Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021

Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman University
Exchange and International Students Handbook
Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                  Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         What’s in it for you

          Contents                                                               Page
          Before you leave                                                              3
          When you arrive: important dates and check list                               6
          Orientation Programme                                                         8
          About Newman                                                                  9
          Life in Birmingham                                                            12
          Settling In                                                                   14
          Shopping and Eating                                                           19
          Health Care                                                                   24
          Safety                                                                        25
          Money Matters                                                                 27
          Getting around Birmingham and the UK                                          30
          Library                                                                       31
          Support                                                                       32
          Religion and Faith                                                            34
          Campus Map                                                                    36
          Useful Contacts                                                               37
          Credits and Modules (for exchange students)                                   38
          IT/MyNewman                                                                   40
          Students Union and the Sports Centre                                          41
          Going Home                                                                    42
          Useful Websites                                                               43

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                         1
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Welcome from the International Co-ordinator

         Dear Exchange and International Students
         Welcome to Newman University. We are delighted you have chosen us for your period of study in the
         UK. I hope that you will find your time with us useful, interesting and fun and that you will return home
         with many new ideas and new friends. As an Exchange or International student you can expect to
         study in a welcoming and supportive environment where you will be considered part of the Newman
         family during your stay. This handbook will be helpful for you, as it contains information about the
         most common questions our students from abroad ask.

                 Tina McLoughlin
                 International Co-ordinator
                 International Office, Room DW209
                 Tel: 0121 476 1181 ext 2467

           Office Hours
           Monday                             Drop-in                            10.00 – 12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00
           Tuesday                            Drop-in                            10.00 - 13.00
           Wednesday                          Drop-in                            10.00 – 12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00
           Thursday                           Drop-in                            10.00 – 12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00
           Friday                             Drop-in                            10.00 – 13.00

         International Team

                           Tina McLoughlin
                      International Co-ordinator

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                                  2
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Before you leave                                  Accommodation off-campus
         Before you leave your home and travel to          Newman is happy to assist students in
         Newman University in Birmingham, there are a      obtaining external accommodation in the
         few things we advise you to arrange such as       Birmingham area. Please refer to the
         accommodation and obtaining important             accommodation contact list on our website or
         documents you might need, for example for a       speak to the Accommodation Manager for
         placement. Please look at the information and     further information.
         tips found in this section to ensure you do not
         miss out anything you might need whilst           For more information on accommodation at
         staying at Newman University.                     Newman University both on and off campus
         Accommodation                                      or email the Accommodation Officer, Karen
                                                           Carter on:
         We advise you to arrange your
         accommodation while staying at Newman
         University before you arrive as this makes
         things more comfortable and easy for you.
                                                           When packing there are a few things we
         There are different kinds of accommodation
                                                           would like to point out to you which might
         available, both on and off campus as
                                                           come in handy when arriving here. When first
         described below. Please contact Karen Carter
                                                           arriving, you might not be able to shop for
         at for more
                                                           food right away so please make sure to pack
         information and queries about
                                                           some essentials if possible.
         accommodation. Please check
         accommodation contract dates with your
                                                           As the UK probably has different power
         Erasmus dates as they can be different!
                                                           sockets than your own country we would
                                                           advise you to bring a ‘world travel plug
         Living in Halls of Residence (on-campus)
                                                           (adapter)’ which allows you to plug your
         Newman has 197 single study bedrooms in
                                                           appliances into our British sockets. The best
         Halls of residence on-campus with a limited
                                                           place to look for plugs similar to the one
         number of rooms reserved for overseas
                                                           below is a travel or electrical appliances shop.
         students. Bedrooms in Cofton Hall are limited
         and are dependent on availability. The
         standard bedrooms are single study rooms
         with hand basin and shared bathroom

                                                           Please also be sure to bring the chargers and
                                                           adapters for all your electrical appliances.
                                                           When applying for Halls of Residence you
                                                           have the option to hire a bedding pack and
                                                           when living off campus your landlord might

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                            3
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                       Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         provide you with one. If bedding is not              Travelling by Car
         provided, please ensure that you bring your          If you are using Sat Nav or directions from a
         own pillow, duvet and sheets as this makes           website and are approaching from Cromwell
         your stay a lot more comfortable and warm.           Lane, some will direct you away from
                                                              Cromwell Lane if it is following the postcode.
         The weather in the UK might be very different        This will take you away from the main
         from your own country which is something to          entrance. It you are approaching from Adams
         consider when packing your clothes especially        Hill do not turn left on to Jiggins Lane, but
         when arriving in Autumn or Winter. Make              continue past the student’s car par (on your
         sure you bring enough warm and comfortable           left) and turn onto Cromwell Lane for the
         clothes and shoes. It might also rain more           Main entrance.
         than it does in your home country so make
         sure to pack an umbrella and waterproof
         coats and shoes.                                     For a map of the area and the exact location
                                                              of Newman University please go to:
         Finally, to help you make the most of your
         stay, think about bringing things you can
         share with your fellow international students        s_d&saddr=Birmingham,+West+Midlands,+B1
         and the new British friends you will make. You       &daddr=cromwell+lane,+bartley+green&hl=e
         can think of traditional or local foods you          n&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=53.800651,-
         might want to cook and share, photos,                4.064941&sspn=16.083662,36.430664&ie=UT
         souvenirs, etc.                                      F8&z=13

         How to find us
                                                              Travelling by Train
         The information below will provide you with
                                                              Northfield and Selly Oak Train Stations are
         details about travelling by road, rail, bus or air   approximately a 10 minute taxi ride away.
         to Newman University.                                Birmingham New Street is located in the city
                                                              centre. For information on train operators and
         Travelling by Bus                                    times, phone National Rail Enquiries on 08457
                                                              48 49 50.
          Buses from/to            Bus Number
          Birmingham               X22, 23
          Halesowen                202                        For more information on train times within
          Northfield               18                         the West Midlands, visit:
          Merry Hill (via          002              

         For more information on bus times, prices and        Travelling by Air
         routes, please visit: or         Birmingham International Airport is in the
                                                              South East of the City with connections
                                                              worldwide. If you are arriving by air the
                                                              easiest way of reaching the University is by
         A flexible alternative to a student travel card      taxi. The journey time will be about 30-40
         is a SWIFT card. See -                               minutes. In the UK we have black cabs which            can be stopped anywhere or booked and we
                                                              suggest pre-booking the taxi as it is cheaper.
                                                              To book the taxi call +441214278888 or email
                                                              at The taxi tariff is
                                                              around £45

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                             4
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         An alternative route is by rail from
         Birmingham International Station to New
         Street Station and to follow the instructions
         The train ticket costs around £4
         You can also purchase a Daytripper for
         £6.90. This will be valid for all the buses
         and trains, travelling all day.

