Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance

Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance
Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance
Policy Document (Republic of Ireland)

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Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance

Useful telephone numbers –                          Contents

Claims helpline:                                    Introduction.............................................................................. 2
1850 85 8530                                        Definitions................................................................................ 3
Call this 24-hour number if you need to
report a claim on your policy.
                                                    Your insurance cover............................................................... 4

Windscreen helpline:                                General conditions which apply to the whole policy................ 6
1890 94 4410
00 800 88 0 88 228                                  General exceptions which apply to the whole policy............... 12
(If calling from outside the Republic of Ireland)
Check your schedule to see if you                   Section 1 Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle............... 13
have this cover.
Call this 24-hour number to arrange for             Section 2 Liability to other people.......................................... 17
your windscreen to be repaired or replaced
(refer to page 19 for more details).                Section 3 Windscreen cover................................................... 19

                                                    Section 4 Breakdown assistance........................................... 20
Breakdown assistance helpline:
1800 70 60 80                                       Customer care......................................................................... 22
00353 91 560636 NI & UK
Call this 24-hour number if you need                Summary data protection statement....................................... 23
roadside assistance, home-start, vehicle
recovery or journey completion (refer to
page 20 for more details).

Policy changes or queries
Please contact your insurance broker if
your circumstances change and you need
to update your policy or if you have a

                                                                                                                                          Liberty Insurance 1
Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance
Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                    Definitions

Introduction                                                                                              Definitions
We, Liberty Insurance, agree to provide insurance to you, the insured named in the policy                 Accessories – parts or products specifically designed to be fitted to your car, but not
schedule, for events which happen in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or Great                   including personal belongings, child car seats, car audio, parking systems, phone, phone
Britain (including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands) during any period of insurance that               system, in-car entertainment or satellite navigation systems.
you have paid, or have agreed to pay, the premium. If more than one person is named as                    Being driven – being in the charge of a person who has driven, or will drive the vehicle,
the insured, the insurance will apply to each of you.                                                     even if they are not driving at the time.
                                                                                                          Business – your occupation as described in the schedule.
On behalf of Liberty Insurance
                                                                                                          Car-van – a car that has no fixed seats in the back.
                                                                                                          Certificate of insurance – the document which is evidence that you have taken out the
                                                                                                          insurance needed by law which shows who can drive the vehicle and the purposes of use.
Tom McIlduff
                                                                                                          Courtesy car – a vehicle that we may provide, if you have comprehensive cover, while your
CEO Western European Markets
                                                                                                          vehicle is being repaired by our recommended repairer.
Liberty Seguros, Compania de Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.A, trading as Liberty Insurance is authorised        Excess – the first amount, as shown in the schedule, of each claim for loss or damage.
by the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds in Spain and is regulated by the Central        Market value – the cost of replacing the vehicle with one of the same make, model and age
Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. Liberty Insurance is registered in Ireland, registration
                                                                                                          and condition at the time of the accident or loss.
number 904632. You can contact the Central Bank of Ireland on 1890 77 77 77.
                                                                                                          Period of insurance – the period shown in the schedule and any further period for which we
                                                                                                          agree to insure you. For the purpose of the no-claims bonus, ‘period of insurance’ means
                                                                                                          one year from the beginning of the policy to the first renewal date, and then each year
                                                                                                          between renewal dates.
                                                                                                          Recommended repairer – A repairer from our approved network that we authorise to repair
                                                                                                          your vehicle.
                                                                                                          Territorial limits – Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man and
                                                                                                          the Channel Islands, or while the vehicle is being transported by sea, air or rail (including
                                                                                                          loading or unloading) between these places.
                                                                                                          Vehicle – the vehicle described in the schedule of this policy and any vehicle:
                                                                                                          • you have given us details of;
                                                                                                          • we have provided a certificate of insurance for; and
                                                                                                          • for which the insurance is still in place.
                                                                                                          • Or any vehicle we have agreed to temporarily transfer cover to.
                                                                                                          We, us – Liberty Insurance.
                                                                                                          You, your – the person named as the insured in the policy schedule.

2 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                                     Liberty Insurance 3
Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance
Your insurance cover                                                                                                                                                    Your insurance cover

Your insurance cover
So you understand what you are                   Car sharing                                    No-claims bonus                                this when you renew the policy. At that
covered for, please read this document,          You can accept payments as part of a car-      If no claim arises during the period of        stage you can then start to earn no-claims
the schedule and the certificate of              sharing arrangement for giving people lifts    insurance, at the renewal date we will         bonuses for periods of insurance in which
insurance carefully. You should pay              for social or similar purposes. We will not    reduce the renewal premium in line with        no claim arises.
special attention to the general terms,          treat these payments as charging fares as      our no-claims bonus scale applying at the      If no claim arises during the period of
exceptions and conditions. If you have           part of a business of carrying passengers      renewal date. You can ask for details of the   insurance, the introductory bonus will apply
any questions, you should contact us or          as long as:                                    no-claims bonus scale.                         when you next renew the policy and at
your insurance advisor.                          a the vehicle is not built or adapted to       If a claim arises during any period of         every renewal date until the introductory
                                                     carry more than eight passengers (not      insurance, we will reduce your no-claims       bonus equals or is less than the no-claims
Comprehensive cover – sections 1, 2 and              including the driver);                     bonus as follows                               bonus reduction which would apply. The
4 of this policy apply.                          b the passengers are not being carried as                                                     no-claims bonus you get will only take
                                                     part of a passenger-carrying business;      No-claims bonus        Reduced to             account of the period of cover we have
Third-party, fire and theft cover – section 1                                                                                                  provided under this or other motor policies
                                                 c the total contributions you receive for       1 year                 0 years
applies for loss of or damage to the vehicle                                                                                                   in your name.
                                                     the journey do not provide a profit; and
caused directly by fire, lightning, explosion,                                                   2 years                0 years
                                                 d the number of passengers (including
theft or attempted theft. Sections 2 and 4 of                                                    3 years                0 years
                                                     the driver) is not more than the vehicle                                                  Protected no-claims bonus
this policy also apply.
                                                     manufacturer’s recommended limit.           4 years                1 year                 You can pay an extra premium for a
Third-party only cover – sections 2 and 4 of                                                     5 years or above       2 years                protected no-claims bonus extension once
this policy apply.                               Limits on use                                                                                 you have earned a no-claims bonus of four
The general exceptions and general               The insurance only covers you if you use       We will not reduce your no-claims bonus        years or more. You will keep that no-claims
conditions apply to all levels of cover.         the vehicle in the way described in your       as a result of claims for:                     bonus as long as no more than one claim
                                                 certificate of insurance. We will not cover    • windscreen claims made under Section         arises during the period of insurance for
Section 3 (windscreen cover) only applies        you for:                                          3 Windscreen cover;                         which the extra premium applies. Although
if it is shown in the schedule.                  a any use connected with the motor             • claims made under Section 4                  you can protect your no-claims bonus,
                                                     trade, unless the use is described in         Breakdown assistance; or                    your premium may still be affected by any
                                                     your certificate of insurance;             • payments (including costs and                claims we pay. This cover only applies if it
                                                 b hiring out the vehicle for money; or            expenses) which we later get back           is shown in your schedule.
                                                 c racing or being in any contest or speed         in full.
                                                     trial.                                     If two or more claims arise in any period of
                                                                                                insurance, we will reduce your no-claims
                                                 Description of drivers                         bonus to zero at your next renewal.
                                                 Any person shown in the certificate of         You cannot transfer your no-claims bonus
                                                 insurance can drive the vehicle. Where         to anyone else and it may only be used on
                                                 ‘any driver’ is shown, please see the          one vehicle at a time.
                                                 schedule for any restrictions.
                                                                                                Introductory bonus
                                                                                                If we have reduced your first premium
                                                                                                using an introductory bonus, we will
                                                                                                remove the reduction if a claim arises
                                                                                                during the period of insurance. We will do

