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804 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview, WA   stuffys2.com
Featured on Food Network
History Stuff
        A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Stuffy’s was born… “Now stop that, let’s not bore
  the folks with long stories.” At Stuffy’s we like to keep things simple. From day one, Bud and Glenda
 have worked to keep an affordable family restaurant with an unusual and ever changing atmosphere.
         We have a tree for every occasion, not just for Christmas. We have one for Valentine’s Day, St.
 Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring, 4th of July, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and whatever else we feel like
 doing at the time. We are always doing something different here at Stuffy’s; you never know what you
 will walk into.
         We make everything special here. All of our employees are the cream of the crop. Take our
 dishwashers for example. They can leap over mounds of platters with just a single bound. Boy they are
 good! Then there are our cooks. Take our cooks please! Even though they are the best, they’re a little
 mouthy and slap happy. They make the Stooges look like the Pointer Sisters. If you want an earful of
 constant complaining and gripes about every order, just step close to the kitchen window.
 Remember everything is said in fun; usually. We have goofy but great front of the house managers who
 keep everyone in line by cracking the whip.
         We try to make everything from scratch without adding any sulfates, trans fats or any other
 chemicals. We also buy the best meats and food products because we are concerned about your health
  and ours as we eat here every day.

                                          Stuffy’s Challenges
                                                                         Oversized Stuff
                                          We have three challenges that can be taken on in order to be
                                          in the Stuffy’s Hall of Fame, a 25 year tradition.
                                          1. All challenges must be eaten within the time limit to receive
                                          the cash prize and the free meal.
                                          2.You must stay at the table until finished and all the food that
                                          has been eaten must go home with you in your tummy. (NO
                                          BATHROOM BREAKS!)
                                          3. A timer will be set, if you go past the time but finish all your
Party Burger                              challenge you will stll recieve a T-shirt or a hat and still get put
Equal to 20 1/4 pound                     in the Hall of Fame, but you will not recieve any prize money
burgers. Served with fries.               or a compt meal.
(24 hour notice)                                                                Almost a Dozen egg Omelet
                    Large Stuff Choose the 7 pound stuff of       This has everything inside; mush-
                  your choice and you will have 45 minutes to rooms, swiss, american, cheddar,
                  eat the entire thing! You will win a cash prize onions, tomato, peppers, ham,
                  and you will recieve a hat or a T-shirt.        bacon, sausage and is served with
                                                                  hash browns and 4 pieces of toast
                                                                  to equal up to 7 pounds of food!
      The Bear Roll                                               You will have 45 minutes to eat the
      This 10 1/2 pound cinnamon roll must be eaten in 1          whole platter to win.
      hour and 15 minutes. There’s a cash prize along with
      the shirt or the hat. (24 hour notice)
                            Terms & Stuff
          Gobb                                                Cactus Juice
          Deep fried sweet dough topped to order.             Juice from the various types of cactus: Apple,
                                                              Orange, Grapefruit, and the rare Tomato
                             Paris Bread                      cactus.
                             French for French toast.
   Kackleberries                                                     Kool-7
   (kak-el-berries) Drops out of a chicken; often reffered to as     Kool-Aid ice cubes drowning in 7-up; an original
   an egg.                                                           Stuffy’s delight!
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Breakfast Stuff
  House Specialties                                         Trucker Scramble
     Pit Ham Steak *                                        3 eggs scrambled with onions,
                                                            mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes
                                                            served with hashbrowns and toast.
                                                            Add Cheese.
                                                                Ranch House Special *
                                                                2 Kackleberries served any way
                                                                you like with your choice of ham
                                                                bacon or sausage. Served with
                                                                hashbrowns and a quarter order of
                                                                biscuit and gravy.

 3/4 pound of juicy Pit ham served with 2 eggs,
 hashbrowns and toast.                                       French Toast Fingers
                                                             Deep fried French toast fingers served with
                                                             butter, powder sugar and syrup.

