Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Media-Data 2018 Specialist Magazine for the work protection trade and for decision makers of industry, economy and administration 6 Issues Price List No. 6 2018

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

2 Contents Ergonomie Markt: Price list 4 Format plan 7 Magazin profile 8 Editorial and topic schedule 9 Circulation and distribution analysis 10 Readers-structure-analysis 12 Media-profile 17 Short discription of the evaluation method 17 Special Insertions: Top partner campaign 18 Adverttising-test 19 EM-Direkt Campaign 20 Seminars 21 Corporate films 21 Ad banner spaces 22 Flash-Newsletter 23 Internet guide 23 Trade fair Issue: Special trade fair issue for “Arbeitschutz Aktuell” 24 References: Clients` list 26

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Overview page: 4 page: 22 page: 23 3

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Price List No. 6 November 2017, valid from 1.1.2018 P 4 1. Print run: 7.031 copies, IVW-verified (2nd Quarter 2017) 2. Magazine size: Magazine size: 210 mm wide, 297 mm high (DIN A4), Type area: 179 mm wide, 262 mm high 3. Technical data: Printing method: Offset, Binding: Perfect binding Programms for digital mechanicals: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign Data please send: PDF/X-3 via E-Mail to Please note for colour advertisements: Binding colour reproduction cannot be guaranteed without a proof.

We cannot admit any complaints in case of incomplete or erroneous data/printing material. Should you have any further questions or transmission problems please call: +49(0)7453/9385787 Graphics department: Ingmar Micheel 4. Publication dates: 6 issues Publication dates and avertising deadline: See Editorial and Publication Schedule 5. Publishing house: Knittler Medien GmbH Mittlerer Hubweg 5, 72227 Egenhausen Tel.: +49(0)7453/9385787 | Fax: +49(0)7453/9385797 Web: | E-Mail: 6. Terms of payment: Net within 30 days from the date of invoice, 2 % discount within 10 days Bank details: Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw, sort code 66650085, account no.

4840879 IBAN-No. DE92666500850004840879 BIC: PZHS DE 66

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Price List Special surcharges: front cover package (front cover+ 1/2 page 4c) 2.990€ Inside front cover or outside back cover 4-c 2.680 € Bleed, gutter bleed and binding placement regulations: 10 % of basic rate Special advertisements: Price for the campaign “Top Partner“ (Issue 1/2018) one page 1.805 € Special price Internet guide (1/4 page, 4-c) 390 € Job advertisements: 50 % off basic rate “Employment wanted” advertisements: 70 % off basic rate Price per mm: 42 mm wide (single-column) = 3,50 € 5 Advertisement Width x height in mm (type area / bled off) Format b/w 2-colour 4-colour 1/1 page 179x262 / 210x297 Portrait format € 1.690 € 2.010 € 2.575 Juniorpage 179x175 / 210x199 118x262 / 132x297 Landscape format Portrait format € 1.135 € 1.395 € 2.010 1/2 page 179x131 / 210x155 88x262 / 102x297 Landscape format Portrait format € 825 € 1.030 € 1.505 1/3 page 179x88 / 210x112 57x262 / 72x297 Landscape format Portrait format € 570 € 785 € 1.030 1/4 page 179x65 42x262 88x131 Landscape format Portrait format Double-column € 425 € 610 € 900 1/8 page 179x33 88x65 42x131 Landscape format Double-column Portrait format € 210 € 395 € 395 1/16 page 88x32 42x60 Double-column Portrait format € 105 € 260 € 260 Magazine size: ISO A4 210 mm wide, 297 mm high · Type area: 179 mm wide, 262 mm high

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Price List No. 6 November 2017, valid from 1.1.2018 P 6 7. Special advertisements: Advertisements in the ERGONOMIE MARKT source of supply: 42 mm wide (single-column). This price includes the publication on our website which has over 25,037 page impressions a month. If you want to link to your website the price is 2.00 € 4c per mm. 8. Seminar advertisements: The Seminars are printed in the seminar category and published on, the price for one seminar is 20,00 € /monthat 9. Discount: Staggered repeat discount. Starting from the first publication of the advertisement: Frequency discount rate: 3 ads 3%, 6 ads 5% Volume discount rate: 3 pages 10%, 6 pages 15% 10.

