CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors

CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

34 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
                                                            March 2021
CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

                                      AVANT TECNO USA, INC. | BOOTH #1200

   For 30 years, Avant Tecno has been pioneering the R&D
and production of versatile and multi-functional compact
loaders and attachments that are designed to provide minimal
ground damage, increase efficiency and reduce labor on job
sites that involve tree care, landscaping, property maintenance,
construction, demolition and more. Avant provided the
original and first tool carrier concept introduced to the United
States. Its technology, benefits and extensive range of more
than 200 custom-designed attachments are unmatched in
North America and truly set Avant apart from the competition.

                                                                   FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT

                                                                   MATTHEW JARCK:

                                                ONE MACHINE FOR ALL JOBS

   Landscaping and Nursery                                                                                   Snow Removal

   Tree Care                                                                   Building and Property Maintenance

               • Visit Avant at Booth 1200

                                                                        March 2021 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 35
CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

                                                         BERGMANN AMERICAS, INC | BOOTH #1621

           Bergmann Americas started operations in January 2020 at its North
         American headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is the North
         American importer of the Bergmann product line from Meppen, Germany.
         The product offering for dealers includes compact articulated dump trucks
         (15 tons), track dumpers (12 tons) and, starting in 2021, the Bergmann site
         dumper lineup (4-10 tons). Last year Bergmann celebrated its 60th anniversary
         and is excited about its representation in the North American market. Every
         Bergmann machine provides the best possible combination of Bergmann’s four key design parameters: handling,
         safety, effectiveness and efficiency. The Bergmann C815s is a low-ground-pressure 15-ton compact articulated
         dump truck with three dump body options: rear dump, swivel dump and three-way dump. The C912s track
         dumper offers a swivel dump and rear dump. The site dumper lineup is introducing a new 4-ton class electric-
         powered dumper. Bergmann Americas currently has 11 dealers in its dealer network representing 94 locations
         across the U.S. Please inquire about areas still needing representation.
            For more information, please visit us at

                                                                 CDK GLOBAL, LLC | BOOTH #1321

       We know times are tough. So are you – and so are your customers. They still have buildings and roads to build. And
     their equipment needs servicing. The new normal will mean less face-to-face interaction and handshakes – and more
     need on your part to keep these relationships strong. With our Virtual Customer Experience, we’ll help you stay
     connected to your customers no matter where they are – at home, in the field or on the job site – and in ways that
     are safe and sustainable. Your customers will also be able to identify parts, place orders and more from anywhere at
     any time. All our solutions are seamlessly integrated into our
     IntelliDealer DMS, which is powering 2,600 dealerships across
     North America.
       We adapt our products to the needs of each dealer group.
     We create hundreds of DMS enhancements per year, and each
     enhancement that we create for one dealer is shared with all our
     customers. Your dealership was built to last. So are we. Because
     we’re Dealer Proud.

                                                       CRAIG MANUFACTURING LTD. | BOOTH #1810

           There’s a new addition to the Craig experience. The Craig Portal is the
         electronic way to have a Craig employee within reach 24 hours a day.
           Portal is the easy way for customers to generate live attachment quotes
         or handle anything parts-related. We have made the parts side of our
         business so easy; you can look up part breakdowns, generate quotes, place
         an order, check on shipping status or look up past invoices. Portal has a comprehensive list of parts drawings
         dating back to 2012 and many other common items made prior to that time.
           Portal is the efficient tool to make your Craig experience even better. Anyone can access the parts breakdowns,
         and if you are a dealer you can contact customer support to set up your account and gain full access.

36 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
Now more than ever, your heavy equipment customers have a job to do — and your dealership needs to be able to
                     provide service without all the heavy lifting. Stay connected to your customers and employees on the job site and in the field
                     with a suite of leading-edge remote solutions integrated with CDK Global IntelliDealer™ Dealer Management System (DMS).

                                                                            SHOP FOR PARTS 24/7
                         CDK MyDealer helps you keep your customers connected and loyal to your dealership by giving self-service access
                         to their account and equipment information — when and where they want it, from any device. Enable them to shop
                             for parts, create Automated Clearing House (ACH) online payments, check invoice history and much more.

                                                                     VIRTUAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
                                                                    IT’S NOT THE NEXT BEST THING TO
                                                                           BEING THERE. IT’S BETTER.

                                                  © 2020 CDK Global, LLC / CDK Global is a registered trademark of CDK Global, LLC.   20-3100

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CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

                                              CANAM SOLUTIONS USA

  Is your toolroom disorganized? Then it is hurting your profits. Messy tool rooms waste technicians time
searching for lost tools. Even worse, it wastes your money replacing assets you have but can’t find.

