CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...

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CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...
Bachelor of Business
                                                    (Hospitality Management)

                                                      Master of International
                                                         Hotel Management

WORLD 2021
With Australia’s Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18)
CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...
          SA      One of the world’s 10
                  most liveable cities.
                  (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2019)

                                                                         A U T U M N March - May

                                                                         WINTER         June - August

                                                                         SPRING         September - November
A City Designed For Life
                                                                         S U M M E R December - February

ICHM is located in Adelaide, which is routinely voted by the           Australia) outdoor eating and a great lifestyle – it is an ideal
Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the World’s top ten most         place to come and learn the art of hospitality. The city is
liveable cities*. With a population of just over 1.3 million people,   surrounded by parklands and sandwiched between white sandy
Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and considered to      beaches to the west and hills 20 minutes to the east.
be the lifestyle capital of Australia.                                 Students will find Adelaide safe, friendly, welcoming and easy
Adelaide has world-class art and music and a festival calendar         to find their way around. Small enough to provide an ideal study
to rival or better that of any other Australian city.                  environment, but when you’re not studying Adelaide offers all
Adelaide also has a reputation as a city of restaurants, quality       the attractions of cinemas, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and
wine (70% of Australia’s export wine comes from South                  sightseeing to keep you well entertained.

Photo By: Che Chorley

CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...

CHANGE YOUR WORLD                        HOW TO APPLY
2	ICHM – International College of       30 Entry Requirements: Bachelor of
   Hotel Management                         Business (Hospitality Management)
4   UP Education                         31 Entry Requirements: Master of
                                            International Hotel Management
8   International Career Opportunities
                                         34 English Requirements
10 International Graduate Success
                                         35 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
                                         36 	ICHM Fees 2021, Fee-Help
12 	Bachelor of Business                     & Payment Plans
     (Hospitality Management)
                                         37 Other Financial Considerations
13 Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
   Opportunities                         38 On & Off-campus Accommodation
                                            & Living Costs
14	Academic Program
                                         40 	How to Apply: Australian
POSTGRADUATE STUDIES                          & New Zealand Students

16	Pre-Masters Program                  41 How to Apply: International
18 Master of International
   Hotel Management                      42 ICHM Scholarships

19 Academic Program                      44 Accreditation & Quality Assurance
                                         45 ICHM Rules, Policies & Procedures
                                         46 ICHM Academic Board & College
21 Study Abroad Program
22 Career Week 2021
                                         47 GIIAC (Graduates In Industry
                                            Advisory Committee)
                                         49 How Does ICHM Compare With
24 Studying at ICHM
                                            Other Hotel Schools & Universities?
25 2021 Calendar
26 Work Integrated Learning
   (WIL) Process
28 On-campus Accommodation

CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...

ICHM has exceptional employment outcomes
                                                 The BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
and graduates are now WORKING GLOBALLY           (HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT) connects
in large and boutique luxury brand hotels        your academic study to real world industry
starting as specialists and supervisors          placements. Resulting in 87% employment
and moving through to senior and general         upon graduation.
managers. A number of our graduates also
choose to work outside the industry in areas
such as marketing, IT, human resources and in
their own businesses.

ICHM students have the opportunity to
                                                 Under current government regulations, and
undertake WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING               in certain circumstances, INTERNATIONAL
every year of their undergraduate study –        STUDENTS who complete more than two years
more than any other hotel school or university   of their degree studies at ICHM can apply for
in Australia.                                    a post study work visa and stay and work in
                                                 Australia for two or possibly three years after
                                                 they graduate.

CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...
ICHM has been operating for almost 30                consecutive year. This is the finding of
years and now has graduates working                  the leading national Quality Indicators
around Australia and throughout the world            for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Student
in a variety of top-end hotels, hospitality          Experience Survey (SES), which is funded
and business-related enterprises. ICHM has           by the Australian Government (QILT, SES,
been named the Best Hotel and Hospitality            2019/18).
Business School in Australia for the second

Change Your World With AUSTRALI A’S
                                                      M ASTER OF INTERN ATION AL HOTEL
BEST HOTEL AND HOSPITALIT Y                           M AN AGEMENT prepares you for senior level
BUSINESS SCHOOL.                                      management by developing leadership skills in
(2019/18 QILT Student Experience Survey)              decision making and change management.

ICHM’s main campus is located in ADELAIDE,
                                                      ICHM is a WORLD LEADER in hospitality
the capital of SOUTH AUSTRALIA and named              related management degrees. Rather than
by the Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the      focusing on just one area, ICHM provides
WORLD’S TOP 10 MOST LIVEABLE CITIES.                  you with exposure to all aspects of the
Adelaide was also recently listed by Lonely Planet    international hospitality industry to prepare
as one of the top 10 CITIES TO VISIT. Adelaide        you for the real world.
is famous for its student friendly environment.

CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...
                   UP Education is a leading             Through its diverse network of skills-
                                                         based learning private colleges,
                   dual-sector education                 UP Education also offers hundreds
                   provider delivering                   of accredited courses with proven
                   both vocational and                   employment outcomes in tourism,
                                                         hospitality, web and graphic design,
                   higher education across
                                                         and film and animation.
                   Australasia. With over 20             UP Education has 34 campus locations
                   years of experience, every            in nine cities across New Zealand
                   year UP Education equips              and Australia, along with 14 global
                                                         recruitment hubs.
                   11,500 students from all over
                                                         University partnerships include Charles
                   the world with the right skills       Darwin University, University of Tasmania
                   and attitudes to excel.               and Swinburne University of Technology,
                                                         University of Auckland, AUT University,
                   As a top-three Australasian pathway   and Victoria University Wellington.
                   provider, UP Education provides       UP Education Group CEO, Mark
                   international students with the       Rushworth, says he is “extremely pleased
                   foundations needed to transition      to have a higher education provider
                   successfully into English speaking    of ICHM’s recognition and academic
WWW.UP.EDUCATION   universities.                         strength in the UP Education portfolio”.

CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...
ICHM gave me the rounding out
of skills and knowledge to fast
track through early positions and
make those first crucial moves
into management.
Benjamin Krieg - Area General Manager
Accor Hotels Midscale & Economy Brands,

CHANGE YOUR WORLD 2021 - With Australia's Best Hotel School (QILT, SES, 2019/18) - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) - Nazareth ...
ICHM is a
      great platform
       to propel you
     into an industry
    full of invaluable
           Fiona Winger - Resort Manager
        Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spa, Fiji

6   7
Ch ang e          yo u r   wo r ld

                               General Management & Administration           •   Information Systems Manager

                               •   General Manager                           •   Food & Beverage Cost Controller
Hotel Management is a          •   Resident Manager                          •   Accounts Supervisors
profession held in high        •   Executive Assistant Manager               Human Resources Management
esteem, with managers          •   Director of Operations
                                                                             •   Director of Human Resources
and those with degrees         •   Hotel Manager
                                                                             •   Personnel & Training Manager
                               •   Resort Manager
commanding large                                                             •   Human Resources Manager
                               •   Duty Manager
salaries and sought after                                                    •   Health & Safety Manager
                               •   Quality Manager
internationally. Your                                                        •   Employee Relations Officer
                               Accounting & Finance
professional hotelier and                                                    Sales & Marketing
                               •   Director of Finance
business skills will also be                                                 •   Director of Sales & Marketing
                               •   Revenue Manager
valued across a variety of                                                   •   Promotions Manager
                               •   Chief Accountant
industries. ICHM alumni        •   Financial Controller                      •   Public Relations Manager
are increasingly running or    •   Income Auditor                            •   Communications Manager
planning to run their own      •   Night Auditor                             •   Sales & Marketing Manager
hospitality business.          •   Purchasing & Material Manager             •   Social Media Manager

ICHM taught me valuable
                                                                       leadership skills;
                                                                   be ambitious, work hard
                                                                  and follow your dreams...
                                                                    anything is possible.
                                                                      Sophie Kim - Front Office Manager
                                                                           Hyatt Regency, Sydney

•   Account Executive            •   Front Office Manager             Executive Roles In Other Industries
•   Group Sales Co-ordinator     •   Reservations Manager             •   Human Resource Consulting
                                 •   Front Office Supervisor          •   Telecommunications
Events Management
                                 •   Concierge                        •   Sales & Marketing
•   Function & Events Manager
                                 •   Executive Floor Manager          •   Government
•   Venue Coordinator                                                 •   Public Relations
                                 •   Guest Services Manager
•   Facility Management                                               •   Management Consulting
•   Communication Services       Food & Beverage                      •   Education & Training
•   Meeting Planner              •   Director of Food & Beverage 		   •   Facility Management
•   Food & Beverage Manager          Operations                       •   Event Management

•   Event Sales Manager          •   Food & Beverage Manager          •   Catering
                                 •   Restaurant Manager               •   Entertainment & Festivals
Rooms Division & Front Office                                         •   Logistics
                                 •   Bar Manager
•   Director of Rooms Division                                        •   Luxury Management
                                 •   Banquet Manager
•   Director Guest Relations                                          •   Brand Management
                                 •   Catering Manager
•   Director of Housekeeping                                          •   Project Management
                                 •   Room Service Manager
•   Reservations Manager
                                 •   Sommelier
•   Security Supervisor


                                                                                              CHARMAINE TURNER
                         TIM NEWSON - GENERAL MANAGER                                         - DIRECTOR OF EMPLOYEE
                         Rydges Group’s Atura, Adelaide Airport,                              EXPERIENCE
                         SA, Australia                                                        Rocky Mountaineer, Vancouver, Canada

After a number of senior management positions in various             “ICHM ignites a passion for the hotel industry that never leaves
properties around Australia, Tim is loving his return to Adelaide.   you and ICHM truly does set you up for success. This passion,
“I studied with a great bunch of students from many different        the world-class education, and the strong network of fellow ICHM
nationalities while at ICHM. There’s a confidence that ICHM          graduates, has taken me on an exciting international journey where
gives you, as very few people had the same level of knowledge.       I started providing front line service to our guests and where I am
And I love being back in Adelaide, there’s a lot going on here       now at the executive table as a key decision maker.”
right now.”

                         PAAVAN PATEL
                         – DIRECTOR OF ROOMS DIVISION                                         RACHAEL HARMAN
                         Intercontinental Hotel Group,                                        - GENERAL MANAGER
                         Singapore                                                            Le Meridien Hotel Sentosa, Singapore

“ICHM taught me that learning is critical. Persistence and           “ICHM provided me with inspiration and foundation in being an
motivation may keep you pushing forward, but curiosity to learn      effective leader and a valuable contributor to the business. It is
will keep you moving in a positive direction. Work hard and          an institution that will guide, support and challenge you to reach
never say no to learning something new! Make sure that you           your potential in the hotel industry.”
have a dream and the courage to pursue it, as you will be so
much more ready than you think. And do not forget the three
golden words: network, network, network!”

                                                                                              GAURAB GHIMIRE
                                                                                              – NIGHT MANAGER
                         MURPHY LOH                                                           Mecure Alice Springs, NT, Australia
                         - CHIEF CONCIERGE & GUEST
                         RECOGNITION MANAGER
                                                                     “Hotel management requires theoretical knowledge combined
                         Ritz Carlton, Singapore
                                                                     with industry experience and exposure. Hence ICHM’s course
                                                                     design is uniquely suited to anyone looking to pursue a career in
“ICHM’s flexible course structure allows students to combine         hotels, from operational to top-level management roles. ICHM
theory with real world industry placements. Its extensive            taught me the importance of politeness, a positive attitude and
network with the industry’s top hotel brands presented me with       the need to network to continuously improve and be prepared
plenty of opportunities to build on my knowledge and work            for the challenges ahead. Studying at ICHM is always fun,
experience. My time studying at ICHM was not only memorable          and it’s within a family like college environment and friendly
but, most importantly, set me up for career success.”                lecturing staff.”

C h ang e      yo u r   w o r l d

                         SACHI FLETCHER
                         - RESTAURANT MANAGER                                                 MARVIE SPIES
                         Hentley Farm in Seppeltsfield,                                       - DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES
                         Barossa Valley, SA                                                   W Hotel, Melbourne VIC, Australia

‘‘ICHM taught me to network, network, network! Connections are       “ICHM is an institution that will guide, support and challenge
key to success as well as a second language, I chose hospitality     you to reach your potential in the hotel industry. I graduated
as a career because I love connecting with people. It really is      a number of years ago and they still have the time to connect
fulfilling to create stay and/or dining experiences. Have fun        with me. This gesture, from my perspective, is above and
and work hard on your placements. It makes a difference, as          beyond.”
networking is key!”

                         ANTHONY MAURO
                         - GENERAL MANAGER                                                    LUCAS DEMETRESCU
                         Crown Metropol & Crown Promenade,                                    - DIRECTOR FOOD & BEVERAGE
                         Perth, WA, Australia                                                 Accor Hotels, Southern Europe

“I entered into hotels with a path and clear concise goals to work   “ICHM, as an international program, helped me get to know and
towards and I wouldn’t have had that without ICHM. Networking        open my mind to various cultures, especially from the Asia-
has been crucial to my current role and everything leading up        Pacific basin. ICHM has always been at the point of innovation
to this point. In our roles we get to meet and work with some        with the structure of its program of placements in between
amazing people both internally and externally, which not only        semesters, and it’s the creativity that has been imprinted in my
benefits us through career progression, but also our business.       way of imagining solutions in my jobs.”
Understand that the industry you have chosen requires you to
work long and hard, but it is extremely rewarding. Your actions
and performance will dictate your level of success.”

