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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
Issue 32 SPRING 2010                         The magazine for alumni and friends
                                                      of the University of Ulster

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University

University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
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ISSUE 32 | SPRING 2010

Welcome to issue 32 of The Ulster Graduate.
                                                                         university news
As always we have included a range of news items and
stories to keep you up to date with developments at the                  New University Chancellor - James Nesbitt    		2
University and with what our former students are doing now.              Green Light for Magee Expansion 		3
                                                                         Top Marketing Students Recognised		4
I have just returned from a short visit to Canada and                    Lifelong Learning for NI Graduates		5
the USA, where I and my colleagues had the pleasure of                   Honorary Graduates		7
meeting with a number of alumni now living on the other                  Celebrating 160 years of Art and Design in Belfast		8
side of the Atlantic (see page 15). It was a great reminder              Health Research at Ulster		9
that our alumni community is truly worldwide – we now
have alumni in 121 countries.
We have also held a number of events closer to home,
including a very successful reunion for students from the                University Scoops Top UK Award		10
Belfast campus, held at Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast                  Spin-Out company wins top business award		10
and a reception in the House of Commons in London. For                   Innovators Triumph at £25k awards		11
information on past and future events see pages 15-18.

We now have over 3,000 members of our online                             development and alumni news
community – Ulster Alumni Online. If you haven’t yet
registered you can do so at                  Alumni Fund Awards for Academic Excellence		12
You can use the site to check and update the details we                  Alumni Fund		13
hold on you, contact other alumni members, book for                      Christmas Reception with the Conservators		14
events and see photographs of past events and reunions.                  Development Event at the OBG		14

I hope that you enjoy reading this issue.
                                                                         alumni reunions and events
Best wishes
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New Chancellor James Nesbitt -                                           sport
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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news
New University Chancellor - James Nesbitt
The new Chancellor of the University                                                                 very impressive and it is great to see the
is to be the acclaimed actor                                                                         success Ulster students have enjoyed in
James Nesbitt.                                                                                       recent years across a number of sports
                                                                                                     including athletics, soccer, rugby, Gaelic
The 45-year-old father of two will succeed                                                           Games, basketball, hockey and golf and
former London Lord Mayor, Sir Richard                                                                to see the wonderful sports facilities it has
Nichols who is standing down after eight                                                             built including the state-of-the-art High
years in the post.                                                                                   Performance Centre at Jordanstown.

The chair of the University’s ruling Council,                                                        “As an actor, I know how important the
Gerry Mallon confirmed the University had                                                            Riverside Theatre has been for Coleraine
offered the star of ‘Cold Feet’, ‘Murphy’s                                                           but the University has also shown a
Law’ and ‘Bloody Sunday’ the position and                                                            tremendous commitment to the arts in
he had accepted.                                                                                     general whether it is through the work
                                                                                                     of the Foyle Arts Centre or the School
“We’re delighted James, a former                                                                     of Art and Design in Belfast or its active
student at the University and an honorary                                                            support for Derry/Londonderry’s bid to
graduate, has agreed to take on this very           Former Chancellor Sir Richard Nichols.           become UK city of culture in 2013 – a
important role,” Mr Mallon said.                                                                     cause I very much support. And at a
                                                    penned BBC series ‘Murphy’s Law’, ‘Jekyll’,      time when Northern Ireland is looking
“James is taking over as Chancellor at              ‘The Passion’ and the Iraq War drama             to forge a bright economic future, the
an exciting time for Ulster and will bring          ‘Occupation’. On the big screen, he has          quality of Ulster’s research and innovation,
considerable energy, dynamism and                   appeared in Michael Winterbottom’s ‘Jude’        its investment in science, technology,
commitment to this post. This is also               and ‘Welcome to Sarajevo’, the hit comedy        engineering and maths, its provision of
the first time there has been a Northern            ‘Waking Ned Devine’, Paul Greengrass’s           professionally accredited degree courses
Ireland-born Chancellor of the University.          ‘Bloody Sunday’, Woody Allen’s ‘Match            and its commitment to widening access to
                                                    Point’ and last year opposite Liam Neeson        education is inspiring.
“He succeeds an eminent and respected               in Oliver Hirschbiegel’s post-Troubles drama
Chancellor in the form of Sir Richard               ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’.                        “I am very much looking forward to
Nichols who has served the University                                                                taking on this role and doing what I can to
with great distinction since his installation       The actor, who is a passionate fan of both       advance the University of Ulster.”
in May 2002. We very much appreciate                Manchester United and Coleraine FC,
the time and the commitment Sir Richard             has been in Serbia shooting a movie of           Vice Chancellor Professor Richard
devoted to the University, its staff and            Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’ directed by and       Barnett also welcomed James
students and we wish him and his family             starring Ralph Fiennes and also featuring        Nesbitt’s appointment.
well for the future.”                               Brian Cox, Gerard Butler and
                                                    Vanessa Redgrave.                                “We are very pleased James has agreed to
In 2003, Broughshane-born James Nesbitt                                                              take on this important leadership role for
received the honorary degree of Doctor              Taking a break from filming, he said: “I am      the University,” he said.
of Letters (D Litt) from the University for         deeply honoured to have been asked by
Services to Drama. He had previously                the University of Ulster to be its Chancellor.   “I have no doubt he will be a wonderful
studied French at Ulster but left to pursue                                                          ambassador for Ulster and will serve the
a career in acting by studying drama at the         “It is a good time to be joining the             University with the same distinction as Sir
Central School of Speech and Drama                  University as it embarks on two major            Richard and other Chancellors before him.
in London.                                          development plans in Greater Belfast             I would like to thank Sir Richard and Lady
                                                    and the North West which could make              Nichols for everything they have done for
After a breakthrough role in Peter                  a significant difference to the academic,        the University and wish them well.”
Chelsom’s movie ‘Hear My Song’ about the            cultural, sporting and economic
tenor Joseph Locke, he was propelled to             renaissance of the cities of Belfast and         As he stepped down from the role, Sir
stardom when he landed the lead role in             Derry/Londonderry and also Northern              Richard Nichols told the Court of the
ITV’s comedy drama ‘Cold Feet’ alongside            Ireland as a whole.                              University he looked back on his eight
Helen Baxendale, John Thomson and                                                                    years at Ulster with a lot of “personal pride
Fay Ripley.                                         “As a native of Coleraine I know how             and admiration” at what the institution
                                                    much the University contributes to the           had achieved. “I have been very privileged
Over the years, he has built up an                  community there and its unwaivering              indeed to be in this post in these busy and
impressive body of work on stage,                   commitment to my hometown.                       sometimes difficult times and look forward
television and movies, mixing comedy                                                                 to hearing about the further successes of
with more hard hitting material. This has           “The University’s investment in Northern         the University, its staff and students in the
included lead roles in the Colin Bateman            Ireland’s sporting talent has also been          years to come,” he added.

