Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet Increasing Demand - Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet Increasing Demand - Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet
Increasing Demand
Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet Increasing Demand - Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
Zebra’s mobile
computing, scanning,
                         Move Beyond Manual Warehouse
and printing solutions   Management
connect each             WHY YOU NEED TO MODERNIZE NOW
operational area of
your warehouse,
giving you the           Warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations are undergoing a
increased visibility     transformation to meet the needs of the on-demand economy. Faced with an
you need to handle       evolving omnichannel landscape, ever-increasing volumes, faster delivery
increasing demand.       requirements, and a global labor shortage, industry leaders must modernize
                         their warehouse operations to keep pace.

                         Reinventing the Supply Chain
                         Consumers’ increasing demand for rapid fulfillment has upended the supply
                         chain, impacting manufacturers, retailers, and the warehousing operations.
                         This revolution has far-reaching implications for every business that need
                         to quickly produce, store, and ship inventory. The urgency to transform
                         warehouse operations stretches across all industries and requires new
                         approaches to help leaders manage the bottom line and deliver solid ROI
                         while keeping customers satisfied.

                         Expanding Operations to Support Dramatic Growth
                         To keep up with increasing demand, warehouse operators can’t just rely on
                         a bigger footprint and new facilities. They need automation and productivity
                         solutions that give them more flexibility and enhance the efficiency of their
                         existing operations.

                         Zebra and omniQ have created this eBook to give you insights into many of
                         the factors and solutions that are part of this transformation.

Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet Increasing Demand - Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
Our patented
algorithms are based
                         Intelligent Solutions for the Real World
cognitive science and    PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT
AI pattern recognition
arbitrated through a     omniQ is specialty systems integrator with a focus on the design, delivery,
multilayered decision-   deployment, and support of field service and supply chain mobility solutions.
making process which     We are leaders in the implementation of computer vision image processing
offers the speed and     solutions combined with the design, deployment, and management of
accuracy needed to       enterprise mobility solutions and proprietary mobility software.
help your warehouse
                         In addition to supply chain management solutions, we implement patented
operations keep
                         and proprietary AI technology to provide real-time surveillance and monitoring
up with increasing
                         for homeland security, traffic and parking management, law enforcement, and
                         access control applications.

                         Warehouse Management System (WMS)
                         We specialize in technology systems that optimize resources and allow rapid,
                         real-time responses to changing demands. This includes automated asset
                         management solutions that enable intelligent optimization of assets to drive
                         efficiencies and increase productivity with fewer devices and less cost.

                         Yard Management System (YMS)
                         Our connected real-time solutions enhance efficiency and productivity
                         in yard operations with tools that streamline container identification and
                         authentication, and provide intelligent tracking of truck and container

Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet Increasing Demand - Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

of decision makers
                             Streamline Inventory and Materials
surveyed believe that        GET GREATER WAREHOUSE VISIBILITY
augmenting workers with
technology is the best way
to introduce automation in   Today, whether your warehouse employs five workers or 500, the routine
the warehouse.
                             cycle counts that are essential to your inventory management consume a
                             lot of time and resources. As demand increases, that requires time you can’t
                             afford and resources you don’t have.

                             To keep up, many warehouse managers plan to invest in technology that
                             helps their people complete inventory management tasks smarter, faster,
                             and more accurately. Up to 62% of decision makers expect to upgrade or
                             add rugged tablets, industrial scanners, wearable computers, and mobile or
                             stationary printers to support inventory management over the next three or
                             more years.1

                             Enhance Accuracy and Productivity
                             While productivity is one of the keys to meeting growing demand, the
                             objective isn’t simply to accomplish more work with fewer workers. Rather,
                             businesses are investing in warehouse inventory solutions to gain greater
                             visibility into inventory levels so they can manage orders and inventory more
                             proactively, never leaving an empty shelf.

