STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Year 12
community   challenge   choice
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Mission and Vision

“To touch the Hearts of your pupils
and inspire them with the Christian
Spirit is the greatest miracle you
can perform”
St John Baptist De La Salle

The human and Christian education of the young,
especially the poor.

The vision of St Michael’s College
St Michael’s College is a Catholic school committed to
the Lasallian vision of education and to challenging and
supporting students to ‘be the best they can be’.
St Michael’s:
   Is a community that involves staff, students and their
   families, in learning that presents Jesus Christ as the
   model for growth.
   Is student-centred, inclusive and respectful of human
   Combines the best traditional and contemporary
   educational practices.
   Prepares students for the broader community and
   lives of faith and hope.

  community          challenge       choice
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Table of Contents

Context and Tradition                            4
Staff                                            6
Year 12 Pastoral Staff                           8
General College Information                      9
Important Dates for Year 12                     10
Learning and Management System: SEQTA           14
College Leaders 201918
The St Michael’s College Year 12 Tradition       19
Year 12 General Information                     20
College Awards                                   37
Student Support - Student Services              39
Consequences for Non-Completion of Work      41
Conclusion                                      42

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
2   St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Year 12 at St Michael’s College

Dear Year 12 Student,                       Please read the contents of this booklet
                                            and enter Year 12 in the full knowledge
Welcome to what will be a combination       of what your final year entails.  Only in
of your most difficult, challenging,        this way can you hope to be successful.
rewarding, anxious - but assuredly
memorable year of schooling.  The staff
of the College wish you every success
for the 10 months ahead, and hope           Wishing you all the very best for 2019.
that this booklet will provide useful
insights and relevant information as to
the particular nature of Year 12 studies.
Year 12 represents the culmination of       Mr Sam Kitschke
your schooling and provides pathways        Year 12 Director
for your future? Whether your own
individual interests and talents guide      Ms Anna Porcelli
you towards employment or tertiary
study, we hope that your final year will    Year 12 Assistant Year Level Director
not only be satisfying, but also provide
the platform for future success.

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Context and Tradition

The De La Salle                             Each year, the College holds a Mission
                                            Action Day (MAD) to raise funds for the
Brothers                                    Lasallian Foundation and the generosity
                                            of the St Michael’s community is well
The origins of Lasallian education date     known throughout Australia and the
back to the 17th Century to French          Asia Pacific Region.
priest St John Baptist de La Salle,
founder of the Institute of the Brothers
of the Christian Schools (De La Salle       Heritage of St Michael’s
Born of wealthy parents who valued
education, De La Salle responded            St Michael’s College was founded by the
to the needs of impoverished boys           De La Salle Brothers in 1954. Classes
by establishing schools that were           began at Beverley with 29 boys. Due to
open to all, including the socially and     the great efforts of the Catholic families
economically deprived. Based on the         in the Western region of Adelaide, the
ideal - to provide education for young      College rapidly expanded. By 1965 the
people that reflects the values of Jesus    enrolment was 780 boys and in 1967, a
Christ - De La Salle inspired a tradition   Senior School was developed on Lawrie
that now spans over 80 countries.           Street at Henley Beach. From 1997, the
                                            Beverley Campus catered for Years 4
John Baptist De La Salle was canonised
                                            -7 boys and the Henley Campus Years
in 1900, and in 1950 Pope Pius XII
                                            8 -12. In 2002 a Reception class was
named him Patron of Teachers.
                                            introduced. Beverley now caters for
The Brothers came to Australia and          Reception to Year 6. In 2008 girls were
opened their first school in Armidale,      enrolled for the first time in Year 8.
NSW, in 1906. Since that time they
                                            St Michaels has worked in close
have opened a number of schools
                                            partnership with the Sacred Heart
throughout Australia and extended
                                            Fathers (MSC) throughout its history
their works to New Zealand and the
                                            and they continue to act as Chaplains
missions of Papua New Guinea.
                                            to the College.

  4      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Context and Tradition


Glorious Cross - symbol of salvation
and resurrection
Laurel leaves - symbol of reward and
Shield - symbol of strength, faith and
Star of Bethlehem - symbol of the sign
of the faith

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College

Secondary Leadership
Principal                                            Mr John Foley
Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching               Mrs Teresa Cimmino
Deputy Principal – Pastoral                          Mr John Lambert
Business Manager                                     Mr Dominic LoBasso
Director of Curriculum & Assessment Administration Ms Bron Kemp
Director of Pastoral                                 Mr Matthew Williams
Director of Mission                                  Mr Robert Dempsey

Co-curricular Coordinator (Boys)                     Mr Jordan Young
Co-curricular Coordinator (Girls)                    Ms Leanne Burton
Gifted & Talented Coordinator                        Mr Stratos Karnas
Learning Support Coordinator                         Mr Michael Balic
SACE Coordinator                                     Mr Rocco Schirripa

Heads of Department/Subject Co-ordinators
Business                                             Mr Hamish Redden
Design & Technology                                  Mr Greg Cloy
Digital Technologies                                 Mrs Maria Cardillo
Director of Music                                    Mr Tim Donovan
Music                                                Mr James Musci
Drama                                                Ms Emily Burns
English                                              Mrs Jane Sykes

 6        St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College

Heads of Department/Subject Co-ordinators
Humanities                                  Ms Catherine Pearce
Health & Personal Development               Mrs Sally Nicholson
History                                     Mr Matthew Muscat
Italian                                     Mrs Angela Benedetti
Mathematics                                 Mrs Anne Finlay
PLP Coordinator                             Mr Lachlan Chatterton
Religious Education                         Mrs Patrizia Puglia
Research Project Coordinator                Mr Lachlan Chatterton
Science                                     Mr Gavin O’Reilly
Visual Arts                                 Mrs Nicole LeRay-Warren

Student Services
Student Counsellors                         Ms Sarah Davies
                                            Ms Ida-Marie Tullio
                                            Mr Anthony Vizaniaris
Career Counsellors                          Ms Rose Coorey
                                            Mr Anthony Vizaniaris
Pastoral Support Worker                     Sr Nithya
VET Coordinator                             Mr Kevin Woolford
Administration Assistants                   Mrs Lynda White
                                            Mrs Bonita Dorian
                                            Ms ISabella Barila

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 12 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Year 12 Pastoral Staff

Year Level Director: Mr Sam Kitschke
Assistant Year Level Director: Ms Anna Porcelli