4 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                      Liberty Insurance 5
Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance
General conditions which apply to the whole policy                                                                                                      General conditions which apply to the whole policy

General conditions which apply
to the whole policy                                                                                       b we have received your certificate of
                                                                                                            insurance and insurance disc.
                                                                                                                                                             b you want to use the vehicle for any
                                                                                                                                                               use not included in your certificate of
                                                                                                       3. We may choose to cancel the policy,                  insurance;
These general conditions apply to                        If you cancel your policy in the first year                                                         c you change the address at which
                                                         of insurance after the first 14 days, we         without giving you a reason, by
all sections of this policy.                                                                              sending you 10 days’ written notice                  you normally keep the vehicle;
                                                         will work out your refund based on our                                                              d you or anyone covered by this
Where we refer to ‘you’ in these conditions,                                                              to your last known address. We will
                                                         cancellation rates as shown below.                                                                    policy are charged or convicted of a
it includes your personal representative.                                                                 refund your premium for any period of
                                                         If your policy is cancelled at any other         insurance remaining less any optional                motoring offence;
1. We will only have to make a payment                   time, we will refund your premium for                                                               e you become aware of any medical or
                                                                                                          windscreen cover. You must return
   under this policy if:                                 any period of insurance remaining, less                                                               physical condition of any driver that
                                                                                                          to us immediately your certificate of
   a all the answers in the proposal and                 an administration fee of €50.                                                                         may affect their ability to drive;
                                                                                                          insurance and insurance disc to avoid
     declaration for this insurance are                                                                                                                      f you or any driver change occupation;
                                                         If you pay by instalments you have               any action we may take against you to
     true and complete (the proposal and                                                                                                                     g your driving licence or driving
                                                         agreed to pay the premium on the                 recover them.
     declaration form the basis of this                                                                                                                        entitlements change (including your
                                                         due date, or dates, as set out in that
     contract between us and you); and
                                                         agreement. If you do not make a               Policy changes                                          or any driver’s licence changing from
   b you or any insured person meets                                                                   4. You must:                                            provisional/ learner permint to full);
                                                         payment on time, we can cancel the
     all the terms, conditions and                                                                        a let us know the details of any new               h you want to temporarily change
                                                         policy by sending you 10 days’ written
     endorsements of this policy; and                                                                       or replacement motor vehicle before                your vehicle (this may be available,
                                                         notice to your last known address. The
   c the vehicle is registered to you or                                                                    you buy or change vehicles;                        subject to certain conditions); or
                                                         refund we pay you will be based on the
     your spouse / common law partner                                                                     b pay us any extra premium we may                  i there are changes to any other
                                                         cancellation rates below. If the amount
     or is leased to you or your spouse                                                                     ask for as a result of the new or                  material fact.
                                                         you have paid at the cancellation date
     / common law partner from a lease                                                                      replacement vehicle; and
                                                         does not cover the premium, we have the                                                             This is not a full list and you should tell
     company on a minimum twelve (12)                                                                     c let us know if you sell or get rid
                                                         right to recover the money that you owe.                                                            us about any change if you are not sure
     month contract.                                                                                        of the motor vehicle. All cover for
                                                         If you cancel your policy after the first                                                           whether it may affect your policy.
Cancellation                                             14 days, we will not refund any optional           the vehicle will end and you must
                                                                                                                                                             When you tell us about a change, we
                                                         windscreen cover.                                  return the certificate of insurance
2. You may cancel the policy at any time by                                                                                                                  may then reassess your premium and
                                                                                                            and insurance disc to qualify for any
   writing to us and returning the certificate           We do not refund any amount which is                                                                your cover. A change to your policy,
                                                                                                            refund of premium which we may
   of insurance and insurance disc.                      less than €10.                                     allow.
   If you want to cancel your policy within              All premium refunds will only be issued          If you do not give us, and we do not
   the first 14 days, we will refund your                as long as:                                      confirm full details of the vehicle, the
   premium for any period of insurance                   a no claim or loss has arisen during             insurance will not apply to the vehicle
   remaining.                                                the current period of insurance; and         and we will not be responsible for any
                                                                                                          accident, injury, loss, damage or liability
                                                                                                          arising as a result of any accident caused
 Period of cover no more than                                                                             by or in connection with that vehicle.
   1         2          3        4          5          6        7        8         9       over 9      5. You must tell us immediately if:
 month     months     months   months     months     months   months   months    months    months         a you plan to make changes to the
  80%       70%        60%       50%       45%        35%      25%       20%      10%        Nil            vehicle that improves its value,
                                                                                                            performance or attractiveness to
 Percentage refund of annual premium                                                                        thieves;

6 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                                   Liberty Insurance 7
Your Private Motor Vehicle Insurance - Policy Document (Republic of Ireland) - Munster Group Insurance
General conditions which apply to the whole policy                                                                                                General conditions which apply to the whole policy