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news

Green Light for Magee Expansion
The University’s development plan             Welcoming the Foyle and Londonderry                     Assembly. With the news that we have
for Magee reached a significant               College agreement, Vice-Chancellor                      secured an option on these sites – and
milestone when the University                 Professor Richard Barnett said:                         once government gives us permission to
signed an Option Agreement with                                                                       recruit more students – we can commence
Foyle and Londonderry College to              “The agreement signed here today is an                  our build-up of student numbers.
secure 30 acres of land for expansion.        important milestone in the delivery of
                                              our development plans for Magee, the                    “Our aim is to help deliver the economic
The Northland Road lands – which              city and the region.                                    and cultural regeneration of the North
will become vacant when Foyle and                                                                     West, injecting vitality, energy and
Londonderry College migrates across the       “The University has always made it clear that           creativity into the region, assisting its
Foyle to its new site at Clooney – will       a pre-condition for the expansion at Magee              transformation into a dynamic cultural,
offer much-needed space for the growth        was the acquisition of additional land and              creative and educational destination.
of third-level education in the city.         we have submitted a bid to expand our
                                              student numbers which we hope will receive              “Today’s agreement opens the door to
Ulster’s growth strategy for Magee            all party support in the Northern Ireland               a new era in the life of Magee.”
concentrates on developing and sustaining
high-quality, regionally relevant provision
with an emphasis on professional
education for professional life.

The University has ambitious plans for
development of the campus, including:

n   The creation of an Institute of
    Sustainable Technologies
n   The creation of an Institute of Health
    and Wellbeing
n   Expansion of Computing, Electronics
    and Software
n   Expansion of Creative Technologies
    and Animation
                                              Celebrating the agreement were Professor Jim Allen, Provost of Magee; Jack Magill, Headmaster of Foyle
n   Expansion in Business and                 and Londonderry College; Professor Deirdre Heenan, Dean of Academic Development at Magee, and Robin
    Professional Services                     Young, Chairman of Foyle and Londonderry College Board of Governors.

A leading member of the US                                                                            at George Washington University as
Congress was just one of the                                                                          well as hosting an alumni event in the
people briefed on the University’s                                                                    National Press Club.
Greater Belfast and North West
Development Plans during a recent                                                                     Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Alastair
visit by senior management to                                                                         Adair used visits to Ottawa, Boston and
North America.                                                                                        New York to inform US and Canadian
                                                                                                      friends of the University and alumni on
Massachusetts Democratic                                                                              the plans to revamp the Belfast campus
Congressman Richard E Neal and chair                                                                  at York Street and expand Magee.
of the influential Friends of Ireland
Group in Congress played host to a                                                                    On their return to Northern Ireland,
meeting with Vice-Chancellor Professor        Congressman Neal with Professor Barnett.                Professor Barnett and Professor Adair
Richard Barnett during his visit to                                                                   also met on the Belfast campus US
Washington DC.                                Education, the Northern Ireland Bureau,                 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s
                                              the World Affairs Council and the British               economic envoy to Northern Ireland
Among those Professor Barnett also met        and Irish Embassies.                                    Declan Kelly to discuss the development
were staff from Connecticut Senator                                                                   plans and Ulster’s strong performance
Christopher Dodd’s office, the US             The Vice-Chancellor also toured the                     in the UK’s recent research
State Department, US Department of            campus and met with senior management                   assessment exercise.

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news

    Top Marketing Students Recognised
    Six outstanding marketing students              “This is a day of celebration which brings     Richard Kee,
    were recognised for their exceptional           together our students, family members,         MSc Marketing and Entrepreneurship,
    achievements at a special ceremony              academic staff and sponsors.”                  from Dundonald
    at the Jordanstown campus in                                                                   Wrightbus Award for Excellence -
    January 2010.                                   The winners were:                              Best Overall Final Year Student

    The annual Marketing Excellence                 Charlotte Jess,                                Dominic Darby,
    Awards celebrate the dedication and             BSc Hons Marketing, from Carrickfergus         MSc Agri-food Business Development,
    hard work of marketing students from            Marketing Institute of Ireland Award           from Belfast
    the class of 2008/2009.                         for Excellence - Best Overall Final            Moy Park Award for Excellence -
                                                    Year Student                                   Best Overall Student
    Charlotte Jess, who won Best Overall            Chartered Institute of Marketing
    Final Year Student and Best BSc                 Award for Excellence - Best Dissertation
    Dissertation, acquired the position
                                                    Claire McCamley,
    of E-Marketing Executive at Randox
                                                    MSc Marketing, from Maghera
    Laboratories in Crumlin just a few
                                                    Envision Management Consultants
    months after graduating last year.
                                                    Award for Excellence - Best Dissertation
    Professor Rodney McAdam, Head                   Catherine Robinson,
    of the Department of Marketing,                 BSc Hons Marketing, from Ballymena
    Entrepreneurship and Strategy said:             Hastings Hotels Award for Excellence -
                                                    Best Overall Second Year Student
    “All of these award winners were
    outstanding students. For those who             Emma Hawthorne,
    left university last summer, we are glad        BSc Hons Marketing, from Carrickfergus
    to hear that many of them have gained           Property News Award for Excellence -
    employment in marketing.                        Best Overall E-Marketing Student               Award winner Charlotte Jess.

     Graduate into Business
      University of Ulster graduates are offered the chance                    One such Ulster graduate entrepreneur is Dr Andy Barr. As
      to turn their business dreams into reality with an                       a child, Andy was captivated by the story of the Six Million
      exciting new initiative called Graduate Into Business.                   Dollar Man, astronaut Steve Austin. This fascination
                                                                               influenced both his academic and career choices and
      The Graduate Into Business Programme addresses                           Marturion was founded in March 2001 to offer innovation
      key issues of why graduates wait to start their own                      services to companies who need electronics and software
      business, often delaying the process for up to 10 years                  design for new or existing products, with particular focus
      after graduation. The programme enables graduates to                     on the medical device sector.
      match their skill level with an appropriate career in self-
      employment and entrepreneurship.                                         Marturion now employs thirty people and trades out of
                                                                               Knockmore Hill Industrial Park in Lisburn, providing goods
      A range of support services are on offer, including                      and services to markets as widespread as the Far East,
      mentoring in specialist areas such as financial                          Africa and the Americas. Andy is now proactive in sharing
      management, commercial law, sales development and                        his experiences and encouraging local entrepreneurship.
      resource management. Networking events, market
      research services and incubation facilities are also offered,            Graduate Into Business is funded by Lisburn City Council
      together with an opportunity to bid for funding in a                     and the EU Sustainable Competitiveness Programme
      unique Dragons Den style forum. Not only does the                        NI 2007 – 2013, and delivered by Lisburn Enterprise
      programme assist in the business start up phase, it also                 Organisation. Full programme details are available from
      supports existing graduate entrepreneurs with the growth        or log on to
      and development of their business.                             