         TIP If you do decide to travel by public
         transport (e.g. bus and train) have a look at
         the webpage link below, it will show you your
         options and give you the opportunity to print
         maps and timetables:

         For more information about Birmingham
         International Airport, please visit their

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                         5
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                       Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         When you arrive
         Let us know when you are arriving! In case of
         any problems, delays or emergencies on your
                                                                Important Dates
         journey get in touch with us and someone will
         try and help you. If you are staying at                Semester Dates 2020-2021:
         Newman University Halls of Residence, a
         porter or a security guard will show you               Next academic year, the calendar runs from:
         where your room is. We suggest that you
         bring some food with you when you first                Mon 28th Sept 2020 to Fri 28th May 2021
         arrive in case there is nothing open on
         campus or locally late at night!                       SEMESTER 1:
         The Security Office and Porters Lodge are              Semester 1 Orientation
         located off the main Reception area at the             Wed 23rd to Sat 26th September 2020
         front of the building.
         University Porters are on duty between
         8.00am – 4.00pm, Monday to Saturday. In                Christmas Break:
         addition, a Security Officer is on duty 24 hours
         per day, with a dog patrol at night.                   Mon 21st Dec 2020 – Fri 8th Jan 2021

         If you are staying in accommodation off-               Exams:
         campus, please ask if you need any assistance
         with finding the property, i.e. bus routes.            Mon 11th January – Fri 22nd January 2021
         If you are staying in Halls, you will be issued
         with a Visitor’s Swipe card with which you will        (Please check whether you are required to
         be allowed access to the campus. Please                take exams for your chosen modules)
         return this to the accommodation officer once
         you have registered as you will be issued with                         ************
         a Student Card with your photo and ID
                                                                SEMESTER 2:
         number on it at enrolment. You will not be
         charged for this card unless it is lost. There is
                                                                Semester 2 Orientation
         a charge for a replacement which is £5. Lost
                                                                Wed 27th January 2020 to Sat 30th Jan 2021
         cards should be reported immediately to IT in
         the Hub.
                                                                Easter Break:

                                                                Fri 1st Apr – Friday 16th April 2021
         We strongly recommend you arrive for the
         induction and orientation days                         Exams:

         23rd September 2020       – Semester 1                 Monday 17th May – Friday 28th May 2021

         27th January 2021         – Semester 2                 (Please check whether you are required to
                                                                take exams for your chosen modules)

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                            6
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                   Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

                                                          Former International Students on Studying at
                                                                      Newman University
                   Start of Term check-list
                                                         What is it like here? What are the courses
                                                         like? What are the good and bad aspects of
                                                         studying at Newman?
          Call home and let them know you are safe!
                                                               There are small class sizes

                   Open a bank account                         You can choose special courses for
                                                                international students

                                                               Students have many opportunities to
            Register with the police (if needed)                gain a better understanding of
                                                                education as many lectures are about
                                                                education and there is the possibility
                                                                to do a school placement
         Register with the Medical Centre/Doctor
                                                               You can meet students from all over
                                                                the world – including Spain,
                                                                Germany, France, Poland, Italy,
          Take part in the International Induction
                                                                Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia and

          Activate your account after enrolment                This University has many facilities for
                   during the Induction
                                                               Staff members are helpful to students
                                                                from other countries
             Go on the International Student’s
                                                               Most Newman students are from the
           Induction Trip (make sure to sign up)
                                                                local area

                                                         GOOD ADVICE
             Take part in (Re) Fresher’s week
                                                              Don’t take too many modules, three
                                                               or four is enough! You are assigned at
                                                               least two essays or presentations in
            Read the information in this guide                 each course.

                                                              You may not be able to take all the
                                                               courses which you are interested in
           Choose your modules and inform the                  because some of them are too
             International Co-ordinator (Tina)                 difficult to follow.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                        7
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                   Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Orientation Programme

  Date           Time             Activity                                           Room
  Wednesday      10.00 – 11.00    Welcome Breakfast
                                  Meet in Main Reception, you will be collected by
                 11.00            Enrolment:                                         Julian of

                 11.00 to 12.00   ID cards and IT log in details                     Julian of
                 12.00 – 13.00    Lunch                                              Sanctuary

                 13.00 – 13.30    Library Tour                                       Library

                 13.45 – 14.15    Campus tours                                       Main

                 15.00            Shopping Trip – Asda                               Main

                 10.00 – 10.45    Health & Safety Session
  Thursday                        and medical registration                           CH212

                 11.00 – 11.45
                                  Module and Freshers week overview

                 12.00 – 13.00    Lunch - check your group for next session          Sanctuary
                                  Workshop Transitions Group 1
                 13.00 – 14.00                                                       DW004

                                  Workshop Transitions Group 2
                 14.00 – 15.00                                                       DW004

  Friday         10.00 - 11.30    Academic Support
                                                                                     HI 101
                                  Visit by bus to Birmingham Art Gallery
                                  English Tea and Cakes @ Edwardian Tea Rooms BMAG

  Saturday       9.00 – 18.30     Oxford day trip via bus                            Meet in
                                  (Optional – booking and £10 payment requirement)   main
                                  Pay direct by card here                            Reception

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                      8
Newman University Exchange and International Students Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         About Newman
         Newman is a relatively small university with over two thousand full time students and many part time
         students. It is situated on the residential outskirts of South West Birmingham with a campus setting
         overlooking the reservoir.

         Student Life at Newman

         At Newman we pride ourselves on the close relationship between students and staff. You will be
         treated as an individual by the academic staff who teach and supervise you. This is partly a result of
         small group sizes, and partly due to the philosophy of the University, which emphasises personal
         development, responsibility and care for each other. This approach gives you the best opportunity to
         make a success of your studies.

