President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25

President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25

  President O’Brien and his
Leadership Team Sworn in for
      2019 – 2021 Term
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
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In This Issue | Winter 2019                                                                                         The “Left Lane” is the name of the
                                                                                                                    Teamsters Local 25 Store, which is
                                                                                                                    housed in the Day Room at the
FEATURES                                          DEPARTMENTS                                                       headquarters at 544 Main Street,
                                                                                                                    Charlestown, Massachusetts.
  President O’Brien and his                       2   Business Agent Reports
                                                                                                                    The store features a select number of
  Leadership Team Sworn In                        13        Futures Committee                                       different items offered on a seasonal
   Local 25 Launches 2nd Annual                   14        TeamstersCare
                                                                                                                    basis: shirts, hats, jackets and sweat-
                                                                                                                    shirts. There are specialty items
   Worker Training Program                                                                                          available throughout the year.
                                                  22        Pensioners
   JC10 NE Teamsters Women Ship                                                                                     The store is open from 8 a.m.
   Care Packages to U.S. Troops                   26        Blood Bank                                              to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday,
                                                                                                                    and one hour before and one
   Toy Drive a Success                            27        In Memoriam                                             hour after the monthly meetings.

   Teamsters Doing Good in the                    28        Retiree’s Corner                                        The store accepts cash, credit
   Community                                                                                                        card or debit card. For more
                                                                                                                    information call
   Scholarship Recipients: Where                                                                                    (617) 241-9687
   are They Now?

                         Steven J. South
                                                                   Sean M. O’Brien, President/Principal Officer | ­­­Thomas G. Mari, Secretary-Treasurer
                                                 John J. Juszkiewicz III Ross H. McDonagh        Robert J. Aiguier, Jr.    Joan C. Corey      James L. Donovan Jr.
                         Vice President/         Trustee                 Trustee                 Business Agent            Business Agent     Political Coordinator
                         Business Agent          John F. Gillis          John A. Murphy          Jason A. Lopes            Andrew P. Walsh    Joseph F. Foti
                         Peter S. Berry          Trustee                 Business Agent          Business Agent            Business Agent     Field Representative
                         Recording Secretary                                                                                                  Michael C. Halley
                                                                                                                                              Field Representative
                         ­­­­­Statement of Ownership, Management & Circulation
                         ­­Date of Filing:             Location of Office:          Ownership:                      Paid and/or requested      Total Distribution:
                           October 15, 2018            544 Main Street              Local 25 Teamsters Union        Circulation: None          15,785
                         Title of Publication:         Boston, MA 02129             544 Main Street                 Free Distribution          Copies not Distributed:
                         The Spokesman                 Total: 16,500                Boston, MA 02129                by Mail: 13,118            715 (office use..etc)
                         Frequency of Issue:           Editor & Managing Editor:    Total # Copies: ­­­­16,000      Free Distribution
                         Quarterly                     Sean M. O’Brien                                              Outside the Mail: 2,667
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
Message from the

                    Dear Brothers and Sisters:
                    On January 20, it was an honor to be sworn into another three-year term to this great local union.
                    The oath I took in 2006 to the members, my family and myself still holds true today. I will never stop
                    fighting for our members. Our goals, objectives and our core values remain the same and that is to
                    protect, preserve, and improve working conditions for our members and their families.

                    Now, more than ever, we must remain strong and united. We must focus on the broader labor move-
                    ment to grow. While the economy remains strong and our members are working, there are still many
                    people suffering. It’s not about us verse them. It’s about how we move forward together. If we’re not
                    out there fighting corporate America, challenging our politicians that represent us and challenging
  “There is no      ourselves to be the best person we can be and help those less fortunate in our communities, then
                    shame on us.
  union in the
 country that is    We must focus on restoring the faith back into the communities we represent. There is no union in the
                    country that is more focused on giving back than Teamsters Local 25, and this issue highlights just how
 more focused on    much we give back.
   giving back
 than Teamsters     During the holiday season the day room was transformed into Santa’s workshop and a hub of activity
                    as a toy drop-off site. We collected $90,000 in toys and $44,000 in donations – which is truly amazing
   Local 25.”       and testament to the men and women in this union. We don’t just deliver the holidays to Teamsters
                    families, we help families where we work and live. Also, this holiday, our sisters in Local 25 and across
 –SEAN M. O’BRIEN   New England mailed 330 care packages to U.S. service members stationed overseas and not able to
    PRESIDENT/      come home for the holidays.
                    On March 23 we’ll present our 12th annual Autism Gala. In the past 12 years we have supported 65
                    autism programs that directly impact people in our communities. This year we will honor two men
                    who have been our partners in the autism fight: Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo
                    and Autism Speaks New England Chapter Chairman and Boston Red Sox Vice President of Operations
                    Larry Cancro.

                    Having the most qualified members starts with training. In December we held our second worker
                    training program for the trade show industry. More than 200 members participated in this program.
                    Our driving school has been busy helping members obtain their CDL licenses.

                    In closing, thank you again to the members and your families for putting your trust in me. I’m humbled
                    and honored to continue representing you.


                    Sean M. O’Brien
                    President/Principal Officer

                                                                   | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 1
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
Officers’ Reports
                                      Secretary-Treasurer                                   Vice President
                                      Thomas G. Mari                                        Steven J. South
                                    Since my last report we have                               We are currently in negotiations
                                    settled the remaining oil                                  for the City of Newton DPW, and
                                    agreements that expired in                                 the City of Medford DPW, School
                                    2018 with Alliance/HOP                                     Custodians, School Security Guards
                                    clerical group and Brewer                                  and Monitors. We have also had
                                    Petroleum. For both com-                                   proposal meetings with the follow-
                                    panies we secured five-year                                ing groups: City of Waltham DPW,
                                    contracts that include a       Town of Watertown DPW, City of Chelsea 911 Dispatchers,
                                    75-cent increase each year     and Charles Gilman & Sons (Martignetti). We are looking
                                    of the contract, health and    forward to completing strong agreements for all of these
  welfare paid in full by the company (no more 10% member          groups in the coming months.
  share) and Teamsters pension covered by the employer each             We were also able to organize the City of Chelsea 911
  year of the contract.                                            Supervisors and will begin negotiations in February. At
       In the Trade Show Industry, we continue to make             MS Walker, we recently won an arbitration on behalf of
  training a priority. In December, approximately 200 mem-         all employees providing them with the contractual boot
  bers attended our annual training at the convention center.      allowance.
  It was a huge success and we hope to build on that success            At Causeway Moving & Storage, we filed a lawsuit in fed-
  each year. We are not only the highest paid Teamsters in         eral court over the company refusing to honor an arbitrators
  the industry we are also the best trained Teamsters in the       award which was to put an unjustly terminated employee
  country.                                                         back to work with all back pay and benefits. Subsequently,
       At UPS, our members continue to hold the company’s          the company reversed their decision and paid the member
  feet to the fire when enforcing the contract. We were able       the full award and returned him to his previous job.
  to settle 400 hours of double time pay for the members in             On November 6, 2018, we put on a case at AAA arbitra-
  the Norwood building. As I write this, we are preparing to       tion for a City of Everett member who was suspended. In
  meet for the outstanding grievances for members in South         January, we received the arbitrators decision that the mem-
  Boston. I’m confident we will be successful in cleaning up       ber was suspended without just cause and shall be paid for all
  all that is outstanding.                                         lost wages.
       Lastly, we will be negotiating the new agreements for            At the UPS Chelmsford HUB, after a long battle, we were
  Global Revere, Global Chelsea and Aggregate Saugus in            able to settle over 600 open supervisors working grievances
  the next couple of months. Proposal meetings have been           for $450,000 which was paid to hundreds of members. This
  conducted.                                                       result was due to the diligence of our members, the hard work
       The 12th annual Teamsters Local 25 Autism Gala will be      of our stewards, and the leadership of President O’Brien.
  held Saturday, March 23. This is a great evening out to meet          In New England, the UPS New England Supplemental
  other members, enjoy music and help support our autism           Agreement was overwhelmingly ratified as it is a contract
  fund. I hope to see many members at the gala!                    that our UPS members can be proud of. This is very different
                                                                   from the National UPS Contract which was voted down by
  REMEMBER, TOGETHER WE WIN —                                      54% in October of 2018, yet still ratified by the leadership
  DIVIDED WE BEG!!!                                                of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washing-
                                                                   ton, D.C. Their decision was bad for our brother and sister
                                                                   members at UPS and was protested by all New England local
                                                                   unions. The contract will not be officially implemented until
                                                                   all Supplements are ratified.
                                                                        Thank you to all of our hard working Teamster women
                                                                   and men.

