2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

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2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart
     Connecting Your Benefits
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

At Dart, we know how important your
benefits are to you and your family. Each
                                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS
year, we work carefully to evaluate the
performance of our benefit plans. It’s our               1    How to Enroll
goal to ensure we offer and maintain a
benefits program that is affordable and                  2    Benefit Basics
comprehensive for all employees.                         3    Medical
This Benefit Guide provides an overview of
the benefit options available to you for the             4    Medical Plan Comparison
2018 plan year. Please take time to carefully
                                                         5    Medical Plan Examples
consider the information in this guide so you
can make informed decisions about your                   6    How to Save Money on Your Healthcare
2018 benefit elections.
                                                         7    Ways to Save Money
One way each of us can impact the health
of our benefits program is by making                     8    Supplementing Your Health Plan
wise choices about our healthcare. This
means getting an annual check-up and                     10   Dental
taking advantage of our plans’ free in-
network preventive care. It means using                  11   Vision
an Urgent Care center instead of going to
the Emergency Room and using generic                     12   Flexible Spending Accounts
prescription medications instead of pricey
                                                         13   Life and Disability
brand-name drugs. These smart steps
over time will have a positive impact on the             14   Retirement Savings Plan
cost of our medical plans in future years.
By making wise choices about how you                     15   Other Benefits
receive healthcare, you’ll help keep our
plans sustainable and affordable for both the            16   Benefit Contacts
company and for your family.

Get ready for your enrollment by visiting our website
at http://dartAE.myenrollmentinfo.com. This site
has important tools and resources to help prepare you
for your meeting with a Benefit Specialist.

                           Scan here with your smart
                           device to access the site.

      2018 Benefit Guide
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

Get Personalized Enrollment Assistance
                                                              YOU MUST MEET WITH A BENEFITS
We are providing professional Benefit Specialists to          SPECIALIST DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT IF
speak with you during Open Enrollment. They are               YOU WANT TO :
available to help you understand the benefits package,
explain the many benefit options, answer questions and
enroll you in your 2018 benefits.                                          Add or remove dependents

Enrollment is not mandatory, but if you would like
to make changes and enroll, you must speak with a
specialist.                                                               Enroll in new coverage
Making an Appointment
Look for posters at your location with more information
on how you can schedule your 30-minute session with
                                                                          Enroll in any of the Unum
a Benefit Specialist. Note: Some locations will have on-
                                                                          voluntary products
site meetings, while others will use the call center.
Please Be Prepared for Your Meeting
Before you meet with your Benefit Specialist, it is                       Set aside money in a Flexible
important that you get prepared. Use this enrollment                      Spending Account (FSA)
checklist to make sure you’re ready:

        Read through this Benefit Guide to get                            Remove existing plans (except Unum
        familiar with the many benefits available to                      plans. You must call Unum to cancel
        you and your family.                                              those plans.)

        Write down questions you have for the
        specialist.                                        FOR EMPLOYEES WHOSE BENEFITS BEGIN AFTER APRIL 1, 2018
        Collect your dependents’ information if            Employees whose benefits begin after April 1, 2018,
        you are adding them to your plans this             will enroll in their benefits with a Benefit Specialist
        year. You’ll need their full names, birth          over the phone. Please be sure to review your Steps to
        dates and Social Security numbers. After           Enroll document provided in your new hire materials for
        Open Enrollment, you will need to provide          information on how to set up your appointment.
        documentation to verify eligibility. We will
        request documentation from you, so please
        watch your home mail.

        Decide on your beneficiaries. Some of our
        benefits require you to provide beneficiary
        information. Be sure to have full names
        and dates of birth.

                                                                                                      Dart Container   1
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

DEPENDENT ELIGIBILITY                                          QUALIFIED LIFE EVENTS
Your eligible dependents include:                              IRS rules state you may only make changes to your
•       Your legal spouse,                                     pre-tax benefit elections during Open Enrollment, unless
                                                               you have a Qualified Life Event (QLE). If you have a
•       Children up to age 26, regardless of student status,
                                                               QLE during the year, you may be allowed to enroll for
        including natural children, stepchildren and legally
                                                               coverage (if you previously waived coverage), add newly
        adopted children (including children living with
                                                               eligible dependents or change your level of coverage.
        you before the adoption is final) who are your
        dependents or for whom you are required to provide     You have 30 days from the date of the QLE to change
        healthcare coverage under a Qualified Medical Child    your elections by notifying your Human Resource
        Support Order; and                                     Department. We cannot process requests made more
                                                               than 30 days after a QLE occurs.
•       Unmarried children of any age who are dependent
        upon you for support when such children are
        incapable of supporting themselves because of a                      THE IRS DEFINES THE FOLLOWING AS QLES:
        disability or illness.
We will request dependent verification documents if you
are adding new dependents to the plan for 2018, so we
can ensure that only eligible dependents are enrolled.
                                                                               Marriage,               Involuntary loss
You must respond by the date provided in your packet or                     divorce or legal             of coverage
your dependents will not have coverage.                                        separation

                                                                          Birth, adoption of a      Relocation out of your
                                                                          child, placement for       plans’ service area
                                                                           adoption or child
                                                                            support orders

                                                                                                  Ineligibility of a child who
                                                                                                  becomes “over-age” (you
                                                                          Death of an enrolled
                                                                                                  are required to notify HR
                                                                                                  when your child turns 26)

                                                                          Change in spouse’s     A significant increase in the
                                                                          employment status         cost of coverage or a
                                                                                                   significant reduction of
                                                                                                 benefits under your or your
                                                                                                  spouse’s healthcare plan

                                                                This list is not inclusive. Please see Corporate Benefits
                                                                  for a complete list. You will be required to provide
                                                                       documentation to substantiate your QLEs.

