TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group

TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group
TradingTech Insight Awards -
Europe 2019 Winners’ Report

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TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group
About TradingTech Insight
                                            Awards - Europe 2019

Congratulations to the winners of A-Team Group’s TradingTech        I’d personally like to thank our advisory board
Insight Awards - Europe 2019. The awards were celebrated during a   for their time and valuable input.
lively ceremony at the close of the A-Team TradingTech Summit in
London on February 27, 2019.                                        Richard Croucher
                                                                    Distinguished Engineer/VP - Global Head of
The awards recognise excellence in trading solutions and services   Engineering, Specialised Infrastructure at
for capital markets and focus on vendors providing exceptional      Barclays
trading infrastructure, trading technology, and data solutions.     Jonathan Finney
There are also awards for consultancies dedicated to market data    Director of European Business Development,
and trading technology, and a special industry award for fintech    Citadel Securities
innovation sponsored by network, cloud and hosting provider         Sarah Hay
BSO.                                                                Executive Director, Equities Execution
                                                                    Client Strategy and Head APAC and EMEA
This year award categories ranged from Best Low-Latency Data        Commission Management , UBS
Feed to Best Machine-Readable News Supplier, Best Alternative       Neil Horlock
Data Provider, Best Market Data Provider, Best Trading Analytics    Former Director and Global Architect within
Platform, Best Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Tool for Best        Global Markets, Credit Suisse
Execution, Best Market Access Gateway, Best Proximity Hosting       Robert Johnson
Data Centre, Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, and   CTO, Coremont
more!                                                               Matthew Luff
                                                                    Director, Qua Vodis Limited
The BSO Fintech Innovation Award recognises excellence and          Alan Midwinter
innovation presented by start-ups and young companies in the        Global Head of Equity OMS, Head of EMEA
trading technology sector, which is in line with BSO’s mission to   Equity Trading Tech, JP Morgan Asset
develop and deliver outstanding connectivity and data centre        Management
services for the trading community.                                 Matthew McLoughlin
                                                                    Head of Trading, Liontrust Asset Management
Nominations for the awards highlighted key players in particular    Rachel Przybylski
categories, while final votes were cast by members of our           Head of Regulatory Affairs, Saxo Capital
TradingTech community. Thank you to every organisation that         Markets
entered the awards and to all our readers who voted for their       Ian Salmon
preferred trading technology solutions and services providers.      Director, IgniteG2M Ltd
                                                                    Irina Sonich-Bright
Andrew Delaney                                                      Director, Global Execution Services, Head of
President & Chief Content Officer                                   Product Management, Credit Suisse
A-Team Group                                                        Ben Stephens
                                                                    MD, Head of Business Development, Instinet
                                                                    Gavin Williamson
                                                                    Former MD, Global Head of Product
                                                                    Development and Regulatory Change, HSBC
                                                                    Will Winzor-Saile
                                                                    Execution Analytics & Architecture, Redburn

TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group



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                           W I



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TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group
Dow Jones Newswires

Winner: Best Machine-Readable News Supplier

Financial firms from global investment banks to online trading
platforms leverage Dow Jones Newswires for the trusted news,
expert analysis and deep data that help identify trading and
investment opportunities, deepen advisor-client relationships
and provide a superior online trading experience. To empower
financial professionals and individual investors, Dow Jones draws
on a renowned, global editorial team—Newswires, The Wall Street
Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch—and flexible technology to offer
market-moving news, rich data and exclusive insights.

• A pioneer in news data feeds, Dow Jones fuels quantitative
strategies with ultra-fast, machine-readable news feeds, corporate
and economic data, and a deep archives for testing.

• Dow Jones’ global, multi-asset news coverage, exclusive insights
and commentary is used to identify opportunities and manage risks
for portfolio management.

• Wealth managers exceed practice goals by relying on trusted Dow
Jones content to connect with clients and strengthen relationships.

• Online trading platforms engage active individual investors with a rich experience by integrating targeted Dow Jones
news, data, insights and images into their applications.

Uncover and take action on market opportunities with Dow Jones Newswires’ real-time news feeds, exclusive insights
and deep datasets. Learn more at

Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Dow Jones is a global provider of news and business information, delivering content to
consumers and organizations around the world across multiple formats, including digital,
print, and live events. Dow Jones Newswires has produced unrivaled, real-time news for
decades, providing financial professionals and their clients actionable news, rich data and
expert insights for making market decisions, informing investment strategy and building
customer relationships.

TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group
The Capital Markets Technology Partner

A Leading Provider of Front Office Managed
Trading Solutions in Capital Markets

    Market Data                   Trading                 Infrastructure             Managed Services
  Connected to over 80         5 out of the top 10       Offer 100% resilient          Manage in excess of
   exchanges globally        investment banks use            connectivity            2000 high performance
                            our Trading Technology                                     trading environment
                                                                                      infrastructure devices

Save Cost, Save Time & Reduce your Risk
The Fixnetix Managed Services, our model enables     Trading firms consistently outsource to us the
clients to gain a competitive advantage, and         provision of low-latency, agile, reliable solutions for
enhance robust operational efficiencies, through     the front office. Fixnetix provides our clients with
leveraging technology, people and processes.         a collaborative environment and resource pool,
Fixnetix is a proven partner to Investment Banks,    allowing financial institutions to gain an edge.
Hedge funds, proprietary trading groups and over
90 liquidity venues worldwide.                                  +44 (0) 203 008 8990
TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group

Winner: Best Managed Services for Trading

Fixnetix, a DXC Technology Company, provides market data, trading
access, liquidity venue connectivity, pre-trade risk and execution
management technologies for Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and
Propriety Trading Firms globally, under a fully managed services

A leading Vendor of Record (VoR), Network Service Provider (NSP),
and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for the majority of low-
latency exchanges worldwide. Fixnetix provides resilient and secure
trading access for the world’s electronic trading communities to
enhance operational efficiency.

Fixnetix, is a leading provider of front-office managed trading
solutions in capital markets, with a presence in all major financial
markets across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We are fully
committed to meeting the growing demands of our clients need
for greater efficiencies and innovation in trading, market data and
information systems, hosting, infrastructure, connectivity, and risk

Fixnetix offers a highly flexible and proven outsourcing service which provides a variety of services through a single
source as well as offering significant cost savings.

DXC Technology, the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, with $22.5bn annual revenue,
provides Fixnetix capital markets clients with an expanded range of as-a-service capabilities.

About Fixnetix
Fixnetix, a DXC Technology company, provides managed services to the global financial
community. Founded in 2005, Fixnetix quickly built a reputation as an award-winning
international technology vendor - providing market data, trading access, liquidity venue
connectivity, pre-trade risk and execution management for Investment Banks, Hedge Funds
and Proprietary Trading Firms across the globe. By facilitating low latency, resilient and
secure trading, Fixnetix enhances operational efficiencies for the world’s electronic trading

TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group
Multi-asset trading and
FIX infrastructure solutions
for global capital markets.
In a world where capital markets continuously evolve,
we build trading infrastructure solutions that provide
our clients with a sustainable competitive edge.

TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group
Itiviti AB

Winner: Best Trading Analytics Platform

Tbricks, the innovative trading platform that empowers trading
desks with game-changing technology, combines a flexible, scalable
and fast core platform with comprehensive, off-the-shelf solutions
for a variety of business demands, for a complete sell-side offering.

With its powerful approach to deliver analytics for better informed
trading decisions, Tbricks allows customers to differentiate by
adding market intelligence while ensuring regulatory compliance
and actively use risk to enhance trading.

Tbricks supports trading analytics through its Calculation Engine,
a multi-threaded harness powered by Grand Dispatch Central
technology from Apple, to take full advantage of modern multi-
core hardware architecture. It offers a fully server based C++ API for
various sorts of analytics, such as pricing of financial instruments
in real-time or pre- and post-trade analytics with out-of-the-box
support for 3rd party tick databases and CEP solutions such as
OneTick. The solution is complemented by Tbricks Distribution
Engine that offers a centralized entry point to distribute internal and
external values to multiple consumers for maximum scalability.

Tbricks flexible and modular approach to trading technology; ‘buy and build’, solves the ‘buy vs build’ debate. Enhanced
with a tailored and comprehensive services offering, our customers can be innovative in a rapidly changing trading

About Itiviti AB
Itiviti is a market-leading global provider of multi-asset trading technology and financial
infrastructure solutions for buy-side and sell-side market participants, including NYFIX,
one of the industry’s largest FIX-based trading communities. Serving around 2,000 clients
worldwide, we provide consistent, reliable access to the most up-to-date and innovative
order routing, connectivity and trading solutions available. Top-tier trading firms, banks,
brokers, exchanges and institutional investors rely on our technology, solutions and
expertise to streamline their daily operations, connect to their desired markets, and trade
when and where they want. All while being able to comply with global regulation. With
global offices in 18 locations covering all major financial centers, the merger of Itiviti and
ULLINK in March 2018 created a full-service technology and infrastructure provider, covering
all asset classes, geographies and regulatory landscapes. Itiviti is owned by Nordic Capital. or

TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 Winners' Report - - A-Team Group

                   Proud winner of
‘Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform’
        at the TradingTech Insight Awards 2019

Winner: Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

Performance Optimization for Better Execution

Monitoring is not just about trading infrastructure performance.
It is about assuring the continuity of the business, the experience
of its customers, gaining insight for intelligent execution and
providing answers quickly and accurately in response to regulatory
inquiries. Corvil not only delivers on these needs, but provides
the unique granularity and context required by trading businesses
to understand network, infrastructure, application, customer
experience, and transaction outcome. Only with these correlated
dimensions can firms effectively monitor and optimize their trading
infrastructure and outcomes.

Corvil passively captures, timestamps, decodes, correlates
and analyzes the traffic, in real-time, with zero impact on the
performance of the trading infrastructure or applications. The
result is a real-time picture of the performance and capacity
utilization of underlying network infrastructure, applications, and
transactions. Employing machine learning, operations personnel
are alerted proactively to problems based on correlated changes in latency and trade or customer outcomes.

Corvil is committed to continuous innovation to ensure trading businesses receive the optimum intelligence to operate
trade plants with full transparency, achieve superior execution outcome, and deliver trusted data for regulatory
compliance and risk management.

About Corvil
Corvil is the leader in performance monitoring and analytics for financial markets. The
world’s financial markets companies turn to Corvil for the unique visibility, analytics and
intelligence to assure the speed, transparency, execution quality, and compliance of their
electronic markets businesses globally. Corvil watches over and assures the outcome of
transactions with a value in excess of $1 trillion, every day.


Winner: Best Cloud-Based Data Solution

BSO is the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud and hosting
provider of choice for financial institutions and high-frequency
trading firms that require superior infrastructure and connectivity to
the world’s most liquid FX trading venues.

Experts in low-latency connectivity and colocation across emerging
and established markets, over the past two years BSO has won
two consecutive awards as the best low-latency high-performance
network provider by members of the international finance
community. The organisation continually innovates and invests in
its services to empower the progressive trading community.

BSO’s global network reaches 23 countries with 103 data centre
locations comprising all the major trading venues. Key connected
cities include Chicago, New York, Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Tokyo,
Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. BSO is redefining connectivity
through best-in-class services, global knowledge base and a unique
approach to customer experience.

Visit or email

Follow BSO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About BSO
BSO is a privately-owned international company, led by technologists. We continually invest
in our network and data centres to deliver market-leading, progressive solutions for our
Our agile business model and growth-mindset allows us to expand quickly into new
territories, so our clients can immediately benefit from opportunities in the most dynamic
and attractive markets.
BSO is constantly evolving and challenging the status quo, ensuring that as the world
advances so do we. And so do our clients.

Winner: Best Low Latency Data Feed - Managed
                        QuantHouse provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions including ultra-
                        low latency and consolidated market data solutions as well as historical, EOD
                        and referential data with QuantFEED, algo-trading development framework with
                        QuantFACTORY and proximity hosting and order routing services with QuantLINK.
                        We help hedge funds, market makers, investment banks, brokers and trading
                        venues achieve optimal trading performance, develop and integrate new trading
                        strategies, comply with regulatory requirements, test existing and new trading
                        infrastructure tools and rationalize operating costs.

Winner: Best High Performance Data Feed Handler - Software
                        Redline Trading Solutions
                        Redline Trading Solutions is the premier market access technology provider,
                        delivering low-latency access to market data and order execution on over 175
                        venues. With flexible delivery models, Redline provides a comprehensive, end-
                        to-end solution for multi-asset electronic trading with global market coverage,
                        enabling smarter access to global liquidity.
                        Redline has offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia supporting traders, market
                        makers, financial institutions and other market participants worldwide.

Winner: Best High Performance Market Access Solution
                        Vela is a leading independent provider of trading and market access technology
                        for global multi-asset electronic trading. Our software enables clients to rapidly
                        access global liquidity, markets, and data sources for superior execution. We help
                        firms successfully differentiate and innovate in an ever-changing, increasingly-
                        regulated and fiercely-competitive landscape, whilst also reducing total cost of
                        ownership. Vela’s ticker plant, execution gateways, trading platform, and risk and
                        analytics software deliver a unique, ultra-low latency technology stack to simplify
                        and streamline electronic trading.

