PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

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PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

Western Springs College is on the journey to become                               graduates who gain the academic
a new school. The opportunity to construct new                                    qualifications required for competitive
                                                                                  access to sought-after tertiary
buildings and facilities for 80% of the school presents
                                                                                  level courses.
the community with a state of the art, modern and
innovative secondary school learning environment                                  We have also reaffirmed our identity
                                                                                  as a school distinctive for nurturing
which will further enhance the delivery of an already
                                                                                  individuality, creativity and critical
outstanding education.
                                                                                  thinking. Accordingly, we seek to
                                                                                  offer an increasingly personalised
All successful educational institutions   the ways we need to change in           education which recognises and
benefit from self-review and self-        order to future-proof the educational   caters for the unique individual
renewal. Planning for the new school      experiences through which our           interests and strengths of each of
has sharpened our thinking both           young people will thrive and develop.
                                                                                  our students and in doing so opens
about the essence of a Western            We emphasise our commitment to          up a range of challenging pathways
Springs College education and about       WSC’s core business of producing        beyond school.
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College
We retain our mission to develop      For parents, membership of
well-rounded young adults who         our school community means
hold sound values, including,         ready access to, and direct
above all, self-respect and respect   communication with relevant staff
for others. We celebrate our          and the chance to belong to a
coeducational and bi-cultural         very active and supportive parent
identity and the opportunities        network with clear links to staff
presented to establish healthy        and trustees.
friendships and to become
at ease living and working with       Ivan Davis, Principal
people from the diverse
range of backgrounds which
is Auckland today.
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

Western Springs College               WSC NCEA PASS RATES
has a well-earned                     NATIONAL AND SAME DECILE COMPARISON
reputation for outstanding            % Roll Achieving Qualifications         WSC     NZ Decile 8-10        National
academic achievement
                                      Level 1 (Year 11)                        92%                 91%           85%
within a safe, nurturing
learning environment.                 Level 2 (Year 12)                        96%                93%            89%
                                      Level 3 (Year 13)                        90%                88%            82%
Western Springs College provides
students and families with the        •    Western Springs College: Top NZ Decile 8 state secondary school
opportunity to experience a                for seven consecutive years.
secondary education within
a school community that               •    Western Springs College: Top (first or second ranking) Auckland
accurately reflects the diverse            region state secondary for seven consecutive years.
character of 21st century Auckland.   Source for all statistics:
For whanau of Maori students, the
College provides the opportunity
to be educated within the rumaki
– Nga Puna O Waiorea – the
Te Reo Maori immersion kura
                                      "They're doing something
within the College.
With a roll of 1600 students
                                      right out there by the zoo."
                                                                                          Metro, July/August 2016 p51
Springs remains small enough
to enable us to cater at a personal
level for the individual needs
of our students, but large enough     A CO-EDUCATIONAL COLLEGE                   SCHOLARSHIP
to offer a comprehensive range        WHERE GIRLS EXCEL...AND                    Last year, 31 Springs students gained
                                      BOYS DO TOO!                               NZ Scholarships. Extraordinarily, 16
of subjects and extra-curricula
                                      In their "Best Schools in Auckland"        of these were from History – three
                                      feature of July/August 2016, Metro         at an Outstanding level. Art Design
                        1%            magazine states that:                      students gained six Scholarships,
        7%              OTHER
   PASIFIKA                                                                      one at Outstanding level.
                                      "The top-ranked school for both girls
14%                                   and boys is Western Springs College,       The other subject areas in which
                                      a decile 8 school with a strong kura       students won Scholarships are:
                                      kaupapa unit."                             Biology, Dance, Economics, English,
                                                                                 Media Studies, Music, Painting and
                                      Their story on gender achievement
                                                                                 Physical Education.
                                      "shows the mainstream school that
                                      recorded the best results for girls...     Two of our Pasifika students gained
                                      was not a Catholic school or any kind      three Scholarships, one in Art
                                      of single sex school. but Western          Design and two in History, one at
                                      Springs College and the same story         Outstanding level and two students
                                                                                 from Ngā Puna O Waiōrea also
                                      shows, the mainstream school that
                                                                                 gained scholarships in History,
                                      achieved the same feat for boys was
                                                                                 one at Outstanding level.
                                      also Western Springs."

