SIA NATIONAL CONFERENCE PROGRAM - DAY 1 - WEDNESDAY 23 MAY 2018 8.00 am Session1 Room:Plenary3 - SIA National Health ...

Session 1          Room: Plenary 3
8.45 - 8.50 am     Welcome to Country
                   Uncle Ron Jones, Wurundjeri Tribe Elder
                   Conference Welcome
8.50 - 9.00 am     Patrick Murphy, Chair, Safety Institute of Australia
                   We've All Got What it Takes...But Where is It?
9.00 - 10.00 am
                   Lisa McInnes-Smith, Acclaimed Keynote Speaker, Master of Audience Participation
                   This session focuses on personal performance and on-going improvement. Performance rises when people capitalise on their strengths
                   and minimise the effect of their weaknesses. Lisa sets people on a strategic pathway of continuous progress. She identifies what energises,
                   engages, inspires and motivates, as well as those aspects that self-sabotage. Lisa is a performance catalyst. She steps in as the coach to
                   unlock potential and empower people to perform above their own expectations. She nurtures the seeds of self-belief and self-confidence.
                   This dynamic presentation will help people renew their attitude and skill-sets to achieve the goals they truly want.

10.00 - 11.00 am   Making a Shift - The Science of behaviour change within cultures
                   Darren Hill, Executive Director, Pragmatic Thinking
                   Ever tried to get a person to change their behaviour? Well, of course you have…We do it everyday.
                   But what about if you want to create a shift in a large group? What tools do we need to undertake broad-scale cultural change?
                   As it turns out there are certain patterns that if we engage these, we can achieve change; not just incremental change, but change that
                   is exponential, rapid and impactful.
                   Join Behavioural Scientist Darren Hill in this practical and entertaining look at how you can drive a new level of behaviour change in
                   your safety programs.

11.00 - 11.30 am   Morning Tea
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           Diversity in Leadership                                    Neuroscience                                Theory Into Practice: Action Learning
Session 2 | Room: Meeting Room 218                          Room: Meeting Room 219                                Room: Meeting Room 220
11.30 am - Diversity: The Canary in the                     What Were They Thinking? A Look At How                Perspectives on Safety
12.15 pm Corporate Coalmine
                                                            The 'Emotional Brain' Overrides Logical               Research and Action Learning
                                                            Decision Making And How This Impacts                  in the Workplace
            Yolanda Beattie, Practice Leader,               On Risk Awareness, Behaviour And Safety
            Diversity & Inclusion, Mercer                   Preformance
                                                            Robert Wentzel, Global Solutions Director,            Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
            In this session, Mercer’s practice leader,      Jonah Group                                           Brilliance
            diversity and inclusion, Yolanda Beattie,                                                             Sarah Rushton, Human Resources Advisor, Hanson
                                                            A common refrain heard after incidents occur is –     Construction Materials
            will outline why diversity is an indicator of                                                         Shankar Sankaran,Professor of Organisational
                                                            ‘what were they thinking?’ or some more colourful
            corporate health, the importance of                                                                   Project Management at the School of the Built
                                                            iteration thereof. Very quickly we become critical    Environment.
            reducing stress to foster inclusion and how
                                                            and judgemental but is this always justified? By
            to integrate diversity into the workplace
                                                            better understanding how the brain works, how it
            safety agenda.
                                                            introduces additional risk and causes complacency,
                                                            we can gain surprising insights and use this to
                                                            develop practical strategies to drive better safety

12.15 -     Inclusive Leadership                            Cognitive bias & safety: How to think                  Safety 5i Workshop
12.45 pm                                                    clearly about risk
                                                                                                                   Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
            Fiona McIntosh, Partner, Human Capital,         Anton Zytnik, Senior Health, Safety and                Brilliance
            Deloitte Consulting                             Wellbeing Consultant, The Victorian                    Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and Manager
                                                            Chamber of Commerce and Industry                       of Systems and Implementation, Pockets of Brilliance
            “Diversity is being invited to the party,
            inclusion is being invited to dance.”           In this presentation, you will learn how cognitive
                                                                                                                  The framework has been developed over 15-years
            Diversity is nothing without inclusive          biases such as the availability heuristic,
                                                                                                                  from researching and implementing an innovative
            leadership. Fiona will discuss the              confirmation bias and selective perception impact
                                                                                                                  human-focused process that change culture and
            importance of Inclusive Leadership, it’s six    the way that we make critical safety decisions,
                                                                                                                  enhance the health, safety, wellbeing and
            signature traits, and the 8 powerful truths     particularly the way we perceive risk.
                                                                                                                  engagement of people across industries.
            of Diversity & Inclusion.                       Most importantly, you will learn how to recognise
                                                                                                                  This workshop contains a high-level overview of the
                                                            these biases in yourself and others, and be given
                                                                                                                  approach in an innovative and thought provoking
                                                            practical recommendations about how you can
                                                                                                                  application to safety which shifts the needle from
                                                            communicate more effectively when you return to
                                                                                                                  safety dogma to safety science.
                                                            your workplace.
12.45 - 1.30 pm     Lunch

