The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Business to your taste...

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

An overview of Vodacom Business’ Solutions portfolio Access Solutions Wireline Solutions Mobile Solutions Mobile Data Access Point Name Managed Network Solutions Managed Hosted Solutions Security Solutions Perimeter Security Web Security Email Security Software as a Service (SaaS) Mail and Messaging Managed Business Applications Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Managed Hosting Managed Storage Managed Backup Disaster Recovery Wireless Solutions Satellite Microwave Broadband Internet Solutions Dedicated Internet Broadband Internet VPN Solutions Satellite VPN MPLS VPN Voice Solutions Hosted Call Center Enterprise Voice Solutions Video Solutions Boardroom Desktop Mobile Domain Name Services M2M VPN Fiber Leased Line

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Just imagine... a world in which every email, every call, every meeting request and every electronic exchange happens seamlessly and without hassle. A system that doesn’t go down... employees who can work from anywhere... flawless connections to your clients, suppliers and workforce that work every time... communications that can keep up with the pace you need to work at... a network that actually serves you, instead of the other way around... and a platform that matches the size, shape and activities of your business – whatever your business.

Effective business communications happen when everyone can connect, from anywhere at any time – on any device.

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business
Welcome to Total Communications Now you can gain complete control of all your business information and communications with access to a trusted network. Enjoy a wide choice of innovative products and services designed to be seamlessly integrated, while being backed by excellent service. We give your business freedom, simplicity and control – and the power to realise your full potential for maximum success. It’s a total communications solution that ensures:
  • more value with more options, more innovations and economies of scale
  • a powerful network infrastructure that you can depend on at all times
  • the flexibility to connect from anywhere, to any device, at any time, over any medium
  • the scalability to match the future growth of your business
  • improved productivity and efficiency with all levels of staff working together seamlessly, across one network, sharing the same resources
  • increased profitability through real savings on capital expenses, equipment, solutions management and maintenance
  • the certainty of full-time, real-time service and support by qualified and skilled professionals
  • competitive advantage enabled by cutting edge, innovative, next generation technology 2
The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities...

The complete package... Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, Vodacom Business has the network infrastructure, technology and support that your business requires. 4

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio A range of solutions as unique as your business Historically the needs of African businesses have been met with a one-size-fits-all approach. Now Vodacom Business brings you a total communications solution tailor-made to meet the particular needs of your business. This includes:
  • how you Access your business network
  • the specific type of Network Solutions that you use to communicate, be it via email, voice calls or video, through business systems or between your office branches, on-site or on the move
  • a range of cost-effective Managed Hosted Solutions for your business including managed data storage, an online presence and applications, with the very latest security and backup technology Punch above your weight as an Entrepreneur or SME Benefit from simple and affordable Solutions that add real value and service. Your communications can be as advanced as that of a large multi-national corporation... without the price tag.

Power and flexibility for Corporates Enjoy a host of powerful, robust and Managed Solutions that can integrate together seamlessly as well as adapt and grow as you require. Cost-effective efficiency for Government and the Public Sector Complete Solutions that increase accessibility for both urban and rural communities, giving improved and effective service delivery, while maintaining cost-efficiency. 5 Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities. Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs:

Staying ahead of the pack is about getting the true benefits of having options.

From the latest applications to access technologies, I have the freedom to determine what works best for my business.” 6

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Access Solutions siness.” Where it all begins It’s all about what you need: Vodacom Business has a range of Access Solutions that will suit any business contingency. Access is the basic enabler that facilitates everything from email, web access, networking, video conferencing, data transfer and backup to complex, bandwidth-intensive and specialized applications. Your business will enjoy concrete benefits, regardless of which Solution is used:
  • cost-effectiveness
  • high-speed connectivity
  • high quality of service
  • dependability with full service level agreements
  • complete business mobility
  • scalability and flexibility Access Solutions include Wireless, Wireline, Satellite, Private Line and Mobile networks.

Wireless Solutions Whether in metropolitan or suburban areas, you can very quickly connect your offices to the Internet and access corporate applications across your branches without having to wait for often costly leased lines. With sufficient coverage of major business districts, our Broadband Wireless Access networks provide the viable alternative to leased lines across Africa, thus eliminating the complexities introduced by third party suppliers. Offered as our own fully Managed Solution, you are assured of high quality of service, fast, seamless installation and integration, as well as the comfort of knowing that your network will always be on.

We give you Wireless freedom and control to select your speed, data transfer volume and priority of various data application types on your network, all in a package that suits your company’s budget. Wireline Solutions Perfect if your business requires constant connectivity to the Internet and applications that you can always rely on. You have control over your own dedicated connection. Our Leased Line Solutions allow you to develop highly efficient integrated voice and data networks between multiple destinations. Your connection is reserved for your exclusive use, so there is no traffic from other subscribers.