Combinations: In bookings in different publications in the same order year (e. g. Reinigungs Markt, Gebäudereiniger) frequency discounts are granted as follows: 2 publications 3% in 3 publications 5 %, in 4 publications 10%. 11. Bound inserts: 2 pages (1 sheet) 3.400,– € 4 pages (2 sheets) 5.800,– € Delivery 14 days before issue. Send sample to publisher with order. Format: Untrimmed size 216 mm wide, 303 mm high. Multi-page inserts should be folded to this size. 12. Loose inserts: (not discountable) Up to 25 g (= 7.000 copies) 1.285,– € incl. printing 1.685,– € For each additional 25 g 885,– € Delivery 14 days before issue.

Send sample to publisher with order. Max. sheet size: 205 mm wide x 290 mm high.

13. Tip-on cards: on request 14. Mailing address for bound/loose inserts: on request

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Format plan P 7 All formats are final formats. Bled off advertisments need to have additional 3 mm bleed. 1/8 double-column Width: 88 mm Height: 65 mm 1/4 Portrait Width: 42 mm Height: 262 mm 1/3 Landscape Width: 179 mm Height: 88 mm 1/4 Landscape Width: 179 mm Height: 65 mm 1/3 Portrait Width: 57 mm Height: 262 mm 1/2 Landscape Width: 179 mm Height: 131 mm 1/2 Portrait Width: 88 mm Height: 262 mm 1/8 Landscape Width: 179 mm Height: 33 mm 1/8 Portrait Width: 42 mm Height: 131 mm Junior-Page Width: 133 mm Height: 179 mm 1/1 Width: 179 mm Height: 262 mm 1/3 Landscape bled off Width: 210 mm Height: 112 mm 1/1 bled off Width: 210 mm Height: 297 mm 1/2 Landscape bled off Width: 210 mm Height: 155 mm Junior-Page bled off Width: 147mm Height: 203 mm 2/1 bled off Width: 420 mm Height: 297 mm 2/1 Width: 392 mm Height: 262 mm In case of texts and pictures running across the gutter, please note that – due to perfect binding – in the gutter next to the 3 mm bleed per page (trim margin) another approx.

3 mm per page are not optimally legible and therefore have to be laid out overlapping.

Front cover bled off Width: 154 mm Height: 228 mm 1/4 double- column W: 88 mm H: 131 mm 1/3 Portrait bled off Width: 72 mm Height: 297 mm 1/2 Portrait bled off Width: 102 mm Height: 297 mm

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

1. Brief profile ERGONOMIE MARKT is a specialist Magazine for the work protection and cleaning trade and covers news, innovations and principal themes, especially out of the market segments “personal protective equipment”, “work protection” and products for the requirements of the working place to make work easier or to prevent accidents or chronic diseases. Main target group are specialist dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, means the wholegerman-speaking area.

The other important target groups are top-decision-maker from the industry, economy and administration (see circulation –and recipients-structure). We espacially target work öabour directors and the person in charge for the corporate health management.

2. Volume/year: 6th year/2018 3. Frequency of publication: 6 issues 4. Web: 5. Memberships: IVW, SZV und VDZ 6. Organ: ECN, Corporate Health Netzwerk, Corporate Health Award 7. Publisher & Chief editor: Reinhard Knittler ( 8. CEO: Daniel Knittler ( 9. Publishing house: Knittler Medien GmbH Mittlerer Hubweg 5, 72227 Egenhausen Tel.: +49 (0)74 53/9 38 57 87 Fax: +49 (0)74 53/9 38 57 97 10. Editors: Andreas Rubisch Volker Beck, M.A., Daniel Faust, 11. Advertising assistent: Christine Egeler, Mirjam Knittler, Petra Mayer, Marion Renz 12.

