Council, Chair                              ty Council; University of Utah
to complete a planning-related project.
                                              •   Lily Oswald - Intern & One Glendale     •   Merlin Huboard - Resident
Siracuse and Oswald were fortunate to
                                                  Plan Co-Author, University of Utah      •   Sarah Wolfe - Arts & Event Planning
partner with the Glendale Community
                                              •   Brandon Siracuse - Intern & One         •   Taylor Thurman - Resident
Council and interpret the many commu-
                                                  Glendale Plan Co-Author, University     •   Beatriz Ortiz - Survey Translation
nity members’ voices who helped inform
the One Glendale Plan and its process.            of Utah
Oswald and Siracuse offered techni-           •   Alessandro Rigolon - Faculty            Glendale Community
cal expertise and potential solutions to          Advisor, University of Utah             Council Board of Directors
some of the common themes that were
brought up throughout the One Glendale        One Glendale Plan Steering                  •   Turner C Bitton - Chair
Planning process, and aimed to translate
the community’s interests to be used as
                                              Committee                                   •   Ashley King - First Vice Chair
                                              •   Abe Barlow - Resident                   •   Latu Patetefa - Second Vice Chair
a tool to leverage Glendale’s priorities in
                                              •   Amy May - TreeUtah                      •   Jeremy King - Treasurer
future projects.
                                              •   Brian Black - Resident                  •   Dane Hess - Past Chair
                                              •   Brian Tonetti - Seven Canyons Trust     •   Ryan Curtis - At-Large Member
This plan was developed by and for the
                                              •   Calvin Smothers - Resident              •   Cody Egan - At-Large Member
Glendale community. Although there
                                              •   Cindy Christensen - Resident

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                          04
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community

One Glendale Plan | 2021
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
One Glendale Plan Purpose                   the common ground between the diverse          cess where resident-driven leadership
                                            set of community members’ concerns             identifies ways to add to or retrograde
In the summer of 2020, the Glendale         and priorities for Glendale’s future. Fur-     existing amenities without removing the
Community Council launched a neigh-         thermore, the One Glendale Plan aims to        existing infrastructure altogether.
borhood-wide planning project to de-        articulate the main linkages between op-
velop a comprehensive visioning docu-       portunities for the community through a        The plan itself aims to be a communi-
ment for the neighborhood. Called the       set of Focus Areas, which are all intrinsi-    ty-first, proactive approach to planning
One Glendale Plan, this document will       cally connected.                               and project prioritization for the neigh-
act as a strategic planning document for                                                   borhood as it continues to grow and
the community council and be used to        The development of new assets such as          evolve. This plan also acts as a strategic
provide a comprehensive outline for Salt    the Three Creeks Confluence and the de-        plan for the Glendale Community Coun-
Lake City to invest in the neighborhood.    terioration of existing resources such as      cil and a tool to leverage residents’ inter-
                                            the Raging Waters property and Bend            ests, concerns, voices, and priorities in
There is an untapped momentum on            in the River present new opportunities         city-wide planning efforts that affect the
many projects and initiatives in Glen-      for developing neighborhood cohesion.          Glendale neighborhood. This project and
dale. The community has a desire to         In addition, regular issues tied to pedes-     plan aims to reinforce existing plans that
have updated infrastructure and activate    trian access, safe routes to school, and       enhance and support efforts to better
areas and spaces to achieve many of its     the overall car-centric design of Glen-        areas around Glendale (e.g. Bend in the
goals and visions. A variety of recurring   dale regularly present issues that affect      River). The One Glendale Plan should be
issues have been brought to the commu-      neighborhood cohesion. Residents regu-         updated in tandem with the community
nity council’s attention throughout the     larly express interest in new assets such      and community council as they continue
past several years. Taken individually,     as pickleball courts, basketball facilities,   to grow and shift with time.
each of the issues appears unconnected.     improved park amenities, and more rep-
When viewed as part of a set of neighbor-   resentative public artwork. Decisions
hood-wide problems, the issues can be       about these assets are often zero-sum
connected to systemic issues that require   with residents asked to choose between
a comprehensive plan and careful con-       existing resources, i.e,. tennis courts be-
sideration. This report’s title, the “One   ing replaced by pickleball courts. Rather
Glendale Plan” aims to reinforce the con-   than choose between one or the other, the
nectivity among interests in Glendale and   One Glendale Plan intends to be a pro-

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                           06
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
Glendale should...
• Be safe for all residents, regardless of their age, ability, etc.;
• Be clean and litter-free;
• Support its diverse populations and cultures;
• Provide easy access to outdoor recreation opportunities;
• Be a place that young people want to, and have the ability to,
  stay in as they grow up;
• Receive an adequate amount of investment from the City;
• Proactively promote sustainable lifestyles.

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                    07
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community

One Glendale Plan | 2021
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community
     The One Glendale Plan was formed by        est within the One Glendale Plan. Each       son meetings and events which would
     the Glendale Community Council. For        of these opportunities aims to effectively   have increased the awareness of the One
     this plan, we reviewed relevant neigh-     engage the community and its unique as-      Glendale Plan and its mission.
     borhood and city-wide plans and proj-      sets.
     ect proposals, obtained input from local                                                The One Glendale Plan aims to be a
     news sources, attended steering com-       A major goal throughout the One Glen-        “living” document that evolves with the
     mittee meetings, conducted informal in-    dale Plan process was to involve as much     community and its varied interests in
     terviews with community members and        of the community as possible that was        planning activities. Any future phases of
     leaders, held an in-person community       willing to participate and inform Focus      the One Glendale Plan, community en-
     visioning event, and carried out a OGP     Area priorities. It is important to note     gagement efforts, and outreach events
     community survey. The surveys, inter-      that due to the COVID-19 pandemic tak-       are encouraged to effectively work with
     views, meetings, and ongoing feedback      ing place during the entirety of the One     the entire community and neighbors who
     from the community informed the final      Glendale Plan process, there were many       are often underrepresented or misrepre-
     Focus Areas and opportunities of inter-    missed opportunities for hosting in-per-     sented in community planning activities.