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news
Lifelong Learning for Northern Ireland Graduates
In the 21st century, job patterns have changed and      throughout their working life. The       ideal vehicle for those who wish
the concept of a job for life is one that seems a       underpinning ethos of successful         to enhance their knowledge and
thing of the past. There is an identified need for      lifelong learning is based on the        skills within a professional practice
more flexible and responsive workforce development,     modular and progressive acquisition      context. Offered exclusively by
including a requirement for upskilling to ensure        of skill, enabling individuals in the    the University it forms an integral
maximum performance and success. Institutions,          workplace to gain recognition            part of the Graduate Acceleration
including Ulster, are increasingly seeking to develop   for their learning at a pace that        Programme (GAP)
employability attributes as an explicit and embedded    suits them and their employers.
part of academic learning that an individual can        Flexible part-time provision that        GAP is a 26 week professional
continue to develop in order to remain employable       is accessible at a time and place        placement programme, supported
                                                        to suit the individual (and which        by DEL which enables graduates
                                                        enables collaborative activities where   who are eligible for job seekers
                                                        individuals can share experiences        allowance to enhance their practical
                                                        and evaluate achievements) is            and academic skills. Professional
                                                        therefore central to the success of      skills in practice are a central theme
                                                        any programme that promotes the          of the programme and one which is
                                                        development of professional practice.    embedded in the new course at Ulster.

                                                        The University is committed to         The Graduate Certificate in
                                                        providing opportunities for students   Professional Practice is a flexible
                                                        to develop the skills, knowledge       course with 60 credits enabling
                                                        and personal attributes which will     alumni to extend their current
                                                        enhance their employability on         knowledge and skills base. The
                                                        graduation. Ulster places particular   course consists of two core modules
                                                        emphasis on integrating academic       which support professional practice
                                                        content with professional practice to  and two optional modules such
                                                        consolidate and stimulate learning,    as Enterprise, Leadership and
                                                        by allowing students the opportunity   Change, Information Technology,
                                                        to reflect on the relevance of course  Communications or Managing
                                                        content and to put what they have      Behaviour. Ultimately the course
                                                        learned into practice.                 provides a highly developed
                                                                                               learning framework which will allow
                                                        With these values in mind we turn to individuals to develop their overall
                                                        our alumni. As a result of economic job readiness, as well as challenging
                                                        recession there has been a significant and enhancing higher order skills
                                                        downturn in the number of graduate within a professional context. Study
                                                        employment opportunities available can be undertaken at any of the
                                                        across the UK. Research has            four campuses.
                                                        shown that for those just entering
                                                        the labour market, a prolonged         The majority of the content is online
                                                        spell of unemployment can leave        to enable flexibility alongside the
                For more information contact us on:     permanent scars, making individuals professional placement, so while
                028 9266 1160                           less employable throughout their
                                                        working lives. The University is
                                                                                               there are a few face to face sessions
                                                                                               the majority of the work can be
                                                        seeking to minimise this economic      completed at an individual pace and
                                                        risk to graduates and the wider        from any location.
                                                        region in Northern Ireland, through
                                                        an innovative programme which has When graduates sign up for GAP,
                                                        been developed with key, strategic     automatic access to a placement
                                                        partners. Working with a range of      database is granted. Local employers
                                                        local employers, the Department of have provided a wide range of
                                                        Employment and Learning (DEL),         graduate level opportunities and
                                                        Business in the Community and QUB, are selecting successful applicants
                                                        a new graduate initiative has been     through a competitive recruitment
                                                        launched which seeks to preserve       process. For those interested,
                                                        and strengthen the knowledge and opportunities for both graduates
                                                        skills of our graduates.               and employers are available.              The Graduate Certificate in              For more information contact:
                                                        Professional Practice provides an

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news

    Research Team Tackles Taxing Problems in Egypt
    A team of researchers from the                  and training programmes to support               tax issues in developing countries.
    School of the Built Environment are             the project.
    set to transform Egypt’s outdated                                                                Other recent international collaborations
    tax system.                                     Dr McCluskey said:                               have included work in Uganda,
                                                                                                     Tanzania, South Africa, the Philippines,
    Dr William McCluskey, who graduated             “This project forms part of major                Kosovo and Mauritius.
    with DPhil (published work in                   economic reform designed to radically
    Engineering) in 1999 and Dr Peadar              modernise Egypt’s outdated property tax          Dr McCluskey added:
    Davis, who graduated with BSc Hons              system and bring it into line with
    Geography in 1991, will be working              standards of international best practice.        “Helping policy makers produce better
    with international consultants Booz                                                              policy is a key element to help policy
    and Co to help implement ambitious              “Dr Davis has already helped design an           delivery. Our work in property tax policy
    economic reform and systematic                  implementation framework which will be           in developing countries has the capacity
    transformation of tax administration.           initially introduced in Cairo before being       to make a positive difference to
                                                    rolled out throughout the rest of                people’s lives.
    They will be undertaking preliminary            the country.”
    research into the property market and                                                            “We look forward to making a positive
    appraisal system as well as providing           This project sees the University team continue   contribution to the policies and
    technical support, knowledge transfer           to provide innovative solutions to property      practices in Egypt.”