                                          Metro Magazine, July/August 2016
        23%             55%                                    p56 and p51
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

ENROLMENTS                              SCHOOL DONATIONS                           course fees to cover costs such as
                                        Parents/caregivers are asked to            materials and write-on work books.
Enrolments are governed by the
                                        make an annual contribution to the
Ministry of Education enrolment
scheme. Details are available on
                                        College’s funds to help provide for        DRESS AND
the college website and from the
                                        educational, cultural, social activities   APPEARANCE
                                        and health services not covered by
school office.                                                                     Western Springs College has no
                                        government funding.
Enrolments begin after Open Week                                                   formal uniform. The development of
                                        THE SCHOOL DONATION IS:                    sensible attitudes towards matters of
in April. Parents/caregivers who live   $500 if there is one student in the
in-zone should contact the school                                                  dress and appearance is seen as part
                                        family; or $600 if there are two or
office to arrange an enrolment                                                     of the education process.
                                        more students from a family.
interview time with the deputy
                                                                                   Dress should be neat and appropriate
principal.                              School donations should be paid
                                                                                   for all school related occasions.
                                        at the time of enrolment, or at
The Board of Trustees has decided       the beginning of the school year.          It is not acceptable to wear
to accept no out-of-zone enrolments     Payment can be made by cash,               clothing that is immodest or has
for 2020.                               cheque or credit card. Arrangements        offensive messages. In questions of
SCHOOL DAY                              for automatic payment by instalment        acceptability of dress, the College’s
The school day begins at 9:00 a.m.      can be made with the staff in the          decision will be final. Parent support
and ends at 3:15 p.m.                   school office. There are also subject      is expected and appreciated.

                                         MISSION STATEMENT
         All students and staff, inspired by a love of learning, are challenged to discover and
         develop their unique personal strengths so that they are well equipped to share in
                             the building of a just and sustainable society.
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

PUTTING CRITICAL, EVALUATIVE               of very few secondary schools to          competitions, sporting activities,
AND CREATIVE THINKING                      have introduced a compulsory Maori        social and environmental activism,
CENTRE STAGE                               Studies course in our junior school.      performances and exhibitions are
At Western Springs College we              We were one of the first schools          integrated into learning programmes
design our curriculum so that              to develop a strong, thriving Media       and essential to the way Springs
opportunities for higher-level thinking    Studies presence across all year          students learn. Making connections
are part of normal tasks and students      levels, and we are perhaps the            across and beyond subject
are actively involved in their learning.   only NZ state school to have              boundaries gives meaning
From Health to Dance, and from Arts        introduced Philosophy as an               to learning.
to Statistics, we expect our students      elective for all year levels.
to be leading the debate, posing new                                                 Accelerated students have the
                                           CONNECTING WITH OUR                       opportunity to take a university paper
questions, and generating solutions.
                                           COMMUNITY AND RESPONDING                  under the auspices of the University
DIVERSE PATHWAYS                           TO STUDENT NEEDS                          of Auckland Young Scholars
Our curriculum structure is designed       Our Education for Sustainability          programme or as a distance learner
to keep the doors open for all             course connects students                  with Waikato University.
students to University Entrance (U.E.),    directly with sustaining our local
while also providing opportunities for     environment. The strong focus of the      PERSONALISING ASSESSMENT
direct connections with the world of       History Department on New Zealand         The College’s most recent
work. Performing Arts Technology,          history develops students’ awareness      external reviews have affirmed our
Hospitality and Catering Courses are       of their bicultural identity, rooted in   insistence that assessment should
examples of these opportunities, as        a sense of place. The introduction        reflect rather than drive learning.
are First Aid and Diving qualifications.   of Digital Technology and Chinese         These reviews have applauded
High student uptake in English and         across all year levels is a recent        our attempts to personalise
Mathematics courses, right through         instance of the college responding to     assessment by allowing and
to Year 13, helps to ensure our            student and parental interest             encouraging alternative forms of
outstanding U.E. pass rate.                and demand.                               assessment; assessing students
                                                                                     when they are ready; developing
AT THE FOREFRONT OF                        BEYOND THE CLASSROOM                      acceleration programmes; and
CURRICULUM INNOVATION                      Our curriculum does not stop              developing multiple pathways
The College has led the way in             at the classroom door. Trips              though NCEA courses.
curriculum innovation. We are one          and visits, cultural events and
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

