Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
Exhibit “A”

   Parks & Recreation
Master Plan 2019 - 2024
   City of Azle, Texas
Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
       City Council
       Staff Members
       Park Board

        Purpose of the Master Plan
        Azle Events
           Follow the Flag
           Sting Fling
           Azle Christmas Celebration
           Music in the Park
       Departmental Programs
           Azle High School Community Service Program
           Parker County Master Gardeners
        Goals & Objectives

       Administrative Organization

           Exhibit 1: Demographic Charts & Graphs
       Key Findings
       Azle Parks and Recreation System
       Neighborhood Parks
       Community Parks
       City Parks

       Ash Creek Park
       Dusk Park
       Central Park
       Melanie Park

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
Shady Grove Park
       City Parks Map

       Park Amenities
       Athletic Maintenance
       Drinking Fountains
       General Maintenance
       Exercise Stations
       Irrigation Systems
       Playground Maintenance
       Restroom Maintenance
       Skateboard Park
       Tennis Courts

       National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Performance Benchmarks
       Community Interest Survey

       Ash Creek Park
       Dusk Park
       Central Park
       Shady Grove Park
       Additional Park Improvements
          Ash Creek Park
          Central Park
          Dusk Park
          Melanie Park
          Shady Grove Park
          Additional Projects

       General Fund
       Local Park Grants
       Private Grants and Foundations

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
The City of Azle Five-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan was prepared by the Parks
and Recreation Department in partnership with the Park Board. The Parks and Recreation
Master Plan reflects a range of issues and levels of planning, as well serves as a guide for
the future development of the City of Azle parks system.

We thank the following individuals for their guidance in the developmental phases of this

City Council
Mayor         Alan Brundrett
Place 1       Corey Wynns
Place 2       David McClure
Place 3       Bill Jones
Place 4       Christopher Simpson
Place 5       Rouel Rothenberger
Place 6       Brian Conner

Staff Members
Tom Muir, City Manager
Lawrence Bryant, Assistant City Manager
Rick White, Public Service Director
Kyle Culwell, Parks and Recreation Superintendent

Park Board
Place 1       Steven Joy
Place 2       John Ward, Vice-Chairperson
Place 3       Vacant
Place 4       Cindy Willeford
Place 5       Phillip Stumph
Place 6       Tom Brace, Chairperson
Place 7       Vacant

In addition, the City would like to thank those who were involved with the process and to
all the participants who completed the Parks and Recreation Citizen Survey. Their input
and insight was vital in the development of the goals and objectives proposed in the plan.

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
Purpose of the Master                                            Mission Statement
Plan                                                            Our mission is dedicated
The City of Azle Parks and Recreation                           to providing quality
Master Plan identifies the City’s future                        parks and programs in a
parks and recreation needs, as well as                          safe environment that
various types of funding opportunities                          enhances the quality of
for the next 5 years. The Master Plan                           life for our residents and
is an important tool that provides a                            the surrounding areas.
framework to coordinate park and
recreation activities and guide the
City’s   decision     making       when
considering physical changes, and
adding amenities and facilities over
the next five years. In addition, the
Master Plan will be utilized when setting priorities in the Capital Improvement Planning
process, updating park and recreation priorities, and creating new priorities or programs
as needed.

The Parks and Recreation Board updates the Master Plan every five years, as well as
reviewing annually. While reviewing, the Board will be updating the plan as necessary.
The Master Plan was last updated in January 2013. Since 2013, the City has implemented a
disc golf course, enhanced parking areas and roadways, rebuilt Shady Grove’s observation
pier, improved the sports complex, as well as offer free summer concerts in Central Park.
The next comprehensive master planning process will be in 2024.

The Board consists of residents of Azle concerned with providing a wide array of quality
park and recreation opportunities. The Board has been the fundamental force in providing
information about the community and guidance through the planning process.

Public input from residents and board members provided a clearer picture of which
facilities and programs are needed and desired. The Master Plan recommends which
improvements and additions will best address the desires of the citizens of Azle.

Azle Events
There are various types of events being offered in Azle, throughout the

                       Follow the Flag
This patriotic event takes place on July 4th, at Central Park. Live
entertainment and a professional fireworks display is provided during
the event. Over 2,500 people attend each year. The annual event is
hosted by the Azle Ministerial Alliance.
Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
Sting Fling
                                           The Azle Chamber of Commerce hosts this
                                           annual event each September. The festival
                                           includes all day activities and live

  Azle Christmas Celebration
This annual celebration of the Christmas
season includes tree lighting festivities and
activities. The celebration is hosted by the
Azle Chamber of Commerce and Azle
Women’s Association.

                              Music in the Park
        The City hosts free concerts at the amphitheater in Central Park.
        Concerts are held Friday evenings at 8:00 pm during the months of
        May and June. Over 12,000 people attend each year.

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
Departmental Programs
Azle High School Community Service Program – Each year during
the fall and spring, the City of Azle partners with the Azle High School assisting with
various projects in Azle’s city parks. Approximately, 140 youths participate by planting
seasonal flowers, removing weeds, and installing landscape mulch. In addition, students
also assist with planting trees, trimming shrubs, removing debris, and performing other
projects that are assigned by the Parks Department.

Parker County Master Gardeners Association – The Parks
Department partners with the Parker County Master Gardeners Association to clean, weed,
and install potted plants around the Central Park Gazebo. The Association’s volunteers
also volunteer once a month at the park beautifying the landscape beds around the gazebo.

Goals & Objectives
Determining goals and objectives is an important
part of the planning process. Goals and objectives
provide direction to City Staff and the Board during
the decision-making process regarding park and
recreation matters. The following goals and
objectives were created from the information
collected from the 2016 Public Survey, 2012 Parks
Master Plan, City Council, the Board, and City Staff.

Goal 1        Develop a park system that satisfies
              the needs of citizens and enhances the
              quality of life in Azle.

   •   Develop and implement both active and passive indoor/outdoor recreation
   •   Ensure that all relevant demographic groups are represented during park planning.
   •   Encourage citizen input as it relates to park and recreational needs.
   •   Develop, update, and/or renovate existing parks and recreational facilities,
       structures, fixtures, and amenities.
   •   Develop, fund and implement future capital improvement programs consistent with
       the Master Plan.
   •   Periodically offer citizens surveys, workshops, and participation opportunities
       during Park Board meetings. Incorporate this data while reviewing the Parks Plan.
   •   Update the Master Plan every five (5) years.

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
Goal 2        Provide residents with safe, reliable, and accessible recreation equipment
              throughout the city park system.