Your bandwidth is all yours... 24/7/365.

Our Fiber Solution is a dedicated, high-speed line that directly links your business, data and applications to our all-fiber network for maximum networking power. It gives you a high bandwidth connection between your premises and our network, with guaranteed throughput and defined service levels, ensuring more speed, less interruptions. Satellite Solutions Our Satellite Solutions enable your business to communicate efficiently and affordably across or outside Africa. Whether your operations are located in rural areas, or in the middle of a city, our diverse fleet of premium satellite capacities and ground stations ensure that your remote office is never isolated from the rest of your business community.

In addition, our Solution is fast to deploy, reliable and charged at a fixed cost, regardless of distance.

Private Line Solutions Whenever and wherever your business requires a dedicated and private connection across multiple locations, our Private Line Solutions utilise a combination of Wireline or Satellite Access media to ensure your data integrity is uncompromised across our own or third party networks. Offered as a fully Managed Solution, you can run your company applications and move your corporate data securely and seamlessly within Africa or across the globe, with the assurance that the network is all yours. Private Line Solutions include:
  • International Private Leased Circuits
  • National Private Leased Circuits
  • Dedicated Satellite Mobile Solutions Easy-to-use business mobility that ensures your workforce securely stay connected over the Internet, whenever they’re on the move. Our Access Point Name (APN) Solutions utilize mobile data networks to provide reliable and cost-effective connectivity for a wide range of applications such as Payment solutions, Personal health monitoring and aided living, Smart tracking, Supply chain management, Logistics and fleet management, Industrial automation, Telemetry, Utility metering, Remote vending machine control among others. These are end-to-end Solutions available on a global basis.

Make the maximum use of your time – on-site, off-site or on the move. 7 Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities. Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs:

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Networking that’s geared for growth...

Managed Network Solutions 10 Choose to network. The possibilities are infinite. Regardless of the type of Managed Network Solutions you need, Vodacom Business has Solutions specifically designed to help you with powerful business networking tools. Your business network includes both internal and external communications – and now you can connect with high availability and predictable quality of service. Managed Network Solutions for your business enables you to:
  • run your business more efficiently and effectively
  • work more productively, get more done when you need to
  • enjoy guaranteed business privacy, for you, your staff and your customers
  • prioritize and predict the performance of your applications
  • scalability and flexibility

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Managed Network Solutions include Internet, Virtual Private Network, Voice and Video Solutions. Internet Solutions Enjoy reliable Internet access, an online presence and connectivity to your business applications – affordably and flexibly. Get local and international quality Internet access through strategically positioned points of presence. We give you freedom of choice, and control over how you connect and where you can connect from. And we keep it simple, so that you can concentrate on doing business. You have a choice of cost-effective shared Broadband Internet Access Solutions – whether you need Wireless, Wireline or Mobile connectivity.

We can also offer you dedicated Internet access if you need a more exclusive type of connection.

Our solutions are fully managed, with proactive monitoring and backed by service level agreements you can hold us by. Internet Solutions include:
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Domain Name Services
  • Broadband Internet VPN Solutions Your own Private Network connection that will enable you to securely and cost-effectively link multiple sites, off-site employees, suppliers and partners – locally and abroad. A powerful, intelligent network enables you to prioritize time-sensitive traffic, ensuring high availability and dependability. Enjoy real-time collaboration for increased productivity.
  • We give you the power to do business more efficiently, with more control – allowing you to improve your business operations and offer better service and satisfaction to your customers. VPN Solutions include:
  • Satellite VPN
  • M2M VPN Voice Solutions Your business can benefit from increased communications efficiencies through end-to-end, business-grade Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions, traditional mobile voice communications, Internet and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) switchboard functionality as well as call center solutions. Enjoy high call quality with value added features and expanded functionality while saving as much as 30% on call costs. Get on-net, local, international and mobile calls delivered through a single network. In addition you may choose to host your PBX or call center technology with us, eliminating the need to invest in high-cost infrastructure. We combine powerful technologies into packages that are simple to use and offer you freedom of choice and high levels of control. Voice Solutions include:
  • Hosted Call Center
  • Enterprise Voice Solutions Video Solutions You can increase your business productivity with the power of video. There’s no need to waste time and money gathering people in the same place. Simply use our Video Collaboration Solutions. Our video networking technology can connect two or more individuals and locations to each other. Connect anywhere, any time and from any device with rich face-to-face remote communications. This saves you costs by reducing travel and associated expenditure. All of this without costly infrastructure, while reducing the need for dedicated IT support staff.
  • We provide you with a choice of services that can be deployed to the meeting room, your desktop/laptop or to your mobile devices. You have a choice between standard and high definition services and, when using our infrastructure, we will guarantee quality of service as a fully Managed Solution. You can enjoy normal video conferencing that gives extra value by allowing content sharing. Video Solutions include:
  • Boardroom
  • Desktop
  • Mobile 11 Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities. Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs:

Managed Hosted Solutions Head into the cloud Instead of acquiring, maintaining, upgrading and managing your own infrastructure and software – through our Managed Hosted Solutions you can enjoy the access and the functionality without the baggage. You can now simply access whichever functionalities and applications you require by connecting to the cloud, without the capital expenditure or the need for ongoing maintenance and upgrades. That means you can pass the technology risk on to us, so you can focus on your core business.

