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Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
American Seniors Housing

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Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
Vision                              Core Principles
Living Longer Better                Promote a favorable business climate that
                                    supports quality, competition, innovation
                                    and long-term investment in seniors housing.

Mission                             Advance information and research that
                                    frame and influence key industry initiatives.
ASHA is the industry
                                    Promote the identification and advancement
thought-leader promoting
                                    of emerging industry leaders who reflect the
quality and innovation, advancing
                                    increasing diversity of the business.
industry knowledge through
research, exchanging strategic      Support research and national initiatives
business information and            that enable senior customers to receive
influencing legislative             high quality services and age with dignity
and regulatory matters.             in the setting of their choice.
Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
American Seniors Housing

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The American Seniors
Housing Association

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Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
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                             table of
                          ASHA                         DORIS
                          Staff                        MAULTSBY
                          ///                          Vice President,
                                                       Member Services

                                  President & CEO

                                  Vice President,
                                  Government Affairs
Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association

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                                      4 6 13
                                   From the                     Policy     Seniors
                                  Leadership                    Recap    Housing PAC


                                  22 28 30
Director, Member Services

                                    Research                  Legal       Consumer
                                     Recap                  Committee     Education

                                 32 35 36
                                    New      Hall of Fame                 Sponsors
RICHEY                           Executive    Inductees
Director, Government Affairs
                               Board Members
Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
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                                                 from the

                                                Committee                 FRUMM
                                                ///                       Vice Chair

Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
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KATZMANN, PH D    .   .


                          We are
                                                    and thought-
                                                    provoking meetings,
                                                    and continuing to
                                                    promote the value
                            pleased to report       proposition of senior
                            that despite the        living communities
                            ongoing challenges      for older adults and
                            associated with the     their families through
                            COVID-19 crisis, the    our Where You Live
                            American Seniors        Matters program.
                            Housing Association
                            continues to move       As always, we
                            forward with an         thank you for your
                            ambitious and           continued support
                            multifaceted series     of ASHA and hope
                            of initiatives.         you enjoy this 2021
                            Highlights of our top   Year-In-Review.
                            priorities and recent
                            accomplishments           ASHA is working
                            are outlined in the
                            following pages.          diligently to advance our
                                                      Four Core Principles:
                            We remain steadfast
                                                          Promote a favorable business climate
                            in upholding ASHA’s
                                                          that supports quality, competition,
RICHARD                     commitment to
                                                          innovation and long-term investment
                            serving our members
HUTCHINSON                  with a strong federal
                                                          in seniors housing
                            advocacy program,             Advance information and research
SH PAC Chair
                            practical industry            that frame and influence key
                            research, productive          industry initiatives

                                                          Promote the identification and
                                                          advancement of emerging industry
                                                          leaders who reflect the increasing
                                                          diversity of the business

                                                          Support research and national initiatives
                                                          that enable customers to receive high
                                                          quality services and live with dignity
                                                          in the setting of their choice

President & CEO
Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
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                                                                                                     Senior Lifestyle

                                                                                                     Brightview Senior Living

                          ASHA Public
                          Policy Committee ///

                                                                           Bridge Seniors

                                                                                                     KATZMANN, PH D             .   .

                                                                                                     Juniper Communities

                           Capital Health Group

                                                                           Chair Pathway to Living
Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
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                              federal advocacy
                              program has always
                                                      faceted lobbying
                                                      strategy including
                                                      building strategic
                                                      alliances with key
                                                      lawmakers and
                              been a core focus,
                              and to no one’s         agency officials,
                              surprise, 2021          grassroots
                              was an incredibly       engagement that
MICHELLE                      active year for our     include letters, calls
KELLY                         legislative team as
                              we worked tirelessly
                                                      and email campaigns,
                                                      and face-to-face
National Health Investors     to convince the Biden   meetings with
                              Administration to       policymakers and
                              include the private     staff. Regular
                              pay senior living       communications
                              industry in a Phase 4   from ASHA have kept
                              Provider Relief Fund    members informed.
                              (PRF) distribution.
                                                      The following
                              Additionally, as the    highlights some
                              Administration and      of the advocacy
                              Congress work to        activities,
                              advance significant     communications
                              investments in the      and engagement
                              Build Back Better       strategies the ASHA
                              Act package, ASHA       lobbying team, ASHA
                              has engaged to          leadership and
DEIDRE                                                members employed
                              ensure access to
SCHONFELDT                    key programs while      in 2021 to advance
                                                      the industry’s COVID-
                              avoiding harmful
Hanson Bridgett                                       19 agenda, with heavy
                              changes to the
                              existing tax code.      emphasis on securing
                                                      a Phase 4 targeted
                              Advocacy efforts        allocation of funding
                              by ASHA to secure       from HHS.
                              relief for operators
                              required a multi-

Senior Star
Review 2021 ASSOCIATION - American Seniors Housing Association
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                      W   JANUARY ADVOCACY
                          / C OVID-19 (Vaccine Prioritization)- ASHA                 / C OVID-19 (Vaccine)- ASHA Grassroots Call
                             reached out to the National Governors                       for Action Program was expedited and letters
                             Association (NGA) requesting that state vaccine             were requested and sent to the NGA seeking
                             plans include Independent Living residents and              prioritization of vaccine for Independent Living
                             staff as Priority 1A, along with other long term            residents.
                             care settings. Several follow up calls were held
                             with key staff from NGA Leadership offices.              / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA letter was forwarded
                             While standalone IL communities were not                    to President Elect Biden and Vice President
                             granted access, those that were part of a multi-            Elect Harris calling immediate attention to the
                             level care setting were eventually prioritized for          outstanding efforts of the senior living industry
                             the LTC Pharmacy Program.                                   in fighting COVID-19 and the need for financial
                                                                                         relief from the Provider Relief Fund (PRF). We also
                          / C OVID-19 (Vaccine Prioritization)- Senior living           called for continued COVID-19 vaccine access and
                             prioritization for vaccine can be traced back to            expansion to include IL.
                             September 2020 when ASHA President David
                             Schless was selected to participate in a National        / IRS 2021-9- issuance marks the successful
                             Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine            culmination of over three years of efforts by
                             (NASEM) hearing and urged the governing body to             ASHA to ensure that seniors housing would not
                             ensure that workers and residents in all senior living      be unfairly subjected to the potentially onerous
                             settings (IL, AL, MC and CCRC) be covered in the            Business Issue Deduction limitations.
                             prioritized phase, not just those residing in nursing
                                                                                      / ASHA RESOURCES ///
                             homes. Ultimately, senior living communities were
                             considered in the Priority 1A grouping, the highest        Webinar: Planning and the administration
                             priority. However, challenges gaining access for           of a successful senior living vaccination clinic.
                             independent living communities remained, and              Compliance: EEOC Guidance Regarding
                             ASHA was committed to aggressively support                Employer Vaccine Mandates
                             inclusion at all levels of government.
                                                                                       ASHA Member Survey: Vaccination Status
                                                                                       in Senior Living Communities