   •   Inspect and maintain existing park equipment for safety.
   •   Identify and replace park amenities that do not comply with the Americans with
       Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.
   •   Identify and develop a long-range plan to replace all playground equipment that
       does not meet CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) or ASTM (American
       Society for Testing and Materials) safety guidelines.

Goal 3        Create a system of pedestrian and bicycle routes between residential
              neighborhoods, schools, and other public facilities as an alternative to
              automobile transportation.


   •   Construct walking paths, wherever possible, to connect residential areas with
       schools, parks and other public facilities.
   •   Encourage developers to provide walking paths and neighborhood parks within
       large private developments.
   •   Implement a plan that identifies and creates on-road bicycle routes. The City will
       attempt the widening of streets being improved, when feasible.

Azle is a suburban community with a rural quality of life. The city is located fourteen miles
northwest of Fort Worth, which provides the conveniences of the big city without losing
the appeal of a small town. Azle is situated in both Tarrant and Parker Counties. Azle is
twenty-five miles from the Alliance Airport and thirty-five from the Dallas/Fort Worth
International Airport. The City encompasses 8.2 square miles and has a population of
12,495 residents.

The area, in and near Azle, was initially settled by a group of pioneers from Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky. Settlers first came in to the area around 1846. The
community was first known as Elizabeth Town, but was later changed to Mooresville,

Master Plan 2019 2024 - Parks & Recreation City of Azle, Texas Exhibit "A"
named after the owner of the only store in town. There was at the time, no post office and
only 664 settlers in all of Tarrant County.

As time went on, more settlers came and more homes were built. In 1891, a man by the
name of O’Bar moved to the area. He was instrumental in getting the first post office
established in the community, and the settlement’s name was changed to O’Bar. Dr. James
Azle Steward, one of the few doctors in the area, owned much of the land where Azle now
stands. Dr. Steward was a great benefactor of the community. He donated land for a
variety of purposes that served the local settlers, including land for businesses, schools, and
churches. Dr. Steward deeded enough land for a town site and the name was changed from
O’Bar to Azle in his honor.

The City is served by the Azle Independent School District which has attained “recognized”
status with 5 “exemplary” Elementary Schools. There are 6,462 students that attend 7
elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, and 1 high school. Significant improvements are
in progress as the result of a $59.5 million bond package.

Administrative Organization
Azle became incorporated as a general law community on April 23, 1957. In 1969, the
population of the City reached 5,000, making it eligible to become a home rule city, which
allows the City to have more control over its own affairs. At that time, the Council-Manager
form of government was adopted. The current City Charter was adopted in 1971 and has
been amended over the years to meet the changing needs of Azle’s citizens.
The Board is composed of 7 citizens of the City that were appointed by the City Council.
Members serve three-year terms that overlap. They hold regular monthly meetings and
schedule special meetings as needed. The Board is directly responsible to the City Council
and is advisory in nature in regard to all budgets, personnel, and policy related matters.
The Parks Superintendent provides technical and support services to the Board.

The demographic tables and charts provide basic understanding of the population
characteristics of Azle using data provided by Applied Geographic Solutions, North Central
Texas Council of Governments, and the US Census Bureau. Due to the rapid pace of
construction throughout Azle, it’s projected that the population will increase over 9%
within the next five (5) years. The population of Azle is expected to increase by more than
45% by the year 2030.

Exhibit 1: Demographic Charts & Graphs

Population Growth Rate
Population Growth
  Year       Population     Growth           Annual Growth
   2017      12,495        478            3.98%
   2016      12,017        402            3.46%
   2015      11,615        179            1.57%
   2014      11,436        210            1.87%
   2013      11,226        81             .73%

Population by Gender
Growth by Gender
               2010              2017         % change
  Male         5,051             6,023        19.1%
  Female       5718              6,472        13.1%

Age Distribution
Population by Age (2017)
           Age                 %
           0-9               11.8%
          10-19              13.73%
          20-29              10.58%
          30-39              12.27%
          40-49              13.11%
          50-59              14.74%
           60+               23.77%

Renter vs Owner Occupied by Household Type (2016)
            Type                  Owner           Renter
           Married                81.2%           18.8%
          Non Family              56.1%           43.9%
            Male                  40.5%           59.5%
           Female                 54.2%           45.8%
Ethnic Distribution
                            2010          2016        Change
    White/Caucasian          10,495        10,811          3%
          Black                118           135          14%
     American Indian           72            49           31%
          Asian                28            45           60%
     Pacific Islander           0             0            0%
    Hispanic or Latino         417          1,191         185%

Voting Age Population
       18 and Over Population (2016)
            Male                   3952
           Female                  4511

Key Findings
The key of demographic findings for Azle are as follows:

   •    Nearly 24% of the citizens are over the age of 60. Hispanics has been the fastest
        growing ethnic group over the last 6 years.
   •    70% of the population is at the age to vote.

Azle Parks and Recreation
System                                                     Neighborhood Parks
The Azle Parks Department manages 89 acres of park                  Dusk Park
land that offers various programs for all ages and                 Melanie Park
abilities.   The parks include three (3) community          Community Parks
buildings, soccer and softball fields, disc golf course,
                                                                 Ash Creek Park
amphitheater, skateboard park, playgrounds, tennis
courts, beach/swimming area, boat ramp and an                   Shady Grove Park
observation pier.       In addition, the department               City Parks
maintains the Azle Municipal Complex, Azle Memorial                Central Park
Library, and various City lots.

To better understand the function and needs of the Azle Parks and Recreation system, Azle
parks are organized by classifications. In addition, the Board and City Staff reviewed the
parks/facilities within the Azle Parks system. The amenities at each park were inventoried
and evaluated. The parks were then classified according to the following parks system.

Neighborhood Parks
Neighborhood parks are typically built to serve smaller neighborhoods and are within
walking or cycling distance of the people it serves. These parks typically serve 2,000-4,000
citizens. Neighborhood parks may offer limited activities, and should be accessible to
residents within a one-half mile radius of the park. Typical facilities that can be found in
neighborhood parks include:

   •   Playground equipment
   •   Picnic areas
   •   Small pavilion
   •   Unlighted play fields
   •   Trails
   •   Limited security lighting
   •   Minimal parking area
   •   Benches

Community Parks
Community Parks are generally large parks that serve families and other groups from the
City and outlying areas. This classification offers a variety of park amenities for recreational
use that attract people throughout the year. These parks range from 10 to 40 acres. They
should be large enough to provide a variety of amenities, while still leaving open areas for
passive recreation and pre-existing natural areas. Due to the type of recreation
opportunities provided, community parks may also serve as neighborhood parks.

