The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023

The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
UWA Albany
  Course Guide 2022–2023

The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
2   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

    Welcome to
     UWA Albany
    Welcome to The University of Western Australia (UWA), where you’ll join
    others committed to recognising new opportunities to improve the lives of
    present and future generations.

    At UWA Albany you’ll equip yourself with the skills to successfully identify
    and solve the challenges in our ever-changing world. You’ll have the best of
    both city and regional campus learning experiences, because this is about
    you building your knowledge and expertise to drive change and create
    innovative solutions.

    We look forward to you joining our community and to supporting your
    education journey.
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
Study at UWA’s regional campus                              Your UWA community
Get career-ready with a UWA degree             4            UWA Smart Start                         26

Explore your options                           6            UWA Albany Campus                       27

                                                            Student life                            28
Our courses
                                                            Support services                        29
Bachelor of Arts                               8

Bachelor of Science                            9            Join UWA
Bachelor of Commerce                          10            Entry pathways                          30
Bachelor of Biomedical Science                 11           How to apply                            32
Agricultural, Environmental                                 Fees                                    33
and Biological Sciences                        13
                                                            Scholarships and prizes                 34
Business and Commerce                          16
                                                            Study plan                              35
Education                                      18

Humanities and Social Sciences                20

Honours and postgraduate courses              25

      The University of Western Australia acknowledges that its campuses
      are situated on Noongar land and that Noongar people remain
      the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land and continue to
      practise their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge.

                                                    UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |   3
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
4   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

    Get career-ready
     with a UWA degree
             WA’s #1 uni for graduate employability* will help you
             successfully navigate your career journey.

             Getting a job at the end of your degree will likely be your top priority. At UWA, we’ve
             made it our top priority too, offering a wide range of degrees and programs to help
             you stand out in the job market and increase your employability. All our degrees
             include the option to take internships or Work Integrated Learning units, and, along
             with mentoring and volunteering opportunities, these can enhance your standing in
             your future employers’ eyes.

    Career and                                  IQ Academy                                 Practicums and field trips
    Employability Award                         Work with real companies to tackle the     Practical units with workplace and
    Practical real-world experiences,           biggest challenges facing business,        fieldwork placements across WA,
    skills and knowledge to guide you on        governments and society today.             Australia and even overseas.
    an enriching career journey.

    McCusker Centre for                         Jobs board                                 Work Integrated Learning
    Citizenship                                 Job listings and alerts from a wide        (WIL)
    An award-winning internship                 range of employers for full-time and       Gain industry knowledge, develop
    program, making a difference in             part-time positions, internships,          career-ready skills, and network with
    our communities locally, nationally         scholarships, volunteering and more.       industry professionals as part of your
    and globally.                                                                          course or as a co-curricular activity.

    Volunteering                                World-class learning
    Make an impact and get involved,            Learn at the cutting-edge of
    developing skills and experience            knowledge from passionate and
    that stand out on your résumé and           inspirational academics with
    final transcript.                           real industry experience and

    *QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2020
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
                                               From the day you arrive at UWA to after you’ve
                                               graduated, we’re here to provide all the help
                                               and guidance you need. Our academic staff,
                                               career advisers and industry experts all pool their
                                               collective wisdom to help identify opportunities
                                               specific to you. With their resources – and your
                                               resolve – you can begin to create a robust plan to
                                               get set for your future career.

                                               REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE
Career Mentor Link                             We’ll get you moving in the right direction, helping
Be matched with professionals and              you gain tangible and hands-on experience in
get insider industry knowledge from            your chosen area, and ensuring you hit the ground
people with real career experience.            running with future-based skills that will make you
                                               stand out from the competition.

                                               “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.”
                                               It may be an old saying, but it’s as relevant today as
                                               ever before. At UWA, we can facilitate access to a
Careers Centre                                 network of like-minded and professional contacts
Understand and engage with your chosen         from across the world. And by leveraging our
industry, enhance your employability           extensive industry connections, you’ll get more
skills, find work and internships, and nail    than just a foot in the door.
your résumé and interview.

                                                  To find out more about how we can
                                                  prepare you for your dream career, from
                                                  first job to long-term goals, visit

                                              UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |       5
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
6   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

    Explore your options

       Specialise in one area or create a degree that combines your interests.
       Whatever career you seek, you’ll find a degree that fits.

    UWA’s experience-rich curriculum and global network               Combined bachelor’s degrees
    prepare you for the ever-changing world outside your              Pursue your passions and maximise your career options
    degree. You’ll gain industry connections even before              with our combined bachelor’s degrees.
    you graduate, and kick-start a successful career. Our
    dedicated team can help find the best option for you.             You’ll complete two bachelor’s degrees – one
                                                                      comprehensive (where you’ll choose a major from a wide
    Undergraduate degree types                                        range of options) and one specialised (where you’ll take a
    Seeking your first university degree? Our undergraduate           defined study plan).
    courses allow you to start your journey to a fulfilling career.
    Comprehensive degrees                                             Improve your career prospects or take a path to further
    Design your own course with our comprehensive                     study with an honours course.
    bachelor’s degrees.
                                                                      Honours is a one-year program you can apply for
    Choose one or two majors from a wide range, then add              after completing your bachelor’s degree with strong
    electives and/or a minor to suit your interests and career        academic performance in your major. An honours year
    goals. Explore your interests with the flexibility to change      includes advanced coursework and a major research
    your mind – choose your major(s) when you enrol and if            or creative project.
    you’d like to change during your degree, you can.
                                                                      We also offer some integrated honours courses. These
    Specialised degrees                                               four-year courses include advanced coursework and a
    Prepare for your dream career with a specialised                  major research or creative project in your final year.
    bachelor‘s degree.

    You’ll take an extended major with a carefully designed
    study plan to give you in-depth knowledge of your
    chosen career or profession. You can complement this
    with a minor or electives from almost any study area.
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
What makes up my undergraduate
A bachelor’s degree is made up of several parts.

