Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata

Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata
InsideBIGDATA Guide to
     Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud
     Capitalizing on Performance, Analytics,
     and Data to Deliver Insights
     Written by Daniel D. Gutierrez, Managing Editor, insideBIGDATA


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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata
Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

Accelerating Demand for Cloud Services
Demand for enterprise cloud services is growing exponentially. A recent Teradata survey indicates
that by 2020, 90% of their customers expect to have a hybrid cloud environment — and more than
85% expect to buy analytics as a service. These market needs must be addressed with simple, packaged
solutions that combine leading data and analytic software as a service with unprecedented deployment
choice and flexibility. Ultimately, these solutions need to free enterprises to focus on how analytic
insight can move the needle for their company.
According to Gartner, more and more enterprises                                 For enterprises considering a cloud solution, the
are demanding that service offerings support                                    topics of security and compliance are essential for
hybrid scenarios that incorporate traditional                                   success. A viable solution should include rigorous
on-premises technologies as well as new cloud                                   third party audits of as-a-service offerings to
technologies, and ultimately establish a hybrid                                 demonstrate compliance with security regulations
IT environment 1 Enterprise solutions need to                                   and industry best practices such as ISO 27001,
be designed to support this type of modern                                      SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA.
hybrid approach with comprehensive
                                                                                The requisite solutions offer more choice, greater
subscription services aligned to customer
                                                                                dexterity, and the ability for enterprises to increase
priorities. The solutions also need to support
                                                                                their focus on extracting and applying analytic
the same enterprise use cases and workloads
                                                                                insights rather than on managing infrastructure.
that are available with on-premises systems,
                                                                                The objective is to increase business agility and
though with the advantages of subscription
                                                                                boost focus on data-driven analytic insights that
pricing in an as-a-service model. Common use
                                                                                have meaningful business outcomes.
cases for companies running their analytic
ecosystem in this fashion are:                                                  The goal of this whitepaper is to make the case for
   • Production                                                                 this enterprise-class cloud solution by examining
   • Test and development                                                       a high-profile use case example describing
                                                                                how Ticketmaster successfully migrated to the
   • Quality assurance
                                                                                cloud through use of the Teradata IntelliCloud™
Hybrid cloud use cases for enterprises employing                                technology suite.
both cloud and on-premises systems include:
  • Cloud bursting                                                              1
                                                                                    “ Build and Market Cloud-Based Offerings Primer for
  • Cloud data labs                                                                  2017” published Jan 24, 2017 by analysts Ed Anderson,
                                                                                     Gregor Petri
  • Cloud disaster recovery

  Accelerating Demand for Cloud Services...............2                         Access to the Instance.......................................7
  Ticketmaster Background and                                                    Backups.............................................................7
  Cloud Migration Motivations.................................3               What Is Teradata IntelliCloud?..............................8
  Ticketmaster Cloud Migration Experiences...........4                        IntelliCloud Security..............................................8
  The Ticketmaster Journey with Teradata                                      Hybrid Cloud Analytics .......................................10
  into the Cloud........................................................5        Transparency...................................................10
  Cloud Migration.....................................................5           Location Enforcement.....................................10
  What Ticketmaster Learned..................................7                     Orchestrated Entitlement................................10
     Networking........................................................7            Bi-Directional Migration..................................10
     Project Management.........................................7                    Single Management Console...........................10
     Data Movement................................................7           Summary.............................................................10
     NPARC................................................................7   Resources............................................................10

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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata
Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

Ticketmaster Background and Cloud Migration Motivations
Founded in an Arizona State University college              placed on it,” said Shawn Moon, Director
dorm room more than 40 years ago, Ticketmaster              of Database Solutions, when describing the
has grown into a global ticket retailer serving             Ticketmaster journey with Teradata in the cloud.
19 countries. Ticketmaster sells hundreds of
                                                            The chart below depicts the Ticketmaster data
millions of tickets to every type of show and venue
                                                            environment that existed during the cloud
yearly. The company’s online properties get over
                                                            evaluation period. It’s apparent that the company
a billion unique visitors per year. The Ticketmaster
                                                            had data everywhere, from many different
e-commerce site is one of the top three in the
                                                            sources, on different platforms and with different
world, while using analytics and data to always
                                                            schemas. There were silos of data with nothing
improve the fan experience and fill venues for
                                                            truly shared, and trying to create a cohesive
its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment.
                                                            report with data sources from different systems
“We needed a platform that was fast, predictable,           was very difficult. Teradata was chosen to build
scalable, something we could grow with and                  a large, robust data warehouse to service all the
something that would grow with us as we                     company’s needs.
continue to have additional data and demands

                       The Ticketmaster data chart was evidence that a solution was needed

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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata
Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