    2     2018 Benefit Guide
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

Dart provides you with two different medical plan options through Dart Member Care (DMC): Standard and Premier.

Deductibles, copayments/coinsurance and annual                       PRESCRIPTION DRUGS
out-of-pocket maximums differ between the plans.                     You will automatically receive prescription drug coverage
However, both plans:                                                 when you enroll in a Dart medical plan. You simply pay
•     Offer comprehensive coverage                                   a flat copay amount when you fill a prescription. You do
•     Provide a wide range of preventive care services at            not have to meet a separate deductible. There are two
      no cost to you                                                 options when filling prescriptions: retail locations or mail
It’s important that you stay inside Blue Cross and
Blue Shield of Michigan’s (BCBSM) Preferred Provider
Organization network, as you will pay less out of your
pocket. Doctors and facilities in the network have
agreed to only charge members a certain amount for
services. That means those outside the network may
charge you more and possibly make you pay for services
up front.
                                                                                                             90-day supply of
If you need to find who is in the BCBSM network,                         30-day or less prescriptions:   maintenance medications:
                                                                               retail locations
please visit www.bcbsm.com.                                                                                 mail order program

                                                                     Mail order is for maintenance medications you take on a
     HERE’S HOW THE PLANS WORK:                                      regular basis. You never pay shipping and handling, and
                                                                     your prescriptions arrive right at your doorstep. It’s easy
                                                                     to get started:
                                                                     •      Online: Go to www.caremark.com. Once signed
                                                                            in, click on “Start a New Prescription,” then click
                                                                            “FastStart” to enter your information.
                                                                     •      Phone: Either you or your doctor can call (866) 260-
                                        For certain healthcare              4646.
                                       services, you pay only a
                                    copay and that’s it! Services
                                                                     Prescriptions are categorized in our plan by generic,
     You pay nothing for eligible
    in-network preventive care.     subject to a copay will not be   name brand preferred and name brand non-preferred.
                                      subject to the deductible.     CVS Caremark decides which drugs fall into which
                                                                     categories by establishing a formulary list. This list
                                                                     changes on a quarterly basis.

                                                                                SUMMARY OF BENEFITS AND COVERAGE
                                                                            The Summary of Benefits and Coverage
      For services that require       If your out-of-pocket costs           (SBC) for each medical plan is available on
    coinsurance, once you meet       reach the annual maximum,
    the deductible, BCBSM will                                              DartCentral. These documents provide you
                                        the plan pays 100% for
      pay 80% for in-network          eligible care the remainder
                                                                            with in-depth detail on how the plans work
             services.                      of the plan year.               and what services are covered.

                                                                                                                      Dart Container   3
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

                                                            DMC STANDARD                                                         DMC PREMIER
                                            In-Network                       Out-of-Network*                    In-Network                       Out-of-Network*
Annual Deductible
                                            $750 / $1,500                       $1,500 / $3,000                  $250 / $500                         $600 / $1,200
(Employee / Family)
Coinsurance                                      20%                                 40%                             20%                                 40%
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
                                           $4,000 / $8,000                     $8,000 / $16,000                $1,500 / $3,000                     $5,000 / $10,000
(Employee / Family)
Preventive Care
• Well Child Care, annual                 $0 – covered in full                    Not covered                 $0 – covered in full                    Not covered
     physicals, immunizations
• Mammograms, PSA                         $0 – covered in full                40% after deductible            $0 – covered in full                40% after deductible
Primary Care Physician Visits                 $25 copay                       40% after deductible                $15 copay                       40% after deductible
Specialist Visits                             $35 copay                       40% after deductible                $25 copay                       40% after deductible
Urgent Care                                   $35 copay                       40% after deductible                $25 copay                       40% after deductible
Chiropractic (20 visits / year)               $25 copay                       40% after deductible                $15 copay                       40% after deductible
Inpatient Services                       20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
Lab, X-ray, Testing                      20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
Emergency Room                       $150 copay + 20% after ded.       $150 copay + 40% after ded.       $100 copay + 20% after ded.        $100 copay + 40% after ded.
Surgeon / Anesthesiologist               20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
• Initial Visit                              $25 copay                        40% after deductible               $15 copay                        40% after deductible
• Delivery / Prenatal /                  20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
    Postnatal Visits
• Hospital                               20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
Outpatient Rehabilitation
                                               $25 copay                    40% after deductible                   $15 copay                    40% after deductible
• Physical
                                      (Limitations vary per case.        (Limitations vary per case.      (Limitations vary per case.        (Limitations vary per case.
• Speech
                                         Please contact DMC.)               Please contact DMC.)             Please contact DMC.)               Please contact DMC.)
• Occupational
Mental Health
• Inpatient                              20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
• Outpatient                                 $25 copay                        40% after deductible               $15 copay                        40% after deductible
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
• Inpatient                              20% after deductible                 40% after deductible           20% after deductible                 40% after deductible
• Outpatient                                 $25 copay                        40% after deductible               $15 copay                        40% after deductible
Prescription Drugs (administered by CVS Caremark)
Retail 30-day supply
  Generic                                                        $10 copay                                                            $5 copay
  Name Brand Preferred                                           $50 copay                                                           $30 copay
  Name Brand
                                                                 $75 copay                                                           $60 copay

Mail Order 90-day supply
  Generic                                                        $20 copay                                                           $10 copay
  Name Brand Preferred                                           $100 copay                                                          $60 copay
  Name Brand
                                                                 $150 copay                                                          $120 copay

                                  *The plan pays according to these coverage levels on out-of-network claims, but be advised that providers can balance bill the member the
                                  difference between what the plan pays and the provider billed amount. That means you can owe more than the cost-sharing levels included
                                                                  above. You can avoid balance bill issues by using in-network providers when you receive medical services.

