APRIL 2021
Landowner                                                Architect                    Urbis Planning,
and Developer                                                                         Property Economics &
                                                                                      Urban Design
Saracen Properties                                       Spaceagency
Contact                                                  Contact
Joel Saraceni, Development Director                      Michael Patroni, Architect   Contact
                                                                                      Megan Gammon, Planner
                                                                                      David Cresp, Economist

Heritage Advisory                                        Landscape Architecture       Traffic
Element                                                  CAPA                         GTA Consultants
Contact                                                  Contact                      Contact
Marc Beattie                                             Steven Postmus               Rodney Ding

Acoustic                                                 Community                    Sustainability
                                                         and Stakeholder Engagement
Stantec                                                                               Cundall
                                                         Creating Communities
Contact                                                                               Contact
Imran Khan                                               Contact                      Oliver Grimaldi
                                                         Andrew Watt

Waste Management                                         Stormwater Management
Encycle                                                  Stantec
Contact                                                  Contact
Geraldine Busby                                          Erika Voges

Urbis staff responsible for this report were:
Director              Kris Nolan
Associate Director    Megan Gammon
Graphic Designer      Kelwin Wong
Project Code          PA1402
Report number         Lodged April 2021
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1.0   Introduction                              4   9.0     State Planning Assessment                  52
2.0   Development Approval                      6   9.1     Summary of Key Documents                   52
3.0   Contribution To Economic
                                                    9.2     State Planning Policy No. 7.0
      And Covid Recovery                        7
                                                            - Design of the Built Environment          53
4.0   The Journey                              11
                                                    9.3     State Planning Policy No. 7.3 – Residential
4.1   The Planning Journey                     11           Design Codes Volume 2 – Apartments          53
4.2   Government Agency Engagement             12   10.0    Local Planning Assessment                  54
4.3   Community Engagement                     13   10.1    Town of East Fremantle
4.4   Timeline Of Key Events                                Local Planning Scheme No.3                 54
      And Milestones                           14   10.2    Local Planing Policies                     58
5.0   The Site And Locality                    16   11.0    Condition Request and
                                                            Approval Timeframe                         62
5.1   Regional Context                         16
                                                    11.1    Condition Request                          62
5.2   Local Context                            17
                                                    11.2    Approval Timeframe                         62
5.3   The Site                                 19
                                                    12.0    Conclusion                                 63
5.4   Site Heritage And Existing Development   19
5.5   Existing Access                          23
6.0   Royal George Hotel Site                       Appendix A   Economic Benefit Assessment (Urbis)
      Redevelopment                            24   Appendix B   Certificate of Title
6.1   Royal George Hotel Restoration
                                                    Appendix C   Heritage Impact Statement (Element)
      And Reactivation                         24
                                                    Appendix D   Transport Impact Statement
6.2   Residential Apartments                   26
                                                                 (GTA Consultants)
6.3   Vehicle, Service And Pedestrian Access   27
                                                    Appendix E   Landscape Plan (CAPA)
6.4   Car, Motorcycle And Bicycle Parking      27
                                                    Appendix F   Acoustic Assessment (Stantec)
7.0   Specialist Technical Inputs              30
                                                    Appendix G   Sustainability Report and Carbon
7.1   Heritage Impact Statement                30
                                                                 Neutral Report(Cundall)
7.2   Transport Impact Statement               30
                                                    Appendix H   Waste Management Plan (Encycle)
7.3   Landscape Plan                           30
                                                    Appendix I   Stormwater Technical Note
7.4   Acoustic Treatment                       31
                                                    Appendix J   SDRP Minutes
7.5   Sustainability                           31
                                                    Appendix K   SPP 7.3 – Apartment Guide assessment
7.6   Waste Management                         31
                                                    Appendix L   View Analysis Diagrams
7.7   Stormwater Management                    31
8.0   A Bold And Iconic Design Outcome         32
8.1   Design Evolution Through
      State Design Review                      32
8.2   Architectural Design Statement           37
8.3   10 Design Principle Assessment           38
This proposal presents an exciting collaboration between          We have undertaken a highly collaborative approach
developer, Saracen Properties, and renowned Fremantle-            with both the Town of East Fremantle, State Government
based Architect, Michael Patroni of spaceagency. We are           agencies and the local and broader community of East
pleased to lodge this development application for what will       Fremantle both pre and post-acquisition of the site. This
be a long-awaited contributor and eastern bookend to the          development application is the culmination of many years
thriving George Street Heritage precinct and an important         of engagement and negotiation with the National Trust, the
contributor to the local and regional economy, assisting          Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and Town of
with economic recovery during unprecedented times.                East Fremantle in order for Saracen to firstly acquire the
                                                                  site and then to work through the complex planning, design
The lodgement of this development application represents
                                                                  and heritage process.
the culmination of decades of considerable work by the
community and State Government, and in more recent                The proposal presented in this application successfully
years, Saracen Properties, in saving and now restoring            delivers a vision for the site which:
the much-loved Royal George Hotel. It is clear through the        ▪   Restores a significant piece of the Town’s (and Perth’s)
significant community engagement undertaken as part of                architectural heritage.
this project that people want to see the Hotel and site come      ▪   Fulfils the long-held community ambition to have
alive again, which is already becoming a reality through the          the building restored, reactivated and returned to
external restoration works which are currently underway as            community use.
part of the Heritage Agreement.                                   ▪   Reinforces the commercial and social viability of
Given the significant interest in this proposal and its               the George Street precinct and contributes towards
financial value, this application is being lodged in the form         economy recovery during unprecedented times.
of a Form 17B application through the State Significant           ▪   Provides diversity of living options and residential infill,
Development Assessment Unit (SDAU). It will therefore                 in proximity to transport and amenity, in one of the most
be assessed by the Department of Planning, Lands and                  successful and vibrant main streets in Perth.
Heritage (with advice from the Town of East Fremantle and
                                                                  We are very pleased and excited we have reached this
relevant Government agencies) and ultimately determined
                                                                  milestone and look forward to continuing to work further
by the WA Planning Commission.
                                                                  with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the
This report has been prepared by Urbis, in collaboration          Town and other agencies to deliver this iconic development.
with spaceagency and a team of technical consultants,
in support of a development application for Lot 303 Duke
Street, East Fremantle.
This application proposes to restore and reuse the iconic         Joel Saraceni
Royal George Hotel after sitting vacant and decrepit for          Director, Saracen Properties
many years, into a flourishing food, beverage, entertainment
and accommodation precinct. To the north, an
architecturally designed residential apartment building will
sit comfortably with the restored Hotel, providing 23 high-
quality apartments which will cater for a variety of boutique
local housing needs. The proposal has been designed within
the statutory parameters for the site, delivering a landmark
building worthy of the sites rich history and significance.