Ticketmaster Cloud Migration Experiences
To meet the corporate objective of eliminating
on-premises data centers by 2017, Ticketmaster        With a cloud solution, Ticketmaster
has put everything in the cloud including             can accommodate changes in demand
production, development, and disaster recovery        by spinning up resources and then
with Teradata IntelliCloud while realizing cost       shutting them down as needed.
reduction. The migration was completed on
schedule and within budget. The process took
just 10 weeks to complete the migration.             Users include finance, accounting, and marketing
                                                     as well as Ticketmaster clients such as venues and
 “Many of our users haven’t the foggiest             promoters all have access to the analytics and
 idea that we’re no longer running on                data in the cloud. Users notice faster reporting
 the same on-premises system,” said                  and more data streams like social media that yield
                                                     increased insights for decision making. Marketing
 Moon. “We minimized our downtime,                   can develop fan profiles for future event
 we moved it over quickly, and we had                promotions with personalization.
 a great partnership [with Teradata] to
                                                     “Our marketing team is able to get robust data
 pull that off. We didn’t have to touch              about our fans and bring that all together so they
 any of our applications, ETL processes,             can create profiles that allow them to let the fans
 or BI solutions.”                                   know things that they don’t already know — like
                                                     new acts that are coming to town, or when their
“Much of our company didn’t even know it             favorite bands are coming. This is where the big
happened,” said Moon. “Many of our users             chunk of analytics is focused,” said Moon.
haven’t the foggiest idea that we’re no longer
                                                     With the new cloud platform, Ticketmaster and
running on the same on-premises system. We
                                                     Live Nation can quickly pivot when sales are
minimized our downtime, we moved it over
                                                     sagging, for example by sending segmented and
quickly, and we had a great partnership [with
                                                     personalized offers to create demand.
Teradata] to pull that off. We didn’t have to
touch any of our applications, ETL processes,        Let’s look at how Ticketmaster found success after
or BI solutions. All we did was change DNS           overcoming several challenges to complete the
entries and those applications were none the         cloud migration, including an aggressive project
wiser. It was a really smooth transition.”           timeline and low tolerance for system downtime.
Flexibility has been a game changer. The
Ticketmaster sales cycle is very spikey since
demand for resources is high during the first
hours of ticket availability for a popular event,
after which demand is reduced significantly. With
a cloud solution, the company can accommodate
changes in demand by spinning up resources
and then shutting them down as needed.

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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata
Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

The Ticketmaster Journey with Teradata into the Cloud
In 2011 Ticketmaster invested in a 9-node Teradata        aware of events, and make sure customer service
on-premises production system and a 4-node                had relevant data available. The new systems also
system for development and quality assurance.             were used for bot detection since bots can scoop
From those systems they took web behavior data,           up tickets to post on the resale market for much
transactions, demographics, etc., and combined            higher prices.
them, which was something the company had not
                                                          Later, in 2015, the company was operating
been able to tie together before. Subsequently,
                                                          with basically the same architecture except for
they could build out customer profiles, perform
                                                          an additional 2-node disaster recovery system,
robust reporting to drive the business, carry out
                                                          along with an upgraded system for dev/QA.
customer segmentation to make sure fans were

                                       Adding Teradata to the Landscape

Cloud Migration
Continued success and rapid growth led to the
company hitting a wall with their Teradata                 Continued success and rapid growth led
system capacity. As a result, the staff considered         to the company hitting a wall with their
all options for mitigating the situation. After            Teradata system capacity. Ticketmaster
much deliberation, Ticketmaster decided to go              decided to go with Teradata IntelliCloud.
with Teradata IntelliCloud. Key factors for the
decision were:
   • Low risk due to the same basic architecture          Executing the cloud migration meant increased
      as their on-premises Teradata systems               capacity, automatic access to the latest software
   • Cost containment since there would be                version and features (a default benefit of cloud
      no more costly capital expenditure projects         computing), getting the system off-premises in
      in the future                                       consideration of the company mandate to close
                                                          data centers, containing cost and making it more
   • Managed system that provides Ticketmaster
                                                          predictable — and the requirement to do it fast!
      DBAs and architects more time to focus on
                                                          The deal was signed on December 18, 2015 with
                                                          the need to get to production by March 31, 2016.
   • Teradata was a trusted partner
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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud - InsideBIGDATA Guide to - Teradata
Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

The diagram below maps the old on-premises system to the new IntelliCloud system.