The college is organised                  and peer mentoring programmes,
                                          individual and group learning – how-
into five houses – Atea,
                                          to-learn interventions, study skills and
Kapura, Moana, Oranga                     examination technique workshops,
and Whenua. Each has its                  and programmes for gifted and
own Head of House who is                  talented students.
responsible for the support               CANTEEN
and guidance of the                       Western Springs College encourages
                                          healthy eating habits amongst
students in the form                      our students. There is available a
classes in that house.                    selection of hot and cold food and
                                          drinks from breakfast time through to
If you have a concern about any           sports practice time in the afternoon.
aspect of your child’s education, your    There is a courtyard adjacent to the
initial point of contact should be with   canteen with picnic tables and sun
the form teacher or with the head         umbrellas for the students, making it      by multi-levelling whereby students
of your child's house. Support staff      a real hub of the school.                  are able to study at a level suited to
will call, or email, home if there are                                               their ability.
any concerns about student progress       INDIVIDUALISED
or attendance.                                                                       CAREERS CENTRE
                                          PATHWAYS                                   Career education is about developing
Form classes consist of students
                                          Our overriding concern at Springs          each student’s career management
from all year levels. This ‘vertical’
                                          is that all students receive an            skills through self-awareness,
organisation of students encourages
                                          education which meets their needs.         exploring possibilities, decision-
friendships across ages and enables
                                          Whatever a student’s future, Western       making and taking action. Given
us to build a family atmosphere.
                                          Springs College strives to provide         ever-changing work trends and the
GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING                  a successful pathway.                      need for career flexibility, students
Our goal is to support students                                                      are prepared for the current work
so that they are fit and able to          In the junior school (Years 9 and
                                                                                     situation and also ongoing education
learn. Three counsellors provide a        10), students move in core classes
                                                                                     and life role changes. It also facilitates
confidential, easy-to-access service      through the compulsory curriculum.
                                                                                     links between the College and the
which caters for all students. This       Core classes give students stability of
                                                                                     community, employers, industry
is a self-referral process, although      relationships. At Springs, year 9 and
                                                                                     and tertiary institutions.
heads of houses and families may          10 classes are relatively small and
recommend an appointment with a           consist of students of mixed ability.      The Centre’s range
counsellor.                                                                          of services includes:
                                          There is a strong commitment to
HEALTH CENTRE (WAIORA)                    mixed ability teaching at all levels in    •   1:1 career counselling
Within a specialist adolescent health     the school. Our philosophy is that it is   •   Gateway – work-based learning
care service, this centre delivers        important to have high expectations
                                                                                     •   Years 9 – 12 career programmes
high quality nursing care. The nurse      of all students, all of whom we
liaises with colleagues, families and     believe to be intelligent in various       •   An extensive library of career
outside health providers, as well         ways. In our view it is indefensible           resources for students exploring
as carrying out a significant health      and irresponsible to prematurely and           future options
education role. The school-based          inaccurately label students’ ability       •   Regular career focus seminars
physiotherapist provides treatment        levels.
                                                                                     •   Facilitating attendance at
for students each day of the week.
                                          Catering for individual needs                  interactive career workshops
LEARNING CENTRE                           is achieved in a variety of ways               provided by tertiary and career
The Learning Centre offers a              at Western Springs College.                    services
comprehensive range of learning           Differentiated teaching occurs within
                                                                                     •   Facilitating off-site career
support programmes catering for all       all junior classes. The Learning Centre
                                                                                         exploration opportunities
students at all levels. These include     has been designed to help students
specialist help to address literacy       plug gaps in their learning skills.        •   CV preparation and interview
and numeracy needs, peer reading          Accelerated learning is made possible          assistance
PROSPECTUS - Western Springs College

