Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD

Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and
                               Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin

Crekav Trading GP Ltd.

May 2018                                                ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
     Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
                                                       Page                                                           Page
                                                              5.3   Streetscape and Urban Design                      46

                                                                                                                             Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
1.0    INTRODUCTION                                    4      5.4   Compliance with the 12 Urban Design Criteria      48

1.1    Introduction & General Description              4
1.2    Site Context                                    5      6.0   PUBLIC OPEN SPACE                                 50
1.3    Site Description                                6
1.4    Visual Experience                               7      6.1   Public Open Space Strategy for the Proposals      50
                                                              6.2   Public Open Space Provision                       50

2.0    PLANNING CONTEXT                                8
                                                              7.0   RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT – DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS   52
2.1    Fingal Development Plan 2017­2023               8
2.2    Howth Urban Centre Strategy                     9      7.1   Private Open Space Strategy                       52
2.3    Planning History for the lands at Main Street   11     7.2   Car Parking                                       54
2.4    SWOT Analysis                                   12     7.3   Bicycle Parking                                   55
                                                              7.4   Refuse Storage and Collection                     56
                                                              7.5   Minimum Floor Areas and Standards                 56
3.0    PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT                            13     7.6   Aspect                                            57
                                                              7.7   Separation Distances                              58
3.1    Layout Description                              13
3.2    Urban Framework                                 14
3.3    Movement Strategy                               16     8.0   SOCIAL & AFFORDABLE HOUSING                       59
3.4    Public Realm                                    17
3.5    Roofscape                                       18
3.6    Material Palette                                19     APPENDIX 1        PRECEDENT IMAGES                      62
3.7    Design Rationale – Block A                      24
3.8    Design Rationale – Block M                      26
3.9    Design Rationale – Block B                      28     APPENDIX 2        DETAIL STUDIES                        64
3.10   Design Rationale – Block C                      30
3.11   Site Sections & Views                           32
3.12   Streetscape Studies                             34
3.13   Boundary Studies                                36


4.1    Residential Density                             39
4.2    Dwelling Mix                                    39

5.0    BUILDING DESIGN                                 40

5.1    Apartment Design Overview                       40
5.2    Apartment Building Design                       41
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
                                                      1.1    Introduction & General Description
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      This application is made on behalf of Crekav Trading GP
                                                      Ltd. It seeks permission for 164 apartments and
                                                      duplexes, comprising 158 apartments and 6 duplexes,
                                                      and 757m2 commercial space, comprising two shop
                                                      units, a community room and a café on lands to the east
                                                      of Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin, accessed from Main
                                                      Street with further pedestrian access from Balscadden
                                                      Road. This development creates a new pedestrian link
                                                      from Main Street to Balscadden Road.

                                                      The proposed dwelling mix comprises 40 no. one­
                                                      bedroom apartments, 92 no. two­bedroom apartments,
                                                      26 no. three­bedroom apartments, 5 no. two­bedroom
                                                      duplexes and 1 no. Three­bedroom duplexes. There are
                                                      four blocks of 2, 8, 52 and 102 units respectively. Mews
                                                      Block M comprises 1 no. one­bedroom apartment and 1
                                                      no. two­bedroom duplex. Apartment Block A comprises 2
                                                      no. one­bedroom apartments and 6 no. two­bedroom
                                                      apartments. Apartment Block B comprises 16 no. one­
                                                      bedroom apartments, 22 no. two­bedroom apartments, 9
                                                      no. three­bedroom apartments, 4 no. two­bedroom
                                                      duplexes and 1 no. three­bedroom duplexes. Apartment
                                                      Block C comprises 21 no. one­bedroom apartments, 64
                                                      no. two­bedroom apartments and 17 no. three­bedroom

                                                      The proposed commercial offer comprises two shop
                                                      units, a community room and a café. Mews Block M
                                                      contains 1 no. shop unit of 96m2.. Block A contains 1 no.
                                                      shop and shop/café unit of 429m2.. Block B contains 1
                                                      no. community room of 161m2. Block C contains 1 no.
                                                      Café of 71m2.

                                                      The development includes all associated site works and
                                                      infrastructure which includes hard and soft landscaped
                                                      open space, internal roads, paths, public lighting,
                                                      utilities, drainage and surface water attenuation.

P4                                                                                                                Ground Floor Site Layout
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
1.2    Site Context

                                                                                 Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Howth is an historic village with distinctive character
areas: the village core, the harbour area and Howth
Road. The subject site is located within the village core
character area which has a tight urban grain and a
concentration of retail and commercial uses at ground
level along Main Street. Most of the buildings within the
village core date from the late C.19th to early C.20th
with some modern infill development.

The quality of buildings facing Main Street, Abbey Street
and Church Street is generally good, but there are some
in poor condition, including the former Baily Court Hotel.

The rise and fall of roads and footpaths are enhanced by
the rich fabric of simple buildings contributing to a
congruous whole. The winding street enclose and unfold
views, animating the character of place. It is these
changes in level and direction and the stepped nature of
the roofscape that give Howth village its distinct

Focal buildings of note within the village core are St.
Mary’s Abbey, the Church of the Assumption and the
Martello Tower. These landmarks aid legibility within the
village and aid understanding of the place. However
there are some significant barriers to legibility and
permeability in Howth, notably the steep topography
surrounding the Martello Tower which is a physical
barrier between the village core and Balscadden Bay.

Certain views and panoramas within the village core are
identified and protected by the County Development
Plan. These locations include the Martello Tower, Main
Street (upper) and St. Mary's Main on Church Street.

The building line within the village typically comes
forward to the pavement and there is minimal soft
landscaping. Throughout the village buildings orient
positively to the street and frontages are typically active.
The building grain is fine in nature with a vertical
                                                               Site analysis ­
                                                               Subject Lands     P5
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
1.3    Site Description
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      The subject lands comprise c. 1.55 hectares (c.3.8
                                                      acres) of land between Main Street and Balscadden
                                                      Road. Originally 3 separate plots with 3 different owners,
                                                      the site has been consolidated into a single entity under
                                                      one landowner. This provides a great opportunity to
                                                      develop a residential scheme that is fully integrated with
                                                      the village of Howth.

                                                      The largest plot of land, on Balscadden Road, south of
                                                      the Martello tower, was formerly the Edros centre,
                                                      comprising a community hall and tennis courts. The site
                                                      is undeveloped, overgrown and fenced off. It offers no
                                                      visual or physical amenity to Howth and provides a poor
                                                      setting for the Martello tower. It is a relatively flat site,
                                                      surrounded on 3 sides by steep embankments. A right­of­
                                                      way from Abbey Street to Balscadden Road exists along
                                                      the bottom of the mound but this pathway is isolated
                                                      from neighbouring properties.