FIGURE 1 - The One Glendale Plan Process 2020-2021

     One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                     09
One Glendale Plan A Vision for the Glendale Community

One Glendale Plan | 2021
Background of Glendale
Neighborhood Background                       FIGURE 2 - Map of Glendale Community Council boundaries, with downtown
                                              Salt Lake City as a reference point. Glendale’s official boundaries are I-15 on the
Glendale is the southernmost neighbor-        east, the 9-Line Trail on the north, and the city boundary to the south and west
hood on Salt ake City s est Side i e ,
west of nterstate       The neighborhood
is bounded on the east by - , on the
north by the - ine Trail, and on the west
and south by the city boundary see figure
   for a map of Glendale The ma ority
of land within the Glendale Community
Council s official boundary is industrial
land west of Redwood Road, while the
residential section of Glendale is primar-
ily the smaller area between Redwood
Road and -       The neighborhood is one         uch of present-day Glendale was           redlined neighborhoods, and the effects
of Salt ake City s most diverse it is a       once redlined by the federal govern-         can still be seen today in the fact that
ma ority-minoritized community with           ment s ome Owners oan Corpora-               Glendale and other West Side neighbor-
a large atino population, along with a        tion     O C Redlining happened in           hoods are typically lower income than
sizable Pacific slander population and        hundreds of cities across merica in the        ast Side neighborhoods, have lower av-
smaller communities from countries all             s, when the O C was instructed to       erage home values, and generally show
over the globe The neighborhood s di-         identify neighborhoods considered haz-       signs of structural disinvestment
versity is a source of pride for residents,   ardous for lending purposes Neighbor-
and it is perhaps fitting that Glendale is    hoods deemed hazardous fre uently               hile Glendale still e periences the lin-
home to the nternational Peace Gardens,       contained high concentrations of low         gering effects of redlining and the per-
a park and botanical garden dedicated to      income households and or people of           sistent effects of systemic racism, the
honoring countries around the world and       color The O C literally drew red lines       neighborhood is uickly changing in the
efforts toward peace among internation-       on maps around such neighborhoods,           modern era Salt ake City and the sur-
al communities      ore on Glendale s di-     including most of Glendale This led to       rounding metropolitan area are current-
versity can be found in the Community         lenders refusing to offer home loans to      ly undergoing unprecedented growth,
Snapshot section of this document             anyone looking to purchase a home in         which has led to a rapid increase in hous-

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                          11
Background of Glendale
ing prices across the region s a result,      tivities for cities and towns in the state
Glendale has e perienced an influ of          Salt ake City often goes above and be-
residents from areas of the city who have     yond these mandates number of e ist-
been priced out of other neighborhoods        ing city plans affect Glendale, and they
On top of that, Glendale is becoming an       are summarized in the table on the fol-
increasingly popular choice for newcom-       lowing page
ers to Utah Glendale is clearly at an in-
flection point in its history, and there is
significant desire to minimize displace-
ment of long-time residents and preserve
the neighborhood s assets and e isting
sense of community, while welcoming
newcomers The community council has
very little control over large scale state-
wide growth trends, but it does have the
power to advocate for the community at
the local level This is a powerful way to
keep Glendale s interests a priority in lo-
cal, regional, and even statewide discus-

Existing Plans & Policies
Salt ake City has a strong tradition of
city planning The city has been planned
meticulously from the very beginning
with Brigham oung s use of oseph
Smith s Plat of ion to design the city on
a gridded street system Today the State
of Utah mandates specific planning ac-

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                   12
Background of Glendale
TABLE 1 - Summaries of existing plans and policies
Plan                            Year Adopted Topic               Description
Plan Salt Lake                  2015         General Plan        • Salt Lake City’s current city-wide comprehensive plan
                                                                 • Mandated by Utah Municipal Code, but does not need to be
                                                                   followed 100%
                                                                 • Sets a vision for the city to reach by 2040
                                                                 • Includes broad goals for neighborhoods, growth, housing,
                                                                   transportation/mobility, air quality, natural environment, parks/
                                                                   recreation, beautification, preservation, arts/culture, equity,
                                                                   economy, and government
Transportation Master Plan      1996            Transportation   • Broad transportation vision for the entire city
                                                                 • Plan is outdated, but currently going through a re-write
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master   2015            Transportation   • City-wide vision for active transportation
Plan                                                             • Calls for increasing active transportation facilities citywide and
                                                                   making walking and biking safer, more comfortable, and more
                                                                   realistic options for people
                                                                 • Can be used for bike/ped advocacy in Glendale
Transit Master Plan             2017            Transportation   • City-wide vision for public transportation
                                                                 • Sets goals for a frequent transit network (now partially imple-
                                                                 • Calls for ensuring as many Salt Lakers as possible live within
                                                                   walking distance of frequent and reliable transit (15 minute
                                                                   service frequencies or better)
                                                                 • Community Council can use this plan to advocate for transit
                                                                   goals to be realized in Glendale
Complete Streets Ordinance      2010            Transportation   • City ordinance requiring incorporation of bicycle and pedes-
                                                                   trian infrastructure into new road construction and rebuilds
                                                                   under most circumstances
                                                                 • Requirements would apply to major streets in Glendale

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                          13
Background of Glendale
TABLE 1 - Summaries of existing plans and policies (cont.)
Plan                              Year Adopted Topic            Description
Street and Intersection Typolo-   2021         Transportation   • Offers a set of modernized street design guidelines among
gies Guide                                                        the best of any major city
                                                                • Identifies 15 street typologies that fit local contexts better than
                                                                  the traditional three typologies (arterial, collector, local)
                                                                • Does not prescribe specific street elements, but offers sug-
                                                                  gestions for rebuilds (in compliance with Complete Streets
                                                                • Some designs in this guide may be used in Glendale in the
9-Line Corridor Master Plan       2015          Transportation  • Master plan for the 9-Line Trail
                                                                • Outlines how the trail will be constructed
                                                                • Important plan for the Glendale neighborhood, as the 9-Line
                                                                  will provide a high quality east-west active transportation con-
                                                                  nection across the city once complete
Reimagine Nature                  In Progress   Parks and Natu- • Citywide comprehensive parks and open space plan
                                                ral Lands       • Designed to replace the current outdated parks master plan
                                                                  (adopted in 1992)
                                                                • Plan is currently a work in progress
                                                                • Very relevant to Glendale because of the neighborhood’s
                                                                  many parks and natural areas
Community Preservation Plan       2012          Preservation    • Citywide plan that outlines strategies for historic and commu-
                                                                  nity preservation
                                                                • Defines what historic preservation and community preserva-
                                                                  tion are
                                                                • Describes the city’s preservation policies
                                                                • Can be used by the Community Council if preservation oppor-
                                                                  tunities ever arise