You’ll take at least one major – a sequence of units that
will give you depth of knowledge in a certain area. We
offer a wide range of majors (which typically make up
at least one-third of your course) and extended majors
(up to two-thirds of your course) within our bachelor’s
degrees. Depending on the course, you may be able to
take more than one major.

Minors                                                           Postgraduate pathways
You also have the option to choose a minor (or two,              Prepare to enter your ideal career with our packaged
depending on your course structure). Minors are shorter          undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. You’ll gain the
sequences of four units that allow you to gain knowledge         knowledge and networks you need for success.
in an area that may complement your major(s), suit your
career goals or simply be of personal interest.                  Assured Pathways
                                                                 Our Assured Pathways, formerly known as Direct Pathways,
Other units                                                      give you a guaranteed place in one of our high-demand
The rest of your study plan will be filled by different kinds    postgraduate courses at the start of your studies. Your place
of units (depending on your chosen course and major[s]).         is guaranteed on the basis of your high school performance
• Foundational units: required units (in certain                 or equivalent (subject to satisfactory performance in your
   courses) that give you broad grounding and key                bachelor’s degree).
   skills in your chosen degree area, irrespective of
   your choice of major(s).                                      This provides you with clear progression towards a
• Bridging units: if you don’t have the required ATAR            postgraduate qualification and, in some cases, the chance
   subject or equivalent for your chosen major, you              for faster completion of your postgraduate degree.
   can take these additional units in your first year as
   part of the major.                                            Combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees
• Elective units: elective units provide you with the            Take the express path to your postgraduate
   opportunity to explore a range of interests and new           qualification with our combined bachelor’s and
   disciplines. If you have space for elective units you         master’s degrees (CBM). You’ll start advanced
   can choose (almost!) anything you like to expand              postgraduate-level studies in the third year of your
   your knowledge in a new field, provided you                   bachelor’s degree and complete two degrees in just four
   meet the unit rules.                                          years so you can enter your dream career sooner.

                                                                 If you don’t achieve the ATAR (or equivalent) required to
                                                                 secure your place in one of our postgraduate pathways,
                                                                 you can always apply for your chosen postgraduate
                                                                 degree after you have completed your bachelor’s degree.

                                                                 For more information, visit

                                                                UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |              7
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
8   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |


       of Arts
        Minimum ATAR 75 or equivalent
        STAT Written English and Verbal or Quantitative
        Intake months February and July
        Completion 3 years full time or part-time equivalent

    Politician, ambassador, author, journalist, anthropologist,   Majors that can be completed at
    historian, policy adviser, teacher, entrepreneur              UWA Albany
                                                                  •   Anthropology and Sociology
    Studying UWA’s Bachelor of Arts lets you cultivate your       •   English and Literary Studies
    passions while developing transferable skills that are        •   History
    essential in every industry and can never be automated        •   Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage
    – they’ll set you apart from the competition and prepare      •   Korean Studies
    you for a future-proof career.
                                                                  Start these majors at UWA Albany
    Why study this degree at UWA                                  before transferring to UWA Perth
    • Our Bachelor of Arts is one of the most diverse             •   Behavioural and Psychological Science
       degrees in Western Australia                               •   Criminology ​
    • You’ll be taught by renowned scholars and                   •   Gender Studies
       researchers who are international leaders and experts      •   Human Geography and Planning​
       in their fields                                            •   Italian Studies ​
    • You can get hands-on industry experience through
       our professional experience practicum
    • We’re the largest language hub in the State
    • Our arts graduates include the founder of Mecca
       Cosmetica, an Academy Award-winning artist, a film-
       maker, the CEO of Greenpeace APAC, and a former
       Federal Minister, to name a few.
                                                                      “Studying English will provide the
    You’ll learn to                                                   perfect pathway to postgraduate
    • develop high levels of communication, research and              study in teaching. After graduation
       technical expertise
    • develop strong reasoning ability, and problem-                  I plan to become a secondary school
       solving, critical and creative-thinking skills                 English teacher.”
    • employ skills in responsibility and leadership
    • develop the communication skills you’ll need to stand           BACHELOR OF ARTS – ENGLISH AND LITERARY
       out in a global workforce                                      STUDIES
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023

Bachelor of Science

   Minimum ATAR 75 or equivalent
   STAT Written English and Verbal or Quantitative
   Intake months February and July
   Completion 3 years full time or part-time equivalent

                                                                        “The Chemistry field is constantly
Agricultural scientist, environmental consultant, marine                 evolving, with new developments and
conservationist, zoologist, biochemist, software developer,
analyst, forensic scientist, sports coach, astronomer
                                                                         technology that will impact future
                                                                         society. That really attracted me.”
Our Bachelor of Science gives you the skills and                         FINLEY
knowledge to make a real contribution to the challenges                  BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – GEOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY

facing humanity. Scientists study the universe, its
properties, the life that exists within it and the laws that
govern it. Discipline areas range from cutting-edge
pure and applied science to new multidisciplinary fields.           Majors that can be completed at
The importance of science in determining the wellbeing              UWA Albany
of our society is recognised by industry, business and              • Conservation Biology
government.                                                         • Environmental Science
                                                                    • Marine Biology
Why study this degree at UWA
• You’ll be taught by the world’s leading teachers and              Start these majors at UWA Albany
   researchers                                                      before transferring to UWA Perth
• You’ll gain highly valued and sought-after skills that            •   Agricultural Science
   will ensure you are well-prepared for many diverse               •   Anatomy and Human Biology
   and exciting careers                                             •   Behavioural and Psychological Science
• You’ll have Work Integrated Learning (WIL)                        •   Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
   opportunities to gain practical industry experience              •   Botany
   and employability skills                                         •   Chemistry – Synthetic
                                                                    •   Chemistry – Physical and Analytical
You’ll learn to                                                     •   Exercise and Health
• explore and investigate the big issues confronting our            •   Genetics
   planet                                                           •   Marine and Coastal Processes
• develop skills in reasoning, logic, observation,                  •   Marine Biology
   analysis, creativity and more                                    •   Microbiology and Immunology
• gain practical, hands-on, industry-relevant                       •   Neuroscience
   experience and skills                                            •   Physiology
• bridge the gap between theory and practice through                •   Sport Science
   work experience opportunities                                    •   Zoology
• think critically and push boundaries

