DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
DB Cargo – Presentation of the
       Intermodal Sales Division

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Intermodal Sales Division
                   Your full service provider
           for intermodal transport

[2]                                             2
DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Intermodal is involved in
    three independent business segments
    Carrier Sales                    Operator Sales, stowage        Terminal Operation,
    Block train sales                space sales                    Container Depot &
Block train traction,          DB Cargo is involved in the
wagon provision                business of operators via        Corporate M&A & partners of
and terminal service           Corporate M&A                    DB Cargo operate terminals and
DB Cargo                                                        depot services throughout Europe,
for all customers                                               as well as maritime trucking
to every terminal in Europe

 more than                      Maritime:                        Operation of more than
 1,250 trains per week          100% TFG Transfracht             16 terminals in Europe
 240 destinations in approx.    24% Optimodal                    37,000 TEU of storage space at
 30 countries                   Continental:                     11 container depots
 with around                    50% Kombiverkehr                 135,000 deliveries per year in
 9,000 intermodal wagons        China/CIS:                       Germany
                                90% DB Cargo Eurasia*
                                *Independent business segment

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
DB Cargo – Top performance based on
   four examples
      Carrier Sales                                                                  Operator Sales                        Terminal Operation
Intercontinental                        Customised                            Cars                                  Container Terminal Enns
logistics solutions                     solution for Frankenbach              for the world                         (CTE)

.                                 [4]                                   [5]   .                               [6]                                      [7]

◼ DB Cargo operates                     ◼ 4 round trips per week between      ◼ TFG Transfracht supports in         ◼ Joint venture between DB and
  10 express trains a week                Rotterdam and Mainz with              the logistics of the BMW Group        M. Kaindl KG has further
  for DHL Freight between                 harmonised wagon sets                 on DB Cargo trains                    expanded its business activities
  Hamburg and Munich                      enhance customer planning                                                   with 230,000 handling
                                                                              ◼ The AlbatrosExpress
                                          flexibility                                                                 operations
◼ Speeds of up to 140 km/h                                                      transports 80,000 TEU per year
  are reached                           ◼ High-quality rail connection with     from the shipping points in         ◼ Logistics hub for the Austrian
                                          90% punctuality                       Dingolfing, Wackersdorf and           economy and important hub for
◼ Express routes and special
                                                                                Wallersdorf to Hamburg,               transport operations to
  priority in the rail network          ◼ Continuous use of locomotives
                                                                                Bremerhaven and WHV                   Southeast Europe
  allow delivery within 9 hours           and locomotive drivers
                                                                              ◼ From there, the containers          ◼ Ongoing expansion work for
                                                                                are transported to Asia and           a second terminal module
                                                                                North and South America,
                                                                                amongst other destinations

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Carrier Sales
                   with highly efficient block train products
           we connect Europe

[8]                                                             5
DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Carrier Sales is the European market leader
   for intermodal block train services
                                                 Our services
                                                 ◼ 27 billion tonne kilometres of transport volume

                                                 ◼ more than 2 million intermodal transport units
                                                   transported per year

                                                 ◼ 240 destinations throughout Europe in around
                                                   30 countries
                                          [10]   ◼ 700 km Ø transport distance
We avoid 2 million truck trips every year –      ◼ 550 national and 700 international trains
equivalent to a reduction of 1.25 million          per week
tonnes of CO2 … or a queue of trucks that
would extend ¾ of the way around the world       ◼ 9,000 intermodal wagons (DB wagons and leased wagons)

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Carrier Sales – a one-stop shop for all
   services related to the traction business
        Pure rail                        Select rail                      Complete rail

   Traction & Shunting               Traction & Shunting               Traction & Shunting


                                   Wagons      Transshipment
                                                  + agency            Transshipment + agency
                                                 at DB terminals
                                                                         all terminals – Europe-wide

                                                                              Integrated control

+ additional service components can be integrated, e.g. customs, dangerous goods and much more

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Carrier Sales builds on a strong
   DB Cargo network in Europe
Represented throughout Europe with
our own production companies and

Your network advantage
◼ Own production presence in
  15 countries
◼ Consistent control in the Europe-wide
  production system
◼ Cross-border use of resources in the
  integrated rail system
◼ Harmonised interfaces for smooth data
  exchange and advance notification
◼ Fast connections in our network, e.g. with
  one of the 60 new multisystem locomotives
                                               * No rail service to Ireland

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Carrier Sales – quality boost thanks to
   more than 550 interoperable locomotives
From the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea

Resources for robust concepts
◼ Large fleet of locomotives: 1,299 electric
  locomotives, of which more than 550 operate
  in cross-border services
◼ Investment in our main north-south corridor:
  purchase of 60 new multisystem locomotives
  for transport in 5 countries (DACHINL), and
  in 6 countries (+ BE) in 2021
◼ In the feed: acquisition of 40 additional
  multisystem locomotives
◼ ETCS equipment for own fleet at 24%
◼ Reliable, energy-efficient and cross-border traction

DB Cargo - Presentation of the Intermodal Sales Division
Carrier Sales – state-of-the-art wagon fleet
and intelligent freight wagons set new standards
Professional wagon management
State-of-the-art wagon fleet
◼ Latest fleet: 1,600 double pocket wagons in total,
  around 1,300 double pocket wagons
  for megatrailers
◼ 4,600 wagons currently equipped with GPS – the
  entire fleet will be equipped with GPS by 2021
◼ Management of 9,000 intermodal wagons for the
  maritime and continental segment
Comprehensive wagon service
◼ Europe-wide dispatching
◼ Own damaged wagon management at key terminals
◼ Mobile maintenance
◼ Additional services, such as monitoring of
  train set movements and train set compositions
◼ Further e-services in the pipeline

Carrier Sales – control and monitoring
of your transports for seamless train information

                          Integrated control as a complete package
                          ◼ Europe-wide transport monitoring: personal operation
                            managers for each individual transport actively control
                            and supplement experienced train dispatchers round
                            the clock, 7 days a week
                          ◼ Customer service from A to Z, including on public
                            holidays, and in close coordination with our Operations
                          ◼ Dangerous goods hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a
                          ◼ Tracking & tracing with powerful e-services

                               Personal                              E-services for
                                                 Europe-wide           tracking,
                              contact for
                                                 service, 24/7    tracing & ordering
                              after sales

Carrier Sales – full transparency and
   control options in operational business

                                             [14]                                           [15]                                                [16]

      Personal manager for                               ...24/7 for operational                        Tracking & Tracing online
  operation & transport monitoring                  management and customer service                              link2rail

◼ Train control and monitoring, as well as          ◼ Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week      ◼ The exact course of the transport can
  proactive customer information in the                                                              be called up at any time under link2rail
                                                    ◼ Central contact point for contract,
  event of deviations
                                                      industry sector and equipment                ◼ Easy access to the portal via single
◼ Personal coordinator with                           management                                     sign-on
  6 weeks preview & review
                                                    ◼ From ordering transport services to          ◼ Secure shipment data
◼ Individually defined range of services,             dangerous goods and customs duty
  from daily status reports to permanent              through to accounting

Carrier Sales – our country-specific
   sales contacts

                                           [17]                                [18]                                             [19]

Martin Ritterhaus                                 Andrea Clasen-De Cunto              Malte Rudat
Head of Accounts, Carrier Sales                   Head of Accounts, West              Head of Business Development Intermodal

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy              Belgium, Netherlands                Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary,
    Martin.Ritterhaus@deutschebahn.com                Andrea.Clasen-De-Cunto              Slovenia, Croatia
    +49 (0)61311561660                                @deutschebahn.com                   Malte.Rudat@deutschebahn.com
                                                      +31 (0)302358965                    +49 (0)61311561630

Intermodal contacts
    on site
 Bulgaria                              Italy                                 Spain/Portugal
 Ivan Sinev, Pirdop                    Pieralberto Vecchi, Milan             Alfonso Cuenca, Madrid

 Ivan.Sinev@deutschebahn.com           Pieralberto.Vecchi@deutschebahn.com   Alfonso.Cuenca@transfesa.com
 +35 (0)9882410848                     +39 (0)236706712                      +34 (0)636763373

 Denmark                               Poland                                Turkey
 Thomas Vestergaard, Copenhagen        Lukas Polaczek, Zabrze                Yeliz Yildiz, Istanbul

 Thomas.Vestergaard@deutschebahn.com   Lukas.Polaczek@deutschebahn.com       Yeliz.Yildiz@deutschebahn.com
 +45 (0)88300944                       +48 (0)327889744                      +90 (0)2167061011

 United Kingdom                        Romania                               Hungary/Slovenia/Croatia
 Roger Neary, Doncaster                Bogdan Barbu, Bucharest               Igor Hribar, Vienna

 Roger.Neary@deutschebahn.com          Bogdan.Barbu@deutschebahn.com         Igor.Hribar@deutschebahn.com
 +44 (0)1302575425                     +40 (0)213312207                      +43 (0)1504235472

 France                                Sweden
 Eric Cerruti, Paris                   Katja Janschersky, Stockholm

 Eric.E.Cerruti@deutschebahn.com       Katja.Janschersky@deutschebahn.com
 +33 (0)673389986                      +46 (0)87940975

Operator business
                                   Maritime & continental networks from Europe to Asia

                            [20]                                  [21]                              [22]                                  [23]

