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South African cities are grappling with the       The Western Cape Government and the
double dilemma of trying to redress their         City of Cape Town have created a matrix
segregated past while also planning for a         of policies, frameworks and development
more urbanised future. Cape Town is               incentives designed to address spatial
no different.                                     inequality and facilitate the construction
                                                  of affordable housing. These mechanisms
If a society is to thrive, its people need to     need to be married with sound investments
be empowered to find work. They need              from committed developers, investors and
to be able to access safe, reliable public        institutions who have the visionary will to
transport, and they need to live in decent        create safe and sustainable, accessible
accommodation that they can afford. For           and affordable neighbourhoods in our
years, the city’s spatial segregation, a legacy   city centres, close to transport, work
of apartheid planning, has excluded the           opportunities and social amenities.
majority of the population from accessing
convenient work opportunities and                 We have created this guide as a tool
affordable accommodation. Affordable and          for developers seeking to maximise the
inclusionary housing, developed around            opportunity for building affordable housing
transit hubs in active economic centres,          in Bellville, Parow and the Greater Tygerberg
is the key to achieving more sustainable and      area. The details contained here should be
equitable development.                            used to inform development decisions that
                                                  will build on the existing potential of our
We have a vision for an economically vibrant,     city, and drive the growth of a prosperous,
connected community that lives, works and         economically active urban centre.
plays in a quality, safe and accessible 24-hour
urban environment. Sustainable, intelligent       We look forward to building the future
densification targeted at creating affordable,    Bellville with you.
decent accommodation is one of the most
important elements that will support the
society we envisage.                              - Warren Hewitt

                                                                                                  Photo by Greater Tygerberg Partnership
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THE URBAN AFRICAN OPPORTUNITY...................................................5                        MAJOR INVESTMENTS
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       Bellville as Cape Town’s second CBD -                                                             IDEAL LOCATION......................................................................................37
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WHAT IS AFFORDABLE HOUSING? .......................................................8
                                                                                                         AMENITIES AND SERVICES
THE INVESTMENT CASE FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING ....................9                                                Public Spaces............................................................................39
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       Bulk Infrastructure ...................................................................25


  A place where people love                      Many well-located                           HOW TO
  to live                                        land parcels ready for
  Bellville is in high demand by many                                                        The Greater Tygerberg Partnership is your
  groups as it offers a high quality of          A diversity of serviced land parcels        single point of access to a personalised and
  life with an abundance of schools,             with suitable and supporting zoning         confidential service for investors interested in
  tertiary institutions, health facilities and   in place ready for development, with        the Bellville area.
  amenities with well-functioning city           plans to release public land in five
  improvement districts.                         major precincts.                            To register your interest in investment
                                                                                             opportunities in affordable housing, please
  An area rich in jobs and                       UDZ tax incentive extended
  attractive to companies                        for two years                               The Greater Tygerberg Partnership
  A high concentration of jobs in the                                              
                                                 Urban Development Zone tax incentive
  financial services, education, logistics,                                                  +27 (0)21 823 6713
                                                 extended until 2023 and heritage
  manufacturing and medical technology                                                       Unit 3A, Bellpark Building
                                                 exemptions in place, with further
  sectors along with three major                                                             Cnr De Lange Str & Durban Rd
                                                 incentives for inclusionary housing
  industrial nodes.                                                                          Bellville
                                                 being developed.

  Major public and private                       An infrastructure priority for
  investment in the area                         government
                                                 A local, provincial and national priority
  Growing confidence in the last decade          for investment in new transport
  with R7.3 billion public and private           infrastructure and bulk infrastructure
  investment between 2010 and 2020               and within close proximity to an
  along with stable property value               international airport.

     Development and investment              Site-finding service                      Partnership support
     projects                                Using our networks and the GTP            We provide targeted marketing and
     We help with facilitating, supporting   algorithm, we identify greenfield or      media support for investors in the area,
     and managing investment projects        brownfield sites or precincts that are    reaching a B2B audience.
     across all key sectors.                 available and best suited to a proposed
                                             development project.

     Property development                    Research and data services                Government relations and
     facilitation                            We undertake research and analysis,       engagement
     We assist developers and those          gather expertise, provide data            Through our relationships with local
     developing in the area to help          and information.                          and provincial governments as
     understand and accelerate the                                                     well as government agencies, we
     development process and cycle from                                                help to facilitate and build stronger
     feasibility to plan submission.                                                   relationships.

     Implementation partner                  Business development
     From placemaking to innovation          support
     and community and stakeholder           We facilitate and connect growing and
     engagement, we help with delivery,      small businesses to wider networks in
     viability and implementation of         addition to the recently launched small
     projects.                               business portal.


It is estimated that over 900 million people, mostly youth, will move into African cities in the coming few decades. This represents significant
 urban growth at a rate outpacing that of Asia and the rest of the developing world. While this presents a major challenge for housing
provision, infrastructure, amenities and social and cultural cohesion, it also represents a major opportunity.

The opportunity arises when cities and countries tap into the energy and ingenuity of the younger and creative population, while
leapfrogging the developed world to a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future.


S   outh African cities are primed for the
    delivery of affordable housing options
with a massive demand and market across
                                                  Increasing land values, particularly in Cape
                                                  Town, has further reduced the availability
                                                  and accessibility of well-located affordable
                                                                                                     With the right development incentives,
                                                                                                     supportive policy and legislative frameworks,
                                                                                                     affordable housing can be used as a tool to
all categories of affordable housing. The         housing.                                           achieve greater socio-economic and spatially
current delivery mechanism and supply is                                                             inclusive development.
outstripped by demand due to population           Cape Town is considered a major investment
growth and urbanisation.                          opportunity, with PwC ranking it as Africa’s
                                                  top city of opportunity in 2018.
The legacy of Apartheid means affordable
housing is generally located far from jobs        Affordable housing delivery in well-located
and other facilities like healthcare, quality     areas creates the conditions for cities to
                                                                                                             “We are establishing strategic
education and recreational offerings. This        both densify and to intensify land uses, while
                                                                                                              forums to engage academic
trend has continued post-1994, with a low         contributing positively to a mix of housing
                                                                                                                institutions, the business
supply of government housing stock in well-       typologies and land use functions.
                                                                                                             sector and civil society, which
located areas, and little to no contribution
                                                                                                              will assist our short, medium
from the private sector.
                                                                                                                 and long-term goals of
                                                                                                             revitalising the Bellville CBD”
                                                                                                               City of Cape Town Executive Mayor,
                                                                                                                            Dan Plato

W     ith the Bellville CBD at its heart, the
      Greater Tygerberg Area is a diverse
financial, medical and educational urban
centre. It is a highly connected hub at
the heart of the metropole. It can be
considered as the secondary city of the
metropolitan region that supports Cape
Town as the primary city.

