Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar

Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar



                     LIVE STREAMING

                    BETTING STIMULATION

                   MARKETING SERVICES

Product Brochure 2019
Market-leading sports betting services
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar
The world’s

Grow your revenues faster with the world’s #1 betting services provider
Betradar is the betting arm of Sportradar, the world’s leading provider of sports betting, data and entertainment
solutions. With a proven ability to drive business performance beyond any limits, Betradar is the trusted partner
of bookmakers and operators, no matter how large or small, across the world.
Our unrivalled wide-ranging betting services are underpinned by years of knowledge and expertise in collecting,
monitoring and analysing sports data with a focus on speed and quality across numerous sports tournaments
and global events. This is what enables Betradar to support every aspect of a company’s betting operation: odds
and data services, bet stimulation tools, trading services, live streaming, innovative gaming solutions and, as of
2019, marketing services.
As the sports betting space continues to compete and innovate, Betradar stands at the forefront, meeting the
challenges and demands of the international bookmaking industry in a forward-looking manner while helping to
maximise the profit of each client. Boost your profits and optimise your customer engagement with a range of
services from the world’s #1 betting services provider. With Betradar you can offer more betting opportunities,
increase revenue per user and retain your customers on site for longer.

A Multi Award-Winning Company


                                   SPORTS DATA PROVIDER
                                                                                 LIVE STREAMING
                                                          SPORTS DATA PROVIDER      SUPPLIER
                                                               BETRADAR             BETRADAR

Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar
Betting Services Provider

BETTING SERVICES              04   LIVE STREAMING                           22
Pre-Match Odds Service        04   Live Channel                             22
Live Odds Service             06   Live Channel Trading                     23
Live Data Service             07   Indian Horse Racing                      23
Live Trading Tool (BetPal)    08
Live Monitoring               08   BETTING STIMULATION                      24
Betradar Ctrl                 09   Statistics Centre                        24
Player Markets                10   Live Match Tracker                       25
Mythical Match-Ups            10   Live Sports Centre                       26
Numbers Betting               11   Live Scores                              27
Premium Cricket Service       11   Pressure Index                           28
Rapid Marktes                 12   Betting Stimulation Widget               29
Custom Bet                    13   Sports Data Widgets                      30
Esports Betting Service       14   GameBeats                                31

GAMING SOLUTIONS              16   MARKETING SERVICES                       32
Gaming Solutions              16   Sportradar ad:s                          32

                                   Contacts                                 34
                                   Our Clients                              35
Managed Trading Services      18
Full Trading Solution         20
Integrated Trading Solution   21

                                                                Introduction 02 / 03
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar

    Pre-Match Odds Service
    Get a head start on the competition with the world’s most
    extensive pre-match odds service
    Betradar’s Pre-Match Odds Service provides everything you need to create and manage your own sportsbook
    – from event and odds creation to market monitoring and result confirmation. Populate your betting offer with
    accurate and constantly verified fixtures for over 400,000 events per year across more than 60 sports. All
    markets are compiled and traded in-house by a dedicated team of experts, who closely monitor price changes
    from almost all bookmakers around the globe. Verified results are then delivered promptly, enabling you to
    directly settle your bets. This is how we guarantee the most accurate pre-match odds service throughout the

    ➔➔ 60+ sports covered, including a wide range of niche sports
    ➔➔ 400,000+ sports events supplied every year
    ➔➔ Odds compiled and traded by in-house experts ensure the most accurate pre-match service in the industry
    ➔➔ World-leading market monitoring service provides visibility of your prices and competitors
    ➔➔ Odds monitored by the most efficient Fraud Detection System guarantees integrity of price provision
    ➔➔ ISO 9001 certified, matching highest-quality standards in all processes
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar
➔➔ No more manual                             ➔➔ Odds suggestions are provided at an early
   work setting up markets                       stage and enable direct use for end-customer

➔➔ All data created, verified and             ➔➔ All odds are compiled and monitored 24/7 in-
   supervised in real-time by our                house by our experienced bookmakers to avoid
   dedicated team                                arbitrage situations

➔➔ Valuable information is supplied,          ➔➔ Odds calculation web service: take advantage
   such as worldwide player                      of Betradar’s mathematical odds models and
   transfers, match related news,                create your own pre-match odds
   injuries and suspensions

➔➔ Quality assurance with                                          ➔➔ Numerous configuration
   the highest security                                               options, including margin
   standards                                                          setting

➔➔ Accurate and rapid                                              ➔➔ Your odds and closing
   final results provided                                             times are compared to the
   for over 60 sports                                                 entire betting market to
                                                                      minimise errors

➔➔ Automated and immediate                    ➔➔ Fully customisable interface for alerts,
   pay-outs possible                             markets, sports and other relevant parameters

➔➔ Valuable information, such as              ➔➔ Comprehensive alert system, including
   period results, line-ups, substitutions,      detection of wrong results, open bets on
   detailed goal information, and                matches already started, differences in odds
   card information                              and fixtures, sure bets, removed offers from
                                                 other bookmakers, and many more