4      Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
This application seeks development approval for the:
▪  Demolition of minor internal components of the Royal
    George Hotel, consistent with the Conservation
    Management Strategy. This includes the existing (non-
    original) toilet blocks, some walls and an existing roof
▪  Restoration of the Royal George Hotel. This includes
    conservation of the exterior and the adaptation of the
    internal spaces to accommodate the contemporary
    hotel and food and beverage venue.
▪  Construction of a 9 storey, 43.0m AHD (to roof)
    residential apartment building to the north of the site on
    land which is currently vacant.
▪  Following land uses:
   – Hotel
        – Accommodation comprising 10 boutique rooms
        – Restauarant
        – Small Bar
        – Shop
   – Multiple Dwellings (22 or 23 apartments, with
        flexibility for two scenarios to be delivered on the
        upper level).
   – Use not listed - Artisanal Food and Beverage
        Production, Cellar Door and Private Retail Sales
External heritage restoration works are currently underway
consistent with the Conservation Management Strategy.
All components of this proposal (internal Hotel uses
and works and residential apartments) are proposed
to be construction simultaneously, with anticipated
commencement in Q4 2021 and completion in Q1 2023.

6      Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
The project has and will continue to deliver a significant contribution to the local
economy as well as considerable other benefits through the following means:
▪  Nearly $3 million in consultant fees.
▪  Over $23 million in development costs, including approximately $7.9 million
   being undertaken to restore the Royal George Hotel.
▪  Construction phase and ongoing employment, with approximately $16 million
   direct (and $5.9 million indirect) gross value added to the State economy
   during the construction and operational phases.
▪  Many other benefits beyond the quantification of economic contributions
   including – attracting further investment within the precinct, supporting
   additional visitation, creation of employment diversity, new community space
   and importantly – the long-awaited restoration and reuse of an important
   heritage asset.
An independent Economic Benefit Study has been prepared by Urbis to quantify
the economic and employment benefits this project will deliver. This report is
attached at Appendix A, with a summary of key benefits provided below.

   Construction                                 Ongoing employment and
   phase benefits                               economic benefits

           $23.8M                                      1,199sq.m
           Total development cost                      Employment floorspace
           for all components

           72                                          41
           Total FTE construction                      Ongoing jobs supported
           job years supported                         per annum (directly
           (directly and indirectly)                   and indirectly)

           $8.1M                                       $5.7M
           Value added in the WA                       Value added in the
           economy per annum over                      WA economy per
           the construction phase                      annum attributable to
                                                       operations on-site

                                                       Total resident and
                                                       worker spend

                                       Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties    7
The Quarterdeck
                                        Deli & Lunchbar
          Block of flats
          9 storeys
                                                                 Liquor Barons
                                                                 Young George

                                                                                 Hubbles                George Street
                                                                                 Yard Café              Chiropractic

                                                                                              Vivante             Atelier on George
                                                          GE                                                        Savvy Brands
            REET                                            OR
    GLYDE ST                        Glasson Park              GE
                                                                      ST                                Gratias Bakery        Ari & Esmay
                                   Nook Property

               ET                                                                                                                            Luxxe
         E STRE

                                           BO Blonde        Northern         George
                                                            Star             Street
                                         Hair Canary        Ocean            Quarters
                 ET                                         Products
         ELL STRE
     SEW                                                                            Floral Army


                                                                                         The Pilates Centre WA

                                                                                             Eighty One on George
                                                                                              Harpers Emporium               Natmed Clinic

      Retail                                                                                                    George Street
      Food + Bev                                                                                                Physiotherapy &

                                                                                                                                              E   T

George Street is a popular, mixed-use environment in                  The Royal George Hotel is one of over 30 properties along
the suburb of East Fremantle. It was one of the first main            George Street listed on the State Register of Heritage
streets established in Perth, playing a key servicing function        Places and/or Town of East Fremantle Local Heritage
for the residents within the Plympton Precinct, even back             Register. In February 2020, the Town of East Fremantle
when the first worker’s cottages were established largely             Council resolved to add the George Street Designated
between 1890 and 1910.                                                Heritage Area to their Planning Scheme. This designation
                                                                      holistically and collectively recognises the overall
Today, George Street continues to maintain this main street
                                                                      cultural heritage value of the area as a historic precinct. It
and community function, providing a variety of unique
                                                                      comprises historic shops primarily located along George
retail, food and beverage and other land uses, below and/or
                                                                      Street, surrounded by homes for workers and their families
alongside iconic terrace/townhouse houses and preserved
                                                                      all in traditional architectural styles date from the late 19th
worker’s cottages as shown in the graphic above. George
                                                                      and early 20th century. These buildings are predominantly
Street continues to have a significant role in servicing the
                                                                      built of limestone and brick with corrugated iron roofs and
surrounding community with daily goods and services, as
                                                                      timber front verandahs.
well as community development through annual events
such as the George Street Festival.

8      Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
Lantern Architecture

                               Manlisa Organic Day Spa

                                           Dental on George

Cook & Mason

         Giorgio’s Pizza                                       Eastern             W
                                                              Terminus          GH
                           Brush Factory

        Opening its doors in 1903, the Royal George Hotel has been              reinforced through this application for the internal uses. In
        a key eastern anchor on George Street for over a century,               many respects, the community see the current restoration
        however its poor preservation, management and resulting                 works and this current proposal as the last chance to save
        degradation has seen its presence on the street noticeably              this iconic heritage building and community asset.
        fade overtime. While there have been numerous attempts
                                                                                This proposed redevelopment undertaken by Saracen
        to restore and reopen the Hotel over many years, many
                                                                                Properties will re-establish the Hotel’s role on George
        have failed to achieve a commercially viable outcome. Many
                                                                                Street and within the wider locality, as a premium and
        of these proposals also focused on the privatisation of the
                                                                                bespoke hospitality and residential destination.
        Hotel primarily for residential purposes.
        When Saracen acquired the site, it had a distinct vision to
        facilitate the reuse of the Hotel for a community purpose
        where people could come and enjoy reactivated uses within
        a historic setting – a vision that is coming to fruition through
        the external restoration works that are currently underway
        under the Heritage Agreement, and will be further