Winner: Best Cloud-Based Trading Environment
                         IPC Systems
                         IPC Systems, Inc. is a technology and service leader powering the global financial
                         markets. We help clients anticipate change and solve problems, setting the
                         standard with industry expertise, exceptional service and comprehensive
                         technology. With a customer-first mentality, IPC brings together one of the
                         largest and most diverse global financial ecosystems spanning all asset classes
                         and market participants. As the enabler of this ecosystem, IPC empowers the
                         community to interact, transact and react to market changes and challenges,
                         and we collaborate with our customers to help make them secure, productive,
                         compliant and connected.

Winner: The BSO Award for FinTech Innovation
                         Move Fast. Break Nothing. OpenFin is the financial industry’s operating
                         system, enabling rapid and secure deployment, native experience and desktop
                         interoperability. Used by the largest industry players through to the newest of
                         FinTech innovators, OpenFin deploys more than 1,000 desktop applications to
                         more than 1500 buy-side and sell-side firms. OpenFin investors include Bain
                         Capital Ventures, DRW Venture Capital, Euclid Opportunities, J.P. Morgan, NYCA
                         Partners and Pivot Investment Partners among others. The company is based in
                         New York with offices in London.

Winner: Best Alternative Data Provider
                         Market EarlyBird
                         Twitter is where the world’s news breaks first, but it’s usually blocked for
                         compliance reasons. Even with Twitter access, finding and following relevant
                         financial information is difficult due to the sheer volume of Tweets.
                         EarlyBird gives financial professionals real-time, anonymous, regulatory-
                         compliant access to alternative data on Twitter, together with the tools to
                         find it.
                         EarlyBird is used by several Tier 1 banks & major investment firms because
                         it delivers real competitive advantage.

Winner: Best Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Tool for Best Execution
                          OneMarketData is a leading provider of software solutions for the financial
                          industry. Our OneTick platform is a comprehensive suite for time-series data
                          management, real-time event processing and analytics to address the most
                          demanding requirements. Equity, Futures and Options proprietary traders,
                          hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks can leverage the built-in
                          capabilities of OneTick for quantitative research, transaction cost analysis,
                          surveillance and backtesting. Built by Wall Street experts, the OneTick suite of
                          products is an enterprise-wide tick data capture and storage solution offering
                          analytical modeling tools, global history across equities and futures markets and
                          reference data. In 2015, OneMarketData acquired Tick Data, LLC, the first and
                          leading provider of historical intraday market data, to marry the industry’s most
                          powerful analytics platform with the cleanest, most reliable historical intraday
                          data available.

Winner: Best Sell-Side OMS
                          Horizon Software
                          Horizon empowers capital markets by building powerful algorithmic technology
                          into its electronic trading platform and offering trading opportunities through
                          direct connectivity to more than 80 exchanges worldwide. Horizon enables clients
                          to quickly create, test and implement automated trading strategies in real-time,
                          in line with its ‘Trade Your Way’ philosophy. Its platform can be easily integrated
                          with rich APIs and allows proprietary strategies to be built while keeping traders’
                          code confidential. Horizon Software is a multi-award company and has offices in
                          Europe, North America and Asia.

More TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 winners

Best Specialist Market Data Consultancy
3d innovations
Best Broker-Supplied Algorithm Suite
Deutsche Bank Autobahn
Best Electronic Agency Broker Execution
Bloomberg Tradebook
Best Trade Reconstruction Solution for Best Execution
Best Sell-Side EMS
Best Pre-Trade Risk Controls Provider
Nasdaq TradeGuard
Best Market Access Gateway
Best Proximity Hosting Data Centre Operator
Best Time-Stamping/Latency Measurement System
Best Specialist Trading Technology
Best Market Data Provider
Best Buy-Side OMS
Charles River Development

More TradingTech Insight Awards - Europe 2019 winners

Best Trading and Risk Management System for Post Trade
Satori by Communytek
Best Low Latency Data Feed - Direct
Best Consolidated Market Data Feed
Refinitiv - Elektron Real-Time
Best High Performance Data Feed Handler - Hardware
Activ Financial
Best Market Data Inventory Platform
TRG Screen
Best Buy-Side EMS
Best Smart Order Routing System
Fidessa Smart Order Routing
Best High Performance Network Services
Arista Networks/Metamako

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