                             1 Zebra Technologies, Warehousing Vision Study, 2019

                               Featured Product

                                                             XSLATE L10 Rugged Tablet
                                                             LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EASY TRANSPORT

                                                             With more CPU options than ever, you’re guaranteed
                                                             that the performance-driven L10 rugged tablet
                                                             platform will deliver plenty of computing power to
                                                             handle your inventory management needs. A hot-
                                                             swappable battery is standard, but this tablet will stay
                                                             powered for over 24 hours with the extended-life
                                                             accessory battery. It’s rated for a 6 ft. drop and it can
                                                             be used in cold storage, blowing dust, or driving rain
                                                             with a reinforced glass display that is easy to read
                                                             wherever you use it.

Modernize Your Warehouse to Meet Increasing Demand - Digitize your warehouse processes to deliver greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Top                        Improve Productivity, Capacity, and
Challenges                 Visibility in Receiving
                           STAY AHEAD OF INCREASING DEMAND
As reported by warehouse
decision makers

                           When warehouse management executives were surveyed, 59% said they
                           expected capacity utilization to be one of their top challenges over the next
      URRENT IT/           five years, and 88% expected to make significant technology investments to
                           boost the capacity and capabilities of their receiving operations.1

                           Slowdowns, errors, and downtime can occur in any part of your warehouse,
      ABOR                 but they are particularly damaging when the strike your receiving operations.
                           That’s because a breakdown in receiving can slow the flow of parts, supplies,
                           and products to all of your downstream processes. As a result, there’s a
                           strong business case for investing in receiving solutions that automate
                           processes and streamline workflows to ensure your receiving operations have
                           the capacity to keep up with growing demand.

                           Streamline Operations and Improve Accuracy
                           Innovative technology solutions that enable mobile processes will empower

                           your receiving staff to be more productive and accurate. The latest barcode
                           scanners, mobile computers, and mobile printers will allow them to identify
                           and verify shipments and access information in real time. Zebra’s purpose-
    SYSTEM DATA            built devices will also ensure constant voice and data access throughout your
                           warehouse and yard to boost efficiency, speed and accuracy as products,

                           parts, and supplies move through your receiving operations.

                           1 Zebra Technologies, Warehousing Vision Study, 2019

                             Featured Product

                                                           ZQ620 Mobile Printer
                                                           PREMIUM MOBILE LABEL AND RECEIPT PRINTER

                                                           The ZQ600 Series make the popular QLn mobile
                                                           printer platform it even better — adding advanced
                                                           technology and innovative design that drive
                                                           productivity, ease-of-use, and manageability to new
                                                           levels. The industry’s only instant wake-up over Wi-Fi
                                                           feature delivers instant availability and combines with
                                                           the highest battery capacity in its class to minimize
                                                           downtime. And, with support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and
                                                           its latest security protocols, the ZQ600 Series offers
                                                           the fastest, most dependable wireless connection
                                                           inside the four walls.


Mobile Device                Eliminate Manual Shipping Processes to
Investment                   Increase Accuracy and Optimization
                             AND OPTIMIZATION
Here’s what mobile
technologies businesses
say they’ll add or upgrade
                             Your loading dock is the last touch point before goods are shipped to
by 2022:
                             customers, and it’s the last place you can afford bottlenecks or errors.
                             Today’s innovative technology solutions can help you eliminate many manual
53%                          processes to ensure orders get on the right truck in the right order with no
                             wasted time.
Handheld Mobile
Computers with Scanners
                             Accelerating the Speed of Fulfillment
                             From manufacturers and retailers to T&L firms, just about every business
57%                          category is rethinking fulfillment and shipping operations to meet the
Handheld Barcode             increasing pressures of today’s on-demand economy. They’re focusing on
Scanners                     new strategies that allow them to work smarter and technology solutions that
                             make it easier to ensure flawless fulfillment.