                                                                                              Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties          9
10   Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
4.1            THE PLANNING
Planning for the redevelopment of the Royal George Hotel        Importantly, given the significant community attachment
site has been ongoing for many years. More recently, it         and interest in the proposal, Saracen engaged Creating
re-commenced in 2016, when the Town of East Fremantle           Communities to design and implement a comprehensive
initiated Scheme Amendment No.10 which simply rezoned           and independent engagement strategy which was highly
the site to ‘Special Zone – Royal George Hotel’ under its       interactive and targeted a broad range of community and
Planning Scheme.                                                stakeholder groups. This engagement process and the
                                                                feedback received is discussed in the following section.
It was on this flexible planning basis that Saracen continued
investigations and negotiations with the National Trust         Following this engagement process, a high level of
which eventuated in Saracen acquiring the site from the         engagement was undertaken with State Government and
State Government under a strict Heritage Agreement and          the Minister for Transport, Planning and Lands and Minister
Conservation Management Plan in June 2017. Immediately          for Heritage. Ultimately, Scheme Amendment No.15
after, the Town of East Fremantle initiated another             was amended and approved by the Minister as part of a
amendment - Scheme Amendment No.15, which introduced            negotiated outcome for the site, which was subsequently
a range of detailed development provisions to guide the         gazetted in February 2020. These provisions form the basis
future redevelopment of the site, including the Hotel and       for which this proposal has been designed and include (at a
new development on the northern, vacant portion of land.        high level):
Since this time, planning for the site has endured a
                                                                ▪   A maximum plot ratio of 2.0.
relatively complex process. While as part of the initiation
                                                                ▪   A height limit of 43.0m AHD (the height of the Hotel
of Scheme Amendment No.15, the Town nominated a plot                cupola), with flexibility for minor projections to
ratio requirement of 3.0:1.0 for the infill development, this       accommodate plant and service equipment.
was reviewed by the Town post-advertising and reduced,          ▪   Design objectives for the site, which will be utilised by
resulting in an unworkable solution for the site.                   the State Design Review Panel and decision makers to
                                                                    assess the design merit of the proposal.
The following year comprised numerous events                    ▪   Flexibility for carparking for the non-residential uses to
and milestones. Engagement with the Town and the
                                                                    be reduced to zero where it is demonstrated that the
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH)
                                                                    provision of the required parking on site will result in an
progressed, and meetings were held with the Heritage
                                                                    undesirable built form outcome.
Council of WA and Main Roads WA in relation to heritage
and traffic/parking matters. While the Town pushed              Despite the relatively complex planning history, Saracen is
strongly for a 6-storey cap on height (referenced by the        confident that the proposal presented in this application is
reduction in plot ratio), Saracen continued to justify the      consistent with the Scheme objectives and requirements
need for greater height and flexibility in order to deliver     and reflects an appropriate architectural design response
the feasible restoration of the Hotel to a level which the      for the site.
community would be proud of, while delivering an iconic
architectural outcome for the infill development.

                                                                              Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties       11
4.2            GOVERNMENT AGENCY                                  In the initial two meetings with HCWA, the proposal has
                                                                  received a positive response and where alterations to the
               ENGAGEMENT                                         design have been recommended by HCWA, these were
                                                                  incorporated into the evolving design. At the most recent
A high level of engagement with State and local                   meeting on the 11 December 2020, formal comment was
government agencies has been undertaken both prior to             received as follows:
the acquisition of the site by Saracen as well as through          1. The Heritage Council remains supportive of the proposed
the planning, design, heritage and engagement process.                 urban winery, food and beverage venue, and short stay
This includes:                                                         accommodation in the heritage building.
▪   Town of East Fremantle – ongoing engagement with
    the Town has occurred since 2016. This includes a high             The current proposal lacks detail in the design approach
    level of Officer level liaison as well as engagement with          in the heritage building. The following information
    Elected Members and the Town’s Community Design                    or detail should be submitted at the time of formal
    Advisory Committee.                                                lodgement:
▪   Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage –                      i. treatment of new openings, with the retention of
    several meetings have been held with DPLH, with all                    significant nibs and
    three agencies (Planning, Lands and Heritage) having              ii. downstands and ornamentation.
    an interest in the sale of the site, Scheme Amendment             iii. interpretation of demolished internal walls
    No.15 and the Conservation Management Strategy
                                                                      iv. glass roof in the courtyard
    and Heritage Agreement prepared for the Royal
                                                                      v. service infrastructure and mechanical plant location
    George Hotel.
    This current application is now subject to assessment             vi. acoustic separation, fire separation and reticulation.
    by the SDAU and determination by the WA Planning
    Commission, with various meetings held with officers          2. Further consideration should be given to the Duke St
    including a technical workshop held with DPLH, Main              façade articulation to assist in transitioning between
    Roads WA and the Town on the 21st December 2020 to               the fine grain scale on the heritage building to the
    discuss key details of the proposal.                             contemporary style of the new build. At the junction of
▪   Heritage Council of WA (HCWA) – several meetings                 the new and old, the corner of the original hotel building
    have been undertaken with HCWA, firstly through the              should be more prominent.
    preparation of the Conservation Management Strategy
    and Heritage Agreement prior to the acquisition of the        3. The colour scheme for the hotel building should be
    site by Saracen.                                                 revised to have tonal variations based on original/early
                                                                     scheme as previously advised by the Heritage Council.
Since this time, several presentations have been
made to the Development Committee of HCWA – on                    A majority of the above advice notes relate to matters of
8 December 2017, 8 June 2018 and most recently on                 detailed design that will be addressed within the post-
the 11 December 2020.                                             lodgement and documentation stages. A response to each
                                                                  is provided within the Heritage Impact Assessment.

                                                                  ▪   Main Roads WA – several meetings have been held
                                                                      with Main Roads WA to firstly discuss the interface with
                                                                      Stirling Highway (albeit no direct access exists or is
                                                                      proposed) as well as external parking opportunities in
                                                                      the locality.