Pastoral Teachers & Room Numbers
12PC-01             Ms Giselle Becker                          LEC01
12PC-02             Mr Gavin O’Reilly / Ms Catherine Pearce    LEC12
12PC-03             Mr John Edwards                            LEC03
12PC-04             Ms Elli Nicola                             LEC04
12PC-05             Ms Bridget Kearins                         LEC05
12PC-06             Ms Stacey Moros                            LEC06
12PC-07             Ms Lavina Desyllas / Ms Cathy James        LEC07
12PC-08             Mr Fredrick Stanislaus                     LEC08
12PC-09             Mr Lachlan Chatterton                      LEC09
12PC-10             Mr Mario Luppino                           LEC10
12PC-11             Mr Ned Heath                               LEC11

  8     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
General College Information

 Front Office Contact Details
 Monday-Friday                             8:00 am - 4:45 pm
 Telephone                                 08 8356 5966
 Student Absentee Line                     08 8150 2323

Uniform Shop - Dobson                      The College Day
Pty Ltd                                     Secondary Campus
The College uniform can only be
                                            Movement Bell      8:40 am
purchased from the Uniform Shop
which is located at the Secondary           Pastoral           8:45 am
Campus. The shop is managed and
operated by Dobsons Pty Ltd on behalf       Lesson 1           9:00 am
of St Michael’s College. It is essential    Lesson 2           9:40 am
to arrange an appointment with the
uniform shop.                               Lesson 3           10:20 am

Please contact staff directly on            RECESS             11:00 am
telephone 8150 2306. The uniform            Movement Bell      11:20 am
shop can be accessed via the car
park on Lawrie Street, adjacent to the      Lesson 4           11:25 am
Lasallian Education Centre.                 Lesson 5           12:05 pm
The trading hours are as follows:           Lesson 6           12:45 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                LUNCH              1:25 pm
8:00 am - 4:15 pm (closed between           Movement Bell      2:05 pm
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm)
                                            Lesson 7           2:10 pm
                                            Lesson 8           2:50 pm
                                            DISMISSAL          3:30 pm

Important Dates for Year 12
Subject to change

Term 1
29          January          Classes Resume (Years 7, 8, 12)
30          January          Year 7-12 Welcome Assembly
30          January          Year 12 Parent Evening
6           February         Year 7 - 12 Mass 9:00am
7           February         Year 12 Elevate Education
12          February         Seminar Day 1
13          February         Class of 2018 Academic Assembly
18          February         Sport’s Day
27          February         Year 12 Mass
28          February         MAD Launch
6           March            Ash Wednesday
8           March            MAD nomination forms due
11          March            Adelaide Cup (Public Holiday)
13 - 15     March            Retreat
27          March            Year 12 Mass
5           April            Mission Action Day
10          April            Year 12 Assembly
12          April            Years 7-12 Easter Prayer Service
                             Classes conclude
                             Early Dismissal 12.45pm

 10       St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Important Dates for Year 12
Subject to change

Term 2
29        April   Classes resume
1         May     Year 12 Mass & Academic Assembly
1         May     Parent Teacher Interviews - Early Dismissal 12.45pm
2         May     Caica Cup
3-5       May     Generations in Jazz - Mt Gambier
6         May     Parent Teacher Interviews - Early Dismissal 12.45 pm
15        May     Whole school Mass at Henley Campus
                  Feast of St John Baptist De La Salle
21 - 23   May     Year 12 Drama Production
24        May     MAD Quiz Night
29        May     Year 12 Assembly
7         June    Staff Professional Development Day (No Classes)
10        June    Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
11        June    Years 10 - 12 and Families Photos
12        June    Year 12 Breakfast
19        June    Year 12 Mass
21        June    Sport and Co-Curricular Photos
27        June    Seminar Day 2
3         July    Year 12 Assembly
5         July    Classes conclude
                  Early Dismissal 12.45pm

Important Dates for Year 12
Subject to change

Term 3
22          July             Classes Resume
22 - 26     July             Trial Exam Week
31          July             Years 10 - 12 Academic Assembly
5           August           Careers Night (6:00pm - 8:00pm Founders Hall)
7           August           Year 12 SATAC Grab Bags
8           August           Semianr Day 3
12          August           Year 12 SATAC Talk
20          August           Parent/Teacher Interviews
                             Whole School Closure
21          August           Year 12 Assembly
21 - 23     August           Adelaide Schools Band Festival
28          August           Year 12 Mass
2           September Staff Professional Development Day - No Classes
4           September        Elevate Education Production
23 - 26     September        Catholic Schools Music Festival
24          September        Paul Dillon Presentation Year 10 - 12
                             Paul Dillion Parent Session
25          September        Year 12 Assembly
27          September        De La Salle Day
                             Classes conclude
                             Early Dismissal 12:45 pm

 12       St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Important Dates for Year 12
Subject to change

Term 4
14       October     Classes Resume
16       October     Year 12 Mass
18       October     Year 12 Awards Assembly
21       October     SACE Oral Exams commence
24       October     Year 12 Classes conclude
24       October     Year 12 Graduation Mass 7:00pm
28 - 1   Oct - Nov   Study Week
4 - 20   November    SACE Exams
7        November    Memorial Mass 7:00pm
7        November    Year 12 Art & Design Exhibition
30       November    Graduation Ball

Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

SEQTA is a collaborative teaching and        All parents can access SEQTA to keep
learning system that connects teachers,      updated on what their child is currently
students and parents as an interactive       working on and when assignments
and supportive community. To find out        are due. This also allows parents to
more about it, please follow this link:      access school reports and read the                        daily notices in a similar interface to the
                                             students. Parents are encouraged to
All students at St Michael’s College are     install the SEQTA Engage app on their
able to access SEQTA via their student       Apple or Android device and enter the
portal, SEQTA Learn, by using their          following
username and password. All students
must access the site through the
following link:

  14     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

Once students log on, a master menu       Other functionalities of SEQTA include:
appears providing the students with
their timetable and subject course          Recording students daily attendance
material. Further to this, students can     Communicating with parents/
also access daily notices and directly      caregivers
message (Direqt Message) their
teachers. DM has the capacity for the       Recording student achievements and
user to attach documents.                   awards
                                            Storing teaching and learning
                                            Uploading student report cards onto
                                            the portal

Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

Accessing a Student
Timetable via SEQTA
When students click on the Timetable
tab, the students’ individual timetable
for the week will appear.