All students are encouraged to
become involved in cultural groups.
Nga Puna o Waiorea competes very
successfully in the two main annual
cultural festivals in Auckland. Other
cultural groups representing some of
the many ethnic groups that make up
our college community perform at
various college concerts and events
throughout the year, such as the
annual Po Fia Fia Night.
Western Springs College has
a well-deserved reputation for
innovative school dance and drama
productions, devised musicals and
multi-cultural events. Students have
the opportunity to participate in the
Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival
and the school production. The
Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC)
provides a magnificent venue to
support the creative talents of our
dance, drama and music students.
Technical aspects of theatre
production are offered through the
Performing Arts Technology courses
in the senior school.
Active participation in music is the
primary aim of the Music department.
Performance of all styles of music
is encouraged and students take
part in events such as the talent
quest, choir, jazz band, orchestra,      DEBATING
                                         Debating is a popular extracurricular     are able to play, practice and
assemblies, evening performances,
                                         activity at Western Springs College.      learn about chess as a social or a
visits to local schools, fundraisers,
                                         Students who participate gain             more competitive game. The club
drama performances, the Smokefree
                                         confidence in public speaking and         participates in the inter-secondary
Rock Quest and the Auckland
                                         learn to think on their feet. They also   competition.
Secondary Schools’ Orchestra and
Band Festival. The music department      extend their general knowledge and        COLLEGE BALL
staff are supported by 11 part-          develop their analytical skills. Our      The Western Springs College Ball
time tutors. Students have the           teams traditionally do very well in the   is always a lot of fun and a chance
opportunity to participate in small      inter-school competitions where we        for students and staff to let their hair
group instrumental tuition for flute,    enter at junior, senior and advanced      down (or put their hair up!). The Ball
keyboard, piano, saxophone, clarinet,    level.                                    is held in the second or third term
trumpet, trombone, cello, double         CHESS CLUB                                each year. It is organised by the Ball
bass, electric bass, drum kit, guitar,   Many students enjoy the game              Committee under the supervision
violin, viola and voice.                 of chess. In Chess Club students          of a Deputy Principal.
Parents and caregivers                    •   Four Records of Achievement are           enrolment interview.
                                              completed annually for each year
are an integral part of                                                             •   Enrolments at Western Springs are
                                              level, one in each term.
their children’s education.                                                             made by appointment through
                                          •   Parent teacher interviews                 the college office.
At Western Springs
                                              follow the first two Records
College we encourage                                                                •   Parents and caregivers are
                                              of Achievement.                           consulted about students’
communication between
                                          •   School Newsletters are published          courses.
home and school through
                                              are published three times a term.     •   There is ongoing contact
a variety of avenues:                         They are emailed to all homes             between form teachers, Learning
                                              and placed on the school website,         Coordinators, head of houses and
•   An annual barbeque is held early
                                              newsletters are also distributed on       home via telephone or email.
    in Term 1 for new families and
                                              request in hard copy form from
    staff to acquaint themselves. It is                                             •   Our website www.westernsprings.
    a relaxed, informal and friendly          the school office.
                                                                               and the Parent Portal
    occasion.                             •   Open Week is an opportunity               keeps parents informed of
                                              for parents and their children –          upcoming events.
•   Regular report evenings are held
    so that families can meet teachers        current or prospective – to visit     •   The school website allows access
    to discuss each student’s progress        the college during school                 to daily notices so parents can
    and, where necessary, to establish        hours, meet staff, students               monitor school activities and
    direct, ongoing links. Details of         and other parents, and observe            encourage their children to
    report evenings are included in           classes during a conducted                participate in the wide range
    the report email-out.                     tour prior to arranging an                of opportunities available.
MAORI TIKANGA                              striving towards achieving their           INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
The marae is a vital part of the life of   academic goals.                            Western Springs College welcomes
the College and the local community.                                                  international fee-paying students.
Maori tikanga (customs) and te reo         Student academic success is                We provide close individual attention
Maori are accorded pride of place at       enhanced by learning support               and personal care for up to 100
Western Springs College. Both are          through the Pasifika Homework              international students from many
integrated into formal ceremonies          Centre and by celebratory events           countries. At Springs we strive
such as the senior prizegiving.            such as the annual Fia Fia Cultural        to ensure that our international
Students in the English medium             Performance Night and the end-of-          students are able to enjoy more
school study te reo Maori and tikanga      year Pasifika Prizegiving ceremony.        of New Zealand’s language and
Maori (language and customs) on the                                                   culture through integration into the
                                           The Pasifika Student Achievement
marae.                                                                                mainstream student body.
                                           Co-ordinator and the Board of
PASIFIKA                                   Trustees representative share a            For further information please refer
Western Springs College strongly           common vision for all Pasifika             to the International Department over
encourages Pasifika students to            students to leave school with at           the page.
maintain their cultural links. One         least an NCEA Level 2 Certificate
way of achieving this is to join a         qualification and to be fully equipped
Pasifika form class and be part of         for life beyond school. A key element
a vertical (Years 9-13) group which        is community and parent support:
honours Pasifika traditions and            the Pasifika staff strive to ensure that
values. The philosophy is one              contact between school and home
of shared responsibility and               is maintained.
fellowship supportive of students
1. Outstanding NCEA certification         Communication, Digital              5. Opportunities to experience
   rates: First placed New Zealand        Technology, Fabric Technology,         a multi-cultural environment;
   Decile 8* state school for seven       and Food Technology.                   international students at Springs
   consecutive years.                  3. A student leadership programme         are from over ten nationalities.