                                                               UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |     9
The University of Western Australia Albany Course Guide 2022-2023
10   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |


      Bachelor of Commerce

         Minimum ATAR 801 or equivalent
         STAT Written English and Verbal or Quantitative
         Intake months February and July
         Completion 3 years full time or part-time equivalent

     Entrepreneur, marketer, accountant, managing director                                 Majors that can be completed at
                                                                                           UWA Albany
     Our Bachelor of Commerce develops your analytical,                                    • Accounting
     communication and problem-solving skills, providing                                   • Management
     you with a global perspective on business and preparing
     you to pursue a career within the private, government or                              Start these majors at UWA Albany
     not-for-profit sectors.                                                               before transferring to UWA Perth
                                                                                           •   Business Law
     Why study this degree at UWA                                                          •   Economics
     • You’ll learn from leading academics and develop                                     •   Finance
        high-level industry networks                                                       •   Human Resource Management
     • UWA has partnered with Harvard Business School                                      •   Marketing
        (HBX) so you’ll have access to their online learning
        platform, HBX CORe, to further enrich your study
     • You’ll have access to our award-winning real-time
        Trading Room simulation
     • There are many Business School student societies
        to join that will increase your base of industry
        connections and contacts

     You’ll learn to
     • apply discipline-specific knowledge to critically
        analyse applied business problems
     • confidently apply your skills in real-world situations
        through industry placements, projects and Work
        Integrated Learning opportunities
     • develop effective communication and team-based skills

     1 Minimum ATAR 75 for Great Southern school leavers as part of the Broadway program

                                                                       Bachelor of
                                                                          Biomedical Science
                                                                         Minimum ATAR 801 or equivalent
                                                                         STAT Written English and Verbal or Quantitative
                                                                         Intake months February and July
                                                                         Completion 3 years full time or part-time equivalent

Medical researcher, policy adviser, health promotion officer,                         You’ll learn to
exercise physiologist, biochemist, laboratory manager,                                • bridge the gap between academic theory and real-
pharmacist*, medical practitioner*
                                                                                          world experience, ensuring you are ready to enter the
                                                                                          global workforce
Our Bachelor of Biomedical Science encompasses the                                    • develop the essential knowledge and skills to impact
biological basis of human structure and function, and the                                 the health of people and populations
application of this knowledge to disease, wellbeing and                               • gain a sound understanding of how the human body
society. It’s an exciting degree designed to meet growing                                 functions in healthy and diseased states, barriers to
global demand for health graduates. Some of your                                          healthcare and methods for treatment
classes are held in cutting-edge labs at the UWA Health
Campus, located on the QEIIMC site in Nedlands. As the
largest medical centre in the southern hemisphere, it’s
surrounded by major public hospitals and internationally                              Start these majors at UWA Albany before
renowned organisations, including the Harry Perkins                                   transferring to UWA Perth
Institute of Medical Research, PathWest and the                                       •   Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
Telethon Kids Institute.                                                              •   Anatomy and Human Biology
                                                                                      •   Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Why study this degree at UWA                                                          •   Exercise and Health
• You’ll be taught by world-class researchers in cutting-                             •   Genetics
   edge laboratories and tutorial rooms                                               •   Humanities in Health and Medicine
• You’ll learn from and network with some of the world’s                              •   Microbiology and Immunology
   brightest minds                                                                    •   Neuroscience
• UWA is ranked 33rd in the world for Human Biological                                •   Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
   Sciences (ARWU 2020)                                                               •   Pharmacology
• This degree may include laboratory-based learning,                                  •   Physiology
   practical industry placements or research projects,                                •   Population Health
   ensuring you are ready to enter the global workforce

1 Minimum ATAR 75 for Great Southern school leavers as part of the Broadway program
* Postgraduate studies required

                                                                                  UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |             11
12   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

     Start one of the below degrees at
     UWA Albany before transferring
     to our Perth Campus
     Comprehensive bachelor's degree
     • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
     • Bachelor of Business – Business Management

     Specialised bachelor's degrees
     • Bachelor of Agribusiness
     • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
     • Bachelor of Earth Science – Integrated Earth and Marine Sciences
       (Extended Major)
     • Bachelor of Economics
     • Bachelor of Psychology

     Combined bachelor's degrees
     • Bachelor of Agribusiness and Bachelor of Science
     • Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Bachelor of Science
     • Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science

     Combined bachelor's and master's degrees
     • Combined Bachelor of Economics and Master of Economics
Advances in technology and
                                                                               science are transforming our
                                                                               world at an incredible pace.
                                                                               Take up study in this field to
                                                                               tackle local, regional and global
                                                                               issues, from how climate change
                                                                               and sustainability affect natural
                                                                               resources, to providing food and
                                                                               water security.

Agricultural, Environmental
and Biological Sciences

                                                                                                                          Agricultural, Environmental and Biological Sciences
Increasing populations and greater demands on                  Top five reasons to study Agriculture,
resources are putting pressure on our environment, now         Environmental and Biological Sciences
more than ever. This means it is crucial we understand         at UWA
our planet to maintain its health.                             • We have units offering practical work experience,
                                                                  or gain hands-on, industry-relevant experience and
Our State’s diverse landscape is the perfect location             skills through placement opportunities.
in which to gain the knowledge and experience to               • Our low student-to-staff ratio is one of the best in
maintain balance in our natural environment. Choose               Australia.
from areas such as crop production, animal production          • You'll learn from award-winning researchers and
and management, environmental impact assessment,                  expert academics.
forestry resource management, or soil and water                • UWA is ranked 1st in Australia for Agricultural
conservation. Or focus on aquatic or natural resource             Sciences and Environmental Science and
management, geographical sciences, botany, geology,               Engineering (ARWU 2020).
agricultural science or aquaculture.                           • We collaborate with industry, government agencies
                                                                  and universities worldwide to offer diverse education
Your studies will involve not only theory, but also the           and forge meaningful partnerships.
crucial technical skills of your chosen field. Whether it's
through world-class laboratories, exciting field trips or
real-world industry placements, you’ll be immersed in          biological-sciences
the hands-on side of science, and gain the ability to help
protect the world we live in.