➔➔ Results comparison: a fully automated      ➔➔ Add-on: American Monitoring Service covers the
   function for comparing your own results       ability to check odds from Las Vegas casinos
   to the Betradar results database              for all American football, basketball, baseball
                                                 and ice hockey competitions played in the US

                                                                      Betting Services 04 / 05
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar

     Live Odds Service
     Maximise your profits with the world’s best-performing live odds service

     Betradar’s Live Odds Service is the most popular in-play trading service in the market, used by over 350 bookmakers
     worldwide. The fully automated and integrated service is ready for direct customer use, requiring only very limited
     resources from your side to offer a broad variety of live betting sports and markets. Betradar’s team of experts
     administer the complete match in real time, using our leading edge mathematical live odds models – ensuring we
     can provide profit-maximising live odds for over 200,000 events per year, across 23 sports.

                                                      Data Entry                   Match Administration             Live Odds

                                              BET STOPS, BET STARTS, RESULTS   DATA COVERAGE FROM TV OR VENUE     REAL-TIME ODDS





                                                  Betradar         Bookmaker

     ➔➔ 200,000+ sports events covered every year across 23 sports
     ➔➔ Unrivalled profit maximisation with the sharpest Live Odds service in the industry
     ➔➔ Live odds developed with leading edge mathematical models traded by in-house experts
     ➔➔ Access to exclusive, high quality and fast data as official betting partner of the NBA,
        ITF, World Snooker and the Professional Darts Corporation
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar
Live Data Service
            All the data you need for your sportsbook – from the world’s most
            comprehensive sports betting live service
            For bookmakers operating their own in-house trading, Betradar’s Live Data Service and our sister brand, Real
            Time Sportscast’s (RTS) Live Data Service are the leading information sources for truly reliable and comprehensive
            real-time sports data. A global network of over 7,000 highly-trained data journalists guarantees coverage that
            meets world’s-best standards in quality, security and integrity. Betradar’s Live Data Service is proven to be the
            fastest in the market; with all data delivered in less than one second from the venue to our Live Data Client. This
            widget-based trading interface is fully customisable and equipped with all necessary features to optimise your
            in-play trading.

Compilation              Risk Management                      Ticket Handling                     Customer Service


            ➔➔ 80+ operators are currently subscribed to our market-leading Betradar Live Data Service
            ➔➔ 22 sports and up to 230,000 events per year and increasing
            ➔➔ Underpinned by the largest network of data journalists in the world
            ➔➔ Proven to provide the fastest data, with the fewest errors
            ➔➔ Unrivalled data depth to support more betting markets than any competitor
            ➔➔ Most sophisticated security systems for betting live data production
            ➔➔ Setting industry standards for data journalist recruitment, training and integrity systems
            ➔➔ RTS currently covers 13 sports and 55,000+ events per year, including the world’s fastest growing
               emerging sports such as water polo, sepak takraw and kabaddi

                                                                                                  Betting Services 06 / 07
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar

    Live Trading Tool (Betpal)
    Improved efficiency for your live trading operations
    Betradar’s sophisticated Live Trading Tool enables your traders to efficiently manage multiple matches with dozens
    of bet types per match, simultaneously. The product can be used alongside our Live Odds Service to control your
    odds depending on liability and grants you the required flexibility to stake your position in the market.

                                                              PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS
                                                              ➔➔ Simultaneous management of multiple
                                                                 matches, with option to fully automate your
                                                              ➔➔ Complete flexibility in trading your own events
                                                                 and markets – even detached from Betradar’s
                                                                 live coverage and odds
                                                              ➔➔ Fast and efficient event and match
                                                                 configuration through pre-defined templates

    Live Monitoring
    Always at the hub of betting market activity
    Live Monitoring is an odds monitoring system that enables you to compare your position against the market in
    real time. Designed to house multiple sports and matches simultaneously, the interface relies on visualisation
    tools that help you focus where you need to most. A comprehensive and fully customisable alert system also
    enables you to identify high odds and sure-bet scenarios at a very early stage.

                                                              PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS
                                                              ➔➔ Follow up to 25 matches across 8 sports
                                                                 simultaneously, with odds changes displayed
                                                                 in real time
                                                              ➔➔ Live score tickers help you stay abreast of all
                                                                 the live action, while the Trader Tracker gives
                                                                 a real-time reference of your position within
                                                                 the market
                                                              ➔➔ Comprehensive alert system informs you
                                                                 when your odds have significantly deviated
                                                                 from your competitors
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar
Betradar Ctrl
Total control of your bookmaking operation
Betradar Ctrl is an innovative bookmaker system full of the most wanted features, and zero that are non-
essential. Two critical factors shaped its entire development: speed and control. This is why its modular design
and slick user interface allows for fast and seamless integration of new services and features.
Our new technology also enables you to display odds updates in real time and choose the bookmakers you
want to compare them with. Its menus make navigation intuitive and simple, saving you time and letting you
focus on areas that need it most. All pre-match odds service features, which are currently accessible via, are also available in Ctrl. Additional features, tools and functionalities currently not available on will be added to Ctrl+, giving you the ability to control event and market publication and pre-
match odds.