Typical amenities that can be found in community parks include:
   •   Tennis courts
   •   Lighted/Unlighted play fields
   •   Picnic or pavilion areas
   •   Restrooms
   •   Playground Equipment
   •   Walking paths
   •   Security lighting
   •   Off street parking based on size of park

City Parks
City Parks are larger parks that provide many types of recreation opportunities. These
parks are generally larger than 20 acres. They are intended to serve the entire City and
surrounding areas. These parks typically include specialized facilities and space for large
group gatherings, programs, and events. It may support a variety of recreational facilities,
including athletic fields, trails, playgrounds, natural areas and open space. Typical
amenities that can be found in the City parks include:

   •   Tennis courts

•   Pickle Ball Court
   •   Lighted/Unlighted play fields
   •   Picnic or pavilion areas
   •   Restrooms
   •   Playground Equipment
   •   Walking paths
   •   Nature trails
   •   Security lighting
   •   Off street parking based on size of park
   •   Natural areas and open space
   •   Skate parks
   •   Amphitheater
   •   Gazebo
   •   Adjacent to major thoroughfares to accommodate the traffic volumes generated by
       the amenities and events offered in the park

The conditions of amenities were evaluated by the Board and Parks Department. Amenity
conditions were rated using a differential scale of good, fair or poor. The description of
conditions that are attributed to each of these assessment findings are provided in the table

 CONDITION                                 GENERAL DESCRIPTION
Good             Amenity is in good condition with few or no maintenance problems.
Fair             Amenity is in fair condition indicating the start of ongoing maintenance
                 problems. Amenity is overall in adequate condition but may be in need of
Poor             Amenity is worn, but functional and should be given increased attention.
                 Amenity may need to be updated to meet current regulations.

Ash Creek Park (31 Acres) –
Community Park
Ash Creek Park is the oldest park in Azle. It is
located at 605 SE Parkway. The park consists of
three (3) rentable community buildings: Emanuel
Building, B.J. Clark Building and the B.J. Clark Annex.
These buildings are available for public or private
organizational activities, when regularly scheduled
activities are not in session. In addition, the senior citizens program operates in the
community buildings Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m..

Ash Creek Park is approximately 31 acres and has become a popular location for disc
golfers who play year-round. The park features a basketball court, soccer and baseball
fields, playground, and restroom facilities.
   EXISTING AMENITIES                   CONDITION                            COMMENTS
                           QUANTITY     GOOD     FAIR     POOR
Basketball Court               1                   √               Lines are faded.
Volleyball Court               2                   √
Ballfields                     3                   √
Playground Equipment           1          √
Pavilion                       1                   √
Restrooms                      2                   √
Disc Golf                      1          √
Soccer Fields                  3                   √
Picnic Tables                 13                            √      7 of the 13 tables are
                                                                   made of concrete and
Trash Compactors            2 Sets        √

Central Park (30 Acres) – City Park
Central Park is the main park in Azle due to its location, large area, and varied amenities. It
offers a range of activities to visitors of all ages. It offers Azle’s first shaded playground,
•skateboard park, multi-use trails, open play space, and an amphitheater which is the
location of the City’s special events drawing thousands of people from surrounding areas,
yearly.  The pavilion, amphitheater, and gazebo are available for rent.
 •    park was developed and opened in 2008 as the City’s newest park. A majority of the
 park was donated for park use and funded through a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant.

EXISTING AMENITIES                       CONDITION                       COMMENTS
                             QUANTITY    GOOD   FAIR      POOR
Basketball Court                   1         √                   Resurface faded lines
Volleyball Court                   2         √
Skateboard Park                    1         √
Playground Equipment               2         √
Restrooms                          1         √
Pavilion                           1         √
Amphitheater                       1         √
Soccer Fields                      1         √
Picnic Tables                     10         √
Fitness Equipment                  9         √
Benches                           13         √
Signage                            2         √
Gazebo                             1         √
Trash Compactors                   2         √
Walking Path                       1                  √          Asphalt deteriorating
Shuffleboard Court                 1         √
Pickle Ball Court                  1         √

Dusk Park (3 Acres) –
Neighborhood Park

Dusk Park features playground, picnic table, and open space.

   EXISTING AMENITIES                   CONDITION                        COMMENTS
                          QUANTITY      GOOD     FAIR     POOR
Playground                    1          √
Bench                         1          √
Signage                       1          √

Melanie Park (3 Acres) –
Neighborhood Park
Melanie Park features a ball field, playground and picnic

   EXISTING AMENITIES                   CONDITION                        COMMENTS
                          QUANTITY      GOOD     FAIR     POOR
Ballfield                     1                       √
Playground                    3                       √

Pavilion                   1                    √
Signage                    1           √

Shady Grove Park (24 Acres) - Community Park
                               Shady Grove Park is located in the center of Azle and near
                               the southern shore of Eagle Mountain Lake. The park
                               features Azle’s 1st fully accessible Boundless Playground.
                               The playground allows children, parents and grandparents
                               with or without physical challenges to play together.
                               Shady Grove provides swimming, beach area, boat ramp
                               and a observation pier. The Parks Department offers City
                               Sponsored Softball Leagues throughout the year at this
                               park. Also, the park has a pavilion, tennis courts, and
                               three (3) lighted ball fields for rent.

   EXISTING AMENITIES               CONDITION                            COMMENTS
                        QUANTITY     GOOD     FAIR   POOR
Beach Area                 1                    √
Pier                       1          √
Ballfields                 3          √
Playground Equipment       2          √
Pavilion                   1          √
Restrooms                  2          √
Tennis Courts              2          √                     Resurface. Paint is fading.
Walking Path               1          √
Volleyball Court           1                    √           Needs sand
Picnic Tables             29          √
Benches                   13          √
Signage                    8          √                     Several information signs
                                                            needing replacement.

Melanie Park
 122 Melanie                 Shady Grove Park
                             1000 Stribling Drive

    Central Park
 263 West Main Street

                              Dusk Park
                             625 Dusk Park

                                 Ash Creek Park
                                 605 SE Parkway

Park Amenities
The Parks Department upholds a high level of standards when planning improvements for
Azle parks. There are certain type of amenities the department considers when planning
future park improvements. An example would be that playgrounds, benches, tables, and
drinking fountains be powder coated. This procedure retains a level of consistency
throughout the Azle park system.

There are higher quality benches installed at Central Park. The Production Series bench
offered by Victor Stanley is the exclusive bench to be installed at Central Park.

Athletic Maintenance
Athletic fields are maintained to meet safety required by field usage.

Drinking Fountains
Drinking fountains are kept operational and clean. Water fountains are inspected weekly.