Advertising Sales: Martina Wurster Brief profile 1 8

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

Main Topics Edition Special insertion Trade Fairs Closing date (CD) Publishing date (PD) 1/2018 2/2018 3/2018 4/2018 5/2018 6/2018 CD: 26.01.2018 PD: 16.02.2018 CD: 23.03.2018 PD: 13.04.2018 CD: 17.05.2018 PD: 07.06.2018 CD: 29.06.2018 PD: 20.07.2018 CD: 20.09.2018 PD: 11.10.2018 CD: 20.11.2018 PD: 12.12.2018 Top Partner of the work protection sector Copy test 2018 Product data base EM direct InservFM: 27.02 - 01.03. in Frankfurt/Germany Tag der Arbeitssicherheit: 08. - 09.03. in Fellbach/Germany Tage der Ergonomie: 09. - 10.03. in Friedrichshafen/Germany Logimat: 13. - 15.03. in Stuttgart/Germany Light & Building: 18.

- 23.03. in Frankfurt/Germany Personal Swiss & Corporate Health: 17. - 18.04. in Zürich/Switzerland Corporate Health Convention: 24. - 25.4. in Stuttgart/Germany Rettmobil: 16. - 18.05. in Fulda/Germany UV skin care products Protection against noise and vibration Ergonomics in the office Safe height acces technics Safety clothes and corporate fashion Workplace mats Foot and knee protection Hand and skin protection at work Pure air at work Safety goggles/face protection Ergonomic workplace systems Selection of working gloves Safety shoes Protective clothing against heat and flame stress Ergonomic solutions for standing/seated work Workplace lighting Safety gloves First aid at the workplace Selection of work clothes Ergonomics in the industrial sector and assembly Ergonomic Tools Use and selection of hearing protection PPE – Fall protection Corporate fashion and work safety Arbeitsschutz Aktuell: 23.

- 25.10. in Stuttgart/Germany Orgatec: 23. - 27.10. Cologne/Germany Prevention and Corporate Health Management Industry 4.0 Challenges for work safety Anniversary edition 5 years of Ergonomie Markt Print run: 10,000 copies Platformers Days: 14. - 15.09. in Hohenroda/Germany Zukunft Personal: 11. - 13.09. in Cologne/Germany Trade Fair Issue Arbeitsschutz Aktuell Arbeits Sicherheit Schweiz: 19. - 21.06. in Bern/Switzerland Editorial and Publication Schedule T

Media-Data 2018 - 6 Issues Price List No. 6

13. Purchase Price: Annual subscription € 48,00 (incl. VAT) Single issue € 10,00 (incl. VAT) 14. ISSN: 2195-5506 15. Volume analysis: 6/2016 to 5/2017 = 6 issues Magazine size: ISO DIN A4, 210 x 297 mm Total pages: 440 = 100,00 % Editorial section: 312,88 = 71,11 % Advertising section: 127,13 = 28,89 % Loose inserts: 10 16. Content analysis by the Editor: Personal Protective Equipment 39,87 12,7% Ergonomics in the office 29,64 9,5% Ergonomics at the industrial workplace 42,46 13,6% Work protection work safety 42,07 13,4% Trade fair reports and products 50,75 16,2% News from the industry 32,07 10,2% Corporate Health Management 23,89 7,6% Business management+IT+Law+ Professional training 20,8 6,6% Editorial 6 1,9% Association News 9,33 3,0% Contents + Preview + Imprint 16 5,1% Total (6/2016 bis 5/2017) 312,88 100% 17.

