The will of the people? Science and innovation in a post-truth world - 29 November 2017 - Huxley Summit

The will of the people? Science and innovation in a post-truth world - 29 November 2017 - Huxley Summit
The will of the people?
Science and innovation in a post-truth world

               29 November 2017
The will of the people? Science and innovation in a post-truth world - 29 November 2017 - Huxley Summit
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    Contents                                             Agenda                                            Today, the Huxley Summit will bring together business leaders, scientists, senior
                                                                                                           policy-makers and opinion-formers to discuss the challenges of creating innovations
                                                                                                           that are accepted and trusted by the public. We will look at how learnings from the
    Page 2          Agenda                               11.00           Registration and                  GM crisis should inform companies, institutions, government, and public responses.
                                                                         networking                        The Summit will also look at how these learnings can be applied to the current
    Page 3          Chapters                                                                               challenge of data ethics and explore the impact of artificial intelligence on society.
                                                         12.00           Chapter 1: Learning from          There will be provocations and debates, plus time for networking and focussed
    Page 4          Welcome                                                                                discussions about how we navigate the future.
                                                                         the past - what can
                                                                         society learn from GM?
    Page 7          The will of the people?                                                                Chapter 1:
                    Science and innovation               13.20          Roundtable discussions            Learning from the past - what can society learn from GM?
                    in a post-truth world
                                                                        and lunch                          Despite a huge amount of scientific research into GM crops and their impact on
    Page 10         Advisory board                                                                         human health and the environment, the public remain resistant to their widespread
                                                         14.50           Chapter 2: Current                introduction to agriculture and industry. What learnings can be gleaned from this
                                                                         challenges - the data             story? And what does this mean for the public, business leaders, scientists and policy-
    Page 11         Building a
                                                                         explosion and the                 makers in relation to new technologies and scientific advances in the future?
                    better world
                                                                         commercial imperative
    Page 12         Speakers
                                                                                                           Chapter 2:
                                                         16.10           Coffee and networking             Current challenges - the data explosion and the commercial
    Page 16         Sponsors and partners                                                                  imperative
                                                         16.50           Chapter 3: Future
                                                                         challenges - preparing for        Just over 10 years since the phrase ‘data is the new oil’ was coined, the new oil rush is
    Page 17         Attendees
                                                                                                           gaining momentum. Enabled by the exponential growth of data and AI capabilities
                                                                         artificial intelligence
                                                                                                           we are seeing the creation of markets, business models and data assets as a source of
                                                                                                           unique commercial value.
                                                         18.30           Drinks reception
                                                                                                           However, these opportunities can come with ethical risks, and misjudging the use
                                                                                                           of data in business or policy could lead to long-term reputational damage and
                                                                                                           stakeholder mistrust. What opportunities are there for organisations and society
                                                                                                           to gain extra value from data? What role does compliance play in safeguarding
                                                                                                           consumer and stakeholder trust? How will decisions organisations make today
                                                                                                           impact future technologies that utilise data?

    We encourage attendees to use                                                                          Chapter 3:
    Twitter during the Summit, and we
    recommend you use the hashtag
                                                                                                           Future challenges - preparing for artificial intelligence
    #HuxleySummit to follow the                                                                            How does society overcome the challenges of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and a
    conversation.                                                                                          potential breakdown of trust in technology from the public? New technologies – such
                                                                                                           as AI, driverless cars and gene editing – are challenging the relationship between the
    A film crew and photographer will be present at
    the Huxley Summit. If you do not wish to be filmed
                                                                                                           public and the physical, digital and biological worlds.
    or photographed, please speak to a member of the     All content and information correct at the time
    team at the British Science Association.             of going to print.
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                             Rt Hon. the Lord David Willetts
                             Chair of the British Science Association

    Welcome to the British Science               As the UK prepares to leave the EU,
    Association’s 2017 Huxley Summit.            how can we ensure the UK is a leading
    After a successful pilot event last          force in creating innovative solutions
    year, we are pleased to once again be        to the 21st century challenges the
    bringing together business leaders,          world faces, such as developing ethical
    policy makers and scientists to discuss      A.I, harnessing the power of big data,
    and debate some key issues facing            combatting the spread of microbial
    science and society.                         diseases and tackling climate change?

    Today’s event will explore the public’s      The British Science Association’s view
    relationship with emerging technologies;     is that only when we take a step back
    the role that societal acceptance plays in   and look at the bigger picture, and have
    the success of cutting-edge innovation.      discussions at a broad, strategic level –
                                                 involving representatives from within
    We are delighted to once again have a
                                                 and, crucially, beyond science – will we
    stellar line up of speakers for today. The
                                                 be able to create a successful future for
    Huxley Summit is as much about your
                                                 the UK where research and innovation
    contribution as it is about our speakers.
                                                 thrive and where science and its
    The agenda, we hope, allows plenty of
                                                 applications are understood and owned
    time for you to have your say – both via
                                                 by society.
    the Q&A sessions that conclude each of
    our three ‘Chapters’ and over roundtable     I would like to thank our sponsors and
    discussions at lunch – and network with      supporters – EY, Diageo, SCI, the London
    fellow attendees, during the breaks and      Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    at this evening’s drinks reception.          – and our partner and host, the Royal
                                                 Institution. I would also like to thank
    The Summit’s speakers and attendees
                                                 you all for coming. I hope you enjoy this
    deliberately represent a broad range
                                                 event and together we can come up
    of industries and sectors, but we all
                                                 with some solutions to the challenges
    have something in common. We are all
                                                 of engaging with and responding to
    interested, in some shape or form, in the
                                                 attitudes to technological change.
    interface between innovation, regulation,
    and public opinion.