                          FEBRUARY ADVOCACY
                          / C OVID-19 (Vaccine)- ASHA submitted a letter for         / C OVID-19 (Vaccine)- ASHA letter to Centers for
                             the record to the U.S. House of Representatives             Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director
                             Energy & Commerce Committee on their hearing:               Walensky expressing grave concerns over the
                             NO TIME TO LOSE: SOLUTIONS TO INCREASE                      agency’s omission in the federal guidance provided
                             COVID-19 VACCINATIONS IN THE STATES. We                     to the Long-Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy Program
                             took the opportunity to demand that all senior              that excluded Independent Living and stressed
                             living settings be included in the Long-Term Care           the urgent need to include this setting to ensure
                             (LTC) Pharmacy Program to ensure safety and                 maximum protection of all residents.
                             create much needed efficiencies in the vaccine
                             distribution strategy for older adults.                  / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA letter to House and
                                                                                         Senate Congressional leadership strongly
                          / Liability Protection- Joined a business coalition          encouraging action to replenish the Provider
                              letter to Congress led by the                              Relief Fund (PRF) and support targeted funding
                              U.S. Chamber of Commerce and signed by                     to the senior living industry.
                              580 organizations across the country, specifically
                              urging policymakers to include balanced liability       / C OVID-19 (PRF)- Expedited an ASHA Call for
                              relief provisions similar to the pervious Congress’        Action, generating hundreds of letters from senior
                              SAFE TO WORK ACT (S. 4317) in any further                  living executives to the Hill seeking targeted relief
                              COVID-19 relief legislation.                               to the industry and a replenishment of the PRF in
                                                                                         the stimulus package.
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/ C OVID-19 (Visitation)- ASHA reached out to the          / ASHA RESOURCES ///

   National Governors Association asking leadership           ASHA/ATI Advisory PowerPoint: The Imperative
   to call on the states to review their respective           for COVID Vaccines in Independent Living
   visitation policies and update them to allow family
   members and friends to visit their loved ones             ASHA/ProMatura Survey Findings: Impact of
   residing in senior living communities, including          COVID-19 on the Seniors Housing Industry: A Study
   independent living, assisted living, memory care,         of Consumers, Round 2
   and continuing care or life plan communities.             ASHA Member Survey: COVID-19 Expense & Loss
                                                             and Provider Relief Fund Payments

/ C OVID-19 (Visitation)- ASHA shares critical              support for a targeted allocation of Provider Relief
  information with the NGA on the devasting                  Funds. Secured congressional signatures for ASHA
  impacts of prolonged social isolation. The lack            supported letter led by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)
  of engagement and loneliness can contribute                and Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to HHS Secretary
  to functional and cognitive decline, as well               Becerra asking for the release of these funds to the
  as depression and anxiety in older adults. We              industry. Letter garnered 25 signatures representing
  encouraged state leaders to revise their visitation        both sides of the aisle.
  guidance for senior living communities.
                                                            / C OVID-19 (PRF)- Initiated a Call for Action,
  OVID-19 (State & Local Funding)- ASHA Call for              generating hundreds of letters from ASHA members
 Action generated letters by senior living operators           seeking Congressional support for targeted PRF
 to state governors asking to include senior living in         allocation for the senior living industry.
 the disbursement of funds from states’ allocation of
 the $350 billion American Rescue Act funding.              / C OVID-19 (Visitation)- ASHA outreach to CDC
                                                               requesting that it encourage state leaders to take
/ C OVID-19 (State & Local Funding)- ASHA                     immediate action to remove the harmful visitation
   outreach to the NGA relative to the American                restrictions in senior living communities, which
   Rescue Plan’s $350 billion funding for state and local      were similar to those in nursing homes, given that
   COVID-19 relief, urging state plans to include relief       the residents have been successfully vaccinated
   for senior living communities impacted by COVID-19.         against COVID-19.

/ C OVID-19 (Virtual Fly-In)- Hosted ASHA                  / ASHA RESOURCES ///
  “Senior Living Strong” Virtual Fly In Meeting,              ASHA Member Survey: Vaccine Clinics
  March 29-April 2, 2021. More than 50 ASHA members           and State Visitation Policies
  met with over 40 congressional offices seeking

/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA outreach to Health and             / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA leadership met with
   Human Services Secretary Becerra with details               Health Resources and Services Administration
   on the severe financial stress experienced by the           (HRSA) officials regarding status of a Phase 4
   industry and the need for relief. Shared the annual         distribution of Provider Relief Funds and the
   financial impact to the industry at $14-$17 billion         need for an appeals process for inaccurate
   with costs and revenue loss continuing to increase.         payments or non-payments. These discussions
                                                               led to the creation of the Phase 2 and 3
/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA)             reconsideration process.
   and Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) send letter to
   HHS Secretary Becerra with 57 of their colleagues
   joining in the House, seeking an allocation of
   financial relief to the senor living industry.
   ASHA secured a significant number of the
   signatories to this letter.
    R IN
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                      W   MAY ADVOCACY
                          / Build Back Better Act (BBBA)- ASHA submits               to 39.6 percent; (2) hiking capital gains taxes for
                             letter to House and Senate Congressional                 taxpayers earning at least $1 million per year;
                             Leaders with recommendations on the Biden                (3) repealing “carried interest”; (4) repealing
                             Administrations’ Build Back Better Plan relative         Section 1031 exchanges; and (5) bolstering
                             to the HCBS Expansion, Workforce Development             funding for IRS enforcement.
                             grants and the ongoing need for COVID-19 relief
                             for the industry.                                       / ASHA RESOURCES ///
                                                                                       CohnReznick Overview of Tax Provisions
                          / Federal Tax- ASHA joins real estate coalition            in Build Back Better
                              partners in statement submitted to the House
                              Ways and Means Committee on proposed tax                EEOC Updated Guidance, Hanson Bridgett,
                              changes in the Build Back Better Plan. Initial          Diane O’Malley
                              revenue raisers include (1) raising the top tax rate

                          JUNE ADVOCACY
                          / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA supported congressional           / C OVID-19 (Liability)- ASHA joins other industry
                             letter led by Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL) and 54              groups in an Amicus Brief to support the industry
                             colleagues to Sec. Becerra seeking a $3 billion            position relative to the liability protections
                             targeted funding level for senior living from the          offered by the Public Readiness and Emergency
                             Provider Relief Fund.                                      Preparedness (PREP) Act. This important COVID-
                                                                                        related liability case, Garcia et al. v Welltower Opco
                            OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA lobbyists/members                      Group LLC, will test the protection granted by the
                           continue to seek and hold virtual meetings with              Prep Act to senior living.
                           Members of Congress and staff seeking support
                           for our HHS request.                                      / C OVID-19 (WOTC)- ASHA joins coalition efforts to
                                                                                        advance extension of the Worker Opportunity Tax
                          / I mmigration- ASHA, working in coalition with the         Credit (WOTC) sponsored by Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY).
                              Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC), has
                              a call with White House Domestic Policy Council        / ASHA RESOURCES ///
                              (DPC) senior officials for immigration policy to         ASHA/ATI Advisory Brief: Assisted Living:
                              discuss potential solutions to workforce shortages,      An Important Option for Providing LTSS
                              including Temporary Protected Status (TPS),              in the Community
                              Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and
                              ways to address undocumented workers.