   whether temporary or permanent, may                   investigation sheet which you must           f You, or any insured person must not              Liberty Insurance
   result in us charging an extra premium.               fill in and return as soon as possible.        do anything to harm our interests.               Dublin Road
   We will tell you about this when you tell         b   In the event of loss of or damage            g If you make a claim, we may appoint              Cavan, Co Cavan
   us about the change. Certain changes                  to the vehicle as a result of theft,           our own repairers to carry out any               E-mail:
   may not be acceptable. If you do not tell             attempted theft or malicious                   repair work.                                   c If you are not satisfied with our final
   us about any relevant changes, we may:                damage, you must immediately              8. If, at the time any claim arises under             decision, or if we haven’t given you
   i. reject or reduce your claim; or                    contact the Garda and send us a              this policy, there is any other insurance          a final decision within 40 business
   ii. cancel the policy and treat it as                 copy of the Garda report. The report         covering the same accident, injury,                days, you have the right to refer
       though it has never existed.                      must say that the loss or damage             loss, damage or liability, we will only            your complaint to the Insurance
6. If a change to your policy results in a               was the result of theft, attempted           pay our share of any loss, damage,                 Ombudsman at:
   change to your premium, we will not                   theft or malicious damage.                   compensation, costs or expenses.                   Financial Services and
   refund any amounts less than €10, and             c   You must also write and let us know                                                             Pensions Ombudsman
                                                                                                   9. If, under the law of any country, we
   we will not charge any extra amounts                  as soon as you become aware of                                                                  Lincoln House,
                                                                                                      have to make a payment which we
   less than €10. We will only refund any                any current or future prosecution or                                                            Lincoln Place,
                                                                                                      would otherwise not have made
   premium if we have received all the                   inquest in connection with any event                                                            Dublin 2,
                                                                                                      under this policy, we may recover any
   documents we need to carry out the                    for which there may be any liability                                                            D02 VH29
                                                                                                      payment from you or from the person
   alteration.                                           under this policy.                                                                               Tel: (01) 567 7000
                                                                                                      who the claim was made against.
                                                     d   You, or any insured person                                                                       Email:
Claims                                                   must immediately send us any              10. If you are paying by instalments, you
7. a You must report any accident, injury,               correspondence relating to any                must pay the full yearly premium if a
                                                                                                       claim is made during the current period         Alternatively, any dispute between you
     loss or damage involving the vehicle                incident without signing or answering
                                                                                                       of insurance. We have the right to take         and us about our liability for a claim
     or any other motor vehicle which                    it. You, or any other insured person
                                                                                                       any premium owed from any claim we              or the amount to be paid, where the
     is insured under this policy to us                  must give us all the help we need.
                                                                                                       may pay, which arises under this policy.        amount of the claim is €5,000 or more,
     immediately (or by the next working                 You must never accept responsibility
                                                                                                                                                       must be referred within 12 months of
     day). We may send you an incident                   or offer or promise payment without       Disputes between you and us                         the dispute arising, to an arbitrator
                                                         our written permission. We will be
                                                                                                   11. We are committed to providing all               appointed jointly by you and us. If
                                                         entitled to take over and carry out
                                                                                                       claimants with a high standard of claims        we cannot agree on an arbitrator, the
                                                         in your name (or in the name of any
                                                                                                       service at all times. We appreciate that        President of the Law Society of Ireland
                                                         other insured person) the defence
                                                                                                       there may be times when you feel our            will appoint an arbitrator. If you do not
                                                         or settlement of any claim. We may
                                                                                                       service has let you down. As a valued           refer such a dispute to arbitration within
                                                         prosecute, in your name or in the
                                                                                                       customer/claimant, you have the right           12 calendar months of the dispute
                                                         name of any other person (at our
                                                                                                       to complain.                                    arising, the claim shall be deemed to
                                                         expense and for our benefit), to
                                                                                                      a Please contact our staff first to see          have been abandoned.
                                                         recover any amount we have paid.
                                                         We will be able to decide how any              if we can resolve any concerns you         Duty of care
                                                         proceedings or settlements are                 may have.
                                                                                                                                                   12. You or any insured person must:
                                                         handled.                                       Phone: 1890 89 1890
                                                                                                                                                       a take all reasonable steps to prevent
                                                     e   If you make a claim, we are entitled         b If you are not happy with our
                                                                                                                                                         accidents, injuries, loss or damage;
                                                         to instruct, and give information              response, you can send your
                                                                                                                                                       b protect the vehicle against loss or
                                                         about you and your policy, to other            concerns in writing to our Customer
                                                         people such as suppliers, private              Service Manager at:
                                                         investigators and loss adjustors.

8 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                             Liberty Insurance 9
General conditions which apply to the whole policy                                                                                                        General conditions which apply to the whole policy

   c give us access, at any reasonable                      no-claims bonus, date of birth,                  We will refund up to 70% of your                  against the remaining direct debit
     time, to examine the vehicle;                          licence, and so on when applying                 premium for the period when insurance             instalments, with any surplus amount
   d not leave the vehicle unlocked while                   for, renewing or amending a policy;              under sections 2 and 4 is suspended as            being refunded by cheque.
     unattended or leave the keys to                    b   act fraudulently or exaggerate a                 long as:                                          If you paid your premium in full, any
     the ignition with the vehicle while                    claim;                                           a no claim or loss has arisen during              rebate due to you at the end of the
     unattended; and                                    c   provide information to support a                    the current period of insurance; and           suspension or laid up period will be
   e make sure the vehicle is kept                          claim that is not true and complete;             b cover is suspended for at least 28              refunded to you by cheque.
     in a roadworthy condition and,                     d   provide false or stolen documents;                  days in a row.
     if necessary, has a valid NCT                      e   deliberately fail to tell us of some or all      We do not refund any premium which is         Rights of Recovery
     certificate.                                           facts relating to a policy or claim; or          less than €10.                                18. If the law requires us to pay a claim
   For example:                                         f   make a claim for loss or damage                                                                    which would not otherwise have been
                                                                                                             During any period where we have
   • the tyre tread depth must be within                    caused by your or their deliberate                                                                 covered by your policy, we reserve the
                                                                                                             suspended the insurance, we will
     the legal limits;                                      act or with your knowledge or                                                                      right to recover that amount from you or
                                                                                                             still insure the vehicle against loss or
   • all lights and mirrors installed on the                involvement.                                                                                       the person on whose behalf we made
                                                                                                             damage in line with the insurance cover
     vehicle must be working properly;                  We may also attempt to obtain a                                                                        the payment.
                                                                                                             provided under section 1.
     and                                                prosecution against you or any person
   • the vehicle’s brakes (front and back)              acting for you or insured under this              Suspending cover                                 Currency
     must be working correctly.                         policy. If you provide fraudulent or              17. We may suspend all cover provided            19. All money paid under this policy will be
Drink and drugs                                         misleading information, misrepresent or               by this policy as long as you have               paid in euros.
                                                        exaggerate a claim or provide false or                returned the certificate of insurance and
13 If an accident happens and:
                                                        stolen documents, we may also tell An                 insurance disc.
   a as a result you or any insured                                                                                                                        20. Your policy and all communications
                                                        Garda Siochana, other law-enforcement                We will refund your premium for
       person is convicted of an offence                                                                                                                       between you and us will be in English.
                                                        agencies, other companies in the Liberty             the period when the insurance is
       involving alcohol or drugs;
                                                        Mutual Insurance Group, other insurers               suspended as long as:
   b you or any insured person is driving
                                                        and their agents, credit-reference                   a no claim or loss has arisen during
       while unfit to do so due to alcohol or
                                                        agencies, fraud-prevention agencies,                    the current period of insurance; and
       drugs; or
                                                        government agencies, regulatory                      b cover is suspended for at least 28
   c you or any insured person is driving
                                                        authorities and other organisations                     days in a row.
       after drinking alcohol and, three
                                                        concerned with fraud.
       hours after the accident, the amount                                                                  We do not refund any premium which is
       of alcohol in the breath, blood or urine      Choice of law                                           less than €10.
       is above the legal limit for driving;         15. You and we may choose which                         The ‘vehicle laid up’ and ‘suspension’
   then the cover provided in section 1 of               law applies to this contract. Unless                options can only apply within the
   the policy for loss of or damage to the               we agree with you otherwise, this                   current period of insurance. At
   insured vehicle will not apply.                       insurance is governed by Irish law.                 the renewal date, the policy will
                                                                                                             automatically come into force again.
Fraud                                                Vehicle laid up
                                                                                                             If you pay by direct debit, we will
14. You and anyone else acting for you or            16. If the vehicle is laid up (off the road             continue to collect these instalments
    insured under this policy may lose all               and out of use), we may suspend                     during the period the vehicle is laid
    rights under the policy if you or they:              the insurance under sections 2 and                  up or cover is suspended. At the end
    a provide fraudulent or                              4 of this policy as long as you have                of the suspension or laid up period,
       misrepresentative information for                 returned the certificate of insurance and           any rebate due to you will be applied
       example, an incorrect address,                    insurance disc.

