Economy and Employment - Louth County Council

Economy and Employment - Louth County Council
Chapter 5
Economy and Employment
  “To strengthen the employment base and economic profile of Louth
  that builds on the designation of Drogheda and Dundalk as Regional
  Growth Centres and maximises the strategic location of the County
  along the Dublin-Belfast Economic Corridor. The prioritisation of
  Drogheda and Dundalk for economic investment with the
  complementary supporting economic role of the smaller towns and
  villages will ensure the Job:Workforce ratio continues to improve thus
  creating more balanced and sustainable communities.”
Economy and Employment - Louth County Council
Economy and Employment - Louth County Council
Economy and Employment - Louth County Council
The Draft Plan seeks to support and            facilitating   future     population   and
facilitate viable economic development         economic growth.
and job creation, across a range of            Economic development and employment
sectors, in accordance with the principles     in the County is concentrated in business
of proper planning and sustainable             parks, industrial estates, and town centres
development. As the population of Louth        in Drogheda, Dundalk, Ardee, and
continues to grow, it is essential that the    Dunleer. Outside of these settlements
County continues to be well positioned to      there are smaller scale enterprises in the
facilitate further economic investment         small towns, villages, and open
and      respond     to   any     economic     countryside.
uncertainties.                                 With over 35,000 jobs in the County and a
This chapter will set out the vision and       Jobs:Workforce ratio of 0.71 recorded in
strategy for economic development in the       Census 2016, the economic benefits
County during the life of the Draft Plan. It   associated with the strategic location of
will identify the opportunities for Louth to   the County, and in particular the strength
strengthen its economic base and               of the employment base, are apparent.
continue to attract investment and             With a net outward migration rate of
support job creation for both indigenous       almost 30% of resident workers travelling
and international businesses. The spatial      outside the County, the majority of whom
framework        for    enterprise      and    work in Dublin, the interdependency
employment development is consistent           between Louth and Dublin is evident.
with and aligned to national, regional and     At a settlement level, Dundalk is the
local level economic development               primary centre of employment in the
policies.                                      County, with almost 14,200 jobs in 2016.
                                               This equates to 40% of the total jobs in
5.2      ECONOMIC PROFILE OF                   the County and is an indication of the
         LOUTH                                 strength of this Regional Growth Centre as
                                               a location for employment. The
The locational advantage of Louth along
                                               Job:Workforce ratio in the town was 0.99
the Dublin-Belfast Economic Corridor with
                                               in 2016, highlighting the close alignment
excellent access to Dublin and Belfast City
                                               between population and employment
Centre, Airport, Port, and surrounding Key
Towns in the Region means the County is        growth in the town and the sustainable
well positioned to attract economic            platform on which the town is developing.
investment.                                    Drogheda is also an important centre of
The identification of Drogheda and             employment with over 12,300 jobs in the
Dundalk as Regional Growth Centres             town in 20161. The lower Job:Workforce
(RGCs) in the National Planning                ratio     is  an     indication    of   the
Framework (NPF) and Regional Strategic         interdependency of the town with Dublin,
Economic Strategy (RSES) is recognition of     due to the higher volume of outbound
the importance of these settlements at         commuting for employment.
both a regional and national level in          1
                                                This includes the Southern Environs of the town which
                                               had 1,216 jobs and 3,700 resident workers in 2016.

                      Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Economy and Employment - Louth County Council
Ardee and Dunleer have a solid                The remaining smaller settlements are
      employment base, with both towns              dependent on outbound commuting and
      experiencing a sustainable balance of         have a Job:Workforce ratio ranging
      population and employment growth.             between 0.17 (Clogherhead) and 0.32
      When compared to settlements of similar       (Termonfeckin). This is an indication of a
      sizes, it is apparent that both towns         weak employment base.
      outperform many other towns in the            Figure 5.2 provides a breakdown of the
      Region and across the country with regard     occupational groups in the County in 2011
      to total jobs. This is an indication of the   and 2016. It is a useful indication of the
      importance of the towns in employment         broad range of employment in the
      and service provision in their surrounding    County, in addition to highlighting the skill
      hinterland. Dunleer is the only town in       sets of the workforce. These include
      the County with a net in-flow of workers      business and administrative roles,
      in that there are more jobs in the town       corporate management, research and
      than resident workers, resulting in the       engineering, and skilled trades. There was
      town having a Job:Workforce ratio of          a modest increase in most occupational
      1.10.                                         groups     between     2011-2016,      with
      The smaller settlements in the County         professional and service occupations
      have a more limited employment base           recording the highest increase. Skilled
      resulting in fewer jobs. Carlingford and      construction trades recorded the largest
      Castlebellingham/Kilsaran       are     the   decrease during this period.
      exceptions with these towns having a
      Job:Workforce ratio of 0.8 (370 jobs in the
      town) and 0.65 (295 jobs in the town)

                           Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Fig 5.1: Resident workers, jobs, and jobs ratio in Louth by settlement in 2016

              Resident Workers, Jobs, and Jobs Ratio, 2016

           Louth                         49,712         0.71                          35,451

         Dundalk                      14,178            0.99                       14,163

       Drogheda                        16,108           0.76                         12,361

           Ardee                      1,819             0.93                         1,706

         Dunleer                      751               1.10                       822

      Carlingford                        459            0.81                         370

Castlebellingham/                                       0.65
                                          451                                         295

     Clogherhead                            860         0.17                                         150

           Collon                           336         0.31                                   104

       Dromiskin                            506         0.24                                    121

     Knockbridge                            296         0.26                                    78

    Louth Village                           281         0.21                                        60

         Omeath                             206         0.38                                   78

     Tallanstown                               275      0.26                                   20.5

    Termonfeckin                                        0.32
                                            629                                                71

        Tullyallen                          675         0.20                                        138

                     0%   10%      20%         30%   40%       50%      60%    70%       80%    90%        100%

                                            Resident workers     Jobs

                           Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Figure 5.2: Breakdown of the labour force in Louth in 2011 and 2016

                              Labour Force Breakdown 2011 & 2016
                                   Administrative occupations