2 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
Dedicated to Our Local Union Members

                          Business Agent                          package where the employees there can choose to receive one
                          John A. Murphy                          week pay for every year of service plus the ability to collect
                                                                  unemployment, or use their seniority to bump into another
                            At UPS Freight, the company           union location. We have some members there with 16, 17, or
                            still Sucks Big Time. We still have   18 years of service choosing to take the money and move on
                            approximately 12 members laid         to other opportunities, including CDL training at the driving
                            off, and the company has moved        school.
                            our Mini-Hub to Wallingford,              A few years back, Aggregate Industries closed their
                            Connecticut, reversed our road bids   Dorchester plant. Aggregate has metro plants and subur-
                            to Newburg and eliminated four        ban plants with different pay rates. At the time they closed
of the nine red circle road bids. The next national grievance     Dorchester, we negotiated a deal that would move those
hearing has hundreds of grievances from all around the country.   metro members from there to the Waltham plant while keep-
    In the Freight Division, YRC contract negotiations will       ing their metro wage rates in place.
continue over the next month, and we have T/A a lot of con-           As you know, we negotiated a new Aggregate contract last
tractual language that will be beneficial to our members. Over    April. The company has expressed buyer’s remorse saying
the next few weeks we will get into economics (wages health       they gave away too much in negotiations. Eight months into
care and pension). I’m still not sure that this company will      the new contract, the company has decided that transfer
make it, they owe $1.4 billion and are only worth $190 million.   agreement is no longer in place and scumbag management
    At DHL Express, I have three discharges for stealing time     has lowered the wages of 11 drivers from Metro to Suburban
and one for absenteeism. All four members are good employ-        rates, drastically impacting the hardworking families who do
ees and good union members, but I believe the company             the day to day work that keeps Aggregate in business in the
targeted them unfairly and I will report at a future meeting on   Boston market. We currently have three unfair labor charges
the outcome.                                                      filed with the National Labor Relations Board.
    At Massport, contract negotiations at Worcester Airport           Aggregate is a constant offender when it comes to safety
have wrapped up and been ratified by our members. Chief           and environmental issues. All members should stay diligent
Steward Spike O’Brien and I will meet one more time with the      in policing these issues. If you see something, say something.
Port Authority to sign off and put in place the new agreement.    Report it to the proper agency or let me know about it and I’ll
    Don’t forget to utilize our Teamsters Credit Union run by     have it investigated.
Teamsters for Teamsters.                                              Encore Casino in Everett is currently hiring and on sched-
                                                                  ule to open in June. These will all eventually be good union
                                                                  jobs. If you have any friends or family looking for work,
                          Business Agent                          please have them monitor and apply.
                          Robert J. Aiguier, Jr.                      As always, thank you to my stewards for your hard work
                                                                  and dedication representing the members in the workplace
                           We recently reached a tentative        every day!
                           agreement with Spider Staging for a
                           one-year extension. This extension
                           includes a wage increase of $1.25                                Business Agent
                           effective February 1, continues
                           100% company paid health and
                                                                                            Jason A. Lopes
                           welfare, adds five days of PTO that                               I hope everyone enjoyed the hol-
can be paid out at the end of the year, and a new annuity arti-                              idays and had a happy new year.
cle where the company contributes $100 per month. Thank                                      We recently ratified many new
you to steward Harry Lang for his constant work representing                                 agreements that give our members
the members there.                                                                           the wage increases, and health and
    In the Building and Services Division, Emerald Green,                                    welfare that they deserve.
who has been the cleaning company at 131 Dartmouth Street             We ratified a new three-year agreement with DPI Dedi-
for several years, was outbid by UG2. We were successful in       cated Logistics for the warehouse, drivers and helpers, which
protecting the jobs of the 30 members there by getting UG2        increases pension contribution over the life of the contract
to sign a Collective Bargaining Agreement for that location.      while providing wage increase and stronger bidding language.
    A LAZ parking garage in Boston’s Post Office Square will      The local agreement and national addendum were both
be closing due to construction. We negotiated a severance         overwhelmingly ratified at the American Red Cross. The new

                                                                      | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 3
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
Officers’ Reports