                                                      South of the Balscadden site are the ‘Cluxton’ lands. The
                                                      site is overgrown with grass and shrubs and rises
                                                      steeply to the south and west. The site slopes steeply
                                                      upwards to the Asgard Park estate on the southern
                                                      boundary, c. 15m higher than the Balscadden plateau.

                                                      The third plot of land is the former Baily Court hotel,
                                                      which has not functioned as such for many years. The
                                                      rear of the hotel backs directly onto the Cluxton lands.

                                                      Individually each of the 3 sites could be developed as
                                                       small to medium infill schemes, but as a whole, they
                                                       have potential to make a significant and positive
                                                       contribution to the village and open up new connections
                                                       and links through the village.

P6                                                                                                                    Site Location Map
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
1.4    Visual Experience

                                                                                                         Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
The response to the physical characteristics of the urban
structure and built form in Howth are important when
integrating the proposed new development into its setting,
but there are other factors that reinforce its local
distinctiveness, such as visual experience. When moving
through streets and spaces in Howth there is a special sense
of place that results from the relationship of buildings to one
another. The places are also memorable for the way in which
vistas to and from the coast reveal ever­changing views of
the surrounding landscape.

'Serial vision’ is a term given by Gordon Cullen in his
 publication Townscape to the way in which the urban
 scenery is revealed in a series of steps. It is the relationship
 of buildings to each other that gives visual pleasure, which
 separate buildings do not. The art of relationship weaves
 buildings and elements of townscape together in such a way
 that drama is released. This vitality of experiences is not felt
 when studying a town from one viewpoint only. Only when
 moving through a space is the drama of juxtaposition
 achieved through the gradual or sudden revelation of
 incidents. ‘Serial vision’ makes a town come alive and be
 memorable through this process.

This is perhaps the key way in which the character of Howth
is experienced. There is no static view of the town.
Although its setting on the coast with a harbour allows views
back to the town, the view from the coast is constantly
changing. The coastline is not an even straight line. This
fact, together with the hilly nature of the town, means that
views of the town from the coast are ever changing.

The curving nature of Main Street and Abbey Street allows
the changing urban environment to be disclosed gradually,
and the closing of the final vista draws the viewer into the
street. This configuration invites curiosity because the final
destination is not visible. It is one way of attracting
pedestrians into a public environment and is a device that is
also used in the proposed new development by glimpse from
Abbey Street into either of the two narrow, curved streets of
the proposed scheme.
                                                                    Extract from Townscape by Gordon
                                                                    Cullen, Architectural Press London
                                                                    1961                                 P7
Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
                                                      2.1    Fingal Development Plan 2017­2023
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      The site is zoned TC, RS and HA under the Fingal
                                                      County Development Plan 2017­2023. It is also located
                                                      within the Howth SAA Buffer Zone and there are specific
                                                      objectives to preserve views from the Martello Tower.

                                                      TC: To protect and enhance the special physical and
                                                      social character of Town and District Centres and
                                                      provide and/ or improve urban facilities.

                                                      RS: To provide for residential development and protect
                                                      and improve residential amenity.

                                                      HA: To protect and enhance High Amenity areas.

                                                      Part of the site (the former Baily Court Hotel) is within the
                                                      Architectural Conservation Area and the design of new
                                                      development proposed in the ACA must respond

                                                      There is one local objective on the site: To ensure the
                                                      layout, scale, height and design respects the high
                                                      amenity status of the surrounding area, the Martello
                                                      Tower and the village character.

                                                      Section 3.1 of this report provides a detailed design
                                                      appraisal, which is required for developments in excess
                                                      of five residential units.

                                                      Only landscaping is proposed on the land designated             Extract from the Fingal County
                                                      HA, all buildings will be located within the lands zoned        Development Plan 2017­2023
                                                      RS and TC.                                                      Subject lands outlined in red

Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
2.2    Howth Urban Centre Strategy

                                                            Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
This non­statutory document articulates a vision for the
village and is a tool to assist and guide development.
The development site falls within the Village Core
character area, for which a Development Strategy and
Urban Design Framework has been prepared. The
proposed development, subject to this application, takes
cognisance of this document.

The Design Guidelines for the Village Core, outlined on
the right, have been taken into account in the proposals.

Planning Application for 164 Dwellings at Main Street and Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin - ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS REPORT - Howth SHD
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      The subject lands are identified as 'Barriers to Legibility'
                                                      in the document. The proposals will significantly improve
                                                      the legibility of this section of the village. The site will be
                                                      opened up, the existing right of way will be improved, a
                                                      new route from Main Street to Balscadden Road will be
                                                      introduced with active frontages along it.

                                                      Legibility will also be improved along Balscadden Road.
                                                      The setting of the Martello will be improved by the
                                                      development which will help to define the setting of the
                                                      Martello Tower and replace the existing palisade fence
                                                      and scrub planting with high quality planting and an
                                                      improved public right of way.

                                                                                                                        Map 2.8 Howth Urban Centre Strategy

2.3    Planning History for the lands at Main

                                                                                    Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
The lands have benefited from various historic planning
permissions across the 3 sites.

Site A
The Former Baily Court Hotel currently has planning
permission for redevelopment, comprising 8 apartments
and 4 shops (Reg. Ref. 15A/0072). The site area of this
plot is c.0.18ha

Site B
The Cluxton site comprises c.0.39ha. It had planning
permission for 6 houses until recently.

It is noted that the permitted development was granted
 with uppermost floor levels to the south of the scheme at
 +35.27m, slightly below the existing development of
 Asgard Park which is c.+35m

Site C
The Balscadden site currently has planning permission
for 22 units, comprising 6 apartments and 16 houses
(Reg. Ref. F14A/0108).

This 0.98ha site previously had a decision to grant
permission for 64 units from Fingal County Council (Reg.
Ref. F07A/1349). This was enabled by a material
contravention achieved in consultation with the Local
Authority. The decision was appealed by third parties,
and was overturned by An Bórd Pleanála on
appeal for zoning reasons, which are now fully resolved.

                                                             Planning History Map   P11
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                                            SWOT Analysis

      SWOT Analysis
3.1    Layout Description

                                                                                                     Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
The residential development is comprised of three main
blocks plus one smaller mews building.

Block A is proposed to replace the former Baily Court
hotel and is a 3­storey landmark building marking a new
civic space and connection to Balscadden Road. It is
within the village Architectural Conservation Area and its
treatment will be sensitive to the existing character of
Abbey Street and Main Street. The ground floor shop
unit faces west and will catch the afternoon and evening
sun. The wide pavement to the front and the civic space
adjacent will be attractive for outdoor seating, and it is
envisaged that the shop will include some café or
restaurant uses.