           Business and public service associate professionals

              Business, media and public service professionals

                          Caring personal service occupations

                            Corporate managers and directors

                        Culture, media and sports occupations

                                Customer service occupations

           Elementary administration and service occupations

                   Elementary trades and related occupations

                 Health and social care associate professionals

                                          Health professionals

       Leisure, travel and related personal service occupations

                              Other managers and proprietors

                                              Other/not stated                                                          2011
                        Process, plant and machine operatives

                                Protective service occupations

                                             Sales occupations

                Science, engineering and technology associate
                Science, research, engineering and technology

                           Secretarial and related occupations

                         Skilled agricultural and related trades

                       Skilled construction and building trades

                 Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades

                       Teaching and educational professionals

                     Textiles, printing and other skilled trades

         Transport and mobile machine drivers and operatives

                     Unemployed - looking for first regular job

                                                                   0   1000   2000   3000   4000   5000   6000   7000

                                     Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
There are a broad range of employers            Whilst a Development Plan cannot create
from various industrial sectors based in        employment, it has a critical role to play in
Louth. The most prominent sectors               facilitating development and supporting
include bio-pharma, food and beverage           economic growth. If a Plan is to support
production, manufacturing, financial            economic growth, it needs to ensure that
services, and ICT.                              there are sufficient lands available for
In    addition     to   providing  direct       investment and that these lands can be
employment, the large businesses and            serviced by the required roads, water
employers in the County create higher           services, energy, and telecommunications
productivity in the wider economy as they       infrastructure.      Any      deficits     in
provide indirect employment in areas            infrastructure can result in inefficiencies,
such as service provision, maintenance,         loss of output, and higher costs for
and logistics.                                  businesses which ultimately impacts on
Health and education are also prominent         economic        competitiveness.     Regular
employment sectors, with two hospitals          engagement and collaboration with
(Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda and            infrastructure agencies and providers, in
Louth County Hospital in Dundalk) and a         identifying and progressing projects that
third level education facility (Dundalk         will facilitate economic growth is required
Institute of Technology, DkIT and               to ensure there is a coherent and holistic
Drogheda Institute of Further Education,        approach to development. Furthermore,
DIFE), located in the County.                   creating the right environment for
Within the various employment sectors in        enterprise and employment to thrive can
the County there are opportunities for          deliver high-quality places as they become
continued growth and expansion.                 attractive locations to work, live, invest,
                                                study and visit.
5.4      ECONOMIC STRATEGY                      The primary location for employment
The Draft Plan provides a framework for         related development during this Draft
economic growth and investment at a             Plan will be in the Regional Growth
County level. This framework is closely         Centres of Drogheda and Dundalk. These
aligned with national and regional policy       settlements have a strong employment
and has taken account of recent                 base, a wide range of services, and a large
government publications relating to             market and catchment, with capacity to
economic development, including the             accommodate further investment in
Action Plan for Jobs and Enterprise 2025.       centrally located areas where there are
The economic strategy for the County is         opportunities to cluster with existing
based on a vision of developing a strong        enterprises.
economic base supported by enterprise,          By concentrating growth in these
innovation and skills. This Draft Plan seeks    settlements there is an opportunity to
to reinforce this vision by aligning with the   create a critical mass of population that
key economic principles set out in the          will support infrastructure investment and
RSES.                                           consolidate development in these large
                                                urban areas.

                      Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Figure 5.3

      5.5          POLICY CONTEXT
      In response to the high levels of              Regional Enterprise Plans have also been
      unemployment experienced across the            prepared, with Louth located within the
      country during the recession, the              North East/North West Region. This
      Government published a number of policy        Enterprise Plan recognises that this region
      initiatives aimed to support economic          has a diverse enterprise base and a
      growth and job creation. The key               flourishing Small and Medium sized
      publications are as follows:                   Enterprise (SME) sector with capacity for
                                                     expansion. The talent base and location of
      5.5.1 Action Plan for Jobs                     Institutes of Technology in the Region are
      This is an annual publication by the           recognised as being important in
      Department of Business, Enterprise, and        providing an educated workforce. The
      Innovation      that     outlines     the      Regional Enterprise Plan aims to build on
      Government’s approach to maximising job        the strengths of the Region, support
      creation across the country. It has been       continued       collaboration     between
      ongoing since 2012, with each Action Plan      businesses, stakeholders, and public
      including specific targets relating to         agencies, and increase employment.
      employment growth.

                            Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.5.2 Action Plan for Rural                     5.5.4 Local Economic and
      Development                                     Community Plan
In recognition of the challenges facing         As part of the restructuring of local
rural areas, an Action Plan for Rural           government through the implementation
Development was published in 2017. This         of ‘Putting People First’ and the Local
Action Plan ‘Realising Our Rural Potential’     Government Reform Act 2014, local
aims to boost economic development in           authorities were given a greater role in
rural areas by improving infrastructure,        economic development. This included the
rejuvenating     towns     and     villages,    creation of a Local Enterprise Office in
addressing     social    exclusion,     and     each local authority, which replaced
supporting job creation.                        County Enterprise Boards, and the
                                                requirement for each local authority to
5.5.3 Strategic Policy                          prepare a ‘Local Economic and
The NPF and RSES set out the planning           Community Plan 2016-2022 (LECP)’2. The
policy     approach        for     economic     Louth LECP was adopted in March 2016.
development at a national and regional          The economic goals of the LECP are
level. There is an emphasis on taking a         closely linked to the 10 point plans
plan led approach to economic                   prepared by Louth Economic Forum. The
development that focuses on building            primary objective of the LECP is to create
resilience in the economy, promoting            a thriving economy and community where
collaboration,         innovation,       and    both indigenous and international
entrepreneurship, enhancing connectivity        businesses can prosper. The LECP is
and      accessibility,     and      aligning   required to be consistent with the County
infrastructure        investment         with   Development Plan and the Regional
settlements designated for growth.              Spatial and Economic Strategy, meaning it
The RSES has identified Drogheda and            is closely aligned with planning policy at a
Dundalk as Regional Growth Centres and          local, national, and regional level.
recognises the significant potential of
these settlements to function as drivers
for economic development in the Region.          Section 44 of the Local Government and Reform Act
                                                2014 sets out the requirements to prepare for each local
                                                authority to prepare a Local Economic and Community

                      Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Figure 5.4: Louth LECP Economic Goals

