Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

TAKETHE LAWINTO YOUROWN HANDS A career with an international law firm Graduate brochure 2016 –2017 #takethelaw

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

It’s decision time.But if you get a training contract at Pinsent Masons you’ll find it’s the first of many. We want our people to make the most of every opportunity,so we give them plenty.Some might even seem like a bit of a curve ball at first.But,in the end,it comes down to your approach.If you’re prepared to put yourself forward,to have a say, to think commercially,to learn new things and respond to an ever-changing environment,then keep reading.

There’s room in the following pages for you to get involved in the decisions that lie ahead; so highlight, annotate and delete as you wish. Because at Pinsent Masons, you have the chance to determine your own future.After all, it’s your career and it starts here.

So go on, take the law into your own hands. pinsentmasons.com/graduate 01.

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

FOREWORD Our clients don’t have legal issues, they have commercial needs. What the best lawyers do is respond to those needs with a mix of imagination and pragmatism – with a focus always on delivering a solution to the client. Which gives rise to the question ‘who makes a great lawyer’? A great lawyer is interested in business as much as law, a person who is bold enough to challenge the status quo and is prepared to innovate to find another way. If that sounds like you, we’d like hear from you.

We think you will really enjoy working with us.

Richard Foley Senior Partner Foreword pinsentmasons.com/graduate 03. 02.

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

Of course, the big question is: ‘which path opens up the widest possibilities, and gives me the most scope to set my own direction?’ It’s a mistake to think that one law firm is exactly like another. To understand why, it helps to look at what’s going on in the business world today. In recent years, evolving technology and global market conditions have between them ushered in a perfect storm of business change. The new commercial reality hasn’t much time for reputation – clients expect us to know their market sector, to understand their commercial challenges and develop legal solutions that add business value.

They want lawyers to act in partnership with them as commercial advisors and business experts – sometimes to the extent of being fully integrated into their operation. As you read on, you will find out in more detail what this means for you and your role in our business. Suffice to say, we’re a firm that is shaping the legal market of tomorrow – and we’re looking for graduates who want to join us on our journey. People with ideas and opinions; with confidence and curiosity. People with the imagination to see an opportunity, and the self-belief to run with it and make it their own. Bring us this much, and our training contract can offer you the opportunity to shape your own career path – in anything from tax fraud to environmental planning, across sectors ranging from energy to financial services, anywhere from Aberdeen to Beijing.

An opportunity worth grasping? That’s your decision to make. THE BIG DECISION It’s a sobering thought – that your very first career decision is one of the most important you will ever make. From this point, everything else follows; the experience you gain, the skills you acquire, the places you work, the people you learn from and the opportunities that open up to you. Quite possibly, the choice you make now will set the course for your entire future. So, no pressure then... View from the Princes Exchange office, Edinburgh The big decision pinsentmasons.com/graduate 05.

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

NOTES SECTION 01 PINSENT MASONS, TODAY Who we are, what we do, where we work, who we’re looking for. SECTION 02 THIS IS YOUR VACATION PLACEMENT Why you should join us for a vacation placement and what’s in store for you if you do. SECTION 03 THIS IS YOUR TRAINING CONTRACT What you can expect from the day of offer to the day you qualify, plus remuneration details. SECTION 04 THIS IS YOUR APPLICATION What opportunities we have available, what we’re looking for in our future colleagues and how to apply. 09 35 49 CONTENTS 27 06. pinsentmasons.com/graduate 07.

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

SECTION — 01 The facts about a market leading international law firm.Where we’re based, the Business Sectors we work in, the practice areas we cover, our growing global presence. How we see ourselves – and our clients – in a changing business world.The qualities we’re looking for, and the prospects we can offer. This is Pinsent Masons,today. En route to a client meeting, Belfast 09. pinsentmasons.com/graduate This is Pinsent Masons, today 08. 09.

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

1.1 Going forward Change never sleeps. When it comes to identifying tomorrow’s live business issues, the only sure bet is that there are no certainties.

Right now, we provide expertise on matters that weren’t on anyone’s radar even a year ago. In every sector, our clients rely on us having our eyes fixed on what’s coming over the horizon. And that kind of insight and knowledge doesn’t come from sitting and waiting for things to happen. It comes from people like you, stretching their talents in business areas that fascinate them.

1.2 Thinking like our clients As a firm, our approach to customer service means we’re fully engaged with their business needs and the commercial dynamics of the day. And we expect our trainees to share the same mindset. The more inquisitive and informed you are about the wider world, the more value you can add to any business situation. And our training is all about encouraging you to do just that. Your training contract will launch you into different Practice Groups and Business Sectors, and immerse you in live client work in areas of the law that, right now, might mean nothing to you. You’ll have to learn fast.

1.3 Great expectations We want to find out if you have the intellectual curiosity to become a fully formed business advisor, interested in developing in-depth sectoral expertise and applying that knowledge in whichever area of the law becomes your long-term focus. We also want to know if you have the insight to pinpoint new commercial opportunities, and the confidence to take the lead in pursuing them. By the time you qualify, you will have already gained an impressive range of sector-specific knowledge, have first-hand experience of complex and highprofile matters, transactions and cases, and be on-course to become a sought-after specialist in your chosen area.