          Diversity in Leadership                                    Neuroscience                             Theory Into Practice: Action Learning
Session 3 | Meeting Room 218                           Room: Meeting Room 219                                 Room: Meeting Room 220

1.30 -    From the Boardroom to the Bench -            The Biochemistry of Safety Interaction:                Safety 5i Workshop
2.15 pm   Building a Shared Language for               How to effectively decrease resistance to              Continued
          Safety Success                               the safety message
          Dr. Angelica Vecchio-Sadus, HSE              Carl Tinsley, Applied Behavioural Safety
          Manager, CSIRO Manufacturing                 Specialist, Breaking Ground                            Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
                                                                                                              Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and Manager
          Company boards are becoming increasingly     Trust versus distrust, and the importance these        of Systems and Implementation, Pockets of Brilliance
          aware that safe work is good business. To    conscious and unconscious processes have on the
          achieve a safety culture that goes beyond    design of safety strategies and programmes. The
          compliance requires a shift from a rules-    importance of Conversational IQ in building trust,
          based to a principles-based environment.     and overcoming distrust, which results in safety
          The presentation draws on the experiences    messages being adopted. The distinction between
          of the CSIRO, Australia’s largest and most   the 3 facets of trust and how safety professionals
          diverse science agency, to demonstrate how   should develop more than just their Capability to be
          a shared language from the boardroom to      a driving force in an organisation. The concept of
          the bench has been developed and nurtured    Conversation building Trust, Trust building Culture
          to enhance communication and collaboration   and Culture building a Safe, Well, and Productive
          for improved worker safety.                  workforce. The importance of a Trust building
                                                       programme in Mental Health and developing
                                                       Organisational Wellness and Health. The
                                                       importance of developing practical Conversational
                                                       IQ skills for Safety Professionals.

2.15 -    Nineteen Non-Safety Practices for            The Neuroscience of Psychological                      Safety 5i Workshop Continued
3.00 pm                                                Safety
          Better Safety Professionals
                                                       Dr. Amanda Jones,                                      Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
          Andrew Barrett, Podcast Host & Chief         Lead Biological Safety Advisor, University of          Brilliance
          Connector, Safety on Tap                     Queensland                                             Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and Manager
                                                                                                              of Systems and Implementation, Pockets of Brilliance
        We might have had enough. Enough health           The concept of psychological safety has been
        and safety stuff, for health and safety           around for some time and has been researched by
        professionals. Sure, we need to stay up to        everyone from Google to Harvard and everywhere
        date, and ahead of trends and emerging            in between! And as with everything what was once
        risks….but what we often miss out on are          old, it is now new again. The difference this time –
        the few things from outside our field that will   we know more about the brain and underlying
        help us have the greatest impact. In this         mechanisms on how and why psychological safety
        energetic session you’re not just going to        works. In this presentation, I will explain why this
        hear about non-safety practices to help you       should be an important focus for us all.
        improve, you will witness them in action

3.00 - 3.30 pm       Afternoon Tea
Session 4           Room: Plenary 3

3.30 - 3.35 pm       Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) & SIA MOU Signing

3.35 - 4.35 pm       Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games - WHS Considerations and Outcomes
                     Stephen Woolger, Manager Health & Safety, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC)
                     The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) is committed to ensuring that GC2018 will be delivered in a safe
                     manner that will protect all Workforce and Constituent Groups, and meet all applicable work health and safety (WHS) legislative
                     requirements. GOLDOC has implemented a WHS framework for supporting all Workforce (staff, contractors and volunteers) and
                     Constituent Groups (athletes, games family and spectators) to achieve this commitment, and will conduct robust planning and delivery
                     leading up to, and during GC2018.
                     This presentation will outline the background and preparations for staging GC2018 and the WHS considerations within this process,
                     including the challenges and restrictions in the new legislative environment, and how this either succeeded or failed and the lessons that
                     can be learned from such an experience.
4.35 - 4.45 pm       Summary & Close
                     Patrick Murphy, Chair, Safety Institute