                              Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.5.5 Louth Economic Forum
Louth Economic Forum was established in       The pace of growth in comparison to the
2009 and consists of a multi-disciplinary     rest of Europe was evident by a
team from the public and private sector       comparison of growth rates.
including local businesses, state agencies,   Between 2010 - 2019 the annual average
and the Council. The forum functions as a     growth rate of the Irish economy was
one stop shop for potential investors         4.5%, whilst in the rest of Europe, during
providing advice and information.             the same period, it was 1.6%5.
A 10 Point Plan published by the Forum        Economic projections following the
identified 10 specific areas on which to      outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic
focus. A series of Action Plans have been     indicate that the economy will shrink in
prepared by the task groups in the Forum.     2020 and fall into recession6. This is in
These Action Plans provide a useful insight   contrast to the projections prior to the
into the local economy in Louth in            outbreak of the pandemic, which had
addition to setting out a vision as to how    projected a continuation of growth, albeit
it is intended to grow and develop the        on a more modest trajectory than
economy3.                                     previous years. Due to the uncertainty
                                              surrounding the pandemic, it is difficult to
5.6     RECENT ECONOMIC TRENDS                predict its long term economic impact.
The Irish economy was performing              However it is widely accepted it will take a
strongly until March 2020 when the            significant period of time to return to a
economic shock associated with the            normal functioning economy.
Covid-19 pandemic became apparent. At         This Draft Plan will support the
the time of writing there were various        collaboration between the Council, its
arrangements and policy responses in          Local Enterprise Office and the agencies
place for people, businesses, and             such as the Industrial Development
government agencies and services across       Authority (IDA) and Enterprise Ireland in
the economy and society to cope and           working closely with businesses and
manage in these uncertain times. These        employers in responding to the pandemic
responses are impacting on economic           and providing assistance where possible.
output and performance.                       It will also seek to set out a framework
Prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19         that will support the creation of an
pandemic the Irish economy had emerged        environment, attractive for economic
from a prolonged period of economic           investment and employment creation
contraction and stagnation to become one      when growth begins to return to the
of the best performing economies in           economy.
Europe in recent years. Year on year
growth had been experienced since 2014,        Click here to access the Action Plans published by the
                                              Louth Economic Forum
resulting in increased employment,            4
wages, and consumer spending. In Q4 of            Labour Force Survey Q4 2019
2019 the unemployment rate was 4.8%,              ESRI Quarterly Economic Commentary Winter 2019
the lowest since 20074.                       6
                                                  ESRI Quarterly Economic Commentary Spring 2020

                     Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.6.1 Challenges to Future Economic Growth
       The Covid-19 pandemic is the greatest          between the UK and the EU following
       threat the Irish economy has faced since       their withdrawal from the EU.
       the global financial crisis. The response to   These uncertainties may result in
       the spread of the virus has resulted in        businesses holding back on investment
       significant job losses across the economy,     and a reduction in consumer spending,
       with an unemployment rate of 28.2%             with people saving more of their
       recorded in April 2020 7 . In September        disposable income.
       2020 the Government published a                The location of Louth along the border
       ‘Resilience and Recovery Plan for Living       makes the County particularly exposed to
       with COVID 19’ to manage the risk              the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, with
       associated with the pandemic and deal          businesses having customers, supply
       with      the    social    and     economic    chains, and producers on both sides of the
       consequences. Due to the uncertainty           border. At present there is a seamless
       surrounding the medium-long term               transfer of goods and services across the
       impacts of the pandemic it is anticipated      border as both countries are within the
       that the opportunities for economic            Single Market. The agri-food sector will be
       growth and investment in the immediate         particularly affected by any changes to
       future will be limited.                        these circumstances as it will impact on
       Ireland has an open economy which              supply chains and logistical arrangements.
       means it is exposed to any changes or          The possible introduction of tariffs, or
       volatilities to the economic environment       regulatory divergence, would increase
       at a global level. Foreign owned               costs and result in delays in transporting
       multinational      companies      make     a   goods and services and would therefore
       significant contribution to the Irish          increase the cost of doing business.
       economy in terms of jobs, exports, and         Fluctuations in currency also have an
       fiscal revenue. The restrictions on            impact on costs and can result in changing
       international travel and the lockdown put      patterns     of     consumer     behaviour,
       in place in countries across the world, as a   particularly in border locations where
       result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has had       people take advantage of the lower
       significant implications for international     exchange rates. This can have a particular
       trade, commerce, and tourism. Ireland’s        impact on tourism, with less visitors
       open economy is exposed to these               travelling from Northern Ireland and
       volatilities.                                  Britain due to the devaluation of sterling.
       The reliance and interdependency of            Whilst there are challenges to the Irish
       Ireland on global trade and investments        economy as a result of Brexit,
       means the response of the global               opportunities also exist. Ireland will retain
       economy, to the management of the              all the benefits of EU membership and the
       pandemic will have a significant impact on     access to an educated, skilled, English
       the future performance of the Irish            speaking workforce will be an important
       economy.                                       factor in attracting foreign direct
       Other concerns in the global economy           investment.
       relate to ongoing trade tensions between
       the US and China, and the uncertainty           CSO Monthly Unemployment, April 2020. Note that
                                                      when persons on the special pandemic payment are
       surrounding the future partnership
                                                      excluded, the unemployment rate was 5.4%.