 4      2018 Benefit Guide
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

                                                          SINGLE PERSON WITH LOW UTILIZATION
                                                                 PLAN EXAMPLES                        STANDARD PLAN                              PREMIER PLAN
                                                          Monthly premium                             $65.52 x 12 = $786.24                   $122.30 x 12 = $1,467.6
                                                          4 Primary Care office visits                 $25 copay x 4 = $100                      $15 copay x 4 = $60
                                                          1 generic maintenance
                                                                                                       $20 copay x 4 = $80                       $10 copay x 4 = $40
                                                          medication through mail order
                                                                                                                                         Emergency room copay $100
                                                          1 Emergency room visit with              Emergency room copay $150
                                                                                                                                           $250 towards deductible
                                                          $500 in services                          $350 towards deductible
                                                                                                                                       Owe 20% of remaining $150 = $30
                                                          Total Out of Pocket                             $1,466.24                                  $1,947.60

                                                           EMPLOYEE + 1 WITH ONE PERSON HAVING A MAJOR MEDICAL EVENT
                                                                               PLAN EXAMPLES                          STANDARD PLAN                     PREMIER PLAN
                                                          Monthly premium                                            $144.14 x 12 = $1,729.68        $264.26 x 12 = $3,171.12
                                                          6 Primary Care office visits                                 $25 copay x 6 = $150             $15 copay x 6 = $90
                                                          2 Specialist office visits                                    $35 copay x 2 = $70             $25 copay x 2 = $50
                                                          4 generic maintenance medications through mail
                                                                                                                       $80 copay x 4 = $320             $40 copay x 4 = $160
                                                          2 name brand preferred maintenance medications
                                                                                                                      $200 copay x 4 = $800            $120 copay x 4 = $480
                                                          through mail order
                                                                                                                                                        Deductible $250
                                                                                                                        Deductible $750              20% coinsurance $2,750,
                                                          One person on the plan had a $14,000 procedure
                                                                                                                     20% coinsurance $2,650             but out-of-pocket
                                                                                                                                                       maximum is $1500
                                                          Total Out of Pocket                                              $6,469.68                          $5,453.12


                                       TESTS                                                                                                  quit smoking          H
PREVENTION IS KEY                                                                                                                             lose weight

                                                                                                                                                eat healthy
Preventive care services performed     PRESSURE
                                                                                                                                          identify depression
in-network are covered at 100%.        CHOLESTEROL                                         SCREENINGS
                                                                                                                                          reduce alcohol use
                                                                                                                                            avoid sexually
This means no money out of your                                                            MAMMOGRAMS AND COLONOSCOPIES                  transmitted diseases

pocket! Here are a few examples of
what is covered under preventive and
wellness services. Always reach out
to DMC if you have questions on what
services are covered.
                                           VACCINATIONS                                       REGUL AR VISITS
                                                                                                                                        SUPPORT & ROUTINE
                                              FLU, PNEUMONIA, MEASLES,                                                                  SCREENINGS

                                                                                                                                                          Dart Container      5
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

HEALTHCARE BLUEBOOK FOR DMC PLAN MEMBERS                                                                                     CHOOSE WISELY
Healthcare Bluebook is an online tool that enables DMC                                                                       When deciding which plan is right for you, you need to
plan members to find the best prices for the healthcare                                                                      factor in how much you use the plan and how much you
services they may need. With Healthcare Bluebook, you                                                                        want to pay out of your paycheck. If you don’t go to the
can shop for care so you get the most affordable care in                                                                     doctor often, you can keep more money in your pocket by
your area from high-quality providers.                                                                                       choosing a low-cost plan. Both plans protect you against
When you search for care, you will see the “Fair Price.”                                                                     catastrophic illness or injury and include limits on your
This is the price a smart healthcare consumer can expect                                                                     out-of-pocket expenses.
to pay.      A smart healthcare consumer researches these
   DID YOU KNOW the price of a medical procedure from one facility to another can be different by hundreds
                                                                                                                             To decide which plan is right for you, look at your needs:
prices      togodetermine                which          providers
                                                             visiting Fair Pricein   their        area
   or even thousands of dollars? It’s true. Now you have the power to see these price differences and choose
   where you      for your medical procedures.  In addition,                     facilities for certain     offer
                                                                                                        procedures     the
   earn you a reward!
best    price       for    a  specific           procedure.
                                                                                                                                        CONSIDER how you use your current medical plan,
   In just minutes you can search, find, and save on medical costs. It doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore.

                                                                                                                                        then think about your needs for the coming year.

                                                                                                                                        COMPARE the costs of both plans. Make sure you
                                                                                                                                        consider key benefits, such as deductibles and the
                                                                                                                                        cost to see a physician or specialist.

