The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 1 Introduction The following document outlines a piece of research carried out during February 2007, in India at the World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune. This research is a collaboration between the Centre for Biofield Sciences and The International Body Talk Association. The aim of the study was to research, through case study comparison, evidence for the effectiveness of the body talk system as delivered by the founder John Veltheim.

Document Contents  Journal Article of Research, p2-5  Analysis of Life, Background & Holistic Medicine, p6-8  Detailed PIP and GDV analysis guidelines, p9-16  Research Case Studies Experimental Group, p17-72  Research Case Studies Control Group, p73-81  References p82-84

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 2 A 4 way analysis of effectiveness of Body Talk technique on body and energy fields Abadi, M.D & Streeter, T.W.J.S The Centre for Biofield Studies, MIT University, Pune, India Abstract 60 experimental group and 10 control participants were scanned before and after a ‘treatment’ or  placebo session, with 5 different measuring systems. The scanning technologies were PIP, GDV, ESM, RFI and Temperature. Scans were blind analysed by leading experts in the specific technology and then compared to client and therapist comments. Most of the results were qualitative and so cross comparison was very complex.

However overall there was significant change in PIP and GDV in comparison to the control group (see the following pages fro case specific examples). The body talk system that was used seemed to tap the specific area of issue, which corresponded with the client’s report and the therapist’s specific intuitive comments. In  addition there were patterns located across scanning technologies, which supported the findings of the other, thus providing concurrent validity for the technology being used. Further research is suggest with regards to more participants and greater level of data control and experimental blinding.

Methodology 80 participants were self selected randomly through local newspaper adverts and university notices to take part in research into a non invasive techniques and its effect on the Human energy and body field. Each participant was booked in for two appointments each lasting around 1 hr. Initially they arrived at the clinic and were assigned a participant number to maintain confidentiality. They completed their consultation form and then underwent the first round of 5 scans in a random order. They were then show to a table where John Veltheim greeted them but did not speak to them about their issues.

He spent between 5 and 15 minutes (at his discretion) with each client performing the advanced Body Talk technique. Throughout the treatment the therapist’s intuitive comments were being  recorded by an assistant (found at the bottom of each client’s page). The participant was  helped up and then rescanned with the same 5 devices, again in a random order. The control group went through the same process except they just lay on the couch for 10 minutes and were told that they were being treated, even though they were not. All clients were asked to return the following week to measure effects that took time to manifest.

The Measures: Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) For more detail see the below example detailed analysis written by an expert interpreter. The PIP machine is a light analysis technology (invented by Harry Oldfield) that is non invasive. It requires that naked skin be exposed to a full spectrum controlled lighting environment and the absorption and reflection intensities are colour coded and then analysed. 4 images were taken in the pre treatment scanning and 4 images taken in the post treatment scanning. Images were then data coded and single blind analysed by one expert throughout the research.

The PIP is most useful when analysing the body itself for congestions that appear on the surface above the specific organ or part of the body being investigated. Typically it is understood that the body will absorb more light (ie reflect less) where it has issues, in comparison to the rest of the participant’s body. We often refer to 

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 3 congestion and leakages when analysing these images. Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) A Digital version of Kirlian photography invented by Konstantine Korotkov which pulses a high voltage (very low current) electrical charge through a charge couple device upon which each finger of the hand is placed. The image form each finger is then extrapolated out to represent a specific location on the body itself. The images produced are an artificially enhanced energy field print. It is a relatively transient image and no two images are ever exactly the same.

The areas to pay attention to are those that change dramatically from the previous section. Also those areas that are excessively close or far away from the body itself. We often refer to distortion, cuts and field indications when analysing images.

Electro Scanning Method (ESM) This is a for of sound analysis (invented by Harry Oldfield) that pulses inaudible sound frequencies through a set of quartz based crystals suspended in saline solution, surrounded by glass and held in the hand. First a relative balance point is located and then comparison to the rest of the body is made. Results can range between ‘+3’ and ‘-3’ from the balanced ‘0’  point. The closer to zero the better for the balance of the body system.

Temperature It has been found to be a significant indicator or energy activity at the chakra points in previous research.

It is the current suggestion that there is an inverse relationship between temperature and activity at the chakra points. In other words as the temperature decreases so the activity increases and vice versa. A simple hand held skin temperature measure to one decimal place was take at the body surface over each of the designated ESM points. Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) This technology is a type of radio frequency analyser, which takes readings at 30 points around the body. These numbers are then input into a software, which outputs a graphical images and gives a large relatively general written report with comments.

