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“One of the best championship
  Links courses you’ll play”
                         -Peter Senior
Welcome to Links Hope Island
We are delighted you are considering making Links your home Club. You will find included in our
brochure the information you will need to maximise your enjoyment of the Club and it’s facilities.

Since opening in March 1993, the golf course at Hope Island has consistently ranked in Australia’s top ten
resort courses. Host to the 1997 Johnnie Walker Classic and Qantas Legends Golf Classic, the course is
both nationally and internationally renowned. Designed by five times British Open Champion, Peter
Thomson and partner, Mike Wolveridge, it is rated by Australian golfing legend, Peter Senior, as “one of
the best championship Links courses you will play”. An iconic course, it remains the centrepiece of Hope
Island Resort located on the north shore of the Gold Coast, just 25 minutes from Surfers Paradise and 45
minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

The layout is the centrepiece to the 360 ha Hope Island Resort community and the par 71 course
measures approximately 6,300 metres off the championship tees. Careful strategic thinking must be
employed around the natural and man made hazards and 128 challenging pot style bunkers. Other
facilities include a concierge bag drop and electric carts further enhance your golfing experience.

While an intangible asset in one sense, a primary point of difference with Links Hope Island is the
atmosphere of friendship and sportsmanship that prevails. Relatively young as a club by some standards,
it’s comparative youth has encouraged a progressive attitude resulting in the absence of outmoded
attitudes and a warm camaraderie between members, guests and staff.
                                        7 Day                5 Day         Next Gen            Twilight                Junior
                                                                          $2150 (18-24yr)
 Annual Fee                               $4500               $3500                                $1950               $1090
                                                                          $2550 (25-29 yr)
 Joining Fee*                             $1500               $1500            $750                  N/A                 N/A

 House Voucher Credit                $1500 - HIR res $1500 - HIR res       $750 - HIR res                                N/A
 (New Member Only)                   $750 - non res $750 - non res         $350 - non res

                                        15 days -            15 days -         15 days -       Subject to              15 days -
                                          excl                  exc              excl          availability.             excl
 Advanced Bookings                     Tues/Thur            Tues/Thur         Tues/Thur         Tee times             Tues/Thur
                                        /Sat AM              /Sat AM           /Sat AM          after 2pm              /Sat AM
                                         8 days               8 days            8 days                                  8 days

 Honour Board Events                        ✔                   ✕                ✔                    ✕                   ✔
 Monthly Medals                             ✔                   ✕                ✔                    ✕                   ✔
 5 Day Player or the Month                  ✕                   ✔                ✕                    ✕                   ✕

 Club Championship                          ✔               ✔ Entry Fee          ✔                    ✕                   ✔
 Pennant                                    ✔                   ✔                ✔                    ✕                   ✔
 Green Fee                                 N/A              Fri-Sat $75         N/A                  N/A                 N/A

 Accompanied Guests                        $75                 $75              $75                  $59                 $75
 Unaccompanied Guests                      $90                 $90              $90                  $79                 $90

 Golf Shop Discount*                       10%                 10%             10%                  10%                  10%
 Dining & Beauty Discount*                 10%                 10%             10%                  10%                  10%

 Range Balls                           Unlimited            Unlimited       Unlimited             25% Off            Unlimited

 Golf Cart Rental                       $40/cart             $40/cart        $40/cart             $20/cart            $40/cart

 Tempo Walk Rental                      $20/cart             $20/cart        $20/cart             $10/cart            $20/cart

 Annual Cart Fee - 1st cart               $900                $750             $900                 $750                $900

 Annual Cart Fee - 2nd cart               $800                $650             $800                 $650                $800

 Cart Storage                             $900                $900             $900                 $900                $900

 Golf Skate Caddy Storage                 $350                $350             $350                 $350                $350

 Golf Club/Pull Buggy each                $175                $175             $175                 $175                $175

 Annual Locker Rental                      $50                 $50              $50                  $50                 $50