                                                              UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |         13
14                                   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

                                                      MAJORS IN AGRICULTURAL, ENV IRONMENTAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES

                                                      Conservation Biology                                         Marine Biology
                                                      CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                         CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                      Conservation officer, environmental consultant,              Marine environmental consultant, marine conservationist,
                                                      research scientist                                           academic

                                                      Bachelor’s degree: Science or Philosophy (Honours)           Bachelor’s degree: Science or Philosophy (Honours)

                                                      Conservation biologists work to prevent the extinction       Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, and
Agricultural, Environmental and Biological Sciences

                                                      of the world’s plant and animal species. This is the ideal   their behaviours and interactions with the environment.
                                                      major if you are interested in fieldwork and want to         If you’re fascinated by our amazing marine life and
                                                      help mitigate the increasing pressure on the world’s         the coastal environments in which they live, then this
                                                      ecosystems by actively participating in the management       major is for you. With complex issues such as climate
                                                      and research of threatened species and communities, as       change, growing populations, food production and
                                                      well as understanding the principles and policies behind     depleting natural resources, the need for marine science
                                                      their recovery.                                              professionals continues to grow.

                                                      Why study this course at UWA Albany                          Why study this course at UWA Albany
                                                      • UWA is ranked 1st in Australia and in the world’s top      • UWA is ranked 29th in the world in Earth and Marine
                                                         50 for Biological Sciences (ARWU 2020)                       Sciences (QS 2020)
                                                      • Study near the South West of Western Australia,            • Access brand new facilities and resources unique to
                                                         one of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots                  Australia that are used across our marine studies
                                                         (Conservation International)                              • Learning is richly embedded with internationally
                                                      • Apply your knowledge in real-life situations on               recognised research, often led by UWA’s global
                                                         field trips                                                  experts

                                                      You’ll learn to                                              You’ll learn to
                                                      • understand global biodiversity and its distribution,       • use a range of contemporary techniques and
                                                         and the evolutionary history of biodiversity in              instrumentation to collect data in the field and in the
                                                         Australia                                                    laboratory
                                                      • appreciate the relationship between species biology        • analyse, synthesise and interpret data that varies in
                                                         and ecology and vulnerability to environmental               space and time
                                                         change                                                    • interpret patterns and integrate knowledge of
                                                      • discuss major threats to biodiversity, their causes, and      physical and biological processes to address real-
                                                         management, and research to mitigate them                    world problems
                                                      • explain the role of different stakeholders in shaping
                                                         policy and decision making                                Trending second majors: Conservation Biology;
                                                      • demonstrate the analytical and communication skills        Environmental Science; Zoology
                                                         for modern conservation research                          Prerequisites:
                                                                                                                   • Mathematics Methods ATAR OR Mathematics
                                                      Trending second majors:                                         Applications ATAR with a mathematics unit taken in
                                                      Genetics; Botany; Environmental Science; Marine Biology         the first year
                                                      Prerequisites:                                               • Students without ATAR Mathematics will take two
                                                      • Mathematics Methods ATAR OR Mathematics                       first-year mathematics units
                                                         Applications ATAR with a mathematics unit taken in        • Chemistry ATAR OR a chemistry unit taken in the
                                                         the first year                                               first year
                                                      • Students without ATAR Mathematics will take two
                                                         first-year mathematics units                    
                                                      Recommended subject: Chemistry ATAR

Environmental Science
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                             You’ll learn to
Environmental consultant, conservation officer, environmental    • demonstrate the skills and knowledge to assess
compliance officer                                                 environmental systems, using field, laboratory,
                                                                   modelling and statistical methodologies
Bachelor’s degree: Science or Philosophy (Honours)               • integrate ecological, physical and chemical processes
                                                                   to guide decision making with respect to human
Environmental Science assesses the impact of human                 intervention in the environment
activity on the global environment, and develops scientific,     • demonstrate the knowledge to manage and
risk-based solutions to help secure a sustainable future.           rehabilitate disturbed systems such as natural and
By choosing to major in Environmental Science, you'll               agricultural catchments, post-mining landscapes,

                                                                                                                           Agricultural, Environmental and Biological Sciences
help to develop solutions to global environmental issues            contaminated sites, urban environments, etc.
including climate change, carbon trading, greenhouse
gas emissions, water resource management, salinity,              Trending second majors: Marine Biology; Marine and
deforestation and others.                                        Coastal Processes; Geology
Why study this course at UWA Albany                              • Mathematics Methods ATAR OR Mathematics
• UWA is 1st in Australia and 21st in the world for                 Applications ATAR with a mathematics unit taken in
   Environmental Science and Engineering (ARWU 2020)                the first year
• Western Australia is home to a number of                       • Students without ATAR Mathematics will take two
   large companies in the mining, agriculture and                   first-year mathematics and statistics units
   environmental sector, leading to increasing demand            • Chemistry ATAR OR a chemistry unit taken in the
   for highly qualified graduates in Environmental Science          first year
• It is expected there will be 14,000 job openings in the
   next five years, with weekly wages being higher than
   the average (

                              “My love for the ocean and the intricate processes in the natural
                               environment led me to choose a Marine Biology major in the
                               Bachelor of Science degree. UWA Albany has a great family feel to
                               it. Dynamic tutors, helpful staff and a close community of friendly
                               students mean you are supported every step of the way.”
                               BACHELOR OF SCIENCE

                                                                UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |        15
16                  UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

                        Business and
                        Develop your business acumen, grow expert                                     Top five reasons to study Business
                        knowledge and manage business case                                            and Commerce at UWA
Business and Commerce

                        studies, internships and practical projects to                                • Dual accreditation, with UWA Business School, one
                        prepare you for a fulfilling career in business,                                   of the few institutions in Australia to be accredited
                        government or not-for-profit sectors.                                              by the European Quality Improvement System
                                                                                                           and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of
                        By studying business and commerce, you’ll gain an                                  Business.
                        understanding of how businesses and organisations work                        •    15+ Business School student clubs including
                        from the inside out. You can expect to develop the critical                        the Student Managed Investment Fund,
                        decision-making skills needed in projects and build a                              Women in Business, Bloom Startup, Enactus,
                        career transferable to the workforce anywhere in the world.                        UWA Consulting Society, ECOMS and the
                                                                                                           Graduate Management Association.
                                                                                                      •    30+ active industry supporters including AGL
                                                                                                           Energy, CBH Group, Reserve Bank of Australia,
                                                                                                           Fortescue Metals, Chevron, Wesfarmers Limited
                                                                                                           and Woodside.
                                                                                                      •    World top 100 for Accounting and Finance
                                                                                                           (QS 2020).
                                                                                                      •    An exceptional MBA program that ranks best in
                                                                                                           Oceania for alumni outcomes. Its graduates are the
                                                                                                           highest earners in Australia.

