Diffusion Range 2019 - Sqwears Couture

Diffusion Range 2019 - Sqwears Couture
Diffusion Range
Diffusion Range 2019 - Sqwears Couture
Introducing ‘The SqWear you Wear’.
Diffusion Range 2019 - Sqwears Couture
Asymmetric SqWear -
Layer your SqWear

The Asymmetric SqWear is a simple, stylish and
easy to wear staple for any wardrobe. Whichever
colour you choose, you truly can #SqWearItYourWay
by either wearing just one colour, or layering
complementary colours to create a unique look.

The crisp lines and semi-sheer fabric creates
opportunities to layer the Sqwear. With this seasons
zesty palette you can, for example, take the black
and lime combination and simply swap them
around to take the look from day to night. Wear over
a simple trouser/cami combination for an elegant
silhouette or even wear with boots and polo neck
for a warmer, stylish more casual day look perfect
for a shopping trip or lunch with the girls. You can
even add a belt for a different look yet again.

The Asymmetric SqWear is a great capsule piece
creating opportunities for multi-buy offers and
upselling with the fabulous accessory - Shoulder
Cuff in Leather.
Shoulder Cuff in Leather
This unique piece is called a ‘Shoulder Cuff’ and has been designed
to wear with the Asymmetric SqWear. It sits comfortably on the
shoulder and hooks onto the fabric creating an additional look
and a very cool point of difference, never been seen before. With
a patent pending on this brand new and unique fashion item, the
Shoulder Cuff comes in a range of complementary colours and is
available in packs of three.
Asymmetric SqWears
The beautiful asymmetry of this design makes it a popular choice.
The distinct off the shoulder look is sophisticated and stylish and
can be easily worn with a bare shoulder for a day to evening option
or over a simple roll neck for a more modest look. The prints are
bold and have been specifically designed to enhance the shape of
the Asymmetric SqWears. Wear with a belt for a different look or
without for a more flowing shape and feel. Don’t forget the additional
Shoulder Cuff can be worn to truly personalise your SqWear.
Classic SqWears
Our Classic SqWears can be worn in numerous ways, offering the ultimate
in flexibility and the ability to customise for a variety of looks. The placement
of the central neck-line is the epitome of simplicity and as there are no
seams, enables the wearer to #SpinTheSqWear thus creating many different
silhouettes. Classic SqWears are available in the most beautiful prints each
one designed by our founder especially to complement the shape of the
SqWear. Is this the simplest garment in the world? We think so!
How to Wear Your Classic SqWear

As there are no seams in a        Rotate again and you will see   Take a corner of the SqWear
SqWear, just an opening in the    the shape change to become      and tie a knot in it to give yet
middle, simply rotate to get      shorter at the front.           another look.
the desired look. Shown here
as asymmetric.

SqWears are a registered          Shown here using the front      Using all four loops creates a
design and has a unique loop      two loops only, to give a       softer shape with no points or
system, designed to hook onto     tiered effect.                  corners showing.
belts or belt loops to create a
variety of shapes.

Sara Bird
                     Founder and CEO
SqWears Couture is a fashion house based in the historic city of
Lincoln with each piece designed and made exclusively in England.

This Great British Brand defines style and effortless glamour and
has been designed by founder Sara Bird specifically for the plus size
market. With an absolute passion that women should feel beautiful
and confident, SqWears are feminine and flattering and are bringing a
new silhouette to the world of fashion.

SqWears have attracted a registered design and by putting the
customer at the heart of the brand, every SqWear is designed
specifically to make women look and feel #FabulousAtAnySize.
      SqWears Couture Ltd.
Rope Walk, Lincoln, England, LN6 7DQ
         +44 1522 837290
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