Ulster Quake Expert’s Plea -                                                                         Environmental Sciences Research Institute.
                                                                                                     He and his group rapidly analysed the
                                                                                                     M9.2 earthquake that triggered the Indian
“Future Need Not Look Like Haiti”                                                                    Ocean 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and
                                                                                                     alerted the world to the threat of another
                                                                                                     large quake in the Sumatra region of the
World-renowned geophysicist                         international community and the
                                                                                                     Indian Ocean 11 days before it struck.
Professor John McCloskey has                        international NGOs is enormous.”
appealed to the international
                                                                                                     ”All the indicators are pointing in the same
community to prepare for an                         The Haiti catastrophe coincided with
                                                                                                     direction for western Sumatra. In this
earthquake and possible tsunami in                  publication in Nature Geoscience of a study
                                                                                                     case there is complete agreement that it
western Indonesia.                                  by Professor McCloskey and international
                                                                                                     will be very strong, probably bigger than
                                                    colleagues of an earthquake that struck
                                                                                                     magnitude 8.5, dwarfing the energy release
The professor, who is an expert on                  Padang, western Sumatra, in September
                                                                                                     in the Haitian quake. We also cannot say
earthquakes in the Sumatra region of                2009, killing more than 1,000 people.
                                                                                                     for sure what size the tsunami will be but
Indonesia, first issued the plea in January
as governments and agencies scrambled               They concluded it was not the ‘great             it has the potential to be very destructive –
to send aid to the stricken people of               earthquake’ that earth scientists have been      maybe even worse than 2004.
Haiti, devastated by a 7.0-magnitude                waiting for but it may have made the next
earthquake that claimed more than                   massive earthquake more likely. Their            “We must work urgently to prepare for
200,000 lives.                                      warning and Professor McCloskey’s call           this earthquake if we are not to witness
                                                    to governments and non-governmental              again the awful scenes of children dying
He explained:                                       organisations to take urgent preparatory         for want of a few stitches or a cast for a
                                                    action to save lives rather than waiting         broken leg. The prospect of more children
“The future need not look like Haiti. We            until disaster strikes, received wide media      lying on hospital floors with no pain relief
know that a big earthquake will happen              coverage internationally.                        and without any medical help at all is truly
off western Sumatra. Science is not able                                                             horrific. How many lives could we save if
to say exactly when and we might have               “The Padang earthquake, the Haiti disaster       the international community were prepared
years or even decades to prepare, but it            and now the tragedies in Chile and Turkey        properly for the next catastrophe?
could happen much sooner. Now is the                underline the importance of preparation.
time to prepare for the event, not the              There are many things that can be done to        “It is an international disgrace that we
day it happens.                                     reduce the impact of earthquakes. Many           appear not to have made the smallest
                                                    of these are low-tech methods that have          progress in preparation. If we want to
“Given the carnage of the Haiti                     been tried and tested.”                          claim to be civilised we need to ensure
earthquake and the slowness of the                                                                   that we never see these scenes again.
international response, the responsibility          Professor McCloskey is Head of the               Let’s make our motto: ‘We will do
on the Indonesian government, the                   Geophysics Research Group, within the            better next time’”.

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news

Go green,
Ulster urges rural firms
                                                    Child Poverty                                Honorary
Rural businesses are being encouraged
                                                    in Northern                                  Graduates
to exploit renewable energy sources
whilst reducing costs and growing                   Ireland
their company with the help of
University experts.                                 The number of families in Northern
                                                    Ireland living in persistent poverty
                                                    is more than double that in Great
Researchers from the Ulster Business
                                                    Britain, according to new research
School are taking part in a European-wide
                                                    by leading child poverty experts,
project investigating the challenges facing
                                                    Social Policy lecturer, Goretti
rural areas and their dependency on
                                                    Horgan and Marina Monteith from
fossil fuels.
                                                    Save the Children (NI).
Dr Norry McBride, Derek Bond and Dr
                                                    Their report, What can we do to
Elaine Ramsey will be working with small
                                                    tackle child poverty in Northern
to medium-sized businesses in rural areas
                                                    Ireland found that persistent poverty
across Northern Ireland over the next three         in Northern Ireland (21% before
years to help them develop innovative               housing costs) is more than double
renewable energy solutions which are                                                             Daniel Libeskind was the first recipient of
                                                    that in Great Britain (9%). The report
available locally.                                                                               the new Doctor of Fine Art (DFA) on 11
                                                    explores some of the challenges
                                                                                                 November 2009 at the Belfast campus.
                                                    facing the Northern Ireland Assembly
“The devastating effect that global                 as it tries to meet its target of halving
warming is having on our environment                childhood poverty by 2010 and
means that all European countries will have         eradicating it completely by 2020.
to reduce their dependency on imported
fuel and make greater commitments to                According to Goretti Horgan, the legacy
the use of renewable energy sources                 of the Troubles is very apparent with
that generate fewer greenhouse gas                  the highest levels of persistent poverty
emissions,” explains Dr McBride.                    in areas like West Belfast, Bogside,
                                                    Brandywell and Creggan – all of which
“Like many other European regions, rural            were very affected by the conflict.
communities in Northern Ireland are
currently facing significant challenges as a        Almost three quarters of children
result of their dependence on fossil fuels.         in persistent poverty live in a small
                                                    number of wards with a high
“Through this Micro Energy to Rural                 concentration of child poverty. The
Enterprise Project we will investigate and          authors are concerned that young             Dr Gerry Burns, former Pro-Chancellor and
evaluate the opportunities that will enable         people growing up today in the most          Chairman of the University Council, was
rural businesses to generate renewable              disadvantaged areas are living in areas      awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of
energy using waste products on a scale              where the conflict was at its height         Laws in December 2009.
that is viable and economically feasible.”          and the ripple effect is still being felt.

                                                    Ms Horgan continues:

                                                    “Qualitative research shows that there
                                                    is a layer of young people growing
                                                    up in persistent poverty in these areas
                                                    who are socially excluded – even
                                                    where social deprivation is at the
                                                    highest level.

                                                    “These young people are most
                                                    vulnerable and at risk of falling prey
                                                    to paramilitary organisations, drug
                                                    pushers and petty criminals. There
                                                    is an urgent need to help them by
                                                    reducing income poverty and material         Professor Roy Spence, former Pro-Chancellor,
                                                    deprivation in these areas.”                 was awarded the honorary degree of
Dr Norry McBride, Derek Bond and Dr Elaine Ramsey                                                Doctor of Laws in December 2009.

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University Announces New Chancellor University News Events and Reunions People Arts - Ulster University
university news

    Celebrating 160 Years of                                                                        growth of Northern Ireland’s culture.