General Maintenance
Parks are visually inspected daily for normal maintenance needs. Litter is removed on a
daily basis. Trash receptacles are emptied when they are half full or odor is noticeable.
Graffiti and vandalism issues are handled promptly.

Exercise Stations
Exercise stations are inspected monthly to ensure compliance, safety, and proper operation.

Irrigation Systems
The department is to maintain efficient and effective irrigation systems and adhere to the
City of Azle water restrictions. Irrigation repairs are to be initiated within 48 hours after a
problem is identified.

Playground Maintenance
Fall zone material is raked monthly so it is at a consistent level within the fall zone areas.
Fall zone material is to meet ASTM and National Playground Safety Institute Standards.
Playgrounds are to be inspected monthly.

Restroom Maintenance
Restrooms are to be clean and free of any debris or hazards, and utilities are functional.
Restrooms are to be free of graffiti. Paint is inspected and kept in good condition.
Restrooms are checked daily and cleaned twice a week.

Skateboard Park
The skateboard park is inspected weekly to ensure that ramps and rails are operating
properly, check for trip hazards, and remove any debris on the skate surface that may
create a hazard.

Tennis Courts
Monthly inspections are conducted to verify there are no holes, trip hazards, graffiti,
and/or debris on the playing surface. In addition, the department checks the condition of
the fences, verifies nets are free of tears and holes and support poles and net cables are
properly installed and secured.


The needs assessment is one of the most important factors of the planning stage.
Determining what deficiencies exist in the park system is crucial so that appropriate action
can be developed when addressing these deficiencies.

The City used several methods while gathering information regarding the needs of the park
system. First, the Board held a series of meetings requesting public input. Second, the City
developed a Citizen Survey to determine if the City is meeting the community’s needs.

National Recreation and Park Agency Performance
The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is the leading non-profit
organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recreation and conservation.
NRPA believes parks and recreation is used to improve a person’s potential by providing
them with facilities, services, and programs that meet the emotional, social and physical
needs of a community. NRPA not only values the community, but it takes a special interest
in every individual it affects.
To have a better understanding of our City parks, it’s important to know where we stand in
the industry. The 2017 NRPA Agency Performance Report contains data from 925 park
and recreation agencies. This report provided benchmarks on how cities compare to other
cities across the United States. Key findings from the 2017 NRPA Agency Performance
Review show that the typical park and recreation agencies should have 9.6 acres of park
land for every thousand residents in the jurisdiction. Generally, agencies that serve fewer
than 20,000 residents, typically have 10.5 acres per 1,000 residents, compared to 12.2
acres per 1,000 residents at jurisdictions serving more than 250,000 people. At the same
time, agencies serving jurisdictions between 100,000 and 250,000 people have 7.9 acres of
park land per 1,000 residents. Azle currently has 86 acres of parkland, or 7.1 acres per
1,000 residents.
In addition, NRPA recommends a minimum of 1 park per every 2,266 residents. The
number of people per park rises as the population of the town, city, county or region served
by the agency increases. At agencies located in jurisdictions with less than 20,000 residents,
the recommendation is one park for every 1,331 residents. Azle currently has 1 park for
every 2,418 residents.

Community Interest Survey
In March 2016, Staff and the Board developed a Community Interest Survey. Over 800
survey responses were documented by the service. The feedback obtained in the survey is
essential to understand the community’s opinions on parks, recreation, and facility needs
while establishing the City’s vision for the future.
Comments from the public are varied and address a wide range of park and recreation
needs. Respondents ranked a recreation center as the top priority with lighting the walking
trails second.

The survey provided major findings concerning the physical conditions of the parks, the
needs, and the community’s level of satisfaction. The survey results can be found in the

General Highlights of the Survey:

   •   65% of the respondents lived within the city limits.
   •   50% of the respondents visit Azle Parks several times a month.
   •   Nearly 70% of the respondents visited Central Park most often.
   •   80% of the respondents rated park conditions to be good (60%) or excellent (20%).
   •   61% of the respondents were either very satisfied (17%) or satisfied (44%) of the
       services provided by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Based on the results of the Community Interest Survey and parks need assessments listed
on the previous pages, the City has developed a plan to identify and address the needs in
the existing parks over the next five (5) years. The proposed park improvements as
indicated do not bind the City to any time lines or expenditures during future budgets and
are subject to change. Each year an annual review of the plan should be done by Staff and
the Board to report progress and accomplishments.

Listed below are the recommended park improvements for the next 5-year period. The
following items are identified as either a high or moderate priority. The priority of these
improvements is based on the needs assessment and discussions during meetings with
Staff and the Board. Cost estimates are based on 2017 projected costs.

Proposed Park Improvements
Ash Creek Park
Priority         Description      Cost          Potential        Time              Comments
 Level                          Estimate     Funding Source     Frame
Moderate   Replace 7 Picnic       $ 5,600   Grants,           2nd –3nd   • Tables in poor condition.
           Tables                           Donations,        year
                                            General Fund,
Moderate   Install Benches        $ 1,200   Grants,           2nd –3nd   • Lack of benches in Park.
                                            Donations,        year
                                            General Fund,
Moderate   Improve Senior         $34,000   Grants,           2nd -3rd   • Consider remodeling BJ Clark
           Citizen Facilities               Donations,        year         Annex Building to
                                            General Fund,                  accommodate the Senior
                                            Bond                           Citizen Program needs after
                                                                           Public Services is relocated.

Moderate   Install steps and                $8,000    Grants,           2nd -4th     • Install steps and sidewalk to
           sidewalk to pavilion                       Donations,        year           provide safer access to the
                                                      General Fund,                    pavilion.

Central Park
Priority   Description                    Cost         Potential         Time         Comments
Level                                     Estimate     Funding Source    Frame
High       Lighted Walking Paths           $60, 000    Grants,           2nd – 5th    • Ranked 2nd by survey
                                                       Donations,        Year           respondents as a need.
                                                       General Fund,
Moderate   Construct Splash Pad           $470,000     Grants,           1st – 5th    • Ranked 3rd by survey
                                                       Donations,        Year           respondents as a need.
                                                       General Fund,
Moderate   Add Restrooms near the         $130,000     Grants,           1st – 5th    • The department has received
           Playground                                  Donations,        Year           complaints that restroom
                                                       General Fund,                    facilities are too far from the
                                                       Bond                             basketball/playground area.
Moderate   Improve eroded drainage          $45,000    Grants,           1st – 5th    • Consider underground storm
           channel near playground                     Donations,        Year           drain near playground to
                                                       General Fund,                    eliminate the large ditch.
Moderate   Resurface basketball court       $25,650    Grants,           1st – 5th    • Lines are peeling.
                                                       Donations,        Year
                                                       General Fund

Dusk Park
Priority        Description               Cost            Potential        Time                 Comments
Level                                   Estimate       Funding Source     Frame
Moderate   Install additional               $5,000    Grants,           1st – 5th    • Consider adding playground
           playground                                 Donations,        Year           swings near existing
           equipment.                                 General Fund                     playground.