The additional commercial and residential building on the
west boundary of the site, Block M, is a long, narrow
village building with simple A­frame gabled ends. It will
provide a defined street edge to the rear of the existing
Abbey Street/Main Street properties and their gardens.

Block B is the second largest block of apartments on the
site. It has multiple cores and entrances on three sides.
This block is proposed to be dug back into the steep hill
and to screen heavy retaining walls within its structural
solution. It has a proposed height to the new street of 4
storeys to the shoulder, with setback penthouses. The
building height on the internal courtyard will be 3 storeys
plus penthouse. The east wing of Block B steps up with
the site contours along Balscadden Road and is thus 3
storeys plus penthouse to the street for that section

Block C is a large, orthogonal building within the main       Figure Ground Study Before and After
body of the site. It is three storeys high with penthouses
on the south and west wings. The access road leads to
an underground car park with a large, semi­private
garden above.

3.2    Urban Framework
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      The framework plan for the new development focusses
                                                      on the making of connections between the village core
                                                      and Balscadden Bay. The development is designed as
                                                      an extension to urban fabric of the village core, with
                                                      publicly accessible streets and spaces. The form of the
                                                      buildings and the treatment of the uppermost floors will
                                                      be in keeping with the stepped and highly articulated
                                                      roofscape of the village. The key elements of the plan
                                                      are as follows:

                                                      One new connection from Abbey Street/Main Street to
                                                      Balscadden Road. There is an existing right­of­way at
                                                      the bottom of the mound, but this path is in poor
                                                      condition and is not currently overlooked. The proposed
                                                      development will improve this route.

                                                      • A new public space with mixed uses adjacent to Main
                                                      • High quality hard and soft landscaping throughout.
                                                      • An attractive and appropriate civic setting for the
                                                         Martello Tower and the mound.
                                                      • Provision of ground floor retail unit on Main Street.
                                                         This block will include apartments over the shop,
                                                         providing activity and continuity in street frontage.
                                                      • Provision of 164 apartments and duplex units with a
                                                         mix of tenures. Multiple cores will provide a fine
                                                         grained form to the development.
                                                      • Passive surveillance and security to Martello Tower
                                                         and the mound from the new apartments to its south.
                                                      • Two large semi­private landscaped gardens and
                                                         smaller enclosed private courtyards for the amenity of
                                                         the residents.
                                                      • Improved accessibility for all users.

                                                                                                                  Urban Framework Plan
Urban Edges Before and After Diagrams

                                              Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
3.3    Movement Strategy
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      A new pedestrian link is proposed from Main Street to
                                                      Balscadden Road. Vehicular traffic is limited to the new
                                                      Main Street Plaza with access to underground
                                                      residential carparking in Block C. There will be no
                                                      through­road, with the exception of emergency and
                                                      maintenance vehicles. The New Linear Plaza will be
                                                      landscaped to a high standard with pedestrian and cycle
                                                      access only, and will provide open and public access
                                                      between the village core and Balscadden Bay.

                                                      Currently, there is no sense of connection or proximity
                                                      from Main Street to the beach steps at Balscadden Bay.
                                                      The new Linear Plaza will provide a direct connection,
                                                      thereby greatly improving permeability and access.

                                                      It is proposed to upgrade and improve the existing path
                                                       from Main Street along the base of the Martello mound
                                                       to Balscadden Road. This new route is pedestrian only,
                                                       and is to be landscaped to a high standard. It is fronted
                                                       by Block C.

P16                                                                                                                Movement Strategy
3.4    Public Realm Description

                                                                                                             Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
A high quality public realm is a key principle of the
proposed development. Different elements are
integrated to provide a clear and legible series of spaces
and routes.                                                  1. Improved right of
                                                             way from Abbey
                                                             Street to Balscadden
1. An upgraded pedestrian street at the base of the          Road
mound from Abbey Street to Balscadden Road.
2. A minor civic space with seating area at the junction     2. Minor civic space
of the steep Martello Tower footpath and lower mound         with seating area
3. A private landscaped garden for residents to enjoy in
the centre of each of the larger blocks                      3. Private landscaped
4. A minor civic space called Balscadden Plaza               garden
announcing the arrival at Balscadden Bay, and space to
sit and enjoy the view.
5. A new linear plaza connecting Main Street to
Balscadden Road
                                                             4. A new Civic Space
6. A new civic plaza called Main Street Plaza at the
                                                             called Balscadden
junction with Main Street

                                                             5. New pedestrian
                                                             Linear Plaza

                                                             6. New civic space
                                                             called Main Street

                                                                                     Public Realm Strategy
Civic Space, Poundbury.                                                                                      P17
3.5    Roofscape
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      Howth Village is characterised by a dynamic roofscape
                                                      with roofs stepping along contours and variable pitches.
                                                      The proposals include two new pitched roof buildings
                                                      clad in metal. To the right are two examples of modern
                                                      pitched roofs in Howth Village, proximate to the site.

                                                                                                                 Modern zinc roof on Abbey Street,

                                                                                                                 Modern composite roof on
                                                                                                                 Balscadden Road, Howth

3.6     Material Palette

                                                                                                                 Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
The material palette is shared across all the buildings
within the proposals. There will be differences in
application on each block and a common language of
materials will tie all the buildings together and into their
context. The proposed palette consists of buff bricks with
a light coloured mortar, light sand, grey or off­white
textured render, dark aluminium framed glazing and
highly glazed penthouses framed in aluminium or zinc.

At ground level private terraces and communal areas will
be softened with herbacious planting and low evergreen

                                                               Light grey, off­white and sand coloured
                                                               render with a textured finish

                                                               Dark aluminium glazing and louvre systems. Zinc
                                                               or aluminium penthouse cladding

Buff brick samples with light or white
mortar joints
                                                                  Typical Street Elevations With Set Back
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth


                                                                  Light Ochre Coloured Brick
                                                                  TBC ­ To be consistent with Seaside Pallet

                                                                  Louvered Opes
                                                                  Louver to supply opening section
                                                                  Visually allows for a larger clear opening

                                                                  Shadow Gap
                                                                  Break up massings / Reinforces Grain

                                                      BLOCK A
                                                      Typical Street Elevations

                                                      Zinc Roof

                                                      Dark Grey Brick to Gable element which turns corner

                                                      Rendered finish to main street

                                                      Glazed base to Black Brick Element

                                                      Stall Risers to protect glazing

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Precedent : Piercy&Company: 1­6 Clay Street
Note: Ochre Colour Brick, & Vertical Shadow gap

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      Precedent Left: Student Centre in the Arts University Bournemouth
                                                      Note: Staggered Louvres, Brick With Dark Metal