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 4 Results Each client has been outlined in the below pages, having been allotted a page each. Due to large numbers of attrition combined with data corruption many follow up scans become inaccessible. A full set of before and after scans was obtained for 49 participants and 10 controls, with a further 7 experimental group participants with partially complete scans. Due to complexity of analysis and data corruption the Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) was dropped from this stage of analysis. Overall the control show little shift in scan results in comparison to the experimental group.

Result generally supported the effectiveness of the BT technique. The controls remained relatively the same, especially with the PIPs. The GDVs seem more transient and show a change even after no therapy has been done. The placebo effect can be imagined to be stronger in the energy field than the physical body field and thus the placebo effect will be witnessed more readily on GDV. Conclusions and further work It seems clear that the Body Work technique has a profound effect on individuals. In addition the analysis part of the technique was able to provide the therapist with some extraordinary insights into the condition of the client without any previous knowledge of their problems (see case studies below).

It seems that an information transfer occurred between the client and the therapist through what can only be described as ‘unconventional’ means, almost  instantaneously.

This therapy technique certainly requires further research in order to try and identify the most effective specific approach. A criticism exists with regards to the control group. Firstly the numbers were much reduced due to attrition. Secondly there could have been additional control groups to allow for demand characteristics. In other words if clients felt they were being treated even though they were not then they would be subject to the placebo effect where their field changes because they change it under the believe they are having therapy.

Future research will consider incorporating more stringent double blind placebo conditions in place.

A suggest is there be 4 groups, one experimental standard, one experimental false, one placebo standard and one placebo false. In that all the conditional can actually pull out the effects the individual is having upon their own healing and that of the practitioner’s focus. It is the hope of the researchers that this research inspires others to partake in further research designed to measure effectiveness not only of techniques but also of technologies that might be used to provide independent and objective validation of change.

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

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The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 6 Analysis of Life Detailed background Within our research we attempt to capture a glimpse at the holistic nature of health and being, as a result we adapt a more inclusive technique and try to establish an understanding of our entirety through various different analysis techniques. A historical understanding of the integrated existence of being comes from the (Ayur)Vedic understanding. Initial manuscripts and teachings were written around 6000 years ago focused upon yoga and the ancient form of meditation carried out by the yogi’s of the time.  These teachings spoke of an elusive subtle anatomy energetic system that operated through ‘chakras’ (energy plexus/portals) and ‘nadis’ (energy channels between the chakras).

They suggest that these systems are  embedded within our existence as is the entire flow of the universe in one harmonious chaotic mass. Specifically they speak of seven main charkas, which are the largest receivers and emitters of subtle energy/information. In further detail there is talk of many minor chakras and many billions of tiny pour like energy centres. In addition there is a separation identified between the right and left hand sides of the body, which is in concurrence with the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) approach.

This intuitive understanding could be referring to the Zero Point Field a limitless underlying sea of energy moving within all matter and space in the universe (McTaggart, 2001). With this in mind Dr William Tiller (Tiller, 1997) has suggest that the chakra system operates as a series of ‘transducers’ converting  energy/information in one form into energy/information in another (Tiller, 1997). Like the Piezoelectric effects of the collagen fibres of the body, which convert electric signals to mechanical and vice versa. In addition the Skin is also piezoelectric, which converts heat energy into electrical energy Within these teachings and practice there is reference to the seemingly intelligent behaviour of the subtle energy system.

That it would try and rebalance itself in areas it was out of balance. We know it to be the case from classical physics that two areas of unequal pressure, temperature, concentration, power, current etc will attempt to equalise across a semi permeable membrane. Thus there is a ‘desire’ to draw in or expel  energy/information from the chakras when there is a deficit or excess, respectively. We are continually trying to move towards equalisation of the energetic pressure within our life systems. It is within this understanding that we become aware of how much damage holding onto psychological and energetic issues can be.

If for example we hold onto the release of energy/information through fear of the social consequences then the difference (pressure/energy/information) builds up behind the blocked area and is not released. This is where our ego/personality starts to feedback onto itself through the endocrine system (Adrenals in this example). Thus when the energy/information is not released there is an inward dispersion of that pressure. Due to the connection to the endocrine glands, the dispersion is focused towards them as well as the surrounding organs and body areas.

