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CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in
 As manufacturers moved closer to
 their retail customers, a shift in the
 supplier-retailer relationship resulted

By Sharon M. Goldman

     t was the ultimate “Field of Dreams” sce-        ently.’ That became our mantra going forward.”
     nario: If you build it, they will come. In       Soon after, the CPG powerhouse had a custom-
     1987, Procter & Gamble helped negotiate          er team in place in Northwest Arkansas, ready
the first customer team operation, putting            to call on Walmart at a moment’s notice, 24/7.
the manufacturer’s boots on the ground in                It didn’t take long for other CPGs to catch
a customer’s HQ city. It was in Bentonville,          on. Muccio, who led the development of the
Arkansas – home of Walmart.                           Walmart team and ultimately served as lead-
   A P&G study had found the company’s re-            er of the P&G-Walmart global relationship
lationship with the retailer lacking: Category        through 2003, says there are more than 1,000
expansion was disappointing; divisions over-          customer teams in Northwest Arkansas today
lapped in calling on the client; and trust be-        consisting of at least six team members each.
tween the two organizations was as low as it          And other cities with a major retail headquar-
had ever been. “[Walmart founder] Sam Wal-            ters have also become accustomed to thou-
ton’s comment was, ‘If I want to punish any           sands of customer team members living in
of my buyers, I put them on P&G’s business,’”         the community – collaborating with retail em-
recalls former P&G executive Tom Muccio of            ployees in the home office, eating with them
the challenges the manufacturer faced in its          in local restaurants, and joining them for cof-
Walmart business. “But then Sam said, ‘If you         fee or a drink. There’s Cincinnati for Kroger;
thought of my stores as an extension of your          Minneapolis for Target; Pleasanton, Califor-
company, we would do business entirely differ-        nia, for Safeway; Issaquah, Washington, for
CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in

Costco; and Deerfield, Illinois, for Walgreens.
   “These are whole communities that are
there for the sole purpose of doing busi-
ness with the retailer,” says Dina Howell, CEO
of Saatchi & Saatchi X and previously P&G
vice president, global media and brand op-
erations, who worked for seven years on the
Walmart team. “Work really runs at the speed
of retail, so you don’t have time to figure out
how to get a flight in to get work done. You
have to be there, in person.”
   Putting a customer team in place is an ex-
pensive and complicated endeavor, especially
a large one with a variety of functions includ-
ing sales, finance, supply chain and market-
ing. But it has become the norm for major
CPGs. “It’s mandatory for the biggest CPGs,”            This Google map shows the locations of a
says Howell. “And for agencies like ours, it’s          multitude of major CPG customer team offices
                                                        that are in proximity to Walmart’s Bentonville
also a real competitive advantage to be in              headquarters.
the market directly with our manufacturing
partners working alongside retail partners.”            depending on the size of the company, the
                                                        expectations of the retailer and how the team
Teams in all Shapes and Sizes                           evolved within the organization. “It’s all over
Industry experts say the one thing you can be           the board – you’ll find that every CPG team is
sure of is that every customer team is different,       structured differently,” says Evan Anthony, a

                                   “Work really runs at the speed of
                                    retail, so you don’t have time to
                                    figure out how to get a flight in
                                    to get work done. You have to
                                    be there, in person.”
                                                                  Dina Howell, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X

CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in

Customer Teams From
the Ground Up
In the mid-1980s, CPGs had the                                  “Most Walmart people didn’t want
clout. Most retailers were re-                                     us to be there, but Sam said to
gional – none were interna-                                           give us a chance.”
tional – and they typically                                               As soon as the P&G
viewed CPGs very tactically.                                             Walmart customer team
Suppliers influenced buy-                                                was announced, other re-
ing, merchandising and                                                   tailers were quick to react
logistics decisions, but                                                 because they felt Walmart
they were not considered a                                              had gained a competi-
strategic part of the retailer’s                                      tive advantage. “As a result
business.                                                           of starting those teams, P&G
   The P&G customer team for                                     quickly went to Walmart competi-
                                             Tom Muccio
Walmart, established in 1987 and led                       tors such as Target, Kmart and Costco.”
by Tom Muccio, changed all of that and put            It took other CPGs some time – 18 months
into motion a seismic shift in the retailer-       to two years – to get their own teams on
supplier relationship. “We realized we had         the ground in Bentonville and other retailer
been very arrogant,” says Muccio, who’s now        HQ cities. “They didn’t understand how
retired. “We measured everything by P&G’s          customer teams worked,” says Muccio. “”We
fiscal year, not the retailer’s. We had our        also tried to leverage P&G’s size, scale and
own internal measurements. We had seven            scope.”
or eight different product divisions, and we          These days, the customer team landscape
didn’t have anything that told what the total      has changed, Muccio says. “The dynamics
value of a customer was to P&G.”                   are different. Retailers are the big dogs, not
   Worst of all, he remembers, was the con-        CPGs. Five of P&G’s retailers have higher
frontational language. “We referred to them        sales than P&G does.”
as accounts, they called us vendors. We real-         Shopper marketing is a growing opportu-
ized that dynamic was ‘them’ against ‘us.’         nity, he adds, but both customer teams and
We needed to approach our customers on a           retailers have yet to fully push the envelope
more strategic basis.”                             in terms of broader shopper themes such
   Walmart welcomed the new customer               as health and wellness. “There is still money
team. At least, Walmart founder Sam Walton         being left on the table,” he says. “It will take
did. “He believed it showed the commitment         a breakthrough in thinking.”
of P&G wanting to change,” says Muccio.                                       — Sharon M. Goldman
CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in