                             Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
The location of Louth along the border,          Policy Objective
where there is excellent connectivity with       EE 1 To maximise the economic
both Dublin and Belfast and access to a                 potential of Louth by building on
well-educated and skilled workforce,                    its locational advantage along the
makes the County an attractive location to              Dublin-Belfast Economic Corridor
UK businesses who require access to the                 and promoting and marketing the
European market and Irish, European, and                Regional Growth Centres of
International businesses who require                    Drogheda and Dundalk for
access to the UK market.                                economic investment.
5.7      DUBLIN-BELFAST ECONOMIC                 Policy Objective
         CORRIDOR                                EE 2 To engage and work closely with
Louth is strategically located between the              the Eastern and Midlands Regional
two largest cities on the island, Dublin and            Authority and adjoining Local
Belfast. The excellent connectivity                     Authorities in promoting economic
between the cities via the high capacity                development along the Dublin-
road and inter-city rail link, in addition to           Belfast Economic Corridor.
the international links via the ports and        5.7.1 Cross Border Investment
airports,    has      created      significant
opportunities for economic investment            There is strong support from governments
and job creation.                                on both sides of the border for continued
The NPF and RSES highlight the                   co-operation in cross border projects and
importance of this corridor in supporting        initiatives. The economic potential of the
economic growth and maintaining                  Drogheda-Dundalk-Newry network is
economic competitiveness. Opportunities          identified in the NPF and RSES. These
to strengthen links along this corridor and      settlements have the critical mass to
in particular, the cross border links            compete in the global economy and
between Drogheda-Dundalk-Newry, have             appeal to higher value segments of the
been identified as a potential driver for        business chain by offering sizeable pools
economic growth. The international               of suitably qualified workers, supporting
dimension of this corridor has added             infrastructure, and high quality public and
significance in the context of the UK            commercial services.
withdrawing from the EU.                         EU Structural Funds such as the INTERREG
This Draft Plan will continue to promote         VA Structural Programme provides
and support economic development along           funding for cross border projects. This
this Corridor. As part of the strategy of        fund is designed to help overcome issues
developing centres of scale, the Regional        that arise due to the existence of a
Growth Centres of Drogheda and Dundalk           border. The issues can range from health,
will be identified as the primary locations      transport, environmental issues, and
for economic growth.                             enterprise development. The fund is
                                                 managed by the Special EU Programmes
                                                 Body (SEUPB). There is a commitment
                                                 from the EU to continue funding for cross
                                                 border projects after the UK withdrawal
                                                 from the EU.

                       Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
At a local government level cross border              DkIT has responded positively to the
       cooperation is evident in a Memorandum                changing educational and training needs
       of Understanding (MOU) that was                       of both business and industry. A strong
       developed and signed by both Louth                    partnership has developed between DkIT
       County Council and Newry, Mourne, and                 and local employers, with the Institute
       Down District Council. The MOU sets out               adapting modules and courses to be more
       the detailed workings, which seek to                  responsive to the needs of employers.
       support and promote the economic                      This partnership approach has been a key
       development and competitiveness of the                element     in    supporting    enterprise
       region. The focus for both Councils is on             development in the County.
       strength in people working together to                The Louth and Meath Education and
       help and support the local communities                Training Board (LMETB) was awarded
       they serve. An example of some of the                 funding in June 2020, through the Border
       ongoing cross-border projects in the area             Enterprise Fund, for an Advanced
       are set out in Table 5.1.                             Manufacturing Education and Training
                                                             Centre in Dundalk. The investment and
       5.8       EDUCATION AND TRAINING                      development of this facility will provide
       A well-educated, skilled, and adaptable               the labour force with opportunities to
       labour force is a fundamental part of                 develop and enhance their skills in
       economic growth and development. Louth                Advanced Manufacturing techniques,
       has benefitted from the presence of a                 which is a recognised area of innovation
       higher education facility in the County,              and competitive advantage required if
       with Dundalk Institute of Technology                  businesses are to successfully compete in
       (DkIT) providing opportunities for                    the global market.
       education and skills development for                  Drogheda Institute of Further Education
       people and collaboration between local                (DIFE) provides a range of Further
       businesses and industry. DkIT is the focal            Education courses for school leavers and
       point for higher education in the north-              adults returning to education. The
       east and has a catchment extending to                 modern facilities available, and the close
       both sides of the border. The research                relationship with employers, means
       portfolio of DkIT in addition to the access           courses remain relevant and students can
       to an educated workforce strengthens the              become familiar with the technology of
       knowledge based economy in the County                 the workplace.
       which makes the area attractive to
       potential investors.
       Table 5.1 Ongoing Cross-Border Projects in Louth

       Themes                                     Projects
       Renewable Energy and Green VARSITIES, Action for Biodiversity; Energy Efficiency
       Technology                      and Micro Generation; Source to Tap; SWELL project
                                       Carlingford Lough Greenway;
       Tourism and Recreation          Tourism Management; Greenore to Greencastle Ferry;
       Sustainable Economic Growth and Drogheda/Dundalk/Newry Cross Border Economic
       Job Creation                    Zone, CO INNOVATE
       Emergency Planning                         Major Emergency Management Service

                               Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Advances in technology have resulted in           This Draft Plan supports the development
changing working environments. There              of co-working facilities which provide
are occupations where employees do not            flexibility in the working arrangements
have to be in their main place of                 that will meet the needs of both start-up
employment all the time, as they have the         enterprises and established businesses,
ability to work remotely. This is                 where employees have a local base that
recognised     by       employers     who         reduces the requirement to commute
acknowledge the benefits of remote                long distances on a daily basis.
working. These benefits include an                It is also recognised that small scale home
improved quality of life for employees due        based economic activities can be
to a reduction in commuting, with                 appropriate in certain locations, subject to
businesses benefitting from a reduction in        the nature of the business operations and
costs for large areas of office space in          uses not negatively impacting on the
prime commercial locations.                       character and amenities of the area in
                                                  which they are located.
Policy Objective
EE 3    To facilitate and support the sustainable growth of the economy in County Louth
        whilst maintaining and improving environmental quality. This economic
        development policy shall strive to deliver the following key aims:
         To strengthen existing employment centres supported by enterprise,
             innovation and skills;
         To strengthen the integration between employment, housing and
             transportation with a view to promoting compact urban areas and reducing
             car dependency;
         To promote measures to improve the County’s attractiveness as a location for
             investment and increase entrepreneurial activity;
         To improve the cluster-specific business environment by putting in place a
             favourable business ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship that
             supports the development of new industrial value chains and emerging
         To facilitate economic growth by consolidating existing industrial and
             commercial areas and by ensuring that there is an adequate supply of serviced
             employment lands at suitable locations;
         To promote the regeneration of underutilised industrial and town centre areas
             in a manner which enhances the local economy and encourages a sequential
             approach to development;
         To provide for a range of business accommodation types, including units
             suitable for small business.

Policy Objective
EE 4    To work in partnership with national employment agencies including Enterprise Ireland
        and the IDA, the EMRA, and the Council’s Local Enterprise Office in promoting Louth as
        a location of choice for economic investment and supporting employment generating
        initiatives and maximising job opportunities within the County.

                     Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Policy Objective
       EE 5 To work closely with the IDA and other agencies in promoting and facilitating foreign
              direct investment in Louth.