 16      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

Accessing College                          The Assessment tab will enable
                                           students to track their progress of
Notices                                    completed assessments in each
When the Notices tab is selected, the
notices for the desired day will appear.   Direqt Messages enables students to
                                           communicate with their subject teacher
                                           and vice-versa.
Checking assignment
due dates and                              Logging out of SEQTA
submitting work
through SEQTA                              Logging out of the system is advised
                                           once the student has finished using
When students select the Upcoming
tab, the upcoming assessment tasks
appear. Students are able to upload
their assignments once they are
completed; these are referred to as

Subject and
Assessment outlines
The Courses tab displays an overview
of the selected subject. Students
are provided with a summary of
the key objectives of the particular
course along with a breakdown of the
assessment tasks.

College Leaders 2019

          Mitchell Allen         Indigo Kuchel         Zani Bates       Vincenzo Triulcio
         College Captain        College Captain   College Vice Captain College Vice Captain

     Jason Cao       Taylah Cavallaro    Francesco Ciampa       Natalie Costa     Ethan Crowe

 Thomas Davey       Claudia Detomaso      Mitchell Guidera    Lachlan Gwynne      Benjamin Hoy

 Joshua Larven        Tyronne Lobo           Indya Lyle      Brianna McCulloch    John Moschou

  Kate Oatway        Nathan Pellizzari     Jordan Tucker       Ruby Williams     Charlotte Young

18       St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
The St Michael’s College
Year 12 Tradition

Student Leadership                          you help to add an important chapter
                                            to the on-going tradition of leadership
Year 12 students are at the apex of the     in the College.
College. They provide the seniority by
virtue of time spent in the secondary       You are now an important contributor
school, and they become the exemplar        to the fine SMC Year 12 tradition.  Make
for student standards and behaviour.        the most of this privilege and continue
Put simply, you are the role models of      the outstanding contribution which
the student population.                     can be made to your, and the College’s,
This is not a position which is to be
taken lightly…                              By working, playing, studying, praying
                                            and laughing together, we can achieve a
Just as any group of elite and respected    great deal!
individuals in any walk of life are
examples, for those who follow them;
the Year 12 cohort of the College           Co-Curricular Activities
should provide direction and guidance       It is the expectation of the College
to the student body. All Year 12            that all students will be involved in a
students have a responsibility in this      co-curricular activity. This is your last
regard.                                     opportunity to do so! Whether it is
This example extends to all facets of the   swimming, netball, debating, tennis,
College life, such as uniform, grooming,    cricket, soccer, basketball, football,
attendance, punctuality, support of         chess, drama or other activities offered,
College events, etc.                        it is in your interests to represent the
Important also is your input on student
matters. Constructive feedback can          This is a perfect example of how Year
lead to positive developments so you        12s can be role models.
are encouraged to communicate ideas
to your Pastoral Teachers and College       Next year more than likely (as you
Leaders.                                    enter the post-school world) there’ll
                                            be far fewer opportunities for you to
In any social organisation, there are
those who take on the formal mantle         be involved in these sort of activities
of leadership. To the College Captain,      so why not have one more go at
Vice Captains and College Leaders, our      something you’ve done before, or
thanks are extended in advance for the      even try something completely new,
role you will play throughout the year as   while you have the chance?

Year 12 General Information

Staying Healthy                                Headspace 1800 650 890
                                               Reach Out.Com – http://au.reachout.
There are likely to be many times              com
throughout the year when you might
feel stressed and the best way to
manage this is to try to stay healthy.
This includes giving attention to your
                                             College Diary
diet and exercise, the amount of rest/       You are strongly encouraged to fully
sleep you have, making time just for         utilise the College Diary as a source
yourself as well as time with friends        of planning for you and as a source of
and family. It is also important to          communication between the school,
understand the impact that social            yourself and your parents. The
networking can have on your time and         student movement section in the
state of mind. Be careful in finding a       back of the diary must be used for
balance in all of these areas of your life   permission to leave classes to attend
as they are all important in helping you     other facilities.
to stay healthy.
                                             Of special importance for Year 12
If you are concerned about any of            students is the section for noting your
these elements then talk to the Year 12      continuous assessment scores and
Director, pastoral or subject teachers,      other results. Please use this section
the school counsellors or help lines         so that you can ‘self check’ your
such as:
                                             subject results!
   Youth Health Line (Second Story)
   1300 131 719
   Kids Help Line 1800 551 800               Year 12 Wall Planner
   Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636                  You are also encouraged to use the
                                             “Year 12 Wall Planner”, which will be
   Lifeline 13 11 14
                                             given out in Pastoral Care, as a means
   Crisis Care (After Hours service only)    of long term planning and improved
   131611                                    organisation.
   Sexual Health Line 1300 883 793           It is suggested that you enter all due
                                             dates and key events so you and your
   Alcohol and Drug Information              family are able to plan your academic
   Service 1300 131 340                      progress and expectations into the

  20     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

It is also suggested that the planner     Students who move into a subject
be visible in your bedroom or study,      without the proper authorisation may
accessible to you on a daily basis.       not only default on the SACE pattern,
                                          but may fail to be registered on subject
                                          enrolment data at the SACE Board.
Religious Education                       Impromptu or ill-considered subject
                                          changes may equally present problems
Commitments                               for entry into particular courses and
Please make note of the following         careers later in the year.
compulsory Religious Education            You MUST discuss the subject change
commitments:                              as per the process outlined on the
                                          form. If you are unsure, please
Seminar Day 1             12 February     discuss the process with the Director
                                          of Curriculum & Assessment (Ms
Year 12 Retreat           13-15 March     Bron Kemp), Mr Kitschke, a Careers
                                          Counsellor or your classroom teacher.
Seminar Day 2             27 June         Once the Subject Change form is
                                          signed by a Parent and relevant Head
Seminar Day 3             8 August        of Department, it should be returned
                                          to Student Services for final verification
In only the rarest and most serious       and issue of a new timetable.
circumstances will students be excused
from these events which set the tone      Consideration will only be given to
and are the cornerstone of your           subject changes which take place within
graduation year.                          the first TWO (2) weeks of Term I.  If
                                          problems arise after this time, please
                                          consult your Pastoral Teacher, the
                                          Director of Curriculum & Assessment or
Subject Changes                           Mr Kitschke.
It is imperative that any student who
wishes to change a subject in the weeks
ahead does so through the established
procedure, involving a Subject Change
Form obtained from the Director of
Curriculum & Assessment.