                                                                                                    “During the difficult times of the late

    Art and Design in Belfast                                                                       20th century the School acted as a
                                                                                                    crucial lifeline for artists and designers in
                                                                                                    Northern Ireland.
    Two new books celebrating 160                   helped shape our educational and our
                                                                                                    “Over the past 40 years in particular,
    years of the School of Art and                  physical environment.”
                                                                                                    students and staff at the York Street
    Design were published recently - A
                                                                                                    campus have made a major contribution
    School of Design for Belfast 1849-              The book was launched at a special
                                                                                                    to the cultural life of the region in
    1960 by Mike Catto and The School               graduation ceremony in November 2009
                                                                                                    fine arts, applied arts, design and
    of Art and Design 1960 – 2009 by                as world renowned architect Daniel
                                                                                                    more recently through collaborative
    Liam Kelly.                                     Libeskind received an honorary degree
                                                                                                    work in the innovative new School of
                                                    in recognition of outstanding services to
                                                                                                    Architecture and Design.”
    Ulster lecturer and broadcaster Mike            global architecture and design.
    Catto’s book outlines the history of
    the famous School of Design – the                                                               Professor Kelly added:
    founding school of the University of
                                                    The School of Art and
                                                                                                    “This publication is an account of the
    Ulster – from its humble beginnings             Design 1960 – 2009                              Art College and how it became the
    in three rooms in Belfast in 1849 to
    the early 1960s when it became the                                                              School of Art and Design. It is the tale
                                                    Professor of Irish Visual Culture, Liam
    autonomous and province-wide Ulster                                                             of two buildings and the absorption
                                                    Kelly, brings the story up to date, outlining
    College of Art and Design.                                                                      of a formally independent college into
                                                    developments from the 1960s to the
                                                                                                    the university system, the resulting
                                                    present day in The School of Art and
    “The format of the book, which is                                                               changes in teaching and learning, and
                                                    Design 1960 – 2009.
    lavishly illustrated throughout, looks at                                                       the establishment of art and design as a
    the development of the school from its                                                          credible research discipline.”
                                                    Professor Kelly’s book was launched at
    inception as the Government School of           the Ormeau Baths Gallery during a series
    Design to its position by 1960 as one           of events hosted by the University to           The School of Art and Design 1960
    of the most modern and pre-eminent              recognise the 160th anniversary including a     - 2009 by Professor Liam Kelly and A
    centres for art, design and craft in the        retrospective exhibition featuring work from    School of Design for Belfast 1849 - 1960
    United Kingdom,” said Mike.                     acclaimed artists connected with the School.    by Mike Catto are both available from
                                                                                                    the Alumni Relations Office, price £15.
    “There were only seven headmasters              Professor Ian Montgomery, Dean of
    over those 111 years, and the book              the Faculty of Art, Design and the Built        Padraig Coyle talks with Mike Catto
    shows how each of those heads shaped            Environment said:                               about his new book, A School of Design
    the policies and practices of the school.                                                       for Belfast. To listen or download go to:
    From Claude Lorraine Nursey in 1849             “For 160 years the School of Art and  
    to James Warwick who became the first           Design has reflected the changes and            CattoBook.mp3
    Dean of Arts at the Ulster College in the
    Northern Ireland Polytechnic in 1971, the
    headmasters had enormous influence
    on both teaching within the school and
    with local manufacturers, especially in
    the linen and printing trades.”

    He added:

    “Significantly, from the early years
    of the 20th century until the 1960s
    the school also included courses in
    architecture. Under the headmastership
    of Ivor Beaumont – himself an architect
    and designer – the school became well
    known for the integration of all the
    arts with architecture. Now that the
    University has re-introduced architecture
    into its degree programme the pattern
    has come full circle and this book clearly
    reveals how these artists, designers,
    craftspeople and architects have all

8               the ulster graduate l spring 2010
university news

  Health Research at Ulster
                                                                                              treating the diseases ranging from
                                                                                              Alzheimer’s and stroke, to autism,
                                                                                              wound healing and limb formation.
  Staff across the University are               diabetes is a risk factor for developing
  making a substantial contribution             Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common          Meanwhile, the Institute of Nursing
  to international healthcare                   cause of dementia in the UK. Ulster’s         Research has begun work on a four-
  research. Research Groups covering            Diabetes Research Group (DRG) has             year EU funded study into continence
  Neuroscience, Vision Science,                 successfully developed a range of             care in nursing homes. The project is
  Nursing, Diabetes and Biomedical              novel drugs designed to control type 2        a partnership with the Royal College
  Sciences are working to develop               diabetes, and the DRG is collaborating        of Nursing Research Institute at the
  new treatments for diseases and               with the Neuroscience Research Group to       University of Warwick, Manchester
  improve patient care.                         investigate this link.                        Business School, Fontys University in the
                                                                                              Netherlands, the Karolinska Institute
  Scientists in the Diabetes Research           Dr Christian Holscher, who heads up the       in Sweden, University College Cork,
  Group are working with NUI Galway,            Neuroscience Research Group, has been         University of Alberta in Canada and the
  HSE West in the Republic of Ireland and       awarded an Invest Northern Ireland Proof of   University of Adelaide in Australia.
  the Western Health and Social Care            Concept grant to investigate the properties
  Trust in Northern Ireland to create a         of these novel drugs for the treatment        The aim of the partnership is to
  collaborative cross-border partnership        of Alzheimer’s and other neurological         translate research into real patient care.
  in diabetes related research. The new         disorders, and the University currently
  Atlantic Alliance for Cooperation on          has two patents pending worldwide. This       Research from the Vision Science
  Research into Diabetes (Atlantic-ACORD)       groundbreaking research could lead to a       Research Group has revealed that
  initiative brings together patients,          major breakthrough in the treatment of        children in Northern Ireland are up to
  clinicians and researchers to develop         patients suffering from these diseases.       three times more likely to be long-
  innovative solutions to problems related                                                    sighted than children living in other
  to the growing problem of diabetes.           Researchers from the School of Biomedical     parts of the world.
  Over 65,000 adults and 1,000 children         Sciences are undertaking groundbreaking
  in Northern Ireland are receiving             DNA research to help in the treatment         Over 1000 children from different
  treatment for diabetes, and every year        and prevention of diseases. They are          backgrounds and different sectors of the
  4,000 new cases are diagnosed.                examining the atomic structures of DNA        community took part in the study over
                                                knots using a method called Nuclear           a three year period. The team is now
  Participants include dieticians,              Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy in            revisiting the children to see how their
  podiatrists, diabetes specialist nurses, IT   conjunction with teams from the Institute     eyes have changed for the second phase
  specialists and psychologists. The study      for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences from    of the Northern Ireland Childhood
  themes cover some of the key needs            Kyoto University in Japan and the National    Errors Refraction Study.
  for patients in the region and will form      Institute of Chemistry from Slovenia.
  the initial focus of further collaborative                                                  The study is being carried out in
  research proposals.                           One of the aims of this type of research      collaboration with the Aston Eye Study
                                                is to find the cause behind, and offer        in Birmingham and is funded by the UK
  Recent research has shown that                solutions to, the best possible way of        College of Optometrists.

New Global Markets for Health Technology Spin-out
A University healthcare technology              The Vitalsens device is made up of a          to software residing on a pc or laptop in
spin-out company, Intelesens, is set to         disposable electrode patch and a reusable     the wearer’s home or in a hospital ward.
expand into new global markets after            clip-on transmitter, and offers a low-        This vital health information can then
receiving CE regulatory approval for            cost technology solution to help in the       be accessed by medical professionals
its life-saving wireless health monitor         management of care for both chronically       either locally or remotely, and appropriate
product, Vitalsens.                             ill patients at home, as well as monitoring   treatments delivered rapidly.
                                                the health of both in-patients and out-
CE marking is a mandatory European              patients attending hospital.                  “The CE accreditation is an important step in
approval for medical devices to indicate                                                      the growth of the company.
conformity with the essential requirements      Intelesens Chief Executive Michael
set out in European Directives. This            Caulfield said:                               “The next step is to gain US Food and
milestone opens up extensive new markets                                                      Drug Administration approval for the
in Europe and South-East Asia to the            “Data relating to the wearer’s health,        product. That will open up the enormous
Belfast firm, whose products build on           including heart rate, ecg, temperature        US market to us, taking our business –
sensor technologies developed by the            and levels of activity are measured in the    built on technology developed in Northern
company’s founders at the University.           chest area and transmitted via Bluetooth      Ireland – to a whole new level.”