       Policy Objective
       EE 6 To collaborate and work in partnership with infrastructure agencies including Irish
              Water, Gas Networks Ireland, ESB Networks, the National Transport Authority,
              Transport Infrastructure Ireland, and the Office of Public Works in identifying and
              progressing infrastructure projects required to facilitate economic development in
              the County.

       Policy Objective
       EE 7 To engage with the Local Community Development Committee, the Local Enterprise
              Office, Louth Economic Forum and various stakeholders in supporting the
              implementation of the Local Economic and Community Development Plan 2016-
              2021 and any subsequent Plans.

       Policy Objective
       EE 8 To promote the work of the Louth Local Enterprise Office in providing support and
              guidance to small and micro enterprises in the County.

       Policy Objective
       EE 9 To continue to promote collaboration and partnerships between business and
              industrial groups and DkIT that will encourage research and development and
              provide further education and training opportunities for workers.

       Policy Objective
       EE 10 To collaborate and work in partnership with Local Authorities in the Eastern and
               Midland and Northern and Western Regions in attracting and facilitating economic
               investment and employment generating projects and developing the all-island

       Policy Objective
       EE 11 To engage with Government agencies and key stakeholders in Northern Ireland in
               developing joint economic programmes and initiatives that support cross-border
               economic co-operation and development.

       Policy Objective
       EE 12 To support the development of a strong economic base particularly along the
               Dublin-Belfast economic corridor that is supported by enterprise, innovation and
               skills whilst maintaining environmental quality.

       Policy Objective
       EE 13 To support businesses and enterprises, in association with agencies and
               stakeholders including the IDA Enterprise Ireland, and the Council’s Local Enterprise
               Office, in responding to challenges and uncertainties associated with the UK
               withdrawal from the EU.

                            Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Policy Objective
EE 14 To ensure there are sufficient appropriately located lands identified for enterprise
        and industrial uses in the County in accordance with the designation of each
        settlement in the Settlement Hierarchy that will support economic investment and
        employment growth.

Policy Objective
EE 15 To promote and facilitate the provision of a range of employment and enterprise
        units of different size, scale, and layout that will increase the choice of such
        facilities to meet the requirements of the various enterprise and employment
        sectors in the County.

Policy Objective
EE 16 To facilitate and support unexpected opportunities for valid propositions for
        enterprise development that may emerge for which there are strong locational
        drivers that do not apply to the same extent elsewhere.

Policy Objective
EE 17 To recognise that attractive, healthy, and sustainable communities have a
        fundamental role in delivering economic success and attracting foreign and
        domestic investment.

Policy Objective
EE 18 To encourage and facilitate the re-use and rejuvenation of vacant and under-
        utilised industrial, enterprise, manufacturing, and warehousing units.

Policy Objective
EE 19 To identify locations in the County for different enterprise activities including start-
        up/incubator units, small-medium sized enterprise development, micro enterprises,
        and large international businesses and corporations.

Policy Objective
EE 20 To recognise the significant economic and employment benefits of similar
        enterprises clustering in an area.

Policy Objective
EE 21 To recognise the importance of and to encourage and facilitate the growth and
        development of local indigenous enterprises in appropriate locations in the County.

Policy Objective
EE 22 To support the provision of co-working facilities and digital hubs that promote
        flexible working arrangements for established businesses, self-employed persons,
        and start up enterprises.

Policy Objective
EE 23 To support home based economic activity where it can be demonstrated the nature
        of the business operation is of an appropriate scale for its location and would not
        be detrimental to the character or amenities of the area.

                     Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
       Louth has a coastline of over 90                There are 3 commercial ports in Louth at
       kilometres        providing       significant   Drogheda, Dundalk, and Greenore, all of
       opportunities for the support of a range of     which have been identified as Ports of
       marine activities such as aquaculture,          Regional Significance in the National Ports
       defence, energy, fisheries, mining and          Policy 20138. Drogheda is the largest of
       aggregates, ports harbours and shipping,        these ports that principally handles bulk
       telecommunications cables, tourism,             traffic. It also operates a limited roll-on,
       safety at sea, sport and recreation, and        roll-off service.
       waste-water treatment and disposal. The         Greenore Port is a deepwater port with
       National Marine Planning Framework              lift on/lift off facilities. It handles non-
       (NMPF) is Ireland's first plan for more         containerised cargo including bulk animal
       sustainable, effective management of            feed, feed chemicals, fertiliser, rock, steel,
       marine activities. This will guide decision     and woodchip. There are bulk dry storage
       makers, users and stakeholders towards          facilities a short distance from the Port
       more strategic, plan-led and efficient use      that can cater for a range of dry bulk
       of marine resources.                            products. Dundalk Port is a general cargo
       Following the preparation of the Marine         Port. The Port imports materials such as
       Spatial Plan the Council will ensure that       plasterboard, feedstuff, oil, coal, timber,
       there is alignment and consistency              and steel. Exports include scrap metal and
       between land use and ocean based                turf. Clogherhead Port functions primarily
       planning. A challenge to the maritime           as a fishing port. The harbour area was
       economy is the effective management of          recently upgraded which provides
       available space and the ability to              facilities for a large fishing fleet. In
       maximise the economic, social and               addition there are facilities for sea
       environmental benefits of access for all.       anglers.
       Consideration will be given to the co-          Figure 5.5 provides details of the tonnage
       existence of activities where possible.         of goods handled by commercial ports in
       This will enable activities to continue         Louth in 20199.
       and/or grow while minimising competing          This highlights the volume of goods
       demands for limited space and/or                passing through the ports and is an
       resources. This is particularly important in    indication of the importance of these
       areas close to the coast where many             facilities in providing international
       locations are already busy, with                connectivity to business and industry in
       aspirations for emerging growth, such as        the region.
       in Carlingford and Clogherhead.                 This Draft Plan will support the expansion
       The Council recognises the importance of        and improvements to Port facilities in the
       the blue economy and maritime heritage          County in order to maintain connectivity
       and recognise that there are significant        and competitiveness and support the
       opportunities in the marine or blue             economic growth of the County and wider
       economy relating to fishing, renewables,        Region.
       seaweed        harvesting,      aquaculture,
       tourism.                                         Table 2.8 of the National Ports Policy (2013, Dept of
                                                       Transport, Tourism and Sport
       Ports have an important role in enabling
       economic       growth      and     providing        Statistics of Port traffic, CSO
       international connectivity.

