Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong

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Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong

Sunday 8th March 2020
Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong

Held at Illawarra’s beautiful Wollongong Harbour and North Beach, only 80km south of
Sydney on Sunday 8th March 2020.

SPLASH Wollongong offers a sensational mix of Ocean and Harbour Swims; Aquathon
and the adventure race of the multi-swim-run "SwimRunX".

Brought to you by the team behind Australia’s biggest swim-run the Australia Day
Aquathon, Splash Wollongong is big on the fun factor and will appeal to the more
adventure-endurance type, ocean swimmer, novice to kids alike.

The perfect opportunity to enjoy a day out in the Illawarra’s finest beaches, cafes and
vibrant city centre.

We look forward to seeing you at Splash

Rob Battocchio- Event Director

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Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
Destination Guide
Welcome to Wollongong!
Wollongong is a vibrant city situated on one of Australia’s most picturesque coastlines. The
‘Illawarra’ is home to some of the country's best beaches.
Regarded as Australia’s ‘most liveable’ regional city, Wollongong combines a relaxed, coastal
atmosphere with cosmopolitan dining, shopping and culture. Renown for the home of Seacliff
Bridge, Skydive the Beach, Nan Tien Temple, Jamberoo Action Park, Symbio Zoo, Minamura and
so much more.
Getting to Wollongong:                           By car:
Visit                                            M1 or M7:    Wollongong is an easy 80 minute drive from the
tips/transport/ for more information             Sydney CBD and airports via the Princes
                                                 Motorway (M1) or a 60 minute drive from west
Accommodation:                                   Sydney via the Westlink (M7). For directions click
Wollongong has an array of                       here:
accommodation options to suit any budget.
For accommodation options and bookings           tips/transport/
visit:       Canberra to Wollongong:
to-stay/                                         Take the Hume Highway to the Picton
                                                 interchange and follow the Picton Road/Mt
Parking:                                         Ousley Road into Wollongong. This option will
Wollongong Harbour is located on Cliff Road.     take approximately 2.5 hours.
Ample parking can be found within 200m to        Grand Pacific Drive:
1km using nearby streets. Other options          Starting at the entrance to the Royal National
include North Wollongong, Stuart Park, city      Park (world’s second oldest), you’ll experience
car parks – allocate 5-15min walk for these      what it’s like to move from the mountains to the
options.                                         sea as you traverse tropical rainforests and
If you are looking for ‘drop and park’, best     emerge on the coastline which you’ll follow all the
option is to travel in via Smith St/Harbour St   way into Wollongong.
junction, do a drop off, only 200m walk to
harbour.                                         By rail/train:
                                                 Wollongong is located on Sydney South Coast
                                                 Line. Sydney Trains operate commuter trains at
                                                 regular intervals to Wollongong. North
                                                 Wollongong train station is a 1.5km walk to the
                                                 harbour, as is Wollongong Central. To view the
                                                 Sydney Trains website please click here.
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Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
Event Schedule
For specific event details, please refer to website:
Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
SwimRunX Wollongong is a                    Teams of Two
unique fitness event where teams of two     SwimRunX is completed as a team of two,
compete by running and swimming             separated by no more than 10m the whole
continuously together over a series of      way, participants carry their equipment the
swim and run legs.                          whole time. (See what to wear for a guide).
SwimrunX includes 3 swim legs, and 3 run
legs - harbour and ocean swims, path,
sand mix terrain- Multisport adventure
team fun!
Both participants do the full event. SIDE
You carry your swim and run gear with
you from start to the finish
The total distance covered is ~1200m of
swimming and ~4.5k running.
Fully supported with lifesavers, course
marshals and a professional services.
                                             What to wear?
Entry includes finisher medals!
                                             In SwimRunX you can wear just about
                                             anything you want that is appropriate for
                                             the event, however, you must wear shoes
                                             and the swim cap provided at registration.
                                             Wetsuits, goggles, pull buoys and hand
                                             paddles are all options – remember you
                                             need to swim with your shoes and run with
                                             your wetsuit on.

                                             If you start the event with something you
                                             must finish with it too.