10 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                                   Liberty Insurance 11
General exceptions which apply to the whole policy                                                                                                    Section 1 Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle

General exceptions which apply                                                                      Section 1 Loss of or damage to
to the whole policy                                                                                 the insured vehicle
These general exceptions apply to all                6. We will not cover any loss, damage          This section covers loss of or damage to           Total loss claims
sections of this policy.                                or legal liability directly or indirectly   the vehicle or its accessories and spare           A total loss is where the vehicle is no
                                                        caused by:                                  parts (whether on or in it, or in your private     longer economical to repair, cannot be
We will not provide cover for any of the
                                                        a ionising radiation or contamination       garage). We will choose whether to repair          repaired or has been stolen and not found.
                                                           by radioactivity from any irradiated     or replace the vehicle or any part of it or its
1. Any accident, injury, loss, damage or                                                                                                               If the vehicle is a total loss we will pay the
                                                           nuclear fuel or from any nuclear         accessories or spare parts, or pay to cover
     liability if the vehicle is being driven by                                                                                                       market value of the vehicle immediately
                                                           waste from burning nuclear fuel; or      the amount of the loss or damage.
     or used for a purpose not described in                                                                                                            before the loss or damage happened.
                                                        b the radioactive, poisonous, explosive     If replacement parts or accessories are
     the certificate of insurance.                                                                                                                     The market value of the vehicle will be
                                                           or other dangerous properties of any     not available or are out of stock from the
2. We will not provide cover if the insured                explosive nuclear equipment or any                                                          based on our engineer’s assessment with
                                                                                                    manufacturer’s European representative or          reference to industry guides. The most
   person is entitled to claim or is covered               part of it.                              agents, you will have to pay the extra cost        we will pay will be the value of the vehicle
   under any other policy.
                                                     7. We will not cover any loss or damage        of transporting them from elsewhere and            shown in the schedule.
3. We will not cover the driver unless;                 caused by war, riot, revolution, any act    any extra cost above the manufacturer’s
   a they hold a valid licence to drive the             of terrorism or any similar event, unless   European parts list price.                         New car replacement
     vehicle; and                                       we have to provide cover under the          If your vehicle is three years old or more,        If within 12 months of having bought the
   b they meet the conditions and any                   Road Traffic Act.                           or if it has been imported, we may decide          vehicle as new, it is damaged and the
     limits of the driving licence.
                                                                                                    to repair it with parts which have not been        cost of repairs will be more than 60% of
4. Any liability an insured person has under                                                        made by your vehicle’s manufacturer, but           the manufacturer’s list price, including
   an agreement which they would not                                                                are of a similar standard.                         taxes, or it is stolen and not recovered,
   have had if the agreement did not exist.                                                                                                            we will replace it with a new vehicle of the
                                                                                                    If the vehicle is under a hire-purchase
5. Loss, damage or liability:                                                                       or leasing agreement, we may repair or             same make and model. However, we will
   a directly caused by pressure waves                                                              replace the vehicle or pay the legal owner         not pay for a replacement vehicle if the
     from aircraft and other flying objects                                                         for any loss or damage. We will then have          replacement cost is more than the value
     travelling at or above the speed of                                                            no further liability for the loss or damage.       shown in the schedule.
     sound;                                                                                                                                            We will only do this if a replacement
   b caused by an earthquake or                                                                     Radio, audio and navigation                        vehicle is available in the Republic of
     underground fire;                                                                              equipment                                          Ireland and if you or the legal owner agree.
   c caused by pollution or contamination,                                                          For loss of or damage to radio-receiving or        If a replacement vehicle is not available,
     unless it is caused by a sudden,                                                               transmitting equipment, audio equipment,           we will pay the market value of the vehicle
     identifiable, unexpected and                                                                   electronic navigation, radar detection             immediately before the loss happened, as
     accidental incident which happens                                                              equipment or taxi metre permanently fixed          long as it is not more than the value in the
     during the period of insurance;                                                                to the vehicle, the most we will pay is:           schedule.
   d resulting from using the vehicle at any                                                        a 5% of the value of the vehicle before
     event during which the vehicle may                                                                 the accident happened; or                      Accident recovery
     be driven on a motor racing track,                                                             b €635;                                            We will also pay the reasonable cost of
     derestricted toll road (with no speed                                                          whichever is lower.                                protecting the vehicle and moving it to the
     limit) or at any off-road event; or                                                                                                               nearest repairer if, as a result of any loss
   e caused by using the vehicle in or                                                              The policy does not cover the loss of
                                                                                                    or damage to mobile phones and their               or damage insured under this section, the
     on any area where aircraft normally                                                                                                               vehicle cannot be driven. We will pay the
     land, take off, move or park.                                                                  accessories or spare parts.
                                                                                                                                                       reasonable cost of delivering it to you after

12 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                               Liberty Insurance 13
Section 1 Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle                                                                                                     Section 1 Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle

the repair. However, we will not pay more            b   anyone who is convicted for driving         We will not pay for:                               courtesy car is lost or damaged, we will
than the reasonable cost of transporting it              while under the influence of drink or       a using the hire vehicle outside the               decide how and where the courtesy car is
to your address, as shown in the schedule.               drugs at the time of the accident.            territorial limits;                              repaired or replaced.
                                                                                                     b the cost of fuel;                                We will not pay for:
Loss of keys                                         Medical expenses –
                                                                                                     c collection and delivery charges;                 a a courtesy car if you do not agree
If the car keys or lock transmitter of the           comprehensive cover only                        d any extra costs for using a car that is            to have your vehicle repaired at our
vehicle are lost or stolen, we will pay the          We will pay for medical expenses up to            better than our standard hire car (our             recommended repairer;
cost of replacing:                                   €135 for each person injured if the vehicle       standard hire car is usually a class-A           b using a courtesy car outside the
a the door and boot locks;                           is involved in an accident as long as there       vehicle); or                                       territorial limits;
b the ignition and steering lock; and                is no cover in force under another motor        e any costs where the hire car is not              c the cost of fuel;
c the lock transmitter;                              insurance policy.                                 returned on time.                                d collection and delivery charges;
as long as we are satisfied that the person                                                                                                             e any costs where the courtesy car is
                                                     Hotel expenses –                                Courtesy car –
who may have your keys or transmitter                                                                                                                     not returned on time after repairs have
knows where the vehicle is. The most we              comprehensive cover only                        comprehensive cover only
                                                                                                                                                          been carried out to your vehicle;
will pay is €850.                                    If the vehicle cannot be driven after an        This benefit does not apply to vehicles used       f any extra costs for using a car that is
                                                     accident or loss covered under section 1        for public or private hire (taxi or hackney).        better than our standard courtesy car
Fire brigade charges
                                                     of this policy, we will pay up to €65 for the   If your vehicle is repairable under this             (our standard courtesy car is usually a
We will pay for local-authority charges (in
                                                     driver (or €135 for all the people in the       section of your policy, and if one is                class-A vehicle); or
line with the Fire Services Act 1981) for
                                                     vehicle) towards the cost of hotel expenses     available, we may provide you with a               g any costs where the courtesy car is
putting out a fire in your vehicle if the fire
                                                     for an overnight stop if this is necessary.     courtesy car while your vehicle is being             not returned on time after we ask you
gives rise to a valid claim under the policy,
                                                                                                     repaired by one of our recommended                   to return it as we have decided your
or for removing the driver or passengers             Hire car after theft -                          repairers. If your vehicle is not driveable          vehicle is a total loss.
from your vehicle using cutting equipment.           comprehensive cover only                        but is repairable, we will aim to provide you
The most we will pay is €2,200.
                                                     This benefit does not apply to vehicles         with a courtesy car within three working
Personal accident –                                  used for public or private hire (taxi or        days of accepting that you have a valid
comprehensive cover only                             hackney).                                       claim under this section of the policy.
We will pay you (the policyholder) or your           If your vehicle has been stolen and is not      Where repairs to the vehicle are delayed
legal representative €6,500 if you are               recovered within 24 hours, we will provide a    due to parts being required from an
accidentally injured while travelling in or          replacement car for up to five days or until    overseas distributor, we will provide
getting into or out of the vehicle and within        your car is recovered whichever is sooner.      courtesy car cover up to a maximum
three months this injury alone results in:                                                           cost of €320 only. It is your responsibility
                                                     It is your responsibility to make sure you
a death;                                                                                             to make sure you meet the car hire
                                                     meet the car hire conditions. These may
b permanent loss of sight in one or both                                                             conditions. These may include, but are
                                                     include, but are not limited to, having a
    eyes; or                                                                                         not limited to, having a full driving licence
                                                     full driving licence without endorsements,
c loss of one or more limbs.                                                                         without endorsements, paying a deposit
                                                     paying a deposit by credit-card and
                                                                                                     by credit-card and returning the car to the
The most we will pay in any one period of            returning the car to the pick-up point.
                                                                                                     pick-up point.
insurance is €6,500.                                 Once you tell us the registration number,
                                                                                                     Once you tell us the registration number,
We will not pay this benefit for:                    the vehicle will be automatically insured
                                                                                                     the courtesy car will be automatically
a any injury or death resulting from                 under this policy. If the hire car is lost or
                                                                                                     insured under this policy, if it is supplied by
  suicide or attempted suicide; or                   damaged, we will decide how and where
                                                                                                     one of our recommended repairers. If the
                                                     the car is repaired or replaced.