                                                      Precedent Right:AMS Window Systems
                                                      Louvres with internal opening sash

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Precedent Top: Black House / Bakers Architecten
Note Dark Grey Brick

Contemporary Example Left: Baldoyle Library, Howth
FKL Architects                                       P23
3.7    Design Rationale – Block A

                                                                                                                             Landmark building on Main         Pitched roof in keeping with   Modern material introduced
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                                                                                             Street; gable end addresses the   Main and Abbey Streets         on roof to contrast the
                                                                                                                             street and announces the new                                     traditional forms
                                                                                                                             pedestrian link and civic plaza                                                               Roofs and massing step to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           maintain the Village Grain
                                                      Three stories in keeping with
                                                      Main and Abbey Streets
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Seaside colour palette; sand,
                                                      Introduce brick for texture                                                                                                                                          off­white, slate, dark grey,
                                                      and mix with render in                                                                                                                                               light pinks.
                                                      keeping with the Village
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Change of material employed
                                                      Gable end creates a focal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           to enhance the grain and
                                                      point and a good facade onto
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           rhythm of Main Street
                                                      the new Civic Plaza
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Building sits back from the
                                                      Narrow windows in keeping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           street building line, as its
                                                      with the Village
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           predecessor did, allowing an
                                                      Gable addresses Main Street                                                                                                                                          informal spill out space
                                                      and subtly helps the building
                                                      turn the corner and draw the
                                                      public into the new plaza                                                                                                                                            Spill out space to the front on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Main Street

                                                      Traditional elements
                                                      incorporated in shopfronts;                                                                                                                                          On street parking retained to
                                                      stallrisers, signage band,                                                                                                                                           enliven the street and for
                                                      glazing                                                                                                                                                              convenience

                                                      Building turns the corner into
                                                      proposed plaza; the stallriser,
                                                      glazing and signage band
                                                      wrap around

                                                               Evolution of the design and other options considered;
                                                               Many options were considered, in discussion with Fingal Co Co,
                                                               from very traditional style to very modern. In the end it was
                                                               agreed that Block A should take on the traditional forms of the
                                                               village ­ pitched roofs, tight grain, stall risers and stepping roofs ­
                                                               whilst incorporating some modern elements ­ darker brick
                                                               finishes, extensive glazing and full height windows to the
                                                               apartments. This helps it straddle the older buildings of the
P24                                                            village and the newer of the proposals.
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
   Glazing wraps the corner and draws                                Block A sits on Main Street and
   the public around into the new public                             integrates with the traditional village
   plaza. Spill out seating, bicycle                                 context whilst hinting at something
   stands and trees help define this                                 modern happening behind
   space as public

Predominantly three stories                Two stories along Abbey                          Block A addresses Main Street   Bungalows elevated from
at bottom of Martello mound                Street                                           and replaces a landmark style   the street
                                                                                            three story building

3.8   Design Rationale – Block M
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                                   Pitched roof in keeping with   Modern material introduced   Roofs and massing step to    Roofs and massing step up away from
                                                                   Main and Abbey Streets         on roof to contrast the      maintain the Village Grain   Main Street to help transition from the
                                                                                                  traditional forms                                         village to the higher buildings within the
                                                                                                                                                            development and the houses at Asgard
                                                                                                                                                            on the hill beyond

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Narrow windows and overall
                                                                                                                                                                                                         vertical emphasis in keeping
                                                                                                                                                                                                         with the Village

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Side windows make the most
                                                                                                                                                                                                         of views towards the sea and
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Main Street and provide
                                                                                                                                                                                                         additional aspect

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Seaside colour palette; sand,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         off­white, slate, dark grey,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         light pinks. Stone walls blend
                                                                                                                                                                                                         with the context

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Discreet private access to
                                                                                                                                                                                                         residential units above

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Traditional elements
                                                                                                                                                                                                         incorporated in shopfronts;
                                                                                                                                                                                                         stallrisers, signage band,

Private courtyards enclose
                                        awkward site conditions and

                                                                            Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
                                        help define the new
                                        pedestrian street edge

                                        Active frontage provides a
                                        strong edge onto the new
                                        civic plaza

Block M helps to transition
between the stepped pitched
roofs and small, traditional grain   The stepped roofs of Block M helps
of the village and the somewhat         transition from the single storey
more modern development inside         health centre on Main Street and
the site                                     three storeys plus set back
                                                penthouse within the site

3.9   Design Rationale – Block B
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                                                                          Block B largely replaces the   Enclosed private courtyard   Block B nestles into the   The community space
                                                                                                          excavated mound in terms of    catches south light          excavated mound            provides an active frontage
                                                                                                          height and provides a nicer                                                            onto the new public plaza
                                                                                                          frontage onto Balscadden
                                                                            Stepped back penthouse
                                                                        floor is minimally visible from
                                                                              street level, reduces the
                                                                                      perceived height

                                                                           The block steps up along
                                                                       Balscadden Road as the road
                                                                                            is rising

                                                                              The height and width of
                                                                                 Balscadden road are
                                                                          balanced with three stories
                                                                          sitting opposite two stories
                                                                                     plus pitched roof

                                                                        Block B helps to enclose and
                                                                              activate the new street

                                                                        Active frontage onto the new
                                                                         street is provided by access
                                                                            cores and own door units

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
                                                                Block B steps with the contours of the
                                                                site and presents three stories plus
                                                                set back penthouse onto Balscadden
                                                                Road, directly replacing the bulk and
Block B helps to define the new
                                                                scale of the excavated mound
public plaza

                   Views towards the church    Block B helps to enclose and      Blue indicates the mound to   The entire development sits
                   retained over the tops of   activate the new street           be excavated                  well below the height of
                   Blocks C and B                                                                              Asgard Park

3.10   Design Rationale – Block C
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                       Abbey Street      Line of sight    Block C

                                                                                                                    Existing wall

                                                                                                      New tree planting of good
                                                                                                    quality improves the Martello
                                                                                                                                    Public facing facade
                                                                                                       Private roof terrace views
                                                                                                     towards the Martello Tower
                                                                                                                      and the sea
                                                                                                          Private and sheltered     Improved public right of way
                                                                                                      courtyard enclosed by the     path

                                                                                                     Three stories, plus set back   Private courtyard
                                                                                                       penthouse, located away
                                                                                                          from the site boundary
                                                                                                         ensures no overlooking
                                                                                                       issues with properties on
                                                                                                                    Abbey Street
                                                                                                                                    Cafe strategically located
                                                                                                      Opening to allow the west     on the corner where it may
                                                                                                       evening sun to penetrate     be glimpsed from Main
                                                                                                                                    Street and Balscadden
                                                                                                        Extra height possible on    Road
                                                                                                                  southern side
                                                                                                    Public facade to New Linear
P30                                                                                                                       Plaza
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
                                Martello setting          Public                                     Private courtyard