Circulation audit: 18. Circulation analysis: Copies per issue/average for 01.07.16 – 30.06.17 Print run: 7,063 Total circulation: 6,752 other countries: 750 Archive and personal copies: 311 Circulation and distribution analysis 2 10

I II IIIa IIIb IV VI VII V Circulation and distribution analysis 2 11 19. Geographical distribution analysis: Copies % Germany total 6,002 100,0 Nielsen-Area l 0786 13,09 Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Bremen Nielsen-Area ll 01,290 21,49 North Rhine-Westphalia Nielsen-Area llla 0906 15,09 Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland Nielsen-Area lllb 01,030 17,16 Baden-Wuerttemberg Nielsen-Area lV 01,002 16,69 Bavaria Nielsen-Area V 00.384 6,39 Berlin Nielsen-Area Vl 00.235 3,91 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt Nielsen-Area Vll 00.349 5,81 Thuringia, Saxony other countries 0750 thereof: Austria 302 Switzerland 348 other European countries 86 Overseas 14 Total circulation: 6,752

Print run and recipients-structure-analysis ERGONOMIE MARKT ist published six times a year with a total print run of 7,000 copies each. It is a new specialist magazine with the main target groups work protection trade and top decision makers of industry, economy and administration for ergonomic products. Recipients-Structure Copies  Work protection trade and technical trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2,100  Specialized cleaning trade 550  Working directors and decision makers in the industry (limited companies) 1,750  Decision makers of assurances, banks and trade 1,300  Decision makers of municipalities and federal and regional authorities 926  Scaffolders 225  Archive and specimen copies 176 Total circulation 7,000 Readers-structure-analysis 3L 12

Readers-structure-analysis first recipients 3L How many employees work at your workplace (without any other subsidiaries or branch offices and as appropriate headquarters)? 0 10 20 30 40 50 under 20 employees 20 up to 49 employees 50 up to 99 employees 100 up to 199 employees 200 up to 499 employees over 500 employees not specified % 40,2% 13,0% 11,0% 9,4% 11,0% 13,8% 1,6% 13

What is your completed vocational training or graduation? 0 5 10 15 20 25 completed vocational training craftsman's examination German „Fachschulabschluss“ university of applied sciences degree university degree PhD thesis / habilitation other not specified % 11,0% 5,5% 11,0% 24,8% 30,7% 2,4% 2,8% 11,8% 14 Readers-structure-analysis first recipients 3L

How many people – except you – read your copy of Ergonomie Markt in your company regularly? 0 10 20 30 40 50% no further readers 1-2 readers 3-4 readers 5+ readers not specified 45,3% 20,1% 23,6% 8,7% 2,4% 15 Readers-structure-analysis first recipients 3L

Media-profile 4 Chance of contact per page Share in the investigated readers (%) total or almost total 34,8 approx. three quarters 15,0 approx. half of the magazine 15,4 approx. one quarter 13,7 only few pages 17,6 (almost) no pages 3,1 no data supplied 0,4 total 100,0 Chance of contact per page: 59% Importance of topics Share in the investigated readers (%) very important important less important unimportant News 13,6 48,2 29,8 8,4 Trade fair reports 13,1 50,8 26,2 9,9 Work Protection Work Safety 46,6 41,9 8,9 2,6 Conference / Congress 8,9 26,3 40,5 24,2 Personal Protective Equipment 39,3 33,5 13,6 13,6 Ergonomics at the industrial workplace 35,6 40,8 17,8 5,8 Preview for trade fairs 15,3 39,5 34,2 11,1 16 Title profile Share in the investigated readers (%) to the point to some extent incorrect gives total and complete information 43,6 52,8 3,6 professional and capable 66,2 32,8 1,0 reports objectively and professionally 51,6 41,9 6,5 on the spot 64,8 33,7 1,5 reports in a critical way 20,9 62,1 16,9 extremely readable and understandable 87,9 11,1 1,0 diversified/entertaining 34,9 53,6 11,5 clearly-arranged 70,1 24,7 5,2 should be recommended 72,8 25,1 2,1 contains useful product advertisements 63,5 30,7 5,7 can not be replaced by another magazine 19,4 59,4 21,2 reference figure: 6,063 readers