➔➔ Game-changing trading tool enables you to control your odds within the platform and set up
   dynamic configurations down to a single event level
➔➔ Future-proof software architecture ensures that new features can easily be incorporated
➔➔ Accelerated data handling provides new, lightning-fast odds extraction techniques for real-time
   updates – ideal for quick comparison and alerting
➔➔ Optimised data feed works in conjunction with Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed, simplifying
   integration and maintenance
➔➔ Intuitive interface delivers simple and efficient navigation to save you time
➔➔ Single-sign-on access through our SSO login means you can use and Ctrl in parallel.
   As Ctrl is developed step by step, you can benefit from features in both systems until is retired
➔➔ Pre-Match and Live Odds unification – starting with the configuration, both producers will get closer
   and be managed within the same interfaces
                                                                                         Betting Services 08 / 09
Product Brochure 2019 - Market-leading sports betting services - Betradar

    Player Markets                             P R E - M ATC H
                                               B E T T I N G

    Betting on individual player’s performance
    Player Markets enables your punters to bet on an extensive range of performance-related markets for the most
    enthralling leagues and sports in the world. The service includes the odds formats “over/under” as well as “at
    least”. All markets are based on statistics such as assists, shots on goal, passes or tackles.

    ➔➔ Up to 600+ bets per match – covering top European soccer leagues (English Premier League,
       Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga), the UEFA Champions League, as well as
       the NFL, NBA, MLB and Australian Football League
    ➔➔ No workload for bookmakers, as markets are created, managed and settled in-house
    ➔➔ Sharpest prices thanks to leading-edge mathematical odds models
    ➔➔ Coming Soon: US College Football, US College Basketball, March Madness and NHL

    Mythical Match-Ups                                       P R E - M ATC H
                                                             B E T T I N G

    Offer blockbuster fixtures every single day
    Enhance your sportsbook with fictitious matches for the most interesting global soccer teams. Betradar takes
    two teams from different leagues that are playing at a comparable performance level – with the fictitious fixture
    based on the team’s actual games within their own leagues. Once both teams have completed their games, the
    fictional match is evaluated based on goals scored respectively.

    ➔➔ Increased sportsbook attraction – as the best teams compete virtually on a weekly basis
    ➔➔ Thousands of additional betting opportunities – 45+ fictitious matches every week with over
       50 special side bets per match
    ➔➔ Flexibility for bookmakers to focus on certain teams to fit their customers’ demand
Numbers Betting                                  P R E - M ATC H
                                                 B E T T I N G

Pre-match betting on the largest selection of real state lotteries
Betradar’s Numbers Betting is the world’s leading and most comprehensive lotteries betting solution on the
market. Now available for online and retail betting operators and platform providers, it offers punters 24/7 fixed
odds betting on numerous markets and outcomes selections, with upwards of 37,000 real state lottery draws
per month from over 70 countries.

➔➔ 160+ lotteries, with 110+ real drum-based and 50+ RNG based lotteries, including 7 rapid lotteries
➔➔ Highly engaging sports-like betting experience with numerous main and side markets to bet on
➔➔ Easy and fast integration via Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed or Unified Odds SDK
➔➔ Retail visualisation stream available to meet any bandwidth requirements
➔➔ Complete in-house data production with dedicated team to ensure the highest data quality
➔➔ Powerful cross-sell tool that also appeals to non-traditional punter

Premium Cricket Service
                                                                     P R E - M ATC H L I   V   E
                                                                     B E T T I N G B E T T I N G

Unlocking the potential of cricket betting
Premium Cricket Service provides bookmakers with the most comprehensive and reliable pre-match and in-play
betting service available for this global sport. Enrich your sportsbook with over 1,400 live games per year and let
your punters bet on 200+ pre-match and 250+ in-play markets – available for each match. Betradar’s dedicated
trader team not only manages the entire match, including bet-settlement, but guarantees an exceptional pricing
quality with odds updates delivered in real time.

➔➔ Exceptional pricing quality and
   liability management
➔➔ Real-time in-venue pricing updates
➔➔ Full event creation

                                                                                       Betting Services 10 / 11

    Rapid Markets                               L   I   V   E
                                                B E T T I N G

    Faster bet cycles to create more betting opportunities
    Betradar’s new Rapid Markets offers a more thrilling live betting experience for the top tier soccer leagues and
    tournaments. Working in one-minute intervals, x:00 – x:59, you can offer a much higher number of live bets and
    thus significantly increase your turnover. Rapid Markets are available for goals, corners, bookings, penalties and

    ➔➔ A considerably higher number of live betting opportunities for top tier soccer matches
    ➔➔ Casino style betting allows faster settlement, leading to higher bet frequency and turnover
    ➔➔ Keep players engaged throughout the entire match with new bet cycles available every minute
    ➔➔ Perfect for betting on any device, especially Mobile
Custom Bet (coming soon)                                                P R E - M ATC H
                                                                        B E T T I N G

Combine your selections across markets
Custom Bet lets users combine related or unrelated outcomes into a single bet. Previously, all selections
were required to be placed individually. Now, with Custom Bet, customers can add all of their selections onto
one accumulated ticket. Integrate now and capitalise on the enormous growth in single match accumulators –
let your customers tell the whole story.