  three-year agreement provides the largest wage increases this       Boston such as Eve, The Wrong Mans, Honest Thief, Morning
  group has seen in almost a decade and maintains their union         Bell, Little Women, Wonderland, Jungleland, Free Guy and
  health insurance plan. A new three-year contract was ratified       Sound of Metal. There has been an increase in episodic tele-
  by the Emergency Communications Supervisors in the City             vision being filmed in Boston as well, with Netflix, Hulu, and
  of Cambridge, providing wage increases, lower dental/vision         Apple TV, all bringing productions to the state. Showtime’s
  costs and provides stronger language and job security for our       SMILF Season 2, Cortex, The Society, City on a Hill and
  members.                                                            Castle Rock are all shows being filmed by our members. 2019
       At Stop & Shop, our members at the Freetown distribu-          is off to a great start and we will be working very hard at the
  tion center ratified a new six-year agreement that is one of the    State House to protect our film tax incentive so that our mem-
  most lucrative contracts in the grocery warehouse industry.         bers can continue to work full time in this industry for years
  The contract eliminates the three-tier wage system (creating        to come.
  one wage scale for the entire facility by the end of the con-           We will be holding our monthly blood drives at the union
  tract) while also providing wage increases, maintaining their       hall on March 23, April 27, and May 25. Please consider swing-
  100% company paid Teamsters health insurance and their              ing by and donating to this life saving mission.
  top rate pension accrual.                                               As always, thank you to my stewards for your tireless efforts
       On the negotiating front, as of this writing, we are in        in the workplace every day. It is your hard work and dedication
  negotiations with Stop & Shop for the fleet mechanics. We           on the front lines that gives the local the strength to succeed. It
  have held several sessions already and have made substantial        is an honor and a privilege to have been sworn in this January
  progress, and hopefully an agreement is on the horizon. Nego-       to serve the members of this great local for another three-year
  tiations have started with Manfi Leasing (Stop & Shop drivers)      term under President O’Brien’s tremendous leadership.
  and DiSilva Transportation. Negotiations continue with the
  City of Cambridge for the Public Works Supervisors, and
  hopefully my next report with include a new agreement for this                                 Business Agent
  group. A proposal meeting will be held for the movie division                                  Joan C. Corey
  sometime in March as we prepare for the expiration of the
  contract in July of this year.                                                                 East Boston Neighborhood Health
       We currently have three cases filed for arbitration. Two of                               Center Drivers ratified a three-year
  these cases involve Manfi Leasing and will be heard by the New                                 agreement late last year. Thank you
  England Joint Area Committee at the April panel. The third                                     to steward Arthur Gufling and all our
  case is an overtime and holiday pay issue at the American Red                                  brothers and sisters at East Boston
  Cross. Hopefully I will be reporting on favorable outcomes in                                  Neighborhood Health Center as we
  all cases in future reports.                                        worked through employer budget issues due to state and fed-
       We have several hiring opportunities at the companies that     eral funding cuts. Your patience and solidarity allowed us to
  I represent. Anyone with a CDL license who is interested in         prevail. Keep up the great work!
  working at Manfi Leasing should head down to the company                Public sector negotiations continue for the Town of
  (136 South Main Street in Freetown) and fill out an applica-        Tewksbury School Administrators, City of Woburn Depart-
  tion. There are several openings due to recent retirements.         ment Heads and Professional Staff, Town of Winthrop Clerical
  These jobs provide great wages, 100% company paid Team-             Unit, Town of Concord Public Works Department, Town of
  sters health insurance and contributions to the New England         Concord Public Safety Dispatchers, Town of Acton Public
  Teamsters Pension Fund.                                             Safety Dispatchers, Town of Sudbury Public Safety Dispatch-
       We also have several warehouse openings at both Stop &         ers. The stewards and negotiating teams’ commitment and
  Shop warehouse in Freetown and Costa Fruit and Produce              efforts are invaluable and greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  in Charlestown. These warehouse opportunities also provide              Proposal meetings and negotiation sessions are now being
  great wages, 100% company paid Teamsters health insurance           scheduled for Cambridge Health Alliance Respiratory Thera-
  and pension contributions. Certainteed Roofing in Norwood is        pists, Somerville Housing Police, City of Chelsea Department
  also looking to hire several people for their production facility   of Public Works, Saugus Public Safety Dispatchers, South
  and they offer great wages, Teamsters health insurance and          Shore Regional Emergency Communications Center Dis-
  pension contributions. Feel free to give me a call with any ques-   patchers and Supervisors, Carpenter and Paterson Drivers and
  tions regarding these jobs.                                         Warehouseman.
       In the Movie Division, we had an extremely busy end to the         In the Airline Division, Gate Gourmet national contract
  year. Be sure to watch Teamsters productions filmed here in         negotiations are ongoing with federal mediators. Our goal is to

4 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
raise up the airline catering industry nationwide and gain more         As I write this report, I just came from Peter Pan Bus where
equality within the overall industry. In February, I presented an   our members unanimously ratified a new three-year contract.
appeal before the national systems board for the unjust suspen-     These negotiations were tough due to the lack of work in the
sion of our Boston steward.                                         charter bus industry right now. We were able to make numer-
    ACTS Aviation, national master agreement negotiations,          ous language changes, wage increases and added a line run rate
are expected to begin in the near future. Our members trans-        of pay that increases our members pay up to $2.17 per hour.
port and provide security for food catering services at Logan           We have filed for arbitration at ABC Supply over the com-
Airport.                                                            pany changing the vacation policy without negotiating with
    As I write this, Air Canada national master agreement           Local 25. We tentatively have dates for this to be heard in July.
negotiations are scheduled to begin in February in Toronto.             Under the leadership of President O’Brien, Local 25 has
Steward Paul Riley will be joining me during this process. We       been active in helping our members with their Temporary
are honored to represent Local Union 25 and our members in          Protected Status (TPS). Our members who are here legally,
this capacity.                                                      pay their taxes and contribute to our health and welfare and
    Arbitrations have been filed for unjust terminations against    pension funds were not able to renew their CDL’s. This was
HERTZ Corporation and DSM Neo Resins.                               due to new immigration rules under the Trump administra-
    In closing, I would like to thank the Local 25 retirees who     tion's actions. Our stewards at Capitol Waste, Mike Mullally
continually provide guidance and insight by example. Team-          and Doug Cruz, brought this to our attention and President
sters Local 25 Retiree Chapter members are a great inspiration      O’Brien responded. Our Political and Strategic Director, Jim
to all of us and are so very important to the evolution and         Donovan, got to work and held multiple meetings with our
growth of this union.                                               members and the state agencies who regulate this issue. The
    Finally, thank you to all members of this Local for the         result is we have helped numerous members maintain their
humbling opportunity to serve you.                                  CDL and stay employed contributing to society as well as
                                                                    other people in the immigrant community. I want to thank
                                                                    President O’Brien, Jim Donovan, Mike Mullally and Doug
                           Business Agent                           Cruz, for everything they did in helping our members and
                           Andrew P. Walsh                          the community.
                                                                        I attended the Pipeline/Construction Division conference in
                             Since my last report we have been      February.
                             able to ratify numerous contracts.         As we begin 2019, I am preparing for negotiations with
                             At Aramark Uniform Services, we        Cummins Northeast, Beacon sales, Milton Caterpillar, Ryerson
                             were able to unanimously ratify a      Steel and the Town of Hingham Supervisors.
                             four-year contract that includes           You can see that it has been a busy last few months with
                             wage increases, protecting our         negotiations and 2019 will be just as busy. Without you, the
Teamsters health care, and many language changes. Also, at          members who comprise our negotiating teams, none of these
Aramark, we were successful in our arbitration for our mem-         successes could happen. Thanks to all of the committee mem-
ber Dave Lavallee and he is back to work after he was unjustly      bers for their hard work. It is truly an honor representing this
terminated. We are now fighting with the company on the             local union.
make whole remedy.
    We ratified a first-time contract for the dispatchers at
Republic Services, this gives our new six members of the group
protections against the company and they received their first
raises in three years. This was a long process and this group
                                                                                       RAFT TIPS
remained strong and it paid off.                                           If you drink because you want to, that’s your
    At Signature Flight Support, the company gave the group                business... If you drink because you have to,
a last best and final offer on December 6. We voted on Decem-                  we’re willing to make it our business.
ber 7 and it was a unanimous no vote. We struck the company
on December 18 with our members fighting for better wages
                                                                          MEETINGS AT UNION HALL, WEDNESDAYS, 7:00pm
and working conditions. President O’Brien and I met with the
company on December 26 and I am happy to report we ratified               AND AT STOUGHTON OFFICES, SATURDAYS, 9:00am
a new three-year contract. This contract includes up to $3-per-
hour wage increases, double time for forced overtime, premium                Call 800-851-8326 for more information
pay for shift trainers and leads.