Year 12 General Information

Attendance/Punctuality Uniform
Year 12 students are required to be          In keeping with the notion of holistic
at school by 8:40 am each day (unless        growth and positive behaviours,
their timetable states otherwise,            the school uniform should be worn
e.g. study (see below). All absences         correctly at all times within and outside
must be accounted for and parents/           the school grounds as detailed on
caregivers are expected to phone             pages 18 and 19 of the Diary. Our
through absences by 9:30am if                presentation says much about what
possible. If prolonged absence seems         we feel is important, and as a result it
likely, then Mr Kitschke needs to be         is important that we work together on
contacted and required work will be          this element of our identity.
gathered, and left at the front office for
collection.                                  While most students wear their
                                             uniform appropriately, others may
For students who have an extended            need intermittent reminding. Parental
absence from school either due to            support in ensuring that students
holidays or other events, please refer       present themselves in accordance with
to the College’s Extended Absence            College guidelines is essential. Jewellery,
from School Policy. While teachers try       hair, makeup, nails and the tucking in
to adjust assessment tasks the onus          of shirts are areas that often require
remains with the student to negotiate        attention. Where repeated reminders
the work missed with their individual        become necessary, parents will be
teacher.                                     informed and consequences may
                                             become necessary.
Prolonged absences due to illness
should be accompanied by a doctor’s          Please note changes to PE Uniform
certificate and the Year Level Director      requirements commencing this year.
contacted so work required can be            There will be no variations to this and
forwarded. The doctor’s certificate          this is an expectation of all students
allows for assessment changes as             from Year 7 -12.
required by the SACE Board.
                                             PE UNIFORM:
If you are late to school, scan your
ID Card through the Front Office and            St Michael’s PE polo top
provide a written explanation from a            St Michael’s PE shorts
                                                Plain white sports socks

  22     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

   St Michael’s cap or hat.                   Year 12 so as to be able to teach you as
                                              well as we can, so we expect students
OPTIONAL ITEMS:                               to be on time.
   St Michael’s rugby top                     If students feel unwell at school, they
   St Michael’s navy track pants              must report to the First Aid Room in the
                                              Administration Office.  Students must
   St Michael’s Spray jacket                  not contact parents during school to
No leggings/tights are to be worn at          pick them up. In emergency situations,
all. Co-curricular clothing e.g football      students may request to make a phone
shorts, is also not to be worn.               call from the Year Level Director’s

Leaving During School
                                              Mobile Phone Policy
                                              PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT YOUR CHILD
Students are not permitted to leave           DIRECTLY.
the school grounds without signed
permission from their parent/guardian,        Mobile Phones and other electronic
Pastoral Teacher and Year Level               devices are not to be used during the
Director.                                     College day.

You must scan your ID card through the        If students do bring these, it is entirely
Administration Centre any time that you       at their own risk. The mobile phone
are leaving school early. If you have a       must be switched off and stored
free lesson at the end of the day you         securely throughout the day.
are not required to scan out through          Mobile phones should be stored safely,
the Administration Centre. (Once              but they may not be switched on or
parental permission has been received).       used during school hours. Students
Any failure to use the system correctly       who are found using their phone will
will affect our responsibilities of Duty of   have it confiscated and returned via a
Care and your parents/guardians will be       Year Level Director.
contacted regarding your absence.             Other consequences may apply in line
There will be clear consequences              with normal St Michael’s behavioural
regarding lateness; as teachers we            processes.
need every minute of every lesson in

Year 12 General Information

Bags                                        Be aware that students are responsible
                                            for items such as USB’s and Graphic
School bags must be stored in lockers       Calculators. These items should at
and secured with a school approved          all times be in their possession. They
padlock. From time to time lockers may      are not to be left lying around. It is
be checked for student safety. For          recommended that all possessions,
student health reasons, back packs          uniform included, are clearly labelled
are NOT to be carried during the            with full name. No items are to be left
day. Small PE bags may be used to           in PE change rooms.
carry books and PE uniforms. These          Recreational items, which can provide
procedures are in place to comply with      a distraction to students’ learning,
Occupational Health and Safety laws         should be left at home. If present at
and provide for the safety and comfort      school, such items will be retained by
of all students.                            the teacher and returned upon parent/
                                            caregiver/teacher negotiation.
Valuables                                   Appropriate sports equipment for
                                            play during recess and lunch breaks
Large amounts of money and/or               is permitted and encouraged. The
valuables should not be brought to          College issues equipment on loan to
school, as teaching staff will not assume   students during these times.
responsibility for such items. The
Policy on Mobile Phones and other
electronic devices is on Page 17 of the     Student Drivers/
College Diary. Compliance to this policy
is monitored on occasion and parents        Parking
will be notified of any instances where
                                            A current Permission to Drive form
students are not complying with correct
                                            must be signed and presented to your
use and resultant consequences.
                                            Pastoral Teacher at the beginning of
Please note that students are not
                                            the year. This MUST be done even if
permitted to use their mobile to contact
                                            you drove to school the previous year.
parents unless given permission by
                                            If you are unsure about any matter
a staff member. Parents are also
                                            related to the use of vehicles, whether
asked not to contact students via
                                            you can have passengers etc, please
devices during school hours. In cases
                                            check beforehand, rather than after the
of emergency or where necessary,
parents are asked to ring the College
Administration (8356 5966).

  24     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

Due to the number of student               usually occur in at the beginning or
drivers and cyclists who use this          end of a day.  Of course this provides
area, due vigilance and caution must       students with the opportunity to leave
be displayed. When entering and            school early or to arrive late (once
departing, be mindful of other people      parental permission is gained).
/ vehicles / bicycles in the vicinity.
Standard rules regarding responsible       This “reward” will only occur where
use of a motor vehicle apply and           students do not take other liberties,
inappropriate driving will lead to the     such as missing or arriving late to other
loss of the privilege.                     set lessons.