Thus according to many traditional writings and energy medicine practices the integrated Human being will try & rebalance itself by absorbing energy/information to compensate for areas that have a deficit or those areas congested by the active ego suppression at the particular energy centre. It is this suppression of information/energy at the energy centres that forms the basis for blocking the channels that may enable a rebalancing of the physical body. The chakras behave like lungs that absorb healthy energy/information & expel congested or unhealthy energy/information.

One non invasive manner with which to explore the emissions and reactions of the Human being is to use light frequencies.

Light frequencies are an advantage as they are already visible and allow for easier imaging without artificial conversion. Many methods have investigated the use of light. Most strikingly is the work of Fritz Albert Popp of the Biophoton Institute in Germany. Popp has now been working for many decades on what he has termed ‘biophotons’. He has been working with the specific characteristics of Ultra low Photon  Emission from biological systems (biophotons) from a physical point of view by performing crucial experiments to demonstrate the non-linearity and the coherence of this radiation. These are detectable

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 7 emissions of photonic light from the surface of the skin. His research uses a completely dark environment and a photonic multiplier. He has found a direct correlation between the sheer volume of these biophotons and the state of health of the organism, falling into the undetectable range shortly after death. (Popp & Chang, 2000; Popp, Gu and Li, 1994) There are worldwide about 40 scientific groups working on biophotons. The biggest association is the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) in Neuss (Germany), founded for an interdisciplinary approach of the understanding and the investigation of living systems.

14 Institutes (Governmental Research Institutes and Universities) are connected in common research Further advanced light analysis methods are emerging in the market of cancer research with the Siascope ( Aston Clinica, that explores the absorbed and reflected light frequencies from skin. It uses highly focused visible and infra-red light, along with a sophisticated model of the physics of the skin, to show practitioners maps of different skin components (SIAgraphs). Currently the application of this technology is to the understanding of the specific properties of a skin concern.

As such the scanning beam is 11mm wide. This has now been further developed to become any size and the team at Astron Clinica are working on very exciting full body analysis. The Centre for Biofield Sciences is continuing to further this research relationship.

In addition a new device that has come onto the market measures your levels of skin carotenoid using a method known as Resonance Raman Spectroscopy. The device is called a biophotonic scanner ( It has been accepted widely in the medical world and uses light to analysis contents of the internal body. It is well established that the Human Body radiates IR radiation and that the cell is radiating more towards the far IR section. A more simple and economically viable device is Polycontrast Interference Photography. PIP energy field imaging works on the understanding that we will absorb photons in different ways depending upon the needs of that body area.

It thus looks at light absorption intensities. It takes the image at and slightly beyond the visible spectrum and colour codes the absorption intensity patterns with false colour. It produces an intensity absorption/reflection graduated map of the physical body.

In essence it recodes the light intensity so that all information containing frequency is removed and areas of intensity measured. Research has correlated the absorption patterns with the specific area (chakra related) and side of the body. Below can be found written analysis of two cases along with some images form a paper comparing PIP with Gas Discharge Visualisation.

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 8 Holistic Energy Medicine – Explanation & Expansion According to the teachings and understandings behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic Medicine the Human body is split energetically into right and left, Yin and yang, masculine and feminine.

We all have the two sides within us and it is mainly society and cultural demands that make us exaggerate certain factors of our existence more than other factors. Our aim is balance, harmony and equilibrium with ourselves. We all want to be the mother and the father, the fighter and the lover, the thinker and the activist. Please note these are not male and female qualities but things that are found in all men and women identically.

Right Left Yang Yin Masculine Feminine Extrovert Introvert Competitive Inclusive Sun Moon It is within this understanding that we start to notice congestion on or around the major chakra areas, which when correlated to the Vedic understanding of personality and the yin and yang of TCM, we start to understand the blocks that are being placed upon the integrated being via the ego. Thus we can relate energetic congestions to that of personal psychological emotional issues. The below interpretation is from a specific approach and each individual must use their own knowledge of the energy system, psychological & physiological structures.

What must be taken heed of is that the chakra system seems to behave like a subtle energy channels through which toxins can be expelled and other non toxic materials can be absorbed to rebalance. Completely blocking a chakra will not guarantee an issue in that area. For disease to develop there must be a combination of all factors contributing towards breakdown, physical, psychological and energetic – Mind – Body – Spirit! It may be the case that the client’s liver is particularly genetically weak and so disease happens there and not in the endocrine  gland area of the chakra that was most blocked. Furthermore the chakras seem to act as ‘breathing holes’  where blockage only prevents us from rebalancing and enables us to become more susceptible to environmental and psychological disorders.