ToolHub can help. 5 Reasons Customers Trust ToolHub To Increase Profit & Productivity:
  1:ToolHub Makes People More Productive. Your technicians are frustrated when loosing valuable billable hours
having to search for tools you have - but they can’t find. Toolhub ensures you can always find the right tool right away!
  2:ToolHub Tracks All Your Assets-No Matter Where They Are. ToolHub stops tool loss. Our easy to use
system makes tracking your assets quick and easy whether it’s across the room or across the country!
  3:ToolHub Cuts Inventory Loss. Misplaced tools are a huge expense. With ToolHub every asset is
tracked ensuring your tools are in the right place, always.
  4:ToolHub Works For All Company Infrastructures. ToolHub’s design adapts to every type of company
infrastructure from manned or unmanned tool rooms, multi-site tool transfers, and offsite tool storage structures
of every size.
  5:ToolHub Delivers Massive ROI. Customers experience, on average, ROIs from 5:1 to 10:1. With ToolHub
you measure payback periods in months, not years.
  ToolHub is the easy to use tool tracking solution your organization
needs. Learn how ToolHub can increase your profitability and
deliver the ROI you want by contacting us at or
1-888-TOOLHUB Ext.133.

                  I N C R EAS E YOU R TEAM’S
                                   With Tool Tracking Software

                                                             Discover the team centered solution
                                                                for increasing productivity, today
 HELPING YOUR TEAMS DO MORE, BETTER                                

                                                                           March 2021 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 37
CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

                                                                         CIT | BOOTH #1800

       A construction job mandates a large number of heavy machines. At CIT, we know that new construction equipment
     comes with a hefty price tag, which is why we work with contractors on a regular basis to provide financing and leasing
       Our options feature affordable monthly payments so you can keep your bottom line in check while still having
     the tools you need to get the job done. Through catering
     every plan, we are able to help our clients with simple, cost-
     effective measures that allow you to retain your liquidity
     and stay on the cutting edge of technology.
       There are a number of advantages to leasing or financing
     your building machinery or highway construction
     equipment. New tools are emerging all the time, and leasing
     equipment means you can use the latest products without
     taking on extravagant costs.
                                                                                       FOR MORE
                                                                                           MORE INFORMATION,
                                                                                                 INFORMATION, PLEASE
                                                                                                              PLEASE CONTACT


                                            CONSTRUCTION CREDIT & FINANCE GROUP | BOOTH #1410

         Construction Debt Collections Leading Authority
           Construction Credit & Finance Group is a construction debt collection firm
         with over 16 years of construction debt collection experience. Our software and
         transparency allow our clients to see our work in real time. We pride ourselves on
         respectful and diplomatic customer communications while preserving relationships
         with your customers. Our services include debt collection, collection/accounts
         receivable software, credit department consulting, private investigations, lien notices
         and filings/bond claim filings, and litigation. Our “no collection, no fee” model allows
         your company to avoid paying upfront fees for our collection services. Exclusive
         benefits to AED members include the following: reduced contingent rates, free asset
         and liability searches, and collection/accounts receivable software setup fee waived.

                                                        2021 CONDEX SHOW FLOOR HOURS

                          MO ND AY, MAY 24, 20 2 1                                           TUESD AY, MAY 2 5 , 2 0 2 1
                            10:0 0 AM - 5:0 0 PM                                               1 0 : 0 0 A M - 2 : 0 0 PM

38 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
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CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

                                           DOOSAN INFRACORE NORTH AMERICA, LLC | BOOTH #1302

       Doosan Infracore North America LLC, headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, markets the Doosan brand of products
     that includes crawler excavators, wheel excavators, mini excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, material
     handlers, log loaders and attachments. With more than 160 heavy equipment dealer locations in North America,
     Doosan is known for an unmatched dedication to service and customer uptime and for durable, reliable products.
     Doosan is fast becoming a global force in heavy construction equipment.
        For more information on Doosan® products, visit

                                                                                    FOR MORE
                                                                                        MORE INFORMATION,
                                                                                             INFORMATION, PLEASE
                                                                                                          PLEASE CONTACT