12     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
4.3            COMMUNITY                                          Feedback forms were provided to all attendees on the
                                                                  various days as they arrived to the event, as well as
               ENGAGEMENT                                         anecdotal notes being taken by the project team during the
                                                                  event. Over the open days, Creating Communities collected
In 2018, Creating Communities were engaged by Saracen             152 (participant completed) feedback forms and collected
to undertake an independent community and stakeholder             anecdotal feedback that were completed by the project
engagement process to inform people of the planning               team from discussions with 74 attendees.
process as well as to obtain feedback regarding the
                                                                  Following the open days, Creating Communities received
proposed restoration and reuse of the Royal George Hotel
                                                                  13 feedback forms (emailed and posted combined) as well
and design of the residential apartments.
                                                                  as 10 written emails with feedback. Participants at the
The key community engagement initiatives included a               Open Days were also given the opportunity to share their
business forum held on the Thursday, 12 April 2018, with          memories of the Royal George Hotel using a sticky note
local businesses in the George Street Precinct invited, and       display board, of which 52 were collected.
two Community Open Days which were held on Friday,
                                                                  The feedback from the open day was utilised to inform
13 April and Saturday, 14 April 2018. Approximately 800
                                                                  the final design and this application. This feedback is
people attended all three sessions. All events were held on
                                                                  summarised as follows:
site at the Royal George Hotel in the basement and carpark
area of the Royal George Hotel, with numerous information
                                                                  ▪   Royal George Hotel – there was significant support for
boards and audio-visual material to inform attendees of the           the proposed restoration and revitalisation of the Hotel.
proposal. Project team members were on hand to answer or              This was consistent across all groups and did not differ
discuss any queries and Saracen conducted several guided              depending on the respondents’ residential location.
walking tours of the Hotel. The concept proposal presented            There was strong support for re-opening the hotel and
at this engagement was focused on a 19 storey tower.                  for restoring original features to create a high-quality
                                                                      hospitality venue. Very few issues were raised in regard
The events were advertised extensively in recognition of the          to the Hotel restoration, other than parking and traffic
likely high community interest in the proposal which would            which was cited as a broader and existing issue in the
extend beyond the immediate and local East Fremantle                  area.
area. In that regard, advertising was undertaken via multiple     ▪   Apartment Development - there was a diverse
mechanisms including:                                                 mix of feedback received regarding the proposed
                                                                      apartment development. Some respondents were
                                                                      highly supportive of the development, due to its design,
                                                                      provision of additional housing and the funding it would
An extensive         A face-to-face        A personalised             provide to finally rejuvenate the Hotel. There were also
letterbox-drop       door knock with       visit and invitation       those who supported higher density development and
to approximately     adjoining residents   to local businesses        the physical appearance of the tower but had issues
11,000 residents     and personal          on George Street to
                                                                      with the number of storeys that are proposed in the
in the local         invitation to the     the business forum
                     community open        and community
                                                                      concept design.
area (including
Fremantle, East      days.                 open days.             There were however respondents who raised issues or
Fremantle, White                                                  concerns regarding the proposed height of the apartment
Gum Valley and                                                    tower, its design and visual impact. Overall, however,
                                                                  this view was balanced, with 42% of all responses raising
                                                                  concern about the height of the building (noting again
                                                                  that this feedback was based on a previous proposal at
                                                                  19 storeys). Additionally, concerns were raised regarding
A newspaper          Signage on site.      A specific Royal
advertisement.                             George Hotel
                                                                  parking and traffic issues in the local area.
                                           proposal website
                                           landing page and
                                           Facebook page.

                                                                                Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties      13
               AND MILESTONES
A timeline of key events and milestones since the Hotel
was built in 1903 through to the current planning process is
presented below.


                                 1979             1983                             1983-85                        1986-87
                                 Ceased           Main Roads WA acquires           Community Action Group         Hotel partially
1903                             operation        Hotel with intention to          formed, saving Hotel from      reconstructed
Royal George Hotel opened        as a Hotel       demolish                         demolition                     and restored

1900                                                                        7 Jun 2017
                                                                            Amendment No.15
                                                                            Initiated by Town of
                                                                            East Fremantle

                                                                            Jun 2017
                                                                            Saracen Properties
2016                                                                        acquire the site

Conservation                                                                                                    8 Dec 2017
Management        11 Oct 2016                                               Jun 2017                            Presentation to
Strategy          Scheme Amendment                                          Heritage Agreement                  Heritage Council
prepared          No.10 Gazetted                                            Signed                              of WA #1

                                                                        Saracen undertakes engagement with Town of East Fremantle,
                                                                        Heritage Council of WA and other State Government agencies

                                              18 Aug 2020
                                              State Design
                                              Review #2                                                          18 Mar
14 Feb 2020                                   Aug 2020                                                           Meeting with
Scheme Amendment                              External                                                           Chairman,
No.15 Gazetted (in       7 Apr 2020           restoration works     4 Sept 2020              8 Dec 2020          Chief
entirely different       State Design         to the Royal George   Form 17A                 State Design        Planning
form to initiation)      Review #1            Hotel commenced       application lodged       Review #3           Advisor


14     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
1987                1997                         Oct 1998                   2005                  2007
Royal George Arts   Royal George Hotel           Royal George Hotel         Royal George          Conservation     2009 to
and Community       listed on Local              listed on State Register   Hotel classified by   Plan             current
Centre opened       Heritage Inventory           of Heritage Places         National Trust        prepared         Hotel vacant


5 Feb 2018                      12-14 Apr 2018                 8 Jun 2018
Presentation by Saracen to      Extensive Community            Presentation to
Town’s Community Design         Engagement undertaken          Heritage Council
Advisory Committee              by Saracen                     of WA #2


                                                             Mid to end
WE ARE HERE                                                  2021                                              Early 2023
April 2021                                                   Detailed design,                                  Planned
Lodgement of Form                                            condition                    End 2021             opening of Royal
17B Development              July 2021                       clearance and                Anticipated          George Hotel
Application                  Anticipated                     development                  commencement         and residential
                             planning approval               preparation                  of construction      apartments


                                                                                  Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties     15
5.1            REGIONAL CONTEXT
The subject site is located with the Town of East Fremantle local government area, approximately 13km south-west of the
Perth CBD and just over 2km north-east of the Fremantle CBD. The site is located 2km north-east of Fremantle Train Station,
the end of the Fremantle train line, which provides convenient access to the Perth CBD. The site is also located only 350m
south of Canning Highway, which has frequent bus services that provide connections through to the Perth CBD, Fremantle
and Curtin University. The site abuts Stirling Highway, which is a regional road running from Crawley to High Street in Fremantle.
The regional context of the site is shown in the figure below.

Figure 1     Regional Location Plan

                                                                                                                  Perth CBD

                                                                                           Swan River

                                                 East                           way
                                                                        ing High
                                                 Fremantle          Cann
                                                 Town Centre

                                                       Royal George
                                                       Hotel Redevelopment                        Leach Highway
                                      George St

                                                       Royal        Fremantle

                                                       Fremantle    Cemetery
                                                       Golf Club

16     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
Styling Wizard: Google Maps APIs

5.2            LOCAL CONTEXT
Locally, the site sits at the juncture of George and Duke Street, abutting Stirling Highway to the east. It is located within the
Plympton ward of East Fremantle which is predominantly a residential area comprising of single storey 19th and early 20th
century bungalows. A majority of properties to the west of the Royal George Hotel, north of Marmion Street through to East
Street are individually included in the Town’s Local Heritage Inventory, recognising the overall cultural heritage value of the
area as a historic townscape precinct.
Where modern infill development has occurred, it is generally of a scale similar to the traditional scale of the area. Two
notable exceptions are:
▪  The new Brush Factory development on the southern side of Duke and George Street junction. This development
    generates a contemporary adaptive re-use of a light industrial building into a ground floor jazz bar and upper level
▪  Harbour Heights is an existing nine storey residential apartment building at the corner of East Street and George Street.
The George Street precinct is a unique main street comprising a mix of food and beverage, retail and service type land uses.
George Street, along with the East Fremantle town centre located 250m north of the site, make up the ‘core’ area of the
Town. The Royal George Hotel is the primary landmark in the street and forms a key vista termination when looking along
George Street from both the east and west.
The figure below illustrates the site's localised context.