Be very careful when parking/driving       Rooms 3 and 4 will be set aside for
around the school. We take very            those students who wish to complete
seriously any complaints made by           silent, independent work during all free
neighbours whether it be rubbish left,     lessons.
noise made, parking incorrectly or
driving dangerously.
                                           These include, but are not restricted
Conduct In Public                          to: study lessons, permission to leave
Students travelling to and from school     the College property after their final
by public transport are expected           lesson (provided parental permission
to behave in a positive, courteous         is obtained), field work provisions and
and socially acceptable manner, for        use of motor vehicles, and permission
example: appropriate dress, being          to arrive at school for Lesson 2 where
seated, talking quietly and complying      Lesson 1 is a study lesson.
with the expectations of transport
authorities. Any complaints received       The responsibility to constructively
from transport authorities will be         utilise these privileges rests with the
communicated to parents as they are        student. Inappropriate behaviour
managed by the College.                    and misuse of privileges will result in
                                           the withdrawal of rights reserved for
                                           senior students of the College.
Study Lessons
All Year 12 students have non-contact
study lessons. Study lessons will

Year 12 General Information

                                              Students are expected to negotiate
Deadline Policy                               the extension with the Subject
                                              Teacher before the deadline and
The purpose of the deadline policy is to      submit a completed “Request for
help students and teachers to manage          Extension Form”.
workloads and school-set deadlines for
assessment tasks. This policy applies to      Teachers are expected to follow the
all teachers and students and requires        Deadline Policy process when work
parental support.                             is not presented according to school-
                                              set deadlines and where there is not
A deadline is the latest time of date         a valid reason.
by which an assessment task is to
be completed and submitted to the          Plagiarism Policy
                                           Plagiarism in any form is a violation
For assessment tasks that are              of the College’s fundamental
completed over an extended period          principles.  This may be defined as
of time, a number of dates are             the ‘appropriation of another’s ideas
generally set at different stages of the   or works, in order to pass them off as
development of the assessment task         one’s own’.
(Checkpoints).                             Examples of this practice may include:

In the case where Checkpoints are set,        copying of any sources that are not
there is an expectation that:                 acknowledged in the work;

  Students will provide evidence of           excessive use of, and failure to cite,
  their learning to their teacher or          printed texts such as articles and
  follow a procedure outlined by their        books;
  teacher                                     unfair use of, and reliance upon,
  The teacher will monitor the                other students’ work.
  progress of the student during this      In sum, it may be regarded as an
  period.                                  action which is intended to delude and
                                           deceive a teacher that the work being
There are occasions when an extension      presented and assessed is the student’s
of an assessment deadline can be           own, when in fact it is not.  Of particular
approved for valid reason. Acceptable      concern to the St Michael’s College
grounds for the extension are              community is cheating. It deludes
determined by the teacher.                 the school and staff who attempt to

 26      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

assess the effectiveness of teaching       through your own MS ‘cloud’ account.
and learning; it discriminates against     Students are required to back up their
other students who work honestly for       work continually and O365 allows this
their rewards and may in competitive       to occur seamlessly. Files are backed
situations miss out on opportunities       up automatically if saved in OneDrive
because of another’s dishonesty; it        and can be accessed from any internet
misinforms the parents who operate         enabled computer (e.g. desktop, tablet,
on the assumption that the report they     laptop).
receive is an accurate representation of
honest effort; and it erroneously grades
the student who does not learn to be       Computer Use
proud of genuine effort and whose
character and learning development         Students are provided with access to
are stunted.                               the internet and email facilities. You
                                           are reminded these are for educational
The full policy can be found in the        purposes only. Any misuse of these
school diary and on the College Web        facilities will result in computing
Site and should be read by all students    rights being denied and in some
and parents.                               circumstances further detentions or
                                           suspension from school could result.
                                           Random checks of laptops will occur
Backup and Data                            throughout the year, so be responsible
Storage                                    in your use of the equipment.

It is important for students to keep a
backup file of their work. Technology      Home Study
can fail, be lost or stolen, so it is
extremely important that all students      Home Study is a generic term implying
take action to ensure they have backed     work done at home. This may involve:
up their schoolwork.                       • set work;
Office 365 (O365) is a Microsoft (MS)      • assignment and projects;
product that all staff and students
have access to at St Michael’s College.    • revision and study or, a combination
It combines a number of different            of all three.
Microsoft products together and allows     The more challenging aspect of home
you to access them and all your files      study at Year 12 is the volume and

Year 12 General Information

complexity of work that needs to be                Successfully completing an
completed and revised. The latter is               assignment does not depend
particularly important, given the on-              primarily upon your skills, but upon
going and cumulative nature of the                 the time you make available and how
assessment process in Year 12.                     wisely it is used.
                                                 Time management is essential for
Recommended Amount:                              students who want to achieve their
                                                 goals. If you want to become an
Week nights                     3 - 3½ hours
                                                 achiever with your studies, you need to:
Weekends                           6 - 8 hours
                                                   Record the things you do with
                                                   your time in order to monitor what
                                                   improvements can be made.
That is, a total amount of 20 - 24
hours per week. This represents 4 - 5              Manage your time carefully as it is a
hours per subject per week.  While                 limited resource – once it is gone it
one may question the validity of these             cannot be reclaimed.
figures, research over recent years has
                                                 Always maintain a sensible balance in
suggested a high correlation between
                                                 the use of your time. Exam preparation
the volume of time specified above,
                                                 is only one aspect of your life this year
and, true realisation of ability, especially
                                                 – don’t forget your family, your friends
at Year 12 level.
                                                 and doing all the other things that are
                                                 important to you right now.  One way to
                                                 ensure you get the most from each day
Time Management                                  is to follow the steps below:

You’ll be finished classes Term 4 Week           1. On the night before, make a list of
2 and facing exams before you know it,              the things you want to do. Number
so try not to waste much time this year.            them in order of priority.

   To master your time is to control             2. During the next day, tackle one thing
   your life and what you do with it.               at a time according to the priority
                                                    listing until each task is completed.
   Effective study requires making the
   best of all possible alternatives and         The above steps can be used when
   then doing everything to the best of          planning goals for a day, a week, a
   your abilities in the given time.             month, a year, or a life-time. They
                                                 can be applied to such activities as