                                                                                    CHAD ROEHRICH: 970-231-9383

                                                                 DPL TELEMATICS | BOOTH #1412

         AssetView GPS Tracking System from DPL Telematics
           The portable AssetView series is the industry’s smallest battery-powered
         GPS tracking solution for wireless monitoring of any asset to improve
         logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The innovative, self-contained
         GPS tracking solution installs in seconds, requires no external power, is
         waterproof, and can last years on “off the shelf ” batteries. Its proprietary
         Adaptive Tracking delivers long battery life while actively alerting on
         curfew violation, movement, or geofence breach, as well as allowing the
         user to switch to Recovery Mode over the air. The AssetView has no long-term contract, so customers can
         deactivate and reactivate without penalty.
                    • No external wiring or antenna.                               • IP 67 rated and UV stabilized design.
                    • “Off the shelf ” battery powered.                            • Compact and completely portable.
                    • Long battery life.                                           • Global cellular coverage.
                    • Wireless, two-way communication.                             • No contract.
                    • Little to no sky view required.                              • LTE Network.

40 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors

                             POWERED BY INNOVATION.

             Doosan is looking for new dealers to help drive the success of one of
             the fastest-growing construction equipment brands in North America.
             As we expand, there are big opportunities for you to grow with us.

             VISIT US AT BOOTH #1302 to learn more about
             our innovative approach to dealership success.

             Doosan® and the Doosan logo are registered trademarks of Doosan Corp.
             in the United States and various other countries around the world.
             © Doosan Infracore North America, LLC. All rights reserved.

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CONDEX SHOWCASE - Associated Equipment Distributors
2021 condex showcase

                                                   E-EMPHASYS TECHNOLOGIES INC. | BOOTH #1521

        e-Emphasys Technologies is the leading supplier of enterprise dealer management software for equipment dealers
      and rental companies. Our modern, end-to-end platform is available on any device, browser or database, empowering
      you with a unified, real-time view of your data – wherever you are. The e-Emphasys Dealer Management Platform
      incorporates a full suite of best-in-class technology including business intelligence and reporting, CRM, mobile
      field service applications, inspection applications, e-commerce customer portals, RFID, artificial intelligence,
      “internet of things,” and telematics. e-Emphasys has worked
      exclusively with equipment dealers for nearly 20 years
      and has developed a repository of over 400 best business
      practices learned from working side by side with some of
      the world’s leading dealerships. With customers in nearly
      20 countries, e-Emphasys has a proven track record of
      customer success and return on investment across the globe.
      Improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, and
      future-proof your dealership with the e-Emphasys Dealer
                                                                       FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT
      Management Platform.
                                                                                    GEOFF PACE:

                                                            FELLING TRAILERS INC. | BOOTH #1303

           Felling has been providing innovative trailer solutions to the transportation
         industry for over 45 years. We build drop deck, deck-over (flatbed), fixed
         neck, hydraulic beavertail, and detachable gooseneck trailers to haul most
         construction equipment as well as utility, over-the-road steel steps, and flats.
         We build customized trailers to accommodate your needs and equipment.
         With over 100 years of combined industry sales experience, we have the
         solutions to your specialized trailer needs. Felling Trailers’ current capabilities
         allow them to provide a high-quality product that is distributed across North
         America and internationally. Felling Trailers Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System
         company, an Equal Opportunity Employer, and a WBENC-Certified WBE company.
            For all your trailer needs, please visit us at booth 1303.

                                                         HBK CPAS & CONSULTANTS | BOOTH #1812

           HBK Dealership Solutions is a team of subject matter experts within
         HBK CPAs & Consultants, an Accounting Today Top 100 CPA firm. We
         bring nearly four decades of industry experience, including as a dealership
         owner and operator, to the financial challenges dealers face. Our team of financial professionals has an in-depth
         understanding of the dealership industry and the issues equipment dealers face on a daily basis. We consult with
         our dealer clients on a variety of matters to help them improve their operations and increase profitability. We
         work closely with them to resolve financial challenges, like controlling costs, increasing margins, and combating
         fraud; on financing, staff and service operations; on researching and conducting acquisition due diligence, and
         helping them transition their dealerships to outside parties or next generations.