The scenario is not a black and white issue as many within the medical world would have us believe. It is interactive, complex & completely unique to each individual.

Everything we are is a combination of everything that came before, that we hold to! Everything is cumulative adding onto the last experience to create a unique new one. Taking the understanding of frequency communication, waves combine to form additive or subtractive results. With billions of reactions occurring every second the process is unique and complex. Many of the congestions identified at the Chakras sites seem to have a basis within psychological processes. It is an emotional psychological issue /problem that seems to create a block on the chakra region. If we hold onto these issues congestion remains, if we let them go (Yoga, energy exercises) then the congestion is removed.

Although we in an ego defensive mode, may believe we have let go of the issues that congest our being, often we find them buried at the bottom of the pile. They are the foundations upon which we build everything else. This is why people are their only healer, because more issues are arising due to an imbalanced foundation.

The World Peace Centre, MIT University, Pune, India

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 9 Key to PIP Interpretation Client case study 1 – Polycontrast Interference Photography The Throat Chakra area. As can be seen there is a pool of congestion under the chin area on the throat, with an added gradient of light absorption on the right hand side of the neck. This light pattern is suggesting that communication isn’t occurring in harmony through the throat chakra and in particular on the masculine  side (right). Importantly it is not the case that simple communication can relieve the congestion at the throat chakra. It is more the case that this chakra (perhaps as the others also do) acts in a cyclic pattern and must be perceived to be received in order that psychologically the ego may be able to let go of the energy and not hold it due to the perception that the communication hasn’t occurred.  The throat chakra is connected to the THYROID endocrine gland.

The thyroid gland controls metabolism and malfunctions result in energy level imbalances. Such physical or psychological indications could be if the client is continually tired in the afternoons, one might suggest that the thyroid is malfunctioning and because of the blockage in the throat chakra it has one less energy channel with which to rebalance itself. The Heart Chakra. There is partial symmetry here in this chakra. Traditionally it has held responsibility for unconditional love and the polar opposite – anger. There has been slight debate within the literature but from research it seems that fear is held in the solar plexus chakra.

There is a slight left sided slant of the light absorption pattern at the Heart Chakra, which would suggest over activation within the left hand side, or the feminine side of the heart. This is further highlighted by an increased absorption rate on the far right hand side of the chest. This could represent some possible anger toward the masculine. However it is not central and as such not key in this client’s life. Generally her heart chakra is strong and balanced.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 10 The Heart Chakra is connected to the THYMUS endocrine gland. The thymus is responsible for our immune system and is the last stop filter house before the lymphatic fluid (that carried all the bodily waste) is filtered back into the blood stream. If this lymph is heavily toxic by the time it reaches the thyroid gland then this gland is going to have to work very hard to filter such waste. Again we can see that the chakra serves to recharge and rebalance the thymus endocrine gland as well as the surrounding area. When the ego holds the release of energy from the chakra (unconditional love) then anger congests the path and so the immune system is challenged.

The Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra has been said to be analogous to a projector machine. This area is what parts of your self, your true self are projected out into the world. The opposite to being your true self, holding onto the energy urge to be true, simplistically speaking is the polar emotion of FEAR. Fear is the anxiety of being true to one’s self. As can be seen from this client there is a symmetrical congested area over her solar plexus and she admitted to being afraid to show herself. All parts of herself she was hiding through fear of the social reactions to her true being. This as can be seen reflects back onto the Adrenal glands on her back.

The Solar plexus chakra connected directly to the ADRENAL endocrine glands on top of the Kidneys. The adrenal glands control adrenaline and nor adrenaline, anxiety, fight or flight. When a client is fearful their anxiety levels increase. One sided congestion would indicate a fear of expression (from the front) of one side of ourselves verses the other side. There seems to be some varied absorption patterns on the arms around the Profound cubital lymph nodes. This could be symbolic of a wider lymphatic congestion or simply a reflection of the level of toxins being taken in by the client. There is a logical suggestion that the body moves the toxins it takes in and places them in the extremities to keep them from the organs.

This is a logical assumption yet to be established. The client’s LIVER,front and back seems to be demonstrating an unusual light absorption pattern. It is suggestive that the liver area is under some congested pressure. The client was taking very little water and had reported the use of the drug MDMA, which is known to cause liver damage. Interestingly this area is understood in TCM to be the locator of anger.