Make sure you read the ADDITIONAL INFO on our
        website for key SwimRunX tips!
Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
SwimRun X Maps

Course Description:
  Starting at Belmore Basin (Wollongong Harbour) you alternate between swimming and
  running a total of 3 swim sections, and 3 run sections.
  The runs are on a mix of terrains (path, sand, pebbles) with easy to follow markers and
  marshals on the course.
  Two swims stay in the more sheltered harbour around the moored boats and the final swim
  begins in the harbour and you swim to north beach – a fun ocean swim. (* If rough seas the
  final swim stays in the harbour).
  The course will be marked by cones and signs, with officials placed at each transition
  Teams stay together and carry all equipment with them.

 How do you stay together with your partner?
 Simply stay within 10m of each other in the whole event.You must, however, pass through
 each transition and the finish line together.

 Teamwork is the secret to success in SwimRunX; don’t leave your buddy behind!
Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
Event Day: SwimrunX
What happens on event day?                       Check In: 6:30 am -7:30 am

Please read your entry instructional email.      BAGGAGE: Baggage transport available -
                                                 refer entry email
1. Arrive 60 – 90 minutes prior to your start,
   check location and parking.                   Check In Location: (Wollongong City
                                                 Beach SLSC. Marine Parade.
2. Go to registration to collect your swim
   cap and time chip- Wollongong Surf Life
                                                 Start Location: Wollongong Harbour
   Saving Club on Marine Drive (Refer to
   Check information below)
                                                 Parking: Ample within 200m (Marine,
3. Walk to swim start at Wollongong
                                                 Endeavour Drive, nearby streets, harbour)
   Harbour, (100m walk from check in)
4. 7.40am gear check and debrief ands
                                                 Finish Line & Services: North
   safety briefing on harbour foreshore
                                                 Wollongong Beach (900m from the
5. 8am start
                                                 harbour) is the official finish area. The site
6. Official presentation of awards takes
                                                 will be ‘activated’ with fun activities.
   place at north Wollongong finish line
                                                 Entry Inclusions:
Swim Finish Location(s)
                                                 + Professional organised event
 1. Point to point finish
                                                 + Key services as water safety, first aid
 2. North Beach finish is adjoined to the
                                                 + Eyeline swim cap
    harbour via a walkway, 900m apart.
                                                 + Time Chip, results and prizes
                                                 + Refreshments, amenities
                                                 + Finisher medals,
                                                 + Spot prizes
                                                 + Baggage service

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Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
BIG AQUA: 800m Swim + 7km Run

                           Our longest distance, yet achievable and
                           worth the extra effort. Kick off with a 800m
                           swim in Wollongong Harbour, then on with
                           the joggers, for a 6.5k run to finish on sand
                           of iconic North Wollongong beach. Solo or
                           relay with a mate. Scenic, safe courses and
                           loads of fitness fun.

LITTLE AQUA: 400m Swim + 3km Run

                           Perfect for all ages, novice, juniors or a fun
                           fitness challenge. Starting at the protected
                           waters of Wollongong Boat Harbour, the
                           course is a 1x lap 400m swim, followed by a
                           spectacular 3km coastal run on flat paths and
                           grass to finish on North Wollongong beach.

KIDS AQUA: 200m Swim + 2km Run

                           Kids this one’s for you - Safe, close to
                           shoreline swim supported by lifesavers
                           and super fun. The swim is a protected
                           harbour swim - 1x lap 200m, followed by a
                           2km run along the flat Blue Mile to finish
                           on North Wollongong Beach. Parents are
                           encouraged to join in and follow too!

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Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
Maps - Aquathon
BIG AQUA: 800m Swim + 7k Run   LITTLE AQUA: 400m Swim + 3k Run