42 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021

        COUNTS ON
             “One of the KPIs that we've historically tracked is how
             long it takes for us to get from the completion of a work
             order to actually invoicing the work order. We've been
             able to cut that in half in the time we've been on
             e-Emphasys,” said Greenawalt. “The transparency of
             the system and it being a robust, real database is               RYAN GREENAWALT, PRESIDENT & CEO
             really helping with our business intelligence and our                  ALTA EQUIPMENT COMPANY

             reporting. It's light years ahead of where we came

                     Fully-Integrated Software Solutions Designed for the Equipment Dealer and Rental Industry

                        Business         Mobile Field           ERP               CRM               Customer
                      Intelligence        Service                                Solution            Portals

                                 STOP BY BOOTH 1521
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                                            HBS SYSTEMS | BOOTH #1211

  HBS Systems has served equipment dealerships for more than 35 years with our industry-leading NetView ECO
platform. Our team prides itself on providing first-to-market advanced technology today that positions your dealership
for the future. Our integrated OEM solutions are designed to streamline your entire business. We simplify complex
Kubota, John Deere, CNH Industrial, Case Construction, Case
IH, New Holland, AGCO, Bobcat, Vermeer, and Claas as well as
more than 300 shortline and specialty manufacturers’ processes
with automation and an intuitive design. NetView ECO improves
your dealership’s accuracy, usability, and efficiency, leading to
increased profitability and customer satisfaction.
  Our web-based software gives you the ability to easily manage
accounting, parts inventory, units, rental, service, and customer
communication, including remote technicians. Our secure
cloud-based data platform scales to your business’s needs
and offers accessibility from any internet-connected device,
including smartphones and tablets, allowing your employees
and customers to stay connected to your business no matter
where they are. Experience the difference of the industry’s
highest customer satisfaction in training, implementation, and
support among all dealership management systems. To learn              FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT
more, contact our experienced team at
or visit                                           MICHAEL PRENGLER:

 “Dealer participation helps suppliers
  and manufacturers like us to meet,
   greet and update them, provide
information to dealers about existing
product lines and new products in the
 works. It allows manufacturers like us
 to get feedback on products, service              THE BEST PARTNER TO
   and support. Manufacturers and                  FINANCE YOUR CONSTRUCTION
                                                   EQUIPMENT IS ALSO THE MOST
 dealers alike get a chance to mingle              NIMBLE, ATTENTIVE AND EAGER.
 and socialize to build relationships.”            We want to work with you, plain and simple. No
                                                   matter the size of your business, we can create a
                                                   flexible financing floorplan or asset base lending
                                                   solution. We will listen, solve and flex to be the right
 GREG HICKMAN, sales and marketing                 financing partner for your company, right now.
 manager for HydrauliCircuit Technology,           NORTHPOINTCF.COM/INDUSTRIES/CONSTRUCTION/
 manufacturer of auxiliary hydraulic kits
 for excavators and backhoes, and front
      window guards for excavators
                                                   866.781.2420 |

                                                                           March 2021 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 43
Your data. Your device.
                          Your choice.
                          Your DMS.

                        Our award-winning team prides itself in providing
                          first to market advanced technology today that
                       positions your dealership for the future. Experience
                        the industry’s highest customer satisfaction from
                         training, implementation, and support among all
                                  dealership management systems.

                                          Visit us at
                                          CONDEX booth 1211                     1.800.376.6376

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                                                                         HKX, INC. | BOOTH #1610

        HKX Inc. is the leader in aftermarket hydraulic kit solutions for excavators
      sized from 5 to 150 metric tons. HKX offers a wide range of kits to fit nearly
      any application on nearly any excavator. From a basic hydraulic thumb kit to full
      tool carrier machine conversions, HKX kits provide support for most attachments
      including demolition applications, forestry tools, steel shears, concrete crushers,
      hydraulic hammers, plate compactors, pile drivers, material handling equipment
      and nearly any other excavator mounted tool available. HKX kits are engineered to
      install quickly, work seamlessly with existing OEM machine systems and monitors,
      and perform better than competing OEM or other aftermarket products.

                                                                                           FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT

                                                                                           ROBERT BURNETT:

44 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
2021 condex showcase

                                 INTERSTATE BILLING SERVICE | BOOTH #1304

  Interstate Billing Service (IBS) has emerged as an industry leader
in managing commercial accounts receivable by providing unmatched
customer service at competitive prices. We excel at eliminating risk for our
clients so that you can focus on growth. The process is really simple. You
submit your invoices to IBS. You get paid upfront, quickly, typically within 24 hours of submitting invoices. At
the end of each month, we send your customer one statement for all due invoices. We apply payments, answer
billing questions, work with you to resolve disputes, and pursue collections if necessary. IBS takes the headaches
out of accounts receivable, and you spend more time managing and growing your business.
  Founded in Decatur, Alabama, in 1984, IBS has grown to serve over 500 clients with annual receivables exceeding
$2.4 billion, while handling the billing and collecting of an average customer base of over 100,000. IBS is a wholly-
owned subsidiary of Bank Independent, a $1.9 billion community bank headquartered in Sheffield, Alabama.
Founded in 1947, Bank Independent has 29 locations and two operations centers. They were recently awarded
Forbes Best-in-State Bank 2020, ranking No. 1 in the state of Alabama; the American Bankers “Best Banks to
Work For” 2019 and 2020; and Business Alabama’s “Best Companies to Work For 2020” awards.
  IBS has the financial backing and the knowledgeable staff to fully fund invoices for any size business. We
serve businesses ranging from small, locally owned, stand-alone operations all the way up to diverse, national
companies managing multiple locations and businesses. Our customers can be found down the road and from
coast to coast. We’re proud to provide uninterrupted funding to hundreds of businesses, along with thousands of
their customers. We would be happy to talk with you about solutions for your business needs.