                        Sample study plan
                        Bachelor of Commerce with degree-specific major in Management and second major in Accounting

                                            Organisational               Microeconomics:                  Introduction to Law        Financial Accounting
                              SEM 1
                                            Behaviour                    Prices & Markets

                                            Introduction to              Global Change,                   Reading Creatively/        Introduction to Finance
                              SEM 2
                                            Marketing                    Local Response                   Writing Creatively
                                            Economic &                   International                    Company Law                Taxation
                              SEM 1

                                            Business Statistics          Management
                              SEM 2         Project Management           Consumer Behaviour               Corporate Accounting       Management Accounting
                                            Leadership and               Entrepreneurship                 Economic & Business        Financial Accounting Theory
                              SEM 1
                                            Performance                                                   Statistics                 and Practice

                                            Strategic                    Applied International            Auditing                   Financial Statement Analysis
                              SEM 2
                                            Management                   Business Strategy

                              Key:    Management degree-specific major      Accounting second major       Elective units

Accounting                                                     Management
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                           CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
Accountant, chief executive, managing director                 Business administration manager, project manager,
                                                               management consultant

Bachelor’s degree: Commerce or Philosophy (Honours)
                                                               Bachelor’s degree: Commerce or Philosophy (Honours)
Accounting prepares you for a career across borders.
Acknowledged as ‘the language of business’, accounting         Management is the backbone of any organisation,
is spoken by all organisations – big and small – including     providing organisational, operational, staffing and
government agencies and departments, and all not-for-          resourcing expertise that can be applied anywhere,
profit institutions around the globe.                          anytime. Gain a comprehensive understanding of
                                                               managing organisations effectively within different
Why study this course at UWA Albany                            economic, social, political and legal contexts.
• We are ranked in the world’s top 100 for Accounting
   and Finance, and 1st in Western Australia (QS WUR by        Why study this course at UWA Albany
   Subject 2020)                                               • Learn from a diverse range of academic staff who
• This major is recognised by Australian and                      bring to their teaching a combination of both
   international professional bodies as a critical step           management theory and practical application
   towards gaining professional accreditation. You can         • Balance core units with relevant and varied electives
   seek accreditation with Chartered Accountants               • Participate in a work-based learning experience
   Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia and the
   Institute of Public Accountants. Some additional            You’ll learn to
   electives may be required                                   • evaluate and understand key concepts, theories
                                                                  and practices important to the management

                                                                                                                         Business and Commerce
You’ll learn to                                                   of organisations
• prepare financial accounting reports                         • diagnose situations and problems in organisations,
• analyse accounting information to evaluate                      and identify appropriate managerial actions
   business performance                                        • understand the principles of ethical behaviour and
• use accounting information for optimal                          social responsibility in management decision making
   resource allocation                                         • research management-related issues, topics
• communicate the results of financial analysis                   and problems

Trending second majors: Business Law; Finance;                 Trending second majors: Human Resource
Marketing                                                      Management; Marketing; Business Law; Work and
Prerequisites:                                                 Employment Relations; Enterprise and Innovation
• Mathematics Applications ATAR AND a mathematics              Recommended subject: Mathematics Methods ATAR
   unit taken in the first year
• Students without ATAR Mathematics will take two
   first-year mathematics and statistics units
Recommended subject: Mathematics Methods ATAR

                                                             UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |          17
18       UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |


             Ignite your passion to teach and inspire a love of learning in others. Qualify for a highly
             rewarding career as an educator or explore the options for experienced teachers,
             policymakers and leaders who seek to deepen their knowledge, contribute to the
             profession and advance their careers.

            Top five reasons to study teaching                         Our teaching courses
            at UWA                                                     We offer teaching courses informed by comprehensive and
            • Top university in WA for Education, and top 10 in        contemporary understandings of childhood development
              Australia (Times Higher Education World University       and learning. There will be opportunities to practise your
              Rankings by Subject 2021).                               teaching skills in authentic settings throughout the course
            • 82.4% of UWA teaching graduates are employed             and in professional practice placements.
              full time four months after completing their course
              (Good Universities Guide 2021).                          Master of Teaching (F-12)
            • Benefit from our strong industry connections             Maximise your career opportunities and qualify to teach
              through scholarships, volunteering programs,             in primary and secondary schools. Inspire young minds
              professional development workshops and more.             and ignite a lifelong love of learning.
            • Study within a close-knit cohort and form lifelong
              personal and professional networks.
            • Gain a competitive edge in your career with a
              master’s degree in teaching in as little as 18 months.

We offer four curriculum areas within the Master of Teaching (F-12).

  TEACH...                                                  CONSIDER MAJORING IN*...
   English                                                   English and Literary Studies; Linguistics

   Humanities and Social Sciences                            Classics and Ancient History; Economics; Geographical Sciences; History;
                                                             Human Geography and Planning; Indigenous Knowledge, History and
                                                             Heritage; Law and Society

   Maths                                                     Mathematics and Statistics; Data Science; Engineering; Physics

   Science                                                   Agricultural Science; Anatomy and Human Biology; Biochemistry and
                                                             Molecular Biology; Geographical Sciences; Geology; Marine Science;
                                                             Neuroscience; Pharmacology; Physics; Physiology; Psychology

Please refer to the individual majors for prerequisites and recommended subjects.
* Suggested majors only. Eligibility for the Master of Teaching courses will be assessed based on the specific units completed. Please seek advice from the Graduate School
  of Education during your bachelor’s degree to ensure your unit selections meet the requirements for entry to your chosen Master of Teaching specialisation.