                             Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Figure 5.5: Tonnages handled by Louth Ports 2019

      Tonnage Handled by Louth Ports 2019



                                Drogheda           Greenore   Dundalk

Policy Objective
EE 24 To ensure alignment between the policies objectives of this Draft Plan and the
        Marine Spatial Plan following its publication.

Policy Objective
EE 25 To support development and growth of the maritime economy and balance the
        competing demands for available space along the coast by different users and
        encourage co-location and co-existence of activities and infrastructure while having
        regard to appropriate environmental considerations.

Policy Objective
EE 26 To recognise that the Port facilities at Drogheda, Greenore, Dundalk, and
        Clogherhead are an important economic resource and to support any
        improvements or expansion to these Port facilities at Drogheda, Greenore and
        Clogherhead and the consolidation of Dundalk Port, subject to the preparation of a
        Master Plan and appropriate environmental considerations.

                        Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
       The following sections of this chapter will     Policy Regional Policy Objective 6.30 of
       provide an overview and strategy for            the RSES seeks to support existing smart
       employment related development in the           city initiatives such as, Smart Dublin and
       County.                                         the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum as well
                                                       as supporting the development of smart
       5.11.1 Regional Growth Centres                  city programmes in Athlone, Drogheda
       The NPF identified settlements below city       and Dundalk. Smart cities boost the
       level with an important function in the         location’s attractiveness for people and
       context of regional development. In the         business, especially those who want to
       Eastern and Midland Region the                  innovate.
       settlements identified were Athlone,            While there is no universal definition for a
       Drogheda, and Dundalk. In the RSES for          ‘Smart City’ this term generally refers to a
       the Eastern and Midland Region these            city or town that uses technology to
       settlements were designated ‘Regional           provide services and solve city/town
       Growth Centres’ and are to be a focal           problems such as improved access to
       point for population and employment             transport services, reducing waste and
       growth. The following section will provide      inconvenience and maximizing social
       an overview of the Regional Growth              inclusion. A key component to a ‘Smart
       Centres of Drogheda and Dundalk.                city’ is the use of real-time data to support
       The concentration of development in             the introduction of tools that create well-
       these settlements will create a critical        being within that city/town.
       mass of population and employment
       opportunities and will allow these
       settlements to develop as centres of scale,
       and act as a counter balance to Dublin
       thereby supporting more balanced
       regional development.
       Policy Objective
       EE 27 To prioritise economic development in Drogheda and Dundalk taking account of
               the strategic importance of the settlements along the Dublin-Belfast Economic
               Corridor and their designation as Regional Growth Centres in the RSES.

       Policy Objective
       EE 28 To take a positive and pro-active approach when considering the economic impact
               of major planning applications in the Regional Growth Centres of Drogheda and
               Dundalk in order to support economic development and employment growth and
               to deliver high quality outcomes.

       Policy Objective
       EE 29 To promote and facilitate the Regional Growth Centres of Drogheda and Dundalk as
               creative and innovative centres that are competitive, accessible, attractive, each
               with their own distinct identity and built heritage.

                            Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Policy Objective
EE 30 To promote the development of essential infrastructure and utilities that support
        businesses in establishing a competitive and resilient stronghold at local, regional
        and national level.

Policy Objective
EE 31 To support the development of Smart City Programmes in the Regional Growth
        Centres of Drogheda and Dundalk.

                     Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
       5.12.1 Profile
       Drogheda10 is strategically located on the                                             The nature of the works at this facility
       southern      boundary        of    Louth,                                             requires a large landholding and
       approximately 30 minutes from Dublin                                                   associated structures.
       airport. The town functions as an                                                      Closer to the town centre on the
       important service centre for the south of                                              Greenhills Road, the Greenhills Industrial
       the County with a catchment extending to                                               Estate includes manufacturing and
       east Meath and north Fingal.                                                           services based enterprises.
                                      Drogheda Profile

             Total Jobs                     12,361
                                                                                                                                        Jobs:Resident Workers
                                                                                                                                        Labour force participation
       Resident workers                          16,108

        Population 2016                                                            40,956

                          0   5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 45,000   The Boyne Business Park is located to the
                                                                                              rear of this facility and is the base for a
       5.12.2 Existing Employment                                                             number of indigenous engineering,
       Employment sectors in the town include                                                 environmental, and food processing
       information        and       communications                                            enterprises. On the southern side of the
       technology, business, professional and                                                 River Boyne along the Marsh Road there is
       financial       services,     manufacturing,                                           a Marine Terminal operated by Flogas.
       healthcare, food and drink processing,                                                 There is potential for additional
       tourism and hospitality services, and                                                  employment uses on undeveloped lands
       retailing. In 2016 there were over 12,300                                              adjacent to this facility. Drogheda
       jobs in Drogheda 11 which represents                                                   Industrial Park is located on the Donore
       almost 35% of the total jobs in the                                                    Road on the western side of the town in
       County.                                                                                proximity to Junction 8 of the M1. This
       Outside the town centre, established                                                   Park hosts a mixture of businesses related
       employment areas are in proximity to the                                               to wholesale, retailing, and servicing
       Port along the Boyne Road and along the                                                enterprises.
       Donore Road in the western part of the                                                 10
                                                                                                The economic profile for Drogheda includes the
       town.                                                                                  Southern Environs of the town which is in the
       Our Lady of Lourdes hospital at                                                        administrative area of Meath. In 2016 the population of
       Moneymore in the northern part of the                                                  Drogheda within the administrative area of Louth was
                                                                                              34,199. There were 12,408 resident workers in the
       town        also      provides    significant                                          Louth area of the town and 11,145 jobs resulting in a
       employment. RHI Magnesita (Premier                                                     Job:Workforce ratio of 0.90.
       Periclase) manufacturing facility is a                                                 11
                                                                                                   Including 1,216 jobs in the Southern Environs
       significant employer adjacent to the Port.