The SPLEEN area is also showing some congestion. It would be the combined functioning of the Spleen (the bodies army manufacturer) along with the other lymphatic systems that would be suggestive if there were an issue with the immune system. Although diet is average it would seem that the high activity of the Heart chakra was allowing for any issues with the spleen. Finally (for these images) the Navel Chakra. This region governs our psychological umbilical cord. This is the area we associate with attachments. We first came into the world relying upon this cord and now this is where we associate anything and everything to which we attach.

Any attachment dysfunction will reflect itself here. Due to everything that you are being an accumulation of everything that came before issues here tend to be dominated by parental connections. These are the first attachments we form and denote all subsequent attachments to follow.

Thus a congestion on the right hand side would denote an attachment issue to the masculine. Please note it is not the case that this necessarily means the father, but means the masculine. It could be the case that the mother was the masculine figure and the father was the feminine figure. In the current client’s case there is a  current attachment issue balanced over her right and left, with a slight greater congestion being seen on the right hand side. Attachments are an issue for this client and she finds herself unable to attached strongly to anything.

The PANCREAS gland has an exocrine portion that secretes digestive enzymes, carried through a duct to the duodenum.

The endocrine portions comprise the pancreatic islets, which secrete glucagons & insulin.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 11 Alpha cells in the pancreatic islets secrete the hormone glucagons in response to a low concentration of glucose in the blood. Beta cells in the pancreatic islets secrete the hormone insulin in response to a high concentration of glucose in the blood. This gland is connected with the navel chakra. Again under some contention but the evidence fits. The pancreas is responsible for the blood sugar levels and is what malfunctions when individuals become diabetic. When the blood sugar levels drop individuals find themselves feeling extremely tired suddenly and are compelled to rest/sleep.

There would be an interesting correlation study between manifestation of diabetes and attachment loss. In India there are 15 million cases of diabetes. This could be understood by the culture loss and separation that is being experienced by the Western/Eastern cultural split.

However it is not so simple. All individuals are born with a unique genetic code that determines the base strength of their organs and physical body. Any influence of the energetic or psychological bodies upon the functionality of the physical body must first take into account the differences in resistance to organ disease. It is for this reason that we as the scientific community have been failing to draw out the patterns in the chaos. We are not looking at the entire picture, any of the time! In order to understand something we must first look at everything that effects it.

Client case study 2 – Polycontrast Interference Photography There are small areas of congestion within the throat and Thyroid region, but surrounded by lesser absorptions patterns around the lower neck.

Combined there is low concern for this area currently in this client.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 12 Around the Heart Chakra region and Thymus area there is a symmetrical pattern of absorption, with an area of increased reflection within the centre of the heart chakra. This suggests that the central core is open, however surrounded by some congestion that may eventually affect the lymphatic system. Notice too how the Spleen area is identified as being congested. The absorption pattern is greater on the left hand side of the body. This left sided slant is further supported by the Solar Plexus chakra, Adrenal Gland region. As can be seen the actual SP is relatively controlled and tight, however the left side is congested (absorbing light amplitude to a greater degree) on the left side.

With application of the understanding that governs this area (see above) there is a suggestion of suppression of the left/yin/feminine side with relation to the SP. Traditionally we understand this to be our lighthouse of who we are, our projector machine. How much of our true internal selves are emitted and how much is held onto due to fear. It is then this fear that is associated with the adrenaline and nor-adrenaline activity of the Adrenal glands. This congestion can be seen on the back image, again with slight increased absorption on the left hand side. It is via congestion of the SP region, or psychologically doing something that you are not happy with that will lead to problems in this gland, i.e.

Stress! Works in offices are most stressed when they are working in an area they don’t want to be in, i.e. when they are not being true to themselves. An over reliance upon the right side or masculine side (at the Solar Plexus region) can be used to explain the lower right back pain that this client is experiencing.

The Liver is indicated slightly, but as one can see the contrast of the absorption pattern is very slight. This would be something that would be indicated for continued observation of the next few years. This client also has recognised Genito-Urinary issues which are highlighted quite clearly within the Ovary and Uterus areas. These regions are controlled by the Navel Chakra and more importantly the Base Chakra Region. The Base chakra has yet to be discussed mainly due to its complicated connection to instinctive desires. The BC is traditionally responsible for our sexual activities as well as a sense of belonging and being content where we find ourselves in the world.

Those with a poor functioning Base region might find themselves always ‘head in the clouds’ or unable to stay in one place, one relationship etc. The Base region also controls our instinctive desires to reproduce, which are most paramount with our genetic predispositions. The Base behaves in close connection with our attachment region, the Navel, and usually any issue in one energy centre will be reflected in the other.