Three stories to the north        Block C helps provide            Public facing facade and
allows a clear view over the      enclosure for the Martello       public right of way with high
roof of Block C to the church     Tower and define the space       quality planting and benches

                                                                                                                               Block C helps to define the setting of
                                                                                                                               the Martello Tower and replace the
                                                                                                                               existing palisade fence and scrub
                                                                                                                               planting with high quality planting and
                                                                                                                               an improved public right of way

                                                                               Block C encloses a private courtyard
                                                                               which can be accessed via a
                                                                               concierge from the new street. This
                                                                               space is for the shared amenity of
                                                                               residents and will provide a sheltered,
                                                                               sunny and safe open space

                                                                                   The café is located on the corner of
                                                                                    the block where it may be glimpsed
                                                                                              from both Main Street and
                                                                                     Balscadden Road, helping to draw
                                                                                 the public through the new street and
                                                                                   clarify that it is for public, pedestrian
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                            Site Sections & Views
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
View of the proposals looking north
along Main Street

                                      View of the proposals from Balglass

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                            Streetscape Studies
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
View of the proposals looking south
along Main Street

View of the proposals from the sea

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth


                               Martello interface
                                                            Boundary Studies
Abbey Street interface

      Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                            Balscadden Road interface
4.1    Residential Density                                  4.2    Dwelling Mix                                                Table 1 ­ Dwelling Mix

                                                                                                                                                                                  Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Fingal Development Plan 2017­2023 aims to provide a         The dwelling mix of the application is set out in Table 1                                          No. of      %
mix of dwelling types, sizes and tenures to support the     below. The dwelling mix proposed relates to urban                                                 dwellings
development of a balanced community and meet the            design considerations regarding an appropriate urban               1 Bedroom Apartment               40       24.5%
adapting needs of residents. Increased densities are        extension to Howth village core and an aspiration to
also encouraged at appropriate locations (Objective         provide for a balanced community. A mixture of
                                                                                                                               2 Bedroom Apartment               92       56%
PM41). The site’s zoning status is identified in section    commercial uses, own door units and apartments are
2.1 as TC and RS.                                           proposed along a new linear plaza linking Main Street to
                                                            Balscadden Road (pedestrian through route only). The               2 Bedroom Duplex                  5         3%
This development is characterised by higher density due     south side of the street is 4 storey and the north side is 3
to its proximity to Howth village core and good transport   storeys plus penthouse, with apartments providing good             3 Bedroom Duplex                  1        0.5%
links including the DART and Dublin Bus stops. Larger       passive surveillance of the public space because they
three­bedroom apartments and own door duplexes are          are designed with living spaces and balconies on upper
                                                                                                                               3 Bedroom Apartment               26       16%
incorporated with one and two­bedroom apartments to         storeys giving many 'eyes on street'.
provide for a balanced community. A fine grain, active
frontages and the incorporation of commercial and           The apartments and duplexes proposed are a mix of                  Total                            164       100%
community facilities all help secure the development as     16% 3­bedroomed, 56% 2­bedroomed and 24.5% 1­
an extension of the existing village core.                  bedroomed.

There is an allowance for increased density in
appropriate locations in Objective PM40 Encourage
increased densities at appropriate locations whilst                              Table 2 ­ Breakdown per Block
ensuring that the quality of place, residential
accommodation and amenities for either existing or
future residents are not compromised.                                            Apartment Block                               M            A             B      C        Total

The Development Plan also references the document                                1 Bedroom Apartment                       1           2             16          21        40
Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas
(2009) which states that “In general, minimum net
densities of 50 dwellings per hectare, subject to                                2 Bedroom Apartment                       0           6             22          64        92
appropriate design and amenity standards, should be
applied within public transport corridors”.                                      2 Bedroom Duplex                          1           0             4           0          5

The net density of the application is 106dph (43/acre)                           3 Bedroom Apartment                       0           0             9           17        26
which therefore complies with this ambition for higher
and more sustainable density targets in appropriate
                                                                                 3 Bedroom Duplex                          0           0             1           0          1
locations such as this. The relevant area for density
purposes is 1.55 hectares (3.8 acres) which is the
application site area.                                                           Total                                     2           8             52         102        164

                                                      5.1   Apartment Design Overview
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      There are 164 apartments proposed in this                Block B contain a variety of styles of apartments and
                                                      application. The design strategy for apartments          duplexes. To the west of Block B are village core
                                                      within the proposals is to employ a range of             apartments overlooking the new public plaza.
                                                      different core arrangements, internal layouts and        These are designed with recessed balconies for
                                                      balcony/ winter garden arrangements in order to          privacy and enclosure. A majority have dual aspect
                                                      maximise privacy, dual aspect, passive surveillance      so they can also overlook the internal courtyard.
                                                      and sea views throughout the scheme.                     Along the new linear plaza 4 no. own door duplexes
                                                                                                               have private terraces and enough space for home
                                                      The Blocks are each tailored to their place within the   office should residents wish to work from home. In
                                                      development with Block A responding to Howth             the upper floors along this plaza, protruding
                                                      village core, Block M providing a transition between     windows allow residents to catch extra daylight and
                                                      village and development, Block B sitting into the        glimpse sea views. To the east of this block
                                                      landscape and screening the retaining walls and          apartments are designed to maximise sea views
                                                      Block C addressing Balscadden Road.                      and winter gardens have been incorporated to allow
                                                                                                               residents some shelter in what may be a slightly
                                                      Both Blocks B and C wrap around internal                 more exposed facade. On the top floor highly
                                                      landscaped courtyards to provide protected private       glazed penthouses are set back for privacy and
                                                      amenity spaces for communal residential use.             panoramic sea views across private roof terraces.