retail shopper marketing consultant and for-            growth. They expect us to fully engage along
mer Kroger marketing executive who spent                the entire path to purchase, and they engage
more than 30 years with the retailer. “There            and collaborate with us to win with their
are different shapes, sizes, levels of support;         shoppers.”
some have shopper marketing, some don’t.”                   Every on-site customer team needs a lead-
   John Mount, vice president of commer-                er, and these positions tend to be very senior,
cial operations & marketing at The Coca-Cola            says Howell. “I can’t think of anyone who is
Co., previously co-led one of Coca-Cola’s to-           not a vice president. And most often, they
tal beverage customer teams in Cincinnati.              are from sales or general management. They
He says many of Coca-Cola’s teams include               need to be capable of running a multifunc-
field operations and national account execu-            tional team.”
tives to call on the largest customers’ divisions           The bottom line is that the CPGs need to
and regions. In addition, they also typically           fit their teams into the framework the retailer
include cross-functional subject matter ex-             works in, but how each manufacturer deals
perts who support revenue management,                   with those challenges may be different, says
category management, finance and shopper                Mike McMahon, previously vice president of
marketing.                                              integrated marketing at ConAgra Foods and
   “Our customers expect us to have all of the          now head of shopper marketing at Datalogix.
key disciplines in place to help them win,”             “The way we put things in place at ConAgra
Mount says. “They want a holistic value prop-           was to push the majority of the decision rights
osition that drives topline revenue and profit          for spending and program development into

                                     “There’s nothing better than
                                      when the entire customer team
                                      is rallying around one common
                                      vision or objective. Everyone
                                      takes a lot of pride in working
                                      to become our customer’s most
                                      valued supplier.”
                                                    John Mount, vice president of commercial operations
                                                                         & marketing, The Coca-Cola Co.

CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in

the hands of the people in the field, but we           to work at retailers,” she says. “Others were
still made sure we touched base and had                extremely skeptical.”
people come back [to the Chicago office],” he             When McMahon joined ConAgra in 2004,
says. “Other companies pushed those rights             shopper marketing wasn’t part of most of
into the field, but connectivity didn’t always         the company’s customer teams, which typi-
come back.”                                            cally included folks from sales, operations and
   In addition, McMahon points out, at                 category management. But retailers were be-
ConAgra the on-site marketing team reported            coming more sophisticated and were hiring
to the CMO, whereas at other companies that            classically trained CPG marketers to head up
team might report up through sales. “And               their own data-driven efforts.
often, a company might not be large enough                “That put demands on the manufactur-
to deploy so many resources,” he says. “They           ing community that the sales guys were not
might bring in agencies to help cover a lot of         prepared to fulfill,” says McMahon. “There
the gaps in coverage at HQ.”                           was a pressure from the retailer side for us to
                                                       become less fragmented and smarter about
Shopper Marketing Migrates                             how we won the confidence of our retailers.”
When the first customer teams evolved at the           Those demands, he explains, turned into a
largest retailers in the late 1980s, marketing         high-level organizational strategy discus-
was not a part of the team’s structure. That all       sion, which led to an increased investment
changed when Howell joined P&G’s Walmart               in an on-site shopper marketing presence at
team in 1997. “At P&G, we had begun to create          Walmart, Albertsons and other retailers and
the concept of what we called customer mar-            arming them with budgets and data.
keting,” she says. “And we realized we could              “We pushed as many of our resources into
work in conjunction with retailers to impact           the field as we possibly could,” he says. “That
shoppers and change their behavior at the              means all the shopper marketing people on
store level.”                                          the Walmart team, the Publix team, the Safe-
   Soon, Howell realized that P&G needed to            way team – they all were pushed out to the
prove out their concepts – which included              customer team location. Suddenly the head
the new-at-the-time concept of navigation-             of the Walmart team had a marketing insights
al signs to guide customers toward specific            person he could lean on.”
aisles – and that she needed to be on-site – at
Walmart headquarters. “I was the lone wolf             The Data-Driven Future
out there,” she says.                                  Many CPGs have not integrated shopper
   There were, not surprisingly, various re-           marketing into their customer teams. “You’d
actions to shopper marketers joining the               be shocked by how many brands don’t even
customer team. “Plenty of people were wel-             have one,” says Anthony. However, the advent
coming with open arms and appreciated the              of data into marketing has, overall, shifted
investment to bring marketing knowledge                the entire structure of on-site teams. “If there
CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in