Cloud computing gives your business:
  • cost-efficiency and bottom line IT investment savings with reductions in both capital and operational costs
  • the ability for everyone in your business to work more productively while on the move, from anywhere at any time. By connecting to the cloud, the necessary information is always available to everyone
  • access to the very latest software and business applications, with freedom of choice and control over the technology and solutions that you use
  • state-of-the-art security from your company network, systems and business applications, right down to your email “We benefit from having a great communications system... without having to pay for installation, maintenance or upgrades!” 12

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio 17 Managed Hosted Solutions include Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and Security Solutions. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Network infrastructure is key, the backbone of cloud computing. We offer premium business class infrastructure. This includes state-of-the-art data centers comprising of Managed Hosting, Managed Storage, Managed Back-up, and Disaster Recovery. This infrastructure gives you a wide choice of platforms (physical and virtual) in a variety of operating systems, on demand and always on.

You no longer have to install and manage expensive on-site infrastructure. You can get all the capacity, technology, security and flexibility you need from us. We give you network power, excellent value, reliable service and constant innovation. IaaS includes:
  • Hosting
  • Managed Storage
  • Managed Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Software as a Service (SaaS) Collaborate in real-time with powerful applications and Solutions spanning the full range of your business functions. Instead of installing software, simply access it when you need it. A full range of traditional software applications is available – giving you the power of choice and variety.
  • Enjoy improved efficiency and productivity through collaboration (remotely, on-site or on-the-move) while enjoying significant cost savings. The Solution also allows for better resource allocation as you no longer need dedicated resources for network and software management, everything is backed by excellent service. SaaS includes:
  • Mail & Messaging
  • Managed Business Applications Security Solutions Never before has security for electronic communications been more important, and keeping up-to-date with what is essentially an arms race can be overwhelming. But now you can enjoy total peace of mind without incurring any of the hassle.
  • Benefit from always having the latest versions and software with no need for your business to allocate time or resources. Eliminate email bandwidth wastage and unnecessary hard drive space wastage while enjoying increased productivity and cost-efficiency. Enjoy pro-active monitoring by expert security technicians and automatic failover measures. Security Solutions include:
  • Perimeter Security
  • Email Security
  • Web Security 13

18 Our robust network ensures you are always connected... 14

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio 15 Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities.

Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs: Vodacom Business is your total communications provider, capable of delivering on all your business ICT needs, including mobility, connectivity, applications and business functionality – cost-effectively and efficiently. Infrastructure How IT happens Rest assured that Vodacom Business has a powerful and robust network infrastructure that can deliver on all your communication and network needs. Be safe in the knowledge that we have the skills, experience and technology to deliver world-class connectivity to your business.

This makes it simple for you to use all the technology you need to meet the needs of your business. Everything you could want... and more From our elaborate Fiber-optic network throughout Africa’s major metropolitan routes, our deep African footprint to our international Points of Presence in London, Brussels, Washington, Dubai, Bahrain and Singapore, as well as our global footprint through Vodafone – ensures that you can enjoy reliable, cost-efficient, secure and faster connectivity. This means that Voice; Data and Video capabilities will now be faster, more accessible and more reliable than ever before.

In addition, our Customer Services Operational Center, a high-tech support facility, ensures uninterrupted and seamless service.

Knowing that our communications infrastructure won’t go down means I can rest assured that our productivity will never go down!”

16 Local coverage

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities. Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs: Global coverage

Vodacom Business | Solutions Portfolio Delivering the power to you Our entire approach is based on giving you more... you’ll get more value by having access to innovative, useful technology Solutions that run on a powerful and trusted network infrastructure.

Excellent service is provided by our skilled and committed support teams, so you don’t have to use your own resources. Everything combines to give you more freedom and better control over your business solutions and communications. We empower your success, while keeping it simple and cost-effective.

We offer you:
  • a full service delivery framework
  • seamless integration of your communication mediums and business solutions
  • more options throughout our business services portfolio
  • complete accountability from a single service provider
  • a powerful network featuring the very latest technological innovations Let’s expose your business to a world of possibilities. Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs: 17

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Contact us for a customized communications solution to match your needs: Vodacom Business:

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