    Stuffy Scramble
    1 of our fluffy homemade biscuits
    topped with 2 scrambled eggs
    and Country gravy, served with 2
    bacon or 1 link.

       * “Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of
       foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.”

  Biscuits and Gravy
  Full order
   1/2 order
       1/4 order

       Now available Mini-Cinnamon rolls

                                                         Free cinnamon
                                                         roll with the                       of Juice
                                                         purchase a
                                                         meal on your
Try one of our itty-bitty                                birthday!
  Cinnamon Rolls
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Traditional Stuff
Served with hashbrowns and toast or

2 Kackleberries*                                You Pick It!*

 2 Kackleberries with a
 choice of meat*
 (Ham, bacon or sausage)

  Minced Ham ‘N Scambled
  Add Cheeses
  Kenny’s Favorite*                                       3 kackleberries with your choice
  Homemade corned beef Hash                               of ham, bacon or sausage,
  topped with 2 kackleberries.                            hashbrowns or homefries or
                                                          stuff, toast or pancakes.
    A soft taco shell stuffed with hashbrowns, eggs,
    cheese, onions, and sausage. Our breakfast wrapper
    is served with your choice gravy or salsa and sour
    cream, served by it’s self.
                                              1/2 Pound Pork Tenderloin*
                                              Served on a bed of Country gravy with
                                              2 eggs.

                                  * Chicken
 Chicken Fried                              Fried Steak Special*
                                    2 eggs, hasbrowns and one piece of toast.

                                                                      Try a Bloody Mary!
                                                   Petite (5.3 oz.)
                                                   Regular (11 oz.)
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Omelet Stuff
                                                     Served with hashbrowns and toast or
    TACO OMELET                                      pancakes.

                                                               Cup of Mud

Taco meat, onions, tomatoes, olives and cheddar         Colassal Omelet
served with salsa and sour cream on the side.           This mega meat omelet includes ham,
                                                        bacon, sausage, Swiss and Cheddar
Best in the World Cheese Omelet                         cheese.
3 cheeses tucked inside four fluffy kackleberries.    Veggie Omelet
Stuffy Omelet                                         Stuffed inside our four fluffy eggs are
Ham, cheese, onions, peppers and tomatoes             mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, onions,
topped with gravy if you like.                        peppers and Swiss cheese.

                                                     Denver Omelet
  Hunk of Burn’in Love Omelet                        Ham, cheese, onions and green peppers.
  Bacon, jalapenos, green chillies, tomatoes and
  Pepper Jack cheese, served with salsa and Fajita Omelet
  sour cream.                                  This omelet is the bomb! Try it once and you
                                               will be hooked. It has tender steak, onions,
   Create Your Own Omelet                      tomatoes, peppers, Jack and Cheddar
   Plain Jane Omelet- Add what you can
                                               cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream on
                                               the side.
  		                 Add Your Favorite Stuff
   Mushrooms       Olives              Spinach            Peppers             Tomatoes
   Onions          Salsa               Sour cream         Chillies           Cheese
  		              Add Ham, Bacon, or Sausage
Steaky Stuff                Add bacon, ham or sausage
 Served with hashbrowns and toast or             1/2 Pound Ground Round Steak
                                                 		       & 2 Eggs*

 1/2 Pound Sirloin
 Steak & Eggs*
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Griddle Stuff
                                                             Griddle Cakes
                                              Add blueberry, strawberry, peach, or apple
                                    Large Cake                            Baby Cake
                               Medium Cake                                Pigs in a Blanket

                                        Chocolate Chip Pancakes
                                         Full        Half
Waffle Special*
                                                                Awful Waffles
                                                         Add blueberry, strawberry, peach, or
                                                         apple for only 2.79.

                                              1 Waffle                   Belgian
                                                                         Has a hint of malt and great
                                                                         big holes to put your butter in!
    1 Waffle, 1 kackleberry and two bacon.