                                                                         | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 5
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
Officers’ Reports

                               Field Representative                    committed in both securing their first contract and Mr.
                               Michael C. Halley                       Ventosi’s return to work.
                                                                            In the next few months planning and negotiation meetings
                               It is my hope that you all had a        will be held for Good Year, Paul Revere Boston, Horizon Air
                               healthy and happy holiday season        Freight, Boxford Police Department and Patriot Ledger. Con-
                               with your families. Since my last       tract surveys will be sent out to each member so keep an eye on
                               report we have negotiated and           the mail for them please.
                               ratified several new contracts for           In closing, it is an honor to report that because of the char-
                               groups that I have the privilege to     ity and generosity of this great local and its membership, the
                               represent.                              Local 25 Toy Drive had one of its most successful seasons ever.
      Custodians working at Norwell Schools unanimously                We collected over $90,000 in toys and $44,000 in cash dona-
  ratified a new three-year agreement. Our members there will          tions to help not only Teamsters families in need, but children
  get annual wage increases, as well as increases in longevity         in the communities we work and represent. Special thanks to
  bonuses, sick leave buy back, and attendance bonuses. We             retiree’s Billy Grubbs and Bob McAllister, many other retirees,
  also addressed and resolved overtime opportunity issues              and of course my Co-Chair Joe Conti, who once again out-
  between available work at each school that will benefit our          did himself delivering toys nonstop, even on Christmas Eve! I
  members as well.                                                     would like to thank President Sean O’Brien for the opportu-
      After a long organizing battle between Local 25 and              nity to be part of something so special and to all of you who
  National Express, the National Express Site Supervisors were         donated. Proud to be a Teamster.
  successful in their efforts to become Teamsters. Along with
  the help of the leadership team, especially organizer Chris
  Smolinsky and steward John McAuley, we were able to negoti-                                     Field Representative
  ate their first Teamsters contract. The group unanimously
  ratified a three-year agreement that finally will establish a top
                                                                                                  Joseph F. Foti
  wage rate that will eliminate the old practice of multi-tiered                                  I hope everyone had a great holiday
  pay. Along with first time seniority bidding they will receive                                  season with friends and family.
  three additional holidays, will be paid overtime rate for all                                   Many thanks to our members and
  work performed on a holiday, and receive contributions for a                                    stewards who gave so generously
  Teamsters pension. But in typical National Express Local                                        this holiday season to the Local 25
  Managerial fashion, weeks after the ratification, the company                                   Toy Drive.
  unjustly discharged Site Supervisor Paul Sheehan, despite a                                         Since my last report, the UPS
  signed agreement by the company protecting his employment.           national agreement has been ratified by the IBT leadership, in
  Teamsters Local 25 has filed for arbitration on Mr. Sheehan’s        spite of the objections of our members who voted down this
  behalf to fight for his return to work. Since 2018, through arbi-    contract. Thanks to President O’Brien’s leadership in New
  tration we have overturned three other wrongful terminations         England, our members voted overwhelmingly for the UPS
  there, most recently for driver Chris Maher, who has since           New England Supplement. The New England Supplement
  returned to work with all back pay and benefits. We have two         has no concessions and many improvements in all classifica-
  more arbitrations scheduled against the company.                     tions.
      Aside from National Express, I have three other arbitrations         Grievances for supervisors working continue to be
  filed, all for unjust terminations. One against Veterans Trans-      our biggest problem in all UPS facilities. Thanks to all the
  portation and two against Mystic Island Transport.                   stewards for their continued aggressive enforcement of the
      As I write this report, we recently reached a tentative agree-   contract. Prior to grievance panels we have been able to
  ment for our members working at Penske Logistics in Bedford          resolve cases for excessive overtime, eight-hour guarantee,
  and will plan to bring it to the membership for a ratification       and two termination cases. Chelmsford UPS has kept 10 new
  vote. Special thanks to stewards Steve Flansburg and Al Mar-         drivers after peak season. We have been working with many
  shall who were tremendous in the negotiation process.                temporary employees who got laid off after the holidays to
      We have finally begun negotiations for another new group,        secure permanent jobs within some of our other industries
  Horizon Bradco. No doubt out of retaliation for the organizing       represented by Local 25.
  effort there, the company fired the lead man who helped orga-            I am looking forward to preparing another new member
  nize the group, Matt Ventosi. The company was found guilty           orientation for new package car drivers hired within the
  by the National Labor Relations Board on three labor charges         last year. Prior orientations held at the Tewksbury Training
  filed by Local 25. The local and the group are steadfast and         Facility have given the local an opportunity to introduce new

6 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
members to the labor movement and give members from
other UPS buildings an opportunity to meet and discuss           Local 25 Stands
                                                                 with our Brothers
common problems and solutions in the workplace. It is an
opportunity for members to learn about benefits, contract

                                                                 and Sisters in Labor
language, and available training. We are looking to sched-
ule the class in early spring this year.
    In the Moving & Storage Division, we were successful
in two arbitration settlements for filing list positions and
contract language at Causeway, and a favorable ruling by
an arbitrator on a termination case at American Moving &
Installation. It has been very busy this year in the industry
with a lot of commercial work in the city of Boston. Our
stewards and members continue to do a great job of pro-
viding us information about potential work within the city
so that it is not lost to the nonunion competition. With the
help of the carpenters we were successful in turning a large
job into union work in South Boston this year.
    I look forward to seeing everyone at the Autism Gala
this year, on Saturday, March 23!                                Speaking to thousands at the UNITE HERE Local 26 rally October 20,
                                                                 2018 in Copley Square, President Sean O'Brien reiterated Local 25’s
                                                                 support to the men and women of Local 26 and announced a $5,000
                                                                 donation to the Local 26 Strike Assistance Fund
                          Chris Smolinsky
                           First, I would like to congratulate
                           President O'Brien and his team on
                           another uncontested reelection.
                           It's a true testament to their hard
                           work and dedication.
                                In 2018 we witnessed an
                           all-out attack on unions: public,
private and federal workers with new laws that prohibit
union activity in workplaces, allow for freeloaders to be
represented without paying their fair share and laws that        Teamsters Local 25 stood strong with UNITE HERE Local 26 in their
prohibit workers from collectively suing a company that has      46-day strike. This was the longest and largest hotel worker strike
wronged many of its workers or customers. These are just a       in Boston’s history. Pictured at one rally: Tom Mari, Michael Halley,
few examples of how elections have consequences and why          Joe Foti and Robert Aiguier
we need to get involved with politics whether we like them
or not. You can’t hold a government accountable if you are
not paying attention.
    Even when the odds are stacked against us, we continue
to organize. In 2018, we organized 241 new members from
three different companies: the City of Newton DPW,
National Express Site Supervisors and Horizon Bradco,
the commercial food equipment repair company. 190 of
these employees are already enjoying the benefits of having
a Teamsters contract and the third is about to begin
negotiations and no doubt will end up with a great first-
time contract. Congratulations to all and welcome to the
Local 25 family!                                                 Teamsters Local 25 Retiree Chapter Trustee’s Kevin Lally (left) and
    In 2019 we are doubling down and setting our goal for        Tom Downing (right) with USW Local 12003 Trustee Joey Faherty
                                                                 at the DPU Rally in South Station September 12, 2018. Joey is the
organizing to double our 2018 numbers and continue to
                                                                 grandson of longtime Local 25 Steward Joe Lentini
grow this great local! Happy New Year Everyone!