Like most major urban centres, Cape
Town is facing pressure from growing
urbanisation, characterised by increasing
congestion, rising accommodation
costs and limited space for inclusive
development. As a key node, given the City
of Cape Town’s strategy to bring people
closer to their workplaces, Bellville has an
important role to play in supporting Cape
Town, by shifting towards a mixed-use
centre with well-connected, multi-modal
transport linkages and well-established
service infrastructure.

A masterplan for Cape Town’s second CBD

C   ape Town’s Executive Mayor, Dan
    Plato, launched the Bellville Future City
masterplan in March 2021. This long-term
masterplanning project aims to unlock
the development potential of Bellville as a
multi-functional and dynamic economic hub.
Through targeted investments by the City
and other agencies, Bellville will become
an increasingly attractive place to live and
work; improving the overall quality of life
of residents, while also promoting greater
socio-economic inclusion and facilitating

The City of Cape Town has prioritised Bellville
as a catalytic transit-oriented development
(TOD) node. The Bellville Future City
masterplan should be seen as a strategy to
stimulate opportunities for the affordable
housing sector - both in terms of supply and
meeting rising housing demand; and in terms
of property investment within the affordable
housing sector. The substantial investment in
land and public transport corridors within the
Bellville CBD is also a positive impetus for the
growth of a viable and accessible affordable
housing sector


A   ffordable housing is housing for people
    or households with incomes lower
than median income of an area or where
                                                    Affordable housing is a broad term that
                                                                                                      •   Inclusionary Housing
the household incomes are not sufficient            •   Social Housing                                    Housing that is developed by the private
                                                        Rental or co-operative housing that is
to access the market rental housing                                                                       sector (ownership/rental) and reserved for
                                                        delivered by an accredited Social Housing
opportunities in an area.                                                                                 households who may not qualify for Social
                                                        Institution (SHI) for households earning
                                                                                                          Housing but earn below R35,000-R40,000
                                                        between R1,501 - R15,000 per month.
Affordable housing is not necessarily ‘cheap’                                                             per month. For example: the Western Cape
or of a poorer standard – it is quality housing,    •   Government Subsidised                             Government recently defined this as rental
                                                        Housing that is provided by the private
priced at a level which is affordable relative to                                                         accommodation targeted at households
                                                        market through a number of possible subsidy
the income of its occupants.                                                                              currently earning a monthly income
                                                        arrangements. For example: FLISP (Finance
                                                                                                          above the threshold for social housing but
                                                        Linked Individual Subsidy Programme), a
The term ‘affordable housing’ is often                                                                    less than R40,000.
                                                        home loan subsidy for qualifying buyers
confused in the media with ‘low-cost’ and                                                             •   Student/Sectoral Housing
                                                        with a joint monthly household income
‘low-income’ housing. The development of                                                                  Housing that is developed for particular
                                                        up to R22,000.
this housing generally embeds long-term                                                                   sectors or groups who would otherwise not
‘affordability’ into the area through certain       •   Transitional Housing                              have access to housing in an area on the open
                                                        Supportive, yet temporary housing that is
terms and conditions around the sale                                                                      market e.g. student housing, essential service
                                                        meant to bridge the gap from homelessness
and rental of affordable housing units.                                                                   housing, housing for public service workers
                                                        to permanent housing for households who
                                                                                                          such as police, healthcare workers, teachers.
                                                        face eviction or other emergencies.


The investment case for any asset class rests    For the institutional investor deploying a       In addition, between 2012 and 2015, the
on the potential for above-inflation returns     significant scale of capital over a longer       affordable housing segment outperformed
based on a large demand.                         term horizon as part of a diverse portfolio of   the overall housing market. House price
                                                 assets, affordable housing can:                  growth of properties in the bottom quartile
For affordable housing, as a fixed real estate                                                    (i.e. less than R330,000, excluding RDP
investment, the large and growing demand         Î    offer risk-adjusted returns over a longer   houses) nearly doubled that of the second
outstrips the pace of supply within the South         time period, due to the high demand         highest quartile (R700,000 - R1.135m) and
African context. This is expected to continue    Î    act as a hedge or counter-cyclical          were four times greater than the highest
for decades to come.                                  investment, which is more resilient         quartile (more than R1.135m).
                                                      during downward trends in the economy
                                                      as vacancies remain low                     According to the ABSA MSCI Residential
                                                 Î    act as a defensive and secure investment    Results for 2018, which tracks affordable
                                                      as the capital value of the asset is        housing as a separate category of residential
                                                      likely to increase over the medium- to      across 20 property funds:
                                                      long-term if good maintenance and
  “The affordable market is one                       operations systems are managed              •   Affordable accommodation posted
                                                      offer a more stable investment as the           a higher income return than other
   of the few in which demand                    Î
                                                      capital and income growth of the                accommodation (8.9% vs 6.5%)
   exceeds supply with strong                         fixed asset is less volatile compared
     fundamentals, given the                          with equities                               •   Total returns were comparable to other
                                                 Î    provide stable rental income, which             accommodations (12.3% vs 13.4%),
  ever-increasing trend in South                      can be pegged to inflation and is more          despite the significantly lower costs. This
   Africa towards urbanisation.                       responsive to the state of the economy          means affordable housing investments
    The affordable market has                                                                         are an option for a wider number of
  the lowest vacancy rate of the
    residential rental market”

         Transcend Property Fund

                                HEYMANS PUBLIC
                                HOUSING, BRUSSELS

                                L  ocated on the site of a former soap factory,
                                   the social housing project in Brussels
                                facilitates a mix of 42 low to middle income
                                rental homes.

                                •    Opened: 2011
                                •    Capacity: 42 units (1 to 6 bedroom
                                     apartments, lofts, duplexes and
                                •    Amenities: social meeting room, library,
                                     garden, park, playground and main

                                Photo by Filip Dujardin

T   he Onyx is a 13-storey affordable housing
    development which forms parts of the
Jewel City precinct covering six city blocks.
The precinct includes about 1,500 residential
units in two new blocks, 10,000m2 of office
space as well as several supermarket and
retail outlets.

•   Opened: August 2020
•   Capacity: 660 residential units (348
    bachelors; 226 1-bedroom units and 91
    2-bedroom units)
•   Amenities: CCTV security, free wifi,
    proximity to shopping and office spaces,
    gym, clinic, schools, ample parking,
    convenience retail shops, fast food
    outlets and a restaurant

                    Photo by GASS Architecture Studio

T  he conversion of the 30-storey former
   Total Oil Company’s headquarters to
provide well-located affordable housing for
students, young professionals and families.