                                               Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.12.3 Drogheda Port
Drogheda Port is an important economic         There are two large parcels of
asset to the town and local businesses for     undeveloped lands zoned for employment
importing and exporting raw materials          uses to the north of the town. These are
and products. It provides for both general     located adjacent to the M1 Retail Park and
freight and container services and can         opposite Tom Roes Point ferry terminal.
handle various types of cargo. There are       The release of employment lands opposite
two facilities for the loading and             Tom Roes Ferry terminal will require the
discharging of cargo; the inner north          delivery (or partial delivery) of the Port
quays port and the deep water facility at      Access Northern Cross Route (PANCR) and
Tom Roes Point Terminal.                       water services infrastructure. PANCR is
Tom Roes Point is the primary container        part of the long term transport strategy
and paper and timber handling facility,        for Drogheda that would improve
while the inner north quay port is a           connectivity to the port and remove port
general cargo facility catering for products   related traffic from the town centre and
including bulk grains, steel, and timber. In   facilitate the regeneration of town centre
addition there is a private hydrocarbon        lands.
facility    and      a      private     bulk   At present there is no funding available
cement/magnesite/coal        facility.  The    for the construction of this road or the
regional significance of the Port 12 is        water services infrastructure therefore its
recognised in the RSES.                        delivery would have to be developer
                                               driven. Taking account of the extent of
                                               these lands and the interdependency of
                                               the lands with the construction of the
                                               PANCR and delivery of water services
                                               infrastructure, a Master Plan will be
                                               required to be prepared and agreed with
                                               the Planning Authority prior to any
                                               planning application being lodged.
This Draft Plan also recognises the            A Master Plan will also be required for the
economic importance of the Port in             employment lands in the vicinity of the
providing access to international markets      M1 Retail Park. Provision of the
for local businesses and therefore             aforementioned Master Plans will ensure
supports the sustainable growth of the         a holistic and co-ordinated approach is
facility, subject to any expansion meeting     taken to the development of the lands.
the necessary environmental criteria.          These Master Plans will set out a
Section 5.10 provides additional details in    conceptual       layout    and     provide
relation to port facilities in the County.     infrastructural details including roads,
                                               water services, and surface water in
5.12.4 Undeveloped Employment
                                               addition to a phasing programme for the
       Lands                                   build out of the lands.
The existing industrial parks in the town
are well established with limited capacity       Regional Policy Objective 4.12 of the RSES supports
                                               the role of Drogheda Port.
for expansion.

                      Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.12.5 Employment Areas in the Southern Environs of Drogheda
       In developing a coherent employment             As part of the Joint Urban / Local Area
       strategy for Drogheda, consideration must       Plan with Meath County Council, a co-
       be given to existing employment lands in        ordinated approach to the future
       the Southern Environs of the town located       development of employment lands will be
       in County Meath. These employment               required to ensure the town develops in a
       lands include an IDA Business and               holistic manner.
       Technology Park along the Donore Road,
       which has had limited success in attracting
       investment, and a substantial tract of
       undeveloped employment lands south of
       the Platin Road.

       Policy Objective
       EE 32 To promote the Regional Growth Centre of Drogheda as a primary centre for
               employment in the County that maximises the locational advantage of the town
               along the Dublin-Belfast Economic Corridor.

       Policy Objective
       EE 33 To develop an economic vision and strategy for Drogheda in association with
               Meath County Council and other stakeholders as part of the Joint Urban / Local
               Area Plan for Drogheda.

       Policy Objective
       EE 34 To recognise that the Port facility at Drogheda is an important economic resource
               and to support any improvements or expansion to the Port facilities subject to the
               preparation of a Master Plan and compliance with relevant planning and
               environmental criteria.

       Policy Objective
       EE 35 To support the development of employment lands in the town including:
                 i) The lands in the northern part of the town adjacent to the M1 Retail Park
                 ii) The lands opposite Tom Roes Point ferry terminal
               The development of these lands shall be for economic investment and employment
               generating uses. No development shall take place in the absence of a Master Plan
               being agreed in writing with the Planning Authority.

       Policy Objective
       EE 36 To support the delivery of the Port Access Northern Cross Route which will release
               strategically located lands for economic development and employment related

                            Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.13.1 Profile
Dundalk is an important employment hub                                                 There are employment parks and
in the north-east of the Country with an                                               industrial estates located in various parts
established base of both indigenous and                                                of the town, with the older, established
Foreign     Direct    Investment    (FDI)                                              industrial estates closer to the town
businesses.                                                                            centre on the Coes Road and Ardee Road.
                                Dundalk Profile

      Total Jobs                       14,163

                                                                                              59.50%                 Jobs:Resident Workers

Resident workers                       14,178                                                                        Labour force participation

 Population 2016                                                          39,004

                   0   5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 45,000
                                                                                       Local and indigenous businesses are
The town has continued to broaden its
                                                                                       located in these estates and include
employment base and has benefitted
                                                                                       manufacturing, engineering, servicing, and
from the presence of a third level
                                                                                       wholesale suppliers.
education facility in the town, with
                                                                                       Foreign Direct Investment companies are
Dundalk     Institute     of    Technology
                                                                                       clustered in an established education and
developing a partnership with local
                                                                                       industrial zone in the southern part of the
businesses and enterprises and providing
                                                                                       town, where there are approximately 450
employers with a skilled and educated
                                                                                       hectares     of    land    identified    for
workforce. In 2016 there were over
                                                                                       employment related uses.               The
14,100 jobs in Dundalk, which equated to
                                                                                       Mullagharlin Framework Plan for these
40% of the total jobs in the County.
                                                                                       lands was adopted in 2008. Approximately
5.13.2 Existing Employment                                                             116 hectares of the Framework Plan lands
       Environment                                                                     have been developed. This includes the
                                                                                       DkIT campus and the IDA Business Park.
The location of the town on the border
provides challenges and opportunities.                                                 5.13.3 Dundalk and Greenore Ports
The challenges relate to uncertainty and                                               Dundalk is connected to international
increased costs of doing business as a                                                 markets via the existing port facilities in
result of the UK withdrawal from the EU,                                               the town and at Greenore. These facilities
which may ultimately result in a loss of                                               are an important resource to local
customers and trade. On a more positive                                                businesses in the import and export of
note, there are opportunities for both UK                                              products and        raw     materials to
based and EU based companies who wish                                                  international markets. Section 5.10
to retain strong connections with both                                                 provides further details on these facilities.
jurisdictions, to locate in Dundalk due to
the accessibility to both markets from the