                                                                                             Karen Blackett OBE, Chairwoman of MediaCom UK,
                                                                                             speaking at the Huxley Summit 2016
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                                                   The will of the people?
                                                   Science and innovation in a post-truth world

                                                                          Katherine Mathieson
                                                                          Chief Executive of the
                                                                          British Science Association

                                                  Last year, on the eve of the US Presidential election, the British
                                                  Science Association’s inaugural Huxley Summit discussed and
                                                  debated the role of trust in the 21st century. We wanted to
                                                  know: do we really not trust experts anymore? We delved into
                                                  topics as diverse as why the public are happy to hand over their
                                                  credit card details on the internet, but stopped short of feeling
                                                  comfortable about ID cards; how our memories can trick us
                                                  and what we can do to tackle our own biases before they affect
                                                  our work; and how to not only win the trust of your customers,
                                                  but then to keep it.

                                                  This year, with the UK Government in the       As we approach the end of 2017, looking
                                                  midst of Brexit negotiations, our theme        back on a year that has shone a light on
                                                  focuses on how to ensure that the UK           huge divisions in societies all across the
                                                  can continue to be a leader in science         globe, I wonder what we can learn to
                                                  and innovation, while being mindful of         help move us forward? Trust, acceptance
                                                  the public’s concerns about emerging           and consensus all go hand in hand.
                                                                                                 Technology advances. Our lives change.
                                                  Trump and Brexit are frequently                We weave in new ideas and surrender
                                                  explained in political discourse as a result   old ones. It’s human nature to continue
                                                  of “the will of the people” despite being      tirelessly with discovery and innovation,
                                                  hugely divisive - with one not winning the     but the stakes are high, and many of the
                                                  popular vote, and the other just shading       consequences are unforeseeable.
                                                  it by a few percentage points, Politics
                                                  is not alone in this regard. In business,
                                                  customers vote with their feet. And
                                                  science is not immune to dividing public

    Ed Williams, CEO of Edelman UK and Ireland,
    speaking at the Huxley Summit 2016
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    The will of the people?
    Science and innovation in a post-truth world

    Consider how vaccinations have stopped          of the public, or how small businesses          While the debate over GM crops is no          terrifying Terminator franchise to the
    diseases in their tracks, and the positive      would keep up with the fast pace of             longer top of the agenda, we’re now on        introspective and claustrophobic Ex
    impact this has had on global health,           the technological advances. Public              the cusp of an AI and data revolution. They   Machina.
    or how computers have connected and             pressure culminated in the EU issuing a         will be transformational for a wide range
    educated us beyond imagination, or how          moratorium on the growth and sale of GM         of sectors, and we need to tread carefully.   Unacceptable and unintended problems
    air travel has accelerated our efforts to       foods at the time. Not only did the sudden      These emerging technologies draw many         are already emerging in real life: Flickr
    explore and trade. But also consider how,       change halt any potential benefits, it          parallels with GM crops. They are largely     and Google came under criticism
    after decades of use, we realised the lethal    also absorbed a great deal of research,         developed or controlled by small and          after pictures of black people in their
    effects of asbestos, or how diesel engines      commercial and civic society resource.          homogeneous groups of people, often           photo apps were labelled as “apes” and
    are polluting our cities and shortening                                                         within commercial settings where the          “gorillas”. Microsoft’s AI Twitter chatbot,
    thousands of lives. Take antibiotics, for                                                       regulation framework is still being shaped.   Tay, which learnt through interaction
    example: they have saved millions, but                                                          For some, these new technologies carry an     with users, was shut down after only
    the rise of antimicrobial resistance will be,                                                   uneasy sense that the genie has already       24 hours when a user community
    according to Paul Cosford at Public Health      Technological and scientific                    been released from the bottle, and can’t      taught it to be racist. Extrapolate these
    England, “one of the most dangerous             innovation impact society in                    be stuffed back in.                           cases to 50 years in the future, and you
    global crises facing the modern world”.         endless ways, both for good                                                                   can only begin to imagine how new
                                                    and bad. While they offer                       Take Facebook: for many of us, a new way      technologies may impact in a negative
    Technological and scientific innovation                                                         to connect and share our lives, and for       way, particularly to already marginalised
                                                    immeasurable benefits, they                     businesses and governments, an efficient      groups, such as ethnic minorities or
    impact society in endless ways, both
    for good and bad. While they offer              also introduce new risk                         way to reach customers and citizens.          people from poor backgrounds.
    immeasurable benefits, they also                                                                The number of ways this data can be
    introduce new risk. Outcomes are                                                                repackaged and used has mushroomed.           So, how do we address these challenges?
    complex and interconnected, and                                                                 This has created a dialogue around            Firstly, we need discussions that are
    the effects are too widespread for the          So, what can we learn from the past?            privacy and data protection that’s not just   widespread and informed, among
    decisions to be left to any scientists,         GM crops provide an ideal case study            restricted to Facebook, but to anywhere       people representing as much diversity
    governments or businesses alone.                from which to better our practices.             that stores personal information: financial   as society has to offer. This is why we’re
    Ultimately, the destiny of technology relies    We can study what went wrong, why               services, health providers, government        bringing you to the Huxley Summit
    on the society in which it’s administered.      people rejected them, and how we can            agencies, retailers, the list goes on.        today: to participate in this dialogue,
                                                    gain knowledge, trust and ultimately,           Incidents like unauthorised hacking, data     and use what we’ve learned from past
    What are the consequences when                  acceptance from the public.                     loss and data theft are all occurring with    experience to enhance the world for the
    technologies are not accepted? What                                                             increasing regularity. The credit reporting   better. It’s not an impossible task, but it is
    happens when they are protested or              That is why we want to explore the topic        firm Equifax was a recent target with 143     an important one.
    outright prohibited? The attempt to             of public acceptance of science and             million people’s information being stolen.
    introduce GM crops into the food chain          innovation at this year’s Huxley Summit.        Such events further erode public trust in
    was disastrous in terms of commercial           Without the support of society, we all          business, science and government.
    success and public acceptance. As a             risk losing the lasting positive effects that
    technology, GM crops have the potential         innovation has on health, politics, ideas,      And what about AI? A glance at the films
    to end hunger for millions of people            values, the environment, and so much            and literature of the past few decades
    worldwide and would mean the need               more.                                           shows us a reflection of our collective
    for fewer pesticides, but what wasn’t                                                           expectations and fears, as portrayed in
    considered at the time were the fears                                                           a series of dystopian worlds, from the
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     Advisory Board                                                                               Building a better world