With our support, you’ll be perfectly positioned to move quickly, and be the first to capitalise on anything new.

Original thinking, business vision, market awareness – they’re all part of the toolkit of today’s commercial lawyer. We’re looking to recruit and develop people with the curiosity and confidence needed to thrive in a transforming business landscape, where deeper sector and client knowledge are just as important as specialist legal expertise. 1. 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.3.1 1.3.2 THIS IS PINSENT MASONS, TODAY Trainees outside our Crown Place headquarters. 11. 10. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

Lisa Hart Shepherd, Acritas CEO commenting on the Acritas2016UKLawFirmBrandIndex PinsentMasons hasachievedatop threepositioninthis year’sIndexforthe fourthyearrunning, demonstratingtheir continuedstrength andappealtoclients acrosstheUKlegal market.

View from London Crown Place client floor 13. 12. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate

Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

1.5 ACHIEVEMENTS 1.6 AWARDS 1.7 FIRM ON A JOURNEY 22 offices, 420+ partners, 1600+ lawyers, 150+ trainee solicitors 382 MILLION POUNDS TURNOVER 5.5% INCREASE IN TURNOVER TOP 75 GLOBAL LAW FIRM BY TURNOVER A GLOBAL FIRM TOP T O P 75 ONLY UK LAW FIRM IN ALL THREE UK JURISTICTIONS TOP T O P 75 TOP T O P 75 TOP T O P 75 Number of Pinsent Masons lawyers ranked in Chambers Asia Pacific edition More recommended lawyers than any other firm in the Legal 500 UK 18 283 Second in the list of law firms with most stock market clients Ranked third as a leading UK Law Brand by the independent Acritas survey 2016 2 More Legal 500 Tier 1 rankings in the UK than any other firm 1 3 1.4 KEY FACTS 1.7 FIRM ON A JOURNEY 5.

  • 2004 2007 2011 2012 2013
  • Pinsent Masons is formed by the merger of Pinsents and Masons
  • Pinsent Masons opens offices in Beijing and Singapore adding to a presence in the Asia-Pacific region dating back to 1982.
  • Winner of Most Effective Diversity Programme at Lawyer HR Awards
  • Pinsent Masons merges with McGrigors becoming the first major law firm to have offices in all three UK juristictions.
  • Firm’s vacation placement voted top ranked legal scheme on Rate My Placement, a feat we repeated up to 2015.
  • Vario, an innovative service providing freelance lawyers to clients, is launched.
  • Pinsent Masons expands into Turkey extending its European reach beyond the Munich and Paris office that were opened the previous year.
  • 2008
  • Out-law.com (launched in 2000) wins a Webby award. Now the most visited legal website in the world with 3.5 million users.
  • The firm establishes a foothold in the Middle East with an office in Dubai
  • Outlaw.com, the world’s most visited law firm website, turns 15.
  • Rated as top law firm employer in Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.
  • The firm opens second office in Germany, in Düsseldorf. 2016
  • By 2020 we want to be an international market-leader in our Global Sectors defined by innovation; have strong connections with our clients across our business, and approachable people – that means you! 2020
  • Pinsent Masons targets 25% female partnership as part of Project Sky, with further rebalancing expected beyond this date.
  • 2018
  • Pinsent Masons opens first South Africa office, in Johannesburg. 2017
  • Pinsent Masons extends into Australia, opening offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. 2015 'MOST INNOVATIVE LAW FIRM' FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2015 'LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR' AND 'ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE TEAM OF THE YEAR' The Legal Business Awards 2016 'FUTURE OF LEGAL SERVICES' Legal Innovation Awards 2015 15. 14. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate
Take the Law Into Your Own Hands - Pinsent Masons Graduate Brochure 2017

Copyright © Free Vector Maps.com 1.8 AN INTERNATIONAL NETWORK 1980 1985 2000 1990 2005 2010 1995 2015 15 16 19 18 17 20 23 22 13 01 07 06 08 02 10 12 03 11 14 04 05 09 LEGAL 500 TIER 1 RANKING TEAMS BY OFFICE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE OPENINGS Hong Kong Falkland Islands Shanghai Beijing Dubai Singapore Doha Istanbul Munich Paris Brussels Melbourne Sydney Dusseldorf EUROPE MIDDLE EAST ASIA PACIFIC 01.

Aberdeen 02. Belfast 03. Birmingham 04. Brussels (Rep. office) 05. Düsseldorf 06. Edinburgh 07. Falkland Islands 08. Glasgow 09. Instanbul 10. Leeds 11. London 12. Manchester 13. Munich 14. Paris 15. Beijing 16. Hong Kong 17. Melbourne 18. Shanghai 19. Singapore 20. Sydney 22. Doha 23. Dubai Manchester Scotland Belfast Birmingham Leeds London 7 14 11 12 6 21 For further information regarding our offices and locations please visit our graduate site.

graduate.pinsentmasons.com/our-firm/ locations 17. 16. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate

1.9 BUSINESS SECTORS 1.11 VISION AND VALUES 1.10 PRACTICE GROUPS Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Sector Head: David Isaac Percentage of firm-wide fees generated: 20% Key clients: Fujitsu,Telefonica Energy Sector Head: Bob Ruddiman Percentage of firm-wide fees generated: 12% Key clients: BP, E.ON Our activities are divided into four Practice Groups, each focusing on an area of expertise. Within each of these groups are a number of specialist teams.