➔➔ Available for pre-match soccer with 80+ markets to choose from
➔➔ 10 selections maximum per Custom Bet
➔➔ Available on the Unified Odds Feed and to MTS customers
➔➔ Basketball and American Football coming soon

                                                                                     Betting Services 12 / 13

    Esports Betting Service
    Are you ready to reach the next generation of customers?
    Esports betting presents a unique opportunity for bookmakers to tap into a massively growing spectator sport
    that boasts massive engagement rates. Gaming is a global phenomenon and there are millions who are spending
    more of their time watching esports. To transform these esports enthusiasts into loyal punters, bookmakers must
    offer a truly immersive entertainment package that’s 100 percent tailored to their needs.
    With Betradar’s market-leading esports betting service, you’ll get everything you need to create your own
    exciting esports offer. Provide your customers with the broadest and most credible range of pre-match and live
    betting markets available. Cater to their needs for match information with our comprehensive Live Scores and
    Statistics solutions and complement your sportsbook with the fastest live match streams available anywhere and
    on each device.

    ➔➔ 60+ operators are currently subscribed to our market leading esports service
    ➔➔ 5,000+ live odds events covering the world’s biggest three games (CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2)
    ➔➔ Up to 16,000 matches per year, covering the most followed games globally
    ➔➔ Maximised profit margins thanks to highest market uptime
    ➔➔ Sharpest odds compiled by specialist esports algorithms and specialised esports traders
    ➔➔ Best exclusive partnerships with the world’s largest tournament organisers
    ➔➔ More live streaming of esports events than any other supplier in the world provided
       with the market’s fastest signal
    ➔➔ Possibility to create outright markets for every new esports title on request
    ➔➔ Market-leading content solutions covering statistics and live scores
Betting Services
Increase your sportsbook with 5,000+ in-play events and with over 11,000 pre-match events for the most
followed titles in the world (CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2). Our numerous partnerships with leading tournament organisers
enable us to cover more matches with official live data than any other supplier. This guarantees you will receive
100 percent reliable match data, the fastest odds updates and the highest uptime of markets. Together with
DOJO Madness, we have developed specialist esports algorithms, traded by our in-house esports experts, to
provide you with the sharpest odds – helping to maximise your profit margins.

Live Streaming
Cater to your esports customers’ passion for premium digital content with our Live Channel for esports. Our
media rights portfolio comprises streams from over 2,500 live events, including all major ESL events. Thanks to
exclusive streaming rights partnerships with tournament organisers, we deliver a signal that is proven to be faster
than any other streaming source.

Betting Stimulation
Enrich your customers’ betting experience with the fastest Live Score solution available for esports, delivering
reliable and accurate in-play data as the game unfolds. Additionally, our Statistics Centre fulfils each customer’s
demand for upcoming and historical match information, providing comprehensive match and player statistics.

Consultant Services
Unlike traditional sports betting, esports wagering is relatively new and is still looking for broad acceptance
within the esports community. To tap into this rapidly growing market, it is essential to entice them to your
sportsbook by providing the right offers, bonuses and betting options – within a secure betting environment that
gives esports punters peace of mind. Betradar’s esports experts can advise and assist you in your measurements;
providing you with deep insights into the esports environment and pointing out any stumbling blocks and
challenges you might face. Contact us for more information.


                                                                                        Betting Services 14 / 15

   Gaming Solutions
   Realistic virtual sports, built for betting
   Our innovative Gaming Solutions are guaranteed to unlock the growing revenue opportunities of 24/7 virtual
   sports. As the world leader in realistic motion capture simulations, we have continued to expand our Virtual
   Football product with more competition modes – and the more we add, the bigger the revenues it collects.
   Apart from successfully launching major international competition modes such as the World and Nations cup, we
   are about to release new Asian and Champions competitions (European clubs). Additionally, our portfolio will be
   revamped with renewed racing solutions (Virtual Dogs and Virtual Horses). At Betradar, we continue to prepare
   for the future of Gaming with an array of new in-play live-betting virtual sports. Following the recent launch of
   Virtual In-Play Tennis, in 2019 we will release a pioneering new Virtual In-Play Baseball solution. Future proof
   your business with innovative Gaming Solutions built for betting, available today.
➔➔ Live with 180+ bookmakers, on 500+ websites and 10,000+ retail outlets
➔➔ Realistic simulations and visualisations, developed on the back of Sportradar’s data expertise
   in real sports, offering a compelling experience for end-users
➔➔ Multi-competition Virtual Football and Basketball solutions available with one integration
➔➔ Exciting new virtual racing products (Virtual Dogs and Virtual Horses)
➔➔ Market-exclusive, true live-betting on virtual tennis and baseball for people who like to
   bet on form and momentum
➔➔ Flexible customisation and integration options, guarantee seamless distribution
   across all geographies and channels

                                                                               Gaming Solutions 16 / 17

   Managed Trading Services
   Your doorway to a successful sports betting future
   Whether you’re new to the sports betting industry or a veteran in the market – Betradar’s Managed Trading
   Services (MTS) can help take your business to a new level of success. Join over 100 bookmakers from all tiers and
   utilise MTS’ unique market capabilities to boost your operations and drive higher margins and turnover – whilst
   minimising your business risks.

