Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council

Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council

  Corporate Plan 2014-2019
Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
The Whitsunday Region . . . . . . . . . . . . 2                         Our Plan  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  22
Our Locations  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2      About our Corporate Plan  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
Message from the Mayor  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  4              Statutory Requirements  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
Message from the Chief Executive Officer  .  .  . 5                     Our Strategic Planning Framework  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
Our Councillors  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  6      Reading our Corporate Plan  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 24
                                                                        Our Themes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 24
                                                                        Local Government Roles   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 24
Our Region  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8                                 Measuring our Success . . . . . . . . . . . 25
People and Lifestyle  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8        Strategic Partnerships  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 25
Infrastructure and Services  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  8            Alignment with The Queensland Plan  .  .  .  .  . 25
Economy  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  9     Governance and Leadership  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 26
Investing in our Region  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11          People   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 29
Agriculture  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11    Place  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 31
Marine  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11   Prosperity  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 34
Manufacturing   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12
Tourism  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12     Appendices   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  38
                                                                        One – Engagement  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 38
                                                                        Two – Queensland Plan Alignment   .  .  .  .  .  . 40
Our Council   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  13                                Three – Financial Position  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 42
Our Mission, Our Vision  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 13          Four – Our Business Activities  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 43
Our Corporate Values, Our Corporate Logo   .  . 14
Our Leadership  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
Our Organisation  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
Council’s Organisational Structure as at 2014  . 16
Our Opportunities and Challenges  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
Our Strategic Priorities  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
Our Seven Strategic Priorities are:  .  .  .  .  .  . 20

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
The Whitsunday Region

                                                   Gloucester Island               Bay   Dingo
  Abbot                                                                                  Beach
                                                           Cape Gloucester

                                                                                                                      Faust Proserpine

                                                                                                                                 Coast A


Bowen Customer Service Centre               Collinsville Customer Service Centre       Proserpine Customer Service Centre
Cnr Herbert and Powell Streets              Cnr Stanley and Conway Streets             83-85 Main Street
Bowen QLD 4805                              Collinsville QLD 4804                      Proserpine QLD 4800
Ph: (07) 4761 3600                          Ph: (07) 4785 5366                         Ph: (07) 4945 0200

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
Knuckle Reef

                                                                Heart Reef
                                           Bait Reef
                                                                Hardy Reef
                                                  Hook Reef


                                                       Island                                     Hill
                                     North                                  Whitsunday                 Beach
                                     Molle                                       Island
                                Daydream               Molle
                Airlie             Island              Island
               Beach                                                                Hamilton
                                                                Dent                   Island
                                           Shute Harbour        Island
          Cannonvale                                       Long                Island Airport
                  Cedar Creek



          Fax: (07) 4945 0222                                       DISCLAIMER: This document is Whitsunday Regional Council’s Corporate Plan 2014 –
                                                                    2019 and was adopted on Wednesday, 25 June 2014. It has been developed to comply
          Post: PO Box 104, Proserpine QLD 4800                     with the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 2009 and has incorporated
          Web: www.whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au                          extensive consultation and engagement with staff, Councillors and the community. To
                                                                    the best of our knowledge, the content of this Plan was correct at the time of publishing.
          Email: info@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au                       Any references to legislation are not an interpretation of the law and are to be used
                                                                    as a guide only. The information in this publication is general and does not take into
                                                                    account individual circumstances or situations. This Plan contains references to the
                                                                    Mayor, Councillors and Chief Executive Officer at the time of this document’s publication.
                                                                    (Version 2, edits, 23 July 2014)

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
As Mayor of Whitsunday Regional Council and on behalf of my fellow Councillors, I am
proud to present our Corporate Plan for 2014-2019.

Entitled Whitsunday 2020; this Plan has been developed following extensive
consultation and engagement with our local community. The plan identifies four
central themes of Governance and Leadership, People, Place and Prosperity as our
priorities for the next five years. These themes underpin a series of outcomes and
strategies which assist us in defining our actions and measuring our progress in
delivering on this Plan’s objectives.

These themes also reflect Council’s continuing commitment to providing open, accountable and transparent local government; deliver
services that meet our community’s expectations; achieve a balance between accommodating a rapidly growing population with
preserving our unique natural environment; and build a strong, innovative and diverse economy. While this may be Council’s Corporate
Plan; government, industry, business and community all have a role to play in achieving our shared vision.

Personally, I believe we have some unique opportunities for immediate economic growth, such as the continued expansion of the
Whitsunday Coast Airport and the further development of our food bowl, to name a few. The local horticulture sector is on the verge of
reaping the rewards of growth in international exports.

Similarly, the further growth and development of our tourism industry, including an integrated resort, also presents many local job
opportunities. Advocating for our water and energy security are also important factors for growth in our region.

Likewise, the continued development of Abbot Point and the related mining industry are vital for economic growth and jobs. These are
just a few of the unique opportunities the Whitsunday region has to drive economic growth and prosperity for the whole region.

I thank all residents, businesses and industry stakeholders who contributed to the development of Whitsunday 2020 and the Council staff
involved in its preparation.

Cr Jennifer Whitney

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
Whitsunday 2020 sets out Council’s strategic objectives for the next five years and
provides a platform from which Council’s performance will be measured.

In developing this Plan, Council has undertaken significant engagement with
government, industry, business and community, with over 500 local residents
participating in the engagement process. I would like to take this opportunity to
recognise and thank those who have contributed to the development of this Plan.

The Whitsunday region is one of the fastest growing communities in regional Queensland and our population is expected to grow to
44,000 by the year 2031. This presents us with both opportunities and challenges.

We must deliver infrastructure and services to support our growing population, and we must attract investment to grow our economy and
create employment opportunities for our residents. We must also value our environment, protect our region’s natural assets and ensure
that our community remains safe, active and inclusive.

Whitsunday 2020 provides our organisation with the strategic direction to address these challenges and achieve our objectives. As our
key overarching strategic document; this Plan will guide our budget and resource allocation and direct the workings of our organisation
over the coming five years.

As we work towards 2020, Council will work hard to implement this Plan and deliver on its objectives. Each year, we will prepare an
Annual Report communicating to the public our progress in implementing Whitsunday 2020.

Council looks forward to partnering with government, industry, business and community to implement this Plan and achieve the
milestones outlined in it.