         When choosing classes, looking for accommodation, seeking help with travel arrangements or any
         other aspect of your life at Newman, you will be supported by our International Coordinator. Their
         role is to make your time here happy and productive. You will also have access to Student Services
         and Learning Support, with a wide range of specialist help for you to use.

         The Students' Union creates opportunities for you to meet other people and get involved in life at
         Newman. Many Erasmus Students find sport as an excellent way of making friends - and learning a
         new language! There are men's and women's teams in a number of sports, some of them serious and
         competitive and others focusing more on exercise and enjoyment. Cultural activities are also
         promoted, most notably in the drama society with its annual productions within the University and
         for local schools.

         In addition, there is a growing culture of volunteering. Offering help to others, less fortunate than
         yourself is rewarding in its own right and can earn certificates that will help with your CV and job
         applications. Please remember that if there isn't a student society which provides what you and your
         friends need, the Students' Union will help you start one.

         Social life is focussed around the Sanctuary, the main place for students and staff to eat, and in the
         adjacent bar, Senses. From live band nights to talent shows, there's enough variety to suit everyone's
         taste. Friday nights are particularly lively, with live acts and a late bar. More formal events are
         organised on big occasions, including the Christmas and Summer Balls. The Starbucks café is situated
         in St Chad’s Atrium and is open from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

         You also have easy access to the night life and cultural scene of Birmingham itself. World-class music,
         theatre and art, Premier League football, dazzling shops and Broad Street's famous clubs and bars are
         all a short bus ride away.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                                9
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Students' Experience

                            1. Who are you and what are you studying at Newman University?
                            My name is Robert and I am studying English.

                            2. Where are you from and why did you decide to study in Birmingham at
                            I am from Brno in the Czech Republic. I decided to study at Newman on
                            recommendations from a friend who had attended Newman University as an
                            Erasmus Student.

         3. How has studying at Newman lived up to your expectations?
         It has exceeded my expectations as I didn’t know much about Newman University. I like the
         smallness of the campus and the personal touch from the academic staff. It is very different from
         my home university which is a pleasant surprise.

         4. What accommodation did you choose for your stay? What did you like/dislike about it?
          I looked at University accommodation but found it to be outside my budget. I received a list of
         accommodation available outside of the University. The decision was cost driven as I had a budget
         to stick to. I rent a house in Brett Drive and share it with two other students, one of whom is an
         Erasmus Student.

         5. How have you found the work/study/leisure balance at Newman?
         Study is very different at Newman compared to my home university. There are less contact hours in
         lectures and there is a lot of reading which I have had to get used to. The discussions are very
         interesting. I have joined the Learning and Development Programme.

         6. What is the social life like in Birmingham and what do you like about the city?
         Travelling around Birmingham is easy. I have purchased day tickets on the bus and you can use
         contactless to purchase tickets. I have visited the outdoor markets, including the Rag Market.

         7. How does living and studying in the UK differ from your home country?
         Using English to communicate rather than my home language is different. There is a lot of reading
         for the course which I am not used to and you have to take responsibility for your study. In my
         home country, there is a pass mark of 70% in every subject and you have attain this to continue with
         your studies.

         8. What support have you had from Newman to make your stay easier?
         I received lots of emails containing useful information prior to coming to Newman which was very
         helpful. The Induction Week organised by the International Office was very good. I have joined the
         Leadership and Development Programme and find the Friday emails from Learning Support useful.

         9. What activities have you got involved with at Newman?
         I have joined the Leadership and Development Programme and joined the Gaming and Debating

         10. What do you plan to do when you leave Newman?
         I will continue with my study when I return to the Czech Republic and I plan to study another course,
         possibly Business Management.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                            10
Newman                      Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Students' Experience

                                               1. Who are you and what are you studying at Newman
                                               I am Hitomie Nie and I am studying English.

                                               2. Where are you from and why did you decide to study in
                                               I am from Nagoya City which is situated in Central Japan. I
                                               decided to study at Newman as it was recommended to me by
                                               previous students who had studied here. M home university
                                               has a partnership with Newman University.

                                               3. How has studying at Newman lived up to your
         I like the small groups/classes which is very different to my home university. I like the interaction
         between staff and students and the way that the staff communicate with the students. I use Moodle
         to prepare for my lectures which is extremely helpful.

         4. What accommodation did you choose for your stay? What did you like/dislike about it?
         I chose Maryvale Hall as it was the cheapest type of accommodation. I felt it would be safer to stay
         in halls during my time here. I like to use the gym as it is free and study in the library. I do not like
         the colour of my curtains in the room and it is hard to clean the carpet in my room.

         5. How have you found the work/study/leisure balance at Newman?
         During the week I focus on my study. At the weekends I do social activities. I have joined the
         University Choir and my roommates have been very good in showing me around.

         6. What is the social life like in Birmingham and what do you like about the city?
         It is easy to travel around Birmingham on the bus. I have explored the local area by taking walks. I
         have been to Harborne, Northfield and Coventry Cathedral. I have visited St Chad’s Cathedral.

         7. How does living and studying in the UK differ from your home country?
          Birmingham is a multi-cultural society and I have met people from different countries. The weather
         is different and changes often. In Japan, the lecture sizes are much larger. There is no e-learning
         system and we have to take notes from lectures or read books.

         8. What support have you had from Newman to make your stay easier?
         The support from the International Office during my induction week was very helpful. I enjoyed the
         Oxford Trip and my flatmates have been very helpful and supportive.

         9. What activities have you got involved with at Newman?
         I have joined the Choir and have been involved in workshops arranged by the Library.

         10. What do you plan to do when you leave Newman?
         When I return to Japan, I will begin my third year at University. After graduation, I hope to get a job
         as an English teacher at High School and share my experience of British culture.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                                 11
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Life in Birmingham
         Newman is based at the beating heart of the         that inspired the Hobbit in the Lord of the
         UK in Birmingham, Britain's second city. With       Rings trilogy. Architectural gems include an
         all of the features you would expect of a major     atmospheric glimpse into the lives of those
                                                             who made Birmingham what it is today at the
         city, Birmingham offers a plethora of
                                                             National Trust's ‘Back to Backs’ museum of
         attractions that will suit any student lifestyle,   authentic terraced housing untouched since
         no matter what your interests are.                  the 1800's. A mixture of Georgian and
                                                             Victorian architecture, paired with modern
                                                             vibrant buildings, it is a reminder of the
                                                             industrial revolution that was key to the city’s
                                                             economic growth.