                                                      Block A provides village centre living with balconies    Block C is the largest apartment block. Along the
                                                      overlooking the public streets with the majority of      new Balscadden plaza living rooms are designed to
                                                      apartments having dual or triple aspect. Apartments      maximise sea views with glazing provided to the
                                                      are accessed from a shared core, providing privacy       street, across half the frontage and semi­recessed
                                                      and security. Balconies are integrated into the          balconies protruding to maximise aspect. Along the
                                                      building fabric which allows residents a feeling of      Balscadden elevation winter gardens are provided
                                                      security and enclosure whilst also allowing for          to allow residents unimpeded sea views with the
                                                      passive surveillance onto Main Street and the new        flexibility of a winter garden to protect them from the
                                                      public plaza. Living areas are generous and the          weather. Balconies and glazing along the north
                                                      majority of apartments dual aspect, allowing for         elevation match that on the new linear plaza with
                                                      open plan living and dining in an urban setting.         protruding balconies designed to allow residents
                                                      Parking is accommodated off street within Block C,       improved views and aspect. Internally apartments
                                                      adding to the urban feel of this block.                  overlook a highly landscaped courtyard with semi­
                                                                                                               recessed balconies and full height glazing.
                                                      Block M is a mews style block containing 2 no.
                                                      homes over a shop unit with on­street parking to the     All the proposed apartments have been designed
                                                      front. Block M contains 1 no. 1­bedroom apartment        with to comply with ‘Sustainable Urban Housing:
                                                      and 1 no. two­bedroom duplex, both with own door         Design Standards for New Apartments ’ (2007 &
                                                      access, triple aspect and recessed balcony               2018) and ‘Sustainable Residential Development in
                                                      overlooking the new Main Street plaza. These units       Urban Areas’ (2009) in addition to all Development
                                                                                                                                                                         Key Plan
                                                      are urban in nature and designed to provide secure       Plan minimum standards.
                                                      and private accommodation in the heart of the new
                                                      urban quarter.
5.2    Apartment Building Design

                                                                                                           Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
There are four apartment blocks; Block M (mews block),
Block A, Block B and Block C. Each has a unique quality
whilst all four come together to read as one coherent

Block M contains 2 apartments on two upper floors, above a
shop unit. It is designed to transition between the small scale
grain of buildings in the village core with the larger scale of
the proposals. The roof is pitched, in line with the local
character and it presents a clean gable to Main Street. The
addition of a change in roof level adds to the character of the
                                                                  Block M elevation to Main Street Plaza
building and is in keeping with the village context. At street
level the shopfront is identified by use of a dark brick and
glazing. Above full height windows allow lots of light into the
apartments and provide a vertical structure to the elevation.
The change in roof height adds to this verticality. A very soft
pink coloured render on the upper floors provides weather
protection and links this building to the vernacular style of

Block A contains 8 apartments on two upper floors, above a
large shop/café unit. This block is located on Main Street in
the heart of Howth village core and the Architectural
Conservation Area. As such Block A is designed to be
sympathetic to the Howth vernacular of stepping pitched
roofs, fine grain, vertical emphasis outdoor seating,
traditional shopfronts and active frontages.
                                                                  Block A elevation to Main Street
At ground level a large shop/cafe unit provides active
frontage along both Main Street and to the new public plaza.
Outdoor seating on both facades will activate the street and
is in keeping with other cafes in the village. The shopfront is
designed in a clean and modern style of glass and stone/
brick, incorporating the traditional elements of fascia and
pilasters to ground the building.

On the upper floors different materials are employed to break
down the grain of the building. A recessed, light grey
coloured, rendered element meets a slightly projecting dark
brick gable. Full height, narrow windows are employed to
add verticality to the facade, with opening sections and
privacy sections introduced on the vertical. Balconies are
recessed so as to not overwhelm the facade and to provide
                                                                  Block A elevation to Main Street Plaza   P41
privacy and enclosure for residents.
5.2     Apartment Building Design (cont.)
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      Block B contains 52 homes and a community room unit over         building, adding subtle interest to the roofscape.
                                                      four floors plus set back penthouse level. Block B transitions                                                                     Block B also incorporates a large internal landscaped courtyard.
                                                      between Howth village core and the new residential quarter.      Along the new linear plaza the vertical rhythm of solid/void,     This is for the private and communal use of residents. The
                                                      This block comprises a landscaped courtyard surrounded by        buff brick/glass continues, creating the effect of a terrace of   courtyard will blend into stepped retaining walls heavily planted
                                                      apartments. Dual aspect, sea views, active frontages and         townhouses. Own door duplexes sit in the recessed plinth of       with climbing plants and creepers.
                                                      passive surveillance have been incorporated as much as           dark brick with private terraces to the front. On the upper
                                                      possible. Stepping of the facade on the vertical plane is        floors angled windows protrude to catch sea views and this
                                                      used alongside material changes and vertical windows to          adds to the dynamism of this facade. On the Balscadden
                                                      break up the grain of the building, in keeping with the Howth    corner a landscaped roof garden for residents, overlooks
                                                      vernacular.                                                      Balscadden Bay.

                                                      The east elevation, to the new public plaza off Main Street,     On the Balscadden elevation the building steps back into the
                                                      contains a community room at ground level along a slightly       landscape and retaining walls. The same palette of buff brick
                                                      recessed, dark brick plinth. The community room has a            and aluminium framed glass is used here to break the
                                                      glazed frontage and folding doors are incorporated to allow      facade vertically whilst maximising sea views for residents.
                                                      users of the space to spill onto the public space and make       Full height glazing and winter gardens create a comfortable
                                                      use of this new facility. Above, vertical windows and glazing    internal environment. A set back, glazed penthouse floats
                                                      provide plentiful light for residents. The facade is broken up   above the building and will not be seen easily from street
                                                      into a solid and void rhythm of buff brick and glass, with       level. Corner apartments have wrap around glazing for
                                                      recessed balconies adding a subtle depth. A highly glazed        unimpeded sea views, furthering the lightness of this
                                                      penthouse is set back on the roof level and floats above the     important corner.

P42                                                   Block B elevation to Main Street Plaza
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Block B elevation to New Linear Plaza