    Figure 2     Local Context Plan
                                                                                                                                      Perth CBD

                                                                         Left Bank
                                                                                                           Plympton Ward

                                                                               East Fremantle
                                                                                Town Centre
                                                                                                         Canning Highway

                    Harbour                                                            George
                                                      George Street

                        East Street

                                                                                        Duke Street

                                                                                                                       East Fremantle
                                                                                                                        Football Club

                                                              Marmion Street

                                                                                                      Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties    17
The triangular site has an area of 1,499sq.m and
experiences a level difference of 7.0m (south to north).
The Hotel portion occupies approximately 650sq.m,
leaving a 850sq.m vacant development site to the
north. The key characteristics of the site is shown in
the below graphic.
                                                                                                           60m                  Street
                                                                            Duke Street   7m

                                                                                               Site Area
                                                                                               1500 sq.m
                                                                                               Development Site
                                                                                               850 sq.m
                                                                                               Heritage building footprint
                                                                                               650 sq.m

                                                                                                                  Busy, noisy

     George Street         (Shopping)                                                           Pedestrian and
                                                                                                cycle connection
                                               Duke Street (local street)

                                                                                                                  ng Hi

                                                                                               Large scale

                                                Small scale

18      Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
5.3            THE SITE
The proposal sits wholly within Lot 303 (No.34) Duke Street, East Fremantle, as highlighted in the table below.
The Certificate of Title for Lot 303 lists numerous limitations, including a Memorial to the Heritage Council of WA and Caveat
to the State Government – both of which relate to the Royal George Hotel and Heritage Agreement.
A copy of the Certificate of Title for Lot 303 is provided at Appendix B of this report.

Table 1      Lot Details


303         34 Duke Street            91758            1,499sq.m        2929         940        34 Duke Street Pty Ltd

5.4.1          SITE HISTORY
The Royal George Hotel sits within the southern portion of the triangular shaped lot, with frontage to both George and Duke
Street. It was developed in 1903 by the Mulcahy brothers and designed by Emil Mauermann, a prominent architect and civil
engineer of Fremantle. The Hotel was designed in a Federation Free Classical style, typical of the gold rush years at the turn
of the century in WA. Like many Hotels of the time, it was built to address the corner location which now together with the
cupola feature, forms the primary landmark value of the building.
It continued as a hotel or tavern through to 1979, under successive ownerships of the Mulcahy brothers – the Castlemaine
Brewery, Swan Brewery and Burgess family. It was then de-licensed and used as a school for five years, followed by a Thai
restaurant and finally an arts and community centre before becoming vacant in 2009.
In 1983, while it operated as a school, the site was acquired by Main Roads WA and the demolition of the Hotel was
announced to make way for the extension of Stirling Highway. However, due to significant community lobbying, the extension
was re-routed in order to retain the Hotel building. The Stirling Highway extension cut off portions of the site, resulting in the
current triangular shaped lot evident today. The road was constructed in the mid-1980’s and in 1984, the horse stables at the
rear of the Hotel were demolished. The Hotel was partially restored following the road construction in 1986/87 before the
arts and community centre opened.
Since the arts and community centre ceased operation at the Hotel (in 2009), the Hotel has sat vacant and has continued to
erode as well as being a target for graffiti and occasional anti-social behaviour.

                                                                                   Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties     19
In 1997, the Hotel was listed on the Local Heritage Inventory (Category A) and
in 1998 it was formally listed on the WA State Register of Heritage Places (Site
P00794). It was then classified by the National Trust in 2005 – a non-statutory yet
important recognition.
Overall, the Hotel is afforded a high level of protection and conservation. The
highest level of significance (‘exceptional’) is given to the cupola – a rounded
dome structure which sits on the roof of the Hotel – located towards the corner
of George and Duke Street. The remaining Hotel building (including verandah) is
considered to be of ‘considerable’ significance and the remainder of the site to the
north, which sits vacant, is identified as having ‘little’ significance’.
The statement of significance for the Hotel (as described in the 1980/90’s when it
was still being utilised as arts and community centre) is as follows:

     Royal George Hotel, a two-storey, Federation Free Classical style brick and limestone
     corner hotel building currently used as the Royal George Arts and Community Centre, has
     cultural heritage significance for the following reasons:

     ▪   the place is a notable landmark and an important townscape element,
         particularly in the George Street historic precinct;

     ▪   the place has social importance as a community gathering place, first as a
         then as a school, and now as an arts and community centre;

     ▪   the place was saved from demolition by local community lobbying and has
         a symbol of the attitudes of local people towards their built heritage;

     ▪   the place demonstrates high standards of architectural and engineering
         design and remains in sound structural condition despite its age and the
         proximity of the Stirling Highway extension;

     ▪   the place, from ground floor level up, is a typical example of a Western
         Australian gold boom hotel with much of the original form and fabric intact;
         the cupola is a rare example still in its original form and still capable of use;

     ▪   the basement levels are a rare arrangement where coach house and
         workshop areas
         are incorporated with cellar facilities underneath the hotel building; and,

     ▪   the place is important for its connections with the Mulcahy family of hoteliers

A Conservation Management Plan was prepared in 1998 and was then updated
in 2007 on behalf of the National Trust. A further Conservation Management
Strategy was prepared in 2016 which formed the basis for Saracen’s acquisition
of the site and identified a comprehensive scope of conservation works that was
to be attached to the Heritage Agreement (signed in 2017).
A Heritage Impact Assessment has been prepared by element to accompany this
application which demonstrates the retention, conversation and protection of
the sites historical significance is consistent with the Conservation Management
Strategy. This is further discussed at Section 7.0 and provided at Appendix C.

20       Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
A series of photographs illustrating the Hotel through the years is provided below.