Shady Grove Park
Priority   Description              Cost              Potential         Time         Comments
Level                               Estimate          Funding Source    Frame
Moderate   Install Covered          $80,000           Grants,           1st – 5th    • Ranked 4th by survey
           Playground                                 Donations,        Year           respondents as a need.
                                                      General Fund,
Moderate   Improve drainage         $30,000           Grants,           1st – 5th    • Sidewalk culverts undersized.
           channel near                               Donations,        Year         • Ditch eroded between
           playground                                 General Fund,                    playground extending to
                                                      Bond                             sidewalk.
Moderate   Repair Sports            $5,000            Grants,           2nd – 3rd    • Hire contractor to repair lights
           Complex Field Lights                       Donations,        year           not working on field #2-#3.
                                                      General Fund

Additional Needs
The focus of this section is to provide additional recommendations that were outlined in
the park survey and/or requested by Staff or the Board. These recommendations may or
may not exist in Azle current park system.

Ash Creek Park
   • Request engineer study for drainage improvements.
   •   Renovate older restrooms.
   •   Repaint basketball court.
   •   Add walking paths.

Central Park
   •   Install lighting at basketball court.
   •   Resurface basketball court.

Melanie Park
   •   Address slopes and eroded areas.
   •   Add additional amenities.

Shady Grove Park
   •   Cover bleachers at Shady Grove Sports Complex.
   •   Convert observation pier into a fishing/boat dock.
   •   Resurface tennis courts.
   •   Cover tables along beach area.

Future Projects
   •   Dog Park
   •   Development of a citywide Hike and Bike Plan

This section identifies ways of funding the recommendations in the Master Plan. The
future park improvements listed in the Master Plan represent a significant investment in
the parks system preparing for the future growth over the next five (5) years. Recognizing
the importance, Staff and the Board will be committed to finding ways of funding the needs
listed in the Master Plan. Furthermore, the department will continue maintaining City
parks in order to meet the high standards that are expected by the community.

The sources listed below are various ways to fund the improvements.

General Fund
Taxpayer dollars, utility license fees, business license fees, interest income, and
miscellaneous revenues are deposited in the General Fund. The General Fund primarily
funds the parks’ maintenance and operations. In addition, General Fund dollars are used to
support other services such as police, fire, as well as planning community development and
administrative support services.


Bonds are a common source to fund construction, restoration, acquisition of land and
rights-of-way, and pay for related professional services. Bonds are usually supported by
property taxes or other local revenues.

Local Park Grants
Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) assists communities across Texas with recreation needs
and park activities. TPW offers 50% matching grants on a reimbursement basis to eligible
applicants. Once funded, all grant assisted sites must be dedicated as parkland in
perpetuity, properly maintained and open to the public.

Also, TPW administers the National Recreational Trails Fund in Texas under the approval
of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This federally funded program receives its
funding from a portion of federal gas taxes paid on fuel used in non-highway recreational
vehicles. The reimbursable grants can be up to 80% of project cost with a maximum of
$200,000 for non-motorized trail grants and a maximum award of $400,000 for motorized
(off-highway vehicle) trail grants. Funds can be spent on both motorized and non-
motorized recreational trail projects such as the construction of new recreational trails, to
improve existing trails, to develop trailheads or trailside facilities, and to acquire trail

Private Grants and Foundations
Private grants and foundations provide money for a wide range of projects. The vast
majority of these grants are to non-profit organizations. The Board should encourage
community support for such non-profit groups to help fund park improvements. These
grants often fund unique projects or projects that demonstrate extreme need.

Donations of labor, land, materials, or cash by service agencies, private groups, or
individuals is a popular way to raise money for specific projects. Service agencies often
fund small projects such as picnic shelters or playground improvements, or they may be
involved in larger aspects of park development. The majority of land at Central Park was
acquired through private donations.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
This is a Federal Grant Program offered to cities to assist funding public improvements.
The grant assists public facility improvements, including parks. CDBG monies are funded
in low and moderate income neighborhoods, and areas of people with special needs.

X.          APPENDIX
The appendix is not part of the Parks Master Plan but is for informational purposes only.

                    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
The City of Azle conducted a Community Interest Survey during the month of March 2016.
The purpose was to provide City Council and the Parks and Recreation Board with a better
understanding of the community’s needs and to serve as a tool to establish priorities for
future projects. In addition, the results provide direction as the Board updates the Parks
Master Plan.

The survey was created using “Survey Monkey” and was accessible through Face Book and
the City’s website. Also, printed surveys were distributed at the Azle Memorial Library and
the Azle Municipal Building.

The City’s objective was to collect at least 300 completed surveys. The amount collected
was extraordinary. The City received a total of 802 surveys. That is a 250% increase of
what was expected. The Park Board was a driving force behind this success. The Board
continued to remind and encourage citizens of the importance of completing the survey
throughout the month.
The following information summaries the questions and provides the results obtained from
the survey:

Ages in Household of the Respondents
Question 1. Respondents were
asked the number and age of          Answer Options                       Response Count
persons currently in their           1 - 9 years                                 337
household. The following             10 - 19 years                               369
summarizes the findings:             20 - 29 years                               198
                                     30 - 39 years                               268
                                     40 - 49 years                               311
                                     50 - 59 years                               211
                                     60 and up                                   165
                                     Respondents answered question                      802
                                     Respondents skipped question                         0

Determining if Respondent Lives within the City Limits
Question 2. Respondents were asked
if they live within the city limits. Over     Answer Options   Response Percent   Response Count
sixty-five percent (65%) of the
                                              Yes                   65.1%              520
respondents live within the city limits.      No                    34.9%              279
The following summarizes the findings:        Respondents answered question                  799
                                              Respondents skipped question                     3

Frequency Respondents Visited an Azle Park over the Past Year
Question 3. Respondents were asked how often they or members of their household that
have visited have visited Azle parks during the past year. Nearly fifty percent 50% of
respondent households that have visited Azle parks during the past year made a few trips
each month. The following summarizes the findings:

Answer Options     Response Percent            se
At least once a week    18.9%                 151
Few times a month       29.9%                 239
At least once a month   19.1%                 153
Few times a year        30.3%                 242
Never                    1.8%                  14
Respondents answered question                   799
Respondents skipped question                      3