As already seen much information can be gained by analysing the symmetry of the absorption patterns. In doing this we enable a comparison between each side of the body. Application of this type of method can be seen in other analysis such as DUNK (Chris Dunk). This has yet to be released to the general public and is a personality analysis based around facial structure. The side shots below enable us to gain a better understanding of the balance of the absorption patterns. There is still some slight absorption variation above the Liver and on the Spleen, although patterns are not extreme in variance.

Again these are areas for further observation.

This second case study also highlights the effect of shadowing. How we cast shadow (within a clinical light environment) is directly determined by what degree we absorb and reflect the ambient light. Again one who is absorbing more photons (light energy) on one side would appear to be casting a darker shadow on that same side. Thus the software analysis classifies the light intensity in different false colour to represent this. The clinician should ensure that identical posture is adapted on each side (right and left) so that the shadow difference results through absorption differences and not changes in reflective angles.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 13 In particular this shadowing can be seen around the Heart Chakra region that is absorbing more photons on the left hand side of the body. This concurs with the frontal analysis. Both right and left hold some congestion but the left more so. There are also some varied patterns within the left arm. The arms (and legs) tend to be places where toxins, etheric and physical get pushed by the body in a protective attempt to distance them from the organs. Finally greater shadow casting can be seen on the lower left hand back area. This could be connected to receiving feminine attachments.

This is yet to be established and the client is unaware of any left side lower back pain.

Right Side (masculine) Left side (Feminine)

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 14 Concurrent Validation of PIP and GDV Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) is an advanced form of Kirlian Photography. It has been observed by Tesla late in 19th century, but named after Semion Kirlian who investigated it since 1930s. Kirlian photography passed a high frequency high voltage (low current) pulse through an object placed upon a photographic plate. As this pulse is administered there is a subsequent ionic discharge around the object. This discharge can be captured on a photographic plate, as below.

Since the sensitivity of a photographic emulsion varies greatly with environmental factors such as humidity, recordings were not reproducible. As a result, some scientists dismissed the Kirlian effect as useless.

The GDV, developed by Dr Korotkov, eliminated the necessity of a photographic plate and uses instead glass electrodes. Electric impulse stimulates biological subject and generates response of the subject in the form of electron and photon emission. Due to a short electrical impulse used (10 mcs) the subject responses in a wide band of frequencies. Simultaneously, at the expense of superficial and volume heterogeneity of the object, space-time modulation of the applied electromagnetic field (EMF) takes place. Weak emission and photon radiation of the object increases owing to a gas discharge, generated in EMF.

The glow of this discharge is transformed by optical and CCD system into a computer file. For more information see The Centre for Biofield Sciences carried out a correlation analysis of the PIP and the GDV. Additionally Electro Scanning Method (ESM) and Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) were also measured but are reported in the main paper. Below we can see some of the comparison scans between the PIP and GDV.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 15 In this first case study we can see the correlation between the PIP & GDV system. The main issues around the hips, right breast and left side throat area. It is in particular on the right hand side of the GDV that the main areas of issue are shown by the sudden change in the dimension on the GDV. In the second case study we can again see a strong correlation. Both scans show a very well balanced individual. There is main congestion on the throat chakra region reflected on both the PIP and GDV. In addition the left hand side of the PIP as well as the left hand side of the GDV scan also shows correlation

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 16 We can see here a woman with a highly disturbed energy field. Both the PIP and the GDV concur. In particular we can see that on the client’s right hand side  there is more congestion, along the arm, liver and ascending colon. This is also reflected in the GDV with a greater amount of energy disturbance on the right hand GDV image. As we can see there is a limit of the amount of information from the GDV in comparison to the PIP. There are also available right and left hand side GDVs. These can be found on the full paper (Abadi, Streeter & Ulanowsky, 2004) Again in this final example of the PIP and GDV case studies, we can see the comparison.

In particular the congestion can be seen from the solar plexus to the base chakra. Again the greatest disassociation on the GDV can be seen on the right hand side around the area that the dark green congestion is seen on the PIP. In addition there is some congestion at the top of the shoulders round the throat on both the PIP & GDV.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 17 Client BT01 – PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) PIP Analysis: Congestion Before : Congestion Crown area middle, right side throat and lumbar right and left. Also in descending colon. After: Congestion crown, Throat cleared, lumbar back congestion spread and opened. Descending colon congestion breaking up. NEW congestion in base and legs front right. GDV Analysis: Distortion Before: Large distortion around the Crown left and right, Particular right throat break Right chest expansion.