Short discription of the evaluation method Readership analysis through Evaluation by phone and written – sample Total amount of recipients: All adresses are based in a recipients data 6,022 Day of the sample draft: 25.11.2016 Description of the sample: Simple random choice First sample (used adresses) 1,351 quality neutral failures 597 Cleared brutto sample 754 = 100 % qualitative failures aborts 4 Total rejection 298 Target person could not be reached after ten contacts 198 realised interviews 254 = 34 % Target person for the survey: first recipients of the magazine „Ergonomie Markt“ Time space of the survey: written: 05.12.2016 to 28.02.2017 telephonically: 02.03.2017 to 08.06.2017 Realisation of the survey: Bonner Institut für Markt-, Meinungs-, Absatz- und Sozialforschung marmas bonn GmbH/Germany 17 Short description of the evaluation method for the readership analysis

Kurzcharakteristik Top Partner Campaign in Issue 1/2018 Concept Under the motto “Top Partner” we offer you the opportunity to present your product range and concepts – on one or two pages – in the Issue 1/2018. Take advantage of this campaign to introduce your company as a powerful partner to the readers of ERGONOMIE MARKT. Additional, your page(s) are one year online on There are about 25,037 Page Impressions per month (October 2017) on These are 300,444 Page Impressions in one year for you.

And here’s how it works: You provide us a brief, written description of your company, philosophy and • product range a reproducible (ready-to-print) master of your corporate logo • as well as a small selection of photos (single products/total • product range/factory, etc.) Our copy and layout experts will design your presentation in close cooperation with you.

An one-page presentation costs € 1.805 and a double page costs € 3.605. All prices are are not discountable. Issue: 1/2018 Closing Date: 26.01.2018 Contact: +49(0)7453/9385787 Special advertisement occasions 18

Kurzcharakteristik 2018 Copy Test Special advertisement occasions 19 Advertising Test in Issue 4/2018 Concept The test shows how your advertisement comes across to the reader and how you could possibly improve your advertising. In the advertising test readers rate the advertisements published in ERGONOMIE MARKT (minimum size 1/3 page). For this purpose a questionnaire is enclosed with this issue of ERGONOMIE MARKT. As an additional incentive, every participating reader will receive a small gift. Rating criteria Each advertisement (minimum size 1/3 page) is rated according to the following criteria: • How well does it attract attention? • How great is its appeal? • Does it provide valuable information? • What is the degree of activation? Benefits for the advertiser ‘ Your advertisement will attract great attention ‘ Longer dwelling time on your advertisement ‘ Feedback on the effect of your advertisement (also in comparison with competitors’ ads) ‘ Individual rating also with regard to target groups (does a ‘ hospital administrator rate your advertisement differently than the owner of a cleaning company?) and functions (does a general manager rate the advertisement differently than an administrator?) ‘ Free service for advertisers: The advertisement price includes the conduction, evaluation and documentation of the test ‘ The top ads will be awarded a certificate Our next advertising test is on Issue: 4/2018 Closing Date: 29.06.2018 Contact: +49(0)7453/9385787

Concept Issue 6/2018 will be used to build up a product data base on our home- page which will be established according to the structure of advertisements in this issue. Each customer who wants to place an advertisement starting from 1/4 page upwards can supply an additional product information (approx. 700 characters incl. spaces) and a coloured photograph (300 dpi). Our editorial staff will produce a product report from that material which will be published in this issue as well as in our online product data base on the publication date of 12th of December 2018. On the internet the name of your website will be placed under the product report together with a link to your website.

The product report and link will remain online for 12 months. There are about 25,037 Page Impressions per month (October 2017) on These are 300,444 Page impressions for you.

