Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?

Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
Is 2degrees
                   Cloud PBX right
                       for you?      Why 2degrees
                                     for business?

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March – May 2019
Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
5   Clutha District Council Case Study
6   What you’ll love about 2degrees
8   2degrees Business Solutions
10 2degrees Cloud PBX
                                            Get in
13 Business Mobile Plans                 touch today
14 Business Connect Plans                 0800 022 249
16 Business Choice Plans
18 Roaming Packs
20 Business Broadband
Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
We’ve been busy
Do you remember what the telco environment was like pre 2009? You may have blanked it out. We don’t blame
you. Before 2degrees, there were no Carryover minutes, texts or data, no data sharing, a standard call was 89
cents per minute, and unlimited certainly wasn’t a customer facing word. New Zealand deserved better than that.

                     2degrees launches with
                     2G service - the first NZ
                     network to offer EDGE data
                                                                 3G service is launched

                     2degrees launches Business
                     Mobile Plans and services                   2012
                                                                 2degrees reaches
                                                                 1 million customers

                     3G Extended (900Mhz)
                     launched - vastly improved
                     rural coverage and
                      in-building penetration
                                                                 4G service is launched

                     • 1000th cell site goes live
                     • 2degrees appointed to
                       the Government’s
                       Telecommunications as a                   2016
                       Service (TaaS) provider panel
                     • 2degrees acquires Snap                    • 4G Extended (700Mhz)
                       Internet Service Provider                   launched - vastly improved
                                                                   rural coverage and
                                                                   in-building penetration
                     2017                                        • 2degrees record maiden
                                                                   profit of $13.4m

                     2degrees has coverage in 98.5%
                     of places Kiwis live and work
                                                                 • 2degrees launches
                                                                   WiFi Calling
                                                                 • 508 4G cell site upgrades
                                                                   completed extending our 4G
                                                                   coverage to 96.6% of the population

Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
Why 2degrees
                                  for your business
                     We’re serious about business. We keep things simple using fresh ideas
                                    to give you smarter business solutions.

                                                                            The credentials
                                                                             for business
                                                                            9 years of experience, over
                                                                          1 million mobile and broadband
                                                                            customers and over 76,000
                                                                           business users - it’s safe to say
                                                                                you’re in good hands.
        Great value plans                                                                                                        Our own
      and innovative services                                                                                               world-class network
    Bringing fresh thinking to the market with new,                                                               We’ve invested more than $670m in our nationwide
        unique products and services that make                                                                    mobile network and associated infrastructure - and
                 doing business easier.                                                                         we’re not done yet! We have coverage in 98.5% of the
                                                                                                               places Kiwis live and work with 90% of it covered by 4G.

        Dependable Business                                                                                                              NZ based
            Broadband                                                                                                                 customer service
         Broadband fit for business. Plus with                                                                                              Local and on hand to help
         us, you’ll only pay for what you need                                                                                                when you need them.
        with our two simple, great value plans.

                                                                      Seamless switching
                                                                           We work closely with you to
                                                                       ensure your transition is seamless.
                                                                      It’s free to keep your current phone
                                                                        number - even the beginning bit.

    Offers and prices included in this magazine are accurate as at 01/03/19, however 2degrees cannot guarantee the ongoing accuracy of this information. Please ask about the full 2degrees
4   terms and conditions that apply to our plans and offers shown, or visit 2degreesmobile.co.nz for more information.
Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
Future-proofing Clutha
District Council
Based in Balclutha, the Clutha District Council
services their scenic South Otago region and its
population of approximately 17,000 residents with a
                                                           “2degrees have made it easier for us
focus on future-proofing the district for growth.          to do business. Our people were stuck
                                                           in the dark ages with an outdated
In 2016 the Clutha District Council’s IT infrastructure    paper-based system. Because the new
needed future proofing too - it hadn’t been at the top
of the agenda for some time. With new stakeholders
                                                           technology has been implemented so
coming onboard, including ICT Manager Schalk               seamlessly our people have embraced
Breytenbach, there was a desire to move the local          the tools and platform we have
government agency into the digital age. This meant         delivered on a day to day basis – moving
starting with the basics to build a viable platform that   towards being a true digital workforce.”
could take them on a digital transformation journey.
Schalk explains how from the outset of the discovery
process 2degrees stood out from the crowd.                 Schalk says 2degrees has continued to impress beyond
                                                           the sales and transition process. “The difference with
                                                           2degrees is the personal investment. There are always
                                                           going to be challenges but it’s how they are dealt with
“The level of engagement was so much                       that makes the difference. Each time we have an issue
higher than what we received from                          2degrees comes to the party. Recently we lost our
                                                           entire system during a civil defence exercise - it was
the competitors. They understood the                       10pm at night and with a simple phone call we had the
journey we needed to go on and provided                    network back up and running within half an hour.”
the thought leadership and forward
thinking to guide us in the right direction.”              Now Clutha District Council has the backbone up and
                                                           running the future is their oyster. “We have come from
                                                           really far behind and caught up with everyone else.”
Since engaging with 2degrees Clutha District Council
has built a completely new platform implementing
WAN, Mobile, Managed Network and most recently,            “2degrees has worked with us to build
Managed Voice.                                             a personal trust relationship to carry
This gives us the capability to focus on improving our
                                                           our vision forward. We now have a
services and delivering more to the community.”            flexible, scalable, dependable platform
                                                           to pursue new technology and take us
                                                           into the future.”

Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
What you’ll
          love about us

    Carryover                                                             Call and text                                                          Business
    Data                                                                  Aussie at no                                                           Broadband you
                                                                          extra cost                                                             can rely on
    It’s hard to predict your business                                    With all of our Business Mobile                                        Our business broadband is super
    needs from month to month.                                            Plans you can call and text both                                       reliable, and choosing a plan
    Which is why on 2degrees, your                                        NZ and Australian mobiles                                              is simple. We have two plans -
    unused data is yours to keep for                                      and landlines at no extra cost.                                        200GB or Unlimited data, then
    up to a year. Plus NZ Carryover                                       Perfect for if you’re expanding                                        you just decide what add ons
    Data on our Business Connect                                          your business over the ditch                                           you’d like to include.
    Plans applies to your business’                                       or keeping in touch with                                               It’s as simple as that.
    shared pool, so it benefits your                                      Aussie-based suppliers.
    whole team.

    Find out more online or talk to your local Sales Consultant

6   *Broadband charges may apply if you’re not using 2degrees broadband. NZ international call rates apply to all calls made from overseas to/within destinations besides NZ & Aussie. WiFi Calling T&Cs apply.
Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
Fuss-free                           No long term                           WiFi
roaming                             contracts                              Calling

When you’re overseas you need       Let’s face it, in business things      WiFi Calling allows you to make
to stay in touch, and with our      rarely stay the same. All our          and receive calls and texts
roaming packs you can do just       mobile plans are open term,            anywhere in the world that has
that. Plus with our Business        so if you decide you’re not on         a suitable WiFi connection, even
Choice L and XL plans your          the right plan you can switch.         if there is no mobile coverage.
NZ minutes, texts, and data         There’s also an open term option       Calls and texts to NZ and
allowances will work in Aussie,     for business broadband if you’re       Australian numbers simply come
just like they do at home - at no   happy to pay for the modem.            out of your Plan - so whether
extra cost.                         It’s that easy.                        you’re overseas or at the bach,
                                                                           if you have WiFi, you have
                                                                           2degrees coverage.*


Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
Serious                              Talk to your local
      business                               Business Sales
                                            Consultant about

      solutions                             how we can help
                                                0800 022 249
      Get all the products you
    need for your business from
       one trusted provider

      Business Broadband                 A shared data pool
         Unlimited data, or 200GB,      with Business Connect Mobile Plans.
         depending on your needs.

    Individual mobile plans                The best mobiles
       Business Choice Plans S to XL.     from Samsung, Apple, Huawei,
                                                Sony, and OPPO.

        Static IP address                   Toll free service
       free with our broadband plans.     make it easy for your customers
                                                  to get in touch.

            Phone lines                   High spec modem
        landlines and call packages.              fit for business.

Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
Let's talk business Is 2degrees Cloud PBX right for you?
2degrees Cloud PBX
     Seamless voice solutions for
     your business

       Talk to your local
        Business Sales
     Consultant to find out if
      2degrees Cloud PBX
         is right for you

2degrees Cloud PBX provides a seamless voice solution, ensuring your
         customers and your team reach the right people, first time.
   Our simple, scalable solution with three cost effective user profiles and
  range of VoIP phone options will allow you to mix and match to suit your
                         individual business needs.

                                                Lower cost solution
                                 Three cost effective user profiles means you only pay for
                                               the features each user needs.

                                                    Scalable solution
                             We can tailor a solution to match the size of your business,
                              from just one to multiple users across a number of sites.

                                                  Self-service portal
                                Your team can manage basic call routing and flows and
                                    provide visibility on usage and profile settings.

                                            Supported installation
                           We’ll assign a dedicated Delivery Specialist to look after the
                           end to end install process and support to get you up running.

                                                       Cost certainty
                              With fixed price user profiles, phone leases and add-ons,
                                you’ll know exactly what you’re paying each month.

Contact your local Business Sales Consultant for full T&Cs and related documentation which apply.
Fair Use Policy as set out in the 2degrees Business T&Cs applies. Excludes any fixed rate calling charges which may apply to your use of Cloud PBX and
any charges which you may incur in relation to additional services, hardware, installation, training or changes to your Cloud PBX.
After a
                             new phone?
                                  12, 24 and 36 month
                               interest free options now
                              available to suit any budget

     Interest free options apply to phones over $199.