Scott Waters
Chief Executive Officer

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
Whitsunday Regional Council is led by a        The Mayor and Councillors represent          The incumbent Mayor and Councillors
Mayor and six Councillors, who are elected     the interests of the region’s residents      were sworn in on Friday, 11 May 2012,
by the region’s residents and ratepayers       and ratepayers and provide leadership        with the exception of Cr John Atkinson,
for a four year term. Together, the Mayor      and guidance to the community. Among         who was sworn in on Wednesday, 7 May
and Councillors comprise the governing         their responsibilities are directing and     2014 following his election at the Division
body of Whitsunday Regional Council and        controlling the organisation’s business      2 by-election held on Saturday, 3 May
are required to discharge their roles in       affairs; overseeing the allocation of the    2014.
accordance with the Local Government           organisation’s finances and resources, and
Act 2009.                                      reviewing the performance of Council and
                                               its delivery of services.

 Cr Jennifer Whitney - Mayor                    Cr Jan Clifford - Division 1                Cr Peter Ramage - Division 4
 M: 0417 452 003                                M: 0412 721 969                             M: 0408 856 246
 E: Jennifer.Whitney@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au    E: Jan.Clifford@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au     E: Peter.Ramage@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au

                                                Cr John Atkinson - Division 2               Cr Dave Clark - Division 5
                                                M: 0418 950 848                             M: 0408 642 268
                                                E: John.Atkinson@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au    E: Dave.Clark@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au

                                                Cr John Collins - Division 3                Cr Andrew Willcox - Division 6
                                                M: 0429 059 726                             M: 0458 442 323
                                                E: John.Collins@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au     E: Andrew.Willcox@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
Our Region

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Whitsunday 2020 Corporate Plan 2014-2019 - Whitsunday Regional Council
Our Region
As the gateway to the
                                              PEOPLE AND                                     INFRASTRUCTURE
Great Barrier Reef and the
magnificent 74 Whitsunday                     LIFESTYLE                                      AND SERVICES
Islands, the Whitsunday region
has one of the fastest growing                The Whitsunday region is home to               Residents and visitors enjoy access to
                                              approximately 35,500 permanent                 strong road, rail and aviation transport
populations in Queensland.
                                              residents. Due to the strength of the          infrastructure. In addition to four
Boasting a strong and                         local economy, the region’s population is      recreational and commercial marinas,
diverse economy driven by                     expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.3      the region is home to two major airports
the agriculture, construction,                per cent over the next 20 years, which         and several other aviation facilities. The
mining and tourism industries;                exceeds the State average of 1.8 per cent.     Whitsunday Coast Airport, located just
                                                                                             south of Proserpine, offers direct flight
the Whitsunday region has
                                                                                             routes to Brisbane and Sydney via three
the potential to become the                   Renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, the
                                                                                             domestic commercial carriers.
                                              region boasts beaches, rainforests and
economic powerhouse of North
                                              large tracts of national parkland. While the
Queensland.                                   region is rural and coastal in its nature,     Public hospitals are located at Bowen,
                                              residents and visitors alike enjoy access      Collinsville and Proserpine, with private
The Whitsunday region encompasses a           to contemporary facilities including           hospitals and specialised health services
total land area of 23,862 square kilometres   museums, art galleries, cafes, hotels and      easily accessible in Mackay and
and includes the major townships of Airlie    restaurants, entertainment facilities and      Townsville. The local education sector is
Beach, Bowen, Cannonvale, Collinsville        cinemas                                        rapidly growing; now accommodating
and Proserpine, with numerous rural and                                                      an array of government and independent
coastal communities and residential areas                                                    primary and secondary schools, in addition
                                              The region enjoys a tropical climate of hot
scattered throughout the area. The Bruce                                                     to two campuses of the Great Barrier Reef
                                              summers and warm winters, with average
Highway is the major transport corridor                                                      Institute of TAFE and a Central Queensland
                                              daily temperatures ranging from 22 – 23
running north-south through the region, to                                                   University study hub.
                                              degrees Celsius in the winter months
Mackay in the south and Townsville and        of June and July, and up to 29 – 30
Burdekin in the north.                        degrees Celsius in the summer months of
                                              December and January. The tropical wet
                                              season occurs during January to March,
                                              with the cyclone season beginning in
                                              November and typically ending in April.

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ECONOMY                                      to the $9 billion Australian horticulture
                                             sector. The local industry supports 13
                                                                                             Abbott Point SDA is a 16,320 hectare
                                                                                             site dedicated to industrial development,
                                             major crop varieties, including tomatoes,       and its easy access to rail and roads and
The future economic prosperity of the        capsicum, beans and corn, and produces          close proximity to the Port of Abbot Point,
Whitsunday region lies in its competitive    over 250,000 tonnes per annum. Sugar            will allow for large-scale growth in our
advantages, including its close proximity    cane is also a significant crop, with over      manufacturing and transport industries.
to the Bowen and Galilee Basins, the         20,000 hectares being harvested each
availability of residential and industrial   year. Around 1.5 million tonnes of cane is
                                                                                             As the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef,
land, the diversity of the industries        processed at the Proserpine Sugar Mill per
                                                                                             the Whitsunday region welcomes over
within the area and the strong quality of    annum.
                                                                                             700,000 tourists and visitors from both
lifestyle enjoyed by local residents and                                                     Australia and abroad each year. With the
families. These attributes have allowed      The Port of Abbot Point and Abbot Point         accommodation and food services sector
the region to enjoy stable growth over the   State Development Area (SDA) are both           employing close to 15 per cent of the
past few years and with more than $36        of critical importance to the region’s          local workforce, the tourism industry is
billion in major projects planned or under   continued economic development.                 the region’s largest employer. There is
construction; rapid growth is imminent.      Comprising rail in-loading facilities, coal     an enormous scope for the local tourism
                                             handling and stockpiling areas and two          industry to expand and the area is
As one of the largest fruit and vegetable    offshore berths and shiploaders; the Port       brimming with tourism-related investment
growing regions in the nation, the region    of Abbot Point is one of Australia’s most       and business opportunities.
contributes an estimated $400 million        significant emerging bulk ports. The
                                                                                             Data sourced from 2012-13 Whitsunday Regional
                                                                                             Council Annual Report.