                                                                                                                            Ben Taylor
                                                                                                                            EY UK&I Assurance Chief Innovation Officer
                                                                                                                            Ben leads a team which develops technologies and
                                                                                                                            solutions to protect our clients’ brand, people, and
                                                                                                                            intellectual property.

     About The British                           Advisory board
     Science Association
     The British Science Association is a        Lord David Willetts
                                                 Chair of the British Science Association
     charity that wants to see science at the
     heart of culture and society. Through our                                                                                                  We are delighted to be leading the
                                                 Professor Alice Roberts
     work in education, public engagement                                                                                                       Chapter 2 debate exploring the
                                                 Professor of Public Engagement in
     and collaboration with other sectors,       Science, University of Birmingham                                                              challenges of the data explosion and the
     we inspire people to get involved in all                                                                                                   commercial imperative.
     areas of science - whether it be natural,   Ed Whiting
     social, technological, or otherwise. We     Chief of Staff and Director of Policy,                                                         In support of the Summit we have
     have established major campaigns            Wellcome Trust
                                                                                                  EY’s purpose is to build a better working     undertaken research which has shown
     and initiatives across the UK, including                                                     world. We see that societal trust in          that:
                                                 Fiona Fox
     British Science Week, the British Science                                                    business is at an all-time low, with
                                                 Chief Executive, Science Media Centre
     Festival, and the CREST Awards. Our UK-                                                      reputations and brands ever harder to         • An overwhelming majority of
     wide network of volunteer-led branches      Professor Jackie Hunter CBE                      protect. Our intent is to protect investors     corporates agree trustworthiness is
     run thousands of events each year and       Chief Executive, BenevolentBio                   and society from future issues that will        important, but most are having to work
     we bring together thought leaders,                                                           damage trust.                                   much harder to demonstrate it;
     opinion formers and professionals from      Jamie Angus
     across industry and society, including      Deputy Director, BBC World Service Group                                                       • Corporates say that they are aware
                                                                                                  We are mindful of the need for
     business, politics, sport and the arts.                                                      standards and ethics that will influence        of ethical issues, but that short-term
     Society’s biggest issues cannot be          Baroness Onora O’Neill
                                                                                                  the development and application of              decision making will drive the
                                                 Professor of Philosophy,
     solved by science alone. By unlocking                                                        emerging technologies in a positive             approach to data;
                                                 University of Cambridge
     the potential of a more diverse group of                                                     way, ensuring their optimum use
     people, we increase our ability to tackle   Rain Newton-Smith                                and acceptance by all stakeholders.           • Regulatory compliance is difficult
     some of the world’s most intractable        Chief Economist, CBI                             We are proud to be sponsoring this              and unlikely to be sufficient - only a
     challenges and shape our future for the                                                      year’s Huxley Summit and debate the             small proportion are on track for GDPR
     better.                                     Rowena Ironside                                  ethical and practical challenges of             deadline and less than half believe
                                                 Chair, Women on Boards UK
                                                                                                  creating publically acceptable technical        GDPR will be sufficient to keep their
     Thanks                                                                                       innovations. We will consider how we            data safe and secure;
                                                 Professor Uta Frith
     The British Science Association would       President 2017/18, British Science Association
                                                                                                  might introduce greater transparency
     like to thank our sponsors – EY, Diageo,                                                     and auditability into the technologies        • There is emerging evidence supporting
     SCI, London Chambers of Commerce            Vinay Gupta                                      now becoming an integral part of the            the commercial imperative around the
     and Industry, and the Royal Institution –   Technologist and Policy Analyst                  way we work and live.                           ethics of data given how markets react.
     for all their support.
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                 Samira Ahmed                                 Evan Davis                                    Lord Chris Holmes MBE                          Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser
                  Samira is a broadcaster                      Evan is the main presenter of                 Chris is a Conservative                         Ottoline is a Professor
                  and writer who presents                      the BBC2 show, Newsnight,                     member of the House of                          of Plant Development
                  Front Row on BBC Radio                       the host of Dragons’ Den                      Lords Select Committee on                       and Director of the
                  and Newswatch on the                         and the Radio 4 business                      Artificial Intelligence and                     Sainsbury Laboratory at the
                  BBC News Channel. She                        discussion programme                          co-chair of the Parliamentary                   University of Cambridge.
     also presents The Proms on BBC4. Her         Bottom Line. Before Newsnight, Evan          Groups on Assistive Technology and              Her research uses control of shoot
     documentaries for BBC Radio 3 and 4          was a presenter of the Today programme       Fintech. Chris is also a Diversity Adviser      branching in Arabidopsis as a model
     include HG Wells and H Bomb and was          on BBC Radio 4, in addition to spending      to the Civil Service and is non-executive       system to understand aspects of plant
     previously a reporter on Newsnight, The      seven years as the Economics Editor of       director at Channel 4. Chris was Director       development. She currently serves on
     Today Programme and a presenter of the       the BBC. His latest book is called ‘Post     of Paralympic Integration at the London         the Prime Minister’s Committee on
     Channel 4 News. She writes regularly for     Truth: Why we have reached Peak Bullshit     2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) and           Science and Technology, and Chairs the
     newspapers and magazines including           and what we can do about it’                 is a former Paralympic swimmer who              Royal Society’s Science Policy Advisory
     The Guardian, the New Statesman, The                                                      won nine gold, five silver and one bronze       Group. In 2017 she was appointed Dame
     Big Issue and The New European.                                                           medal across four Games, including a            Commander of the Order of the British
                                                                                               record haul of six golds at Barcelona 1992.     Empire for services to plant science,
                                                                                                                                               science in society and equality and
                                                                                                                                               diversity in science.