was no big data, teams would look the same
way they did 10 years ago,” Anthony says.                     Who’s Who in
“But now you have the maturity of Kroger
and Safeway and others. They demand a

common language between them and
their suppliers.”
   The shopper, Howell emphasizes, is
firmly in charge – which means the future
for shopper marketing on customer teams is
                                                                at Walmart
very bright: “There is so much more potential
for collaboration between CPGs and retailers
than you could have imagined 20 years ago.             Abbott Nutrition
Shopper marketing has truly become inte-               EMILY ANDERSON,
grated in how retailers and manufacturers go           Associate Shopper
to market.”                                            Marketing Manager
                                                       Anderson began her career
Constant Collaboration,                                as a sales representative with
Value-Added Solutions                                  Abbott in Seattle but moved
The experience of working on an on-site cus-           to Bentonville for a position in sales analytics
tomer team was “transformative,” says How-             for Abbott’s pediatrics brands at Walmart. Join-
ell, who adds that it allowed her to learn about       ing the company’s shopper marketing group
team dynamics and different functions that             in 2013, she now supports the development of
all worked toward the same goals: delighting           shopper platforms based on insights that align
shoppers, delighting retailers and growing             brand and customer marketing objectives to
share for P&G.                                         create consumer-relevant programs.
   “There’s nothing better than when the en-
tire customer team is rallying around one com-
mon vision or objective. Everyone takes a lot
                                                       Alcon Labs
of pride in working to become our customer’s           ANDI PRATT, Senior
most valued supplier,” says Mount about his            Shopper Marketing
years on Coca-Cola’s customer team. “It’s a ton        Manager
of fun being in constant collaboration with the        Pratt serves as Alcon’s stra-
customer and building a value-oriented rela-           tegic retailer engagement
tionship. You’re problem solving with the cus-         lead for Walmart and Tar-
tomer; you’re creating value-added solutions           get. She previously held positions at Nestlé
that may not always be within your expertise,          as Walmart shopper marketing for frozen
and you’re engaging in different departments           foods, JWT Action on the Nestlé account,
across the customer.”                         SM       and CJRW agency supporting Tyson Foods.
CUSTOMER TEAMS at Walmart - Who's Who in

Anheuser-Busch                                        is responsible for leading a cross-functional
                                                      team executing sales plans and developing
RANDY ORNSTEIN,                                       strategic marketing programs for sell-in to
Vice President of Sales,                              Walmart. Prior to joining Barilla, Wade also
Walmart and Sam’s                                     held a variety of sales roles at Sara Lee.
Club, Anheuser-Busch
Ornstein works with the                               Bayer HealthCare
entire beer-buying team on its joint busi-            MARYBETH GOODMAN, Vice
ness plan process to drive beer sales. During         President of Sales, National Mass
his 10-year career at Anheuser-Busch, he
                                                      SCOTT MATHEWS, Team Leader
has spent six in Bentonville on the category
team in various positions and has also led            STEVE MORANTE, Vice President –
category management efforts for the large-            Field Sales
format channel in St. Louis.
Barilla                                               CANDACE CLARK FRIEDMAN,
NINA MLYNEK,                                          National Account Manager
Shopper Marketing
Manager                                               Bic Consumer Products
Mlynek is responsible for                             USA
strategy, planning and ex-
                                                      MICHAEL SEVART,
ecution of retailer-specific
                                                      Director of Sales,
marketing programs at Walmart, Target,
                                                      Walmart/Sam’s Club
Safeway and BJ’s. Prior to her work at Barilla,
she helped develop 52 new frozen food
                                                      Sevart has 20 years’ experi-
corporate brand items for Kroger and also
                                                      ence working in the retail
worked for a consumer experience research
                                                      channel, the last 15 directly managing the
agency and clients such as P&G, Chrysler
                                                      high-growth, high P&L focus of the Walmart/
and ConAgra.
                                                      Sam’s Club business. He has worked for
JON WADE, Walmart                                     Walmart CPG supplier teams for companies
Team Leader                                           with brands such as Advil, Black & Decker
Wade has spent 14 years                               and Welch’s, and has a proven track record
with Barilla America, serv-                           of success at Walmart, earning multiple Sup-
ing as Walmart Team Leader                            plier of the Year/Quarter awards.
for the past two years. He


Big Heart Pet Brands                              The Clorox Co.
JEFF RATCLIFF, Vice President,                    JEFF TOMBLIN, Customer Team
Sales, Walmart & Sam’s Club Team                  Lead, Walmart