                                                                                           Page 9 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Total population 2011: 31,426*

                                             Projected population 2031: 44,000 #

                                             Median age: 38*

                                             Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population: 4.2%*

                                             Number of families: 7,720*

                                             Average children per family: 1.8*

                                             All private dwellings: 15,840*

                                             Average people per household: 2.4*

                                             Median weekly household income: $1,165*

                                             Median monthly mortgage repayments: $1,768*

                                             Median weekly rent: $260*

                                             Average motor vehicles per dwelling: 1.8*

                                             Size of Whitsunday region: 23,862.7 km2

                                             Proposed local mining projects: 9 #

                                             $36 billion in proposed projects in the region #
                                             Gross Regional Product 2011/12: $2,264 million

                                             Busiest air routes:
                                             Brisbane – Proserpine/ 235,300 passengers per annum #
                                             Sydney – Hamilton Island/ 200,400 passengers per annum #
                                             Brisbane – Hamilton Island/ 155,500 passengers per annum #

                                                                              * Data from Census 2011   # Data current as at 2014

Page 10 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Investing in our Region
With over $36 billion in major
                                              AGRICULTURE                                      MARINE
projects planned or under
construction, the Whitsunday                  Boasting long established beef, seafood,         Our region’s growing marine sector
region is set to experience                   sugar, fruit and vegetable industries,           benefits from our status as a globally
growth over the coming years.                 the Whitsunday region is the salad bowl          recognised sailing destination. The Great
                                              of North Queensland and supplies to              Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands
Our strong economy, well-
                                              both national and international markets.         attract cruise ships, super yachts and
planned infrastructure and                    Water supply, land availability and a            both mono- and multi-hulled sailing
desirable lifestyle make the                  tropical climate all complement our              vessels, and the local charter industry
Whitsunday region an inviting                 region’s growing agriculture sector, and         generates over $100 million per annum.
investment environment.                       as domestic and international demand             The Whitsunday region’s close proximity
                                              for food production increases; our region        to the Great Barrier Reef, extensive port
                                              is well positioned to capitalise on this         and marina facilities and established
Whitsunday Regional Council is committed
                                              trend. Opportunities to invest in the local      sector networks guarantee the future
to attracting new business and investment
                                              agriculture sector include:                      viability of the marine sector. Investment
to the region and fostering economic
                                                                                               opportunities include:
development. Council partners with            • Further development of associated
local and regional tourism and economic         industries such as biofuel production;         • Construction of more marinas and
development organisations to:                                                                    expansion of existing marine facilities;
                                              • Value adding to our produce and
• Promote the Whitsunday region                 processing prior to export; and                • Expansion of maintenance, refit and
  and facilitate destination marketing                                                           related services for superyachts and
                                              • Developing tourism products, food
  campaigns;                                                                                     other marine craft;
                                                trails and cottage industry.
• Deliver small business training                                                              • Development of export markets for
  workshops;                                                                                     marine products and services; and

• Engage with industry stakeholders                                                            • Cruise ship value-adding.
  to develop investment attraction
  initiatives; and                                                                             Data sourced from Whitsunday Marketing and
                                                                                               Development Limited.
• Attract business and tourism events to
  the region.

The Whitsunday region is an ideal
location to invest or establish a business.
Currently home to over 3,500 small
businesses; our region supplies goods
and services to local, domestic and
international markets. In addition to
emerging business opportunities across
retail, events, transport, aged care and
service industries; the region’s existing
agriculture, manufacturing, marine and
tourism sectors offer ample investment

                                                                                            Page 11 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
MANUFACTURING                                   TOURISM
                                             AND MINING                                      The Whitsunday region is one of Australia’s
                                                                                             most popular holiday destinations, popular
                                             As one of the region’s largest employers,
                                                                                             with both domestic and international
                                             the manufacturing sector has developed
                                                                                             tourists. Our region appeals to a range of
                                             in recent years due to the successful
                                                                                             visitor markets, including backpackers,
                                             development of various infrastructure and
                                                                                             families, luxury travellers and grey
                                             construction projects. Affordable land,
                                                                                             nomads, and offers an array of iconic
                                             expanding transport access and a growing
                                                                                             tourism experiences including Heart Reef,
                                             local skilled workforce all contribute to the
                                                                                             the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach
                                             viability of the local manufacturing sector.
                                                                                             and the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Tourism
                                             The Abbot Point SDA will generate new           and Events Queensland, the state’s peak
                                             opportunities for the manufacturing             tourism organisation, has identified the
                                             sector, and will provide transport and          following projects as priorities for the
                                             infrastructure sufficient to support and        Whitsunday Region:
                                             attract manufacturing companies to the
                                             region. Industries considered suitable for      • Airlie Beach Water Park;
                                             the Abbot Point SDA include:                    • Airlie Beach Flow Rider Attraction;
                                             • Large-scale, value adding industrial          • Airlie Beach Tourist Precinct;
                                                                                             • Bowen Produce Centre;
                                             • Bulk mineral resource unloading and
                                               stockpiling facilities;                       • Whitsundays Dive Wreck Trail;

                                             • Mineral processing;                           • Airlie Beach Development; and

                                             • Integrated steel mill;                        • Whitsunday Coast Airport Runway
                                             • LNG facility;

                                             • Fuel storage and associated
                                               infrastructure; and

                                             • Extractive industries.

Page 12 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Our Council

        Natural beauty, global attraction.
        We have it all.

        We are committed to providing
        the Whitsunday region with
        strong and responsive local
        government and achieving
        an innovative, efficient and
        sustainable organisation.

                  Page 13 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Our Corporate Values

• COMMUNITY and taking pride in the work we do for our region, residents and ratepayers.

• ACCOUNTABILITY in the way we make our decisions and perform our responsibilities.

• RESPECT for our organisation, customers and community.

• ETHICS and ensuring our decisions and actions are in accordance with the appropriate legislation, policies and guidelines.

Our Corporate Logo

The shapes and colours of the world renowned Great Barrier Reef inspired the Whitsunday Regional Council logo. Each element of the
logo spirals around each other to form a beautiful coral. The fluid shapes intertwining also represent the link between all the townships in
the region. Each colour represents a major industry or natural element of the region. They are:

• BLUE/AQUA tones symbolises the different and ever changing colours of our tropical ocean and sky;

• PINK symbolises the vibrant colours of the coral and reefs;

• GREEN symbolises the rolling cane fields of the local sugar industry, the richness of the vibrant horticulture industry, the rainforest,
  coastal mountain ranges and Whitsunday islands;

• YELLOW symbolises the sunshine and sand; the iconic mango and various types of produce;

• ORANGE symbolises the rich earth found in the island parts of the region and the cattle industry; and

• BLACK symbolises the mining and heavy industry found in the Bowen Basin and Collinsville.