6.00 - 10.00 pm          Conference Dinner | MELBOURNE CONVENTION CENTRE (ROOMS 210 & 211)
Session 5          Room: Plenary 3
8.55 - 9.00 am     Welcome
                   Patrick Murphy, Chair, Safety Institute
9.00 - 9.50 am     The Changing Nature Of Modern Workplaces, the implications for health and safety, and WorkSafe Victoria's strategy
                   to respond
                   Clare Amies, Chief Executive Officer, Worksafe VIC
                   In her keynote address, Clare will examine the changing dynamics surrounding modern workplaces and the modern worker and how
                   WorkSafe is responding through its transformational strategy - WorkSafe 2030. Clare will reveal the key strategic pillars of WorkSafe's
                   long-term strategy and explain the pivotal role that prevention, partnerships and innovation will play in getting the best possible outcomes
                   in workplace health and safety and return to work.
9.50 - 10.40 am    Towards Australian Guidance on Work-related Psychological Health and Safety
                   Dr. Peta Miller, Safe Work Australia, Strategic WHS Advisor
                   The Guide describes a systematic approach to managing work-related psychological health and safety. It provides practical
                   advice to help organisations eliminate psychosocial hazards and minimise psychological risks. This Guide also provides
                   information about workers’ compensation and return to work including ‘intervening early’ and ‘supporting recovery’ following
                   work-related psychological injury. Most elements of this systematic approach are required under work health and safety
                   (WHS) or workers’ compensation laws in all Australian jurisdictions. The guide will provide clarity to organisations about what
                   they can and should do under both WHS and WC legislation. It can and should be used in conjunction with existing guidance
                   on bullying. This can then be complimented with optional workplace initiatives to support positive work-related mental health.

10.40 - 11.10 am            Morning Tea
                   Morning Tea

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DAY 2 - THURSDAY 24 MAY 2018
           Health & Wellbeing                                          Safety Insights                             Theory Into Practice: Action Research
Session 6 | Meeting Room 218                               Room: Meeting Room 219                                   Room: Meeting Room 220
11.10 -    Creating Your Dream Workplace                   What Does Learning From MSD Incidents                    International Best Practice in the
11.40 am   Sally McMahon, Podcast Host,                    Look Like? Best Practice for Reporting                   Prevention of Illness and Disease in
           Fit for Work                                    and Investigation Systems                                Tunneling & Construction Workers
           We spend more than half of our waking           Dr. Natassia Goode Senior Research Fellow                Kate Cole, Manager, Occupational Health &
                                                           Organisational Safety Theme Leader, University of        Hygiene, Sydney Metro, Transport for NSW
           life at work. It seems only natural to invest   Sunshine Coast
           in making workplaces health havens so           Alison Gembarovski, Principal Ergonomist and             This paper will highlight international best practice in
                                                           Manager of Ergonomics and Human Factors Unit,            illness and disease prevention from the UK, USA,
           that people can love their work, body and       WorkSafe Victoria
           life to perform better ALL round!                                                                        Norway and Switzerland. Drawing from existing best
                                                           There is now considerable evidence that
           Sit back as Sally takes you on a tour of                                                                 practice frameworks, eight elements were reviewed
                                                           musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are caused by
           her dream workplace. Soak up a few well-                                                                 to understand approaches taken internationally,
                                                           multiple, interacting factors across the work system.
           informed ideas to get you started in                                                                     which included Leadership, Engagement and
                                                           To support appropriate prevention efforts, the
           creating YOUR dream workplace.                                                                           Collaboration, Training and Awareness, Standards,
                                                           systems set up to gather and analyse information
                                                                                                                    Health in Design, Program Health Risk
                                                           on MSDs therefore need to be underpinned by a
                                                                                                                    Management, Targeted Health Risk Management,
                                                           systems thinking approach. In practice, however,
                                                                                                                    and Sustainability. This research was funded by the
                                                           most incident reporting and investigation systems
                                                                                                                    Winston Churchill Memorial Trust as part of a
                                                           focus on the injured person and the immediate
                                                                                                                    Winston Churchill Fellowship with the aim of
                                                           context. As a result, the response to MSDs is often
                                                                                                                    investigating practical best practice approaches to
                                                           focused on training, or retraining, individuals. This
                                                                                                                    ultimately preserve the health of the thousands of
                                                           presentation describes a systems thinking
                                                                                                                    Australians who work in the tunnelling industry.
                                                           framework for reporting and investigating MSDs,
                                                           which was developed based on the literature,
                                                           current practice in Australian organisations, and the
                                                           Victorian Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