 Affiliation Fees / Handicap            Included             Included        Included               $195              Included

 Eligible for Member Draw                   ✔                   ✔                ✔                    ✔                   ✔

 Reciprocal Club Access                     ✔                   ✔                ✔                    ✔                   ✔

 Green Fees at Noosa Springs          $60 for Self/  $60 for Self/  $60 for Self/             $60 for Self/  $60 for Self/
                                     $90 for Guests $90 for Guests $90 for Guests            $90 for Guests $90 for Guests

 Competition Fees                    $10 daily/ $12 $10 daily/ $12        $10 daily/ $12      $10 daily/ $12       $10 daily/ $12
                                     Honourboard Honourboard              Honourboard         Honourboard          Honourboard
*Joining Fee only applicable to new and upgrading members                               * Discounts excludes golf balls, & sale items.
                                     Benefits, Privileges and Features
Joining Fee           A once off joining fee will apply to all 7 Day, 5 Day & Next Gen Members who join for the first time or
                      rejoin after a non-approved absence after 1 July 2021. Members who join as a Twilight Member after 1
                      July 2020 and elect to upgrade to either a 7 or 5 Day Membership will be subject to a joining fee at the
                      time of upgrade.

                      Members who take a voluntary leave of absence of longer than one month (excluding approved medical
                      exemption) will be subject to the appropriate joining fee upon re-joining. Local Hope Island Resort
                      residents will receive the $1,500 as House credit to be used in the Golf Shop and non-residents will
                      receive $750 of the joining fee as House credit.

Annual                Annual Subscription Memberships are payable at time of application.
                      A monthly direct debit plan, payable monthly in advance, is available upon application. A $200 up front
                      administration fee applies. Quarterly payments with a $50 per quarter administration fee and bi-annual
                      payments with a $75 bi-annual administration fee are also available upon application.
                      Members joining after the start of the membership year will be charged a pro-rata annual subscription for
                      the period from the date of enrolment until the end of the financial year.

                      All Members must pay the annual subscriptions to maintain their Golf Australia Handicap and affiliation
                      fees ( *excludes some categories)

Green Fees            When a Member plays at Links Hope Island, green fees are not payable (except otherwise noted).

Guests                Members are welcome to invite Guests in accordance with the By-laws of Links Hope Island. The Member
                      Guest fee is noted in the membership table.

Handicaps             Members may elect to nominate Links Hope Island as their Home Club and maintain their Golf Australia
                      Handicap at Links Hope Island. The administration and affiliation fees associated in maintaining a Golf
                      Australia Handicap are included in the Annual Subscription (excluding Twilight Memberships - optional
                      Handicap Management for $195pp annually)

Tee Times             Tee times are open 15 days in advance with the exception of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings
                      where the tee sheet will open 8 days prior to play. This is strictly on a first come first served basis. Tee
                      times will be offered as they become available.

                      The Club operates a two tee start on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings (tee times from 6.30am)
                      and an afternoon field (tee times from 11am).

                      For Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, if tee times are unavailable, Members may request to be
                      placed on the Standby Register accessible through the booking system maintained by the Golf Shop.
                      Members playing Tuesday, Thursday (and their guests) and Saturday mornings in specifically allocated
                      Member times incur a competition fee.

Competitions          Members are eligible to play in all Member and Open competitions held at the Club, including Monthly
                      Medals, Honour Board Events and Club Championships (some exceptions apply to 5 Day and Twilight

Pennants              All Members with 7 Day and 5 Day Membership are eligible to represent Links Hope Island in Interclub
                      and Pennant competitions (some exceptions apply).

Reciprocal Rights The Club’s reciprocal golf program, including Noosa Springs, is available to Members.

Golf Carts            Golf Carts are not included in annual subscriptions, however, carts can be rented on an annual pre-paid
                      basis or per round.