   Flexibility is Key
   Being adaptable is one of Managed Trading Services’ core strengths. Its modular setup from top to bottom lets
   you customise the service to your specific requirements and business circumstances.

   ➔➔ Get a full turnkey solution including a cutting-              ➔➔ Full Trading – get a bespoke sportsbook
      edge sports betting & gaming platform                            administration managed by MTS

                      or                                                                            or

   ➔➔ Integrate all MTS services into your own                      ➔➔ Integrated Trading – trade your own
      existing platform or any third-party system                      sportsbook utilising MTS’ full capabilities

                      or                                                                            or
                                                   ATIO                   TR
   ➔➔ Pick and choose the parts                  R                                               ➔➔ Selective Trading –

      of MTS that help you best                                                                     outsource the trading


      improve your existing                                                                         of selected sports and

      business                                                                                      tournaments

   ➔➔ Customise the risk and                                                                 ➔➔ Choose Risk Sharing to
                                                                                   E LS

      liability management of                                                                   reduce your exposure to

      your business strategies                                                                  risk, spreading it with


                                                   GE                       ES                  MTS

                    and                                NT               USIN
                                                                       B                            or

   ➔➔ Configure the setup of sports,                                               ➔➔ Choose Return Guarantee to gain
      tournaments, events and player profiles                                         highest financial security for your
      on a granular level                                                             operations

   ➔➔ Change and adapt all settings whenever                     ➔➔ Combine both business models when utilising
      you want to meet new business conditions                      Surplus Trading to maximise your success

   And, as your business develops, so does MTS; giving you the flexibility to granularly adapt
   the service at any time, in any respect, to any changing condition.
Create your own bespoke sportsbook
Managed Trading Services helps you create a truly compelling and fully bespoke sportsbook, while enjoying the
utmost financial and operational security right from the start.
You can create your entire business around MTS and have an unprecedented trading and risk management service
already in place. Under the umbrella of MTS, you can then assemble your sportsbook components the way you
want – whether provided by Betradar or any third party – differentiating you from the market with your own
unique sportsbook business.
Another convenient way to set up your own business is to utilise our holistic turnkey solution, which includes all
the services you need to kick start and run a competitive sportsbook from scratch. As the only service provider in
the industry that controls the entire value chain of sports betting services in-house, we can provide a second-to-
none 360° solution that guarantees highest quality, compatibility, and performance.

➔➔ Confidently start your own unique business – getting all necessary services from the industry leader
➔➔ Gain a strong corporate identity – tailoring all services exactly to your needs
➔➔ Be competitive from day one – having the most comprehensive coverage in place
➔➔ Drive your business where you want – being fully flexible in your operational processes
➔➔ Enjoy utmost business security – getting operational and financial safeguards

                                                                           Managed Trading Services 18 / 19

   Full Trading Solution
   Trading that focuses on your objectives
   With our Full Trading Solution (FTS), you receive first-class sportsbook administration without investing heavily
   into highly qualified in-house trading teams and technology.
   Managed Trading Services operates your sportsbook trading, including the entire ticketing, trading and risk
   management in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our trading experts use proprietary, leading-edge
   live trading tools in combination with advanced liquidity trading algorithms and machine-learning processes to
   maximise our trading performance.
   All ensuring that you can provide your customers with an unrivalled betting experience while keeping yourself
   ahead the competition.

   ➔➔ Drive your business – utilising MTS’ outstanding trading tools and expertise
   ➔➔ Minimise your sportsbook risks – getting safeguarded by our high-performing risk and liability
   ➔➔ Save with substantial investments – required for highly-qualified trading teams and technology
   ➔➔ Keep your business structures streamlined – with everything managed in the solution’s backend
   ➔➔ Differentiate from the competition – by customising your trading as you want

   Market leading, future-proof technology for optimised sportsbook performance

             Ctrl – game-changing                                                    BetPal – improved
             bookmaker platform                                                   live trading operations
Integrated Trading Solution
Unlock your full trading potential
Enhance your sportsbook operations with our Integrated Trading Solution (ITS) and take advantage of the whole
spectrum of Managed Trading Services’ capabilities. You retain full control of your in-house trading and keep the
flexibility to differentiate from the market wherever you want.
Your trading floor works independently alongside MTS, using the same cutting-edge tools and highly automated
processes in a fully integrated and totally flexible manner. Able to interact in real time with our MTS traders, your
operators can combine our expertise with theirs and optimise your trading efficiency and output.