Benefits for the advertiser ‘ You will reach 7,000 qualified readers with your advertisement ‘ In addition you will receive a product report including a 4-colour photo ‘ This product report will be placed on our website with a link to your homepage Issue: 6/2018 Closing Date: 20.11.2018 Contact: +49(0)7453/9385787 Special advertisement occasions 20 Ergonomie Markt-Direct Campaign in Issue 6/2018

Special advertisement occasions Company films with a short description and announcement in the Flash-Newsletter Seminars The seminars will be published in the „seminars“-column and on

Price per seminar: € 20,00 per month. You can book a corporate film with different content (e.g. company presentation, product presentation or how-to-clips) on our homepage The film will be visible for all visitors in an embedded video n our homepage (and media center). The website has 25,037 page impressions (last edited October 2017). In addition the film will be announced in our Flash-Newsletter (even more 1,329 addresses) The embedding is available for € 600 per month.


Banner advertising space The website has 25,037 page impressions (last edited October 2017). The banner will be linked to your homepage. Banner Size: price per month: Skyscraper Banner: 160px x 600px € 850 Full Banner: 1140px x 250px € 800 Big Web Banner: 720px x 250px € 700 Full Banner Big Web Banner € 800 € 700 Special advertisement occasions Skyscraper € 850 22

In our category “Ergonomie Markt Internet guide” you have the chance to present your homepage together with a brief description of the main content on a 1/4 page in our magazine.

With an Internet Guide in Ergonomie Markt 7,000 potential clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be taken to your homepage. The price for these advertisements, 1/4 page, 4-c, is € 390 Contact: +49 (0)74 53/938 57 87 Druckerei WIRmachenDRUCK GmbH 71522 Backnang, Telefon: 0711/995982 − 20, Fax: 0711/995982 − 21 Sie sparen, wir drucken!

Wir bieten Ihnen in 17 europäischen Ländern eine beeindruckende Auswahl an hoch- wertigen Drucksachen, die Sie auf Wunsch schon innerhalb von 24 Stunden in den Händen halten können! Knallhart kalkuliert: z.B. 5.000 Profi-Flyer für nur 28,66 € (netto, frei Haus Deutschland) JETZT 10,– € GUTSCHEIN EINLÖSEN. GUTSCHEINCODE: REINIGUNGSMARKT Internet: E-Mail: ReinigungsMarkt 72227 Egenhausen, Telefon: 0 74 53/9385787, Fax: 0 74 53/9385797 Kurzprofil: Das Fachmagazin Reinigungs Markt erscheint im 20.Jahrgang mit einer Auflage von 15.000 Exemplaren im gesamten deutschsprachigen Raum.

Wir sind das innovative Fachmagazin der gesamten Reinigungsbranche.

Auf der Homepage finden Sie außer der Themenübersicht des gesamten Jahres eine ausführliche Seminarübersicht, die Messeübersicht der Reinigungsbranche bis ins Jahr 2018, Partnerlinks zu wichtigen Institutionen und unsere Links, die Sie direkt auf die Internetseiten wichtiger Lieferanten der Branche führen. Internet: E-Mail: ErgonomieMarkt 72227 Egenhausen, Telefon: 0 74 53/9385787, Fax: 0 74 53/9385797 Kurzprofil: Der Ergonom ie Markt erreicht den Arbeitsschutzfachhandel, den Reinigungsfachhandel und berichtet u ̈ber Neuheiten und Grundsatzthemen – vor allem aus den Marktsegmenten „Persönliche Schutzausru ̈stung“, „Arbeitsschutz“ und Produkte, die den Arbeitsplatz auf die Bedu ̈rfnisse des Menschen ausrichten bzw.

die Arbeit erleichtern oder Unfällen und Langzeiterkrankungen vorbeugen. Zielgruppe sind die Fachhändler in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Somit wird der gesamte deutschsprachige Raum vertriebsmäßig abgedeckt. Internet: E-Mail: Wenzel und Kurz GmbH 63843 Niedernberg, Telefon: 06028/99100, Fax: 06028/991050 Kurzprofil: Bestellen Sie Ihr komplettes Reinigungsequipment im Internet! • einfach zu handhabender, übersich tlicher Webshop • qualitativ hochwertige Produkte zu Niedrigs tpreisen • faire Preisgestaltung , auch bei kleineren Bestellm engen • Lieferun g innerhalb von 1 - 2 Werktag en • Beratung bei Fragen und Sonderw ünschen per Telefon, Fax oder E-Mail Internet: E-Mail: Internet-Führer 2017 – Anzeigen – 2017 Eine Auswahl der wichtigsten Internet-Adressen aus dem Ergonomiemarkt und dessen Umfeld WICHTIGE ADRESSEN IM INTERNET with QR-Code Internet guide Company logo with link to your homepage in the Flash-Newsletter Clients, booking Top Partner are entitled to book their logos in our Flash-Newsletter.