11.40 am - Don't give your work mates the                  Is this new generation of safety creating                Teaming for safety Workshop
12.10 pm Sh!ts                                             new risks by losing the knowledge and                    Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
                                                           lessons from previous generations?                       Brilliance
           Naomi Kemp, Founder,                                                                                     Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and
           Safe Expectations                               Matthew Skubis, Senior Consultant,                       Manager of Systems and Implementation, Pockets
                                                           AusSAFE Consulting                                       of Brilliance
DAY 2 - THURSDAY 24 MAY 2018
          As high-level sports woman early in her         In this current climate, where there is an appetite   The ability to evolve is fundamental to the human
          safety career, Naomi suffered from a            for change to the approaches in the management        race. Successful evolution occurs not because of
          debilitating illness that developed after she   of occupational health and safety, we are seeing a    one great leader working alone, but because of the
          contracted an everyday infection from the       shift in proposed methods for how to best manage      combined efforts of a united team – a tribe. Join us
          workplace; Gastroenteritis (we all know         occupational health and safety. We agree there        to explore the psychology behind brilliant, high-
          what that is!).                                 has been an over saturation of paperwork which        performing teams and how we can engage our
                                                          has led some to pose the idea of removing             people more effectively to drive safety evolution.
          In this presentation, Naomi discusses that      systems and procedures from use in managing
          Safe Work Australia admits diseases are         risks. But are we introducing new risks in doing
          significantly under-represented in workers’     so? Are we introducing new risks such as a lack
          compensation statistics. She provides the       of knowledge and understanding as to why
          audience with evidence-based research           procedures outlining key requirements that were
          into managing workplace illnesses and           originally based on investigation or incident
          post-illness rehabilitation.                    findings.

12.10 -  Wellbeing in the Workplace                       Dropping the Ball on Black Lung                       Teaming for Safety Workshop Continued
12.40 pm Dr Page Williams, Director, Paige                Peter Tight Principal Consultant and                  Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
          Williams Consultancy Services                   Director, Tight Consulting                            Brilliance
                                                                                                                Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and
          Developing healthy workplaces requires          When news broke in in the media late in 2015          Manager of Systems and Implementation, Pockets
                                                                                                                of Brilliance
          change – a change in mindset, culture and       that a Queensland underground coal miner had
          practice. In more than 15 years as a senior     been definitively diagnosed with coal Miners
          executive working in a range of industries,     “black lung” or pneumoconiosis, it sent shock
          I have too often seen the impact of change      waves through the Australian mining industry as
          not done well – goals not reached, people       well as state and Federal Governments, as this
          disengaged, and culture damaged beyond          terrible occupational disease had not been seen
          repair.                                         for sixty years. Since the initial announcement
          Too often change is seen as complex and         over twenty cases have now been confirmed in
          hard. I believe there is a better way to do     Qld and in NSW underground and open cut coal
          change. Drawing from the fields of positive     miners.
          psychology, neuroscience and my own
          research, I explain an approach to change
          that is simple and straightforward.
DAY 2 - THURSDAY 24 MAY 2018
          My unique, Inside-out Outside-in model          Is the re emergence of black lung an isolated
          provides a clear framework to scaffold          incidence or is there also potential for the re -
          your change thinking and leverage your          emergence or escalation of other work - related
          change efforts to create impact that sticks.    disease to occur in Australia, in conjunction with
          Whether you want to create change in            new and emerging illnesses currently not receiving
          your professional practice, the way your        the attention they deserve?
          team works or your whole organization,
          this framework will help you take impactful
          strategic action to achieve your change

12.40 - 2.00 pm      Lunch

          Health & Wellbeing                                           Safety Insights                         Theory Into Practice: Action Research
Session 7 | Meeting Room 218                               Room: Meeting Room 219                               Room: Meeting Room 220