                                                                                      UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |                                     19
20                      UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

                                 Humanities and
                                      Social Sciences
                                    Humanities and Social Sciences equips you
                                    to ask and answer the big questions. Explore
                                    where we came from, who we are and where
                                    we’re going.
Humanities and Social Sciences

                                 By studying Humanities and Social Sciences, you’ll gain
                                 a critical understanding of how society shapes, and is
                                 shaped by, culture, politics, economics, media, history,
                                 language, the environment and more. You'll develop the
                                 knowledge and skills to define complex problems, and
                                 identify and design solutions, while being supported in
                                 your passion to drive and implement change.

                                 With our collaborations across industry, government             Top five reasons to study Humanities
                                 and community, you’ll apply knowledge and expertise to          and Social Sciences at UWA
                                 respond to major societal opportunities, challenges and         • Undergraduate Humanities and Social Sciences
                                 injustices, such as achieving sustainable development,            reports a 83.6% satisfaction rate for skills development,
                                 addressing climate change, eliminating poverty,                   and 87.9% for teaching quality (Good Universities
                                 strengthening global communications and improving the             Guide 2021).
                                 mental health of communities.                                   • Postgraduate Communications students report 100%
                                                                                                   satisfaction for skills development, and 96.6% for
                                 Within the humanities, through the study of culture,              teaching quality (Good Universities Guide 2021).
                                 language, literature, history and philosophy, you'll examine    • Ranked first in WA for Arts and Humanities, Social
                                 the human experience and gain a deep understanding of             Sciences and Management, Archaeology, Politics and
                                 the connections that tie us all together.                         Geography (QS WUR by Subject 2020).
                                                                                                 • Ranked in the top eight in Australia for Modern
                                 Within the social sciences, which bridge the social, physical     Languages (QS WUR by Subject 2020) and the largest
                                 and environmental sciences, you will use a scientific              language hub in WA.
                                 approach to understanding the development and                   • You'll get practical training through internships,
                                 operations of societies and their influence on the world.         hands-on learning with industry and business
                                                                                                   partners, and overseas study opportunities.
                                 The challenges of the 21st century are complex and
                                 systemic, and employers recognise that our graduates are
                                 especially well-suited for work in this context.
Humanities and Social Sciences
Sample study plan
Bachelor of Arts with degree-specific major in Anthropology and Sociology and second major in Indigenous Knowledge,
History and Heritage

                  Being Human: Culture,          Communication in Practice        The Global Family              Boodjar Moort Katitjin:
      SEM 1       Identity and Society                                                                           Introduction to Indigenous

                                                                                                                 Heritage and Knowledge
                  Global Change, Local           Environmental History            Reading Creatively/            Aboriginal Encounters:
      SEM 2
                  Responses                                                       Writing Creatively             Strangers in our Backyard
                  Social Thought                 Psychology: Mind and Brain       From Glorious Revolution       Indigenous Knowledge:
      SEM 1                                                                       to Industrial Revolution:      Mind, Body and Spirit

                                                                                  Making Britain
                  Society, Law and Politics      Aboriginal Art and Society       Knowing Country: The           Looking North: The Wild
      SEM 2
                                                                                  Dreaming and Darwin            West
                  Migration, Mobilities,         Contemporary Social              Indigenous Research            Indigenous People and
      SEM 1       Belonging                      Thought                                                         Global Issues

                  Ethnography:                   Management and                   Romanticism and                Intimate Strangers:
      SEM 2       Methodological                 Organisations                    Revolution                     Journeys in Australian
                  Perspectives                                                                                   History

      Key:    Anthropology and Sociology degree-specific major   Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage second major   Elective units

                                                                       UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |                    21
22                     UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

                                 MAJORS IN HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES

                                 Anthropology and                                           English and Literary
                                 Sociology                                                  Studies
                                 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                       CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                 Sociologist, journalist, policy consultant                 Publisher, public service officer, educator

                                 Bachelor’s degree: Arts or Philosophy (Honours)            Bachelor’s degree: Arts or Philosophy (Honours)

                                 This major incorporates the study of the cultures,         In English and Literary Studies, we take the imagination
                                 institutions, social behaviours, economies and systems     seriously. We address the creative texts societies
                                 of meaning of all human societies, with a focus on         produce and ask what they mean. From Shakespeare
                                 understanding Australian society and its relationship      to Netflix, and from critical theory to creative writing,
                                 to the world. On a personal level, this major offers a     English and Literary Studies offers units that look at
                                 perspective on challenges in your everyday life, and       the exciting ways in which literature works in a newly
Humanities and Social Sciences

                                 encourages you to question your taken-for-granted          globalised world.
                                 beliefs and expectations.
                                                                                            Why study this course at UWA Albany
                                 Why study this course at UWA Albany                        • English and Literary Studies develops the valuable
                                 • An education in cultural diversity and social change         skills employers look for, such as analytical thinking,
                                    will give you the skills for living and working in an       creativity, problem solving and the advanced ability
                                    interconnected world, in such fields as international       to communicate
                                    development, cultural heritage and others               • Expand your understanding of life, ethics, different
                                 • Develop sought-after skills in critical thinking and         cultures and our changing society
                                    reflection, careful observation, listening, record      • Challenge yourself and open your mind to new ideas
                                    keeping, oral, visual and written expression, and
                                    research                                                You’ll learn to
                                 • Enhance your ability to communicate interculturally      •   be innovative and creative
                                                                                            •   exercise critical reasoning and analysis
                                 You’ll learn to                                            •   communicate clearly in written and oral forms
                                 • demonstrate key concepts of anthropology and             •   work effectively, both independently and in groups
                                    sociology including cultural diversity and social       •   research, synthesise and present information
                                    inequality and processes that underpin social change    •   interpret a wide range of texts in a variety of historical
                                 • demonstrate critical knowledge of anthropological            and cultural contexts
                                    and sociological theory
                                 • develop arguments based on a critical evaluation         Trending second majors: Communication and Media
                                    of evidence                                             Studies; History; Philosophy
                                 • communicate anthropological and sociological
                                    perspectives and knowledge effectively