The Flash-Newsletter is published in German or English. The logo will be linked to your homepage. Price per month €280 The German Flash-Newsletter has 1,329 addressees. (last edited October 2017) Special advertisement occasions 23

Special trade fair isssue for "Arbeitssschutz Aktuell" Special trade fair isssue for "Arbeitssschutz Aktuell" in Stuttgart/Germany with an increased print run of 10,000 copies. 10,000 Print run copies 24

For the Trade fair issue the prices are the same. Closing Date 20.09.2018 Special trade fair issue for "Arbeitssschutz Aktuell" 25

List of references 25 Issues = 142 clients from 13 countries The following companies have decided to book an advertisement in the twentyfive issues of the ERGONOMIE MARKT: 2pluxx GmbH, Rapperswil/Switzerland 3 M Deutschland GmbH, Neuss/Germany ABS Safety GmbH,Kevelaer/Germany Aeropur GmbH, Tamm/Germany ALBA & N srl, Trani/Italy Aliens Bergsport & Arbeitssicherheit e.K.

Altec GmbH, Singen/Germany AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Stelle/Germany AS Arbeitsschutz (Nitras), Bedburg/Germany Asatex AG, Bergheim/Germany ASUP GmbH, Seevetal/Germany ATG Lanka (PVT) Ltd., Katunayake/Sri Lanka Atlas-Schuhfabrik GmbH & Co.KG, Dortmund/Germany August Penkert, Technische Leder- und Kunststofferzeugnisse, Mülheim/Germany Baak GmbH & Co. KG, Straelen/Germany Bardusch GmbH & Co KG, Ettlingen/Germany Bernexpo (Arbeitssicherheit Schweiz), Bern/Switzerland BIG Arbeitsschutz GmbH, Buchholz/Germany Bingold Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg/Germany Blakläder Deutschland GmbH, Ratingen/Germany BOA TECHNOLOGY GMBH, Mondsee Austria Bording Exposition SA, Mannheim/Germany brainLight GmbH, Goldbach/Germany Brecht GmbH, Bretten/Germany Bruns & Debray GmbH, Warendorf/Germany Coba Europe, Korschenbroich/Germany COFRA S.r.l.

Barletta/Italiy Comcoplast Comco Commercial Cooperation GmbH, Willich/Germany Peter Cramer GmbH & CO. KG, Hagen/Germany Dassy Europe BVBA, Brügge/Belgium Dauphin Human Design Group GmbH + Co. KG, Offenhausen/Germany Deb Stoko Europe GmbH, Krefeld/Germany Dr. Schnell GmbH, München/Germany Driesen+Kern GmbH , Bad Bramstedt/Germany Du Pont de Nemours s.a.r.l, Contern/Luxemburg ECN Ergonomie Kompetenz Netzwerk, Friedrichshafen/Germany Ergotrading GmbH, Hamburg/Germany Elbe-Werkstätten GmbH/Germany Elka Rainwear A/S, Sunds/Denmark Elteks, Bursa/Turkey Elten GmbH, Uedem/Germany Fellowes GmbH, Hannover/Germany fetra Fechtel Transportgeräte GmbH, Borgholzhausen/Germany Flexlift Hubgeräte GmbH, Bielefeld/Germany Floor-Tec International Ltd., Marschacht/Germany Forum Verlag Herkert GmbH, Merching/Germany Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co.KG, Mühlacker/Germany Fristads Kansas Deutschland GmbH, Norderstedt/Germany Georg Schmerler GmbH & Co.