                 Kenneth Cukier                               Sarah Drinkwater                              Justin King CBE                                Dr Pippa Malmgren
                  Kenneth is a New York                         Sarah heads up Campus                        Justin is vice-chair of private                 Dr Malmgren is the Founder
                  Times bestselling author,                     London, Google’s first                       equity firm Terra Firma                         of H Robotics, which makes
                  the Senior Editor for Digital                 physical start-up hub,                       overseeing a portfolio that                     HiSight – a military grade,
                  at The Economist in London                    providing founders with                      stretches from cinema                           aerial robotic platform
                  and a trustee of Chatham                      work and event space,                        chains to garden centres.                       (drone) with deep data
     House. He is the co-author of “Big Data:     mentorship and innovative educational        Previously he served as CEO of J                management for commercial enterprises.
     A Revolution That Transforms How We          programs as well as access to a vibrant      Sainsbury for a decade, at the time             She is a Presidential advisor who served
     Live, Work and Think,” an award-winning      start-up community. Her previous role at     one of the youngest CEOs in FTSE 100            in the White House for President George
     book translated in over 20 languages.        Google was launching a global Google         history, Justin’s time in charge is seen as a   W. Bush. She is now a Non-Executive
     His TED Talk on AI, data and society has     Maps community team. Before Google,          success story of modern British business.       Board Member of the British Department
     over 1 million views. Previously, Kenn was   she worked in content and community          Justin led Sainsbury’s during huge              of International Trade, chairs the Lewis
     a foreign correspondent for two decades      for startups in the UK and Germany,          shifts including diversifying into general      Media Advisory Board, and is on Indiana
     in Europe, America and Asia.                 advised brands such as Nokia on their        merchandise, the rise of online shopping        University’s School of Public Policy and
                                                  social strategy and was a journalist for     and discount retailers, the move into           Environmental Affairs. She is ranked in
                                                  the Guardian.                                smaller, convenience stores, and a cut-         the top 20 Most Influential Economists
                                                                                               throat price war between rivals.                in the World, the 10th Most Influential
                                                                                                                                               in Geopolitics and in the top Women in
                                                                                                                                               Finance Power List in 2017.
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                 Chi Onwurah MP                              Professor Sophie Scott                        Ben Taylor
                   Chi is the MP for Newcastle                Sophie is Deputy Director                      Ben is the EY UK’s Chief
                   upon Tyne Central and is                   and Head of the Speech                         Innovation Officer for the
                   also Shadow Minister for                   Communications Group at                        Assurance business. Ben
                   Industrial Strategy Science                UCL’s Institute of Cognitive                   runs a team developing
                   & Innovation for Labour.                   Neuroscience. Sophie’s                         technologies and
     Prior to Chi’s election to Parliament       research investigates the neural basis of    solutions to help clients protect their
     in May 2010 she worked as Head of           vocal communication – how our brains         strategic assets such as people, brand
     Telecom’s Technology at the UK regulator    process the information in speech, voices,   and intellectual property. As part of
     Ofcom focussing on the implications         and laughter. She was elected a Fellow       this, Ben is researching the risks and
     for competition and regulation of the       of the Academy of Medical Sciences in        ethical and trust issues relating to
     services and technologies associated        2012 and a Fellow of the British Academy     emerging technologies such as artificial
     with Next Generation Networks. Chi is       in 2016. Her work was featured in a          intelligence, robotics and blockchain. Ben
     a Chartered Engineer with a BEng in         September 2013 edition of the BBC Radio      has worked with global multi-nationals,
     Electrical Engineering from Imperial        Four Programme The Life Scientific.          including Vodafone, Shell and Centrica,
     College London and an MBA from              In December 2017 Sophie will deliver         helping them to develop data strategies,
     Manchester Business School.                 the Royal Institution’s annual CHRISTMAS     technologies and skills.