Page 14 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Our Leadership
Whitsunday Regional                          • Ensuring the organisation is governed        The Local Government Act 2009 requires
                                               effectively through the implementation       Council to conduct its responsibilities in
Council’s strategic direction is
                                               of the various plans, strategies and         accordance with five key local government
determined by the Mayor and                    policies endorsed by Council;                principles:
Councillors, in consultation
                                             • Providing sound, competent leadership        • Transparent and effective processes,
with the community. Our                        as to maximise the organisation’s              and decision-making in the public
leadership team provides                       operational performance, productivity          interest;
advice to the Mayor and                        and efficiency;
                                                                                            • Sustainable development and
Councillors and is responsible               • Implementing the decisions made                management of assets and
for overseeing the day-to-                     by Council in accordance with the              infrastructure, and delivery of effective
                                               organisation’s vision, mission and             services;
day management of the                          values;
organisation.                                                                               • Democratic representation, social
                                             • Ensuring the organisation complies             inclusion and meaningful community
                                               with all statutory requirements,               engagement;
Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott       including those imposed by the Local
Waters, reports directly to Council. He is     Government Act 2009 and the Local            • Good governance of, and by, local
supported by a Chief Operating Officer,        Government Regulation 2012;                    government; and
Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources
                                             • Aligning strategy, structure and             • Ethical and legal behaviour of
Advisor and three Directors who together
                                               services within the organisation to            Councillors and local government
comprise the leadership team. The primary                                                     employees.
                                               ensure best value delivery to the
tasks of the leadership team include:          community; and

                                             • Developing and implementing
                                               strategies to position the organisation
                                               to deliver responsive services and
                                               sound management of community

                                                                                         Page 15 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Our Organisation
Whitsunday Regional Council                  to ensure that it delivers      The organisation consists of four
                                                                             Directorates, each with their own role and
consists of four Directorates,               an effective, efficient and
                                                                             responsibilities. The Directorates include
each with their own role                     innovative organisation and
                                                                             the Office of the Mayor and CEO, Corporate
and responsibilities. Each                   promotes our vision, mission    Services, Engineering Services and
year, Council reviews the                    and values.                     Planning & Community.
organisational structure


                                                Mayor and Councillors

                                                Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Financial Officer                     Chief Operating Officer        Human Resources Advisor

                                                                     Director – Planning & Community

                                                                      Director – Engineering Services

                                                                        Director – Corporate Services

Page 16 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Office of the Mayor and CEO               Planning and Community
Mayor, Councillor and Executive Support   Infrastructure, Planning and Development
Governance and Legal Services             Environment Health and Pest Control
Human Resources and Personnel             Community Development, Libraries and Youth
Workplace Health and Safety               Local Laws and Compliance
Corporate Communications                  Building and Plumbing
Business Services                         Parks and Gardens
Disaster Management

Engineering Services                      Corporate Services
Roads and Drainage                        Rating, Finance and Insurance
Water and Waste                           IT and Records Management
Transport and Major Projects              Customer Contact
                                          Asset Management
                                          Fleets and Workshops

                                                                                Page 17 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Opportunities and Challenges
In implementing this Plan and                challenges impacting on our             factors that have the ability
delivering on its objectives,                ability to deliver services to our      to drive growth and create
Council recognises that there                community. We also recognise            opportunities.
are both internal and external               that there are external

   WHAT COULD IMPACT OUR                                            WHAT WILL ASSIST OUR
     SERVICE DELIVERY?                                               SERVICE DELIVERY?
       Weaknesses                     Challenges                      Strengths                  Opportunities
  • Council debt                • Growing community             • Innovative and             • Major infrastructure
                                  expectations                    strategically focussed       projects
  • Ageing infrastructure                                         leadership
                                • Federal and State fiscal                                   • Strong population growth
  • Ageing workforce              restraints                    • Strong financial
                                                                  governance and controls    • Diverse economic base
  • Limited IT capabilities     • Cost shifting from
                                  Federal and State             • Recently constructed       • The Whitsunday brand
  • Vast geographic size of
    the region                    Governments                     road, water and            • Foreign investment
                                                                  sewerage infrastructure
  • Attracting skilled          • External economic                                          • Unique natural
    workforce                     impacts                       • Committed and                environment
                                                                  community responsive
  • Diverse internal culture    • Natural disasters               workforce                  • Potential water and
                                                                                               energy supply sources

Page 18 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Our Strategic Priorities
The Whitsunday region’s
population is expected to grow
to 44,000 by the year 2031.
With that in mind, Whitsunday
Regional Council is focussed
on growing our economy and
delivering the infrastructure
and services required to
accommodate our growing

Council has identified a number of
strategic priorities which are central to this
goal, and we are committed to advocating
for their development. Over the coming
five years, Council will be promoting
our seven key strategic priorities to
government, industry, business and
community. We recognise that building
and maintaining strong and cooperative
relationships with both Federal and State
Governments is essential to the success of
delivering on our priorities.

                                                 Page 19 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan

              BRUCE HIGHWAY
    Advocate for the implementation of the
         Bruce Highway Action Plan.

 Develop the Whitsunday Coast International
  Export Hub as a significant transport and
  exports hub and regional economic driver.

             WATER SECURITY
     Advocate for the construction of the
    Urannah Dam and improvements to the
            Burdekin Falls Dam.

Page 20 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
 Advocate for the establishment of a base
  load power station at Collinsville and
       alternative energy sources.

Advocate for the continued development of
the Port of Abbot Point and the Abbot Point
          State Development Area.

   Advocate for the establishment of an
integrated resort and casino development
      within the Whitsunday region.

Advocate for the growth of the agriculture,
   horticulture and seafood sectors for
     expanding export opportunities.