                                                                                              CONNOR BATTEN
                                                                                              - RESERVATIONS SUPERVISOR
                         BARNEY LEUNG - FRONT OFFICE                                          Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne,
                         Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan                                   VIC Australia

“Hotel management is quite interesting, and I believe that           “ICHM opens doors to many fields within the hospitality
alongside my academic studies the opportunity to do                  industry and beyond. It has enabled me to understand business
placements in properties around the world is too good an             in a practical approach. Currently I am on a management
opportunity to pass up. I can wholeheartedly endorse ICHM            development program with TFE Hotels and look forward to
to people who have their hearts and minds set on a                   developing a career in revenue management.”
hospitality career. ”

The ICHM Bachelor of Business prepares you for an
                                                                 international career in a wide variety of hospitality businesses.
                                                                 You will progress from an operational base through to a
                                                                 management perspective. Your knowledge is expanded

BACHELOR                                                         each year with new industry relevant concepts and business

                                                                 ICHM’s academic year is comprised of six months full time
                                                                 study, followed by a six month full time Work Integrated
                                                                 Learning (WIL) placement throughout Australia, or possibly

(Hospitality Management)                                         ICHM graduates gain a comprehensive understanding of
                                                                 the international hospitality environment, and as a result,
CRICOS Course Code 075806G                                       have outstanding career prospects with many obtaining
                                                                 highly sought after positions around the world.

           YEAR ONE // SEMESTER ONE                                       YEAR ONE // SEMESTER TWO
          On-campus Academic Study | 20-22 weeks                          Off-campus WIL Placement | 20-24 weeks

         YEAR TWO // SEMESTER THREE                                      YEAR TWO // SEMESTER FOUR
          On-campus Academic Study | 20-22 weeks                          Off-campus WIL Placement | 20-24 weeks

         YEAR THREE // SEMESTER FIVE                                     YEAR THREE // SEMESTER SIX
          On-campus Academic Study | 20-22 weeks                          Off-campus WIL Placement | 20-24 weeks

To graduate with the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management), students must successfully
pass all academic requirements, and complete a minimum of 1500 WIL placement hours.

C h a n ge   yo ur        world
                                                                            WORK INTEGRATED
                                                                            LEARNING (WIL)
INTERNATIONAL           Fairmont Hotels &
                        Four Seasons                                        Work Integrated Learning (WIL), otherwise known
Furama Hotel            Hotels & Resorts                                    as Industry Placement semesters, are a critical
Grand Hyatt             Marriott
InterContinental        International                                       component of ICHM’s courses.
Shangri-La              The Little Nell                                     ICHM maintains close links with hotels, resorts and
St Regis                Disney Resorts                                      other hospitality management providers worldwide,
The Langham             Florida
The Peninsula           Singapore                                           to facilitate the WIL semesters.
Hong Kong               Six Senses
Cordis                  Ibis Singapore on
                        Bencoolen                              AUSTRALIA WIDE                       Event Hotels & Resorts,       Westin
                        Taiwan                                                                      including:                    W
Novotel                                                       AccorHotels, including:
                        FX Hotel                                                                      Atura                     Melbourne Convention &
Ovolo                                                           ibis                                                            Exhibition Centre
                        Grand Hyatt                                                                   Rydges
Residence G                                                     Mercure                                                         Minor Hotels, including:
                        Mandarin Oriental                                                             QT
Ritz-Carlton                                                    MGallery by Sofitel                                               Oaks
                        Millennium                                                                  Federal Group Hotels &
The Royal Garden                                                Novotel                             Resorts, including:         Next Hotels & Resorts
                        The Tango
W                                                               Pullman                               The Country Club          Ovolo Hotels
Indonesia               W
                                                                Sofitel                               Tasmania                  Penfold’s Magill Estate
Pullman Bali            United Kingdom
                                                                Art Series                            Henry Jones Hotel         RACT Destinations,
Legian Beach            Clayton Crown
                                                                Peppers                             Four Seasons Hotels         including:
Japan                   Crieff-Hydro                                                                Journey Beyond                Strahan Village
Hilton Narita           Exclusive Hotels                                                            Hamilton Island Resort        Cradle Mountain Lodge
                                                              Adelaide Casino
Niseko Village          Gleneagles                                                                  Hilton                        Freycinet Lodge
                                                              Adelaide Oval
Park Hyatt Tokyo        InterContinental                                                            Hyatt Hotels, including:    RACV Clubs & Resorts
                                                              Baillie Lodges, including:
Ritz-Carlton Tokyo      Marriott                                                                      Hyatt Regency             Stamford Hotels &
                        International                           Longitude 131
Malaysia                                                                                              Grand Hyatt               Resorts
                        Sofitel                                 Silky Oaks Lodge                                                Shangri-La
Pangkor Laut                                                                                          Park Hyatt
Resort                  The Langham                           Cable Beach Club                                                  TFE Hotels, including:
                                                                                                    InterContinental Hotels
Ritz-Carlton            UAE                                   Crown Resorts, including:             Group, including:             Adina
Maldives                Hyatt                                   Crown Metropol                        Crowne Plaza                Rendezvous
Atmosphere Hotels       Jumeirah                                Crown Promenade                       Holiday Inn                 Vibe
& Resorts               International                           Crown Towers                          InterContinental          The Langham
New Zealand/            Ritz-Carlton                          Crystalbrook Collection                 Hayman Island Resort      The Star Entertainment
Pacific                 Vietnam                               Delaware North, including:                                        Group
                                                                                                    JKL Hospitality
Chateau Tongariro       Caravelle Saigon                        Lizard Island Resort                                            Voyages Ayers Rock
                                                                                                    Marriott International,
Sofitel Queenstown      JW Marriott                                                                 including:                  Resort
                                                                Melbourne & Olympic
Robertson Lodges        Novotel MGallery                        Parks                                 Four Points by Sheraton   1834 Hotels, including:
North America           Sofitel Saigon                        Emirates One & Only                     Marriott                    Mayfair Hotel
Amangiri                Plaza                                 Wolgan Valley                           Sheraton                    Adabco Boutique Hotel

                             ''.....                     HYJ\TT                �arnott.