2.00 -  Prevention, Not Cure:                            2.00 -  Taking the Lead on OHS                         Teaming for Safety Workshop Continued
3.00 pm Effective Psychosocial Risk                      2.30 pm Chantelle McEnallay Chief Risk Officer,        Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
        Mangement                                                  Ramsay Health Care                           Brilliance
         Dr Rebecca Michalak, Principal                                                                         Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and
         Consultant, Psychsafe (QLD)                               Ramsay Health Care has established           Manager of Systems and Implementation, Pockets
                                                                   proven OHS metrics which are considered      of Brilliance
         Physical injury and disease claims continue
                                                                   to be Industry leading. Within this
         to decline in number and severity. However,
                                                                   presentation Chanelle McEnallay will
         despite a tightened (twice-over) causal
                                                                   discuss the key OHS strategies which have
         connection test, high levels of stigma, and a
                                                                   enabled Ramsay Health to navigate major
         plethora of other barriers, a decade plus of
                                                                   OHS risks and challenges to take the lead
         data shows psychological / psychiatric injury
                                                                   on industry safety outcomes.
         claims are on the rise. Over the same time
         period, the top two casual mechanisms –
         namely bullying and harassment, and work        2.30 -    Using Safety Training to Inspire
         pressure – have been unchanged; each            3.00 pm   Change
         responsible for approximately four-fold the
                                                                    Dr Marilyn Hubner, Managing Director,
         number of injuries by any other causal                     BuildUp Research
DAY 2 - THURSDAY 24 MAY 2018
          Continued failure to proactively address                   Have you sat through training that tries to
          work-related psychosocial risks underpins                  inspire change, but ends up putting you to
          this concerning claim trend. Where present,                sleep? Have you experienced
          current risk management efforts focus                      training that consists of facilitators talking to
          erroneously on the individual worker as “the               the boring PowerPoints? Have you spent
          problem”, with mindfulness and resilience                  hours developing a presentation only to find
          training “the answer.” However, recent                     the participants don’t engage? Have you
          research demonstrates once a work-related                  had enough of boring safety training?
          psychosocial risk exposure has occurred,                   If the answer is yes then this session is for
          post-exposure coping efforts fail to reduce                you!
          what is a direct, significant, and negative
          impact on employee psychological and                       This presentation will introduce the
          psychosomatic health wellbeing. Claims                     principles of SAFE Training™ that can
          and research data clearly indicate the                     provide safety professionals with a
          prevailing reliance on a post-exposure to                  research supported and simple technique
          risk, “rescue management” approach is not                  for the development and delivery of safety
          working, because the damage is already                     training programs and sessions.
          done. In other words, effective psychosocial
          risk management is a case of prevention,
          not cure.

3.00 -     Building Physical Resilience in                  Sliding Doors - The Paths of a Young                         Teaming for Safety Workshop Continued
3.30 pm    an ageing workforce - reducing                   Safety Professional                                          Dr. Sarah Colley, Managing Director, Pockets of
           injuries, improving wellbeing and                                                                             Brilliance
           promoting career longevity                       Tim Allred, Andrew Barrett, Naomi Kemp &
                                                            Wade Needham, YSP Network Leaders                            Laura Graham, Registered psychologist and
                                                                                                                         Manager of Systems and Implementation, Pockets
           Terry Wong, General Manager,                                                                                  of Brilliance
           Move 4 Life
                                                            The National YSP Network leaders join together to
           This presentation will map out ways              explore their different paths as young safety
           specific strategies companies can apply in       professionals in parallel time-lines. In an entertaining
           building the physical resilience of their        and artistic display, the YSP’s will share their
           employees and provide some immediate,            experiences, challenges and goals for the future.
           practical value for all participants that they
           can take away and apply in their own lives.
DAY 2 - THURSDAY 24 MAY 2018
            Given the clear link between physical             They will challenge the audience to reflect on their
            resilience in ageing workers and mental           own experiences and how they can mentor the
            health, this is a critical topic for all safety   future safety leaders.
            and human resources professionals. The
            mental health of ageing workers is
            significantly affected if they are dragging
            themselves to work in physically
            demanding roles, as their bodies ache,
            knowing they may have another 10 or 15
            years to go. As one Head of Safety says:
            “we can’t retrain them all into accounts
            payable roles; we have to help them to be
            capable of working in these physically
            demanding roles”.

3.30 - 4.00 pm     Afternoon Tea
Session 8               Room: Plenary 3

4.00 - 5.00 pm          From Mastery To Artistry- A Qualitative Approach to 21st Century Leadership
                        Mykel Dixon, Author, Creative Advisor and Executive Mentor, Mykel Dixon Pty Ltd
                        Every presentation is customised to drive maximum impact and his use of live music, spoken word, visual storytelling and audience
                        participation gives him an unmistakable edge. Mykel Dixon is the not-so-secret weapon for conference organisers looking to inspire fresh,
                        innovative thinking. His live learning experiences unite teams, ignite creativity and equip audiences with the skills to solve complex 21st
                        century business challenges.

5.00 - 5.10 pm          Summary & Close
                        Patrick Murphy, Chair, Safety Institute
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