What sets Pinsent Masons apart is a deep knowledge of a variety of sectors, and the ability to develop legal solutions for our clients within them. A lot of law firms try to cover all areas, but we came to the conclusion that doing so wasn’t the right approach for either our clients or us. We wanted a focused business, which meant deciding in which sectors we could really make an impact. We have developed a high level of expertise in the five industry sectors we’ve chosen to focus on globally: Advanced Manufacturing & Technology; Energy; Financial Services; Infra­ structure; and Real Estate.

As part of the sector approach, our trainees are encouraged to start developing close relationships with clients right away. We assign trainees to our major clients for the duration of their training contract and, as they move practice areas, they stay involved with that client and the firm’s relationship with them.

  • Financial Services Sector Head: Alexis Roberts Percentage of firm-wide fees generated: 20% Key clients: Legal & General, Royal Bank of Scotland Infrastructure Sector Head: Richard Laudy Percentage of firm-wide fees generated: 19% Key clients: Balfour Beatty, Galliford Try Real Estate Sector Head: James Crookes Percentage of firm-wide fees generated: 13% Key clients: Royal London Asset Management, Tristan Capital Partners Transactional Services
  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Employment
  • EU & Competition
  • Non-contentious Tax Finance & Projects
  • Banking & Restructuring
  • Financial Regulation
  • Insurance
  • Investment Funds
  • Pensions
  • Projects Risk Advisory Solutions
  • Construction & Advisory Disputes
  • Contentious Tax
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation & Regulatory
  • TMT (Technology, Media & Telecoms) Property
  • Property Development
  • Property Dispute Resolution
  • Property Investment
  • Property P&E, E&I (Planning & Environment and Energy & Infrastructure) 1.11 The vision behind the opportunities If you’ve been reading carefully you’ll know we have a bold vision of being an international marketleader in our global sectors by 2020. (Flick back to page 15 for a summary of our journey.) It’s this kind of ambition that means we’ll continue to create opportunities both within the firm and in our communities. We’ll only get there through a sustained and coherent effort – one that you’ll be part of.

We’ve identified four things that we need to do – and do well, if we’re to make it happen: Focus: we must be disciplined about targeting the right clients and prospects and expanding into the sectors and markets that will grow our business profitably. Stand-out: our sector knowledge and bold, innovative solutions must set us apart from the competition. We will be the firm that clients turn to, whether for repeat work or one-off projects. Excel: our culture and working environment must drive outstanding performance and innovation, enabling people to realise their potential through initiatives like merit-based progression and bespoke training.

Optimise: we must work efficiently and effectively, if we’re to hold on to our most talented people and invest in the long-term future of our business.

1.12 The values we live by From your first encounter with Pinsent Masons, we hope you’ve got a sense of our core values. These are so much more than stated beliefs, they’re integral to everything we do, whether that’s firm-wide processes or individual actions. Only by staying true to these values will we achieve our vision. And we expect our trainees to share the same mindset. Approachable: down to earth, respectful Trust is vital to everything we do. Decisions are made with integrity, judgements are backed up, and pragmatic resolutions found. We treat everyone as we would want to be treated.

Bold: enterprising, innovative We go beyond convention to find innovative solutions.

Not only are we willing to rise to the challenge, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Connected: committed, together Our strength comes from our relationships within the firm, with our clients and with our communities. We work in a diverse business and value the different perspectives that brings. 1.13 Behaving responsibly A commitment to doing business responsibly is at our core and that extends to everything we do and everyone we interact with. It’s about building a business we’re proud of, one that has strong and sustainable relationships with clients and suppliers, our people, and our local and global communities.

We all know how important decisions are – you’re in the middle of making a big one yourself right now. Behaving responsibly starts – and ends – with making the right decision. Whether that’s providing clients with advice that helps them manage and address risks, being sure we don’t condone forced or child labour in our supply chain or considering the ethics involved in accepting instructions from a new client. It means doing the right thing by our people too. We’ve worked hard to create an environment where individuals with different talents, cultures and outlooks can benefit from working together.

Join us and you’ll find groups that support all our employees. And it extends out to our local and global communities. With Starfish, our community investment programme, we’re investing in the education and employability of young people growing up in the areas where we work. And further afield, our relationship with the global charity Free The Children is helping find new families for children who have no one else to turn to. 1.11.1 1.11.3 1.12.1 1.13.1 1.13.2 1.13.3 1.13.4 1.11.2 19.

18. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate

1.14 Project Sky – levelling the playing field. Achieving a better gender balance is important for a number of practical reasons. For one, it makes the office a better place to be. It also makes a business more productive and successful – there’s lots of evidence that balanced teams make better decisions. And it makes us more representative of our clients (who may themselves be tackling similar challenges). The figures don’t lie. While women form around 60% of our graduate intake, in 2013 they represented just 20% of our Partners.

We knew that had to change. Pinsent Masons formalised this objective into Project Sky – an initiative dedicated to appointing more women into senior roles across the business. Through addressing issues such as career planning and transparency around promotion, agile working, maternity/paternity support and unconscious bias training, Project Sky aims to level the playing field for all staff.