                                        KCOE ISOM, LLP | BOOTH #1205

Results strategists for equipment distributors.
  From expertise in traditional CPA services, to proactive planning and
forward-thinking strategy, we account for industry cycles and relationships
with your OEM and customers.
  For more than 85 years, K·Coe Isom has helped business operations to attain
profitability and secure long-term viability.
  Our specialized equipment dealership advisory team helps businesses by
providing the industry insight, valuable data, strategic financial advisory, and
compliance efforts needed to survive – and thrive – in today’s marketplace.
  Through our extensive experience in the farm equipment and construction
equipment industries – CAT, John Deere, Case, Caterpillar, Kubota, New Holland, Agco, Bobcat, Komatsu, and
JCB – K·Coe’s advisory teams can help your dealership. Our approach makes all the difference in elevating your
performance to a new level.
  K·Coe helps businesses expand, optimize, or transition.

                                                                         March 2021 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 45
2021 condex showcase

                                               KATO/COMPACT EXCAVATOR SALES LLC | BOOTH #1611

        KATO and their U.S. distributor, Compact Excavator Sales (KATO-CES), continue to be a leader in compact
      earthmoving equipment, as well as offering an industry-best line of rubber-track carrier platforms. KATO’s crawler
      carrier line, ranging from the 6,400-pound IC37 to the IC120-2 weighing over 31,000 pounds, offers a versatile
      platform for getting specialized equipment to the most remote job sites. KATO crawlers’ material vessels can be
      replaced with welding units, personnel carriers, flat-bed cargo carriers, aerial utility units, drill units, digger derricks
      and more. The applications and modifications available with a crawler chassis are limitless. The rubber tracks will get
      your equipment into and out of difficult locales with ease, without any worry about a tire getting stuck in the mud.
        Additionally, KATO continues to innovate and improve product offerings. After a brief hiatus for the customer
      favorite, an all-new CL35 track loader is now available in North
      America. KATO is also preparing to launch the V5 iteration
      of mini excavators. From the 17V5 to the 85V5, the entire
      line will be upgraded with innovations for operator comfort
      and safety, versatility, and ease of operation. KATO’s mini-
      excavator line includes 11 models, ranging from just 5 feet to
      more than 18 feet digging depth. These latest developments
      build upon the successful introductions of the 9VXB and
      17VXB battery-powered excavators in recent years, products       COMPACT EXCAVATOR SALES, LLC

      that have blazed a trail in Li-ion power equipment.
        To learn more about any of these products or any KATO
      machines, visit or contact us at
      1-800-538-1447 and

                                              KNAPHEIDE MANUFACTURING COMPANY | BOOTH #1401

           Since 1848, Knapheide has provided customers with high-
         quality, work-ready transportation solutions. Today, Knapheide
         is North America's most popular manufacturer of work truck
         bodies and truck beds. There are more work trucks on the road
         today with "Knapheide" stamped on them than with the name of any other manufacturer.
           With a network of more than 240 distributors, Knapheide’s vehicle upfitting capabilities handle everything
         from single-unit to large-volume fleet needs across all vehicle types and sizes. A breadth of install capabilities,
         unrivaled chassis access, and ability to source the best vocational equipment make Knapheide the obvious choice
         for your vehicle needs.
            Trust the name that has been in the business for over 170 years. Choose Knapheide.

46 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
                          Starting with the highest quality of equipment, KATO is built to handle the toughest projects on the
                          most rugged terrain. KATO’s versatile line of rubber-track crawler carriers, ranging from just 6,400
          lbs. to more than 31,000 lbs., meets the needs of any job-site. In addition to their standard earth-moving
          application, KATO’s crawler platform can be outfitted with cranes, digger derricks, tankers, welding units, aerial
          utility platforms, and more. Additionally, KATO’s US-based distributor, Compact Excavator Sales, is a family-owned
          business that puts customers first. Knowledgeable product experts are always standing by to assist with any
          service or maintenance issues that arise and our streamlined parts distribution minimizes downtime, keeping
          projects on schedule. Call today to find out how KATO’s superior service can help you achieve your goals.