12   Interest Free T&Cs apply. Visit 2degrees.nz for full T&Cs.
Business mobile plans
made easy
We’ve made picking a mobile plan for your business nice and easy. All our plans have Unlimited*
Calls and Texts to NZ and Aussie, are open term (yes you read that right – no long term contracts)
and have NZ Carryover Data that lasts for up to a year. So you just need to decide if you want a
shared bucket of data for your team or individual amounts, then pick the data amount. Simple right?

                  It’s easy to
                  bring your
                  Business to
                        Choose how you would
                         like to use your data

            A pool of data for                                  A set amount of data
            your team to share                                  for each connection
     Business Connect                                        Business Choice
                   page 14                                               page 16

                         Then simply decide how
                           much data you want

Business Connect

     One shared
     pool of data
     for your team
                 Choose your
                   pool of
                 shared data

                  up to 200

                 things simple
                 with a single
                   team bill

1          Choose your pool of shared data
NZ Carryover Data which lasts up to a year^

Talk to one of our team members about your data requirements

    2 Add up to 200 connections
                                                                                                  Add a data only
Add a mobile connection                                                                        connection (e.g. tablet)

     Talk & Text Connection                                                                     Data Device Connection

          $    26                per
                                 (excl GST)
                                                                                                          $   8         per
                                                                                                                        (excl GST)

  Access to the team’s shared                                                                 Access to the team’s shared
  pool of NZ Carryover Data                                                                   pool of NZ Carryover Data

     Unlimited* Calls & Texts
                 to NZ & Aussie

     Landline On Your Mobile

           Voicemail included

    3           Keep things simple with a single team bill

You’ll see all of your team’s use in one convenient bill

*Fair Use Policy applies. Standard landline and mobile calls. ^When your shared data pool is running low, you’ll automatically have 10GB NZ Data
added to your account for $110 (excl GST). This auto top-up data is valid 30 days (i.e. is not NZ Carryover Data) but is used first before any Carryover
Data. Your shared data pool’s Carryover balance is capped at 200GB. Prices shown for adding mobiles and tablets are per month and per connection.
Prices exclude GST.                                                                                                                                        15
Business Choice

     Size up your
     business needs
     Choose your plan depending on your data needs. Our Business Choice Plans are
     open term, include NZ Carryover Data, Unlimited* Calls and Texts, Voicemail and
     Landline On Your Mobile, making it easy for you to stay in touch with what matters.

            S                                                                      M                                                                        L

           $    38/m
                 excl. GST
                                                                                 $    45/m
                                                                                         excl. GST
                                                                                                                                                          $     58/m
                                                                                                                                                                 excl. GST

                                                                                                                                                                 Top pick

         NZ Carryover Data
                                                                                NZ Carryover Data
                                                                                                                                                        NZ Carryover Data

     Unlimited* Calls & Texts                                               Unlimited* Calls & Texts                                                 Unlimited* Calls & Texts
              to NZ & Aussie                                                         to NZ & Aussie                                                           to NZ & Aussie

          Voicemail included                                                     Voicemail included                                                      Voicemail included

     Landline On Your Mobile                                                Landline On Your Mobile                                                  Landline On Your Mobile

                                                                                                                                                           Aussie Carry On

     *Fair Use Policy applies: Choice Plans: Std NZ/AUS mins and person to person text only. Prem. rate Nos. excld. NZ data usage only. Plan T&Cs apply. Aussie Carry On: You may use your
     NZ mins/texts/data allowances in AUS for up to 90 days in a calendar yr. Exclds Int. Chat Pack and add Ons (inlc. Team Share). Std Roaming Rates apply in AUS. Int. Chat Pack and LOYM:
16   T&Cs apply. Visit 2degreesmobile.co.nz for full T&Cs.

   $  80/m
        excl. GST

                            Same plan,
  NZ Carryover Data         different country
Unlimited* Calls & Texts
                            Carry on using your plan in Australia at no extra
     to NZ & Aussie         cost with Aussie Carry On

  Voicemail included        With our new Business Choice L and XL plans when
                            you travel to Australia your NZ minutes, texts and data
Landline On Your Mobile     allowances will work there just like they do at home. No
                            huge roaming bill when you get home, no fuss, no worry. So
                            whether it’s calling a colleague in Perth from your Sydney
   Aussie Carry On
                            meeting or Skyping your kids back in NZ for a bedtime
                            story, you pay nothing extra.
International Chat Pack
                           • Use your NZ minutes, texts, and data when roaming in
                             Australia worry free (for up to 90 days in a calendar year)
                           • Call and text back to NZ at no extra cost
                           • No need to set up or buy packs before traveling

Roaming Packs

     Fuss-free roaming
     We know that as Kiwis, staying in one place isn’t in our nature. We’re wanderers,
     and business isn’t always taking place in our own backyard. Our roaming packs
     give you fuss-free travel to popular destinations. Simply choose your destination
     and how long you’re going for.