                                                                                                 the ulster graduate l spring 2010          9

     University Scoops Top UK Award
                                                                                                                  “It is wonderful to see that the
                                                                                                                  company and academic partnership
                                                                                                                  with Ulster has gained recognition
                                                                                                                  for the important work that they do.
                                                                                                                  I would like to thank the sponsors,
                                                                                                                  including Invest Northern Ireland and
                                                                                                                  AEA PLC.”

                                                                                                                  KTP is funded by the Technology
                                                                                                                  Strategy Board and other government
                                                                                                                  organisations, including Invest NI.

                                                                                                                  For further information please contact
                                                                                                                  Caroline McCabe, telephone
                                                                                                                  028 7137 5236 or email

     From left: James Leckey, from James Leckey Design, Claire Wright, University of Ulster graduate Associate,
     and Alison Porter-Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Sciences.
     The University has picked up two
     prestigious accolades for excellence
                                                             The Partnership, which had already
                                                             made history by being the first ever                 company
                                                                                                                  wins top
     at the Knowledge Transfer                               Partnership award to be made to an
     Partnership (KTP) awards                                Occupational Therapist in the UK,
     ceremony in London.                                     blended Ulster’s occupational therapy

     At the gala ceremony, Ulster’s
     Partnership between the School of
                                                             skills with the firm’s expertise in
                                                             designing mobility aids for children
                                                             with disabilities.
     Health Sciences and healthcare firm
     James Leckey Design Ltd won the top
     prize - the Best KTP in the UK Award.
                                                             Dr Alison Porter-Armstrong, Senior
                                                             Lecturer in Rehabilitation Sciences and
     The University Associate was Ulster                     academic lead on the project, said:                  University spin-out company Sophia
     graduate Clare Wright, BSc Hons                                                                              Search has won one of the top awards
     Occupational Therapy 1994. Clare is an                   “We are absolutely thrilled at winning              at InterTradeIreland’s all-island
     experienced occupational therapist who                  the award. The accolade reflects the                 Seedcorn Business Competition.
     gained a Masters in Clinical Research                   University vision of being known for
     in 2008 while working as a Student                      excellence, innovation and regional                  Sophia Search – a thriving technology
     Associate on the project and who now                    engagement. This award encompasses                   business - was crowned the best high growth
     works for James Leckey Design as a                      all three elements.”                                 company among firms from all regions of
     Clinical Research Manager.                                                                                   the Republic and Northern Ireland.
                                                             Caroline McCabe, KTP
     A second award was made to University                   Manager explained:                                   Chief Executive Dr David Patterson and
     Associate Eamon Morgan who picked                                                                            co-founder Dr Vladmir Dobrynin took
     up the Business Leader of Tomorrow                      “In KTPs, Associates are supervised by               home the €100,000 prize from the awards
     Award for his current KTP with Foyle                    specialist academics while they work                 ceremony held in Dublin.
     Food Group Limited.                                     with firms on industrial and commercial
                                                             projects. The University has developed               Dr Patterson, who is Senior Lecturer in
     After the awards the judges said the                    a long term mutually beneficial                      Computer Science, said:
     partnership with James Leckey Design                    relationship with the company and we
                                                                                                                  “Winning the competition is a tremendous
     was “the most rounded Partnership                       look forward to working with many
                                                                                                                  boost for our business.
     that clearly demonstrated an effective                  more organisations in the future.”
     relationship between the company and
                                                                                                                  “Being selected as overall high growth
     the University. It embodies everything                  Tim Brundle, Director of
                                                                                                                  winner will bring excellent validation and
     that the KTP stands for”.                               Innovation said:
                                                                                                                  credibility to our business plan and put us
                                                                                                                  on a new platform with investors.”

10                  the ulster graduate l spring 2010
Director of Innovation Tim Brundle said:

“This is the highest accolade for a                       Innovators Triumph at £25k Awards
technology company in Ireland, and comes
with a prize of €100,000 on top of the                    A University team has walked away
€25,000 already received from the regional                with the overall winner’s prize at
heats. I am very proud of what Sophia                     the Northern Ireland Science Park
Search has achieved.”                                     (NISP) Connect’s £25k Awards.

Sophia Search was set up in 2007 and                      Tactility Factory, founded by academic
is based across two continents – the                      Trish Belford and former Ulster Professor
Northern Ireland Science Park in Belfast                  Ruth Morrow edged out nine rival
and St Petersburg, Russia.                                competitors to pick up the £10,000
                                                          prize with their patented technology
Dr Patterson and Dr Dobrynin have                         designed to combine textile design with
developed ground-breaking semantic                        hard building materials such as concrete.   From left: Trish Belford and Ruth Morrow from
search technology which enables                                                                       Tactility Factory with Michael Kidd, Head of
companies and organisations to                            The team’s versatile, durable concept       Business Banking, Bank of Ireland.
intelligently search their ever increasing                could have wide-ranging implications
volumes of documents and unstructured                     for all types of building construction,     The awards, sponsored by Bank of
information, whether it resides internally                and received particular credit from the     Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland,
or externally to the organisation.                        judges for combining Northern Ireland’s     were presented at a gala ceremony in
                                                          long-standing heritage in textiles with     the newly refurbished Titanic’s Dock and
Seedcorn, the largest business competition                cutting-edge building product design.       Pump-House at the NISP.
on the island with a €360,000 prize fund,
aims to stimulate new start-up activity,                  Trish Belford said:                         Steve Orr, Director of NISP Connect, said
accelerate commercial development and                                                                 that the awards have again uncovered
create more opportunities for private                     “We are extremely pleased to have           local talent with innovative ideas and
equity investment.                                        been named winner of this year’s £25k       inspiring ambitions.
                                                          Awards. The assessment process has
A total of 225 entries to the competition                 been testing but ultimately                 “The aim of the awards is to discover
were received, a 30% increase on last                     extremely rewarding.                        intellectual property concepts which can
year’s total and the largest number of                                                                offer measurable impact on not only
entries since the competition began. Eight                “Competing for this award benefited         the local but global economy and that
companies made it through to the finals
                                                          our business thinking and has given us      is exactly what we have achieved with
based on the quality of their business
                                                          great insight into the potential of our     the winners, Tactility Factory, and all the
plan and an investment pitch to an
                                                          business on a global scale. This award      other finalists,” he said.
independent panel of judges, including
                                                          has greatly boosted our prospects to
leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists
                                                          commercialise our product and go to         “The quality of entrants this year was
and private investors.
                                                          market. In addition to this, the icing      exceptional and in particular the judges
                                                          on the cake is receiving a significant      were impressed with Tactility Factory’s
The event was attended by An Tánaiste
                                                          financial prize which will provide vital    unique leveraging of one of Northern
and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and
                                                          capital at this time enabling us to take    Ireland’s oldest industrial heritages –
Employment Mary Coughlan TD, who said:
                                                          advantage of the opportunities that are     textiles – into a whole new and exciting
                                                          now presenting themselves.”                 building product arena. It already seems
“These winning companies typify the
                                                                                                      that this idea has great global potential
island’s entrepreneurial spirit, using their
                                                          There was further success for the           with interest already emerging within
ideas and vision to develop a product or
                                                          University as TrapCop, which allows         the Middle East regarding its potential
service with innovative and commercially
                                                          steam traps to be monitored non-            application in the construction
viable technology to break new ground in
                                                          intrusively, and SDW, a digital             of mosques.
a growing market.”
                                                          watermarking technique, won awards
                                                          in the CleanTech and Hi-Tech                “This is undoubtedly a very exciting time
                                                          categories respectively.                    for the company and I would like to
                                                                                                      congratulate them and all our finalists. It
                                                          The judging panel included Sinclair         really is a case of ‘watch this space’ with
                                                          Stockman, ex-Chief Scientist of BT, and     all these finalists and I wish them every
                                                          Damien Callaghan of Intel Capital.          success in the future,” he concluded.