•    Opened: 2018-2019
•    Capacity: 400 residential units
•    Amenities: gym, sports court, garden,
     games room, swimming pool, basement
     parking, business centre, retail units and
     event space

                        Photo by Local Studio


1.1 | Urban Development Zone
    . Tax Incentive

T   he Urban Development Zone (UDZ) tax
    incentives administered by the South
African Revenue Services (SARS) aims to
                                                 The incentive is an accelerated depreciation
                                                 allowance on the cost of buildings erected,
                                                 added to, or improved and which are within
                                                 the designated UDZ areas. The allowance is
promote the upliftment and regeneration of       applicable in respect of:
particular areas by rewarding private sector
residential and commercial developers            •   Erection, extension and improvement of
who build or refurbish in these areas. SARS          or addition to an entire building
                                                 •   Erection, extension, improvement
seeks to address the issue of urban decay
                                                     or addition of part of a building
within inner cities and to maintain existing         representing a floor area of
infrastructure while encouraging investment          at least 1,000m2.
in certain properties.
                                                 In February 2021, the National Treasury
                                                 extended the UDZ incentive until the end of
The Parow-Bellville UDZ boundary comprises
                                                 March 2023.
83 hectares extending from Bellville to Parow,
primarily wrapped around the VRC (east-          The GTP, in support of the city, has also
west) and from the Bellville CBD to the N1       proposed that the UDZ boundary be
intersection with Durban Road (north-south).     expanded to include most of the Parow
                                                 section of Voortrekker Road as well as Durban
                                                 Road from Voortrekker Road to the N1.

INCENTIVES                                                                                                                                                                                             N1
                                         CURRENT BOUNDARY                               N1
                                         Due to expire 31 March 2020                                                                                                                              N1        N1
                                                  CURRENT BOUNDARY
                                    CURRENT BOUNDARY                       N1                               N1                                                        N1
                                        to expire Due EXTENSION
                                                      to expire
                                                  31 March 2020 31 March 2020
                                        The City of Cape Town
                                    PROPOSED    PROPOSED
                                                  EXTENSION EXTENSION                                                                                    N1                N1

                                                                                                                            MIKE PIENAAR
                                      together with the GTP
                                    The  City of
                                         City of Capeto
                                                  Cape   Town,
                                                          City ofthis
                                                         Town      Cape Town
                                     together  with  the
                                                      the GTP,

                                                                                                                                                       MIKE PIENAAR
                                                                                                                                MIKE PIENAAR
                                    together   withbeyond GTP2020
                                                     together   withand
                                                                      the in
                                     motivated   to extend
                                                    extend   this to extend this

                                    motivates   to   motivates
                                     incentive in time,
                                    incentive beyond     to 2023,
                                                          2020 beyond
                                                                 and in 2020 and in

                                     and in the boundary     extent

                          G IE
                                    boundary         boundary


                             L BA

                                             G IE
                      G IE
                                                                                                                                                    VOORTREKKER RD


                                              L BA
                        L BA

                           ND                                                                                                             VOORTREKKER RDRTREKKER RD


                               RIV                                                                                                                 VOO
                                                                                                                                                               BELLVILLE STATION




                                                                                                                                                                                        BELLVILLE STATION
                                                                                                                                                                            BELLVILLE STATION

                                                                                            DE LA
                                                                                                        TYGERBERG TYGERBERG

                                                                                                                   DE LA
                                                                                                DE LA
                                                                         PAROW       PAROW

                                                                                                  REY R

                                                                                                                    REY R
                                                                                                       REY R







Map showing current and proposed Urban Development Zone boundaries.

A Summary of the Urban Development Zone Tax Incentives

New / Improvements       Use                                                   Allowance

                         Commercial/residential                                20% year 1 and 8% years 2 – 11

Erection/extension/      Purchased from a developer                            Deemed cost = 55% of the purchase price (deductible over 11 years)
                                                                               25% year 1 and 13% years 2 – 6
                         Low-cost residential unit
                                                                               10% year 7

                         Commercial/residential                                20% years 1 – 5
                         Purchased from a developer                            Deemed cost = 30% of purchase price (deductible over 5 years as above)

                         Low-cost residential unit                             25% years 1 – 4

1.2 | PT1 and PT2 Zones

PT1 and PT2 zones regulate the amount of        PT1: A minimum requirement of one bay
parking required for developments.              of off-street parking per dwelling unit or
                                                main house. Refer to areas where the use

T  he City of Cape Town has designated          of public transport is promoted, but where
   certain areas within the Greater Tygerberg   the City considers the provision of public
Area as PT1 and PT2 zones, reducing the         transport inadequate or where the use of
parking requirements compared with              motor vehicles is limited.
standard areas which require two bays
per dwelling.                                   PT2: A minimum requirement of 0 bays
                                                of off-street parking per dwelling unit
In 2020 the City extended these zones to        or main house. In these areas the use of
include most of the Greater Tygerberg Area      public transport is promoted and the City
with PT2 Zones (0 parking bays required)        considers the provision of public transport
for large parts of the Bellville CBD and for    good, or where the use of motor vehicles is
the majority of the area from Goodwood to       very limited.
Parow along Voortrekker Road.
                                                These zones also generate fewer car trips,
The new designation is designed to              which reduces congestion, encourages public
encourage residential development by            transport use, and potentially reduces the
reducing overall the costs of development.      carbon footprint of a development. They make
It also increases revenue, since the removal    particular sense for developers providing
of parking bays enables more development        housing for lower-income groups who may not
bulk to be allocated to tradeable space,        own or need a car and use public transport
in the case of affordable accommodation,        instead.
housing units.


                    PT1 Zone
                    PT2 Zone
                    Voortrekker Road
                    Mike Pienaar Boulevard
                    Durban Road

PT1 and PT2 Zones


1.3 | Section 13sex of the SA
Income Tax Act.

Under section 13 Sex of the Income Tax Act,
SARS permits a significant tax benefit on
residential property. This incentive allows
purchasers of new residential units in South
Africa, in the same or different developments
and across financial years, to write off a
percentage of the cost of buildings, or
improvements to buildings acquired or built
after 21 October 2008.
                                                                                                                        Photo by David Savage
The following criteria applies:

a) The taxpayer must own at least five 		              New/
                                                                     Developer/Purchaser                          Allowance
   residential units mainly used for residential   Improvements
   accommodation excluding properties uses                                                      Deemed cost = 100%
   for business purposes, e.g. hotels                                      Developer                    - 5% p.a.
                                                                                                        - 10 % p.a. for low cost accommodation
b) Residential units must be new and unused
                                                   New or unused
                                                                                                Deemed cost = 55% of the purchase price
c) The units must be used solely for the                           Purchased from a developer           - 5% p.a.
   purpose of a trade, i.e. residential letting,                                                        - 10 % p.a. for low cost accommodation
   and not be used for personal or family use
                                                                                                Deemed cost = 100%
                                                                           Developer                    - 5% p.a.
                                                                                                        - 10 % p.a. for low cost accommodation
                                                                                                Deemed cost = 30% of the purchase price
                                                                   Purchased from a developer           - 5% p.a.
                                                                                                        - 10 % p.a. for low cost accommodation


1.4 | The Parow Station Precinct Heritage          1.5 | Local government incentives for
Exemption                                          inclusionary housing development

The City of Cape Town has selected the             The City has undertaken a financial feasibility
Parow Station Precinct as a pilot study area       analysis to inform Inclusionary Housing
for an application for exemption from the          Policy choices. This will interrogate the real
heritage requirements of sections 34(3) and        value of incentives that will be offered to
38(9) of the National Heritage Resources           developers when developing affordable
Act, No. 25 of 1999 (NHRA). The City is            housing, and that will be used as part of the
investigating similar measures for the Bellville   implementation of the Inclusionary
CBD.                                               Housing Policy.