                                 Trending second majors: History; Indigenous
                                 Knowledge, History and Heritage; Political Science
                                 and International Relations

History                                                        Indigenous Knowledge,
                                                               History and Heritage
Archivist, teacher, conservation officer                       CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                               Curator, environmental consultant, parliamentarian

Bachelor’s degree: Arts or Philosophy (Honours)
                                                               Bachelor’s degree: Arts or Philosophy (Honours)
Historians use evidence from the past to ask
fundamental questions about humanity. Through                  Explore the world view and historical experiences of
learning about the past, we illuminate the present.            Indigenous peoples in Australia, and critically analyse
Studying history will immerse you in discovery, debate,        disciplinary interpretations of Indigenous knowledges
discussion, understanding, surprise and awe, and it will       and peoples, locally, nationally and globally. Taught in an
require of you rigour, reason, questioning, imagination        interactive manner, including field trips and excursions,
and passion. You'll be part of the process by which            this major will engage you with the perspectives of
humanity’s memory itself comes to be made.                     Indigenous people, Elders in the community and
                                                               prominent guest speakers.
Why study this course at UWA Albany
• Learn about humanity's past                                  Why study this course at UWA Albany
• Discover, debate, discuss and understand the                 • Learn about Indigenous peoples and systems of
   world’s history                                                knowledge from multiple perspectives
• Gain skills in research, critical analysis and               • The major is taught in a highly interactive manner
   communication applicable to a wide range of careers         • The knowledge, understanding and skills gained
                                                                  complement many other majors

                                                                                                                             Humanities and Social Sciences
You’ll learn to
• understand other times, societies and cultures               You’ll learn to
• demonstrate an awareness of the world we live in,            • understand the experience, history and culture of
   through reference to humanity’s past experience                Aboriginal peoples (particularly in Western Australia)
• demonstrate a knowledge of major historical                  • study Indigenous systems of knowledge and the
   developments in a range of times and places                    relevance of these systems across a broad range
• identify main issues in complex historical material             of disciplines
• critically evaluate differences and issues in others’        • critically evaluate representations of Aboriginal
   interpretations of historical events                           peoples in historical and academic discourse
• describe and interpret evidence of past human                • understand the major historical and cultural issues
   experience, proposing explanations with reference              that inform present-day Aboriginal disadvantage
   to concepts such as power, myth, representation,            • gather knowledge of ethical paradigms in Aboriginal
   culture, gender, race, colonialism and social structure        research and how to conduct independent research
• formulate logical arguments                                  • clearly express ideas in discussion and writing
• conduct independent research, making use of
   historical resources                                        Trending second majors: Anthropology and Sociology;
• demonstrate a knowledge of the causes of historical          Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing; Fine Arts; Landscape
   change in a range of times and places                       Architecture; Law and Society

Trending second majors: Classics and Ancient History;
English and Literary Studies; Political Science and
International Relations, Economics

                                                             UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |             23
Humanities and Social Sciences   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

                                 Korean Studies

                                 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                          You’ll learn to
                                 Linguist, cultural interpreter, university lecturer           • demonstrate a good written and spoken linguistic
                                                                                                  competence in the Korean language
                                 Bachelor’s degree: Arts or Philosophy (Honours)               • understand how culturally specific social structures
                                                                                                  affect interpersonal communication, and determine
                                 Learn to speak and write Korean while exploring Korean           how to apply this knowledge to your own interactions
                                 societies, politics and culture, and developing an               in a culturally sensitive manner
                                 understanding of the two Koreas’ place in the world.          • identify key ethical, philosophical and social
                                                                                                  characteristics of Korean culture, society and history
                                 Why study this course                                         • engage effectively in a professional manner in the key
                                 • South Korea is one of Australia’s most important               debates on Korean history, society and culture, and
                                    trading partners, a cultural juggernaut of popular            produce coherent and well-argued written work
                                    culture, and a world leader in innovation and research     • demonstrate transferable skills such as digital literacy,
                                    in engineering, technology and medical sciences,              information management, group working, research
                                    so graduates with good Korean linguistic and socio-           skills and critical thinking
                                    cultural skills are highly sought-after in the local and
                                    global job market                                          Trending second majors: Communication and Media
                                 • Gain the linguistic skills to succeed in Korea-related      Studies; Economics; Linguistics
                                    careers after graduation, and a solid understanding of
                                    Korean society, culture, history and politics
                                 • Have the option of studying at one of UWA’s partner
                                    institutions in South Korea

                                                                                                  You'll study this major online
                                                                                                  which means you'll have
                                                                                                  the flexibility to study from
Honours and
postgraduate courses

With an honours or postgraduate research degree you can build your
knowledge and skills through coursework, or extend the understanding
of your subject while demonstrating advanced analytical and project-
management skills.

Graduate diplomas                      Bachelor of Arts (Honours)            Research degrees in
If you have an undergraduate           Once you have successfully            Science
degree, you can add a second major     completed your Bachelor of Arts       Research is an exciting journey of
with a graduate diploma.               degree and have demonstrated a        discovery, where you’ll be working at
                                       strong academic performance in        the ever-shifting boundary between
Honours                                the final-year units of your major    the known and the unknown. A
Successfully completing an honours     in English and Literary Studies       UWA master’s degree recognises
degree not only prepares you for       or History, you can complete          your thorough understanding of a
higher-degree study at master’s        an honours year in your chosen        research field or area of professional
and PhD level, but demonstrates        specialisation.                       practice.
to prospective employers a higher                                  
capacity for independent learning      Bachelor of Science
and research, along with enhanced      (Honours)                             The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is
problem-solving, critical-thinking,    A Bachelor of Science (Honours)       the University’s flagship research
independent-learning and               is a rewarding program for high-      degree, which can be taken in the
communications skills.                 achieving students majoring           science field in Albany. This is a
                                       in Conservation Biology,              pinnacle educational qualification,
Honours involves undertaking           Environmental Science or Marine       which demonstrates that you
an additional year of study (or        Science. It features an intensive     are a world-class researcher. The
equivalent part time) at the end       research focus, academic              PhD comprises an independent,
of your bachelor’s degree, and         mentoring, extensive teamwork and     supervised research project.
incorporates coursework and            communication skills development.
a dissertation. Your honours
study will enable you to develop
your knowledge and skills as an
independent researcher under the
supervision of an expert in science.