                 Mapping to the new Ticketmaster Teradata IntelliCloud solution

The actual migration took 3-4 weeks of intense                • Weekly propensity scoring (a particularly
planning followed by the build-out of the new                   long job that previously was run weekly
platform. Several options were discussed to                     because it took so long) – cut from
minimize impact since users on the production                   7.5 hours to 2.5 hours (now run daily for
system could not take an extended downtime.                     the analytics group)
After Ticketmaster executed on the move,                      • Reporting SLA – meeting 100% of SLAs for
the following results were realized:                            key daily reports vs. 90% for on-premises
  • ETL runtime – improved for 90% of jobs                    • No longer I/O bound!
  • ETL runtime – reduced by more than half
     for 62% of jobs

                             The Ticketmaster to Teradata IntelliCloud Migration

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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

What Ticketmaster Learned
During the cloud migration process, the
Ticketmaster staff learned several important             One of the benefits of IntelliCloud is
lessons from which other organizations                   that Teradata takes care of backups.
can benefit:                                             You need to be aware that a managed
                                                         service for backup may be somewhat
} Networking                                             different than what you’re accustomed
    Don’t minimize the amount of effort required
                                                         to, e.g., no incremental backups.
    to deal with networking considerations with
    a cloud system, including VPN connections.

} Project Management                                    } NPARC
                                                            This is a streaming backup and recovery
    There was a real need to coordinate a fair              solution which is traditionally done by
    number of disparate teams within Teradata               plugging in cables between cabinets in same
    and Ticketmaster— and the Teradata Project              data center. As such, it’s easy to take a multi-
    Management (TDPM) team addressed this                   terabyte or even petabyte system and blast
    requirement. It’s important to have a close             it over to the new platform — but moving
    working relationship between the company                data to the cloud is different and takes longer.
    project manager and Teradata project
    manager. There is a lot of coordination             } Access to the Instance
    on the Teradata side that is difficult to
                                                            Once you’re running in the cloud, you’ll need
    achieve without engaging Teradata project
                                                            to adjust the way you do things compared
    management resources.
                                                            to what you’ve always done. For example,
                                                            there’s no access to the operating system of
} Data Movement                                             the Teradata cloud instance, so OS activities
    The company needed to consider how best                 must be performed by the Teradata Cloud
    to move 35TB of data thousands of miles                 Operations Team.
    across the country with minimal downtime.
    There were a few things that Ticketmaster           } Backups
    did to ensure successful data movement:
                                                            One of the benefits of IntelliCloud is that
    • Do some housecleaning and identify critical          Teradata takes care of backups. You need to
       data and make it as small as possible; old           be aware that a managed service for backup
       dev copies must go!                                  may be somewhat different than what you’re
    • You don’t have to ship the whole database            accustomed to, e.g., no incremental backups.
       at once. Identify what can go early or late.
       For example, early on you can transfer
       any large insert-only tables containing
       historical data.
    • Utilize all the tools at your disposal, e.g.,
       Teradata Data Mover, BAR, ETL processes
       (such as Informatica and Talend), shipped
       drives, etc.

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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

What Is Teradata IntelliCloud?
Teradata IntelliCloud is a fully-managed as-a-service    IntelliCloud subscriptions consist of software,
offering in which Teradata sets up and manages           services, infrastructure, and support. Extending
performance, security, availability, and operations      the residential analogy, customers can enjoy an
so that customers can focus on data-driven               IntelliCloud home in whichever neighborhood
business outcomes.                                       where they want to live — whether that’s in
                                                         Teradata data centers, in Amazon Web Services, or
 IntelliCloud offerings enable customers                 in Microsoft Azure. This flexibility and portability
                                                         enables customers to adopt IntelliCloud for
 to focus on business value, service
                                                         whatever data and IT infrastructure strategy works
 utilization, and analytic insight and not               for them, both today and in the future.
 worry about setting up or running the
                                                         IntelliCloud service features are comprehensive.
 underlying software or infrastructure.
                                                         Performance is enabled by multiple instance
                                                         types and multiple regions for low-latency access.
The business benefits of having each of these four       Security is provided via 24x7x365 monitoring,
areas included in the IntelliCloud subscription          encryption of data in motion and at rest, and
include getting the most value from analytic             audited compliance for ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2,
investment; having peace of mind about security;         PCI, and HIPAA standards. Availability is
enjoying higher uptime and greater business              guaranteed with a Service Level Agreement for
continuity; and focusing in-house resources on           up to 99.9% uptime as well as daily backups for
business outcomes rather than infrastructure             rollback and business continuity. Environmental
management.                                              Operations are taken care of including software
                                                         patches, version upgrades, and a self-service
IntelliCloud service can be thought of as a pre-built
                                                         web-based management console for easy
home that has been designed and constructed
                                                         account administration.
with customer requirements in mind. It’s ready
for move-in, and maintenance and security are
included in the subscription. Customers simply
bring their data—their furniture, as it were—
and Teradata stays outside the house so that
customers have complete privacy.