                 Jérôme Pesenti                              Dr Tali Sharot                               Lord David Willetts
                    Jérôme is the CEO of                       Tali is the author of ‘The                  David is Chair of the British
                    BenevolentTech, the                        Influential Mind’ and                       Science Association and
                    technology division of                     ‘The Optimism Bias’. She                    the Executive Chair of the
                    BenevolentAI, a British                    is a Reader in Cognitive                    Resolution Foundation as
                    technology company using                   Neuroscientist at University                well as a visiting Professor
     artificial intelligence to accelerate       College London, where she is the director    at King’s College London. He was
     scientific discovery. Jérôme is an          of the Affective Brain Lab. Her research     Minister for Universities and Science
     expert in the commercialisation of          focuses on how emotion, motivation and       and has served previous roles in the
     AI. He co-founded Vivisimo, a tech          social factors influence our expectations,   Government regarding parliament,
     firm specialising in text mining and        decisions and memories. Her papers           policy and finance. He has also written
     enterprise search engines, which was        have been published in top scientific        widely on economic and social policy
     acquired by IBM. At IBM he became           journals including Nature, Science,          with his most recent book, ‘A University
     chief scientist of big data, created and    Nature Neuroscience and Psychological        Education’, published in November 2017.
     led the development of the Watson           Science. She was a speaker at TED’s
     Platform - the first comprehensive cloud    annual conference 2012 and her essays
     platform for artificial intelligence.       have been published in Time Magazine,
                                                 The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian,
                                                 Observer, BBC and more.
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                                      London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the                Keith Ward                 British Medical Association         Chief Executive
                                      capital’s largest independent networking and business support        Jonathan Brüün             British Pharmacological Society     Chief Executive
       CONNECT. INFLUENCE. SUPPORT.   organisation. Representing the interests of London businesses,       Amy MacLaren               British Science Association         Director of Development and
                                      we create thousands of connections every year and offer our                                                                         Communications
                                      members a wide range of practical and professional services.         Jon Fitzmaurice            British Science Association         Director of the Huxley Summit
18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   19


     Gill Riches                  British Science Association               Director of Strategy and Operations          Clancy Childs        Dow Jones                            Chief Product & Technology Officer
     Katherine Mathieson          British Science Association               Chief Executive                              Francesca Warner     Downing Ventures                     Principal
     Stephen Nuttall              British Science Association               Trustee                                      Justin Westcott      Edelman UK                           Managing Director
     Matt Locke                   British Science Association               Deputy Chair                                 John Hutchins        EDF Energy                           Head of Connected Home
     Professor Julia Buckingham   Brunel University                         Vice Chancellor                              Louise Kingham OBE   Energy Institute                     Chief Executive
     Melanie Lee                  BTG Plc                                   Chief Scientific Officer                     Mark Titterington    Engineering UK                       Chief Executive
     Sarah Atkinson               CA Technologies                           Vice President, Communications, EMEA         Dr Glenn Watts       Environment Agency                   Deputy Director of Research
     Dr Owen Jackson              Cabinet Office                            Head of Science and Engineering Profession   Leanne Kemp          Everledger                           Founder & Chief Executive
     Dr Tony Raven                Cambridge Enterprise                      Chief Executive                              Sanjay Bhandari      EY                                   Partner
     Sarah Main                   Campaign for Science & Engineering        Director                                     Jeanne Boillet       EY                                   Global Assurance Innovation Leader
     Rain Newton-Smith            CBI                                       Chief Economist                              Ariane Buescher      EY                                   Blockchain Lead & Innovation Manager
     Subhash Thakrar              CBW Blackstone Franks                     LCCI Deputy President                        Sam Davies           EY                                   Assistant Director
     Vicky Pryce                  CEBR                                      Board Member                                 Harry Gaskell        EY                                   EMEIA Chief Innovation Officer & FSO Partner
     Keith Thompson               Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult            Chief Executive                              Rahul Gautam         EY                                   TMT Sector Leader & Head of TMT Advisory
     Aidan Courtney               Censo Biotechnologies                     Chief Executive                                                                                        Services, UK&I
     Susan Webster                Central Manchester University Hospitals                                                Richard Goold        EY                                   Head of Tech Law, Partner
                                  NHS Foundation Trust                      Governor                                     Rhian Johns          EY                                   Marketing Lead - Assurance
     Nick Wells                   Centre for Ecology & Hydrology            Director of Impact and Innovation            Julia Kriegler       EY                                   Marketing Manager
     Dr Debbie Hopkins            Centre on Innovation and Energy                                                        Vanessa Matiussi     EY                                   Business Modelling & Analytics Manager
                                  Demand Departmental                     Research Lecturer                              Amil Pasic           EY                                   Director (Innovation Lead)