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                          14
Background of Glendale
TABLE 1 - Summaries of existing plans and policies (cont.)
Plan                            Year Adopted Topic          Description
West Side Master Plan           2015         West Side Gen- • Provides detailed analysis of Glendale and Poplar Grove
                                             eral Plan      • Sets goals for the west side
                                                            • Vision includes establishing nodes of activity around the
                                                              neighborhoods near major intersections
                                                            • Suggests transforming Redwood Road into a more human
                                                              oriented corridor
                                                            • Calls for improvements to the Jordan River, surplus canal,
                                                              and other parks and public spaces
                                                            • Topics covered: Neighborhoods, Nodes, Redwood Road, Jor-
                                                              dan River, Surplus Canal, Industrial Districts, Public Spaces
Northwest Quadrant Master       2016         Subarea Plan/  • Master plan for underdeveloped areas west of I-215 and
Plan                                         Economic De-     south and west of the airport
                                             velopment/Sus- • Recognizes the area’s economic development potential while-
                                             tainability      prioritizing sustainability and environmental considerations
                                                            • Strikes a balance between increasing employment opportuni-
                                                              ties and preserving environmentally sensitive areas
                                                            • NWQ boundary includes portions of Glendale’s industrial
                                                              area, and NWQ development will directly affect air quality in
                                                              Glendale’s boudnaries
                                                            • Community Council can use the plan to advocate for sustain-
                                                              able industrial development

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                15
Background of Glendale
Ongoing/Pending                              Three Creeks Confluence                      regarding a dark sky ordinance that
                                                                                          would affect Glendale ed by faculty
Neighborhood Plans &                                                                      and students in the University of Utah s
                                             The Three Creeks Confluence pro ect
Projects                                     currently underway in Glendale is an           ark Sky Studies undergraduate minor
                                             effort by the Seven Canyons Trust to         program, the ordinance would imple-
Some e isting and pending pro ects in        daylight and revitalize the spot where       ment policies aimed at controlling light
Glendale came up during preparation of         migration Creek, Red Butte Creek,          pollution The University of Utah is a
the One Glendale Plan but did not war-       and Parley s Creek converge and emp-         global leader in ark Sky Studies, and
rant being covered in individual focus       ty into the ordan River near         S       the community council supports further
areas, either because of limited commu-      This river confluence zone was routed        e ploration of a dark sky ordinance
nity feedback or because the pro ects        underground via pipes in the past, and       The ordinance would have to be passed
are already underway and unlikely to         this pro ect aims to restore the area to     through the city council, and the com-
change brief description of each of          a more natural state The Three Creeks        munity council could offer support for
these pro ects can be found below            Confluence is also part of a larger vision   the measure as well as education to
                                             to daylight streams across the Salt ake      residents on the importance of dark sky
Keep Glendale Beautiful                        alley, or bring them out of pipes and      initiatives
                                             back above ground to restore Salt ake
Keep Glendale Beautiful is a separate        County s creeks to more natural states
community council planning effort un-        The Three Creeks Confluence pro ect
derway alongside the One Glendale Plan       has faced delays in the past for various
that aims to establish Glendale as a local   reasons, but the pro ect is nearly com-
affiliate of the national Keep merica        plete as of the writing of the One Glen-
Beautiful organization The initiative        dale Plan n official opening ceremony
aims to address issues related to waste,     is e pected sometime in spring
litter, graffiti, and other neighborhood
beautification areas The Keep Glendale       Dark Sky Ordinance
Beautiful plan is on track for completion
in spring         , around the same time     Conversations have been initiated
that the One Glendale Plan is finished       with the Glendale Community Council

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                       16
One Glendale Plan | 2021
Community Snapshot
Introduction                                FIGURE 3 - Glendale age group breakdown

Glendale is one of the most diverse and
                                                     Number of Glendale Residents in Each
dynamic neighborhoods in Salt Lake                           Census Age Group
City, and this plan would be incom-          2500
plete without a look at the demograph-                                              1980
                                             2000                                          1765
ic characteristics of the community.
This section offers a brief snapshot of      1500                            1385
                                                           1186 1197                              1275
the characteristics of neighborhood res-                                                                 974
idents and will help frame the plan’s                                  513                                     572
recommendations. All data are sourced         500                                                                    224   153
from the United States Census Bureau s
2019 5-year American Community Sur-                 Under 5 to 9 10 to 15 to 18 to 25 to 35 to 45 to 55 to 65 to 75 to 85
vey population estimates unless other-                5 Years 14        17    24    34    44    54    64    74    84 Years
wise noted. This demographic dataset                Years        Years Years Years Years Years Years Years Years Years and
offers accurate population estimates
for the year 2019 and is used because
2020 Census data are not yet available.     Race, Ethnicity, and Nation-                                   waiian or Pacific slander,     as mer-
                                                                                                           ican Indian or Alaska Native, and 2% as
                                            al Origin
Population                                                                                                 multiracial. About 31% of the neighbor-
                                                                                                           hood is white, the second largest group.
                                            Glendale is a majority-minoritized neigh-
In total, 12,298 people live in the Glen-                                                                  A breakdown of race and ethnicity can
                                            borhood, with about 69% of residents be-
dale neighborhood, and of these 48%                                                                        be found in figure and a breakdown of
                                            ing people of color. Approximately half of
are male and 52% are female. The                                                                           racial identity among the Hispanic and
                                            Glendale residents identify as Hispanic
neighborhood’s      population     densi-                                                                  Latino population is shown in table 2.
                                            or Latino, making this the largest ethnic
ty is 3,962 people per square mile. The     group in the neighborhood. Five percent
median age of Glendale residents is         of the neighborhood identifies as Black                        Approximately 33% of Glendale res-
29 years. An age distribution for the       or African American and another 5% as                          idents are foreign-born. Glendale’s
neighborhood can be found in figure         Asian. About 4% identify as Native Ha-                         foreign-born  population   includes