   *Same decile schools are of            for international students is       6. Our superb location: 6
   similar social and economic            aimed at enhancing personal            kilometres from CDB and
   structure.                             and leadership development             the city waterfront, and
                                          and supporting international           situated within the popular
2. A reputation for strength in
                                          students to participate in and         recreational area of Western
   providing both traditional and
                                          contribute to school life.             Springs including its beautiful
   modern curriculum subjects
                                       4. A wide range of sports and             lakeside park, Auckland Zoo
   such as Art Painting, Art Design,
                                          other extra-curricular activities      and Museum of Transport
   Photography, Media, Drama,
                                          are on offer.                          Technology.
   Dance, Music, Design & Visual
Rujikorn Sinlapaorankul | Thailand
I feel at home at my homestay. I love PE and Art Design.
The school is not too big, and I have lots of friends.
The International Student Office organises many
activities. They always try to help me. It is such a good
country and good school where I can learn a lot.

Yukiko Hirate | Japan
Staying with a kiwi homestay is the best way to learn
and get a taste of the NZ culture which is different
from Japan. I am now more of a critical thinker, an
independent teenager, and a confident learner. I like the
business subjects such as Economics and Accounting,
and I have achieved Merit or Excellence in all the

Camila Nogueira | Brazil
Here I can choose subjects that interest me: I learned
professional dancing; I was trained to be a confident
drama performer. I made a dress in Soft Material
Technology class. We meet different people in each
class. I feel so secure in New Zealand. I feel more
independent. Being a student leader gave me pride and
confidence. I developed my leadership and skills.