                                                                  | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 7
President O'Brien and his Leadership Team Sworn in for 2019 - 2021 Term - WINTER 2019 - Teamsters Local 25
2019-2021 Leadership Team Sworn In
  President O’Brien elected to fifth term

        ”We need to unify and educate the membership – not just here
          at Local 25 but nationally – so we continue to be the most
         prominent and powerful labor union in the entire country.”
                                   — President Sean M. O’Brien

                  n January 20, President Sean O’Brien and           children, our grandchildren and society in general. Let’s set
                  the agents and officers of Local 25 were           the example as to how it is going to be when someone needs
                  sworn in for a three-year term that will run       help, like a co-worker battling opioid addiction or one who
                  through 2021. President O’Brien has led the        has fallen on hard times.”
                  12,500-member union since 2006, and this               “There’s no time for ridicule, no time for looking down
  marks his fifth consecutive term running unopposed.                on folks, especially our brothers and sisters. We need to
      International Vice President Dan Kane, Sr., administered       unify and educate the membership – not just here at Local 25
  the oath of office. Kane has been a Teamster since 1962,           but nationally – so we continue to be the most prominent
  having served all levels of office in the New York/New Jersey      and powerful labor union in the entire country,” O’Brien
  area through the years. He praised the members for their great     continued.
  show of support, especially for braving the snow and sleet.            O’Brien’s team includes three new members: Trustees
  “To come out in this weather I give you a lot of credit. This is   John Juszkiewicz, III, John Gillis and Ross McDonagh.
  a great union.”                                                    “Juszkiewicz and Gillis are both 20+ year union members
      “Brother Kane is a great leader,” said O’Brien. “He’s one      working at busy UPS hubs. They are longstanding chief stew-
  of the most genuine people you will ever meet, not just in the     ards who know firsthand the importance of fighting for a fair
  Teamsters, but in your lifetime. He truly believes in the labor    and equitable contract. McDonagh represents the future of
  movement.”                                                         Local 25; he’s helped to grow the Futures Committee and is
      O’Brien challenged the membership to recommit to the           always eager to listen, learn and work hard. I’m looking for-
  union, their families and themselves.                              ward to working with all three in their new roles.”
      “Let’s make resolutions that are attainable – to be the best       O’Brien concluded his remarks by thanking the staff, call-
  Teamsters we can be, and the best workers we can be. But           ing them the “unsung heroes who work day in and day out to
  more importantly, let’s be the best person we can be for our       make this union run.”

8 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
Meet the New Trustees
John J. Juszkiewicz, III                                                                                        uncle was a 40+ year member of the
Trustee Juszkiewicz has been a                                                                                  local and worked at Sears Roebuck
member of Teamsters Local 25 for                                                                                and Marr Scaffolding.
26 years and has always worked
for UPS. At the urging of his father,                                                                          McDonagh says the best advice he
who told him to “get involved, don’t                                                                           ever got from a union representative
just pay dues,” Juszkiewicz got                                                                                was to “keep doing what you’re doing,
involved early on in his career and                                                                            because getting involved matters.”
has been active with the Local 25                                                                              McDonagh feels strongly that mem-
autism fund and toy drive, as a                                                                                bers need to be involved because
Sergeant of Arms and many politi-                                                                              they are the union; they need to
cal activities. He is currently the                                                                            decide what is best for them in their
Chief Steward at the UPS Chelms-          New trustees with Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03), l to r:         workplace. “I tell new members the
ford Hub, a position he has held for      John J. Juszkiewicz, III, Ross H. McDonagh, and John F. Gillis       same thing. The meetings are every
10 years. He has been a delegate to                                                                            third Sunday at 10am except for
the state Democratic Convention                                                                                December and June through August.
five times, as well as an Alternate to the IBT Convention once. He was       We have the BEST donuts around. Come for the donuts and you just
a Health and Safety Trainer for 10 years and the 2018 co-chair for the       might learn a thing or two about our union. I know I certainly did.”
Local 25 Worker’s Memorial Day Ceremony.
                                                                            John F. Gillis
Juszkiewicz tells members that it doesn't matter how good our contract
                                                                            Trustee Gillis has been the Chief Steward at UPS in South Boston
is if we don't enforce it. “Our local is here to protect us in the work-
                                                                            for 13 years. A graduate of the tractor trailer school, he is a longtime
place. If you have a question, ask a steward right away. It’s better to
                                                                            member of the “strike force,” and always supports Local 25 autism and
ask the question and get the right answer than to not ask and wonder.”
                                                                            scholarship charity events. A first-generation Teamster, Gillis joined
                                                                            the union in 1996 as a young father and primarily for the healthcare.
Ross H. McDonagh                                                            An agent told him early on that being in the union is a full contact
Trustee McDonagh has been a member of Teamsters Local 25 for                sport, and to always stay united with the members.
seven years and works at Boston Towing and Transportation as a
deckhand. You can often find him walking the picket line in support         “I tell all new members that it’s important to get involved,” said Gillis.
of our members and other labor unions in the area, helping to elect         “Come to a meeting and meet with our futures committee, because
Local 25 candidates and active in the Futures Committee. McDonagh’s         more times than not you’ll find a member with the same story as you
                                                                            and you can build relationships.”

                                                                                                                     Trustee Manley
                                                                                                                     Retires after
                                                                                                                     36 Years
                                                                                                              In December, Trustee
                                                                                                              Jay Manley retired from
                                                                                                              Manfi Leasing after 36
                                                                                                              years! Manley served as
                                                                                                              trustee for four terms.
                                                                                                              A constant at Local
                                                                                                              25 events through the
                                                                                years, Manley is always eager to help, and with a
                                                                                smile. He will continue to serve as a director on the
                                                                                Local 25 Autism Fund; and has already joined the
                                                                                Retiree Chapter! We wish you the best of luck in
                                                                                retirement Jay!