                                                          To find out how we can help your business, contact the Office of Innovation,
From left: David Patterson, Sophia Search; Liam Nellis,   telephone 028 9036 8019, email or
InterTradeIreland and Alastair Kerr, Sophia Search.

                                                                                                          the ulster graduate l spring 2010           11
development and alumni relations
Alumni Fund Awards for Academic Excellence
Six students were presented with Alumni Fund Awards
for Academic Excellence at a ceremony on the Coleraine
campus in November 2009. The awards are made to the
undergraduate student with the highest average mark in
each faculty at the end of their first year.

The Awards are for £400 (half of which is in the form of book tokens).

The students who received the awards were:

Eamon Durey: BA Hons Creative Technologies
Jill Watson: BDes Hons 3D Design
Shweta Agarwal: BSc Hons Biomedical Engineering
Roslyn Cooke: BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences
Kristen Whitla: BSc Hons Communication,
                                                                           Pictured with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Richard Barnett are (from left):
Advertising and Marketing                                                  Eamon Durey, Jill Watson, Roslyn Cooke, Kristen Whitla, Rachael McMullan
Rachael McMullan: BSc Hons Accounting                                      and Shweta Agarwal.

     International student Shweta                   I was looking for a course in Biomedical               all of them. My family gives me the
     Agarwal, a second year Biomedical              Engineering in India, only a few colleges              encouragement to work hard. I speak
     Engineering student at the                     offered it and they were new courses. For              to my father every day and I go home
     Jordanstown campus, is one of                  me Jordanstown has the perfect balance                 for my holidays – I went home three
     six recipients of the Alumni Fund              between the country and the city. The                  times last year.
     Awards for Academic Excellence                 campus has everything in one place. There is
     2009. Shweta was the top                       the peace and quiet necessary for study, and           You received the Alumni Fund
     overall student in the Faculty of              it is by the sea. The sports centre was a big          Excellence Award for being the top
     Computing and Engineering in her               draw. And my brother was here to guide me.             student in the Faculty of Computing
     first year.                                                                                           and Engineering in your first year.
                                                    What is most difficult about being an                  Do you think being an international
     Originally from the historic town of           international student here?                            student contributed to this?
     Jhansi – which is famous for Queen             There is a different culture and environment.          I feel that as an international student I
     Rani Laxmi Bai and her sacrifice in            I don’t believe language changes a person,             am pushed to work harder. I have had
     the first War of Independence of               but it does highlight their weaknesses                 to focus on my strength, my academic
     India – Shweta is the third member of          and strengths. It can be hard to express               ability. The main purpose for me to be
     her family to study at the University,         yourself clearly and there are difficulties            here is education, so I have to work
     following her brother Shantanu and             with understanding. Also my course has                 hard. Winning the award and academic
     sister Sonal. She says her family, and         a placement year but I can’t apply for all             success means it is worthwhile.
     particularly her father, have been very        placements as I am not an EU student.
     supportive of her studies and always                                                                  Would you recommend your choices
     encouraged her.                                Do you find it hard to fit in? Are you                 to other international students?
                                                    treated differently to local students?                 Yes. There are fewer Indian students in
     She spoke to the Alumni Relations              I used to find it hard to fit in as I am the           Northern Ireland so the culture seems
     Office about her experience so far:            only international student in my class. My             more blended. The location is perfect
                                                    weakness was my language – I was slow                  for me and the environment is good.
     How did your family hear about                 to understand conversations and found it               The Faculty has been very helpful.
     the University of Ulster?                      hard to join in. I needed to focus on my
     My brother Shantanu was looking                strength which is my academic ability. My              I would like to work in genetic
     for a university to do a Master of             success has given me confidence.                       engineering, maybe research, do a
     Business. He looked on The Times               I don’t think I am treated differently to              PhD. I can use my education to give
     website, where Ulster rated second for         local students. I used to get lost all the             something to India.
     student satisfaction. My family had no         time, but people here were very helpful,
     connection to Northern Ireland before          and I was given good guidance.                         What would you like to change
     my brother came here.                                                                                 about your life here?
                                                    What do you miss most about India?                     I went to boarding school in India, and
     Why did you choose to leave India              I miss my family and Indian food – we                  although I missed my family, my friends
     and come here?                                 use a lot of spices in our cooking. I have             became like family to me. I would like
     India is a developing country. When            a large family and I feel connected to                 to bring them all here with me.