  28     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

your personal life, running a business,        ask your teacher to clarify what you
achieving sporting or recreational goals,      do not understand.
or preparing for an examination.
                                            e. Make time to read ahead to find out
When planning, always start with a goal        what comes next. It is often helpful
and ask such questions as:                     to do this on the weekend.
   What do I want to achieve?               f. File your notes so they can easily
                                               be found when it comes to making
   How much time have I got?                   exam summaries at a later date.
   What resources do I have?                It is very easy to waste time if you
   How much effort is required?             are not careful. An important skill to
                                            acquire is the efficient use of your time.
   Who will help me achieve my goals?       The effective use of your time will make
   How will I know if I have succeeded?     learning easier for you. The key to the
                                            efficient use of study time is planning.
                                            If you are not used to planning your
In preparing for examinations you           study times, you may find it difficult to
basically have to identify what you need    change your habits and become more
to know, and work out how much time         organised. Also it is important to know
you have to learn it.                       the total hours you spend each week
                                            at study and homework. For a start,
At the beginning of your study time,        it is essential that you keep a balance
read through your class notes for the       between the two activities.
day. As you do so:
                                            The best time to study and complete
a. Ask yourself what these notes are        homework varies greatly from person
   mainly about.                            to person. As much as possible, try to
                                            study at the same time each day. Being
b. Consider where the notes fit in with
                                            consistent and having regular study
   what has gone before in this topic.
                                            times will help you settle down to study
c. Highlight any special points, quotes     quickly, and consequently less time will
   or formulae that have appeared for       be wasted.
   the first time.
                                            It is natural that there are probably
d. Mark any parts you do not                subjects that you either like more or
   understand. Make a note of the           find easier to study than others.  It is
   difficulty.  At the next opportunity,    only human to be tempted to spend

Year 12 General Information

most of your time working on these          date. Generally, they also aim to return
favourite subjects.  However, learning      marked material as soon as possible.
more and more about one subject at
the expense of others is a very poor        Should concerns arise regarding these
study strategy. A much better strategy      or any other areas of assessment,
is to always start by studying the          please pass them on to your Pastoral
hardest subjects, or the ones you like      Teacher, Mr Kitschke, Mr Schirripa
the least.                                  or the Director of Curriculum &
Sometimes you will complete more
hours at homework than study,
especially at the start of the year. Then   Study Plans
as the exams approach, you will put
more time into study activities.            In order to maximise your results and
                                            ensure you continue to allow some time
                                            for rest and relaxation, the creation of a
Late Submission                             study timetable is recommended. This
                                            will occur during pastoral time in Term
Late submission of work is generally        1.
not accepted for assessment purposes
and each instance will be investigated
accordingly. The student may be at          Eternal Exams
risk of forfeiting all marks allocated
to the task, in accordance with SACE        For an up to date Written Examination
guidelines.                                 Timetable, visit
If there are any queries about this
information, you are invited to contact
Mr Kitschke, Mr Schirripa or the
                                            Special Provisions in
Director of Curriculum & Assessment         Assessment
(Ms Bron Kemp) for further information.
                                            A student who suffers a set-back
                                            throughout the course of the year
Concerns                                    due to disability, illness or personal
                                            circumstances, may be eligible for
Teachers aim to ensure that an              Special Provisions.
excessive number of assessment
                                            These ‘set-backs’ fall into two broad
items do not fall due on the same

  30     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

groups: those that occur during the
year and affect the school assessed
                                           SACE Requirements
component of their course and those
which affect the student’s final exam      An assumption is made that much
performance.                               homework and thought went into your
                                           subject selections. Given the goal of our
Any set-back of a short-term nature,
                                           Year 12 cohort is to achieve their SACE,
such as chicken pox or a broken arm,
                                           the following points clarify the minimum
is handled internally by the school.
Variations to the school assessment can
be negotiated with individual teachers
and require the normal supporting          Structure of the SACE
documentation. Where there is a            Every subject or course successfully
long-term disability such as dyslexia      completed earns credits towards the
or physical disability which requires      SACE. Students will achieve a grade
special arrangements for the final         between A+ to E- for each of their SACE
exam the SACE Board must be notified       subjects. Note: ‘Subject Completion’ at
at the beginning of the year. Finally,     Stage 2 means achieving a grade of E-
where a student falls ill or subject to    or better whilst Successful Completion
circumstances which are likely to affect   at Stage 2 means achieving a grade of
their exam performance either on the       C- or better.
day or within a three day period, they
may apply to the SACE Board for use of
                                           To be awarded the SACE, students
the Moderated Predicted Exam Mark
                                           completing Stage 2 must:
in place of their exam score. Wherever
possible, the student is encouraged to       Complete 200 Credits of subjects
sit for the exam in case they actually
perform above the predicted mark. In         Achieve a C or better in the Personal
this case, the higher score stands.          Learning Plan (PLP) – Year 10, 20
                                             Credits of Literacy (English) at Stage
Please note that the SACE Board no           1, 10 Credits of Numeracy (Maths) at
longer makes allowances for students         Stage 1, and the Research Project at
where English is a second language.          Stage 2, all of which are compulsory
Should you have any questions about          subjects.
the above matters, please contact the        Achieve a C Grade or better in an
Director of Curriculum & Assessment or       additional 60 Credits at Stage 2,
Mr Schirripa, SACE Coordinator.              which equates to 3 full year subjects

Year 12 General Information

EXAM PROTOCOLS                             Year 12 Results and
Expectations for student behaviour         Post-Secondary Study
during examinations will be issued prior   Requirements
to the examination periods addressing
issues such as punctuality and
general approach to exams. It is also      Moderation
important that you understand that         Moderation is a process used by the
at examination times, as at all others,    SACE Board to make assessments in
expectations surrounding personal          a particular subject comparable, and
presentation and grooming are to be        thus fair, for all students, no matter
maintained. This means that students       which school or class they are in. The
sitting examinations must be cleanly       SACE Board uses a range of processes
shaved and neatly presented in their       to ensure that all the students taking
correct uniform. Grooming standards,       a given subject are assessed using the
including neat and appropriate hair,       same standards. If you would like to
as per the requirements stated in your     know more details about moderation,
Diary, will continue to apply. Facial      contact the SACE Board for a student
piercings are not permissible and          fact sheet. (
restrictions surrounding the wearing
of jewellery and makeup must also be
                                           Scaling is a process that compares
                                           and adjusts initial results – called ‘raw
In line with SACE Examination protocols,   scores’ – across subjects at Stage 2.
mobile phones or other electronic          Tertiary entrance points are calculated
devices must not be taken into the         for each subject using the scaling
examination room.                          process. These points are produced
                                           for tertiary entrance purposes only,
                                           and contribute towards the university
                                           aggregate and the TAFE SA selection
                                           score. The university aggregate is
                                           translated into the Australian Tertiary
                                           Admissions Ranking (ATAR).