                                                                           Top left: IBT Vice President Dan Kane congratulates Local 25 agents
                                                                           Bottom left: President O’Brien addresses the membership

                                                                                    | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 9
Local 25 Launches 2nd Annual
  Worker Training Program for
  Boston’s Trade Show Industry
  200 workers participate in
  hands-on two day training

           eamsters Local 25 held its second annual trade show worker training program at the
           Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this past December. First launched in 2017,
           the program is the first-of-its-kind in Boston and provides Local 25 members with
           advanced skills to maximize their earning potential and keep pace with changes within
  the trade show industry.
       In partnership with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA), Massa-
  chusetts Department of Public Safety and convention and trade show employers, participants
  receive hands-on training in the art of building and deconstructing trade shows quickly, effi-
  ciently and safely.
       “This training program is an investment in our members and in the City of Boston,” said
  Teamsters Local 25 President Sean M. O’Brien. “Having an educated and well-trained work-
  force is critically important for Boston to attract the large events with the biggest economic
  impact. Working collaboratively with great partners such as MCCA, we can make Boston a
  top destination for the most lucrative trade shows and give our members the skills needed to
  advance their careers and better support their families.”
       Until recently, Boston’s trade show industry was predominantly seasonal, and not large
  enough to support more than an on-call, part-time workforce. By making this training
  available, Teamsters Local 25 is providing workers with a chance to earn certifications and
  licensure in handling the various aspects of working in the trade show industry.
       “Customer service excellence is a cornerstone of the MCCA’s mission and our long-term
  success is a direct result of our constant focus on providing training throughout the organi-
  zation,” said David Gibbons, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center
  Authority. “We applaud and appreciate the commitment of Teamsters Local 25 to make
  training a priority for every member as we continue our work together to create economic
  opportunities locally by bringing the world’s best events to Boston.”
       A skilled trade show industry workforce will allow Boston to compete with its competitive
  set including cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and San Francisco in attracting
  the highest performing and most coveted conventions and trade shows. The training will also
  create more full-time employment opportunities.
       “This program is truly life-changing for our members,” said Teamsters Local 25 Steward
  Ed Welch. “Giving these workers the chance to be fully trained and certified opens the door to
  many more employment opportunities in this growing industry, while showcasing the hard-
  working men and women that make Boston a prime destination for tradeshows and events.”
                                                                                                   Susan Rawlinson

10 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
Participants heard from experts and received valuable hands-on training

Glendaliz Blanco

    Ron Parsons, Dave Nubar, Colin Glynn, and Tom Hayes

                                                                              Charles Mathews

                                                                               | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 11


 New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union
                   548 Main Street
                  Boston, MA 02129

          New Branch Operating Hours:
             Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm
                    Friday, 8am-4pm
                  Saturday, 8am-Noon
 Sundays during General Membership Meetings, 9am-1pm


W              e would like to congratulate President O’Brien and his team on
               their uncontested election. We look forward to working with
               the executive board during this three-year term.
     It’s been a busy few months for the Local 25 Futures Committee. We
continue to play a role in all Local 25 programs and to support our union
brothers and sisters whenever we can.
     Our major focus in the November elections was supporting the Mass
Nurses Association and the YES on Question 1 campaign. We phone                           Working the phones during the election season
banked and supported them at rallies. Meanwhile, corporate hospital
executives spent $28 million on TV ads persuading people to vote NO, and
unfortunately, the ballot question did not pass.
     This fall we also walked the line with Marriott hotel workers and UNITE
Local 26. The Futures were there to lend a helping hand delivering coffee
and supporting them on the picket line and at rallies. After 46 days on strike
their perseverance paid off and they won a fair contract.
     On October 28, we hosted our annual Halloween Hayride in the
Woburn parade. This event is always a lot of fun! Thank you to Sean
Sullivan who transported our members and their families from the parking
lot to staging area.
     In November, the Futures took a trip over to Plympton, Mass., to
support our brothers and sisters at Teamsters Local 653 at SYSCO Boston                   Chris Smolinsky, Greg Dodd, Kyle Frederick, Gerry Leary,
to help lock in the YES vote. The Teamsters                                               Sean Sullivan, James Donovan and Andy Walsh at the
were certified as the exclusive bargaining                                                Labor Guild Workshop
representative for the drivers at Sysco.
     We continue our partnership with the
Labor Guild and just wrapped up four weeks
of programming that took place at Local
25. Each Monday, the Labor Guild offered
a free workshop focused on educating
and engaging millennial members from
greater Boston. These events are always
well attended and we look forward to more
programs in the future.
     As we settle into 2019, we are
re-committing ourselves to preserving
                                                   The Futures Committee partnered with the Labor Guild
the unity and strength of this local by
                                                   this winter to host four workshops geared toward
expanding our knowledge with new                   younger members
members who bring fresh ideas to the table.                                                                      Sean Sullivan shuttled families
                                                                                                                    between the Woburn parade staging
                                                                                                                    ground and parking lot

                          Join us!
   We meet before the monthly meetings at 9:15am.
    Sign up for the Future’s email on our website:

                 Like us on Facebook!
           For more information, contact us at
                                                                           It was a great turnout for the Futures Hayride in the parade

                                                                              | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 13
It’s a challenge we all face in the New Year: getting
Board of Trustees
Teamsters Union 25

                       on track for a healthier mind, body and soul.
Health Services &
Insurance Plan

Sean M. O’Brien
Union Co-Chairman      We can help!
Thomas G. Mari         • TeamstersCare is offering our 4th Annual Wellness Program to motivate, encourage, and reward
Union Trustee              you for participating in specific wellness activities. TeamstersCare members, retirees, and their
                           spouses enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts medical insurance are eligible to
Steven J. South            participate. The program runs from January 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019. For details on activities
Union Trustee
                           and enrollment information, go to for more information.
John A. Murphy
Union Trustee          • TeamstersCare members, early retirees, and spouses enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO
                           Blue medical plan may access a $150 Weight Loss Program reimbursement and $150 Fitness
Tom J. Ventura             reimbursement for participating in a qualified Program.
Employer Co-Chairman
                           Here are three easy steps for reimbursement:
Michael A. Rico               1. Participate in and pay for a qualified Fitness or Weight Loss program.
Employer Trustee              2. Complete the BCBS claim forms available online at ,
                                 then click Member Forms, or call member services at 1-617-241-9220 X 2; or,
Jason Paradis
Employer Trustee
                                 at or call them at 1-800-241-0803.
                              3. Mail the completed forms to BCBS at the address listed on the forms.
Michael Shaughnessy
Employer Trustee       •   TeamstersCare Member Services are always available to guide you through your health
                           benefits and wellness opportunities.
                       •   TeamstersCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource for advice
                           or guidance on emotional issues, health concerns, alcohol or drug problems,
                           smoking cessation help, or referral services. You’re not alone!
                       •   TeamstersCare Pharmacists in Charlestown and Stoughton are at your service for
                           guidance on hypertension (hbp), diabetes management and medication counseling.
                       •   TeamstersCare dental offices in Charlestown, Chelmsford, and Stoughton
                           help keep your smile healthy. Poor oral health has been linked with chronic
                           diseases, like diabetes and heart disease.
                       •   TeamstersCare Hearing Care benefits are available to eligible members
                           and their dependents ages 3 years and up.