14 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                                Liberty Insurance 15
Section 1 Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle                                                                                                                   Section 2 Liability to other people

                                                                                                       Section 2 Liability to other people
Exceptions to section 1                              10. loss or damage as a result of the             Definition of ‘insured person’                  Driving other cars
We will not cover:                                       vehicle being filled with the wrong or        For the purpose of insurance under this         If your certificate of insurance says so, we
1. loss of value, wear and tear,                         contaminated fuel;                            section, an ‘insured person’ includes any       will also cover you, the policyholder, for your
   mechanical, electrical, electronic,               11. loss or damage by any driver who has          one of the following.                           liability to other people while you are driving
   computer or computer software failure                 been disqualified from driving or has         1. You, the policyholder.                       any other private motor car which you do
   or breakdown;                                         failed to give details of penalty points or                                                   not own or have not hired under a hire-
                                                         motoring convictions (if any);                2. Any person driving the vehicle who is        purchase or lease agreement, as long as:
2. damage to tyres caused by using the                                                                    entitled to do so under your current
   brakes or by road punctures, cuts or                                                                                                                1. the other car is not owned by your
                                                     12. loss or damage due to any government,            certificate of insurance (other than any
   bursts;                                                                                                                                                spouse / common law partner or
                                                         public or local authority legally taking,        person in the motor trade driving the
                                                                                                                                                          employer or hired to them under a hire-
3. loss of use or other indirect loss such               keeping or destroying your vehicle;              vehicle for the purpose of repairing or
                                                                                                                                                          purchase or lease agreement;
   as loss of earnings or travel costs;                                                                   maintaining it).
                                                     13. the first amount, as shown in the
                                                                                                                                                       2. you currently hold a full European
4. damage to the vehicle or its                          schedule, of each claim (the excess);         3. The employer or business partner of any
                                                                                                                                                          Union (EU) licence;
   accessories and spare parts caused by                                                                  person whose business use is allowed
                                                     14. loss or damage to the vehicle if it does
   the contents or goods carried in or on it;                                                             under the terms of the certificate of        3. the use of the other car is covered in
                                                         not hold a valid NCT at the time of the
                                                                                                          insurance. This applies as long as the          your certificate of insurance;
5. loss of or damage to personal                         loss;
                                                                                                          vehicle does not belong to that person
   belongings;                                                                                                                                         4. there is a current insurance policy in
                                                     15. loss or damage by any learner permit             and is not hired or leased by or to them.
                                                                                                                                                          place in another person’s name that
6. loss or damage as a result of deception               driver who is not accompanied by a full
                                                                                                       4. Any person using (but not driving) the          covers the other car;
   or fraud;                                             driving licence holder in accordance
                                                                                                          vehicle with your permission for social,
                                                         with the Road Traffic Acts and any                                                            5. you are not covered under any other
7. loss or damage arising from theft or                                                                   domestic and pleasure purposes.
                                                         other regulations which apply to such                                                            policy to drive the other car;
   attempted theft if the vehicle is left un-            learner permit holders while driving; or      5. Any person travelling in or getting into
   locked or if the ignition key is left in or                                                                                                         6. you have the owner’s permission to
                                                                                                          or out of the vehicle.
   near your vehicle while it is unattended;         16. a courtesy car where the only repairs                                                            drive the other car;
                                                         required are to damaged or broken             6. The personal representative of any of
8. loss or damage to the vehicle if it is                glass in the windscreen or windows of                                                         7. the other car is in a roadworthy
                                                                                                          the people named above (following the
   taken or driven without your permission               the vehicle.                                                                                     condition and holds a valid NCT; and
                                                                                                          person’s death) but only for the liability
   by a member of your family or anyone                                                                   of the person who has died.                  8. you still have the insured vehicle
   who normally lives with you, unless                                                                                                                    and it holds a valid NCT and is in a
   they are prosecuted for taking the                                                                  We will insure the insured person against
                                                                                                                                                          roadworthy condition.
   vehicle without your permission                                                                     legal liability for damages (including the
   and you must assist fully with the                                                                  related costs and expenses) for death or        This extension applies while being driven
   prosecuting authorities;                                                                            bodily injury to any person and damage to       within the territorial limits and only to
                                                                                                       property arising as a result of an accident     private passenger cars. It does not include:
9. any part of a repair or replacement                                                                 by or in connection with the vehicle.           • vans;
   which improves your vehicle beyond                                                                                                                  • car-vans;
                                                                                                       We will not pay more than €30,000,000 for
   its condition before the loss or damage                                                                                                             • crew cabs;
                                                                                                       damage to property arising from any one
   took place;                                                                                                                                         • jeep-type vehicles with no seats in
                                                                                                       claim or number of claims arising out of
                                                                                                       one cause.                                          the back;
                                                                                                                                                       • vans adapted to carry passengers; or
                                                                                                                                                       • any vehicles taxed commercially.