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                       18
Community Snapshot
FIGURE 4 - Race and ethnicity in Glendale                                                TABLE 2 - Hispanic or Latino by race
                                                                                         in Glendale
                   Racial and Ethnic Breakdown                                            Race                         Percent
                                                                                          White Alone                  8.2%
                                                White Alone
                                                                                          Black or African American    0.6%
                                                Black or African American                 alone
                                                Alone                                     American Indian and Alaska 0.0%
                                    31%         American Indian and Alaska                Native alone
                                                Native Alone
                                                                                          Asian alone                  0.1%
                                                Asian Alone
        50%                                                                               Native Hawaiian or Other     0.1%
                                                Native Hawaiian and Other                   acific Islander alone
                                                Pacific Islander Alone
                                                                                          Some other race alone        39.9%
                                                Some Other Race Alone
                                     5%                                                   Two or more races            0.8%
                                                Two or More Races
                               5%     3%
                                                Hispanic or Latino (of any race)
                                                                                         Household and Housing
                         0%                                                              Statistics

                                                                                         Glendale contains a total of 3,156
people from six out of seven conti-         level. Among Glendale residents age 25       households. About 80% of households
nents, with a majority (55.7%) of for-      and older, 12.3% have a bachelor’s de-       are family households, and 20% are
eign-born residents hailing from Mexico.    gree or higher, compared with 46.5%          non-family households see figure
                                            for Salt Lake City at-large. Additionally,
Income and Poverty Rate                     the high school dropout rate in Glendale     There are 3,280 total housing units
                                            is 2.8%, which compares favorably with       in Glendale, 3.8% of which are vacant
The median household income in Glen-        the Salt Lake City average of about 5.0%.    (a low vacancy rate by national stan-
dale is $57,621, and about 21% of res-                                                   dards). See table 3 for a breakdown.
idents live below the federal poverty

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                   19
Community Snapshot
FIGURE 5 - Family vs. non-family households in Glendale            FIGURE 6 - Housing types in Glendale

           Family vs. non-family households in                             Housing Structures by Number of Units
                        Glendale                                                             1%   1%

                                                                                 1%          6%
                                                                                        4%                                  One
               20%                                                                                                          Two
                                                                                  10%                                       3 or 4
                                            Family Households                                                               5 to 9
                                            Nonfamily Households                                                            10 to 19
                                                                                                                            20 to 49
                          80%                                                                                               50+

TABLE 3 - Housing vacancy rates in         national affordability standard of                 in Glendale See figure    for a break-
Glendale                                   set by the Department of Housing and               down of the types of housing struc-
 Housing Status    Percent                 Urban Development. Homeowners are                  tures in Glendale. The median home
 Occupied          96.2%                   much better off financially, with the              in Glendale was built in 1953 (median
 Vacant            3.8%                    typical mortgage payment being 22.4%               age of homes is 68 years as of 2021).
                                           of gross monthly household income.
A majority of Glendale residents (about                                                       Transportation Mode Share
62%) are homeowners, while the re-         Glendale is primarily a neighborhood
maining 38% are renters. The medi-         of single family homes, which account              The US Census Bureau collects data on
an gross rent in Glendale is $1,171 per    for 77% of all housing structures in the           the primary mode of transportation
month, and the typical renter pays         neighborhood. Duplexes are the next                that people use to commute to and from
about 32% of their gross monthly in-       most common type of housing structure,             work. In total, 87% of Glendale work-
come toward rent, slightly above the       making up 10% of residential buildings             ers use cars to get to work (including

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                             20
Community Snapshot
FIGURE 7 - Means of transportation to work among Glendale          FIGURE 8 - Amount of time spent commuting one-way to
residents                                                          work among Glendale residents

           Means of Transportation to Work for                              Travel Time to Work for Glendale Workers
           Glendale Workers 16 Years and Over                                          16 Years and Over
                      1%                                            3000
        2%       1%                        Drove Alone
      0%              4%
                                           Carpooled                2500
                                           Public Transportation    2000
                                           (Includes Taxicab)
           20%                                                      1500
                                           Bicycle                                               1011
                                           Walked                             600
                                                                     500                                                327
                                           Other Means                                                                            225

                                           Worked At Home              0
                                                                           Less than 10 to 19   20 to 29   30 to 39   40 to 59   60 to 89 90 or More
                                                                           10 Minutes Minutes   Minutes    Minutes    Minutes    Minutes Minutes

driving alone and carpooling). It is im-    Most    Glendale   residents   (about                  Employment by Industry
portant to note that the Census Bureau      55%) work within a 20 minute com-
collected this data before the COVID-19     mute of their home. Figure 8 shows                     One of the most common sources of em-
pandemic, so the share of workers who       a breakdown of travel time to work                     ployment data is the US Census Bureau s
work from home likely accounts for a        for Glendale workers age 16 and over.                  Longitudinal Employer-Household Dy-
much larger portion of workers current-                                                            namics (LEHD) survey. This survey is
ly than shown in figure      ore data on                                                           separate from the American Community
transportation mode share collected                                                                Survey, which does not collect detailed
from a survey of Glendale residents is                                                             employment information. Within this
presented in the Transportation section.                                                           survey, a dataset called LEHD Origin-Des-