 32      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

Facts about Scaling                         must be 20 credit Tertiary Admission
                                            Subjects (TAS) from a maximum of
  There is no guarantee that a subject      3 attempts (which need not be in
  will be ‘scaled up’ or ‘scaled down’ in   consecutive years) Students MUST
  a particular year. The level of scaling   refer to the St Michael’s Curriculum
  can alter from year to year but in        Handbook and the SATAC Tertiary
  general it does not change much           Entrance Booklet to check the validity of
  from year to year.                        their unique subject choices.
  Scaling of a subject depends upon         Students who are aiming for University
  the performance of groups of              Entrance should be fully aware about
  students taking that subject in a         which Stage 2 subjects can earn you
  particular year, not the performance      Bonus Points towards your University
  of an individual student.                 Aggregate. To calculate your ATAR
  The combination of subjects taken         please refer to the resources previously
  by a student does not affect the          mentioned.
  tertiary entrance points received by
  that student. All students in SA with     University Entrance requires
  the same raw score are scaled the         qualifying for the SACE, obtaining an
  same amount.                              ATAR and meeting any Pre requisite
                                            subject requirements for the course/
For more details about scaling, visit       program.
the SACE Board website (www.sace.                                 To obtain a University Aggregate and
                                            an ATAR you must qualify for the SACE,
University Entrance requires qualifying     comply with rules regarding Precluded
for the SACE, obtaining an ATAR and         Combinations, comply with rules
meeting any Pre requisite subject           regarding Counting Restrictions and
requirements for the course/ program.       complete at least 80 credits of study
                                            at Stage 2 of which 60 credits of study
To obtain a University Aggregate and
                                            must be 20 credit Tertiary Admission
an ATAR you must qualify for the SACE,
                                            Subjects (TAS) from a maximum of
comply with rules regarding Precluded
                                            3 attempts (which need not be in
Combinations, comply with rules
                                            consecutive years) Students MUST
regarding Counting Restrictions and
                                            refer to the St Michael’s Curriculum
complete at least 80 credits of study
                                            Handbook and the SATAC Tertiary
at Stage 2 of which 60 credits of study
                                            Entrance Booklet to check the validity of

Year 12 General Information

their unique subject choices.               to obtain a TAFESA Score is based on
                                            the score calculated from a completed
Students who are aiming for University      Higher Education qualification, not
Entrance should be fully aware about        relevant for most school leavers. There
which Stage 2 subjects can earn you         are Bonus Point Subjects recognised
Bonus Points towards your University        at TAFE and these vary by course.
Aggregate. To calculate your ATAR           Students should check the TAFE
please refer to the resources previously    website to see which preferred subjects
mentioned.                                  earn Bonus Points to their course of
TAFE Entry
Requirements                                SATAC
Each course at TAFE has a Minimum           In August of this year, each student will
Entry Requirement. For many TAFE            be asked to consider courses that they
courses above Certificate Level 3           may wish to pursue at tertiary level.
the Minimum Entry requirement is            SATAC nominations will be completed
qualification for the SACE, and obtaining   by students who wish to be enrolled at
a TAFESA Selection Score or satisfactory    the Universities, and students who wish
performance in the TABS Test. Note          to enrol in courses at TAFE.
Some courses may require other
specific Minimum Entry Requirements         Early investigation into preferred
such as Audition/ Portfolio.                careers and courses will take some of
                                            the anxiety out of this process later in
If a course is deemed to be                 the year.
“Competitive” then SATAC will decide
on offers to the course based on a          Pastoral Time will be set aside in Term 3
TAFESA Score. For School Leavers this       to examine the SATAC process.
score is based on 60 credits (i.e. Scaled
                                            Please see the Career Counsellors
Score)  from the best 3 TAS Subjects (
                                            in Student Services to clarify ATAR
comply with rules regarding Precluded
                                            course cut-offs of University courses of
Combinations); for all applicants,
                                            possible interest.
this can also be based on the score
achieved in the basic TABS Test (a          We bring to your attention that TAFE
Multiple Choice test based on Year 10       will offer mid-year entry to many of
Numeracy and Literacy). The third way       their courses. To be eligible for mid-

  34     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Year 12 General Information

year entry you will need to apply to        applied at St Michael’s College. These
SATAC in April and sit for a TABS Test.     measures are outlined so as to assist
Those of you contemplating leaving          the College community to understand
school during the year this may be          and adhere to the policies and
timely information.                         practices as they are outlined in the
                                            SACE Handbook.
We remind you to see a Careers
Counsellor early in Term 1 to support
you in your goal setting and Career
                                            Assessment Plans
                                            At the beginning of each semester,
                                            an assessment plan for each subject
Detentions                                  will be published in the SEQTA
                                            Learning Portal which will cover the
Should Year 12s fail to comply with the     entirety of the assessment period.
College’s expectations, then detentions     The assessment plan will include the
will be issued, or early dismissal          approximate date of assessment tasks
privilege will be withdrawn for a set       together with the weighting applied to
period of time. This will usually include   that task. This plan helps you monitor
discussion of the problem with Mr           the work to be completed. Marks for
Kitschke and possibly a social service      assessment tasks will also be published
component, depending on the nature          for students and parents.
of the breach.

Year 12s are the role models for the        Drafts
College and as such are expected to
meet very high standards.                   Where drafts are specified for
                                            assignments and essays, they must be
                                            submitted to the teacher for approval
Assessment                                  by the due date. Even when drafts
                                            are not formally required, they should
Requirements                                be standard procedure and retained
                                            should verification of your work be
It is important that all students and       required. Drafting is recommended as
parents be made aware of the SACE           one means of ensuring optimal results.
assessment requirements that are

Year 12 General Information

Submission of Assessments:                 due date of an assignment being
                                           due, a note verifying the absence by
When work is being submitted, it may       a doctor or parent must accompany
be done so in two ways:                    the assignment being submitted upon
a. Directly to the subject teacher         return. Absences on such dates for
   concerned, or                           minor illness or circumstance leading
                                           to work not being submitted on time is
b. Through the Library.                    not acceptable.
In the case of work submitted to the
Library, Stage 2 students may submit       A due date is a due date!
work before 4.00 pm on or before
the due date. Students are advised
to present their school diary where a
Library stamp will verify the submission
of work.