                          JULY ADVOCACY
                          / C OVID-19 (Vaccine)- ASHA submitted                     / C OVID-19 (PRF)- Government Accountability
                             comments to the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare            Office (GAO) reports that about 25 percent of
                             Services (CMS) related to an Interim Final Rule            Provider Relief Fund appropriations and all of the
                             regarding COVID vaccine education and                      rural provider funding remained unobligated as of
                             reporting requirements.                                    May 31, 2021. ASHA doubles down on its advocacy
                                                                                        efforts to secure those funds.
                          / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA representatives met
                             with HRSA officials to discuss status of Phase 4        / C OVID-19 (PRF Preservation)- Congressional
                             Provider Relief Funds and urge quick action to             attempts to raid the Provider Relief Fund to pay
                             provide financial assistance to the industry for           for investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure
                             their significant front-line efforts.                      bill were thwarted by aggressive lobbying of ASHA
                                                                                        staff and ASHA members. ASHA meets with Senate
                          / C OVID-19 (PRF)- Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA)               leaders and other key Senate negotiators to seek
                             sends his second letter to Sec. Becerra at the             assurances that they would pull this provision from
                             request of ASHA members, seeking a Phase 4                 the bill, underscoring the disastrous impact this
                             allocation to the industry.                                would have on senior living and its ability to care
                                                                                        for residents and seniors, especially as the spread
                                                                                        of the Delta variant was increasing.
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/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA responds to HRSA                 / C OVID-19 (Immigration)- ASHA and a host of
   officials’ request for recommendations regarding          long-term and post-acute care organizations write
   reconsideration policy and seeks clarification on         to the U.S. Department of State urging Secretary
   outstanding payments to senior living providers.          Blinken to amend the Immigrant Visa Prioritization
                                                             update to prioritize the entry of foreign-trained
/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- Outreach continues by ASHA               nurses and health care workers into the U.S.
   lobbyists and members to members of Congress in           The Biden Administration’s April 30, 2021 Visa
   both parties urging them to call on the White House       Prioritization Update placed nurses and other
   and Department of Health and Human Services to            skilled health care professionals into the lowest
   make a Phase 4 allocation of remaining PRF funds          priority tier for the visa authorization process.
   to cover COVID-related expense and loss from the
   second half of 2020 and first quarter of 2021.         / Energy Star- The Environmental Protection
                                                             Agency (EPA) postpones efforts to collect data this
/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA and its legislative                 year to update the ENERGY STAR score for senior
   team meet with members of the White House                 living communities. ASHA will assist EPA in its
   Domestic Policy Council (DPC) and the Office of           efforts to collect this important industry energy
   Management and Budget (OMB) to encourage the              data in 2022.
   immediate distribution of Provider Relief Funds
   to senior living companies to cover COVID-related      / ASHA RESOURCES ///
   expense and loss from the second half of 2020            ASHA Member Survey: Experiences Related
   and first quarter of 2021.                               to Vaccination

/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA supported a Senate Letter         recommendations on Build Back Better to improve
   led by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator         HCBS Expansion and Workforce Development
   Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and joined by a bipartisan        Grant Programs.
   group of 48 Senators is sent to Sec. Becerra
   demanding the distribution of the unobligated funds    / Build Back Better Act (BBBA)- ASHA identifies
   remaining in the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) and            key areas in Build Back Better Act for amendment
   other health care relief programs. ASHA worked             to allow senior living access to HCBS enhancement
   aggressively to secure signatories to this letter.         and training grant programs and continues staff
                                                              and member outreach for inclusion in proposal.
/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- The Department of Health and
   Human Services (HHS) announces on September            / C OVID-19 (PRF)- The Provider Relief Fund (PRF)
   10 that it would make a $17 billion Phase 4 Provider      portal opens for Phase 4 applications for health
   Relief Fund (PRF) distribution to all health care         care providers, including assisted living. ASHA
   providers, which includes licensed assisted living        encourages members to submit applications.
   companies. ASHA steps up its messaging to earmark
                                                          / ASHA RESOURCES ///
   a meaningful level of support to senior living.
                                                            Policy Brief: Significant ERTC Resources
/ Build Back Better Act (BBBA)- ASHA statement             Available to Senior Living, Judith Boyette,
   submitted to House Ways & Means Committee with           Hanson Bridgett LLP

/ C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA initiates and leads policy        Sec. Becerra for support. ASHA follows up with
   roundtable discussion with Senate Majority              Senator Schumer with letter to underscore need
   Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and staff relative          for support.
   to the industry’s inadequate level of relief to date
   and urging him to recognize the industry for the       / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA sends letter to House and
   significant role it plays as a front-line provider        Senate Congressional Leaders underscoring need
   in the fight against COVID-19 by reaching out to          for targeted relief to the senior living industry for
                                                             COVID-19 relief in the pending Phase 4 distribution.
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                           Communications also make recommendations to                flexibility to decide how to use this funding and at
                      W    amend the Build Back Better Act to better serve            least two states, Pennsylvania and Texas, will use
                           senior living communities with their workforce             ARP funding to help assisted living. ASHA continues
                           challenges and HCBS access.                                to seek support from State Governors to include
                                                                                      senior living in their recovery plans.
                          / C OVID-19 (State & Local Funding)- The American
                             Rescue Plan’s $350 billion in emergency funding         / ASHA RESOURCES ///
                             (Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery              ASHA Member Survey: Assessing Attitudes
                             Funds) is available to state and local governments to     on Current Policy/Issue Proposals
                             bolster their response to the COVID-19 emergency
                             and its economic impact. These bodies have broad

                          NOVEMBER ADVOCACY
                          / C OVID-19 (PRF)- ASHA continues its advocacy             including senior living. Several staff meetings
                             for a Provider Relief Fund allocation of at              continue with key sponsors of bill.
                             least $3 billion for senior living providers from
                             the $12.75 billion being made available in the          / I mmigration- ASHA and other senior care
                             forthcoming Phase 4 distribution. Meets again              organizations once again write to HHS Secretary
                             with officials from the Health Resources Services          Antony Blinken, urging the Department to take
                             Administration (HRSA) to underscore the need and           specific actions to help resolve the growing
                             the fairness of a targeted senior living allocation.       workforce crisis in long-term care settings.

                          / Build Back Better Act (BBBA)- As the Build              / ASHA RESOURCES ///
                             Back Better Act moves to the Senate, ASHA                 Special Issue Brief: Independent and Assisted
                             weighs in with Senate leaders and staff with              Living: Complex Populations Deserving
                             recommendations for improving the Medicaid                Integrated Housing, Clinical, and Lifestyle
                             Home and Community Based Services expansion               Support, ATI Advisory
                             and workforce development grant programs by

                          DECEMBER ADVOCACY
                          / C OVID-19 (PRF)- Approximately 75 percent of            / C OVID-19 (PRF)- It is estimated another $25 billion
                             Phase 4 Provider Relief Payments are distributed           may be available for a next phase distribution.
                             to health care providers including assisted                ASHA will continue to advocate for access to
                             living operators. The methodology calls for base           these funds in Congress and the Administration.
                             payments of 20 percent -45 percent of reported             It is clear there is much Congressional support
                             losses and expenses from July 1, 2020, to March 31,        for our request, and we will leverage that support
                             2021. In some cases, HRSA is deducting payments            with pertinent data and sound rationale that will
                             made in Phase 2 and 3 from the base payment.               resonate with the Administration.
                             ASHA is seeking clarification from HRSA officials
                             that this deduction is limited to any overpayments      / Build Back Better Act (BBBA)- Senate Democrats
                             made in those phases. HRSA states that it received         and the White House push any further action
                             applications reporting approximately $63 billion in        on President Biden’s signature social spending
                             expenses and lost revenue, but only $17 billion was        package into the New Year. The path forward
                             available for Phase 4 payments.                            became even more unclear when Senator Joe
                                                                                        Manchin reported his opposition on a Sunday
                          / C OVID-19 (PRF)- While these payments were                 political show. The Senate Parliamentarian
                             well received, there remains varying degrees of            continues its review of several provisions but has
                             disappointment in the level of support relative to         rejected for the 3rd time the attempt to include
                             other industries given the front line positions this       immigration reform in a reconciliation package.
                             industry has served. A Phase 4 reconsideration             ASHA continues to weigh in on the issues of concern
                             process will be announced to address challenges            to our industry such as ensuring access to the HCBS
                             to the payments or lack of payments.                       enhancements and workforce training grants.
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                                                     ASHA members David
                                                     Freshwater and Jerry Frumm
                                                     join the ASHA legislative team
                                                     for a virtual meeting with the
                                                     Democratic Congressional
                                                     Campaign Committee (DCCC)

sh        pac
he      Seniors
Housing PAC
(SH PAC), led by
                       level of between
                       $2,000 - $5,000.