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                           21
Community Snapshot
tination Employment Statistics can be        TABLE 4 - Industries in which workers living in Glendale are employed
used to get a count of workers in any geo-    NAICS Industry Sector                                 Percent
graphic area by industry. The US Census       Manufacturing                                         12.3%
Bureau s OnThe ap tool was used to e -
                                              Retail Trade                                          10.8%
tract data for workers who live within the
                                              Accommodation and Food Services                       10.6%
Glendale Community Council Boundary
                                              Healthcare and Social Assistance                      8.7%
According to this data, a total of 5,092      Administration and Support, Waste Management and 8.5%
workers live in Glendale. The top             Remediation
three employment sectors for work-            Construction                                          7.4%
ers living in Glendale are manufac-           Educational Services                                  6.9%
turing, retail trade, and accommoda-          Transportation and Warehousing                        6.4%
tion and food services. Table 4 shows
                                                rofessional, cientific, and echnical ervices        5.7%
a full breakdown of Glendale workers
by standard industry classification           Wholesale Trade                                       4.8%
                                              Finance and Insurance                                 4.5%
Land Use and Zoning                           Public Administration                                 2.8%
                                              Other Services (excluding public administration)      2.5%
Figure 9 shows a map of general zoning        Information                                           2.1%
classifications in Glendale Salt ake City     Management of Companies and Enterprises               1.9%
has a large number of zoning categories,      Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation                   1.9%
many of which are similar and can be
                                              Real Estate and Rental and Leasing                    1.6%
classified into the categories shown on
the map. Residential areas exist general-     Utilities                                             0.3%
ly east of Redwood Road, with most land       Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting           0.1%
west of Redwood Road zoned as industri-       Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Natural Gas Extraction 0.1%
al. Most green space exists along the Jor-
dan River, and several commercial corri-
dors exist throughout the neighborhood.

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                             22
Community Snapshot
FIGURE 9 - General zoning map of Glendale

Neighborhood Greenery                          near-infrared and red light reflecting off   as neighborhoods just to the east of I-15,
                                               objects on and near the earth’s surface.     more green than downtown, and slight-
Index (NDVI)                                   While the methodology is complex, the        ly less green than the ast Bench areas
                                               map is simple arker green in figure
One important feature of sustainable ur-
                                               indicates denser and healthier vegetation.
ban neighborhoods is the urban forest
                                               Boundaries of city-owned parks and open
and other greenery. A simple way to clas-
                                               spaces are included on the map for refer-
sify the health and density of green vege-
                                               ence. In the NDVI map, the residential
tation is the normalized difference vege-
                                               eastern portion of Glendale shows much
tation index, or NDVI. Maps of NDVI are
                                               more greenery than the western industri-
created by using mapping software to an-
                                               al areas. Predictably, the greenest parts
alyze satellite imagery data, specifically
                                               of Glendale are parks. Non-park areas in
calculating a ratio using the intensities of
                                               east Glendale tend to be roughly as green

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                          23
Community Snapshot
FIGURE 10 - General zoning in the residential portion of   Figure 11 - Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)
Glendale                                                   map of Salt Lake City and Glendale. Darker greens indicate
                                                           denser and/or healthier vegetation

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                            24
The focus areas in this plan are designed to delve into specific topics in greater
detail. Each of the following sections contain a brief introduction of the focus area,
existing conditions, and recommendations for the future.

  01             02                  03                04               05               06

                                                                        Jordan River &
                     Raging Waters

                                                       Environment &

                                                                                         Public Art
                                                                                         Culture &
Culture &

                                  Public Art
                                  Jordan River &

        Neighborhood Parks

                                  Environment &

                                  Raging Waters


Neighborhood Parks
Introduction                                                         in the River, nternational Peace Gar-     one of the reasons that these parks expe-
                                                                     dens, Glendale Golf Course, the ordan     rience different uses, perceptions, safety
One of Glendale s assets is its pro imi-                             Park, and ife etlands The neighbor-       standards, and accessibility by Glendale
ty to a range of parks and open spaces                               hood parks in the Glendale area receive   residents and visitors.
  ith a few e ceptions, most of Glen-                                various degrees of maintenance which is
dale s parks are strung along the or-
dan River corridor and offer a variety of                          FIGURE 13 - Glendale Parks & Open Spaces Map
different uses and amenities see igure
       ccording to the OGP community
survey,         of respondents indicated
that parks as a neighborhood amenity
were important or e tremely important
Some of the most prominent neighbor-
hood parks include odesto Park, Glen-
dale Park, S River Park, ordan River
Peace abyrinth, South River Park, th
    th Skate Park,    ine Bike Park, Bend
FIGURE 12 - OGP Survey: Park Importance
               How important are parks as a
                 neighborhood amenity?
                    Neutral, 4.5%                   Not at all
                                                 Important, 0.9%
  Important, 5.5%

                                    Very Important,

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                             27
Neighborhood Parks
Existing Conditions &                        FIGURE 14 - ParkServe: Park Need
   ost of the Glendale residents are with-
in a -minute walk to a neighborhood
park      est of Redwood Road there are
little to no neighborhood parks or open
spaces however, there is very little res-
idential development on the west side of
Glendale The e isting parks along the
  ordan River corridor in Glendale and
their     -minute walking distance en-
compass most of the residential zones in
Glendale t face-value this is an encour-
aging statistic however, many neighbor-
hood residents have identified a need for    FIGURE 15 - ParkServe: Park Walkability
updating and maintaining e isting parks
and infrastructure

The Trust or Public and s ParkServe
software identifies public parks, -min-
ute walking distances from parks, urban
heat islands, and non-residential areas
and generates areas where parks are
most needed ccording to ParkServe,
     of Salt ake City residents live with-
in a     -minute walking distance to a
park reas identified in Glendale that
would most benefit from a park are areas

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                               28
Neighborhood Parks
FIGURE 16 - ParkServe: Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)                                         Glendale Park
                                                                                              Glendale Park is located in the southern
                                                                                              area of the Glendale neighborhood, ust
                                                                                              north of the Glendale Golf Course, west
                                                                                              of the Raging aters or, Seven Peaks
                                                                                              site, and across from the      South Riv-
                                                                                              er Park Glendale Park has a public re-
                                                                                              stroom, picnic tables, softball fields,
                                                                                              tennis courts, and a drinking fountain
                                                                                              Some of these amenities are in need of
                                                                                              repair or replacement and as a result,
                                                                                              Glendale Park is in the process of getting
                                                                                              redesigned and rebuilt by the City of Salt
                                                                                                ake n       , the bid for improvements
                                                                                              included construction of a new pavilion,
shaded in red along Redwood Road see           moderate and high urban heat islands
 igure                                         around areas that are not within the
                                               parks corridor in Glendale One of the       FIGURE 17 - Glendale Park Map
The urban heat island U          effect is a   most significant ways that communities
phenomenon that is often found in met-         can combat U s is through increased
ropolitan areas or places that have been       parks and open spaces, planting trees,
developed in ways that make ground sur-        and developing areas with less paved,
faces less permeable and don t effective-      impermeable surfaces that tend to retain
ly reflect heat or adapt to hot environ-       heat see igure        The OGP communi-
ments nstead, U s absorb and retain            ty survey indicated that many residents
heat and make these areas less sustain-        thought it was important to plant more
able for vegetation to adapt as well as        trees in Glendale as well as better main-
less desirable for people to live, work, or    tain its e isting parks
spend time in Unsurprisingly, there are