Block B elevation to Balscadden Road    P43
5.2    Apartment Building Design (cont.)
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      Block C is the largest block in the development and           Along Balscadden Road winter gardens are incorporated         grain and create a rhythm along the facade. A glazed,
                                                      contains 102 apartments, a crèche and a café over three       to allow residents shelter and protection whilst              set back penthouse floats above, aiding the verticality of
                                                      floors plus set back penthouse. This block contains a         maximising sea views and light. A large landscaped roof       the building.
                                                      basement car park with landscaped courtyard above. A          terrace, for residents’ use will be visible at points along
                                                      mixture of light grey render and buff bricks have been        the facade where more intense planting pops up. The           Block C surrounds a landscaped courtyard intended for
                                                      used across the facade, with aluminium framed                 facade is broken into solid and void with brick and glass     the communal use of residents. A concierge from the
                                                      windows. The palette is of beach colours and all              sections. These sections are further articulated by the       new linear plaza allows residents access directly into the
                                                      materials will be finished to the highest standard to allow   brick sections extending up to form guarding for              courtyard and integrates this space into the heart of the
                                                      for inevitable weathering in the maritime environment.        residents on the roof terrace. The same full height           proposals. An additional landscaped roof terrace for
                                                                                                                    glazing, with vertically articulated privacy screens, is      private resident use will be heavily planted. This allows
                                                      Along the new road Block C has active frontage, with          subtly offset here to add interest and rhythm.                residents amenity use and views over Balscadden Bay
                                                      basement car ramp, concierge and café all having                                                                            and also softens the roofscape when viewed form the
                                                      entrances. The fascia of the cafe will be visible from the    The elevation to the Martello Tower is defined by             Martello Tower.
                                                      new public plaza at Main Street and draw the public           staggered vertical windows and protruding balconies.
                                                      down this new linear plaza. Similar to Block B, full height   The facade steps in and out and materials change from
                                                      glazing has been used to add verticality, in keeping with     buff brick to grey render as appropriate. There is a
                                                      the Howth vernacular. Opening sections and privacy            higher solid to void ratio on this facade, with full height
                                                      sections are divided on the vertical to enhance this          windows and narrower openings, this reflects the north
                                                      verticality. Their facade is further broken down by way of    aspect of this facade.
                                                      material changes from brick to render and protruding
                                                      balconies, designed to allow residents sea views to the       The Main Street/Abbey Street elevation completes the
                                                      east. A set back, glazed penthouse level floats above,        external treatment of Block C. Again here full height
                                                      surrounded by a private roof terrace.                         glazing, material changes from brick to render and
                                                                                                                    subtle set backs in the facade help to break down the

P44                                                   Block C elevation to New Linear Plaza
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
Block C elevation to Balscadden Road

Block C elevation to Martello Tower

Block C elevation to Main Street/ Abbey Street
5.3    Streetscape and Urban Design
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      Movement and public realm are at the heart of the             glimpse through the building into this landscaped private
                                                      proposals. This new quarter will be a lively and              space. The corner of Block C to Balscadden is wrapped with          Overall the development will enhance and support Howth
                                                      integrated extension to Howth village. The proposals set      a café/ ice cream parlour which may be glimpsed by passers          village by adding a new population, additional
                                                      up a series of new public spaces, linked by existing and      by on Main Street, drawing people down the new pedestrian           commercial uses and two new public spaces close to the
                                                      new pedestrian paths and plazas.                              linear plaza and onwards to the new Balscadden plaza and            village centre. The proposals are a quarter within
                                                                                                                    the cliff path beyond. The location of this unit is an important    themselves whilst also becoming an integral part of the
                                                      Block A addresses Main Street and continues the               anchor that will encourage pedestrian movement.                     village proper. The linear plaza creates a new pedestrian
                                                      existing building line with an active frontage and shop/                                                                          linkage from Main Street to Balscaddebn and beyond as
                                                      café unit. On street, nose to kerb parking is retained for    To the south side of the new street Block B contains 4 no.          well as providing a convenient and level access through
                                                      convenience, whilst the wide footpath can still               own door duplex units, each with a private terrace to the           the site for public use.
                                                      accommodate cafe tables and chairs at the back of the         front. These will activate new linear plaza with people
                                                      pavement. New, reconstituted stone pavers run from            coming and going. They are designed to easily
                                                      shop front to kerb, with a flush and subtle demarcation of    accommodate working from home, allowing flexibility of use
                                                      ownership. These pavers will continue around the              for residents and potentially further animating the street.
                                                      corner, smoothing the transition into a new public plaza
                                                      and shared space. This flow of materials links the plaza      Pedestrians can flow into a minor public plaza on the
                                                      back to Main Street and establishes it as part of the         Balscadden Road edge of the site. This space will have
                                                      wider public realm of the village.                            extensive herbaceous and tree planting and plentiful
                                                                                                                    benches to allow people to sit and enjoy the view over
                                                      Main Street Plaza will be primarily hard landscaped, with     Balscadden Bay. This space links to the café and will provide
                                                      active uses on each of it’s three sides; a cafe with          a welcome refuge for walkers returning from the cliff path
                                                      external seating, a shop unit and a community room with       walk as well as locals who wish to overlook the bay. This
                                                      folding doors all access this space. Pedestrians standing     space links to a new footpath along the edge of Block B, to
                                                      on Main Street will have a view through this space and        the south, extending the existing public footpath further up
                                                      down the new linear plaza, possibly glimpsing the sea         Balscadden Road, as it currently stops short of the site.
                                                      and certainly glimpsing the café/ ice cream parlour at the
                                                      end, as they step into the space. Within the plaza            To the north of the site there is an existing public right of way
                                                      permanent benches will be mixed with temporary seating        along the base of the Martello mound. This is currently
                                                      and tables to allow flexibility of use. A select number of    narrow and under­used. The proposals will significantly
                                                      trees will soften the environment without breaking it’s       improve this route in terms of quality and safety. Pedestrians
                                                      civic character. The full space will read as one with         can access a small plaza from the existing steep path to the
                                                      reconstituted stone pavers all the way across. One road       Martello. This plaza will provide a level refuge from the steep
                                                      moves through the space; the access into the residential      path. A new path moves along the north edge of Block C.
                                                      car park in Block C. The road will be legible by a scale      This path will be activated by ground level apartments and
                                                      change in the pavers and a small kerb.                        access doors and also overlooked by passive surveillance
                                                                                                                    from apartments overhead. Herbaceous planting and
                                                      Active uses along the length of Block C will draw the         integrated seating along the retaining wall will improve the
                                                      public down the new road as these help clarify that this      quality of this space, creating a very pleasant route for
                                                      is a public street and not an estate road. A concierge half   pedestrians. The path wraps around Block C, meeting the
                                                      way along Block C allows residents convenient access          new plaza at Balscadden, and flows out to Balscadden
                                                      to the internal courtyard whilst allowing the public          Road.