                                                                                                                                        FACTOR in how much you can afford to spend on
                                                                                                                                        paycheck contributions.
There is also a “Patient Savings Check
                                   Rating.”It Some
                                               Out: doctors are
better at saving you money when       they refer you for tests
                                   800-341-0504                                                                                         ESTIMATE your expenses and plan to enroll in the
and surgery. You can save thousands of dollars by using                                       Company Code:
                                                                                              dart                                      Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay
Healthcare Bluebook to find a doctor with a green Patient
Savings Rating. So if you don’t use Healthcare Bluebook                                                                                 your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses tax-free.
to find a doctor with a green Patient Savings Rating, you                                                                    Talking with a Benefit Specialist can help you determine
could overpay by thousands of dollars.                                                                                       what plan best fits the needs of you and your family.
You can earn cash awards from Dart when you use
Healthcare Bluebook to find fair prices for certain
procedures, such as cataract surgeries, colonoscopies, CT
scans, MRIs, endoscopies and more.
                                                                                                                                     2018 WELLNESS INCENTIVE PROGRAM
Visit https://healthcarebluebook.com/cc/dart. Simply
input your last name and date of birth to sign in. It’s that                                                                     If you did not participate in the current
easy! You can also call (800) 341-0504.                                                                                          year, you can participate in 2018! The
                                                                                                                                 enrollment for the program will begin in
                                                                                                                                 April 2018.
USE THE APP! Install the Healthcare
Bluebook App from the Apple App Store
or Google Play. Use company code “dart”
to access custom content.

   6         2018 Benefit Guide
2018 BENEFIT GUIDE Connecting Your Benefits - Dart

Twenty years ago, who would have thought you could use           (DMC PLAN MEMBERS)
your cell phone or computer to have a video discussion with      This money-saving program through CVS Caremark helps
a doctor? Well, now you can! Blue Cross Blue Shield offers       minimize prescription costs for both you and the company.
a benefit called Blue Cross Online Visits that allows you to     If you regularly take a maintenance medication, you can use
have a phone conversation or live video chat with a licensed     the 90-day refill program. Did you know by using this
physician. And you only pay $10 each time you use it.            program you can save one copay every 90 days? It’s a
The benefit gives you access to online non-emergency             great way to save money! For example, your generic in the
medical services anywhere in the US. You and your covered        Standard plan would cost:

                                                                                 $30                                         $20
family members can see and talk to a doctor for minor            30-day supply                       90-day supply filled
                                                                 filled once a                       once at CVS pharmacy
illnesses, such as a cold, sore throat or the flu when your                                  vs.
                                                                 month                               or through mail-order
primary care doctor is not available. It is a great service to
use on weekends or after hours.                                  It’s also convenient. You can choose to have your
                                                                 medications delivered by mail right to your door with zero
You can connect with the program in one of three ways:
                                                                 shipping costs or pick them up at any CVS pharmacy
                                                                 (including those inside Target stores).
          Download the BCBSM Online Visits app
                                                                 If you aren’t using this program, what are you waiting for?
                                                                 CVS Caremark can even call your doctor and get everything
                                                                 started for you!
          Visit bcbsmonlinevisits.com
                                                                 HEARING AID DISCOUNT (VISION PLAN MEMBERS)
                                                                 TruHearing® makes hearing aids affordable by providing
          Call (844) 606-1608                                    exclusive savings to all VSP vision plan members. You can
                                                                 save up to 60% on a pair of hearing aids with TruHearing.
                                                                 Your dependents and even extended family members are
Be sure to add your BCBSM network health plan                    eligible, too.
information. You’ll also need to add the service key “BLUE.”
                                                                 In addition to great pricing, TruHearing provides you with:
View more information about this great program on
                                                                 •   Three provider visits for fitting and adjustments
                                                                 •   45-day trial
                                                                 •   Three-year manufacturer warranty for repairs and
                                                                     one-time loss and damage replacement
                                                                 •    48 free batteries per hearing aid
                                                                 Plus, with TruHearing you’ll get:
                                                                 •   Access to a national network of more than 3,800
                                                                     hearing healthcare providers
                                                                 •   Straightforward, nationally-fixed pricing on a wide
                                                                     selection of the latest brand-name hearing aids
                                                                 •   Deep discounts on batteries shipped directly to your

          ONLY $10 PER VISIT!                                    Learn more about this VSP Exclusive Member Extra at
                                                                 www.truhearing.com/vsp or call (877) 396-7194 with
                                                                 questions. You and your family members must mention
                                                                                                         Dart Container 7

The Dart medical plans provide great coverage for you and your family’s general healthcare needs. Still,
everyone’s needs are slightly different. That’s where our voluntary benefit options come in! You can choose
these benefits to protect your family’s finances in case of an unforeseen injury or illness.

CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE                                                                                             Covered Illness and Conditions:
If you were diagnosed with a critical illness today, would                                                             •       Heart attack
your finances be there tomorrow? Statistics show that over                                                             •       End stage renal failure
our lifetime the chances of being diagnosed with a critical                                                            •       Stroke
illness are high. To protect your family and finances, Critical
                                                                                                                       •       Benign brain tumor
Illness insurance is available through Unum.
                                                                                                                       •       Coronary artery bypass surgery (25%)
Critical Illness insurance will pay you a lump-sum cash
                                                                                                                       •       Cancer
benefit if diagnosed with a covered critical illness. The
coverage does not replace your medical benefits but is                                                                 •       Carcinoma in situ (25%)
designed to help meet expenses that are not normally                                                                   •       Major organ failure
covered under traditional health insurance. Employee,                                                                  Plan Features:
spouse and child(ren) coverage is available.
                                                                                                                       •       Coverage is portable. You can take your policy with
•       Yourself: $5,000 to $30,000 in increments of                                                                           you if you change jobs or retire.
        $5,000                                                                                                         •       Your premium gets “locked-in” at the age in which
•       Spouse: $5,000 to $15,000 in increments of $5,000                                                                      you enroll.
•       Child(ren): Automatically included at 25% of the                                                               •       Wellness benefit of $50 for each covered person who
        employee coverage amount                                                                                               receives preventive and wellness services during the
                                                                                                                               calendar year.

                                    Reasons Why Americans Need Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Someone suffers a
                                                                                                                                                                                                      coronary event
                                                                                                                                                                                                      every 29 seconds. 2
                   Critical illness costs cause more than 60% of all
                    bankruptcies although 78% of the individuals
                    who filed those cases had health insurance. 3
                                                                                                    Someone suffers a stroke
                                                                                                    every 45 seconds. 2
                                                                                                                                          WHAT CAN YOU USE IT FOR?
                                                                                                                                         • Copayments                     • Household bills
                                                                                                                                         • Out-of-network costs           • Clothing and food
                            A 25-year-old male non-smoker                                                                                • Alternative/experimental       • Lost income
                                                                                                                                           treatments                     • Childcare
                            has a 24% chance of suffering a                                                                              • Mortgage payments              • Travel expenses
                            critical illness before 65. 4                                                                                • Car payments

        Susan G. Komen for the Cure, “Breast Cancer Statistics Made Easy”, October 2011. 2Centers for Disease Control, “A Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke”, December 2010.
        American Association for Critical Illness Insurance, “The Real Risk that You’ll Have a Critical Illness”, September 2010. 4American Association for Critical Illness Insurance, “Study Reveals Risk of Having a Critical Illness
      Before Age 65”, January 2010.

    8       2018 Benefit Guide

ACCIDENT INSURANCE                                               HOSPITAL INDEMNITY
Accidents happen. On average, there are 13 unintentional         With an average cost of $10,000 per hospital stay in
injury deaths and approximately 2,650 disabling injuries in      the US, it’s easy to see why having hospital insurance
the US every hour. While you can count on your insurance         coverage may make good financial sense. If you are
to cover medical expenses, it doesn’t always cover indirect      admitted or confined to a hospital due to an accident or
costs that can arise from a serious, or even a not-so-           illness, Hospital Indemnity insurance benefits can help
serious, accidental injury that occurs on- or off-the-job. You   pay for out-of-pocket costs such as health insurance
may end up paying out of your own pocket for things like         deductibles and copayments—or for anything that you
transportation to and from medical treatment, over-the-          see fit. Features include:
counter medicine, dependent day care, copayments and             •   Guaranteed acceptance for you and other eligible family
deductibles. With Accident insurance through Unum, you               members
will receive a lump-sum cash benefit to help you take care of
                                                                 •   Payments made directly to you, not your healthcare
those extra expenses or anything else you wish.
Plan Features                                                    •   Coverage is portable, meaning you can take it with
•   Employee, spouse and child(ren) coverage is                      you if you leave the company
                                                                 •   Wellness benefit of $50 for each covered person who
•   Since you own your Accident insurance, you can take              receives preventive and wellness services during the
    it with you if you retire or leave the company                   calendar year.
•   Benefit payment amounts are determined by the
    covered accident schedule of benefits, for example:
    •   Ambulance: $400                                                          TALK WITH A BENEFIT SPECIALIST ABOUT
    •   Emergency room visit: $150                                               WHETHER THESE PLANS ARE RIGHT FOR YOU.
    •   Hospital admission: $1,000                                               THEY WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU
    •   Imaging: $100                                                            WITH YOUR SPECIFIC COSTS PER PAYCHECK.

                                                                                                             Dart Container   9

Dart offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. The plan allows you to go to any licensed dentist, but you can
save money by seeing an in-network provider. Because dental health is so important, the plan covers in-network
preventive dental services in full, without you having to pay a deductible.
To find an in-network provider, please visit www.deltadentalmi.com. When searching for a dentist online, be sure
to select the PPO or Premier networks.

                                                             PPO / PREMIER NETWORK                     OUT-OF-NETWORK*
 Deductible (Individual / Family)                                    $50 / $150                            $50 / $150
 Annual Maximum for Class I, II and III Services                  $1,500 per person                     $1,500 per person
 Class I Preventive Services
 Oral exams, x-rays, cleanings, emergency
                                                                 0% – covered in full                  0% – covered in full
 palliative treatment, space maintainers, fluoride
 treatments, sealants
 Class II Minor Services
 Fillings and crown repair, endodontics, oral                           20%                                   30%
 surgery, relines and repairs, periodontics
 Class III Major Services
                                                                        50%                                   60%
 Bite guards, crowns, prosthodontics
 Class IV Orthodontia Services
                                                                        50%                                   50%
 Children to age 19 only
 Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum Per Person                               $1,500                                $1,500

*Out-of-network dentists who are not contracted with Delta Dental may balance bill you for services.

How does balance billing work?