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                            29
Neighborhood Parks
new circular pathways for people walk-       Modesto Park                                FIGURE 18 - Modesto Park Map
ing and running, public art installations,
and modifications to e isting irrigation        odesto Park is located between
                                                odesto venue and the ordan Riv-
This park has lacked an activation plan      er and features picnic tables, a play-
and in order to keep the slated improve-     ground, and access to the ordan River
ments in good condition and use, the         Trail     odesto Park s location along a
community and community council need         residential street, other surrounding
to give Glendale Park ongoing attention      parks, and the ordan River Trail re-
and consideration in planning efforts        sults in the park being safely accessible
  ccording to the OGP community sur-         but generally overlooked in the plan-
vey, Glendale Park was one of the most       ning conversation      odesto Park was
fre uented parks in the neighborhood,        one of the least fre uented parks ac-
likely due to the sports fields and courts   cording to the OGP community survey
the park provides One of the biggest as-     responses, likely due to its size, limit-
sets and challenges for Glendale Park is     ed amenities, pro imity to larger more
its location along       South This road     popular parks and open spaces, and               in odesto Park as well as some other
is often busy and lacks effective speed      general feelings of unsafety in the park         areas in Glendale, such as Bend in the
control or safe crossings for people walk-   Residents feel strongly that odesto Park         River Bend in the River was the result of
ing and bicycling The central location of    lacks general maintenance and security           a partnership pro ect between Salt ake
Glendale Park is a potential asset how-      features which has resulted in the park          City and the owell Bennion Commu-
ever, without speed mitigation or safe       being used as an encampment for people           nity Service Center at the University of
crossings along         South, this park     e periencing homelessness Of course,             Utah This park was aimed to serve as an
remains difficult and unsafe to access-es-   homelessness is a far-reaching problem           ecological preservation site designed for
pecially for people walking or bicycling     that goes much deeper than park main-            Utah s natural landscape and to provide
Some ways to address this issue include      tenance and improvements and re uires            an amenity to the Glendale neighbor-
increased signage, traffic calming devic-    ongoing, strategic programming to help           hood Since its development, this -acre
es, safe or raised crosswalks along          those individuals                                natural park and its infrastructure has
South, and more and better signage indi-       ccording to the OGP community sur-             lacked general maintenance and im-
cating park access and locations             vey, a general sense of safety is lacking        provements by its original sponsors, re-

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                           30
Neighborhood Parks
sulting in less residents using or visiting         or overuse while increasing sustainabil-                park, while not among the most popular
the site Though city-owned, Bend in the             ity of other parks in the area                          choices in the survey, do still e perience
River is managed by student volunteers                                                                      high use by golfers and skaters, respec-
in con unction with city officials and               Respondents from the OGP community                     tively There is a tremendous amount of
would benefit from more structured, on-              survey indicated that they most fre uent-              opportunity for increasing maintenance
going maintenance                                    ly visited the nternational Peace Gar-                 and activation of e isting parks in the
                                                     dens, Glendale Park, and the ordan River               Glendale neighborhood ctivating the
   odesto Park doesn t see as much use as            Peace abyrinth Some of the least fre-                  neighborhood parks and public spaces
other surrounding parks, such as Bend in                uented parks in the Glendale area were              through community-led efforts and part-
the River, but could support more pro-               the th            th Skate Park, odesto Park,          nerships will help to increase safety, ac-
gramming and infrastructural improve-                and the Glendale Golf Course t should                  cessibility, and perception along e isting
ments to spread the corridor s park use              be noted that the golf course and skate                parks and open spaces as well as spark a
out more sustainably The park s recent                                                                      dialogue on how to meet future park de-
                                            FIGURE 19 - OGP Survey: Park Preference
river bank and vegetation restorations                                                                                             mand ccording to
have had positive results and will hope-                 What parks do you go to the most in the Glendale                          the OGP communi-
fully improve the ordan River water                                                      area?                                     ty survey, a ma or-
  uality    owever, river bank resto-                                                                                              ity of Glendale res-
rations and erosion control are import-             Other (please specify)         11.8%                                           idents find it more
ant issues to chronically re-address with           Glendale Golf Course               18.2%
                                                                                                                                   important to main-
continued use of the park and general                                                                                              tain e isting parks
                                             International Peace Gardens                                                     91.8%
maintenance of the area       odesto Park                                                                                          and infrastructure
features an outdoor classroom struc-                      Bend in the River                        37.3%                           rather than devel-
ture which has fallen into disrepair This                  9 Line Bike Park                    31.8%                               op new parks or in-
structure could be maintained through a                                                                                            vest in new ameni-
                                                      9th & 9th Skate Park            16.4%
small clean up pro ect at the site and help                                                                                        ties. Respondents
to draw more people to the park and of-                 9 South  River Park                  28.2%                                 also indicated that
fer a covered area for outdoor activities, Jordan River Peace Labrynth                                41.8%                        planting more trees
education programs, events, and meet-                                                                                              was a high priority
                                                             Glendale Park                           40.0%
ings mproving less visited parks, such                                                                                             for Glendale
as odesto Park, can reduce crowding                          Modesto   Park     8.2%