                                                             With over 100 miles of waterways, the canal
                                                             network in Birmingham is bigger than that of
                                                             Venice. Walking alongside them is one of the
                                                             best ways to discover the UK's second city, or
                                                             alternatively you can take a canal boat ride
         Birmingham is undergoing a transformation           from the Gas Street Basin in the City Centre.
         period of impressive visual changes. Grand
         Central offers a variety of shops. In recent
         years the famous Bullring shopping centre has
         been redeveloped, containing the iconic
         Selfridges building alongside many other
         household names. The Mailbox provides
         upmarket shopping and houses shops like
         Harvey Nicholls. Birmingham has become
         home to the world’s biggest Primark store
         situated in the High Street.

         There are several museums in Birmingham,
         hosting collections of local and national
         importance. Birmingham is home to the
         Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Birmingham
         Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Hall is
         one of the finest concert halls in Europe. With
         four acclaimed theatres and with West End
         shows making regular appearances in the city,
         there is something for every ‘culture vulture’.
         Close to Birmingham there is a wealth of
         history – Shakespeare's home of Stratford-
         upon-Avon, historic Coventry and Warwick -
         are just a short journey away. Bournville is
         home to Cadbury World where chocolate is in
         plentiful supply. Sarehole Mill is a ‘must’ for     For foodies, there are restaurants to cater for
         JRR Tolkien fans - reputedly it was the place       everyone, from Michelin star restaurants to
                                                             places to grab a quick bite. The Mailbox and

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                           12
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         City Centre restaurants provide a wealth of       two flagship football teams of the city with
         cuisine for all, and you can't visit the city     West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton
         without sampling the delights of one of           Wanderers nearby. Edgbaston Cricket Ground
         Birmingham's famous Balti houses, the             is approximately 5 miles from Newman and
         signature dish from the UK’s ‘Curry Capital’.     regularly hosts international cricket matches.
         In addition to over 200 restaurants on offer,     The Barclaycard Arena brings international
         bustling markets offering fresh local produce     athletics to the city, as well as tennis and
         are available for the budding chef, including     many other sports throughout the year. The
         the 800-year old Bullring Open Market,            Belfry Golf Course, located in the Sutton
         crowned best outdoor market in the UK.            Coldfield area of the city, is also one of the
                                                           world's most famous golf destinations.
         Music in Birmingham is varied with venues to      Located at the Heart of England
         cater for all tastes. The area that spawned       Located at the centre of the UK motorway
         such musical heavyweights as UB40, Duran          network with the M6, M5 and M42
         Duran, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, is         motorways all nearby, Birmingham has
         home to the LG Arena, NIA and O2 Academy          excellent links to the rest of Britain. For rail
         which deliver established acts from around        travellers Birmingham New Street station has
         the world. Other venues include the HMV           regular services to destinations throughout
         Institute, Sunflower Lounge and the Jam           the country, and Birmingham International
         House for a more intimate atmosphere.             Airport has flights to destinations across the
                                                           globe making access easy for international
         For fans of comedy, the Glee Club will provide    students.
         more than enough laughter alongside               The West Midlands has a diverse multicultural
         Birmingham's other major comedy club,             population and it's one of the UK's most
         Highlight. For film and movie aficionados,        stimulating regions. The experience of
         Birmingham has plenty of cinemas including        learning in such a culturally and socially
         the country's oldest working cinema, The          diverse environment will give you a real edge
         Electric, which opened in 1909.                   when it comes to finding your first job – and
                                                           we bet that you won't want to leave.
         Birmingham has a large student population of
         65,000 and many venues cater for students by      For information on where to go and what is on in
         offering special deals and discounts. The         Birmingham you could have look at the following
         experience of learning in such a culturally and   website:
         socially diverse city will help to provide some
         of the most memorable years of your life. A       For information of what to visit and how to get there
         wealth of pubs, nightclubs, bars and              have a look at the following website:
         restaurants make Birmingham one of the best
         places in the UK to be a student. The Custard
         Factory, the Arcadian, Brindley Place, Summer     Tip: sign up for a Totem card and/or have a look at
         Row or one of the ‘Bitters 'n Twisted’ quartet
                                                           the websites of the places you want to visit to find
         of venues - wherever you end up on a night
         out in Birmingham, you will have a great time.    out if they do student discounts! Visit Newman
                                                           Students Union for information about the
         World Class Sport                                 (international) Totem card. (The Totem card does
         Sporting facilities across the city are world     cost you £14.99, but you will easily earn this back in
         class. Aston Villa and Birmingham City are the    discounts)

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                         13
Newman                      Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Erasmus & Exchange Students                           for your studies and to communicate with
                                                               your lecturers and with the people you are
         about Birmingham                                      living with (if you are sharing a house with
         WELCOME TO BIRMINGHAM!                                people who can’t speak your language). You
         If this is your first time here you can find a        can improve your English by reading, watching
         short list of things which will be useful for         TV and talking to people – these things will
         you:                                                  improve your confidence in using English!

         If you really want to come here without               If possible, it is better not to live or socialise
         worries, don’t believe other people’s                 too much with people who speak your
         prejudices, go and have your own experience.          language because you’ll spend most of the
         Some people will tell you that Birmingham is          time speaking your language and not learning
         an ugly, grey and industrial city, but it isn’t! In   English. Try also to meet with other
         the city centre, you can find interesting             nationalities…because you will have to speak
         monuments, museums and beautiful squares.             English to understand each other.

         Around the city, you can find wonderful parks,        In Birmingham there are a lot of people who
         such as Cannon Hill and the huge Sutton Park.         come from different countries and you can
         Don’t forget to visit the interesting cities and      hear a lot of different languages: Japanese,
         towns within easy reach – Lichfield, Stratford,       Italian, Indian, Spanish… It makes you feel
         Oxford, London…                                       good when you listen to something in your
                                                               own language because you can understand
         If you like shopping, Birmingham is your city!        what they are speaking about.
         After exploring the Bullring shopping centre
         and the Mailbox, with its upmarket designer
         shops, you’ll probably get hungry. Why not try
         the ‘Handmade Burger Company’ (near the
         canal in the city centre) and enjoy a delicious
         meat or vegetarian burger?!