Golf Cart Storage A limited number of places are available for permanent storage and charging of golf cart, inclusive of
                      Golf Skate Caddies. Enquiries should be made through the Membership Office. Members may store
                      their golf clubs or their pull golf trolleys for $175 per annum or $250 per annum if storing both.

Driving Range         Members of some categories are entitled to unlimited range balls. Discount applies otherwise.

Competition Fees $10 per entry 7 days per week | $12 Honourboard Events
                                                                                          *All pricing is inclusive of GST & subject to change
Melissa Campbell

If I become injured, can I apply for a Medical Extension?
Medical extensions will be considered on a case by case basis and may be granted where the Member is
prevented from playing golf for a minimum of 3 months. All requests are to be made to the General
Manager in writing and must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Restrospective requests will not be

Can Members bring Guests to play?
Yes, all Members are welcome to invite guests to play with them. Guests are able to play 7 days a week,
subject to availability. During competition times (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) a competition fee will
be applicable in addition to the appropriate green fee. On Saturdays, Members can invite guests to play
in the morning if there are vacancies 48 hours in advance or in afternoon from the 10th tee.

Is there a joining fee?
A once off non-refundable joining fee will apply to some categories of membership for members joining
after July 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

What options are there for paying my Membership?
Memberships can be paid in full in advance using cash, cheque, credit card or direct deposit. A monthly
direct debit can be arranged with payment deducted from your account on the 20th of the month in
advance. Quarterly and Bi-annual payments are also available upon application.

Fees apply for payments made via direct debit.

How can I join and how long does the approval process take?
Prospective Members must complete a membership application form prior to joining. Once your
application has been approved and payment is made, new members can start playing (this usually takes
up to 2 business days). Members will also be required to attend an induction prior to play.

Can I change my Membership category during the year?
Members can upgrade their membership category, subject to availability, and will be required to pay the
difference in applicable subscription fees. Similarly, a Member can reduce their Membership category at
any time but no refunds will be made.
                                                                    17th Hole

                                                                                                Voted by Golf Digest 2020

As a 5 Day Member, can I play in Honour Board events?
For 5 Day Members an additional fee will make them eligible to play in the Club Championships.
However, 5 Day Members are ineligible for other Honour Board events. A 5 Day Player of the Month
competition is held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, however these are not classified as listed Honour
Board events.
Can 5 Day Members use the Club’s facilities at times other than the days of the
Yes, all 5 Day are welcome to the Clubhouse 7 days a week. 5 Day Members are also permitted to play on
Friday and Saturday subject to the appropriate green fee (excluding Saturday morning), for a maximum of
ten times per year at the Member’s Guest fee and after this at the unaccompanied Guest rate.
Are House Accounts available for Members?
Links Members enjoy the convenience of a monthly account for use in the Golf Shop. Accounts are sent at
the start of the month and direct debited from your bank account on the 20th of the month after.
Elements85 will also provide house account facility. Credit is subject to Elements85 conditions.
What reciprocal arrangements are there for Links Members?
Links Members enjoy extensive access to a broad selection of reciprocal golf courses, including our sister
course, Noosa Springs. Links has private arrangements with a number of clubs in Australia. Please ask at
reception for details.

What is a subscription year and is there a contract for golf Membership?
Our Membership year runs from 1st July – 30th June. By joining as a Member you will be entering into an
agreement that concludes on 30th June each year. Annual subscription fees are charged on a pro-rata
basis when joining after the start of the Membership year. Extensions or pauses in Membership for travel
or other reasons, outside of an approved medical condition that prevents play, will not be considered.

For every year you continue your Membership, you will essentially be entering a periodic access
agreement that ends on the 30th June the following year.

What is the cart policy at Links?
Links Hope Island has a two cart policy per group during winter to minimize the impact of excess wear
and tear on the golf course. Medical exemptions do not apply.
Memberships - Links Hope Island
     Springfield Drive, Hope Island QLD 4212
                  (07) 5530 9087


Links Hope Island Pty Ltd   ACN 157 601 440
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