Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn

Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
Attractive Programmes.
Excellent Prospects.

Software Engineering
and Management
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Campus Heilbronn
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
                                           At the heart of complex, multi-
                                           dimensional organisations, software
                                           engineering involves more than just
                                           the development of modern informa-
                                           tion systems. Consequently, software
                                           engineers need to move beyond the
                                           boundaries of their job-specific ex-
                                           pertise and enhance their profession-
                                           al profiles by acquiring managerial
                                           and interpersonal competences.
                                           Software engineers who aim to be
                                           future business leaders should not
                                           only possess such multiple skills, but
                                           should be able to translate theoretical
                                           knowledge into business practices,
                                           engender interdisciplinary dialogues
                                           and communicate successfully in an
                                           international and intercultural envi-
                                           The M.Sc. Software Engineering and
                                           Management has been tailored to the
                                           needs of students who are interested
                                           in interdisciplinary approaches and
                                           seek a good foundation for their
                                           future careers.

                                           „Whatever career path you choose
                                           - be it software engineering or
Where the technological,                   management – it is the problem
                                           solving capacity you have acquired
organisational and entrepreneurial         in this Master programme that gives
                                           you the edge over your competitors.
aspects of software development meet,      The world is full of challenges. Tackle
                                           them and turn them into business
you enter the exciting world of Software   opportunities. Be innovative. And
                                           success will be within your reach.“
Engineering and Management ...
                                           Prof. Dr. Dominikus Herzberg, Professor MSEM

2 | Software Engineering and Management
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
Software Engineering and Management
                                Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Career Prospects                                 Objectives                                  Faculty
The global world is characterised                Job prosperity in software engineer-        Heilbronn University has appointed
by steadily expanding world-wide net-            ing not only depends on subject             a body of notable academics who
works, on the one hand, and a global             knowledge but also on project and           possess unique competences that
shortage of IT experts, on the other.            change management experience.               derive from their qualifications and
As a result, there is a growing de-              Moreover, intercultural and inter-          professional experience. They have
mand for software engineers who can              personal competences are crucial for        all worked in industry or commerce
look forward to well-paid positions              software engineers who seek to take         and understand, at first hand, the
in industry. Thus, the job prospects             appropriate management decisions            challenges presented by a global
for Master students in this field are            and to act confidently and responsib-       business world. Moreover, most
highly promising.                                ly in a challenging business environ-       tenured lecturers are involved in
                                                 ment.                                       (inter)national research projects.
Prospective employers of our gradua-
tes are internationally operating com-           For this reason, the Faculty of Infor-      Academic partnerships and exchange
panies which require a broad range of            matics has designed this postgradu-         programmes with a number of uni-
skills as well as specific expertise in          ate programme to qualify first-degree       versities all over the world allow our
software development. Alternatively,             graduates for management and                students to gain experience in an
job openings may be provided by                  leadership positions in international       international software engineering
small and medium-sized enterprises               IT organisations.                           context. Such partner institutions are
which develop software solutions for                                                         Edinburgh Napier University in Scot-
                                                 This course has been created in close
larger companies. Finally, by success-                                                       land, Dundalk Institute of Technology
                                                 consultation with business, indus­
fully completing this Master pro-                                                            in Ireland and the Universidad Poli­
                                                 try and the engineering professions
gramme, our graduates will be well                                                           técnica de Valencia in Spain. These
                                                 to ensure the employability of the
equipped to set up their own business                                                        partnerships may include projects
                                                 prospective graduates. Cooperating
or to develop and perform software                                                           with virtual international student
                                                 companies are, inter alia, AUDI AG,
projects all over the world.                                                                 teams as well as video conferences
                                                 Daimler AG, Bosch Engineering
                                                                                             and other form of on-line collabo-
                                                 GmbH, Würth GmbH and SAP AG.

„By learning how to act in an inter-             „Software engineering is not only a
national environment, to work with               matter of technology, it is also very
people from different cultures and to            much about managing people and
pave the way for modern technolo-                change.“
gies in your business you will have
taken a big step towards personal
mastery. As our students come from
all over the world, the Master pro-
gramme offers a truly international
learning environment.“

Prof. Dr. Tomas Benz, Professor MSEM             Prof. Dr. Nicola Marsden, Professor MSEM

                                                                                            Software Engineering and Management | 3
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
                                          The Master of Software Engineering
                                          and Management can be obtained in
                                          3 semesters.
                                          The first two semesters cover the
                                          following four major areas providing a
                                          sound theoretical basis in each field
                                          and preparing students for a number
                                          organisational and leadership tasks
                                          in international software engineering
                                           Computer Science
                                           Applied Software Engineering
                                           Information Systems in Business
                                           Leadership, Intercultural and
                                           Interpersonal Competences
                                          The final semester is dedicated to the
                                          Master Thesis which is accompanied
                                          by a colloquium.
                                          The thesis may deal with a topic of
                                          interest motivated by contemporary
                                          research or be commissioned by a
                                          cooperating organisation.
                                          Each thesis is supervised by two
                                          examiners one of whom may be an
                                          external professional.