     Pawel Konzal                 Chevron                                 Senior Adviser                                 Kim Paykel           EY                                   EYX Programme Director
     Troy Preston                 Civil Aviation Authority                Head of Safety and Business Assurance          Mike Rudberg         EY                                   Assurance Partner
     Sarah Laessig                Civil Service Commission                Commissioner                                   John Simlett         EY                                   Partner
     Julie Ashworth               Clear Returns                           Chair                                          Ben Taylor           EY                                   Chief Innovation Officer (Assurance)
     Vasilis Tsolis               Cognitiv+ LTD                           Co-Founder & Chief Executive                   Ian Williamson       EY                                   Director of Tech Law
     Clara Durodié                Cognitive Finance Group                 Founder & Chief Executive                      Tanya Castell MBE    Faster Payments Scheme Limited       Independent Non-Executive Director
     David Coughtrie              Commercial Education Trust              Chairman                                       Robert Madelin       Fipra International                  Chairman
     Andy Richards                Congenica, Ixico, Abcodia               Chairman                                       Helen Munday         Food and Drink Federation            Chief Scientific Officer
     Sitar Teli                   Connect Ventures                        Managing Partner                               Tim Rycroft          Food and Drink Federation            Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director
     Alan Mak MP                  Conservative Party                      MP for Havant                                  Sam Myers            Foreign and Commonwealth Office      Head of Global Economic Issues
     Stephen Metcalfe MP          Conservative Party                      House of Commons Science and                   Ann Tourle           Foreign and Commonwealth Office      Head of Personnel
                                                                          Technology Select Committee                    Adam Grodecki        Forward Institute                    Executive Director
     Tony Smith                   Consumer Council for Water              Chief Executive                                David Rouch          Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer       Partner
     Alison Nimmo                 Crown Estate                            Chief Executive                                Natasha Good         Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer       Corporate TMT Partner
     Liz Brandt                   Ctrl-Shift                              Chief Executive                                Julian Pritchard     Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer       Partner
     Adrianna Whish               David and Claudia Harding Family Office Head of Family Office                          Almira Cemmell       FTI Consulting                       Managing Director
     Lauren Walker                Dentsu Aegis Network                    Chief Data Officer EMEA                        Helen Lamb           Fujitsu                              Vice President, Strategic Pursuits Unit, Global
     Lord David Prior             Department for Business, Energy                                                                                                                  Delivery Group
                                  & Industrial Strategy                   Parliamentary Under-Secretary                  Jarmo Eskelinen      Future Cities Catapult               Chief Innovation & Technology Officer
     Stephen Axford               Department for Business, Energy                                                        Nicola Yates OBE     Future Cities Catapult               Chief Executive
                                  & Industrial Strategy                   Deputy Director, Science, Research             Tamar Kasriel        Futureal                             Managing Director
                                                                          & Innovation Funding                           Pauline Egan         Galinago Limited                     Client Experience Director
     Joe Butler                   Department for Culture, Media & Sport Director                                         Annette Nabavi       Gemserv                              Non Executive Director
     Sam Jones                    Department for Culture, Media & Sport Principal Science Officer                        Nigel Clarke         General Pharmaceutical Council       Chair
     Professor Ian Boyd           Department for Environment,                                                            Sir John Chisholm    Genomics England                     Executive Chair
                                  Food & Rural Affairs                    Chief Scientific Adviser                       Sarah Matthew        Global Healthcare Practice           Chair
     Jo Bacon                     Department for Transport                Head of Behavioural Insights                   Alissa Davies        Google                               Public Policy and Government Relations
     Professor Phil Blythe        Department for Transport                Chief Scientific Adviser                                                                                 Manager
     Dr Siobhan Campbell          Department for Transport                Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser                Sarah Drinkwater     Google                               Head of Campus
     Jon Elliott                  Department of Health                    Senior Strategy Advisor                        Mike Warriner        Google                               Director of Engineering
     Dan Enachescu                Diageo                                  Head of Public Policy Europe                   Dr Sarah Gates       Government Digital Office            Data Policy Advisor
     Alan Butler                  Diageo                                  Global Policy & Public Affairs Director        Oonagh Harpur        Government Legal Department          Non Executive Director
     Aileen Keyes                 Diageo                                  Head of Alcohol in Society                     Dr Rupert Lewis      Government Office for Science        Director
     Laurence Meehan              Diageo                                  Head of Public Affairs                         Mary Daunt           Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Ltd   Non-Executive Director
     Jill Ridley Smith            Digital Catapult                        Non Executive Director                         Natalie Bennett      Green Party                          Politician
     Baroness Martha Lane Fox     Doteveryone                             Founder & Executive Chair                      David O’Toole        Harvey Nash                          Director
20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  21