KG, Veitsbronn/Germany Global Stole A/S, Ulstrup/Danemark Gustav Daiber GmbH, Albstadt/Germany Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH, Günzburg/Germany Haider Bioswing GmbH, Pullenreuth/Germany Harema GmbH, Rodgau/Germany Hase Safety Group AG, Jever/Germany Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, Freiburg/Germany Haus der Technik e.V., Essen/Germany HAVEP, AA Goirle/Netherland Heckmann GmbH, Hannover/Germany Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, Bonn/Germany Herwe GmbH, Sinsheim-Düren/Germany Hinte GmbH, Messegesellschaft, (Arbeitsschutz Aktuell) Karlsruhe/Germany Hoppe Unternehmensberatung, Heusenstamm/Germany Hugo Josten Berufskleiderfabrik, Grefrath/Germany Hutafors Group Germany GmbH, Vlotho/Germany Hüdig + Rocholz GmbH & Co.

KG, Velbert/Germany HV Corporate Concepts AG, Ludwigsburg/Germany In-Line Software GmbH, Reinfeld/Germany Invista Textiles Ltd. (Cordura), Gloucester/ United Kindom ISM Heinrich Krämer GmbH & Co. KG (Puma Safety), Lippstadt/Germany item Industrietechnik GmbH, Solingen/Germany

List of references JK Technischer Handel, Kempen/Germany JM Metzger GmbH, Möckmühl/Germany JSP Ltd. Johnstone Safety Products, Oxford/United Kingdom Keiler Schutzhandschuh Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Monschau/Germany Kemmer GmbH, Bottrop/Germany Kimberly-Clark Professional, Koblenz/Germany Kind Arbeitssicherheit GmbH, Hannover/Germany KNEETEK, Klaus Bachmann, Köln/Germany Kober & Moll GmbH, Pfalzgrafenweiler/Germany KONSTANT Arbeitsschutz GmbH, St. Thomas/Austria Krause-Werk GmbH, Alsfeld/Germany Kübler Bekleidungswerk GmbH & Co. KG, Plüderhausen/Germany Leipold + Döhle GmbH, Eschwege/Germany Leipziger Messe GmbH, Leipzig/Germany Litz-Konfektion Gmbh & Co KG, Mauerkirchen/Austria Livornous Enterprises, Glenmont/USA Louis STEITZ SECURA GmbH + Co.

KG, Kirchheimbolanden/Germany Löw Ergo, Michelstadt/Germany Männel Textile Kennzeichnungen GmbH Mapa Professional, Zeven/Germany Marmara Tanitim Furacilik, Istanbul/Turkey Martor KG, Solingen/Germany Mascot International A/S, Silkeborg/Denmark Maxguard GmbH, Krefeld/Germany Mesago Messe Frankfurt Group, facility mamagement, Frankfurt/Germany Messe Berlin GmbH/CMS, Berlin/Germany Messe Düsseldorf/A+A, Duesseldorf Messe Essen/SHK, Essen/Germany Messe Stuttgart/Coporate Health Convention, Stuttgart/Germany Messe Zürich/Personal Swiss, Zurich/Switzerland Messe Zürich/Sicherheit 2013, Zurich/Switzerland Mey Chair Systems GmbH, Sesslach-Merlach/Germany MIC GmbH, Herford/Germany Notrax Floor Matting, Handelsvertretung Uwe Rudnick, Nieheim/Germany Nürnberg Messe/Kommunale, Nürnberg/Germany Ötscher Berufsbekleidung Götzl GmbH, Amstetten/Austria Persson Vertriebs GmbH, Ahrensburg/Germany Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH, Euskirchen/Germany Pionier Berufsbekleidung GmbH, Herford/Germany Planam Arbeitsschutz Vertriebs GmbH, Herzebrock-Clarholz/Germany Plum Deutschland GmbH, Cuxhaven/Germany Priebs GmbH & Co.

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