                       Company campaigns
                       continued to be an
                                                ($19,271), Senior
                                                Living Investment
                                                Brokerage ($16,875),
2021 Chair Richard
                       essential part of the    Communities
Hutchinson of
                       overall SH PAC yearly    ($13,325), Hanson
Discovery Senior
                       campaign. Senior         Bridgett ($12,000),
Living, had a record
                       Lifestyle was the top    Marsh ($11,500),
year, raising the
                       company campaign         HealthTrust ($10,950),
most funds in its
                       of 2021 ($24,545)        Allegro Senior
25-year history.
                       and Senior Star was      Living ($10,000),
431 individuals from
                       the top company          LTC Properties, Inc.
105 ASHA member
                       in participation (99     ($10,000), Senior
companies personally
                       individuals). The        Living Communities
contributed to the
                       following companies      ($10,000). PGIM Real
SH PAC for a total
                       ran Platinum Circle      Estate received the
of $525,774 raised
                       company campaigns,       Horizon Award for
this year.
                       raising $10,000 or       raising $9,000 from
Ninety-three           more from three or       4 individuals.
percent ($488,000)     more individuals:
of the total amount    Senior Lifestyle         This year the SH PAC
raised came from       ($24,545), Senior        disbursed $509,500
156 individuals        Star ($23,253), Senior   in contributions on
who generously         Resource Group           a bipartisan basis
contributed at the     ($20,500), Discovery     to 85 members
Chairman’s Circle      Senior Living            of the House of
    R IN
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                                              Representatives             Means Committee,
                                              and 43 members              House Energy
                                              of the Senate.              and Commerce
                                              Disbursements were          Committee, House
                                              made to reflect             Financial Services
                                              the political party         Committee, Senate
                                              compositions of             Finance Committee,
                                              both the House              Senate Health,
                                              and Senate with a           Education, Labor,
                                              slight tilt towards         and Pensions (HELP)      ASHA President
                                              the parties in the          Committee, and           Dave Schless and Senator
                                              majority control            Senate Banking           Joe Manchin (D-WV)
                                              of both chambers.           Committee. The SH
                                              In the House the            PAC also supported
                                              SH PAC supported            those in leadership
                                              55% Democrats and           positions in the
                                              45% Republicans             House and Senate,
                                              and in the Senate           along with key
                                              54% Democrats and           congressional
                                              46% Republicans.            senior living industry
                                              Key congressional           champions.
                                              supported include
                                              House Ways and

                                           Contributions to SH PAC by Year






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ASHA Congressional Meetings Per State 2021

                                                                           1        5
                                                                           2        6
                                                                           3        7
                                                                           4    8+

Number of Members of Congress
 1    AK   3   DE    3   IN    4   MI    2   NH      8      PA         1       VT
 2    AL   7   FL    1   KS    3   MN    3   NJ      1      RI         3       WA
 1    AR   4   GA    2   KY    5   MO    2   NV      3      SC         3       WV
 3    AZ   2   HI    1   LA    2   MT    7   NY      1      SD
 12   CA   1   IA    3   MA    4   NC    5   OH      6      TX
 1    CO   2   ID    4   MD    1   ND    3   OK      2      UT
 3    CT   8   IL    2   ME    4   NE    3   OR      3      VA

                                                                 Jeanne McGlynn Delgado
                                                                 of ASHA (far left) and
                                                                 Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)
                                                                 (third from left)
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                                                2021 Chairman's Circle Event
                                                Charleston, SC ///                Left to right:
                                                                                  Mike and Amy McMillen, Donny Edwards,
                                                                                  Bryan Schachter and Kevin Pascoe

                                                             Left to right:                Left to right:
                                                             Lynne Katzmann                John and
                                                             and Alexis Evanich            Sarabeth Hanson
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Left to right:
Donald Thompson, John Yedinak
and Eric Mendelsohn

                                     Left to right:
                                     Lisa and Doug Schiffer

Chairman Circle members
on the guided history walking tour
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                           2021 Chairman’s Circle Level Contributors ///

                                                    PREMIER                                                   LEADERSHIP
                                                    $5,000                                              $2,000 – $4,999

                             Ken Assiran               Capital Health Group, LLC          Matthew Alley          Senior Living
                             John Atkinson             Marsh                                                     Investment Brokerage
                             David Barnes              Watermark Retirement Communities   Eleanor Alvarez        LeaderStat and
                             Thilo Best                Longview Senior Housing Advisors                          The Ganzhorn Suites
                             Colleen Blumenthal        HealthTrust                        Phil Anderson          Bridge Seniors
                             Randy Bufford             Trilogy Health Services            Steve Benjamin         Validus Senior Living
                             Robb Chapin               Bridge Seniors
                                                                                          Jeff Binder            Senior Living
                             Dwayne Clark              Aegis Living                                              Investment Brokerage
                             Chris Coates              Evergreen Senior Living
                                                                                          Steve Blazejewski      PGIM Real Estate
                             Breck Collingsworth       Resort Lifestyle Communities
                             Mike Damone               Cedarbrook Senior Living, LLC      Dave Boitano           Lument
                             Jon DeLuca                Senior Lifestyle                   Matt Bork              Liberty Senior Living
                             Jeff Dickerson            Ridge Care                         Marcus Breuer          Touchmark
                             Donny Edwards             Sagora Senior Living
                                                                                          Mark Bultman           Capital One Healthcare
                             Jerry Finis               Pathway to Living                                         Real Estate
                             Tim Fox                   Senior Resource Group
                                                                                          Alan Butler            Erickson Senior Living
                             David Freshwater          Watermark Retirement Communities
                                                                                          Bradley Clousing       Senior Living
                             Jerry Frumm               Senior Lifestyle
                                                                                                                 Investment Brokerage
                             Tom Grape                 Benchmark Senior Living
                                                                                          John Cobb              Ventas
                             Jim Gray                  Bridgewood Property Company
                             Michael Grust             Senior Resource Group              Tom Costello           Discovery Senior Living
                             David Hands               Salem Equity                       Jim Coughlin           Northbridge Companies
                             Jim Hands                 Salem Equity                       Joe Daniels            Direct Supply
                             Richard Hutchinson        Discovery Senior Living
                                                                                          Corey Denman           Direct Supply
                             Bill Kaplan               Senior Lifestyle
                             Lynne Katzmann            Juniper Communities                Doug Dollenberg        Brightview Senior Living
                             Dan Madsen                One Eighty | Leisure Care          Kirk Domescik          Duane Morris LLP
                             Bob Mercer                Cedarbrook Senior Living, LLC      Jason Dopoulos         White Oak Healthcare
                             Wick Peterson             Senior Resource Group                                     Partners, LLC
                             Alan Plush                HealthTrust                        Sarah Duggan           Synovus Financial Corporation
                             Kurt Read                 RSF Partners
                                                                                          Marilynn Duker         Brightview Senior Living
                             John Rijos                Chicago Pacific Founders
                                                                                          Alexis Evanich         PointClickCare
                             Greg Roderick             Frontier Management
                             Anja Rogers               Senior Star                        Chris Fenton           PGIM Real Estate
                             Doug Schiffer             Allegro Senior Living              Martin Fenton          Senior Resource Group
                             Wendy Simpson             LTC Properties, Inc.               Julie Ferguson         Ryan Companies
                             David Smith               Sherpa CRM
                                                                                          Ben Firestone          Blueprint Healthcare
                             Josh Stevens              Harbor Point Capital                                      Real Estate Advisors
                             Scott Stewart             Capitol Seniors Housing
                                                                                          Jacob Gehl             Blueprint Healthcare
                             Kathryn Sweeney           Blue Moon Capital Partners LP                             Real Estate Advisors
                             Bill Thomas               Senior Star
                                                                                          Guy Geller             Grace Management, Inc.
                             Bob Thomas                Senior Star
                             Donald Thompson           Senior Living Communities, LLC     John Getchey           ReNew REIT
                             Dale Watchowski           American House REDICO              Joel Goldman           Hanson Bridgett LLP
                             Margaret Wylde            ProMatura Group                    Paul Gordon            Hanson Bridgett LLP
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                  LEADERSHIP                                                       LEADERSHIP
              $2,000 – $4,999                                                $2,000 – $4,999