62%                          Implementation of mobile technologies is one of the most important
Rugged Tablets
                             developments in shipping operations, with 89% of warehouse managers
                             saying they expect to see benefits in their shipping operations by linking their
60%                          mobile workers to warehouse management systems.1
Mobile Printers
                             omniQ and Zebra offer the expertise needed to deploy next-generation
                             mobile devices that will streamline your shipping processes.
Wearable Computers

                             1 Zebra Technologies, Warehousing Vision Study, 2019

                               Featured Product

                                                             ZD620 Series Desktop Printers
                                                             MAXIMUM PRINT QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, AND

                                                             When print quality, productivity, application flexibility,
                                                             and management simplicity matter, the Zebra ZD620
                                                             delivers. Available in both direct thermal and thermal
                                                             transfer models, the ZD620 meets the application
                                                             requirements of virtually any shipping operation.
                                                             It offers the most standard features of any Zebra
                                                             desktop printer and delivers maximum printer
                                                             throughput and productivity with best-in-class print
                                                             speeds to help you keep up with shipment volumes
                                                             today and in the future.


of warehouse managers
                                Mobilize Your Workforce to Enhance
                                Put‑Away and Replenishment
surveyed say their              PUT EVERY SHIPMENT IN ITS PLACE
businesses are currently
expanding or planning to
expand the footprint of their   To ensure optimal inventory levels are maintained in the warehouse, you
warehouses by 2024.
                                need to accurately document product information and location during the
                                replenishment and put-away process. This is imperative for warehouse
                                operations like picking, cycle counting, and reordering to run smoothly.

                                The latest put-away and replenishment solutions pair with your warehouse
                                management system (WMS), mobilizing and empowering your workforce so
                                you can see exactly where something is stored and how much is available in
                                real time. In fact, 85% of warehouse managers surveyed said they expect to
                                increase their investment in mobile technologies to improve the connection
                                between their WMS systems and their put-away and replenishment

                                Boost efficiency and accuracy in the put-away aisle.
                                To manage purchasing cycles and manufacturing schedules efficiently, it’s
                                critical to have tools and processes in place to let you know when stock is
                                added or replenished. With the right tools, even small, growing businesses
                                can get the visibility they need to eliminate lost sales and drive growth.

                                Zebra’s wearable, handheld, and vehicle-mounted mobile computers, tablets,
                                RFID products, ultra-rugged scanners, and mobile printers are purpose-built to
                                support your put-away and replenishment needs.

                                1 Zebra Technologies, Warehousing Vision Study, 2019

                                  Featured Product

                                                                TC21/TC26 TOUCH COMPUTER
                                                                RIGHT SIZE. RIGHT FEATURES. RIGHT PRICE.

                                                                Step up to the business-class TC21/TC26 Touch
                                                                Computers — without stepping up in price. With
                                                                the WiFi-only TC21 or the WiFi/cellular TC26 you
                                                                can give your warehouse workers the connectivity
                                                                they need at a cost that fits within your budget.
                                                                The TC21/TC26 combines the consumer styling
                                                                and familiarity workers want with a durable design
                                                                and business-ready features that will improve the
                                                                accuracy, efficiency, and performance of warehouse


of warehouse managers
                            Continuously Track Assets Through the
                            Reverse Supply Chain
modernize their warehouse
operations but admit they
are slow to implement new   A number of factors are raising the need for improved efficiencies in
devices and technology.
                            reverse logistics processes, including the rapid expansion and acceleration
                            of ecommerce shipments. If today’s warehouse is going to keep up with
                            tomorrows rising demand, it must have a plan to handle returns and
                            seamlessly track assets as they move through the reverse supply chain.

                            Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, managing your supply chain
                            in reverse can be a challenge. You need systems that give you total visibility
                            across your operations, allowing you to efficiently process customer returns,
                            put seasonal and surplus inventory back into stock, or identify goods for
                            refurbishment or disposal.

