Working in the Media Industry

Working in the Media
Media Myths
(and the truth behind them)
1. You must be a graduate

 Statistically the majority of new entrants
  happen to be….. but by no means all
 Vocational courses in FE/HE Colleges e.g.
  studio crafts, IT, journalism
 Significant work experience instead of
  Higher Education
 Once in a media organisation your starting
  qualifications are largely forgotten
2. You need to study Media Studies

 Divided opinion in the industry about the
  value of such courses
 Strong interest by media employers in
  specialist subject knowledge e.g. science,
  languages, economics, politics,
 Stronger commitment and passion for the
  area often shown by non Media Studies
  students with relevant practical experience
3. Media companies are mainly
     interested in qualifications

 Rarely the case
 Particular A-level grades or degree class
  never sought
 Practical experience and evidence of
  passion for the media much more important
Journalism: the exception

 55% of UK Broadcast Journalists (Radio & TV)
  enter via a BJTC accredited course

 Most employers look for:

  accredited undergraduate degree
  accredited postgraduate diploma
  MA in Broadcast, Bi-Media, Multi-Media, TV or
   Online Journalism
Working at the BBC

 Mostly not a ‘9 to 5’
 Wide variety of jobs
 Training excellence
 Fast moving environment
 Good career development
 Creative atmosphere
 Pride in your job
What kind of jobs?
 Programme Making
  Factual & Learning; Sport; Children’s; Drama;
  Entertainment; News

  Television; Radio; Interactive Media; World
  Service; Worldwide

 Specialist Technical & Design Services
  Sound; Vision; Design; Post-Production; Floor,
  Studio & Production Management
What kind of jobs?

 New Media & Technology
  Research & Innovation; Interactive Technology;
  Information Technology

 Business Support & Management
  Marketing, Sales & Advertising; Human
  Resources; Legal & Rights; Finance; Strategy;
  Information & Archives
What kind of people?

 Thorough research of organisation and job
 Enthusiasm and passion for the area
 Broad general knowledge and curiosity to
  learn more
 Practical work experience
 Determination and persistence
How do I get in?
Get some Work Experience
Volunteer on your student
Get involved in student radio
Work for hospital/community radio
Enter competitions
Be aware of all opportunities
BBC Work Experience

Placements throughout the UK
170 different departments
Available to anyone aged 14+
Up to 4 weeks
Varying criteria
Why do we offer it?
It benefits the organisation
Staff development
New ideas
For the BBC work experience is an opportunity to
get more involved with the wider community; to
spot new talent; and to assess an individual’s
potential. They also play a part in developing the
industry’s future skills base and diversity.
How can you get it?
Top Tips
 Don’t always go for the obvious
 Make a statement, stand out
 Be persistent
 Sell yourself
 Make us know you are the right choice

If you demonstrate an interest in us, we’ll
   demonstrate an interest in you.
Why do you want it?

…………and how to make the most of it.
Imagination vs Reality - gain an insight
 into the industry and to learn about
 different job roles.
Learn skills that will make you more
 attractive to potential employers.
Gain confidence
Most importantly make a good impression
 and ask the right questions…
From their experience to our employee

Stephanie, 1Xtra, 2008; ’During my time on 1Xtra, I
assisted the specialist team on two shows. I was given the
responsibility of assisting the producers with creating audio
content, providing studio support and various administrative
duties. Soon after my placement finished I got shortlisted
for an interview. The experience I gained left me with a
much better idea of what the positions of Broadcast
Assistant entails. A week after my interview, I got a call,
saying that I had got the job. Work Experience with the
BBC, has opened a lot of doors for me.’

Katie – Radio Newsroom work experience in 2006 aged
20, is now a Producer for World Service.
Are you interested?
The 2nd most viewed webpage in the UK is hosted
The BBC employs staff from Glasgow to
              Around 25,000 are currently on staff
40,000 applicants applied for work experience:
                Around 2,500 gained a placement
The BBC offers placements as varied as
Broadcast Support to Blue Peter to Business &
                      Radio 1 is the most popular
Next Steps

Find your passion and follow it
Get Involved, Get training, Get qualified

               Do it now

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