                                                                             HOTELS & RESORTS
                INTE& CONTINENTAL®                       HOTELS & RESORTS
                     HOTELS AND RESORTS

                                                       CROWN E PLAZA®
                                                        HOl'ELS • RESORTS

                     Hilton                                                   PAN PACIFIC
                                             t}"' S TA .M. F O RD              Hotels and Resorts
                                              r""'   HOTELS·AND·RESORTS

                STARWOOD                             ���&�:I:s                Raffles

                                                               ��               Hotels & Resorts

                                                          �.�       �
(Hospitality Management)
CRICOS Course Code 075806G

 ICHM standard mode of delivery is face to face however,
we do have the ability to deliver online should it be necessary.

activities and projects. While first year has a focus on service
                            YEAR ONE                                        and standards, students in second year will find themselves
               ON-CAMPUS ACADEMIC SUBJECTS                                  more involved in study and learning exercises that develop
                                                                            supervisory and middle management abilities and knowledge,
20-22 Weeks On-campus Academic Study                                        requiring more independent study.
20-24 Weeks Off-campus WIL Semester                                         Again upon completion of the second year academic
                                                                            program, students will undertake a WIL semester in industry.
 The Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Industry
 Culinary Techniques and Standards
 Delivering Guest Services (Practicum)                                                                 YEAR THREE
                                                                                             ON-CAMPUS ACADEMIC SUBJECTS
 Employability Skills for Future Hoteliers
 Essential Academic Skills for Success
                                                                            20-22 Weeks On-campus Academic Study
 Food and Beverage Service Standards                                       20-24 Weeks Off-campus WIL Semester
 Hospitality Business Software Applications
                                                                            Core Subjects
 Rooms Division Service Standards
                                                                             Managing Business Financial Performance
ICHM prepares students for management roles across a wide
                                                                             Managing Productivity Through People
variety of hotel and hospitality businesses. Our model stresses
the importance of learning all aspects of the hotel industry from            Managing Food & Beverage Operations
the ground up. In Year 1 students learn hospitality and service              Managing Rooms Division Operations
standards skills along with business basics. This prepares                   Sustainable Hospitality Environments
students for hotel positions at an operational level.
                                                                            Elective Subjects*
After completion of Year 1 academic study, students will
undertake a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) semester in                       E-Marketing & Distribution
industry.                                                                    Customer Relationship Management
                                                                             The Changing Economic Environment
                            YEAR TWO                                         Managing International Guests Expectations
               ON-CAMPUS ACADEMIC SUBJECTS                                   Art & Design in Hospitality Environments
                                                                             Entrepreneurship
20-22 Weeks On-campus Academic Study                                         International Wine
20-24 Weeks Off-campus WIL Semester
                                                                             Event Management

Core Subjects                                                                Gastronomy: The Art, Culture & Science of
                                                                              Food & Beverages
 Marketing & Sales for Hospitality Businesses
 Supervising International Hotel Front Office Operations                   *Students to nominate three. Note that not every elective will be offered
                                                                            each semester.
 Human Resource Management
                                                                            With two different industry placement experiences and most of
 Property, Safety & Security Management
                                                                            the hotel operations and control subjects completed, students in
 Measuring Business Financial Performance                                  third year turn their attention to management subjects. As well
Elective Subjects*                                                          as the core business disciplines, students explore areas beyond
                                                                            the traditional business degree. These additional subject areas
 E-Marketing & Distribution                                                broaden their knowledge base, providing greater insight into the
 Supervising Culinary Operations                                           issues which impact on business decision making in hotels and
 Professional Wine Studies                                                 related industries. Upon completion of the third year academic
                                                                            program, students may undertake a WIL semester.
 Creating the Guest Experience
 Hospitality Operational Planning & Control
                                                                            To graduate with the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality
*Students to nominate three. Note that not every elective will be offered   Management), as well as successfully passing all academic
each semester.                                                              requirements, students must complete a minimum of 1500
Second year builds on the operational knowledge and                         industry hours.
experience gained in first year and introduces more advanced
                                                                            All subjects correct at the time of printing and are subject to change.
topics covering supervisory level skills. Students are also
introduced to management issues and leadership techniques
which they are expected to apply to a range of challenging

For entry into the Master of
International Hotel Management

Who Is It For?                   Program Structure                            Entry Requirements

                                 This program is a non-award, six month       Successful completion of a three year
                                 (one semester), full time program with       post-secondary qualification comparable
This Pre-Masters Program         the aim of providing entry into the Master   to an Australian Associate Degree or
is offered as an alternative     of International Hotel Management for        Advanced Diploma; and English IELTS 6.0
                                 students who would not otherwise be          overall (no band under 5.5).
pathway into the ICHM
Master of International Hotel                                                 Course Progression
Management.                      Pre-Masters Subjects Available               To progress to the Master of International
                                 •   Managing Business Financial 		           Hotel Management, students must pass
The program is designed to be
                                     Performance                              each subject in the Pre-Masters.
an academic language, literacy
                                 •   Managing Productivity Through People
and numeracy bridging program                                                 Full Masters Program
                                 •   Managing Food and Beverage
for international students who       Operations
                                                                              The full Master of International Hotel
do not meet the standard                                                      Management (MIHM) is a two year (four
                                 •   Managing Rooms Division Operations
                                                                              semester) full-time course designed to
Masters entry requirements.      •   Managing International Guests 		         provide participants with the opportunity
                                     Expectations                             to develop advanced knowledge to
                                 •   Event Management                         understand and manage international
                                                                              hotel operations at a senior level.

ICHM ignites a
 passion for the
hotel industry that
never leaves you.
 Charmaine Turner - Director of Employee Experience
      Rocky Mountaineer, Vancouver, Canada

CRICOS Course Code 097743C

 ICHM standard mode of delivery is face to face however, we do have the ability to deliver online should it be necessary.

The Master of International Hotel Management (MIHM) is                tourism and hospitality industry. The course comprises nine
a two year (four semester) full-time course, designed to              core subjects and three electives delivered over eighteen
provide participants with the opportunity to develop advanced         months; plus a final Professional Practice and Research
knowledge and cognitive skills to understand and manage               semester of six months in industry, as a capstone subject to
international hotel operations at a senior level. Whilst the course   complete the course.
focus is on international hotels, participants could choose to        Graduates from hotel schools/universities/colleges - holding
undertake their career paths in other areas of the international      business or hospitality related degrees, may receive RPL.