Ground Floor Site Layout

                             Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
5.4    Compliance with the 12 Urban Design
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      The table below shows how the twelve urban design
                                                      criteria of the Urban Design Manual 2009, as requested
                                                      in Chapter 3 of the Fingal Development Plan, have been
                                                      taken into account in the design of this planning

                                                      1. CONTEXT                 The development respects it’s setting close to the village centre and      4. VARIETY           There is a variety of building design such as buildings varying in
                                                                                 also it’s proximity to the Martello Tower. The streetscape has been                             height from two to four storey plus penthouse. The roofscape
                                                                                 carefully designed to flow naturally from the village, creating new                             varies from traditional pitched roofs to landscaped terraces. A
                                                                                 pedestrian links. The roofs will be extensively landscaped and the                              small palette of materials in addition to subtle shift in depth are
                                                                                 form has been carefully crafted so as to provide a sympathetic and                              carefully employed across the facade to break them up and
                                                                                 appropriate view from the Martello to the village and St. Mary’s                                provide variety to the streetscape.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Shops and community uses are provided in the most appropriate
                                                                                 The site density is appropriately high for this village centre location,                        locations to serve the village.
                                                                                 close to public transport links. Extensive roof and courtyard
                                                                                 landscaping in addition to private balconies and terraces are
                                                                                 provided for residents use. Public streets will be finished in high
                                                                                 quality reconstituted stone pavers and softened with trees and             5. EFFICIENCY        The layout provides the most efficient use of land it can, despite
                                                                                 herbaceous borders as appropriate.                                                              the constraints of the terrain. The density is appropriately high,
                                                                                                                                                                                 taking into account the village centre location and proximity to
                                                                                 Block B will be built into the excavated terrain, with stepped terraces                         public transport links.
                                                                                 of retaining walls. The overall height will be unobtrusive to
                                                                                 neighbouring Asgard Park, which sits above.                                                     Landscaped areas are designed to provide amenity and
                                                                                                                                                                                 biodiversity, protecting buildings and spaces from the elements.
                                                      2. CONNECTIONS             The development ensures the creation of a pedestrian­cyclist
                                                                                 friendly environment with safe and direct links through the site.                               The scheme brings a large plot of brownfield land close to the
                                                                                 These include enhancing the existing route and providing a new                                  village centre back into productive use as a sustainable, new
                                                                                 route, connecting Main Street with Balscadden Road.                                             community.

                                                                                 Plentiful exit point and a permeable concierge allow residents to
                                                                                 conveniently access the village and public transport systems.

                                                      3. INCLUSIVITY             The layout has been designed to enable easy access by all.                 6. DISTINCTIVENESS   The character area is distinguished by the use of a carefully
                                                                                 Proposed apartments suit a range of people and households and                                   selected palette of appropriate materials in addition to high
                                                                                 are designed to be adaptable for future needs.                                                  quality public spaces.

                                                                                 The routes are level and footpaths sufficiently wide to accommodate                             Views into and out of the site have been carefully considered in
                                                                                 all users. The site includes public benches to provide resting spaces                           the design process and opportunities for sea views and legibility
                                                                                 for the public. Areas defined as public open space are clearly                                  have been fully exploited.
                                                                                 defined, accessible and open to all and will be taken in charge.

Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth
7. LAYOUT         The layout is an extension of the existing village and sits            10. PRIVACY/ AMENITY   Each apartment is served by an area of usable private outdoor
                  comfortably into the existing urban grain. The proposals create a                             space. The design maximises the number of homes enjoying
                  permeable, urban neighbourhood with public spaces and                                         dual or triple aspect. Windows are sited to avoid overlooking and
                  building form used to aid legibility.                                                         employ integrated screening to allow light transmission and
                                                                                                                privacy. Ground floor units are set back from the street and
                  Active frontages are employed across primary public frontages                                 protected by both private terraces and public planting. All homes
                  with doors directly serving the street. The streets are designed                              meets and generally exceeds the Development Plan standards.
                  as places.

                  Parking is provided for cars and tree planting is employed to
                  slow traffic speeds.

                  Private and public spaces are clearly defined by the layout of the
                                                                                         11. PARKING            Parking is provided the underground carpark of Block C.
                                                                                                                Additional spaces are provided on street for commercial and
                                                                                                                visitor use. Parked cars are located either in secure car parks or
8. PUBLIC REALM   All public open space is overlooked by surrounding apartments                                 overlooked by apartments. Secure bicycle parking is also
                  and is designed as a usable and legible space. There is a clear                               provided for all apartments.
                  definition between public and private spaces. A hierarchy of
                  pedestrian spaces is provided with a more civic and hard
                  landscaped space close to Main Street and the village, and             12. DETAILED DESIGN    The proposals carefully bridge between the vernacular of the
                  softer spaces provided on the Balscadden and Martello sides of                                village, with pitched roof and render finishes, and the higher
                  the development.                                                                              density of the proposals themselves. This is achieved by
                                                                                                                employing a small palette of materials, carefully applied across
                  Traffic levels will be low, slow moving, and for accessing to the                             all the proposed buildings in subtly different ways. This allows a
                  underground carpark only.                                                                     coherence of design without presenting as an estate. The
                                                                                                                materials chosen are a palette of beach colours; dove grey
                                                                                                                render, dark aluminium glazing and buff bricks.
9. ADAPTABILITY   A variety of internal layouts are provided to allow for adaptability
                  of use. Winter gardens, duplex units, open plan living/ kitchen                               All planting proposed is suited to the maritime environment and
                  layouts and dual aspect have been employed to allow                                           trees will aid as wind breaks. Surface materials flow through the
                  opportunities for adaptation.                                                                 development from Main Street to Balscadden Road.
                  Block C contains a number of large ground floor units which lend
                  themselves to wheelchair adaptability.

                                                      6.1  Public Open Space Strategy for the                                                         6.2 Public Open Space Provision
Development at Main Street & Balscadden Road, Howth

                                                      Policy DMS57 of the Development Plan 2017­2023                                                  Class 2 open space for the development is provided
                                                      requires a minimum public open space provision of 2.5                                           through a number of well designed public spaces and
                                                      hectares per 1,000 population. With the proposed ratio                                          wide landscaped paths located throughout the proposal.
                                                      of 27 three­bed (16.5%) and 137 one and two­bed
                                                      (83.5%) this results in an occupancy of 300 and a                                               These are highlighted on the map opposite with areas
                                                      consequent required open space provision requirement                                            indicated on the drawing. Please refer to Murray
                                                      of 0.75 hectares. DMS57A states that open space                                                 Associates Landscape Architects drawings for detailed
                                                      should be 10% minimum of the total site area (0.155ha).                                         design of the open spaces.

                                                      The requisite Class 1 and Class 2 open space for this                                           A payment in lieu of Class 1 open space will be agreed
                                                      application is set out in Table 3 below. As per the                                             with the Planning Authority as per Objective PM53 of the
                                                      Development Plan Class 1 open space is provided at a                                            Development Plan.
                                                      rate of 75% and Class 2 open space at a rate of 25%.

                                                      Table 3 – Public Open Space Provision – Requirement

                                                      No. of Dwellings            No. of Bedspaces        Open Space Class 1          Class 2
                                                                                                          Required (ha) Required (ha) Required (ha)

                                                      27 no. 3 bed @ 3.5          27 v 3.5 = 94.5 BS
                                                      persons/ unit

                                                      137 no 1/2 bed @ 1.5        137 x 1.5 = 205.5 BS
                                                      persons/ units

                                                      164 no. TOTAL               Total = 300 BS          0.75          0.56          0.19

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