         Birmingham is a city for students, so be
         prepared for an amazing night life!!
         Remember it is better to go out with friends
         instead of going out alone!

         Whatever you do and wherever you go, don’t
         forget to bring your umbrella…the weather, as
         in the whole of the UK, can change quickly.

         When you arrive in the UK you’ll notice that
         everything is in English: posters, signs and
         advertisements in the street, in the
         supermarket, on the TV, everything you read
         or you listen to, on the bus, in the shops is in

         At first it can be difficult to get used to the
         language but you will have to speak English

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                               14
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Settling In

         In order to help you feel at home we want you       When we are living in a country that is not
         to think about the following scenarios you         our own, we must recognise that there will be
         might come across in the first few weeks of        some 'culture' that we cannot 'see'.
         your stay with us. Before reading the
         information below we would like to point out       Culture and values influence how we all
         that being open minded about your stay and         interpret the world and the people around us,
         the culture of your host country will be really    so even when we're looking at the same thing,
         important in helping you to settle. Remember,      we 'see' different things. Therefore we have
         things do not always go to plan. Please enjoy      to be aware of our own culture and realise we
         your stay and don’t worry too much!                will see things differently to each other, e.g.
                                                            for international staff even greeting people
                                                            can be confusing in a new country - where do
                                                            you stand, do you make eye contact, what
         Before you are able to access the wireless         tone of your voice do you use, handshake or
         internet, use your personal ID card, borrow        not, what questions do we ask?
         items from the library or sign up for the          Whilst we understand our own culture, not
         modules you want to take, you will need to         understanding our host culture can lead to
         enrol at Newman. During the international          confusion, surprise, embarrassment, lack of
         induction you will be taken to the HUB where       confidence or could be seen as offensive. This
         you will sign some documents with your             is part of culture shock.
         personal details, have your photograph taken
         and receive your login details. Make sure to
         activate these immediately as any problems
         with your information need to be solved as
         soon as possible. If you applied for
         accommodation on campus. A member of
         staff will be at enrolment so that you can sign
         your contract. Please be sure to ask questions
         if you do not understand what is asked of you.

         Culture shock
         During your stay you might experience
         something called culture shock. These feelings
         of missing home, feeling lonely or
         misunderstood are completely normal but we
         would like to give you a short explanation so
         you know what might happen and what to do.         During the International Induction, the
         We can liken culture to an iceberg – not that it   International Co-ordinator will talk to you
         is hard and icy (well, hopefully not!) There is    more about this topic and give advice on how
         some of it that we can see above the surface –     to deal with it. But the most important thing is
         dress, language, food – and then more subtle       do not be afraid to talk to anyone; don’t stay
         things below the surface that require a little
                                                            on your own if you feel this way!
         more thought to really understand why a
         culture is the way it is and does what it does.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                          15
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Adapting to life in the UK
         It is important to expect things to be different   You could also ask if it is possible to stay a few
         when you come to study in the UK. Below are        days with one of your British friends if this
                                                            feels more comfortable.
         examples of British culture where students
         are often surprised by what they find.             Smoking
                                                            Smoking is not allowed in public buildings
         Being polite                                       including restaurants and pubs and on public
         Expressions of politeness are closely linked to    transport. You are also not permitted to
         culture. You will probably find that British       smoke in any University building, which also
         people use expressions such as ‘please’,           includes your non-smoking bedroom if you
         ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, a lot more than other     live on campus. If you are caught smoking in a
         nationalities. Gestures, different ways of         banned area, you could receive a fine.
         talking to someone, looking someone in the
         eye when you speak, and offers of hospitality      Time Keeping
         are other expressions of ‘politeness’ which        It is important to be on time in the UK.
         vary between different cultures. Trying to         Lectures and lessons will start at the
         view these as different, rather than better or     scheduled time and you will interrupt the
         worse than what you are used to, will help         lecture if you are late. Punctuality is also
         you cope.                                          important for appointments, for example,
                                                            with a doctor. If you know you will be late, it is
         Socialising                                        important that you phone beforehand to let
         It is perfectly natural and understandable to      the person know.
         look for students of your own nationality to
         mix with socially. To help you get the most of     Queuing
         your study experience it’s good to try to meet     In the UK, it is polite to queue (stand in line)
         British students too, though this will need        and wait your turn within a café, bank,
         some effort and determination. British             supermarket or when waiting for a bus.
         students might meet up for a cup of coffee or
         tea (by which they mean meeting up for a
         chat), or they might go to a pub for a drink. It
         is perfectly acceptable to drink something
         non-alcoholic. Joining societies and clubs is an
         excellent way of meeting other students.

         Relationships and gender issues
         You may experience cultural differences from
         what you are used to, for example people
         showing affection in public, how people dress
         (especially women when going out), attitudes
         towards sexual orientation, how men and
         women relate to each other.                        Equality
                                                            It is important to be courteous to whoever
         British culture                                    you are talking to, no matter whom they are
         A great way to experience British culture is to    or what they do.
         take part in the HOST UK programme, which
         offers opportunities to spend a weekend or a       Student life
         week with a British family. You can find out       More information about living in the UK can
         more information from the following                be found on the UK Student Life website

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                            16
Newman                           Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