Lumbar flare and calves esp. left leg. After: Crown normalised significantly. Right throat cleared but still distorted. Lumbar back stabilised. Calves stabilised. Entire back left and right become more coherent NEW: Base front left and right (back also) showing distortion.

Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B E S M Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp ESM Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp Before 1 36.1 3 36.9 0 36.4 2 36.4 0 36.3 0 35.3 2 34.2 2 34.0 After 0 36 0 36.3 2 35.7 2 35.2 1 25.1 1 34.9 1 35.1 1 35.0 ESM Marked improvement in balance of brow and crown, boosted energy in solar, calming at base. Client Comments John’s  Instinctive report Brain cerebellum, basal ganglia left cortex general circulation plugged in the right side and upper body coordination worked on. Lymphatic system.

Left vertical of the Heart worked on. Balanced the heart and liver.

Energy changes immediately

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 18 Client BT 2 – PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) PIP Analysis: Congestion Before: Heavy congestion around the eyes, frontal cortex and occipital lobes. Slight right side throat. Right upper arm. Right mid back. Over active solar & strained adrenals. Base back (mostly right) & front congestion. After: Slight decease Occipital congestion. Throat area cleared. Right upper arm cleared. Right mid back congestion same. More balanced Solar. Base congestion cleared from front to back, more congestion in legs.

GDV Analysis: Distortion Before: Crown area flares, particular on back left occipital lobes. Slight right side throat. Left side spleen distortion. Front base and hips distortion. Base back (right) and front. Calve strain and breaks. After: Flares in the crow reduced. Distortion in neck moved form right to left. The entire back has opened up. Ascending colon looks still issued and descending colon better. Energy line break below knees vanished and appears to be flowing form the hips. Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp E S M Temp E S M Tem p Before 0 36.4 0 36.1 0 36.2 - 1 36.0 0 36.0 1 35.1 2 35.0 - 1 35.

9 After 0 36.1 0.75 35.1 -1 35.9 0 36 0 35.9 0 34.9 0 34.5 0 35 ESM Impressive return to balance, drift at throat centre. Client Comments Pain in both knees, back lumber area. Claudicating in right calf muscles. John’s  Instinctive report Liver gall bladder small intestine pancreas prostate gland circulation set in. Brain general cortex and thymus worked on.

Spinal cord balanced lungs strengthen.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 19 Client BT 03 – PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) PIP Analysis: Congestion Before: Slight brow congestion. Upper neck, Throat particularly right side. Right shoulder. Heavy lung congestion. Base leaks right font, left back and front. After: Brow left side, neck cleared slightly, throat left side congestion. Both shoulders. Right base increased, other base areas more balanced.

NEW: Liver congestion GDV Analysis: Distortion Before: Right side throat issue, generally distorted base chakra region continuing down legs After: Vast improvement in overall coherency and balance. Left and right emissions from navel & base charkas more balanced. Emissions emphasised from the back on both sides.

NEW: Extended left side emissions form head Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ES M Tp Before -4 34.6 -2 36 -1 35. 9 -1 36 .4 -1 36. 3 -1 36. 4 -2 35. 2 -3 34. 6 After -2.5 34.9 0 35.9 0 36 0 34 .9 0 35 -1 34. 8 0 34. 9 1 34. 9 ESM Stunning improvement –after one treatment –brow to balance and crown increased from blocked Client’s  Comments Swelling on spine and rib. Numbness in hands. Cough. Hearing Problem. John’s  Instinctive report Heart lung, Lymphatic drainage, small intestine worked on. Arthritis in shoulders cerebellum worked on.

Was pretty serous in heart and lung shoulders and spine will move freely improve his quality of life.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 20 Client BT 04– PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) PIP Analysis: Congestion Before: Head congestion especially in sinus area. Throat blocked – thyroid issue possible. Heavy lungs and lymphatic thymus area. Rt side breast issue above liver. Solar plexus C, congested on left and skewed right. (Fear of feminine self expression). Back congested, feeling of no support or acceptance, leading to base charka congestion behind – stability and receiving support.

After: Third eye open & congestion moving down throat. Lungs clearer & solar p more open, which relieves back issues. Base C more active on all sides, clearing GDV Analysis: Distortion Before: Issues around head and neck both sides. Right side chest issue. Solar plexus issue right side side. Issues in right side navel C. Seems to be excessive output from right side in comparison to left side. After: Head area more balanced and energised, no so much leakage from crown. Left & Rt throat area more balanced. General contraction of the right side field and extension of left side to balance. Polarity of field reversed.

Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp Before -2 34.9 -1 36.1 -1 36. 5 0 35 .6 0 35. 8 1 34 -1 35. 8 -2 35. 3 After -2 34.9 0 36.4 0 36. 6 - 0.5 36 .3 - 0.5 36. 5 1 35 0 35. 8 -1 34. 9 ESM Brow, throat and base balanced – others stable Client Comments Epilepsy since 20 yrs. Frequency is now less. John’s  Instinctive report Brain hypothalamus pineal pituitary rebalanced total circulation in endocrine system done adrenal kidneys spinal cord balanced

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 21 Client BT 05– PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) PIP Analysis: Congestion Before: Face & head congestion – back of neck & left throat.

Congestion left side heart, right shoulder. Solar P too open congested kidneys. Liver identified. Congested legs keeping organs safe. After: Face cleared. Lt throat block become more in conscious awareness. Back neck moved into upper back to be cleared by heart C. Heart balancing, Rt side absorption to compensate for left imbalance. SP closed down. Still congested legs GDV Analysis: Distortion Before: Top of head third eye large separation, symmetrical but problematic, excess output form temples to throat. Left side throat. Left side heart C. Right side liver. Right side lower intestine. Base chakra right side, lower legs After: Top of head rebalance, rebalance left side but still area of concern, overactive.

Back of heart C rebalanced both sides. Front right more stable, back left less NEW: Emissions from back right head Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Tem p ESM Tem p ESM Tem p ESM Tem p ESM Tem p Before -1 0 0.5 0 0 1 1 -1 After -1 0 0.5 - 0.5 0 1 1 -1 ESM No change in readings –may be slow to respond –but pretty balanced anyway. Client Comment Throat Trouble. Angioplasty on 6th Feb 2006.

John’s  Instinctive report Adrenal, Heart Kidney brain mid brain and brain cells circulation set in.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 22 Client BT 06 – PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) MISSING DATA PIP Analysis: Congestion Before: throat heart area right side front, upper back left side focus. Solar excessive, navel congested. Holding onto issues. Base chakra back and front right and left. After: Heart centre opening, lymphatic system activated.

Congestion upper back starting to move. Base and leg congestion activated condensed from auric field to body field, started healing process. GDV Analysis: Distortion Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp Before -1 35.4 0 35.8 0.5 36.

7 0 36 .9 0 36. 4 1 35. 9 1 35. 3 -1 36. 5 After -1 34.9 0 35.7 0.5 35. 9 - 0.5 36 .6 0 36. 6 1 36. 4 1 35. 1 -1 34. 9 Within the healthy range at start – marked lower temps at chakras. ESM: Client’s  Comments Pain in Lt knee. Emiyotic sac removed. John’s  report Adrenal, Heart, Spleen and sacral, Spine pituitary and thyroid worked on.

The Centre fro Biofield Sciences. 23 Client BT07 – PIP, GDV, Temperature & ESM – John Veltheim Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) PIP Analysis: Congestion Before: Throat blocked, right side receiving left side giving.

Back of heart C, receiving love, feels hurt. Open solar, giving person, stressing adrenal glands. Congestion back Rt navel. Congest front base both, excessive right, back base left side. After: Throat opened, heart dealing with issue. Solar more controlled reflecting better adrenal functioning. All problems moving down through base C area GDV Analysis: Distortion Before: Throat and head congestion, specific right side. Specific problem right solar C region, front side. Excessive compensation on back right. Base C uncertainty back of both but particularly on left side. After: Energy field in total reorganisation – balancing occurring in fields on both sides.

Heart C reorganisation and absorption. Base looking more stable Crown Brow Throat Heart Solar Navel Base F Base B ESM Temp ESM Temp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp ESM Tp Before 0 34.9 2 36.4 2 36.

4 0 34 .3 0 35. 3 0 35. 9 2 34. 9 2 30. 1 After 0 35 -2 36.2 -2.5 36. 3 0.5 34 -2 35. 1 - 0.5 34. 1 0 34. 5 -2 36. 1 ESM: Substantial shifts during sessionimproved at follow up –brow from -2 to 1 and throat from -2.5 to 0.5. Client Comment Fracture in the Left knee. John’s  Instinctive report Liver, gall bladder had small gravels ligaments joints worked on lungs strengthen pituitary gland in brain worked on.

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