Parks Visited Most Often
Question 4.     Respondents were
                                                                   Response          Response
asked which of the Azle parks do            Answer Options
                                                                    Percent           Count
they or members of their household
                                            Excellent                 19.8%            158
visit most often. Nearly seventy
                                            Good                      60.2%            480
percent (70%) of the respondent
                                            Fair                      17.7%            141
households visited Central Park
                                            Poor                       2.3%             18
most     often.   The     following
                                            Respondents answered question                    797
summarizes the findings:                    Respondents skipped question                       5

Rating the Physical Condition of Parks
Question 5. Respondent households that have visited Azle parks during the past year
were asked to rate the physical condition of all the parks they have visited. Eighty percent
(80%) of respondent households rated the physical condition of all the Azle parks they
have visited as either excellent (20%) or good (60%).The following summarizes key

Needs for Parks and Recreation Amenities
Question 6. From a list of 15 park and recreation facilities, respondents were asked to
indicate which ones they and members of their household have a need for. There are two
(2) parks and recreation facilities that over 40% of respondent household have a need for:
Recreation Center (47.17%) and lighting the existing walking paths (45.95%). The
following summarizes key findings:

                                    Not                                        Very         Response
Answer Options                                            Neutral
                                 Important                                   Important       Count
Recreation Center                 4.76%       5.66%       15.55%    26.86%    47.17%          778
Light Existing Walking Paths      5.53%       6.44%       17.12%    24.97%    45.95%          777
Splash Pad/Water Sprayground      6.92%       6.15%       22.44%     25.0%    39.49%          780
Add Shade Covers over Existing
Playgrounds                       8.27%       7.36%       18.09%    27.13%    39.15%
Hiking Trails
(Unimproved/Natural Surface)       5.14%       6.17%      21.21%    29.05%    38.43%
Public Pool                       15.36%       6.91%      19.33%    21.77%    36.62%          781
Additional Walking Paths           8.44%       7.27%      23.77%    28.31%    32.21%          770
Bike Trails                        7.85%       7.34%      28.57%    26.90%    29.34%          777
Dog Park                          27.65%       6.33%      26.10%    15.25%    24.68%          774
Additional Playgrounds            12.24%      10.16%      30.08%    28.78%    18.75%          768
Duck Pond at Ash Creek Park       17.50%       8.42%      34.87%    23.82%    15.39%          760
Additional Bleachers              19.13%      11.66%      37.09%    20.05%    12.06%          763
Additional Basketball Courts      18.95%      14.47%      37.63%    17.11%    11.84%          760
Equestrian Trails                 32.81%      12.12%      34.65%    10.54%     9.88%          759
Pickleball Courts                 38.04%      11.69%      40.99%     4.70%     4.57%          744
Respondents answered question                                                                       800
Respondents skipped question                                                                          2

Most Important Park and Recreation Amenities
Question 7. From a list of 15 park and recreation facilities listed on question 6,
respondents were asked to select the four (4) facilities that are most important to them and
members of their households. Based on the sum of their top 4 choices, splash pad/water
sprayground (20.26%) was ranked the highest. The following summarizes key findings:

                     Splash                                    Hiking Trails
Answer    Dog                     Public     Recreation                            Bike     Equestrian
                   Pad/Water                               (Unimproved/Natural
Options   Park                     Pool        Center                              Trails     Trails
                  Sprayground                                    Surface)
1st       4.87%     20.26%        17.69%      14.36%                8.59%          2.18%      0.38%
2nd       7.66%     15.19%        17.27%      15.97%                9.61%          7.40%      1.69%
3rd       4.74%     10.13%        6.97%       14.08%                9.87%          8.68%      2.37%
4th       6.61%      7.83%        4.59%       10.26%                10.26%         7.96%      2.02%

                        Light        Add Shady
            Pond                                  Additional   Additional
 Answer                Existing     Covers over                              Additional    Additional
            at Ash                                 Walking     Basketball
 Options               Walking        Existing                              Playgrounds    Bleachers
            Creek                                   Paths        Courts
                        Paths       Playgrounds

 1st        1.54%       7.95%           6.15%       2.69%       1.03%         1.41%             0.26%
 2nd        2.21%       7.92%           8.18%       4.42%       0.39%         0.91%             0.52%
 3rd        4.87%      12.24%           8.95%       7.89%       2.50%         5.13%             1.32%
 4th        5.67%      13.23%           10.80%      8.50%       3.51%         5.26%             2.70%
 Respondents answered question                                                                     780
 Respondents skipped question                                                                       22

Interest of Different Type of Recreation Programs

Question 8. From a list of nine recreation activities, respondents were asked to indicate
which ones they and members of their household have interest for. Fitness was ranked the
highest at that over 50%. The following summarizes key findings:

Answer Options                Not Interested      Interested    Very Interested    Response Count
Arts and Craft                   20.49%            45.14%          34.37%               771
Fitness                           5.72%            39.66%          54.62%               769
Dance                            37.35%            36.30%          26.34%               763
Tennis                           50.79%            31.35%          17.86%               756
Youth - Dancing                  45.02%            31.08%          23.90%               753
Youth - Fitness                  25.53%            37.11%          37.37%               760
Youth - Creative Learning        24.47%            36.97%          38.55%               760
Adult - Softball Leagues         47.35%            30.37%          22.28%               754
Adult – Volleyball               47.22%            32.14%          20.63%
Respondents answered
question                                                                                  788
Respondents skipped
question                                                                                    14

Respondents Interest of Additional Recreation Programs
Question 9. Respondents were asked to list any other recreation activities of interest that
were not listed on question 8.
  #   Responses










10   kids cooking

11   CP needs trash for pet waste, dogs on leash

12   T-Ball for small children. CPR and other medical emergency classes. Swimming lesson classes to prevent drowning.

13   Photography

14   Activities for the youth

15   None

16   Forgo spending more money on new things and spend money hiring security to monitor the questionable people who hang
     out at these places.

17   Pavilions

18   More to do for disabled adults

19   Fire ant control at shady Grove playground

20   Maybe add more equipment on the playgrounds we have.

21   Add free Wifi to local parks and city center for educational and emergency uses.

22   Adult basketball league

23   City togetherness, as in city sports where anyone can sign up to compete in multiple sports or activities and have a winner or
     a group winner just to bring the community together and have a better bond of such a great small town. :) it could be a fun
     break for everyone to relax and have a good time.

24   Dodgeball youth and their parents

25   More tennis courts and improvement to the existing tennis courts.

26   New tennis courts at the jr high! And new and improved tennis courts... Also control speeders driving thur shady grove park!