The urban spatial incentive is intended            The Feasibility Analysis outcomes should be
to streamline the application process for          ready for engagement in 2021.
potential investors, by relieving the need
for certain permissions. This incentive is         The Western Cape Government draft
designed to encourage development in               Inclusionary Housing framework has been
the Parow Prioritised Local Area, which is a       published with the public comment period
key project for stimulating urban growth           completed.
and renewal.

Investors will be exempt from the
requirements in respect of applications to:        Consideration is being given to the following incentives:
•    alter, improve or demolish buildings
     older than 60 years; and/or
                                                    Type                  Examples
•    consolidate three or more properties
     within a defined geographic area.              Direct financial      Density bonus, reduced parking requirements, lower municipal rates and taxes,
                                                    incentives            and favourable lending rates

                                                    Planning and          Fast-tracking approval processes by a dedicated project team, creating
                                                    regulatory process    inclusionary housing overlay zoning, introducing a single comprehensive permit,
                                                    improvements          alternative construction and design standards

                                                    Bulk infrastructure   Reducing bulk services contribution, reducing connection time to bulk
                                                    incentives            infrastructure, bulk services infrastructure payment holiday


2.1 | Mayoral Urban Regeneration                 As part of this initiative, new precinct       3.  Providing a safety net for the less
                                                 managers have been assigned to the 23              privileged
      Programme (MURP)
                                                 precincts to closely monitor and engage with    a. Social development programmes
                                                 relevant stakeholders to improve service           through outreach
The MURP initiative involves the development
                                                 delivery in various communities.                b. Collaboration with shelters and non-
of a more comprehensive community action
                                                                                                    profit organisations
planning process premised on a strong
social crime prevention approach. Work           2.3 | Improvement District                      c. Providing skills training
is progressing towards the realisation of
a community policing programme and               In collaboration with the CoCT municipality,
integrated neighbourhood safety programme
based on the work piloted by MURP in areas
                                                 the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement
                                                 District (VRCID) provides top-up urban               SUPPORTIVE
presently suffering from severe gang activity.   management, public safety and social
                                                 upliftment services. The VRCID functions on

MURP areas include, amongst others,              three principles:
                                                                                                    he City will be reviewing the Municipal
the Bellville transport interchange, the                                                            Land Use Bylaws with the aim of further
Voortrekker Road corridor and Parow.             1. Ensuring safety and security
                                                                                                incentivising favourable developments
                                                   a. 24 hour security centre
                                                                                                within the Bellville area. The Voortrekker
                                                   b. 57 CCTVs and 15 license plate
2.2 | Mayoral Visible Service                                                                   Road interface of many suburbs is zoned as
                                                      recognition cameras
      Delivery Acceleration                        c. Close monitoring of crime hotspots
                                                                                                General Business or Local Business allowing
                                                                                                for medium- to high-density developments
                                                   d. 49 safety officers working in
The City’s Mayoral Visible Service Delivery                                                     comprising residential and commercial or
                                                      collaboration with SAPS and Law
Acceleration (MVSA) programme will invest                                                       retail uses. It allows for taller and denser
R200 million to fast-track efforts to improve                                                   buildings, while encouraging an active street
the quality, safety and environment of                                                          level through the benefit of commercial
                                                 2. Cleanliness and maintenance
communities in 23 identified precincts across                                                   and retail spaces. Where these sites also fall
                                                   a. Regular maintenance of signage, roads,
the metro.                                                                                      into PT1 or PT2 zones, the reduced parking
                                                      storm water drainage systems
                                                                                                requirements would also significantly reduce
                                                   b. Maintenance of roads and pavements
The Bellville CBD, Parow CBD and                                                                the development cost.
                                                   c. 20 cleaners and a cleansing supervisor
Goodwood CBD have been identified as key
precincts in the MVSA programme.

     Bellville, Parow and the Greater Tygerberg Area             The Tygerberg District Spatial Plan identifies the spatial
     benefit from planning priority at a local and               planning and infrastructural support needed to sustain
     national level.                                             economic growth and realise a more inclusive city. The plan
                                                                 highlights the need for:
     Bellville is being designated a priority catalytic
     TOD node.                                                   •   High intensity development and improved public transport
                                                                     along the Voortrekker Road Corridor, with a special focus
     The Voortrekker Road Corridor Integration Zone
     (VRCIZ) identified by the City of Cape Town aims                on medium- to high-density housing
     to facilitate spatial restructuring of the City using       •   Promoting non-motorised transport between public
     Voortrekker Road as a key selling point for mobility,           transport interchanges and major destinations such as
     accessibility to economic opportunities, and to                 Tyger Valley
     promote greater densification of the zone to support
                                                                 •   Promoting commercial development along north-south
     public transport and transit-oriented development.
                                                                     development routes such as Durban Road, Robert
     The Metropolitan Spatial Development Framework                  Sobukwe Road and Symphony Way
     places the entire Greater Tygerberg Area within the         •   Protecting and upgrading open space systems along
     urban inner core (UIC) which represents the priority            Elsieskraal and the Bottelary and Kuils Rivers; and parks
     development and infrastructure investment focus area
                                                                     such as Elizabeth Park
     for the City at a metropolitan scale.
                                                             •   The plan is currently being reviewed.