        Crepes                                                Belgian Special*
Your choice of strawberry, apple,
blueberry or peach.
   One               Two                        Paris Bread
                                              2 Pieces
                                             4 Pieces
                                             French Toast Special
                                             2 Pieces with a choice of
                                             ham, bacon or sausage.

  Sue’s Special
                                                                   Sue’s Paris Bread
                                                                         1 Piece

                                                                                          Hot Mocha!

  2 piece Cinnamon Roll French toast with 2 bacon and 1 link.
 Hashbrowns grilled with ham, cheese, onions, peppers and tomatoes. All topped
 with Country gravy or served with salsa and sour cream. Make it a Speciallity by
 adding 2.00 to what ever size you want.

                                                   Large Stuff
      Little Stuff                                 Little Stuff
                                                   Tiny Stuff

                                                  Speciallity Stuffs
                                         BTO Stuff
                                         This stuff is filled with bacon, tomatoes, onions
                                         and Mozzi cheese served with Country gravy or
                                         salsa and sour cream.

Fajita Stuff                        Reuben Stuff
Hashbrowns cooked with tender       This stuff is filled with Corned beef, Mozzi cheese and
chunks of steak, green peppers,     sauerkraut and is served with Thousand Island
onions, tomatoes, Pepperjack and    dressing and Rye toast.
Cheddar cheese, served with salsa
and sour cream on the side.

                Deep fried sweet dough topped to order with maple
                chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon surgar or honey butter.
Big Gobb

Small Gobb

Baby Gobb                                                            Kool-7!

                                                                     Italian Sodas!

               One of everything (yes, it has been ordered)
Lunch Stuff
Trimmings: Mayo, special sauce, lettuce,           Burger Stuff
onion and tomato upon request.                       All burgers are served with fries.

                                                  Stuffy Jr. Burger*
                               *TheBig            1/4 pound burger and all the goodies.

                               Bopper             Chilli Burger*
                                                  This Burger is a one of a kind! Our open
                                                  faced hamburger is topped with Chef James’
                                                  homemade chilli. Add onions upon request.
                                                  Add cheese

                                                  Stuffy Burger*

 Double meat, cheese, bacon, ham and egg with
 all the trimmings.
                                             Grilled Chicken Burger*
       Columbian Burger *                    A juicy chicken breast served on a bun that
                                             has been grilled with garlic butter. Top all that
                                             with Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, lettuce and
                                             pick either ranch or honey mustard.

                                                1/4 Pound       1/2
                                                All the trimmings, ham, egg and American

           Lumber Jack Burger *             1/4 Pound             1/2 Pound
           This burger comes with all the trimmings, bacon and cheese.

            Monarch Burger *          1/4 Pound           1/2 Pound
            Comes with all the trimmings, ham, swiss and pineapple.

           Hilander Burger *           1/4 Pound           1/2 Pound
           This burger comes with all the trimmings, mushrooms and swiss.
Gorilla                                 Homemade Chili

             Cheese Burger
                                                        Chef James’ homemade chili is served with
                                                        our yummy homemade cornbread.

                                                 Hot Beef Sandwich                   Served
                                                 with mashed potatoes and Beef gravy.

                                            Hot Roast Turkey Sandwich
                                            Served with homemade mashed potatoes and Turkey
                                            gravy with Cranberry sauce.
1/2 Pound of burger patties layered
between grilled egg bread with Swiss
cheese, American cheese, Cheddar
cheese and sauce. This triple decker
is out of this world!
                                                             French Dip
  Sandwich Stuff
All sandwiches are served with fries.

Triple decker on rye with corned beef, sauerkraut,
Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

    Club House Sandwich
    This triple decker has cheese, bacon, lettuce,
    tomato, turkey, ham and mayo.
                                                     Add Swiss and grilled onions

                                        Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Wrapper
                                        Also wrapped up with lettuce tomato and cheese.

                                                 Chicken Strip Sandwich
                                                 On a hoagie bun with cheese, lettuce, tarter
                                                 sauce and tomato.