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                           31
Neighborhood Parks
Looking Forward                                                  tegic upgrading, ongoing maintenance                              residents can work together to find cre-
                                                                 plans coupled with funding, sensitive                             ative solutions and incrementally im-
Broad Goals                                                      lighting, more community partnerships,                            prove e isting neighborhood parks
                                                                 and elevated concerns during City-wide
The Glendale community values its parks
                                                                 improvement pro ects Salt ake City is                           t is a priority for Glendale residents to
as one of the most important assets to
                                                                 sometimes made aware of issues, espe-                         be able to maintain a high uality of life
the neighborhood        aintaining e ist-
                                                                 cially surrounding homelessness use of                        which includes park access and avail-
ing parks and infrastructure rather than
                                                                 parks and open spaces however, they re                        ability ealthy lifestyles, safe access to
developing new parks and open spaces
                                                                 not always e uipped with solutions To-                        parks, access to youth services, and on-
was much more favorable to survey re-
                                                                 gether, the Glendale Community Coun-                          going outdoor recreation and opportuni-
spondents The Glendale neighborhood
                                                                 cil, the City of Salt ake, and Glendale                       ties are all ways that parks can continue
and its parks support some of Salt ake
City s most uni ue and highly-regarded FIGURE 20 - OGP Survey: Maintenance vs. Development Preference
amenities One of Salt ake City s best                      Indicate the importance of the following in regards to parks and open spaces in
firework shows is in ordan Park, the n-                                                                     Glendale:
ternational Peace Gardens is one of the                      76%
most visited parks in the city, and the
skate park is heavily used These parks
are already well-established and act as                                                                                                                          51%
a strong drawing point for residents and                                            44%
visitors Reflecting the westside and its                                                                                                                                            36%
cultural diversity throughout the parks in                                                                                              32%
Glendale is an opportunity to help make                                     23% 24%                                            23%
this neighborhood be perceived in a bet-                18%

ter light by non-Glendale residents The                                                                                                                 10%
                                                                                                                       8%                                               8% 7%
community wants to do more to preserve               5%              5% 4%                          5%
                                                                                                                            2%                  2%
                                             1% 0%                                          1% 1%
its green spaces and provide cleaner,
more effectively used, maintained, and     Maintain/repair existing     Develop new
                                           parks and open spaces neighborhood parks and
                                                                                         Maintain/repair older park Install new amenities in Maintain/repair existing Develop new recreation
                                                                                            buildings, shelters,    existing parks (buildings, recreation fields and     fields and courts
safe park spaces for all residents Glen-                                open spaces        playgrounds, trails,
                                                                                                                     shelters, playgrounds,

dale can achieve these goals through stra-                          Not Important     Somewhat Unimportant        Neutral      Somewhat Important       Very Important

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                                                               32
Neighborhood Parks
to serve the Glendale community directly        nomic levels of residents, create uni ue     nity-led and partnered efforts that relay
   ctivating these e isting spaces will re-     destinations, and incorporate the rich di-   what the community wants first, then
  uire a coordinated effort between pub-        versity of its residents                     leverages an ongoing relationship with
lic partners and surrounding neighbor-                                                       the greater municipality to implement
hoods These activated spaces will work          Looking Forward                              those changes
to improve overall safety, well-being, and
  uality of life of residents through pro-      S eci c     e en a ion                       The process for neighborhood C PP
gramming, policies, services, events, and       Opportunities                                pro ects would likely follow the below
ongoing improvements to the built envi-                                                      procedure, which was taken from a suc-
ronment Glendale deserves public spac-           n addition to maintaining Glendale s        cessful e ample of C PP programming
es that are dedicated and safe.                 e isting parks and infrastructure, there     in ustin, Te as
                                                                                             1.         fter structuring a partnership with
                                                are some specific opportunities and
Below are a few tools the community                                                          the City, Glendale fills out and submits a
                                                partnerships that can ensure ongoing
council can use to affect change in these                                                    C PP proposal form,
                                                park-related improvements One option                  City staff reviews the proposal for
spaces by using e isting regional resourc-      for ensuring that neighborhood parks re-     feasibility and discusses a timeline based
es and processes Seventy-three           per-   main community-led planning efforts is       on the pro ect budget, site constraints, and
cent of survey respondents identified the       through a Community ctivated Parks           grantor deadlines,
place that they would most like to see          Pro ect program C PP           C PP pro-     3.       City staff will schedule and attend a
more public art is in neighborhood parks        gram, or something similar, in essence       site visit with the pro ect community mem-
and open spaces There are ample oppor-          allows the neighborhood to partner with      ber partner,
tunities to increase the neighborhood s         a larger municipal board or department,                f the pro ect is deemed feasible, the
availability of artful spaces throughout        the City of Salt ake s Public ands ivi-      neighborhood would apply for and receive
its parks Glendale s upcoming park re-                                                       pro ect funding,
                                                sion, for instance This ongoing partner-
design pro ects will include public art                                                               Pro ect implementation,
                                                ship would allow a delegate department
elements which should represent the                                                                   Ongoing pro ect maintenance and
                                                or employee to be a consistent point of
uni ue culture and character of Glen-                                                        potential reassessment
                                                contact for pro ects, ideas, and concerns
dale n short, Glendale should work to                                                        C PP pro ects can take shape in many
                                                as they come up and provide consistent
support year-round park uses, build and                                                      forms and vary by scope and need ow-
                                                accountability for improvements and
maintain vibrant and safe spaces, allow                                                      ever, the nature of many park pro ects in
                                                maintenance dditionally, C PP pro -
its parks to act as a space for all socioeco-                                                Glendale were maintenance, activation,
                                                ects are uni ue because they are commu-

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                33
Neighborhood Parks
and update related Specific e amples          IG   E 21 - Three Creeks Con uence Construction ( est e   edia)
of C PP pro ects that could benefit the
Glendale community include Playscape
replacements, Nature play installations,
Park furniture, Nature trail installations,
 nvasive species removal, nvironmental
stewardship opportunities, nterpretive
signage installations, ongoing mainte-
nance and facility improvements

  nother specific opportunity for neigh-
borhood park improvement is through
ongoing local partnerships and grant
funding Salt ake City has a variety of
dedicated partners whose missions are
closely related to the upkeep of parks and
public spaces or instance, Seven Can-
yons Trust, the ordan River Commis-
sion, TreeUtah, and Salt ake City s Parks
and Public ands ivision n addition to
a variety of local partners who may be
valuable resources to funding and pro -
ect implementation, Glendale can solve
some of its infrastructure and mainte-
nance improvements through small- and
medium-size grant allocation ocal and
regional partners, grant opportunities,
and other funding sources are included
later, in the ooking orward section of
this plan

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                        34
Culture &

                             Public Art
                             Jordan River &


                             Environment &

        Raging Waters

                             Raging Waters


Raging Waters
Introduction                                 FIGURE 22 - Raging Waters Existing Conditions (City of Salt Lake)

1700 South/1200 West was once the site
of a well-used and profitable water park
on the est Side of Salt ake City or
many years this site was owned and op-
erated by Raging Waters and later Sev-
en Peaks, but has been shut down since
2018. Since then, the site has become a
home for crime and unsafe activity in the
Glendale neighborhood, resulting in un-
usable features and 24/7 security on-site.
The Raging Waters site presents an es-
pecially important site in Glendale; res-
idents are passionate and invested in the
future of its development.