Bissell Homecare                                  The Coca-Cola Co.
STEVE GALEN, Senior Global                        JAMES BECK,
Director, Walmart/Sam’s Club                      Group Vice President,
                                                  Shopper Marketing
Brown-Forman                                      Beck and his team lead
                                                  shopper marketing collabo-
ELIZABETH OWENS, National                         ration efforts for Coca-Cola’s
Account Manager                                   portfolio of brands with Walmart and Sam’s
                                                  Club on both a national and local market
Bumble Bee Seafoods                               level. His work history includes 16 years
ALLAN JACKSON, Vice President,                    spanning brand, retail and digital signage
Business Development                              and shopper marketing.

                                                  ROB GEHRING, President, Walmart
Campbell Soup Co.                                 Global Team
President, Walmart U.S.                           Colgate-Palmolive
Prior to joining Campbell                         PATRICK CASEY,
three years ago, Kwan spent                       Shopper Marketing
10 years at Kraft Foods in                        Director, Walmart
the U.S. and Canada. He is                        Casey leads the shopper
currently focused on strategically aligning       marketing strategy and
Walmart HQ and the customer in both the           execution for Colgate’s oral,
short and long term to achieve sustainable,       personal care and home care businesses
profitable and enterprise-wide growth.            at Walmart. A marketing professional with
                                                  15 years of experience in brand/general
Church & Dwight                                   management and innovation with Colgate-
                                                  Palmolive, he has held senior-level Canadian,
BRIAN LYNCH, Walmart Team                         global marketing and U.S. positions.


HANK SCHEPERS,                                       Dell
General Manager –
Walmart Team                                         KELLY MATTRAN,
Schepers leads a cross-func-
                                                     Shopper Marketing
tional team on the ground
                                                     Account Manager
for Colgate’s largest global                         Mattran recently joined
customer. His responsibilities include full          Dell’s shopper marketing ac-
P&L accountability, senior-level customer            count management group,
engagement, strategic planning and people            where she works on the mass/club channel
development. Schepers has spent 29 years             and partners with sales teams to lead shop-
with the company, most recently serving as           per marketing agenda for Dell in Walmart,
director for PetSmart.                               Sam’s Club and Costco. Prior to joining Dell,
                                                     she worked for PepsiCo and Starbucks Corp.

ConAgra Foods
                                                     Disney Consumer
President – Global Strategy
                                                     SUSAN VAN HOSEN,
TOM LISI, Senior Director,
                                                     Senior Vice President,
Shopper Marketing
                                                     North America Sales
                                                     With Disney in various roles
Conair Corp.                                         since 2001, Van Hosen leads
WILL MALATESTA, Walmart Team                         the Disney Integrated Retail
Leader                                               team in the U.S. and Canada, driving retail
                                                     strategy and sales for Disney Consumer
                                                     Products licensing, Disney Publishing, Disney
Coty Beauty
                                                     Interactive and Studio Home Entertainment
PAUL PRITCHARD,                                      for licensed and vertical merchandise at key
Vice President – Team                                retailers.
Leader, Walmart &
Sam’s Club
A senior leader with more
                                                     Dr Pepper Snapple Group
than 20 years of experience                          LEAH BACH, Shopper Marketing
in global sales and marketing, ranging from          Manager – Walmart
startups to Fortune 100 companies, Pritchard
acts as the general manager for a cross-func-
tional team of 24 people responsible for more
than 1,200 items at Walmart & Sam’s Club.


E&J Gallo Winery                                       Fleet Laboratories
JOE FARNAN, Vice President, Sales                      KEVIN HANEY, Director
                                                       of Trade & Category
Electronic Arts Inc.                                   Development
                                                       As the Walmart Team leader
T. RYAN JAMES, Senior                                  for Fleet Laboratories, Haney
Director of Sales and                                  is responsible for strategic
Team Leader, U.S. Mass                                 planning, tactical account management and
Merchant Channel                                       all related Walmart headquarter management
James is responsible for                               activities. He has also most recently held posi-
the sales performance at                               tions at McNeil Consumer Products/Johnson &
Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other retailers          Johnson and DowBrands Personal Care.
representing half of Electronic Arts’ U.S. rev-
enue results. Prior to joining the company
in 2003, he worked for Kimberly-Clark for 10           General Mills
years.                                                 JAY PICCONATTO, Marketing Asso-
                                                       ciate Director – Shopper Marketing
Energizer Personal Care                                As the shopper marketing lead for General
                                                       Mills focused on Walmart initiatives, Picco-
ANDY KAUFMAN,                                          natto has spent the past 15 years with the
Senior Director,                                       CPG company in a variety of marketing roles
Walmart Team                                           across its portfolio, from Big G cereals to
Kaufman leads a cross-                                 Green Giant vegetables.
functional team to develop
and grow Energizer Personal                            ADAM DILL, Vice President,
Care’s diverse portfolio for Walmart. With             Walmart Team U.S.
more than 20 years of experience, he has
led customer and internal strategy teams to            Georgia-Pacific
deliver shopper solutions across Fortune 500
                                                       MONICA BREITHAUPT, Vice
retailers, brands and consumer channels.
                                                       President, Retail Sales (Walmart &
                                                       Sam’s Club)