Lindsey Hacker           Validus Senior Living                Wendy Nowokunski           Northbridge Companies
Sarabeth Hanson          Harbor Retirement Associates         Michael Okaty              Foley & Lardner LLP
Dave Harper              Capital One Healthcare Real Estate   Earl Parker                Commonwealth Senior Living

Judd Harper              The Arbor Company                    Kevin Pascoe               National Health Investors

Chris Hollister          Pegasus Senior Living                Blake Peeper               Bridge Seniors

Donald Husi              Ziegler                              Bobby Petras               Priority Life Care

Justin Hutchens          Ventas                               Sevy Petras                Priority Life Care

Joshua Jennings          Cedarhurst Senior Living             Michael Pokora             Marsh
                                                              Jason Punzel               Senior Living
Matthew Johnson          Morgan Stanley
                                                                                         Investment Brokerage
Craig Jones              Lument
                                                              Will Purvis                Liberty Senior Living
Adam Kaplan              Solera Senior Living
                                                              Rebecca Randolph           Brinkmann Constructors
Bob Karn                 Allegro Senior Living
                                                              Jeff Ringwald              Walker & Dunlop
Alice Katz               The Vinca Group                      MJ Ritschel                Kisco Senior Living
Susan Kayser             Duane Morris LLP                     Justin Robins              Senior Lifestyle
Michelle Kelly           National Health Investors            Ken Roos                   Arena
Mercedes Kerr            Belmont Village Senior Living        Shannon Rusk               Oppidan
Pam Kessler              LTC Properties, Inc.                 Matthew Ryan               Houlihan Lokey
Aaron Koelsch            Koelsch Communities                  Jeff Sands                 HJ Sims
Andy Kohlberg            Kisco Senior Living                  Ryan Saul                  Senior Living
                                                                                         Investment Brokerage
Chris Kronenberger       Blue Moon Capital Partners LP
                                                              Bryan Schachter            Watermark Retirement
Joe La Rue               Sun Health
Rodger Lederer           Marsh
                                                              Dana Scheppmann            PGIM Real Estate
Steve Levy               Senior Lifestyle
                                                              Larry Schiffer             Allegro Senior Living
Scott Lieber             Marsh                                David Schless              American Seniors
Chip Long                OnShift, Inc.                                                   Housing Association

Clint Malin              LTC Properties, Inc.                 Bill Sciortino             Discovery Senior Living

Jeanne McGlynn Delgado   American Seniors                     Loren Shook                Silverado
                         Housing Association                  Bill Shorten               Cascade Living Group
Daniel McKeever          PGIM Real Estate                     Toby Siefert               Senior Living
Kevin McMeen             MidCap Financial Services, LLC                                  Investment Brokerage

Mike McMillen            Arena                                Tim Smick                  Harbor Retirement Associates
                                                              Todd Stone                 Ray Stone, Inc.
Ron Mead                 Senior Resource Group
                                                              Rick Swartz                Cushman & Wakefield
Eric Mendelsohn          National Health Investors
                                                              Christian Sweetser         Silverado
Brian Morgan             Primrose Retirement Communities
                                                              Chris Taylor               Capital One Healthcare
Danielle Morgan          Clearwater Living
                                                                                         Real Estate
Suzanne Myers            Huntington National Bank             Ben Thompson               Senior Living Communities, LLC
George Netscher          SafelyYou
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                          PAC Giving — House Members by Committee ///

                              House Energy and Commerce Committee                         House Ways and Means Committee

                            • Rep. Gus Bilirakis/R-FL-12                            • Rep. Earl Blumenauer/D-OR-03
                            • Rep. Lisa Rochester Blunt/D-DE-AL                     • Rep. Vern Buchanan/R-FL-16
                            • Rep. Buddy Carter/R-GA-01                             • Rep. Brian Higgins/D-NY-26
                            • Rep. Angie Craig/D-MN-02                              • Rep. Steven Horsford/D-NV-04
                            • Rep. Dan Crenshaw/R-TX-02                             • Rep. Mike Kelly/R-PA-16
                            • Rep. John Curtis/R-UT-03                              • Rep. Dan Kildee/D-MI-05
                            • Rep. Lizzie Fletcher/D-TX-07                          • Rep. Darin LaHood/R-IL-18
                            • Rep. Brett Guthrie/R-KY-02                            • Rep. John Larson/D-CT-01
                                                                                    • Rep. Carol Miller/R-WV-03
                            • Rep. Richard Hudson/R-NC-08
                                                                                    • Rep. Stephanie Murphy/D-FL-07
                            • Rep. Robin Kelly/D-IL-02
                                                                                    • Rep. Richie Neal/D-MA-01
                            • Rep. Adam Kinzinger/R-IL-16
                                                                                    • Rep. Jimmy Panetta/D-CA-20
                            • Rep. Ann Kuster/D-NH-02
                                                                                    • Rep. Bill Pascrell/D-NJ-09
                            • Rep. Cathy Rodgers McMorris/R-WA-05
                                                                                    • Rep. Tom Rice/R-SC-07
                            • Rep. Markwayne Mullin/R-OK-02                         • Rep. Linda Sanchez/D-CA-38
                            • Rep. Tom O’Halleran/D-AZ-01                           • Rep. Brad Schneider/D-IL-10
                            • Rep. Kathleen Rice/D-NY-04                            • Rep. Adrian Smith/R-NE-03
                            • Rep. Raul Ruiz/D-CA-36                                • Rep. Jason Smith/R-MO-08
                            • Rep. Kurt Schrader/D-OR-05                            • Rep. Lloyd Smucker/R-PA-11
                            • Rep. Kim Schrier/D-WA-08                              • Rep. Tom Suozzi/D-NY-03
                            • Rep. Paul Tonko/D-NY-20                               • Rep. Mike Thompson/D-CA-05
                            • Rep. Lori Trahan/D-MA-03                              • Rep. Jackie Walorski/R-IN-02
                            • Rep. Fred Upton/R-MI-06                               • Rep. Brad Wenstrup/R-OH-02