                                          3 rd Semester

                                          2 nd Semester

                                          1 s t Semester

4 | Software Engineering and Management
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
Specific Programme                        The MSEM                                 Entry
Features                                  Office                                   requirements
The M.Sc. Software Engineering and        will be more than happy to assist you    Successful applicants fulfil the fol-
Management offers a number of             with                                     lowing entry requirements:
specific benefits and assets such as
                                           your application for the Master
                                          XX                                        An excellent or good German
 lectures delivered exclusively in
XX                                         programme,                               (average grade of 2.5 or less) or Eu-
 English,                                  contacting lecturers and students
                                          XX                                        ropean Bachelor degree (minimum
 a favourable student-lecturer ratio,
XX                                         for additional advice,                   210 ECTS) or an equivalent inter-
 an interdisciplinary curriculum,
XX                                         scholarship applications,
                                          XX                                        national qualification (attested by
 integration of management and
XX                                         applications for student visas,
                                          XX                                        an ASK certificate) in Computer
 engineering practices,                    admission and enrolment proce-
                                          XX                                        Science or a closely-related field.
 a clearly structured and time-
XX                                         dures,                                   Candidates who have obtained
 efficient schedule,                       guided tours at Heilbronn Univer-
                                          XX                                        180 ECTS for their first degree
 sustained teaching quality by
XX                                         sity (e.g. library, computer centre      can acquire an extra 30 ECTS in
 systematic student appraisal,             and laboratories, refectory, cafete-     appropriate Bachelor programmes
 state-of-the-art facilities,
XX                                         ria, public transport).                  at Heilbronn University.
 innovative forms of teaching,
XX                                                                                  An excellent or good German,
 creative forms of learning, e.g.
XX                                                                                  European or International Bachelor
 problem-based and blended                                                          degree in any other field if appli-
 learning.                                                                          cants can provide proof of addition-
                                                                                    al course-related educational or
Using case studies and working in
                                                                                    vocational experience acquired in
teams not only improves analytical
                                                                                    the previous three years.
and problem solving capacities but
                                                                                    A high level of proficiency in
familiarizes them students with
                                                                                    English attested by the following
methodological and creative problem
                                                                                    scores: TOEFL pbt: 550; cbt: 213;
solving techniques and the relational
                                                                                    ibt: 79; IELTS: 6.0 or CAE:
skills which are vital for future busi-
                                                                                    minimum C; Results must not be
ness leaders.
                                                                                    older than 2 years.

                                           Master Thesis
                                           ffMaster Thesis
                                           ffMaster Colloquium

 Software Engineering 2                    Change and Strategic                      International Cooperation
 ffInformation Management                  Information Management                    in Software Engineering
 ffRequirements and Usability              ff Change Management                      ff Computer-Mediated
   Engineering                             ff Strategic Information                     Communication
 ffProject and Risk Management                Management                             ff Remote Collaboration
   and Project Controlling                 ff Process Management                        in Virtual Teams
                                                                                     ff Intercultural Management

 Software Engineering 1                    Engineering Application Domains           Project Management
 ffAlgorithm Theory                        ffIntelligent Systems                     and Leadership
 ffSoftware Architecture                   ffReal Time Systems                       ff Product and Quality
 ffParadigms in Software                                                                Management
   Development                                                                       ff Management Methods/
                                                                                     ff Business Models for Software

                                                                                  Software Engineering and Management | 5
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
Why study at
Heilbronn University?

Heilbronn, a location of choice           A partner of commerce and industry        An excellent learning environment
Heilbronn University is located in the    The greater Heilbronn area is re-         Heilbronn University has placed
heart of a bustling economic region at    nowned for its successful companies,      research and instruction at the heart
a convenient distance from the com-       many of which support Heilbronn           of its activities while committing to
mercial and cultural hubs of Stuttgart,   University.                               creating optimal conditions for know-
Mannheim and Heidelberg. Its three                                                  ledge transfer and learning. More
                                          In the past two decades, the close
campuses in Heilbronn, Künzelsau                                                    than 300 lecturers and members of
                                          collaboration has engendered a
und Schwäbisch Hall span the central                                                staff ensure a learning environment
                                          series of future-focused, interdis-
Neckar region in which they embody                                                  in which the students can thrive and
                                          ciplinary study programmes which
the spirit of teaching, learning and                                                prove their academic mettle. This is
                                          have been added to the traditionally
research.                                                                           enhanced by a favourable teacher-
                                          region-specific courses of Heilbronn
                                                                                    learner ratio which results, inter alia,
Formerly a School of Engineering,         University so that it now qualifies its
                                                                                    in efficient teamwork and highly
Heilbronn University has prospered        students for regional, national and
                                                                                    satisfactory learning outcomes. The
and developed into one of the major       international organisations.
                                                                                    modern language programme on offer
Institutes of Higher Education in
                                          International networks                    comprises mandatory modules in
Baden-Württemberg, providing not
                                          Heilbronn University has forged           Arabic, English and Russian as well as
only innovative research but also
                                          sustainable links with more than 100      optional classes in Spanish, French,
attractive academic study programmes
                                          reputable international universities      Italian and German as a foreign lan-
which are aligned to the economic
                                          enabling students to gain inter-          guage.
heartbeat of the country.
                                          personal and intercultural experience
                                                                                    A family-friendly place of study
The university offers over 46 vocation-   while improving their linguistic profi-
                                                                                    In order to support students with
ally-oriented as well as knowledge-       ciency in a foreign language. Student
                                                                                    small children, Heilbronn University
based Bachelor and Master courses         mobility is further assisted by the
                                                                                    runs a day-care and crèche service
up to 8,000 students in the fields of     university’s International Office and
                                                                                    which is available five days a week
Engineering, Business Studies and         by the academic coordinators of each
                                                                                    throughout the year.
Information Technology.                   faculty who advise students on the
                                          study programmes pursued abroad.          For this reason, the university has
                                                                                    repeatedly received the prestigious
                                                                                    German award of “Family-Focused
                                                                                    Institution of Higher Education”.
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
a city for students