➔➔ Generate higher profits – leveraging MTS’ capabilities and pricing algorithms
➔➔ Expand your portfolio – create your own bespoke content or integrate any third-party content
➔➔ Be first to market – be fully flexible in publishing your content, whenever you want
➔➔ Benefit from MTS’ expertise – use our proprietary algorithms to create and trade your own odds
➔➔ Enhance customer satisfaction – through maximised coverage, lower ticket rejection and granular
   player profiling

       MTS Console – unrivalled risk                                      Proprietary Pricing Algorithms –
            management tool                                                     for optimised odds

                                                                            Managed Trading Services 20 / 21

    Live Channel
    Attract fans and grow revenue with live sports content
    Our Live Channels for online and retail bookmakers provide you with a dedicated, 24/7 live streaming product
    that seamlessly fulfils your customers’ demand for live visualisation and betting stimulation. Give punters an
    immediate incentive to follow the match action – the ideal way to attract new customers, strengthen loyalty and
    prolong visit duration to drive your sportsbook revenues.
    The Live Channel Online adds incremental value to your offer by having live video for games and lets customers
    place their bets directly in view. Innovative widgets let your customers interact with your live offer, increase bet
    stimulation, and drive turnover – all while being connected to your wallet.
    The Live Channel Retail guarantees live sports compiled in full accordance with your betting shop’s opening
    hours to help increase your revenues on pre-match and in-play betting. Customisable to your CI and combining
    all information needed on only one screen, the Live Channel Retail strengthens brand awareness and provides
    bettors with all the information they need to place the next bet.
    Betradar’s Live Channels for sportsbooks come with 100% coverage of our market-leading Live Betting Solutions.
    Combine exclusive and comprehensive top tier content from our highly attractive media rights portfolio, which is
    to a great extent non-televised, and successfully address your target group and drive revenues.

    ➔➔ 40,000 live events per year providing a diversified and strong portfolio
    ➔➔ 24/7 live sports during on and off-peak hours closing entertainment gaps
    ➔➔ Easy integration and fully customisable to meet bookmakers demands
    ➔➔ Attract new customers and prolong retention on your website or in your retail shop
    ➔➔ Bet-stimulating and informative widgets to drive additional revenue

                                                             Territorial restrictions apply for content shown in images

   COMING        Under the theme of flexibility, we will introduce bespoke products and services. Bookmakers
    IN 2019      can choose from different options to combine their individual second-to-none solutions and
                 increase customer satisfaction. Find out more:
Live Channel Trading
The fastest solution for in-play trading
Using the official broadcasting signal, Betradar’s Live Channel Trading offers you the opportunity to enhance
your in-play trading for selected entities faster than the competition. Bookmakers can use Live Channel Trading
in combination with Betradar’s Live Data solutions and seamlessly integrate the widget into their trading
environment. The live stream for trading purposes will replace the pre-set visualisation widget.
Usage with an existing Live Odds booking or stand-alone usage will automatically launch a window with the
game selected in Live Channel Trading player. All matches in this offering are transmitted via our new in-house
developed video platform, a renowned back-end live video streaming system that provides audiovisual game
feeds up to eight seconds faster than any TV broadcaster.


     1. Match stream available in booking calendar                1. Match stream available in booking calendar
     2. Select LCT widget in Settings                             2. Select LCT widget in Settings
     3. Seamless integration into Betradar’s Live Data            3. Separate window opens up in Live Data Client
        Client; Live Stream replaces visualisation widget            container with restricted Live Data

Indian Horse Racing
Always on the right track with Indian Horse Racing
Indian Horse Racing has a long tradition dating back more than 230 years. To this day, it hasn’t lost any of its
excitement and enjoys greater popularity than ever. Now you can offer your customers the opportunity to bet on
Indian Horse Racing and watch live pictures, in a betting shop or in the comfort of their own home –
as we stream the service onto betting operators’ websites.

➔➔ Exclusive content – including live visual and audio streams
➔➔ Worldwide availability to all international territories,
   excluding India (and in certain cases, Nepal and Bhutan)
➔➔ Detailed information on 3,000+ races
   across 340+ race days per year
➔➔ Perfect complement to your off-peak
   portfolio – races take place 8:00-12:30 GMT
➔➔ Service is available across multiple channels
   (online, mobile, retail)

                                                                                       Live Streaming 22 / 23

    Statistics Centre
    Valuable and entertaining information for your customers
    With Betradar’s Statistics Centre, your bettors can access the most comprehensive statistical service the market
    has to offer. Providing historical data for 40+ sports across more than 1,900 different tournaments, our Statistics
    Centre is the ideal tool to make the most informed betting decisions.
    The solution can be customised to perfectly suit your own content, layout, graphics and advertising integration
    preferences. Its modular design enables you to create individual landing pages, and you can easily link to your
    promotions. Betradar also offers an easy to use and flexible administration tool that delivers a wide range of
    content in various formats.

    ➔➔ Accurate, reliable and relevant statistics with historical data covering more than 20 years
    ➔➔ Appealing visualisation for easy understanding
    ➔➔ Covering 1,900+ events from 40+ sports across 110 countries
    ➔➔ Short time to market and customised to fit your needs
    ➔➔ Multi-lingual solution, supporting 43 different languages
    ➔➔ Responsive design and full support for mobile use
Live Match Tracker
Bringing the action directly to your bettors
With Betradar’s Live Match Tracker, bookmakers have a ready-made live sports solution to directly implement
into any in-play betting offering, providing a unique visualisation of all match action in real time. Increasing
consumption through an intuitive and responsive design that works seamlessly across all devices, the Live Match
Tracker provides sophisticated ball spotting and on-pitch animations, giving punters the feeling of actually being
at the venue.