“The densest rail network              “More than 170 trains a night     “Cheaper than air, faster than    “Quality is not negotiable.”
in seaport hinterland                  through Germany and               sea.”
 service in Europe.”                   Europe.”
Bernd Pahnke                           Robert Breuhahn                   Carsten Hinne                     Karsten Scheidhauer
Managing Director for                  Managing Director for             Managing Director for             Managing Director for
TFG Transfracht                        Kombiverkehr                      DB Cargo Eurasia                  Optimodal

No. 1 in the DACH region               Market leader for continental     Specialist for Russia             Specialist for the
for maritime traffic                   transports in Europe              and China                         ARA region

                                                                                 DB Cargo Eurasia

TFG Transfracht – Specialist for
   seaport hinterland logistics, port to door
Maritime traffic optimally combined – since 1969
Our comprehensive AlbatrosExpress network allows us to provide
daily connections between the various container terminals at
German seaports and Koper
◼ AlbatrosExpress – 3 countries / 4 ports / 1 system
◼ 15,000 locations in the DACH region with 250 departures
  per week
◼ 950,000 TEU p.a. and 14,000 connections by rail
◼ High frequencies/fixed timetables/short transit times
Port-neutral operator in combined transport with
integrated “port to door” solutions
◼ Railbound first and last mile to ports
◼ First and last mile by road
◼ Dangerous goods and customs clearance, empty container
  positioning, specific turner concepts as well as depot services
  and other services
   info@transfracht.com, +49 (0)403613050

Kombiverkehr – Market leader in the
  continental market segment
Europe’s largest combined transport operator

◼ We offer you our highly efficient block train network
  − our basis for national transport
◼ Non-stop connections throughout Europe in the
  network eu.NETdirekt+
  − from Hamburg to Verona, from Rotterdam to
    Wels or from Madrid to Ludwigshafen
◼ More than 170 train departures every day connect
  28 European countries
◼ More than 220 connected terminals with more than
  15,000 gateway connections throughout Europe

   info@kombiverkehr.de, +49 (0)69795050

DB Cargo Eurasia – Transport pioneer
   between Europe and China
New DB Cargo operator for transports in
the Eurasian corridor
◼ As an international rail operator and specialist, we are able
  to offer custom solutions in the intermodal and combined
  transport segments.
  − Asia to/from Europe

  − Russia/CIS countries to/from Europe

◼ Presence in Berlin, Moscow and Shanghai with direct
  communication to the Chinese platforms
◼ Availability of own wagons
◼ Alternative route via Kaliningrad-Rostock in addition
  to Malaczewicze/Brest (construction work)
◼ Booking of company trains or public trains possible
◼ Objective: to connect transport networks between Europe,
  Russia and China
◼ Potential for doubling the share of rail transport in this
  corridor in the next decade
     Sales China: DB.CE.pmg.asia@deutschebahn.com
     Sales Russia/CIS: DB.CE.pmg.eme@deutschebahn.com

Optimodal – expert on rail, road
   and water for the ARA regions
Optimodal offers container transports to the
◼ Implementation of individual transport concepts by linking the various
  modes of transport
◼ Extensive network through cooperation with partners from/to
  Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as cooperation with leading domestic
  terminals – more than 672 shuttle trains per week in Europe
◼ Containers are transported from Rotterdam and Antwerp to the most
  important European economic centres via the Duisburg and Neuss              [24]
  hubs. Rail transports with trucks to the final destination are completed,
  e.g. Quirinus-Express, 11 per week
◼ Short transport times
   − Rotterdam to Budapest 30 hours
   − Rotterdam to Budapest 16 hours
◼ Offices in Rotterdam, Neuss and Hamburg
◼ Equipment with ultra-modern locomotives

   sales.rotterdam@optimodal.eu, +31 (0)104943900
                                                                              [25]   [26]

DB Cargo
             operates terminals throughout Europe and organises
         Germany-wide trucking

[27]                                                              20
Together with partners, the DB Cargo Group
operates its own terminals at 16 locations in Europe


Neutral terminal and depot operations in Germany and Europe,
as well as supplementary transport and forwarding services
(agency, customs, SOLAS weighing)

Your partner for new partnerships at further locations

DB Intermodal Services operates at
11 locations and provides depot services and trucking

Depot services for loaded and empty
containers: storage capacity of 37,000 TEU
close to the terminal – to relieve the load on
transshipment stations and seaports
Plant logistics - transport services in inter-   [30]

plant shipments for car manufacturers

Trucking - container deliveries for seaport
hinterland transport by road between
transshipment terminal, depot and customer,
plus cross-positioning between depots            [31]

Services for load units – repair, maintenance,
cleaning, container trade, etc.


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[33]                                                                      23

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