     Jen Stebbing                     Hawthorn Advisors                     Associate Director                        Jan Hall                     JCA Group                     Headhunter & Founding Partner
     Mary Trainor                     Health and Safety Laboratory          Head of Science Impact & Quality          Deborah Bull                 King’s College London         Assistant Principal (London)
     Imelda Redmond CBE               Healthwatch                           National Director                         Sir David Omand GCB          King’s College London         Visiting Professor, Department of War
     Dame Frances Cairncross          Heriot Watt University                Chair of the University Court                                                                        Studies
     Chris Knight                     hevnly                                Chief Technology Officer                  Professor Karen Yeung        King’s College London         Professor of Law
     Vinay Gupta                      Hexayurt                              Founder                                   Peter Williamson             Knights Brown                 Business Systems Director
     John O’Brien                     Hitachi Consulting                    Chief Strategy Officer| Executive Vice    James Stewart                KPMG UK                       Chairman, Global Infrastructure
                                                                            President                                 Chi Onwurah MP               Labour Party                  Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Science
     Professor Anthony Finkelstein    HM Government                         Chief Scientific Adviser for National                                                                and Innovation
                                                                            Security                                  Daniel Zeichner MP           Labour Party                  MP for Cambridge
     Dr Gillian Tully                 HM Government                         Forensic Science Regulator                Dr Derek Craston             LGC                           Chief Scientific Officer
     Joanna Baldwin                   HM Revenue & Customs,                                                           Helen Crooks                 Lloyd’s of London             Chief Data Officer
                                      Aviva France and Starcount Insights   Portfolio Non-Executive Director          Professor Richard Clegg      Lloyd’s Register Foundation   Managing Director
     John Salmon                      Hogan Lovells                         Technology Partner                        Stuart Porter                Lockheed Martin UK            Head of Strategic Engagement
     Darrin Disley                    Horizon Discovery and BIA Board       Chief Executive                           Angela Reed                  LCCI                          Sponsorship and Promotions Manager
     Professor Lord Robert Mair       House of Lords                        Science and Technology                    Sean Mckee                   LCCI                          Director of Policy and Public Affairs
                                                                            Select Committee                          Colin Stanbridge             LCCI                          Chief Executive
     Baroness Sally Morgan            House of Lords                        Science and Technology                    Professor Simon Tavaré       London Mathematical Society President
                                                                            Select Committee                          Daniel Wong                  Macquarie Capital             Global Co-Head, Infrastructure & Energy Group
     Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones   House of Lords                        Science and Technology                    Jane Frost CBE               Market Research Society       Chief Executive
                                                                            Select Committee                          Mike Cowen                   Mastercard                    Senior Vice President, Digital Payments & Labs
     Lord Ernest Oxburgh              House of Lords                        Science and Technology                    Nick Hoffman                 McKinsey                      Partner
                                                                            Select Committee                          Sir Cyril Chantler GBE       Media Standards Trust         Trustee
     Lord Colin Renfrew               House of Lords                        Science and Technology                    Chris Molloy                 Medicines Discovery Catapult Chief Executive
                                                                            Select Committee                          Daniel Batts                 Microsoft                     Head of Business Development
     Baroness Barbara Young           House of Lords                        Science and Technology                    Daniel Kenyon-Smith          Microsoft                     Chief Technology Officer, UK
                                                                            Select Committee                          Steven Trew                  Microsoft                     Global Accounts Executive, UK
     Baroness Julia King DBE FREng    House of Lords                        Committee on Climate Change Cross         Nigel Willson                Microsoft                     Global Strategist
                                                                            bench Peer | VC of CCC                    Sally Britton                Mishcon de Reya LLP           Partner, Intellectual Property
     Ruairidh Husband                 HSBC                                  Head of Data Analytics, Global Risk       Martin Fahey                 Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV Head of Sustainability & New Business
                                                                            Analytics                                 Noriyuki Sato                Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc       Executive Vice President & Executive Coordinator
     Sally Cheshire                   Human Fertilisation and                                                         David Kelnar                 MMC Ventures                  Investment Director
                                      Embryology Authority                  Chair                                     Jeremy Long                  MTR Corporation               Chief Executive - European Business
     Michael Izza                     Icaew                                 Chief Executive                           Professor Gillian Leng CBE   National Institute for Health
     Dr Claire Thorne                 Imperial College London               Executive Officer to the Vice-President                                and Care Excellence           Deputy Chief Executive
                                                                            (Innovation)                              Professor David Haslam CBE   National Institute for Health
     Walter Merricks CBE              IMPRESS                               Chair                                                                  and Care Excellence           Chair
     Kate Jack                        innogy Consulting GmbH                Head of UK Innovation Hub                 Ed Humperson                 National Statistics Authority Director General of Regulation
     Dr Ruth McKernan CBE             Innovate UK                           Chief Executive                           Dr Tim Hill                  Natural England               Chief Scientist
     Phil Smith                       Innovate UK                           Chair                                     Geoff Mulgan                 Nesta                         Chief Executive
     Dr David Hardman MBE             Innovation Birmingham                 Chief Executive                           Jeremy Vincent               Network Rail                  Group Chief Information Officer
     Mike Kennedy                     Inogesis                              Director                                  Stuart Calvert               Network Rail                  Head of Early Contractor Engagement Initiative,
     Tim McSweeney                    Inogesis                              Solutions Director                                                                                   Digital Railway
     Dame Uta Frith                   Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience   Emeritus Professor of Cognitive           Ali Harrison                 NHS                           Non Executive Director
                                                                            Development                               John Paul Maytum MBE         NHS England                   Special Adviser to the Chief Scientific Officer
     Paul Hardaker                    Institute of Physics                  Chief Executive                           Amanda Spielman              Ofsted                        Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector
     Professor William Yule           Institute of Psychiatry,                                                        Tony Jones                   One Nucleus                   Chief Executive
                                      Psychology & Neuroscience             Emeritus Professor of Applied Child       Katherine Priestley          Park Vale Capital             Managing Director
                                                                            Psychology                                John Timothy                 Portman Group                 Chief Executive
     Andrew Wall                      Intellectual Property Office          Head of Industrial Policy                 Julia Grant                  Pro Bono Economics            Chief Executive
     Nigel Inkster                    International Institute for                                                     Aimee Goldsmith              Proctor & Gamble              Associate Director Communications Northern
                                      Strategic Studies                     Senior Adviser                            Ted Fjällman                 Prokarium                     Chief Executive
     Tom Kibasi                       IPPR                                  Director                                  Jonathan Garrett             Prudential                    Head of Environment, Health and Safety
     Elizabeth Passey                 J Stern Co                            Senior Adviser                            David Watson                 Public Health England         Head of Marketing
     Tim Hanford                      J.C. Flowers                          Managing Director, Europe                 Dr Gill Samuels CBE          RAND Corporation              Member European Advisory Board
     Jane Player                      Jane Player Mediation                 Mediator and Non-Executive Director		                                                                Europe, France, Belgium & Holland
22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 23