Josefina Aguiluz | Chile
Western Springs College has a great diversity of people
who all respect each other. You can choose your
subjects; and you can make many friends. I love
History and Biology, Soft Materials Fashion Design and
Food Technology. This is a valuable chance for me to
learn English and experience the culture. I will benefit
all my life.

Tracy Chao XU | China
 The teachers here can be strict but they are very
friendly and helpful. My favourite subject are Media
and Economics. They’re cool and interesting. I watched
the school production and it was fantastic. A big plus
for me is that I don't have to wear a school uniform. I
plan to go to the University of Auckland and study media
and commerce. My homestay family treats me well and
makes me feel comfortable. New Zealand has a relaxing
atmosphere. People are very friendly.

Kwon Nung Jang | Korea
I changed to Western Springs College from a high school
in Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. WSC is
such a great school, where it is easier to have local and
international friends. All WSC staff and teachers are nice.
I find the teachers here are more instructive at class and
providing quality teaching. My favourite subjects are History
and Graphic Design. I enjoy playing rugby at school. Not
wearing a uniform makes me feel more comfortable.
FEE INFORMATION                                                                                                            YEAR LEVEL
TUITION FEE                                                                                                                REFERENCE:
1 Year....................................................................................................$NZ 17,000.00    NCEA Level 3/Year 13: You will not
One Term (Term 1, or Term 2, but not Term 3 or Term 4)........................... $NZ 4,500.00                             be enrolled at Year 13 unless you
                                                                                                                           have studied Year 12 at another
Two Terms............................................................................................ $NZ 9,000.00
                                                                                                                           New Zealand high school; special
Three Terms........................................................................................ $NZ 13,250.00          exceptions may be considered.
                                                                                                                           (Students’ average age: 17-18 years old)
Homestay Placement Fee (or Accomodation Supervision Fee).... $NZ 350.00
                                                                                                                           NCEA Level 2/Year 12: (Students’
Administration Fee............................................................................... $NZ 1,500.00
                                                                                                                           average age: 16-17 years old)         .
Homestay Accommodation $NZ14,20.00 per year....... $NZ 290.00 per week
                                                                                                                           NCEA Level 1/Year 11: (Students’
NCEA Exam Fees (Years 11, 12, &13)........................................................... $NZ 383.40                   average age: 15-16 years old).
Course Fee (Textbook & Workbook):...........................................................$NZ 300.00                     Years 10: (Students’ average age:
                                                                                                                           14-15 years old).
Contingency Fee (refundable, for trips or emergency).................................$NZ 500.00
                                                                                                                           Year 9: (Students’ average age: (13-14).

SUBJECTS PROVIDED                                                                                                          CHOOSING SUBJECTS
Western Springs College plans to provide the following subjects. Some                                                      All Year 11 (NCEA Level 1) students
courses may not run due to small numbers of students choosing them:                                                        study English, Mathematics, Science
Accounting, Art (Art Painting, Art Design, Art Photography, & Art History),                                                and three other subjects. All Year
Classical Studies, Dance, Drama, Economics, English, Environmental                                                         12 (NCEA Level 2) students study
Sustainabilitym, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Geography,                                                English and choose five other
Health, History, Languages (French, Japanese, & Chinese), Mathematics,                                                     subjects. All Year 13 (NCEA Level 3)
Media Studies, Music, Performing Arts Technology, Philosophy, Physical                                                     students have one study period and
Education, Science (Biology, Chemistry, & Physics), & Technology (Graphics                                                 follow on from subjects that have
design, Hard Materials Technology, Fabric Technology and Food Technology).                                                 been studied at Year 12.