          The Wrapper
Ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo
wrapped in a soft tortilla shell.
Turkey Sandwich Supreme
                                       We bake our turkeys here. Served with cream cheese,
                                       Cranberry sauce and lettuce on our deli whole wheat.

                                            Soup & Salad Combo (Unlimited)
                                            Served with homemade bread. For clam chowder
                                            please add 1.30.
                                North of the Border Western Beef Melt
                                In between our grilled sourdough is roast beef, tomatoes, green
Taco Soup                       chillies, Pepperjack and Cheddar cheese and Chipotle mayo.
                                            Grilled Cheese Sandwich
                                            Made with four cheeses.
Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo.
                                                  Tuna Melt
                                                  Served on Sourdough bread with Cheddar
Dagwood Sandwich New                              cheese and tomato.
This old fashion monster of a sandwich includes
Roast beef, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo
and your choice of cheese and bread.
                                                                 Chicken Strips
 More Stuff
  Fish & Chips
  our fish is hand-battered with our own
  beer batter recipe and served with cole
  slaw and fries.

   1/2 Order

1/2 Sandwich & Soup or Salad
Choice of ham, turkey, Roast beef, tuna or egg
salad only.

    Surf and Turf New
    Our giant chicken strip is topped with two
    deep fried shrimp and one piece of deep
    fried Cod, and served with fries.

                         Have a nice cold beer
                         with your meal!
Dinner Stuff
        Dinner served after 4:00 PM
  All of the entrees below come with your choice of soup or salad.

                                             Fettucini Alfredo

                                                      Add salmon, shrimp or
                                                      chicken for an additional

Chef Mike’s homemade sauce is packed with meat and
layered over spaghetti noodles, This yummy spaghetti is
served with garlic toast.

 Shrimp Scampi Pasta
 Large and small shrimp with tomatoes and
 mushrooms sauteed in our garlic wine
 sauce an served over pasta.
                                            Deep Fried Shrimp
    New                                     These golden shrimp are served with cocktail sauce,
                                            your choice of potato or rice pilaf and the vegetable.

                                            Pan Fried Oysters
                                            We hand bread these slippery little suckers in cracker
                                            crumbs so we can hang on to them long enough to put
                                            them in the pan, then we cook them to a light golden
                                            brown. served with your choice of potato or rice pilaf,
                                            and the vegetable.

Happy Hour from 5-7!


                                         Wild Alaskan Salmon Steak
                                         Served with your choice of potato or rice pilaf and the
Steaky Stuff
 These come with soup or salad, your choice of potato or rice pilaf and the

10 oz. New York Steak*
Hand cut in house and charbroiled to imperfection.

8 oz. Choice Top Sirloin Steak*
Cooked almost to your satisfaction.

Ground Round Steak*
1/2 pound of ground chuck, charbroiled to your liking. Grilled onions upon request.

Regular Chicken Fried Steak*
Breaded beef served atop Stuffy’s own Country gravy.
Petite Cut
Liver and Onions*
Tender beef liver, grilled and smothered with lots of sauteed onions to kill that nasty liver taste.
1/2 order

Homemade Meat Loaf
Made from scratch and topped with a strip of brown gravy.

 1/2 Pound Pork Tendorloin*
 Our hand cut pork tendorloin is served with
 dressing and apple sauce.                         Mushroom Lovers Chicken
                                                   We hand bread these in a light breading and
 New                                               deep fry them, top them with Alfredo sauce,
                                                   grilled mushrooms, Mozzi cheese and deep
                                                   fried mushrooms. May also be servedwithout
                                                   the breading upon request.

                                         Mushroom Lovers Ground Round Steak
                                         Served the same way our Mushroom Lovers Chicken is.
Mark’s Famous Maryland Chicken
  This battered chicken breast is topped with Country gravy and bacon bits. Try this just once and
  you will come back again and again! This can be served without the breading upon request.