           Clothes                                                        UK, meaning pronunciation and sometimes
           In the UK we have different clothes and shoe                   grammar and vocabulary can vary between
           sizes than in most other counties. To make                     speakers. Understanding these accents can
           shopping a bit easier, see the table comparing                 take time and may be confusing to start with.
           different sizes below.                                         A great way to help you to understand is to
                                                                          visit different regions during your studies.
           Clothing                                                       Have a look at the sections about travelling
             XXS     XS     S                M    L           XL          around the UK and England to see what
    UK       4       6      8         10     12   14    16    18    20    interests you!
    EU       30      32     34        36     38   40    42    44    46
    US       0       2      4         6      8    10    12    14    16    Public Holidays
   Chest     78½     82½    86½       90     94   99    104   109   114   There are 8 bank holidays in England (on
   (cm)                                                                   which most people have a day off work)
    Hip      59½     63½    67½       71     75   80    85    90    95
   (cm)                                                                   New Year’s Day         1st January
                                                                          Good Friday            2nd April 2021
           Footwear                                                       Easter Monday          5th April 2021
            UK                    US               EU                     May Day                3rd May 2021
            3(.5)                 6                36                     Spring Bank Holiday    31st May 2021
            4(.5)                 7                37                     Summer Back Holiday     30th August 2021
                                                                          Christmas Day          25th December
            5(.5)                 8                38.5                   Boxing Day             26th December
            6.5                   9                39.5
            7(.5)                 10               41                     Communication
                                                                          You do not need to own a computer to study
            8                     11               42
                                                                          at Newman University as it provides an
            9                     12               43                     extensive network of computers across the
           Please not that sizes may vary!                                campus that can be used freely by all
                                                                          students. PCs can be found in the Library, Hub
                                                                          and open access computer rooms. However,
           English Language                                               many students do bring or buy a computer or
           Knowing the English language is, of course,                    laptop to use in the halls of residence and /or
           the best start towards effective                               through wireless hotspots throughout the
           communication. Don’t be surprised however if                   University. The Library also have a laptop loan
           it takes you a while to get used to                            scheme for students.
           understanding it in different contexts such as
           listening to a lecture, holding a conversation
           in a crowded room where many people are                        Most students will have to visit the IT
           speaking at the same time, understanding                       helpdesk located in the Hub in order to be
           regional accents or the tone of voice used,                    able to connect their laptop (or other device)
           understanding lecturers or fellow students                     to the students’ wireless internet. You will
           who are also from overseas, getting used to                    also need a code to login to the provider.
           someone’s body language and understanding                      Please visit the helpdesk for further
           British humour. Don’t let these difficulties put               information.
           you off trying to communicate. You will get
           used to them in time.

           Regional accents and dialects
           During your studies, you will notice that there
           are many different accents and dialects in the

           Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                                     17
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Mobile Phones                                     download the programme Skype for free
         In the UK, the most popular companies are 3,      which is used by many if not most of our
         Vodafone, O2, Giff Gaff, EE, Tesco and Virgin.    current Erasmus, international and EU home
         There are two different types of mobile           students. It does not only give you the option
         phones available: ‘Pay As You Go’ and             to talk to your friends and family but also
         ‘Contract’.                                       allows you to see them. Go to the following
                                                           website to find out more or download:
         Pay As You Go phones are a fixed price and
         usually come with a fixed amount of credit
         (which you will have to pay on top of the cost    Postal services
         of the phone).                                    The University has a post room at the security
                                                           lodge on campus in Dwyer Building (look at
         Once you have used your credit, you can ‘top      the campus map at p. 35) room DW006.
         up’ your phone with funds at most                 There, you can show up any time and also
         supermarkets, newsagents or at a post office.     hand in your stamped, ready-to-send mail.
         You can also ‘top-up’ your credit at some cash    There is a post office in Bartley Green In the
         machines. Pay As You Go phones are ideal for      Londis Store, 46 Caynham Road, B32 4EY.
         limited usage or if you prefer to have a fixed    Stamps can be bought from post offices and
         amount that you spend on your phone each          shops such as a newsagents or supermarkets.
         month.                                            Post offices can also give you details on
                                                           overseas postal rates.
         Contract mobiles can vary in the cost of the
         phone and the cost that you pay each month.
         Mobile phone contracts can vary in length         You can find out more information about the
         between 12 to 24 months, and the range of         UK Postal Service at the Royal Mail website:
         phones will vary dependent upon the monthly
         cost of the contract and the cost of the
         phone. Mobile phone contracts are ideal for
         average to high usage, but please ensure that     Receiving Mail
         the contract is right for your needs, as any      Incoming mail for you will usually be delivered
         extra charges will be added to your monthly       to your campus residence, to your off-campus
         bill. A direct debit is usually required for      house or to your academic department. When
         mobile phone contracts.                           you live on campus your post will be delivered
                                                           to the university’s security lodge where you
         We advise Erasmus student to buy (or bring) a     can show up and ask for letters. If you have
         phone using the Pay As You Go sim-cards           received a parcel, you will get an email telling
         available in the mobile phone shops. This way     you to pick it up at the security lodge in room
         you are not contracted to a company and           DW006.
         have more freedom on what you wish to
         spend. Having an English phone number will        If you live in halls of residence you might want
         make your stay easier as you are able to          to use the following out-lines as your address
         communicate with fellow Erasmus and UK            for mail:
         students as well as your friends and family at
         home.                                             Your Name
                                                           Room (your room number), Halls of Residence,
         We also advise you to have a look at other        Newman University
         ways of communicating with friends and            Genners Lane, Bartley Green
         family at home. You could for instance            Birmingham, B32 3NT