                               KIDS AQUA: 200m Swim + 2km Run

For all maps please visit:
Sunday 8th March 2020 - EVENT GUIDE - SPLASH Wollongong
Event Day - Aquathon
7am - 8:15 am at City Beach SLSC (Marine      Entry Inclusions:
Parade). Collect swim cap & time chip.        + Professional organised event, and services
                                              as safety, lifesavers, first aid, volunteers
What happens on event day?                    + Eyeline swim cap
Please read your entry instructional email.   + Time Chip, results and prizes for age
 1. Arrive a good 60min prior to your start   winners
 2. Go to registration registration           + Spot random barrel draws
 3. Walk to Wollongong Harbour (100m          + Refreshments, amenities, activities
    from registration)                        + An amazing location and fun atmosphere
 4. Place your ‘change’ gear in the area
 5. Listen to the safety briefing on waters   Teams: Relay Tag teams consist of two
    edge 15min prior to start.                participants who split the event between a
 6. Swim starts are divided into age and      swimmer and a runner. The swimmer begins
    gender groupings and watched by our       and completes the swim course, and then
    excellent lifesavers.                     ‘tags’ the runner. Swimmer wears the Velcro
 7. Run course - head north along blue mile   time chip which is passed to the runner to
    and you will be directed to your turn     wear. The tag area / runner meeting spot is
                                              located on the concourse 25m from shore.
 8. NOTE Finish Line: ALL Aquathon
                                              Listen to announcer / see signage on the
    events finish at North Beach on sand.
    So need to walk back ~900m to harbour
    or have someone collect your gear!!
 9. Finish zone has refreshments
                                              All swims are held in Wollongong harbour as
10.Post event awards and spot prizes are
                                              per maps watched by lifesavers and operate
    held north beach 11.15am.
                                              under NSW Maritime exclusive licence
Parking: Loads of parking onsite - parking
bays on Marine drive, Endeavour Drive,        Conditions may vary from usual calm to
nearby streets- remember finish is at north   windswept. Courses may change due to
beach!!                                       safety requirements. Water temperature
                                              likely 22+ degrees. Water usually clean and
Start Location: Wollongong Harbour            safe as per local beaches but can be
                                              affected by storms and environmental

                          COLLECT YOUR GEAR:
  Aquathon Participants will need to walk back to Wollongong Harbour (900m) to
  collect their swim gear or leave your bag with a friend/family member after finish at
  north beach!
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 Illawarra’s best ocean swims, the McKeons Swim School Wollongong Swims
              are all part of Splash and feature 3 perfect distances

                                Illawarra’s favourite 2km “point to point’
                                swim. The North Kiosk “Basin2Beach” 2km
                                Ocean swim is the Illawarra’s premier ocean
                                swim taking in a unique ‘harbour start’ to finish
                                at North Wollongong Beach. For all ages 14
                                years and up. A spectacular course that takes in
                                Wollongong Harbour around the boats then into
                                the ocean and around to North Wollongong
                                beach finish.

                                 Perfect for all ages and abilities
                                 Looking for an ocean swim without the waves
                                 and more protected? This one is for you, the
                                 perfect shorter ocean swim in held in protected
                                 Wollongong Harbour. Ages 12 ys+. Ideal for
                                 those looking for a safer open water swim

                                 Fun swim! Perfect for kids and those
                                 looking for a taste of ocean swimming.
                                 Safe & fun participation based swim for all
                                 levels held in the protected water of
                                 Wollongong Harbour with lifesaver escort.
                                 Ideal for kids 7+ yrs and adults
                                 PLUS all kids receive a finisher medal!
                                 Parents can follow kids and swim if they wish.
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Maps - Swims


                  For all maps please visit:
Event Day: Swims
What happens on event day?                        Check In: 8:30 am -9:45 am (please note
Please read your entry instructional email.       event start time varies and allow ample
 1. Arrive 60 – 90 minutes prior to your start,   time to check in and set up prior to your
    check location and parking.                   event).
 2. Go to registration to collect your swim
    cap and time chip- Wollongong Surf Life       BAGGAGE: Baggage transport avaliable
    Saving Club on Marine Drive (Refer to         for 2k swimmers - see tent at Wollongong
    Check information below)                      Harbour
 3. Walk to swim start at Wollongong
    Harbour, (100m walk from check in)            Check In Location: (Wollongong City
 4. Warm up and listen to the announcer           Beach SLSC. Marine Parade.
 5. 15 minutes prior to your start, proceed to
    the start with swim cap, goggles and          Start Location: Wollongong Harbour
    time chip Velcro around your left ankle
 6. Listen to safety briefing                     Parking: Ample within 200m (Marine,
 7. The Swim begins on the shoreline (400m        Endeavour Drive, nearby streets, harbour)
    and 800m) and off the Jetty (2km)
 8. Swim courses are well marked out with         Finish Line & Services: North
    large visible bouys                           Wollongong Beach (800m from the
 9. Swim starts are divided into smaller age      harbour) is the official finish area. The site
    and gender groupings. Refer swim safety       will be ‘activated’ with fun activities.
    for additional information
10.Swim finish services include                   Entry Inclusions:
    refreshments, first aid, amenity block        + Professional organised swim with
11. Official presentation of awards takes         approvals and key safety measures,
    place at north Wollongong finish line         amazing lifesavers and first aid
    11.30am                                       + Eyeline swim cap
                                                  + Time Chip, results and prizes
Swim Finish Location(s)                           + Refreshments, amenities
 1. 400m and 800m start and finish at             + Kids finisher medals, spot prizes
    Wollongong harbour                            + Baggage service: 2km Swim.
 2. 2km point (harbour) to point (north
    beach) swim. North Beach is adjoined to
    the harbour via a walkway, 900m apart.