                                                                                                 COMPACT EXCAVATOR SALES, LLC

                                                                                                800.538.1447 /

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2021 condex showcase

                                                             MACHINERY TRADER | BOOTH #1700

        For over 40 years, Machinery Trader has been a leading resource for buyers and
     sellers of construction equipment worldwide. Through
     and region-specific publications, the platform is home to thousands of equipment
     listings for sale, rent, or lease, as well as parts for sale, upcoming auction items, and auction results. More than a marketing
     platform, Machinery Trader helps customers manage inventory and automate the entire equipment life cycle process. This
     includes tools for data-driven acquisition and liquidation planning, as well as opportunities to get the best price on asset
     disposal through wholesale, retail and auction.
       Machinery Trader works with and other brands from its parent company, Sandhills Global, to give
     sellers the greatest possible exposure for their equipment. Specialized brands, including, ForestryTrader.
     com,,,, and, enable sellers to reach
     specific markets. Through Machinery Trader, sellers gain access to a host of additional Sandhills services built to maximize
     profitability. These include FleetEvaluator for highly accurate real-time asset valuations and future values, a trade-in process
     for setting the right prices and tracking future leads, comprehensive mixed fleet telematics solutions, website design and
     hosting, and free e-commerce. also includes features that help buyers contact equipment dealers,
     obtain quick and easy financing, insure their new purchases, and obtain free estimates from transport companies with the
     credentials and experience necessary for any heavy-haul job.

                                                               POINT OF RENTAL | BOOTH #1603

       Point of Rental software provides rental and inventory management software
     solutions that connect people from every rental vertical and job role, empowering
     them with the tools they need to streamline operations and grow strategically. For
     more than 35 years, the company has led industry innovation, earning dozens of innovation and service awards for rental
     software. A five-time Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, Point of Rental serves customers in 80 different countries from
     offices in the United States, England, Australia, South Africa, and now Germany.
       Elite is the company’s extremely powerful, highly customizable dealership and rental software powering many of the world’s
     largest rental companies.
       Elite automates a lot of your processes – invoicing, cycle-billing, pricing, purchasing, notifications, routing, scheduling,
     emails, reports ... you get the picture. Elite customers save an average of eight man-hours per user each week.
        More important, it takes all the data your company is generating and makes it easy to understand. Customizable dashboards
     let you see the information you need to make informed decisions quickly, and they can be assigned based on a job role or
     even individually.
       Your customers will also appreciate Elite’s e-commerce solutions, from customer portals to mobile accessibility to online
     storefronts and more.
       But no software is an island. You probably already have several other software products handling different aspects of your
     business, and that’s where Elite’s robust API helps. It works seamlessly with the systems you’re already using, whether they’re
     financial tools or CRM or AEMP telematics or others.
       No matter what you rent or where you’re from, if you’re renting equipment, Point of Rental has award-winning rental
     software that fits your needs.

48 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
2021 condex showcase

                                  SCREEN MACHINE INDUSTRIES LLC | BOOTH #1305

  Screen Machine, Diamond Z, SMI Compact. Your
source for success in three unique markets! Now is the
time to join our growing dealer networks.

Screen Machine has been one of the top brands in crushing and screening for more than half a century.
   • American-made and supported from our factory in    • Patented innovations like our Crusher Relief System
     Etna, Ohio.                                          and SmoothStart Technology promote productivity
   • Impact crushers, jaw crushers, Spyder screening      and extend the life of the machine.
      plants, scalpers and trommels.                              • Unparalleled product support, on the phone, online or on-site.

Diamond Z dominates the chipping and grinding industry.
   • American-made and supported from our factory in • The brand of choice for disaster clean-up.
     Caldwell, Idaho.                                • The toughest, most productive grinders in the
   • Horizontal and tub grinders.                      world – nothing outgrinds a Z!

SMI Compact made big news in 2020 in the growing compact crushing and screening market.
    • Three tracked jaw crushers, two stationary jaw              • Ideal for rental & smaller-scale crushing & screening projects.
      crushers and a compact screening plant – all                • Jaw crusher production of up to 50 tph. Screener
      supported from our Etna, Ohio, home office.                   production of 90 tph.

We are currently accepting dealer applications for all three brands. Visit us in CONDEX to learn more
about our vision for helping you achieve satisfaction and success in these growing market segments!