                                                                                                 Other House Committees
                                 House Financial Services Committee
                                                                                    • Rep. Don Bacon/R-NE-02            Agriculture
                                                                                    • Rep. Ami Bera/D-CA-07             Foreign Affairs; Science
                            • Rep. Emanuel Cleaver/D-MO-05                          • Rep. Anthony Brown/D-MD-04        Transportation
                            • Rep. Madeleine Dean/D-PA-04                           • Rep. Matt Cartwright/D-PA-08      Appropriations
                            • Rep. Tom Emmer/R-MN-06                                • Rep. Joaquin Castro/D-TX-20       Ed/Labor
                            • Rep. Anthony Gonzalez/R-OH-16                         • Rep. David Cicilline/D-RI-01      Judiciary
                            • Rep. Josh Gottheimer/D-NJ-05                          • Rep. Tom Cole/R-OK-04             Appropriations
                            • Rep. French Hill/R-AR-02                              • Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick/R-PA-01    Chair,
                            • Rep. Jim Himes/D-CT-04                                                                    Problem Solvers Caucus
                            • Rep. Trey Hollingsworth/R-IN-09                       • Rep. Virginia Foxx/R-NC-05        Ed/Labor (RM)
                            • Rep. Bill Huizenga/R-MI-02                            • Rep. Josh Harder/D-CA-10          Appropriations
                            • Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer/R-MO-03                       • Rep. Chrissy Houlahan/D-PA-06     Small Business
                            • Rep. Carolyn Maloney/D-NY-12                          • Rep. John Katko/R-NY-24           Transportation
                            • Rep. Patrick McHenry/R-NC-10                          • Rep. Lucy McBath/D-GA-06          Ed/Labor; Judiciary
                            • Rep. Ed Perlmutter/D-CO-07                            • Rep. Mikie Sherrill/D-NJ-11       Armed Services
                            • Rep. David Scott/D-GA-13                              • Rep. Mike Simpson/R-ID-02         Appropriations
                                                                                    • Rep. Abigail Spanberger/D-VA-07   Agriculture;
                            • Rep. Brad Sherman/D-CA-30
                                                                                                                        Foreign Affairs
                            • Rep. Steve Stivers/R-OH-15
                                                                                    • Rep. Eric Swalwell/D-CA-15        Judiciary
                            • Rep. Ann Wagner/R-MO-02
                            • Rep. Maxine Waters/D-CA-43
                                                                                              House Campaign Committees

                                               House Leadership                     • B lue Dog PAC
                                                                                       Moderate House Democrats
                                                                                    • D emocratic Congressional Campaign Committee
                            • Rep. Katherine Clark/D-MA-05      Assistant Speaker      House Democrat Campaign Committee
                            • Rep. Jim Clyburn/D-SC-06          Majority Whip       • N ational Republican Congressional Committee
                            • Rep. Steny Hoyer/D-MD-05          Majority Leader        House Republican Campaign Committee
                            • Rep. Kevin McCarthy/R-CA-23       Minority Leader     • N ew Democrats PAC
                            • Rep. Nancy Pelosi/D-CA-12         Speaker                Moderate House Democrats
                                                                                    • Tuesday Group/Republican Governance Group
                                                                                       Moderate House Republicans
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PAC Giving — Senate Members by Committee ///

      Senate Special Committee on Aging          Senate Committee on Health,
                                              Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP)

 • Sen. Richard Blumenthal/D-CT           • Sen. Bob Casey/D-PA
 • Sen. Bob Casey/D-PA                    • Sen. Bill Cassidy/R-LA
 • Sen. Susan Collins/R-ME                • Sen. Susan Collins/R-ME
 • Sen. Mark Kelly/D-AZ                   • Sen. Maggie Hassan/D-NH
 • Sen. Marco Rubio/R-FL                  • Sen. Tim Kaine/D-VA
 • Sen. Tim Scott/R-SC                    • Sen. Jerry Moran/R-KS
 • Sen. Raphael Warnock/D-GA              • Sen. Lisa Murkowski/R-AK
                                          • Sen. Patty Murray/D-WA
                                          • Sen. Mitt Romney/R-UT
         Senate Committee on Banking,     • Sen. Tim Scott/R-SC
           Housing, and Urban Affairs
                                                           Senate Leadership
 • Sen. Sherrod Brown/D-OH
 • Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto/D-NV
 • Sen. Mike Crapo/R-ID                   • Sen. Dick Durbin/D-IL            Majority Whip
 • Sen. Jerry Moran/R-KS                  • Sen. Mitch McConnell/R-KY        Minority Leader
 • Sen. Ben Sasse/R-NE                    • Sen. Patty Murray/D-WA           Assistant Majority Leader
 • Sen. Tim Scott/R-SC                    • Sen. Chuck Schumer/D-NY          Majority Leader
 • Sen. Kyrsten Sinema/D-AZ               • Sen. John Thune/R-SD             Minority Whip
 • Sen. Tina Smith/D-MN
 • Sen. Jon Tester/D-MT
 • Sen. Chris Van Hollen/D-MD                         Other Senate Committees
 • Sen. Raphael Warnock/D-GA

                                          • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito/R-WV   Appropriations;
          Senate Committee on Finance     • Sen. Tammy Duckworth/D-IL        Commerce;
                                                                             Small Business
                                          • Sen. Deb Fischer/R-NE            Commerce
 • Sen. Sherrod Brown/D-OH                • Sen. Mazie Hirono/D-HI           Judiciary; Small Business
 • Sen. Tom Carper/D-DE                   • Sen. John Hoeven/R-ND            Appropriations
 • Sen. Bob Casey/D-PA                    • Sen. Angus King/D-ME             Energy
 • Sen. Bill Cassidy/R-LA                 • Sen. Patrick Leahy/D-VT          Appropriations; Judiciary
 • Sen. John Cornyn/R-TX                  • Sen. Joe Manchin/D-WV            Appropriations
 • Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto/D-NV       • Sen. Brian Schatz/D-HI           Appropriations;
 • Sen. Mike Crapo/R-ID
 • Sen. Steve Daines/R-MT
 • Sen. Chuck Grassley/R-IA
 • Sen. Maggie Hassan/D-NH
                                                   Senate Campaign Committees
 • Sen. James Lankford/R-OK
 • Sen. Jerry Moran/R-KS                  • D emocratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
 • Sen. Rob Portman/R-OH                     Senate Democrat Campaign Committee
 • Sen. Ben Sasse/R-NE                    • M oderate Democrats PAC
 • Sen. Tim Scott/R-SC                       Moderate Senate Democrats
 • Sen. Tina Smith/D-MN                   • N ational Republican Senatorial Committee
 • Sen. John Thune/R-SD                      Senate Republican Campaign Committee
 • Sen. Ron Wyden/D-OR
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                                                                   Seniors Housing
                                                                   Data Book

                                                                   2021 Research & Publications
                                                                   ASHA’s proprietary      ASHA’s extensive
                                                                   research provides       research archive
                                                                   high-quality data       via our website,
                                                                   and analysis that       members can source
                                                                   is unrivaled in the     the specific material
                                                                   industry. We’re         you need to make
                                                                   committed to giving     informed business
                                                                   our members the         decisions. The
                                                                   most reliable, up-to-   following provides
                                                                   date information        a synopsis of
                                                                   on a wide range of      some of our work
                                                                   topics. And with        this past year.
                                                                   exclusive on-demand
                                                                   access to most of
> Click here to return to Table of Contents.     23

                                                SIB Independent and Assisted Living:
                                                Complex Populations Deserving Integrated
                                                Housing, Clinical, and Lifestyle Support