                                                       H.J. Heinz Co.
                                                       MAX WETZEL, Vice President,
                                                       Global Walmart Business Unit


Hallmark Cards                                     Walmart and Sam’s Club on all of the brands
                                                   within the beverage company’s portfolio.
President & GM,                                    TODD PASTOR, National Account
Walmart Team                                       Director, Walmart & Sam’s Club
Strickland is responsible                          Pastor develops short- and long-term strat-
for the development of the                         egy for Heineken USA in relation to Walmart
long-term strategy for the                         and Sam’s Club. He leads the company’s
Walmart business as well as delivering the         national team focused against both retail-
top and bottom line goals for both Hallmark        ers to align with key strategies and tactics
and Walmart.                                       to deliver sales growth while also delivering
                                                   joint business plan goals and objectives for
                                                   Heineken USA.
Hamilton Beach Brands
                                                   The Hershey Co.
JASON OGLESBY, Senior Director,
Team Lead                                          JEFFREY HARSH, Walmart Team
Hasbro Inc.                                        JENNI PUSTINGER,
                                                   Senior Director,
BARRY HARRIS, Interim Team Lead                    Shopper Marketing,
and Vice President of Sales - Team                 Walmart/Sam’s Club
Walmart                                            Team
DEBORAH RUDZIK, Vice President/                    Pustinger joined The Her-
General Manager – Walmart Sales &                  shey Co. nearly three years ago after 17 years
Customer Strategic Marketing                       in marketing at P&G. She is responsible for
                                                   the marketing strategy and plans for the
Heineken USA                                       company at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Commercial Marketing                               J.M. Smucker Co.
Manager                                            JEFF GREER, Vice President,
Freeman has been support-                          Walmart Team
ing Walmart and Sam’s Club
for the past 15 years at Kraft
Foods, Clorox and Nestlé USA before taking
on her current role at Heineken. She devel-
ops channel activation strategies for both


The Jel Sert Co.                                    Kimberly-Clark
JOSEPH BOUMA,                                       ARIST MASTORIDES, Vice President,
Vice President,                                     Global Walmart Team Lead
Walmart/Sam’s Team                                  SARA G. LEONARD,
Bouma leads the strategy                            Director of Shopper
development and retail                              Marketing, Walmart Inc.
execution for Jel Sert’s
                                                    Starting with shopper in-
Walmart and Sam’s Club team. He oversees
                                                    sights, Leonard oversees the
the partnerships with both internal and ex-
                                                    shopper marketing team
ternal stakeholders, establishes and reports
                                                    in building Kimberly-Clark’s brands to dif-
sales targets, and leads the company’s team
                                                    ferentiate its customers and drive category
of business development managers, retail
                                                    growth with an omnichannel approach. She
execution managers and replenishment
                                                    recently joined the company after working
                                                    at Clorox in shopper marketing for 10 years.

Johnson & Johnson                                   Kraft Foods Group
JAMES ELY, General                                  GINA ALLGAIER,
Manager, Walmart                                    Marketing Director,
Global                                              Kraft Walmart Team
                                                    Having been in shopper
                                                    marketing on Walmart since
                                                    2009, Allgaier partners shop-
                                                    per insights and data with cutting-edge
Kellogg Co.                                         technology to get results. By leveraging
AARON ELLEMAN, Senior Director,                     digital, social and mobile technology with
Shopper Marketing, Walmart &                        earned engagement tools and inspirational
Sam’s Club                                          in-store POS, she has been successful with
SCOTT ROBERTS, Senior Vice                          multiple platforms such as Walmart’s annual
President of Sales, Walmart                         s’mores campaign and the recent “Great
                                                    American Cheeseburger” program.


Land O’Lakes                                          ALLISHA WATKINS,
                                                      Shopper Marketing
ZAK LOWE, Director –                                  Manager, Walmart &
Walmart Inc. Team                                     Sam’s Club
Lowe has spent the past 11                            Watkins brings more than 12
years with Land O’Lakes in                            years of marketing, market re-
various sales and customer/                           search, strategic planning and project manage-
trade marketing assign-                               ment experience to her role at Mars Chocolate
ments. He currently drives strategy, struc-           for Walmart and Sam’s Club. She is focused on
ture, human resources and execution of the            working cross-functionally with key customers,
cross-functional team including sales, retail,        internal stakeholders and strategic partners to
shopper activation, analytics, IT, etc., grow-        deliver the best solutions for shoppers.
ing the Walmart business.