Existing Conditions &
The Glendale Community Council host-
ed a community visioning exercise on-
site on October 31, 2020. The Raging
Waters community event was catered
to hear priorities from existing Glen-
                                               osting an in-person event was diffi-      as well as hear from the residents in a
dale residents followed by an online op-
                                             cult in lieu of COVID-19 and statewide      safe and COVID-19-responsible manner.
portunity for the greater Glendale and
                                             restrictions; however, the community        The in-person event on October 31st had
West Side community through an online
                                             council was able to gather insights that    a turnout of 11 people, some non-resi-
“Raging Waters Community Exercise.”
                                             otherwise might not have been possible      dents of the Glendale neighborhood, as
One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                    36
Raging Waters
well as 3 community council representa-      Vandalism and operator abandonment               Raging Waters in one way or another.
tives. In addition to the attendees of the   have created additional problems, such           The size of the site and its proximity to
two-hour event, two news teams came to       as fires, stripped electrical wiring and         the Jordan River provides ample oppor-
the site to document the visioning pro-      equipment theft. The park’s condition            tunities for the site to offer a variety of
cess and e isting site conditions, o         leaves Salt Lake City wrestling with the         services, recreational opportunities, po-
and Channel 2 News. The in-person and        difficult question of what to do next (Salt      tential water-related activities, Jordan
online versions of the visioning event as    Lake City, Community & Neighborhoods             River Trail expansions, informational
well as feedback from the OGP commu-         Division: Vacant Water Park in Glen-             signage, among other things. The ques-
nity survey have resulted in a variety of    dale PSA).                                       tion at this time is not whether or not the
meaningful responses from the Glendale                                                        site will be updated, but a matter of what
community.                                     ccording to the City of Salt ake, the          the site will resemble and what the time-
                                             Park was purchased with State of Utah            line and budget will include.
The City of Salt ake has been grappling      Land and Water Conservation funds
with what to do with this site and in the    that restrict the property for use as open       Salt ake City has been working con-
fall of 2020 put out a community-wide        space which may be used for outdoor rec-         currently with the Glendale Community
online survey, which was prefaced with       reation Salt ake City, Community                 Council and has its own motivation for
the following information:                   Neighborhoods Division: Vacant Water             grappling with what to do with the site.
                                             Park in Glendale PS         The restricted fu-   In the fall of 2020 the City put out a com-
In the early 1980s, Salt Lake City was a     ture use of the site is an opportunity for       munity-wide online survey that yielded
water park central for the Intermoun-        the City to provide an active, communi-          over 3,800 responses. The survey was
tain West. The “Wild Wave” was home to       ty-oriented outdoor recreation space that        prefaced with the following information:
the world’s third wave pool and the place    fulfils desires of the community The cur-         n the early       s, Salt ake City was a
to be in the summertime. Fast forward        rent state of the site is in serious disrepair   water park central for the ntermountain
almost forty years to 2020 and the 17-       and has 24/7 security on-site provided by        West. The “Wild Wave” was home to the
acre Glendale park—which has changed         the City to try and alleviate some of the        world’s third wave pool and the place
names to Raging Waters and later Seven       criminal activity that was happening at          to be in the summertime ast forward
Peaks—is in a state of serious disrepair.    Raging Waters. However, the money and            almost forty years to 2020 and the 17-
Closed since 2018, the pools leak, much      resources spent dedicating an officer to         acre Glendale park which has changed
of the equipment is broken and unsafe,       be on-site is another reason that the City       names to Raging Waters and later Seven
or no longer meet engineering codes.         is ready to move forward with renovating         Peaks is in a state of serious disrepair

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                             37
Raging Waters
Closed since       , the pools leak, much      The first step for the site is to begin with        and visioning events and are often com-
of the e uipment is broken and unsafe,         a clean slate by scraping what remains to           plementary to one another. The 17-acre
or no longer meet engineering codes.           make way for something new, regardless              size of the Raging Waters site allows
Vandalism and operator abandonment             of what that may be. Many residents are             for a variety of potential implementa-
have created additional problems, such         in favor of reestablishing the site as a wa-        tion options for the future which should
as fires, stripped electrical wiring and       terpark, which will likely involve a long           be weighed and carefully considered in
e uipment theft The park s condition           timeline and a higher budget from the               upcoming negotiations with the City as
leaves Salt ake City wrestling with the        City and private partners, but is possible.         they continue to look forward to a future
difficult uestion of what to do ne t Salt      Other potential uses of the site have been          for the site as well.
  ake City, Community Neighborhoods            identified through surveys, interviews,
  ivision acant ater Park in Glendale          FIGURE 23 - OGP Survey & Community Event: Raging Waters Site Preferences
                                                                  Ranked scenarios for the Raging Waters site based on
                                                                              consideration preference:
Looking Forward
Broad Goals                                                1: Remain a Water Park             66   18    6      32

The future use of this site is dependent
                                                    2: Water Feature + Open Space
on a few different factors and significant                                                    63         46           18        23

site improvements may realistically take
a few years to complete. Glendale has
                                               3: Water Feature + Community Space             63        42            26                51
voiced its concerns, interests, and cre-
ative uses for the Raging Waters site. It is
in the City s best interest to work closely    4: Water Feature + Recreation Space           58    37                44                 37
with Glendale and the Glendale Commu-
nity Council to ensure that the site re-
flects the community s culture and takes               5: Regional Park Connection           56     48                     39                42
into account what the Glendale commu-
nity most wants the site to become.                    Best Option for Children & Families          Most Financially & Economically Feasible

                                                       Best for Seniors & ADA Access                Best for Preserving Site Heritage & Glendale Identity

One Glendale Plan | 2021                                                                                                                                    38
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