A new rail link from Khayelitsha, four planned high      Five rail links connect at Bellville Station, with   1.3 | Road infrastructure around the
capacity MyCiTi trunk lines , a transformed Bellville    nine train stations serving the area. These                Greater Tygerberg Area
Station as well as three public transport interchanges   lines are:
will make this one of the most connected and
                                                         •     Wellington to Cape Town via                    The Greater Tygerberg area is well served
accessible areas in the city by 2032.
                                                               Woodstock: 90,000 passengers daily             by road and rail infrastructure, providing
                                                               (est.)                                         connectivity and accessibility on a suburban,
1.1 | A major centre for public transport
                                                         •     Muldersvlei to Cape Town (two lines via        metropolitan and regional scale. The existing
                                                               Stellenbosch and Esplanade): 30,000            road-rail transit-oriented system serves as a
The Greater Tygerberg Area is served
                                                               passengers daily (est.)                        strong platform to support the future intense
by one of Cape Town’s busiest transport
                                                         •     Strand to Cape Town via Bellville and          development across the area.
interchanges (PTI) at Bellville Station, with
                                                               Parow: 44,000 passengers daily (est.)
350,000 daily trips. Other PTIs are at Parow,
                                                         •     Bellville to Cape Town via Esplanade           The road infrastructure in the area includes:
Elsies River and Tygerberg stations. The Elsies
                                                               and Langa: 35,000 passengers daily             •    the N1 to the north, providing
River PTI connects seven minibus taxi routes.
                                                              (est.)                                               connections to Cape Town CBD or
These provide rail-to-road-based transport
                                                                                                                   nationally in the opposite direction
connections to other parts of the city. The
                                                         1.2 | Transport Plans for Bellville                  •    Voortrekker Road, providing an east-
Great Tygerberg Area is serviced by five rail
                                                                                                                   west connection between Bellville and
lines and nine train stations in the area.
                                                         •    New Blue Downs rail line from Nolungile              Cape Town CBD
                                                              station to Kuilsriver station, providing a      •    the R300, linking to Khayelitsha and
The Bellville taxi rank sees a total of 50,000
                                                              direct link between the Metro South East             Mitchells Plain to the south
passengers daily and 142,000 passenger
                                                              and Bellville                                   •    the Durban Road link from Bellville
trips via 30 routes daily. This is compared
                                                         •    Major transformation of Bellville station            CBD to the N1 and Tygervalley, with
with 48,000 and 31,000 daily passengers
                                                              planned, with refurbishments to Parow,               additional north-south links provided
at Cape Town Station taxi rank and
                                                              Tygerberg and Elsies River interchanges              by Vasco Boulevard, Giel Basson Drive,
Khayelitsha respectively.
                                                         •    T13, T14, T16 and T19 MyCiti trunk lines             Mike Pienaar Drive (M16) and McIntyre
                                                              to connect through the area via Bellville            Street (M14)
The Cape Town to Bellville Golden Arrow Bus
Service (GABS) is the fifth busiest GABS route
                                                         •    Review of PT1 and PT2 zones to
in the city, transporting 1,300 passengers
                                                              reduced parking requirements for future
daily with over 31,000 passengers moving in
and out of Bellville daily.                                                                                                                               23
                                                         •    A proposed future airport rail link
Monte Vista               De Grendel                                   BELLVILLE
                                                                                                  Bellville Station

             GOODWOOD                                                 Parow     Tygerberg
                                               Elsies River


                                                ELSIES RIVER                                                           Blue Downs
                                                               T16                                                     Rail Link

Future Transport Infrastructure : planned MyCiTi trunk routes and rail link

    1.4 | Future investments in public transport

    The new Blue Downs rail link from
    Khayelitsha, along with four high capacity
    MyCiTi trunk lines and a transformed Bellville
    Station will make this area one of the most
    connected and accessible in the entire
    metropolitan region by 2032.

    According to the 2032 Integrated Public
    Transport Network Plan for Cape Town, the
    new MyCiTi trunk lines will have a capacity of
    10,000 passengers per hour in each direction
    that will serve the Greater Tygerberg Area.

    The realisation of the Bellville Future City
    Masterplan is dependent on investments in
    public transport infrastructure that improve
    connectivity between Bellville and the
    broader metropolitan area.
                                                                                                                                                           Photo by David Savage

                                                                                                                                              No. of                  Constr. Period
Phase     Route Code    Route Description                                                                                                               Length (km)
                                                                                                                                             stations                    (years)

2         T13           Symphony Way: a north-south line from Mitchell’s Plain CBD to Bellville CBD and continuing to Durbanville north        23          33.0             3

3         T14           Westlake-Bellville: A north-east line from Westlake to Bellville CBD via Parow Industria                               25          35.10            3

3         T16           Eersterivier - Blouberg: A north-south link from Eersterivier Station to Parow continuing to Sandown station           35          50.80            4

                        Kraaifontein - Century City: An east-west line from Century City via Goodwood and Parow along Frans Conradie Drive
4         T19                                                                                                                                  21          29.65            3
                        to Bellville at Boston and continuing north to Durbanville and Wallacedene

Enclosed terminal stations will be built at Bellville Station at Charl Malan Street and Durbanville at New Street : T13 served by 3 feeder routes (D01, F40, F44)

1.5 | New Blue Downs Rail Link

PRASA and the City of Cape Town are
prioritising a new line from Nolungile Station
to Kuilsriver Station through the Blue Downs
area. This is expected to carry more than
20,000 passengers per hour per direction
by 2030.

The double track line will be approximately
9km long and comprise three new railway
stations between Noungile and Kuilsriver
station, providing a direct link to the
Metro South East residential suburbs and
Blackheath, Kuilsriver and Bellville commercial
and industrial employment areas. The new
proposed stations are at Mfuleni, Blue Downs
and Wimbledon.

1.6 | Cape Town International Airport

A total of R7 billion has been allocated by
Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) to
expand Cape Town International Airport
within the next three years. The upgrades
are targeted at realigning the airport
runway, expanding the domestic arrival and
international terminal. These three projects
will have a significant impact and make a
positive contribution to the local economy.

            Image by Design Scape Architects

W     hile the Greater Tygerberg Area
      already has a well-developed
bulk infrastructure, a further R1 billion
                                                2.1 | Cape Flats 1 and 2 bulk sewer mains
                                                                                                2.4 | Waste

                                                                                                •    A new R108 million upgrade is planned
public investment in water and sanitation       •    Cost: R320 million over three years             for the Northern Regional Sludge Facility
infrastructure has been planned to serve the    •    Importance: Facilitating inter-catchment   •    A waste-to-energy project at the north
area. Other infrastructure projects include a        transfer                                        area of Bellville Wastewater Treatment
new innovative waste-to-energy project and      •    Status: Works commence in July 2019             Works (WWTW) will produce electricity
improvements to recycling facilities.                over a three-year contract period               and bio-solids for agricultural use. It will
                                                                                                     include recycling and waste drop-off
                                                2.2 | Athlone Wastewater Treatment Works             facilities
                                                      (WWTW)                                    •    R6.6 million Parow depot upgrade
                                                                                                •    R25.8 million new facility at Beaconvale
                                                •    Cost: R771.5 million
                                                •    Benefit: 50Ml/day system capacity
                                                     extension unlocks potential for low-cost   2.5 | Fibre
                                                     housing opportunities for a population
                                                     of around 391,000 people. The WWTW         The Greater Tygerberg Area is well covered
                                                     catchment services the VRCIZ, which        by ADSL and LTE services, with majority
                                                     includes Parow and other suburbs           access to fibre internet, excluding Parow
                                                •    Status: The tender for upgrade has         (including Parow Industria) and portions of
                                                     been issued                                the Bellville CBD south of Voortrekker Road.
                                                                                                It is expected that fibre coverage will be
                                                2.3 | Bellville wastewater treatment works      extended to these areas in the near future,
                                                                                                through public and private infrastructure.
                                                R144 million future refurbishment to increase


