Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK

Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
Neale News - August 2018
Trusting God with the
next chapter

The last few months
have been extremely
busy. We thank God for
His protection and love
which has carried us
through it all.
Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
Here are some of the things we did before we left...

                       Treaty Plaque Laying Ceremony

                                           In June we had the privilege of
                                           attending the treaty plaque laying
                                           ceremony in Birany Birany. It marked
                                           30 years since the Prime Minister at
                                           the time, Bob Hawke, visited the
                                           Northern Territory for the Barunga
                                           festival where he was presented with
                                           a statement of Aboriginal political
                                           objectives by Galarrwuy
                                           Yunupingu. Hawke responded to the
                                           Barunga Statement with a promise
                                           that a treaty would be concluded with
                                           Indigenous Australians by 1990.

In 1991, Yothu Yindi wanted a song to highlight the lack of progress on the
treaty between Aboriginal peoples and the federal government.
And so, they penned a song called "Treaty" in the hope that the government
would finally listen.
Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
The plaque reads: "I'm still waiting for that treaty to come along, even if it's not there
       in the days that I am living, it might come in the days that I am not living."
                             This land was never given up
                          This land was never bought or sold
                             The planting of the union jack
                              Never changed our law at all
                            Now two rivers run their course
                                 Separated for so long
                            I'm dreaming of a brighter day
                           When the waters will become one

                                Miles away from home

                                   Saying Goodbye...

Israel on his last flight in Arnhem Land flying some familiar faces -Laynha
nurses on their weekly flight out to a number of remote communities so they
could conduct health checks.
Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
I went back to see the fruit tree I planted, as you can see it's growing pretty
well. Sandy (pictured left) showed me the one that he planted 21 years ago. He
said the leaves can be used to treat colds and flu.

One of many goodbyes... Fellowship with the Wayambo and Lamboa family
(from PNG) during our final week gave us a taster of what to expect there. It
really encouraged us and made us excited for the move to PNG.
Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
Our last day at church. Our adopted 'Amalas' (Mothers) bid us farewell by
singing us the most beautiful songs in Yolngu Matha.

We drove out to Mata Mata & Gikal to say djut djut (Goodbye) to our Yolngu
family. It was almost two years ago since we arrived and Batumbil (Phyllis)
adopted us. We're so grateful to God for that as it opened up so many more
relationships for us. It was an emotional time for us saying goodbye to
our 'Midiku' (special sister) and her beautiful homeland.

             Miles setting off for his last day at school with his friend Josh
Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
A lovely goodbye message from Miles' school

Prayer and Praise!

     For our visas which have been delayed. We need to get them asap
     otherwise we may face delays that could take us into next year.
     For the Yolngu community "Yirrkala" there were two more suicides this
     past week.
     For the new families coming to Arnhem Land and for the Schmidt family
     who have just moved out to Elcho Island.
     For the leadership team as they are currently facing a lot of challenges.
Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
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Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK Neale News - August 2018 - MAF UK
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