27   N/A

28   We are in dire need of better Tennis facilities. A Tennis league would be awesome.


30   A tennis league

31   more tennis courts

32   Improve tennis courts at the high school

33   I don't know

34   More tennis courts

35   Improved tennis courts

36   Tennis courts

37   Bowling Alley

38   Public lighted fishing pier at Shady Grove. Extended hours at Shady Grove for boaters & fishermen for before/after daylight use.

39   The tennis courts need back boards so people can practice when they don't have a partner to play! Suggested before and mayor
     said it sounded easy, not pricey, and not a problem--but still no action.

40   Pay attention to emerging trends in the Park and Recreation is dying, dog parks are useful in areas with high
     concentrations of multi-family residences but seem wasteful in our community. Soccer/futsal is on the rise, paddle sports continue
     to explode and attention should be paid to emerging segments. Azle has a few unique resources such as lake access and an
     attractive creek flowing through the middle of town, but utilization by the City is minimal.

41   bowling, laser tag, movie theature, chain restaurant, starbucks, chickfila

42   Extend the path from Central Park clear to 199. New bridge area is beautiful and could be real attraction. That entire path could be
     tied in to local downtown events as it could be quite nice.

43   Aunt control Mosquito control Landscape the parks we have

44   Figure out a way to keep the swim area at Shady Grove park family friendly.

45   I think Azle is fine the way it is

46   Security Lighting on walkways, security and ticketing of garbage. Park are not safe on weekends especially Shady Grove by the

47   Trade Days and or Farmers Market Also more cleanliness and less drunks and trashy behavior

48   group fitness events

49   NA

50   Bowling and skating rink needed!

51   Better police/park officers presence. There has been several times I've witnessed young adults/teens using very foul language,
     smoking, and bulling younger children. Especially in the skate park & basketball area.

52   Senior low impact exercise class cheap or free for low income

53   Senior fitness

54   Racquetball courts

55   A Boys & Girls Club would be great and is so needed.

56   Fishing at shady grovr park

57   All Parks need more security and patrols. People leave garbage and dog poop in kids areas.

58   Little area for my senior dogs to enjoy, shade tree and a bench were We can sit and enjoy each other watching our dogs... It's a
     long drive to these other parks
59   Large dog park small and large dog section

60   Salt Water Pool because of the Health Issues effected by Chlorine, Very Important to me & our family of 10 plus. Indoor Public
     pool for AHS Swim Team to practice during winter, & for people (senior adults), to do swim aerobics & swim laps w/ arthritis,
     fibromyalgia, etc. ** I also Highly Suggest a recreation center to occupy the time of children & teens during the summertime; that
     can Also be used as Wedding/ Party Venue, on weekday, & weekends, in the evenings. * I feel that a public pool, & recreation
     center, is a way to give employment to teens year round. I feel parents or a guardian must attend w/chidren under the age of 12.
     In case of Emergency cards should be filled out by parents for Every child/ teen attending the recreation center & public pool.
     Also, a wristband for adults, that matches their ICE card, while swimming; in case of injury, heart attack, stroke, etc. * I feel there
     can be a way to charge a fee for those that can afford it, to use the swimming pool. Cheaper to pay a yearly membership, than
     daily use. (Families that show proof of Food Stamps, seniors & elderly receiving Social Security/ disability, no charge). People
     from Boyd, Lake Worth, Springtown, etc., pay higher fee/ membership. People must show proof of current address, ID, & report
     card for proof of child attending AISD. * I encourage Fund Raisers & donations from local businesses to help pay for teens
     employed for swimming pool & recreation centers. Fund raiser suggestions: selling sodas, popcorn, bottled water, hot dogs, &
     nachos at the music in the park events, and also at the swimming pool, recreation center, etc.

61   Camping what happened to that park?

62   Photography, Geneology

63   place to temporarily beach boats at Shady Grove without rocks

64   Roller skating, bowling, amusement park

65   Add sidewalk wide and long enough for rollerblading. A trail fot rollerblading would be great♡We just moved here and can't seem
     to find anywhere local.

66   Water park

67   Martial Arts Classes for Adults & Children, such as TaeKwonDo. (WTF preferably b/c it opens the door for Olympic Dreams)
     Competitive Swimming. (Also opens the door for Olympic Dreams)

68   Park is awesome, I go at least 2-3 times a week, it's always clean and maintenance folkes very nice

69   serve free lunch at park

70   Self defense safety

71   Sidewalks

72   Adult basketball leagues

73   Fitness is important to get this generation of gamers out the house and moving to help prevent obesity, diabetes, high blood help keep our community as healthy as possible

74   A dog park could have dog training classes and agility courses.

75   Safety at our public parks is my top concern.

76   Sand volley ball court

77   Transportation for elderly and disabled. Training courses for adults out of work.

78   Swimming pool would bring a lot of people to area

79   Adult baseball leagues. And a pitching mound on one of the shady grove park fields.

80   More covered Pavilions for events. Adults can cause such a seen in front of kids (their own and others) when they don't want to

81   Low cost sports for children and more organized children's activities

82   photography class

83   Clean up Azle!!

84   More covered shelters and picnic areas

85   Skating rink open again! Please please, so many of us wish it were back!

86   Work with the school district & UIL to make public pool that would also be competition quality. This would ensure more use.

87   Improve boat launch area, fishing pier Make city lake access's destinations to enjoy the lake once more

88   A place for young adults to hang out at.

89   Bike Rentals near Bike Paths would be a hit! Like what the Bike rentals at Trinity Park.

90   There isn't enough activities to keep our children/youth busy outside of school to prevent them from getting into trouble. Any
     improvement would be great Security is extremely important as well.

91   More lights on basket ball courts

92   More picnic table s and places to sit at Central Park.

93   Need more parkInc at central park.

94   If there were a rev center adult dance and classes like sewing, cooking, canning, survival, camping.

95   Flag football league Boot camps Pilates

96   Redo/clean up bathrooms especially Shady Grove

97   More picnic covers set in different parts of central park, Tks

98   Get little leagues in the city limits.

99   An area outside that we could plug our laptops in while using wifi...

100   Soccer

101   Gardening

102   Adult basketball league

103   Landscaping classes

104   Would like more water fountains


106   Na

107   Possibly security, one time a strange man was taking pictures of me and my daughter

108   A Rec center like the ones in Hurst or Grapevine would be fantastic. They have a gym, pool, and spaces available to hold classes,
      or can be rented for community events. We have rented the Annex Center in the past for events, but the venue is outdated.
      Thanks for ding this survey!!!!

109   I can remember as a child there being a community pool here it didn't last but it was nice. A water park and or look would be
      awesome...small movie theater would be really nice also??