                            Make the Return Process Seamless
                            Today, no matter where a return originates, it’s critical to have well-connected
                            systems that let you to process the return anywhere and allow you to restore
                            goods to inventory as efficiently as possible. That’s why 78% of warehouse
                            managers expect to deploy new technologies to help streamline reverse
                            logistics over the next several years.1

                            omniQ and Zebra can provide the support and technology tools you need to
                            improve your reverse logistics systems.

                            1 Zebra Technologies, Warehousing Vision Study, 2019

                              Featured Product

                                                            ET5X Tablet Computer Series
                                                            THE SURPRISINGLY RUGGED, THIN, AND LIGHT
                                                            TABLET THAT’S BUILT FOR WORK

                                                            When it comes to choosing a tablet for business,
                                                            workers want consumer styling, while you need
                                                            business-class durability, data capture, and an
                                                            accessory family that allows you to create the perfect
                                                            tablet solution for your environment, workers and
                                                            apps. Now you can have it all with ET51 and ET56
                                                            tablets that put the performance and flexibility your
                                                            business requires in a package that is built to handle
                                                            drops, dust, extreme heat, subzero temperatures,
                                                            and exposure to rain, snow and spilled liquids.


Forecasting                    Drive Efficiency with Mobile Solutions
the Future                     Designed for Cold Chain Environments
Here’s what warehouse
managers expect to see
over the next five years:
                               Mobility solutions can help your warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment
                               operations maximize efficiency to satisfy increasing demand. But most
86%                            mobility solutions stop short where your cold chain starts: cold storage in
expect increasing volume of    food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, warehousing and retail, and winter
items shipped                  climates in transportation and outdoor storage yards.

                               The Produce Marketing Association estimates that 25% of all food products
87%                            are wasted each year due to breaches in integrity casued by fluctuations
expect to expand the size of   in temperature that lead to product degradation.1 to minimize this type of
their warehouse footprint
                               disruption and reduce the associated losses, the food and pharmaceutical
                               industries must take every measure to protect perishable goods from the
82%                            manufacturing floor to final delivery.
expect to increase the
number of warehouses           The answer is rugged and reliable technology that enables mobility in your
                               cold chain operations. When you’re technology is engineered specifically
                               to help you help you operate at maximum efficiency under the toughest
83%                            conditions, you can increase overall throughput while simultaneously boosting
expect to increase the         customer service and safety.
number of employees
                               omniQ and Zebra have the expertise and solutions you need to keep up with
                               increasing demand and ensure your cold chain operations run smoothly.

                               1 Produce Marketing Association, Cold Chain Defined, PMA Research, 2016

                                 Featured Product

                                                               DS3600 Series Ultra-Rugged
                                                               Barcode Scanners
                                                               SCAN PAST ANY CHALLENGE

                                                               The 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series goes to the extreme
                                                               to ensure continuous scanning performance in
                                                               the most punishing environments. The virtually
                                                               indestructible design delivers the industry’s highest
                                                               drop, tumble, and sealing performance. And 14 ultra-
                                                               tough corded and cordless models offer advanced
                                                               imaging capabilities for omnidirectional scanning of
                                                               1D and 2D barcodes. With standard and extended
                                                               range models for high-density barcodes, direct part
                                                               marks, and more, there’s a 3600 Series ultra-rugged
                                                               scanner that’s perfect for your business.


of warehouse leaders say
                               Ensure Shipments Are on The Right Truck
                               in The Right Order
or plan to implement trailer   WAREHOUSE EFFICIENCY
load optimization and/or
load compliance solutions
by 2024.
                               Coordinating cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of
                               assets to ensure efficient and accurate movement of goods, equipment, and
                               people. Today’s high-tempo warehouse operations simply can’t afford to be
                               slowed down by cross-docking delays.