                                                      Mars Petcare
Lindt & Sprungli
                                                      SUSAN BENNETT,
STEVE WILSON, Team Leader –                           Shopper Marketing
Walmart/Sam’s Club                                    Manager
                                                      Bennett is new to the Mars
Mars Chocolate North                                  organization. She spent seven
America                                               years with Kellogg, most
                                                      recently in shopper marketing for Sam’s Club
                                                      and prior to that as the company’s brand
Vice President Sales,
                                                      growth manager for the frozen breakfast and
                                                      vegetable categories at Walmart. In her new
Over the past 19 years with
                                                      position, she manages Mars Petcare shopper
Mars Inc., Millar has worked
                                                      marketing for Walmart and Sam’s Club.
in sales and marketing lead-
ership positions across diverse customers,            RICK DAW, Managing
channels and international geographies.               Director, Walmart
He now oversees the customer relationship             Global Team
with Walmart and all P&L for his business. He         Daw has been with Mars
is also site director for the company’s office        for 34 years, working across
in Northwest Arkansas with more than 90               confectionary, frozen and
associates supporting the Mars chocolate,             food divisions. He currently leads the com-
petcare, gum and food segments.                       pany’s Walmart Inc. cross-functional team as
                                                      well as representing its Walmart Mars Pet-
                                                      care global team.


Mead Johnson                                       VANESSA KING, Senior
                                                   Key Account Manager
JEFF BRAZZEAL, Director,                           King leads the Mike’s Hard
U.S. Walmart Team                                  sales efforts at Walmart
                                                   and Sam’s Club. She works
The Mentholatum Co.                                collaboratively with Mike’s
CURT T. YEFTICH,                                   shopper marketing team to develop in-store
Team Leader/Director                               marketing and digital programs.
of Sales, Walmart &
Sam’s Club                                         MillerCoors
Yeftich manages the Ben-
                                                   BRIAN FEIRO, Vice
tonville-based sales team,
                                                   President, National
responsible for the Walmart & Sam’s Club
                                                   Account – Walmart
U.S. business. He has more than 25 years of
                                                   & Sam’s Club
experience in the industry working for such
                                                   Feiro leads the strategic and
companies as Pfizer, Mars Inc. and Chattem,
                                                   tactical plan development,
and 14 years of experience working on the
                                                   alignment and execution to deliver on joint
Walmart and Sam’s Club businesses.
                                                   business metrics while growing capabili-
                                                   ties of the MillerCoors system. Prior to his
Mike’s Hard Lemonade                               current position, he held various roles in
BRIAN FELTER,                                      distributor management, sales operations,
Manager, Shopper                                   planning strategy, revenue management
Marketing                                          and pricing strategy, as well as customer
Felter spent six years in                          leadership.
various sales and marketing                        DAVID HARRIS, Customer
roles with Anheuser-Busch                          Marketing Manager
before moving over to Mike’s Hard Lemon-           Harris works with MillerCoors’ marketing
ade three years ago. He is responsible for         teams to bring programming to life in a way
shopper marketing strategy and execution           that engages Walmart and Sam’s Club shop-
across Walmart and Sam’s Club, working             pers. His background includes positions at
with the internal key account team to de-          agencies such as ThompsonMurray, Saatchi
velop in-store retail programs for the com-        & Saatchi X and The Integer Group.
pany’s portfolio of brands.


Mondelez International                                Nestlé Purina PetCare
TODD HANUS, Vice                                      DUSTIN PRUITT,
President, Sales,                                     Team Leader – Walmart
Walmart & Sam’s Club                                  Pruitt leads the sales and
Hanus has 20 years’ experi-                           business development ef-
ence in various R&D, trade                            forts of Nestlé Purina Pet-
marketing, strategy and                               Care’s pet food and cat litter
sales roles. He currently leads Mondelez              businesses at Walmart.
sales for both Walmart and Sam’s Club.
                                                      TONY DIMATTIA, Senior Shopper
CAROLYN KUTZ, Director, Category                      Marketing Manager
and Shopper Insights, Walmart and
Sam’s Club                                            Nestlé USA
Responsible for driving a comprehensive
analytic approach to the interpretation of            STACEY HUTT, Manager,
category performance and providing quali-
                                                      Field Shopper Marketing
tative and quantitative assessments to the            Hutt leads shopper marketing strategy and
sales team, Kutz works with key stakehold-            activation for Nestlé’s Walmart team across
ers, competitive activity, and issues and/            the portfolio of frozen brands. She has spent
or accomplishments that might affect sales            five years in CPG working for Nestlé USA.
results.                                              Her responsibilities have included retail sales
                                                      for Southern California grocery accounts,
LAUREN WRIGHT,                                        analytics and most field shopper marketing.
Associate Director,
Shopper Marketing                                     COREY KLEIN,
Wright has spent her 10-year
                                                      Manager, Field
career in shopper marketing
                                                      Shopper Marketing
and sales roles supporting                            Klein has spent the past 12
Walmart. She is currently responsible for             years working for both the
shopper marketing strategy and activation             Nestlé Purina and Nestlé USA
that drives Mondelez business in Walmart              operating companies. Recent responsibilities
and Sam’s Club. Prior to joining the com-             have included both corporate and field-based
pany in 2013, she spent nearly five years with        shopper marketing management roles. He cur-
ConAgra Foods.                                        rently leads shopper marketing strategy and
                                                      activation on the Nestlé Walmart team across
                                                      its portfolio of ambient and chilled brands.