Roast Turkey Dinner
We bake these bad birds right here until they are nice and juicy, then lay them on top of our savory
dressing and top with Turkey gravy. We add a dollop of Cranberry sauce. So good you will think it
is Thanksgiving again!

    Green Stuff
  Caeser Salad

  Add Salmon, chicken or
  shrimp for an additional

                                    Taco Salad
                                    Served in a taco shell with salsa and sour cream.

                                  Chef Courtney’s Special Cobb Salad
                                  Topped with chicken, bacon, egg, tomato, cheese and mushrooms.
                                  Served with a baby gobb. Blue cheese crumbles upon request.
                                  1/2 Salad

  Chef’s Salad                                           Chicken Strip Salad
  Served with a baby gobb.                               Chicken strips top this great salad and
  1/2 Salad                                              of course it comes with a baby gobb.

    Fajita Salad
    Sauteed steak, onions and peppers on a bed of fresh
    lettuce. Cheddar, Mozzi cheese, tomatoes, olives and taco
    chips. Served with salsa and sour cream.
Senior Menu Stuff
  Breakfast Stuff                                                       One+One+One*
1 Kackleberry with hashbrowns & toast*
Add 1 Link or 2 Bacon

1 pc. of French Toast with 1 pc. of bacon

  1/2 Stuffy Scramble
  This is 1/2 a biscuit, topped with one scrambled egg
  and Country gravy served with 1 pc. of bacon.

        Chicken Fried Steak*
        laying on a bed of country gravy served with 1 egg, hashbrowns, toast.

                           Lunch Stuff
Stuffy Sr. Burger*                                Half Sandwich & Soup or Salad
served with all the trimmings & fries or chips.   Choice of ham, turkey or Roast beef.

                         Macaroni and cheese
                         Served with soup or salad and garlic toast.

   Chili and Cornbread            New
   Chef James’ homemade chili and our yummy homemade cornbread served with Honey butter.

   Chicken Strips                                 Fish &Chips
   Try our large chicken strips on a              Our hand cut and hand breaded fish is dipped in
   bed of fries and served with cole              Beer batter and served with our homemade cole
   slaw.                                          slaw.
Dinner Stuff
                               Available after 4 PM

             Roast Turkey Dinner

                                                Baked at Stuffys and served with all the trimmings.

 Chicken Fried Steak                               Pan Fried Oysters
 Breaded Beef served on top of our Country         These small oysters are hand breaded here.

Chef Mike’s homemade sauce is packed with
meat and layered over spaghetti noodles, This
yummy spaghett is served with soup or salad
and garlic toast.

 Homemade Meatloaf
 Made from scratch and topped with our rich Brown gravy.

 Surf and Turf            New
 Chicken strip, two deep fried shrimp and one piece of deep fried Cod, served with fries.

                                           Liver & Onions
                                           Tender Beef Liver grilled and smoothered with lots
                                           of onions to kill that nasty liver taste.
Side Stuff
Soup of the Day                    Hashbrowns w/Gravy
Clam Chowder                       Spuds (hashbrowns)
French Fries                       Pit ham
Onion RIngs                        Ham, Bacon or Sausage
Greens(Salad)                      Oatmeal
Cottage Cheese                     Toast
Potato Salad                       Biscuit
Cole Slaw                          Side of Gravy

                       Wet Stuff
Bottomless Soda
Moo Juice                                Cup of Mud
Lemonade                                 Stash Tea
Cactus Juice                             Hot Tea
Kool-7                                   Hot Chocolate
Old Fashion Milk Shake                   Beer, Wine or a Cocktail
Bottomless Iced Tea                      (Ask server about the list)
Add Cherry, Strawberry, rasberry, peach,
Chocolate, Vanilla to any beverage

                            Sweet Stuff
  Strawberry Shortcake                Ice Cream Sundae
  Deep Fried Ice Cream                Fruit Pie
  Homemade Carrot Cake                With Ice Cream
  Cream Pie                           German Chocolate Cake
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