16 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                              Liberty Insurance 17
Section 2 Liability to other people                                                                                                                                 Section 3 Windscreen cover

                                                                                                Section 3 Windscreen cover
Trailers                                        If you need cover for a longer period or if     This section only applies if it is shown
                                                you want to travel to any other country,        in the schedule.
We will extend the cover provided by this
                                                you must:                                                                                            24-hour windscreen
section to meet the requirements of the                                                         We will pay the cost of repairing or the cost
Road Traffic Act if you use any trailer which   a ask us to provide cover before the date                                                            helpline:
                                                                                                (less the excess) of replacing damaged or
you own, have hired or have borrowed in             you leave;
                                                                                                broken glass in the windscreen or windows
                                                b tell us the date you will be leaving and
connection with the vehicle insured under
this policy. The terms, conditions and              the date you will be returning;
                                                                                                of the vehicle, as long as there has not             1890 94 4410
                                                                                                been any other loss or damage.
                                                c tell us which countries you are visiting;
exceptions of the policy still apply.                                                           Claims under this section will not affect
                                                d pay any extra premium necessary.              your no-claims bonus.                                00 800 88 0 88 228
Legal costs                                                                                                                                          (If calling from outside the
                                                                                                If you need your windscreen repaired or
We will pay for the following legal costs       Emergency treatment                                                                                  Republic of Ireland)
                                                                                                replaced, you should call our approved
related to an event which is covered by
                                                We will pay for emergency treatment fees        windscreen specialists on the number
this section.
                                                as set out in the Road Traffic Act, following   shown below. We will only carry out a
a Fees for a solicitor we appoint to
                                                an accident involving any vehicle for which     repair if it is safe to do so. The decision on   4. damaged or broken glass in sunroofs,
    represent you at a coroner’s inquest or
                                                we provide cover.                               the safest option will be made by the glass         glass roofs or panoramic sunroofs;
    fatal accident enquiry.
b Fees for legal representatives that we        Exceptions to section 2                                                                          5. damaged or broken glass to vehicles
    ask to defend you against a charge of                                                       If there are any delays in obtaining
                                                1. We will not cover loss of or damage to                                                           that are temporarily covered;
    manslaughter or causing death by care-                                                      replacement glass from the distributor, our
                                                   property owned by or in the charge of        approved windscreen specialists will carry
    less or dangerous driving if we decide                                                                                                       6. damage caused by wear and tear or
                                                   the insured person.                          out a temporary repair or replacement to
    there is a reasonable chance of success.                                                                                                        negligence; or
                                                2. We will not provide cover if the insured     safely protect the vehicle while we await
Foreign use                                                                                     the replacement glass.                           7. the cost of parts or the cost of importing
                                                   person is entitled to claim payment or
                                                                                                                                                    parts or accessories for your vehicle
Your policy provides the minimum cover             has cover under any other policy.            We will need to confirm all claims                  from outside the European Union.
you need by law to use the vehicle in:                                                          before any repair or replacement work               For all non-European or imported
                                                3. We will not cover damages to or loss of:
a any country which is a member of the                                                          is carried out.                                     vehicles we will only pay the cost of
                                                   a any vehicle in connection with which
   European Union; and                                                                                                                              parts available for a similar standard
                                                     we provide cover under this section;       Exceptions to section 3
b any other country which has made                                                                                                                  European model readily available in the
                                                   b any trailer; or
   arrangements to meet the minimum                                                             We will not pay for:                                Republic of Ireland market.
                                                   c any mechanically-propelled vehicle
   insurance requirements of the                                                                1. the excess shown in the schedule (the
                                                     which cannot be driven and is
   Commission of the European Union.                                                               windscreen excess) – this excess will
                                                     attached to a vehicle covered by
We will automatically extend this to provide                                                       not apply if the glass is repaired and
                                                     this policy or any property carried
your full policy cover (as shown in the                                                            not replaced;
                                                     in or on that trailer or mechanically-
schedule) for these countries for up to 93           propelled vehicle.                         2. any amount over €150 (less the
days in any one period of insurance. The                                                           excess) for replacement or €50 for
following cover does not apply while you        4. We will not cover death or injury to any
                                                                                                   repair if the work is not carried out by
are using your car abroad.                         person which arises out of the course
                                                                                                   our approved windscreen specialists;
• Driving other cars (Section 2 – Liability        of their employment by any insured
     to other people)                              person, except where it must be              3. any more than two claims under this
• Section 4 - Breakdown assistance                 covered under the Road Traffic Act.             section during the period of insurance;

18 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                      Liberty Insurance 19
Section 4 Breakdown assistance                                                                                                                                        Section 4 Breakdown assistance

Section 4 Breakdown assistance
Using this breakdown assistance will                 Completing the journey                         Theft of a vehicle in Ireland
not affect your no-claims bonus.                     Breakdown in the Republic of Ireland and       If the vehicle has been stolen and not
                                                     Northern Ireland                               recovered by the end of the working day             24-hour breakdown
                                                     If the repairs cannot be completed where the   that the theft occurred, we will arrange and        assistance helpline:
For the purpose of this section, the                                                                pay to transport any insured person on one
                                                     vehicle broke down and you are away from
following definitions apply as well as those                                                        direct journey to the policyholder’s address
on page 3.
                                                     home (at least 3 kilometres), we can arrange
                                                     and pay up to €150 for one of the following:   or original destination within the territorial      1800 70 60 80
a You, your – any person driving                                                                    limits.
                                                     1. Transport for you and your passengers
     the vehicle who is driving with the
     policyholder’s permission.
                                                          to your intended destination within the
                                                                                                    Conditions to section 4                             00353 91 560636
                                                          territorial limits;                                                                           Northern Ireland &
b Passengers – all non-fare-paying                                                                  We will not pay for any expense or help
     passengers (not including hitch-hikers) in      2. use of a replacement vehicle for up to
                                                                                                    that has not been authorised through
                                                                                                                                                        United Kingdom
     the vehicle at the time you need help.             48 hours while repairs are being carried
                                                                                                    our 24-hour helpline.
c Labour – the cost of the call-out and                 out; or
                                                                                                    1. We will not be responsible to you if we
     up to one hour’s labour charged by the          3. bed-and-breakfast-only accommodation
                                                                                                        are not able to provide the services         Exceptions to section 4
     repairer we instruct, as long as the repair        for one night only while repairs are
                                                                                                        set out in this section caused by the        We will not pay for any:
     is carried out at the scene and not at the         being carried out, up to €35 for each
                                                                                                        following.                                   1. liability or loss arising from any act carried
     repairer’s premises. A repair may only be          person and €150 in total.
                                                                                                       a The car-hire conditions for                    out in providing the assistance service;
     carried out at the scene if the vehicle is in   If the vehicle is repaired, we will provide            replacement vehicles. These              2. expense you can claim from any other
     a safe position to do the repair.               the cost of public transport for you to                may include, but are not limited            source;
d Breakdown – mechanical breakdown, flat             collect the vehicle.                                   to, a full driving licence without
     battery, fire, attempted theft, malicious                                                                                                       3. breakdown resulting from a deliberate
                                                     Breakdown in England, Scotland and                     endorsements, a credit-card deposit
     damage, punctures that need help to fix                                                                                                            act committed by you;
                                                     Wales (including the Isle of Man and                   and the car being returned to the
     or replace a wheel, lost keys, stolen keys,
                                                     Channel Islands)                                       pick-up point.                           4. cost of repairing the vehicle other than
     keys broken in the lock or locked in the
                                                     If the repairs cannot be completed where          b Government control or restrictions.            the labour;
                                                     the vehicle broke down, we can arrange            c Any other act or failure to act of          5. cost of any parts, keys, lubricants, fluids
e Vehicle – the vehicle described in the
                                                     and pay for a replacement car for up to 48             any local, national or international        or fuel needed for the vehicle;
     schedule of this policy together with a
                                                     hours, up to £100 sterling.                            public authority (including the
     towed caravan or trailer. Each must not                                                                                                         6. claim caused by fuels or other flammable
                                                                                                            Government), or any supplier, agent
     weigh more than the maximum legal               If the car cannot be repaired before the                                                           material, explosives or poisonous
                                                                                                            or other person.
     laden weight of 3,500kg and be no bigger        departure date, we will cover the cost of                                                          substances carried in the vehicle;
                                                                                                       d Labour disputes or difficulties.
     than 7 metres long, 3 metres high and           towing the car to the port you are leaving                                                      7. claim arising where the vehicle is carrying
                                                                                                       e Any other cause beyond our
     2.25 metres wide.                               from, up to £250 sterling.                                                                         more passengers or towing a greater
                                                                                                            reasonable control.
                                                     The help provided depends on the                                                                   weight than which it was designed for, or
Benefits                                                                                            2. You must be with the vehicle when the
                                                     options available to us at the time.                                                               from driving the car on unsuitable ground;
If you cannot drive the vehicle as a result of                                                         repairer arrives. If you are not with the
                                                     Depending on the incident, we will                                                              8. damage to the vehicle if you are locked
a breakdown, we will arrange and pay for:                                                              vehicle and our repairer cannot help
                                                     decide what is the most suitable form of                                                           out of the vehicle and we have to use
1. one hour’s labour at the roadside or at                                                             you, you will have to pay for any further
                                                     help. If you do not accept this decision,                                                          force to get into it; or
    your home; and                                                                                     help you get.
                                                     we will not pay more than the cost of                                                           9. more than three call-outs during each
2. towing the vehicle to the nearest                 the help we recommended.                       3. The vehicle must be maintained
                                                                                                       in line with the manufacturer’s                  period of insurance.
   garage which can carry out an effective
   repair or to a garage of your choice,             Message relay                                     recommendations and kept in a
   whichever is closer.                              We will pass on up to two urgent telephone        roadworthy condition.
                                                     messages for you.