                                    SENTRY INSURANCE COMPANY | BOOTH #1400

      Sentry Insurance is one of the largest and most financially secure mutual insurance companies in the United States,
    holding a Financial Strength Rating of A+ (superior) from A.M. Best, current as of June 2020. See
    ratings/guide.pdf for rating information. Sentry and its subsidiaries
    sell property and casualty insurance, life insurance, annuities and
    retirement programs for businesses and individuals throughout
    the country. Headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Sentry
    employs more than 4,000 associates in 41 states. See a complete list
    of underwriting companies at

                                                                             March 2021 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 49
The future is yours to build.

             We’re all adapting to a changing world. With change comes challenges,
             but also the chance to chart a path forward.
             As an equipment dealer, you understand the importance of seeing a plan
             go forward for the good of your customers. We do too. You can count on us
             to provide the insurance coverages, risk management services, and industry
             expertise you need.

             Property and casualty coverages are underwritten, and safety services are provided, by a member of the Sentry Insurance Group, Stevens Point, WI.
             For a complete listing of companies, visit Policies, coverages, benefits, and discounts are not available in all states. See policy for
             complete coverage details.
             73-773                                                                                                                  1396087    11/3/20

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2021 condex showcase

                                                                  SEPPI M. USA | BOOTH #1701

        The SEPPI STAR-FC hydraulic for 15-35t excavators is lighter and more powerful
     than the previous generation. The STAR-FC is engineered as a hybrid mulcher and
     tiller intended for multiple uses. This tool adapts from mulching up to 16 inches
     in diameter to tilling of stumps and crushing of stones up to 12 inches deep. This
     attachment is ideal for the reclamation of uncultivated land, the elimination of
     stumps on slopes, and the stabilization of soil in confined spaces. The application
     possibilities are vast: green space maintenance in general, parks, riverbanks, forest
     clean-up, or cleaning of construction sites.
       The STAR-FC is a machine like no other. Thanks to its unique transmission, the rotor speed is varied by simply
     pressing a button in the cab. Depending on the application, the operator can choose the best rotor speed for maximum
     production. This is the innovation that distinguishes the STAR-FC forestry tiller from the classic mulchers or stone
     crushers. The speed change allows the operator to increase the RPM for mulching wood and to decrease it for crushing
     stones and tilling soil. When properly configured, any excavator in the 15-35t class can operate the STAR-FC. There
     are multiple motor options to ensure maximum performance from your excavator.
       The attachment can be supplied with one or two M-BOOST motors for up to 90 GPM of flow. Its wear-resistant steel
     construction and bolt-in Hardox® wear plates provide superior durability for long-term use. The range of hydraulic
     excavator heads engineered and manufactured by SEPPI M. is very wide. SEPPI M. is constantly striving to find the
     right solution for all types of applications. Maximum power, efficiency and durability, as well as safety, are the basic
     premises on which SEPPI M. manufactures all products.

                                      SPECIALTY EQUIPMENT INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. | BOOTH #1206

        Specialty Equipment Insurance Services (Specialty Equipment), an Amynta Group company, offers a variety of
      insurance and equipment protection products to help meet the needs of agricultural, construction and material
      handling equipment dealers, OEMs, and financial institutions. Specialty Equipment works with manufacturers and
      dealers to provide their customers with a suite of insurance products and services designed to build brand and customer
      loyalty and increase market share.
        We offer: extended service contracts, physical damage insurance, rental damage waivers, floor plan property physical
      damage insurance, and dealer business insurance. Specialty Equipment is the only equipment protection and insurance
      service provider that offers an enterprise solution. Our state-of-the-art proprietary platform provides online product
      quoting, registration, claims submission and claims status inquiries. We offer customized solutions to help facilitate
      and increase sales and bring peace of mind to you and your business.
        OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: FINANCIAL STABILITY: Our contractual obligations to you are backed, or
      guaranteed, by insurance carriers rated A- or better by A.M.
      Best Company for their financial stability. CUSTOMER
      SERVICE: We have over 35 years' experience in the
      agricultural, construction and material handling equipment
      industries. TECHNOLOGY: We have a state-of-the-art,
      web-based system for issuing quotes, registering plans, filing
      and tracking claims, and more. CUSTOMIZATION: We can
      provide customized solutions for all your insurance and
      equipment protection needs.

50 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021

             Specialty Equipment Insurance Services is a leading
             equipment protection and insurance service provider in the
             heavy equipment industry, offering a complete enterprise
             solution for your business.