                                                              International                                               Uniform
 School Type                      School roll                                                Student                                        Accommodation
                                                              students roll                                               requirement

                                  1600                        110                             10                          No uniform        Homestay only

More details available on school website:
All airport pick-up and homestay placements are made by the school, with guardian service
and after-hour support provided.
Enrolment contact: Joanne Qiao, email:

   Western Springs College is the
                                                               Term 1: End of January or beginning of February – Mid April
   signatory to Education (Pastoral
   Care of International Students)                             Term 2: Late April or early May – Early July
   Code of Practice 2016. The
   Code of Practice is available                               Term 3: Late July – late September
   on the New Zealand Legislation
                                                               Term 4: Mid October – late November or early December
   website at:
                                                               (depending on NCEA exam timetable for each subject)
   regulation                                                  Notes: New international students can usually be enrolled in January, July,
                                                               and September for Year 11 and Year 12.

At Springs student
leadership development is
a core priority. All students
are encouraged to
engage with and develop
leadership skills through
opportunities which are
current, have a real-life
focus and are actively
supported by the school
and local community.
We provide effective guidance and
support in order to ensure a reflective
approach to leadership development.
At Springs we care about the
emotional and physical well-being
of our students, as well as caring for
our environment. This is reflected
within our student leadership team
and junior learner council. Student
house leaders work closely with
heads of house to ensure the overall
well-being and success of students
within their house community, while
portfolio leaders work within the
areas of sport, culture, academic
progress, international relations and
environmental sustainability.

Health Wise, Travel Wise                  Enviroschools, Waste Wise and Travel    Students are provided with a range
                                          Wise coordinators from Auckland         of opportunities, including a Wises
and Waste Wise leaders
                                          Council and representatives from the    Camp, in order to develop both
all work cohesively to                    District Health Board, our students     leadership skills and sustainability
develop Springs as a                      have access to a wide range of          know-how.
sustainable environment.                  experiences and skills.
                                                                                  At Springs we pride ourselves in
                                          Wises leaders work closely with the     developing young leaders who
Supported by the research team from       corresponding Wises Panel. Each of      are well-informed, passionate and
the Department of Psychology at           the three Wises panels consists of      proactive.
the University of Auckland, as well as    students from across all year levels.

The sports programme
at Western Springs
College is under the
leadership of well
known Sports Director,
Peter McIntyre. Under
Peter’s auspices Springs
students participate in a
comprehensive range of
intersecondary school
sports competitions.
Sports teams represent the College
in 26 sports: tennis, volleyball,
cricket, touch, water polo, athletics,
swimming, dragon boating, softball,
triathlon, waka ama, diving, cross
country, netball, football, rugby, rugby
league, hockey, basketball, lacrosse,
table tennis, badminton, squash,
orienteering, equestrian, sailing          uphold the Fair Play Charter and we
and skiing.                                encourage all students to participate
Additionally, the Sports Director is       for enjoyment, to show commitment
able to cater for a wide range of          and respect, and to play hard but fair.
individual sporting pursuits through       SPORTS ACADEMY
the Auckland Regional College Sport        Academy programmes are designed
Programme.                                 to advance the development of
AWARDS                                     students who excel in their chosen
Our top sports people are honoured         sport(s) and provide the opportunity
at the annual college sports awards        to gain the knowledge and skills to
dinner.                                    lead, manage and coach others.

FACILITIES                                 The programmes seek to motivate
In addition to the gymnasium and           students to aspire to reach their
sports fields, students have access        full potential both in their sport and
to an all-weather, multi-sport turf        their academic performance. The
complex and the sports centre which        Sports Academy offers programmes
is the venue for the Sports Academy        for students at all year levels. Entry
classes.                                   is through a process of application
                                           and selection. Special programme
                                           features include:
A specially designated Board fund
is used to employ coaches in high          •   Leadership Strategies
demand sports such as netball, water           Achievement Standards
polo, basketball, football and cricket.
                                           •   Open Water (or Intermediate)
PARTICIPATION                                  Dive Certificate
We believe there are enormous
                                           •   Intermediate First Aid and Sports
benefits for students who participate
                                               Injury Management Certificates
in sport. At Springs there are
many opportunities to participate          •   Competition in the Auckland
in competitive sports teams. We                Secondary Schools Triathlon.
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