                 HOTEL MANAGEMENT                                                     HOTEL MANAGEMENT

          YEAR ONE // SEMESTER ONE                                            YEAR ONE // SEMESTER TWO
           On-campus Academic Study | 20-22 weeks                               On-campus Academic Study | 20-22 weeks


        YEAR TWO // SEMESTER THREE                                           YEAR TWO // SEMESTER FOUR
           On-campus Academic Study | 20-22 weeks                             Professional Practice and Research (Industry)
                                                                                              | 20-24 weeks

YEAR ONE // SEMESTER ONE                                             YEAR ONE // SEMESTER TWO

Core Subjects                                                        Core Subjects

 International Hotel Food & Beverage Management                      International Hotel Revenue Management
 International Hotel Accommodation Management                        Workforce Design and Strategy
 Hospitality Management Accounting                                   Strategic Management
 International Hotel Services Marketing
                                                                     Elective Subjects*
Year One - Semester One                                               Academic and Research Skill Development
The Graduate Certificate in International Hotel Management is         Art and Design in Hospitality Environments
comprised of four subjects; two of which focus on two major           Information Systems Management
operational areas, the Food & Beverage and Accommodation
                                                                      International Hotel Brand Management
Departments. These subjects allow students to develop the
                                                                      Entrepreneurship and Innovation
skills and knowledge to manage these areas and the resulting
guest experience.                                                     Research Methods for Managers
The latter two, introduce the interdisciplinary nature of hotel
                                                                     *Note - not every elective will be available each semester. Students will be able
management through the study of Hospitality Management               to choose an elective subject from those being delivered.
Accounting and Marketing. This provides students with an
understanding of the key financial indicators leading to the         Year One - Semester Two
profitability of an international hospitality business, as well as
                                                                     The Graduate Diploma in International Hotel Management is
an insight into the factors contributing the models of consumer
                                                                     comprised of three core subjects plus one elective. Building on
behaviour from the service and product expectations of
                                                                     the foundation from Semester 1, students critically evaluate
international hotel guests.
                                                                     the role of revenue management and strategic pricing in overall
                                                                     hotel business performance. They also examine and connect
                                                                     fundamental human resource management tools, linking them
                                                                     to the businesses strategy and workforce design requirements.
                                                                     Students will also be required to consider long term strategic
                                                                     decision processes and strategy formulation, and how it applies
All subjects correct at the time of                                  to businesses in an international context.
printing and are subject to change.

YEAR TWO // SEMESTER THREE                                                         YEAR TWO // SEMESTER FOUR

Core Subjects                                                                       Professional Practice and Research

 Leadership In A Changing World                                                    The subject contains a Research Workshop (undertaken in Year
 Hospitality Business In The Global Context                                        2 semester 3), which provides an opportunity for students to
                                                                                    develop an understanding of the main concepts and principles
 Research Workshop+
                                                                                    encountered in research methodology and how they can
Elective Subjects*                                                                  be applied to the workplace setting providing management
 Ethics, Justice and Responsible Management in Hospitality
 Hospitality Property Management and Development
                                                                                    Year Two - Semester Four
                                                                                    Semester 4 of the Masters provides students with the
 International Human Resource Management
                                                                                    opportunity to undertake a six month Professional Practice
 Managing Customer Relationships and Experiences                                   and Research in industry. This capstone subject will enable
                                                                                    the student to integrate theory with the practice of work to
*Note - not every elective will be available each semester. Students will be able
to choose an elective subject from those being delivered.                           develop their knowledge, skills and professional networks
                                                                                    through lived experiences in a natural workplace setting. There
Year Two - Semester Three                                                           is an expectation that students have a minimum of 200 hours
Building on Semester 1 and 2, Semester 3 - the Master of                            industry experience prior to undertaking their Professional
International Hotel Management extends the students learning                        Practice and Research in industry.
to a Masters level, with a focus on leadership and change within                    As part of the research project students need to complete a
global business contexts.                                                           minimum of 600 industry hours; in addition to the 200 minimum
Students will be required to interpret the challenges of balancing                  experience required to undertake the research project.
global, political, workforce, technological and financial                           Students can engage the ICHM Industry and Career
considerations along with personal needs in the pursuit of                          Development (ICD) Managers to assist them with sourcing
effective, contemporary and ethical change leadership. They will                    an industry position for the purpose of this subject.
also investigate and gain a technical knowledge of the critical                     The ICD Managers employ a similar process to that which
forces driving change within a global environment; synthesising                     is used for the standard industry placements (see page 27);
this knowledge into innovative solutions to complex scenarios,                      with most positions within Australia being paid as regular
particularly within multinational company structures.                               employees.


What Do You Study?                                                         Study Abroad Entry Requirements & Visa

With the Study Abroad Program, ICHM invites students from all              To study at ICHM students will need an IELTS of 5.5. (no band
around the world to study with them in Adelaide for six months;            below 5.0.); or TOEFL (IBT) 60 overall (min 15 in any band); or
and then undertake a paid work placement in an Australian                  recognised equivalent.
hotel for six months (the work placement is optional). Together            Students will apply for a Student Visa (subclass 500) Non-
with your own university or hotel school you can select up to 8            Award Temporary Visa. This has a limit of 12 months, inclusive
subjects (or as few as 4 subjects) at different levels.                    of English, tuition and work placement.

Study Abroad Tuition Fees                                                  Refer to the following link for details regarding the Study Abroad
Tuition fees are calculated by the number of subjects studied.             visalisting/student-500
The per subject cost for 2021 is fixed at A$3,555. So your tuition
                                                                           All international students coming to Australia on student visas
fees will depend on the number of subjects you choose; for
                                                                           are required to pay for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
example the six month academic fee for studying four subjects
                                                                           for the full duration of their studies.
on the campus will be A$14,220. If you want to study additional
subjects, you pay the per subject cost for each one undertaken.
All Study Abroad students pay a once off New Student Fee.

                                                                                                          Wake up.
During your academic semester you can choose to stay on or
off the campus. For on-campus information please refer to page

                                                                                                          Love What
28 and 29 and for off campus information please refer to page
38 & 39. Note: Fees may be adjusted for students choosing a 2022 intake.

                                                                                                          You Do.


Your Future Career
Hotel management – it’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. The “people emphasis” of the industry
makes it one of the most interesting and challenging careers available. The ICHM Career Weeks are all about
getting to know ICHM and the hotel industry.

 The ICHM Difference                                                  What To Expect At Career Week
 The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)                 This live-in introduction to hotel management is your
 prepares students for a successful career at the top end of the      opportunity to experience first hand the hotel/hospitality
 international hotel industry.                                        environment and ICHM. You can expect to:
 •    ICHM offers prestigious and internationally recognised         •    earn more about the international tourism and hospitality
       qualifications:                                                    industry.
       - Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)               •    ain an in-depth understanding of the ICHM hotel
        - Master of International Hotel Management                        management course.
 •     orldwide hotel industry placement program as part of
      W                                                               •    ind out about the different career paths and how some of
      the degrees.                                                        our graduates are doing.
 •    World class teaching facilities.                                •   Have a fun, hands-on introduction to hotel operations.
 •    Professional staff with extensive experience.                   •    ain an introduction to management and supervision
 •    Strong industry links.                                             topics.
 •    Modern and secure on-campus accommodation.                      •   Visit local hospitality and tourism sites.
 •    ICHM’s reputation opens many different doors!                  •   Ask questions of current ICHM students.
 •    Located in Adelaide, capital of SA and a hub for hospitality.   •   Meet some of the teaching staff.
                                                                      •   Experience the excellent ICHM teaching facilities.
                                                                      •    earn about ICHM's worldwide hotel industry
87% employment rate following student graduation                          placement program.
                                                                      •    xperience ICHM’s outstanding on-campus student
                                                                          accommodation complex.