                                                             Since Dr. Jones isn’t in the
 Dr. Jones charges $750                                 network, he has the right to bill you
       for a crown.                                      for the $150 difference - plus the
                                                         coinsurance you still have to pay.

                                                    plan                                   On the other hand, if you visit an
                                                                                           in-network dentist, he or she has
                                          The Delta Dental                                already agreed to charge the $600
                                         plan will only cover                             that the plan covers for crowns, so
                                               $600.                                         there is no balance remaining.

 10     2018 Benefit Guide

Comprehensive vision coverage is available through Vision Service Plan (VSP), which has a national network
of participating doctors for you and your dependents to receive quality vision care and prescription eyewear. To
maximize your benefits, use an in-network provider. If you see an out-of-network provider, your benefits will be
reduced and you receive reimbursement only after you file a claim. Also, for services and frequency of benefits, the
dates are based on the plan year, not the calendar year.
To find an in-network provider, please visit www.vsp.com, select Find a VSP Doctor and then select VSP Signature Network.

                                                IN-NETWORK                            OUT-OF-NETWORK                    FREQUENCY
Eye exams
Exam with dilation as necessary                    $10 copay                             $35 allowance               Once every 12 months
Contact lens fitting and follow up       Up to $55 copay; 15% discount           Up to $55 copay; 15% discount
                                                   $10 copay                              $25 allowance
Single vision
Bifocal                                            $10 copay                              $40 allowance
                                                                                                                     Once every 12 months
Trifocal                                           $10 copay                              $55 allowance
Lenticular                                         $10 copay                             $125 allowance
Polycarbonate for children                         $10 copay                                   N/A
Contact Lenses
Medically necessary                               Paid in full                           $210 allowance              Once every 12 months
Elective                                        $130 allowance                           $105 allowance
                                      Covered in full up to $130 allowance;
Frames                                                                                    $60 allowance              Once every 12 months
                                                20% off balance
Laser vision correction                            15-20% off retail price or 5% off promotional price                       N/A

5 Tips for Healthy Eyes
     Schedule eye exams for                                  If you smoke, quit!
       your whole family.                                  Smoking increases your
                                                              risk of cataracts.                                     Be active. Regular exercise
                                                                                                                       can delay the onset of
                                                                                                                       age-related permanent
                                                                                                                             vision loss.

                                    Wear sunglasses to                                Rest your eyes once every 20
                                 protect your eyes from the                           minutes for 20 seconds while
                                       sun’s UV rays.                                    working at a computer.

                                                                                                                              Dart Container   11
A Flexible Spending Account allows you to set aside              DEPENDENT CARE FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT
money to pay for expected annual expenses through                A dependent care account allows you to use tax-free dollars
tax-free payroll deductions. By making tax-free                  to pay for the care of a young child or disabled family member
contributions, you reduce your taxable income, which             who requires care while you work. If you are married, you can
means more money in your pocket.                                 only use this account if your spouse is employed, is a full-time
•        Healthcare FSA: You can set aside up to $2,650 to       student for at least five months of the year or is disabled.
         pay for eligible healthcare expenses                    You can pay for daycare expenses for children under
•        Dependent Care FSA: You can set aside up to             13, disabled children, disabled parents, a disabled
         $5,000 ($2,500 if you are married, filing separately)   spouse or other relatives who qualify under Internal
         to pay for eligible dependent day care expenses         Revenue Code. Education expenses are not eligible.
                                                                 For your FSA contributions to be considered eligible
HEALTHCARE FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT                             for reimbursement, your provider must claim your
You may use this account for most medical, prescription          payments as taxable income.
drug, dental and vision expenses that are not paid for
                                                                 The Dependent Care FSA funds are only available
by your healthcare plans. Some examples include
                                                                 to you as each payroll deduction is taken and your
deductibles, copayments, eyeglasses, contact lenses,
                                                                 account is updated. The good news is that Flores has a
hearing aids, braces and other expenses allowed by the
                                                                 “No-Wait” program, and you can receive an automatic
                                                                 reimbursement every pay period and you only have to
Certain over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are eligible for            file one claim. There is no debit card for this account.
reimbursement through your Healthcare FSA with a
prescription.                                                    CLAIMS AND REIMBURSEMENT
Your entire election is available to you at the beginning        Claims may be uploaded to your account online at www.
of the plan year. You will continue to fund the account          flores247.com or by using the e-Receipt mobile app. You
through payroll deductions from each paycheck.                   may also submit for reimbursement via fax or mail.
Once enrolled, Flores & Associates will send you a debit         Reimbursements will be mailed as a check to your home
card. The card allows you to pay for eligible expenses at        address unless you add your direct deposit information on
the time services are rendered. You can still pay up front       the website. If you use the debit card, you may use this
and submit paper claims as well.                                 card at the point of purchase to access your FSA dollars.

         At the end of the plan year, if you have $500 or less left in your Healthcare FSA, it will automatically roll
         over to the next year. You will have the opportunity to use this money and not lose it. However, you will
         forfeit anything above $500.

DEADLINE FOR CLAIMS: Per the IRS, both FSAs are “use-it-or-lose-it.” If you do not use the money you have set aside
by the dates below, you will forfeit your remaining balance.