                          Figure 3           Royal George Hotel under construction c.1903                                      Figure 4   Archival photograph taken from the corner
                                             (Source: Royal Historical Society RWAHS                                                      of George and Duke Streets, c.1910 (City of
                    Figure 5.   Aerial view of1999_5388)
                                               Royal George Hotel, 1957. From Charlesworth (Source: Battye Library BA 342/3996)           Fremantle Local History Collection LH000912)

Heritage Impact Sta
                   tement (HIS)

                    Figure 6. Royal George Hotel under construction c.1903 (Source: Royal Historical Society RWAHS 1999_5388)
                          Figure 5            Aerial view of Royal George Hotel, 1957.                                    Figure 6        Archival Drawing of the West Elevation,
                                              From Charlesworth (Source: Battye Library                                                   undated (Royal Historical Society of WA)
                                              BA 342/3996)

erial view of Royal Geo
                       rge Hotel, 1957. Fro
                                           m Charlesworth (So
                                                             urce: Battye Library
                                                                                  BA   342/3996)

                                                                                                                                           Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties   21
In December 2019, a detailed scope of restoration work
was approved by the Heritage Council and these works
commenced on-site in August 2020. The current works
underway have been informed by the Conservation
Management Strategy and comprises:
 ▪  Restoring the zinc clad cupola and expertly reinstating
    its original appearance.
 ▪  Removing the acrylic pant from the face brick and
    repairing the tuckpointing.
 ▪  Repairing and, where necessary, replacing rotten and
    damaged window joinery.
 ▪  Reroofing with short sheet galvanised iron to match
    original detailing.
 ▪  Overhauling the rainwater disposal system to ensure
    the building is watertight.
 ▪  Refurbishment of the reconstructed verandah.

22     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
5.5            EXISTING ACCESS
Currently, vehicle access to the site is provided via
Duke Street only, with an existing crossover located
to the north of the site, which leads to the vacant
portion of the site and the Hotel basement.
The site abuts Stirling Highway, which is a Primary
Distributor road, however no access to the site is
provided. Local roads within the vicinity of the site
include Duke Street and George Street. In addition,
Silas Street is located east of Stirling Highway
and connects to George Street via a pedestrian
underpass beneath Stirling Highway.
Pedestrian access is provided via an existing
footpath network along all roads adjoining the site.
This path links to Silas Street via the underpass,
which links to the East Fremantle town centre
located immediately south of Canning Highway.

                                                        Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties   23
6.1            ROYAL GEORGE HOTEL                                 and back of house areas, with the first floor accommodating
                                                                  ten contemporary boutique hotel rooms generally within
               RESTORATION AND                                    the historical configuration of the former accommodation.
                                                                  A new glazed access stairway is proposed on the eastern
               REACTIVATION                                       side of the building to provide an address directly to
                                                                  George Street.
This proposal will see the long-vacant Royal George Hotel
reactivated as a publicly accessible hospitality and hotel        The proposal embodies a strategy for providing efficient and
venue as well as being materially and intricately restored to     universal access throughout the four levels of the heritage
its original form and function.                                   building, by combining a lift and stair access column
                                                                  directly off Duke Street. This also provides universal
The proposal will breathe new life to these areas, housing        access to all levels from street level and allows all three
an artisanal food and beverage production area (with              other original entrances (that incorporate stairs) to remain
concepts for an urban brewery/winery and small scale              unmodified, maintaining significant heritage details and
bread production) and associated tasting and cellar door          avoiding the cumbersome modifications to accommodate
sales. This will be a bespoke proposition to George Street        BCA requirements
and Perth more generally.
                                                                  Floor areas of the various land uses within the Hotel
To enable flexibility for this concept to evolve in               are highlighted in Table 2, with an 'ant farm' view of the
consultation with the proposed operator, approval is sought       proposed uses provided below. Note that consistent with
for a use not listed for the use of 'Artisanal Food and           the provisions of the Town of the East Fremantle Planning
Beverage Production, Cellar Door and Private Retail Sales'        Scheme, these areas do not contribute to the overall plot
The ground floor of the Hotel will be occupied by a bar,          ratio area for the site.
restaurant, and kitchen facilities and associated customer


                                                                                                              Bar or


      Artisanal Food                                                                                          Cellar door
      and Beverage
      Production, Cellar
      Door and Sales

24     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
Internally within the Hotel building, the Conservation
Management Strategy schedules the repair and restoration
of original detail, as well as well as strategies for installing
new building services and compliance provisions without
materially impacting on the heritage fabric of the building.
Overall, the level of internal demolition is minimal to allow
the original internal layout and function of the place to be
effectively interpreted. Localised demolition will occur
on the first floor where the original hotel rooms are being
enlarged to accommodate the requirements of a modern
hotel. Where demolition is proposed, it is the intention of
the architect to provide 450mm wall nibs and bulk heads to
clearly demarcate the original floor plan.
Previous advice received from the Heritage Council in
relation to an earlier proposal supports this approach (letter
dated 21 June 2018). It is likely that new mechanical and
electrical services (including fire suppression and detection)
will be reticulated through the building to accommodate the
new function but the specific location and detailing of these
is not evident at this stage.
The proposed demolition is detailed on the lodged
drawing DA10 and is assessed within the Heritage Impact
Statement (Appendix C).

Table 2         Hotel Floorspace Breakdown

 STOREY              PROPOSED USE           NET FLOOR AREA

Level 3
                     Hotel (10 rooms)              301.68sq.m
(First Floor)

Level 2
                     Amenities                      40.94sq.m
(Ground Floor)

                     Restaurant                      81.79sq.m

                     Small Bar                       89.14sq.m

                     Kitchen and Back
                     of House

                     Dining Area
Level 1
                     Cellar Door and
(Lower Ground                                       200.77sq.m
                     Private Retail Sales
                     Public and Staff

                     Artisanal Food and
Basement                                            159.87sq.m
                     Beverage Production

                     Services and Staff

                     Total                       1,094,02sq.m

                                                                   Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties   25
6.2            RESIDENTIAL                                        The proposed dwelling sizes range from 58.8sq.m (one-
                                                                  bedroom) to 188.18sq.m (or potentially larger, as explained
               APARTMENTS                                         below). The mix of apartments is detailed in the table below:

The restoration and reactivation of the Royal George Hotel        Table 3       Dwelling Type Schedule
provides a necessary opportunity for urban infill to balance
the cost of restoring the heritage building and to ensure                                     LEVEL
a comprehensively designed infill site. The proposal for            TYPE    DWELLINGS         1   2   3    4   5   6    7   8
residential apartments provides an opportunity to achieve
a commercially viable project while at the same time               1x1      5
providing an alternative housing typology to diversify local
housing choice. This will enhance the social, cultural and         2x2      9
commercial vitality of George Street and the broader East
                                                                   3x2      8 or 9
Fremantle area.
The site is located within the George Street precinct and          Total    22 or 23
is located in close proximity to the East Fremantle town
centre, both focus areas for increased residential density
identified within the Town of East Fremantle Draft Local          With regard to the upper level (Level 8), the DA plans
Planning Strategy. The proposal facilitates residential infill    illustrate two different scenarios which could be
in an area of high amenity which is well-serviced by public       accommodated, including:
transport.                                                         ▪   Two 3x2 penthouse suites, sized 148.23sq.m and
Over a number of years, spaceagency has investigated               ▪   One large penthouse suite, sized 336.41sq.m (effectively
a number of built form outcomes on site. This has taken
                                                                       an amalgamation of the two apartments above).
into account the interface with the heritage building,
streetscape, street activation, and the broader street            Development approval is sought for both scenarios above.
context, balancing overall height, bulk and scale,                The reason for this is that based on economic and market
articulation, heritage interface, streetscape, immediate          advice, Saracen consider there to be potential for there to
street views and long vistas.                                     be demand for a single large penthouse suite to occupy the
                                                                  entire floor.
As a result of these design investigations and through
negotiation with the State Government through the                 To allow for both scenarios be tested through the sales
finalisation of Scheme Amendment No.15, a building                process, it is respectfully requested both scenarios are
envelope for the site was established which set the               approved. Both scenarios meet the key requirements in
framework for the design to be finalised. As such, a 9 storey     terms of alignment with SPP 7.3 (Apartment Guide). For the
building is proposed comprising a total of 23 apartments.         purposes of the planning assessment undertaken in this
A diversity of apartment typologies are proposed including        report (such as carparking), the greater total number of
1, 2 and larger 3-bedroom options tailored to appeal to local     apartments (23) has been utilised.
owner occupiers, particularly ‘empty nesters’ wishing to
                                                                  A recommended approval condition to enable this flexibility
remain in their current neighbourhood.
                                                                  is provided at Section 11.1.

26     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
6.3            VEHICLE, SERVICE AND                              For hospitality staff, bicycle parking is provided in a secure
                                                                 undercover area accessible from Duke Street, en-route
               PEDESTRIAN ACCESS                                 to the staff entrance. For visitors, short term parking is
                                                                 provided on Duke Street under street trees and near the
Access to the site is maintained at a similar, single location   entrance to the cellar door. A total of six bicycle parking
on Duke Street however will be upgraded and formalised at        locations are proposed with a minimum of two bicycle
a width of 6.0m. This requires the removal of one on-street      parking areas at each (totalling 12 visitor bays).
car bay on Duke Street in order to provide access to the
visitor parking within the development.
From a pedestrian access perspective, an upgrade of the
adjacent footpath network beneath the Hotel verandah is
proposed. The low traffic volumes on the surrounding local
streets makes crossing simple and safe and therefore no
further upgrades are required or proposed.
While Saracen has been in discussions with the Town of
East Fremantle and Main Roads WA regarding the upgrade
of the Stirling Highway underpass, it is outside the scope
of this application and will be the responsibility of other
parties given its contribution to the broader precinct.

6.4            CAR, MOTORCYCLE AND
               BICYCLE PARKING
A total of 52 bays are proposed on-site as part of the
development, as follows:
▪   25 bays across two basement levels serviced by a car
    lift and turntable.
▪   21 cars within an above ground car stacker system.
▪   2 visitor bays on-ground with direct access from
    Duke Street (located at the northern point of the
▪   4 bays on-ground located behind security gates for
    residential use (likely the penthouse apartment/s).
The main security gate will remain open during business
hours and allow access to the basement levels and car
stacker but will be closed outside these hours. Details
regarding the operation and management of the car stacker
system are provided within the Transport Impact Statement
at ­Appendix D. An additional 5 bays will be provided for
motorcycle/ scooter parking.
The development proposes the following bicycle parking
▪   24 bays in a secured storage area.
▪   6 bays for Hotel staff with associated end-of-trip
     facilities (including 1 shower/toilet/changeroom).
▪   12 off-site visitor bays (located on Duke and George
The location of the residential bicycle parking has been
driven by its proximity to the street at-grade as well as
providing direct access to the lobby on the lower ground
level. Further, resident storerooms are oversized, providing
additional secure bicycle storage options for each

                                                                               Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties       27
Consistent with Clause of the Town of East Fremantle Planning Scheme, carparking for the Hotel component of the
development may be reduced to zero where it can be demonstrated that the provision of the required parking would result in
an undesirable built form outcome.
The inclusion of all required carparking for the residential, office and Hotel (non-residential) uses has been considered
in detail (refer Transport Impact Statement at Appendix D). This assessment concludes that a statutory requirement of
approximately 146 bays is required on-site of which 109 bays would need to be publicly accessible (ie. external to the car
stacking system).
As shown by the figure below, the inclusion of these bays results in a highly undesirable and dysfunctional built form outcome
and severely compromises the activation of Duke Street. Due to the size and configuration of the vacant portion of the site,
in addition to the need to accommodate services such as residential and bin stores and meet Building Code requirements, a
maximum of 26 at-grade parking spaces would be able to be delivered at-grade.
This would result in two-levels of carparking to Duke Street, creating a blank façade which has no relationship to the street.
It would also result in the need for two crossovers on Duke Street, creating conflict issues from a vehicle/pedestrian safety
perspective and would compromise the ability for required turning circles to be achieved within the site. This matter has been
presented to SDRP who is supportive of reducing hotel parking to nil.

                                                                                                  Max of 28 at grade parking
                                                                                                  spaces compliant with
                                                                                                  TOEF TPS3. Australian
                                                       Core                                       Standard turning circles
                                                                                                  not achievable


                                                                     Lower ground
                                                                                                  Two-level car park without
                                                                                                  internal ramp requires
                                                                                                  2 entry/exit crossovers
                                                                                                  (undesirable built form)

                                                Bin                         services


Two-level car
park façade
facing Duke

                                                                     Lower ground

28     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
Notwithstanding Section 6.4.1, it is recognised that
there is a general undersupply of parking in the broader
George Street precinct and therefore a need to consider
opportunities for additional carparking.
While not subject this current application, Saracen (in
conjunction with the Town of East Fremantle) is currently
undertaking an urban design exercise to investigate the
potential of reconfiguring existing on-street parking on
Duke Street. This exercise aims to deliver additional on-
street bays as well as undertake additional streetscape
enhancement work to improve accessibility and amenity
more broadly within the area.