                                                      JACK SEE, Vice President


Nice-Pak Products Inc.                              at both retailers. Starting his career at Smith-
                                                    Kline Beecham, he has worked for both large
DIANE YITRI, Vice President of                      and small companies.
Sales Walmart/Sam’s Club

Nickelodeon                                         PepsiCo
                                                    MICHAEL DEL POZZO,
KEN MANTEL, Senior Vice
                                                    Vice President/GM,
President, Retail Development,
                                                    Customer Management
Walmart & Sam’s Club
                                                    (Walmart Customer
                                                    Team), Frito-Lay
Novartis Consumer                                   Del Pozzo serves as team
Health                                              lead of the Frito-Lay Walmart business, lead-
                                                    ing a cross-functional team in delivering the
                                                    largest PepsiCo customer P&L globally. His
Team Leader - Director
                                                    team consistently partners with Walmart in
of Sales, Walmart
                                                    delivering omnichannel customer solutions
Sewell leads the U.S.
                                                    that align with the strategic priorities of Pep-
Walmart Novartis team
                                                    siCo and Walmart collectively.
to deliver sales and profit
objectives, developing and implementing             BRAD HOENER,
short- and long-term strategic plans and de-        Vice President/
veloping the strategic relationship with the        General Manager,
customer. Prior to joining the company two          Beverages, PepsiCo
years ago, he also held positions at Pharma-        Sam’s Club Team
vite and Dial/Henkel for more than 25 years.        Hoener manages the cross-
                                                    functional team across the PepsiCo bever-
Oberto Brands                                       age business at Sam’s Club. Since joining
                                                    PepsiCo he has led the National Category
JEFF WAKELIN, Field                                 Management organization for Quaker, Tropi-
Vice President of Sales,                            cana and Gatorade and the PepsiCo Strategy
Mass/Club                                           and Insights team across the Walmart and
Wakelin is charged with                             Sam’s Club businesses. After moving into
managing Oberto Brands’                             sales, he led the Quaker Walmart business
Walmart/Sam’s Club busi-                            before taking on his current position.
ness. He drives innovation internally to win


CHRISTINA                                           MARISA PEREZ,
MENENDEZ, Vice                                      Senior Director,
President, Shopper                                  Shopper Marketing,
Marketing and                                       Walmart Inc., Frito-Lay
eCommerce Sales –                                   Perez is responsible for the
PepsiCo Walmart                                     Frito-Lay portfolio strat-
Customer Team                                       egy, brand development and activation at
After 10 years in Frito-Lay’s Snacks Divi-          Walmart and Sam’s Club. She collaborates
sion, Menendez recently joined PepsiCo’s            cross-functionally to deliver volume, profit
Walmart customer team, responsible for              and share goals within Walmart Inc. and
driving partnership and collaboration               leads the marketing relationships with retail
between PepsiCo and Walmart to create               partners.
distinct programming that reinforces and
elevates the brand narrative while also cre-
ating a unique shopper experience to drive
                                                    Pfizer Consumer
conversion.                                         Healthcare
                                                    KATHRYN BECKER,
                                                    Senior Manager,
Senior Director,
                                                    Shopper Marketing
Shopper Marketing
                                                    Becker has 12 years of expe-
Langford has spent 15 years
                                                    rience in the CPG industry,
with the beverage company,
                                                    often working on Walmart
first at Frito-Lay and then
                                                    accounts. She currently represents all Pfizer
on the beverages business in various field
                                                    Consumer Healthcare brands such as Nex-
and shopper marketing roles. He is currently
                                                    ium 24HR, Advil, Centrum, ChapStick and
responsible for leading the development of
                                                    Robitussin, and she most recently led the
shopper marketing programs and initiatives
                                                    shopper marketing efforts for the over-the-
at Walmart.
                                                    counter switch of Nexium at Walmart.