20 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                             Liberty Insurance 21
Customer care                                                                                                                                                  Summary Data Protection Notice

Customer care                                                                                  Summary Data
We are committed to providing all our
customers with a high standard of service
                                                 your complaint within 5 business days
                                                 of receiving it. In the unlikely event that
                                                                                               Protection Notice
at all times. We realise that things can go      we have not resolved your complaint           At Liberty Insurance, we take your privacy seriously and we aim to be clear about how
wrong and there may be times when you feel       within 20 business days of receiving it,      we use Personal Data* relating to you. This Summary Data Protection Notice applies to
our service has let you down. As a valued        we will write and let you know why and        the processing of personal data in the context of our activities in Ireland and gives you
customer, you have the right to complain.        what further action we will take.             important information about how and why we process Personal Data*. It includes the
1. Please contact our staff first to see if   5. If you are not satisfied with our decision    requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation*. For more detailed information
   we can resolve any concerns you may           or if we haven’t given you a decision         please see our Data Protection Notice which is available from your broker at request.
   have. Phone 1890 89 1890.                     after 40 business days, you have the          The Privacy Terminology Explained section of the Data Protection Notice helps to explain
2. If you are not happy with our response,       right to refer your complaint to the          any terms marked with a *, that may be unfamiliar to you.
   you can send your concerns in writing         Insurance Ombudsman at:
   to our Customer Service Manager at:           Financial Services and Pensions                1. Who we are and how to contact us
   Liberty Insurance                             Ombudsman
                                                 Lincoln House,                                 When we refer to Liberty Insurance in this Summary Data Protection Notice we mean,
   Dublin Road
                                                 Lincoln Place,                                 Liberty Seguros Compania de Seguros Y Reaseguros S.A., with its address at Paseo de
                                                 Dublin 2,                                      las Doce Estrellas 4, 28042 Madrid, Spain, registered as a branch in Ireland (as Liberty
   Co Cavan.
                                                 D02 VH29.                                      Insurance) with Irish branch number 904632 and branch address at Dublin Road, Cavan.
   E-mail:                                                         Co. Cavan, Ireland.
                                                 Tel: (01) 567 7000
3. We will write to you to let you know we       Email:                            You can contact us on 1890 944 412 if you have any questions about how your Personal
   have received your complaint.                 Website:                           Data* is processed* by us.
4. Our staff will try to resolve your         We value feedback and welcome it as an            2. Personal Data* we use and where we get this data from
   complaint immediately. If this is not      opportunity to improve our service.
   possible, we promise to acknowledge                                                          As an insurance company we need to collect many categories of Personal Data* (about
                                              Insurance Act 1936                                you and other parties) for the purposes set out in this notice. The types of Personal Data*
                                              All money which becomes due under this            we collect and process about you:
                                              policy will be paid in the Republic of Ireland
                                              in line with section 93 of the Insurance Act       a. Types of             Details
                                              1936.                                              Personal Data
                                                                                                 Individual details      Name, address (including proof of address), other contact
                                              Stamp Duties Consolidation
                                                                                                                         details, gender, marketing preferences, marital status,
                                              Act 1999                                                                   occupation, date of birth, financial details, IP address*,
                                              Stamp duty has been or will be paid to                                     metadata*, vehicle registration number, and family details
                                              the Revenue Commissioners in line with                                     including their relationship to you.
                                              section 5 of the Stamp Duties Consolidation
                                                                                                 Identification          Identification numbers issued by government bodies or
                                              Act 1999.
                                                                                                 details                 agencies, including your PPS Number, (or your National
                                                                                                                         Insurance Number if you are in Northern Ireland or Great
                                                                                                                         Britain) driver identity number, driving licence number, vehicle
                                                                                                                         identification number, passport number and tax identification

22 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                     Liberty Insurance 23
Summary Data Protection Notice                                                                                                                               Summary Data Protection Notice