We are committed members of the 30% Club (see 30percentclub.org) and in 2013 set an initial target of 25% female partners by 2018. We’ve already made good progress, increasing the percentage to 23% in 2016. 44% of those promoted to partner in 2016 were female. We continue to work towards our 2018 goal of a 25% female partnership and by focusing on the delivery of measurable improvements, Project Sky stands to benefit everyone. 1.14.1 1.14.2 1.14.4 1.14.5 1.14.6 1.14.3 Megan Herd, Solicitor,Aberdeen Wecontinuetonurturea workingculturethatemploys theverybestpeopleandallows themtostretchthemselvesand fulfiltheirpotential.

This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate 21.

The Aberdeen office enjoying some post-work touch-rugby ProjectSkyaimstolevelthe playingfieldforallstaff. ˝ 22. 23. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate

Partly, the training is about exposing you to these situations, and giving you a first-hand feel for negotiations between large organisations. It certainly helped me to decide on what area I wanted to qualify into. I’ve been working in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors ever since. Energy’s a good focus – it’s international, it’s an essential sector, and you get to deal with specialists across the firm.

It also offers ample room for choice – we have people who advise on oil and gas, on renewables, on fracking, on gas and coal power projects and also on nuclear. These are all very different areas of expertise – and all areas of law come into play. Understanding how an electricity network functions may sound geeky to some, but I’m fascinated by the technical detail. For example – who owns electricity as it makes its way from power station to socket? Is it the individual electrons that you own or is it the power you use? To advise properly, you need to understand the issues – and not just hold the pen.

STEPHEN TOBIN To start with, I didn’t know what area of law I wanted to qualify into, although I knew I enjoyed transactional work. Moving around different seats, between offices and sectors, made it difficult to decide. Then in my second-year, one of my seats was in Energy – which happened to be in the middle of a large transaction for a huge multinational. I found myself sitting in client meetings, with points worth tens of millions of pounds being debated. The constant intellectual challenge and the pressure of being involved in a big commercial deal gave me a buzz I really liked.

PARTNER, LONDON Stephen Tobin, Partner, London 25.

24. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate

SECTION — 02 The vacation placement is a great way for you to experience life at the firm first hand.You will be welcomed into the team, and get a real taste of what it’s like to be a trainee at Pinsent Masons. We are looking for exceptional individuals who are driven, confident and commercially aware. It is the best way for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. This is your vacation placement. SECTION 01 SUMMARY Commercial awareness is key to adding value. Knowing the law is not enough; you need to be able to pinpoint opportunities.

By the time you qualify you will already be a sought-after specialist.

Pinsent Masons’ turnover is more than £380m, 84% of which comes from clients in our key sectors. Pinsent Masons has more 'recommended lawyers' than any other firm and comes in the top 5 for 'leading individuals'. 1.5 1.2.1 1.4 1.3.2 27. 26. This is Pinsent Masons, today pinsentmasons.com/graduate 27.

Our Vacation Placement is an exciting opportunity for you to find out more about life at Pinsent Masons. Our placements take place in the summer, and offer you a valuable insight into the culture of the firm and the work that we do. THIS IS YOUR VACATION PLACEMENT 2.1 The Placement We dedicate an enormous amount of time and energy to ensuring that the experience is as practical and true to the life of a trainee solicitor as possible. Over the course of a number of weeks, you will be fully immersed in all aspects of working life. The placement offers you a structured programme of work-based learning, skills training and presentations, working alongside trainees and solicitors on live client matters.

You’ll experience first-hand what it’s like to be part of a team, and get the chance to make a great first impression. To support you during your time at the firm, you’ll be paired with a trainee buddy who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, before and during the placement. You will also be assigned to an experienced supervisor who will work closely with you throughout your placement, to ensure that you are participating in a wide range of matters. There will be lots of additional activities for you to take advantage of including a social event or two, which present a great opportunity for you to really understand the culture at Pinsent Masons, make friends and start building a network of contacts! Your peers on the Vacation Placement may well be your Trainee Solicitor peers in a year or two’s time.

2.2 The route to a training contract The facts speak for themselves. A good 70% of our trainees regularly join us after experiencing the working environment first-hand over a summer placement. It’s by far the best way for you to get to know us, and for us get to know you. During the last week of your placement, you will undertake a series of assessments to be considered for a Training Contract. We take account of the results from these assessments, together with the departmental feedback we gather on your performance throughout the placement. This means that we can be confident in our decision as to whether or not you are likely to be a successful commercial lawyer at our firm.

Of course, we do acknowledge that not everyone is able to undertake a Vacation Placement and annually have a number of Training Contract positions that we fill directly. 2. 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 VACATION PLACEMENT PAY LONDON £350 per week ENGLISH REGIONS SCOTLAND BELFAST £300 per week £300 per week £255 per week 2.2.1 2.2.2 2.2.3 Birmingham Vacation Placement students on a social evening This is your vacation placement pinsentmasons.com/graduate 29. 28.

This is your vacation placement pinsentmasons.com/graduate Luke Kelly Vacation placement student 2016 Myplacement confirmedmy aspirationto becomeasolicitor inacommercialfirm, andIwouldcertainly recommendthe experience.