➔➔ Bird’s eye view for ideal action tracking and ball spotting
➔➔ Main events animated and zoomed in
➔➔ Improved comprehensive match statistics triggered by on-field events
➔➔ Out of the box integration of pre-match / live odds and advertisements
➔➔ Enhanced visualisation for key events
➔➔ Easy, fast and flexible customisation and integration
➔➔ Responsive design for an optimal betting experience across all platforms

                                                                                  Betting Stimulation 24 / 25

    Live Sports Centre
    The all-in-one live sports complement to your in-play offer
    Betradar’s Live Sports Centre is an all-in-one solution designed to let your bettors feel part of and share the thrill
    of live betting. Featuring a responsive design that can be used on all digital devices, the solution enables you to
    enhance your digital offering; attracting and retaining new customers. In addition to versatile live statistics and
    match information data, the Live Sports Centre offers flexible navigation options and engaging visualisation of
    all on-pitch action in real time within the integrated Live Match Tracker. This includes positional data of versatile
    match events and a comprehensive match commentary.

    ➔➔ Entertain your customers with a best-of-breed live match visualisation for all on-pitch action using our
       Live Match Tracker
    ➔➔ Detailed match timeline, available in multiple languages
    ➔➔ Includes a variety of match and competition related statistics
    ➔➔ Various promotion options such as pitch overlays to draw attention to new betting opportunities
    ➔➔ Several possibilities to integrate pre-match and live odds with direct link to betting slip
    ➔➔ Fully customisable
Live Scores
Keep your bettors up to speed
Betradar offers the broadest, fastest and most comprehensive live scores service in the market. Our independent
and fast-growing scout network of more than 7,000 data journalists guarantees the highest accuracy and speed
in live sports information for over 200,000 live events per year.

➔➔ Available via Betradar hosted solutions or direct API integration
➔➔ 25+ sports with over 750 leagues and tournaments across 100+ countries
➔➔ Fully customisable sports, leagues and languages to offer exactly what your audience demands
➔➔ Responsive design for an optimal user experience across all platforms
➔➔ Pre-match and live odds integration directly linked to bet slip or match overview
➔➔ Integrated bet slips allow bettors to select and stimulate bets within the solution

                                                                                Betting Stimulation 26 / 27

    Pressure Index
    In-play team performance indicator
    Betradar’s Pressure Index is a metric which shows how much pressure (in %) one team is creating towards
    the other team; helping punters see throughout the duration of a live football match which team is currently
    dominant and encourage them to place additional bets.
    Pressure Index is a dynamic index, calculated using an advanced mathematical model and real-time match stats
    like attacks, cards and shots within the past 10 minutes of the game, to help predict a possible score change
    event. It is available for all football matches covered in Betradar’s Live Match Tracker.


    ➔➔ Helps punters to better understand the current match dynamics even without actively
       watching the match
    ➔➔ Even available for matches with basic data coverage
    ➔➔ Easy to implement into existing betting stimulation products
    ➔➔ Effective betting stimulation outside of the free bet / bonus scheme
Betting Stimulation Widget
Facts and questions to increase betting frequency
                                                   With our Betting Stimulation Widget, you can provide
                                                   your customers with valuable information at the
                                                   right time and ask topic-related questions to increase
                                                   the frequency of bet placing. This gives punters
                                                   the momentum and confidence they need to place
                                                   another bet. Besides that, the Betting Stimulation
                                                   Widget enriches their betting experience and acts as
                                                   an effective call to action.

                                                   1. Valuable information
                                                      Triggered by pre-match statistical facts or in-play event
                                                   2. Engaging visualisations
                                                      Clear infographics to present the statistical facts
                                                   3. Carefully designed questions
                                                      Encourage placing more bets and link
                                                      answers directly to your bet slip
                                                   4. Real-time odds
                                                      Display odds associated with answers to
                                                      previously asked questions
                                                   5. Betting Market display

➔➔ Thousands of valuable pieces of statistical information (pre-match and in-play)
➔➔ Clever algorithms to push the right question at the right time
➔➔ Gamify the betting experience by questions and answers linked directly to your bet slip
➔➔ Odds integrated into answers act as call-to-action buttons
➔➔ Includes a large number of betting markets like Totals, Handicaps, Correct Scores,
   Next Goal Scorer and many more
➔➔ Available as stand-alone widget embedded into your website
   or inside our Live Match Tracker visualisation

                                                                               Betting Stimulation 28 / 29

    Sports Data Widgets
    Boost your revenues through bet-engaging live sports content
    Betradar’s Sports Data Widgets are the perfect complement for any sportsbook offering, providing punters
    with entertaining and bet-stimulating content for a broad range of sports.
    Widgets serve bettor demands for accurate, comprehensive and compelling sports information – delivered in
    real time. All widgets are responsive and fully customisable in terms of colours and the integration of logos.
    Offering a great variety of advertising integrations, you can choose your personal widget package to suit your
    individual needs.