              Page 21 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Our Plan

Page 22 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
About our Corporate Plan
As Whitsunday Regional                              strategic planning documents as well as         this legislation, Council must adopt a
                                                    our annual Budget and Operational Plan.         Corporate Plan at least every five years
Council’s Corporate Plan 2014-
                                                    Each year, we will review our progress on       and discharge our responsibilities in a way
2019, Whitsunday 2020 outlines
                                                    delivering on the objectives of Whitsunday      that is consistent with our Corporate Plan.
our strategic agenda for the                        2020 through quarterly reports on               The plan must:
next five years and translates                      activities undertaken in the Operational
                                                                                                    • Outline Council’s strategic direction;
our community’s long-term                           Plan. Further reporting on our progress
                                                    will be undertaken when we produce our          • State the performance indicators
vision for the Whitsunday
                                                    Annual Report.                                    for measuring Council’s progress in
region into measurable actions.                                                                       achieving our vision for the future of
                                                                                                      the Whitsunday region; and
As a key part of Council’s strategic
planning framework, Whitsunday 2020
                                                    STATUTORY                                       • Outline the role, objectives and

states our organisation’s vision and                REQUIREMENTS                                      commercial scope of each of Council’s
                                                                                                      commercial business units.
mission for the next five years and
contains strategies that will guide our             This Plan has been developed in
operations over this period. This Plan is           accordance with the requirements of
directly linked to all of Council’s long-term       the Local Government Act 2009. Under

                                                             Community Plan
                                                           Adopted by Council in 2011
       A ten-year strategic plan that reflects the community’s vision for the future of the Whitsunday region, and outlines Council’s
                                         goals, strategies and policies for implementing that vision.
                                                              Corporate Plan
                                                Scheduled for adoption by Council on 25 June, 2014
                                                    Budget and Operational Plan
      The Budget and Operational Plan detail the actions that Council will take over the financial year to deliver on the objectives of
                                                       Council’s Corporate Plan.
                                                            Quarterly Reports
       A quarterly report adopted by Council that reports on the progress of implementing the Operational Plan in line with Budget

                                                                Annual Plan
                              Annual report on Council’s performance against its operational plan and budget.

                                                                                                 Page 23 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Reading our Corporate Plan
This Plan is centred on the four
                                               OUR THEMES
key themes of Governance and
Leadership, People, Place and
Prosperity. These four themes
will guide Council’s focus                                                                     People
over the next five years and
are aligned with a number of
outcomes and strategies.

                                                                                       and Leadership

                                                                          Prosperity                               Place




                                                                            r                                               hip
                                                                         Pa                                             s

Council plays a number of roles in achieving our objectives and delivering services. In preparing this Plan, we have aligned each strategy
with a specific role which reflects our ability to deliver that strategy. The four roles that have been used are:

             PROVIDER            Council is directly responsible for the provision and/ or delivery of this strategy.

                                 Council will cooperate and form strategic partnerships with government, industry, business and
                                 community to achieve this strategy.

                                 Council will play a role in achieving this strategy through bringing external groups and interested
                                 parties together.

             ADVOCATE            Council will promote this strategy to government, industry, business and community.

Page 24 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
MEASURING OUR                                 Whitsunday region. Council recognises
                                              the importance of partnerships and the
                                                                                                 ENVIRONMENT – achieving balance;
                                                                                                 PEOPLE – creating opportunities for
SUCCESS                                       role of government, industry, business and         everyone;
                                              community in implementing this Plan. We
                                                                                                 INFRASTRUCTURE – being connected;
                                              have identified key strategic partnerships
Whitsunday 2020 is linked to                                                                     and
                                              in each theme area, and while not
Council’s Operational Plan and                                                                   GOVERNANCE – balancing all our
                                              exhaustive; this list will provide an insight
Budget, and progress against                  into the number of contributors to the
this Plan will be measured                    Whitsunday region.
                                                                                                 As with Whitsunday 2020; the successful
in quarterly performance
                                                                                                 delivery of The Queensland Plan can only
reports and Council’s Annual                                                                     be achieved through a shared approach
Report. These documents will
inform the community of our
                                              ALIGNMENT WITH                                     by government, industry, business
                                                                                                 and community. The table on page 40
achievements, successes                       THE QUEENSLAND                                     demonstrates how our Corporate Plan

                                                                                                 aligns with The Queensland Plan. We have
and any challenges we may
                                                                                                 used a system of primary alignments and
experience in implementing                                                                       secondary alignments to reflect how the
this Plan.                                    Whitsunday Regional Council is committed           two plans interact.
                                              to working cooperatively across all levels
                                              of government to achieve good outcomes
Throughout this Plan, we have listed
                                              for our region. We have identified areas of
a number of indicators against which
                                              alignment between the Whitsunday 2020
each theme will be measured. Our
                                              and the Queensland Plan, a 30-year vision
Operational Plan will contain more
                                              for Queensland.
detailed performance indicators and will
comprehensively detail how Council is                                                            WITH OUR
delivering on this Plan and its objectives.   The Queensland Plan is centred on the
                                              following nine foundation areas:
                                              EDUCATION – building life skills and
                                                                                                 The community consultation for the
                                              inspiring bright minds;
                                                                                                 corporate plan assisted in the development
STRATEGIC                                     COMMUNITY – making connections;                    of the strategic direction of the plan, see

PARTNERSHIPS                                  REGIONS – building thriving communities;
                                              ECONOMY – forging diversity and
                                                                                                 Appendix 1 for more information on the
                                                                                                 community consultation. Throughout the
                                              prosperity;                                        plan we have used some community
Council is committed to working                                                                  quotes that articulate the community’s
                                              HEALTH AND WELLBEING – being healthy
cooperatively with all levels of government                                                      goals for the future.
                                              and active;
to deliver good outcomes for the

                                                                                              Page 25 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Governance and Leadership

                                             PERFORMANCE                              • Local Government Association of
   “Our Council builds
                                             MEASURES                                 • Whitsunday Regional Organisation of
   a reputation as                           • Community and stakeholder                Councils
   being consultative                          satisfaction with Council
                                                                                      • Elected parliamentarians
   and inclusive,                            • Financial sustainability ratios

   with business and                         • Number of community engagement
                                               initiatives undertaken annually and
   community engaged
                                               community satisfaction with process    ALIGNMENT WITH
   in decision-making”
                  Cannonvale resident
                                             • Number of joint initiatives between    THE QUEENSLAND
                                               Council and government, industry,
                                               business and community                 PLAN
                                             • Progress in advocating our strategic   The outcomes in this focus area are
                                               priorities to government, industry,    aligned to the following Queensland Plan
                                               business and community                 strategies:

OUR GOAL:                                    • Development and implementation of      6. We celebrate, embrace and respect
                                               strategies                                diversity
In 2020, the Whitsunday region is                                                     8. Our regions are strong and prosperous
united and our leadership delivers open,
accountable and transparent local                                                     9. We capitalise on unique regional
government. Our community is engaged,
informed and actively involved in Council
                                             STRATEGIC                                   opportunities and assets

                                                                                      10. Working together we will achieve more
decision making. Whitsunday Regional
Council is an innovative and financially                                              33. We have localised and more flexible
                                             • Federal, State and Local Governments
sustainable organisation and our staff is                                                 decision making
skilled, valued and productive.              • Queensland Treasury Corporation
                                                                                      34. Regulation is outcome based
                                             • Queensland Audit Office
                                                                                      35. Government is more effective and
                                             • Department of Local Government,            efficient
                                               Community Recovery and Resilience

Page 26 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 1.1      Our leadership engages with the community and provides open,
                 accountable and transparent local government.