                                         Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.13.4 Sustainable Energy Zone                 5.13.6 Strategy for Future
       Dundalk has been at the forefront in the              Employment Growth
       area of energy conservation and                The strategy for economic development in
       development of renewable technologies          Dundalk during the life of this Draft Plan,
       through the       identification    of   a     is to build on recent economic successes
       ‘Sustainable Energy Zone’ in the town. The     and continue to maximise the potential of
       objective of the designation was to            the town for job creation and economic
       promote and stimulate a shift in the use       growth. The Council will continue to work
       of energy by industry, public bodies,          closely and engage with infrastructure
       education facilities, and residential          providers in investing in infrastructure and
       communities. This Draft Plan will continue     identifying future requirements to
       to support the creation of sustainable         facilitate economic development.
       energy communities.                            Future employment and enterprise
       5.13.5 Creating an Attractive                  development in the employment areas
                                                      will be concentrated on appropriately
              Public Realm
                                                      zoned lands in the northern and southern
       As part of the strategy of creating an         parts of the town. FDI investments will
       attractive environment for people to live      continue to be concentrated primarily in
       and work, the Council is in the process of     the IDA Business Park at Mullagharlin. The
       implementing       a       Public      Realm   employment generating lands on the
       improvement project in the centre of the       Armagh Road, and the south-west of the
       town. This includes improvements to the        Ballymacscanlon roundabout, opposite
       streetscape, replacement of street             Dundalk Stadium, are suitable for various
       furniture and landscaping, with the            uses including offices, industrial, storage,
       objective to improve access for people in      warehousing, and logistics operations.
       the town centre whilst also retaining ease
       of access for buses, cyclists, and cars.

       Policy Objective
       EE 37 To promote the Regional Growth Centre of Dundalk as a primary centre for
               employment in the County that will allow the town to function as a driver for
               economic growth in the border area.

       Policy Objective
       EE 38 To continue to promote collaboration and partnerships between business and
               industrial groups and DkIT that will encourage research and development and
               provide further education and training opportunities for workers.

       Policy Objective
       EE 39 To support the role of DkIT as a centre of excellence for education, innovation and

       Policy Objective
       EE 40 To promote Dundalk as a location for Foreign Direct Investment.

                             Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Policy Objective
EE 41 To continue to support the implementation of the Mullagharlin Framework Plan
        2008 which will ensure that future development in the Framework Plan area will be
        of a design and layout of international quality that will allow Dundalk to continue to
        compete for international investment.

Policy Objective
EE 42 To support the development of undeveloped employment lands in Dundalk for
        economic investment and employment generating uses.

Policy Objective
EE 43 To support economic development and regeneration at Dundalk Port Harbour area.

                     Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
5.14 ARDEE
       The designation of Ardee as a Self-                                           Existing employment in Ardee is
       Sustaining Growth town is testament to                                        concentrated in Ardee Business Park, on
       the solid employment base in the town,                                        the eastern side of the town, and Farrell’s
       where, in 2016 there was a                                                    Business Park, to the north of John Street,
       Jobs:Workforce ratio of 0.93, with in                                         on the western side of the town. There
       excess of 1,700 jobs in the town.                                             are also a number of individual businesses
                                      Ardee Profile                                  operating in various parts of the town. St.
                                                                                     Brigid’s Hospital, which is a HSE residential
             Total Jobs                 1,706                                        facility, is located on the N52.

       Resident workers                  1,819

        Population 2016                                              4,928                  60.40%                  Jobs:Resident Workers

                                                                                                          0.93      Labour force participation
                          0   1,000     2,000     3,000   4,000   5,000      6,000                                  rate

       The town has a well connected road
       network within the region and border
       areas via national primary and secondary
       roads in addition to being in proximity to                                    On the northern edge of the town off the
       the motorway. This strategic location, in                                     N33 at Cappocksgreen there is a large
       addition to the availability of lands for                                     parcel of undeveloped lands zoned for
       employment uses, places Ardee in a                                            employment related uses. These lands
       strong position to accommodate further                                        have the capacity to accommodate
       employment growth during the life of this                                     significant economic investment. There
       Draft Plan.                                                                   are also lands available adjacent to
                                                                                     Farrell’s Industrial Estate which are
                                                                                     presently undeveloped.

       Policy Objective
       EE 44 To continue to promote Ardee as a competitive and attractive location for
               economic development emphasising Foreign Direct Investment.

       Policy Objective
       EE 45 To work in partnership with development agencies in the County to promote
               economic development, enterprise, innovation, research and development, and

       Policy Objective
       EE 46 To promote and support the development of the lands zoned for employment
               generating uses at Cappocksgreen in the northern part of the town.

                                                Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
Dunleer benefits from convenient access
to the motorway which makes the
settlement an attractive location for                               62.60%

economic investment.                                                                  Jobs:Resident Workers
                        Dunleer Profile                                               Labour force participation rate

       Total Jobs                822

 Resident workers              751                            This Draft Plan will continue to promote
                                                              the economic growth of Dunleer which
 Population 2016                                     1,822    will allow businesses to cluster with
                    0   500          1,000   1,500    2,000
                                                              established       enterprises      thereby
                                                              strengthening and broadening the
Whilst it is a relatively small settlement in
                                                              employment base and ensuring the town
terms of population, it has a solid
                                                              continues to develop in a sustainable
employment base with in excess of 800
                                                              platform. Lands in the south-western edge
jobs in the town in 2016. In the 2016
                                                              of the town to the west of the R132 have
census the town had the highest
                                                              been identified for employment related
jobs:workforce in the County with a ratio
                                                              development. The development of these
of 1.1.
                                                              lands will be subject to the preparation of
Employment in Dunleer is concentrated in
                                                              a Master Plan.
the Enterprise Park on the Ardee Road
where there are a cluster of businesses
located, and on the Barn Road to the
south east of the town centre.

Policy Objective
EE 47 To continue to promote Dunleer as a competitive and attractive location for
        economic development.

Policy Objective
EE 48 To work in partnership with development agencies in the County to promote
        economic development, enterprise, innovation, research and development, and

Policy Objective
EE 49 To require the preparation of a Master Plan for the lands zoned for Industry,
        Enterprise and Innovation uses in the south western part of the town. This Master
        Plan shall include details of the conceptual layout, infrastructure details, and
        phasing of the development (including the provision of infrastructure).

                                 Draft Louth County Development Plan 2021-2027
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