  Risk details             Information about you which we need to collect in order to          - anti-fraud databases, court judgements and other databases;
                           assess the risk to be insured and provide a quote. This can         - risk assessment service providers;
                           include data relating to your criminal convictions, your claims     - geographical databases and insurance industry bodies and their databases
                           history, your vehicle details and history to include NCT/MOT          including the Insurance Link database (you can obtain confirmation on what
                           status, taxation and import status, driving licence, history and      information is held about you and your previous claims on Insurance Link by
                           experience, your health, or other Special Categories of Data* as      visiting, Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (if you are in the United
                           explained in more detail below. For more detailed information         Kingdom) and Cache (if you are in the United Kingdom);
                           please see Section 2 of our Data Protection Notice.                 - publicly available information including social media websites and online content,
  Policy information       Information about the quotes you receive and policies you             tv, radio and other media content and court judgments;
                           take out.                                                           - third parties including the other party to a claim, witnesses, experts (including
  Claims information       Information about previous and current claims, (including             medical experts), loss adjustors, repairers, loss assessors, investigators, medical
                           other unrelated insurances), which may include data relating          and legal practitioners, an Garda Síochána, the police, and other law-enforcement
                           to your relevant criminal convictions, your health (e.g.              agencies, claims management firms and solicitors;
                           injuries and relevant pre-existing conditions) or other Special     - Government agencies, statutory bodies (and their databases including the
                           Categories of Data* mentioned above.                                  National Vehicle and Drivers File (NVDF) and the IIDS (Integrated Information
                                                                                                 Data Service) including the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (we may also get
  Credit and               Credit history, credit score, sanctions and criminal                  information from the UK entity Motor Insurance Bureau) and the Personal Injuries
  anti-fraud data          convictions, and information received from various anti-fraud         Assessment Board;
                           databases relating to you.                                          - other insurers; and
                                                                                               - any other records which we may hold about you if you have or had any other
  b. Special Categories of Personal Data* and Criminal Convictions Data                          contracts of insurance with or sought a quote from a Liberty Group company.
  Special Categories of Data* and personal data relating to criminal convictions and           When we provide you with a quote or renew your policy of motor insurance, we
  offences are treated slightly differently to other Personal Data*, as there could be         access the NVDF and IIDS controlled by the Department of Transport, Tourism and
  a greater impact if there was unauthorised use of this data, and therefore greater           Sport to validate driver numbers and number of penalty points per driver.
  protection is needed. In the table below we show the Special Categories of Data* and         For more information on what categories of Personal Data* we collect from what
  Criminal Conviction Data we collect and use:                                                 sources, please see Section 2 of our Data Protection Notice.
  Special Categories       Information about your health
  of Data*                                                                                    3. Why we process your Personal Data* and what our legal basis for doing so is

  Criminal Convic-         Details relating to any unspent criminal convictions/ offences      a. Legal basis for processing* your information.
  tions Data and           you and anybody else covered under your policy may have or
  offences including       have committed.                                                     We are required to tell you the lawful reason for processing* your data. These are
  penalty points                                                                               called the Legal Basis for Processing*. These are:
                                                                                               a. the use is necessary for the performance of your insurance policy or in order to
  c. Where we may collect your Personal Data* from                                                take steps at your request prior to entering the policy (such as providing a quote);
                                                                                               b. the use is necessary to comply with our legal obligations;
  We may collect your Personal Data* from various sources, including:
                                                                                               c. you have consented to us using your information in such a way;
  - you;
                                                                                               d. the use is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interests of managing our
  - your family members;                                                                          business;
  - a joint proposer* or anyone else insured under the policy;                                 e. under Irish Data Protection law we are permitted to use health data in connection
  - your insurance broker or intermediary;                                                        with your insurance policy.
  - legal representative of a minor;                                                           We will not prejudice your rights when processing* your information for our
  - your employer or representative which includes anyone who you have authorised              legitimate interests, however you have a right to object to us processing* your
    to act on your behalf such as a legal representative or a translator;                      Personal Data* on this basis if you wish.

24 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                    Liberty Insurance 25
Summary Data Protection Notice                                                                                                                            Summary Data Protection Notice

  b. The purpose of processing* your information. The associated Legal Basis for            4. What if you choose not to provide this information to us?
  Processing* (from section 3a) is in brackets beside each.
                                                                                            You are entitled to decide not to provide or to withdraw consent to allow us to process
  - To assess insurance needs and the nature and level of risk associated with the          the Personal Data* we need for the purposes listed above. However, you should
    proposed insurance policy to determine eligibility and premium (we only use your        note that without that Personal Data* we will be unable to provide you with quotes, a
    policy information for this purpose) – (a)                                              policy, manage polices on your behalf or process claims and therefore you will not be
  - To verify identity (we only use your individual details for this purpose) – (a, b, d)   able to benefit from the products or services we offer. If you have questions about the
  - To verify the accuracy of the information we receive (we only use your identification   consequences for you of withdrawing consent or not providing certain Personal Data*,
    details for this purpose) – (a, b)                                                      please contact us.
  - To administer and manage your policy – (a)
  - To make or receive any payments, whether in relation to your policy, a claim or any     5. Who we disclose your Personal Data* to and why
    other reason and to make decisions regarding deferred payment arrangements – (a, b)
  - To provide customer loyalty programmes and value added services – (c, d)                We disclose your Personal Data* to:
  - To inform you of other products and services that may be of interest – (c)              A. take instructions in relation to your Policy:
  - To carry out market and customer research* – (d)                                        - We will only take instructions to change a policy from you, your broker, your husband,
  - For staff training, performance reviews, records and discipline – (d)                      wife or civil partner or your parent.
  - To manage and investigate complaints – (a)                                              - We will only take instruction to cancel or lapse a policy from you.
  - To manage and investigate claims – (a, b)                                               - In some cases we will deal with other people contacting us on your behalf as long as
  - Statistical analyses within the EEA* – (d)                                                 we have your permission.
  - For reporting purposes within Liberty Mutual group of companies* – (d)                  - If you would like us to deal only with you, please let us know. Please see Section 1
  - For reinsurance* purposes – (d)                                                            above for our contact details.
  - For compliance with all relevant laws and regulations – (b)                             - In exceptional circumstances we may need to deal with other people, for example, if
  - In order to store Personal Data* – (a, b, d)                                               you are incapacitated and if your next of kin contacts us in relation to your policy.
  - In order to make back-ups of that data in case of emergencies and for disaster          B. share information as part of the day to day administration of your policy:
    recovery purposes – (d)                                                                 We share your information with the following categories of recipients:
  The reason (i.e. legal basis) we process your Personal Data* for a particular             - Liberty Mutual group of companies;
  purpose may be different depending on whether you are a Policyholder*,                    - Other insurers/intermediaries;
  Named Driver* or Third Party*. For more detailed information about which legal            - Government/Regulatory/Statutory Bodies;
  basis we rely on for each type of data subject please see Section 3 of our Data           - Law enforcement agencies;
  Protection Notice.
                                                                                            - External Databases;
  c. The purpose for processing* Special Categories of Data* and Criminal                   - Marketing companies;
  Convictions Data. The associated Legal Bases for Processing* (from the panel              - Public registers; and
  above) is in brackets beside each.                                                        - Agents/Service Providers.
  Special Categories of Data:                                                               For more information on the specific entities we share your information with, please see
  - Health data is used for the purposes of providing quotes and underwriting,              Section 5 of our Data Protection Notice.
     processing any claims you may have, managing reinsurance* arrangements, fraud
     investigation and handling any complaints you may have – (d, e)                        6. Which countries we transfer some or all of your Personal Data* to
  Criminal Convictions Data (including penalty points):
                                                                                            Currently, we transfer your Personal Data* as follows:
  - For the purposes of assessing your insurance needs, and nature and level of risk
     associated with your policy – (a)                                                      - Liberty Mutual Technology Group Inc.* (Liberty Mutual Hosting Services) in the USA
                                                                                              and Poland for securely storing the data;
  - For the purposes of fraud detection and prevention, money laundering and other
     offences – (b)                                                                         - Liberty International Holdings, Inc.* in the USA for analysing the data;
  For the purposes of processing claims – Under Irish Data Protection Law we are            - Liberty Seguros Compania de Seguros Y Reaseguros S.A. in Spain for cross-border
  permitted to process criminal convictions data in connection with, legal claims,            data processing activities;
  prospective legal claims, legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings.
26 Liberty Insurance                                                                                                                                                Liberty Insurance 27
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