                                                Provide open, accountable and transparent leadership that
                                  1.1.1         ensures community confidence in Council and achieves
                                                positive outcomes for the Whitsunday region.
                                                Develop a Governance Framework that provides accountable
                                  1.1.2         and transparent decision making and supports Council in
                                                meeting its legislative responsibilities.
                                                Engage with government, industry, business and community
                                  1.1.3         to inform Council's decision-making processes.
                                                Communicate Council’s objectives and decisions to the
                                  1.1.4         community through a variety of communication tools.
                                                Develop and implement a Community Engagement Strategy
                                  1.1.5         that identifies multiple approaches to inform, consult and
                                                involve the community in Council decisions and initiatives.
                                                Operate advisory committees, industry reference groups and
                                  1.1.6         community reference groups.

Outcome 1.2      Our leadership partners with government, industry, business and
                 community to deliver positive outcomes.

                                                Build and maintain strong, collaborative and cooperative
                                  1.2.1         relationships across all levels of government, industry,
                                                business and community.
                                                Identify opportunities for alignment between Council’s
                                  1.2.2         interests and objectives with those of Federal and State
                                                Partner with government, industry, business and community
          PARTNER                 1.2.3         to promote the Whitsunday region at both a national and
                                                international level.
                                                Advocate Council’s interests and objectives to government,
          ADVOCATE                1.2.4         industry, business and community.

                                                                Page 27 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 1.3          Our organisation is innovative, efficient and financially sustainable.

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                  STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                      Ensure Council’s financial position is effectively managed and
                                             1.3.1    sustainable.
                                                      Drive a positive, proactive and responsive customer service
                                             1.3.2    culture across the organisation.
                                                      Develop and implement business improvement systems and
                                             1.3.3    long term asset management plans that support innovation
                                                      and sustainability of service delivery.

                 PROVIDER                             Develop Council’s knowledge management systems to make
                                             1.3.4    available information as required by the community and
                                                      council decision makers.
                                                      Implement procurement initiatives to support and promote
                                             1.3.5    the local business sector.
                                                      Maximise commercial benefits to Council’s business units
                                             1.3.6    and assets.

                                             1.3.7    Improve methods of service delivery to the community.

Outcome 1.4          Our workforce is skilled, valued and productive.

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                  STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                      Recruit and develop a professional, capable and responsive
                                             1.4.1    workforce.
                                                      Develop and implement various engagement processes to
                                             1.4.2    effectively communicate Council’s objectives and decisions
                                                      to staff.
                                                      Develop and implement a workplace cultural transformation
                                             1.4.3    program that promotes innovation, productivity and best
                                                      business practice across the organisation.
                                                      Provide for the safety, security, health and well-being of
                                             1.4.4    Council employees and contractors.

Page 28 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan

   “We need to be
                                              PERFORMANCE                                 • Charities, Not for Profit organisations
                                                                                            and community service groups

   respectful and                             MEASURES                                    • Sporting and recreation organisations
                                              • Response to emergencies and natural
   inclusive as a                               disasters
   community and value
   the unique character
                                              • Community and stakeholder
                                                satisfaction with public spaces and
                                                                                          ALIGNMENT WITH
   and attributes of our
                                                facilities                                THE QUEENSLAND
   individual towns”                          • Attendance at Council facilitated         PLAN
                    Proserpine resident                                                   The outcomes in this focus area are
                                                                                          aligned to the following Queensland Plan

OUR GOAL:                                     STRATEGIC                                   5. In Queensland nobody gets left behind

In 2020, the Whitsunday region is an
                                              PARTNERSHIPS                                6. We celebrate, embrace and respect
                                              • Federal, State and Local Governments
inviting and welcoming community with                                                     16. We are physically and mentally healthy
an envious lifestyle. Our region is active,   • Queensland Police
healthy and inclusive, and our residents                                                  17. We are connected to our communities
enjoy access to a range of social, cultural   • Queensland Health
                                                                                          19. We have the opportunity to reach our
and recreation activities. We are a fair,     • Queensland Fire & Emergency                   full potential
equitable and affordable community and          Services
we respect our region’s diversity.                                                        26. We support the least advantaged

                                                                                       Page 29 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 2.1          Our region is active, healthy, safe and resilient.

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                   STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                       Maintain and develop Council’s emergency and disaster
                                             2.1.1     management planning, prevention, response and recovery
                                                       Continue to partner with emergency service providers,
                 PROVIDER                    2.1.2     government agencies and recovery authorities to ensure
                                                       effective resource planning and provision.
                                                       Implement, enforce and review community health regulations
                                             2.1.3     and standards and deliver a timely and effective response to
                                                       emerging health issues.
                                                       Promote healthy and balanced lifestyles and encourage
                ADVOCATE                     2.1.4     physical activity.

Outcome 2.2          Our region is inclusive and motivated by a range of social, cultural and
                     recreation opportunities

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                   STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                       Effectively maintain public spaces and ensure they are
                                             2.2.1     accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
                                                       Effectively maintain and develop community hubs, libraries
                 PROVIDER                    2.2.2     and facilities across the Whitsunday region.
                                                       Develop systems and promote the funding of local sport and
                                             2.2.3     recreation facilities.
                                                       Facilitate affordable living through encouraging diversity in
                                             2.2.4     housing development.
                                                       Encourage cooperation between community and sporting

                                             2.2.5     groups and maximise benefits to sporting and recreation
                                                       facilities across the Whitsunday region.
                                                       Support community groups in facilitating a variety of cultural,
                                             2.2.6     community, sporting and recreation activities, events and
                                                       Promote volunteerism and encourage the participation of
                                             2.2.7     volunteers in community activities.
                ADVOCATE                               Advocate to State and Federal Governments for enhanced
                                             2.2.8     human services and social infrastructure across the
                                                       Whitsunday region.