31. 30.

We could spend all day telling you how great our vacation placement is. We have no problem waxing lyrical about the exciting opportunities which will be available to you and the benefits which come with undertaking our vacation placement programme. However, we thought you would prefer to hear it directly from those who have spent some time with us... 3. This is your vacation placement 32. 33. I have seen first-hand that Pinsent Masons’core value of being approachable isn’t just a word in a graduate recruitment brochure or on a website,but rather is a true representation of everyone in the firm including the receptionists, graduate recruitment,paralegals and the partners.

Alice Beresford After having spent an amazing three weeks on the Summer Vacation Placement,it’s easy to see why the programme is highly rated.From the structure and organisation,to the social events and the people – the firm more than lived up to their values and far exceeded my own expectations.I cannot recommend theVacation Placement enough! Emma Shewan ˝ ˝ All in all the application process has been an enjoyable experience, albeit challenging at times,and I would strongly recommend the firm to any aspiring lawyer! Fiona Timms ˝ TheVacation Placement at Pinsent Masons was a great way to get a real feel for the firm and the types of tasks I could be expected to undertake if successful in obtaining aTraining Contract It has confirmed my aspiration to become a solicitor in a commercial firm,and I would certainly recommend the experience.

Luke Kelly ˝ I very much enjoyed my time at Pinsent Masons and if I take anything away from my experience,it will be that Approachable,Bold and Connected are pretty good values to live (and work) by. Alex Thomas ˝ pinsentmasons.com/graduate Vacation placement student enjoying some lunchtime table tennis

SECTION — 03 SECTION 02 SUMMARY Our placements offer you a valuable insight into the work and culture of the firm. We dedicate an enormous amount of time and energy to ensure that the experience is practical and reflects the life of a trainee solicitor. You will be fully immersed in all aspects of working life at Pinsent Masons. You will be supported by a trainee buddy and experienced supervisor. 2.0 2.1.1 2.1.1 2.1.2 It’s your training contract – no one else’s. And we work with you to shape it.Your two years’ training consists of four separate seats. If there’s any particular sector or practice area you want to experience, you can have a say in making it happen.

This is where you can build up your network of contacts, put yourself forward, and show us what you’re capable of.

This is your training contract. 35. 34. This is your vacation placement pinsentmasons.com/graduate 35.

THIS IS YOUR TRAINING CONTRACT TRAINEE SALARIES QUALIFIED SALARIES LONDON LONDON ENGLISH REGIONS ENGLISH REGIONS SCOTLAND SCOTLAND BELFAST BELFAST Year 1: £38,000 Year 2: £41,000 £65,000 Year 1: £26,500 Year 2: £28,500 £40,000 Year 1: £22,000 Year 2: £24,500 £38,000 Year 1: £13,500 Year 2: £15,000 £27,000 Your training contract will be an experience unique to you. We will work with you to put your stamp on it, incorporating your individual interests, ambitions and development needs.

From the moment you accept our offer, we’ll stay connected and make sure you are as prepared as you can be for your first two years of practice with us. If you join us with an open mind and are keen to get stuck in, who knows where you will be in a few years time. 3.

3.1 Setting your direction Here’s the crucial point – not all training contracts are the same. Different firms have differing expectations of their graduates, and tailor their training accordingly. The level of responsibility (for example, via the Relationship Trainee Programme), client exposure, and personalised career guidance you receive is different from what you might experience at some of our larger competitors. Which environment you prefer is a question for you. Our guiding principle is to treat you as a valued professional with an important contribution to make from day one. 3.2 Getting to know us Your training begins the moment you accept our offer.

As there may be something of a gap between your acceptance and reaching your desk, we make sure the future’s never far from your thoughts through a series of events and supporting communications designed to keep us connected. If there’s anything you want to discuss, we’re always available and approachable. By the time you start your training contract, it won’t feel anything like such a leap into the unknown. For all trainees, the training contract itself begins with an induction at our London Crown Place office. It’s also the perfect chance for you to start getting to know the others in your intake – colleagues you’ll be working with in the coming months and years.

This is the beginning of the business-wide network of contacts that will be fundamental to your career.

When you first meet your future colleagues, you might be surprised at the variety of people with whom you have a career in common. As a company with global reach, we believe that there’s strength in diversity. In our Practice Groups, the wealth of personal and cultural perspectives is greater than the sum of its parts – and we make sure we recruit on that principle. Whatever your background, if we believe you have the necessary talent, personality and ambition, then that’s all that matters. 3.1.1 3.2.1 3.2.2 3.2.3 Entrance, Crown Place, London 37.

36. This is your training contract pinsentmasons.com/graduate

3.3 Setting you up for success After your office-based induction, your training begins with an off-site Trainee Conference, bringing together all of our new trainees. Involving a mix of skills, regulatory and ethical training courses, this five-day residential course introduces you to the kind of intensive legal training that will feature throughout your career. The combination of daytime seminars and evening events provides a perfect environment for trainees to prepare for life at the sharp end, while getting to know each other socially. Next, you’ll go straight into your first seat. Over the course of the two-year training contract, we’ll guide you through the range of seat options, embracing different Practice Groups and Business Sectors.