    CORE WIDGETS                           PROBABILITY WIDGETS                    PERFORMANCE WIDGETS

    ➔➔ Fast, accurate and reliable
    ➔➔ High level of detail
    ➔➔ Attract new customers and drive revenues via deep direct linking to your betting offers
    ➔➔ Versatile ad integration possibilities
    ➔➔ Responsive design for an optimal user experience across all platforms
    ➔➔ Fully customisable
Are you ready to take your social media game to the next level?
GameBeats connects the best moments in sport with your punters! It brings together the passion, emotion and
joy of sport through best-in-class social media visualisations tailored to your social media strategy. Social media
needs fast and snackable content. That’s how GameBeats helps you reach maximum social engagement. It’s the
perfect tool for the creation of world class virtual visual content around the live sporting moment. Incorporate
your brand into the social live communication about any sports moment and extend your reach. GameBeats also
includes an API integration, which allows the transformation of live odds from your sportsbook to your posts.

➔➔ Very user-friendly platform to create your post within seconds
➔➔ Pair GameBeats with our partner image provider for the ultimate combination of emotion and data on
   your social feeds
➔➔ Unlimited graphics personalised with your fonts, colours and branding
➔➔ Match related information that helps punters form a strong opinion about probable match events
➔➔ 40+ languages to reach your global audience
➔➔ Highly engaging formats such as animation and video

                                                                                   Betting Stimulation 30 / 31

   Sportradar ad:s
   Data-driven marketing services, designed for betting operators
   To revolutionise the international sports media business, we have recently launched Sportradar ad:s. Sportradar
   ad:s is a holistic marketing solution that capitalises on our deep understanding of bookmakers’ needs, providing
   one-of-a-kind marketing solutions for sports betting operators. With product diversification intensifying
   and becoming more regionally focused, efficient customer acquisition and retention is crucial for running a
   sportsbook - that’s where Sportradar ad:s comes into the game.
   As the world’s leading betting services provider, we have built a business founded on fast, reliable and
   measurable data. That analytical expertise is applied to your marketing and sponsorships, eliminating waste and
   streamlining your business with targeted spend on verifiable prospects that will produce concrete results.
   This, paired with our broad media network, deep relationships and vast infrastructure is the cornerstone to
   growing your business. We are experts in providing a 360-degree marketing solution that addresses all needs of
   your sportsbook.

   ➔➔ Betting-specific targeting opportunities to increase marketing conversion rates
   ➔➔ Maximise profit margins thanks to unique campaign optimisations
   ➔➔ Sportradar ad:s connects you with a network of over 300 federations, leagues, clubs, teams
      and other rights holders to create the best possible, customised, sponsorship opportunities
   ➔➔ Our performance marketing-oriented products help you increase your conversion rates and
      therefore drive more punters to your website
   ➔➔ Take advantage of Sportradar’s holistic approach (Product, Data, AV & Marketing)
   ➔➔ Specialised agency services for the betting industry
   ➔➔ Regional experts across the globe to support and accelerate internationalisation strategies
   ➔➔ Specialised demand-side platform with its own betting data management platform for the most
      efficient programmatic advertising in the industry

                                                 Examples of services

                     BRAND             Intelligence              DIGITAL TRAFFIC

     BETTING                                                      SPONSORSHIPS                     AUDIENCE &
    OPERATORS                                                                                    RIGHTS HOLDERS

                  PERFORMANCE                                     CONSULTING &
                   MARKETING                                      AD PRODUCTS
Product features
Want to succeed in digital advertising?
We take your online advertising game to the next level by connecting you to the most relevant sports publishers
globally – and provide a highly betting-relevant environment to advertise your sportsbook offers. In total we can
guarantee access to several billion ad impressions per month.

Looking for the right sponsorship opportunities?
Differentiation is key for bookmakers and increasingly important way to engage with your target group is
through customised sponsorship opportunities. Our extended rights holder network across numerous sports
allows us to identify and create the right sponsorship opportunities for your brand that best fits your marketing
strategy. Through tailored rights packages we will help you engage with sport fans around the world to build
brand awareness, interest, engagement and ultimately sales.

How can you benefit from programmatic advertising?
Launched in 2019, programmatic advertising enables the purchase of specific digital advertising space in real
time. In addition, programmatic advertising gathers and analyses data, creating a feedback loop that fuels the
campaign optimisation algorithm. Advertisers can draw insights and adjust ads accordingly whilst a campaign is
running; improving its effectiveness.

Want to get the most out of your search engine marketing?
As search engine experts, we can support you in improving your search engine ranking, and help you to get
the most out of your campaign budget. For example, if you want to gain new customers from paid search, one
of the most promising acquisition channels for bookmakers, we’re able to help you with our SEA optimisation

Does your platform or app need adjustment?
As a service provider for more than 600 bookmakers we are industry experts and can consult with you on
any design and / or user experience-related topics across a multitude of platforms or mobile applications.
Furthermore, we can help you increase your revenues by managing and optimising your customer touchpoints
in the best way throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

                                                                                   Marketing Services 32 / 33
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