The Career Week
    has really helped
    me to get a feel
    for what to expect,
    both in industry
    and ICHM.

Who Should Attend?                                              How Do I Apply?
 tudents in senior high school (Year 11 and 12) who are
S                                                                oth Career Weeks' have limited places available, applications
considering a career in hotel / hospitality management or       will be accepted on a "first-come, first-served basis".
international business.                                         Applications and payment must be received no later
                                                                than two weeks prior to the nominated ICHM Career
When Is It?
                                                                Week commencement. A cancellation fee of A$50 will
ICHM generally runs the Career Weeks during the July and        apply after this time.
September school holidays. Check the ICHM website for the
latest dates.                                                   What Do I Wear?

                                                                 e request students wear neat hospitality style clothing -
How Long Is It?
                                                                black or navy trousers or skirt with white shirts are required
 he program welcome and induction commences from 9:30am
T                                                               (gentlemen with ties). While kitchen uniforms will be supplied,
Tuesday, therefore arrival should be planned prior to this.     students must bring black closed-toe, thick soled shoes (e.g.
The program concludes at 5.00pm Friday. Interstate and 		       school shoes). There will also be leisure activities so please
international students are welcome to arrive Monday 			         bring casual clothes.
and can depart on Saturday.
                                                                How Much Will It Cost?
Where Do I Stay?
                                                                 $450. This includes the program, insurance, airport pick up/
Students stay in the ICHM student accommodation 			             drop off, social activities, accommodation, wifi and meals. Note
complex on campus. Bedrooms for Career Week are                 this fee is deducted from the first year fee of any ICHM Career
either single or twin share depending upon room availability.   Week student who subsequently enrols at ICHM (airfares are
All meals during the week are included.                         not included).

C ha n ge      yo ur     world

                                              lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, a purpose   one support to small or large group
                                              built wine laboratory, 120 seat a-la-carte    workshops. ICHM also has specialist

                                              restaurant open to the public; function       literacy and learning support staff
                                              facilities, computer suite, on campus         on hand to guide students. And each
                                              library, practice bar and restaurant areas,   semester I-PASS leaders are appointed
                                              and a fully equipped industrial kitchen.      from the student community, to assist
                                              It really is an exciting study environment.   students with subjects they themselves
                                                                                            have completed previously.
Campus Facilities                             Academic Support & Assistance
The teaching facilities at ICHM are world     ICHM provides all students with
class. It really is an exciting environment   the academic support needed to                ICHM’s curriculum is subject to
in which to learn. ICHM provides all the      fully appreciate and respond to the           continuous review and updates to
benefits of a larger college or university    demands of study and campus life.             ensure it meets the highest industry
environment and atmosphere by sharing         It is an environment second to none           expectations, and higher education
its campus with the Regency campus of         when it comes to enhancing students’          academic standards. To view the subject
TAFE SA.                                      development and applying that                 descriptors for each year of study
                                              knowledge in their professional life. We      during the program, visit
Teaching Facilities
                                              offer a comprehensive range of academic       The academic semesters at ICHM are
During their on campus semesters ICHM         support services enabling students to         rigorous, with students expected to
students will use a number of academic        access the assistance that best suits         attend and engage in a seminar model
and operational learning areas including:     their learning needs – from one-on-           from Monday to Friday.

                                                                    This calendar is for all ICHM students.
                                                                     Intake One Semester Dates

                                                                     Feb 1              Semester begins
                                                                     Apr 12 – 16        Mid-semester holiday
                                                                     Jun 25             Semester ends
                                                                     Jul 13 – 16        Career Week

                                                                     Intake Two Semester Dates

                                                                     Jul 19             Semester begins
                                                                     Sep 11             Graduation ceremony
                                                                     Sep 27 – Oct 1     Mid-semester holiday
                                                                     Sep 28 – Oct 1     Career Week
                                                                     Dec 10             Semester ends

                                                                    Holiday breaks between semesters will vary among students
                                                                    depending upon individual industry placement contracts.
                                                                    These dates are provisional and subject to change.

As a result, students are encouraged        practical tests, group work, essays,        also involved with student induction and
to manage their time and study habits       personal portfolios, presentations, log     play a key role in ensuring ICHM students
efficiently; allowing time for other        books, written assessments and case         are well-integrated into the unique ICHM
activities such as playing sport and        studies. Each subject and WIL placement     ‘family’ culture.
spending time with friends and family.      has assessments spread across the
                                                                                        General Student Services
                                            academic semesters, with student
Course Delivery
                                            workloads a major consideration in the      All students at ICHM have access to a
ICHM employs a seminar model of             timing of assessments.                      range of services to assist them during
delivery of its courses. Group sizes vary                                               their study. These services include
                                            Student Counsellor & Welfare Advisors
each year of study; with operational,                                                   a comprehensive student induction
service and computer based subjects         Our Student Welfare Advisors ensure all     program as well as ongoing guidance.
taught in small groups. Students            students have the support and guidance      A Student Representative Council formed
are expected to participate fully by        they need to address any issue that         by students enhances social activities
contributing to discussions and debate      might adversely affect their studies and/   and helps with any academic issues.
to assist them in forming their own         or general well-being while at ICHM.
                                                                                        Campus Administration
opinions.                                   As the student’s first point of contact,
                                            our Welfare Advisors work closely           From uniforms and timetables to
Methods Of Assessment
                                            with students guiding, managing and         organising graduation ceremonies,
Some subjects have exams, but these         resolving any situations that may arise     ICHM’s administration staff are on
are rarely the only form of assessment.     from personal, cultural or study-related    hand to assist with all general student
Assessment methods can include              challenges. ICHM’s Welfare Advisors are     enquiries.