12              the ulster graduate l spring 2010
development and alumni relations

Commonwealth Lifesaving Alumni Fund
                        Sports Scholar
Championships 2009                                                                       This year’s Alumni Fund Sports
The Opportunities Fund helped               in team events but individual events as      Scholar is final year BSc Hons Sport
student Catherine Browne to                 well. As well as winning a bronze medal      and Exercise Science student Neamh
compete as part of the Northern             she also achieved 11th place in the 200      Woods from Omagh.
Ireland team at the Commonwealth            metres obstacle race. She said that the
Lifesaving Championships in                 support and encouragement from the           Neamh has played Gaelic football for
Edmonton, Canada, last year.                team at the side of the pool throughout      over 11 years and in that time she has
                                            the race was really heartening and will      established herself as one of the top
The 21 demanding events required            always be a fond memory.                     players in Ireland. Having worked her way
a unique combination of speed-                                                           up through club and County Tyrone age
swimming, underwater swimming,              Catherine would like to thank the            group teams, the pinnacle of her career
negotiating obstacles – together with       supporters of the Alumni Fund, which         to date has been her captaining the Ulster
considerable lifesaving technical skills,   helped with her travel costs.                Seniors to Inter Provincial glory and being
knowledge of first aid and initiative in                                                 awarded a Senior Ireland All Star Award.
managing disaster scenarios.
                                                                                         Neamh is a key member of the ladies
This was the third time Northern Ireland                                                 Gaelic football team at Jordanstown on
had competed in the championships,
                                                                                         and off the pitch. She has been integral
competing against teams from Australia,
                                                                                         in the club winning every possible major
Canada, South Africa, England, Wales,
                                                                                         University title over the last two years
Scotland, Hong Kong and New Zealand.
                                                                                         and has now taken on the role of Club
                                                                                         Secretary. She has won two Irish University
Catherine won one of the two bronze
                                                                                         All Star Awards and in her spare time
medals the team brought home, in the
                                                                                         she also manages to play some netball.
rope throw event. She also competed
                                                                                         Not one to do anything by half she has
in a number of event finals, not only
                                                                                         recently returned from the Cooke Islands
                                                                                         where she was part of the Northern Ireland
                                                                                         netball team that finished eighth in the

Alumni Fund                                 over the telephone by calling the Alumni
                                            Relations Office on 028 9036 8350 or at
                                                                                         World Youth Championships.

                                                                                         We believe Neamh is a very worthy
The Alumni Fund supports the                                                             winner of this year’s Alumni Fund
annual Academic Excellence Awards,          Direct Debit: we can send you a form or      Sports Scholarship Award.
the Alumni Fund Sports Scholarships,        you can download one from
the Opportunities Fund, Scholarships
for Students from the Developing            Just £10.83 a month for three years,
World and is used to support                with Gift Aid, is worth £500 to us.
the Libraries.
                                            By using Gift Aid, your gift will be
The Alumni Fund enables donations           increased by the Inland Revenue by 28p
from alumni, staff and former staff         for every £1 you give. If you are a higher
of Ulster to enhance the experience         rate taxpayer you can also claim back 20p
and create opportunities for current        in every £1. This means that a donation
and future students. If you would like      of £100 from you is worth £128 to us,
to support the fund you can use the         and if you are a higher rate taxpayer only
donation form on the reverse of the         costs you £75. All you need to do is tick
carrier sheet or make a donation in one     the Gift Aid box on the Donation Form.
of the following ways:                      Further details of Gift Aid are on our
                                            website. (USA Donors – Donations to the
Cheque: made payable to the                 American Friends are tax-deductible to
‘University of Ulster Foundation’.          the extent allowed by law).
(USA Donors - cheques should be made
payable to the ‘The American Friends of     We welcome every gift, regardless of
the University of Ulster’).                 size. When put together all gifts will
                                            make a huge difference to our students
Credit card: donations can be made          now and in the future.

                                                                                            the ulster graduate l spring 2010     13
development and alumni relations

     Christmas Reception with the Conservators
     3 December 2009 saw donors and                          Guests were welcomed by Professor Deirdre
     supporters of the Derry and Raphoe                      Heenan, Dean of Academic Development at
     Diocesan Library gather for a Christmas                 Magee. Highly-esteemed book conservator
     reception at the conservation studio at                 and bookbinding historian Professor
     Shantallow Library in Derry. It provided                Nicholas Pickwoad spoke on the national
     an opportunity to meet members of                       significance of the collection. It is a unique
     the conservation team and see the                       historical resource despite little having
     ingenious solutions they are putting                    been known about it until recent years –
     in place to halt the decline of this                    it is a Cinderella of the library world.
     historic collection.                                                                                        Joe McLaughlin, University Archivist and Rare Books
                                                             For many donors and supporters of the               Curator with Professor Deirdre Heenan.
     The Diocesan Library comprises                          project this was their first visit to the studio
     approximately 7,000 documents and                       to see how their help has made the project
     volumes dating from circa 1480 to                       a reality. The conservation team welcomes
     1990. It covers an impressive range of                  visits by schools, special interest groups
     subjects in addition to its theological                 and the wider public. Please contact the
     writings and reflects an important period               conservation studio to arrange a tour on
     in the City’s history.                                  028 7135 0791.

     The project aims to conserve the                        Fundraising efforts are continuing in order
     historic Church of Ireland Derry and                    to raise the final target of £55,000.
     Raphoe Diocesan Library and to create                   Further details on the project and how to
                                                             donate can be found at:                             From left: Conservation Assistants Alessandro Scola
     opportunities for learning and education                                                                    and Tony Upton with Yolande Macartney and Jenny
     through outreach activities.                                            Jarvis, Project Director and Chief Conservator.

                                                                                          Development Event at the OBG
                                                                                          Last year the University celebrated the 160th anniversary
                                                                                          of its School of Art and Design, one of the oldest such
                                                                                          schools in Ireland and the UK. Since its foundation in 1849,
                                                                                          the School has contributed significantly to the creative and
                                                                                          artistic life of Northern Ireland and beyond.

                                                                                          The exhibition which ran from 3 December 2009 to 31 January
                                                                                          2010 at the Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast was the highlight
                                                                                          of a year-long series of events organised to mark this milestone
                                                                                          anniversary, and to recognise the history and successes of
                                                                                          the School, its alumni and staff. The Exhibition reflected the
                                                                                          wide variety of artistic disciplines which have flourished under
                                                                                          the institution and on 20 January 2010, the Vice-Chancellor,
Among the statues: Lord Lieutenant of Belfast, Dame Mary Peters; Neil Shawcross;          Professor Richard Barnett held a reception at the gallery.
Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Naomi Long; Professor Barnett; and Mike Catto.

                                                                                          Guests were treated to entertaining speeches by the well-known
                                                                                          artist and former lecturer at Ulster, Neil Shawcross and writer,
                                                                                          broadcaster and former lecturer at Ulster, Mike Catto. The
                                                                                          Vice-Chancellor outlined future plans for the University before
                                                                                          guests were taken on tours of the exhibition by the University
                                                                                          Curator Hugh Mulholland and Mike Catto, both of whom were
                                                                                          instrumental in making the exhibition a reality.

                                                                                             For information on current fundraising priorities and
                                                                                             how to donate to Ulster please visit
                                                                                    or contact the
                                                                                             Development Office on 028 7032 3208
                                                                                             We look forward to hearing from you.
From left: Mrs Fitzpatrick, Professor Liam Kelly, Dominic Fitzpatrick, Dr Wendy Austin.

14                 the ulster graduate l spring 2010
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