                      2KM BAGGAGE STORAGE:
Baggage service is available for 2km Swim ONLY.
Please drop your bag at Wollongong Harbour and collect at North Beach after swim
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Swim Information
Conditions: Wollongong boat harbour is
central to Wollongong city and lies
between North Beach (900m north of
harbour) and City Beach to the south.
Protected from most conditions, the
harbour provides a perfect location, mostly
The harbour is typically very clean and
idyllic with the historic lighthouse backdrop
and fishing boats.

Harbour Swims - 800m & 400m
The 800m and 400m start and finish in the
harbour, so should offer no difficult           What to Wear:
conditions in terms of swell or break under       Suitable swim attire
normal circumstances.                             Swim cap & time gear (provided)
Ocean Swim 2km                                    Run gear (if applicable)
The 2km is a beach finish with some swell
depending on conditions although it is a        Wetsuit ruling:
relatively protected break. Beach break at      Wetsuits are permitted though the
North Beach will be affected by the tide.       participant is deemed ineligible for age
                                                category awards. Your time will appear
Contingency: Rough Seas                         under “wetsuit’ category. If the water
If deemed unsafe, a ‘harbour’ swim will         temperature falls below
Parents:                                            Tips for parents
Our aim is make the Kids Aquathon and
                                                     Get your child used to 'open water
Harbour Swim safe and fun. Please ensure
your child is are able to swim the 200m              swimming' - take them to an ocean pool,
distance (for Aquathon) or 400m (for Harbour         beach, lake or harbour
                                                     Visit Wollongong harbour as a family and
Wollongong Harbour is mostly sheltered. We           jump in the water to get them familiar with
select the safest swim area and have excellent
                                                     the venue
lifesavers on stand-by.
                                                     Talk positively about the event in the days
If parents wish to follow and support their          leading up - encourage your child and let
child(ren) that is fine. Please enter your name
                                                     them know you will be there supporting
at registration or notify the event starter (Kids
Aqua only).                                          them every step of the way
                                                     Think of the event as 3 components: the
Please ensure to meet your child at the
finish (north beach) line- 900m from the             swim, getting changed into your joggers
swim start.                                          and the run!
                                                     Practice using the swimmers, goggles and
                                                     runners that will be worn on event day - so
                                                     that your child will be comfortable on event
Activate Events has conducted over 40 Aquatic events in Wollongong harbour and has an
exemplary safety history. Strict risk management processes are in place, and services as
onsite first aid and lifesavers all form a key part.

All swimmers must wear the provided brightly coloured swim cap. The swim is contained
within the harbour, watched closely by our lifesavers.

Wollongong Harbour offers a mostly sheltered and safe location though it is paramount
swimmers are aware of inherent risks with open water swimming and are appropriately

Whilst all care and safety is taken, participants must observe all safety directions. Water
referees will determine the most suitable swim course and/or course modification if
conditions are deemed less safe.

            Safety & Medical Assistance:

 We have an impeccable safety record and one
 we are keen to keep.
  aid will operate at the shoreline, on course and
 finish by appropriately trained personnel.
 Medical and emergency services are on
 standby. If required, seek assistance from an
 event marshal or directly with the first aider.

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