     SIB Assisted Living:
     An Important Option for Providing
     LTSS in the Community

2021 Seniors Housing Data Book & ASHA Policy Briefs
Drawing on the most     an annually produced    assisted living              Independent And
currently available     report for the ASHA     as an eligible               Assisted Living:
data from the           membership. The         Medicaid home and            Complex Populations
Medicare Current        2021 Seniors Housing    community-based              Deserving Integrated
Beneficiary Survey      Data Book can be        service.                     Housing, Clinical, and
(MCBS), the Seniors     found here.                                          Lifestyle Support
Housing Data Book                               The Brief was                was published in
provides detailed       ASHA also partnered     widely distributed to        December 2021 as
information on the      with ATI Advisory       Members of Congress          part of a broader
demographics,           to produce two          and highlights               effort to quantify
sources of insurance    policy-oriented         policy goals that are        and detail the
coverage, functional    Special Issue Briefs    singularly focused           demographics
and health status,      this year. The first,   on keeping seniors at        and experiences
health care             Assisted Living: An     home to the exclusion        of older Medicare
utilization, and        Important Option        of residential               beneficiaries living
spending of residents   for Providing LTSS      care settings and            across a spectrum
in seniors housing,     in the Community,       may overlook the             of housing options.
nursing homes           was written for         significant benefits         Please click here
and older adults in     policymakers            offered in senior            to view this Special
traditional private     involved in budget      living. Assisted Living:     Issue Brief.
housing. The Data       reconciliation          An Important Option
Book was produced in    discussions to          for Providing LTSS in
association with ATI    emphasize the           the Community can be
Advisory and will be    critical role of        viewed here.
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                                        Entrepreneurial Spirit of Seniors Housing Volume IV
                                        ASHA and The                 Volume IV of             Corporation);            (Retirement Housing
                                        SeniorCare Investor          Entrepreneurial Spirit   Paul Klaassen            Foundation); William
                                        published the fourth         can be viewed by         (Sunrise Senior          Kaplan (Senior
                                        edition of The               clicking here.           Living); W.E. “Bill”     Lifestyle); James
                                        Entrepreneurial Spirit                                Sheriff (American        Stroud (Capital
                                        of Seniors Housing,          All four editions of     Retirement               Senior Living); and
                                        written by Steve             The Entrepreneurial      Corporation/             Bill and Bob Thomas
                                        Monroe. The latest           Spirit can be            Brookdale); Steven       (Senior Star); Volume
                                        installment features         accessed in the          Vick (Sterling House/    III: Thomas Grape
                                        chapters on Dwayne           members-only area        Assisted Living          (Benchmark Senior
                                        Clark (Áegis Living);        of the ASHA website      Concepts/Signature       Living); Michael Grust
                                        John Erickson                by logging in and        Senior Living); and      (Senior Resource
                                        (Erickson Retirement         selecting the Special    Patricia Will (Belmont   Group); Lynne
                                        Communities); Sevy           Issue Brief/Industry     Village Senior           Katzmann (Juniper
                                        Petras-Wells (Priority       Research tab from        Living); Volume II:      Communities);
                                        Life Care); Tim Smick        the left navigation.     David Freshwater         Chuck and Karen
                                        (Harbor Retirement           Previous editions        (Watermark               Lytle (Leisure Care);
                                        Associates); and             include, Volume          Retirement               and Loren Shook
                                        Arnie Whitman                I: William Colson        Communities);            (Silverado Senior
                                        (Formation Capital).         (Holiday Retirement      Laverne Joseph           Living).

                                                                                              The Entrepreneurial
                                                                                              Spirit of Seniors Housing
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                                                                                           Consumer Study:
                                                                                           Impact of COVID-19 on the
                                                                                           Seniors Housing Industry

                                                                                           SIB Messages
                                                                                           That Matter:
                                                                                           How Senior Living
         ASHA 50                                                                           Advertising/Marketing
                                                                                           Impacts Move-In Decisions

ASHA’s authoritative     in the September/     The 2021 ASHA 50
annual ranking of the    October issue of      supplement can
largest 50 owners        Seniors Housing       be viewed by
and operators of         Business.             clicking here.
seniors housing in the
U.S. was published

Consumer Research
ASHA and ProMatura       Consumer Survey       shape the opinions
Group conducted          can be viewed by      and decisions
two extensive            clicking here.        of prospective
consumer surveys in                            residents and adult
2021 that examined       ASHA and ProMatura    child influencers.
the sentiments           also published        Click here for
of prospective           the results of a      Messages that Matter:
consumers and            multi-year research   How Senior Living
adult children to        project with over     Advertising/Marketing
gauge the impact of      1,700 respondents     Impacts Move-In
COVID-19 on senior       that examined         Decisions.
living. Results from     how marketing
the summer 2021          and advertising
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                                                                                                                       Seniors Housing
                                                                                                                       Construction Monitor

                                                                             SIB Seniors Housing
                                                                             Construction Costs

                                             Construction Costs and Activity
                                             ASHA published a             cottages, assisted         Monitor through a       and nursing care
                                             Special Issue Brief,         living, skilled nursing,   special licensing       in primary and
                                             Seniors Housing              IL common space,           arrangement with        secondary markets.
                                             Construction                 and underground            NIC Map Vision. The     The report also
                                             Costs, prepared              parking. The Brief         publication shows       includes supply
                                             by Larry Graeve,             also provides cost         construction activity   estimates and
                                             Amy Burk and Jeff            trends between             at the end of the       penetration rates for
                                             Lundeen of Weitz             January 2004 and           second quarter 2021     the 75+ population.
                                             Corporation. The             July 2021.                 for independent         Click here to view
                                             Brief, which can be                                     living, continuing      Seniors Housing
                                             found here, presents         ASHA also published        care retirement         Construction Monitor.
                                             construction costs           a new edition of           communities,
                                             per square feet for          Seniors Housing            assisted living,
                                             independent living,          Construction               memory care

                                             Seniors Housing State Regulatory Handbook
                                             ASHA and                     This report is             certification,
                                             LeadingAge                   based on a survey          participation, or
                                             published its annual         of state regulators        other requirements
                                             report summarizing           and includes the           produced in
                                             key licensure                comprehensive              association with
                                             and regulatory               updated information        CARF International
                                             requirements for             about statutes and         and the Joint
                                             assisted living              regulations that           Commission.
                                             and continuing               allow for third-party      Click here for the
                                             care retirement              accreditation to           2021 edition of the
                                             communities in all           satisfy full or partial    Seniors Housing State
                                             50 states and the            compliance with            Regulatory Handbook.
                                             District of Columbia.        state licensure,
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ASHA’s annual           information about       five key takeaways
Seniors Housing         compensation            from this year’s
Compensation Report     program structure       Seniors Housing
was prepared by         and design              Compensation
Pearl Meyer and         characteristics.        Report; survey
was based on data       ASHA members            respondents
from 60 senior          received a Special      received the
living organizations,   Issue Brief prepared    complete report
covering 162            by Jon Boba of          in the Fall.
positions and current   Pearl Meyer outlining   Click here to view.