We’ll support your aspirations and expand your horizons, while sometimes challenging you to step out of your comfort zone. 3.4 Your departmental seats At the beginning of each new seat, you will receive technical legal training relevant to the Practice Group. This is designed to introduce you to the law in practice in each new area you experience. In each of your six-month seats, you’ll become an integral member of a specialist team, working closely with everyone, up to and including the most senior members, who will be pleased to give you their time and guidance to help you develop faster.

As opposed to contributing from the margins, you’ll be right at the centre of things – learning by watching, listening and doing, and being fully involved in any current matters. Along the way, there will be plenty of chances to take on interesting challenges and additional responsibility, as well as showing your mettle – but no one’s going to spoon-feed you. It’s going to be your drive and initiative that makes it happen. A bit of personal flexibility can make a big impact on how you are perceived by both colleagues and clients. We believe in giving you input into your four seats – but our client and business needs are also crucial factors in determining where seats can be offered.

For example, a seat in your preferred practice area may not be available in your first choice of location, and vice versa. So you’ll have to weigh up the various options and decide which alternative offers you most. That said, we work with our trainees and the business to accommodate seat preferences where possible. Webelievein givingyoua sayindeciding yourfour seats. 3.3.2 3.3.1 3.4.1 3.4.2 3.4.3 3.4.4 ˝ 39. 38. This is your training contract pinsentmasons.com/graduate Trainees starting to build their networks at the residential Trainee Conference

TheTrainee Conference brings everyone together and gives you an immediate feel for the firm’s values.None of my friends elsewhere had anything like it. ˝ Inrecent qualification rounds,we offerednewly qualified opportunitiesto over80%ofour trainees ˝ Katy Docherty Trainee Solicitor, Glasgow 3.5 Secondments – now and in the future In your second year, you could be one of the 15% of trainees who go on secondment to one of our clients. Time in a client team – such as, BP, Manchester City FC or Heathrow Airport – immerses you in a different business environment, and equips you with first-hand commercial insight into what clients want.

Once you qualify, your horizons expand further. Undertaking a qualified international secondment can open your eyes to different cultures and business perspectives. However, you don’t need to go overseas to experience international working, given that so much of our international work is project managed from the UK. 3.6 Complementary training From the moment you receive our offer right through to qualification, our Graduate Recruitment & Development teams will support and guide you. This extends from arranging keeping in touch events (so we can get to know each other a bit before you start) to providing regular oneto-one sessions during your training contract.

We believe that working hard on your behalf makes a big difference to the whole training contract experience. By the time you qualify, we’ll be very familiar faces indeed. As well as technical legal training, you’ll receive regular core skills and regulatory training designed to complement your day-to-day learning and prepare you fully for life after you qualify. Once you qualify, you’ll benefit from courses run by the Pinsent Masons Academy. These focus on developing your commercial, management and leadership skills, in areas such as business pitching, project and matter management, and enhancing commercial awareness.

You will gain a depth of legal and commercial understanding that will equip you to take on a significant level of responsibility.

3.7 Building a world network Of course, there’s the international angle. A great deal of our work has an international element and much of it is managed from the UK. In today’s business world, we need to think and act as one firm – pooling resources, information and expertise between different offices and legal jurisdictions. 3.5.2 3.5.1 3.6.1 3.6.2 3.7.1 It all adds up to a training environment that encourages you to seek out opportunities, ‘put your hand up’ and set both the course and pace of your own development. We’re looking for people who are self-assured, agile and welcome a challenge or two.

We’ll give you the chance to build the career that you want – it’s up to you to take it. 3.8 After you qualify Offering you a training contract shows we believe in you enough to invest in your career and personal development. Naturally, we want to retain as many trainees as possible. In recent qualification rounds, we offered newly qualified opportunities to over 80% of our trainees, and we’ve every confidence, given the quality of our graduates and our training, in aiming even higher.

Every trainee we retain can look forward to quickly gaining experience of challenging, high-quality work, and many aspire to partnership with us. Even amongst those that move on, many achieve prominence at other top firms and in the legal departments of major companies (including some of our clients). So, where do you see yourself in ten years’ time? The best thing you can do is open yourself up to grasping the opportunities that come your way. That’s true from the moment you join us, and holds true throughout your career here.

3.9 Alternative career routes Whatever the other attractions, no one goes into commercial law in search of an easy life.

Complex and challenging client work and demanding deadlines – it’s all in a day’s work for your average lawyer, and a necessary step towards partnership. Partners are the managers and stakeholders in a law firm, and partnership was traditionally the aspiration of every lawyer as they set out on their career journey. We recognise that not everyone wants to make the kind of sacrifices needed to become a Partner. These days, Pinsent Masons can offer you alternative routes that allow you to progress and pursue a rewarding and challenging career...

3.8.2 3.8.1 3.7.2 3.8.3 3.9.1 41. 40. This is your training contract pinsentmasons.com/graduate

3.10 The Legal Director As opposed to performing a high-profile client-facing role, some people prefer to earn recognition purely for their practice area or sector-specific expertise. Becoming a Legal Director is a parallel route that focuses less on business development, and more on becoming an authoritative source of specialist advice. It’s a fork-in-the-road choice that you can take at Senior Associate-level – maybe for family reasons, or simply because you don’t feel comfortable with the sales aspects of partnership – and it doesn’t have to be forever.