                                                          UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |         25
26   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

     UWA                                                                     As educators, we believe we have an
                                                                             important role to play in our community,
                                                                             in educating and inspiring future

      Smart Start
                                                                             generations to become the best they
                                                                             can be. In helping you reach your goal,
                                                                             we look forward to introducing you to the
                                                                             challenges and excitement of academic
                                                                             study. Through our expert advice and
                                                                             guidance, we hope you'll achieve access
                                                                             to the degree of your choice.

                                                                             For many years, we have been assisting
                                                                             future generations to learn, absorb,
                                                                             imagine the impossible, and to achieve
                                                                             great things. Many of our students have
                                                                             gone on to become highly successful
                                                                             professionals in their chosen field. The
                                                                             next could be you!

                                                                             JENNIFER O'NEIL
                                                                             UWA ALBANY DIRECTOR

     The UWA Smart Start                     The course is delivered over two             Typically, students may select
     program is an innovative                semesters. The first semester                units from the following offerings
     course that offers you:                 seeks to ensure a WACE level of              (variations may occur from year to
     • the opportunity for entry into        proficiency in each unit's subject           year):
       undergraduate studies upon            matter. The second semester units
       successful completion                 are designed to closely reflect the          SEMESTER 1
     • a supportive study environment        sort of challenges that apply at             • ANHB0034: Anatomy & Human
     • the opportunity to learn new skills   undergraduate level.                             Biology 1
       and experience the rewards of                                                      • AUST0061: Foundations of
       university life                       Students of any age who complete                 University Study 1 (compulsory)
     • contemporary coursework that          the full course successfully are             •   AUST0071: Arts Elective 1
       provides an excellent foundation      eligible for entry into first-year           •   CHEM0036: Chemistry 1
       for lifelong learning                 degree studies delivered through             •   MATH0012: Mathematics 1
                                             UWA Albany. Students who gain                •   PHYS0030: Physics 1
     About the course                        entry via this pathway may complete          •   SOCS0046: Social Sciences 1
     UWA Smart Start is a highly             an entire degree in Albany or can
     successful course that enables          complete their degree studies in             SEMESTER 2
     members of the Great Southern           Perth upon successful completion             • ANHB0035: Anatomy & Human
     community to prepare for degree-        of first-year degree studies (48                 Biology 2
     level studies at the UWA Albany         credit points) in Albany. Aboriginal         • AUST0062: Foundations of
     Campus. The course is run               and Torres Strait Islander people are            University Study 2 (compulsory)
     collaboratively with the School of      encouraged to apply.                         •   AUST0073: Arts Elective 2
     Indigenous Studies, based in Perth,                                                  •   CHEM0037: Chemistry 2
     and has been running since 2009.                                                     •   MATH0038: Mathematics 2
     There are no fees for this course.                                                   •   PHYS0031: Physics 2
                                                                                          •   SOCS0047: Social Sciences 2

UWA Albany
     Situated in a biodiversity hotspot, UWA Albany
     enjoys some of the most spectacular beaches and
     scenery in Australia.

You’ll learn in a high-tech environment right in the heart of Albany.
You can experience all that regional Western Australia has to offer,
while studying at university.

•   Gain valuable skills by choosing one of our practical project units
•   Take advantage of small, supportive classes
•   Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and close-knit community
•   Experience heritage, history and culture
•   Indulge in great food and coffee at Albany’s many cafés
•   Live in affordable and modern purpose-built accommodation opposite
    UWA Albany

                          UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |   27
28   UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |

     Student life
      UWA Albany is more than a university –               Activities
      it’s your support network. Our close-knit            Enjoy a variety of family-friendly, fun social events
      community is here to support you every               organised by the UWA Albany Student Guild.
      step of the way.
                                                           Library Services
     Accommodation                                         UWA Albany students have access to a dedicated UWA
     Living in Albany’s dedicated student accommodation    collection located in the Albany Public Library. You can
     means you can easily walk to uni, cafés and shops.    also access resources from all of UWA’s collection located                in Perth.
                                                           Spirituality and faith
                                                           UWA is a multi-faith university that supports and
                                                           welcomes students with diverse cultural and spiritual

                                                           Student clubs
                                                           The UWA Albany Student Guild coordinates a variety of
                                                           special-interest clubs that help you connect with like-
                                                           minded students.

                                                           UWA app
                                                           Find events, connect with friends and discover all the
                                                           tools to get ahead.

                                                           There are opportunities to get involved on or off campus
                                                           to support a cause, organisation, charity or group.

Support services
 You’ll have plenty of support and help
 when you get to UWA. Here are just a few
 of the services we offer.

Academic support                                              Getting started
One-on-one support, study skills workshops                    Take part in orientation activities, receive mentoring from
(STUDYSmarter), extensive online resources and more.          an experienced student (UniMentor) and support from
                                                              the UWA team to help you settle into uni life.
Career support
Personalised career advice, industry mentoring, online        Health and wellbeing
resources, networking events, workshops and more.             UWA Albany can provide you with mental-health support
                                                              through access to local counsellors and psychologists.
Course advice
Advice on study plans, enrolment, scholarships, studying      UWA Student Guild
abroad, extracurricular activities and more.                  Run by students, for students, to make sure you have the
                                                              best university experience possible.
Disability support
Perform at your academic best with support for any  
disability, whether a physical or mental-health condition.
UWA can help, no matter if your condition is ongoing,
temporary or episodic.

                                                             UWA Albany Course Guide 2022–23 |            29
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