                                            Photo by Henk Kruger


                  Around 100,000 students are enrolled             the Cape Peninsula University of Technology
                  at tertiary institutions in Bellville and the    and Stellenbosch University. Other prominent
                  Greater Tygerberg Area. In 2020, over 5,000      tertiary institutions include Boston City
                  students were living in the area, presenting     Campus, the University of Stellenbosch
                  an attractive development opportunity for        Business School and Northlink College.
                  developers of student accommodation and
                  student support businesses.                      The location and scale of student
                                                                   accommodation facilities matches the
                  This creates a wide market of young, qualified   prominence of the GTP as an educational
                  individuals who could take advantage of the      node. There are a number of student
                  emerging amenities, cultural offering and        accommodation facilities in the area by major
                  employment in the area.                          developers with planned new investments
                                                                   already underway by new investors as well as
                  The student housing backlog as reported          existing universities.
                  by the Presidential Commission on Higher
                  Education and Training stands at 300,000         Many students travel from across the country
                  beds for both public universities and public     and the continent to participate in the quality
                  TVET colleges.                                   education these institutions offer. In 2020
                                                                   over 5,000 students were living in Bellville, in
                  Within the Greater Tygerberg Area there is       24 student residences, located both on and
                  a cluster of educational facilities (primary,    off-campus.
                  secondary and tertiary) which contributes to
                  the area as an educational node.                 The GTP is driving the development of the
                                                                   24-hour economy to support students during
                  Three universities fall within this area: the    the day and at night.
                  University of the Western Cape,

                  Photo by David Savage
Student Housing
                                                                                                 1.    Disa Court
                                                                                                 2.    Hippokrates Residence
                                                                                                 3.    Toplin 2
                                                                                                 4.    Sheriff House
                                                                                                 5.    Faulls Student Residence
                                                                                                 6.    Southern Life Residence
                                                                                                 7.    Perejoy House
                                                                                                 8.    Toplin House
                                                                                                 9.    Regkam House
                                                                                                 10.   Theresa Court
                                                                                                 11.   Kruskal House
                                   Bellville         13
                                                                                                 12.   Park Central
                                                    12 11
                                                                                                 13.   Old Mutual Student Residence
                                                                                            16   14.   Belpark
                                                                                                 15.   Ileli House
                                                                                                 16.   De Goede Hoop
               3       8
    5      4                                                                                     17.   Gorvalla - Phase 1
                                                                                                 18.   Gorvalla - Phase 2
        Parow                  2
                                                                           18                    19.   Kwikbake
                                        Bellville train station            17                    20.   UWC On-Campus
                                                                                                 21.   CPUT On-Campus
                                                                                                 22.   Melade
                                                                                                 23.   South Point

                                                                  20                                   Voortrekker Road
                                                UWC                             21   CPUT              Mike Pienaar Boulevard
                                                                                                       Durban Road


Global Residential Property Trends                                  Development Trends in the Greater Tygerberg Area

Younger and first-time buyers are opting for smaller homes in       •   Based on a 2018 study there has been a gradual and steady
more medium-density developments, where they can access a               increase in flat rentals in line with the investment in affordable
wider option of amenities and services that are available 24/7,
and because of convenience, cost considerations and a reduced           accommodation.
maintenance load.                                                   •   Lower increases in sectional title property values over 10 years
                                                                        compared to full title properties
This has led to the emergence of smaller apartment footprints       •   Greater demand for standard flats compared with upmarket flats,
and micro-units, which are 20% to 30% smaller than a
                                                                        with rental increases of between 80% and 130% for standard units
conventional sized studio apartment. First-time buyers focus
more on location. Factors like congestion, long work hours,
increasing public transport costs and increasing fuel prices mean
people are willing to sacrifice other factors in order to live in
smaller, better-located properties (often sectional titles).

A comparison with other Cape Town                Oversupply of upmarket residential units in      Steadily growing investor confidence
suburbs                                          Cape Town CBD.
                                                                                                  The Annual Residential Index has increased
Potentially lower development costs in           There has been a lack of new affordable          gradually year on year for both full and
Bellville.                                       rental supply in the Cape Town CBD, and an       sectional titles within the Greater
                                                 oversupply of upmarket apartments or units       Tygerberg Area.
The costs and risks of developing affordable     targeting higher income groups.
housing in the Greater Tygerberg Area are
potentially lower than the Cape Town CBD                                                          The 2020 FNB Commercial Property
due to lower land prices per square metre.       This presents a potential opportunity for        Finance Property Insights report speculates
                                                 the Greater Tygerberg Area to cater to the       that affordability and basics will take centre-
Lower demand for commercial space and            demand for affordable accommodation              stage for the next few years. This means that:
significant demand for affordable housing.       developments focused on lower-middle
                                                 income groups.                                   •    Residential developments towards the
Since 2011/2012, Grade A and B office                                                                  more affordable end of the market are
vacancy rates have been decreasing in both       Steady property values relative to other              likely to be a key theme
Bellville and Cape Town CBD, with vacancy        suburbs.                                         •    Affordable community shopping centres
rates in Bellville being consistently lower.                                                           will take preference, rather than the
Where supply of office space exceeds the         The average price per square metre of full-           larger and more costly Regional and
demand, the conversion to residential space      title residential property within the Greater         Super-Regionals
is gaining popularity. This is especially true   Tygerberg Area has remained relatively           •    One could expect to see categories such
in CBD areas where there is a scarcity of        steady over the past 10 years, relative               as storage space outperforming non-
mid-market residential property for young        to other suburbs in Cape Town, namely                 essentials, like the Hotels and Leisure
professionals looking to live closer to work.    Milnerton, Observatory and Woodstock.                 category
                                                 Woodstock and Observatory have
                                                 experienced very similar growth in residential
                                                 property prices, with growth rates of 256%
                                                 and 203%, respectively, over the past decade.