                                                                        June 15, 2019 is the deadline to submit claims incurred
                                                                        in the previous plan year for reimbursement from your
        April                    March                                  account. If you have a Healthcare FSA, up to $500
      1, 2018                   31, 2019                                remaining from the previous plan year will roll over into
                                                          15, 2019      the new plan year. Any remaining Dependent Care
                                                                        money will be forfeited.
    You can incur eligible expenses for the
             2018 FSA plan year.
    12     2018 Benefit Guide

(AD&D)                                                          A way to help full-time employees protect their finances in
Dart provides all employees with company-paid basic             case of an unforeseen extended illness or injury is through
life and AD&D insurance. This is an automatic benefit           our company-paid Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance.
based on your annualized position-based pay level, and          There is no cost to you, and you are automatically provided
there is no need to enroll.                                     this benefit. LTD coverage begins after a 180-day waiting
                                                                period. The plan provides a monthly benefit of 60% of
SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE AND AD&D                                      your wages (up to $6,000 a month) for as long as you are
To further protect your finances, we also offer you the         disabled, up to normal Social Security retirement age. For
opportunity to purchase supplemental life and AD&D              new hires, coverage for a pre-existing condition is limited
insurance for you, your spouse and your dependent children.     during the first 12 months of coverage. Current employees
You can purchase coverage in the following amounts:             have a five-day pre-existing condition limit.
•   Yourself: $10,000 increments up to five times your
    pay. Up to $200,000 without medical questions.
•   Spouse: $5,000 increments up to 100% of your
    election or $250,000. Up to $50,000 without
    medical questions.
•   Child(ren): $10,000 per child

                                       Reasons to Have LIFE INSURANCE
         Funeral expenses and loss of income can add to your loved ones’ burden. Don’t leave them unprotected.
                      Life insurance allows your loved ones time to grieve without financial worry.
    AVERAGE COST OF A                          AVERAGE CREDIT CARD                                     AVERAGE COST OF A
     FUNERAL: $6,560                                                    AVERAGE YEARLY EXPENSES        FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE:
                                                   DEBT: $6,772
                         AVERAGE YEARLY COST                            FOR UTILITIES, HEALTHCARE            $18,133
                        OF RENTING OR OWNING                              AND MISCELLANEOUS
                            A HOME: $16,803                                   CASH: $24,327

                                                                                                             Dart Container   13

Dart offers a retirement savings plan for our employees. Under this plan, also commonly known as a 401(k)
plan, you can save money toward your retirement on a tax-deferred basis. That is, you don’t pay federal or state
income taxes on your investment earnings until you withdraw the money and may choose to delay income taxes
on your savings. Details of the retirement savings plan are available on DartCentral.*

YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS                                                            DART CONTRIBUTIONS
Your 401(k) contributions are deducted from your                              Dart recognizes the importance of retirement
paycheck each pay period. You may defer a percentage                          savings. That is why the company also makes annual
of your pay each pay period with a maximum dollar                             contributions to your account. You will become eligible
amount of $18,500 for 2018 (indexed annually by the                           to receive company contributions beginning January 1 or
IRS). Additional catch-up contributions are available                         July 1 after you have completed one year of service.
beginning with the plan year you attain age 50. The
maximum catch-up amount is $6,000 for 2018 (indexed                           INVESTMENT OPTIONS
annually by the IRS). You may start, stop or change                           The plan offers many investment choices for your
your contributions at any time, beginning soon after                          savings. You may choose a target-date fund to have
you join the company. You may also transfer or roll over                      your investment allocation managed for you or choose
funds from a prior retirement plan or IRA. Information                        to divide your account among funds to personalize your
on how to get started is available on DartCentral* or                         investments. More information on investment options
by contacting the plan provider listed in the Benefit                         is available from the plan provider listed in the Benefit
Contacts on page 15.                                                          Contacts on page 15.
                                                                              *Dart Properties employees should contact their HR
PRE-TAX OR AFTER-TAX OPTION                                                   representative.
You have the option to make either traditional (pre-tax)
or Roth (after-tax) contributions (or a combination of the
two). You are eligible for the Roth option regardless of
your income level. All employer contributions will be made
to the traditional (pre-tax) bucket.

                                   TRADITIONAL 401(K) VERSUS ROTH 401(K)
                                  Depending on your needs, these factors could help you decide which option is better.
                   TRADITIONAL 401(K)                                                                   ROTH 401(K)
                    Your contributions go in before taxes                                           Your contributions go in after taxes

                    You pay taxes on contributions
                          and earnings later
                                                                                                  You pay taxes on contributions now
               You may withdraw contributions at 59 1/2 years
               old. You are required to withdraw at 70 1/2 years
                       old if you are no longer working
                                                                                            Qualified withdrawals are income tax-free (after
                                                                                             age 59 1/2 for workers who have maintained
                You avoid paying taxes on however much you
                                                                                                      their account for five years)
                      contribute in income every year

                Your balance can be rolled over directly into a                             Your balance can be rolled over directly into a
                 rollover IRA when you leave the employer                                  regular Roth IRA when you leave the employer

        Makes sense if you think your tax bracket will lower in                    Makes sense if you think your tax bracket will be the
         retirement or to reduce the current impact of payroll                               same or higher in retirement.
                     deductions on your take-home pay.
 14   2018 Benefit Guide

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                    out-of-pocket expenses. In the event of a covered loss,
ComPsych® GuidanceResources® Employee                          it replaces personal property without deduction for
Assistance Program (EAP) provides comprehensive                depreciation.
EAP services to all Dart employees and their dependent         MetLife Auto and Home also offers insurance for
family members. These services are provided at no cost         rental homes, condominiums, boats, motor homes,
and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.           motorcycles, snowmobiles and more.
The EAP can help you with the following:                       To apply for coverage, please call (800) 438-6388 or visit
•   Emotional support with anxiety, depression, stress,        www.metlife.com/mybenefits. Benefit Specialists do
    grief, loss and relationship/marital conflicts             not enroll you in this coverage.