ICHM prides itself on the quality and                         Ricky Anderson Medeiros                management. Being the only employee with
number of WIL placements. These                               de Lima (Brazilian)                    English as a first language has taught me to
                                                               Stamford Grand Adelaide,              understand, respect all cultures and recognise
placements form an integral and                                                                      that diversity is a key building block for large
extremely valuable part of the degrees                         “I think ICHM is an amazing           teams delivering to a global customer base.”
program. ICHM works with hotels and                            institution where it is very easy
other hospitality businesses in Australia                      to network and learn. On my                            Kuwardeep Singh Kathuria
                                            placement I learnt how to work as part of a team,
and around the world to secure and                                                                                    (Indian)
                                            increase my leadership skills and improve my
                                                                                                                       Sofitel Melbourne on Collins,
monitor these placements. The WIL           communication skills. I had my first exposure to
Placement Program offers:                   working in a hotel, so everything I have learned
                                                                                                                       “The on-campus semester
                                            about working in a hotel came from ICHM and
                                                                                                                       gives us the theoretical
 The ability to put into practice the      placements. I left my placement with amazing
                                                                                                                       knowledge required and then
  skills and knowledge learnt during        friends, amazing work colleagues and the prestige
                                                                                                     that theoretical knowledge is then applied on the
                                            given from my managers that I did a good job.
  the academic semesters.                                                                            placement. Placements at hospitality properties
                                            The knowledge of the different departments and
                                                                                                     ranging from resorts to 5- star hotels gives
 In-depth on-the-job experience.           the skills I have learned will help me become the
                                                                                                     tremendous flexibility of options to students.
                                            manager which I strive to be one day.”
 Insight into the world of work and the                                                             Further, it makes the student ready for their future
                                                                                                     career during the study itself. In Melbourne, I used
  responsibilities it involves.
                                                              Amy Bunder (Australian)                to often go to the beach and other places such
 Realistic experiences of the hotel                            Reef View Hotel, Hamilton            as Geelong. I also did a skydive over St Kilda. As
                                                                Island                               an international student, I know how tough it is
  industry in a variety of places.
                                                                “I love the industry placements      to manage all the expenses so paid placement
 The opportunity to experience 		                              being able to travel and apply the   surely helps.”
  different company cultures,                                   theory I have learnt on campus
                                                                to practice in the workplace.
  systems and work practices.                                                                                         Kay Kim (South Korean)
                                            Learning to work in a team environment and time
                                                                                                                       Strahan Village, Tasmania
 An insight into a range of                management skills. During my time at Hamilton
                                                                                                                       “My placement while at ICHM
                                            Island I was able to explore the Great Barrier
  career paths.                                                                                                        gave me the opportunity to apply
                                            Reef including a helicopter ride over the island
                                                                                                                       my hospitality knowledge in real
 Rigorous and relevant assessment.         and travel to country QLD. ICHM has taught me
                                                                                                                       operational environments, to
                                            how to remain professional, to use my initiative,
 Personal growth and independence.                                                                                    earn money, and to build self-
                                            critical thinking, problem solving and provided me
                                                                                                     confidence, in preparation for a successful career.
 Networking opportunities for future       with the background knowledge to excel in the
                                                                                                     I enjoyed working with my co-workers as we had
  employment.                                                                                        great fun together and created unforgettable
                                                              Marcus Stack (Australian)
                                                              GSA The Ritz Carlton Dubai, UAE
                                                              “My placement at the Ritz
                                                              Carlton has created a solid
                                                              foundation and understanding
                                                              of five-star service for my
                                                              future endeavours in hospitality

that students remain in one department        considering specific industry placement
                                               during a placement to fully understand        offers will have ample opportunity to
                                               that area’s operations. Not all students      assess the conditions and expected
                                               will be placed in 5-star international        earnings before applying.
                                               hotels. Convention centres, resorts,
                                               boutique hotels, wineries and other
                                               hospitality business operations may           Each WIL placement is typically 20-24
                                               also be selected to provide this valuable     weeks or approximately six months in
                                               undergraduate experience. ICHM aims           duration. To graduate with the Bachelor
                                               to find WIL placements for students in        of Business (Hospitality Management),
                                               positions deemed suitable to fulfill the      as well as successfully passing all
                                               requirements of the course, and the           academic requirements, students must
                                               students demonstrated capabilities at         complete a minimum of 1500 industry
                                               that time.                                    hours. The ICHM program is accredited
                                                                                             with these placements, and international
                                                                                             students are not restricted by the usual
                                               ICHM encourages all students to               forty hours per fortnight maximum rules.
                                               keep their career goals in mind when          Students undertaking the Masters
                                               nominating placement locations. Where         Professional Practice and Research
                                               a WIL placement is a student’s first real     subject, must be able to provide evidence
                                               job, it is strongly recommended they          of 600 hours of industry relevant work to
                                               stay in Australia or their home country.      pass the subject.
                                               Most students do at least one or more
Process                                                                                      There is an expectation that students
                                               of their placements within Australia.
                                                                                             have a minimum of 200 hours industry
The Work Integrated Learning (WIL)             International placements may be
                                                                                             experience prior to undertaking their
process begins early in the on-campus          possible subject to a number of factors;
                                                                                             Professional Practice and Research in
academic semester. Students are asked          the students ability to obtain a work
to list a preferred destination on their WIL   visa for that country (as this is their own
placement request form, prepare their          responsibility); they must be able to         Monitoring
resume and meet with the Industry and          financially support themselves during the
                                                                                             The ICD Team keeps in touch with
Career Development (ICD) Managers.             period; and their ability to communicate
                                                                                             students by phone and email throughout
ICHM’s ICD Managers research the               in that country’s language. There are
                                                                                             their placement to ensure success.
available positions at suitable hotels         limits to the number of students ICHM
and related organisations. If a student        can place in properties and locations,        Methods of Assessment
meets a property’s requirements, the ICD       so sometimes the student’s first choice
                                                                                             Employers are required to assess
Managers formally apply on their behalf.       cannot be accommodated.
                                                                                             students across a variety of performance
From here the selection requirements
                                               Earnings & Expenses                           measures while on WIL placement.
will vary across hotels; some placements
                                                                                             Students must also complete a set of
require face-to-face, telephone or             WIL placements within Australia are
                                                                                             subject assessment criteria while on
online (e.g. Skype) interviews with the        usually paid; wages for placements in
                                                                                             placement. For students completing
hotels making the final decision on            other countries vary considerably and
                                                                                             the Professional Practice and Research
employment.                                    are generally lower. In Australia, based
                                                                                             subject, they will be required to complete
                                               on recent industry placements students
Position                                                                                     and submit a Research Proposal,
                                               will earn the Australian award wage.
                                                                                             Research Report and Reflection Report.
Students are required to undertake one         However, students must account for tax,
                                                                                             Refer to the WIL Placement Policy on
WIL placement in Food and Beverage             their accommodation and bond, meals,
                                                                                             the Rules, Policies & Procedures page of
and one in an area other than Food and         transport and entertainment. At the end
                                                                                             the ICHM website for additional details
Beverage. This follows the philosophy          of a placement semester students can
                                                                                             regarding WIL placements.