                                                            Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties   29
7.0 SPECIALIST                                                    7.2            TRANSPORT IMPACT
    TECHNICAL                                                     Prepared by: GTA Consultants

                                                                  A Transport Impact Statement (TIS) has been undertake to
                                                                  review the traffic and parking components of the proposal.
                                                                  This includes vehicle access, carparking, active transport
                                                                  and external carparking upgrade opportunities.
                                                                  The key components of the TIS are explained within various
                                                                  sections of this report, with a full copy of the TIS provided at
7.1           HERITAGE IMPACT                                     Appendix D.

              STATEMENT                                           Overall, the following key traffic and parking elements are
Prepared by: element                                              ▪  The proposed development provides ample parking
                                                                      on-site (within an efficient car lift, stacker system and
A Heritage Impact Statement has been prepared to examine
                                                                      basement) for the residential and hotel accommodation
the potential for impact on the cultural heritage values of
                                                                      components of the development. Consistent with the
Royal George Hotel, as expressed in the Statements of
                                                                      Town of East Fremantle Planning Scheme, carparking
Significance contained in the State Register of Heritage
                                                                      for other non-residential uses (bar/restaurant/artisanal
Places and Town of East Fremantle Heritage List.
                                                                      food and wine production ) has been reduced to zero on
Additionally, consideration has been given to the content
                                                                      the basis that:
and policies within the 2007 Conservation Management
Plan, which remains generally valid, as well as the Town’s           – It would result in a highly undesirable and inefficient
planning and heritage policies including Policy 3.1.1 –                   built form outcome on site.
Residential Design Guidelines (Development Impact                    – There are ample opportunities to improve carparking
Statement) and Policy 3.1.6 – George Street Designated                    provision within the locality to service the broader
Heritage Area.                                                            George Street precinct, including the development.
                                                                     – Actual parking demand will be able to be provided for
A detailed assessment against the above is provided within                by the available parking supply on-site, immediately
the Heritage Impact Statement however overall, the report                 adjacent to the site, in of-street public parking and
concludes that the composition of the new form has been                   on-street parking bays adjacent to the Stirling
designed to provide the greatest separation between                       Highway reserve.
old and new while providing a high-quality architectural
                                                                     – The proposed development is in a catchment which
response that retains views to the cupola. The report also
                                                                          will encourage walking and cycling trips to and from
                                                                          the site and nearby residential areas
▪   Key views and vistas to the building are largely              ▪  The development should generate approximately 400
    unaffected and any impact on the landmark presence
                                                                      vehicle trips per day – the impact of these trips on
    is acceptable in light of the considerable conservation
                                                                      nearby local streets is considered acceptable.
                                                                  ▪  No modifications to on-street parking or local roads is
▪   The proposal will fulfil the long-held community
                                                                      considered required for the development.
    ambition to have the building restored and returned to
    community use.
                                                                  ▪  Suitable levels of motorcycle and bicycle parking
                                                                      is provided.
▪   The proposal has been designed to address the
    site-specific principles set out in the George Street
    Designated Heritage Area Policy and Scheme
                                                                  7.3            LANDSCAPE PLAN
                                                                  Prepared by: CAPA
▪   The potential impact on the cultural heritage values
    of the Royal George Hotel is acceptable and the               CAPA prepared a landscape proposal for the development
    conservation benefits are great.                              which details the landscaping proposed both within the
                                                                  private and communal areas of the apartment development.
A copy of the Heritage Impact Statement is contained at
                                                                  Landscaping is proposed at key locations such as the
Appendix C.
                                                                  central courtyard as well as feature tree planting and lower
                                                                  landscaping on Stirling Highway and to the north of the site
                                                                  to soften the development interfaces.
                                                                  The key landscape strategies for the development are
                                                                  explained in Section 8.3.2, with a full copy of the landscape
                                                                  report provided at Appendix E.

30     Royal George Hotel Significant Development Application SDAU-018-20
7.4            ACOUSTIC TREATMENT                                7.6            WASTE MANAGEMENT
Prepared by: Stantec                                             Prepared by: Encycle
An Acoustic Assessment has been prepared by Stantec and          A Waste Management Plan (WMP) has been prepared and is
is provided at Appendix F. The assessment confirms the           included at Appendix H. The development proposes three
following:                                                       bin stores – a residential and separate commercial store for
 ▪  Noise emissions from the Hotel development have been         storage and collection of waste, recycling and FOGO and an
     assessed in relation to the proposed apartments as          interim hotel bin store for temporarily storing hotel waste
     well as to the nearest sensitive receivers. The following   prior to transfer to the commercial bin store for collection.
     recommendations have been provided to achieve               The WMP proposes a private waste service provider to
     compliance:                                                 service both the residential and commercial general waste,
    – Where music is not present, the ground floor areas         recycling and FOGO bins. On the days of collection, rear-lift
         of the Hotel can be used at any time of the day.        vehicles for general waste, recycling and organics will park
         The first floor can be used at any time of the day,     in a designated loading bay on Duke Street, with drivers
         however limited to internal areas during night          entering the bin stores to retrieve relevant bins and transfer
         periods.                                                them to the vehicle. The apartment building caretaker and
    – Where music is present, the noise levels associated        hotel operator will be responsible for overseeing the waste
         with music-related sources shall be limited to 65       management systems.
         dB(A) at 1m from speaker when measured within
         the ground floor courtyard area.                        A private waste system and loading bay will eliminate the
                                                                 need for kerbside servicing on Duke Street, which presents
    – Music which is played at night shall be limited to 50
                                                                 numerous amenity issues.
         dB(A) when measured inside the restaurant area.
    – If music is to be played in external areas at night,
         the courtyard should be completed enclosed with a       7.7            STORMWATER
         retractable or permanent roof.
    The noise impact of the nearby Duke of George live                          MANAGEMENT
     music venue on the development has been assessed            Prepared by: Stantec
     with appropriate façade construction details provided
     to maintain appropriate internal noise levels.              A stormwater technical note has been prepared and is
                                                                 included at Appendix I. The note confirms the development
 ▪  Glazing treatments have been selected to meet the
                                                                 proposes to manage all stormwater on-site (within the
     acceptable indoor noise requirements due to noise
                                                                 property boundary). Detailed stormwater modelling will be
     generated from Stirling and Canning Highways, and the
                                                                 undertaken as part of the detailed design phase.
 ▪  A detailed noise assessment of mechanical services
     information will be undertaken at the detailed design

7.5            SUSTAINABILITY
Prepared by: Cundall
A Sustainable Design Report has been prepared and is
included at Appendix G. The development aims to be
designed to the equivalent standard of a 5-Star under the
Green Star Design and As-Built v1.3 rating system and will
be Carbon Neutral certified.
Key aspects of the sustainability strategy are provided
within the report.

                                                                               Prepared by Urbis for Saracen Properties      31
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