     Aussie Roaming Packs

          $    15                              $    20                                $    35
      225MB 500MB                                                                        1GB
                               Unlimited* Texts to local and NZ

            Unlimited* Calls: outgoing and incoming to local and NZ

        Valid for 3 days                      Valid for 7 days                     Valid for 14 days

     Aussie Data Packs

         $    10                               $     15
      300MB 500MB
                           Valid for 7 days

       ^Casual roaming rates valid in the following destinations: US, Canada, UK , Ireland, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG, India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia,
       Czech Republic, France, Thailand, Taiwan, Italy and Spain. *Fair Use Policy applies: Roaming Packs: Std mins and person to person text only. Prem. rate Nos. excld. Data usage in eligible
       destinations only. Excl. all calls between destinations except NZ. Only available to Pay Monthly and Business customers (Excld. Aussie Data Packs which are available on Prepay). Packs are
       valid for a set No. of days based on NZ standard time and allowances expire if unused. Std roaming rates apply to picture/MMS messages and if Pack allocations used/expired and another
18     Pack is not purchased. Pack T&Cs apply.
Data on the go
                                                                    At just 10c/MB our casual
                                                                         roaming rates are
                                                                          pretty fantastic.
                                                                         Available in selected destinations^

Islands Roaming Packs
(Valid within Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Vanuatu or Tonga.
Excl. calls between these destinations)

    $   20                       $   30              $  55
  225MB 500MB                                           1GB
                     Unlimited* Texts to local and NZ

      Unlimited* Calls: outgoing and incoming to local and NZ

             Incoming Calls: standard roaming rates apply

    Valid for 3 days            Valid for 7 days    Valid for 14 days

                                                                           Globetrotter Data Packs
                                                                           (Valid in Canada, Ireland, UK, US, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa,
Globetrotter Roaming Packs                                                 Vanuatu, PNG, Australia, India, Japan, China,
(Valid within Canada, Ireland, UK or US.                                   Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Czech
Excl. calls between these destinations)                                    Republic, France, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain and Italy)

    $   20                       $   30              $  55                     $   30                       $   55
  225MB 500MB                                           1GB                 500MB                              1GB
                     Unlimited* Texts to local and NZ                         Valid for 3 days              Valid for 7 days

      Unlimited* Calls: outgoing and incoming to local and NZ

    Valid for 3 days            Valid for 7 days    Valid for 14 days
Business Broadband

     We’ll keep your
     business online,
     all the time
     If your business broadband happens to
     go down, we’ll add 50GB of free data
     to your mobile to see you through

     Sign up online: 2dm.co.nz/businessbroadband
     or call 0800 022 249

20   Each data allocation available for 5 days. See 2degrees.nz/businessbroadband for full T&Cs.
1. Choose the right amount of data for your business

                                  $   90                 per
                                                         (excl GST)
                                                                                                                                 $   110                  per
                                                                                                                                                          (excl GST)

200gb                             If your business is a
                                                                                       UNLIMITED                                 If your business data requirements
                                  relatively low data user this                                                                  are high, or fluctuate each month,
                                  plan will do the trick.                                                                        this plan will give you flexibility.

2. Check what connection is available
We’ll give you the best connection available (ADSL, VDSL or Fibre) at your address at no extra cost.

3. Build your own package

Phone line                                 Unlimited* Calling                            Fibre Speed Boost                            Toll Free Service

From                                       Packages from                                                                              from

  10                                          25                                                                                          7
$                                                                                                                                     $ .50 month
             per                                          per
             month                                        month                                          (excl GST)
             (excl GST)                                   (excl GST)                     200/200Mbps                                        (excl GST)
                                           Landline and mobile

*Fair Use Policy applies. Standard landline and mobile calls. Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will vary. Standard fibre connection is up to
100/100Mbps. Additional charges may apply to non-standard installations and changes to Connections/Services. Add-ons recur monthly until stopped. Fibre Speed Boost removal fee
of $43.48 (excl GST) applies. Early termination charge applies to fixed term Plans. See 2degreesmobile.co.nz/termsofuse/broadband/business for full terms.                        21
Language lessons

     We’re bringing New Zealand
     together through the
     language of rugby
     Get fluent at chattingrugby.co.nz

           2degrees is proud to be the exclusive telecommunications
          partner for all five New Zealand Investec Super Rugby Clubs

Galaxy S10

The next generation
of mobile innovation
    has arrived

     For next generation
   productivity and security
It’s easy to do business
          with 2degrees
          Talk to us today

          0800 022 249
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