RITTER MilliGascounter Type MGC-1

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RITTER MilliGascounter Type MGC-1
RITTER MilliGascounter®
Type MGC-1
RITTER MilliGascounter Type MGC-1
     The MGC is available in the following casing/measurement cell materials:
     (from left to right: casing material/measurement cell material) PMMA/PVDF, PVDF/PVDF, PVC-red/ PVC-red.

     The RITTER MilliGascounter®
     Type MGC-1
     Applications                             Measurement Principle with              Advantages compared to
     The MilliGascounter (1) (MGC)            Schematic                               other Systems
     is designed for the volumetric           The gas to be measured flows            ભ   Individual volumetric calibration
     measurement of the smallest              through the gas inlet nozzle 3 and          of each MGC traceable to National
     amounts of gas with ultra-low flow       micro capillary tube 9 within the           Primary Standard
     rates. It is suitable for measurement    base plate into the casing of the       ભ   Total gas production measured
     of all inert, slightly corrosive gases   MGC which is filled with a packing          (instead of Methane only)
     such as biogas (PMMA model) and
                                              liquid !2. The gas rises as small
                                                                                      ભ   Head space volume of fermenta-
     aggressive gases (PVDF model).                                                       tion bottle at measurement start
                                              bubbles through the packing liquid
     Furthermore, it can be used for                                                      (= air) not erroneously measured
                                              and is collected in the measurement
     volumetric leak detection.                                                           as pure methane volume
                                              cell !3.
                                              The measurement cell consists of
                                                                                      ભ   No false readings due to CO2
                                                                                          absorption by combination of
                                              two measuring chambers, which
                                     2                                                    acidulated packing liquid and
                                              are filled successively by the rising
1                                                                                         software correction (more: www.
                                              gas bubbles. When a measuring
                                     3                                                    ritter.de/en/products/milligas-
           12345678                           chamber is filled, the buoyancy of          counters)
                                     10       the filled chamber causes the mea-
                                              surement cell to tip over abruptly.     Measuring-Range
                                     11       The second measuring chamber            The minimum flow rate is theo-
                                              then begins to fill and the first one   retically zero ltr/h as there are no
13                                            is emptied at the same time. The        mecha­nical limitations with the MGC
                                              tipping of the measurement cell         which would define a minimum flow.
                                     9        triggers a pulse by means of the        However, at such micro flow rates
                                              permanent magnet !1 and the reed        there are external influences
                                              contact !0 which is registered by       becoming evident: temperature and
                                              the counter unit 1. For external        pressure variation, tightness of the
                                              data logging (PC) the switching         hose connection, permeability of
                                              pulses of the second reed contact       the gas inlet hose. Therefore, the
           Developed at the University of     can be obtained via the signal          minimum flow rate was defined to
           Applied Sciences Hamburg,                                                  1 ml/h. The maximum flow rate is
                                              output socket 2. The measured gas
           Prof. Dr. Paul A. Scherer                                                  1.0 ltr/h.
                                              exhausts through the gas output
                                              nozzle 4.
RITTER MilliGascounter Type MGC-1
Performance Specifications

  Minimum flow rate Qmin                         1   ml/h    Measuring accuracy (2)                                     ±3 / ±1 %

  Maximum flow rate Qmax                         1   ltr/h   Display accuracy   (3)
                                                                                                                          0.01     ml

                                                             Measurement cell volume,
  Minimum gas inlet pressure                     8   mbar                                                                      3   ml

  Maximum gas inlet pressure                   100   mbar    Packing liquid quantity, approx.                              120 ml

  Gas inlet pressure                                         Operating temperature    (4)
                                                                                                            +10 ~ +60/+80/+40 °C
                                                 8   mbar
  at measurement start                                       Connection gas in-/outlet            PVDF screw-type tube connection
      Without / with software »RIGAMO« across the whole measurement range.
      For display of volume corrected by calibration factor with 2 decimals.
      Max. Operating temperature for PMMA/PVDF/PVC




1 Counter unit with LCD display / 2 Signal output socket (reed contact) / 3 Gas inlet / 4 Gas outlet
5 Air-vent screw for filling / 6 Gas inlet channel / 7 Casing / 8 Base plate / 9 Micro capillary tube
!0 Two reed contacts / !1 Permanent magnet / !2 Packing liquid / !3 Measurement cell (tilting body) with twin-chambers
!4 Tracing screw for liquid level / !5 Inspection screw gas inlet channel

Display, Signal Output                     Standard Equipment                          Accessories
The volume of the measured gas is          ભ   Electronic counter / display            ભ    Software »RIGAMO«
displayed on the electronic digital        ભ   Cleaning rod for micro capillary             for data acquisition by PC
display located on top of the MGC          ભ   Signal output (reed contact),           ભ    Packing liquid:
casing. Additionally a floating reed           floating output, 0.1 sec.,                   100 / 500 / 1,000 ml
contact can be used as a signal                max. load 100 V/DC / 0.33 A             ભ    Additional gas connection tubing
output.                                    ભ   Twin measuring chamber                       Tube material:
                                           ભ   200 ml packing liquid                        · PVC with PMMA & PVC casing
Accuracy                                   ભ   1.5 m connection tubing                      · PTFE with PVDF casing
Because of the physical measure-               Tube material:
ment principle, the measurement                · PVC with PMMA & PVC casing
error is dependent on the flow rate            · PTFE with PVDF casing
and it rates ±3% across the full flow      ભ   Connection gas in-/outlet:
rate range. Each MGC is individually           PVDF screw-type tube coupling
calibrated at the standard flow rate           Ø 4i / 6o mm
of 0.5 ltr/h so that the measurement
error is approx. 0% at this flow rate.
At minimum flow rate the measure-
ment error is approximately +3%,
at maximum flow rate approximate-
ly -3%. The »RIGAMO« software
(available as accessory) provides
an algorithm which automatically
recalculates the actual measure-
ment data into the real volume at
the respective actual flow rate on
the basis of the calibration curve.
The remaining error is smaller
than ±1% across the full flow rate
                                                     Multiple MilliGascounters
range. The volume is measured
                                                     connected to a Biogas
with a resolution of approximately                   Batch Fermentation
3 ml equivalent to the volume of the                 System. More info:
measurement cell.                                    https://www.ritterde/en/

Subject to alterations.
RITTER MilliGascounter Type MGC-1
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RITTER MilliGascounter Type MGC-1
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