Legal Directors can switch back onto the partnership track if and when the time is right. 3.11 The Practice Development Lawyer It’s fair to say that lawyers aren’t generally known for having a nine-to-five mentality. But if for any reason you feel better suited to a role that keeps more regular hours, becoming a Practice Development Lawyer could be an alternative. Practice Development Lawyers act as trainers and educators for other members of their Practice Group as well as clients. They horizon-watch, keep up-to-date with all the latest developments, and ensure that all training and support materials are as comprehensive and as informative as they need to be.

It’s a core role that requires high-level legal knowledge and skills. The input of Practice Development Lawyers is integral to the running of a productive and successful Practice Group and business. 3.12 Where to next?

So, will there ever come a time when challenging work and pressure to deliver aren’t inextricably bound with the legal culture? In a nutshell, no – because to a large extent, that’s what makes the law such a dynamic and rewarding career choice. But with some empathy and a lot of clear-sighted business planning, we can continue to nurture a working culture that employs the very best people and allows them to fulfil their potential. TheGraduate Development teamisalways thereforyou.In theone-to-one sessions,youfeel youcandiscuss anythingwith them.

Rachael O’Connor Trainee Solicitor, Leeds ˝ 3.10.1 3.11.1 3.12.1 Greg Dingwall,Associate, Glasgow office 42.

43. pinsentmasons.com/graduate This is your training contract

Sam De Souza Solicitor, London Iwasluckyenoughtogoona varietyofsecondmentsduring mytrainingcontract,whichgave meloadsofopportunitiestobuild networksbothinternallyand externally.Thisreallyhelped whenmakingadecisionduring thequalificationprocess. ˝ 45. 44. This is your training contract pinsentmasons.com/graduate

After the claimant had contacted the matter partner, a team was quickly assembled. Time is very much of the essence in civil fraud work. The longer it takes to obtain the order, the more time the defendant has to potentially dissipate stolen assets, so the pressure was on from the word go.

There were several interesting elements to the case: offshore lawyers and private investigators were involved, with a criminal investigation running alongside our civil work. As well as my role in the document review team, I had sole responsibility for liaising with the private investigator. After several conversations, I drafted a witness statement in his name, documenting the steps taken to try and locate the defendant and the assets. It was a great feeling to see my work being used as evidence in support of the application. Despite the intense time pressures, I was fully supported by my supervisor and senior members of the team.

I hadn’t drafted a witness statement in its entirety before, so they took the time to explain to me what was required, helped decide on the questions I needed to ask the investigator, and gave advice on the format of the statement and the important points to emphasise in support of our application. After all our hard work, it was immensely satisfying to successfully obtain the freezing order. The team ethic that developed under the pressure of that week was great, a real motivator, and I felt, as did all members of the team, that my work and input was really valued. The time pressures of civil fraud work mean trainees will often be given tasks that are perhaps above their level of experience.

But challenging yourself is a great way to learn. Through my involvement in this case, and the support and advice I was given, I felt totally confident in making the transition from trainee to qualified solicitor. BILL GEIRINGER I realised early on in my training contract that dispute resolution was the area of law I wanted to specialise in. It was fast-paced, strategic, tactical; all the things that made me want to be a solicitor in the first place. So, when I was taking my seat in the Litigation and Regulatory department, I jumped at the opportunity to assist the civil fraud team in an application for a worldwide asset freezing order.

SOLICITOR, LONDON Zara Early,Trainee Solicitor, Edinburgh Bill Geiringer, Solicitor, London 47.

46. This is your training contract pinsentmasons.com/graduate

SECTION — 04 SECTION 03 SUMMARY Your training begins with a five-day residential Trainee Conference, followed by technical legal training from your Practice Group. Secondments are an excellent learning opportunity. 15% of our second-year trainees undertake one. A great deal of our work has an international element, and much of it is managed from the UK. Around 80% of our trainees are retained, and your training continues beyond qualification through the Pinsent Masons Academy. 3.2.2 3.5.2 3.5.1 3.8.1 An at-a-glance guide to your next steps,whether towards a vacation placement or a training contract,and for both law and non-law students.

It includes essential information on what we’re looking for,our timescales and processes,plus ideas on what you can do to make the first steps towards a career in commercial law.

This is your application. 49. 48. This is your development pinsentmasons.com/graduate 49.

THIS IS YOUR APPLICATION This is where it really starts. The possibility of taking the law into your own hands begins with your application. As you will see, there is no single route. What you do next depends on your undergraduate degree discipline, the jurisdiction you want to train in and when you expect to qualify. 4. Wewantto provideyouwith theopportunity totellusall aboutwhoyou areandwhathas shapedyouinto thepersonyou aretoday. ˝ 4.1 This is what happens next Recruitment and selection is about an exchange of information; we want to learn more about you and you want to learn more about us.

And, that’s what our processes are designed to do. We want to provide you with the opportunity to tell us all about who you are and what has shaped you into the person you are today. We provide detailed information about our selection tools ahead of any assessment centres to remove any barriers to your success. That way, we know you’ll give the best account of yourself and maximise your chances of success..