•   Work-life solutions surrounding finding child and          METLAW GROUP LEGAL PLAN
    elder care, hiring movers or home repair contractors,
                                                               MetLaw®, the group legal plan available through Hyatt
    planning events and locating pet care
                                                               Legal Plans, makes things simple for you when you need
•   Legal guidance/assistance with your most pressing          the services of a qualified attorney. You get the attorney
    legal issues, including divorce, adoptions, family law,    you need at a cost that’s very affordable, with access
    wills, trusts and more                                     by telephone or in-person for advice on an unlimited
•   Financial resources to help with retirement planning       number of personal legal matters and representation for
    and taxes, relocation, mortgages, budgeting, debt          a wide variety of legal services.
    and bankruptcy                                             MetLaw could save you hundreds of dollars in attorney
ComPsych also offers EstateGuidance®, which allows             fees for common legal services like estate planning
you to quickly and easily create a will and/or a living will   documents (including wills and trusts), real estate
online. And it’s free.                                         matters, identity theft defense, traffic offenses, family
Call (877) 955-7656 or visit online at www.                    law (including adoption and name change) and more.
guidanceresources.com (web ID: DART123). You can               As a Dart employee, you have access to a convenient
also download the app from the App Store or Google             payroll deduction for this plan.
Play. Just search “GuidanceResources Now.”
                                                               To enroll, please call (800) 438-6388 or visit www.
                                                               metlife.com/mybenefits. Benefit Specialists do not
                                                               enroll you in this coverage.
Dart provides you the ability to payroll deduct MetLife’s
Auto and Home Insurance. This is a convenience for our         PET INSURANCE
employees and a voluntary product offering. As a Dart
                                                               From regular preventive care to unexpected illnesses,
employee, you may qualify for discounts.
                                                               you can be reimbursed for veterinary expenses with
The Auto AdvantageSM feature goes beyond basic liability       coverage from Nationwide. Receive a group discount
and collision coverage to offer you more complete              when you sign up.
coverage and benefits, including replacement costs for
                                                               You can choose the amount of coverage that’s right for
total loss and special parts, enhanced rental car damage
                                                               you. The plan covers accidents and illnesses, including
coverage and more.
                                                               cancer. It reimburses for exams, testing, surgeries,
The homeowners products offer uncommon protection              specified hereditary conditions and more with a $250
called Coverage A Plus, which is an optional benefit           annual deductible. Wellness exams, vaccinations, flea/
with any Standard or Platinum Homeowners Policy. This          heartworm preventives and more are covered at no
coverage is designed so that in the event of a loss, your      deductible.
home would be fully replaced without you incurring extra
                                                               To enroll, please call (800) 438-6388 or visit www.
costs. MetLife also offers replacement coverage on
                                                               metlife.com/mybenefits. Benefit Specialists do not
home contents, so you aren’t surprised with unexpected
                                                               enroll you in this coverage.

                                                                                                           Dart Container   15

BENEFIT                                     PROVIDER                PHONE NUMBER                      WEBSITE
                                    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of
DMC Medical                                                          (800) 248-0457               www.bcbsm.com

Prescription Drug                          CVS Caremark              (866) 260-4646              www.caremark.com

Dental                                      Delta Dental             (800) 524-0149            www.deltadentalmi.com

Vision                                          VSP                  (800) 877-7195                 www.vsp.com

Flexible Spending Accounts              Flores & Associates          (800) 532-3327              www.flores247.com

Healthcare Bluebook                     Healthcare Bluebook          (800) 341-0504     https://healthcarebluebook.com/cc/dart

Accident, Critical Illness,
                                               Unum                  (800) 635-5597                www.unum.com
Hospital Indemnity

Life and AD&D                                 Sun Life               (800) 247-6875         sunlife-usa.com/planmembers

Long-Term Disability                      Lincoln Financial          (800) 423-2765           www.lincoln4benefits.com

401(k) Plan                                  Vanguard                (800) 523-1188      www.vanguard.com/retirementplans

401(k) Plan – DCSC employees only             Fidelity               (800) 835-5095                www.401k.com

Employee Assistance Program                  ComPsych                (877) 955-7656
                                                                                               (web ID: DART123)

Auto and Home Insurance                       MetLife                (800) 438-6388         www.metlife.com/mybenefits

Group Legal Plan                              MetLaw                 (800) 438-6388         www.metlife.com/mybenefits

Pet Insurance                               Nationwide               (800) 438-6388         www.metlife.com/mybenefits

        This guide contains a brief summary of your employee benefits. Complete descriptions of the plans are
      contained in the plan documents. If there is any disagreement between this booklet or any oral description
         of the plan and the wording of the corresponding plan document, the plan document will govern. Dart
     Container reserves the right to modify, amend, suspend or terminate any plan, in whole or in part, at any time
      and for any reason. The authority to make any such changes to the plan rests with Dart Container. Any such
            modifications, suspension or termination of the plan shall be made by decision of Dart Container.

16       2018 Benefit Guide

  Dart Container   17
You can also read