110   Develop Roesser Park for community access by foot and by boat

111   Bowling Skating

112   Not sure where, but a duck pond at ash creek, will interfere with Disc Golf, as well as be somewhat difficult to maintain, as that is a
      flood plain, and last season was flooded the majority of the summer.

113   More picnic tables and benches

114   Turn the flood plane behind the bj Clark into bike trails.

115   Disk golf course

116   More lake access. Shady Grove isn't sufficient for the population visiting in summer months.

117   Don't have any suggestions on recreation activities but improving the restroom facilities would be welcome!!!

118   Sidewalks all over Azle would be awesome!

119   Photography hikes/walks

120   Dog training

121   Water Aerobics Yoga/Pilates

122   Skating ring or bowling ally

123   Lake side improvements, boat dock improvement

124   Cater to 50 plus people

125   Roads need repair

126   It would be awesome if someone would re open the skating rink! It would give the kids around here something to keep them busy
      on the weekends instead of out finding trouble to get into!!!
127   Increased security

128   Adult biking groups

129   We need to have a recreation center like the City of Hurst and Euless Bedford. Classes in fitness and indoor pool for water
      aerobics etc... I would even teach a class!

130   Better lake facilities at shady grove

131   Community get together

132   Youth and adult yoga

133   Get rid of ant infestation at Shady Grove. The mulch attracts them. Rubberized solid surface would be ideal.

134   Self defense class

135   Youth and adult basketball

136   Golf driving range

137   Community garden, more fitness centers that offer child care while you work out.

138   Self development class

139   Senior's accessable indoor heated exercise pool

140   Add sidewalks from library to park grounds

141   Water hole in dogs park

142   N/A

143   Yoga

144   Racket ball

145   Yoga

146   Plant fruit trees

147   Dog park

148   Open the skating rink

149   Better cleanliness and security at parks. Too many drunks at Shady Grove and dog poop at Central Park

150   basketball gym

151   Adult kickball leagues

152   Music. Community BBQ or something to get to know people in your community

153   Pay to fix the KMart so someone will buy it. Or demo it and create space or something else. Same with skating rink. Need to get
      rid of eye sores.

154   More family stuff

155   Ponds

156   Flag Football, indoor soccer

157   The Parks need more security and control over the garbage, dog poop, and smoking in the parks. There are way too many weird
      people in the park

158   Dog activities and events. Frisbee tournament.... rally....agility events hosting

159   We don't need a dog park. Dogs don't pay taxes. We need a pool.

160   Updating Disc golf maps would be appreciated

161   Organized activities for pre-teens and facilities /location for organizations to hold functions indoor and outdoor activities. The
      Emanuel building and Shady grove park are not always the best venue for some groups.

162   The boat docking situation at Shady grove is very inadequate.

163   Kill the ants on walking trails.

164   I have none

165   NA

166   I think we as a community do a lot of things on main street for the entire family but I would like to see more kid friendly vendors
      and less home based sale vendors.

167   The drainage and road problems need to be fixed. Parks need more secuity.

168   Family activity like bowling, skating rink etc

169   Need more security/lighting in the parks. They are too dangerous to enjoy in the evenings

170   None

  171   Adult water aerobics.

  172   Reopen Roesser Park!

  173   Please fix the pot holes on JD Johnson Rd. In Shady Grove park

  174   Just need more things for kids to safely do and while people argue that teens need things to do, you can give them things but the
        parents need to be monitoring them and ensuring they aren't up to vandalism.
  175   The adult softball program needs an overhaul. Information is hard to come by, leagues constantly delayed, etc.

  176   A boat dock at Shady Grove or add something usable to the pier. You must have somewhere to dock your boat and the pier is to
        high and the shore has rip rock that will damage your boat.

  177   Low cost youth tennis lessons

  178   Little league is running out of practice locations. Need a few more backstops at the local parks.

  179   Connect parks with trails

  180   Use volunteer workforce to build some of it to foster community involvement.

  181   No dog park (potential fir dumping unwanted pets) but more poop baggie stations are appreciated.

Park Amenities Respondents Used Most
Question 10. From a list of 12 various parks and recreation facilities, respondents were
asked to indicate which ones they and members of their household have used during the
past 12 months. The parks and recreation facilities that have been used by the highest
percentage of respondents are: walking paths (83.7%) and playgrounds (71.6%). The
following summarizes key findings:

               What facilities have you or members of your family used over the past 12

Level of Satisfaction from Azle Parks and Recreation Department
Question 11. Respondents were asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with the
overall value their household receives from parks and recreation services in Azle. Sixty-
one percent (61%) of respondents indicated being either very satisfied (17.1%) or satisfied
(43.6%) with the overall value their household receives from the City of Azle Parks and
Recreation Department. The following summarizes key findings:

Answer Options                       Response Percent      Response Count

Very satisfied                             17.1%                136
Satisfied                                  43.6%                347
Somewhat satisfied                         30.7%                244
Somewhat disappointed                       5.5%                 44
Disappointed                                2.4%                 19
Very disappointed                           0.8%                  6
Respondents answered question                                          796

Respondents answered question                                            6

Programs Respondents attended offered by Special Events
Question 11. Respondents were asked to indicate which special events they and members
of their household attended over the past 12 months. The following summarizes key

Answer Options                                       Percent That Attended Event   Response Count

Music in the Park                                              59.9%                    470
Movie in the Park                                              28.7%                    225
I did not attend any of the City's special events.             36.1%                    283
Respondents answered question                                                                 785
Respondents skipped question                                                                   17

Respondents Requesting Additional Special Event Programs
Question 12. Respondents were asked to list any other type of special event activities of
interest they would like to see the program offer not listed on question 11. (Question 12 is
attached to end of document).
  #     Responses                                                                               Date

  1     MUSIC, CRAFT FAIRS                                                                      4/8/2016
                                                                                                9:50 AM
  2     MORE MUSIC, DANCING,ETC.                                                                4/8/2016
                                                                                                9:48 AM
  3     MORE MUSIC EVENTS; FITNESS EVENTS(RACES)                                                4/8/2016
                                                                                                9:45 AM
  4     LOCAL SCHOOL BAND CONCERTS                                                              4/8/2016
                                                                                                9:26 AM
  5     FAMILY DAY                                                                              4/8/2016
                                                                                                9:15 AM
  6     RACES FOR ALL AGES                                                                      4/7/2016
                                                                                                1:38 PM
  7     PLUGING IN THE PARK                                                                     4/7/2016
                                                                                                1:34 PM
  8     VARIOUS SPEAKERS                                                                        4/7/2016
                                                                                                1:30 PM


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