Heilbronn is a vibrant regional centre    Heilbronn has excellent rail and motor-     International Student Services
which enjoys a diverse cultural scene     way connections providing swift             Whenever possible, students are
including concerts, theatre, cinema,      access to the major cities of the area.     allocated a room in the university’s
literature readings, art exhibitions,     Students also benefit from a low-cost       student halls. All students have access
and other cultural events.                regional travel card which covers the       to a constantly up-dated database
                                          university’s three campuses and the         listing furnished and reasonably-
Heilbronn city centre, with its newly
                                          greater Heilbronn area.                     priced apartments which they can
designed pedestrian precinct, offers
                                                                                      rent. Heilbronn University welcomes
a great opportunity to enjoy leisurely    Heilbronn forms part of Franconia, a
                                                                                      students who have special needs.
walks and shopping expeditions. A         German region which is steeped in
                                                                                      They are given individual advice
large number of cafés, beer gardens,      history and cultural traditions.
                                                                                      tailored to their needs on contacting
pubs and excellent restaurants invites
                                          The economic significance of Heilbronn-     the International Office.
visitors and locals to relax and enjoy
                                          Franconia is impressive too. Local
their culinary delights.                                                              In addition the following support is
                                          enterprises have produced many
                                                                                      offered to students:
Active students find a large number       global brand leaders and export their
of clubs where they can pursue their      innovative products to over 80 coun-         free membership in faculty-based
favourite sports. Public parks and        tries. Companies such as Audi, Bau-          student organisations,
promenades along the river Neckar         sparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, Berner,           detailed advice on handling
are ideally suited for walking, cycling   Bechtle, Bosch, Bürkert, ebm-pabst,          residence permits and opening a
and inline skating. Students can also     Lidl & Schwarz, Mustang, Optima              personal bank account,
keep fit in public swimming pools, on     Stahl, Würth and Ziehl-Abegg, which          guided tours to sites of particular
ice rinks and in climbing halls.          have conquered the world’s markets,          interest,
                                          have their roots in this region.             on-campus German classes,
In other words, the name of Heilbronn
                                                                                       assistance in finding work
stands for quality of life. Forests,      This inspiring entrepreneurial network,
                                                                                       placements and temporary jobs,
vineyards and parks are characteris-      maintained and fostered by Heilbronn
                                                                                       preferential access to cultural
tic of the town and its surroundings.     University, provides students and grad-
Heilbronn is famous for its outstand-     uates with exciting international employ-
                                                                                       access to university library
ing wines which can be sampled by         ment opportunities and career paths.
                                                                                       services and the internet,
visitors and locals alike in cosy rural
                                                                                       information on the scholarships
wine taverns and at the annual local
                                                                                       available to international students.
wine festivals.
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
Attractive Programmes.
Excellent Prospects.

                                                                                                                         Stand: September 2012

                                 Application Documents
                                 and Deadlines                              Contact
Hochschule Heilbronn
Campus Heilbronn
                                 The application form including a check-    All members of staff will be glad to offer
Max-Planck-Straße 39             list specifying the required application   you detailed guidance on this Master
74081 Heilbronn, Germany
Phone +49 7131 504-0             documents is available as a download       programme. If you would like to speak to
Fax    +49 7131 252-470
                                 at or by          us personally, please contact our
Hochschule Heilbronn             contacting the MSEM Office.
Campus Künzelsau
Reinhold-Würth-Hochschule                                                   MSEM Office
Daimlerstraße 35
74653 Künzelsau, Germany
                                 The programme starts each winter term      Hochschule Heilbronn
Phone +49 7940 1306-0            at the beginning of October.               Faculty of Informatics
Fax    +49 7940 1306-120
                                 The application deadline is July 15 th.    Department of Software Engineering
Hochschule Heilbronn
Campus Schwäbisch Hall
                                                                            Heilbronn University
Ziegeleiweg 4                                                               Max-Planck-Str. 39
74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Phone +49 791 946 313-0                                                     74081 Heilbronn, Germany
Fax     +49 791 946 313-69
                                                                            Phone +49 7131 504 699
                                                                            Fax      +49 7131 252 470
Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn Attractive Programmes. Excellent Prospects. Software Engineering and Management - Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Campus Heilbronn
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