                             Extended Service Contracts
                             Physical Damage Insurance
                             Rental Damage Waiver
                             Floor Plan Property Physical Damage Insurance
                             Dealer Business Insurance


                                        Come visit us at Booth #1206
SEI-104 (0221)

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                                                                             2/25/2021        1:21
                                                                                        10:25:56 AMPM
2021 condex showcase

                                                                STEELWRIST, INC. | BOOTH #1220

        Today the fastest-growing manufacturer of tiltrotators and fully automatic quick
      couplers in the world focuses on increasing excavator efficiency. With tiltrotators
      for excavators between 4,000 lbs. and 70,000 lbs. and fully automatic couplers for
      machines of up to 165,000 lbs., Steelwrist is revolutionizing the way excavators work.
      Having the ability to rotate all attachments 360 degrees and tilt them 90 degrees at
      the same time and being able to change hydraulic attachments without ever leaving
      the cab is increasing safety, increasing efficiency, and allowing contractors to do
      more jobs with the same machine in less time.

                                                              SULLIVAN-PALATEK | BOOTH #1311

        Sullivan-Palatek Inc., a leader in innovation and design, offers the industry’s widest
      range of portable diesel and industrial electric rotary screw air compressors. From
      humble beginnings in 1984, Sullivan-Palatek has grown from providing engineering
      services to existing clients to being a company that manufactures the most rugged
      and reliable machinery available in the market. Assembled right here in the USA,
      Sullivan-Palatek products are as dependable as the people who build them.
        For the rental industry, Sullivan-Palatek’s wide range of portable diesel products is ideal for any project, such as
      sandblasting, irrigation blowouts, bridge maintenance, highway construction, underground cable blowing, backup
      air power for oil refineries, and much more. For industries that require substantially more power and capacity,
      larger portable and stationary units are available for drilling, mining and offshore applications. Tier 4 Final engines
      are available for all our models; they range from 110 to 1800 CFM, with pressures of up to 500 psi. Meeting our
      customers’ growing needs for reliable power means continuing to introduce new and innovative products into the
      marketplace. With the advent of Tier 4 Final engines, Sullivan-Palatek has redesigned all of its small and large air
      machines. It didn’t cut any corners when redesigning all its portable units; they are still built with the same care and
      quality parts this company is known for. Sullivan-Palatek will even build them to meet the specific needs of your
      market; there’s nothing cookie-cutter about them. Sullivan-Palatek equipment and service are dependable by design.

                                                           XCMG NORTH AMERICA | BOOTH #1327

        The GR2605T5 is a medium-horsepower, heavy-duty grader that can adapt to high
      load conditions. Taking into consideration the North American region's methods
      of operation, this product switches from the traditional multi-joystick mode and
      has customized the use of dual-handle control technology, which reduces operating
      intensity by 70%. The grader has a high-efficiency load-sensing hydraulic system,
      which responds more quickly and with more precise control. It is equipped with
      a high-wear-resistant slewing bearing and an overload protection worm-gear box. It has the advantages of safety,
      reliability, energy savings, environmental protection and strong power. It provides a 3D automatic leveling system
      and a pressurized cabin that fully satisfies the construction requirements of various working conditions.

52 | | Construction Equipment Distribution | March 2021
2021 condex showcase

                                            VERITREAD | BOOTH #1411

  Do you need better logistics options? Have your carriers cost you business or are
they impacting your customer relationships? If so, then it’s time to add VeriTread
Exchange as your transport solution. Our team of experts can deliver the service and
capacity your company needs to exceed customer expectations.
  Designed to Deliver. Our carrier network powers industry heavyweights like
IronPlanet, Ritchie Bros., United Rentals, Sumitomo, and many OEMs. You can rest
easy knowing VeriTread Exchange can take care of you and your customers. We handle all of the transportation
details, from pickup to drop-off, while providing the highest levels of expertise, customer service and communication.
  It’s more than freight, it’s a strategic partnership. We understand you have unique needs and need timely and
innovative solutions. Our team of seasoned experts has years of experience, innovative technology, and personalized
service to handle your needs and timelines. We take pride in maintaining positive relationships with both our clients
and drivers, delivering innovative logistics results, and ensuring every shipment gets from A to B with optimal
efficiency and safety.

    Tailored payment plans and individualized
     nancing terms, we work with your customers
    to create a business plan that moves your                (817) 490-6800
    company forward without sacriicing capital                 
    or cashhow.

                                                                         March 2021 | Construction Equipment Distribution | | 53
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