     Carolyn Stebbings          RAPP                              SVP Data & Technology                            Christopher Exeter                United Health               Group Director
     David Cleevely CBE FREng   Raspberry Pi Foundation           Chair                                            Dr Helen Czerski                  University College London   Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering
     Linda Zeilina              Re-Define                         Special Advisor (Sustainability)                 Professor Lucie Green             University College London   Professor of Physics & University Research
     Neil Murray                Redx Pharma and BIA Board         Chief Executive                                                                                                Fellow
     Olav Hellobo               ReNeuron Group                    Chief Executive                                  Catherine Holloway                University College London   Senior Lecturer
     Eddy Littler               ReViral Ltd                       Chief Executive                                  Professor Mark Maslin             University College London   Professor of Climatology
     Susan Watts                Rothamsted Research               Head of Communications                           Dr Jack Stilgoe                   University College London   Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology
     Professor Angela Karp      Rothamsted Research               Director of Science Innovation, Engagement and                                                                 Studies
                                                                  Partnerships                                     Dr Chris Tyler                    University College London   Director of Public Policy at Department of
     Philip Greenish            Royal Academy of Engineering      Chief Executive                                                                                                Science, Technology, Engineering and Public
     Nigel Williams             Royal Commission for the                                                                                                                         Policy
                                Exhibition of 1851                Secretary & Chief Executive                      Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell   University of Bath          Vice-Chancellor
     Professor Gail Cardew      Royal Institution                 Director of Science and Education                Sir Tom Blundell                  University of Cambridge     Professor of Biochemistry
     Professor Alex Halliday    Royal Society                     Physical Secretary and Vice-President            Dame Athene Donald                University of Cambridge     Professor of Experimental Physics, Robinson
     Dr Robert Parker           Royal Society of Chemistry        Chief Executive                                                                                                College
     Christopher Lake           S & P Global                      Vice President, International Government         Baroness Onora O’Neill            University of Cambridge     Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
                                                                  Relations                                        Lord Martin Rees                  University of Cambridge     Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and
     Stuart Dorman              Sabio                             Chief Innovation Officer                                                                                       Astrophysics
     Ian Mulvany                SAGE                              Head of Product Innovation                       Professor Joyce Tait              University of Edinburgh     Director, Innogen Institute
     Mark Howden                Santander                         Head of Data Management                          Professor Ian Wilmut              University of Edinburgh     Professor Emeritus, MRC Centre for Regenerative
     Adam Preston               Santander                         Chief Data Officer                                                                                             Medicine
     Christine Ashton           SAP                               Global CDO, Digital Office S/4HANA Cloud         Professor Steve Beaumont OBE      University Of Glasgow       Vice-Principal for Research & Enterprise
     Dr Chris Francis           SAP                               Director for Government Relations                Dr Dave Richards                  University of Hull          Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise)
     Stuart Martin              Satellite Applications Catapult   Chief Executive                                  Professor Natasha Merat           University of Leeds         Research Group Leader for Human Factors and
     Richard Goodfellow         Scancell                          Chief Executive                                                                                                Safety
     Sharon Todd                SCI                               Executive Director                               Professor Paul Boyle              University of Leicester     President and Vice-Chancellor
     Ian Bradshaw               SCI                               Marketing Manager                                Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell         University of Oxford        Visiting Professor of Astrophysics
     Fiona Fox                  Science Media Centre              Chief Executive                                  Professor Sarah Harper            University of Oxford        Professor of Gerontology
     Dame Mary Archer           Science Museum                    Chair of the Board of Trustees                   Professor Ursula Martin           University of Oxford        Professor of Computer Science
     Roger Highfield            Science Museum                    Director of External Affairs                     Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE      University of Surrey        Professor of Physics, Professor of Public
     Carol Monaghan MP          SNP                               MP for Glasgow North West                                                                                      Engagement in Science
     Azad Ootam                 SDL                               Chief Transformation Officer                     Professor Michael Davies          University of Sussex        Pro Vice Chancellor (Research)
     Tracey Brown               Sense About Science               Director                                         Maziar Nekovee                    University of Sussex        Head of the Department of Engineering and
     Nick Ross                  Sense About Science               Trustee                                                                                                        Design
     Andrew Hartshorn           Shakespeare Martineau LLP         Partner and Head of Technology Sector            Thomas Nowotny                    University of Sussex        Professor of Informatics
     Takashi Takenoshita        Shionogi EU                       Chief Executive                                  Laurie Benson                     Upnexxt Ltd                 Chief Executive
     Professor Paul Beasley     Siemens plc                       Head of R&D UK                                   Jane Franses                      Visa Europe                 Director of Client Communications
     Angelica Anton             SILK Ventures                     Founding Partner                                 Rodolfo Rosini                              CEO & Co-founder
     Natasha Sayce-Zelem        Sky                               Head of Technology                               David Johnson                     Weightmans                  Partner
     Zoe Cunningham             Softwire                          Managing Director                                Kurt Rowe                         Weightmans                  Associate
     Tim Edwards                STORM Therepeutics Limited        Executive Chairman                               Imran Khan                        Wellcome Trust              Head of Public Engagement
     Elizabeth Varley           TechHub                           CEO & Co-founder                                 Ed Whiting                        Wellcome Trust              Director of Policy & Chief of Staff
     Anthony Miller             Techmarketview LLP                Managing Partner                                 Audrey Mandela                    Women in Telecoms
     Julian David               techUK                            Chief Executive                                                                    & Technology                Chair
     Catherine Brien            The Co-operative Group            Data Science Director                            Rowena Ironside                   Women on Boards             Chair
     Roberto Hortal             The Co-operative Group            Membership Products and Services Director        Michael Maran                     XL Catlin                   Chief Science Officer
     Mark Aikman                The North of England P&I                                                           Sally Duckworth                   You at Work                 Director & Chief Executive
                                Association Limited               Group Chief Information Officer                  Andy Morris                       YouGov                      Chief Innovation Officer
     Jonny Ohlson               Touchlight Genetics               Chief Executive                                  Dr Charles Akle, BSc, MS, FRCS                                Retired surgeon and biotech/research investor
     Crispin Bolt               TRO                               Sponsorship Director                             Tom Chatfield                                                 Author, broadcaster and tech philosopher
     Rebecca Endean             UK Research and Innovation        Strategy Director                                Alison Maitland                                               Author, journalist, conference speaker &
     Graham Turnock             UK Space Agency                   Chief Executive                                                                                                moderater
     Samantha Tucker-Samaras    Unilever UK and Ireland           Vice President, Strategic Science R&D
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