SHANNON COX,                                        Procter & Gamble
Business Development
Manager                                             JACQUES HAGOPIAN,
Cox leads the business de-
                                                    Walmart Global
velopment for digestive
                                                    Customer Team
healthcare. He most recently
                                                    Marketing Director
led the over-the-counter switch of Nexium
at Walmart, and Nexium 24HR is now a top-
selling proton-pump inhibitor at Walmart.
He has more than 15 years of experience in          JEFFREY K. SCHOMBURGER,
the industry, working at Pfizer, Nintendo of        President – Global Walmart Team
America, 3M Co. and TracFone Wireless.
                                                    RB (formerly Reckitt
Pharmavite                                          Benckiser)
JOHN STARE, Vice President Sales,                   JOSH SAFFRAN, Vice President,
Global Walmart & Sam’s Club                         Sales – Walmart U.S.
                                                    With Colgate-Palmolive for 13 years, Saffran
                                                    moved to RB in October 2013. He is responsible
Pinnacle Foods Corp.                                for driving RB and Walmart market share, net
CHUCK ARNOLD, Senior Vice                           revenue, overall P&L and joint business plans
President, Walmart/Sam’s Club Team                  within the consumables division at Walmart.
SCOTT LARSON, Senior Director,                      RICH ZAZZU, Global
Sales – Walmart Team                                Vice President –
Prestige Brands                                     Zazzu has 20 years of experi-
GREGG HOGUE, Senior Director                        ence in various sales leader-
of Sales/Team Lead – Walmart and                    ship and trade marketing
Sam’s Club                                          roles. He has been with RB for nine years, the
                                                    last seven of which he has been responsible
                                                    for leading the global Walmart organization.

                                                    Reynolds Consumer
                                                    STAN LUCAS, Vice President,
                                                    Sales – Walmart


S.C. Johnson & Son Inc.                             Spectrum Brands/United
GREG BLAIR, Senior                                  Industries
Director, Sales Account                             SUSAN ABRAHAMS, Division Vice
Management, Walmart                                 President – Walmart Platform Team
Team Lead                                           Leader
Blair leads the cross-func-
tional team responsible for
S.C. Johnson’s business development at
Walmart U.S. He has more than 20 years of           MIKE COOK, Director, Walmart &
experience with the company in a variety of         Sam’s Club – Customer Business
field sales and customer marketing roles.           Development

JAY LEFFORGE, Director, Shopper
Marketing, Walmart & Club                           Tyson Foods
                                                    PAUL DAVIS, Vice President –
Samsung                                             Customer Development

PAUL WOOD, Vice                                     JASON NICHOL, Vice
President, Walmart                                  President, Walmart
& Sam’s Club Team                                   Packaged Goods
Wood leads the Walmart                              Nichol joined Tyson Foods
and Sam’s Club teams and is                         less than a year ago after
responsible for sales, re-                          spending 20 years repre-
plenishment, category management, mar-              senting other CPG companies such as Na-
keting and retail. Prior to joining Samsung,        bisco, Cott and Scotts Miracle-Gro. He now
he spent more than 17 years in the CPG              leads the cross-functional Walmart team for
industry with Frito-Lay, H.J. Heinz and Dean        Tyson’s packaged goods business, which
Foods.                                              includes the Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire
                                                    Farm, Ball Park, State Fair, Sara Lee and
                                                    Wright brands.


Ubisoft                                                                                         JOHN BOWDEN,
                                                                                                Customer Team
JOHN CAREY, Sales Lead – Walmart                                                                Leader, Walmart
SCOTT HOROWITZ,                                                                                 Bowden has been at Welch’s
Senior Shopper                                                                                  for nine years, first as cat-
Marketing Manager                                                                               egory advisor to Walmart,
Horowitz worked at Best Buy                                                                     then as business development manager
for more than six years in the                                                                  and, for the past three years, as customer
corporate office as a buyer                                                                     team leader for Welch’s on several business-
and Web planner for video games, but three                                                      es, currently bottled and sparkling.
years ago moved to the supplier side to ap-
ply his retail knowledge, insights and pas-
                                                                                                Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
sion. He currently leads shopper marketing
programs at Walmart and Target in support                                                       TOM DIFFENBACH, Vice President,
of Ubisoft’s game launches.                                                                     Sales
                                                                                                KELLEY WALCZAK,
Unilever                                                                                        Shopper Marketing
                                                                                                Manager – Walmart
JIM BREACH, Vice President,                                                                     & Sam’s Club
Customer Development                                                                            Walczak has 10 years of
AARON CRANDALL, Shopper                                                                         CPG experience between
Marketing Director                                                                              her time at Kellogg and Wrigley working in
                                                                                                cross-functional roles including category
Welch’s                                                                                         management, channel marketing and shop-
                                                                                                per marketing and supporting all classes of
DOUG BATIE, Vice President,                                                                     trade. Currently she leads Wrigley’s shopper
Walmart and Sam’s Club                                                                          marketing strategy and activation plan de-
                                                                                                velopment for Walmart and Sam’s Club.

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