Over the next few pages you’ll discover exactly what we are looking for in our future colleagues, what your options are and how you go about making your application. 4.2 This is how to find out more The next few pages tell you pretty much everything you need to know about making an application for a vacation placement or training contract but if you want to find out more about our office locations and our people visit pinsentmasons.com/graduate. This will guide you stage-by-stage through the recruitment and assessment process for vacation placements and training contracts. Here, you can also find details of campus events and answers to frequently-asked questions, or, alternatively, you can connect to us through social media.

4.1.2 4.2.1 4.1.1 Belfast vacation student preparing for assessment centre 51. 50. This is your application pinsentmasons.com/graduate

  • Detail-conscious Takes care of details
  • Is able to tolerate and absorb large amounts of written detail
  • Can stick to it when reading reference material
  • Writes error-free English
  • Enjoys spotting when things are wrong Commercially Interested Interested in how‘commerce’ works
  • Takes an interest on how business works
  • Has an everyday understanding of how the law can help commercial clients
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for thinking about business issues Sociable Gets on well with a wide range of people
  • Is personable and friendly
  • Is comfortable meeting new people
  • Seeks to engage people in conversation
  • Communicates clearly and positively
  • Mixes with people from any age, race, gender, occupation, level of seniority, etc. Organised Manages tasks effectively
  • Thinks about and plans how to use the time they have available
  • Prioritises conflicting demands
  • Monitors their own progress against objectives
  • Is conscientious about meeting deadlines Confident Makes a positive impact
  • Appears self-confident
  • Is prepared to express an independent view
  • Takes charge; assumes positions of responsibility
  • Is unconcerned about asking for help if they need it
  • Can defend themselves in an argument
  • Can sell ideas and concepts Intellectually Capable Thinks a lot about what they do
  • Appears to think quickly on their feet
  • Has good analytical and research skills
  • Tries out different ideas when solving problems
  • Thinks about the implications of what they are doing
  • Looks for opportunities to learn new things
  • Wants to know how other people think Driven Wants to do as well as they can
  • Diligent; works hard to achieve goals
  • Prepared to go the extra mile to get things done
  • Shows energy and enthusiasm
  • Reviews what they learn from experience
  • Wants to improve the standard of what they do Self-directed Takes responsibility for themselves
  • Has thought about what they want from a career
  • Takes on responsibility when they can
  • Accepts responsibility when things go wrong
  • Makes others feel confident in their competence
  • Knows their limitations as well as their strengths We believe in being as transparent as possible when it comes to our recruitment. Set out below are the key skills and abilities we are looking for in our Vacation Placement students and Trainee Solicitors; our eight core capabilities. These reflect the qualities that our clients demand from our lawyers, so you can be confident that, if you are successful in securing a training contract with us, you possess the qualities needed to progress at the firm.

4.3 THIS IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Deborah McCormack, Head of Recruitment and Graduate Development Ittakesanumberof ingredientstomake asuccessfullawyer, butgetthebalance rightandtherewards willfollow. ˝ 53. 52. This is how to apply pinsentmasons.com/graduate

  • 4.3 SELECTION PROCESS Training Contracts From November 2016 we will be accepting applications for Training Contracts commencing in 2019 in England and Scotland and 2017 in our Belfast office.
  • Deadline for applications: English offices 28 July 2017. Assessment centres typically take place in August.
  • Deadline for applications: Scottish offices 29 September 2017. Assessment centres typically take place in October/November.
  • Deadline for applications: Belfast office 20 January 2017. Assessment centres typically take place in February/March.
  • Vacation Placements From November 2016 we will be accepting applications online for summer vacation placements in 2017. These are designed for candidates looking to commence a training contract in September 2019 (or September 2018 in Belfast). Please see the Pinsent Masons website for closing dates in different jurisdictions. For further information, please visit our careers website: pinsentmasons.com/graduate 4.4 DETAILS Our minimum requirements*
  • 300+ UCAS points at A-level or equivalent (excluding Critical Thinking and General Studies)
  • A strong 2:1 degree.

Achievement of the relevant qualifications in the jurisdiction you wish to qualify into, namely: England You do not need to have studied an undergraduate Law degree to practice law in England. However, non-law graduates will need to complete the oneyear Graduate Diploma in Law before undertaking the Legal Practice Course. You must achieve a Commendation or above in both these courses. Scotland Scottish applicants must have a qualifying Scots Law degree in order to apply for a traineeship, and have completed the Diploma in Legal Practice (PEAT1) before commencing their training contract. Northern Ireland Candidates applying in Northern Ireland must have secured a place at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies before commencing their training contract.

Alternatively, the Belfast office is also registered to accept students who have completed the one-year Legal Practice Course and will accept applications for a training contract from candidates following this route.

Sponsorship If you are successful in securing a training contract at the firm, but still need to complete either the GDL and/or LPC; PEAT1 in Scotland; or the IPLS in Northern Ireland, we will cover the cost of your tuition and provide a competitive maintenance award to help with living expenses. We do not pay fees retrospectively. * If you fail to meet our minimum requirements but still feel you can demonstrate all eight of our core capabilities then please contact us to discuss this, prior to making an application.



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