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                         18
Newman                      Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Shopping and Eating                                 Opening times
         Food on Campus
         Sanctuary Food Court                                 Monday –                 08.00 – 19.00
         The Sanctuary Food Court offers a wide range
                                                              Thursday – Friday        08.00 – 18.00
         of hot food, snacks, beverages, and cold
         drinks, plus a good selection of Fair-trade         Vending Machines
         products.                                           Hot and cold, snacks and a range of hot food
                                                             are available from various locations on the
         Opening times                                       campus, including the Halls of Residence
          Monday – Friday         8.00am – 5.00pm            (ground floor foyer), the ground floor of St
                                                             Chads, the Sports Hall and across the
                                                             Sanctuary main entrance. There are two
         Breakfast                                           Costa Coffee machines located in St Hilda
         To start your day, if you want an excellent         Atrium and by the Security Office.
         value, full English breakfast or just some toast,
         fresh baked croissants or a Danish and coffee,      Senses Bar
         look no further.                                    If you just want to meet and chat with friends
         For your morning break choose a fresh baked         on the comfy sofas, watch the TV, have a
         hot pastry, cake or sandwich washed down            game of pool or go out into the Martineau
         with Fairtrade tea, coffee or hot chocolate.        Quad, then this is the place to go. It is open all
                                                             day, and in the evenings there is a licensed
         Lunch                                               bar available. The bar facility offers a full
         At lunchtime, look out for the Chef’s Specials      range of draught lager, cider, wines, cocktails
         or the’ grab and go’ snacks – pizza, pies and       and spirits at very reasonable student bar
         an excellent range of fresh sandwiches. Help        prices. Chill out, kick back and relax and listen
         yourself to a piping hot jacket potato or a cup     to the music, or watch big screen sports and
         of homemade soup and crusty baguette, and           events.
         fill your bowl at the superb value Salad and
         Pasta Bar, or tuck into fresh homemade cakes        There are activities on different nights of the
         with a nice cuppa. Look out for fresh fruit         week. Please see the Students Union website
         smoothies and a fantastic range of cold drinks.     for further information
         In addition to the lunch time menu, there is
         also an exciting and extensive call order menu
                                                             Opening times
         available all day: breakfast, main meals, hot
         baguettes, fajitas, plus, of course, curly fries!    All evening (but         07.00pm – 11.00pm
         Just order from the till, take a number and the      Fridays)
         chef will freshly cook your meal to order and        Friday                   07.00pm – 02.00am
         we will have pleasure in delivering it to your
                                                             For more information go to:
         Starbucks coffee- Atrium Café             
         The Atrium Café offers the full range of            tudents/
         delicious fresh Starbucks coffee and blended
         frappuccinos, with a range of cold drinks and
         a fantastic line-up of delicious and enticing
         foods from freshly baked pastries to premium
         filled rolls & sandwiches, paninis, a distinct
         range of high street style cakes and cookies.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                             19
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Food off Campus                                      Tip: find your city bus everywhere and
         Of course we expect that you would want to           check the arrival/departure times with this
         make the most of your stay by not only using         free app called: Citymapper Birmingham. It
         the facilities on campus but also by buying          also shows you alternative connections.
         and cooking your own food or making it a
         more international experience by cooking
         together and sharing your food and the costs.
         In this section you will find different options
         when it comes shopping.
                                                           Other Areas
         Local Shops                                       Asda Barnes Hill
         Bartley Green – One Stop Shop: Jiggins Lane       Asda is available on foot (across Senneleys
                                                           Park) or via bus. This supermarket offers wide
         (a small convenience located just a couple of
                                                           range of stock from food to cosmetics at very
         minutes’ walk from the campus, turn right out     cheap price.
         of the students’ car park and walk around the
         corner). There is a free ATM outside One Stop     Weoley Castle – No 002 bus with bus stops
         and a pizza and ‘fish and chips’ shop next        just outside the One Stop or outside the
         door.                                             University Library. Weoley Castle has a variety
                                                           or Shops including a Heron store.
         Londis: (convenience store), Caynham Road
         (about 10 minutes’ walk from Newman, with a
         post office inside it) where there is also an
         ATM and other shops; Simply Local:(another
         convenience store), a Greggs bakery, a
         butcher, green grocers and hairdresser are
         located on Curdale Road off Caynham Road.

         The map below shows the location of the local
         shops, with Newman University on the right.

         For more information on the shops go to:, and     Northfield – No 18 bus – Northfield has quite
                                                           a large shopping area including an indoor
                                                           shopping mall, the Grosvenor Shopping
                                                           Centre. There are food shops as well as
                                                           clothes shops. There is a large Sainsbury’s, at
                                                           the end of Northfield’s high street opposite
                                                           The Black Horse public house (pub) on the
                                                           corner of Frankly Beeches Road; there is also
                                                           and Aldi on the main Northfield’s high street.
                                                           There are also shops with all kinds of products
                                                           for low(er) prices such as Home bargains and
                                                           B&M Stores. The number 18 bus goes directly
                                                           from Newman (bus stop by main entrance) to
                                                           outside Sainsbury’s in Frankly Beeches Lane.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                        20
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         Go to:                               For information on the shops on Harborne,                     High street go to:,,     ,,
                                                   , or               ,
         Selly Oak –– This is a very student-orientated
         as Birmingham University (Edgbaston, Main
         Campus) is located in this area.
         There are supermarkets including Aldi and a         City Centre –– Birmingham city centre can be
         Tesco Express and smaller shops selling a           reached by taking the number 23 bus from
         variety of products and services along the          Genners Lane.. As you would expect from
         Bristol Road as well as plenty of cafes. There is   the ‘second city’ of the UK, there is a huge
         a new Selly Oak Shopping Park incorporating a       number of shops to be found; the Bullring
         variety of stores including a new Sainsbury’s       being the foremost mall as Europe’s largest
         superstore and restaurants such as Nandos.          city shopping development – Selfridges is the
         There is also a retail park with a PC World,        most unique feature of the landmark building
         Next, and Frankie & Benny’s (Italian American       with its ‘bubble’ effect architecture. There are
         style restaurant). You can take the number 18       also upmarket complexes with designer shops
         bus from outside Newman and embark at               such as The Mailbox and Debenhams. The
         Lockwood Road, Northfield where you change          world’s biggest Primark opened in
         onto the number 61 or 63 and get off by the         Birmingham in 2019 and covers over 5 floors.
         Battery Retail Park.                                It is based at 38 High Street.

         For more information on local shops in Selly
         Oak go to:,, and

         Harborne – No 23 bus – A variety of
         supermarkets and other retailers; some large
         names such as Boots and Superdrug                   Fresh Food Markets
         (pharmacy) and WHSmith; supermarkets
                                                             In the city centre there are also indoor and
         include Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s Local,
                                                             outdoor markets selling fresh meat, fish and
         and Waitrose. Not that Marks & Spencer and
                                                             vegetables and fruit at very good prices. At
         Waitrose are quite expensive compared to the
                                                             the markets in the city centre there are over
         other supermarkets. There are also a number
                                                             300 stalls. Plus there are plenty of other
         of cafes including the very popular Fallen
                                                             shops, pubs and restaurants in the
         Angel at 77 High Street (towards the bottom
                                                             surrounding streets.
         end of the street opposite Marks & Spencer).
         You can reach Harborne on the number 23
         bus from Adams Hill or Jiggins Lane.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                           21
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

          Opening times                                     X22 along Stonehouse Road or California Way.
          Monday                  Closed                    More details on route X22 from
          Tuesday                 09.00am – 05.00pm
          Wednesday               Closed                    18: Yardley Wood Bus Garage – Cotteridge –
          Thursday - Saturday     09.00am – 05.00pm         Northfield – Bangham Pit – Bartley Green
          Sunday                  Closed                    (change at Northfield for the City Centre
                                                            bound 61 or 63 bus routes. The X20 route
         For more information about shopping in             from Northfield goes to University train
         Birmingham city centre i.e. the Bullring, and of   station).
         the other shopping centres or the outdoor
         and indoor markets, visit:           This route is unchanged – see details on route
                                                            18 from