                       “No matter how much it gets abused, the body can
                       restore balance. The first rule is to stop
                       interfering with nature.”
                         - -Deepak Chopra


  WATCH YOUR MAILBOX…                                                                                        TeamstersCare
  Member Services is conducting a mandatory re-enrollment for Active members participating                   Directory
  in the TeamstersCare Health and Welfare Fund. Please return your Enrollment Update Form to
  provide us with:
                                                                                                             Charlestown Offices
      1. Current contact information                                                                         16 Sever St.
      2. Beneficiary information for members with Life Insurance through TeamstersCare                       Charlestown, MA 02129
      3. Information on ineligible dependents ( through divorce, remarriage, or children who                   • Administration
         become ineligible due to age)                                                                         • Audiology
                                                                                                               • Dental
  Our job is to provide you with superior benefits; your job is to                                             • Member Services
  update your enrollment information.                                                                        Local Tel: 617-241-9220
  As the Patriots say, “Everyone do your job!” Thank you!                                                    Within MA: 800-442-9939
                                                                                                             Out of State: 800-225-6135
  Coming Soon:                                                                                               Fax: 617-241-8168
  TeamstersCare Pharmacies Will Introduce an at Home Blood
  Pressure Monitoring Program this spring.                                                                   Charlestown Pharmacy
                                                                                                             552 Main St.
  Members and dependents enrolled in the TeamstersCare Pharmacy benefit                                      Charlestown, MA 02129
  will be eligible for a blood pressure monitor for use at home. TeamstersCare                               Local Tel: 617-241-9024
  pharmacies in Charlestown and Stoughton will provide you with an automatic                                 Toll Free: 800-235-0760
                                         digital blood pressure monitor for a $15.00 copayment if            Fax: 617-241-5025
                                         your doctor prescribes it.
                                          Ask your doctor to e-prescribe, fax, or call in a prescription     Stoughton Pharmacy
                                          to a TeamstersCare pharmacy in Charlestown or Stoughton.           1214 Park St.
                                          Then, pick up your monitor at our TeamstersCare Pharmacy           Stoughton, MA 02072
                                          with a $15 copayment. Pharmacy staff will provide the              Tel: 781-297-9764
                                                                                                             Fax: 781-297-9370
                                          monitor and information on its use.
                                          Know your numbers. The TeamstersCare Pharmacies and
                                          EAP have a personal blood pressure record booklet available        Stoughton Dental Office
                                                                                                             1214 Park St.
                                          to help you keep track of your readings. Watch the                 Stoughton, MA 02072
                                          TeamstersCare website and a TeamstersCare mailing for              Tel: 781-297-7360
                                          more information.                                                  Toll Free: 877-326-1999
                                                                                                             Fax: 781-297-7830

                          Calling All TeamsterKids!
                                                                                                             Chelmsford Dental Office
                                                                                                             4 Meeting House Rd.
                                                                                                             Chelmsford, MA 01824
Our annual TeamsterKids hearing screening event is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2019                      Tel: 978-256-9728
at the Charlestown Medical Building.                                                                         Toll Free: 800-258-2111
                                                                                                             Fax: 978-256-9846
Hearing tests, middle ear checks,
goodie bags and snacks are provided
for eligible dependents age 3 and over.                                                                      EAP Office
                                                                                                             16 Sever St.
If your child has frequent ear                                                                               Charlestown, MA 02129
infections or difficulty in school we                                                                        24-hour Toll Free
can check for any hearing issues.                                                                            Tel: 800-851-8326
                                                                                                             Fax: 781-321-6501
Call for an appointment!
617-241-9220, ext. 1
Joint Council 10 New England Teamsters Women’s
Committee Collects, Assembles and Ships 330 Care
Packages to U.S. Troops Serving Overseas
Local 25 Driving school is staging ground for holiday military project

  T        eamsters Local 25 Women’s Committee again this year
           joined sisters from the Joint Council 10 New England
           Women’s Committee to thank our military serving over-
  seas and unable to be home for the holidays with their families.
      “Thank you to our sisters from Local 25 and across Joint
  Council 10 who picked up donations and put the packages
  together,” said President Sean M. O’Brien. “The holidays are
  tough for our military, often away from home for several months
  at a time. You sent a special message to people who routinely put
  their lives on the line to protect our freedom.”
      On December 4, the Teamsters tractor trailer drove into
  the South Boston postal annex and unloaded three and a half
  pallets of care packages. Massachusetts Veterans Affairs Secretary      Joan Corey places “packaged with care” stickers on the packages
  Francisco Ureña joined the Women’s Committee to deliver the
  330 packages to the post office. They were shipped to U.S. service
  members deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      The packages included toiletries, non-perishable food, candy,
  pens and paper and personal notes collected from school chil-
  dren across New England. Local 25 reached out to the Medford
  Public Schools and students in the Andrews and McGlynn Mid-
  dle Schools penned more than 100 letters that were included in
  the packages and presented to area Veterans.
      “This was a true team effort,” said Business Agent Joan
  Corey. “We had donation bins set up in the union hall, phar-
  macy, dental offices and credit union. Members and vendors
  donated and many of our brothers helped with the assembly.”             Sisters filled the boxes with toiletries, food and letters of gratitude

                       AG ED           C


            Joint Council 10
         New England Teamsters
           Women’s Committee
               Thank you for your service
                                                              Veterans Affairs Secretary Urena and Alice Riley-King lead the group as they mail
                                                              the care packages
16 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
Above: Thank you to the Local 25 brothers and sisters that helped with this project

Top left: Norah Walsh helps with packages

Left: President O’Brien accepts letters from Medford student’s Austin Price and Milo Austin

Below: The driving school was the staging ground for the hundreds of products that were packed for
U.S. Troops

                                  | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 17
Local 25 Holiday Toy Drive
   Delivers Hundreds of Toys
   $135,000 collected in donations and toys from
   members and supporters

                   o child should be without presents on Christmas
                   morning and Teamsters Local 25 made sure
                   hundreds of area families had quite the merry
                   holiday this year. Because of the generosity of so
       many, the Local 25 Holiday Toy Drive raised $135,000 this
       year, supporting many local charities and local families.
           “Every year the need gets greater it seems,” said Retiree
       Chapter President Joe Conti, who is also the toy drive
       co-chair. “And each year our members and retirees answer
       the call helping us fill the day room with toys that are then
       delivered to those in need. It takes the burden off of the par-
       ents who really just want to provide for their children.”
           In the last two years alone the Local 25 Toy Drive has
                                                                          A very happy recipient at Tierney House Old Colony
       donated $300,000 in toys and assistance to children in need,
       through organizations such as Magical Moon Foundation,
       Home for Little Wanderers, Cranwood Center and
       Medford Family Network, just to name a few.
           “We always try to make the holidays extra special for
       our community of kids, considering the hardships they
       have endured during their lives,” said Lauretta Brennan, of
       The Tierney Learning Center Community in South Boston.
       “Because of Local 25’s support, we were able to serve a total
       of three hundred families this year!”

Doug Kinsman, Bob Connors, Andy Walsh, Tom Sullivan, Mike Kimball,       Delivering toys to the Medford Family Network: Bob McAllister,
Ed Connors, Corinne Halley, Annemarie Kelly, Mike Halley, Owen Halley    Heather Fuller, Steve South, Marie Cassidy, Joe Conti

18 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
                                                                                  CHRISTMAS EVE
                                                                                  During the first week of December, Local 25
                                                                                  member, Wilson Velasquez, lost his job at
                                                                                  Mystic Island Transport. Devastated about the
                                                                                  job, Wilson and his wife were also worried
                                                                                  they wouldn’t be able to give their five- and ten-
                                                                                  year-old daughters the holiday they deserved.
                                                                                  While Local 25 filed arbitration for Wilson to
                                                                                  get his job back, our committee got to work to
                                                                                  save Christmas for this family. On Christmas
                                                                                  eve the van arrived at their home with more
 Wilson Velasquez (second from left) with his son Wilfred, daughter Nahely,       than $2,000 worth of presents!
 wife Amarillis and daughter Gabriella, with Mike Halley, Alex Nunez, Joe Conti
                                                                                      “This truly was a team effort,” said Field
                                                                                  Representative and co-chair Michael Halley.
                                                                                  “When Steward Alex Nunez contacted us, the
                                                                                  plan was to deliver the toys on Christmas eve so
                                                                                  Wilson and his wife could wrap the gifts for the
                                                                                  next morning. But instead the whole family was
                                                                                  there to greet us, and they were thrilled! We
                                                                                  don’t often get to meet the beneficiaries, so this
                                                                                  was extra special.”

