Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Investor Presentation
    Spring 2019

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
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Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Spacefy is a marketplace that connects creative
        professionals with spaces for their projects,
    productions, and events. Harnessing the power of
       the sharing economy, Spacefy gives creatives
     access to unique and underutilized spaces while
      enabling property owners to further monetize
                        their space.

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Russ Patterson                                Judeh Siwady                                     Alyas Ali
    CEO                                           Co-founder, COO, VP Marketing                    Co-founder, VP Customer Experience
    Russ Patterson is a veteran ecommerce         Before founding Spacefy, Judeh launched          Before co-founding Spacefy, Alyas held
    leader with over 24 years of experience       and managed an Online Television platform        senior marketing and technical roles within
    working with marketplaces and Internet        for an early stage IPTV startup, growing it to   the Engineering and IPTV fields, applying his
    businesses, spanning from large               thousands of worldwide subscribers. Prior        degree in electrical engineering.
    international organizations to small start-   to that, he worked as a business analyst for
    ups, and from B2B marketplaces and            major media networks.
    services to B2C and C2C.

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Experienced leaders from the worlds of finance, technology, film, media and the arts

                  Russ Patterson                       Michael Bradley                     Judeh Siwady
                  CEO                                  Chief Marketing Officer &           Co-founder & COO at
                                                       Co-founder at FutureVault           Spacefy
                                                       Inc. Partner at technology
                                                       venture creation firm SB2

                  John R Anderson, CA                  Damian Lee                          Peter McRae, CA/CPA
                  40 years of financial and            Writer, Director and Producer       Chairman and a Director of
                  corporate governance                 of over fifty features and has      Freedom International
                  experience                           served as a director on the
                                                       board of multiple public

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Spacefy Inc.

                                                                            0.4   2500000
                   Current Price
                                                        (as of March 18)   0.35

     CSE:SPFY      Market Capitalization                $6,356,272          0.3

                   Shares Outstanding (Basic)           45,294,806         0.25

                   Shares Outstanding (Fully Diluted)   71,212,605
                   52 Week High                         $0.37
                   52 Week Low                          $0.15

                   Insider Ownership                    7.5%                 0    0

                   Options                              2,117,188

                   Warrants                             23,800,611

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Creative professionals are constantly looking for    Space owners are looking to either monetizing
        new spaces to work: to film, photograph,        their space, supplement their existing rentals, or
     perform, exhibit, collaborate, teach and more.      better market their space to the right audience.

Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Size of the creative industry worldwide: $1.3 trillion ($700 billion in North America)

          $67 billion
    Total spending on creative
      productions in North                                                $4.7 billion                $2.8 billion
        America, including                                              spending on spaces            on space rental
        film, photography,                                                 and locations
             music and

                                                                     Total Addressable Market   Serviceable Available Market

    Note: Does not include some Spacefy verticals such as fitness, yoga and dance.
    Sources: OMDC, National Endowment of the Arts, The Burton Consulting Group, PWC & CIMA
Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
Spacefy connects creative professionals with spaces to create

    The Company’s revenue model is
    driven by both segments: Spaces                Spaces                              Creative
    and Creatives. Spacefy revenue is
    derived from a combination of            • Film/Photo Studios                    Professionals
    commission fees and processing
                                             • Bars & Restaurants
    fees. These fees are charged on the
                                             • Private Residences                   • Filmmakers
    total amount of the successful
    booking.                                 • Event Venues                         • Photographers

                                             • Recording Studios                    • Musicians
      7.5% commission from space owners
                                             • Rehearsal Facilities                 • Ad Agencies
      7.5% processing fee from creative
      professionals                          • Art Galleries                        • Fitness Instructors

                                             • Theatres                             and more
      15% commission on total booking
      amount                                 • Fitness Studios


Investor Presentation - Spring 2019 - Spacefy
• Feature-rich interface      • Interactive calendar
                                                      • Mobile responsive design    • Communication and booking features
     A booking platform for short-term space rental   • Location based map search   • Secure payment processing

             For Space Owners                                               For Creative Professionals

                     List                                                                   Find
                     Create a listing of the                                                Search for the ideal
                     space with description,                                                space for their creative
                     details and images                                                     project

                     Manage                                                                 Book
                     Manage their                                                           Submit an inquiry,
                     listing pricing and                                                    space owners review
                     calendar                                                               and approve

                     Book                                                                   Create
                     Review and                                                             Users get to create
                     accept booking                                                         their project at their
                     requests                                                               ideal space

The Sharing Economy is growing across many categories

                                                             The Sharing Economy HoneyComb
     Source: Crowd Companies
Consumers & businesses alike are embracing the “Sharing Economy”

     Spacefy is focused
     on the creative
     community but is
     targeting a wider    Travel Accommodations    Airbnb, HomeAway and Onefinestay
     and more diverse
     market than our                Event Space    Splacer, eVenues, Eventup, and Venue Book
     competitors.                   Office Space   LiquidSpace, PivotDesk, Breather, ShareDesk and Hire Space

                               Creative Space      Spacefy, Peerspace, Thisopenspace, Set Scouter and Space Finder

                                  Transportation   Uber, Spinlister, Lyft , BlaBlaCar, Boatsetter, and Turo

                                          Other    Appear Here, MakeSpace, Huntivore and Envato Studios

Acquire Spaces ▶︎ Attract Renters ▶︎ Promote Rentals ▶︎ Drive Revenue

     We believe the path
     to immediate value
     creation is to build a
     massive inventory of
     spaces throughout
     North America and
                                                01                                          02                                          03
     beyond.                              Product                                      Spaces                                    Bookings
                              Launch New Platform                        Accelerate space acquisitions               Acquire Creatives and generate
                              Spacefy will migrate to a new custom       Building on strong space inventory
                              platform in the second half of 2019. The   selection in Toronto and New York,          Initiate campaigns targeting Creatives
                              new platform will bring important new      Spacefy will increase the pace of           and other revenue generating users
                              features for space owners and creatives,   inventory expansion in Vancouver,           including social media, search engine
                              while also improving Spacefy's agility,    Chicago, Los Angeles and other key          optimization, online and offline paid
                              scalability, and readiness to operate in   cities.                                     advertising, public relations and events.
                              other languages and locales.
                                                                         By increasing investment in proven space    Commence business development
                                                                         acquisition programs, while continuing to   activities with potential strategic
                                                                         refine approach, Spacefy aims to            partners, value added resellers (VARs),
                                                                         accelerate and reduce the cost of           trade associations and government
                                                                         acquisition at the same time.               bodies.

Over 3,000 spaces listed
     Core group in Toronto and New York City with spaces from other cities listing daily

                                                                      805              Montreal

                             San Francisco
                                                                      Chicago          New York
                                                                      180              450

                             Los Angeles           Phoenix
                             201                   35

                                                             45                   Miami


                 Steeple Penthouse    Studio Paradiso   Kuhl Muzik              Thompson Toronto

     New York

                 Studios LIC Studio   NYC Penthouse     Monarch Rooftop         Marjorie Deane Theater


                 The Waldorf Hotel    Orpheum Theatre   Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club

INVESTOR RELATIONS:        Deborah Honig
     Adelaide Capital Markets
                                647-203-8793                1-844-277-2233


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