                                                            X21: Woodcock Hill – Weoley Castle – Selly
                                                            Oak – QE Hospital / University train station –
         Travel by Bus                                      Birmingham
         bus services are now running from
         Bartley Green to University Station and            X21 follows much of the old X64 route with
         the City Centre)                                   several important changes.
                                                            X21’s closest stop to Newman University is
                                                            located at Cromwell Lane / Moors Lane, which
         23: Bartley Green – Woodgate – Harborne –          is approximately a 5 minute walk.
         Five Ways – City Centre                            Alternatively you can catch the 18 that takes
                                                            you to the Cromwell Lane / Moors Lane bus
         The old 22 / 23 has been combined into one,        More details on route X21 from
         more frequent route; the new 23. This runs
         from the bus stop outside Newman University
         via Bartley Green, Romsley Road, Woodgate,
         Woodgate Valley South, Harborne and Five
         Ways to the City Centre. More details on
         route 23 from

         X22: Woodgate – Bartley Green – Quinton
         Road – QE Hospital / University train station
         – City Centre

         Kitwell and Jiggins Lane – previously served by
         the 22 – is now served by the new X22. This
         runs from Woodgate via Kitwell, Romsley
         Road, Bartley Green, Jiggins Lane, California,
         Quinton Road and University / QE Hospital to
         Birmingham city centre. Kitwell and Jiggins
         Lane no longer has direct buses to Harborne,
         but you can change between the 23 / new

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                         22
Newman                        Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

                                                              nd prescriptions for contraception and
                                                              supplies of condoms. These services are FREE
         Health Care                                          and CONFIDENTIAL.
         In a Serious emergency dial 999. If an illness is
         less serious, you may wish to call NHS Direct        Local Pharmacies
         on 111 who can give you an in-depth medical
                                                              Knights Chemist, Jiggins Lane Pharmacy
         advice over the telephone and advise you             Tel: 0121 475 1654
         whether you need to consult a doctor or the          Knights Pharmacy, 1 Curdale Road, B32
         hospital. You can also access medical advice         Tel: 0121 475 3425
         resources at
         We advise you to get a FREE European Health          Contact details of Jiggins Lane Medical Centre:
         Card as you might need this when visiting a          17 Jiggins Lane
         doctor. You can order this from:                     Bartley Green             Birmingham
                                                              B32 3LE

         It is advisable to register with a local Doctor as          0121 477 7272
         soon as you arrive. You will be able to register
         with the local doctor during orientation and a              0121 478 4319
         nurse from the surgery will be here to answer
         any questions. The closest surgery in Bartley               Dentist Only: 0121 476 5360
         Green is Jiggins Lane Medical Centre:
         Patients' services
                                                              For more general information on health care,
         We run a comprehensive appointments                  a healthy life style, illnesses, local hospitals
         system, offering ten minute slots. In addition
                                                              and other medical questions go to:
         we offer same day five minute slots for urgent
         appointments. The system was developed by  
         the whole practice team with the intention of
         maximising availability of acute and chronic
         services and minimizing stress for the team.          Day                  Open
                                                               Monday to Friday     08:30 – 12:30 and
         A COMPREHENSIVE PRACTICE LEAFLET IS                                        13:30 – 18:30
                                                               Weekend appointments are now
         Advice on contraceptive services is provided          available. Please speak to a Practice
         by all Doctors and Nurses.                            Receptionist or a member of the
         Patients do NOT need to be registered with            Practice Team to find out more.
         our practice to receive contraceptive advice

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                             23
Newman                     Exchange and International Student Handbook 2020– 2021

         While staying in the UK we would like to            Drug Abuse
         advise you on some safety matter both on-           Possession of illegal drugs is a criminal
         and off- campus to make sure you are aware          offence. This may lead to a prison sentence,
                                                             fine and a criminal record and the University
         of accidents and emergencies and where to
                                                             may also invoke its own disciplinary
         go if you need help. Please have a close look       procedure possible leading to suspension or
         at the information given.                           exclusion from your studies. Being caught
                                                             supplying a drug (supplying can include
         Safety at Newman                                    sharing a ‘spliff’ with a friend) will get you
         The University seeks to ensure the health and       even into more trouble with both the Police
         safety of its students at all times. A Health and   and the University.
         Safety Policy Statement is required by law and
         all students should read the University Policy
         which is displayed on all Student Notice            Smoking Policy
         boards. Students are particularly reminded          Legislation came into force on 1st July 2007
         that current legislation places responsibility      that made it criminal offence for any person
         for safety on every individual in respect of        to smoke in a public workplace. This law
         their own actions. Irresponsible behaviour          applies to anything that can be smoked
         which threatens the safety of other staff and       including: cigarettes (and herbal cigarettes),
         students is a disciplinary offence.                 cigars and pipes (and water pipes_. Newman
                                                             University campus is a smoke free zone, with
         Fire Safety                                         the exception of smoke shelters and
         A fire evacuation drill is held, at least once a    designated rooms in Halls of residence.
         year, so that staff and students know what to
         do in the event of a fire emergency. These can
         be held at any time and you will receive            Smoke shelters:
         instruction on what to do. You will be              Two smoke shelters are provided and are
         expected to behave calmly and sensibly.             located between the Sanctuary and
         The fire alarm signal is a loud continuous           McCauley Block and in the Martineau Quad.
         siren. A fire alarm is tested every Thursday
                                                             To comply with the regulations, the shelters
         lunch time at 12 noon and this lasts for just a
         few seconds. You are not required to                have been modified so that they are 50%
         evacuate for the test, unless the alarm             open.
         continues to sound beyond the short period.
         Fire safety systems and equipment is not to
         be tampered with, or used for malicious or
         irresponsible purposes. Any misuse except in
         an emergency is a serious disciplinary offence
         and will be dealt with accordingly.

         All internal telephones accept out-going
         emergency calls, without charge. Please note
         that you must dial 9999 (four nines, not three)
         when making an emergency call.

         Newman University Exchange and International Guide                                           24
You can also read