A    number of brownfield and greenfield
     sites across the Greater Tygerberg
Area are either in the process of being
                                                 The precinct approach will address issues
                                                 such as social development, movement
                                                 patterns and the need to consider urban
                                                                                                    The City has identified the optimal sites
                                                                                                    within these precincts. It will work with
                                                                                                    SHIs, other stakeholders and the private
developed, or have been earmarked as ideal       management in the area.                            sector to undertake the following tasks on
for development by the City of Cape Town.                                                           these sites:
They form part of a phased release of public     For investors:
land and buildings for the development of        With Social Housing Institutions (SHI), the        •   Refurbishment of brownfield sites along
affordable accommodation by social housing       City will invite investors to participate in the       the Voortrekker Road Corridor
institutions and the public sector.              redevelopment of its land parcels, bound           •   Buying buildings and land in the
                                                 by specific conditions that will assist in the         precincts along the Voortrekker Corridor
These sites could have a total development       regeneration of the area. The City and SHIs        •   Releasing some land owned by the
footprint of 10.5 hectares and over an           will also develop a masterplan for the entire          City and Western Cape Government
estimated 5,800 units across four station        area to further grow investor confidence over          for mixed-use developments and are
precincts. Other greenfield sites in the area    the coming two decades.                                working with Passenger Rail Agency
present additional possible development                                                                 of South Africa (PRASA) on the
opportunity, subject to planning.                The precincts identified include:                      development of their land parcels

                                                 •    Parow Station Precinct
The City of Cape Town’s goal is to secure land   •    Tygerberg Station Precinct
for the delivery of affordable accommodation     •    Goodwood and Elsiesriver Station
before an anticipated upswing in                      Precinct
property prices. This will safeguard             •    Avondale Station precinct
the accommodation against income                 •    Hardekraaltjie Precinct
displacement (gentrification) and ensure
accommodation for lower income groups in


                              Residential units
                                                          Density:            Parking:                      Typologies:                               Status:

                                                                                                   3-, 4- and 11-storey residential;
Parow Station Precinct                948                 761 du/Ha   0.14 to 0.33 bays per unit                                                     Planning
                                                                                                          11-storey mixed-use

                                                                       99 surface parking for
  Tygerberg Station
                           Over 698 residential units     596 du/Ha     building 1, married             11-storey mixed-use                          Planning
      Precinct                                                          quarters (0.14 ratio)

   Goodwood and                                                                                      11-storey mixed-use; 3- and       Planning to advertise sites through an
                                                                       Approx. 550 bays with
  Elsiesriver Station    Around 2 112 residential units   544 du/Ha                                   4-storey walkup; 8-storey         RFP process and allocate to a social
                                                                      0.14 to 0.34 parking ratio
       Precinct                                                                                               buildings                          housing company

  Avondale Station                                                     Approx. 340 bays with
                             2 080 residential units      508 du/Ha                                    3- and 4-storey walkup                Planning for land transfer
      Precinct                                                        0.14 to 0.34 parking ratio

Avondale Station Precinct Sites
                                           Five publicly owned sites (City and
                                           Province)                                               Hardekraaltjie Precinct Sites
                                           Location:                                               Other greenfield sites in the
                                           Various sites near Avondale Station                     area present additional possible
                                           Development Area: 4.09 Ha                               development opportunity, subject
                                                                                                   to planning.

                                             De Grendel                                            Location:
                                                                                                   Hardekraaltjie, Voortrekker Road
                                                              Avondale                             Development Area: 65 Ha

                                                                                                                                  Bellville CBD
                                                                                                                                    Bellville CBD
 Cape Town  CBD



     Goodwood and Elsiesriver

                                                                                                  Tygerberg Station Precinct Sites
                                                   Parow Station Precinct Sites                   3 City-owned sites
Goodwood and Elsiesriver Station                   1 City-owned park                              Location:
Precinct Sites                                     5 under-used parking lots                      1 privately owned vehicle
5 unused private buildings next to City-           1 private site (not prioritised)               showroom on the corner of
owned buildings that are currently used            Location:                                      Voortrekker and Delaney Road,
as a second-hand car dealership and for            Between Voortrekker and McIntyre               Parow
car repairs.                                       Road, Parow CBD                                Development Area: 1.17 Ha
Location:                                          Development Area: 1.25 Ha
Corner of Voortrekker and Halt Roads
Development Area: 3.88 Ha


                                                                                                1.1. Parow
                                                                                                       Parow   Centre
                                                                                                2.     Karl Bremer Bellville
                                                           Durban Road                            2. Karl Bremer Bellville Health
                                                                                                       Health Office
                                                                                                       Stanford Industrial Park
                      Mike Pienaar boulevard                                                    4.3. Stanford
                                                                                                       New City Industrial  Park
                                                                                                                  of Cape Town
                                                                                                  4. New   Cityand
                                                                                                       Water     of Cape  Town Water
                                                                                                     and  Sanitation
                                                                                                       Head   Office Head Office
                                                               11        N1                     5.5. UWC
                                                                                                       UWC Faculty
                                                                                                     and  Health Sciences
                                                                                                       Community              Bellville
                                                                                                                     and Health
                                                                                                       Sciences Bellville Campus
         N1                                                                                 6   6.6. Oak
                                                                                                       Oak  Corner
                                                 Muller                                         7.7. Saratec
                           2                                                                    8.8. South
                                                                                                       South  AfricanMedical
                                                                                                            African    Medical Research
                                                                                 8                     Research Council
                                                                                                Under Construction
                                                      5                                         9.Under   Construction
                               4          Park
                                                                                                  9. Glenhaven
                                                                                                10.    Stellenbosch University
              1                                                                                   10. Stellenbosch  University
                                                                                                       Biomedical Research
                               10            Bellville
                                        Train Station
                                                                                                       Institute  Research Institute
                                                                         Voortrekker Road
                  3    8                                                                        11.   Bellville Velodrome
                                                                                                                Velodrome Galleria
                                                                                                 11. Bellville
                                                                           15                         Galleria of Stellenbosch
                                                                                                 12. University
                                                                            16                  12. BellPark
                                                                                                      University  of Stellenbosch
                                                                           9                                    Hospital  Precinct
                                                                                                      BellPark Hospital Precinct
                                                                                                 13. Bellville Student Housing
                                                                                                13.   Blanckenberg Student
                                                                           7                     14. Goodwood       Social Housing
                                                                                                14.   Goodwood Social
                                                                                                      Housing Project
                                                                                                 15. The
                                                                                                15.   TheGlen,
                                                                                                           Glen, Glenhaven
                                                                                                 16. Anchorage,
                                                                                                16.                 Glenhaven
                                                                                                      Anchorage, Glenhaven
                                                                                                 17. Tygerdal
                                                                                                17.   Tygergal Depot


COMPLETED                                                                                          CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY

Parow Centre                                       Stanford Industrial Park                        Parow Centre - Phase 3
R1 billion                                         This industrial building is situated in Parow   The Parow Centre mixed use development
Parow Centre and its surrounding facilities        Industria and comprises 2,000m2 of industrial   consists of three phases of which the first two
are undergoing a five-year upgrade plan.           space, which can be subdivided into two         have been completed. Phase 3, the proposed
The upgrade entails the refurbishing of Pick       units of 1,000m2 each.                          residential development, will be completed
n Pay and the surrounding shopping centre,                                                         by December 2022. The project spans
the introduction of an additional four levels      New City of Cape Town Water and                 1.8 hectares. The Parow Centre shopping
of new parking bays, and the refurbishment         Sanitation Head Office                          centre will be transformed into a mixed-use
of existing council offices. A 20,000m2            R270 million                                    development, with R250 million already
commercial/office space and 25,000m2               The City’s new Water and Sanitation head        committed to the Phase 1 renovations and
hospital have also been introduced into the        office, situated on Voortrekker Road, was       extensions having commenced in 2019. It is
plan. A new train station stop will also be part   completed in 2018 at a cost of R270 million.    expected to include 1,200 residential units
of the upgrade.                                    The four-storey, 10,000m2 building was          and add over 40,000m2 of space.
                                                   awarded a GBCSA 5-Star Green Star rating.
Karl Bremer Bellville Health Office                                                                Glenhaven - Urban Status Rentals
R128 million                                       UWC Faculty of Community and Health             R190 million
A part of Karl Bremer Hospital, the new            Sciences Bellville Campus                       Glenhaven is a social housing development
R128 million Bellville Health Park provides        R244 million                                    by Urban Status Rentals (previously Devmark)
accommodation for over 320 public servants         The University of the Western Cape              located in Bellville South. The City’s
from the Department of Health across               completed its conversion of the 10-storey       Glenhaven project consists of 512 social
14,000m2. The building was awarded a               Jan S Marais Hospital in Bellville CBD. The     housing opportunities as well as 253 gap
GBCSA 5-Star Green Star rating. It will create     new Community Health Sciences building          rental housing units.
minimal waste, use passive solar design, and       cost R244 million and will provide state-of-
offer bicycle-friendly facilities.                 the-art health-care training for nearly 2,000
                                                   future nurses and other health professionals.

Stellenbosch University Biomedical Research Institute

        R2.3 billion
        Construction of a Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI) by the University of Stellenbosch has commenced at the Faculty of Medicine
        and Health Sciences in Bellville.
        It is expected to be completed by 2022 and will be one of the most innovative and advanced biomedical research centres in Africa.

Photo by Roelof Rabe Architects

Bellville Velodrome Galleria                       Goodwood Social Housing Project                 Anchorage, Glenhaven - Urban Status
R3 billion                                         Construction is underway at a R380 million      Rentals
The Galleria is a mixed-use development of         social housing investment providing 1,065       2020-2021
11.5 hectares around the Bellville Velodrome       rental housing units on a site parallel to      R200 million
and Athletics Stadium. The Bellville               Goodwood train station, targeting household     Construction of the Anchorage Social
Velodrome arena will be redeveloped to             incomes between R3,500 and R15,000 per          Housing Project, commenced in October
increase capacity to 18,000. The surrounding       month. The housing will comprise six-storey     2018 and has a total of 512 social housing
land will be developed into mixed-use urban        apartment blocks on both sides of the railway   units. The first phase of social housing
developments featuring retail, business,           line, offering units ranging from bachelor’s    consists of 416 apartments arranged in four-
residential, hotel, and conference facilities.     flats to two-bedroom flats. The project is a    storey walk-ups in five buildings. To date,
                                                   partnership between the City of Cape Town,      209 of the completed 416 units as part of the
University of Stellenbosch BellPark                the Western Cape Government’s Department        first Phase are occupied. The second phase
Hospital Precinct                                  of Human Settlements, the social housing        consists of a single four-storey building of 96
R250 million                                       institution DCI Community Housing Services,     units.
The University of Stellenbosch is planning         PRASA, Intersite Asset Investments and the
to develop a new 30,000m2 250-bed                  National Housing Finance Corporation.           Tygerdal Depot
hospital precinct. A new access road will be                                                       A higher density mixed residential infill
developed to provide access to the hospital        The Glen, Glenhaven - Urban Status              development scheme with possible
precinct off Carl Cronje Drive. The entrance,      Rentals                                         commercial/community-use elements
parking areas, sidewalks and external public       2021                                            centred around the railway station on its
spaces will be upgraded, and a covered             The Glen, Glenhaven, is a greenfields project   eastern edge. While facilitating appropriate
walkway will be extended to the main               in Bellville South measuring 72,428m2 and       access to the railway station, the site will also
hospital entrance. Once completed, the             is situated on the corner of Peter Barlow       incorporate public open space elements and
facility will offer a 24-hour emergency service.   and Bester Roads within Restructuring           accommodate stormwater functions in an
                                                   Zone District D, Cape Town. This integrated     innovative and multi-functional way.
Blanckenberg Student Housing                       housing project will provide affordable mixed
The proposed building provides a total             tenure housing opportunities.
of 2,592 beds designated as student
accommodation along with ground floor
retail space. This development will respond
to the urgent need for student housing in the


W     ith Bellville, Cape Town’s secondary
      city at its heart, the Greater Tygerberg
Area spans over 50 square kilometers. The
                                                 81% of the geographical area is within a 1km
                                                 walking distance (+- 12min) to a place of
                                                 education, whether ECD, primary, high school
                                                                                                 The area comprises approximately 500,000m2
                                                                                                 of office space, equating to over 25% of all
                                                                                                 office space (A+, A and B) in the Cape Town
infrastructure and services in the Greater       or tertiary.                                    metropolitan region. It is estimated that the
Tygerberg Area are equal, and in some                                                            VRC accounts for 50% of formal employment
cases, superior to major international cities.   Over 5,000 students are living in 24 tertiary   and 85% of industrial employment in the
Its package of assets, combined with the         student accommodation buildings both            Cape Town metropolitan region.
vibrancy and multicultural nature of a leading   off- and on-campus. This is part of a trend
African city, highlights the area’s untapped     in which investors are buying old buildings     Bellville accounts for 22% of the city’s
potential. This potential is maximised by the    and converting them into major student          employment. There are over 1000 companies
presence over hospitals/clinics, 5 public        accommodation developments.                     located in the Bellville area, ranging from
transport interchanges, 9 train stations and                                                     leaders in financial services and insurance

150 education institutions.                                                                      such as Sanlam, to retail giants TFG and
                                                                                                 smaller tech and IT start-ups and

                                                                                                 professional services.
                                                 Residents in affordable housing developed
                                                 in the Greater Tygerberg Area would benefit
Over 150 educational facilities are housed       from high levels of accessibility to diverse
within the Greater Tygerberg Area.               employment opportunities in relation to the
This comprises 13% Early Childhood               province and city region.
Development (ECD), 78% Grade R – Grade
12 and 9% tertiary education. As of 2017,        The Bellville CBD and Tygervalley area
over 100,000 students were enrolled in           are key nodes for large corporates and
the Greater Tygerberg area. This number          government agencies in the formal sector.
increases annually.                              Century City, a major commercial node is
                                                 also within easy access along the N1. This is
                                                 further supported by major industrial nodes
                                                 within easy travel times of most parts of the
                                                 Greater Tygerberg Area.

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