                               Gain Speed and Accuracy
                               The right mobile solutions can help ensure that shipments are put on the
                               right trailer in the right order – making sure last out is first in – so drivers don’t
                               experience delays while making deliveries. This requires rugged devices that
                               are tough enough to withstand continuous use in challenging operational

                               Automation is essential to eliminate manually searching for labels and
                               comparing to bills of lading, so many businesses are investing in RFID. With
                               fully automated RFID solutions, you can track pallets on the move and get
                               instant verification that the right shipments are on the right truck. Survey’s
                               indicate that more than one-third of warehouse operators will invest in RFID
                               technology by 2024.1

                               omniQ and Zebra can help you select the mobile computers, ultra-rugged
                               scanners, RFID products, and printers you need to support your cross docking

                               1 Zebra Technologies, Warehousing Vision Study, 2019

                                 Featured Product

                                                               ZT600 Series Industrial Printers
                                                               INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH FOR EVERY CHALLENGE

                                                               Boost your productivity with printers that just won’t
                                                               quit. The ZT600 Series features durable steel
                                                               structural components that can withstand years
                                                               of abuse in extreme temperatures, dust, debris,
                                                               and other challenging conditions. Meticulously
                                                               engineered printing mechanisms provide 24/7
                                                               reliability to meet high-volume production needs. The
                                                               ZT610 offers best-in-class print registration with up
                                                               to 600 dpi micro-consistent printing on 4-inch labels,
                                                               while the ZT620 handles 6-inch labels at 12 inches
                                                               per second.


Data                              Mobility and Supply Chain Managed
Automation                        Services
Here’s where warehouse
leaders plan to add new
levels of intelligence to their   SERVICES
operations over the next
five years:                       Today’s warehouse operations are experiencing higher demand than ever.
                                  To keep pace, they’re adding staff and deploying new technology like mobile
                                  computers and mobile printers to help make warehouse workforces more
36%                               productive. But a mobile deployment doesn’t end when the hardware and
Predictive Analytics              software are installed. Like any information technology investment, mobile
                                  infrastructure requires support, updating, and maintenance to ensure

33%                               maximum return on investment.

Machine Learning
                                  That’s when managed services from an experienced partner such as omniQ
                                  make sense: They’ll help ensure your warehouse operations can keep up with
29%                               the pace of your growing business.
Augmented and Virtual
Reality                           Predictable Costs
                                  With a managed services contract in place, you know your service and
                                  support costs upfront, making it easier to manage your budget.
Autonomous Vehicles               Preventive vs. Reactive Maintenance
                                  With omniQ staff monitoring and managing your mobile solution, potential
                                  failures can be addressed before they interrupt your operations.

                                  Less Downtime
                                  omniQ manged services and support can eliminate the unexpected, costly
                                  downtime that reduces capacity and leaves employees idle.

                                  Contact omniQ to learn more about the ways managed services can help
                                  your warehouse keep up with growing demand.

Yesterday’s                     Get Ahead of Increasing Demand with
Technology                      Next-Generation Warehouse Solutions
is No Match                     From receiving to shipping, Zebra and omniQ deliver purpose-built solutions
for Today’s                     to improve every warehouse workflow. Whether you need to streamline
Warehouse                       inventory management, enable new ways to pick and pack digital orders,

Challenges                      improve returns processing, or enhance productivity to meet increasing
                                demand, we offer the innovative products and services that will make a
                                difference in the warehouse and on the bottom line.
SAVINGS                         Get ahead of increasing demand with barcode scanners, mobile computers,
                                tablets, and printers that offer durability, features, and performance needed to
The Go Zebra Trade-             meet today’s warehouse challenges.
In program gives you
exclusive cash-back rebates
when you upgrade to             Find the Right Solutions for Your
Zebra’s innovative mobile
computers, tablets, printers,   Warehouse
and barcode scanners.
                                To learn more about Zebra and omniQ warehouse solutions, contact your
Just purchase qualifying
                                omniQ representative today.
Zebra products and receive
cash back when you
trade-in qualifying legacy
devices — even other
manufacturer’s devices.

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                                worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2021 Zebra Technologies Corp.
                                and/or its affiliates.

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