State of Seniors Housing
The 2021 State of       nearly 1,800 senior     ASHA, the National
Seniors Housing         living communities      Investment Center
was sent in             comprising over         for Seniors Housing
December to the         250,000 units as        & Care, Argentum,
ASHA membership         of 12/31/2020. The      LeadingAge, and the
and to all survey       State of Seniors        National Center for
participants.           Housing research        Assisted Living.
This year’s report      is conducted by
summarizes data         HealthTrust in                                                  SIB Compensation
from a sample of        association with
                                                                                        Survey Results:
                                                                                        Five Key Takeaways

                                                                                           State of
                                                                                           Seniors Housing

  Seniors Housing
  State Regulatory Handbook
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                                          ASHA Legal
                                          Committee ///

                                                                                               Hanson Bridgett

                                                                          Chair Áegis Living

                                                                                               Duane Morris
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                       Senior Lifestyle

                       A       s part
                              of ASHA’s new 2021-
                              2026 strategic plan
                                                      senior living. In 2021,
                                                      the Association was
                                                      involved in filing
                                                      three such Amicus

RAMIREZ                       related to member
                              engagement, the
                                                      briefs in cases
                                                      related to:
Bridge Seniors                association launched
                              a Legal Committee         1) t he use of The Prep Act as a legal defense
                              in 2021 which is             for COVID-19 related claims;
                              Chaired by Elizabeth
                                                        2) t he use of arbitration agreements
                              Chambers of Aegis
                                                           by family members of assisted living
                              Living. The Legal
                                                           residents; and
                              Committee met
                              regularly throughout      3) t he continued inclusion of assisted living
                              the year and assisted        in the Texas Medical Liability Act.
                              ASHA and its staff
                              on an array of legal
                              and operational         In addition, we
                              matters impacting       received a positive
                              developers, owners      ruling in a Maryland
                              and operators.          case we supported
                                                      with an Amicus brief
                              ASHA’s members          last year involving
BENJAMIN                      received updates        whether recordation
                              throughout the
SCOLL                         year on a range
                                                      and transfer taxes
                                                      are due on the value
                              of operational/         of intangible personal
Watermark Retirement
                              legal issues,           property, including
                              including vaccine       goodwill, transferred
                              mandates, website       in a business sale
                              accessibility, crisis   when recorded
                              communications,         deeds evidence
                              fair housing, and       only conveyance
                              visitor management      of real property.
                              practices among

                              ASHA has filed
                              Amicus curiae or
                              “friend of the court”
                              briefs routinely over
                              the years in select
                              cases with broad
                              implications for
    R IN
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                                                                     You Live Matters
                                                                     platform has been
                                                                     used extensively
                                                                     during the COVID-
                                                                     period to deliver
                                                                                             Live Matters digital
                                                                                             platform throughout
                                                                                             2021 to show how
                                                                                             the industry helped
                                                                                             keep residents and
                                                                                                                      Matters website
                                                                                                                      between January
                                                                                                                      and November 2021,
                                                                                                                      generating over
                                                                                                                      13.4 million
                                        ASHA’s Where
                                                                     a comprehensive
                                                                     depiction of
                                                                                             associates happy,
                                                                                             healthy and engaged
                                                                                                                      Our social
                                                                     the industry’s          throughout the           media presence
                                        You Live Matters
                                                                     response to this        COVID crisis. The        on FaceBook
                                        digital initiative was
                                                                     unprecedented crisis    materials from the       and Instagram
                                        launched with a
                                                                     and to challenge        ASHA/ProMatura           produced 1.1 million
                                        simple goal: to help
                                                                     negative media          “Successes” project      impressions and
                                        older adults and their
                                                                     coverage.               can be viewed in their   continues to push
                                        families get friendly,
                                                                                             entirety here.           traffic to the Where
                                        authoritative, and           Outreach conducted                               You Live Matters
                                        unbiased information         for ASHA by ProMatura   Over 820,000             website.
                                        about senior                 Group was used          consumers utilized
                                        living. The Where            on the Where You        the Where You Live
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 Where You
 Live Matters
 Committee ///

                        JIM                            LETITIA
                        BOWE                           JACKSON
                        GlenAire HealthCare            Senior Star

CINDY                   AMY                            BRETT
LONGFELLOW              MCGUIRE                        ROBINSON
Juniper Communities     Senior Resource Group          Greystar

ABBY                    DOUG                           JANINE
SEE                     SCHIFFER                       WITTE
Sunrise Senior Living   Allegro Senior Living          Senior Lifestyle
    R IN
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                          JILL                                            LARRY               KELLY
                          ASHTON                                          COHEN               COOK ANDRESS
                          Lytle Enterprises                               Trustwell Living    Sage Senior Living

                                   new asha executive

                          JOHN                                            PAUL                KASS
                          GETCHEY                                         GRIFFIN III         MATT
                          ReNew REIT                                      Griffin Living      Vium Capital
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 JOSHUA     JASON                                   TIM
 CRISP      DOPOULOS                                FICKER
 Solinity   White Oak Healthcare Partners           LifeStar Living


 TOREY      ADAM                                    JOSH
 RISO       SHERMAN                                 STEVENS
 Huron      Live Oak Bank                           Harbor Point Capital
    R IN
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                             2022 meeting
                               January                      March                March                 May                  May

                           24-26                                1                 22                    6                  24
                                ANNUAL                   REGIONAL             REGIONAL             ALZHEIMER’S          REGIONAL
                                MEETING                 ROUNDTABLE           ROUNDTABLE            ASSOCIATION         ROUNDTABLE
                                                                                                   BRAIN BALL

                             Arizona Biltmore           Waldorf Astoria         The Statler        The Ritz-Carlton   Westin Copley Place
                                  Resort                  Buckhead               Dallas, TX        Washington, DC        Boston, MA
                               Phoenix, AZ               Atlanta, GA

                                  June                     August               August             September            November

                                7-8                            2                   3                  13                  2-3
                               MID-YEAR                 REGIONAL              REGIONAL              EXECUTIVE           CHAIRMAN’S
                               MEETING                 ROUNDTABLE            ROUNDTABLE           BOARD MEETING           CIRCLE

                            Omni Interlocken           Avenue of the Arts   Grand Hyatt Seattle       Marriott         The Ritz-Carlton
                                Resort                  Costa Mesa, CA         Seattle, WA            Marquis           Sarasota, FL
                             Broomfield, CO                                                        Washington, DC
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The 2021 Senior Living

Hall of Fame inductees

                                        hall of
                                   preeminent, pioneering
                                   senior living leaders
                                                                 The 2021 class joins 14
                                                                 previous Senior Living
                                                                 Hall of Fame honorees.

                                                                 The recipients were
                                   were named to the
                                                                 chosen by the Senior
                                   2021 Senior Living Hall
                                                                 Living Hall of Fame
                                   of Fame. The annual
                                                                 Selection Committee.
                                   honor is awarded by
                                                                 It is chaired by former
                                   the American Seniors
                                                                 ASHA Chairman,
  ROBERT & WILLIAM                 Housing Association
                                                                 Larry Cohen of
  THOMAS                           (ASHA).
                                                                 Trustwell Living.
                                                                 Committee members
  Senior Star                      The Senior Living Hall
                                   of Fame recognizes            are Lois Bowers of
                                   the visionaries who           McKnight’s Senior Living,
                                   have distinguished            Steve Monroe of The
                                   themselves through            SeniorCare Investor,
                                   uncommon foresight            Matt Valley of Seniors
                                   and ground-breaking           Housing Business,
                                   innovation. These             and Tim Mullaney of
                                   are industry leaders          Senior Housing News.
                                   with an unwavering
                                   commitment to
                                   community lifestyles
                                   that enhance choice,
                                   independence, dignity
                                   and personalized

  Belmont Village Senior Living
    R IN
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                                      ASHA thanks the following 2021 meeting and research sponsors.


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