Ed Connors and Tom Sullivan

                                                                                      Local 25
                                                                                          Boston, MA

All smiles at Tierney House
Old Colony

                                                                         | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 19
Teamsters Local 25
    Doing Good in the

                                                              Left: Teamsters Local 25 has consistently been
                                                              one of the top 2 fundraisers nationally for Autism
                                                              Speaks. On October 14, President Sean O’Brien
                                                              joined more than 200 members and family to
                                                              participate in the walk on Boston Common. Pres-
                                                              ident O’Brien spoke at the opening ceremony
                                                              and presented a donation of $75,000 from the
                                                              autism fund

                                                              Top: Kim and Joe Foti and their children, Rosella,
                                                              Philip Joseph (PJ) and Liliana

                                                                            Bottom left: Mike Martin and his
                                                                            daughter Kaeleen, Larry Fennelly,
                                                                            Gerry Leary, John Gillis and his son

20 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2019 |
On September 23, the
 Teamsters Local 25
 Horsemen supported the
 Magical Moon Foundation’s
 annual motorcycle ride

                                          Local 25 partnered with Harvest on
This past Thanksgiving, the Teamsters
                                          Vine to feed 700 greater Charlestown
Local 25 Horsemen collected turkeys
                                          families for Thanksgiving
and donated to those in need

                               | WINTER 2019 | The SPOKESMAN | 21
Name             		              Company               		          Type                       Effective Date

                    Steven T. Antoine               Xpedx                             Regular Pension            11/2017
                    Michael A. Barros               Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.       Early Retirement Pension   09/2017
                    Paul B. Cornell                 Central Artery Tunnel Project     Statutory Pension          11/2017
                    Stephen M. Courtney             Manfi Leasing Corp.               Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Michael W. Desouza              A-P-A Transport Corp.             Statutory Pension          09/2017
                    Richard M. Farnkoff Jr.         J T Ryerson Inc.                  Regular Pension            11/2017
                    Stephen D. Farrow               Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.       Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Michael J. Grassia              Aggregate Industries              Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Stephen G. Morin                Romanow Inc.                      Statutory Pension          11/2017
                    James J. O’Driscoll             Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.       Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Raymond L. Poitras              United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Lawrence C. Wick                United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension          11/2017
                    Clifford D. Bynoe               Merchandise Handlers Inc.         Statutory Pension          10/2017
                    Paul S. Cardaci                 ABC Supply Company Inc.           Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Kenneth P. Cavanaugh            United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension          11/2017
                    John F. Connolly Jr.            Freeman Exposition, Inc.          Regular Pension            10/2017
                    Martin H. Dalton, III           United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Frank D. Decoste                United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Disability Pension         11/2017
                    Kenneth G. Fisher               O.B. Hill Trucking & Rigging      Regular Pension            11/2017
                    William L. Fitzpatrick          Petroleum Heat & Power Co. Inc.   Early Retirement Pension   11/2017
                    Frank A. Mallardo               United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Regular Pension            09/2017
                    Paul A. Martell                 New Penn Motor Express Inc.       Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Ronald J. Rapazzo               United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Robert N. Soucy                 DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Peter P. Souza                  Manfi Leasing Corp.               Manfi Leasing Corp.        08/2017
                    Steven H. Whitecross            Manfi Leasing Corp.               Regular Pension            12/2017
                    Nancy J. Borden                 YRC, Inc.                         Early Retirement Pension   01/2018
                    David P. Ciampoli               Laidlaw Waste Systems Inc.        Statutory Pension          11/2017
                    Michael W. Davis                Manfi Leasing Corp.               Disability Pension         12/2017
                    Girard R. Demange               Veterans Transportation, LLC.     Statutory Pension          10/2017
                    Janice Dionne                   Jordan Marsh Co.                  Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    Dennis P. Doherty               United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Regular Pension            11/2017
                    Dennis G. Ecord                 United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   10/2017
                    Gary L. Evans                   Veritiv Operating Company         Early Retirement Pension   01/2018
                    Richard J. Finn                 DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Early Retirement Pension   12/2017
                    William J. Glavin               Aggregate Industries              Regular Pension            12/2017
                    Michael T. Goggin               Global Experience Specialists     Regular Pension            01/2018
                    Michael E. Hughes               United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Thirty Year Full Service   01/2018
                    Desmond Jordan                  United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension          11/2017
                    Kenneth J. Karsok               J.T. Ryerson & Son Inc.           Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    Peter F. Kenny                  New England Motion Picture/TV     Disability Pension         01/2018
                    Gary A. Kronsberg               Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.       Statutory Pension          11/2017

                    Paul J. Leedham                 United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Disability Pension         01/2018
                    Joseph Morris III               Manfi Leasing Corp.               Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    David V. Muldowney              United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   01/2018
                    Richard D. Muzzy                Diehl Hardware & Lumberyard       Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Joseph A. Pesko                 Aramark Uniform & Career App.     Regular Pension            01/2018
                    Donald R. Quenneville           United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   01/2018
                    Curtis E. Rand                  New England Motion Picture/TV     Regular Pension            12/2017
                    Rose L. Gayle                   DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    John Shay                       United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Robert W. Sheppard              United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   01/2018
                    Richard P. Silvia               Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.       Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    David C. Snow                   DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Regular Pension            01/2018
                    John A. Stecyk                  United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension   01/2018
                    Michael E. Sullivan             United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Thirty Year Full Service   01/2018
                    Wendell J. Sylvester            Aramark Uniform & Career App.     Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    Merry T. Tringale               United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Robert L. Wade                  Logistics Personnel Corp.         Statutory Pension          12/2017
                    Howard H. Whitaker              Admiral Metals Servicenter Co.    Early Retirement Pension   12/2017
                    Kenneth J. Blood                Brewer Petroleum Service          Regular Pension            01/2018
                    Michael D. Darcy                Manfi Leasing Corp.               Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    Dennis F. Disharoon             E.A. Spry & Co. Inc.              Disability Pension         01/2018
                    David F. Dixon                  United Parcel Service Inc.        Disability Pension         01/2018
                    Francis Gilmore                 Aramark Uniform & Career App.     Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    Ruben Gomez                     UG2 LLC.                          Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    William K. Hudson               United Parcel Service Inc.        Regular Pension            02/2018
                    Pedro R. Jimenez                United Parcel Service Inc.        Statutory Pension          01/2018
                    Ann M. Jordan                   Teamsters Local 25 H & W          Early Retirement Pension   01/2018

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