A general principle to remember is
that the onus to substantiate work,
or submission of work, lies with the

Absence or Extenuating
Should absence from school or
extenuating circumstances occur
prior to the date of submission, an
Extension to Assignment form must be
obtained from the Subject Teacher and
a negotiated date agreed upon for the
lodgement of the work. In principle,
the period of extension will be in due
proportion to the period of absence.
Should a student be absent on the

 36      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
College Awards

There are a number of awards               Additional Graduation Awards are
presented to Year 12 students as a         presented to students who display:
consequence of the academic year.
                                             A high standard in attitude and
                                             achievement in the respective award
Dux                                          category.
The Dux is presented to a student            Participation in all school activities
graduating from St Michael’s College         with a good attitude
in the previous school year who
achieves the highest aggregate of the        Full commitment to the ethos of the
best five scaled scores as calculated        school.
by the SACE Board in Stage Two
subjects, studied over the past year.        An awareness of others and their
Conferral of the award will be made          needs.
after consultation with the curriculum       Positive contribution to the school or
committee following the release of           local community.
results in January in any given year. A
recommendation from the Curriculum         Service to the College: Presented by
Committee will then be referred to the     the College for outstanding service and
Principal. More than one award can be      commitment to the St Michael’s College
presented when the results cannot be       Community across a range of areas.
separated.                                 Athlete of the Year: Presented by the
                                           College for outstanding representation
Graduation Awards                          through the College Co-Curricular
                                           Program and possibly State or National
  De La Salle Award - presented to a
  student for outstanding academic,
  spiritual and cultural contribution to
  St Michael’s College.                    Special & Significant Awards:
                                           Presented by the College as deemed
  Dux of the College - presented           appropriate. For example, possible
  to the student who secured the           recognition for:
  highest aggregate (based upon
  subject achievement scores) in the         State and / or National
  preceding year.                            Representation in a chosen sport.
                                             Special contributions to the College

College Awards

Student Citizenship Award:                 ADF Awards – Year 10 and 12
Presented by The Order of Australia
Association                                The Australian Defence Force
                                           Leadership and Teamwork Awards
Archbishop Wilson Awards:                  promote personal development, strong
Presented by Archbishop Wilson             values and community-mindedness
Awards for Excellence to students in       and are awarded to students who
Years 11 and 12. The Award recognises      demonstrate qualities of teamwork,
spiritual and personal qualities, and      leadership, integrity and initiative.
contributions made by students in
their senior years to their school and
Josiah Mitton Award: Presented
by the Charles Sturt Council and
recognising the contribution that
individuals make to their school
Caltex Best All Rounder: Presented
by Caltex and acknowledging a
student’s all round contributions to St
Michael’s College across such domains
as studies, sport, community work,
conduct and leadership.
Mary Colton Award: Presented by the
Member for Colton in recognition of the
value of commitment, dedication and
The Hindmarsh Shield: Presented by
the Federal Member for Hindmarsh and
recognising excellence in Leadership,
Community Service, Sporting, Musical
or other discipline (as nominated by the

 38      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Student Support - Student

It would not be unusual for some               if they are at all concerned about
difficulties to arise throughout the year.     anything. Early intervention for any
                                               difficulties, which students might
Do not be afraid to seek help if needed.       be experiencing, offer the best
Your Pastoral Teacher, Student                 opportunity for a positive outcome.
Counsellors, Year 12 Director and              Grief Counselling
Assistant Director are available to
assist. The Deputies and the Principal         Our Chaplain, Sister Nithya works
also act to assist these people, so you        in an Outreach capacity supporting
have many options open to you.                 students and their families who are
                                               dealing with grief through serious
The best way to deal with a problem is         illness or the death of a loved one.
to deal with it early. Don’t hold back -
seek us out so we can work together to         Learning Support
solve the problem.
                                               Supports students with diagnosed
The following departments under the            learning disabilities or difficulties.
umbrella of ‘Students Services’ are part       The Learning Support Coordinator
of St Michael’s College academic and           sets priorities for Learning Support.
personal support for all students. All
students and parents are invited to            English as an Additional Language
access these services when required.           (EAL)
Student Services may be contacted by           Is part of our mainstream curriculum
phone or in person.                            and assists students whose first
   Personal Counselling                        language is not English with intensive
                                               English language support.
   Available for all students who
   are experiencing any one of a               St Michael’s Outreach Education
   variety of difficulties ranging from        Program is committed to:
   school based issues to family and           Supporting a number of students
   relationship issues. Coming to a            from war torn countries through
   new school can be quite daunting            the mainstream English as a Second
   for some students so we encourage           Language (EAL) program.
   students to visit the counsellors

Student Support - Student

 Careers and Academic Counselling          Time Management and
                                           Organisation / Student
 Students are assisted with their          Empowerment
 subject choices to best position
 them for their future direction. The      Short term courses run for students
 counsellors also assist students with     whose ability to flourish will be
 their career pathways which may be        supported by these programs.
 into tertiary studies, apprenticeship,
 or into full time employment.
 Vocational Education and Training
 Assists students who are not going
 into university but are looking for
 other career pathways such as
 Careers and Academic Counselling
 Assists students with their career
 pathways which may be into tertiary
 studies or into full time employment
 – students are assisted with their
 career and subject choices to
 best position them for their future
 The De La Salle Program
 Is run throughout the second
 semester of the school year to assist
 selected students with intensive
 academic support and work
 experience pathways.
 Please do not hesitate to contact us
 and come and speak with us if you
 have any concerns at all.

40     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 12
Consequences for
Non-Completion of Work

Non-completion of Summative                  there will be a meeting with the
Assessment Tasks by the deadline and         student/parents/subject teacher(s)/
without negotiated extension                 Year Level Director. This meeting
                                             may result in an Internal Suspension.
1. Students who do not meet
   deadlines, including CHECKPOINT         The consequence of not doing the work
   deadlines, and have not negotiated      is……..DOING THE WORK
   an extension with the subject
   teacher will be given an after-school   Concerns
   next school day.                        Teachers aim to ensure that an
                                           excessive number of assessment
2. During the WORK COMPLETION              items do not fall due on the same
   SESSION, the student will be            date. Generally, they also aim to return
   expected to complete the set task in    marked material within a week.
   order to meet requirements.
                                           Should concerns arise regarding these
3. If the task is not completed during     or any other areas of assessment
   this supervised time, the student       please pass them on to your Pastoral
   will be assigned further WORK           Teacher or Year 12 Director.
   Saturday in some cases) until the
   assessment task is completed to a
   satisfactory standard.
4. However, if the task is not completed
   SESSIONS there will be a meeting
   with the student/parents/subject
   teacher(s)/Year Level Director and/or
   Head of Department.
  This meeting may result in an
  Internal Suspension.
5. If a student is repeatedly required
   to attend WORK COMPLETION
   SESSIONS (i.e. 3 or more across a
   number of subjects in one term)

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