IntelliCloud Security
Cloud computing has revolutionized the way              network security, data protection, monitoring, and
organizations manage their business and data,           access controls. Teradata designed its IntelliCloud
but it has also brought a unique set of security        services from the ground up to meet the most
concerns. While some businesses are quick to            advanced data security requirements, giving current
embrace the agility and convenience of the cloud,       and prospective customers the peace of mind that
others remain hesitant because of fear about data       their data is private and secure with Teradata.
breaches and cybercrime.                                The company has invested in rigorous third party
                                                        audits of its managed cloud offerings in order to
Security is the number one priority for Teradata
                                                        demonstrate compliance with security regulations
IntelliCloud services; support is delivered for every
                                                        and industry best practices such as ISO 27001,
facet of cloud security including physical security,
                                                        SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA.

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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

Teradata Market Leadership
Teradata is positioned as a leader in the Gartner                 change. This new software licensing model
2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Management                           is the first in the hybrid cloud market to feature
Solutions for Analytics 2 issued February 20, 2017.               portability—a shift away from cloud lock-in
Gartner’s report opens by characterizing the                      or siloed on-premises deployments.
market entering 2017: “Disruption is accelerating
                                                                  Combined with Teradata Aster Analytics and
in this market, with more demand for broad
                                                                  Hadoop support, as well as a wide range of
solutions that address multiple data types and
                                                                  business and industry-specific consulting
offer distributed processing and repository. Cloud
                                                                  services, Teradata is well-positioned to help
solutions are also gaining traction.” The report
                                                                  enterprises become market leaders. To ensure
also addresses rising expectations, commenting
                                                                  economic efficiencies, Teradata’s consulting
on the Leaders quadrant: “This Magic Quadrant
                                                                  team can provide potential and estimated return
has a lot of white space in the upper-right corner,
                                                                  on investment and strategic business impact
indicating that the market continues to demand
                                                                  projections for any analytic solution prior to
more innovation and better execution to address
                                                                  the engagement.
the needs of combined cloud and on-premises
deployment, as well as cloud and big data
As Teradata introduces more
licensing flexibility, the value
proposition of Teradata
Everywhere™ is the market’s
most attractive in that it
provides customer choice,
flexibility, and performance
at scale. The company offers
innovative database license
flexibility across hybrid cloud
deployments, enabled through
a consistent and simplified
licensing model that delivers:
(i) portability for deployment
flexibility; (ii) subscription-
based licenses; and (iii)
simplified software tiers with
bundled features. With portable
database licenses, enterprises
can now have the flexibility
to choose, shift, expand, and
restructure their hybrid cloud
environment by moving
licenses between deployment
options as their business needs

     artner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems, Analysts Roxane Edjlali, Adam
    M. Ronthal, Rick Greenwald, Mark A. Beyer, Donald Feinberg, February 20, 2017
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Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Analytics
It’s clear with the growth of hybrid cloud               } Orchestrated Entitlement
infrastructure that this is the future of data
                                                             An organization needs to be able to easily
analytics. But many data analytics vendors are
                                                             manage entitlements and licensing for their
ambiguous at best on the role that hybrid cloud
                                                             user base across the hybrid cloud solution.
plays in their offering. The fact is that the cloud
is simply a delivery mechanism for an analytics          } Bi-Directional Migration
solution, and it doesn’t speak to the quality of
                                                             The solution must allow for bi-directional
the solution itself. What is categorically true is
                                                             migration to/from one infrastructure
that enterprises today are combining on-premises,
                                                             environment to another in the hybrid
private, public, and managed clouds in their
                                                             cloud deployment.
infrastructure. To properly serve these adopters,
analytics solutions need to emphasize five
key ideas:
                                                         } Single Management Console
                                                             A hybrid cloud analytical solution should be
} Transparency                                              managed as one seamless environment across
                                                             infrastructure boundaries — and so it should
    A hybrid cloud analytics solution is completely
                                                             be managed via a single console.
    transparent to the end users of where the
    data resides and where the analysis happens.         The fundamental thing to remember across all
                                                         these ideas is that the solution must allow the
} Location Enforcement                                  adopter to choose where or which cloud they
    A properly governed solution enables                 use to pair with their on-premises solution;
    organizations to define rules around where           that’s how the hybrid cloud environment can
    data and/or the analysis on that data can            help the company realize true business value.
    be stored or run.

One of the most widely discussed topics in IT today is moving workloads to cloud. The process of deciding
whether or when to migrate to the cloud can be daunting. Further, finding the right technology fit for
your enterprise objectives can be challenging with a cloud solution ecosystem filled with alternatives.
To make the cloud adoption process more straightforward, this white paper provided a number of areas
for consideration when evaluating a cloud platform. We also focused on the experiences of a high-profile
enterprise—Ticketmaster— during the company’s migration to the cloud. Finally, we offered a top-tier
cloud solution —Teradata IntelliCloud — as an excellent choice for transitioning from an on-premises
system to one in the cloud.

For additional information about Ticketmaster’s migration to the cloud, see:

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