                                                                 THE WORLD
that it is important to learn the industry     save up to A$5,000. Some hotels will
from the ground up, and the belief that        provide accommodation, particularly
a good hotel manager has a broad               in remote locations, however in most
understanding of core hotel operations         cases students will need to arrange their

                                                                    IS YOUR
through multi-skilling. As a result,           own accommodation. While it is ICHM’s
industry placement positions are entry         preferred policy to place students in paid
level, allowing students to learn as much      positions, from time to time students

as possible about the “why” and “how”          request to be placed in countries which
of hotel operations. Most hotels prefer        do not pay “trainee” employees. Students

Regency International House                                   Secure accommodation.
                                                              Staff on duty 24 hours a day.
                                                              Spacious villa-style apartments with

                                                               186 single bedrooms.
                                                              Three buffet style meals per day

                                                               (religious and dietary needs are
                                                               accommodated upon request).
                                                              Free laundry facilities
                                                               (washers & dryers).
Regency International House (RIH) is an outstanding           Computers and wireless facilities.
on-campus accommodation complex. It is open to                Internet – includes standard usage
all students wanting to study at ICHM or other local           of 20GB per month (additional can be
institutions. The majority of students residing at RIH are
                                                              Common room, cable television, pool
usually ICHM students, but students should apply early         table, table tennis and vending
to secure a room. Regency International House provides         machines.
students with a home away from home.                          Ample free car parking.
                                                              Tennis and basketball courts.
                                                              Buses operate 7 days, also include
                                                               special late night service.

CONTACT                                                       Barbecue & outdoor dining area.
163 Days Road, Regency Park SA 5010                           Free loan sports equipment
Phone (+61 8) 8348 4000                                        (for golf, tennis, basketball etc).


                                                      BEDROOM             BEDROOM                                       B

                                                                            BATHROOM                                BATHR





ICHM Student Life

There are a range of recreation, leisure and sightseeing options for students. Sporting
activities, barbecues, shopping trips, cinema, karaoke nights, aquatic centre, food
and wine festivals, beaches and parties are also popular. While we highly value your
academic study, we believe that your social and life experiences are equally important,
and your time at ICHM should be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Regency International House Fees

RIH is a Government run facility as part of TAFE SA, administration including fees is
managed by RIH itself. Single room accommodation including meals (3 per day, 7 days
a week) is A$8,690.00 for the on-campus semester (six months).

Note: Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the
                                                                           standard entry requirements, ICHM will consider alternate entry for
                                                                           students. Australian applications will be considered using Year 11
                                                                           results and completion of Year 12. For international applications a
                                                                           holistic assessment process will apply.

ENTRY                                                                  Students with a qualification other than those listed below
                                                                       should send their details for assessment. If applying prior to the

REQUIREMENTS                                                           completion of their studies, students should send the predicted
                                                                       final result (if possible) along with their most recent academic
                                                                       reports. Students who have undertaken studies at other
                                                                       universities/colleges/hotel schools can apply for Recognition
                                                                       of Prior Learning (RPL) (see page 35). If you do not meet the
Bachelor Of Business                                                   academic requirements, students can undertake a Foundation
                                                                       Program at Eynesbury (see page 41); or another approved
(Hospitality Management)                                               provider. It is ICHM's preference that students be eighteen years
                                                                       of age upon commencement. However, younger students may
                                                                       be accepted with conditions.

All                                             Korea                                             Singapore
International Baccalaureate (IB) 24.            Senior High School Diploma with                   3 passes in the GCE A levels
Successful completion Eynesbury                 4 subjects at grade 3 or better or                (minimum 5 points).
Tertiary Stage 1 (AQF Level 5).                 specialised high school diploma with              South Africa
Diploma of Business or similar                  average of 2.0 in the final year.
                                                                                                  5 NSC subjects with a minimum level
approved foundation course.                     Latin America                                     of 4 or more and English at a level of 3
Australia                                       High School Graduation with a grade               or higher (see UK for points required).
Completion of Year 12 with one of the           average of 70%.
                                                                                                  Sri Lanka
following; ATAR 65, OP14.                       Malaysia                                          3 passes in the GCE A levels; Sri Lanka
Bangladesh                                      2 passes - minimum C in STPM (65%),               A Level (minimum 9 points - three C’s in
Completion of Senior School Certificate         4 B grades in academic subjects in Senior         one sitting).
with a grade average of 65%.                    Middle 3; Ontario grade 12 CPU with
                                                minimum of 65%; SACE 65.                          Taiwan
Canada                                                                                            Senior High School Diploma with average
Grade 12 Diploma (70% average).                 Nepal
                                                                                                  grade of 70%.
                                                Nepalese Higher Secondary Certificate
China & Macau                                                                                     Thailand
                                                (HSC) administered through the Higher
Completion of Chinese National                                                                    Successful completion of Matayom
                                                Secondary Education Board (HSEB)
University Entrance Examination -                                                                 6 with GPA of 3.5, or Thailand Certificate
                                                or Nepal Education Board (NEB) Year
Gaokao (cut-off scores will vary                                                                  of Secondary Education (grade average
                                                12, must have achieved equivalent to a
according to province); or one year
                                                minimum aggregate of 60%(B) across                of 80 in final year).
of a Bachelors Degree; or approved
                                                their ‘Best of 4’ academic subjects,              Vietnam
university foundation program.
                                                including English (but not including              Successful completion of Year 12
Hong Kong                                       Nepali) or NEB Year 12 results of either          with a GPA 7.0 average.
HKDSE 4 subjects at 3 (English 4 or IELTS 6).   a GPA of 2.80 (B), i.e. equivalent to 60%
India                                           result in four academic subjects in a
Completion of All India Senior School                                                             3 A Levels with 88 UCAS Tariff Points or
                                                relevant stream.
Certificate: Central Board - CBSE 60%,                                                            suitable alternative. Such as BTEC Level
                                                New Zealand
ISC 60%; State Board - Govt 70%.                                                                  3 Diploma with a pass in three subjects
                                                42 Credits at Level 3 NCEA, with at least
                                                                                                  (note: one or more A level pass is a
Indonesia                                       14 credits in each of 3 subjects on the
                                                                                                  satisfactory substitute for a BTEC subject
Senior High School Diploma (Seoklah             approved list for university entrance, plus
Menengah Atas) with combined the two                                                              pass).
                                                the required literacy and numeracy credits.
results of 71% in 4 academic subjects:                                                            USA
Year 12 High School Grade (40% +                Nigeria                                           USA Grade 12 Diploma with one of the
National Final Exam (SHUN) (60%).               West Africa Examination Council - Best 6          following: SAT score 1120; or 2 AP Exams
Japan                                           subjects, 11 or fewer points.                     with a score of 5 (combination of both
Upper Secondary School Leaving                  Philippines                                       can also be considered e.g. SAT1 and
Certificate (overall grade average of           Completion of the Senior High School              AP), or AP composite of 21.
4 out of 5).                                    Certificate, passing all subjects, with an
Kenya                                           overall Transmuted grade of 84, and no
High School Certificate C+ in 7 subjects.       subjects under Transmuted grade of 75.

You can also read