Page 30 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan

                                               PERFORMANCE                                   ALIGNMENT WITH
   “Council should
                                               MEASURES                                      THE QUEENSLAND
   strive for a healthy,
                                               • Growing our asset base                      PLAN
                                               • Community and stakeholder                   The outcomes in this focus area are
   environment balanced                          satisfaction with our road, water and       aligned to the following Queensland Plan
   with sensible housing                         sewerage infrastructure and networks        strategies:

   development”                                • Compliance with State and Federal           8. Our regions are strong and prosperous
                                                 benchmarks and standards
                    Collinsville resident
                                                                                             9. We capitalise on unique regional
                                               • Percentage of total capital works              opportunities and assets
                                                                                             20. Our natural resources are managed
                                               • Percentage of total operating projects          effectively

                                                                                             21. We protect the environment
                                               • Development and implementation of
                                                 strategies                                  23. Urban sprawl is managed efficiently
In 2020, the Whitsunday region is thriving
and sustainable. Our region’s infrastructure                                                 28. Our infrastructure fits our changing
supports our growing population and our                                                          population and demographics
towns are well planned, with our unique
heritage and character protected. We value     STRATEGIC                                     30. Infrastructure is funded in a variety of
our natural environment and work together
to protect and enhance our region’s            PARTNERSHIPS                                  31. Infrastructure is designed and built
natural assets.                                • Department of State Development,                with longevity in mind
                                                 Infrastructure and Planning
                                                                                             32. Infrastructure provides connectivity
                                               • Department of Transport and Main                and accessibility across the state

                                               • Department of Environment and
                                                 Heritage Protection

                                               • Development Industry

                                               • Landcare and environment
                                                 conservation organisations

                                                                                          Page 31 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 3.1          Our built environment is well planned, effectively managed and protects
                     our region’s heritage and character.

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                 STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                     Develop and implement an efficient, effective and
                                             3.1.1   accountable framework for managing the growth and
                 PROVIDER                            development of the Whitsunday region.
                                                     Develop and implement strategies to preserve the unique
                                             3.1.2   character of our community and heritage places.
                                                     Advocate the Whitsunday region’s planning and growth needs
                ADVOCATE                     3.1.3   to Federal and State Governments.

Outcome 3.2          Our natural environment is valued and sustainable.

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                 STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                     Develop and implement policies and strategies that protect
                                             3.2.1   and enhance the Whitsunday region's natural environment.
                                                     Develop water and waste services and systems that ensure
                                             3.2.2   the integrity of the Whitsunday region's natural environment.
                                                     Support and facilitate a variety of community awareness
                                             3.2.3   initiatives and programs that promote the Whitsunday
                PARTNER                              region's natural environment.
                                                     Partner with landholders to mitigate the effects of pests on
                                             3.2.4   the Whitsunday region’s natural environment.
                                                     Promote the conservation of environmental assets including
                ADVOCATE                     3.2.5   the Great Barrier Reef, beaches and wetlands.

Page 32 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 3.3      Our region is accessible and connected.

 COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                              STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                 Improve the utilisation of Council-owned aerodromes and
                                   3.3.1         aviation assets.
              PROVIDER                           Improve Collinsville-Proserpine connectivity and investigate
                                   3.3.2         the viability of a direct Collinsville-Proserpine Transport
                                                 Partner with Federal and State Governments to develop and
          PARTNER                  3.3.3         maintain a high-quality transport and road network.
                                                 Advocate for improved telecommunications across the
                                   3.3.4         Whitsunday region.
                                                 Advocate for the implementation of the Bruce Highway
                                   3.3.5         Action Plan.

Outcome 3.4      Our infrastructure supports our region’s current and future needs.

 COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                              STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                 Develop and maintain effective roads and drainage
                                   3.4.1         infrastructure, networks and facilities.
                                                 Develop and maintain effective water and waste water
                                   3.4.2         infrastructure, networks and facilities.
                                                 Develop integrated asset management plans to effectively
                                                 manage and maintain road, water and waste water
              PROVIDER             3.4.3         infrastructure and ensure assets meet the demands of a
                                                 growing population.
                                                 Deliver effective customer focussed water services that
                                   3.4.5         protect the public health.
                                                 Develop a planned approach to securing the Whitsunday
                                   3.4.6         region’s water supply.
                                                 Partner with Federal and State Governments to enhance the
          PARTNER                  3.4.7         Whitsunday region’s capacity for ongoing development and
                                                 infrastructure maintenance.
                                                 Engage with Federal and State Governments regarding
          ADVOCATE                 3.4.8         regional and national water security issues.

                                                                 Page 33 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan

                                              PERFORMANCE                              • Local tourism and economic
                                                                                         developments organisations
   “We need to explore
                                              MEASURES                                 • Local agriculture and horticulture
                                                                                         industry organisations
   to expand our                              • Growth in Gross Regional Product       • Schools and education providers
   agriculture and                              (GRP) and the local economy

   horticulture sectors;                      • Growth in population

   we need to promote                         • Increased investment in the local      ALIGNMENT WITH
   a multi-commodity                            economy
                                                                                       THE QUEENSLAND
   port and international                     • Development and implementation of
   airport”                                                                            The outcomes in this focus area are
   Bowen resident                                                                      aligned to the following Queensland Plan

                                              STRATEGIC                                2. We have practical-based learning

OUR GOAL:                                     PARTNERSHIPS                             8. Our regions are strong and prosperous

                                                                                       9. We capitalise on unique regional
                                              • Federal, State and Local Governments      opportunities and assets
In 2020, the Whitsunday region is the
economic hub of North Queensland and          • Department of State Development,       11. We value and invest in local business
the state’s leading regional economy. The       Infrastructure and Planning                and workers
diversity of our agriculture, mining, small
                                              • Department of Tourism, Major           12. We are the number one performing
business and tourism sectors has allowed
                                                Events, Small Business and the             economy in Australia
our region to prosper, with our residents
                                                Commonwealth Games
enjoying access to strong education and                                                13. We are focused on industry
employment pathways.                          • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries       development and diversification
                                                and Forestry
                                                                                       14. Queensland has the best job
                                              • Local Chambers of Commerce and             opportunities in Australia
                                                business organisations
                                                                                       15. Our centres of excellence drive

Page 34 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 4.1      Our infrastructure enables economic development and facilitates
                 investment opportunities.

                                                Develop and implement an Economic Development Strategy
              PROVIDER            4.1.1         and Regional Investment Prospectus.

                                                Develop the Whitsunday Coast Airport as a significant
                                  4.1.2         transport and exports hub and regional economic driver.
          PARTNER                               Partner with government, industry, business and community
                                  4.1.3         to create economic opportunities through encouraging and
                                                attracting investment to the Whitsunday region.
                                                Advocate for the construction of the Urannah Dam and
                                  4.1.4         improvements to the Burdekin Falls Dam.
                                                Advocate for the establishment of a base load power station
                                  4.1.5         at Collinsville and alternative energy sources.

Outcome 4.2      Our mining sector enjoys access to strong export and development

              PROVIDER            4.2.1         Develop an Abbot Point Infrastructure Strategy.

                                                Partner with government, business and industry to develop a
          PARTNER                 4.2.2         Mining and Logistics Support Industry Precinct.
                                                Advocate for the continued development of the Port of Abbot
          ADVOCATE                4.2.3         Point and the Abbot Point State Development Area.

                                                                Page 35 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 4.3          Our agriculture sector is sustainable and enjoys access to strong export
                     and development opportunities.

  COUNCIL ROLE STRATEGY #                                 STRATEGY STATEMENT
                                                     Develop an Agriculture Strategy to facilitate the growth of
                                             4.3.1   the agriculture, horticulture and seafood sectors and identify
                 PROVIDER                            export opportunities.
                                                     Maintain road infrastructure that meets the needs of primary
                                             4.3.2   producers and industry stakeholders.
                                                     Partner with primary producers and industry stakeholders to
                                             4.3.3   promote the Whitsunday region as a suitable location for a
                                                     fresh produce canning and processing plant.
                                                     Partner with primary producers and industry stakeholders to
                                             4.3.4   identify opportunities and challenges facing our agriculture,
                                                     horticulture and seafood sectors.

Page 36 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Outcome 4.4      Our tourism and small business sectors are strong, sustainable and
                 actively promoted.

                                                Ensure a regulatory environment which is business friendly
                                  4.4.1         and considerate of business needs.
                                                Enhance tourism and entry signage across the Whitsunday
                                  4.4.2         region.
                                                Partner with tourism, business and economic development
                                  4.4.3         organisations to deliver training programs and initiatives for
                                                the tourism and small business sectors.
                                                Partner with tourism, business and economic development
                                  4.4.4         organisations to promote the local tourism and small
                                                business sectors.
                                                Promote the Whitsunday region as a desirable domestic and
                                  4.4.5         international tourist destination.
                                                Advocate for the establishment of an integrated resort and
                                  4.4.6         casino development within the Whitsunday region.

          ADVOCATE                4.4.7         Promote the continued development of the tourism sector.

                                  4.4.8         Promote living, investing and shopping locally.

                                                Encourage the retention of existing local industries and
                                  4.4.9         businesses and the development of emerging industries and

Outcome 4.5      Our region provides strong education, employment and training

                                                Partner with government, industry, business and community
          PARTNER                 4.5.1         to support develop and business growth that generates
                                                employment opportunities.
                                                Promote the Whitsunday region as a suitable location for a
                                  4.5.2         variety of education facilities including a university campus
                                                and boarding school or private boarding facility.
          ADVOCATE                              Promote initiatives designed to enhance and increase local
                                  4.5.3         employment and training opportunities.
                                                Promote the development of a skilled and flexible workforce
                                  4.5.4         to benefit local industries and businesses.

                                                                 Page 37 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Appendix One
ENGAGEMENT AND                               • A workshop with Council’s elected
                                               members and Executive Management
                                                                                           The engagement program was largely
                                                                                           modelled on the New Oregon Model, an
CONSULTATION                                   Team;                                       internationally recognised approach to
                                                                                           community engagement centred around
SUMMARY                                      • Two (2) Whitsunday Regional Council
                                               staff workshops;                            five (5) questions:

                                             • A youth picture competition distributed     1. Where are we now?
Whitsunday 2020 has been developed
following consultation and engagement          to all of the region’s primary schools;     2. Where are we going?
with local residents, community                and
                                                                                           3. Where do we want to be?
organisations and business and industry      • Marketing collateral including paid
stakeholders, in addition to Whitsunday        advertisements in the region’s three        4. How do we get there?
Regional Council’s staff and elected           (3) local newspapers, five (5) press
members.                                                                                   5. Are we getting there?
                                               releases and letters sent to key

Whitsunday Regional Council conducted an                                                   Over 550 people participated in the
engagement program from mid February         The engagement program was jointly            engagement process, with the phone
2014 to late May 2014 to determine           delivered by Council and two external         survey completed by 300 participants
community and stakeholder preference         organisations. Engagement Plus was            providing the most feedback. The
for the goals, outcomes and strategies       contracted in February 2014 to design         engagement process found that the key
of Whitsunday 2020. The engagement           and deliver the four (4) community and        priority for Council over the next five (5)
program utilised the following tools:        stakeholder forums; analyse the data          years is responsible governance, inclusive
                                             gained through the community survey           of financial planning and community
• A community survey;                                                                      engagement.
                                             and assist in the drafting of the Corporate
• A random phone survey of 300 local         Plan document. Market Facts Pty Ltd
  residents;                                 was commissioned in early March 2014
                                             to conduct a random survey of 300 local
• Four (4) community and stakeholder
                                             residents and to present the findings in
  forums held at venues in each of
                                             a report. Mr Steven Ames was engaged
  the Whitsunday region’s four major
  townships;                                 to facilitate the Councillor workshop and
                                             provide advice on the development of the
                                             vision and strategies.

Page 38 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
Throughout our engagement process,
Council heard hundreds of ideas and
suggestions from the community as to
what our Corporate Plan should contain.
While we have succeeded in integrating
many of these into Whitsunday 2020,
Council acknowledges that not all of these
fall within the scope of local government
or can be achieved by Council in the next
five years. Some of these ideas included:

                                                            Constructing a monorail
                                                               that would connect
                                                              the Whitsunday Coast
                                                            International Export Hub
   Partnering with James                                          to Airlie Beach
     Cook University or
    Central Queensland
  University to establish a
  university campus in the                   Transforming the Port of
     Whitsunday region                       Abbot Point into northern
                                                                               Constructing a stadium
                                                 Australia’s leading
                                                                              complex between Bowen
                                             agriculture exports hub;
                                                                              and Proserpine to attract
                                              shipping fresh produce,
                                                                              major sports events and
                                               live seafood and beef
                                                                                music concerts to the
                                                and livestock to key
       ‘Triangulating’ the                                                       Whitsunday region
                                                   global markets
      Whitsunday region
     through constructing
      a road link between
         Collinsville and                                Developing the Bowen
            Proserpine                                      Aerodrome as a
                                                         commercial airport to
                                                        benefit our local tourism
                                                          and mining sectors

                                                                         Page 39 | Whitsunday Region Corporate Plan
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